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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  November 18, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EST

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gingrich. >> i'm newt gingrich, i worked with president ronald reagan. [ laughter ] >> there you go. cut and dry. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report." fair, baournalists here. thank you. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on, tonight. [chanting] all week, all week, shut down wall street. [shouting] >> bill: it's been two months and the occupy wall street movement is on the decline. but, they are not going out quietly. [shouting] >> bill: we will tell you what happened across the country today. [chanting] >> bill: the occupiers are now targeting individual americans for scorn, people like karl rove. this could get out of hand very quickly. >> if you believe in the right of the first amendment, then you demonstrate it by shutting up and waiting until the q and a session. >> very flattered that i'm now
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on bill o'reilly's radar. wash up d list celebrity rich pitch whatever. >> actress ellen bar kin of personal awz cooking me of personally attacking her. one problem, i never did any such thing. how will headline news explain that? we have a special report and commentary. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. captions by closed captioning services >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the occupiers not going quietly. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. today marks the second month that the occupy wall street movement has been present. as we reported last night, a wall street journal poll says 63% of americans now disapprove of the occupiers, just 28% like the movement. but these protester evers are
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not going quietly into the night. today in new york city they caused all kinds of mayhem. [shouting] >> all over the country the occupiers are costing the taxpayers, you and me tens of millions of dollars. in boston judge francis mcintyre has refused to remove the occupiers from a busy juncture. >> i will bet you -- >> let me get this straight judge mcintyre, you believe leaving the situation quote uncontrolled and unrestrained in boston is in the interest of public safety? quite amazing. talking points has been dead on in assessing the occupy
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movement from the beginning. we predicted there would be death. there has been. we predicted crime would flourish, it has. we predicted the cost to the taxpayer would be enormous. that has come true as well. now the occupiers are starting to target individual americans. people like karl rove. [shouting] >> if you believe in free speech, then you have a chance to show it. if you believe in the right of the first amendment of free speech, then you demonstrate it by shutting up and waiting until the q and a session. line up -- [ applause ] >> bill: once protesters begin to infringe on the rights of the individual people, then the courts absolutely have to step. in the judge mcintyre's of the world public safety and the occupiers don't like trumps
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any theory. any american citizen has given the occupiers plenty of time and space to get their message across. that's not good enough for them. they want chaos. here is another prediction. more people will die. that's the memo. o others who covered the occupier activity in new york city today. first joining us from lower manhattan, sharon crowley. a reporter for channel 9, a fox owned station in new jersey. fox news senior correspondent rick leventhal who was at city hall this evening. all right, rick. what was the most dramatic thing you saw today? >> you know, bill, i was a block north of the corner of wall and broad. i was surrounded on all sides of police in riot gear and protesters. i could see the new york stock exchange and the american flags flying out front but i couldn't get any closer because the area was sealed off with metal barricades and there were all of these police officers preventing anyone from getting any closer. and just standing in the middle of the intersection surrounded by all of these angry protesters and all of these police officers heavily armored was a pretty dramatic scene. >> bill: you understand six
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reporters have been arrested for, you know, crossing police lines when the police told them not to. do you believe, rick, this was hurting your ability to cover this story or was it for your own protection, the police action? >> well, i have got to till, at one point we tried to get through a police check point to get down closer to the stock exchange and they wouldn't let us through. they did let employees of the stock exchange in. but they wouldn't let members of the media get any closer because they were trying to limit the number of bodies in there that doesn't sit well with me. we need to be down there to see what is going on. there were a lot of skirmishes. >> bill: some fox employees have been verbally assaulted down there. i know what the police are trying to do. i agree with you they have got to give us access. sharon, you covered this situation a long time. was it worse today than what you have seen in the past. >> today we have really seen sort of a reenergizing. i was here the other night when the new york city police
