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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 15, 2011 12:00am-1:00am EST

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i am not. please remember the spin stops right here. we are definitely looking out for you. >> a resurgent newt gingrich has risen to the top of the gop field. the former speaker is here to explain how he plans to win the nomination and make barack obama a one-term president. new evidence even members of his own party are growing tired of his lectures. nick morris will tell us why some are refuse to go support the president's re-election. and they have praised the occupy movement in the past, but now that violent crimes are surging, will democrats have the courage to call for the protestters to
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now stand down? plus herman cain's wife comes out to defend him against allegations of six women. hannity starts right here, right now. >> happy monday. it was only a few short months ago when rumors were running rampant that herman cain would have to end his run for the white house. now the -- or newt gingrich. now he finds himself at the top of the republican field aim cord to go a cnn poll released today he is he's in a virtual tie with mit romney. his numbers has skyrocketed by 14 points. it can be partially contributed to his outstanding performance in the debates. this weekend he went head-to-head with a cbs news moderator whether or not they should have the authority to
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take on an american born terrorist. >> if you engage in wore against the runs, you are an enemy combat tent. you have none of the civil liberties in the united states, you cannot go to court. let me be very clear about this. there's a huge gap here that frankly far too many people get confused over. civil defense, criminal defense is a function of being within the american law. waging war on the united states is outside criminal law and is an act of war and should be dealt with as an act of war and the correct thing in an act of war is to kill people who are trying to kill you. [applause] >> that's one person that president barack obama does not want to face in a debate. the new back, "the battle of the crater" now in stores around the country. you are smiling at your own answer. i like that. welcome back.
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>> i'm just smiling because you think back, sean, to the funeral announcements of june and july. it is a pretty remarkable thing. we have been talking about the policy today, which had me either been a virtual tie and one case they have me ahead by five or six points. here in iowa there's a poll out that has me in first place. you know, i don't know that all of that is going to continue, if there will be ups and downs and counter attacks, but it certainly is a long, long way from june and july. and we are here in carol, iowa with a lot of friends having a great evening and i'm delighted to have a chance to talk with you. >> it's been very interesting to watch the poll numbers in this campaign. look, you are in the race. you have to watch them. but we saw the rise and fall of pawlenty. michele bachman went up and down some. rick perry has experienced the same thing. herman cain now has fallen down a little bit. and you seem to go up two or three points after every debate, and then now, boom, we have one
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poll that has you at 28%, the public policy polling. we have this been research poll that has you at 22 behind romney's 24. we have a poll out of iowa where cain is first, you and what do you think has happened? it just seemed to have -- it now was creeping up slowly and now exploded. why? >> i think a lot of people have been gradually coming closer and closer to supporting. i'll tell you what people told me in carol, iowa and in jefferson this afternoon and in des moines earlier today. they said they had been leaning my way, but not quite decided. the last debate saturday night really affected a lot of people. they sort of clicked and said, yep, i'm for him. and i think there's a really deep sense that they want
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somebody who can debate obama, but they also want somebody who if they get elected can actually change washington. i think the level of experience i have had in the past balancing the budget, passing entitlement reform, getting things done, and the fact that people seem to think i'm a pretty good debater combines to give people the sense maybe i am the right person to get america back on the right track and make sure obama is a one-term president i think it's all coming together in way that is much faster than i thought it would be. >> with your rise in the poll numbers come the in he -- inevitable attacks. i was there the night you became speaker of the house. i saw the time magazine, the gingrich that stole christmas and "news ""wasn't much better.
