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tv   Stossel  FOX News  November 12, 2011 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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i'm john scott. thanks for watching. keep it right here on fox news channel keep it right here for another edition of fox news watch. ourse, howard stern. >> kimberly: hello, everyone. happy veterans day to the brave veterans out there. i'm kimberly guilfoyle along with juan williams, andrea tantaros, brian smoemeade and greg gutfeld. this is your first time on "the five," we're excited to have you. that will be fun. it's 5:00 in new york city. we're "the five." the conversation starts right now. first, california craziness, a left wing mayor snubs american veterans just so she can protest with the occupy wall street crowd. a federal judge says schools can tell kids they can't display the american flag. what? also, they kick the can on the
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pipeline decision. environmentalists are giddy, happy. but now 20,000 people won't get jobs. so the president is -- is the president putting his election ahead of the economy? muslim families of the muslim terrorist attack at fort hood want hundreds of millions of damages from the fed? will they get dusted? "the five" take straight ahead. "the five" starts right now. ♪ >> kimberly: first up, richmond, california mayor gale mclaughlin doesn't have much respect for the military. she is snubbing veterans to attend an occupy rally. greg, you are from the bay area. >> greg: true. >> kimberly: what do you have to say for yourself? [ laughter ] >> greg: very good. i expect that from you. here is the deal. to the left, a true veteran is someone who has been occupy
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wall street since the beginning. she really is with the best. i looked her up, according to her c.v., she is a social activist who participates in social justice. she sits on a social couch and watches social tv and collects social unemployment checks. something about the mayor and bay area, i won't get into it, but talk about the oakland mayor, the berkeley mayor. where do they get them from? the san francisco zoo? >> kimberly: this is getting rough! >> andrea: and very personal. >> kimberly: it's getting weird and ok ward. >> you can't get a weird out of him. now the camera is on him and new guy. >> kimberly: giddy. it must be the flowers. wearing the flowers in honor of you and the veterans. do you like it? >> today is veterans day, they flooded the city. 30,000 in the parade today. >> juan: wait. i thought this was a canadian thing?
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>> juan: i didn't know americans wore it. >> kimberly: you have bases covered. we the flag on. we'll get into this more. >> but she says i don't need to go to the veterans par rate because it's sponsored. there are military presence at the occupy rally. it's the antiwar presence. the iraq vets for peace and people that don't want to be veterans. that group is hard to get into. >> kimberly: you can't make this up. i'm almost embarrassed. you had to go across the country to get away from the whackoness in the bay area. >> andrea: it's a slap in the face. such a slap in the face. the veterans in her district across the country put her lives on the line. what did the occupy wall street put on the line? deoderant, water, going without it? if you look at this, she says
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i'm a strong supporter of veterans for peace, iraq veterans against the war. so select veteran she is supports. but not other veterans. unless they're antiwar. >> juan: i have been quiet because i'm so fascinated by all of this anger at this mayor. she made a legitimate choice to say she doesn't support the war effort. and, of course, she made legitimate choice in terms of saying she supports occupy wall street. i don't think anything is wrong with that. she didn't say -- >> andrea: the veterans already served, juan. they have given their lives. that doesn't give her the right to be an idiot. >> juan: what idiot? she said as good american i made a choice, i'm going to occupy wall street. >> greg: it's our choice to rag on her. that is the beauty of america. >> juan: why rag on her so she made the small -- first of all, who cares? >> greg: i care. >> kimberly: we all care. >> juan: you care? >> kimberly: i do. i do care. it's disrespectful. >> juan: it's not. g if i didn't care we would haven't an "a" block.
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>> brian: the other thing to bring up is she is against war in particular. we would haven't a country as a nation against war, revolutionary war, we saved the world two or three times according to my stats. >> juan: you and i might be in support of military action. but you know what? not everybody is. we have content and objections in our country. thank god we have a peace movement. mr. greg gutfeld doesn't appreciate someone as an idea of social activist. >> greg: i respect you call me mr. greg gutfeld. why do pacifists and people are always the most aggressive jerks around. if you go to a movement people say no war, they are so rude! they're so angry. talk about anger. >> andrea: veterans day doesn't have to do with being pro or antiwar it's honoring the men and women who served. that's something we can all agree on except for woman in the bay area. why? why? >> juan: right.
