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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  November 16, 2011 1:00am-2:00am EST

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>> do you think goitsing down? >> i do think goitsing down. people are going say what? >> sean: good to see you and let not your heart be troubled. greta is next. see you tomorrow night. greta? >> greta: donald trump said the world is eating our lunch and politicians aren't smart enough to realize it. you'll hear from donald trump himself but first, governor sara palin is here. and intrigue is building in the white house. tonight a poll puts a dead heat in the all-important iowa. herman cain leads followed by ron paul, mitt romney, 18%, and newt gingrich, 17%. all those within the margin of error. governor palin joins us, good evening, governor. i want to talk about the strategy. all four basically neck in neck. each has different issues and
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problems going into the iowa caucus. let's start with herman cain. what would you tell him to do to win the iowa caucus come january? >> well, these candidates thankfully from strength they're bringing into the race. we appreciate them being in the arena and being willing to put their names forward in the name of service. herman cain needs to be candid and truthful about sexual allegations because people are hesitant to delve in there with out knowing what the truth is. it sucks to be falsely accused. i know because very been also. if the allegations are false, then, herman cain is going to take a deep breath and says where does one go to get back their reputation after allegations have been lobbed? if they're true, if he
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disrespects women we've got to cross him off the list. he needs to answer candidly questions being posed of him and he needs to concentrate on substance that is necessary when it comes to the solutions he proposes to america's challenge. people are waiting that from all candidates when it comes to their proposals. and sexual harassment is painful and impossible, almost impossible if you're not for someone doing it to clear your name. it's one of those horrible, he said, she did said and done in private. so far two women have come forward, one signed an agreement saying there was no wrong doing and another one says there was a more provocative conduct. the two anonymous, which i think perhaps they're the two whose name wez know. i was going to say if i were
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mr. herman cain, what would i do? i would sit patiently. he's come into contact with thousands of women, all his professional career. and some of a harasser tends to be more serial. only thing to do is wait and if no one else comes forward saying see? you're wrong. or what does he do? >> perhaps that is the best tactic at this time, greta as far as for him to patiently wait this out f others come forward with facts, with proof of the allegations, then, you know it's going to be a game changer. but at this point people -- they don't want to prejudge because there is so much speculation. there isn't proof on one side or another. difficult situation for herman cain. believe me, it's tough to unring it. i've been accused of having affairs and i've never in my
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life. my husband has been accused of having affairs. is garbage out there. we know what the truth s many times the public is never privy to the truth. it's he said, she said stuff. >> greta: and governor mitt romney is an 18%, number three. and i'll get to ron paul in just a moment. governor romney stayed about the same numbers. he doesn't go up or down. i assume he wants do better. and what is his strategy? why isn't he winning in polls? >> despite running for president for four, five, six years now, what -- what romney used to do is reach out to those social conservatives and tea party independents and explain where it's perceived and real flip flops over
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issues he's been called out on. explain what he needs today as opposed to what perhaps he meant some years ago when he served as governor. there have been inconsistencies now. he needs to reach out to tea party independents and all constituents and explain himself. we do seek that authenticity and candidness. we want answers. it's been a surprising role that romney has played when you consider he hasn't really gotten over that hump of that peridge of support he's had over these years. it stayed steady. he's got strength, too. when you consider he's got what appears to be a solid personal life, a good family, that bodes well and speaks well to his character, character counts in this race. >> greta: we talked about the
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numbers. it seems in iowa, that the economic issues trump the social issues considerably. 71% of the voters have said fiscal concern tops social issues and social issues about 25%. i'm thinking is that, would you rather be herman cain, getting accused, accused of sexual harassment, a social issue, or would you rather be someone like, governor mitt romney, he's got flip flop goinging on. he's got stuff with national health care and abortion issue in 1992 or 3 when debating senator ted kennedy and he's got a problem in iowa over collective bargaining. would you rather be explaining away your sort of flip flopping economic explanation or rather explaining away an accusation, say that is false on sexual harassment?
