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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  November 18, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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>>neil: nancy pelosi says the super committee is still alive, at a debt monster prepares to strike. welcome, everybody, i am neil cavuto and while the super committee could still be alive, a plan to get spending under control is just getting a stake through the heart. the house moments ago shooting down a balanced budget amendment that would have force the congress to balance its books. in a welcome we have seen the
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dow unbalanced to the tune of 300 points as the nation's debt tops $15 trillion for the first time. ever. we will get into this and it is scary stuff, with g.o.p. presidential candidate rick perry, here in a moment, but first a republican congressman saying too many are putting politics ahead of america's future. scary stuff, what is going on, congressman? >>guest: you are right. it is scary. first of all, happy thanksgiving to you and your staff, and we had a good opportunity today to take that first step in restoring fiscal responsibility and truly discipline here in the house of representatives and in congress, overall, but, for whatever reason we saw people, again, demagog the issue and you her people from the other side of the aisle talk about how now is not the time and i don't when is the time, do they need to have $20 trillion of debt? do we feed to have our debt to g.d.p. ratio the same as greece?
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we are already at 101 percent. i am concerned about the people we have here in washington, dc that are elected officials that are supposed to be pragmatic and principled leaders but they are showing it is all licks and they don't want to get the fiscal house of the united states of america in order. >>neil: do you worry the interpretation among others is that the balanced budget amendment was, really, just smokescreen? you cannot agree on the cuts, or you grow on the need that a balanced budget amendment so you can make the cuts you are afraid to make right now and you not making. >>guest: it was not a show vote. 1995, the exact same balanced budget amendment passed in the house of representatives, and they had 300 votes, bipartisan, and we needed 29 today and we fell short with only 261, today, so, for whatever reason i cannot understand why anyone would put
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a red n next to their name, what are we saying to the american people? what are we saying to future generals that we are not serious about turning this thing around if in the past 50 or so years we have only balanced the budget of the united states of america for six different times and, now, it is a time to hold our feet to the fire. >>neil: say we did get a balanced budget amendment, and we would have to balance what would be a $1.5 trillion deficit right away if it stayed this way. a last the economists not that they are blaineaiacs, but some say too much cutting too soon did the united states no good. what do you say? >>guest: it would, us to lock what we are doing in washington, dc, and fiscal year 2011 we had 6.5 percent increase? revenues but still had $1.3 trillion deficit. so the microscope needs to be turned on washington, dc.
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because we need to tighten up the bootstraps which is what we see the american people doing. we need to have the right type of next and regulation policies and look at the failed and redundant programs and agencies in washington, dc. that curtails our spending. the most important thing in this country right now, we can not look at federal government to grow, to be the remedy. the bureaucratic nanny state is not going to be the way that we can get capital back out there in the pockets of the american people so this we can truly have investment and ingenuity and innovation and long-term, sustainable economic and job growth we require. >>neil: will we get the $1.3 trillion the super committee is looking at trimming, get a debt accord by next wednesday? >>guest: well, i have to tell you something coming from the military the one thing that i am absolutely disgusted about being here on capitol hill, is this crisis action mode, that everyone tends to operate under. we have had we three months where this joint committee on
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the deficit reduction should have been able to get something done and now we will come down to the last weekend. that is not how adults should be doing things but, once again, this was an idea that came from harry reid and not an idea that i was warmed over, but in the sense of trying to get something done in washington, dc i saw the government control act 70 percent to 75 percent solution and i wish i was on that joint committee on deficit reduction and we would not be going home until we got this mission accomplished. we would have started three months ago. >>neil: it looks to me and i could be wrong, that the automatic sequestration, the automatic cuts, are, indeed, going to kick in. >>guest: well, question not afford to have $500 billion to $600 billion additional cuts in the department of defense across the board. i am on the armed services committee and we have cut defense $466 billion over 10 years and we have had everyone from the secretary of defense, the chairman of the joint chiefs, and the service chiefs, and the commandant the marine
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corps talk about the adverse effects the sequestration will have not just on the men and women that are out there serving but, also, as far as our economy, you look at adding another full percent on unemployment. >>neil: hope it doesn't come to that. we will want. congressman, always a pleasure. happy thanksgiving. house republicans needed 48 democrats it sign on for get the balanced budget amendment passed and they get 25. the democratic leaders fighting hard against it calling it ably by republicans to impose the dope cuts. this after 300 labor and liberal group leaders sent a letter to congress warning that any forced spending cuts would tank the economy. one democrat bucking that trend in advise voted yes for the balanced budget amendment, congressman defazio. congressman, good to have you. i was surprised the number of your colleagues who voteed along with you.