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>> greg: she declared bankruptcy and owed $100,000 -- >> kimberly: yeah, dig up the dirt. >> greg: she is with the occupiers because they're inaugural in debt. >> she has been mayor since 2006. someone liked her and put her in office. >> kimberly: she barely won re-election. 607 votes. she is holding on by a thread. maybe we pushed her over the edge tonight. >> juan: look like you want to. >> kimberly: i'm being clear. good. okay. this is another story from the bay area. this is bash the bay area. hey, brian, way to fade it out already. we do a three-hour show already minute and five minutes burned you out? >> brian: i just asked a question. >> andrea: he can't function unless he is on the couch. >> brian: that is the rumor. >> kimberly: couch potato alert. this is a serious story. this is about banning the
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flag. i love that you wear the flag on fox. federal judge in california -- a federal judge. not a principal or supervisor saying it's fine for schools to ban students from wearing the american flag t-shirts cinco de mayo. >> andrea: this is outrageous! what happened to the first amendment? right? no one is saying they can't celebrate the battle of puebla but why can't we wear the american flag? they argue students might riot and some students might get out of hand if they see the american flags on god forbid cinco de mayo. take the isolated cases and deal with them. we're going to trump the first amendment because of fear? >> greg: i disagree. as german american i better not see a single american flag during oktoberfest. you better wear liederhosen or i'm taking you to court. >> on behalf of irish i low
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people to wear the flag on st. patrick's day. >> you wear liederhosen all the time. >> that's a secret. >> drink the green beer. >> i didn't make you. i said here is your beer. stop at four again. the five kids, juan, came out and they said i'm going to wear american bandanas and american t-shirts. i'm going to go to school that way. five of them. the principal calls them in. they say we are not putting this on your record but we are sending you home. the parents are just beside themselves. >> juan: the parents have no grounds to stand on here. first, the administrators, their job is to keep a safe, stable, academic environment at work. and what they said was this is a provocative act. what have the court said? not only this court but the supreme court of the united states said when it comes to schools you can't, you know, it's white kids that want to wear confederate flag to piss off the black kids, not allowed. if you want to wear sexually explicit slogan on t-shirts, don't do it.
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what they said was that is an educational institution, let the administrators decide what is safe and good for the kids. >> greg: wait a minute. you're on the other side of the aclu. for once, juan, you're not on the side of the aclu. the aclu is saying that the potential for harm does not outweigh your right. it's' like a brat in the room. clean your room and get your agent together or out of country. >> kimberly: who is the parent, that's the problem. >> greg: barack obama. >> it possible to have an audible inside the first amendment that says the american flag is not just graffiti, not a simple. can you make it happen? >> kimberly: i'll make calls. i might work something out. attend dumb to the amendment. can you give me until
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wednesday? >> do they or do they not pledge allegiance to the flag every morning? >> kimberly: it's ridiculou ridiculous. this is forecast that it could cause disruption. >> juan: that's what i'm saying. you are so curious to me. you sincerously don't understand this is intended to provoke hispanic kids. >> kimberly: i'm hispanic. do i look provoked? >> juan: these are -- >> kimberly: i'm first generation. >> andrea: they wear mexican flag on july 4. >> juan: you think it has the same impact in our country? that's like you are saying f the black kids wear american flag and black kids wear confederate flag -- >> andrea: you can't pick and choose. >> juan: i'm not -- >> kimberly: selective first amendment application right here. he's doing it. >> juan: it's me, it's me. >> kimberly: we will arm wrestle later. earlier today at the tomb of the unknown in arlington
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cemetery, our veterans were remembered. [ "taps" ] ♪ ♪ ♪ i joined the navy when i was nineteen. i spent four years in the military and i served a tour in iraq.
