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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 17, 2011 12:00am-1:00am EST

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remember the spin stops here because we are definitely looking out for you. >> rick perry stuns washington and calls for a dramatic government shake-up. >> it is time to create a part-time congress. >> the presidential hopeful is here to tell us how he would uproot and overhaul washington if he gets elected. the nypd braces for mass demonstrations as the occupy wall street movement says it will shut down wall street and they call for violence. while the mainstream media continues their attacks on conservatives tiffs. they repeatedly give the anointed one a free pass.
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>> i have now been in 57 states? >> michelle is here with some classic obama low lights that the left wing media has chosen to ignore. and efforts to remove governor scott walker from office you now underway. the governor is here and speaks out for the first time since the recall effort began. want city starts right now. >> under three years of barack obama it's been business as usual. revolving door of lobbyists in and out of washington is still spinning out of control and the swamp on capitol hill is hurricanier than everyone. rick perry is now on a mission to change owl of that and he's proposing some pretty drastic measures in order to turn this country around. one of which is a deconstruct the permanent political class in d.c. take a look.
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>> congress is out of touch because congressmen are overpaid, they are overstaffed, and they are away from home way too much. america has had enough of that. i happen to believe it is time to create a part-time congress where their pay is cut in half, their office budgets are cut in half and hair time in washington is cut in half. >> the governor's proposal quickly captured the attention of top democrats. former house majority leader, mr. hoyer. he does not appear to be ready or willing to give up his day job and even accused governor perry to pandering to the tea party. to tell me how serious it is, presidential candidate, the governor of the great state of texas, governor rick perry. welcome back. >> sean, it's great to be with you again. thank you very much. >> i kind of like the idea. i'm figuring if they aren't there that often they can't do as much damage. i think we will be better off
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the more vacation they get. maybe even let them keep their pay and we will end up financially a lot better off. >> you think about it, i think stenny hoyer or someone of his elk said that was a radical idea. well, it's not a radical idea. you think about how many state legislatures meet part-time. i just left new hampshire a couple hours ago. they meet part-time and they get their work done. my home state we meet for 140 days every other year. texas would be the 13th largest economy in the world if it were a stand alone entity and we are able to get our work done. the best i can tell texas is doing pretty well compared to the rest of the country from the standpoint of job creation i think having a part-time congress with half the staff, half the pay and let them spend half the time in washington d.c. they have been spending and i have to figure america will be twice as good off, at least. >> well, look at, for example,
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we had peter scweizer last night. he has a great new book. in the book, remember martha stewart, insider trading. the country was outraged. and insider wall street. but they are upset about crony, quote, capitalism. everybody in america would go to jail, governor, except those who work in washington. congressmen and senators, they are legally allowed to be involved in insider trading. can you believe that? >> people are fed up with this. the freedom of information act, they have exempted themselves from that. they don't have to show the conversations or the e-mails or the texts -- i mean, that's what americans are really upset with. not only have they now taken us to over $15 trillion, we clicked over $15 trillion would recollect of -- dollars of
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national debt, and it's on our dime and we are tired to paying for it. part-time legislature, have them live within the same laws they passed. that's why -- i think that's the reason the states function as well as they do have that the part-time legislators by and large. you work at a job back home. i change the law where congress can have a job, outside income, they go back to wherever they are from. they work in the communities where they are supposed to be and they live within the laws they passed. it makes sense. and i'm telling you, this isn't something that we haven't thought about. this is something i think americans have been dreaming about, is having washington be as inconsequential in their lives as they can be, and i'm going to go to washington d.c. and step on some toes. i might have to take a sledgehammer with me to do it, but i guarantee you we will talk about it every day until the congressmen and the washington bureaucracy understands
