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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  November 12, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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>> rick: hello, everybody. welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters. i'm rick folbaum. >> arthel: i'm arthel neville of the topping the news, italy's longest serving post-war leader resigns amid a massive financial crisis that threatens our own economy here in the u.s. we'll take you live to rome. >> rick: here they come again, the gop presidential candidates are getting set to debate for the second time in a week. this time the topic is foreign policy. we'll go live to south carolina where it's all going down tonight. >> arthel: happiness and relief as washington nationals player wilson ramos is rescued alive
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from kidnappers in a daring raid in venezuela. >> rick: we begin in pennsylvania and a tough ending today for an even tougher week for fans and students and alumni of penn state university. the nittany lions taking to the gridiron for the last home game this season and for the first game without their legendary former coach. although the lions may have lost the game, it's clear that the team and their fans haven't lost any of their spirit. david lee miller is live in university park, pennsylvania with more on this. david, what was the mood at game time today? >> you know, in the history of college sports, what took place today at beaver stadium was really unprecedented. let me set the scene. there were 107,000 fans packed into this stadium. that is double the size, more than double the size of this college town. there was thousands more who were tailgating outside. there was a mix of emotions. some people felt remorse. some were frustrated.
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some were angry. but there were also those who came here in the spirit of trying to recover from this scandal that still hangs over this college community. before the game got underway, there was a moment of silence in the stadium. again, a stadium packed with more than 100,000 people and then incredibly, the two teams came together. nebraska and penn state came together at mid field and the players themselves knelt down. at some point during the actual game itself, rick, you would see joe paterno's picture flashed on the big screen and occasionally there would be cheers for joe paterno. but there were also those who reminded everyone that the thought today should be with the victims of the alleged child abuse and at some point, overhead there was a plane carrying a banner, the banner that read cry for the kids, not the cowards and the liars. so a great deal of mixed emotion here today and i should also say there was also a lot of
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disappointment when the game ended. nebraska winning 17-14. >> rick: speaking of joe paterno, david, this is a guy so revered on that campus. i remember visiting the campus, there is not a store front or at least there wasn't at the time of my visit, a store front on campus that didn't have the life size photograph of joe paterno. the winningest coach in college football history and a guy who is not being criminally charged, but getting criticized a lot for not doing more when he heard about these allegations. did joe paterno come to the game today? was he anywhere in sight today? >> joe paterno did not come to the game. interestingly, the college president or new interim president was asked yesterday if he would be here, if he was welcome and he said perhaps very diplomatically, look, any member of the public, he is welcome to show up, but joe paterno did not show up. he sent a letter to the players saying essentially don't focus on me, that they need to move forward. his son was at the game, jay,
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paterno. he's a coach on the team and doing an interview with espn at the game's conclusion, rick, he did break down. he said, dad, i wish you were here. we love you. so it's still very, very emotional for the paterno family and the penn state community. to put his contribution in perspective, rick, the stadium is named after a former governor, the library on this campus is named after joe paterno. he has contributed millions and millions of dollars to penn state and his legacy here is not just one of sports, it's one of academia, contributing to this entire community. rick? >> rick: now his legacy is this scandal as well. david lee miller live for us on the campus of penn state. thanks very much. tomorrow on fox news sunday, what this story means for the victims, of course, but also for the students, for college athletics, higher education as a whole. chris wall will talk
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with the pennsylvania governor and franco harris, tomorrow on your local fox station on the fox network, you can check your local listings and catch it here on fox news channel at 2:00 o'clock and 6:00 p.m. eastern time. >> arthel: we turn to politics now. the republican presidential candidates laying out their plans to keep our country safe. national security, the focus of tonight's debate in south carolina. campaign carl, he is there live for us in spartanburg. of course, a lot of people want to know about national security and do you think that this topic will allow any particular candidate to stand out? >> it certainly could. the palmetto state battle over foreign policy. this is the tenth debate so far. it may be an opportunity for some of the candidates who have not been able to dominate the polls to step forward. most notably, two candidates, rick santorum of pennsylvania, who has been fighting hard and
