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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  November 13, 2011 2:00am-3:00am EST

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the other good news ? i held on to your coffee. wow. ♪ nationwide is on your side ( laughing ) it's actually a pretty good day whenou consider. that's great. welcome to "red eye." welcome to -- i am greg gutfeld. when you can't decide what chaps to wear, meet me in the park and i will make the choice for you. let's go to andy levy for a pre game report. what is coming up on tonight's show? >> you go first, america. why did the people of occupy dc hate little old ladies 1234* a fair and balanced debate coming up. and a new accuser steps forward the in the herman cain harassment story. well, she is the fourth accuser, but the first to step forward. i am so confused and sleepy. and finally, who is hollywood's most overpaid stars? the story so shocking we might not get to it.
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greg? >> turks andy. >> happy cook up something old day. >> you couldn't even come up with a birthday? >> it is tara reid's birthday, but i know you refuse to recognize her greatness. >> tara reid? you have to be kidding me. >> i suppose you have a better one? >> laith garrett? >> i give you tara reid and you give me laith garrett? i wanted to talk about cook something bold day and you didn't want to touch it. >> i didn't want to talk about that -- >> why wouldn't you want to talk about -- oh it is abbas common. i should have -- it is sebastian. should i have remembered. >> it was an honest mistake. >> what happened to him? >> he went back to the congo. >> one night he burned a taco and the next day he was gone and there was a new gazebo in your yard. >> he went back to the congo, andy. >> i guess he went back to the congo. have a good show ?ie. she is hotter than a playground slide
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on the sun. i am here with the fox news contributor, former white house press secretary and one of my co-hosts on "the five" which is a show in the afternoon. first time guest, he is so sharp he sneezes thumbtacks. i would like to welcome a first time guest. i just said that. he is james toronto. and no that is not a giant roach crawling on your tv screen. that is my repulsive sidekick, bill schulz. and his beard isn't whated for strangling a german tourist. sitting next to me is a writer, musician and comedian. all three things. and if he had any feet he would occupy wall street. good to see you, pinch. >> declares today's business section, quote, nbc struggles to find its footing. courage, peacock network. i have struggled to find my footing for over 150 years now. my footing as well as my hamsies because i don't have either. >> that's it. >> that's it. not cool with the "wall street
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journal" guest though. >> i knew you wouldn't. they are angry and shady and now beat up old ladies. on friday night a group of occupy dc demonstrators surrounded the washington convention center, lovely place, blocking traffic. in the chaos two elderly women were injured. the protesters swarmed the building. i can't believe you are laughing, dana. >> i am not laughing. >> i am tickling her. >> they surrounded the building because billionaire investor right winger david coke was inside defending the defending the american dream summit and because the protesters are [bleep]. a 78-year-old woman who traveled eight hours by bus for the event suffered severe injuries to her wrists, both legs and ankle as a result of the mayhem created by the protesters. dana, this is not funny. >> no. i wonder at what point do the police -- i don't know. am i ready to go yet? >> no. >> i need to make a point. >> and another old lady was also hurt on the same stairs
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while occupy yes, sirs yelled at her. these are great people. some organizers say 9-1-1 operators hung up on them four times after they asked for extra police to help with the aggressors. also that night a few protesters were hit by a car. even though cops say they jumped in front of the vehicle , occupiers turned on the vehicle. >> why is he not in cuffs? why is he not in cuffs? >> arrest that man. arrest that man. >> you ran over two people with a car because they were blocking traffic. >> sir, you should turn yourself in for arrest right now. >> yes, turn yourself in right now. gavin, one of the elderly women traveled from detroit to be at the event. basically she had it coming. >> she was asking for it. >> yes, she was. >> and i think she is angry she didn't get it enough. >> these people are awful. >> well, the thing i don't get about these new anarchists is they hear there is a