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and accusing you of hating mankind. can't get worse than that if you hate mankind. >> wait, wait, how could she possibly come up with something like that? >> i don't know. i don't speak for these liberal conservatives that are hired by these other news networks because they aren't conservative. don't blame the messenger. and in politico today, anti-newt chatter starts. there's a serious side to this question because the attacks are going to begin, and i will ask you about some of the issues you are going to deal with in the coming days, but is it inevitable because. the rise in the policy? >> sure. i think if you are going to become the frontrunner to be president of the united states, you had better expect a very thorough, meticulous effort to take you apart. harry truman said one time, if
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you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen. i think there's a lot to that. if you are not tough enough to withstand this kind of scrutiny, you are sure not tough enough to be president of the united states. i think in many ways barack obama has done a great disservice by the news media's ability not to take him seriously. as a result he didn't learn the thing you need to learn to really be effective in the white house. >> let me go through, where do you think the attacks are going to come from? >> i think whatever i predict is not where they will come from. the great things is happened is you get hit from out of the blue with something you never dreamed of. then you've got to relax, think it through, have a good response. you know, i voted 7200 times in my career. i have given probably 15,000 speeches. i have written 24 books. i am ahead in that sense with "sweet line of liberty "and
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she's a number one best-seller. i've had 13 best sellers. we are competing as dualing authors. but the fact is you go through all that stuff you are going to find plenty of things to throw at me. the question is do the american people care? they are going to say, okay, so the guy has written a lot of stuff. that's a lot of words. you can find a paragraph here or there. i think what people want to know is do i have solutions for america? am i tough enough to take the heat? and do i have the experience? we tried four years of inexperience and amateurism. do i have the experience to get it done if i win? if i can answer those so people believe it, i suspect i'll end up being the next president, which is frankly a very formidable and very sobering prospect. >> i want to get into this when we get back because if they are going to bring up your past, i think you also have an opportunity with that to talk about one of the things that were successful under the
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contract with america when you were the speaker of the house, first time republicans had taken the house in 40 years, and we will ask you about these specific things when we get back and some comments the president made over the weekend. we will have more with speaker gingrich and also we will be joined later with dick morris. he's here with the latest 2010 news. and they have praised the occupy movement in the past, but now that violent crimes are surging, rape and death and murder, will they call on the protesters to stand down? that and much more coming up
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>> welcome back to "hannity." continuing to join us is former speaker of the house newt gingrich. the one area that i would predict that you are going to have questions raised, and even your own daughter wrote a column about this, is newt beginning divorced his wife on her deathbed. now, your former wife is still alive, and your daughter had to point that out in an article. but we saw how personal things got for herman cain and the issue of personal life. how do you -- what are you going to do when inevitably the media brings this up? what would your answer be? >> well, part of did you just pointed out, was to note that my daughter, jackie, has written a column that is available and is
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pretty definitive about how dishonest and false those attacks were. i think that will be part of it. both, kathy is my older butt daughter, and jackie, campaigned with me. and we have a very strong marriage we do an immense number of things together and we have a great relationship. i think that's a measure of me at 68. i'm not going to say i have led a perfect life. there are things that i have had to seek reconciliation and seek forgiveness from god, but the fact is at 68 as a grandfather and in a very loving relationship with my wife and a great relationship with my entire family, that i think people have to measure that and decide is this a person who can lead america effectively? and based on the conversations over the last few months, more and more americans think that in this time of crisis, faced with this challenge, that maybe i'm the right person to debate
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barack obama, to make him a one-term president, and to change washington to get us back on the right track. >> how are you different than you were when you were speaker? >> i think i am much more mature than i was when i was speaker. i think -- >> this is a long time ago. >> two things. >> you were out of office a long time. i'm not trying to tell you you are old, i'm a lot older, too. >> thank you, sean. i appreciate the fact you reminded me i'm not that old, although you are older too. >> thanks a lot. >> look, a couple things. i think, first of all, being married has helped me a great deal and given me a sense of fulfillment. and a grandfatherly view of the world is really different. i can't quite explain it but i bet every person watching who is a grandparent knows what i am talking about. it gives you a very different
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perspective on life. and candidly the recognition i had of acceptance into the catholic church, the feeling of be longing to the church has been a very, very comforting, very reconciling part of life. i find myself at the basilica every sunday morning. and i just have such a sense of comfort, that that really has, in a very significant way, calmed my life and given me a depth of reassurance i just didn't have. >> i talked to you about some specific issues recently on radio and positions you had taken over the years of that come up now. it was in the politico piece today. for example, the ads you did with nancy pelosi, global warming positions, positions on a path to citizenship for people who have been in the country for a period of time, cap and tax, healthcare mandates. do you want to take those issues on one by one? do you stand by those positions, do you regret doing that add
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with nancy pelosi? >> i have a different answer in different circumstances. the ad i did with pelosi was probably the dumbest thing i did. all i did was make conservatives mad and liberals didn't like me. it was a mistake. i wouldn't do it again and i won't defend it. i opposed cap and trade. i testified against it. and actually the same day al gore testified for it. my testimony is on youtube. people can see it and verify it for themselves. and america solutions i led to defeat cap and trade and we succeeded. i think it's far too big a jump to go to cap and trade and i'm deeply opposed to it. there are things that people are going to disagree on. i said something positive about part of the dream act. well, nobody of stopped to say what part was i talking about? if you are a foreigner and you join the american military and you serve hon robbably, it's a road to citizenship.