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complaining mightily that he doesn't get enough time in the debates, may have an opportunity tonight to draw on some of his experience in the u.s. senate where he drew a reputation for being particularly combative and strong against the nuclear ambitions of iran and back years ago when he was in the senate was very aggressive in criticizing iraq. look for him to try to make a stand out. tonight newt gingrich has been here for several days that he expects this is going to be his evening. he is -- he knows so much on foreign policy, it may be an opportunity for him. he's been surging in the polls and he could build on that. and then rick perry. still trying to recover from the mind freeze event that took place three nights ago. but he does have an ability to talk about foreign policy as the governor of texas because he is a border state governor. and as a consequence, look for a lot of his discussion about foreign policy and national security to talk about securing the border, even though he does not support a full fence, and defending himself on illegal immigration policy, because his critics said his policy providing instant college
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tuition for illegal immigrants acts as a magnet. those things lying out there for candidates, beyond mitt romney and herman cain to really emerge, given the opportunity tonight, we'll see if they can take it. >> arthel: listen, carl, everybody wants to talk about the world economy, struggling here, there, and everywhere. could this topic give a particular candidate a leg up tonight? >> the organize also say sub tantive. not get into the name calling. having said that, it's an opportunity for a couple of candidates to use foreign policy to talk about the economy. jon huntsman, the former governor of utah, will draw on his experience, not as the governor of utah, but as the ambassador to china for the obama administration and in previous republican administrations, ambassador to singapore. he will say with china as the u.s.'s major economic adversary, his skill, his experience is crucial for the next presidency to try to make the u.s. more competitive around the country. having said that, mitt romney
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fancies himself the job creator with the business acue men and experience in the field. he has a lot of international job creation and business experience, so look for him to draw on that. then there is herman cain. still trying to turn the page and close the door on sexual harassment allegations. he is a businessman. but his business experience was largely domestic. he has acknowledged he doesn't have is a great deal of foreign policy experience. in fact, he's even joked about he doesn't think it's necessary for him to know a lot about the little states, the little countries around the world, that he has mocked the name of uzbekistan, saying that isn't the kind of thing he needs if he has strong advisors. it could be a big test for herman cain whether he can move beyond the sexual harassment allegations of years ago and actually acquit himself well on foreign policy when he's admitted he doesn't know a lot about it. >> arthel: all right. carl cameron, thanks. good job as always. good to see you. by the way, we'll have is a lot more on this topic. brand-new fox contributor and former south carolina governor mark sanford is here to weigh in on tonight's debate going on in his home state.
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>> rick: first, our nation's financial crisis front and center on capitol hill. president obama calling on the so-called super committee to meet their deadline november 23 to slash $1.2 trillion from our ballooning deficit over the next ten years. molly henneberg live in dc with the latest on that. hi, molly. >> hi, rick. president obama is warning the congressional deficit reduction super committee not to weaken the law that goes into effect if they can't come to a deal. the white house says the president called the co-chairs, democratic senator patty murray and republican representative jeb hensarling yesterday from air force one in part to get an update on negotiations. but also to say that he would not support any measure that watered down that law, which would automatically enact deep spending cuts in 2013, including $500 billion cut from the defense department if there is no deal. today the army chief of staff cautioned that those cuts would be, quote, devastating.
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>> we realize the department of defense we have to contribute. the fact that we do have some issues within our country and we have to resolve these economic issues. so it's not like we don't think we should have some cuts, but we have to be careful how deep they go. >> six democrats and six republicans on the super committee have until november 23 to find a series of spending cuts and tax hikes that add up to $1.2 trillion over ten years. the head of the republican national committee says the current president spending is part of the problem. >> we have to have a deal. i mean, our country is approaching $15 trillion of debt. for all the talk that this president loves to spew out of his mouth, he is on pace to accumulate more debt than every single president before him combined, $15 trillion. >> the white house says the process will require, quote, tough choices from both sides, but the president is committed to a balanced deficit reduction
