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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  November 14, 2011 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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.gov to learn re. >>megyn: thanks for watching, everyone, coming up next, "studio b" with shepard smith. >>shepard: megyn, thanks. happy monday. the news begins anew, with more reports from the father of the missing two-year-old child in washington. he says he is convinced the estranged wife is not telling the whole story. herman cain's wife speak out agrout the scandal surrounding her husband. and so does one of the accusers, former boyfriend. plus, the feds are hammering one airline over delays. their latest find nearly $1 million. the airline claims this hurts the passengers. it is all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b." but, first, from fox at 3:00 in new york and at penn state there
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are new twists today in the ongoing child sex scandal at university. the judge that released the former defensive coordinator, sandusky, on bond, once volunteered for sandusky's charity. as you know at least eight alleged victims have claimed he sexually abused them during a period of a decade and the details are appalling. claims of sex with boys as young as ten. but the case exploded last week with the arrest of coach sandusky and two other school officials as well as a firing of the penn state president and the school's legendary football head coach paterno but a report an a website indicates that a pennsylvania district judge freed sandusky on $100,000 unsecured bond despite the fact that the prosecution wanted him held on half a million bail. that means sandusky only has to pay the money if he fails to show up and now it turns out the judge reportedly volunteered for the children's charity that
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sandusky founded but it appears sandusky was no longer involved with the charity at that time. david lee miller live in university park, pennsylvania. what do we know of the judge in this case? >>reporter: well, we tried to talk to the judge but she avoided our cameras today. it was on a website, she was affiliated with, that she did volunteer for the second mile foundation. that's the charity that sandusky founded and she volunteered in 2008 and 2009 after sandusky left the foundation but she still is under a lot of criticism for posting his bail at $100,000 and the attorney general requested half a president and electronic monitoring and today the governor came out and said he also wanted the bail to be higher. what entered into the reasoning we do not know. >>shepard: there has been another resignation in the wake of this scandal.
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>>reporter: that's right. we have seen the resolution >>guest: -- the resignation of the president and c.e.o. of the foundation who came unscrutiny because during the last few years sandusky still had a relationship with the foundation even after penn state alerted the foundation to the fact that he was allegedly accused of inappropriate behavior with young children. he made the following statement and i quote, "i have submitted and the board has accepted my resolution egg nation as the c.e.o. of second pile and providing any statement takes the focus from what it should be on children and young adults and family whose have been impacted." and his wife still works for the foundation and she is the vice president, executive vice president. and since 1998 the two of them have earned some $2.2 million from the second mile. there are calls for the state to investigate the charity. >>shepard: thank you outside of beaver stadium at penn state.
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and now to the lawyers. josh is assistant district attorney in brooklyn, new york and the noted defense attorney randy zelin is us with. should this judge have recused herself? >> this will be a case that will be examined every step of the way. we do not know what she disclosed before. the lawyers know. the proper procedure would be to lawyer one, defense lawyer, here is my background and connection to the association, and then at that point decide if it is something that the judge should step down. it is not automatic in each case, but it would be prudent to give your associations, donations and volunteering, everything to do with them she should have disclosed. that she didn't it is questionable but it is a fine line. >>shepard: we will find out what she did in the end but the prosecution asked for a bail of much higher. >>randy: which happens all the time. all the time. but what is bizarre is that it
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typically, a defendant saying, judge, you are not being fair, you are showing a bias and a prejudice, and you are screwing me. here, sandusky is happy. he is home. it is the prosecution saying, judge, there is an appearance of impropriety because you did not disclose being in the chair difficult but it is much ado about nothing. she showed no signs of bias or prejudice and she has every reason to distance herself from the second mile. and in california, they have bail standards. she was spot on with $100,000. >> supposedly he lives next to a school and in this case, with the disgusting allegations of children, the judge decided not to put on an ankle bracelet and that has everyone up in arms and she is giving a lower bail than asked now but something else will employee up. >>shepard: last hour they talked how there are no limits on lawsuits in this particular