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something, they work for us, not the other way around. >> let me ask you something. there's been a lot made in the 53 seconds you had in the one debate when you forgot the one department you wanted to cut. later in the program i want to make a comparison. the president in one speech multiple times, doesn't know what a navy man is. he says corpse man. he said all of you on this memorial day, and i see you out there, he doesn't know the difference between memorial day and veteran's day. i have been to 57 states now? and i say this because i think there's a double standard in the media. i thought you had a really funny exchange to deal with what every candidate is going to have, a gaffe on the campaign trail. i want to show everybody the funny exchange you had with scott pelly. >> governor perry, you add vo indicate the elimination of the department of energy. if you elimination the department of energy --
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>> glad you remembered it. [applause] >> i have had some time to think about it, sir. >> me too. [applause] >> i think that was probably the funniest moment on the campaign trail. how tough is it, though, when uv a gaffe moment and you have to deal with it? is it hard? >> oh, you know, everybody has it. i mean you go on about your business because i hope this campaign, and i hope this election for the presidency doesn't resolve around who the best debater is. we've got a great debater in the white house, it's just not working out very well for us. as i said earlier, $15 trillion national debt. you think about our credit rating downgraded for the first time in the history of this country. you look at the foreign policy that is just wavering and fuzzy, and you wonder why americans have lost their confidence in
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the policy. and it's because of the policies that this president has put in place. that's what we are going to talk about over the course of the election for the presidency, is his record and his record is abysmal. >> and you also serious proposals, now a part-time congress, for example, the flat tax that you have gone into detail, your energy proposal. you just came out with a brand new ad attacking the president for saying that the american people are lazy, that we've become a bit lazyism want to run the ad for people to see it. >> we've been a little lazy i think over the last couple of decades. >> can you believe that, that's what the president thinks is wrong with america? that americans are lazy? that's pathetic. it's time to clean house in washington. it's time for a balanced budget that forces congress to stop overspending. if congress bachs, cut their pay, send them home. obama owes socialist policies are bankrupting america. we must stop him now.
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i'm rick perry, i approve this message. >> what do you think, this is not the first time he's gone over the american people. what does it reveal to you about his mind set and thinking? >> it reveals to me that he grew up in a privileged way. he never had to really work for anything. he never had to go through what americans are going through. there's 14-plus million americans sitting out there, some of them watching this program tonight, that don't have a job. this president has never felt that anxst that he has in his charlotte. and when he has had problems he's pointed out that it's somebody else's fault, not mine. his thinking that that he can gd negotiate because of his great debating skills anyplace in the world. we've seen a must be of examples of that where it's been an failure. and his thinking he's the smartest guy in the the room has hurt america around the world,
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particularly when it comes to foreign policy. and i think that mentality of i'm the smartest guy in the room and therefore it couldn't be my fault is really hurting america. we need a president who has been through their ups and downs in life and understand what it's like to have to deal with the issues of our economy that we have today in america. and that's what this election is going to be, sean. it's going to be about what has a plan to get america working again. and frankly, who has the ability to make washington as inconsequential in people's lives as we can make it. >> governor, always appreciate you being on. thank you for being with us tonight. >> sean, it's a great pleasure, sir. godspeed. >> coming up, occupy wallstreet protestors retaliate after being evicted from a park in new york city. we will talk about what they plan on doing tomorrow, threats of bombing macy's and also the threat of violence and union leaders are trying to oust him
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>> tomorrow marks the two month anniversary since the left wing occupation began and new york city is bracing for what is expected to be a day of chaos. now occupy wallstreet organizers are calling for a, quote, day of action after protesters were
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evicted from zupatti near wall street and barred from returning with sleeping bags and tents and tarps. this is the disturbing poster that's being distributed by the organizers. their day of civil disobedience will start at 7:00 a.m. when they are scheduled to gather at liberty park and plan to literally shut down wall street. they plan on occupying 16 subway stations. in the evening they want to disrupt traffic. joining me with reaction is fox news contributor, sandra smith and crawly. they are talking about throwing a molotov cocktail in macy's. roll the tape. >> we are going to rock this [bleep], we are going to burn this [bleep]. >> yeah!