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♪ ♪ welcome back to "the five." let's discuss them. three-man race in some polls. cbs, we have herman cain on top with 18. three higher than romney and gingrich. he is tied in second. that's amazing. then the poll with romney in the lead with 23 points and
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followed by gingrich at 19. and cain is third with 17. juan, to you, are you surprised? in one of the polls that herman cain is on top? >> juan: no. he's been on top. what is surprising is he has stayed on top with the allegation. it's testimony, not only to his stamina, his ability to defend himself, but testimony like supporters. they're not buying it. he has come down somewhat. he had a bigger lead before. >> he did. >> juan: so he has come down somewhat. in the second, that poll, i see the impact. the support from the republican women have been cut in half. it's not playing well with republican women. or conservative women. it affects his chances when he makes arguement to the republican base he is electable and can go up against obama. the other thing that strikes
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me about the poll is the rise of newt gingrich. >> andrea: you're not surprised? >> juan: i am. we talk about baggage and are you electable? boy, it will be tough. >> andrea: i think he performed so well in the debate. he is considered an insider but not stance as insider. >> juan: he was the speaker of the house! >> andrea: but he loved by the outsiders and the tea party movement. he has new fresh ideas. >> juan: if he was so loved how come she wasn't leading before? >> andrea: they are looking for anybody but mitt romney. that is what is happening. herman cain, we have to remember, these are g.o.p. primary voters. they remember clarence thomas and they blame the media for this. because accusations are unsubstantiated, tough to prove, hard to knock him out completely. >> the one poll that romney did better is they used republican or republican-leading independents, they put them in the mix. romney is back on top. newt gingrich jumps up on top.
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that means a target on his back. is he ready to defend everything he's done? >> greg: i'm surprised by the surge but i think he will go further, so i come up with a couple of slogans. bumper stickers if you will in case he does get the nomination. we have them. the first one is newt, i guess we're stuck with him. >> that is not something he'll embrace. >> greg: newt, he is smart and stuff. >> general. >> greg: newt, he's a jerk but he's our jerk. newt, it's not like you are marrying the guy. >> more disclaimers. >> greg: people know he is smart but they don't want to embrace him. the support has gone up with men who love to party. >> juan: i didn't see that in there. >> greg: pew poll. >> kimberly: great for newt and glad he has come up in the poll and merit.
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nobody calls him out on that. in terms of his weaknesses or negatives, everybody knows what is going on with newt. there isn't something else we'll find out about him. he has been well vetted. we know what the skeletons are and he has support amongst those who support him. 23% of his are committed. we love him. we want him. we are staying with him. first, romney is 31%. >> andrea: the problem is the country wants a guy that looks like the president. right? romney looks like the president. same reason they beat up on rick perry. they want the candidate to deliver great lines in the debate. we have a president that can do that. it didn't turn out well. >> if you got your way it would be rob lowe because you find him dreamy. >> greg: why do you have to bring that up? i tell you something at a bar at 2:00 in the morning and you bring it here. >> only i was passing by the bar on the way to work and you
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arrest finishing "red eye." give me the name of the person that is not in the top three that used to be. juan williams? >> juan: person not in top three. >> that used to be. >> juan: michele bachmann used to be. >> kimberly? name of the person no longer in top three but used to be? >> kimberly: bottom one the whole -- rick perry. but rick santorum 1%. what happened to that guy? >> remind me to call on you first next time. perry. >> greg: way to get to the point. >> no wonder you can't get anyone to fill the seat. it's hard to be next to you. thank you for playing. governor perry tried to do damage control in classic style. did it work >> how did he do it? let's watch. >> i stepped in it last night, that's for sure. i don't mind saying clearly i stepped in it that night. i stepped in it, that's for sure. matter of fact, i think still
3:21 pm
stuck on my feet. >> number one rick perry excuse. >> i just learned, justin bieber is my father. >> oh, my gosh. >> i loved it. did you, andrea? >> andrea: i think he had to do it. he did it with humility. i said this yesterday. in politics, the saying when you are explaining, you're losing. when he explains, stop explaining. >> do you forgive him? >> greg: i do. but he did nine shows. the only show he didn't do was loclockup. it seem like he is on a first date with america. just makes you feel kind of uncomfortable, like he is not quite comfortable being wit himself. that is a problem. >> juan: everybody has a brain freeze. you have a human sympathy for him and you want him to do well, but the problem is he keeps doing it. at some point if you keep throwing up on yourself, the first time i say oh, let me
3:22 pm
help you feel better. but if you keep doing it, i think maybe you shouldn't be here. maybe you shouldn't do this job. >> kimberly: not recoverable. >> juan: the problem is he has had bad performances in the debate. he gave a speech where the talk was he had a back problem. looked like he -- >> kimberly: he lost his confidence. that is the problem. confident as governor but not confident as presidential candidate. >> perfect candidate for "the five" because he always gives you something to talk about. sit right here. you have can't leave anyway. it locked the doors. coming up, president obama punt the decision on the keystone oil pipeline. is he putting the re-election ahead of what is best for the economy? please don't answer. we'll debate it next. so who ordered the cereal that can help lower olesterol and who ordered the yummy cereal? yummy. [ woman ] lower cholesterol. [ man 2 ] yummy. i got that wrong didn't i?
