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tv   The Five  FOX News  November 18, 2011 2:00am-3:00am EST

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and rambling and embarrassing himself does qualify him to be vice president. that is a step. >> that is your last call. thanks for being with us tonight. go to greta and let away. we're all staying in the city tonight. >> greg: hello, i'm the miniature mouthpiece, greg gutfeld, with andrea tantaros, bob beckel, eric bolling and the commander in cuteness, darren darren. it's 5 -- commanderer in cuteness, dana perino. it's 5:00. the show is tighter than kim kardashian's sweatpants. the show starts as soon as dana stopping kicking me under the table. ♪ ♪ >> greg: occupy wall street hits the two-month mark today with protesters participating in a national day of action.
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cities like new york's financial district, l.a. and portland, filled with activists chanting "all day, all week, shut down wall street." dozens in new york have already been jailed. to mark the special day, i bought the movement a bar of soap. let's also turn to one occupier for some thoughtful words. we're going to meet them at the [bleep], [bleep] stock exchange and we're going to rock this town. [bleep] [bleep] >> greg: my old roommate. meanwhile in san diego, a moment of silence is offered for the psycho who shot at the white house. >> the guy who shot at the white house today. [ moment of silence ] >> greg: there you go. it's good to see they care. but what of the other crimes like the assault and rain committed at the protest.
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let's ask maxine waters whose three remaining brain cells are playing palms. >> that's life. it happens. whether it's with protesters or other efforts going on in this country. >> greg: that is life and how it happens, which the best escalation why for raid of perversion skates beneath media scrutiny because for them the heart is in the right place. like brain dead clebs can condemn police for convicting protesters without opening up their own mansion up to house the vermin. they know it's easier to like the message from afar than experience mayhem from within. which is what i say about their crappy movies. ♪ >> greg: oh, bob. i'm only been back for two minutes and you're already tired of me. >> bob: your monologue was great. until the last part of that. why do you assume everybody protesting is vermin, dirty, disgusting dogs?
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>> greg: maybe because they're very min and disgusting dogs. >> bob: what is that you call your friends? that happens to be a friend of mine. he had an important message to say. here is the reality. tv business, you always say how the tv favored all the left and liberals. every time there is a wacko like that, that is what gets on tv. you have don't get people with a serious message about wall street. i'll repeat again, that is the vermin are in wall street getting $1 million bonuses. >> greg: overtime, the decent people, which was a small part of the move aren't gone. malcontent, perverts and people committing crimes. sniffings going to read the rap sheet so far for occupy. but it's 271 appearances. antisemitic activities. this one says the boston police arrest over 100. support protest and fight
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judea capitalist bangsters and it goes on and on. there is anti-semites. van jones all over the media saying this is the message of -- you know who this is, bob? >> bob: yes. >> eric: now the next cause is occupy. good luck. your 15 minutes is about up. >> greg: here is the thing. it has been around for two months and the media has done its best to avoid tainting the movement. >> bob: what? >> greg: yes. the only people rorring obit are blogs and fox news. no one else really is. could you imagine if the media had actually done some responsible reporting on this? the media would have been over in a week. >> dana: it's worth comparing the media coverage of the tea party protesters and remember the rowdier town hall meetings. you didn't have a situation like the former roommate vick out there. i talked to a woman today who is working two jobs. she said i don't have time to go for a walk in the park, let alone spend two months in the
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park. the guys overstayed their welcome. i don't disagree on merits they might have grievances that are worth pointing out, but they stayed way too long. now they sullyed the movement. i used to think next spring they will come back, better organized and fund and with a cohesive message. now it might have gone too far. no one wants to own the guys. >> greg: there is new polling that shows america is getting tired of this. they haven't been seeing the full story. two-third of the people are sick of these, i guess you could call them dirt bags. i don't know if that is right. i'm calling them that. >> andrea: they get the tax dollars are going to support this by cleaning up the mess they make. i feel sorry for a lot of these people. they're not that bright. they don't understand that the first amendment doesn't protect lawlessness. in the case of new york, i do blame bloomberg. i give him credit for coming out and at least acknowledging they're doing something wrong, but two months late? this is my problem with bloomberg, too. he cherry picks when he wants to invoke the first amendment.