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with was going on? why did you vote for this? >>guest: well, i supported it in 1995 and we passed it in the house of representatives in 1995 with 73 democratic votes and if it became the law of the land, having been ratified by the states and passed by the senate after we balanced the budget in 2000, we could not have had the two wars fought on the credit card because they were not declared wars, they would have had to vote each year on the spending and the tax cut would have ended after one year, unless commensurate cuts were made elsewhere on the budget, and we could not have had unpaid for prescription drug benefit, and we would be $5 trillion or $6 trillion less in debt. so, we need this discipline. people around here are not going to get together and make tough decisions unless they forced to. one thing wrong in the first part of the interview with my colleague, this is not going to effect immediately and everyone admits that is devastating if next year we tried to cut that total amount. >>neil: i understand that. right now we look at $1.5 trillion in deficit if we, what i was saying, if we sustain the
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deficits and i know you hope that not the case, but the liberal groups that wrote this letter, along with union types, were saying that would do a lot of damage in a slowing economy, to force cuts like this and there is no outcause, for something like that, is there, and do they have a point, or not? >>guest: there is an outclause. first off, we have a minimum of five years under this amendment to balance the budget and that is after the state's ratify, and it could be as long as 12 or less, and it debones how quickly the states ratify. second, a lot of what i heard on the floor, this will hurt social security. guess what will hurt social security? social security does not have an independent trust fund hidden away somewhere, social security is the largest creditor of the government of the united states of america. almost $2.66 trillion our debt. if we cannot honor our debt, and if it get as heck of a lot bigger, there is a question about that, how are we going to
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honor the social security bonds and pay future benefits? so, i would make reverse argument that many of them made in arguing for it, i think fiscal discipline, forcing both sides to drop the hard and fast positions, would be beneficial for everything i care about, and most americans need. >>neil: i know this is all, we are getting different things, inquoted from congressional officials and not that i believe everything printed out there, one has it that there was real close, sort of, progress, on a key element on debt commission, but democrats said halfway through a preliminary to secure a deal, $1.3 trillion cut in spending over 10 years, the republicans sort of walked away from what would have been $3 billion in tax revenue, the democrats wanted more than that and the republicans were looking at only $3 billion and i assume the republicans were talking about chosing loopholes and
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credits and the like, and some maybe said that counted as a tax increase? did you know anything about that? >>guest: early this week if they had a $300 billion revenue role with major tax reform and $300 billion in revenues but i don't anything around $3 billion i was one of the 100 and some odd people who signed a letter saying go pore $4 billion, that was a bipartisan letter we sent. they can do better than $1.2 trillion. i don't feel --. >>neil: you wanted $4 trillion cut over 10 years. and it is back to this $1.3 trillion, right? >>guest: right. that is why, i was for the do nothing option before and i spoke on the floor saying, probably the best thing is to do nothing, congress is very good at that and good add do nothing, we get the sequestration and i heard my colleagues concerned
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about defense cuts they are not across the boards they can choose accounts to cut, and i question why we have so many people in germany, why world war ii has been over for a while and we cannot be the cops of the world, we can not afford that. >>neil: you thing it will come down do that, the sequestration? >>guest: i'm afraid they will do a punt, which will come up with $600 billion or $700 billion and then they will say we will get tax revenues we don't have time but we will send that to the committee and demand they do it. total punt. punt, yes. >>neil: nancy pelosi is mocking rick perry as he challenges her to a debate. >>guest: he asked if i could debate in walk on monday, and it is my understanding, that such a letter has come in, and monday i will be in portland in the morning, and i will be visiting some of our laboratories in california in the afternoon, that's 2:00, i cannot remember
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>>neil: this struck me at odd, boeing $21 billion deal in indonesia is good for american jobs. but the aviation giant south carolina plant expansion is not? right now the president talking up the massive deal overseas. mike huckabee, equal perplexed. what do you thing of this? >>governor huckabee: it shows she in complete collusion with the unions of america. that is the point. they were upset about the boeing jobs in south carolina despit the fact the deal that the jobs in south carolina would not have an impact on the jobs that were in washington state. this was an expansion, a new plant, had nothing to do with union jobs. >>neil: but the planes that are going to indonesia are all