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evicted them from the park where this movement began and there was a a lot of dismay then at that point. especially among the demonstrators. they all left to clean the park and then after a long court battle in the day they did return a thousand strong without their tents and sleeping bags. well, today, it has slowly been progressing over the hours. and i have to say the squirmishes that you referred, to the fights are sort of sporadic. what happens is it's calm for a while, there is, you know, a thousand people, a couple hundred demonstrators walking around in the streets and one crazy person gets in in fact earlier today in zuccotti park one man was punching police officers and some demonstrators seen throwing a substance at cops. seven police officers have been taken to the hospital for minor injuries. so, what it is basically one person will start something. but the large majority of the crowd will even in one case yell at the protesters saying shame on you, shame on you. the crazy berne, because the large majority of people here are here to make a political
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statement and walking around that sort of thing, not causing trouble. but you just never know what's going to happen and that's what makes it so volatile even if it's calm for a wild. >> bill: when you have a mix of agitators with legitimate protesters, the agitators are going to win because they are there to cause trouble and what are the legitimate protesters going to do? they don't know what to do. what numbers are we talking about now? when you get a big publicity blitz like the one in new york city today, we're going to occupy wall street, we're going to shut down the brooklyn bridge, we're going to terrorize the subway people. these are working people trying to get home to their families, all right? that's what's going on here. but this aattracts. >> there were confrontations not just between police and protesters but also between protesters and people trying to get to work in lower manhattan. definitely well over a thousand demonstrators down there. and in some cases skirmishes between protesters and people trying to go to work. we saw a couple of counter demonstrators stockbrokers carrying signs that said occupy a desk and get a job.
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we also heard one guy yelling at the protesters are you going to feed my family when they asked him to join their ranks. for the most part, the squirmishes were between the police and protesters. obviously tensions rising downtown. >> bill: sharon, last question for you. when you have a situation that's out of control like this, your physical safety, you know, you have got to consider that, right? >> yeah. here's one of the things my photographers and i do. we try to get as much as we can sort of from the outskirts a little bit, you know, like on the side of where the thousand people are standing because when you get in the middle and all of a sudden the crowd is behind you, in front of you, and on both sides, you know, it's a lot riskier. >> bill: you have got to stay on the fringe, that's for sure. all right. thanks very much, you guys. i appreciate it directly ahead. newt gingrich topping a new fox news poll but can he win the nomination? laura ingraham on that. and, later, actress ellen bar
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kin uses headline news to smear fox news. wait until you hear this. we're coming right bac
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new fox news poll very good news for newt gingrich. right now republic voters have the former speaker in the lead at 23%. mitt romney at 22%. herman cain 15%. obviously mr. gingrich has taken some plaintiff cain's support. in head-to-head matchup with
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mr. obama mr. gingrich loses 46, 41. he defeats 41% 42%. when asked if they regret that vote now, just 9% say they do. and that's good news for the president. joining us now from washington, radio star and fox news analyst laura ingraham. can newt gingrich win the nomination in your opinion, ms. laura. >> i think he can i think it's going to be really difficult. look, the fact of the matter is, if you are going to be able to take it to, let's say it's romney who is the nominee. and i know you love it when i cite intrade. they have him at 70% today. likelihood of his being the nominee. >> bill: are you a compulsive gambler with entrade? >> only before i come on this show. i bet whether i'm actually going to get the best of you in the seeing: >> bill: i don't know what you are talking about. this is online betting site, can you bet almost anything, right. >> you can bet on anything and bet on hot nominee is going to