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solution. rick? >> rick: molly henneberg, thanks. >> arthel: it is an end of an era in italy, but one that some people might prefer to forget. premiere berlusconi stepping down today after parliament passed critical economic reforms. after it was brought to the brink of economic collapse, the question is who will replace him. now more from greg. >> that's right. it's very interesting to see berlusconi after nearly 20 years on the political stage exiting tonight. he's used to being a leader and having to walk out, go into the president's office to his home to tender his resignation. there were lots of celebrations tonight as berlusconi did that. people gathering both at the presidential palace, as well as berlusconi's residence in rome. just a couple of hours ago when that happened, you can tell that berlusconi certainly sparked
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some very strong emotions in this country. he had a lot of very loyal people behind him, but also a lot of enemies on the left in italy. for berlusconi, it certainly is a humiliation after 3 1/2 years as prime minister, nearly two decades as the major player on the political scene even when he was not in power, he was always one to be reckoned with, billionaire businessman, very used to success in this country. now, berlusconi's probable successor, mario monty, a well respected economist. he's expected to be given the mandate tomorrow to form what they're calling a, quote, technical government that would be to get italy through this current economic crisis, which has been strong in all of europe. but here in italy, it's essentially reached a boiling point. finally, it's interesting, lots of celebration tonight, but the fact of the matter is, that party will end soon. italy is really facing a lot of belt tightening. there has to be a lot of cuts. the economy is in a tough
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situation. there is virtually no growth. all those people out celebrating tonight, a lot of them having trouble with jobs. whoever comes in is going to have to deal with all of that. >> arthel: temporary relief for sure. thank you very much. >> rick: after the bloodiest month in syria's uprising began in march, the arab league is taking its hardest stance yet telling the president there, al assad to stop the violence against his team now or face sanctions. syria already calling the decision illegal, but with 18 countries supporting the wednesday deadline, there is not much time to argue. that was reena ninan and we'll hear more from her in jerusalem. >> arab countries are sending the harshest to president assad. stop the violence against your people or face sanctions. the arab league voted saturday to suspend syria in four days' time and threatened possible economic and political sanctions if the government does not end its bloody crackdown on civilians. 18 countries have agreed to the
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suspension which will take effect on wednesday. three countries voted against, yemen, lebanon and syria. iraq abstained. the news comes as november has become the bloodiest month to date of the uprising in syria. more than 250 people have been killed this month alone. despite the fact that they agreed on november 2 to an arab brokered peace deal that caused for attacks to end. more than 3500 people have been killed since the uprising began in march. according to human rights groups. syria's envoy to the arab league called saturday's decision, quote, illegal and contrary to the league's internal charter. outside of the united nations in new york, syrians rallied, calling for a no-fly zone, just like in libya, and an end to the violence. while the syrian opposition is calling for a no-fly zone, the arab league says they are not talking about that kind of action right now. rick. >> rick: reena ninan in
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jerusalem, thanks. >> arthel: we are getting new video coming into the fox news room of major league baseball player wilson ramos after he was saved from kidnappers. here it is. the 24-year-old washington national catcher was taken from his home at gun point on wednesday. after a daring raid by the security forces, he was reunited with tearful relatives. ramos thanking the men who saved him and while he says he's physically okay, he says he suffered psychologically and continues to. several of his alleged kidnappers have been arrested. >> rick: we're hearing reports that occupy st. louis protesters have returned to a park downtown where they have been camping out hours after police arrested about two dozen of them for disobeying an order to leave. protesters are allowed in the park until it closes at night, but police moved in just last night after a judge ordered protesters out of the park and there were no reports of any resistance or violence during the arrests.
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>> arthel: scotland yard foiling an alleged plot to attack occupy demonstrators outside london's st. paul cathedral. police arresting 179 members of a group called the english defense league. apparently they had threatened to even burn down protesters' tents if they didn't leave church grounds. most of those arrested were released without being charged. >> rick: let's talk about the weather now. a pair of storms causing problems across the western part of the country. heavy snow falling in colorado. some parts of the state even dealing with blizzard conditions. meteorologist maria molina live in the fox extreme weather center. >> hi. that's right. we have a pair of storms and now actually a third one that's joining the party out west, just starting to impact portions of the pacific northwest. really very unsettled out west. the eastern half of the country is enjoying beautiful weather from the northeast all the way down into florida. we had a chilly start this morning, temperatures rebounded nicely during the afternoon hours. now let's talk about the three storm systems.