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convention going on with libertarians. so they are talking about freedom of speech and liberty. and then they find out that the government is going to be criticized and they go, all right, that's it. i'm there. why are they so worried about freedom of speech, libertarians and the other thing that i can't remember talking about. >> who is the guy, adam, dude, what's his face, that you introduced me to? he made a great observation. when this thing happens, it is like they always talk about the arab spring. it turns out these guys are the supporters of mubarak. the occupy yes, sirs have become the defenders of the realm and it is the tea partiers and the cokes who are the protesters. >> you saw it in britain too. they wanted to cut the government programs. they get so mad when you want to hurt the government. >> it is bizarre. james, welcome to the program. >> thank you, good to be here. >> here is the thing i noticed. the number of occupy yes, sirs is getting smaller while the number of aggressors is going up which could be because of the fact that it is getting
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smaller. but it seems to me we are entering a really, really, really dark phase. i'm starting to think like glen beck and think the world is coming to an end. am i wrong? >> i don't know if you are wrong. i visited occupy wall street a few weeks ago, late one saturday night. the people i found there were good natured, cheerful, but confused young people. they seemed very innocent. they didn't quite understand what they were there for and what they were talking about and so forth. innocence is key. this is how "lord of the flies" began. you have innocent boys alone on an island and they don't have the maturity to act in -- to maintain a social order, and it brex down. this i think is part of what we are seeing. >> i thord "lord of the flies" was about flies. >> and lord. >> isn't jeff gold bloom in that? >> no, the original. dana -- sorry about the confusion. that that was my fault. >> i wasn't laughing. >> i know, i i was just trying
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to make it sound like you are a horrible person. no one would laugh. these are bad things. you were shaking your head in disgust. >> i read james' column earlier today. and reading more about what happened to her and how dedicated she was to have gotten on a bus for crying out loud and come from detroit to dc because she cares about her country and free speech and liberty. and yet she ends up luter. -- hurt. do i think the protesters wanted her to get hurt? no. there comes a point where the police will have to say something. enough is enough. >> i would just like to mention another 78-year-old woman. the far left sociologist who about a year ago wrote in the nation that she wanted to see protests like they had in greece. several people were killed. glen beck was pillared for criticizing her for this. i think the "new york times" in duck had a very slanted news story uh accusing him of
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spuring threats against her. the neww york times" though owes a big uh toll gee for that. >> let's ask him. >> well, we will have to wait. >> pay no attention to the dangling hand in the corner there. and i would like to meet with the producer after the show and go over some notes. not executed well. forget the question and i withdraw your complaint. >> bill, the event that they circled was called defending the american dream summit. in your mind they are the problem, right? >> no, how could you beat -- how could it be against the american dream? how can you be against prosperity? >> we had the clear skies act. >> it is the so-called clear skies act. >> that convention -- they think it is rich people going and then we will take over this and use that money and go on a huge golf trip. it will be awesome. they are sitting there talking
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about the government holding people back from generating income and creating jobs. they are talking about things like flower sellers needing a license. that's what they want to stop. and then these people go up there to stop them from stopping the government from stopping them. they should just beat themselves up. if they hate people who criticize the government and they hate people who want these meetings where they all discuss liberty, they should go, wait, that's me. >> in fairness, there is a lot of hippie on hippie violence. >> the new york one down in the park is actually set up a separate tent for women. it is creeping because so many women are being sexually assault i had. >> that's because herman cain was scheduled to visit. >> i wanted to go to a piece of tape. there was a guy trying to leave with his kid from the convention.