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be. >> bill: 70% on romney. >> 12% gingrich, okay? >> bill: what is it that are holding the gamblers back? >> well. >> bill: from supporting him. >> well, i think on someone like a gingrich, they understand that regardless of how much, you know, people want their to be an alternative to romney. in the end they think well, the kind of establishment type usually get their way in the republic party. that's the mind set. and also, bill, the reality that gingrich is going to have to face, and he could triumph over this is that he has to have a fairly strong organization in a number of states. beyond iowa, south carolina, and new hampshire, et cetera. because romney has the operation on the ground, right? >> bill: that's true. the speaker is a smart guy. he could put that together if he continues to be. this is an interesting question that i hope you will consider. first, it was michele bachmann, all right? then she went. then perry got in and it was rick perry. and then it was herman cain. now, it's newt gingrich. the same conservative votes chased all four of those
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candidates. what does that say about conservatives? >> well, i think that it says the conservatives are not at all settled and uncomfortable yet with mitt romney. nevertheless. >> bill: no. why did they jump off those trains, see? >> okay. here's what i think it is. i think people are desperate for passion, fight, some clarity, consistency, conservatism. i think they want all of that. they want someone who they believe is going to take the fight to obama in order to save america. he would certainly take the fight to them. >> laura: and, bill. >> he has got the fannie mae and freddie mac thing now. is that going to hurt him? >> in the end i think it will not. maybe we will learn more. the media focusing on this freddie mac thing, it's a legitimate series of questions. i interviewed gingrich about it yesterday. >> bill: what did he say to you. >> he said i didn't lobby. i directed them how to best bridge this public divide. i said look they hired you
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because you are former speaker. they didn't hire you because are a private citizen. >> 1.6 million. >> it's a good deal. consultants make a lot of money in this campaign cycle. they are going to make a lot of money from now until the end of political time in the united states. >> bill: against the speaker for doing that he was running a consultant firm. i would have done the same thing. >> the reason why i don't think it's ultimately going to have much of an effect of oon gingrich. they see him as a visionary. a fighter for conservatism. i think more and more people are understanding that we're in a serious and steady decline as a country. >> bill: no doubt about that. >> they believe we need someone who is a visionary enough to take us out of that. >> bill: did you see michele bachmann's ad. we played it yesterday where she says that she is the only real conservative in a race and points to newt sitting on a couch with nancy pelosi talking about global warming. did you see that? >> yes, i did. it's not surprising that bachmann and many others have brought this up with gingrich. that was an annoying ad for a
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lot of conservatives. he wrote that book "contract with the earth." again a very -- little bit of progressive agenda that still is, you know, conservative leaning on the environment. but a lot of independents, i think, find that appealing. that would help him in a general. nevertheless, i don't think these microissues or this ad or the fact that you worked with democrats is going to hurt newt gingrich in the end when it comes down to being the alternative to romney. i think people realize you need experience in washington. he has it and he has worked with other people. >> bill: in iowa. after that romney then has an advantage in new hampshire. >> huge advantage, yeah. >> bill: south carolina, gingrich could compete very well there. >> a long road. >> bill: secretary energy chu testifies in front of congress about solyndra. go. >> based on what you know and what's happened, who is to apologize for the half a billion dollars that has been -- out the door?
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>> well, it is. >> goe. >> it is extremely unfortunate to what has happened to solyndra. if you go back and look at the time decisions being made was there incompetence? was there any influence of a political nature? and i would have to say no. >> bill: fewy, i don't believe that for a second. >> two words in response to that. steven spinner. steven spinner is a guy who ran and runs the energy loan department review, right? and he is well known guy. he also happens to be someone who raised $500,000 for obama. his wife, bill, in her law firm made $2.4 million off the energy loan review process from the stimulus program. steve spinner, energy department employee, her law firm. steve spinner emails was talking about why can't we get is tng donin the sond loan that solyndra needed. the white house is breathing down my neck.
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the white house is breathing down my neck. if that's not political, then i don't know what it is in addition to probably questionable ethically as well because he signed an ethics agreement. >> bill: that's a bad situation. >> since it doesn't pass the straight face test. it's more than aan apology needed, a $35 million of taxpayer money down the drain because this was going to be looking good for the president as a green jobs, you know, triumph and it obviously wasn't. that's more than needing an apology. >> bill: all right, laura. thanks as always. coming next. the most controversial story of the evening ellen barkin attackings fnc on headline news. she doesn't tell the truth. this is outrageous situation. we show you what happened after these messages.