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case. they don't ably. but, the length of time you have of with you have to report such a thing, the number of years, arthur was correct about that. >>randy: my esteemed colleague, arthur, was correct. the statute is so bizarre and confusing in 20 it was changed so, josh, i think with the statute of limitations it goes to the child reaching the age of 15. so this is something about 12 years but with child sex cases it goes to when the child came forward and said something you can go do 50. >>shepard: how many years will this be litigated. >> there will be mandatory reporting shaped and it will go on for years. >>shepard: what in the end could happen to penn state. it depends on what they decide. >>randy: i was behind an s.u.v. with a penn state on the back and i didn't look at it the same way. >>shepard: that is unfortunate. all the best to folks if happy
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valley. and now politics. and the supreme court is set to make one of the most important rulings in years that could affects every single american. early today the nine justices agreed to hear a major challenge president obama's health care, specifically a case of the so-called individual mandate requiring most of us to buy some form of health insurance or pay a penalty. and now, outside the supreme court this afternoon. does it matter why they picked this one? >>reporter: it has a unique feature, 26 states more than half the states joining together in the lawsuit to reject the idea of that individual mandate. texas is one of the states and i spoke with the attorney general and he is feeling confident about their chants forgetting the map date lone -- thrown out. >> never before has the commerce clause been stretched so far. we believe the supreme court
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will not expand this clause to include the mandate on americans and infringe on their liberty. >>reporter: this case taken up from the 11th circuit, the only federal circuit court appeal decision that struck it down and others upheld it. >>shepard: but the supreme court will look at more than specifically the mandate, right, there is more to this than that? >>reporter: several issues. another secondary issue is the idea of selfibility. the justices have to look at the law and decide if they strike down the mandate is the rest of the law strong enough to survive on its own without that linchpin that people think is the key funding stream for the law. they will have to decide not only about the mandate but if they get rid of it if it stands up. >>shepard: what are the political implications? >>reporter: it is in the middle of the battle for the white house in 2012 if there are still nominations to be decided on the gone side, romney is a frontrunner and he could be in the middle of this. he add vehicled for a mandate
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when governor of massachusetts on the state level. of course, president obama, it became a key part of the health care law and he will have to defend the mandate. it is interesting to note in a very important state last week ohio, a battle ground states, by a margin of 2-1, the voters rejected the mandate and any measure by the state officials that would bring them into compliance with the federal mandate it is not popular in ohio and whoever. whats to be president has to win those folks over in the buckeye state. >>shepard: a beautiful day in the nation's capitol. thank you. so, what can we expect from the supreme court and the health care case? judge napolitano will join us to break it down. and president obama is warning iran now about the nuclear program. and the people who want to take his place in the white house are responding. what's better than gold ?
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>>shepard: 12 minutes past the hour and more on the supreme court decision to hear an appeal to president obama's health care overhaul. officials are confident the court will rule in favor of the individual mandate but the utah republican senator hatch the first to challenge the mandate cheered the court's decision saying and i quote, "the federal government has no right to mandate american citizens purchase something they do not want." and now to the judge, fox news senior judicial analyst judge napolitano. they will take up more than the mandate. >>judge napolitano: they will take up the right of the plaintiffs to sue. under the constitution, plaintiffs have to have what is called "standing," meaning their o has been gored and they have been harmed. not they might be harmed in the future but they have been harmed. the law has not yet kicked in. so do the plaintiffs have a right to sue?
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if they do the court will proceed to, is the mandate constitutional in is it sever able, meaning is it unconstitutional and are the impositions mandated on the state constitutional. going back to standing, if the court finds the plaintiffs are not the right people to bring the case, it will hear nothing on the merits of the case and it will go back to square one. >>shepard: why would it reach that decision. help us understand that on the standing. >>judge napolitano: the court has a policy from the constitution preventing it from giving opinions on what might happen in the future, called advisory opinions and can only give rulings on real cases or controversies, so, for example, no one has yet been taxed or punished for not purchasing in accordance with the individual mandate because it has not kicked in yet. the court could say you are here too early wait until someone is happened and we will rule on that case. the other side, the statue has