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for the mosque he comes out and says they have a right to build it. at 9/11, no, no, no, no clergy at the 9/11 memorial. now he is silent and then he comes out to say -- >> bob: there are hundreds of thousands of people participating in this. you get 257 -- >> greg: that is not true. it was always exaggerated. criminality has been minimized. >> bob: i assume you are in favor of the people in wall street they are protesting against? >> eric: stop, stop, stop. what the message? you don't know what the message is. >> bob: 99-1. >> eric: what is that? >> bob: 1% of the country controling 40% of the wealth. that's wrong. >> eric: how do you fix it? what a better system? >> bob: tax them. >> eric: tax them? we're taxed. >> bob: most of the people -- >> eric: tax people more? >> bob: let me tell you something, little brother. the reality is that most of the jobs created in the country are created by small businesses who don't make
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$1 million a year. the people down there shopping around on paper and -- >> eric: you can throw around numbers. >> bob: i'm not creating. >> eric: this is not the -- [ overtalk ] >> bob: i'm saying catch the guys and instead of paying 20%, pay 40%. >> eric: they are in town for $5 billion. >> bob: oh, jeez. >> greg: the beauty of what is happening with the protest, their are splitting to classes. zuccotti park is two groups, one won't talk to the other. they are having their own class wa warfare. >> bob: are you a trust fund baby? >> bob: my dad was andant. made $25,000 his whole life. i'm not defending them. i'm condemning anarchists and people who want to take away our rights by pretending to be romantic liberal. >> bob: what rights of yours did they take away? away away? >> greg: squatting on private property. it could theoretically do it at your property.
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>> eric: this is a brookfield property. if mayor bloomberg had any, let's call them, you know, two things that men have -- if he had any of those. he would charge brookfield properties all the expense it's costing them. in the millions of dollars with the police fund. brookfield property. but the problem is his girlfriend, someone he spends every night with is on the board of the brookfield property. >> bob: if i pulled that thing you did with the producers would yell at me. >> andrea: giuliani never would have let it happen. never would have let it happen. >> dana: i think the defense offered for these people is hurting them. it's not meritorious. somebody with a tough love message could have come out and helped them figure out, because what are they going to -- what do they want to do? they might complain about it, but it's not going to change. change >> bob: this is not property private. number one. when they built the park it was conditions to turn it in to 24-hour citizens public
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park. >> eric: maintained by whom? >> bob: by who? >> eric: brookfield properties. >> bob: too bad. >> andrea: any park in new york city you cannot occupy 24 hours a day. >> bob: i slept in central park a week-and-a-half. >> dana: what about our rights to go hang out in park. >> bob: fine. want to go? >> dana: no, i don't want to go down. >> greg: 177 arrests. celebrities are saying it's unconstitutional, somehow this is free speech. squatting on private property. shouldn't they open their doors, bob, and let the people sleep in their mansion? >> bob: do you think it requires 3,000 cops to manage the people? >> greg: that wasn't my question. my question is shouldn't hypocrites saying it's first amendment violation allow these people to squat on private property if they believe it's a right? >> bob: i don't equate the two. they have a right to be down there -- >> andrea: when is it american right to poop on a police car?