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now if you were someone who came to the u.s. at three years of age and you are now 18, you technically can't join the american military. i thought that particular part of the dream act, to allow people to join the military just as they could if they were in a foreign country, made sense, is honorable, and is good for the country and good for the citizen that does it. that's the part i was referring to. >> what do you believe then, for those who may not have been around and played close attention to politics in the years you were speaker, conversely, and i doubt the media will look into this part of your past, what do you think your greatest successes were that you would want people to know about to counter the negativity that is bound to come your way now that you are a frontrunner? what are you most proud of? >> well, we helped create the first republican majority in 40 years, the first re-elected majority since 1928. we reformed welfare, the largest entitlement to be reformed so far. two out of three people went to work or school. everyone agrees it was tremendously successful in
12:19 am
improving the lives of those who have been trapped in dependency. we had the first tax cut in 16 years, the largest capital gains tax cut in american history. unemployment dropped from 5.6 to 4.2%. we balanced the federal budget for four consecutive years, paid off $405 billion in debt. i insisted on strengthening the intelligent budget and the commission said that was their term. and the gingrich was the only increase in intelligence spending in the '90s. the single numbers. when i came speaker, the congressional budget office said the ten year deficit projection was $2,700,000,000,000. when i left later, they said their surplus projection was two trillion, three hundred billion dollars. that's a $5 trillion shift in the fiscal strength of the united states, done while
12:20 am
negotiating with a liberal in the white house. >> you don't agree we've become a bit layszy the last couple decades? >> i think this president blames everyone except the person responsible for the problems and that's barack obama. recoverly will begin late on election night when people realize he's gone, the democrats have lost the senate and america is open for business again. >> and bob beckel was here and he wants me to say he was one of the early ones to support your rise. doesn't mean he will support you, but he predicted it. >> that's right. when others said i was dead, he said don't count me out. i always thought he was clever, and again, i don't agree with him on a lot of things , but he is clever. >> he is a good guy. one last question, i wanted you to explain the $300,000 you said you gave to freddie mac, that they did not take your advice. you were not a lobbiest for them? >> i have never ban lobbiest for
12:21 am
anybody. my contracts exclude me from lobbying. i refuse to go back to capitol hill as a lobbiest. i try to give them advice on how to solve their concerns. >> you gave advice to presidentdy mac and they did -- to fredly mac and they did not take it? >> that's correct. but there's a confidentiality agreement there i can't go into detail with. but i never did any lobbying for anyone in the years i was out of office. >> thanks for being with us and congratulations on your poll numbers. >> thank you. >> we will watch and wait as we assume the new attack watch begins. thanks for being with us. >> take care. >> and coming up, well, he's done it again, president obama finds another way to insult you, the american people. and why he believes we've been a little lazy the last few decades. the democrats have been praising the occupy wallstreet proest iters but what will they say now that
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flush. >> over the weekend during the apec business summit our fearless president decided it was appropriate to take another swipe at you, the american people, calling everybody lazy. listen to this.
12:26 am
>> the united states is still be the largest recipient of foreign investment in the world, and there are a lot of things that make foreign investors see the u.s. as a great opportunity, our stability, our openness, our innovative free market culture. but we've been a little lazy the last couple decades. we've kind of taken for granted people want to come here and we aren't out there hungry selling america and trying to attract new businesses into america. >> this is a example of a long list of president obama make degrading remarks about this country. a few months ago he said america has gotten, quote, soft, going a little soft." joining me now, thea thousand of a brand new -- the author of a brand new book "dubs goes to
12:27 am
washington,," dick morris. but this is a president that just can't take any blame, bush, tsunami, atms, earthquakes, america clings to its god, guns and religion, soft, lazy. >> the fact is that americans work about 20% longer work weeks than europeans do. they have roughly a third of the vacations that europeans do, and they make a quarter more income that europeans do. and they are very committed to the work ethic. if there's one country in the world that is not lazy, it's the united states. >> it seems that he's -- >> by the way, in addition to selling the united states and not getting lazy, how about cutting our taxes here and having them thrung here because of the 9% tax rate. >> he seems self indulgence and i think the word arrogance fits in ear.