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>> i guess in this day and age some of the personal indiscretions or perceived indiscretions don't matter much and a lot of those have to do with double standards and media not picking on someone for a perceived discretion in one party. yet, really hammering in the republican party when someone does something wrong. what you're getting at is, this acknowledgement, jobs and economy are paramount. we've got to make sure that the people have an explanation when it comes to solutions that they're proposing, how they can explain how solution is better than someone elts's to get people back to work. we have to remember this election isn't merely about replacing barack obama and the chip on the shoulder of
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national leadership barack obama brought with him. this election is about who and what we replace obama with. a pro private sector, pro-growth agenda they all seem to have adopted. how they're agenda is going to be ushered in and how it will be adopted and implement that had can get us on the road to recovery based on what he's done for the country in three years. >> and it brings me to number two. congressman ron paul with 19%, considered and continuously done well in iowa poll. and yet media, i think is fair to say is trying to make him almost invisible. and he, i mean, he's number two in iowa now. what strategy would you recommend to him? if he does win in iowa, people from iowa january 3 does that change dynamics for him going off to new hampshire? does he have a real shot?
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have we written him off? >> ron paul has been very energized supporters that speaks well to his connection with that base he has of libertarians and those who understand the fed is out of control and that we have our way into bankruptcy. he's got that going for him in the space of strong supporters. it's unfortunate he has been written off by the media. many candidates have, too. santorum, who has much to offer, michelle bachmann who has much to offer for her passion of conservative causes. ron paul needs to preaching and educating us about problems that are economic woes caused by government overgrowth. he needs to keep doing what he's doing. it isn't fair he's been written off. he's getting 89 seconds to respond to questions total? unfair.
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he can't whine about it. supporters can demand better of the media. ron paul shouldn't be the one to whine to the media about unfairness. >> and you mentioned congressman santorum. in that poll, 71% of more interested in fiscal issues than social issues. if those are the strengths, social issues, that is their strategy may be off track in terms of, maybe that is why they're polling so poorly. i don't know. >> well, they do have that very committed passionate positions they have that resonate well with other social conservatives. the problem that bachmann faces and santorum faces and ron paul and others who have served in congress face is our disdane for that culture that
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is within the congress that is a culture of corruption and a culture of status quo. and pay to play. all of the things so wrong. revelations now are coming out about how bad it is in congress. if they have nothing, participants in what is wrong with congress they have been, perception is, a part of what is wrong with congress. it's a tougher battle for them to overcome. unless they've been successfully fighting, what goes on, that is wrong in congress and has been engaged in sudden and relentless reform we need to get this country back on track by squashing the corruption and crony capitolism and waste in congress, then they're going to be perceived as part of the problem. >> number four in the poll is,
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by the way a bloomberg poll. number four making a strong showing is newt gingrich. perhaps a little bit of the congressional experience you're talking about some may not like. brings personal baggage to this. he certainly has ideas and out there on the trail talking about. what would you advise him to do? he's got strength and issues. >> my advice is he's got the momentum right now. people respect his very good performances in debates. his intelligence and his knowledge of world and u.s. history. we understand that our leaders need to know our history. where we have been in order to forth a successful path forward.
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and next in line for that media scrutiny with those who have momentum. i know they're going to be handle it. if dealing with what is coming with candidness and truthfulness so people will respect what it is he has to offer and how he will answer this that comes his way. >> have you -- i know it's obvious, in your choice and to whom you endorse, do you endorse someone you think can win or someone who has ideas that are more consistent with yours? which is going to weigh more heavily in your decision? >> i want to believe that he or she share ideas i have skppl miss cal conservatives
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have. and many of us believe the balance of power needs to be tipped forward versus this government growth we've been on. i want to believe that he who shares those ideas will be most electable. the cream of the crop has not risen yet in this process. i'm not going to endorse anyone right now. certainly those ideas that i have and many americans share that are pro growth and less constitutional restraint our constitution has in order to build this healthy nation of ours, those ideas that are arctic lated best by candidates will be one ones i endorse. >> greta: one last question on strategy. former u.s. senator rick santorum.