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someone tell me, bob. >> bob: don't ask me that question. >> eric: or assault innocent women there. >> bob: the police overreacted. yes, there has been bad news. but for some reason because you don't like their message you keep telling people, who by the way went home at night because a lot of them had to take the geritol. >> dana: you started to compare them to the tea people saying it was no different. it is different. >> bob: why? >> greg: it is over. it is starting to hurt president obama. now that all the mayors are getting together and pushing people out because they know it will hurt him. >> bob: hope it's over so we can stop talking about it. >> greg: i want to stop talking about it. >> eric: that bar of soap? that would be enough for the whole crowd. >> bob: you don't want to stop talking about it. you live on this. it's like you guys are monkeys
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for this. >> greg: they keep providing with us wonderful information. like clowns from outer space. >> eric: i'm done with these people. >> greg: all right, kids. coming up, a new front runner means new attacks. that's what is happening to newt gingrich. plus, energy secretary steven chu in the solar panel hot seat on capitol hill over the solyndra disaster. oh, i've missed solyndra. we'll show you what happened. i want to make a paper macchey turkey for thanksgiving. e-mail me how to at malia. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> dana: welcome back to "the five." there is another front runner the 2012 g.o.p. field. according to the latest fox news poll, newt gingrich moved to the front of the pack at 23%. mitt romney comes in second at 22%. herman cain in third at 15%. rick perry at 7%. ron paul, at 8%. which i think that probably, you know, people in texas look at that and we can't believe rick perry hasn't done better.
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are you surprised at the latest poll? >> andrea: no, i'm not. bob predicted that gingrich would rise. but i think he played it safe the entire time. it's not surprising. rick perry after a series of stumbles has fallen. what is also interesting about the poll the likability facto factor. romney and cain are the likable. newt gingrich isn't that high up. asked who would be trusted with the nuke, majority of the respondents said newt gingrich. that is interesting. likability is important. they want to know they will like the guy or gal in their living room for the next four years. >> dana: gingrich had an early stumble out of the gate in june but has come back, as bob predicted. what do you think of the latest -- he had a private sector life. he wanted his clients freddie mac. some people make something of that. do you think it hurts him?
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>> eric: i like newt. he is the smartest guy at every debate. he should be near the top. he will have a hard time explaining $1.5 million he got from fannie and freddie demanding it may not be part of the bail-out. hear me out. it will be a tough thing to talk about. this morning i woke up and newt at the top of the polls. it woke up and msnbc, politico, left wing outlets have newt, big problems with fannie and freddie, like clockwork, newt is on top. >> dana: how will he do with the front runner? >> bob: i watched him do the interview with hannity. i gave him his first $5,000. >> bob: that wasn't for candidacy. >> dana: don't date yourself. >> andrea: bob is 40, you know. >> bob: let me say this about gingrich. he handles himself now, his discipline is better. he is a guy never had an
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unspoken thought. he let thoughts stay in his brain now. he came up with interesting strategic line about the old newt and new newt. he said i learned, i'm now a grandfather. he has a pretty good pitch on that. one thing about perry. the reason people fall so fast, there was nothing to catch him. he wasn't known. he came out of texas. people rise that fast in polls, come down and nothing to catch them. newt, he has a long history and they think he at least understands washington. i think the freddie mac thing is a problem for him. there will be people at freddie mac that will leak about what he did. newt said i went in there as historian and said you should don't the loans. everybody else -- >> dana: we'll go to rick perry. >> andrea: here is why it won't hurt him. frank lynn raines and president obama. they tried to tie him to that. and rahm emanuel was on the board. look what happened?
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he made him the chief of staff. >> dana: quickly, a rick perry, two things to get to and then i come back to you. rick perry put out an ad in response to earlier this week, president obama referred to americans as lazy. this is rick perry's response. >> we have been a little bit lazy in the last couple of decades. >> can you believe that? that is our president thinks is wrong with america? that americas are lazy? pa that is pathetic. time to clean house and time for a balanced budget. to force washington to stop overspending. if congress balks, cut their pay, send them home. obama socialist policies are bankrupting america. we must stop him now. i'm rick perry, i approve this message. >> bob: he does look like an aging ken doll. >> dana: perfect hair. did you see lazy americans or hard-working americans? >> greg: i think of a cialis commercial.