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been invalidated in the 11th circuit, the southeast of the united states: alabama, florida, georgia. and it has been validated in three other circuits: rust belt, washington, dc, virginia and north carolina and south carolina. the court does not want, and the government does not want, a law to apply in some parts of the country and be invalid in other parts so they must bring this to a balance of some sort. >>shepard: we talked with josh and randy during the commercial break about how lock the oral arguments were. >>judge napolitano: there was a strange ruling this afternoon, they will hear oral argument for 5 1/2 hours in supreme court speak is all day, breaking it to standing, individual mandate, severability, and individual imposition telling us they are seriously going through all the major challenges to this statute. question, has any federal appeals court gone through all
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the major challenges? no. collectively they have, but no one court has. so the court looks like it is going to give us a definitive answer on all the challenges to this statute. we don't know which way they will go but they will consider it. >>shepard: so many pieces in play. >>judge napolitano: i am smiling because it gives us a lot to watch. >>shepard: a bunch to watch. judge, great to see you. we will watch for the judge on "freedom watch," on fox business network at 8:00 and 7:00 in oxford. and the odds are growing for a new recess because of europe. and gerri will be here to explain what is going on with that. ♪
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>>shepard: the odds that the united states will fall into another deep recession are growing topping 50 percent. that is the analysis from the federal reserve bank of san francisco. and the report is putting much of the blame on the debt crisis in europe. stocks are down here, and were down in europe despite signs that italy and greece are taking more steps to control the crisis. gerri willis gives us her two cents. tell us about the italian prime minister >>gerri: monti, the guy who fined microsoft and objected to
3:21 pm
certain competition, and he has been a strong hand in that, people like him and he was appointed senator for life, and people like him. so, he is a very interesting character to watch and everyone is relieved that silvio berlusconi is gone. >>shepard: does the new one have bunga-bunga sex parties? >>guest: not that we me and they would be public. >>shepard: the situation in europe has stabilized to some degree yet our markets are off 100 points. what is it? >>gerri: we focusing on our economy and the san francisco federal reserve survey is very interesting. san francisco federal is where we told you what janet told you about the sovereign debt crisis, inning could tip the economy and a bigger recession, and that is what they are worried about. they disagree with the private economists but they may have other ideas about where the
3:22 pm
economy is going. >>shepard: who say what? >>gerri: who say 30 percent chance of a double dip. >>shepard: so, 50 percent or 30 percent, not good. >>gerri: not good. >>shepard: gerri will be back this afternoon on the "willis report," airing 5:00 eastern and 4:00 in oxford. the confessed kill neither norway in court today, remember that one? once inside he declared himself to be a resistance fighter. but a judge shut down that argument and police say the antimuslim extremist murdered 77 people first in a bomb attack in the cap 258 city of oslo and gunning you down people at a summer retreat. today he claimed he was a military commander in the norwegian resistance movement and the judge told him not to speak unless it concerned court matters and he is due in court in february. now the senator for missing two-year-old boy in washington state. the case is close to becoming a
3:23 pm
criminal investigation. streaming live from walk, the boy's father said today he believes custody is an issue? >>reporter: that's right. the father has never believed his ex-wife's story of having left little sky in the back seat of the car after running out of gas all alone and going and looking for gas and coming back and finding him missing. never believed the story. he is convinced his estranged wife knows what happens and believes she is trying to keep sky from him. as we reported the parents hat hammered out a custody agreement that gave the dad visitation after 11 months of him not being able to see his kid and then 9 mom wanted to back out. >> she has had sky, you know, for the last ten months. so, i believe that she does know
3:24 pm
something. >>reporter: and the mother is still refusing to meet with police. >>shepard: are the investigator saying whether they are making any headway not senator for the little boy. >>reporter: they are ruling out things. they had two big sevens over the weekend and searched a long park near the mother's apartment in redmond, washington, and recanvassed the neighborhood where the car was left and we learned today the investigation has taken law enforcement all the way to you ukraine where the mother is from and has family. the question was asked, is she free to leave the country? >> we're not comfortable calling her a "person of interest" or a suspect so i suppose if she did intend to make travel plans it would be something we would want to know about and discuss with her but it is not something i can say definitive we would not allow. >>reporter: reading through the lines it sound like she is
3:25 pm
unpolice surveillance staying in an apartment provided by police while they keep control of her apartment. >>shepard: thank you, dan. new developments in the sexual harassment allegations against herman cain. we're now hearing from an ex-boyfriend of one of cain's accusers. we will tell you what he said. and herman cain's wife has broken her silence. stay tuned. [ male announcer ] are you considering a new medicare plan?
