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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  November 18, 2011 9:00am-11:00am EST

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>> eric: and the huntsman daughters on "follow the money" on the business network. >> brian: if you have time, you can follow me on the radio. >> alisyn: we should have done a dry run of this blanket. i'm having a hard time. >> brian: but it's worth every dollar. it's just more than a dollar. there is nothing better than good swag, folks. good morning, everybody, working through the weekend with a wednesday deadline moving to next week with a deal to slash the deficit, that super-committee responsible for cuts cuts of $1.2 trillion, they will stay in washington tonight. will they make headway or is this an epic failure? i'm bill hemmer. martha is out today. >> happy friday to you. bill: what are you doing here. >> i'm keeping you in line. bill: you and an army. >> i'm heather childers in for martha maccallum. all indications that the super-committee is
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deadlocked. bill: same two issues they were stuck on over the summer, taxes and spending. as you can tell. >> we're always meeting. we're always meeting. >> [inaudible]. >> we'll have another one >> doing our very best job. is it important. >> [inaudible]. >> i will not negotiate this thing in the public. >> can you get a deal? >> i'm working as hard as i can. we're all working as hard as we can. we'll keep working. i will talk and work till, you know, the last dog dies as they say. we had a lot of creative ideas on the table. there are some serious hurdles. >> what is the stumbling block at this point, can you tell us? >> no. i don't want to go into that. there will be plenty of time for that. bill: five 1/2 hour meeting. bring the red bull. house speaker john boehner says democrats have not come
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up with a plan. he is not in the room. medically henneberg is here this morning. how do democrats respond to that charge from boehner? >> reporter: bill, a familiar argument in washington. both sides say they are willing to give but it is a cat and mouse game to see how much they are willing to give. democrats say they are willing to negotiate on cuts to entitlement programs but that republicans are not ready to compromise on tax increases. hear is the democratic coshare on the super-committee. >> the productive has to be on their side to resolve the difference where they are whether or not to put real revenue on the table. once they are are able to resolve that and compromise as we have, we can reach a deal. >> reporter: republicans say they're not getting specifics in proposals from democrats on cuts they can agreed to. house gop speaker weighed in an on idea on the super-committee. as u.s. spends more less an
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wars in iraq and afghanistan they can pay for the jobs plan. speaker boehner said that was a no-go. >> i made it clear those savings coming to us as a result of the wind down of the war in iraq and the war in afghanistan are, should be banked. should not be used to offset other spending. >> reporter: republicans on the super-committee are expected to meet in 15 minutes behind closed doors. democrats will likely meet today too. bill? bill: as the rules stand right now, if they do not get a deal what happens? >> reporter: then an automatic trigger goes into effect in 2013. it would cut $1.2 trillion to the federal budget with deep cuts in medicare and defense. there is already talk on capitol hill there could be some way around it to change it. we'll certainly hear more about that if there is no deal. bill: shocker. shocker. see you, molly.
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molly henneberg in washington. heather? heather: he has been a member of the house of representatives since the eisenhower administration. john dingell said he is sad about the state of affairs in congress. >> congress here is at an enormous juncture in our nation's history. i have to say at times i see things which cause me considerable sorrow. i see that we're not able to do anything. and it is not frequent. it is not infrequent. that we find that we can not make this place work. heather: dingell by the way was receiving a congressional freedom award. he didn't specifically reference the super-committee but insiders say it was pretty clear what he was talking about. bill? actually this is me. so the super-committee, it has until wednesday, just to clarify, to cut $1.2 trillion in spending. if they fail, a series of sweeping automatic cuts take effect.
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they would be divided nearly 50/50 between domestic and defend spending. they would go into full effect just over a year from now in 2013. bill: now it is my turn, right? heather: now it is your turn. bill: how bad is the debt? 15 trillion this week. on the map behind us, all the countries you see in red, that highlights some of the nine largest economies in the world. you can add all the debt from all these countries together, they still do not reach where we are today. indonesia, plus south korea, italy and spain, france added with the u.k., brazil which is huge and growing by the week. mexico and canada, all together their debt does not equal what we have today on our table. what do we do about it? senator ron johnson, republican on the senate budget committee, a tea party favorite. he joins us in a couple minutes where this is all heading and what that map will look like.
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ron johnson coming up in a few minutes. heather? heather: speaking of europe, if the government loses faith in its leader they can call a confidence vote. we just saw it in greece and italy. what if americans could do the same? this is pretty interesting. according to a brand new "fox news poll", a 50% majority would give president obama a vote of no confidence. what could this say about our country's economic future? fox business network stuart varney is on tap to talk about that. hi, stewart. >> hi, heather. there is a real contradiction between the financial headlines that you read and the economic reality that you feel on the ground and this extend to a variety of areas. recently for example, in the jobs market there has been some very minor improvement. but you don't feel that on the ground. couple days ago we were told there is no inflation. that's nonsense. you pay for gas recently? north of 3.50. have you gone to a grocery store? paid for health care? paid for home heating oil? clearly there is inflation.
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that contradiction between what you see in the headlines and what you feel on the ground. our income is going down and our prosperity, which gained from the early 1980s all the way through until 2008, that has gone into reverse. we're becoming less well off so there is not a great deal of confidence in the white house, in our economic policies or in the indeed in the future of our economy. >> yeah, not really good. not good news. thank you very much, stuart varney, we appreciate your insight as all. thank you. bill: see you 9:20 at fbn as we like to say. seven minutes after the hour. we're learning the secret service is stepping up its security detail to presidential candidates specifically to herman cain he is the first of the republican contenders to get a security detail. congress authorizing the protection of major candidates after the assassination of robert kennedy in california. that was in 1968. his brother senator edward kennedy received security detail during his run for the white house in 198 the
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0. heather? heather: sarah palin weighing in on the republican field saying that mitt romney will end up on top. hear is a last can governor with sean hannity last night. >> he has done well in the debates and has been able to explain somewhat, what is in layman's terms flip-flops. he has been able to explain some of those. so in those terms he has done well in the debates but, people, i don't think that voters have made up their minds yet. they want to know that we have a real go-better. somebody who will really understand what it will take to defeat barack obama. heather: so far romney has stayed pretty steady in the polls. palin says he needs to better focus though on reaching out to tea party independents. bill: all right. eight minutes past the hour. this morning we're learning about a groundbreaking trip for hillary clinton. the secretary of state will travel to burma, marking the first time the first visit
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there by a secretary of state in more than 50 years. chief white house correspondent ed henry is live in bally, indonesia. tell us about this trip. it is history, ed. >> reporter: that's right, bill. president aboard air force one called the who you know is the pro-democracy leader from burma. she has been under house arrest. she will run for a seat in parliament because she is encouraged by political reforms going on in burma and basically gave the u.s. in the green light in the phone call to the president to send secretary of state hillary clinton in early december to check out whether or not the fact that burma is releasing some political prisoners and trying to clean up their human rights record. when i sat down with secretary clinton couple hours ago in indonesia, she told me she is going on a fact-finding mission to find out whether or not these reforms are real. take a listen. >> we sensed some changing attitudes and openings that, you know, encouraged us but
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obviously have to be tested. >> reporter: there are some tough u.s. sanctions that have really hurt the burmese economy. that may be one factor why all of a sudden they want to engage here but the secretary basically told me they will not lift any of these sanctions until they know they're actually backing up the talk with some action, bill. bill: we'll see what comes of that. ed henry, enjoy ballly, one of the most -- bali, one of the most beautiful places in the world. heather: tough job but somebody has toe be there. that is one of the stories we're following this morning in "america's newsroom." coming up, newt gingrich surging in brand new polls, showing newt has a double-digit lead. are we seeing a sea of change in the republican field? karl rove joins us on that. bill: is it time for another underdog to make a run? we've been seeing this over and over again. former utah governor jon huntsman is here today. he will join us live to see
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whether that dog will hunt. heather: it could happen. heads should roll in the energy department in the wake of the half billion dollar solyndra debacle. calls for the president's energy chief to get the boot. >> in the end he did not adequately answer these questions. he has culpability with this loan subordination. i think pointed out by numerous members kept saying he was unaware. you can not be unaware and can't lose half a billion dollars. you just can't in this country. [ male annouer ] juice drink too watery? ♪ feel the power my young friend. mmm! [ male announcer ] for unsurpassed fru and veggie nutrition... v8 v-fusion. could've had a v8.
