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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  November 13, 2011 4:00pm-6:00pm EST

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through ultimate rewards. so, why settle for gold when you can have so much more? chase sapphire preferred. a card of a different color. call the number on your screen or visit our website to apply. >> gregg: hello. i'm gregg jarrett, welcome to a brand-new hour of inside america's news headquarters. >> heather: topping the news this hour, controversy at the gop debate on foreign policy. one candidate claims the media in charge shunned the lower polling candidate and has an e-mail to prove it. >> gregg: tension between occupied protestors and police. we've got a live report on the latest all across the country. >> heather: and will penn state
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reacted to the shocking sex scandal that exploded eight days ago. we have our legal panel that weighs in. >> gregg: we begin with new tensions mounting over iran's nuclear ambitions. gop presidential candidates going head to head this weekend over that very topic hot on the heels of a stinging reported from the united nations nuclear agency claiming there is credible evidence that iran is pursuing the development of nuclear recipes. steve is live in washington. where do the republican candidates stand on what to do about iran? >> reporter: many of them took a hard-line stance on iran during the debate supporting military action if all else fails. here are some of the highlights. >> first of all, as maximum covert operations to block and disrupt the iranian program including taking out their scientists.
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including breaking up their systems, all of it covertly and all of it deniable. >> one thing you need to know if we re-elect barack obama iran will have a nuclear weapon. if you elect me they will not have a nuclear weapon. >> reporter: everybody supports military action. cain supporting economic actions instead and paul saying it wouldn't be worth while to enter war in iran. >> gregg: israel continues to keep the pressure on iran. what is new today? >> reporter: in jerusalem benjamin netanyahu spoke at a cabinet meeting and he says the world needs to come together to countered the threats of iran before he said, quote, it's too late and u.s. would not be consulted before a future strike against the nuclear facilities. >> they are capable of handling this, they have the range and technology to take care of iran
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and make sure that this rogue regime with the lunatic president who denies the holocaust will not get a nuclear weapon. >> reporter: he says the whole world needs to come together forming a unified response. >> gregg: steve, thanks very much. >> heather: president obama making waves in his home state of hawaii in an economic conference with asian and pacific leaders. speaks to ceos he says america is slack offing by failing to attract global business to the u.s. here is what he said. >> we've been a little lazy over the last couple of decades. we've been taken for granted, people want to come here, we aren't hungry selling america and trying to attract new businesses into america. >> heather: chief white house correspondent live with more. ed? >> reporter: the republican national committee jumping on that comment already saying they
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believe the president is blaming lazy americans for the economic trouble. white house officials that is nonsense. the president was talking about competitiveness and somebody that has traveled all around the country he gives these speeches. he follows that up he is not betting against america. he believes we're going to win the future but no doubt, these comments are going to get picked up in a political content environment. the president's broader message clearly at the summit is to try to say the way to come back for the u.s. economy is to really engage asia. he announced a new trade agreement with smaller nations and president is saying, when you look at the european debt crisis, that is not the future. the future is engaging the pacific. take a listen. >> we consider eight top priority because we're not going to be able to put our folks back to work and grow our economy and
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expand opportunity unless the asia-pacific region is also successful. >> reporter: now you heard steve talk about the republican presidential candidates talking about iran. he is doing o it on the sidelines, he had meetings with the presidents of russia and china. the key is the security council. if they want sanctions against tehran given the report last week, they are going to need russia and china support. they are coordinated here in a message of trying to come together, get the treaty together but so far they are not on board with new sanctions against iran. >> heather: thank you very much. beautiful spot there reporting live from honolulu. >> we'll have live coverage of the president's news coverage bringing to you at 9:45 eastern time. no problem, if you are not near a television set it will be streaming on
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>> gregg: and to the campaign trail right now the republican presidential candidates squaring off of foreign policy. the debate in south carolina focusing squarely on the war in afghanistan, iran's nuclear program and water boarding. one thing they need agreed on is that president obama needs to go >> reporter: 52 days before the first caucus votes in iowa, south carolina will be voting couple weeks after that. last night was tense and exclusive look on foreign policy. energy is an international issue and for rick perry it provided an opportunity to go back and clean up that gaffe back in michigan when he one of the depth was an energy department.
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it was a light moment but critical for rick perry rehabilitation after last week. >> governor perry, you advocate the elimination the department of energy, you eliminate the department of energy -- >> you remembered it. [ laughter ] >> i've had some time to think about it, sir. [ laughter ] >> me, too. >> reporter: he wasn't the only candidate from work last week he wanted to deal with. herman cain went through tough times amidst allegations of sexual harassment. but there is no room to get in foreign policy but no room for his 999 plan. he is ramping up his policy briefs talking with former ambassadors and will wind back some of his many media appearances in recent weeks. newt gingrich had a strong performance. he has been surging in the polls
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but he doesn't have a lot of cash. with time running out, he realizes he is going to have to turn on the jets particularly in south carolina. michele bachmann complained that cbs cheated her out of questions and shorted her on time. she had the most dramatic line of the night suggesting that president obama is ignoring the nuclear war that is being planned against israel. then romney, no hits, no runs and no errors for the massachusetts governor. he is under fire as the front runner for career with lots of flip-flops on policy. last night he had a steady not combative performance, not likely to change his position which means about 70-80% of republicans still undecided the race is going to tighten. romney, cain, gingrich and perry are sprinting to the finish line
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which most insiders say it's still a wide open race. >> gregg: no gaffes, no runs, no errors, is more like it. carl cameron, thanks. >> the clock is ticking for the congressional super committee. 12-member panel has ten days to reach a deficit reduction deal. today on the committee took time out to discuss the progress so far. peter doocy has the story from washington. >> today is november 13th, november 23rd is the deadline to make a deal. if they don't, the same law that brought together the 12 will trigger $1.2 trillion in automatic cuts including $600 billion to the pentagon. in case they fail, they are talking about changing the law. so the cuts would be easier to swallow. >> it's an unfortunate event
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that we don't, i think it's likely that congress would reconsider it and is this the best way to do it. >> reporter: he said not to try to did i had the potential automatic cuts. he says he'll veto anything that gets rid of the triggers but both sides have a ways to go for a compromise. they are dealing how much to raise taxes and how much to cut spending and how big the final deal should be. >> we ought to go to a big deal, that way we could do enough job creation in a resolution that would allow us to do some surgical fixes to our problems. i would love to see us put together a big deal that would increase the possibilities of 75 year sovereignty for social security. >> he says he is hopeful a deal will be made but he is not as certain as he was ten days ago.