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3:30 pm
a woman, i know that's not the person he is. he totally respects women. >>shepard: you can watch the full interview tonight "on the record," four women are claiming the g.o.p. candidate for president sexually harassed them in the 1990's including sharon bialek who says herman cain put his hand up her skirt in 1997 while she was asking for help getting a job. the former over of sharon bialek held a news conference today. >> she said that something had happened and that mr. cain touched her in an inappropriate manner. she said she handled it and didn't want to talk about it any further. i respected her request and this issue was never brought up until recently. >>shepard: herman cain denies he ever harassed everyone but it is hurting the candidate in the polls. and now, to washington, dc,
3:31 pm
before we get to the changes in the polls, james, what else did this former boyfriend have to say? >>reporter: it was celebrity attorney gloria allred who did the talking, but dr. zuckerman, a pediatrician, practicing in northern louisiana, now better known as sharon bialek's ex-boyfriend from the 1990's, essentially attested that she told the truth when she said that she had shared with her boyfriend at the time, namely, zuckerman, her story about herman cain groping her in a car. but, zuckerman's story where the alleged incident is concerned is purely hearsay and therefore, unclear how much impact it will have. >>shepard: the polls, it has had an impact on the polls. >>reporter: true and we caution that the race is very fluid. but, it is possible that this proliferation of sexual harassment allegations against cain all of which, again, he adamantly denies have reached a critical mass. an individual who believes in cain is his wife, gloria as she
3:32 pm
made clear in her first ever tv interview. >> i looked at especially the last lady and the things that she said and i'm thinking, he would have to have a split personality to do the things that she said. >>reporter: but the clear politics average of major polls conduct the over the last week shows the two and three-point lead he enjoyed in "politico" and cbs news poll have evaporated in the most recent survey which shows cain trailing romney by six points and we just got this a few minutes ago, the most recent cnn survey showing mr. cain having shed ten points and slipped to third place in the survey. >> thank you, jails, from washington, dc. and now, to an attorney, a public relations specialist, and
3:33 pm
is a media consultant. political media consultant. what do you make of what is happening with the polls. is it irreversible? >>guest: well, it is interesting, i thought gloria cain did a good job in what i have seen, and she comes across at believable and genuine. so that is an asset. the question is, why wasn't she put out earlier in the process before this started to gain momentum. the contain campaign has tried to position this as a vast live wing conspiracy and painting gloria allred as someone trying to drum this up and what the polls are showing is the strategy may not be working. but there is a natural tendency for the tea party folks and the base in the republican primary to support a guy like cain against what they would see as media intrusion and trying to cut him down. >>shepard: i want to point to this, from the interview of
3:34 pm
gloria cain. listen. >> to hear such graphic allegations and know that would have been something that was totally disrespectful of her as a woman, i know that's not the person he is. he totally respects women. >>shepard: you build up character over the years and with your spouse but if she is not aware, she would not be the first spouse not to be aware. >>guest: that is a good point. you hate to draw comparisons, or say that, one case is like another but we have seen this play out before with other politicians and folks like mark sanford where the wife was not, you negotiation aware of what was going on in his personal life. these things happen and you have to see a trend and what i think
3:35 pm
is established is there a pattern. of course the campaign has disputed the allegations but the concern is, are there other women and if there are, then you really will see his campaign in peril. real peril. >>shepard: many republican insiders have for weeks said privately that their belief he wasn't a serious candidate and he is out selling books more than anything and doesn't have an organization and a staff but listen to what mrs. cain told greta about the white house. >> ever thought of living in the white house in the bubble? >>guest: sometimes i let myself go there but i try to pull myself back and i don't want to start projecting too far in the future because then i would worry more, so i try to take one day at a time and in that way if or when that
3:36 pm
happens, then i have faith that the lord will have me ready to do what i need to do, that is going to help him. >>shepard: are you advised we have not heard from her until now? most often candidates wives are with him. >>guest: exactly. she seems really natural and genuine. she is not at all polished and not someone that you would think speaks in sound bits but seems like a great asset and it begs the question, why wasn't she out there earlier, sort of painting a full picture of herman cain for the public to see. that is a very good question. i think the contain campaign, frankly, was a little bit surprised that he was able to gain the kind of traction high has gotten and part of that is leadership rick perry slipping and michele bachmann slipping and santorum and gingrich never getting a foothold and he had a clear message and he was simple that people could wrap their
3:37 pm
arms around the >>shepard: flavor of of the week. and now politics. president obama stepping under the pressure on iran after the country is said to be likely trying to build nuclear weapons. president obama says he is not ruling out a military operation to deal with an iranian threat. the republican candidates for the presidency say they don't have confidence in the president on this issue. and now, a pulitzer prize winning journalist judith miller. there are a lot of things the opposition to president obama can knock him for if they choose. he has had foreign policy successes that have been, i don't, have been pretty impressive. >>guest: and bold and courageous. such as the killing of osama bin laden which is not a bad way to start your spring. if you are going to do that. but, look, what struck me is the
3:38 pm
similarity between mitt romney's position on iran and the president's position. because the president has not ruled out military action as you have said and neither did mitt romney. both of them said it was a last resort. i think that's a very rational position to take. >>shepard: it is very rare to rule out anything when talking about enemies. >>guest: few but the president has carbon dioxide -- has gone beyond that. he said it is unacceptable for iran to have a nuclear weapon. what does that mean? what is the threshhold? when do we decide they are so close that the united states has to do more than press for sanctions? >>shepard: let's hear from ... we have sound from romney and from the president on this matter. let's listen. >> to we re-elect president obama, iran will have a nuclear weapon. and if we elect mitt romney,
3:39 pm
they will not have a nuclear weapon. >> we are not taking any options off the table. because it is my firm belief that an iran with a nuclear weapon would pose a security threat not only to the region but also to the united states. >>shepard: what candidate romney said --. >>guest: how does he intend to do that? this is the most daunting foreign policy challenge the united states faces. how do you stop a proliferation spiral through the middle east if iran gets a weapon, everyone else is going to want one, this is a very real problem. let's lock, also, at what the former head of the massad have said, and of israel's intelligence, saying we don't think striking iran is a good idea because this would be all kinds of consequences for which israel is not prepared.