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>> greg: welcome back to "the five." the only thing worse than putting your party before your country, brown mustard. also putting celebrities before your country. sad but true. we have the first starry-eyed president who wilts like week-old romaine when ted danson enters the room. he punted on the pipeline that would have provided 20,000 jobs and the unions even back it. obama put the decision off until after the election. why? he said he wanted to "make sure all the potential impacts are properly understood." yeah, that's what i say to cops when they find me in a tree outside kimberly's place. americans build pipelines all the time and they're fine. what scared obama? >> remember when president obama said let bus the generation that ends the tyranny of oil? man, that was great! except i just checked and
3:28 pm
right now big oil is still pretty much running the show. international pipeline like this one needs a permit directly from you, the president of the united states. the commander in chief. the big cheese. >> greg: yep. now that celebs like juliet louis dreyfuss made it a celebrity cause, putting the decision off until after 2012 guarantees they will back off now ensuring the green support to obama the election. putting the needs of rich celebs, obama dumped tons of jobs to make us more dependent on the middle east for oil. on the bright side, lady that played elaine feels good about herself. that is a key. this nation cannot afford to upset julia louise dreyfuss. if she is mad, can courtny cox far behind? america can't handle that. >> brian: i can't! >> kimberly: barely surviving now. >> greg: you weren't even listening. you were drifting off. >> brian: thinking i can't wait to go out later.
3:29 pm
>> do you go out together afterwards? >> kimberly: we go to the green room and raid it. they have great crackers. he beats me. it's true. >> juan: that is sad. >> greg: brian, after the show i do charity work. now is not the time to talk about it. we'll stick to the topic here. you may do this on your show. whatever that show is called. anyway, we don't have friends here. just "the five." juan is this pure politics on the president's -- >> juan: it's politics. no question about that. it's a very difficult decision. one that is politically grated. if he had said you can go ahead and build a pipeline, a lot of people on the left would have been sorely disappointed. he has already repealed a lot of the environmental laws put in place. and you know, did that in terms of all the arguments that come from you, greg. >> greg: yes. >> juan: about -- >> greg: me specifically. >> juan: does this show beat up president obama on everything? >> kimberly: no, no, no. >> juan: yes, yes, yes. he already did that angered so
3:30 pm
many of the environmentalists. i think on this one he thought you know what? let eag wait a second. it's legit to say there is real opportunity. there are republican governors who don't want the pipeline. >> brian: nebraska. >> greg: they don't count. >> juan: why don't they count? >> andrea: the state doesn't matter to him politically. >> juan: i said the republican governor does not want the pipeline -- he thinks it's too dangerous. a health hazard to his people. >> greg: everything is a health hazard, though. >> andrea: what i find interesting -- >> juan: wait. did you hear what she said? responding to his constituents. what is wrong with that? >> kimberly: i thought i'd lay it out for you. >> andrea: he is not responding to constituents because unions are supportive of this. they were two portion of his base at each other's throats. what is interesting, politics, you can screw your base because they have nowhere else to go. that is why bill clinton moved to the middle. >> greg: he screwed his base. >> kimberly: only half of it. that is the problem.