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insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. call this toll-free number on your screen now... for this free information kit, including this... medicare guide and customized rate quote. heather: some fallout to tell you about. massive power outages caused by last month's monster snowstorm forcing a ceo out of a job. the head of connecticut light and power is stepping down after coming under fire for how the company handled this widespread power failures. jeffrey butler said remaining on the job would be a distraction. about 77% of the company's customers were without power, some left in the dark for as long as 11 days. bill: not cool, huh? heather: no. bill: president obama should
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fire his right-hand man on energy. that from a leading republican on that committee investigating the solyndra scandal. cliff stearns saying energy secretary steven chu should go. i just think he has failed the test and in my personal opinion i agree with dan carroll's e-mail at this point he should probably be replaced by the president. dan carol is the former obama campaign adviser suggested chu be replaced back in february. former, or cliff stearns is the florida republican who is a member of the energy and commerce committee. sir, welcome back here to "america's newsroom.". strong words coming out of hearing yesterday. why fire chu? >> bill, if anybody listened to the hearing you realize has solyndra fell into bankruptcy, secretary chu failed to sound the alarm. basically most of the questions we asked him he was unaware or would look into it. and when you look at what happened with the subordination where he actually went to an outside law firm here in washington
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to get an opinion and that law firm initially told him it was not legal for him to subordinate taxpayers to $535 billion. so that two hedge fund could get paid, he somehow, --. bill: 535 million, not billion, right? >> yeah. 535 million. when that was subordinated for two hedge funds, basically that memo from that law firm said he couldn't do it. but somehow he said there is another legal memo that says he can. and then, you know, he just seemed unaware of the fact that his own staff was telling him this solyndra was going to lose all its cash and will be out of cash two years hence. so they profet i canly said solyndra would go into bankruptcy two years before it did. this is his own staff. he didn't know about it. he was unaware. constant repetition of this. i think that's why, bill, the president of the united states appointed mr. allison to head up a commission to
9:17 am
look at all the loan guaranties because he doesn't have confidence in secretary chu himself. bill: we're watching hearing trying to figure out what you could accomplish. joe barton, a republican colleague out of texas, correct? >> correct. bill: he says chu is a fall guy right. he says chu should not step aside, right? >> i think his interpretation is partially accurate because the white house allowed the e-mail from dan carol as you mentioned earlier that came out in february of this year, that indicated a senior advisor to the president on environment has said that secretary chu thud should be replaced because he is not competently doing the loan guaranties and will create a scandal for the president. so, again, his own inner circle told the president, this man is going to create a scandal for us and we better get rid of him. that probably has given impetus to the president to appoint an outside commission to look at all the loan guaranties which is
9:18 am
$37 billion of taxpayer money. bill: a lot of money came out of the stimulus plan in 2009. did you get an answer to why the loan was restructured and investors would be paid back before the taxpayer? >> well, i think even the democrats, congressman green from texas, indicated he didn't think it was legal. so i think we have some bipartisan agreement that the secretary chu did an illegal act but subordinating taxpayers to the two hedge funds. bill: you call that illegal? >> i think it is illegal. bill: against the law? >> i think when you broke the energy policy act 2005 by
9:19 am
it if it is done again there is it some severe penalties, right now there is no punishment other than you can't do it. bill: to be clear, if congress allows it, that is not illegal then? that goes back on your charge? >> well, no, if there is no severe punishment or no stipulation in the law of what happens, and you still do something that is against the actual intent, that is something that is illegal. i think anybody that looks at that one sentence will realize, that he broke the law. bill: i know you've been very strong against energy secretary chu. you called him clueless. now you're asking him to resign. or have the president fire him. cliff stearns, we'll see in time whether or not you get what you want. thank you for your time today. >> all right, bill. bill: 20 minutes past the hour. heather. heather: here is an interesting story. a shocking new twist to one of hollywood's most enduring
9:20 am
mysteries. 30 years after actress natalie wood drowned in california police are reopening the case. one of the men who was there that night is saying who is responsible. plus -- >> we work on wall street, we can not get to work because people are in our way. we have jobs. we're trying to stimulate the economy and we can not get to work. bill: they are caught up in the wall street chaos. they are average americans being harassed by protesters, they say. have the protesters gone too far? so who ordered the cereal that can help lower olesterol and who ordered the yummy cereal?
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bill: 23 minutes past the hour on a friday morning, happ now in "america's newsroom", stock futures are rising as borrowing costs for italy and spain said to
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be declining. the market sees signals that the european debt crisis perhaps is easing? we'll see. a federal judge approving the sale of the crystal cathedral in california to the roman catholic diocese of orange county. the struggling church was known for hits tv program, the hour of power. heather? heather: a massive backlash taking shape against the "occupy wall street" movement. >> we are the 99%. we are the 99%. heather: police officers sent to the hospital and outrage from people who were just trying to get to work. >> protesting against the protesters? >> we're trying to peace any. every protest needs a little resistance. we work on wall street. we can't get to work because the people are here in our way. you see what is going on here? we have jobs. we're trying to stimulate the economy and we can not get to work because there are thousands -- we can't get through. we can't get through.