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>> turn around. >> i'm sorry. we have no power right now. >> i have a two-year-old in the back and all i am trying to do is go home. seriously, guys. have some common sense please. >> can you imagine somebody coming up to you and blocking your car and saying you don't have any power right now. it is entering the phase well, he was there, but it is not entering mob rule. where is anderson cooper and lady gaga about this kind of bullying? this is actually real honest to god bullying. it is power in a crowd and people surrounding an innocent person saying i don't care if you have a kid. we want to screw your life up. >> they were against prosperity. i want to know who this guy was that barreled into the pregnant lady. was he leaving the event? it was a blockade. sounds like he was leaving the
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event. sounds like he was there. and that's why they will always win. the haves, have cars and the have notes are just moving targets. >> this whole people getting hit by cars things. the protestors go out of their way to get in your way. that's the whole point. it was part of the strategy in the beginning to get good tape of them being portrayed as the victim. >> this is like the young lady who stood in front of an israeli bulldozer destroying a weapons tunnel. lo and behold she gets run over by the bulldozer because the bulldozer driver doesn't see her, but she turned into a martyr. >> i maintain they were in a hurry to leave because the coke brothers are awful public speakers. >> and the driver was not cited because he had the green light and the police said the pedestrians got out in front of him. they were -- the pedestrians were in the wrong. >> they wanted to be in the wrong. >> they were victims of an accident that they themselves caused. >> well like what happened in
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the mcdonalds. it was down here in new york when they -- somebody gots mad because they weren't allowed to have -- use the restroom anymore for free. >> that was bill, by the way. >> what i read was that in the report, not something i read any whefer, but on mainstream media, took the swipe machine and threw it at the employee. so at some point don't they realize they are hurting the very people that they say they want to help? >> and they are hurting their own cause, but it makes me think the cause isn't that important. it is an arcky. it is disruption. >> it could have been great. the way you do it is you go in and show up when things are cook scprug a good zingers and make everybody laugh. >> who was that guy? he is coming to the next one. >> if you stay past midnight and i keep drinking and start insulting people, are you never being invited back. it could have been beautiful.
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if they left after two weeks it could have been art. >> if you ever come to "the five" you could do the tortured metaphor and it would not just be tortured, but beautiful. >> wow, that was a jab at me. >> it is a guy being tortured for hours and they won't let it go. at the beginning when he was being punished it seemed loik a good punishment. thousand they rip his arms and legs off. >> from occupying to someone is lying. you know your monday is off to a great start when gloria all re d is dead -- center in a harassment controversy. for the first time a woman has gone public accusing gop candidate herman cain of making unwanted sexual advances. sharon and her new pal allred held a press conference where she claimed the incident happened in 1997. she said she called the former pizza peddler about a job at the national restaurant association where he was ceo, and then flew to dc to meet
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with him. she allegedly then went to dinner and then they got in the car and cain offered to show her the nra headquarters. >> instead of going into the offices he suddenly reached over and put his hand on my leg, under my skirt and reached for my genitals. he also grabbed my head and brought it toward his crotch. i was very, very surprised and very shocked. i said, "what are you doing? you know i have a boyfriend. this isn't what i came here for" mr. cain said, you want a job, right? >> the c eight n campaign released a statement saying, "wow, you got us." no, just kidding. activist lawyer gloria allred is bringing more accusations against front-runner herman cain. all cases of harassment against mr. cain are completely false.
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mr. cain has never harassed anyone. well that settles that. he and newt gingrich held a debate on saturday night and here are the highlights. it is cute how newt just lie there's and lets him lick his ear. that's the wrong tape. can we see the real one? >> before we leave the immediate -- the medicare discussion, define benefit plan or premium support. >> define -- you go first. >> that was the greatest moment in a great debate. >> new allegations specific and sure have you gloria
2:16 am
allred there, but is this the damaging -- is this the shoe that is supposed to drop and crush cain's dreams? >> you go first. no, just kidding. >> nicely done. >> it may. now, first of all, gloria steinum says this is not sexual harassment. if you read the piece she wrote in 1998 when bill clinton was accused of almost identical allegations, she said what clinton was guilty of was not sexual harassment, it was making a crude pass against a supporter who was at a low point in her life. and he took no for an answer which this lady says that cain did. it was not sexual harassment. she was not an employee at the time. it does perhaps constitute a part of a pattern of behavior. we don't know what any of the other behavior is. all of the other allegations are by unnamed women and unspecified allegations. it looks potentially damaging, but it is too early to say.