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>> bill: impact segment tonight, the decline of the american media continues. headline news is affiliated with cnn. it was set up to give americans a quick summary of the day's events. a few years ago its prime time programming began featuring we . it's fun and it's easy and it works. her opinion even though she did not give the newspaper any examples of lies and the times did not challenge her. very simply the l.a. paper saw fit to print the slander. then, then, ms. barkin continues her dishonest behavior on headline news with joy behar on monday night. >> let me ask you something. you are not a fan of fox tv are you. >> no. i got you in trouble for that. >> you got in trouble for saying that?
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>> oh yeah. >> why. >> i don't know. but i'm very flattered that i'm on bill o'reilly's radar. >> he called you a pinhead. probably? >> i thought he called me a has been celebrity rich [bleep] whatever, you know. dumb. >> it's always the same route. >> always the same. >> bill: here's the problem with ms. barkin's statement. it's a flat out lie. i have never mentioned ellen barkin on this broadcast, ever. and i would never call her names. now, we know ms. behar. we know what she does. and today hln announced she will no longer be doing on it on that network. her show is finished at the end of the year. headline news operation and cnn which is a parent company have an obligation not to allow blatant lies on their air. and to challenge statements that are provocative like that one. so we have asked hln to issue a written apology and to also ask ms. barkin and ms. behar to do the same.
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we will let you know what happens. but the bigger issue is the tremendous decline in the american media now totally acceptable in many precincts to print or broadcast flat out falsehoods. not even to bother confirming anything. earlier this week my book "killing lincoln" was attacked falsely. the "the washington post" printed stuff that was outrageous. never bothering to call me. we will deal with the people who put out those falsehoods in our pinheads and patriots segment. the smears don't effect controversial guys like me all poli and get a slim and sexy malibu as i said, she is entitled to hold any opinion about anything. but ms. barkin and headline news are not entitled to lie on worldwide television.
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they are not entitled to do that. it is long past time for we the people to stop ignoring the tremendous decline in the american media we have garbage 24/7 on television. we have outrageously harmful things on the internet. we have a system whereby famous people cannot sue because they are public figures. that is harming our country dramatically. again, we ask headline news to correct the situation by issuing an apology and pledging not to do that kind of a thing again. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. will there be another war on christmas this jeer? we hope not. the culture warriors are looking over the landscape. and then megyn kelly might have to admit that i was right and she was wrong on a legal issue involving the american flag. don't miss this one. we hope you stay tuned to
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>> bill: culture warrior segment tonight. as you may know factor
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tradition in america. we have documented attempts to diminish the holiday by getting rid of the word christmas, banning dock core rations and hazing the celebration in general. we believe we have won most of those fights but they have been intense. the question is whether will it happen again this year? here now the warriors gresham carlson and margaret hoar. what's your prediction, hoover. >> i think the war on christmas is largely receding. pushed through them a lot. go through them them in a second. ordinary americans, 5% which celebrate christmas, a 1% say they do so with a strong religion. so, i think you have largely won. >> bill: okay. you can claim a factor victory. >> bill: i'm not going to do that i think we're the watchdog group against the forces of darkness. >> i totally disagree. >> bill: do you. >> because just this week santa was thrown out of a cancer city in south carolina. >> bill: santa was evicted. >> a volunteer santa who came to give good cheer to
5:30 am
chemotherapy patients. they threw him out because they receive state funds and they thought it might be a conflict of interest. a cancer center. get, this the public won because in the newspaper response, 98% of the people there said this was the wrong thing to do and within two days santa was reinstated. >> bill: santa was back. >> that's the thing though. >> bill: let me put forth if we weren't here because there wasn't anybody else fighting this war on christmas, i will take kudos on that. >> santa would be gone forever if there wasn't bill o'reilly. >> bill: most of the liberalled me a tacked me, your humble correspondent for actually sticking up for christmas. >> and me. we both have been attacked. >> bill: yeah. >> this brought you together. >> bill: somewhat. anyway, great barrington, massachusetts was one of the big offenders. this was one of my favorite stories great barrington very liberal area in the berkshires in western massachusetts. they put a curfew on a holiday lights. wouldn't call them christmas lights because of global
5:31 am
warming. [ laughter ] >> update: >> update, here we go. >> update this year there will no longer be a holiday -- a curfew on holiday lights. they not be christmas lights. they are still holiday lights. >> 10 degrees warmer in finland because great barrington put on 17 lights. >> this is why i don't think the war on christmas is over. last year my son came into the bedroom over the weekend and he said we wish you a happy holiday ♪ we wish you a happy holiday and i rolled over the bed and fell over and almost passed out. >> bill: the thing about this is your son is 32 years old. >> the tragedy is he had never heard the song before until he went to school and that's how they learned it. >> bill: that's how they were singing it i would have been right down to that school and said hey, there is a copyright infringement here. >> yes, no doubt. >> bill: you may remember that the state of washington in their capital rotunda put up an atheist thing right next to the christmas tree, right? how is that going down?