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>> heather: peter do is a in washington, thank you. >> pennsylvania's governor is speak out about the sex abuse scandal rocking penn state university saying it could get worse. the investigation now already costing several university leaders their jobs including the legendary football coach joe paterno. he remains close to home. at the same time, governor john corbett is accusing another coach of failing to meet an a moral obligation and he expects more victims to come forward. david lee miller is falling it all. he joins us live. >> reporter: the controversy only continues to rage here on the penn state campus concerning the school's handling of the sex abuse allegations. franco harris visited the home of joe paterno. we have live pictures outside the home of the former head
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coach. the visit today it lasted about two hours. just a short time a number of cheerleaders went to the paterno home and exited the home in tears. he spoke on sunday and he says paterno has been unfairly maligned. >> is you know there was grand jury investigation. at the end of that investigation they found that joe paterno cooperated fully with them. had good testimony and there was no charges against joe paterno. then all of a sudden something came out about a moral obligation and everybody jumped on that. >> reporter: also, pennsylvania
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governor tom corbett and he criticized the coach mike mcquery for not intervening. he also says that he expects now that more victims are likely to come forward and with that, gregg, comes the possibility we could see the tentacles of what some say was a massive cover-up continuing to spread. >> gregg: more charges and maybe more people involved. david lee miller covering it all. thank you. >> heather: we are learning that police in oregon are taking down two occupied protest campsites hours after they declared victory following a standoff with officers. the showdown taking place after demonstrators refused a police order to evacuate a park. casey stegall has the latest on this. >> reporter: the mayor of portland saying the occupy wall
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street movement is now attracting drug users and thieves which is why more than 200 police officers in that city donned riot geev looking to clear the downtown park where they gathered for weeks. they were not going down without a fight. using old furniture to make barriers and blocking traffic. about two dozen people have been arrested and mayor sam adams says it's time for people to move on. >> crime especially reported assaults has increased in the area and around the camps. this is in addition to the health and sanitation issues that the camps close quarters have brought about. occupy has had considerable time to share its movement's messages with the public that has lost control of the camps it created. >> reporter: i've got say the same sentiment being echoed in other cities as well.
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last night a woman raped near the occupy camp in philadelphia. we understand from police there that a suspect is in custody. two police officers hurt in san francisco while trying to clear the crowds there. one was cut on the hand with a knife. another had cuts on his face. in oakland, cops trying to evict demonstrate frers a park in front of city hall after a man was shot and killed last week near the encampment. despite the reports of violence, some of the demonstrators say they are not going anywhere. >> we have no intention of leaving. if we do get evicted, we'll be back. >> reporter: now, we're getting reports of occupy movements in the cities of denver, salt lake city and st. louis. >> heather: perhaps it's time to reassess how to spread their message. casey stegall, live in l.a..
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>> gregg: are you ready to put on your snow boots? they are out in utah, not just dreaming of a white november. they are living it. take a look at this. wow! motorists in salt lake city may be getting the cold shoulder the skiers and snowboarders making the most of it. meteorologist maria molina is live in the fox extreme weather center. >> basically a lot of snow out west. we've seen a lot of snowstorms early this season and we're continuing to get more snow. after the last snowfall across utah, some of the rockies picked up over a foot of snow. that is across some of the highest elevations. drive very carefully and you are going to continue to see more snow not just across the rockies but even parts of the pacific northwest.
4:17 pm
some of the cascades in washington picking snowfall out there. further off to the east, also unsettled, one system moving through the great lakes. this is going to be pulling in a lot of moisture ahead of it. we will be picking up rainfall out there. a slow go tomorrow morning as you head out tomorrow morning. you see the snow coming down across parts of colorado and western parts of the highest elevations of montana. just a couple of showers across the seattle area. winter chill mornings across colorado and blizzard warnings in effect for some of the high elevations. we're going to be looking very strong wind gust. 50-60 miles an hour. again, more snow out west and as we head eastward, that frontal system will be bringing in rainfall across parts of ohio valley, also interior portions of the northeast for the next 48 hours. even some much needed rain across texas.
4:18 pm
that is a little bit of good news. bad news, some of the rainfall will be coming in the form of thunderstorms. tomorrow we do have a risk some of those storms could produce severe weather, mainly large hail and second area that we'll be tracking across the state of texas. >> large hail. isolated twisters. everybody has to be careful out there. thanks very much. >> heather: excited for the snow. did you see the kid on the leash? >> you take the tyke on the leash. so they don't run away from you. >> heather: the end of an era in italy as the prime minister resigns but the turmoil is sparking economic fears in the u.s. we'll discuss what is at stake next. >> gregg: growing fallout over murdered border agent. his family demanding answers from the government as it honors his memory.
4:19 pm
>> heather: in the final chapter for one of our fallen troops ending years of agony for his family, a must see story coming up. >> she said it's because he's not in there. but when he comes home we're going to turn it around. >> we did not this day would come to be. i habe a cohd. yeah, i toog nyguil bud i'm stild stubbed up. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't un-stuff your nose. really? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus liquid gels fights your worst cold symptoms, plus it relieves your stuffy nose. [ deep breath ] thank you! that's the cold truth! ♪
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two of the most important are energy security and economic growth. north america actually has one of the largest oil reserves in the world. a large part of that is oil sands. this resource has the ability to create hundreds of thousands ojobs. at our kearl project in canada, we'll be able to produce these oil sands with the same emissions as many other oils and that's a huge breakthrough. that's good for oucountry's energy security and our economy.
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>> gregg: pressure is mounting on italy to form a new government. this as former prime minister silvio berlusconi made an epic exit yesterday and there could be a european financial crisis. how will italy success or failure impact the u.s. economy. >> brenda butner anchor of bulls and bears. italy is the seventh largest economy in the world. fourth largest bond market which is critically important here. so if it were to default, what impact would that have not only on our exports but on u.s. banks that happen to hold the debt? >> it's a huge issue. it's not greece. greece has six times the amount
4:24 pm
of greece's debt. greece, ireland, portugal were nothing compared to italy. italy is central to europe. we are so intertwined with europe. if italy were to default, if it went down, europe would basically go down into a very, very deep recession. that would bring us down, as well. ben bernanke says there is no way we could see a euro zone recession and see us in a recovery. >> gregg: its global economy these days. the united states and europe as you say are intertwined. look, the united states is roughly $15 trillion in debt. we can ill-afford to financially intervene to rescue? >> it would set a bad precedent as well. there is talk that italy is too
4:25 pm
big to bail. it would be very difficult to do which is why it's so important that they have a very good austerity program in place that they can take care of themselves. >> gregg: here is the deal. euro zone has already bailed out greece, ireland and portugal. they can't afford to bail out italy now, can they? >> no, they can't afford it. germany and france are both doing well. it would take them down if they were forced to give the money to italy. there is no possible way that they could. which is why everyone is looking right now at italy. the stock market, our stock market went down so much when the italian bond went above 7%. that is the tipping point.