3:31 pm
>> andrea: unions have nowhere else to go. they'll be with him no matter what. here is what i think the white house is doing. they're so concerned about mitt romney. my democratic sources tell me that the dnc is strictly focused on mitt romney every day. because mitt romney has a more moderate view of climate change, he is thinking this time i'm going to go with the environmentalists. >> brian: can i say how disappointing i am. i wake up every day willingly to be naive. i said if this president wants to be erelechted he has to improve job situation and be forward leaning and look at independents and win them over. a perfect opportunity to show leadership and improve the jobs situation directly. put at least 20,000 people to work. and say i made hard decision and put politics aside. then he can go back on the bad republicans don't pass my jobs bill act. >> juan: let me go back to the great american julia louise dreyfuss -- >> kimberly: elaine. don't make me do the dance. >> juan: i'll stop. >> kimberly: later. >> juan: who said right there, look, if you want to do
3:32 pm
this, you are putting people accounts at risk. big oil has been running the country forever. you just want to say big oil because of jobs we're going to now let you do it once more. >> greg: i am glad you brought this up. julia louise dreyfuss says, "big oil." her, you know, you know what the dreyfuss group is? 152-year-old company that deals in u.s. and european markets, in crude oil! worth like $4 billion. >> kimberly: $3.8 billion. >> greg: that is the research i did for the segment. >> juan: very good. >> kimberly: her father is a very, very nice man. elegant, charming. i will say that. and obviously very rich. >> greg: obviously he hit on you. >> juan: or should have! >> greg: i'm sorry. >> andrea: i don't know why he wouldn't more like andrew cuomo, democrat, governor of new york and everyone thought he would punt the decision on hydrofracking in new york
3:33 pm
state and push it off but he had the great point to come out and support fracking. he is the governor that he said obama would be. >> kimberly: he punts, delays, show some leadership. we need jobs. >> greg: on that note. the new ad has president clinton giving advice to president obama. will he take it? probably not? it's friday. he has a date. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] cranberry juice? wake up! ♪ that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm [ male announcer ] for half the calories --
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this is a fox news alert. we are awaiting a major political shift in europe. italian prime minister silvio berlusconi expected to step down after european demand of reforms aimed at preventing a meltdown. it clears the way for a new government to deal with the debt
3:38 pm
crisis. a former commissioner now the top choice. silvio berlusconi dominated italian politics for the past 17 years. >> an emotional day for penn state losing the first football game since child sex accusations against the coach rocked the nation. a moment of silence against nebraska. players from both teams kneeling together, fans wearing blue heeding a request for the color associated with child abuse prevention. now back to "the five." >> andrea: welcome back to "the five." well, comparing barack obama to bubba? one outside republican group is doing just that in a new ad. take a listen. >> two presidents, two
3:39 pm
visions. >> should raise taxes on anyone today? rich or poor, middle class? >> no. >> this morning, obama going to unveil a new tax on american. >> higher taxes. >> taxes, taxes, taxes. >> i personally don't believe he ought to be raising taxes. it won't solve the problem. >> political stunt, not a solution. bill full of tax increases. >> pass that bill. >> pass this bill. >> pass this bill. >> president obama, it's time to attack problems not people. >> andrea: so the strategy there by this group is to try to make even barack obama look out of the main stream. brian, do you think it's an interesting tactic? this ad, they are putting $2.6 million in to it. it's running in colorado, florida, north carolina, ohio, pennsylvania. all key states. >> brian: it's genius. crossroads group put it together. it's not compare him to ronald reagan, look at the difference. of course, there is a different. but compare it to the secretary of state husband who was the 42nd president. it's extremely strong. i think they go further. i think they will use cuts
3:40 pm
from jfk and say what this country can do for you not what you can do from your country, been on your own and cutting your own way. talk about jfk did for taxes. i think they are really effective going to the president's own party to showing the difference. >> andrea: what do you think about the comparison? >> juan: it's an effective ad. if you are watching you think oh, gee, everybody loves bill clinton these days. his numbers through the roof. popular guy. >> andrea: throbbing heart through the ad. >> juan: in an earlier segment, you said he screwed half the base. >> kimberly: we're not sure about that. >> juan: he is popular now. a put-down to obama and key, which state is preparing it. don't forget this is karl rove's crossroads group. they are right now trying to take the president down a notch. they don't want his very high personal rate -- his personal ratings are over 50%. his job approval is under 40%.