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i'm wondering what your thought schl he said he does not believe penn state university football team should play in a bowl game. of course, i'm curious, making a statement like that and going on a limb about football. what do you think? >> this is not the players fault they have a perverted former assistant coach. i would like to see the players not suffer more than they have. as for perk as louing that sinfulness to go on as in the past, i say, assistant coach, hang him from the highest tree. i'll bring the rope. it's horrible and atrocious what took place, if it is true these children were victimized, then he himself and anyone who allowed what he does go on should be the ones to suffer not today's young
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players who have been innocent in all of this. >> greta: we lest we start a fire in the media i assume you say hang him by the tree you believe in the process of criminal justice. and i assume you want a criminal process? >> hang him from the highest tree and i'll bring the rope if he's guilty of what has been alleged. if he abused these young children and ruined their lives and unless they get a lot of help, greta in order to deal with victimization that they're now suffering from, he needs to be punished to the fullest extent of the law if truly guilty. >> i want to clarify. and it will be all over. and governor palin, thank you. >> greta: straight ahead,
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donald trump is disgusted about something president obama said, donald trump goes on the record and the obama administration may have some explaining to do, the latest about new e mails, coming up, plus, gabby giffords speaking about her recovery and the date she's shot. you'll hear from the congress woman in her own words. in america, we believe in a future
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>> donald trump said it's disgusting that the president is calling america's people lazy. >> okay, you have been busy on twitter recently. let me read you one of your recent twitters about president obama. he said habitual vacationner calling america lazy this past week while in hawaii. he was at a big apec summit in hawaii. you take issue with it? >> i do, indeed, when he's using a 747 boeing to go around, which is called air force one, to go around and campaign and raise funds. and i can't imagine that the republicans aren't being stronger about he shouldn't be able to do that. but he's flying around on air force one, which is a plane that costs hundreds of thousands of
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dollars an hour to fly. >> but all presidents do this, both parties. >> maybe they do but i've never seen anybody do it like this. i've been watching this for a long time and i've never seen any president work like this. this is crazy. he calls it vacation, he calls it this. he's campaigning. he's really campaigning and vacationing. i'm not sure which is worse. >> the reference he said when he was speaking on november it 12th this is in part but eve been a little bit lazy i think over the last couple decades. we've kind of taken for granted while people want to come here we aren't out there hungry trying to attract new business into america. >> it's interesting he calls people lazy. he's done one business deal in his life and that was his house and there was a big question about his house. he is really referring to the business community and they don't give us the tools. when they allow china to manipulate the currency and allow other people and countries to do what they are doing against our country, it would be
1:23 am
nice if the government could give a little help. and i said it the other day actually on one of your shows, i said it the other day, for him to say that the business people of this country are lazy is disgusting. especially coming from him. >> what do we want more of, do we want more of american businesses going overseas and developing products and growing around the world or do we want foreign companies to come here. >> i think we want american companies to stay here and develop their products from here. >> but that wasn't a choice. >> but that's what is going on. people don't even give that as a choice. even you. you are asking me do we want to go over there and develop? no. i think people should stay here and make their product and sell it to china like they do to us. >> that's ideal but it's not happening. >> the reason it is not happening because of a simple manipulation of currency and we do nothing about it. but we should be making product here and send it out.
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china says do you want to build a tractor? we don't want your tractor. good, go build a plant there. we don't do this. china says wait until you see what happens to boeing. i have a lot of good friends at boeing. and watch what is going to happen with china and boeing. they will not be buying from boeing pretty much, they will be making their own aircraft that would be made in china and they will be competing with boeing like you never saw before. >> new topic, 12 -- 2012, who is up in the race, who is down? >> it's amazing because every day it changes. now newt, who is a friend of mine, is doing very well. mit romney is doing very well. i mean, he's doing very well but he just doesn't seem to get that extra little bounce that you think he would get. >> why? why doesn't he move up? he doesn't move down but why doesn't he budge at all? >> he has a very solid base, he doesn't move down and that's a big statement you make. he doesn't move down. but you think he would be bouncing like wild. he's done great in debates.