4:26 pm
that is when the borrowing costs are too high for italy. >> gregg: i look at the italian debt, gdp ratio, 120%, i look at ours, 100 am. we are on a collision course for a downgrade but personally a default? >> that is important to recognize. we have a super committee that is meeting very shortly. we can ill-afford to be throwing stones. we can print money, they can't but that is the only difference. >> gregg: brenda, good to see you. after more than six decades, a fallen soldier is laid to rest in texas. been any rogers went missing in action 61 years ago but recently his body was found in a mass grave in north carolina. his remains were identified and returned to his family who were grateful for a sense of closure.
4:27 pm
>> i went up there and got a telegram that he was missing. >> although was 60 years ago, i felt compelled to bring closure to the family. he gave his life for his country when he was just 20 years old. >> gregg: it's so touching to listen to the first cousin, he was my hero, i loved him. even after all of these years, she can still feel the pain. >> heather: and probably never gave up he would be found and brought home where he belongs. >> gregg: new fallout over the botched gun running operation known as fast and furious. the family of a murdered agent
4:28 pm
now honoring his memory looking to the government for answers. >> heather: new polling showing a very tight race between president obama and gop candidate mitt romney, is that enough for romney to win the primaries? our fox news political panel we cans in. new stride whitemint is a hit but it lasts too long. how do we get people to chew another piece? i got this one. oh hey. [ male announcer ] spit it out. or ti will find you. [ grunts ] like him. thanks ryan. [ male announcer ] new stride whitemint. the ridiculously long lasting gum.
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>> gregg: bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. pennsylvania governor weighing in on the penn state child sex abuse scandal. one admitted to seeing another coach didn't do enough to intervene. >> they are no closer to slash the deficit. panel at odds over the future of programs like medicare and social security. >> gregg: n.t.s.b. is joining into the investigation in the deadly helicopter crash that killed the interior minister on
4:33 pm
several others on friday. there is mounting suspicion it may be linked to mexico's war on drugs. >> hundreds gathering for memorial service honoring murdered border agent brian carey. he was killed along the border with mexico. his family still does not know the full story of how ca rey died and demanding answers from the government. julie banderas is live in new york with the latest. >> julie: that is right. among more than 300 people who attended the event was the mother josephine who brought family and friends from michigan many of them wearing t-shirts with agent carey written on the back and fellow members of law enforcement. the family was touched by the outpouring of support. >> support them. any law enforcement officer will tell you it's a brotherhood.
4:34 pm
it's an honor to come here and speak the truth. what they are doing is very brave. >> the former u.s. marine and ex-police officer was killed nearly a year ago on december 14th when his border tactical unit got in a gun battle along the border. two rifles recovered at the scene were traced to operation fast and furious. a controversial gun running program that allowed hundreds of weapons into mexico. problem is, nearly three-quarters of the guns sold were lost. josephine is holding the government partly responsible for the death. the family did receive a letter from attorney general eric holder saying he is sorry for the loss but many believe that they owe him more than an apology. it owes them the truth. >> you've heard it a thousand times how this happened. at this late hour, after being
4:35 pm
humiliated somebody in the government apologizes. it seems from a distance that it's hollow. we are angered. we as americans have greater honor than that. >> julie: the proceeds from last night's event will be used by the mother related to travel expenses related to her son's death. >> gregg: new polling data showing president obama and candidate mitt romney running neck and neck in three critical swing states. take a look. 2012 battleground states, ohio, florida, pennsylvania. let's bring in political panel to talk about it. former clinton pollster, do you go schone and brad blakeman. doug, let me start with you. half a century, no candidate has won the presidency without winning two of three of the
4:36 pm
states. given the inherent and enormous advantages of incumbency, how discouraging are these numbers for the president? >> actually i don't think they are that discouraging. >> gregg: come on. you don't care to care. >> i've been critical of president obama, but this is statistics, gregg. for an incumbent president for a low approval rating to be deadlocked with the republicans having won the labor battle in ohio, 60-38 and unpopular governor in florida. this is not bad news. it's not good news but it's not as bad as you suggested. >> gregg: with the presidential ratings are abysmal, the handling of the economy numbers is even worse. that is number one issue by far among voters. he beats all other gop candidates and ties with romney.
4:37 pm
he should be 20 points ahead. >> we will be. >> gregg: it should be 20 points because it narrows toward the election. >> the most important poll when we were in the white house were white track, long track, over 7% were going with the party they feel america is heading down the wrong track. we're in a battle of seven candidates battling it out for the nomination. when we get time and have selected the one. doug, i think ultimate agree -- >> it doesn't show that weak candidates, brad? >> not at all. whiart shows is, we're in a electoral process that haven't begun. new hampshire and north carolina are about to come. >> when you extrapolate the data
4:38 pm
cain and mom ri is downward the guy that moving upward is newt gingrich. he is essentially within the margin of error to be tied for the top spot. here is sample of his strategy identified in the "washington post." president obama is a disaster with 9% unemployed, $2 trillion in debt, i will represent american exceptionalism. -- >> gregg: say what you think about the newt but don't you think he is more formidable candidate or are they worried about newt? >> newt is newt. he has a 50-55% negative. when i was in the clinton white house, we didn't look at white
4:39 pm
track, long track, we looked at newt steadily going up. with that kind of rhetoric he may appeal to hard-core republicans but it doesn't get to the swing voters in ohio and pennsylvania and florida. >> gregg: gingrich does have a load of baggage. you would have to put it on a couple of trains' worth. it's not discretion fine when he was speaker for ethics violations. he has taken incredibly curious and contradictory positions on cap and trade, health care mandated. global warming, ryan medicare plan, intervention in libya. at a time when americans seem to really loath the washington insider, isn't he the washington politician? >> it makes him an attractive candidate. >> gregg: but the baggage? >> every candidate has baggage
4:40 pm
including this president. after we lifted that baggage of 2008 but most importantly the most baggage he had was on economy and jobs. he has failed america. if it wasn't for bad news there won't be any good news at all. the process will play out and whoever we selected will beat this president. >> gregg: if it wasn't for bad luck, i had no luck at all. a blues tune. great to see you. doug, brad, thank you. >> heather: veterans' day controversy. one california mayor skipping a veterans memorial service to attend an occupy event. first to is make a car that's worth building, that has all the luxury you'd expect. then you put i an 8-speed transmission that gets 31 miles per gallon. that combination of luxury a efficiency onlyomes fm one place in the world.