12:16 am
>> and we are going to [bleep]. >> we are going to burn this [bleep] city. >> no more talking. they have guns, we have bodies. we have rocks. see what they have got. i want them to make that decision. in a few days you are going to deal with a molotov cocktail at macy's. >> we are going to burn new york city to the ground, burn, baby, burn. >> well, from the beginning, a lot of people have said there's no coherent message here. these protestors don't really know what they are protesting is. it's very sort of emore fuss, there's no shape to it. that's been a fundamental misreading of what the movement is all about. we are talking about very sophisticated leftist psychology and a very sophisticated leftist movement. the posters they are putting around new york for date of anger or day of rage, that there is shades of the old communist
12:17 am
era, the tanks, the color, the red, the masses of people. they are dealing with bart of the global socialist movement that started these days of age. they are calling it a day of anger tomorrow. we should not miss under this. this is far more organized by a lot of very well-funded socialist and communist groups from around the world. >> i don't know how to interpret that. >> i disagree. i don't see it organized. if i were to be fair, possibly one good thing about that poster, aside from it saying that mass and nonviolent direct action after we just saw that soundbite i don't know if it is nonviolent but what action is being used? i think viewers at home will share with the sympathy they have been inactive, they have been camping out in the park and not doing anything at all. maybe this is finally some organization. maybe finally we will hear what their real message is. >> this is what i meanly leftist
12:18 am
psychology. the whole point was not to have a coherent message, it was to get them into the street, get them moving and then the message would be supplied to them. they would be supplied with it later, about socialism, about wealth redistribution and ultimately re-electing barack obama. >> but nobody has sent out a clear message. >> but that's not the point. >> what is it they want? what actions are they taking? what are they asking for? tomorrow, if they are going to take action, let's hear a clear message. sean just probably did more for that protest than any of them have done. >> let me interrupt you both here. nancy pelosi said thank god for this movement. obama, seal of approval, and what have we seen here? violence, rape, arson, destruction of property, sex in public, masterbation in bub, anti-americanism,
12:19 am
antisemitism,anti capitalism. and interestingly, even today democrats are mad at the new york mayor for daring to shut it down two months later. >> he didn't shut it down. >> he got rid of the tents. >> and the owner of zupatti wrote a note and said enough is enough. we allowed it to go on for two months. it's disgusting. we have to clean it up. and they didn't want to let them back in, saying i can't camp out here anymore. >> and because we are dealing with a sophisticated thing, this is just the first phase, okay? now you are going to see them ramping up the violence. god knows what's going to happen tomorrow. i hope nothing major happens. >> if it happens. >> but you heard this guy here. he's talking about burning down new york city and bombing macy's. >> remember they have unions behind them, they have the american socialists behind them, they have the american communists and global movements behind them. a lot of big money behind them as well. >> but they had to set up at zupatti park because rape was
12:20 am
becoming so rampant, a safety tent for women guard bid women. where are the people on the left that say they have a monopoly on guarding women and standing up for women and protecting their rights? where have they been when this is happening? >> people are afraid then to step forward for what should really be done. i mean, it wasn't just that. not just rape. it was theft, it was obviously drugs and sex happening on the streets. i mean, this is really, really got bad. so, sean, if i would say anything, they owe mayor bloomberg a favor for even getting them up out of the park to take some sort of action. unfortunately we heard some of it is aimed as being violent. but if he are going to keep doing this, get the message out. >> and james had a good line, this is obamaville. nancy pelosi support this, they own it, and it's going badly for them. >> if my theory is right, and i hope it's not, but if this is
12:21 am
phase one and now it's phase 2 and they will ramp it up with violence -- >> there's no organization. >> the democratic party will be so crippled because they got so close to it. >> a good debate tonight. thank you. >> thank you. >> and connell up, our interview with of wisconsin governor scott walker. they are intent on ousting him from office. but first it's president obama all-time greatest gaffes. you know, the one the media never pays attention to it. they only pay attention to rick they only pay attention to rick perry and fore! no matter what small business you are in, managing expenses seems to... get in the way. not anymore. ink, the small business card from chase introduces jot an on-the-go expense app made exclusively for ink customers. custom categorize your expenses anywhere. save time and get back to what you love.