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if it does turn out to be true, i don't think we should give up on herman cain. it seems to me if what she described as true he could be as good as president romney's administrator of the tsa. >> checked for her genitals. >> it is such a weird, weird -- >> it implies dangling. >> dana -- >> yes, please come to me next. >> how is cain going to weather this. he seems to be weathering anything and everything. >> if gloria allred thought she wanted to hurt a conservative, she probably just helped him. the more absurd gloria allred gets, the more conservative they say, see we knew this was made up all along. i have a political feeling though, a gut instinct that a new poll out today showing that cain and romney, 21% each, neck and neck. so if you are an independent,
2:18 am
a conservative leaning woman saying do you want romney, cain, romney, cain, i'm going with romney. >> because he is cuter? >> no because so far there is no allegations. character is a big deal. cain has some answering to do with some of these other allegations. the thing i also thought was the most amazing, forget the sexual harassment claims, last week when the story first broke, he had his chief of staff go out and attack governor rick perry and accuse him of planting the story. and then the next day they said, oh, well maybe we don't know and we will just walk away. we will not stalk about this anymore. i think that kind of impugning somebody else's character. >> real quick, gavin, what do you make of this? what is your thought? >> this is so hard. we are talking 30 different allegations against him. he has to know all of the details of that. that was embarassing, but not because he didn't know that.
2:19 am
that was 2,000 pages. nobody knows the answer to those questions. have a bit of finesse. i saw him do that when somebody asked what a neokahn is. >> maybe that means he is just not political. >> he never held office. >> right. well, he has run a couple times. real quick, bill, i have 30 seconds. >> i think the cain train is on a fast track to sexual harassment. >> i think that was okay. coming up, is it hard being the queen of all things adorable? we discuss dana marine know's new -- parino's new book. long title, but i like it. who is the most overpaid actor in hollywood? my pet turtle captain hard shell says who. and he is always right. b d d0e(ll now and get your own
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if you don't vote hope? that's the new campaign ad in the title "what if." take a loorks take a lookers. -- take a look, take a lookers.
2:24 am
as for the only fair and balanced candidate out there i give you bark rambone in 2012. >> i don't like that video putting things on pets' heads. i find that offensive. was that ineffective or effective or defective? >> i don't know.
2:25 am
i am not the target audience. to me it seemed weird. what it reminded me of was a story a couple weeks ago in the chicago tribune where they said the occupy chicago crowd wants to occupy grant park, and they are demanding mayor emmanuel let them do that. so far they are just setting up on the street outside. by the way, the traders dropped mcdonalds applications the other day showing why second city is synonymous with great comedy. the occupy yes, sirs occupying grant park is fascinating. compare that with the election night scene. i think it is a lot of the same people. i think the occupy wall street people are the people who are stare eyed obama supporters four years ago, three years ago and now disappointed and angry. if you put some of those same group of people in grant park, i think the independent voters might be happy to see them. >> they are not mad at obama. >> they are. >> but they mask it. they are believing this ad
2:26 am
that says hope and change was a really good thing and we needed it in 2008. 2012 he just needs a little more time in order to help do the things he promised he would do. now change is not so good. and then they want to get rid of the government, but are buying into if the republicans win the white house, then your future is really doomed. >> my big point is, it is actually an ad for republicans. if you look at that and you go, all of those people, i no longer have to deal with that? you think of occupy wall street and think of that and it is almost like a republican ad. >> you notice when they do that clock going there is not a bunch of sad faces going, oh well. they are wiped out in a cloud of blackness. >> bill, you are from chicago. i didn't really finish that question. take it anyway you like. >> taken from the old indian word and i don't know what it means.
2:27 am
i am happy the administration discovered photo shop, but this ad did not have a desired affect on me because the one thing that stopped me from going to grant park on that fateful night is not because it was our nation's first black president. it was because there were people there. there were a lot of people there. i hate crowds. >> and it was cold. >> it was so crowded nobody goes there anymore. >> exactly. i hate crowds. i looked at that and i was like, great, i want some of that. i am for any president that gets rid of humans, period. i want the city to myself. >> like will smith in that movie? >> exactly like that. >> what are they erasing? they are saying it is your faults. it is your fault if you don't go out and vote, it is your fault we lose. >> and they say the 4 trillion we spent seems bad, but there is about to be an avalanche of jobs. if you cut it off, you get the worst of both worlds.