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an anti-inflammatory and a long-acting bronchodilator, workintogether to help improve ur lung function all day. advair won't replace fast-acting inhalersor sudden symptoms and should not be used more than twice a day people with copd taking advair may have a higher chance of pneumonia advair may increase your risk of osteoporosis and some eye problems. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking advair. if you're still having difficulty breathing, take the lead. ask your doctor if incling advair get your first fl prescription free and save on refills at >> heather: welcome back. michele bachmann is accusing cbs news of media bais. it suggested that she would get fewer questions from an e-mail
4:45 pm
because of her low numbers in the polls. at one part of the e-mail from cbs political analyst. she is not going to get many questions and she is nearly off the charts. let's bring in our power panel. k.t. mcfarland and judith miller and eleanor ratnor. thank you for joining us. so did you watch last night's debate. i think you really didn't notice it but our senior producer is referencing that. she didn't get fewer questions but when it is brought to attention it is noticeable? >> it is the front runners get more time. on the other hand, if you look at where debates are and what they have done. i ran for the u.s. senate in 2006. if you don't have a big war chest you can't reach voters but
4:46 pm
all you have to do is buy a plane ticket and go to the debate. i can understand her point but on the other hand she should be happy there is a debate a week. >> if you look at the others who are roughly at her level, they did get more questions than she. >> jon huntsman. >> ron paul, he got a lot of questions. i think there is sex i-element at play here. >> i agree with judith mill other this. if you are going to be in a debate, a debate is not let's give one person more questions. its debate. let's give everybody the same amount of questions. no one expected the speaker newt gingrich to do, as well. how about herman cain. i think it should be equal. >> absolutely because eighth disservice to the voters at home.
4:47 pm
hopefully they are watching it, they are trying to make a decision who they want to hear more from. >> last night was very well done and could affect our security and national policy. she was kind of left out. >> i say to her credit. she spoke extremely well and very knowledgeable. >> she always does. >> heather: another woman that is coming under fire, mayor of a california town, coming under fire for skipping a veterans' day event to attend occupy rally. she is defending her decision it was part to honor scott olson. he was seriously injured while flefgt oakland. mayor also says the veterans' day event she skipped wasn't officially sponsored by the city. >> i completely think she made
4:48 pm
the wrong decision. i absolutely think there is no way. >> this is why we have a local government. we have local government in our country. she made the decision she feels will best serve her voters, her constituents. >> she is elected as mayor. she is has a political constituency there. but the fact she is not honoring the veterans. >> there were two other occupy rallies. >> i think we ought to be honoring our veterans on this day. but it's clear the sponsor of the event in her city was the problem for her. chevron and lobbying actively to lower their property taxes. she is worried about the impact of this on her community. so i think this is a local decision made by local politicians. >> other thing, we have 1% of
4:49 pm
the population and 99% of the population and the fact she doesn't want to honor that 1% shows how out of touch. >> a lot of local politics. all politics is local. she made a decision based on what she needed to do. >> we're talking about our veterans, maybe political decisions should be put aside. >> just for a day put them aside but apparently not in oakland. >> but she lost her own battle with ovarian cancer. we'll remember the life and works of her up next. [ male annouer ] juice drink too watery? ♪ feel the power my young friend. mmm! [ male announcer ] for unsurpassed fru and veggie nutrition... v8 v-fusion. could've had a v8. dr. scholl's custom fit orthotic center recommends the custom-fit orthotic that's best
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from post-office revenue while the postal service is forced to overpay billions more into federal accounts. congress created this problem, and congress can fix it.
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4:53 pm
>> heather: welcome back. a true researcher, the duty in lawn of estee lauder died at the age of 7 with complications of cancer. she helped create the pink ribbon symbol. our power panel is back. >> you have personal stories to share. >> my best friend who was my
4:54 pm
sister died of cancer and they started ellen's run. they have given away since ellen died $2.7 million. there are a lot of wonderful things that can happen. i have a friend who has had breast cancer for three times. she has been surviving. >> ellen's, that is right. >> i want to pay tribute to an amazing woman, evelyn lauder who always had time for women that would call her from all over the country that managed to raise a beautiful family a billion dollar cosmetics industry and start a $50 million research foundation. we are wearing these ribbons today in honor of her. she is life that i think should be a role model for young women today. >> we talk about it because of
4:55 pm
evelyn lauder. >> my mother had breast cancer. when we were in the hospital, when she came out of surgery and was so discouraged and down and worried about the chemotherapy and losing her hair, the first person that walked in was an estee lauder cosmetics, here is how you get a wig and here is how you put michaelup on. god bless evelyn lauder. >> it opened the door for so many other organizations and causes and other ribbons for alzheimer's awareness. they have the purple ribbons. it opened the door for a lot of other organizations. >> now, we're all aware, our daughters are aware. >> there is still something we need to do which is to emphasize the need to be tested. >> absolutely. >> you could not have to die if it's caught early enough. mammograms.
4:56 pm
some genetic testing. we, do something about this. evelyn would have wanted that. >> don't think you are too young. >> and the one on the e-channel was most recently diagnosed. she is on the e-channel. we appreciate coming out. >> evelyn lauder she made a difference in so many people's lives. she will be missed. scandal that rocked a university campus now shaking the entire nation and it is likely to get a whole lot worse. our legal panel weighs in. ♪ ♪ mama said there'd be days like this ♪
4:57 pm
♪ "there'll be days like this," mama said ♪ [ male announcer ] the toughest job on the planet just got a little easier. with one touch technoly and even an air scrubber. the nissan quest. innovation for family. innovation for all. get up to $050 total savings on the 2011 nissan quest. ♪
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5:00 pm
>> gregg: a fox news alert. you are looking at live pictures of occupy portland. the habitats there for more tan a month are no more. they are being taken down. the deadline for occupy portland came and went today. police now dealing with swelling crowds overnight and cleanup duties as daylight came. many did pack up and moved out of the square ahead of mayor adams' 12:01 a.m. deadline. around 200 remained at the camp that began in portland on october 6th. they have had all kinds of health and safe issues. not to minutes crimes of violence that have occurred there as well.