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one just off the coast of southern california, bringing in some rain out there. and one impacting colorado, that's bringing in some blizzard warnings, or prompting blizzard warnings in the area. not just because of the amount of snow we're going to see, which is over a foot of it across some of the highest elevations, but winds gusting between 50 to 60 miles an hour at times. it's very dangerous for anyone out there. and here is that look at that new storm system already starting to bring that heavy snow down across parts of the higher elevations of the cascades and heavy rain across parts of seattle and also portland, oregon. here is a look at your winter storm warnings. some across the northwest and in colorado where a large -- portion of the state is backed with warnings and the ones in orange are your blizzard warnings where we'll be looking at some of the strongest wind gusts. as far as how much snow we'll be looking at across the rockies and also the cascades, easily over a foot of snow across the higher elevations. please check your local roadways and see if they are open because many will be closed as we get some of the heavy snow. as far as today's high
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temperatures, departures were normal. very chilly start across florida. tallahassee, florida, broke a record early this morning where they saw a temperature at 23 degrees. that's very chilly for this time of year. and across the center of the nation, not too bad. temperatures above average. 15 to 25 degrees. that's all east of the storm systems impacting portions of the northwest and also the rockies. current temperatures out there, very chilly. of course, bundle up if you're out west. otherwise, nice across the center of the country. in the 70s now across texas. >> rick: sounds nice. thanks very much. >> arthel: well, some say it is the most wonderful time -- >> rick: come on. >> arthel: most wonderful time of the year. but here is the deal. on-line scammers feel the same way. how to keep your credit or debit card safe from fishing scams before you even start your holiday shopping. >> rick: call of duty may be dominating the video games. but we'll show you a life size war simulator that's helping
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>> holiday shoppers, get ready for shopping this time of year with the holidays around the corner. scam artists are lushing. the holiday season is one of the biggest scam seasons. not just for retailers, but also
6:23 pm
for the so-called fishing scams. how can you keep your credit and debit cards safe before you start swiping at the store? joining us now is former managing director of morgan stanley, now with rich desalvo consulting. thanks for being here. how would you define these physical therapying scams? >> it's really as deception. it happens to be done via computer. really any way that they can garnish your credit card, it could also be by phone. >> rick: i've gotten these e-mails. they say from your bank and a lot of times they're not even from your bank. we have information about your account. you must contact us immediately. what are they doing here? >> what they're really trying to get is your credit card number, your i.d. number and your social security number. they're trying to put those goodies into their own site and try to get access to your account. that's really that simple. >> rick: how big of a problem is this? >> as of last year, there was a
6:24 pm
study done by norton. $114 billion a year. it's big. let me take it even further. when i say and growing, it's literally a million new people a day. today it's affected -- i have all these numbers in in my head now. it's up to 70% of the adults and lastly, it's every 14 seconds, someone is a victim of cyberware. >> rick: unbelievable. what can we do about it? >> let's start first, and i'm gog take something to an extreme here. but to me, it's a form of terrorism. it absolutely is across the world. it's affecting everything. it's an underpinning and if this is the world, it's little bricks coming out. so what is it when i say terrorism, we all have to be diligent. we have to be held responsible. we're on our computers and we get lax. think about when you're home surfing, right? you got many tabs open. you got your facebook open. you got your twitter open. you're talking to your friends,
6:25 pm
pop-ups are coming. it's a carnival going on. then all of a sudden, something else comes up, as simple as, let me your facebook, you have to revalidate your account. and you're not paying attention and you do it. we're smart people. it's not that we're less smart, but sometimes we're not diligent. we need to stop, catch our breath and the phrase they'll use is isolate the moment and really think twice and say, is it really something i should just happen hazardly do? >> rick: we were talking before the segment began. i was wondering if there are different age groups that are sort of more targets, targeted by these criminals, they feel like they have a better shot going after, say, very young kids, maybe college kids who are dealing with their first credit card or maybe the elderly as well. you said that's the case. >> yes. it is. think about it if you ever seen recently a teen-ager on the computer, how fast they can go, much faster than myself. it's controlled chaos. they're moving all over it. they see something, they can click it quickly. also the elderly don't really
6:26 pm
understand and when they see the words, urgent, it might be fraud. they believe what they read. >> rick: right. there is a web site that you have found that you want to tell people about. >> yes. it's not for profit. what they do is help you, if you feel you've been violated along these terms, it tells you what associations to call, even how to get viruses out of your computers and the like. >> rick: rich is with rich devalue very consulting. thanks very much for coming in. >> my pleasure. >> rick: can't believe that number, $114 billion. >> arthel: i was thinking the same thing. wow. thanks, rich. as our military begins withdrawing from afghanistan, marines here at home are getting a whole new type of hands on combat training. a combat simulator so realistic, it puts new marine recruits in the thick of an authentic battle in the heart of afghanistan. elizabeth prann has more.