3:40 pm
so, even with an israel which has so much at stake, more than the united states, there is a fierce debate about what to do and when to do it. >>shepard: another matter is the issue of whether we torture or not. and the president spoke out on that clearly. listen. >> water boarding is torture. it's contrary to america's traditions. it is contrary to our ideals. that's not who we are. that is not how we rate. we don't need it in order to prosecute the war on terrorism. and we did the right thing by ending that practice. >>shepard: why is one side of the political aisle hugging on to something that illegal around the world? >>guest: the argument is always "it works." >>shepard: the argument from whom? not from those who have been tortured? >>guest: or from those who interrogate, they say it does not work. people being tortured will say anything. there is a vocal debate among
3:41 pm
those who supported this and, remember, only three people were water boarded in the previous administration. and the administration itself walked away from that policy later on. so, it is something, again, you do not want to rule out, we will never, ever, do this but you do not want it to be u.s. policy. >>shepard: which president ruled it out. >>guest: but he is killing americans with drones and predators. >>shepard: good to see you. you probably heard about new rules to punish airlines for leaning passengers stuck on the tarmac and we are seeing what that punishment looks like. and how much it will cost. we're america's natural gas and here's what we did today: supported nearly 3 million steady jobs across our country... ... scientists, technicians, engineers, machinists...
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>>shepard: 16 minutes before the hour and now the occupy wall street protesters. in some cities we see tension
3:45 pm
between some demonstrators and some law enforcement reach violent highs. oakland, california, police in riot gear moving in on the protester camp this morning. after officials sent four different notices of eviction days after one protester died there from gunshot wounds. >> yesterday, cops in portland, organize, arrested more than 50 people at a camp site there. many of the demonstrators are rallying against corporate growed. police in san francisco say somebody slashed an officer's hand during a many over the weekend with a pen knife or a razor which a second officer suffered cuts to the face after a protest shoved him. to the fox report chief correspondent. a lot of cities are getting tough with the demonstrators. >>jonathan: authorities are getting concerned about health issues. there are allegations about an outbreak of t.b. in atlanta and concerns about crime among some
3:46 pm
of the camps so from portland to salt lake city, to denver, to albany, cops are moving in the toughest action taken today in oakland, california, where police moved in, in a pre-dawn raid. and the mayor thanked the protesters for leaving and the majority went quietly and begged them not to come back. listen. >> i'm asking you do not engage in destructive acts. i'm asking you to respect what now has become an overwhelming sentiment in the city that you can divide the move from the encampment and that we start to work together on the issues that unite us and not divide us. >>jonathan: in several cities the demonstrators say they will be back at the catch sites they have been removed from. this is far from over. >>shepard: it started in new york city. any indication they could be cracking down here? >>jonathan: there has been pressure building with locals around the park in downtown manhattan where the camp is
3:47 pm
based are getting very fed up with having the protesters there. they have had allegations of sexual assaults at the camp side but this were no arrests over the weekend and we have just heard, in fact, from the mayor bloomberg who says that there are no plans to move the protesters out of the park. he said "we will do what is appropriate when it is appropriate," the protesters, by the way, have said they plan to shut down wall street this thursday prevent people get dog work. and mr. bloomberg rest assured everyone who wants to get to work on wall street will get there. >>shepard: good luck stopping that. maybe. the only time people were stopped from get dog work on wall street was on 9/11. >>jonathan: you cannot see them stopping that. >>shepard: nice to see you jonathan hunt. and now, airline fee in the d transportation reporting that it has slapped a $900,000 fine on a regional affiliate of american airlines.