2:28 am
>> and 49.1 million people announced that they are on some sort of government assistance. that's 49.1 million votes. >> that is true. >> i think we are missing an important point. what a beautiful skyline in chicago. i highly recommend it. it is lovely. do you have a comment on the show? it is e-mail at fox news .com. call 212-462-5050. still to come, the half time report from tv's andy levy. >> tonight's half time report is sponsored by doggie pubs. the establishment that serves food to our canine friends. thanks, doggie pubs. capital one's new cash rewards card
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let's find out if we got anything wrong so far. for that we'll go to andy levy. >> try not to screw up my name. >> i wasn't looking at the prompt ter. >> sort of like you are president. >> except i was born in this cri. >> and you were christian. gavin, you asked why a bunch of anarchists attacked a libertarian convention. left wing an arckism just means wearing a t-shirt with a red a on it. >> to me stosil is a crusty
2:33 am
punk. they are the same thing to me. >> i agree. they are not quite the same thing, but they should be on the same side of the spectrum. >> actually my problem with libertarians and anarchists is a love of open borders. i think outside of that, don't they both just want the government out of our business? >> why would you think bill would be offended by that? >> he is "wall street journal." aren't they open border guys? >> i thought you were talking to bill. >> does bill have a point of view? >> bill has open other things. dana, you don't think the protestors wanted the elderly lady to get hurt. to be fair, you don't know that. >> true, i don't. i just like to give people the benefit of the doubt.
2:34 am
gavin, back to you for a second. i have been bending over backwards to be fair to the occupy yes, sirs, and as as enjoyable as that has been, should i be done with them? >> yes. sorry, i'm out. it was great. i supported them from the beginning and i felt like one of them. but i think it has run its course and now it is an embarassing stain. before it was -- not everyone was happy with all of the bailouts. in the books, done. now it is so nuts. wouldn't shut up about something and kept blocking cars and screaming and it was embarassing. >> and it becomes -- it is your disan derd boiler plate lefty whiners. >> it is worse than that. this is the paranoid weirdness comes out where i think about buying a cabin. >> in vermont? >> no. don't even dream of that, andy. those days are over. the idea that this is going toward someplace dark. it is not just harmless whiners.
2:35 am
it is going to be violent. i hope i am wrong and being a weird owe. >> they painted themselves into a corner with the name themselves. they are not visiting wall street. it is occupy wall street. where do you go from there? well, they are not on wall street. they are several blocks away at a private park that has to be open 24 hours pursue went to it is city. >> and they now they say they will erect these big tents against the park rules. >> i don't know if i saw that. but it doesn't surprise me. >> they know no one will stop them at this points. >> somebody needs to stop them at some point. this is a failure of leadership on mayor bloomburg. >> they did and he said, oh, it is park rules. whatever they want. >> it is private property. it is the responsibility of the company that owns the lot to enforce the rules. the company gets talked to by
2:36 am
politician scpses they are afraid to enforce the rules. they need to revisit these private parks. >> and my hands are tied. leadership is unattractive. >> you would hate my weekends. >> dana, you brought up the clear skies initiative? >> the so-called clear skies. >> really? >> no, i had a fight with john halpern every morning. i got to work and said it is not the so-called. it is actually called. it is filed under legislation and called the clear skies act. i don't know why i brought that up though. >> me either. many argued it weakened the standards of the clean air act. >> blah, blah, blah. it is not true. >> dana was talking about how the left will have this dubious tone about everything. if you say clear skies -- >> like the "new york times."