1:25 am
he's done beautifully in every single debate. >> the pundits say that but if the numbers don't reflect it, i mean he's a great debater but how come the voters don't think he's doing a great job. >> they probably think he's not as conservative as they would like to see. but he will have a good chance against obama relative to other people who are maybe more conservative. he's playing a very fine line game, and it may be brilliant. we will let you know in about a year, right? >> one of the things that the obama campaign is going to go after him for is things like flip-flopping, issues like abortion when he debated senator ted kennedy in the early '90s he was pro abortion. he's changed his mind. and he got heat about flip-flopping in ohio. it will be painful should he get
1:26 am
the nomination. >> and they will get him flip-flop and other people flip-flop and people change their mind over a period of time. obama was against the debt ceiling when he was a senator and did other things that he is now advocating. i guess they look at that as a weakness. i'm not sure if it is or not. he changed his mind. >> a tie? they both flip-flops. >> obama was going to get us right out of the war, it was going to end immediately and in the mean time he got us more into the war. and as soon as we leave iraq, that thing is going to be a mess and iran will take over so i don't think he's done us any favor. who flip-flopped more than obama? look at the war and look at his vote on debt ceiling. look at many of his other votes. he's flip-flopped more than anybody. >> you mentioned speaker gingrich, that he is at least currently surging, and every day is a little bit different. but why do you think he is doing better now? >> well, he's got some very good conservative views but i think
1:27 am
maybe more than anything else, he really is a good debater. you know i like him because he's a member of my great golf club in washington d.c. he love people who join my clubs. >> is he good at golfing? >> he is and his wife is very nice. they are liked very much at the club, that i can tell you. >> on a serious note why he is doing well besides the fact he is a good debater? >> the good debater is a good thing. the debates have never been so important as they are now, for some reason, both good and bad. you see what happened to certain candidates who didn't do well in the debates and it hasn't been a pretty picture. newt has done very well in the debates and mit romney has done very well in the debates. >> but they are fascinating to watch, but the idea that you can have someone, ask them a foreign policy question and give them 30 seconds or a minute, does theth snapshot tell us anything about the person? >> no, and it could be the worse
1:28 am
debater would be the best president, it's possible but i think people want to see how a certain candidate reacts quickly. and how do they react under pressure? >> coming up, more with donald trump. what happens when a candidates personal scandal hits the gop race? you will hear what trump thinks about that. and a moment hillary clinton will not soon forget. what in the world just happened? you have to hear the rest of this story. [ male announcer ] cranberry juice? wake up!
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>> once again here is donald trump. >> what is the effect, do you think, and i realize this is a little bit of voodoo, but when of the personal issues. for instance, speaker gingrich confronting some issues from the '90s with his marriage. there's been an allegation against mr. herman cain about sexual harassment. all this sort of, is this significant in the race or is this sort of going to be collateral 2012? >> it's not exactly a great boost. and i think herman has worked very hard to get rid of that. it seems like a lot of things are unfounded. nobody knows are they true or not true, but they don't have any evidence or any proof. and it certainly is not a positive for herman, and it certainly is not a positive for newt. in fact, i just see now he's doing well. they were leaving him alone but now that he's doing well i'm starting to see all the vicious
1:33 am
stories come out about newt. it will be a tough period of time. but it is not positive. it certainly is not positive. >> ron paul, congressman paul. out? totally out? >> he's an interesting guy. he has some interesting views of things. whether you agree or don't agree, he has interesting common sense. i view it as common sense not libertarians views on things. but it will be very hard for him to win. no question about that. a couple of the votes that are debating i don't think we have to get too much into names, but it's almost like why are they taking up the time? you look at their numbers, they stayed at 1% for a long period of time, and you hear them answering the same question over and over and over in the debate and you don't want to hear it from them. you really want to hear from the candidates that have a chance. >> maybe the other will implode? we get surprises all the time. >> it's happened before but i think certain candidates are just not going to have much of a
1:34 am
chance. >> but if i were running i would be focusing on iowa and spend time there and let everyone else be distracted by the national polls. whoever has a really good ground name in iowa, new hampshire, south carolina and florida. >> and a couple of people are doing that and they are focused also in new hampshire. >> what would be your advice for governor romney? >> well, it's interesting. probably the best thing he can do is get my endorsement because i do carry a big endorsement. >> is he going to get it? >> i'm looking at a lot of things. >> you always say. >> that no, no, i'll be making an endorsement at some point. >> why are you waiting? you have a level of certainty, you are a determined businessman. i bet you know. >> i'm looking. do i know in my mind who it will be? i have an idea but i don't want to say yet. >> what's the criteria? >> i'm just seeing what their at duties are on certain things. for example, foreign policy. we keep talking about the economy. very rarely do we mention all of
1:35 am
the countries throughout this world, this great world of ours, that are ripping us to shreds because their leaders are sharper, tougher than our loaders. >> stop there. i suspect when they have all made the pilgrimage to see you, i suspect you have spent more time with them asking questions like that than we see on these sort of snapshot debates. >> that's true. >> so i think they would be farther ahead of the decision than you are letting on. >> no, i feel strongly about it. we can say education and all sorts of things. it's interesting, what do we do about jobs? people say we can do education. i watch the debates and it's very sad. they talk about everything except what the primary reason is. we are losing our jobs to other countries because of stupid policies and actually very, very stupid politicians. >> is this new or is this just the president obama administration or is this something that's been an epidemic in prior administrations? >> it's gotten worse. we honor china now.