3:41 pm
>> kimberly: people don't like the policy because he attacks jobs. >> juan: oh, stop. the second thing i say on this, when it comes -- >> andrea: i was just going to ask you, kimberly, bill clinton moved to the center. he resisted it first when it came to cutting the capital gains tax and welfare and balanced budget amendment -- all newt gingrich's idea i should point out. but he let the republican congress move him to the middle and it worked. wife won't obama do the same? >> kimberly: catch a clue. it's not that difficult to figure it out. look what clinton did. he is a winner. successful be. a winner. people like obama but they want his policies to get with it. we need jobs. look at the disapproval numbers. >> brian: why do people like greg gutfeld? >> kimberly: he's charming. >> brian: you are fun to be around, you care about people and a good listener. president clinton likes talking to people. >> greg: that is true. i never see these commercials but then again -- i never see them. i only watch qvc. i have my eye on this 12-piece
3:42 pm
rachel ray dinner ware set. the most important question here -- >> andrea: birthday gift there. >> greg: we talk about bill clinton, kimberly, how many times did he ask you out on a date. >> kimberly: this is so inappropriate. what is this? what is going on at that end of the table? >> greg: answer. answer the question. >> kimberly: i'm not answering any question like that. >> juan: you are legitimizing this thing. i thought he was joking. now you are serious. >> andrea: i have to save my girl. i have to save her. >> juan: let me make a point. most americans, most americans think taxes should be raised on people that make more than 250. and so, it's intriguing that they decide you mow, we can hide that by making us somehow obama out of the mainstream. and clinton says no to the new taxes. >> andrea: i don't know how many times did bill clinton ask you out, greg? >> greg: i'm not his type. >> brian: ily say this, if i had to get back to the topic real quick i'd say the only thing we forget about bill clinton just like we forget
3:43 pm
about ronald reagan. when he left, everybody was making fun of ronald reagan, saying we had to turn the page. thank goodness he has been impeached so it's amazing how time changes the perception. >> andrea: economy started to crash when he left office. steven moore did a critique of bill clinton's new book. talk about moderate he was then. this book that clinton just wrote "back to work" is an ode to big government stevenmore said. he went back on the moderate things he supported and supports the liberal policies. who knows what bill clinton believes. >> kimberly: inconsistent how he governed. >> andrea: could fort hood shooting been prevented? the families say yes and they are asking the government to pay. that's next. stay tuned to "the five." ♪ ♪ we're america's natural gas
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> juan: i hate to be the one but we have to have a serious moment on "the five." so welcome back.
3:48 pm
the families of the victims of the 2009 fort hood shooting rampage are seeking $750 million in damages from the federal got. they are claiming willful negligence is responsible for major hasan's actions. brian, t this to me is a well-based argument in the sense that they are saying that political correctness preventevented the government fm saying this man is out of control and a threat to others. they were trying -- the government was trying to be so politically correct in the handalling of this muslim. they refuse to see the red lights that were popping up like times square. >> brian: 13 people are dead because of it, more injured and so many more traumatized. this is so obvious and i think this is a lawsuit that will benefit the country. it's the opposite of what we've been dealing with. for the first time, someone sued being too politically correct. this time people's lives have been wasted because of it.
3:49 pm
this guy as been written to, al-awlaki, 18 separate times. explanation is there is nothing incendiary. you're writing to america's biggest enemy looking for advice. that's enough for me. number two, i'd like to ask on top of that, with the entire thing that there is more, more superior officers in the room when he is making a speech like for example that shariah law -- >> juan: that i remember. >> brian: people say why is he saying that? just let him go. this is something that the pentagon left themselves wide open and everybody else will be named in the suit. you'd know better with legal background. >> greg: you are so narrow minded. >> brian: in what way? >> greg: of course he has the right to consider american troop the menmy and preach jihad. but if he wears the flag on cinco de mayo, don't try that. >> kimberly: be sent home. >> greg: this is nuts. this is not a nuisance lawsuit. this is real. they call it willful negligence but that is code
3:50 pm
for political correctness. these people were frightened. this is islamophobia phobia, the fear of being called a bigot. that forces you to bend over backwards and allow all kind of behavior that are potentially harmful and this case deadly. >> juan: as someone who has been called a bigot, for having said -- >> greg: true. >> juan: people at the muslim garb in airports. i had this experience yesterday because i gave a speech and someone didn't like what i said. there is a question of why are they seeking money? why do they want money out of the government and army for this? i can see they say you know what? this is wrong. you guys are unable to see a direct threat that led to the death of my long ones. we should change the structure and the system. i'm not sure -- >> andrea: i think they are trying -- well, going after money comes with changing the system sometimes. i think they probably want to change the system. they should. as the "associated press" reported when all of this went down that the army actually said there was a fear of
3:51 pm
appearing discriminatory against muslim students. that's why they didn't file any complaints. it did how would it look if we kicked out muslim. they let him say things like people should strap bombs on themselves and go to times square. >> kimberly: you are making a point. these type of things are so egregious, reckless, it was likely that something like this would happen. they chose to disregard because they were more worried about being politically correct and termed perhaps racist or islam phobic and it caused lives. will is a direct link. whether it's specific enough we'll see. normally they wouldn't be able to sue but there is a federal court claims act they can try to make the case. >> andrea: he went in front of doctors. and psychiatrists and actually dictated how he would go about the killing. >> kimberly: right. >> andrea: no one did anything. >> kimberly: laid it out. >> andrea: they just watched it and went hope he doesn't do it. don't tell anyone. >> brian: put him over the edge was deployed to iraq and he ended up snapping.