5:01 pm
the police finally stepping in and saying enough is enough. the question is, will the same be repeated elsewhere, particularly in lower manhattan in zuccotti park, which is actually faced more serious crimes than those in portland, . we'll have a live report coming up. >> heather: hello i'll heather childers. well to a new hour. >> gregg: and i'm gregg jarrett. lawmakers in washington turning up the heat on iran in the face of new evidence that they are working toward a nuclear weapon. >> heather: police expanding their search for missing 2-year-old as the boy's mother refuses to speak with investigators about his disappearance. >> gregg: new evidence that soda bans in schools are not
5:02 pm
keeping the kids from getting these sugary drinks. we'll talk about what this means, coming up. >> heather: first, we begin on the campaign trail another gop debate last night this one focusing on foreign policy not too much of a difference of opinion among the candidates. except, when it came to one of the world's nuclear powers. whether that nation is actually america's friend or enemy? carl cameron is live for newsvth greenville, south carolina. carl, what was this disagreement about? >> reporter: it was about whether or not you could trust pakistan or not given its history of having done business with groups like the taliban and the capture of bin laden in fact stan not far from their military university and headquarters. this was the 10th debate and
5:03 pm
the first exclusively focused on foreign policy and international affairs. it makes sense in south carolina insofar as this state has the highest per capita population of service members in the country. a real division he merged. some felt pakistan should be treated as an ally because of nuclear weaponry. others as an adversary because of the way it has dealt with u.s. enemies. >> pakistan is clearly sending us messages mitt, that they have -- they don't deserve our foreign aid that we're getting because they are not be being honest with us. american soldiers' lives are being put in jeopardy because of that country and the decisions and it is time for us, as a country to say no to foreign aid to countries that don't support the united states of america. >> pakistan must be a friend of the united states for the reason that michelle held, pakistan is a nuclear power and there are people in that country if they gain control
5:04 pm
of that country will create a situation equal to the situation that is now percolating in iran. we can't be indecisive about whether pakistan is our friend. >> reporter: big differences between santorum and perry and the best performances for both of them. perry had to overcome that gaffe last week when he forgot the energy department. santorum has been complaining he hasn't got appropriate time. last night he an opportunity to flex his foreign policy muscles. >> heather: foreign policy is one of michelle bachmann's strong points but her campaign isn't necessarily about how last night went to state least. how are they responding today? >> reporter: well, one of reasons why foreign policy is a strong suit is because she is a member of the house intelligence committee andrew on that last night to answer questions not upon revealing classified information, of
5:05 pm
course but because of the information she has gotten in many cases behind closed doors. yesterday before the debate the bachmann campaign received an e-mail from organizers of the debate that suggested some of her questions might be limited because she is so low in the polls. they contacted organizers and got assurance she wouldn't be cheated out of time. after the debate she and her campaign manager complained loudly they felt as though she was the victim of bias. cbs says that is not true her lack of multiple questions was more a question of her low position in the polls. they argue that is unfair. candidates that drop in the polls don't get asked questions. when they don't at debates it is hard for them to get attention. these debates have sue planned the retail hand-to-hand politic that south carolina, iowa and new hampshire are famous for. last night was the 10th we have a dozen more. >> heather: carl cameron
5:06 pm
reporting live, thank you. >> gregg: president obama causing a bit of a stir by a comment he made at an economic conference in hawaii. talking to a group of ceos the president says the united states is not doing enough when it comes to attracting global business to america. take a listen to this. >> the president: we've been a little lazy over the last couple of decades. we've taken for granted people will want to come here and we are not out there hungry selling america and trying to attract new businesses into america. >> gregg: the president thinks we are lazy. chief white house correspondent is not, ed henry joins us live in honolulu, hawaii. >> reporter: good to see you working hard as always. the republican national committee jumping on those comments by the president to say they believe heat pointing the finger at americans calling them lazy in terms of blaming them. white house says that is nonsense. the president is trying to let americans know it is time to
5:07 pm
raise your game. raise the competitiveness dealing with china some of the other emerging asian economies. the president often backs up comments like that by saying he wouldn't bet against america in the future. and that he believes we are going to win the future. what he's trying to do here is forge a trade agreement with some of the smaller asian economies, smaller than china but emerging quickly fast economic growth, vietnam, singapore, it set . the president said, when you -- et cetera. the president said when you look at european situation we can't look there we have to look at the asian pacific region. >> the president: we consider it a top priority because we are going to be able to put our folks back work and grow our economy and expand opportunity unless the asia-pacific region is also successful. >> reporter: as he tries to focus on jobs at home, the president on the sidelines dealing with that other big challenge, iran and what to do
5:08 pm
about their thirst for nuclear weapons on the sidelines of this summit the president sitting down with leaders of china and russia, permanent members of the u.n. security council. u.s. will not get new sanctions against iran without support of china and russia. u.s. officials on the gun insist there is cooperation with china and russia, still no breakthrough in term of support for new sanctions against tehran. >> gregg: ed, some of the correspondents are wearing the aloha shirts and shorts and flip-flops, but not you. we admire the dignity with which you issue your reports. >> reporter: i have to admit i've done that before when the president is on vacation. now he's working i have to be working too. >> gregg: ed henry, thanks. fox news have live coverage of the president's news coverage tonight. bringing it to you at 9:45 p.m. eastern time.
5:09 pm
no problem if you are not near a television it is going to be streaming live check it out on >> heather: in other news, israel demanding tougher until action on iran's nuclear program after that stinging report from the iaea claiming there is credible evidence that iran is pursuing the development of nuclear weapons. what are israel's plans to stop iran? steve centanni is live in washington on this story. >> reporter: there are reports israel has refused to reassure president obama that with it would notify the u.s. before taking unilateral military action against iran. this as israeli prime minister netanyahu said the world needs to come together against iran, "before it is too late." one former israeli official warned of possible military action. >> israel is certainly capable of handling this and has the capability, the range,
5:10 pm
technology, to take care of iran and make sure that this rogue regime with its lunatic president who denies the hall cause while preparing -- denies the holocaust while preparing the next one will not get a nuclear weapon. >> reporter: there was divided opinion on military action against iran. >> if all else fails, if after all the work we've done there is nothing else besides take military action then of course you take military action. >> no it isn't worthwhile. the only way you would do that you would have to go to the congress. we as commander in chief aren't making day decision to go to war. >> reporter: the u.s. is urging tougher sanctions. president obama at that summit in hawaii trying to convince the chinese and russians to come onboard. one key lawmaker warned the stakes are very high. >> the iranians if they develop a nuclear weapon bob, the whole region is going to want a nuclear weapon.