12:28 am
i sense he's at the american people, that we aren't smart enough to see how great he was because he was a great success. give him credit, he got everything he wanted. his plan passed. it just doesn't work because socialism doesn't work. >> i think that's really, really true. i think he's resentful of the american people. i think he really feels grieved and all of that. clinton, when he was in trouble politically, never felt that way. he always felt that he -- he blamed everybody, his party let him down, congress let him down, everybody let him down but never the american people. he was never mad at them. and listen, when you spend a full-time dumping on people that create jobs, calling them fat, creating a 99 versus 1 mentality, they aren't going to create jobs, they are scared to death. >> now we in newt gingrich on. what do you make of newt? he's now two policy that show
12:29 am
him tied for the lead and doing well in iowa. we know the momentum of anyone doing well in iowa, going out of iowa they will be very powerful. >> you and i talked about this in the greenroom many times. >> and on air. >> and newt was down 2 or 5 or 6% of the vote. you can't go in debate of a debate of a debate without everybody realizing you are the smartest in the room, you are the most qualified to be president and you would be the toughest opponent for obama in a debate. people look at him and see those characteristics. its unfortunate that his surge has to take place at a time when unfairly cain is getting knocked down. >> two weeks of bad press. >> but we forget what an incredible field we have. romney handles himself incredibly. >> he has done really well. >> and he stays up there. cain is probably one of the most charismatic politicians since obama.
12:30 am
and gingrich knows it all and it's so much a part of him. at the same time, despite all the experience he has fascinating, creative, new ideas. >> what about what is now inevitable, the inevitable attacks against gingrich are coming? now if the attacks come, i guess he can also get credit for the great success of the contract with america. the republicans took control of the purse strings and they got us to a balanced budget. will one outweigh the other? >> no. i think you have those who are baptism of fire now of negatives. but those are really not innoculations and you have to see them in that light. herman cain is now immune from the charges of sexual harassment. he's taken his lumps and shots and he's lost about half of his support and now he can build it back up again by his creative and charismatic solutions. gingrich will go through a period conservatives will be down on him because of cap and trade and the media will go through his personal baggage and all of that and he's going to
12:31 am
rise and then he's going to hurt. but eventually the point is that they get inoculated and then they can come up on their own merits. i think this is a three-way reese. but i don't think you can count bachman out because bachman will have her day in two weeks when the committee with boehner's support recommends a tax increase. and then bachman is going to lead the tea party charge and she is going to soar, as well. this really could be a four-way race going into iowa. >> all right, dick. good to see you. appreciate it. thanks for being with us. >> thank you. >> and coming up next, despite days of violence and three deaths, democrats are still supporting the disruptive occupy wallstreet movements across the u.s. shouldn't somebody on the left stand i am and tell the liberal lunatics enough already? ♪ [ female announcer ] have you ever seen a glacier while sunbathing?
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>> violent crimes are taking place at occupy camps all across the country and authorities are not taking it any more. police in riot gear cleared out emcampments as occupy oakland today. they arrested 32 people during the raid. this after yesterday officer in oregon arrested 50 in clashes with police in an attempt to shut down occupy portland. yet democrats continue to send their praise and support to the protesters. what will it take for them to stand up against the alleged violence. joining me now, the founder and president of the group bond, brotherhood organization of new destiny, reverend peterson, and author of a best selling book, fox's contributor margaret hoover. look what is hang. they have separate tents because
12:37 am
of rapes. we had a murder. there is a plan out today they are literally trying -- there's bomb threats they are talking about, and the president, nancy pelosi, wrapped their arms around this thing. >> there was a person killed in oakland this week. i blame barack obama for this. he has gone out and created class warfare because he has failed at what he was trying to do. and next he will blame it on the republicans. unemployment is at 9.1 and the people are not happy. so he's going to say, look, i tried to get you jobs, i tried to help you, but the republicans would not allow me to do it. >> he had two years of a democratic congress. >> right. but he thinks that's going to help him. and then he goes out and tried to compare occupy wallstreet, a bunch of air heads who have no idea why they are there, by the way, and why are you here? well, i don't know. ah, they have no idea, using drugs, committing crimes and out
12:38 am
of control. and obama goes out and tries to compare that to the tea party movement. as you know i found a tea party movement and we are will less government in our lives, and freedom. >> and they say all tea party members are racists. >> that's right. they call us that. >> it begins to remind me of, sean, you must remember in 1990s the wtto, i was in kindergarten, but remember in vancouver, the wto protesters who were vanned -- vandalizing and there were fires. and you have this anti-authoritarianism. they disspite the cops and looks for tension with the cops and breeds violence. you don't get that in right winning protests. with them they don't like the federal government but they