9:25 am
>> you're on the other side. >> get out of here. get out of here. heather: that right there, what the argument boiled down to. jamie colby live in our newsroom. during two months of protest there is is plenty of coverage of arrests but no news of officers being assaulted. what happened? >> reporter: there is news now. children trying to get to school in the area subject to protesters. we know of at least two incidents protesters in one case threw an unknown liquid at an officer and he had to be treated. protesters threw glass at officers and required stitches and had a laceration. all of this is authorities say they have given the protesters fair warning. >> you are blocking the street. clear the street and get on the sidewalk. or you will be subject to arrest. >> reporter: tried really hard to let them know. authorities will do what they have to. people ask how many people
9:26 am
are actually showing up. after they moved from the park they were all over the place. mayor michael bloomberg, new york city mayor, tough to estimates, could be hundreds, could be thousands but doesn't matter because authorities are at the ready if anyone gets out of control. heather? heather: jamie, what about this? are charges being filed against the unruly and violent proterse we're seeing? >> reporter: the arrests are happening in the hundreds. they're definitely being taken into custody. the question is what will happen from now? well mayor michael bloomberg speaking yesterday says, he give as strong warning, heather. if things get out of hand again. >> we will insure that everyone has a right to exercise their first amendment rights. as well as the right to go to work, go to school, ride the subway and go about their day. but make no mistake about it, if anyone's actions cross the line and threaten the health and safety of others, including our first-responders, we will respond accordingly. >> reporter: and they are,
9:27 am
heather. as well as in cities in including los angeles, dollars, las vegas, st. louis, d.c., and seattle. protesters are taken into custody if they get out of line. heather? heather: thank you very much. jamie colby live in the new york newsroom. thank you, they let them have it. heather: i heard they were going to take over the subway? bill: they were going to the subway and try to recruit more protesters but not stop it. but new yorkers gave them a piece of their mind as you can see from some of those. heather: trying to do their job. bill: another major american university, now facing claims of child sex abuse. we'll tell you about that. heather: and are there signs of progress for the super-committee in washington or will time run out before a deal is reached? senator ron johnson, a republican on the budget committee is here in just minutes. fore! no matter what small business you are in,
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bill: there is new reaction this morning from syracuse university after a basketball coach was put on administrative leave, facing an investigation for child molestation. police are looking in the claims against long-time assistant coach bernie fine. the university, for its part, releasing this statement, quoting now, on hearing of the allegations in 2005 the university immediately launched its own comprehensive investigation through its legal counsel. that nearly four-month long investigation, included a number of interviews with people the complainant said
9:32 am
would support his claims. all of those identified by the complainant denied any knowledge of wrongful conduct by the associate coach. the associate coach also vehemently denied the allegations. eric shawn live in syracuse outside the carrier dome. that is where the team place. what else do you have? good morning. >> reporter: good morning, bill. second beloved sports figure in the college world accused of sexual abuse allegations. as you said, bernie fine, been with the university and syracuse orange basketball team for 35 years has been placed on administrate leave. the police department here in syracuse reopened a investigation concerning allegations that date back almost 30 years. fine's accuser is former ball boy for the basketball team. his name is bobby davis. davis is 39 years old. he said when he was a teenager in the 1980s and '90s he lived in fine's home and he was sexually abused by fine, there, on the road,
9:33 am
staying in his hotel room and on campus. his brother has come forward with similar claims. davis told espn he came forward now in the wake of the penn state case. >> i remember feeling disgusted, laying in bed. what am i doing? why is this happening? i just, he just always keep coming back. i would always think it is not going to happen again. i say i don't feel comfortable. i thought he would stop but he would never stop. he would always keep coming. >> reporter: as you said the university investigated six years ago but found no evidence to corroborate this. bill? bill: jim boeheim, the head coach there for the basketball team. he is a legend at syracuse too. has he talked about this or weighed in on it, eric? >> reporter: yeah he has and he is very strongly defending his assistant coach final. he calls accuser he who has known for decades a liar. in fact says it is quote, a thousand lies. hear is the statement that boehim gave to espn quote,
9:34 am
this matter was fully investigated by the university in 2005 and it was determined that the allegations were unfounded. i've known bernie fine more than 40 years. i have never seen or witnessed anything to suggest that he would be involved in any of the alleged activities. bill, ironically the chancellor of the university on wednesday sent out an e-mail to the campus to tell people to be aware of this in the wake of the penn state case. this morning she says there should not be a unfair rush to judgment but also saying that the university officials can not turn a blind eye to these type of allegations. bill: eric shawn, the latest there at syracuse. coming up penn state, its board of trustees, now hiring a high-powered law firm to represent it in the growing child sex abuse case there. we'll have the latest developments in a live report from penn state. 34 past. heather: there is a deadline coming up if you haven't heard. the fast-approaching deficit deadline raising serious new concerns in washington. will the congressional
9:35 am
super-committee come up with a deal in time to cut $1.2 trillion? as of right now our national debt exceeds $15 trillion. and that comes down to about $133,000 for each american housold. here now, republican senator ron johnson of wisconsin, a member of the senate budget committee. thank you for joining us. >> good morning, heather. thanks for having me on. heather: that is a whole lot of dollar bills we're talking about. in terms of the super-committee is it going to take the involvement of president obama to overcome this stalemate? >> heather, you know, part of the problem we're having here in washington is president obama has not been providing any leadership on this issue all year long. i mean the budget he presented to congress, it would have added $12 trillion to our nation's debt and deficit in the next 10 years. it lost 0-97 in the united states senate. he hasn't pushed his party,
9:36 am
the democrats control the senate to even pass a budget in the senate for over two years. yeah a little bit of leadership would go a long ways here in washington. heather: these are the same arguments we heard way back when. now we have this november 23rd deadline looming. what is the holdup now? is it just the same old, same old? we're talking about taxes and enlightment spending and where is there wiggle room? >> i think the holdup is the democrats simply refuse to acknowledge the problem. the problem we are spending too much money. i mean the last 10 years, our federal government spent 28 trillion. moving forward what debate is over according to president obama he wants to spend $46 trillion in the next 10-years. the house budget would spend 40. we're not even close to that level. we're arguing spending $46 trillion and within that con we're looking how do you save 1.2 trillion and how do you reduce rate of growth by
9:37 am
1.2. i sent a letter to super-committee about $1.4 trillion in reductions in rate of growth. passed that measure and moved on and started seriously addressing the problem. heather: what about the bush-era tax cuts specifically? would you be willing to waiver on that? >> well, heather the number one component of solution for the fiscal problem is economic growth. the problem with increasing taxes and that is what we're talking about if we let the bush tax cuts expire, we would increase taxes on an incredibly weak economy. and we have to have economic growth. that is how we're going to actually solve this problem. that is why people on my side of the aisle really don't want to be considering tax increases because it harms economic growth. and that is the number one thing we have to try to promote around here. heather: that is the fundamental difference between democrats and republicans when you talk about how to resolve this budget issue. i do want to ask you one more thing. some lawmakers, this is just developing, they're pushing
9:38 am
for a change in the automatic spending cuts that would kick into effect should no deal be reached. how do you feel about that? >> well, i'll tell you one of the reasons i voted against the debt ceiling agreement i saw how meaningless really it was going to be because the sequestration, the cuts weren't even going to occur until january 2013. the one congress can't bind hands of future congress. i didn't see it as serious attempt. i backed cut, cap balance. heather, in the end if we are going to get our fiscal house in order, we need a constitutional amendment that limits size of government in relationship to the gdp i think that is the best solution. heather: thank you so much. if anything tells the story it is the debt clock running next to you. it was ticking up the entire time we are speaking. thank you so much for joining us. >> thanks for having me on. heather: there you have it. still going up, bill. bill: fox news alert, sad word we're getting on two coaches from the oklahoma
9:39 am
state women's basketball team. they both have been killed in the plane crash. the head coach is kirk budk. and the small plane went down in rural arkansas. they were on a recruit trip at the time, the pilot and one passenger killed in the crash. it is breaking news hitting here in "america's newsroom" now. 20 minutes before the hour. newt gingrich is rocking the 2012 playing field, surging in a key battle ground state. gingrich has faced a lot of criticism this week. how has he held up? karl rove live on that only moments away. >> tell everybody our model is the tortoise. every day we get up we go a few more steps in the right direction. but it is one day at a time.
9:40 am
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9:42 am
heather: u.s. attorney general eric holder's former assistant and president obama's pick for federal judge grilled over operation "fast and furious".
9:43 am
kevin olson testifying before the senate armed services committee. republican arizona senator john mccain pushing him for what he knew about the botched gun-running sting. >> so you get a memo and it says, part of operation "fast and furious" and you don't say, hey, what is operation "fast and furious"? >> as it turned out senator, i did not read that weekly report. heather: olson admits receiving reports on operation "fast and furious" but says he didn't learn about the sting until after he left office. that was in january of this year. bill: we have new poll numbers this morning that shows presidential candidate newt gingrich getting a big bump in the critical state of iowa. the latest rasmussen poll survey shows gingrich is number one with a whopping 32%. leading mitt romney at 19%, herman cain at third and ron paul and rick perry and michele bachmann fighting for the rest at the moment.