2:20 am
i keep thinking that rick perry is going to jump in a vintage challenger and drive off to the sound of a live version of steppenwolf original. can i go back to newt. you didn't ask me about newt. newt has more baggage than jfk, i am talk about the airport, not the president. we have to get it out in the open. what is wrong with him being divorced twice. wasn't it for humanitarianen? he was letting his wives off the hook? >> dana: that is not what the ads will say. >> greg: it's hard to live with newt. >> eric: more of the timing of them. >> greg: hard to live with newt. >> dana: this is a great transition, because last night on o'reilly, jesse waters, one of our good friends had a baggage that is so interesting because we all know who newt is and what we are talking about when you talk about the first divorce. but most people in america have no idea. let's take a look. >> who is this guy right here. >> rick perry. >> governor of texas. >> i like texas. ♪
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♪ >> ♪ deep in the heart of texas ♪ >> who is that? c'mon. this is ridiculous. >> that's rick perry. he's attractive. >> no, that's perry. >> i think he forgot what number three was. >> hilarious. >> who is this? >> kardashian. she is a beautiful woman. >> she put on a great scam for that wedding and all the dresses and the rings and the bling. >> dana: that is not your team, right? >> no. >> greg: tail gate. jesse waters is a genius. he didn't want to pay for his ticket to the game. he got tickets and he got a ride there by saying he was doing an interview. brilliant. >> bob: amazing that they didn't know who rick perry was. >> dana: if you have a chance, watch the whole thing, it's interesting. one of them -- they couldn't name a lot of them. some of the guys are watching. >> bob: rick perry's ad, obama was talking to a business crowd about american business overseas. rick perry, republicans and
2:22 am
most of you take it out of context. he didn't call americans lazy. he didn't call americans lazy. he called business guys -- >> dana: you can't -- that is like -- >> eric: second time he has done it. >> greg: he talks to us like an angry principal. oh, if you could only do better. >> bob: that's because you were in the principal's office all the time. >> andrea: it was the first job. >> dana: i'm trying to get a word in edge wise. ahead, steven chu got grilled for losing half a billion taxpayer dollars on solyndra. we'll analyze what happens next on "the five." ♪ ♪ let me tell you about a very important phone call i made. when i got my medicare card, i realized i needed an aarp... medicare supplement insurance card, too. medicare is one of the great things about turning 65,
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who is to apologize for the half a billion dollars that has been, out the door?
2:27 am
>> it is unfortunate what happened to solyndra but you go back and look at the time the decisions were being made, was there incompetence, was there any influence of a political nature? i would have to say no. >> so no apologies? >> it's extremely unfortunate what has happened to solyndra. >> eric: solyndra, half a billion dollars. 80% of green stimulus funds are friends of obama. $16 billion. appointing incompetent experimental physicist as energy czar, $50 billion. four more years of obama coney sociallism, priceless. what do you think of this? >> greg: this is going to end up falling on his solar-powered sword, which is good because it probably won't work. my advice for president obama because i know he watches this
2:28 am
show every day is to announce as the month comes to a close thousands of new green jobs, which doesn't have to mention they're dude selling christmas trees. >> eric: green jobs? >> greg: got you. a whole new way. >> eric: that is one. experimental physicist at cal berkeley, at the time sam bodyman was department of energy secretary and said steven chu might be good if we had $7 or $8-gallon of gasolines. >> dana: going through the confirmation, he did say that. he is a very competent scientist. the question on this was there an overexuberance trying to get money out on the door? the solar market is robust. when bodyman was secretary of energy they refused to give the money to solyndra.
2:29 am
the first thing secretary chew did is have a ceremony. then the depart of energy asked the company not to do the layoffs before the election. political nature. >> eric: that is a point we were going to bring up. how can this man, department of energy, ask solyndra to hold off until midterm elections before announcing the layoffs? they had to know it would create outrage. there is no defense. >> bob: it happens all the time. >> dana: that does not happen all the time. >> bob: bad news is something you don't announce before an election. the other thing i say to you. i know i'm backed up on solyndra again. we never talk about the companies that are successful and make it. dana is the first to point out solar industry is beginning to come to its own. if it were up to you, there
2:30 am
would not be alternative energy -- wait a second. not be alternative energy program. you'd rely on dinosaur dung. if you would keep in mind we need a tern tiff energy and thing goes wrong at the beginning of any industrial change like this. >> greg: you're right. i hate the sun, bob. >> andrea: and the wind. the solar industry is robust because the private market makes it robust. not government. what is nauseating about the hearing chu actually said that if we knew, if we knew then what we know now. hoar is my beef. they did know then what they know now. for the president to criticize american business and call them lazy is laziness on the part of government. goldman sachs knew. why didn't we know? >> eric: why do you think solar industry is robust? we're getting our tail handed to us by the chinese. >> dana: you are making the point they're making. >> eric: i'm not.