1:36 am
i watched mr. huntsman the other day and it's almost like roll over. i thought it was a terrible answer. not that he gave it improperly. i think it's a terrible answer to a big problem. i think that we have to focus from within. we have to start getting back to the core values of this country. the world is eating our lunch. they are taking our jobs, they are doing numbers on us, and our politicians aren't smart enough to even realize it. when we have the president of china coming to this country, and obama gives him a steak dinner, what he's doing to this country is unbelievable. i'm not talking about obama, i'm talking about the president of china but if you think about it, president obama also. >> and opec is the other one that gets you really going. >> opec is the single biggest abuser of this country, absolutely. >> which of the candidates has the toughest approach to opec? >> i haven't seen anybody. >> none of them. >> i haven't seen them using the word opec, i haven't seen them
1:37 am
discussing it too much. but i will say this, the candidate that wants to drill in this country without mentionen the word opec is okay with me also. >> and you must be following the pipeline dispute from canada. >> i certainly have been. >> it's been put on hold and the president is caught between the environmentalists and the unions. >> it's obviously political. he doesn't want to do it until after the election. he's caught between the unions, which is very interesting where they want it, and they are supposed to be on his side, and the environmentalists because they don't want anything in many cases and i'm an environmentalists. i have seen so many environment allay wards. i do a great job from the standpoint of the environment but i'm an environmentalist that wants things to happen. you have some that don't want anything to happen. obama, instead of doing what he should do, which is approve it and get fuel in this country and jobs in the country, he said i'll wait until after the election.
1:38 am
purely political. >> i have a problem with no decision is made. >> i think it's terrible. and it's so obvious. it's not like, oh, gee. it's obvious. he will wait until after the election and then probably approve it. >> and the congress, with the debt ceiling last august and the super committee, if they don't reach a decision by thanksgiving that's approved by congress, that there are these huge cuts that will go into effect that the republicans are unhappy with the democrats are unhappy with but that doesn't go into effect until january after the election because they don't want to evidence their constituencies. >> the concept of a supercommittee is an outrage. if we had a proper leader in this country he would get everybody into a room and make a deal. for you to have a supercommittee, which is highly political to start off with, is absolutely an outrage. i'm hearing the committee is not coming to terms, they aren't doing what they think, i don't know, it's hard to believe they won't come up. for me.
1:39 am
everyone says they won't come up with a deal. for me it's hard to believe they won't because i think there's a lot of political pressure on them to come up with a deal. but the supercommittee is an outrage that we even have a supercommittee. >> but you don't see my point, if they don't reach a decision, it's not like the trigger gets pulled january, it's not until in after election so neither party will feel the pain from not work out a solution. >> the one that triggered that wags obama and he totally outnegotiated the republicans and i'm a republican. the one thing he wanted in this whole deal was the decision to come due after the election and he got it. because he knows -- i call it the great mess. we had the great mess six months ago. he knows if he went through that again prior to the election, he could not win the election. so he got the one thing he wanted, which was only for his own preservation. >> and coming up, the white house has to be worried about this one. there is new information tonight in the solyndra scandal
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get back to the things that matter most. good job girls. ask your rheumatologist if enbrel is right for you. >> this is a fox news alert from new york, i'm ainsley earhardt. the secret service telling the associated press, bullets have been found on the white house grounds. the discovery came as agents investigated reports of gunfire near the white house on friday. the but the secret service says they have not confirmed if those incidents are connected. one bullet hit an exterior window but was stopped by bullet-proof glass. penn state coach mike mcqueary is claiming to be facing heavy fallout from reporting a rape of a 10-year-old boy in a locker room. he said he stopped the alleged assault by fellow coach jerry sandusky and told police. mcqueary writes that he is, quote, getting hammered for
1:45 am
handling the incident in the right way. sandusky's accused of sexually assaulting several boys over a 15-year span. i'm ainsley earhardt. now back to "on the record." mac cantor takes a twitter. he tweets the plot thickens. he's talking about blockbuster news in the solyndra scandal. house republicans indicate there are e-mails suggesting the obama administration urged the now bankrupt company to postpone announcing layoffs until november 3, 2010, the day after the 2010 election. good evening, rick. what is it that the republican-led house committee is saying? >> they are saying now that there is evidence that the investment advisers were communicating about the potential for lay offs. they have in touch with the energy department about this in late 2010. they said we are having troubles, we aren't going to make our payments, we are