9:44 am
what to make of all this with gingrich? karl rove knows this better than most. karl, good morning. >> hemmer, how are you? bill: i haven't seen gingrich this strong in iowa. what happened? what changed?. >> gingrich has been improving over last several months slow and steady. i want to be cautious about this one set of numbers. we have essentially less than a week in iowa several polls with different results. one of them showing gingrich as low as single digits and one showing him at 32. it is very hard notoriously to poll in primary. i will accept the fundamental premise of all these polls which is gingrich moved up in the polls from where he was earlier this year and in a better position nationally and in iowa. bill: is it more difficult in iowa because it is a caucus state to get accurate polling? >> i think that's right. organization matters there. for example, mike huckabee on the eve of the 2008 caucuses was receiving 30% average in the real clear
9:45 am
politics and yet he got 34%, literally the next day. and that is a significant difference. bill: that was the stunner. ed rollins ran his campaign in '08. he told martha yesterday that he thinks ron paul has a good chance in winning iowa. >> very fluid. bill: i want to talk about the issue, i guess criticism directed toward gingrich this past week, whether he is a lobbyist or not. the freddie mac money when he was doing work in washington and about five or six years ago. how has he held up against that, do you think, karl? >> so far so good but he ain't seen nothing yet. we're just starting this. we've already seen two things not helpful to him. one his association with one of the failed gses, fannie and freddie went belly-up costing taxpayers billions of dollars. initially he said i received $300,000 and i was historian and i wasn't a lobbyist. then it turned out he received nearly $2 million and the company's goal hiring him was to give them
9:46 am
credibility among conservatives. the think tank emerged today in the front page of "the washington post", frankly what "the washington post" sought to emphasize how much money gingrich raised in order to create think tank for health transformation. i don't think that was a problem the problem was he endorsed a individual mandate requiring anybody who made $50,000 or more to buy health insurance or post a bond that would pay their bills in the event they got sick or ended up in the hospital. ironic thing we have two the front-runners, gingrich, the new contender having favored an individual mandate for the entire country and mitt romney, the former or maybe current frontrunner nationally having supported a mandate for his state of massachusetts. it is one of the ironies. bill: that is ironic. rick perry, 2.0. he is doing a lot this past week. listen to a quick clip. i want to ask about a couple things for him. >> i get it about why nancy pelosi doesn't want to
9:47 am
debate me in public because then she will have to explain why she profited from these insider trading information in the stock market. but if she won't explain her activities in a public setting such as a debate, then i challenge her to turn over all that information. bill: talk about your ironies. rick perry ising chaing nancy pelosi to a debate when he is taking heat for all the debates. other thing he is doing, he purchased big-time tv spots especially here at fox news channel. 2.0 perry, will it work? >> i don't think i would have challenged somebody to a debate. just simply raises all of those memories of bad moments during his debate performances but look he is spending a lot of money on television. he issued two substantive policy statements in the last several weeks, one on reform of congress. that is pretty good. my suspicion, we'll see he bottomed out and this is has helped him to stablize
9:48 am
himself. the problem he is stablizing himself in a very low position. you have one opportunity to introduce yourself to the country. his introduction in august, september, october, and november was not good. this will help him but, you know the problem is, is in iowa, he is now in low single digits and the same in new hampshire. it is because people in these early states, iowa, new hampshire, south carolina to a lesser extent, florida, nevada, they take this really seriously. bill: they sure do. >> they make much more serious and more durable judgements particularly in the state of iowa. it will be hard for him to come back. bill: history will tell you have to give those people time and attention they demand or they will not support you. quickly on mitt romney. we have a poll that shows him at 22%. the rap on romney is that he can't get above 22, 20 three or 25%. do you see that as a negative or does the romney campaign see it as, hey, we're the only consistent runner through all this polling over the past six
9:49 am
months. anytime you stick your head up above 25% you burn like icarus. >> he has shown stability here. the good news for him he is becoming a lot of people's second choice. he is far and away the biggest second choice in the field. so you may be for somebody else but he is the second choice. and the third thing look, we shouldn't have expectations that somebody will run away with it. i remember four years ago at this point on democratic side barack obama seemed stuck in roughly the mid 20s. you begin to consolidate the field and move when you begin to show strength in these early caucuses and primaries. the question for romney will be, what is he going to do in iowa? where will he come out at the end of the day in iowa? then how strong a victory likely to have in new hampshire where everybody anticipates he will win. bill: 45 days away or something like that. >> who's counting? who's counting? bill: i am. have a good weekend. rick perry sits down with neil later today, 4:00 on
9:50 am
"your world". that will be fun here on the fox news channel. heather: 45 days, really? bill: just about that. november 18th. january 3rd. that is about the ballpark. heather: he is being charged with the attempted assassination of president obama. have you heard about this guy? we're getting new details on the suspect's past and what he was planning. every time. 2% on groceries. 3% ogas. automatally. nooops to jump through. that's 1% back ... [ toy robot sounds ] 2% on pumpkinie. and apple. 3% back on 4 trips to the airpo. it's as easy as 1... -2... -3... [ male announcer ] the bankamericard cash rewards card. apply online or at a bank of america near you. [ toy robot sounds ]
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9:53 am
heather: a fox news alert for you. jerry sandusky's home vandalized after the former penn state coach was charged with 40 counts of child sex abuse. shattered glass on the ground and a few shards left on the window happened overnight. david lee miller has a live report next hour here on "america's newsroom". bill: another folks news alert. this is sad news. we mentioned this 20 minutes ago. we have a bit more information.
9:54 am
two coaches from the oklahoma state women's basketball team were killed in the plane crash. the head coach and assistant coach. in total four died because of that crash in rural arkansas that occurred 45 miles west of little rock. a sad irony in that story. 10 years ago, 2001, 10 members associated with the men's basketball team at that school were killed when their plane went down in the state of colorado. this from oklahoma state university. the. heather: our prayers with them. getting some new details about the man now charged with the attempted assassination of president obama. court documents say that the idaho man beliefs he is jesus. wendell goler is live at the white house for us. wendell, what else do we know about him? >> reporter: heather we know the 21-year-old from idaho falls was obsessed with president obama. he told acquaintances that he believed president obama was the antichrist and
9:55 am
needed toe be killed and wanted to put gps chips in children. he record ad message to be sent to oprah winfrey but he never sent it where he claimed to be jesus christ. >> you see oprah, there is still so much more god needs me to express to the world. it is not just a coincidence that i look like jesus. i am the modern day jesus christ you all have been waiting for. >> reporter: his mother reportedly says ortega hernandez has no history of mental illness. he doesn't believe he is mentally ill though she says he might be scared and confused. heather? heather: he is charged with attempting to assassinate the president after all and he faces life in prison, right? >> reporter: this appears to be the most brazen assassination attempt on a u.s. president since someone tossed a hand grenade at george w. bush in tblisi,
9:56 am
georgia in 2005 the grenade doesn't explode. hernandez didn't fire a couple shots but fired a number of rounds. one broke a window on the truman balcony and stopped by bullet-proof glass on the inside. that is the first family's living quarters. several shots bounced off the white house between the second and third floors. they found nine spent casings and assault rifle in a car they traced to orteg ortega-hernandez. heather. heather: wendell goler reporting live for us, thank you, wendell. bill: it is one of hollywood's greatest mysteries. actress natalie wood said to have drowned on a yacht with her husband actor robert wagner. police in california are reopening the investigation. what information do they have have 30 years later. heather: somebody is talking. do you think the economy is on the rebound. if you said no, you are not alone. we'll show you a shocking new survey.