2:31 am
>> dana: no, i know a little bit about it, that the technology exists. the question is on the demand side. people aren't buying it because we have coal and natural gas that is affordable and we don't need to have it. >> bob: you are a commie lover solar power guy. >> eric: even if it's fossil fuel -- >> bob: red loving communist. you want chinese to have control of the solar power. >> i'm saying the private sector can compete with the chinese better than the government can. >> greg: gene jobs are when you walk down the street and homeless guy and you walk by him and the other homeless guy is a dog so you give money to that. that is the green industry. if you apply green to something, the government throws money at it. >> bob: you don't have a notion of what a green job is. >> dana: neither did any of us. >> andrea: do you know what it is? what is it? i asked five times.
2:32 am
>> bob: >> bob: moment of silence i was amazed you didn't go along with it. >> greg: awful thing to say, bob. on my day back. >> bob: sorry. >> eric: this is the u.s. coast guard and people are asking about it. thank you for sending that in. coming up, governor of pennsylvania has his own connection to jerry sandusky. what i want to know is there any person of power not related to this case? in pennsylvania. with
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"the five." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> dana: i remember when that was like and days were two hours long. welcome back to "the five" where we are moving to the penn state sex scandal now. a lot of new developments. first, i want to talk about the connection that the pennsylvania governor has that jerry sandusky's charity. apartmently tom corbett agreed a $3 million grant for the second mile. one thing i'll say about this, we have to be careful here. i've been as tough on this as you know, as anybody here about the whole penn state group. we don't yet know about second mile and whether it's done good things. before we can decide to throw it in with sandusky there are a lot of kids there may be getting help. before we jump on loans to second mile, find out if second mile done things to help some. >> dana: they probably have. >> eric: not necessarily second mile but maybe the governor. the grand jury report. 23 pages, it's horrible. it's horrible. >> eric: it doesn't mention -- but while this was going on and this was going on
2:39 am
after this was happening did they approve a $3 million grant. >> bob: four kids live and trying to feed, house and clothes. maybe the kids needed it. how is that. i don't think we should throw it together. >> andrea: he says he couldn't disclose details of the case when he went from a.g. to governor. he didn't have to disclose details of the case. i just think, i don't agree that the money should have gone out the door. i think before we have the facts, we need to keep the money and get the story straight before there is millions of dollars going out the door. >> eric: what about the kids who are at -- >> bob: what about the kids at second mile living there and need it. >> andrea: they will get et once the investigation is done. get the facts first. >> bob: you can't wait to do it -- what if it takes three months? these kids are living day-by-day. >> andrea: okay. >> bob: whether sandusky lured people out of the charity itself -- >> eric: you make a good point. it's not the kids' fault. i agree with you. >> bob: but the chances -- >> dana: the chances of charity for children having done something good along the
2:40 am
way are really high. the question whether sandusky was trying to recruit young children from this is part of his psychosis whatever it might be is a different point there. needs to be a safety net for children like this. second mile is not the only thing going. >> greg: it's amazingly clever how pedophiles operate. it's like, you know, they create an organization to manifest their hobby. it's like an alchie opening a winery. what is the hardest thing to do? shut it down and you change the name and you -- it's always going to be scarred by this scandal. >> andrea: some of the kids dent need money thrown at them. they probably need more. investigation low pressure >> greg: the dude is still out on bail. >> bob: why he is out on bail is a good question. why some people haven't been indicted yet is a good question, including the head coach. pedophiles prey on school kids usually around public schools. elementary schools and things.