2:37 am
>> you are stealing my act, man. >> you created the left voice now. >> herman cain, i can't believe they are accusing cain of unwanted sexual advances. it is just not right, greg. >> and? >> it is like a special blossom. james, you said they claim even if it is true, it is not sexual harassment. >> gluer yum steinum said by definition of the law it wasn't. >> if he was getting sex for a job. >> it could be. >> that's her claim, right? >> what if you don't work for him? >> she didn't work for the national restaurant association at the time. >> right, but she is claiming she went to talk to him about getting a job and he made the
2:38 am
advances and she said stop and he said, don't you want that job? >> i don't think somebody can sue -- maybe somebody can sue for not being hired pour some reason. i don't know the law. >> they can't sue, but they can have a press conference with gloria allred and trash your reputation. joy they held it at the club and gloria got into the spirit. she tried her hand at stand up comedy. smee said, herman cain tried to present his own stimulus pam kedge. it was the same number of jobs that obama's version did. >> i thought it was fabulous what she did with that phrase. >> she should keep her day job. >> i am confused. if the allegations are true and all of them may not be true. we don't know. but noib on the right -- buts nobody on the right seems to care that cane was married when this stuff was going on.
2:39 am
>> we have no proof of that, but that's what gavin said. >> if he was president -- if he wasn't married, is that going too far? going on a dinner date and putting your hand on their leg and making a crotch gesture and then when she says no, he goes, awkward, i will take you home. >> i don't think so except for the fact that all allegedly if he said to her, don't you -- you know, something about the job, about getting a job out of it. sort of a job for a job situation. >> that's incredited plea tacky, but let's not get it into the rape world or you triff -- t ry viali swre real sexual assault. >> i don't think anyone was taking it to the rape world. >> i saw your head. >> here is the thing. no one has taken it to rape world, but general groping is
2:40 am
in the atmosphere. >> i am so glad we can thank politico for this. >> one ironic thing is we have a republican candidate accused of sexual miss behavior. if this causes the candidacy to fall, who are the republicans? maybe newt gingrich. >> exactly. >> you said that with such venom. >> that's what i think is going on here. if you look at the republican women voters and maybe some others, i i do think a lot of them think it was kibed up. it might not be true at all and they may be uncome for thable, but they are lirks i like the guy. he speaks to me and i can look past it. maybe we are in a new era. >> would you vote for him? >> i will vote for the republican. >> before i have to go, let me just say before i have to go -- >> what are you holding in
2:41 am
your hand? >> it is a sonic screwdriver. shut up. all of these things that alleged lead happened happened in the 90s. i am old enough to remember the 90s, but it happened all the time. it was the 90s. >> but you know what is interesting is how many many men are saying this happened to me. i was falsely accused of sexual harassment, and it opened a pretty good debate. your comment in particular has looked at both sides of it. >> all right. have to go. bye andy. sometimes it is not bad to be serious. coming up, ashton kutcher is dead -- tired of all of the gossip surrounding his marriage. let the man rest. he is a national treasure. we will get a live report from we will get a live report from our dippin dots news desk. [ male announcer ] you love the taste of 2% milk.
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future have the dippin dots have them file for bankruptcy? they default faulted on loans four years ago, whatever that means. the frozen convection was introduced into 1988 and that's why human history before then is known as bdd or before dippin dots. but the company lost its signature brand and the dots must be stored at 40 below and can't be sold in supermarkets. we must discuss this in the -- >> lightning rooooouuuuund. lightning round. >> you are not from the united states, so i don't expect you -- >> >> i lived there for 10 years. >> are you not for open borders? >> no. i brought about 50 jobs when i came here. >> that's right, you did.
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you came here and started a business. >> you are welcome. >> now go back. >> now go back. >> i am not going back. >> i'm assuming you have had dippin dots. are you surprised such a great product can't survive? is this the fault of president obama? >> yes, it is his fault. and it is his fault for not appointing me chief of ideas. if somebody said i have a great idea. you know how americans hate huge portions? it is a tiny, tiny little portion. and they can finally get over these stupid huge piles of dessert. sound good? and i say, nope. would have saved millions of hours. >> wouldn't they have had to replace real ice cream to survive? that's the problem. it wasn't as good. >> it is surprising when you went to any mall in america you can find dippin dots. they obviously expanded. now what will happen to all of the places? >> they will be -- they will be turning to like piercing
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huts. >> it is sad. they did provide jobs for a lot of people. i need to know more information as to why these lost the patent lawsuit. >> you actually are going to go home and look this up which is great. james you work at the "wall street journal." why wasn't this on the front page? >> i work on the editorial page. i don't know where i was. i learned something. i didn't know it had to be kept at 40 below so i blame global warming. >> you do dippin dots, but that is not ice cream. >> yes. i am still feeling that. gio i was seven when this crap came out and dippin dots was the hit of any kid party any kid was invited to. i want ice cream. i don't want ice cream crumbs. do you like pie orbits of pie?