9:57 am
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10:00 am
with some plans, you can enroll right over the phone. don't waitcall now. bill: want to start this hour with a fox news alert, stunning new allegations in one of the most high profile death necessary hollywood history. nearly 30 years to the day after actress natalie wood drowned in the waters off southern california, police are reopening that investigation. they will brief reporters shortfully california. what will they say now? brand new hour of "america's newsroom", i'm bill hemmer here on a friday, martha is out with her family do. how you doing heather? >> heather: doing great. i'm heather kh*eulders in for martha maccallum. you remember wood going over a yacht, her death ruled accidental at the time. bill: have detectives reopened this matter? we expect to hear shortly. meanwhile the captain on board the boat that day says there is more to the story than we've heard to date.
10:01 am
stacy stegall is covering that in l.a. what are investigators saying about this? good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you bill. at this point investigators are being tight-lipped about what specific information they have. all they are really confirms to the fox news channel is that they are relaunching or reopening this investigation, and a lot of people remember this case that really gripped hollywood, folks at home knew natalie wood, they knew her husband, actor robert wagner. a news conference scheduled -- scheduled for later this morning where we hope to learn a little more, it has been 30 years since the 43-year-old oscar-nominated actress died while boating off the coast of southern california. officials at the time, as you guys were saying, ruled her death anaccident, saying that she went overboard and drowned. she was with her husband, actor robert wagner, and actor christopher walken, at the time. wood, in fact, was working on the film "brainstorm"
10:02 am
with walken when this incident happened. the captain of wood's 60-foot yacht has spoken to various news organizations throughout the years, even coauthorizing a book about that night. dennis davern, now admitting that he lied to investigators and he is alleging that robert wagner had something to do with it, because he claims that he and natalie got into a fight that night, and now police say they would like to speak with that captain. again, that's what we hope to learn with this news conference. bill: what about robert wagner, is he reacting or responding in any way. >> yeah, he's released a statement but a spokesperson, saying, in part, and i am quoting here, although no one from the wagner family has heard from the l.a. county sheriff's department about this matter, they fully support the efforts of the l.a. county sheriff's department. he goes on to say that he trusts investigators will determine whether this new information comes from a credible source, or somebody trying to profit off the
10:03 am
30-year anniversary of this tragic death. bill we await that news, from 1981 coming back. casey stegall, thanks, live in l.a. heather: a fox news alert for you. vandals target the home of accused child predator and former penn state coach jerry sandusky. you can see the damage done to the window on the left side of the screen, this as we get word that penn state trustees lawyered up in the wake of growing child sex abuse scandals. we are told they hired a high powered law firm to represent them. david lee miller has the latest developments from the state college, pennsylvania. tell us what happened at sandusky's home, david lee. >> reporter: someone overnight did smash one of the windows. apparently it happened after the news crews left there. knews crews have been staked out there all day. what's notable is this is the second such incident now in less than one week. sandusky remains cloistered in his home.
10:04 am
we have not seen him since he did that interview with bob costas on nbc, two days ago. interestingly, he got a delivery of an exercise -- exercise machine. it seems abundantly clear he's not planning on leaving that home any time soon, and apparently someone decided that last night, they wanted to send a rock or something else through one of the windows. it's now boarded up. but likely we're -- it's not likely we're going to see jerry sandusky any time today. back to you heather. heather: what more do we know about the penn state board hiring an attorney or attorneys? >> reporter: i guess you can ask the question how many attorneys does it take to represent a major university. and the answer might be in this case 1600. they've hired a pittsburgh-based law firm by the name of reed smith, they have 1600-plus attorneys on staff and 23 -- in 23 different cities. a spokesman for the law firm says they are going to represent the board of trustees but not clear,
10:05 am
heather, will the law firm represent them in civil or criminal matters or possibly both. we'll have to wait and see. heather: possibly both. thank you very much, david lee miller, reporting for us. bill: there are new questions whether the iconic statue of joe paterno should be removed, school officials and students weighing in on the statue on campus, saying removing it is not a possibility at the moment and it would be no easy task if they decided to move it at some point. >> i don't think we've ever had a case where we had to dismantle, take apart a major installation. bill: in the meantime, penn state plays at ohio state this weekend. in a moment, a preview of our fox special that airs over the weekend on the penn state scandal. stay tuned for that when john roberts joins us. heather: another fox news alert for you, tragedy strikes another university sports program. we've just gotten word that the coach and assistant coach of the oklahoma state university women's
10:06 am
basketball team have both died in a plane crash. head koerb curt budke, one of four people who did not survive last night's disaster in arkansas. on board with budke were assistant coach miranda cerna and two other people, including the pilot, not affiliated with the school. we are following this developing story for you. we'll bring you more updates as they come into our newsroom. bill: about six minutes past the hour. now we're looking at a possible showdown between congress and the white house. nothing with the supercommittee here. at odds a major defense bill under consideration in the senate, president obama threatening to veto that bill if it passes. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge, live on this. good morning! what are they digging in on over this one, catherine? >> reporter: good morning. senior republicans say the white house promised to close gitmo, tried to bring the 9/11 suspects to came and -- to court and failed. they say there's no
10:07 am
questioning policy for the detention of terrorists. >> the administration's policy has been a complete failure. >> if we had captured anwar al-awlaki, what would we have done with him? if today we capture zawahiri, the leader of al-qaeda, what would we do with him? >> on the underwear bomber who tried a bring a jet down over detroit, the fbi had to bring in abdulmutallab's parents before he would cooperate. >> if our interrogation policy for people who commit attacks on our country is going to be -- we hope that a -- where we hope that a parent comes and intervenes to help us get information that will protect americans, i think that we're in trouble f. that's our intelligence gathering procedures. >> reporter: senior democrats, including senator levin, say there's a waiver that would allow the administration to bring people into civilian court if that's what they choose, bill. bill: typical -- is the veto
10:08 am
threat serious from the white house? >> the white house sending this policy statement late yesterday saying it objects to the detainee provisions because of, quote, serious legal and policy concerns. the senior democrat on senate intelligence is siding with the administration, defending terror suspects to military custody in every virtually every case is outside the scope of congressional authority. >> i view the detention provisions of this bill as really pernicious, as an attack on the executive power of the president and contrary to the be interests of this nation. and so i rise to express my strong opposition to these three detention provisions in the defense authorization bill. >> reporter: there's no question, bill, this may all come to a head very quickly because we're talking about the defense department's entire budget being held up because of this one issue. bill: and that would be significant. we'll see. catherine, thank you the
10:09 am
cath catherine herridge in washington. what's coming up heather? >> heather: brand new fox news poll numbers on what americans think about the economy right now. want to guess? we asked the question, and we have president obama's polices. have they been helping or hurting the situation? those details are next. bill we have a great panel on that, too, coming up. he wants the president's job but jon huntsman is way behind in the polls. we've seen these frontrunners come and go in the past few months. is the former utah governor ready for his term? >> heather: might be. plus this is really terrifying, terror in a tight space, three girls trapped in an elevateor. how does this end? >>   
10:10 am
10:11 am
10:12 am
10:13 am
heather: let's get straight to this a. horrifying call for help, three girls dialing 911 while trapped inside an elevator shaft, the girls lying down on the ground as the elevator car comes within inches of crushing them. take a listen: >> [screaming and yelling] >> hello? >> lift it up, lift it up, please lift it up! >> help us. >> hello? >> where are you? >> we're in an elevator. >> i'm sorry? >> hello. >> we're trapped under an elevator at coffman -- at classon sas high school. heather: the doors opened and let them directly into the shaft which they first at thought was the elevator itself. it took about 45 minutes before the girls were finally rescued. one thinks that her boot may have prevented the elevator from coming all the way down. two of the girls are suffering from minor
10:14 am
injuries. yeah that, one girl, she was wearing steel-toed boots. bill: and what! >> she held up the elevator from coming down on top of her! bill: good for her. get out of here! good thing for the cell phones. brand new fox polling shows that americans are not convinced our economy is on the rebound. 68 percent say they see no sign the economy has started to turn the corner, only 29 percent say they believe the worst is over. that is 2-1 in the no column. how does this fit into the white house's argument for reelection? juan williams, fox news political analyst, and former director for rural outreach for mccain's presidential campaign in 2008, gentlemen, good morning! >> thank you for having us on, bill. >> you bet, thank you for coming back. juan, what do you make of this, 68 percent? don't have much help out there. >> oh! come on. really?