6:27 pm
it sounds fascinating. >> it is. this new trainer is in a huge warehouse and when you step inside, it looks and smells and sounds and feels like an afghan village. in fact, marines who we spoke with say it's just about as close as you can get to the real deal, including a market, a clinic, a school, a mosque. the marines are greeted by afghan natives who are hired as actors and actors have very specific roles in the village. some are doctors or spiritual leaders and the soldiers need to communicate and work with the natives in order to accomplish their mission just as if they were in combat. >> before they come in here, they are not sure what to expect and don't know really what it is. after they go through it, it's usually, wow. >> with more than 170 cameras inside this warehouse, every move these marines make are recorded. they can see what they did right and what they did wrong. so what they tell us is they need to be aware and culturally
6:28 pm
sensitive. >> if you go into a village and you be mean and you start kicking down doors and you disrespect their churches and mosques, they're not going to want to help you out and give you information. >> the marines typically go in twice in one day. if they make cultural missteps the first time around, they'll be greeted with hostility. the second time around, it really teaches them how important it is to be culturally sensitive when they are in battle. >> arthel: sounds like thorough training. elizabeth prann, thank you. >> rick: herman cain's campaign talking tough this week about those sexual harassment allegations leveled against him. the lawyer issuing a new warning to women who may come forward to, quote, think twice before making any allegations against mr. cain. so is this a smart strategy? we'll take a look. also coming up, our ed henry's traveling with the president, taking on a tough assignment this week in beautiful hawaii and we'll check in with ed now. hi, ed. >> good to see you. not such a tough assignment.
6:29 pm
we have to stay on top of our game in this tropical climate. we have breaking news, one of the president's summits has just been postponed. we'll are details -- we'll have details after the break. ♪ [ male announcer ] you've reached the age where you've learned a thing or two. this is the age of knowing what needs to be done. so, why would you let something like erectile dysfunction get in your way? isn't it time you talked to your doctor about viagra? 20 million men already have. with every age comes responsibility. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects may include headache, flushing, upset stomach, and abnormal vision. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss
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>> arthel: it is the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. tonight south carolina gop presidential debate focusing on foreign policy. we'll have much more on that coming up. >> rick: emotions running high at penn state's beaver stadium. nittany lions coming up short after taking the giffords iron for the first time after the controversy. >> arthel: syria has until wednesday to stop the attacks or face direct sanctions. >> rick: president obama in his home state of hawaii hosting the leaders from 21 asian pacific countries. the president pushing his message of more trade and
6:34 pm
international cooperation to create more american jobs. chief white house correspondent ed henry traveling with the president in honolulu. as you teased going into the break, there were a couple of meetings. one for the president was canceled. >> that's right. it's been pushed back, postponed. the north american leaders summit. that's the u.s., canada, mexico. it was going to be on the side lines of this asian pacific economic summit. as you know, there was a tragedy in mexico last couple of days. a top official killed in that helicopter crash. as a result, president of mexico will no longer travel here to honolulu. we confirmed with senior officials here. so they're going to postpone that part of things. but the other summit, the apec summit moves forward. the president is really trying to show that while he's meeting with world leaders here from asia, in honolulu, that he's not taking his eye off the ball in terms of american jobs here at home. that's why he says he now has a framework for an agreement on what they call the transpacific
6:35 pm
partnership. a new trade agreement with the u.s. and some smaller asian nations. the president says with europe going through this debt crisis, the u.s. really has to turn its eyes to asia to create more jobs. take a listen. >> we're not going to see massive growth out of europe until the problems resolve and that will have a dampening effect on the overall global economy. but if we can at least contain the crisis, then one of the great opportunities we have is to see the asia pacific region as an extraordinary engine for growth. >> the president also may be trying to mend fences with business leaders. he's had an uneasy relationship at times with the business community. one of the comments he made today was that he believes that the u.s. has been in the president's words, a bit lazy over the last couple of decades in terms of pushing trade, being real players on the international stage with these big global economic issues.
6:36 pm
eric schmidt from google was asked by a reporter whether or not business leaders take offense at that laziness. eric schmidt said basically he doesn't necessarily think that's the case, but thinks, look, the u.s. can always be more aggressive in terms of seeking these trade deals and bringing more jobs home to america. rick. >> rick: all this talk of cooperating and cooperation with asian countries, yet this trade deal doesn't include china. what's the significance there? >> the u.s. appears to be sending a not so subtle signal to china by trying to work out this deal with some of the smaller asian economy, but growing asian economies. and basically reporters asked one of the president's aides here, china is miffed that they have not been invited to these trade talks and the u.s. official basically said, these are not the kind of talks you're invited to. you have to meet a certain standard and then you can come to the table for these trade talks. basically saying china has not always been fair in its trade
6:37 pm
practices, so the u.s. trying to send a tough signal. the president has a one on one with the chinese president in the necktie hours. no doubt a big topic there. >> thanks so much. >> arthel: one of the men vying to unseat president obama, herman cain trying to get his campaign bag on track in the wake of recent sexual harassment allegations. both claims appear to be taking a toll with women voters. the latest cbs poll shows only 15% of women back cain after most recent allegations compared to 28% two weeks ago. cain's attorney going on the offensive warning any other women who consider coming forward to, quote, think twice before making new allegations. so is this really the right move? a professor of law and political science at usc and a fox news contributor, susan. i ask you, should cain perhaps be thinking twice about how he's going to get his female base back?