5:11 pm
then you march down the road of armageddon. >> reporter: graham said he would support military action, if necessary. >> gregg: pennsylvania's governor says the child sex abuse scandal that has tarnished penn state is not going away any time soon in fact he expects more victims to step forward as the investigation continues. one of the figures embroiled in the scandal former head football coach joe paterno is not venturing far from his home this weekend. david lee miller joins us from university park, pennsylvania. >> reporter: nevertheless, it was a busy day for torn they. well-wishers continuing to come by bringing flowers, balloons and cards, a placard says "we love you joe pa." his nickname. some getting in the home among them a group of cheerleaders wearing sweat pants when they entered the home they were
5:12 pm
there 10 minutes. when they left they were crying. the cheerleaders needing cheering up, unclear what was said during that visit. also today former pittsburgh steelers running back and penn state player franco harris paid a visit to the paterno hold. he told reporters that joe paterno had been treated unfairly and unjustly. he said when paterno first heard he did the right thing by notifying his have advisers. he said joe paterno is of the highest moral character but he did acknowledge -- >> when joe say he wish he would have done more, i said that is vintage joe that's his character. he would not say hey, who i pass it on to should have done their job. he takes it upon himself and probably feeling guilty himself knowing they failed in their job. my feeling is that, that is joe. to me that shows his character.
5:13 pm
>> reporter: pen been governor tom corbet says as the case -- case continues to get attention more victims are going to come forward. on the campus somber one day after penn state lost their last season home game to nebraska, 17-14 penn state has two more games on is schedule this year. it is very likely the life expectancy of the scandal is going to out-last the football season. >> gregg: well talk to our legal panel about the criminal and civil liability implications. david lee miller, thanks very much. >> heather: police expanding their search for a missing washington state toddler. the 2-year-old last seen a week ago. investigator are combing a park near where he weigh last seen searching for any clues. police expressing frustration because the mother refuse
5:14 pm
today to speak with them. she admits to leaving him alone in her car. she claims she ran out of gas. here's the problem police found the car later and there was plenty of gas in the car. meantime, sky's father solomon said he had doubts about her story. the two were going through a bitter divorce and us did dispute. neither parent has been charged. -- >> gregg: people in thailand are facing a life-threatening situation. flood waters continuing to rise. danger evident this weekend in the southwestern neighborhoods of the capital city. residents being warned to get out. floods are a common threat in thailand since july, more than 500 people have been killed by the surging water levels. maria molina is live in the extreme weather center. >> very unfortunate what is going on in thailand. it is forecast to slowly improve over the next several
5:15 pm
weeks. hopefully we'll see some improvement there. in the u.s. we have a couple of problems. winter weather out west across parts of the rockies. a number of storm systems have moved through the region over the past several weeks. we've picked up quite a bit of snow cover across the rockies more in store tonight and over the next several days as we kickoff the workweek. a number of winter storm warnings as well as blizzard warnings in affect across colorado wind gusts between 50 to 60 miles per hour, blowing and drifting will be a huge issue along the roads watch out for poor visibility take it easy and quite a bit of snow across higher elevations we could pick up 10 to 20 inches of snow from this. several impulses moving through as we head through tuesday. over the next 48 hours a couple more inches of snow from montana into western parts of colorado throughout the mountains and some of the passes impacted.
5:16 pm
then a second storm system to talk about a frontal boundary draped from the great lakes region down that texas and over the next two days we'll see a lot of moisture pulled north. we start to see rainfall mostly showers across northeast. where you see darker blue is where the heaviest amount of rain will fall across parts of the ohio valley second area thankfully over texas where we need the rain, ahead of this front very warm, temperatures right now very warm in the 80s across texas, well above average across parts of the plains 67 kansas city, 60s across parts of the northeast including new york city. tomorrow as we continue to pull in moisture we start to see thunderstorms fired up some could produce severe weather across the ohio valley and down into parts of texas where large hail, damaging wind gusts and isolated tornadoes cannot be ruled out. i wouldn't be concerned about tornadoes as much as the other two threats. right now bad weather, snow
5:17 pm
going on across parts of colorado and lighter amounts of snowfall across western parts of montana and light showers across the pacific northwest and also snow in the cascades. >> gregg: thanks maria. >> heather: it looks like one retail giant may be getting into the health care game. why some say the timing of a rumored primary care plan by wal-mart couldn't be better. raid in one of brazil's most dangerous slums. why cops say the take over is part of a bigger plan. >> heather: live pictures this is oregon, tearing down habitats. protesters are watching while other police in riot gear form a barrier around the area. we will keep watching these developments and we'll have a live report at the bottom of the hour. r going to have the heart attack. i thought i was invincible. i'm on an aspirin regimen now
5:18 pm
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>> heather: fox news alert. we want to take you back to the scene that continues to escalate in portland. this was the occupy portland protest, a tense situation where police in riot gear have surrounded demonstrators in a downtown park. that's where hundreds defied the mayor's order to leave the
5:22 pm
park by midnight. at this point, you can hear singing going on. we're told there's probably what appears to be a two foot space between protesters and police in their riot gear armed with what appear to be billy clubs, er spray, as well. right now -- just a standoff between them. sort of a who blinks first type situation. we'll have a live report from casey stegall coming up as this situation continues to develop in portland, oregon. glowing growing a look at some of the stories -- growing growing a look at some of the stories we are following from around the globe. world leaders from the asian pacific region meeting for their annual summit today. both the united states and european economies at serious risk. president obama took the chance to remind them the success of the pacific rim region. we'll have an impact all over
5:23 pm
the globe. -- will have an impact all over the globe. >> silvio berlusconi resigning last night. leaders having trouble agreeing on who should fill the . >> police taking over one of brazil's most dangerous slips. they say the early morning raid is part of a -- larger plan to boost safety before the 2014 world cup and the olympics a few years later. >> heather: they are one of the biggest names in retail. according to a leaked document wal-mart may be looking to get into the health care game too. a confidential memo shows the big box giant is exploring ways to become a prime party care service provider with the president's plan facing some big questions lately, a lot of people are wondering if a wal-mart plan might help? here now fox senior business correspondent brenda buttner. thanks for coming back. what do you think, health care at wal-mart, good idea or bad?
5:24 pm
>> it is hard to underestimate wal-mart. they really have brought down costs for millions of americans and they are the biggest retailer in the world. this model has been tried at many of the big box retailers. >> cvs walgreens. >> but not on this scale. there are pro pros and cons. some of the cons would be wal-mart is located in a lot of rural areas where it is very difficult to find physicians. they are trying to take this -- we don't know. wal-mart says this is not -- that this leaked document is not the basis of a huge bid, plan to do primary health care. but if they were trying to do something like primary health care, diabetes, depression, treat hiv, that type of thing,
5:25 pm
those are the types of things that are very difficult to treat in a walk-in clinic. you want to see a doctor again and again and again, if you have a chronic condition. it might be cheap, but we don't know that it would necessarily be the most effective method. >> heather: not necessarily the best care although it may be the cheapest care. it is different than what you said like cvs or walgreens and there's a nurse or physicians's assistant with he are uping it from a flu shot to dealing with diabetes or hiv/aids you have to have a doctor on staff. >> yeah they are very different types of conditions they might be treating. >> how would it lower costs? >> oh, because wal-mart, that's what they do. that's their trade. they take things and make them cheaper. and they do it by volume.