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>> so while the liberal mainstream is busy attacking gop candidates lick texas governor rick perry for his debate slip-up and herman cain and his hesitation of answering a question in his roll of america, who is holding the anointed one for his equally, if not more so mishaps. no one, that is until now. we've compiled the ultimate collection of president obama's greatest gaffes. you aren't going to see this anywhere else. take a look. >> iran, cuba, venezuela, these countries are tiny compared to
12:26 am
the soviet union. you send a kid to the emergency room for a treatable illness like as ma, they end up taking up a hospital bed. you gave them treatment early, and they got some treatment, and a breathalyzer -- or in halator. >> on this memorial day as we honor our fallen heros, and i see many in the audience today. >> i have now been in 57 states. >> i don't know what the term is here, wheeling and dealing. >> and corpseman brashar. >> malia is 13 and sasha is 10. >> here with the author of best-seller cultural corruption, and a fox contributor, michelle malcouple is back with us. there's no as you tree an language, it's not a
12:27 am
breathalyzer, i don't know what a corpseman is, iran is a bigger country, and doesn't the president, isn't he supposed to know the difference between memorial day and veteran's day? little gaffes. >> i loved that blooper real. it was the mother of all blooper reels, sean. there is still enough material for a full-length feature documentary of all of these gaffes. and you haven't even started with joe biden. >> that's true. >> and his super gaffetastiy commissions over the last several years. what it points to is that all of us on the right have been frustrated with. it's the immense double standards with which the liberal media treat republicans versus democrats and their bloopers. in fact, i tweeted jeff of the new york times newspaper, the fish wrap of record today, when he linked to a story that they just published on gop gaffes in the presidential field.
12:28 am
i said, hey, where is that new york times grand tally of democratic gaffes from the white house? crickets are chirping. i haven't heard a word from him. jeff, i'm at@michellemalkin. let me know. >> i declared media dead in 2008, we buried it in 2010. it's done, it's gone, it's finished. and i guess thank god we have the internet, we've got bloggers like yourself, we've got fox news, we've got talk radio because without it there is no objective. all we have is media bias almost everywhere we look, right? >> it's true. every time in 6 some gop flub comes along it eats up an entire new cycle. you have the mockery that's going to come from the late night comedy shows, and it goes back decades to george herbert
12:29 am
walker bush and the scanner incident which they abused and exploited and completely misinterpreted to feed this narrative that he was out of touch. and then the same thing with dan quail and potato, and, of course, an entire election cycle of beating up on sarah palin while obama and biden, i call it bidenrhea of the mouth. every time he opened his mouth it was a disaster. but we never got that kind of treatment from the democrats. the bottom line on some of this is every politician is going to commit these kind of gaffes and every one of them is going to be brain freezes once in a while. we are all human, it's true. when it comes to the obama administration it's not so much occasional cluelessness that worries me it's the systemic corruption that the mainstream media is turning its eye to. >> between the fast and furious, the gren energy, the cronyism,
12:30 am
i've never seen anything like it. and i think ultimately within the next year as people get educated and catch up, i think it's going to have a big impact on the election. all right. i would be neglectlyient to let you go. we talked about occupy wallstreet, it's going to be ratcheted up tonight. they are talking about burning down new york city, bombing macy's, i'll play the shorter clip and i want to get your response to it. >> they have bricks we have rocks, they will see what we've got. i want them. i want them to make that decision. in a few days you will see what a molotov cocktail does to macy's. >> they have missiles we have bombs. we will burn down new york city and bomb macy's. what do you make of this fact, debbie becauser man, nancy pelosi, they said thank god for these people. with all the activity that's gone on, is this obamaville all
12:31 am
across the country. >> it sure is. it's much larger than obama. he's are the heirs, these are the spawns of the worst excesses of the i had logical left. in that less when you talk about politicians that praise credit, do not forget elizabeth warren. she pretty much called her proudly the god mother of this chaos. this is manufactured chaos, manufactured crises. it has been since day one. and we are seeing all of the ugly, retchet, criminal manifestations of it. brace yourselves for tomorrow. i think if this white house remains silent about everything that's going on, you can equate that silence with absolute accomplicety. >> all right. michelle malkin, always appreciate you being with us. thank you. >> you bet. take care. >> and coming up, exclusive with
12:32 am
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against big labor with the help of a school board member and mother both making the case he shouldn't be voted out while he is still making positive progress for the people of wisconsin. >> we were worried on the state budget, it was going to mean less money for our school district. and we have 25 schools. but governor walker, he gave us options that reduced our biggest costs so that we could put more money back into our classrooms. >> i'm committed to working together to create more jobs, to improve our schools and to protect our seniors. you know, wisconsin's best days are yet to come. it won't happen overnight, but