10:15 am
color bars? >> bill juan, you still there? can you hear me? you went to black, and then -- alan, i can hear you, fire away. >> i was saying people are overly pessimistic. bill: overly? >> yeah, because if you look at the numbers light now -- right now, in fact the analysts are saying the american economy is growing at the fastest rate, over the last 18 months. we have unemployment benefits, just to report out yesterday, are down, unemployment at 9 percent is still too high, but it's not climbing, and you look at areas like housing construction and, of course, the biggest poll is consumer spending. consumer spending is up in this country, and you know, big stores like macy's and bloomingdale's and nordstrom are all saying they expect to have a spectacular season. bill: that's the argument that the white house is bog to make, they say we're bumping along but bumping along in the right direction. can they sell it? >> i don't know that they can. at the end of the day, this is not a good sign for
10:16 am
america's unemployed. it's a possible sign for the republican nominee. the question is what is the obama administration axelrod going to do to lower this number because at the end of the day 2012 is a referendum on obama's handling of the economy, pure and simple. bill: to that point, look at this poll. we asked whether or not the obama polices have helped or hurt the country. 48 percent say the polices have hurt, 35 percent say it's helped. juan, you reflect on that right now. and you think about a 50-50 nation, that poll directly goes to the stimulus and the health care law that continues to be debated, will be at the u.s. supreme court, and ford's point is the polices, that's the reverend on the polices the administration has pushed forward, 48 percent in a 50-50 country may not be the best of news. >> no, and so what you can anticipate, bill, is that the administration is going to make the case, again, that they had a very deep hole to dig out of, to get
10:17 am
out of somehow, and that they've been slowly doing it now. people had expectations that it would be a faster climb to the surface, and i think there's a lot of people who were disappointed. i think that's what's reflected in those numbers. but if the president is out on the campaign trail next year and says i can't get anything through the republican congress and if you ask people in polls right now, they will say republicans have been blocking obama's job creation programs, and that is the way that you would go at the gop in the campaign speech. bill: to that point, then, we're going to see whether or not that argument flies. ford, does it? >> correct. no, it doesn't. because blaming congress is not an economic solution. it's a political strat investment house republicans have put forth several jobs bills, and the senate hasn't taken them up. look -- let me do my best david axelrod for a second. if the president wants to help his short term numbers because it usually takes nine months for the initiatives to be felt on the ground i'd approved the keystone pipeline, open off shore drilling, those will help the president in the
10:18 am
near term future and frankly, he doesn't want to do them. there's an -- >> if i'm -- if i'm david axelrod, that's what i would do. >> let me tell you something, ford, there you are politicizing the jobs speech and trying to use it to advance a conservative agenda about oh well, stick the pipeline in, do anything, off shore drilling. you have an agenda. i'm saying in terms of jobs, the american people are going to look and say well, wait a second, what about passing the jobs bill, what about putting in place a more infrastructure theme, why is that a bad idea, why are they blocking it. >> they're not necessarily blocking it, the house republicans keep put be forth their own solutions and the democrats choose not to take it up. at the end of the day, republicans are doing what they're supposed to do. bill: many times those headlines are difficult to sell to the national brain think here. but you come back to this poll number, where 48 percent say the polices have hurt, i mean, can you see an argument, juan, for how the white house resells
10:19 am
their own policy? >> no. i think, look, if you think the stimulus was a bust, and a lot of americans do, i don't think that's going to turn around before election day, bill. but i think the white house can say is look at the actual numbers, look at gdp climbing, look at unemployment benefits, applications going down, look at the unemployment rate holding steady, look at consumer spending. bill: still those numbers are terrible. ford, you think about it, 9 percent unemployment. how do you overcome that? >> well, that's exactly right. that's why i put forth some solutions, that is what i think we're hearing with the pipeline. at the end of the day, americans want to go back to works they don't want to hear about gdp, capital traps off shore. they want jobs and that's what the obama administration is going to have to do if they won't to win reelection. bill: i would argue it comes down to emotion and how you are feeling, your family and friends around you. juan, thank you, ford, thank you as well. enjoy, juan.
10:20 am
nineteen minutes past. heather. heather: she was one of the most beloved actresses of her time, and her death, well, it shocked the nation. but now 30 years after natalie wood drowned, police are set to reopen the investigation. what new information do they have? >> bill: and the state department facing massive cuts if congress cannot reach a deal. this answer, because you asked, it will surprise you, moments away.