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made in washington state, they are not in the right to work south carolina state. so, what does this mean? >>guest: well, it means that this administration all in the name of creating jobs has taken positions that is kept americans from having jobs. it doesn't make sense to say to south carolina, no, you are not going to be allowed to have this plant because you are a right-to-work state. south carolina has the right to declare in their own laws, the right to work. and to say you don't have to be a member of a union in order to take a job with a major manufacturer. the reason more jobs have been created in the sunbelt is these are right-to-work states. arkansas right-to-work state. oklahoma was sucking air for a long time, and they pass add right for work law and they started getting industrial jobs. where have the car plants been built the last 20 years in america? have they been built up in ohio or michigan? no, they have been built in texas, tennessee, and in
4:17 pm
mississippi and alabama and in. you know why? because they right-to-work states. it is not as if this is slave labor they are making more money than they have made if their lives. the hourly wages are significantly better than anything in the area and region. but, still, it is less expensive for the manufacturer than the union jobs. >>neil: he is the problem the administration is facing, this is a huge indonesiaorder, if boeing has to expand and make these everywhere, including south carolina. then what? >>governor huckabee: well, the administration better decide that south carolina is looking like a good place to build boeing jets. if they don't it will be hard to go into an election season with 9 percent unemployment that will not get better anywhere between 15 million and 25 million
4:18 pm
americans out of work, we decided from a purely political, arbitrary, prounion position we will keep jobs from being created from people who really, really, really need a job. hard to justify this. new, tomorrow night we have a fascinating interview with jack abramoff and there is a culture of corruption in washington that is very much alive and well and jack is very candid about what is, really, the heart of that, and how to fix it. and some of the solutions are things that a lot of members would say, i agree with that. >>neil: can't wait, thank you. >>governor huckabee: thank you. >>neil: bun one of those weeks. and, now, up next, little advise: if you are telling congress you want to pay higher taxes, well, you better be ready to put your money where your mouth is.
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>> i am here, in favor of higher taxes on the wealthy, one of the wealthiest percent and i am considerably higher in the hierarchy than that. >> i have the department of treasury here, would you like to donate. a few thousand dollars. >>guest: no, i wouldn't. ♪ ♪ mama said there'd be days like this ♪ ♪ "there'll be days like this," mama said ♪
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>>neil: and millionaires not looking to patriotic after a group of wealthy americans begged congress to pay higher taxes. look what happened. i have the department of treasury here, would you like to donate ... a few thousand dollars? >> no, i wouldn't. >> would you be willing to donate to the department of treasury? all individually?
4:23 pm
>> yes. >> would you? >> no, individually, no. >> a you are not willing to donate money to the department of treasury? i want to pay my fair share. >> that is a joke. >> right here i have the donation page, all you feed to do is put in your credit card must be and you can donate. >>guest: that is not going to help anybody. >> you don't want to donate to the government? >> i want our class to be ... you are being silly. >>neil: and now, michelle, the reporter asking the tough questions. that was very, very interesting. what did you learn? >>guest: well, i learned no one was willing to put forth any money. they went there and demanded that congress allow them to pay their fair share but when i asked them they didn't want to. >>neil: their argument is, and i have a couple of these folks on my show over the months, and
4:24 pm
their argument is, well, we are talking about making a statement where you get a larger bang for the buck but you found out you can start yourself, and they said, no, right? >>guest: when you truly believe something is right, you are willing to do it even if no one else is doing it because you believe in that and you think that is right. obviously these people don't really think what they are saying is right if they not willing to put forth the money and do it. >>neil: i like the guy who says i give elsewhere, in other words, they are not dummies, if they had their choice they would rather give elsewhere, but that is hypocritical, is it not? >>guest: yes, and one individual when i asked him told me i should be the one donating, and i told him, i'm not the one saying i am in the 1 percent, i'm not in the 1 percent, you are here demanding higher taxes, why not you volunteer?