3:52 pm
>> greg: but the thing is, he just didn't fit the provile. remember, the profile. >> brian: how do you connect the dots with that. i really don't have anything. >> greg: your question is interesting. penn state is going to be dealing with this as well. it's going to be a massive, massive lawsuit that could literally destroy an institution. and how much is too much? i think you have to ask for money. because if you don't, what keeps them -- no one pays attention and what keeps them from doing it again? >> juan: you know what i think? if the people in military -- the military is one of the most diverse andlem mailing field in american life. i have the greatest admiration for them on that front but especially on that one because they're leaders in terms of corporate diversity. but the idea is i think you don't want to punish our military guys. they are under enough. >> greg: yes. >> juan: up next, the five of us -- yes, us -- want to thank american veterans for everything, everything they've done. that's what we'll do when we come right back. with you. ♪ ♪ when you have diabetes...
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3:57 pm
your courage is what keeps us free. on a personal note, want to thank barbara, everybody is noting our poppies. thank you for providing them for the show. >> andrea: thanks, mom. >> kimberly: you had a memorable moment. touching involving a story. >> this was 11 hours ago. we did this. i'm not exaggerating. we got word that there is this officer, timothy stroebl who decided he wanted to get engaged. he did not tell his fiancee he was going to get engaged so we brought jennifer down and talked about what is it like being girlfriend of someone deployed and at this time, up on the nasdaq screen came the proposal. you can't see it now. but there is no audio. he had signs saying i love you. i've always wanted to marry you. will you marry me? from behind you will see it in a second comes the ring and
3:58 pm
the soldier. timothy on one knee. what people don't know is that leg was almost blown off and it took him two years to be able to do that. it's extremely painful to especially be in that position. he was able to stand up. that is the moment they were engaged on national television. >> greg: i like how you interfere in that moment. they have a beautiful moment and you walk in the middle of it. >> kimberly: do you feel he made it about him? >> greg: all about brian kilmeade. >> brian: thanks to juan williams for not attacking me. the only one. >> juan: a beautiful moment. >> kimberly: i love it. >> andrea: all this love on fox and friends. no one gets engaged on "the five." >> kimberly: take it easy. >> greg: i love public engagements but i love more the public break-ups. you are walking down the streeted on on times square a couple is yelling. almost as entertaining. >> kimberly: i prefer love and romance. we have another great celebration here. one of our fabulous producers from "the five" krista got
3:59 pm
engaged. and "fox and friends" las vegas. >> brian: krista and robert met on our show. i played soccer with her dad. >> greg: you put yourself in the story again! >> brian: you're right. i apologize. >> andrea: are you going on the honeymoon, brian or what? >> brian: if they want me to go, i'll go! >> greg: dave brigs is playing your role. sitting there. >> brian: i was up on radio. i turned the page in my life. >> kimberly: this on is the after the show show. cute, romantic. super excited. happy for them. rob. i have to tell you something we have to improve our image. >> greg: we'll do public break-ups. >> andrea: bob would be doing that. >> brian: we'll play a game guess who is dating. what of "the five" is dating each other? >> kimberly: awkward. nobody. roll the boflex commercial. happy veterans day. thank you to allhe


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