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i never understood it. any person who dared to serve that, i wrote murder. dippin dots is ridiculous. >> at the allentown fair i would go to every year they had the only place that didn't have a line was the shack for dippin dots and dippin dots was free. they gave it away. they had the ice cream of the future -- >> that's because in the future there is no money. >> we were talking before in the break, and they should market it as ice cream from the past. >> future nostalgia. i still want my jet pack. >> one of these dye days. >> you can buy it like the saw linda sale. it is time to take a break. ( phone ringing )
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okay... uhh. the bad news, it's probably totaled. the good news is, you don't have to pay your deducble. with vanishing deductible from nationwide insurance, you got $100 off for every year of safe driving, so now your deductible is zero. the other good news ? i held on to your coffee. wow. ♪ nationwide is on your side ( laughing ) it's actually a pretty good day whenou consider. that's great.
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topic. "forbes" has released its list of overpaid hollywood stars. the winner was drew barry more who -- drew barry more who brings in $.40 for every dollar she made followed by
2:53 am
will farrell and reece witherspoon. is it the studio's fault or could it be a third option? >> it could be the audience's fault for not appreciating their greatness. >> i didn't even consider that. >> "forbes" is doing this to hollywood. i hope hollywood doesn't take this as a provocation and then they figure out the most overpaid journalists. >> occupy "forbes." >> they have great office space by the way. i had a jont interview -- i had a job interview there and didn't get the job. >> hence "red eye." yes! >> who wasn't on the list that you think should be on the list? >> i am the worst person to ask that. i have not -- i have been in a cultural black hole for 10 years. i didn't even know -- has eddie murphy even done a movie? >> he has a new one out called "tower heist." >> i saw him on the cover of a magazine.
2:54 am
but i haven't seen him in a longtime. loved him in "coming to america." >> everybody loves that movie. i haven't seen. it you would love that movie. >> well, canada isn't africa, and i am a dictator's son. i heard what eddie murphy does is he is not into lines. he thinks it is all like curb your enthusiasm and he rifts. these poor editors have to sit with 40 takes of completely different lines and go -- i can't do this. >> can you imagine all of the yamering with the female prostitutes he buys when there is supposed to be a deal and go. >> there is no proof. >> let me remind everybody -- >> did gloria allred have a press coverage? >> why is not anyone doing the obvious air -- "air bud" of his ratings have been going down since" golden receiver."
2:55 am
it was not family friendly. wow sm -- wow? >> was that an accident. >> first it was an accident and then i got into it. >> maybe jennifer aniston fits in. >> not a fan? >> i like her, but she plays the same person in every movie. >> why do any celebrities get money? why do movies like "toy story" have to get these big stars. why do they bother? and it pulls you out of it too. you watch it going, you were just arrested for cocaine poe eggs is -- possession. you are the homeless guy. >> now there could be a bernie madoff movie. >> they should eliminate the actors and play -- and pay for the cocaine and sex. >> i have on take a break.
2:56 am
2:57 am
2:58 am
2:59 am
time to go back to andy levy for the post game wrap up. >> gavin, what do you have for us to -- tonight? >>y ter national combustion. a group with awesome motorcycle parts and good quality. >> a chair dance too. >> somebody wants some free ones. >> look at the wheels on this bike. >> they are inverted. >> james, what do you have? >> i don't have to do that, do i? >> you don't want to do it? all right. >> i'm shy. >> where can people find out more about you, james? where can they see your write ?g. >> go to opinion journal .com which will take you to the wall street jour will that site and look for my name. >> dana, "the five"


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