3:48 pm
for making passengers wait too long on the tarmac. we are talking american eagle and many of you have flown it flying in and out of small are cities and works under the american reservation system. in may, 15 american eagle planes carrying more than 600 passengers got stuck at o'hare in chicago. and the passengers waited more than three hours to get off the planes. last year, the feds made that against the law. the passengers pay the price because the airlines will be pore likely to cancel flights rather than pay the fine. investigators say they are running out of laces to look for the missing baby lisa, and a lawyer for the parents say a phone call proves they are innocent. the parents are innocent because of a phone call? really? we will take this to the legal is critical to our economy-- delivering mail, medicine and packages. yet they're closing thousands of offices, slashing service, and want to lay off over 100,000 workers.
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the postal service is recording financial losses, but not for reasons you might think. the problem ? a burden no other agency or company bears. a 2006 law that drains 5 billion a year from post-office revenue while the postal service is forced to overpay billions more into federal accounts. congress created this problem, and congress can fix it.
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>>shepard: and now the missing kansas city baby lisa, the parents lawyer say he learned of a major breakthrough from the f.b.i. on the night the mom says lisa vanished someone used the mom's cell phone to call this woman who says she doesn't know the irwins at all. and lisa's mom claims she was asleep when the call went out and that her phone disappeared the same night the baby lisa did. now the parents say this proves the innocence of the parents. >> a call is gone out to someone would she doesn't know, and how many numbers do you have in the cell phone? the people who you call are the people you know their numbers, i assume the f.b.i. has pulled every phone record and there is no connection whatever on any phone record of any connection between debbie bradley and this
3:53 pm
girl. >> mother told fox she was drunk off boxed wine that night and may have blacked out for some period of time. the legal panel is back with the district attorney in kings county, brooklyn new york, josh and criminal defense attorney randy zelin. as a layperson, she says all this doesn't prove anything. a load of it. >> another one of the loads and i emphasize "a lead," that should be looked into but like many needs went nowhere. so you have to look, a lost strange things if you thing of it. the phone calls when out, one at 11:57 or 11:58 and at 3:17 and 3:20 something in the morning. if you take a baby and get as far away as you can, a mile or a 1.4 mile away from the house, who would do that? so, it, really, has to be looked at and investigated.
3:54 pm
it can lead to something but be careful. do not jump to the conclusion that she is clear the. >>shepard: the parents veto lease a lot of statements. this "bombshell," come on. >>randy: it is consistent with what they have said which is we had nothing to do with the baby's disappearance. she was passed out the someone broke into the house, took the child, took the phones and now suddenly the fact you have a phone call being made from that phone, everyone was yelling and screaming, well, if someone took the phones, what happened with the phones? what is the story with the phones? well, suddenly we new have an unanswered story on the phone and it is consistent with the fact she had nothing to do with it. >> don't you think that is a huge piece to say now, an investigators this and says we have a call off the tower near your home but the mother could
3:55 pm
say who you know, how you know the people and she does not want to speak to anyone. wouldn't you do everything can you to find out bottom line. >>randy: but the rob is they are not looking for the children as much as trying to make an arrest. why do they have to say, look, she is innocent, why not just talk about looking for the child. the problem is the police are locking to make an arrest. she has a target on her head, on her back, on her shoulders. >> it is to take your eyes off of the client and look at other things. they should. there are a lot of leads to look up but you cannot pay attention to an attorney who is saying, there is the piece, we solved it all. >>randy: maybe everyone should keep their mouths should. >>shepard: maybe if someone steals your baby and they steal your cell phone, you call the cent for and say, do you have my baby? they didn't make that phone
3:56 pm
call. >>randy: we got a call going out now. >>shepard: justin timberlake has made a good living but he has had spare time to get back. what's better than gold ?
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what's the executive compensation list...? [ male announcer ] sustainable solutions. fedex. solutions that matter. >>shepard: justin timberlake has followed through on a promise to a young marine accompanying her to a marine corps ball and said it was all inspiring and added i met so many my heroes from michael jordan to michael jackson and nothing makes me feel more honor and pride than meeting one of you. last night changed my night. no word about a second date. he was invited after a sergeant asked actress to attend a separate marine ball and she said "yes," and we're told that is set for this friday. that's it for "studio b" on monday afternoon. and no


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