12:37 am
we are on our way. >> now meanwhile opponents of the governor rallied in front of his private home last night, hundreds of protesters gathered and marched to occupy walker's streets. democrats have 60 days from yesterday to collect the more than 540 signatures that are necessary for the recall to move forward. join me now for his first interview since the recall movement began is wisconsin governor scott walker. first, governor, i have to admit, i don't care if they go to the capital and protest, i don't care if people disagree with you, but to do this to your family, your neighbors, you have kids, how bad was it last fight? >> well, there were about 1,000 folks out there, and thankfully some of them were supporters but in the end for our neighbors, even more so than for my family. i have a 16 and 17-year-old. certainly i look out for them and worry about the two of them. but i have neighbored on one side that have two small girls and neighbors two houses away that's an 80-year-old woman and i think for them, they didn't
12:38 am
ask for this. i asked for it, i can hand tell, i'm a big boy, i can handle protests at the capital or the executive residence but doing it outside of people's homes show how extreme money from other states are going to drive they recall. >> you get to the bottom line and you take the emotion out of it we watched you take on unions and collective bargaining, all you asked is state employees, they pay 12.6% of their healthcare premiums and people in the private sectors many times play twice that and you asked them to contribute 5.8% toward their pension. previously they paid nothing. very standard operating procedure. >> it's simple. not only matching, if he are lucky they get an employer who matches and most people in my state pay 20 or 25% or more and we are asking for 12.6%.
12:39 am
i have a brother, a great younger brother who works as a banquet manager of a hotel and part-time bar tender and his wife works for a department store, the two epitomize men across america and he told me he would love to pay what they are being asked to pay because he pays more than $800 a month just for his health insurance and the little bit he can set aside for his 401k. that's a much, much better deal for him if he was a public employee even after our changes. what we are doing is very reasonable f you ask your neighbor on either side they would say what we've asked from public employees is pretty reasonable. >> i have read what you implemented now has saved -- by the way, you had a budget deficit of what? you balanced the $3.6 billion deficit, and you are able to do it without raising taxes on the people of wisconsin. and create 40,000 new jobs in just the first six months,
12:40 am
right? >> right. it's one of those nearly every state across america had a deficit. we had one. our largest deaf sets two years ago. started out with $3.6 billion deficit and ended up with a budget for the next two years that actually has a surplus without raising taxes. next month when people see their property tax bill they will see for the first time in many years that, for example, our school tax levies are actually going down on average in the state of wisconsin and yet we still have a better teacher-student ratio, 13 1/2 teachers for every one student versus a higher rate at the national level. we are doing better adding more net teacher positions than we saw layoffs in any school district around the state. our schools and local governments, doing better because we gave them the schools, we protected middle class property taxpayers, unlike other states like illinois where they raised taxes, laid off thousand of public employees and cut services. we did it the right way. >> you actually saved the jobs of people because the municipalities, local governments were going bankrupt
12:41 am
and we are talking about $465 million you are saying in savings. now, if the unions go forward with this, and the special interests go forward in this, how much is it going to cost the taxpayers? do you have an estimate how much it will cost for them for they recall effort? >> well, they are saying in some cases up to $10 million just in taxpayer's money, not to mention the tens of millions they spent in the recalls earlier this year in the state senator and you will see in all sorts of negative adds. illinois has taken the path many of the proponents have advocated for. we've seen a total fail your, almost two-thirds increase in individual particular taxes and nearly 50% increase in business taxes. we've seen the exodus of jobs and business and wealth outside of that state, many coming north to wisconsin. we don't want to go backwards, we want to go forward. and we have a lot of people in the last day go to one of our special websites, and we are going to the ads we
12:42 am
talked about, and you see every day people in our state. first one with a as was a school board member and moth mother. you are going to see teachers and employers andply he's of that been hired since the beginning of the year that will tell the story about how the reforms are working in wisconsin and we've avoided the mistakes they have made in other states. >> people aren't getting fired, you balanced your budget, $3.6 billion and people want to attack you for being responsible because they want what they want. and i don't think they are going to be successful, governor, and i think it took a great act of political courage to stand for what is right. we will continue to follow this and we appreciate you coming on the program to talk about it. >> thank you, sean. good to be with you. >> appreciate it. let not your heart be troubled. our great, great, great american panel is next. ♪ [ female announcer ] find yourself sometimes cleaning up after your dishcloth? bounty extra soft can help.