12:39 am
respect local authority and cops. there's a real difference in the way the right and the left protests. and this is dissen franchising the democrats that support them still because it will end up alienating those people. >> they try to say they are similar to the tea party. in occupy wallstreet. they didn't need rape shelters set up at the tea party movements. >> and the tea party movement was way bigger. let's keep in mind there's still only 300 people at the park in new york and 30,000 people who show up for black eyed pea concerts there and 30,000 that protests on tax day. >> the occupy wallstreet people are so dumb, protesters are so dumb, they are protesting at the base in wall street where they really should be protesting the government because it was fannie mae and freddie mac
12:40 am
heading up the congressional black caucus and others who forced them to give loans to blacks and hispanics who could not afford to get home. they told the base if you don't give us these loans or give blacks these loans you are racist. so the banks gave loans to the people that could not afford the homes, they lost the homes and the country fell apart. these people instead of protesting barack obama and the government, they are going after the base. and on the one hand they say, well, the government should not be like the banks. but we want the government to bail us out. >> let me ask you a question. the antisemitism has really bothered me and it's been pretty rampant and widespread and well-chronicled. there were charges with racism with the tea party they couldn't prove but we have the prove about antisemitism. why is there so much anti
12:41 am
semitism and why isn't there more anger at washington for the phony green groups, solyndra, bundlers that get access to the president and get taxpayer money? why isn't there anger there. >> i agree the anger should be directed at washington. but i go against the characterization that an entire group of people or racist. unfortunately there are isolated people. >> but there are people that say those things. >> i chase against the notion an entire group of people are antisemitism. >> but they show up and there's no self policing but i give you the last word. >> what you are starting to see is a liberal progressive mayor in a liberal noun portland, oregon has come out and said you need to go home, take your tents away and put your energy toward
12:42 am
something constructive. and you have a liberal leader saying that. >> one reason they aren't doing that is the liberal democratic party have no shame. they hoped it would move out. they tried to blame the tea party for it but it didn't work. >> good to see you. thanks for being with us. time to check in with a special on the record tonight, greta van susteran. nobody can miss it. it's in 19 short minutes. greta. >> are you sure you work on this network, sean? >> yeah, i'm a team player. by the way, i'm really looking forward to the interview. and if people don't watch it, they are idiots, they are missing a great interview. >> as you know, we have mrs. herman cain tonight and first time she's speaking. of course, it's going to be interesting to see what she said. we've already interviewed you but the interviews look so different when you see it on tv than when you actually do it. and the florida attorney general is here, big news out of the supreme court. and congressman mccarthy has a
12:43 am
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tonight on our great, great american panel, he a former secretary of state, fox news contributor, co-host of one of my favorite shows, bob beckel is here. the author of tea party manifesto, founder and editor of world net joe ferrell is back. and she's the host of nbc poker after dark. she is in the december issue of playboy magazine and she cannot tell me and i mentioned in the article, which is about two paragraphs long. leeann tweeden. >> did you look at the pictures? >> i didn't look at the pictures. >> oh, you didn't. must have just been me by myself out there in the lobby. >> well, your mind is in the
12:48 am
gutter. you cannot help yourself, can you? >> please, go right ahead. i just thought i would keep you right. >> greta has a great interview with herman cain's wife. the first time she's broken out. let's listen to a quick clip. >> to hear such graphic allegations and know that that would have been something that was totally disrespectful of her as a woman, and i know that's not the person he is. he totally respects women. >> what do you think? because there were no -- there's no many issues here and so many attacks beforehand, i just don't believe them. >> i don't know. you know -- >> i mean, i'm not herman cain. i don't believe the attacks. >> a lot of times you find where there's smoke there's fire. maybe he's not guilty of everything he's been accused of
12:49 am
but sometimes it makes you wonder. you think, man, is this a little bit of a pattern? i think it was a little strange she waited so long, gloria waited so long to come up and stand by herman. she hasn't been campaigning with him. >> she doesn't want to be in the public eye. >> why did she come out now? why didn't she come out in the beginning and say it when the first couple accusations came out. >> from a journalistic perspective there's nothing to report about the charges against herman cain. that's what everyone is missing. >> i said that from day one. i agree with you. >> there are people who make worse charges against barack obama who is claimed to have done all kinds of things -- you wouldn't report it, you wouldn't report, it no one would report it. why would we report these conjectures, unsubstantiated, uncorroborated charges? the real scandal here is a media