4:25 pm
and they didn't want to. so, they are hypocrites. >>neil: how did they treat you? the last guy was dismissive of you. how about their staffs or their people? how were you treated? >>guest: well the first two interviews a woman organized the entire group, after i interviewed the first two people she went to speak to the others to let them know what was going to happen when i approached them and briefed them who i am and i am a conservative, and made sure they were not ... thrown off by my question. >>neil: stay away from michelle fields she is up to to good. i guess the lesson here is, easy to preach, hard to practice. in their defense, their argument has been you not going to get any bang for the buck good they pooled their resources. you get a lot of buck but you get more if you ask of the wealthy to collectively to this country, whether they like it or
4:26 pm
not, fork over more to the government, did that fall on deaf ears? >> if they believe this this they should lead by example. why not voluntarily do this steady of have the government coerce you and other millionaires. >>neil: who next? one of their expensive resorts and sand bag them outside the beach resort? what in what? >>guest: we will see. i will let you know. >>neil: very good stuff. very interesting. nancy pelosi is joking about rip's call for a debate. but will the g.m. presidential candidate have the last laugh? he's here. he's next. indicators and real-time streaming quotes. whether you check your investments every day or every minute, our app can take them from
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>>neil: when governor rick perry challenged nancy pelosi to a debate this week on his citizen congress plan he got this response. >> what he did, he asked if i could debate here in washington on monday. it is my understanding. on monday i will be in portland, in the morning, ill-be visiting some of our labs in california in the afternoon, and that's 2:00, i can't remember the third thing. thank you all. >>neil: and now the governor is here to respond, the texas governor longest serving governor in this country right now. rick perry. what did you think of that?
4:31 pm
i think she said in. >>guest: why doubt why she she wanted to say no, the insider trading, this straight up core representation when a member of congress can take inside information and invest and enrich themselves, i think they ought to pass a law, right new, that if you are in congress, or you are in the united states nat and you use inside information to help rich yourself you go to jail. period. that is what the american people are sick of. >>neil: what would you want to do prior to the scandal coming to light if you had a debate with her and if she agreed. >>guest: we talk about the debt. the idea that you pass $15 trillion of oh obama care, that is spending out-of-control. it is not revenue. they tried to pass a balanced budget amendment today that was weak that did not have any teeth to it, but the issue is spending. you get spending under control.
4:32 pm
that is a reason the budget plan that i laid out not only talking about 20 percent flat tax, and0 percent -- and 20 percent corporation rate but get the spending under control, issues that no one wants to talk about or touch. when i go to washington i am not going to make friends i may step on a few toes. >>neil: it would be nice if congress was part time, like the legislature in your state? >>guest: that is what i called for. the idea is that washington and a congressman or congressman makes three times what the average american family makes is obscene. they give themselves pay raises. they hide behind the well, it is automatic pay increase. the american people are not getting anything automatic. >>neil: would you accept, $400,000. >>guest: absolutely.
4:33 pm
you lead by example. cut it in half. i would cut it in half. listen, washington needs to have their salaries cut in half, they need to spend half as much on budget and they need to be in budget half time. texas is the 13 the largest entity in the world if it were a stand alone entity, we meet for 140 days every other year, and it works out just fine. we balance our budget. we have a balanced budget amendment and we have created a million jobs while this president has lost. >>neil: if you look at congress' schedule, and they don't call it part time, but they are rarely there. they take long vacations, they are, like, modern day, john any -- johnny carson. >>guest: change the law. let them spend time in their communes. we pay our legislature $600 a positive. they come to town, do the business and live under the laws they pass.
4:34 pm
>>neil: i see the wisdom of that, but say you are from the oil or banking industry, and you are not just sort of paid part time lobbyist. >>guest: well,s look, those kind of protections can be put in place. it works in texas. we have people that are doctors that are veterinarians, we have folks from all across, because they know they can come, they can be part time legislatures, and that is what our founding fathers had in mind. this idea we have allowed this culture to grow up in washington, dc, where the corporate lobbyists and the contractors and all of those individuals are feeding at the trough and everyone is in on the game, that has to stop. that is the reason not only will i call for this part time legislature, i will go to the american people and i hope i lead an uprising in the country to have that type of thought process really penetrating through. and talk about debt. if we don't get a balanced budget in place by 2020 they
4:35 pm
don't get elected. if it is not in place they don't get elected. will until pay for performance. you have been putting the pressure on but you are dealing with pressure, and you had we the debate performances and you killed yourself and gone on popular shes to make fun of yourself but are you surprised you fell is quickly. do you think you lost your chance? >>guest: we are a long way from having the election over with. you go back and look at history and whether it was the 1992 election when bill clinton was up and down and back and forth and you go back in time and in 2008, so, a long way before the election is over with, i will guarantee, iowa, south carolina, even new hampshire, those states are wide open and --. >>neil: what happens, governor, i followed the gubernatorial elections very closely, and the longest serving governor in the nation you are not a dummy, and i have seen you