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12:47 am
protestors, the one we told you about earlier tonight, has now been arrested tonight according to the nypd. he was charged with making terrorists threats and aggravated harassment. he was a senior pokes man -- spokesman for hillary clinton's campaign. is indicate obenshain is back, she's an anchor on our sister network, and lori roth man is here. let's play this from earlier because this guy was just arrested because they are going to have a big protest tomorrow and the threats made earlier. >> on the 17th we are going to meet beep [bleep] at the stock exchange and we are [bleep] going to [bleep] and on the
12:48 am
17th we are going to burn this city down. and no more talking. they have guns we have becomes, they have missiles, we have rocks. see what they have got. i want them. i want them to make that decision so they can see. if a few days you will see what a molotov cocktail can do to macy's. >> but nancy pelosi says thank god for them. >> it is just shocking, especially when they compare themselves to the civil rights union. i mean, that was about eradicating segregation. what is interesting about this they are going to occupy the subway along with the new york stocks exchange. >> and the brooklyn bridge. >> if there isn't a great equalizener new york, it is the subway. it doesn't matter how much money you have, if it is full, you are standing up. >> and there's a vacuum of leadership or anything they are out there for. consequently the complete nut cases rise up and become leaders.
12:49 am
and just the irony that we are comparing this either to the civil rights movement or to the tea party movement when you have rapes and murders and all sorts of disgusting activity taking place but i think it's just a distraction. because the unions are promoting this and encouraging it and you have nancy pelosi. because they want to focus on anything other than the president's abysmal job record. >> i think there is some truth to it but i think james is right, this is obamaville. obama embraced it, nan pelosi embraced it and, mo, i don't think this is helpful. people shot, drugs, nudity, sex. >> i don't think there's anybody that is embracing that and i don't think there's anybody -- hold on. i don't think there is anybody embracing that yahoo that got arrested and thank god he did get arrested. >> i agree. >> what i think is there is a lot of stupid stuff going on down there that is overshadowing the broader message --
12:50 am
>> forget the broader message. >> but that's why. >> no, no. >> this is my problem with that because they allow you to say forget the broader message. >> no, no. wait a minute. >> the media in this country and liberals like yourself were look for one tea party member that said one dumb thing, one sign, they couldn't find them. we find this every minute of every day at almost every location. >> believe me, there are plenty of nut jobs in this movement and plenty in the tea party. and they are out there making comparisons to the -- let's defeat them at the ballot box and if not let's go to the bullet box. >> who said that? i never heard it. >> a state legislative candidate in virginia. >> i never saw the tape. >> we need to shut all those people up. we need to shut them up on both sides. >> there might have been an instance or two or three. >> or four or five. >> you are seeing a thousands here. kate obenshain. >> i think the interesting
12:51 am
thing, mo said we lose the broader message. i don't know what the broader message is and i don't think anybody has been able to argue it other than the dissemination of our society and our free markets and our entrepreneurism. he supported it because he wants to give it energy and fuel so it continues to grow, the media continues to focus on it so we don't talk about 9.1 unemployment. >> let me ask you a question. to what extent is the president's class warfare rhetoric contributed to the message? it is interesting because congressmen and women are exempt from insider trading laws, as we exposed last night. it's interesting because the president is -- you talk about cronyism, solyndra and all the green energy issues, i think they should be protesting in front of 1600 pennsylvania avenue but to what extent did he inspire with the class warfare rhetoric that the rich don't pay their fair share, this movement? >> the rich, it is going to come down to economics. i know we are going to talk about the president's approval
12:52 am
rating which is abysmal, as well. and we have -- >> and american people are lazy. >> it's so infuriating. i'll tell you, mayor bloomberg i think was watching this and watching how it's reflecting back on the president so poorly and he finally stepped up. >> finally. >> and now the mayor is getting kudos for cleaning it up. >> he's more passionate about taking my salt away than he is about getting rid of this absolutely disgrace that happened down there for two months. i'm sorry, the mayor has been awful of new york. we have to take a break. [ male annouer ] juice drink too watery? ♪ feel the power my young friend. mmm! [ male announcer ] for unsurpassed fru and veggie nutrition... v8 v-fusion. could've had a v8. bass pro shops has great deals on great gear during the fall harvest sale, like...