5:26 pm
and they do it by taking the supply chain and making it cheaper. so, they would be able to do that. that's not the concern, would it mean better care and would it be efficient and good care? that's what has most people concerned about this. we don't know that they are going to try this. they have done some health care, but again wal-mart is denying that it is going to be a huge new program. but, it certainly would make sense with some of the -- with -- obamacare. and they are going to be insuring so many new people that it might make sense for somebody like [ talking over each other ] >> where are those people going to get the care they are eligible for. >> yes. >> thank you, brenda buttner.
5:27 pm
>> gregg: we are keeping an eye on portland. protesters in a showdown with police. we have a live report on occupy portland. the defiant activists are facing serious warnings there. these are live pictures from portland with we'll have an update. >> heather: calls growing for attorney general holder to resign. could the fall-out from operation fast and furious take a toll on the white house too? >> i certainly regret what happened to agent brian terry. >> i know they're lying. they are nothing but liars. i bet if he lost his son, he would think different. ♪ our machines help identify early stages of cancer, and it's something that we're extremely proud of. you see someone who is saved because of this technology, you know that the things that you do in your life matter. if i did have an opportunity to meet a cancer survivor,
5:28 pm
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5:31 pm
>> heather: new developments in oregon. police in riot gear moving in on a park to clear out occupy portland protests campsites. this hours after protesters declared victory following a
5:32 pm
standoff with officers. this is not the only showdown occupy protest causing chaos in other cities across the country. casey stegall is live in our l.a. bureau with the latest. >> reporter: we are watching that situation in oregon closely. meantime, a lot of other city officials across this nation say enough is enough when it comes to the violence that has been reported in the last several days at some of these movements. last night a woman raped, near the occupy camp in philadelphia just around the corner from city hall. police say the 23-year-old victim was from atlantic city and a suspect has been arrested. this was the scene in salt lake city, utah. some 19 people have been arrested over the weekend for refusing to leave a park. a man was found dead inside his tent there last week. police say from a mixture of drugs and carbon monoxide poisoning, from his heater.
5:33 pm
a deadly week in oakland's california as well. a man was shot and killed near the encampment. that prompted authorities to issue evacuation orders in that city for crowds in the name of public safety. two police officers also hurt in san francisco yesterday while trying to clear the crowds. one was injured after being shoved. another reportedly cut on the hand with a knife. >> police go do a lot to try to -- [ inaudible ] maybe shun had something . >> it is -- horrible, a squalid mess. as my husband said they've been stealing from us. they've been defecating, urinating and mitting all over the plaza. -- and vomiting all over the plaza. >> reporter: more pictures out of portland, oregon. police prepared for the worst after imposing a midnight deadline to pack up and leave.
5:34 pm
the situation remained under control for the most part, two dozen people out of the thousands who took to the streets last night were arrested. the camps mostly have been cleared out. however, you can see from those pictures that a handful of protesters did return to the site today, ignoring the orders from police. they say regardless of those evictions, they are still going to be out there to have their voices heard. >> heather: thank you. >> gregg: new fall-out this week from the failed gun running sting operation known as fast and furious. attorney general eric holder telling a u.s. senate ju decision area committee that the operation connected to the death of at -- at least one u.s. border agent was flawed from start to finish. as calls for holder's
5:35 pm
resignation grow some are wondering if the president may pay the price as well. here now michael goodwin. some republican7l[ñ are claiming that the attorney general lied to congress under oath when he first learned of the operation. they are demanding holder be fired by the president or resign. i don't know, if you look at the record of what holder said is that fair or unfair demand his resignation? >> as you know as a lawyer lawyers have an old saying when you have the facts on your side, argue the facts. when you have the law on your side, argue the law. eric holder has neither so he's doing the third choice which is to pound the table. that sort of where the attorney general of the united states is. i think the congressman who called for his -- the congressmen who called for his resignation, 30, 40 at this point. i don't think it has broken through into a larger group
5:36 pm
that would say this is a real consensus even of the republican caucus in congress. >> gregg: mr. holder's explanation, i want to be fair to him, as to when he first learned of the operation is as follows, take a listen. >> in my testimony before the house committee, i did say a few weeks. i probably could have said a couple of months. >> gregg: we confuse days, weeks and months when it comes to timelines we are not all perfect. say the whole operation was flawed and vowed to hold those accountable once the investigation is finished. isn't that enough? >> normally it would be. there are two problems. first, eric holder has been a lucy witness on a number of issues since he became -- has been a lousy witness on a number of issues since he became attorney general. some of his testimony on the
5:37 pm
9/11 trials that he was proposing, on the black panther case issue that he consulted. there are a number of issues -- consulted there are a number of issues congress feel he's borderlined, withholding information, skirting the truth. when some of the terror issues he refused to say islam could be behind the terror attacks he didn't want to speculate as to what was in people's minds. you have dancing around core issues i think is what has happened here. he could have said, early on, i knew about this. he knew about this in january. brian terry was killed in december of last year. for holder to come in, in may when he said i just learn it a few weeks ago. smacks not only of a faulty memory but a disregard for the seriousness of the case. >> gregg: then he was forced to admit he hadn't apologized to the family then after the hearing he did in a letter allegedly. these are eric holder's other
5:38 pm
controversys, you mention i had a cull. he call the u.s. a nation of cowards for avoiding frank conversations about race. refused to cite radical islam as a cause of terrorism during hearings. he opposed arizona immigration law and admitted, he didn't know anything about. and then insisted on the gitmo terrorists in federal court then forced to back down. he vowed that bin laden would be read his legal rights if he was captured. it is sort of the sum total of eric holder that is really precipitating all of these lawmakers to join together and say enough is enough? >> look, i think is clearly part of -- he has another bad habit, the attorney general does, to come to congress essentially when he's questioned to accuse them of playing politics. again it is as though he doesn't have a political agenda himself.
5:39 pm
as though he's purely a law enforcement official. in fact, i believe he's the most partisan perhaps the most liberal attorney general in a very longtime. there are a number of issues that go into it. i believe your original point that calls to resign are probably premature given what we know. in terms of fast and furious he does have an inspector general working on it. it will be important what the findings are to that, whether they are made public and taken seriously. the attorney general has made it harder for his own credibility by denying that he knew anything about in. he sort of giving ground one inch at a time coming around without i think coming to grips with the seriousness of this case. >> gregg: his favorability rating is 22%. michael always great to see you, thanks. reminder, you can read michael goodwin's column in the sunday "new york post".