2:41 am
if you had that situation, and you had somebody who had gone to elementary school or taught at an elementary school, that has happened before, pedophiles. you don't punish the school. you punish the pedophile. >> eric: part of the problem is the 23 pages if you want to know everything about the story, read the 23 pages in the strait of hormuz story today called "this is penn state." this guy was having sex with 10, 11, 12-year-old boys on school property in school buildings in the showers of the football locker rooms. this school is on the hook here. b. why have we not heard more about the judge that was connected and may have profited from second mile that reduced his bail by half. >> andrea: he deuceed his bail by half. the charity raised money. for her judge race. she didn't recuse herself. now they have brought in a judge from a different county. but she has a duty to avoid the appearance of inpropriety. why would she stay on the bench for the case. it makes no sense. pennsylvanian, and i look at
2:42 am
the state and i'm so disappointed. are there any good men or women left? it touches everybody in the state. >> dana: it's so deeply corrupt. i think one of the concerns i have is that it is so horrible and for somebody who has a strong stomach and can get through the 23-page grand jury report -- >> eric: read it 12 times. it is brutal to read. >> dana: i'm thinking because it's so horrible in some ways you want to shut your mind down and you don't want to know. i don't want to talk about it e's disgusting. i don't want to know. but the -- >> eric: have you read the report? there was one senior, or assistant who just had graduated, graduate assistant. assistant coach and another high school coach all in this report who saw witnesses this man at sometime rolling around with the kids on the floor naked. there are a lot of heads will roll. >> bob: other thing is this went on a long, long time.
2:43 am
we are talking about the first, the 1990s when this thing started. this thing has been going on 15 years which means a lot of people and we know now from this and a lot of people knew about it. for all that time, how you can look yourself in the mirror in the morning and say i didn't turn this guy in. >> greg: you know the guy is guilty of something really bad when he is willing to admit he is showering with boys. if that is what he is willing to admit, imagine what he really did. >> dana: one thing about the boys the victims they prey upon, they are usually the ones that don't have father figures in the picture. married to the moms or not. single moms who are looking for a little bit of help maybe from a charity like second mile to help them figure out how to get their children taken care of after school while they work two or three jobs the moms have to be horrified. you know, the one i read about, when she called and he admitted he had done wrong and i said i wish i were dead.
2:44 am
can't imagine what kind of nightmare -- >> andrea: testment to the larger issue going on in the country. you talk about greed and corruption. everywhere. penn state is another, beyond the use of kids, political careers were put first. money. football. charities. all of it. above children. >> eric: it's unbelievable no football player -- >> bob: right. did you hear about the elementary school that brought in the porn star who has had a long career to read to first graders? some people are outraged. i'm not one of them. but we'll tell you about it. i'm just not shocked. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> andrea: welcome back to "the five." from one outrage to another.
2:49 am
if your parents had a disabled child in michigan and you are accepting medicaid, you have some of the medicaid taken out to go to guess who? the union. that's right. even if you are trying to take care of your handicap kid. that's what two parents found out. take a look at the pack set up from our colleagues at fox detroit. >> every day, robert and patriciahanes do what every parent -- patricia haynes do what every parent should. they cake care of their kids. >> they have cerebral palsy. >> one day the caseworker said they had to join a union. >> ve have been put in the seiu. >> for home healthcare professionals. >> we're not providers. we're parents taking care of our children. >> we're not getting vacation time or improved working conditions. >> we were told this is what is going to happen, period. >> they are now taking union dues out of the kids' checks. >> andrea: okay.