6:38 pm
>> you know, every saturday i seem to be here shaking my head in wonder at the ridiculous tactics they're using. i mean, first he tries to stonewall the press. you can't stonewall the press. then he calls all these women liars. two of them have settlements, for goodness sake. now he's got his lawyer out there threatening them. what he needed to do three weeks ago was stand up there and say, look, i've made mistakes. i was insensitive. i didn't understand that what i took to be a welcome comment would be taken by others as being very unwelcome. instead, every week he keeps digging this hole deeper and deeper. >> arthel: but susan, so you're saying that's the way you think that cain should have handled the situation. but is it merely the way he handled it or perhaps mishandled it, or is the fact that these allegations came from multiple
6:39 pm
women? >> well, of course, you're right about that. i mean, i always have what i call my rule of three. you know, one woman might be a nut. the second woman might be a slut. but by the time you get to three, it begins to look like he's got a pattern. look, he had a problem. a lot of us have made mistakes in our lives. but before you got as far as he did, he had a sort of clear the record, put it out there, apologize for what he had done wrong. instead, his instinct has been to attack everyone and the result, i think, has been to make people who might have understood in the first place or at least might have given him the benefit of having made mistakes, to now think this guy doesn't know how to handle a crisis. >> arthel: this brings me to another poll i want to share with you. more from that cbs news poll, because it's not just the female base that's slipping away. look at this gauging tea party support for cain.
6:40 pm
19% supporting him now. but just 2 1/2 weeks ago, that was up to 32%. so is this a full derailment for the cain campaign or can he recover from this? >> i don't see him recovering. maybe he could have recovered from one. maybe he could have recovered from two. but i think you see two things in that tea party poll. first, a lot of people don't like this kind of thing. and hard to blame them. it looks like abuse of power. it looks like gross insensitivity, if not real harassment. and second of all, i think folks are having real questions about his electability. i mean, how are you going to get elected president if you've got women coming out accusing you of harassment. your instinct is to call them liars. your lawyer is threatening them. i mean, i just don't see this guy winning the republican nomination at this point. >> arthel: he's still in it. he seems to still be collecting
6:41 pm
money. maybe not as much as before. but we'll keep watching. we know you will. you continue to write about t. thank you very much. i want to let everybody know that you can -- you can read susan's syndicated column in newspapers across the country everywhere on wednesday and friday, look for the name susan esdridge. she has a way with words. >> rick: she always has. when we come back, republican candidates preparing to face off for a debate. the second time they'll be meeting for a debate in the last four nights, all going down in south carolina. we'll handicap the players with the former governor of the palmetto state. >> arthel: and you know you want to know, we know that you know and we know, whatever, we want to talk about -- these things are here. chocolate chip cookies. >> rick: you don't even need to say anything. the best cookies, we're going to tell you. >> arthel: the best cookies, we're going to tell you. don't go away. "hey wrinkle face!"
6:42 pm
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6:46 pm
to take place a little over an hour from now in south carolina. joining us, brand-new fox news contributor, former governor of south carolina, mark sanford. welcome to fox and thanks for being here tonight. >> my pleasure. thank you. >> rick: let's start talking about mr. cain. herman cain, who early on in his campaign, he had to punt on these questions when it comes to foreign policy. he said, i need some more time to study up on these issues. well, tonight's the night that a lot of people are waiting to see if he did his homework. what does he need to show tonight? >> well, i think he needs to show a steady performance with regard to a level of understanding on one of the incredibly important roles for the chief executive of this country and that's foreign policy. i think indeed as you put it, the homework has been due and tonight's test night, we'll see how he does. >> rick: this is newt gingrich's debate performance since he broke into the top tier. a lot of polls out show him now among the one, two, top three
6:47 pm
candidates in the gop field. i'm wondering what you think of his performances so far in past debates and what he's got to show tonight in south carolina. >> i think the obvious is the obvious, which is newt has a commanding intellect and i think he has a fairly broad width of experience, whether as speaker or since then in the private sector that is probably going to make him fairly conversant on foreign policy issues. if you look at the latest polls in south carolina, his numbers have been moving. so it's romney, then cain and then gingrich in a close third. i guess in some ways none of that means anything because 70% of the electate is at this point undecided. >> rick: rick perry is someone who has polled well in south carolina. obviously he's looking for a stronger performance tonight than the one that he turned in a couple of nights ago. the pressure on him, though, has got to be so tough.