5:32 am
>> remainso be seen whether they are going to allow nativity scenes and also- >> -- we don't know. >> then they will allow all things now. remember a couple years ago i came on the factor because they were allowing a fess at this vista poll. a made up from seinfeld signified by a steel steel pole and they were allowing that go to up to the baby jesus. >> bill: we don't know yet what the governor of washington is going to have in her rotunda? >> but what they are going to allow all displays. >> bill: everything? >> yes. >> bill: i think you guys should go out there. >> in wisconsin, for example, wisconsin may have voted for several years. they finally voted to call it a christmas tree, not a holiday tree. >> governor walker did that. >> governor walker is going to call it a christmas tree. >> bill: he may be recalled for doing that? >> they are going to protest the capitol. they will storm the capitol. >> bill: in wisconsin the governor calls it a christmas tree. it's not a festis tree.
5:33 am
>> retailers are starting to call it christmas again. >> bill: let me ask you. this is an aserious question. am i an extortionist for telling merchants and companies that if you refuse to say merry christmas or tell your employees you are not allowed to i will put you on the air and hurt your business. am i an extortionist. >> according to one "new york times" reporter you are the senior deacon in the church of perpetual outrage so, yes. you are extortionist. >> bill: because that's a threat. no doubt it's a threat. >> no it's not. giving your personal opinion. listen, i was called the gretchen who saved the war on christmas. >> so good at punning. >> i don't think it's extortion. >> both of you don't think i'm an extortionist. because i will do that you know that. i'm not going to mention any of the retailers it wouldn't be fair because they changed management and stuff like that. if any retailer tells employee you are not allowed to say merry christmas. that's going to be on the factor and cost them. no doubt about it because as you said 90% of americans
5:34 am
respect tradition and don't want them to decline. >> merry christmas. >> bill: not yet. thanksgiving first. >> who is censoring who? >> bill: we will get by that and thank god that is still in play. when we come right back, megyn kelly, is it possible that she was wrong and i was right about a legal issue concerning the american flag? megyn is next.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the kelly file segment tonight, you may remember back in 2010 at the live oak high school in morgan hill, california, five students wore shirts emblazened with the american flag in school's cinco de mayo celebration. they feared violence as 40% of the students are hispanic americans. the students asked to leave
5:38 am
sued. on may 6th, 2010. megyn kelly and i debated the issue and i opined that the school was correct. >> there could have been a fight. don't you understand that that there could have been a fight? because this issue with the arizona and everything else. >> the theoretical notion that there could be a fight is not enough. >> bill: you have got to be proactive as an educator. >> you have got to be proactive in thamp bring all over the constitution then that ♪ allowed. >> legally this vice principal was out of line. the supreme court has held very clear the desire to avoid discomfort or unpleasantness among the students is not enough. >> bill: now the ruling has come down and here to tell us what it is attorney and fox news anchor megyn kelly. no spin, tell the folks what the rule was. >> the ruling was completely bone headed. >> bill: now, wait. >> bill: that's spinning. no spin. just tell -- look. see that camera? get the camera on kelly right now. tighter. you can get it tighter? just tell them what the ruling
5:39 am
was. >> the ruling was that the lawsuit was thrown out because they said that the school had the right to tell the caucasian students to go home with their t-shirts. >> bill: why? >> did you a lot of good there bill i have to say now you and the judge who thinks like you has said that viewpoint discrimination in schools is just fine. >> bill: what was the judge's reasoning to give the school the victory? >> there were two things. there were two items at issue. number un, you had to show that there was the likelihood of substantial disruption by the kids wearing the american flags, right? you and i were talking about that. >> bill: the judge believed there was. >> there was. i have to say on that point the evidence that developed in the course of the case, which was not out when you and i had our debate, did suggest that there would be substantial disruption. >> bill: second point? >> second argument was it's viewpoint discrimination because the principal only sent home, vice principal actually only sent home the kids wearing the american flag t-shirts and not the kids wearing the mexican colors. >> did the judge say that.