12:50 am
scandal. >> it may be a media scandal and i would take herman at his word but here's the reality. he's gone. they will not nominate somebody with this hang over their heads, even if they buy into the fact it didn't occur. i think she's a wonderful person, but what do we expect her to say? >> you don't believe the charges? >> i've been subject to this myself. people can throw anything they want out there and it can stick and you can be ruined on the slimmest of evidence. so i'm sympathetic with him. but leeann said there's been a lot coming at one time. i think it's orchestrated myself but the facts are the facts. the republicans have the best chance they have of had. >> this has created enough, the demon of doubt in people's mind that they say -- >> yes, yes. >> but we can't risk losing to obama because of that. >> look at the policy. there's been some people, you
12:51 am
know, it's made an impact on people last week. >> i think it's having a negative impact on herman right now. >> right or wrong, it is. >> but is bob right this can kill it because people who support him will say we can't run the risk? >> i think it's one of those things that plants a little bit of doubt in people's minds. >> a little or lot? >> nobody has made up their minds about the republicans yet. they are still looking for a candidate and looking for the perfect candidate. >> if you don't think -- look, he fell among republican women and things like this take two weeks to grab hold. they don't happen overnight. i polled most of my life and this is not surprised me it is finally starting to sink in with people and it's the doubt. doubt and the republican nominee are two things you can't put together. >> and this will drive you nuts, obama got one question about
12:52 am
ayers. that isn't fair. >> how many questions about clinton get about juanita? a far more substantial charge. >> that's a great point. >> he got a lot. >> in spite of playboy, we have a tradition when leeann is here she throws this out. we will talk about the gingrich rise in the poll when we come back with the great american panel. i hand it off to leeann. ♪ we're centurylink... new kind of broadband company committed to improving lives with honest, personal service, 5-year price lock guarantees and consistently fast speeds. ♪ ♪ that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm [ male announcer ] for half the calories -- plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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>> no umbrella. none. >> giddy. >> stop it. we are off air. we continue now with our great american panel. and by the way, i'm glad you have gone through the whole show so far and you haven't cursed. you've done an amazing job. i want to applaud you. >> i'm working at it very hard and believe me i'm work on it hard right now. >> and you predicted, and i saw is coming too, i thought newt would do better. i've known him a long time, i've known herman cain and governor perry and mit romney. i haven't made up my mind here but i have to tell you i thought romney has been good in the baits, bachman good, and newt has been brilliant. >> it was beyond that.
12:57 am
it was three and a half weeks ago everyone wag laughing about gingrich i predicted he would come back and go up against romney. not because i am a good analyst but he had a simple strategy. i thought his interview today was the best i ever seen because it was substantive. you do a terrific job asking him question. i would take that if i was newt gingrich and run with it. he took on the media, which the base loves. he took the ronald reagan line about lets not beat each other up and then he answered questions that the rest of them were not prepared for. >> what do you think about the personal side when he answers i'm a different person, i'm a grandfather, i found my faith, my life has changed. what do you think of that, joe? >> it's hard not to look at him with a different pair of eyes no matter what you thought of him in the past. he does seem to be a different person. >> a lot. people don't know him from is that years ago. >> i was the first guy to call for his resignation then.
12:58 am
>> do you feel differently about him now? >> i could be happy with him as a nominee. >> you haven't picked your person either, like me. >> not solid. i have a few preferences. >> and what do you think? >> i think newt, especially when it comes to foreign policy debates, he's a man that he has a lot of knowledge in that head and it's very impressive to the american people who a lot of these things are above most normal american people. you are like what is that foreign policy, what are we talking about here, what is that? he's very intelligent when he speaks. i thought it was great the other night when he looked at mitt and said like mitt said and gave him kudos with something he agreed with instead of attack being and i appreciated that. >> the rest of the guys snd like an ap course in high school compared to newt. >> not like obama, apologizing
12:59 am
for america. >> if he plays it right, it's a strength. one thing about newt gingrich, he's a guy that never had an unspoken thought, never. and i noticed he's disciplined now. if he cadidididiscipline himseld let that amazing brain of his not get carried away with itself and stay as disciplined as he was with you tonight and yet maintain the integrity and the the substance he has, he will be a very formidable candidate. >> i was there when he became speaker. he is a different person. by the way, his intelligence, he just keeps getting brighter, but he smiles, he doesn't take it personally. it seems like this faith now has grown in him. i see the change. >> if i was doing it, i don't want to get my democratic friends upset with me. he gave him $5,000 back in '74. he was running for congress and lost against a racist democrat. but that answer