10:21 am
10:22 am
10:23 am
heather: time for a quick check of the headlines for you. syria says it will allow observers from the arab league to monitor conditions in the country, this follows
10:24 am
months of calls for world leaders to end a deadly government crackdown. and pizza, the new vegetable in school lunch rooms? congress proposing a bill that could count tomato paste in pizza sauce as a serving of vegetables. >> from the lunch table to the playground, one toronto school receiving serious backlash from parents and students a decision to ban ball that is are too hard, the school saying too many kids are getting hurt. bill. bill: wasn't that way at elder high school, tell you that! five days to go until the deadline, lawmakers set to work through the weekend to hammer out a deal to slash $1.2 trillion in spending. if there is no deal, cuts automatically go into effect that hit domestic and defense spending and that brings us to some of the questions we get so often from our viewers, bya, julie writes the following: if the debt commission does not come together and the budget cuts happen, what cuts are
10:25 am
made to congress and the white house, or are they exempt? got our attention. gerri willis, anchor of the "the willis report", good morning. >> good morning, bill. bill: is there a little end around here? >> these folks may be cutting off their nose to spite their face, because they will not be exempt, they can get cut, too. that's the way this thing is going to work, it's going hit almost every federal program, mandatory programs, discretionary programs. the only programs exempt, social security, some of the programs for the poor, and there's one other category, veterans' programs cannot be touched. bill: that's a good point, they're going to spread the pain a evenly, then, right? >> spread the pain evenly. bill: congress gets hit, so too the white house if the cuts go into effect. >> that's absolutely right and of course this doesn't even start until january 2013 so we've got a ways to go, but of course the deadline the committee is facing is right in front of them. half of the cuts would go to defense and i don't know if you've heard the secretary of defense talking about how much this is really going to
10:26 am
hurt defense spending, they really have to cut back seriously, in fact, the air force itself will be cut back to levels never seen. bill: now, you did make a good point here. there are exemptions to this law, social security recipients, veterans' programs, low income americans. they will not be affected if the automatic cuts go into effect. >> right. bill: i see a loophole, gerri. it crossed at 8:56 this morning, some lawmakers are working on a deal, if the supercommittee does not get the cuts they want, they're going to try and change the law and reconfigure it. >> bad idea. bill: and that's why you have cuts that do not go into effect until january of 2013. it would give congress a full year to work something else out. you see that? >> you know, and they come together so often, bill, right? i mean, they're so good at finding compromise. look, we've got to cut spending in this country. i think you and i both know that. we're spending beyond our means. and tkwrurp is -- europe is just an example of where we could all be going if it
10:27 am
doesn't change. bill: thank you gerry. i don't know what you're doing this weekend but they're down there in washington, working. >> good for them! bill: see you at 5:00 on the willis report, every week day, 5:00 to 6:00 eastern time, monday-friday, fbn. if you've got a question you want answered, hemmer,, also twitter, bill hemmer, and pose that in the form of a question, need one line, because you asked, bya. watch that. heather: i'm going to shoot you a question! bill: please do. >> heather: i think lawmakers are changing the rules after the game is already in place and that's not right. bill: moving the goal post. heather: exactly. this rivals any hollywood script, investigators taking another look at the death of legendary actress natalie wood. a new development that could break this case wide open. bill: also, we're just getting word from penn state trustee, they have lawyered up in the wake of that child sex abuse scandal and now we're hearing from the attorney for one of the alleged victims. more on this growing and
10:28 am
compelling case that he says he has against the former coach, jerry sandusky. >> are we talking about inappropriate touches here? are we talking about actual acts of sex? >> we're not talking about just one person, horsing around in the shower. we're talking about severe sexual assault. almost tastes like one of jack's als. fiber one. h, forgot jack cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? um... try the number one! [ jack ] yeah, ts is pretty good. [ male announcer ]alf a day's worth of fiber. fiber one. to the flu. an accident... to asthma. a new heartbeat... to a heart condition. when you see your doctor, you don't face any medical issue alone. you do it together.
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10:31 am
bill: fox news alert right now. we are awaiting reaction out of penn state to the child sex-abuse scandal. a live look at beaver stadium.
10:32 am
the acting athletic director is david joyner. he is set to speak any moment now. we are watching that, monitoring to see if there are new developments. if there are we'll bring it to you from campus. 32 minutes after the hour. heather: investigators reopening the investigation into the death of natalie wood. we expect to hear from the sheriff's department a little bit later today, one of the men with natalie the night that she drowned now saying that wood's husband, actor robert wagner is responsible. wood, a three-time oscar nominee was alternate the peak of her career starring in rolls like west side story her death had been ruled accidental. authorities say she may have slipped off this particular yacht. arthur aidall is a criminal defense attorney and joins us for more. 30 years later is it possible that someone could face charges? it was originally ruled
10:33 am
accidental, but now they are reopening the investigation. >> the only charge where there is no statute of limitations is murder. the answer to that question is yes. we really need to wait until this 2:00 news conference on the east coast to see what they are basing this on. but i will tell you if all of a sudden the captain is coming forward, there's been various quotes from him, oh, nobody would listen to me. i tried to tell them how i felt about this. that is very incredible, it really is. besides the homicide detectives, i can tell you our very own geraldo rivera back then was investigating the daylights out of this thing and was dying for people to go on the record with him. so, any good criminal defense attorney, if robert wagner was ever charged, and the main witness is the captain, will be able to shred him on cross-examination about his silence over the last 30 years. what is the reason for it, and
10:34 am
now he's coming forward? the counter argument is, if all of a sudden there is some new eyewitness, or someone else was on another boat, some sort of, i don't know, scientific, forensic evidence, now you're looking at this case in a different light. we have to wait and see what they are going to tell us, what the reason is, why is this case being reopened. heather: we know that this captain has written a book in the past. there is a van a tee fair article coming out. could the captain himself, if there is forensic evidence that comes out, and it is determined that he did not speak up, could he face charges? >> it's funny with all of the conversations we are having about penn state and obligations to report, believe it or not although in our country there are obligations in many states to report sexual child abuse, there are no obligations to report a homicide. there are obligations on the part of like a hospital, if someone comes in with a bullet wound they have to report that. quite, frankly, heather if you
10:35 am
were standing on the corner of 42nd street and 6th avenue and you see someone execute someone with a gun you are under no legal obligation to come forward and put yourself out there as a witness. if they find out you're a witness and you're subpoenaed you may have an obligation to at the time. i don't think the captain could stand any criminal charges. whether there could be some kind of a civil lawsuit by wood's family that remains to be seen. that is a gray area in the law. in the court of public opinion, if he really comes out with some damming evidence about her death that he's been violent about for 30 years then he should be very heavily condemned because there is no excuse for that. heather: before we wrap-up finally. you referred to realistic legal standards. what would those be in this particular case. >> realistic legal standards have to do, meaning like if they brought a case, 30 years later against wood's husband, it is so
10:36 am
difficult for a prosecutor to prove that case, again unless we hear that out of nowhere there is new forensic evidence, new dna, or new eyewitness who had never come forth before. there is so hard to get a conviction under those circumstances. it's almost unrealistic and therefore shame on the people who didn't come forth 30 years ago if they had that knowledge in their possessions. heather: we will see what happens, 2:00pm news conference. arthur, thank you very much. we live in a csi world so -- bill: a violent arrest caught on tape. have you seen this? that suspect did not give up. we're going to show you in a moment how that chase ends. plus, sarah palin says she wants the republican candidates to start tpoeubgsin focusing on two critical issues. we'll ask one of those
10:37 am
candidates, jon huntsman about that live. >> they need to talk more about the class warfare that president obama perpetuates. and they need to talk about what the solutions are, what they can do about it. why settle for a one-note cereal? ♪ more, more, more... get more with honey bunches of oats 4 nutritious grains come together for more taste, more healthy satisfaction. get more with honey bunches of oats. delivering mail, medicine and packages. yet they're closing thousands of offices, slashing service, and want to lay off over 100,000 workers. the postal service is recording financial losses, but not for reasons you might think.
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10:40 am
heather: police in indiana releasing dash cam video of a police chase and a shooting that left a suspect dead. hear those gunshots? police wanted to question the guy in connection with a suspected arson and assault. you can see he actually went after cops after crashing his car, stabbing one of the officers in the face. that's when the cops, well they opened fire. they have since been cleared of any wrongdoing. bill.