2:50 am
this is outrageous. i have a younger brother who is autistic and mentally handicapped an it's the hardest job in the world. why do the unions need a piece of this, too. >> eric: it's disgusting. the sec claims because you are -- seiu claims because you take care of someone in service job, this is coming from medicaid. unbelievable that the seiu has the power to go in and grab money like from what you point out, disabled child payment. ridiculous. not just small money. this is tying up money they want to tie up in medicaid and waste fraud abuse. start there. >> andrea: you are shaking your head. >> dana: this is not just michigan. illinois, governor blagojevich for home healthcare workers,
2:51 am
that went in to place. we know that the unions favor liberal candidates. the taxpayers dollars going in the campaign coffers. they don't try to pretend they separate it out. i i do think that congress could do a federal law that says the private contractors in a state should not be subjected to this. >> andrea: this is like you working for beckel corporation. >> greg: i would never. i've seen the way he treats employees. >> andrea: like taking your pay to go in the -- >> greg: i would call the seiu blood-sucking cultures but then tomorrow i'll get the letters from the blood sucking vultures writing in deeply offended. i don't want to do that. >> bob: i won't give an apology for the union, in this case, it's disgraceful. service employee is aggressive recruiter in the country. they have difficulty with the
2:52 am
afl-cio. they lead the break off of the afl-cio. i think this is illegal. if you went to court, i think afl-cio would lose. >> i'm guessing this doesn't happen in south carolina, tennessee or -- >> bob: but we know of other parents who have been forced in to this? are other parents involved in this? >> eric: for what >> bob: similar circumstances. >> eric: for taking care of elderly parent. >> dana: is this an icelated case or pattern. >> bob: yeah, is this isolated or something we know across the country. >> eric: dana points out in illinois, it's there, too. >> bob: the home healthcare workers. that is the only question i have. >> greg: a weird anomaly.
2:53 am
this is widespread it's outrageous. >> bob: i want to talk about the porn star, too. >> eric: awkward transition. >> bob: i thought it was in the block. >> greg: we ran out of time. >> dana: great piece. >> andrea: proud to hear you call the unions out. >> andrea: we can do more research to find out how prev leapt is it. >> bob: i've never been a fan of seiu. this is bordering on thuggery. >> eric: okay. >> andrea: "people" magazine announced the sexiest man alive today. >> bob: thank you. >> andrea: we have a hotter candidate. we'll tell you about it after this break. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> greg: welcome back to "the five." it's bob favorite's show called "glee" but the ratings are on the decline because it's becoming too scandalous. not enough show tunes which makes bob sad and too much sex that makes bob angry. andrea, you watch "glee" all the time. >> dana: i'm dana. [ laughter ]
2:58 am
>> greg: i was gone for four days. it called you andrea. >> andrea: i was wondering where your eyes were? wondering eye. i'm over here. >> dana: i have never seen the show, i talked to my friend and i said her 12-year-old daughter had a friend over and they were, she was staying the night and they were watching "glee" and she was with them. she said it was so awkward and embarrassing it was not a family appropriate show for her family. >> bob: graham, do you watch "glee" a lot? >> bob: i do, pete. i don't know -- i never heard of it and i've never seen it. i don't care about it, but i did tease the porn star. we'll cover it tomorrow. we'll get back to porn store tomorrow, she is a lovely lad lady. >> andrea: you have thoughts to share. >> eric: e-mail earlier today, "glee" and i e-mail back and said it's the feeling you get when the white house calls you on your blackberry. >> bob: very funny. >> andrea: by the way, brian kilmeade, i think when "glee"
2:59 am
started off people like for the music. >> dana: that's why they like "american idol." >> andrea: this is going too far. >> greg: that's why i like "60 minutes," it's the music. >> bob: that's why you watch andy rooney. >> greg: people of sex. >> andrea: oh, "pele" magazine named bradley cooper the sexiest man alive but people are saying they are not so sure. they question is it rigged? they say ryan gosling from "the notebook" should have won. how could cooper have won? i wonder maybe it was rigged. how could this man, our own bob beckel not have won? take a look at this cover. i mean, c'mon! america! >> bob: i wouldn't agree more. >> dana: i love the tattoo and the suspenders. >> bob: you think i'm not a good looking guy. >> andrea: good looking. >> dana: very funny. funny is attractive. that is whyou


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