5:40 pm
>> heather: the child sex abuse scandal rocking penn state lead together firing of joe pa the big question now is will either -- paterno or assistant coach mcqueary face charges because they didn't go to the police? our legal panel weighs the facts. the employee of the month isss... the new spark card from capital one. spark miles gives me the most rewards of any small business credit card. the spark card earns double miles... so we really had to up our game.
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>> gregg: the scandal is now shocking the entire nation and it is far from over. it began with the arrest of former assistant football coach jerry sandusky, accused of sexually abusing several young boys in his care. legendary head football coach joe paterno, fired. university leaders think he and another assistant mike mcqueary should have done more to bring sandusky to the attention of authorities. could paterno and mcqueary face criminal charges for failing to tell police what they allegedly knew?
5:45 pm
vicki siegler and joey jackson. joey, paterno so far has not been criminally charged but has been fired because why? there's a different standard. >> there is. first this is horrific. as proud as i am to be a lawyer i'm prouder to be a fair -- a father. i think every parent is outraged. in terms what is going on with mr. paterno, i think the state attorney general has spoken to the issue of criminal charges. they've done an investigation, preliminarily, we know it is developing. it is not over yet. i'm sure vicki will speak to that. at this point in time they've stated the attorney general has, there is not enough to charge him criminally. the board of trustees, i think, took the appropriate action. why? he met the minimum standards of reporting, apparently according to the attorney general. once he got knowledge of the information concerning the abuse he gave the information
5:46 pm
up the hierarchy. as a result his reporting obligations were met. >> gregg: criminally. that doesn't satisfy penn state's standards. >> absolutely not. >> gregg: you've got a higher, ethical and moral obligation. >> you do the ethical and moral obligation here to do more, about what he really did know, is significantly more than just saying this happened. clearly, he could have gone to the authorities and done more. >> gregg: vicki, joe pa as he is fondly known as, criminal exposure isn't over yet which is likely why he has hired a criminal defense attorney. >> most people don't do that and hire a top guy unless you think there's trouble coming. the question is this is an ongoing investigation. we don't know how many other victims are going to come out. perjury is a potential -- >> gregg: for paterno. >> right, possibility go he lied to police or to the grand
5:47 pm
jury as it relates to what he knew what did mr. mcqueary tell him and did he tell mr. curly everything or did he soft pedal it? >> gregg: i want to play a sound by the from the governor of pennsylvania tom corbet who by the way, was the district attorney who prosecuted sex assault cases against children. >> he's on administrative leave by the board of trustees. should he still have a job? >> well, that's a determination that the board of trustees, more importantly the new administration will make a decision on. but they have to keep in mind this is also somebody who is a witness to this crime. and is a very important witness to this crime. >> gregg: he's talking about mike mcqueary the assistant coach who initially went to joe paterno and i saw a 10 year old child being sodomized
5:48 pm
by sandusky. why joey is mcqueary not being prosecuted here for doing more? >> argument here is that there is a whistle-blower statute in pennsylvania. they've had statute since 1986. in the event that you have knowledge and certain information concerning misdeeds at the college of official there is, you arguably are protected. if they were to fire him he would receive that protection. if they fired him for poor judgment that would be another matter. he would not get the protection of the whistle-blower. >> graduate assistant at the time i don't think he the same standard. paterno, legendary reputation, responsibility. there's a distinction in the ranks and where they were at the time. >> gregg: remember this is a state school so the department of education is looking into this. the feds will get involved. there will be a myriad of civil lawsuits for liability. and that brings up another issue of immunity for the
5:49 pm
government and penn state university. we'll talk about that another time. joey jackson, vicki ziegler, good to see you both. coming up, can't miss health segment for all you parents. a new report shows bans on sodas in schools may be falling flat. uncer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief for many with arthritis pain and inflammation. plus, in clinical studies, celebrex is proven to improve daily physical function so moving is easier. and celebrex is not a narcotic. when it comes to relieving your arthritis pain, you and your doctor need to balance the benefits with the risks. all prescription nsaids, like celebrex, ibuprofen,
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>> gregg: we are out on the plaza beautiful balmy sunday evening. we have big health stories for the week especially for your little ones. >> heather: a study on an issue that has been debated the past decade. soda bans in schools. new research finds the bans are not keeping your kids from drinking soda or other sugary drinks. >> gregg: unbelievable. joining us special person for the american academy of pediatrics pediatrician dr. levine. all the years i've been telling my daughters don't drink this stuff, don't mean to pick on sprite, because i love sprite. really? >> i think you are right. we want to instill in our children they drink healthy beverages that are going to give them nutrition like milk full of nine essential
5:54 pm
nutrients in every cup. i think that you're doing the right thing. and the schools should be too. what i think we can learn from the study is, banning soda is not the whole picture. parents need educate their children. you need to be good role models. you can't be tossing back the sodas and telling them they can't. >> heather: you can't be with them all the time everywhere. it is a matter of lifestyle. >> that's right. the more you say it. they may be rolling their eyes and sighing and you think they are not listening but they are. i think the most important message that we can give to our children is things are okay in moderation. and once in a while it is okay to have a treat. but it shouldn't be part of what you do everyday lunch, dinner, snack. >> gregg: water is always best which we put in their launches everyday. there's something else out. a recommendation in a national report that kids ages 9 to 11
5:55 pm
get screened for cholesterol? >> right, a new recommendation. >> heather: that's troubling. >> you have to think about why. the bottom line is cardiovascular disease is a terrible public health problem we are all facing. as a pediatrician, i would much rather teach children good habits than have to break bad habits later on. if we screen these children and find who is at risk and change their behave kwrrs from the beginning that is going to help them as they grow. >> heather: lifestyle habits early. >> that's right as pediatricians we screen the parent's family history from the first encounter with the patient we want to know is there a family history of heart disease, strokes, heart attacks? not just parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles if yes is the answer you need to screen kids earlier. new recommendation is children 9 to 11 everyone gets that blood test. >> gregg: if never elevated
5:56 pm
cholesterol levels it doesn't mean thats did are going to be recommending lipitor. >> great point. very few children are going to end up on cholesterol-lowering medication. dxtáq are parents you really want to motivate to get them out there exercising eating well, we want to limit their media exposure to maybe one hour a day. it is important to have awareness. >> heather: and limit sugary drinks exercise and drink water instead. >> gregg: water best thing for you and milk, i love milk. that will do it for us. dr. levine thanks for being 1y >> heather: chris wallace is coming up next. >> gregg: have a great week. >> absolutely, bye!
5:57 pm
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