10:41 am
bill: that can only turn out one way, not well. presidential candidate mitt romney taking aim at the administration for financially backing struggling green energy companies with taxpayer money. here he is talking about the solyndra scandal from late yesterday. >> it doesn't look like, it doesn't smell right. people will get to the bottom of it eventually. these things have a way of coxing out. the whole idea of the federal government investing in these companies particularly when there is such a connection with democratic fundraisers leaves a bad taste in people's minds and suggests crony capitalism. bill: presidential candidate jon huntsman is with me. served as the ambassador to khaoeupb aupb china under president obama. coney capitalism seems it is in our bloodstream. if you were president would
10:42 am
you? >> it is real. we have incentive tph-s our tax code. loopholes, deductions, i put tporbd forward a tax bill. it calls for the phasing out of all corporate welfare and subsidies. the nation can't afford it any more. what is the result, then we not only have an economic deficit in this country, we have a trust deficit. the people in this country no longer have tuesday in their institutions of power, whether it's congress, the executive branch, wall street, penn state, whenever it might be. when you're running on empty when it relates to trust towards our institutions of power that's precarious. bill: it's going to be a factor in 2012. the question for people in america is how they feel about how they are, and how they feel about how their family is doing, and the friends around them, and how they feel about the future. on that point, sarah palin was
10:43 am
talking last night too about the whoeurbl ooh o whole issue of class warfare, which has become a issue in this campaign. listen to this and i'll ask you about it. >> candidates should be talking more about the class warfare that president obama does perpetuate and more importantly they start talking about what the solutions are, what they can do about it. what the candidates can do about it is start talking about the crony capitalism that is a part of this white house and this congress today. bill: the 99 percenters, the 1 percenters, class warfare you can see it already emerging and it's getting into our own bloodstream. whether you agree with it or not does it work as a campaign topic. >> if you fail to get this economy moving, if you fail to build any confidence in where we are going. if you fail to address issues like banks that are too bill to fail all of which where the president finds himself, what do you resort to?
10:44 am
you resort to dividing and conquering. you resort to class warfare, you resort to dividing people which is exactly the direction he's going. that is not a winnable strategy, it's a painful strategy for this country. we are so divided as it is we don't need any more division. bill: my question is do you think it will work. >> this country is divided a lot already. it does not need a president that is going to dived them more, that is not where this country nodes to go. bill: we find in our fox polling that you're struggling. our latest poll has you down to 3% right here at the bottom. are you changing that in any way. >> the polls outside of new hampshire don't much matter at this point. we're working hard in new hampshire, we just did our 101st public event in the state. our numbers are moving up. over the next several weeks you're going to see us completely up in con convenience
10:45 am
tphal whic wisdom as always is done in the state of new hampshire. bill: you have two months to do it. i imagine you can run a cheap campaign, all you really need is gas money. that's the only state where you're competing. if new hampshire doesn't come through, are you finished. >> new hampshire sets the trend for everybody. look at candidate after candidate, they go to new hampshire, low expectations. the rest of it today is drama political theater, awful it will come to an end. the good folks in new hampshire come january 10th will stair at the ballot box and say i've got to make a decision. who was the background, the leadership to be president of the united states. when it comes down to jobs and trust i have no doubt where they'll find themselves. it will be a two-man race in new hampshire. bill: between you and. >> me and mitt romney. bill: are you optimistic?
10:46 am
>> the very fact that we have a super committee is a total admission of failure. a total admission that we have no executive leadership, a president that didn't lead the way. have you a super committee focused on 1.5 trillion bucks over ten years. that will not get us to where we need to be. we will succeed in passing onto the next generation a debt to gdp ratio in this country that will look like more than italy and greece. bill: you're predicting the super committee fails is what you're saying. >> there is no reason to think they would succeed. we are kick the can down the road. in the absence of leadership there will be mischief making. bill: thank you. congratulationses to you and your biggest fan. >> 28 years of marriage.
10:47 am
seven kids to show for it. heather: congratulations. "happening now" coming up at the top of the hour, jon scott has a lock at what they are working on. hi, jon johnston good morning to you a new sex-abuse scandal rocks another university, this time accuse r- a syracuse coach is put on leave as a slew of lawsuits are expected. police open a mysterious death in hollywood 30 years ago. investigators probing once again the death of natalie wood. geraldo rivera is here with exclusive information. my fox news watch panel, we'll take a look at all the developments in the solyndra investigation. and steve forbes takes your question in america's asking. that is ahead, "happening now." heather: you're busy. lots of folks on the show johnston very busy friday. heather: thank you, jon. a new weapon that can strike any target in the world in less than
10:48 am
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bill: the u.s. army testing a new hypersonic unmanned aircraft streaking across the pacific ocean at 20 times the speed of sound. we're told the prototypes made even test flight can pave the way for the military to strike targets anywhere on the planet in less than an hour. this was just one of several hypersonic test projects underway its u.s. military. that is speed. heather: we are learning even
10:52 am
more about the child sexual abuse claims rocking penn state. new reports that even more victims of the alleged abuse could come forward. john roberts caught up with the attorney for one of the alleged victims, it is part of a fox news reporting special john is anchor erring this weekend. find outell us what you found out. >> reporter: we found out a lot. you get the impact it has had on penn state. students feeling a range of emotion, betrayal, frustration, confusion, anger. they came to penn state part because of the football program and part because of joe paternoment so many people believe this is far from over. the big question, how many victims have yet to come forward. a sex-abuse expert that i talked to said the average pedophile can have as many as 350 victims over the course of their lifetime. don't forget the access that jerry sandusky had to so many
10:53 am
young boys throughout second mile charity. these victims are coming forward by the way with a real determination to testify. this lawyer represents one of the victims. i asked him about his victim's response when sandusky went on television to deny all the charges. here is what he told me. >> it was outrage us. he thought that mr. sandusky was not being truthful and he felt he was being revictimized by mr. sandusky. mr. sandusky victimized him once throughout sexual abuse process. now he was victim ta myselfing him again in making him relive this experience and not being truthful. >> how many victims do you think are out there, ben. >> i don't know how many victims are out there. i can tell you there are more out there than contained in the grand jury case. >> reporter: he may announce another victim coming forward by the end of today. we'll see how that goes,
10:54 am
heather. heather: john, why did it take so long for this to come out? that's what a lot of people are wondering. >> reporter: i asked governor tom corbett about that from pennsylvania. he says young people don't know how to report this sort of thing. even as adults they were worried about the fallout would be. then there is this idea that sandusky was a living legend, a larger than life figure. patti kobel worked for the charity. here is what she said about jerry sandusky. what did you think of him when you first met him, when you saw him. >> like most people i was in ahh of him i. was always a penn state fan, and i mean this was jerry sandusky. >> reporter: and, you know, everybody wants to know how far does this go, and what the overall affect will be. i can tell you that governor corbett told me off calm wra when he was attorney general this case came to his attention. he was the struck that grand jury. when the case landed on his desk he said two words, the first
10:55 am
word was oh, and the second was a word we can't say on television. heather: i read the grand jury report in its entirety. troubling, anger, all of those words that you use definitely describe it. i want to know your feeling. you were talking to this attorney, what is your feeling in terms of his particular victim he's dealing with. >> reporter: he says the client that he represents was a victim of absolutely monstrous sexual abuse. he won't tell us which victim number it was. you can narrow it down to probably three or four peep. when you read that grand jury report, now it's well worth reading for anybody who is watching this. but you better have a strong stomach to do it. you really get a sense of the absolute horror of child sexual abuse and the sense that if he was responsible for this jerry sandusky will feel the full weight of the law. everybody is out to insure that justice is done in this case. heather: if the school was aware
10:56 am
those people also should be held accountable. thank you so much, john roberts we appreciate it. fox news taking an in-depth look at the scandal, the crisis at penn state, hosted by john roberts, it heirs saturday at 10:00pm eastern. bill: she was a hollywood superstar who died in her prime after drowning off the coast of californiament but was woo natalie wood's death accidental. there are new questions about her husband robert wagner. geraldo rivera on the interview he did with wagner after she died. do not miss that.
10:57 am
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>> mitt romney moved up 40% in new hampshire. two reasons he moved ahead, herman cain and rick perry. that's w. [laughter] you see. [applause] you see mitt romney what a little shutting up can do? don't say anything and you will be fine. bill: that is strategy. someone can use it. good to be with you, he


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