5:40 am
>> yes. >> said there was viewpoint discrimination. >> no. the caucasian kids -- you. >> bill: just say what the judge said. >> i'm trying. be quiet. viewpoint discrimination to end us home because we are american flags home but not the mexican students or hispanic students who had the mexican flag colors on. the vice principal said we are allowed to do that. the judge said the vice principal was allowed to do that because he said the only ones who are being threatened were the caucasian students. so, in other words, those who were wearing the mexican. >> bill: caucasian students were the ones -- okay. now that is weak. >> >> that's ridiculous. it's worse than weak. it's dangerous. because now what he said is that those who threaten the caucasian students with the american flags benefit. you should go out and threaten somebody because only if you are under threat do you have to go home with your t-shirt. >> bill: i think the judge made the right ruling and the reason i came down on this is because i taught in a school very similar to that school in more began hill. i taught in a -- morgan hill.
5:41 am
i taught in a school which was 50%, 55% hispanic in miami. i know how explosive these things can get. so, when -- i don't think that the school is discriminating against the kids. the school just wanted to protect everybody and they did the right thing. >> the words that there had been a history of problems that day. >> the bottom line is that the nonlawyer, o'reilly, was correct against the board certified lawyer kelly, correct? is that correct? >> no. >> bill: of course it's correct. >> just to ain't question of your tease is it possible that you were right and i was wrong? no. >> bill: even though the judge ruled and agreed with me, she won't give in. >> that's right. >> bill: that's right. here we go. supreme court hearing obama care. >> right. >> bill: two judges in question. should they recuse themselves? >> right. >> bill: alayna kagan on the left. clarence thomas on the right. let's take justice kagan. what is the argument for her redo you feel. >> she was solicitor general
5:42 am
when health care was being debated and discussed on capitol hill. that's the top appellate lawyer. argue on behalf of the government. they say her fingerprints were all over legal discussions about the law. that's what her detractors say. i haven't seen the evidence of that. there were some discussions. they don't seem to be deep discussions. she delegated most of it to her underling. >> bill: but she was involved even in delegates. >> she was involved at some extent she said i will recuse myself if i had a substantial role. >> bill: now she denies having a substantial role. >> i don't know if they have the goods on that. it doesn't matter it's completely up to her if she wants to recuse and she apparently is not recusing. no review for that. bill clarence thomas. >> married to a woman politically active. very voyeur tall in opposition to the health care law, who has lobbied against the health care law and his detractors says his wife has somewhat of a financial interest in seeing this thing go down and certainly has been vocally politically opposed to it. same deal.