6:48 pm
right? >> yeah, it is. you know, it's unfortunate what he went through, but this run for the presidency is a tough field trial, if you will, of different tests. debate performance absolutely matters. what i hear, i was just at a reception a moment ago with a bunch of republicans from across the state. and there is a thirst for somebody who can go head to head with obama. so either rick is going to make corrective measures and be able to perform tonight and nights going forward, or i think you'll see the end of his candidacy because one of the things i consistently here from voters is that they want somebody who can go head to head with obama. >> rick: mitt romney has been one that a lot of people have said could be that person, at least in terms of his debate performances go and yet a lot of people in the republican party not yet ready to show him the love. what does mitt romney got to do?
6:49 pm
>> i think that, again, what i hear and all this is anecdotal, i've not polled it, but what i hear as i move around the state is -- i've spent a lot of time -- is that they're concerned about conviction or passion from the standpoint of romney. that he's been on one side and the other on a number of issues and what they want is a level of conviction that reflects theirs. there is a real angst in this country and certainly in this state about the economic times in which we live, the belief that we're at a real cross roads in terms of what comes next in our republic, is it sustainable based on spending? so i think what they're thirsting for with regard to romney, and i think this is the reason his numbers have been relatively capped out at 20 something and change and stayed there is they're not yet convinced that he really has the conviction that i hear constantly shared in the reception i was just in, or as i move around the state. >> rick: former governor of south carolina, mark sanford, a new member of the fox team.
6:50 pm
a couple years ago, i would have given anything for a one on one interview. i'm so glad to talk to you tonight. thanks for your time. >> my pleasure. thanks. >> rick: let's check in with arthel who has snacks and a friend out there. >> arthel: listen, if we're going to do a segment about chocolate chip cookies, i got my own personal cookie monster. this is george from vienna, virginia. say hi to grandma and grandpa. we'll be back with cookies and george. say hi, baby. hi, grandma, hi, grandpa.
6:51 pm
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>> rick: i put my notes away. i don't need any notes for this. not when it comes to chocolate chip cookies. >> arthel: absolutely. you just need your taste buds. here is the deal, sue is here, she's road tested several chocolate chip cookies 'cause apparently they're not all created equally. >> although i never met one i didn't like. go for this one. >> rick: number one is this. >> these are the number one. taste bake shop, these are absolutely -- our testers say they taste like they came out of the oven. we tasted 14 packaged cookies from the store. these are our runners up. they could not even compare to these. these are heads above all of these. these are all okay. >> arthel: these are from the store? >> all store bought, yes. then we go over to pepperridge
6:55 pm
farm. this is first runner up. this is a double chocolate, nantucket, and they're okay. they were a little dry. these were all dinged because they were either dry, they had grate gritty chips or texture. different degrees. they all had some flavor flaws. whereas these are tested -- our testers felt did not. these are from target. this is market pantry from target. and these are our second runners up. and then we have wal-mart. this is a great buy. these are only 1.59. these are our most expensive. five dollars. then we have wal-mart's cookies. these are great value. and these are a little chewier, more like a short bread texture. then we have chips ahighway. america's number one chocolate chip cookie, we were not wowed by them. they're the fourth runner up. then we taste tested the takeout chocolate chip cookie. >> rick: these are the ones you get at starbucks? >> mcdonald's, subway and dunken doughnuts.
6:56 pm
this is starbucks, chocolate chip cookie. it was the clear winner. tasted like it came out of the oven. but this cookie is 380 calories. it's 3 ounces. share that cookie with your friends. >> arthel: wow. >> rick: these are in shop smart ago. who wants cookies? stick around, because harris faulkner is coming up. we'll see you. i wouldn't do that. get married?
6:57 pm
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