1:46 am
considering a line of layoffs and they say the communication back was can you wait until november 3rd? of course, that's the day after the midterm elections. >> the e-mails, i probed a little bit. nobody in the media has actually seen the e-mails. it's that the house committee has received about what, 190,000 pages in a document dump and they have identified it and then they have provided the information to the media so we aren't exactly sure what the e-mails say, right? >> that's right. there's a huge amount of e-mails that was generated by the inside the white house, inside the solyndra, involves with the outside investment advisers as well. it's coming to light because of the congressional investigations, including thursday an appearance by the energy secretary, steven chu in front of the committee. even if you look at all of the documents it shows their point that there was political pressure in approving the lone in the first place. >> assuming the documents bear out what the republican members of saying, what it does more
1:47 am
than signature, says the white house was up to their eyeballs. in fact, they went to ron, who is the former steve of staff, and he was involved in the e-mail traffic. it's hard to say anything but it's a political decision when you want to hide something after an election. >> the facts are lining up. obviously we know they expedited the review process for the lone despite concerns inside the obama administration, another part of it. they were saying put the brakes on and the department of energy wanted to plow ahead. we had a restructuring of the lone. they knew it would be a bad story line and wanted to make sure it would not come out until after the election. that's what makes it damaging. >> to me it'sa falling. it shows not leadership but politics and at a time when the nation is suffering so much with the economy and the horrible bad judgment lone to solyndra and now they are trying to hide it so the american people don't
1:48 am
take it out on them for their bad judgment. it doesn't show leadership, it shows something else. i know you are a reporter so i won't and you to make a statement on that. thursday there will be a blistering hearing when the secretary it was. >> that's right. the secretary of energy is ultimately responsible for this. it was his department that was pushing it along. the energy secretary himself was a big champion of this program. he will get a lot of tough questions, including, i would expect, calls for his head as part of the hearing. they want to know exactly what he was pushing internally, what the political pressures would be. he has denied any wrongdoing in this but to a lot of republicans it just doesn't pass the smell test. >> rick, thank you. >> thank you. [ male annouer ] juice drink too watery? ♪ feel the power my young friend. mmm! [ male announcer ] for unsurpassed fru and veggie nutrition... v8 v-fusion. could've had a v8.
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>> here's the best of the rest. real daytime drama on "the view" today. it's clear bill maher wasn't sitting next to his biggest fan and he had a few tense moments, even. >> that you have to care the republican party doesn't care about knowledge or knowing thing. >> it's not true. >> you are so brilliant. i actually feel smarter sitting next to you >> i feel like i am in high school sitting next to you. >> let's move on, okay?
1:53 am
>> i'm just trying to do something because i'm feeling hot over here. >> i don't think those two are of going to be friends. and representative gabby giffords makes an announcement. she said she's getting better. she speaks to her constituents through a recorded message on her face book page. >> hello, this is gabby giffords. i miss you. i miss tucson, the mountains, blue skies, even the heat. i'm getting stronger. i'm getting better. it's been a hard year for all of us. thinking about that day makes me sad. six people died. six innocent people.
1:54 am
so many people hurt. there is a lot to say. i will speak better. i want to get back to work representing arizona is my honor. my staff is there to help you. they keep me informed on your behalf. i miss you. i miss home. i'll see you real soon. thank you. >> congresswoman giffords and her husband, retired astronaut mark kelly, have written a new book about her recovery. mark kelly will join us tomorrow night. and coming up, hillary clinton in a photo with a half naked man in a tiki torch? no, we aren't making this up. what's better than gold ?
1:55 am
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>> greta: 11:00 is almost here, flash studio lights, it's time for last call. hillary clinton gets a lot of surprises but this one just might take the cake. [ laughter ]. >> secretary of state clinton in hawaii for asia pacific forum. no one seems to know why the man was wearing a loin cloth but it made for a good photo. that is your last call. thank you for being with us tonight from new york we'll see you again tomorrow from iowa. and mark kelly will go on the record for the new book he wrote with his wife, congress woman gabby giffords. go to greta i'm putting an open thread up.