5:43 am
>> bill: should justice thomas recuse. >> no. i don't think either one of them should or has an obligation to recuse. >> bill: if your wife though is really passionately on one side, don't you think that has some. >> no. spouses on both sides, liberal and conservative have been vocal politically and not a basis for redo you feel in the past. listen, there is a reason for that. we only have nine of them. no additional review. it's important that they all have -- has to be really egregious. i think it's interesting there isn't any process after the supreme court. what they say goes. >> bound by the rules that requires lower court judges to recuse not even bound by these rules. >> if i want to sit here i will sit here. rare that a supreme court justice has -- it has happened though. >> even kagan has reversed herself in cases where she did have a substantial role. >> usually if they say they will recuse when they accepted the case and none of them said they would recuse. >> case held in late january march with decision by early.
5:44 am
>> june. even though you lost credibility in the other case. i should get a scholarship. >> thank you for supporting the viewpoint discrimination. >> bill: i'm looking out for the folks and the kids and i was a teacher. >> unless you have an american flag t-shirt on. not looking out for you at all. >> bill: thanksgiving news quiz thanksgiving tradition. a lot about the holiday you might not know. then, pinheads and patriots then, pinheads and patriots ab i'd race down that hill without a helmet. i took some steep risks in my teens. i'd never ride without one now. and since my doctor prescribed lipitor, i won't go without it for my high cholesterol and my risk of heart attack. why kid myself? diet and exercise weren't lowering my cholesterol enough. now i'm eating healthier, exercising more, taking lipitor. numbers don't lie. my cholesterol's stayed down. lipitor is fda approved to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke in patients who have heart disease or risk factors for heart disease. it's backed by over 19 yes of research. [ femalannouncer ] lipitor is not for everyone, including people with liver problems and women who are nursing, pregnant or may become pregnant.
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight, the great american news quiz, the thanksgiving edition. here they are, fox news anchor martha maccallum playing poor bart etestimony that consumption, georgia and "fox & friends" guy steve doocy representing spring if you would like to win prizes go to bill@@ both off?
5:48 am
>> absolutely. you? >> bill: no, i work every day. >> you are off. >> bill: if i'm not here i am here. question number one, the macy's thanksgiving day parade started in 1924. when cartoon character's balloon has appeared in the parade the most number of times over the years? >> bill: roll the tape. and there he goes snooping around and above manhattan, snoopy is the world's most famous flying ace. look at him. is he so good he doesn't need a plane. >> bill: who wrote that? terrible. you were right. b, smoopy. for those listening on sirius. b. first pilgrims and. >> finally september and october. the most bountiful harvest the pilgrims had ever seen.
5:49 am
the chief brings 90 of his indian tribe to bring the 50 pilgrims for a feast of thanksgiving. we thank the lord for our bountiful harvest. we give thanks for our new home. >> bill: very cute. >> oh. >> bill: what year did the first thanksgiving take place? >> the first peanuts thanksgiving? >> thanksgiving. okay? calm down. >> bill: when was the first thanksgiving? cards up, please. the answer is correct 1621. two for one. you guys are hot. thanksgiving. here we go. a little order. question number three every year before thanksgiving the president pardons two turkeys. >> today i have the awesome responsibility of granting a presidential pardon to a pair of turkeys. this year's national turkey goes by the name of apple. and his feathered under study
5:50 am
is appropriately named cider. >> according to the newspaper after president obama pardons the two turkeys next week they will get to live out the rest of their lives where? >> cancer negative -- carnegie deli. >> if you are watching email. where will they live out? the answer is a, washington's mt. vernon estate. now, i admit. it makes no sense why would the turkeys live there? but that's where they are going. >> nice place to live. >> bill: i have a number of people that -- no, you can't do that. >> you would like to send them to? >> no. see, i wouldn't pardon the actual bird. i would pardon human beings
5:51 am
because there is plenty of turkeys. >> you could start doing pinheads and poultry. >> i could if i wanted to get ratings like yours. >> oh. >> bill: oh there, it is. question number four, which famous actress is believed to be a direct descendant of one of the pilgrims who came over on the may flower? this is amazing question. >> bill: the answer is, roll the tape. >> ♪ i prefer a man who lives and gives expensive jewelry ♪ a kiss on the hand ♪ may be quite comply mental ♪ but diamonds are a girl's best friend. >> bill: i just want you to picture the puritans and her on the boat coming on over. >> she is so pilgrim-like. >> bill: might have been
5:52 am
somebody strapped on the -- >> we like it here. >> bill: how did you get that right? how did you know that? >> i thought it was her. >> blonde leading the blonde thing. >> bill: mccallum has leaped into the lead. >> she can blow this one. >> bill: question number 5, it was reported last week a flock of wild turkeys was attacking staten island in new york city. >> my niece once was down on avenue parking and they literally surrounded her car. she couldn't get out of the car. >> she is talking about wild turkeys and lots of them in ocean breeze staten island,. >> do they chase after people and chase after the cars. >> sometimes, it depends. if they are very hungry they will chase you. >> bill: if they are very hungry. well, we are hungry too. most turkeys are raised on farms and not staten island. what state leads the nation in turkey productions?