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and stop by santa's wonderland for a free picture with santa.
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12:56 am
american panel. we have policy out. president obama approval rating ranks only above jimmy carter and gerald ford among recent incumbents. if you look at the 2012 race, look at this disapproval rating, 52%. and it keeps going down and it's even been in the high 30s. if you look at the gop field we have newt gingrich, 23, romney 22, herman cain 15, ron paul, what do you make of newt gingrich's ascendancy? is he now michele bachman, rick perry, herman cain? >> we've been talking about it
12:57 am
all week, especially since your interview a couple days ago as we saw him as a cuddly grandpa. he was sort of accessible and likable and smiling and brilliant at the debates. >> wait a minute, did you have an impression of newt that was different? >> well, he had his own sex scandal right back in the day and now there's sort of questions about the whole freddie mac relationship and his consultant fees and whatnot. >> i asked him about that. what did you think of his answer? >> it didn't seem as scandalous as the herman cain and the sexual assault allegations. >> this is what he said. i asked him are you different now than -- because, look, i was there the day he became speaker. i was emceeing that event in atlanta so i've known him many, many years. but i think he's a different person. i think he's mellowed. i don't think his values have changed but i think he has mellowed. i think it will be a tough battle. i think mitt ram has been a strong candidate. i think newt is a strong candidate. they are both great debaters.
12:58 am
do you see a difference from him from the time he was speaker? >> i definitely do. he's mellow and toned down and more scholarly. i remember him being a hot head. >> i remember him saying i'm a revolutionary. >> i do. but about obama's approval rating and how low they are, i will tell you ronald reagan's was lower at the beginning of his third year. >> not at this point in his presidency. >> that's because his economic policy produced explosive job growth so all of a sudden he had 1 million new jobs in one month and it was stunning but nothing like that is on the horizon for barack obama so he will stay where he is. >> who would you fear more as a democrat taking on? >> i don't know if i'm afraid of anyone. >> and these guys are so good. >> these guys are not offering anything. mit romney, the strong candidate you just talked about, has been running for five years and his numbers have not moved. the guy is hovering in the low --
12:59 am
>> there's nine people in the race. >> he is in the 20s and there's this musical chairs game going on. >> and mit romney stays on top at 25%. >> and there's nothing that's come out yet about mit romney. >> he's in second place. >> wait a minute. well, hillary and obama were killing each other at this time in 2007. killing each other. >> and this is a thoughtful evaluation of each candidatism think it's great and healthy. and absolutely they have something. they are talking about immediately cutting taxes. >> eliminating obama care, and reforming entitlements. >> what part of this are you hearing, mo. >> i'm hearing what the policy are saying since that's what this topic is about. >> and they are better than obama on every topic. >> that's not true. >> and republicans are losing on every one of those issues. >> and, no, they are winning on every one. >> and every republican is losing to barack obama in every poll. >> if you want to stay