5:53 am
the answer is a, minnesota? >> all right. so maccallum wins. but elsie you get nice presents too. doocy -- you took off a few days. >> i know. got soft. >> bill: pinheads and patriots two people who attacked "killing lincoln" p and p up next. lu? i don't trade on luck. i trade on fundamentals. analysis. information.
5:54 am
i trade tradearchitect. this is web-based trading, re-visualized. streaming, real-time quotes. earnings analysis. probability analysis: that's what opportunity looks like. it's all visual. intuitive. and it's available free, wherever the web is. this is how trade strategies are built. tradearchitect. only from td ameritrade. welcome to better trade commission free for 60 days when you open an account.
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>> our book for the troops program off to a great start this year. thousands of copies of killing lincoln or overseas. thanks to you guys if you buy a copy, we will send a corresponding copy to the troops. operation she books expedites all of that. if you would like signed copies please get your order in now. and we will send you killing lincoln absolutely free of charge. now the e-mail. from texas. >> that's a good point, howard. a signed copy of pinheads and patriots, the paper back, is on the way. and from michigan. >> dennis from gainsville.
5:56 am
>> perhaps they were used by diabetics. i hear the letter in land of oz is really nice this kind of year, say hi to the munchkins for me. and joe from california. >> you're welcome, joe. and from washington, d.c. >> we will try to make it so on saturday, november 26th in atlantic city, sue. i'm also getting questions about the richmond, virginia show on friday, november 25th. has all the info. from utah. >> let's see, utah, we should be
5:57 am
there sometime in february, i believe, when the snow is up to here. sending waters around to every house in the country to make sure people are paying attention. and from sweden. >> so you are the one, phillip. and from ohio. >> i can thank you enough for that nice review. if you guys like the book, you might let know to counter the other stuff that's going on in there. thank you. as you know, there's an organized attempt to smear my best selling book, and the park service is helping. one of its employees, ray emerson, doesn't like the book, and that's fine, ray, but her written evaluation contains some major mistakes. that's not fine, ray, because
5:58 am
taxpayers, including me, are paying your salary. so we asked her to come on the factor to talk it over. but the spokesman for the park service, david, said ms. emerson will not be allowed to do that. and her review speaks for itself. sure it does. it's wrong. so in effect mr. barner is being spade $155,000 tax dollars a year to hide the truth. i invite them to enter the no spin zone and we will sort it all out. it is the national park service. they aren't serving the public interest. they are pinheads. check out the fox news factor website, different from and also if you would like to spout off, o' and if you wish to opine, word of the day, do not be a pettyfogger. and that's what is going on with killing lincoln. again, thanks for watching us
5:59 am
tonight. please always remember the spin stops right here because we are definitely looking out for you. >> good morning, everyone. it's friday, november 18th. i'm alisyn camerota. occupy wall street turns ugly when children get involved in the protests. is snarling traffic. >> details on his odd obsession with oprah and mr. obama. brian? >> they want you to pay higher taxes but do these so-called patriotic millionaires want to cough up their own money? >> would you be willing to


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