4:36 pm
debate, in texas, and in impressive performances but what happened on the national stage? >>guest: i think some of our debates were quite good and some of them weren't. >>neil: your critics say you were just cocky, with a texas swagger. >>guest: you have to lay out your ideas we got in the race late, over the course of the last 3 1/2 weeks we laid out our policy, dealing with energy, and how to get americans working, 1.2 million americans, lay out a flat tax plan, and how to deconstruct and we boot, if you will, washington, with our part time legislature and for more full time. >>neil: and then the cain train came and he was here not too long ago, governor, saying, well, i think that rick perry might have been behind some of
4:37 pm
the stuff i was dealing with. i want you director response from herman cain a few days ago. >>guest: we depths -- don't know for sure but we look at all the coincidences, a coincidence that my senate political consultant now works for rick perry. i'm not, at first i said it could not have been him. the fact that there was a super pac that supports governor rick perry, the head of that pac did work for the restaurant association. >>neil: do you still stand by this, although . >> there are too many coincidences. >>neil: he still blaming you. >>guest: well, my staff has been asked straight up and if anyone had anything to do with it i said we would fire them and everyone is still working on my campaign. so, straight up address the issues and put them behind you and get on down the road, pointing fingers is not --. >>neil: whether it was your
4:38 pm
campaign and you deny that, or others, the harassment thing has torpedoed him in the polls. now gingrich is on top. and i don't how long that will last. and romney, just ... still sailing. what do you think? >>guest: well, i'm sailing at 22 percent, so i am not sure . >>neil: so you think the worse is over and you rebounded? >>guest: our work is in front of us but laying out policies and talking about what matters is what this is about. americans are ready for a plat tax and part time legislature and ready for an individual who has a record of job creation, there is known on that stage with the report of job creation that i do. so we will start talking about issues the next 45 days and have the iowa caucus. >>neil: the examinations and
4:39 pm
how people respond, you have the most attention when you went after governor romney on the health care that he set up in massachusetts. and it must have have irked him enough that when we talk add couple of days ago he is what he said about that. i want your response. >> i believe we did the right thing for our state at the time. it is not working perfectly. the things i would change, if it hurts politically, that is just the consequence of the truth. >>neil: that was yesterday. >> i love the consequence of the truth. that is a fact. what he did, and he had his staff working with obama to put obamacare into place and they used romney care as the example. and, in his book, he wrote about it was what america needed. he took that line out of the book when he had it printed for this presidential race. i will support the republican
4:40 pm
nominee, that is not a question. >>neil: if it is ron paul? >>guest: i will support the republican nominee. >>neil: any of those guys? >>guest: i will support the republican. anyone on that stage is better than the president that we have today, that has put america's future not economically but, also, foreign policy-wise at jeopardy. >>neil: but you are the first win i have heard who said anyone of the fellow competitors i would support. i have not heard that and certainly we have not heard it from republican paul, and some said he could entertain a third party run, not flatly denied it but hinted it. what do you think? >>guest: i think this country is to trouble. and any those individuals, and why agree with all of the policies, obviously, that is the reason we have the debates and we have policy disagreements. but, any of those victims on the stage will bet what we have today. our country is on the precipice
4:41 pm
of a huge economic disaster and foreign policy-wise, our allies don't know where america is going to be on any given day. we have huge issues facing this country today and he is in burma talking about relations with a country that i don't know what america's interest is there. >>neil: he score add big deal for boeing and indonesia. >>guest: how about a big score for boeing in america. >>neil: so you think the jobs created from the indonesia deal will not benefit south carolina? >>guest: not if the nlrb conducts businesslike it is. we ought to create jobs this america and put tax policy, regulatory policy in place, and we ought to create markets for what we build in america for foreign markets instead of going over and not unlike brazil, where he talked to them about we want you all to really get into
4:42 pm
the offshore drilling business so that we can be a good market for your oil. how about opening up our federal lands and waters? how about opening the pipeline from canada where the western hemisphere fuel can be produced we here? that canadian oil will go one of two ways: west to china organization or south to the united states. that is not even a question about where that ought to be going. our national security is in jeopardy with this president. >>neil: governor rick perry, good to see you. i think you got your political sea legs back. the family goes to washington and is kicked out of the cap capitol. stay tuned.
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>>neil: and now lawmakers are fighting over how to tackle the debt. will the president be the one would takes the hit in we go to larry, what do you think? >>guest: well, the practical deadline is monday. so do not write the obituary until the body is dead and getting cold so i will hold off until monday hoping maybe they could actually strike a big deal that works, one that is real. that doesn't have phony numbers in it. let's dream big if we can. >>neil: i don't me if you had a chance to listen to governor rick perry, and he says this will be the defining issue, obviously the economy but the inability to get a handle on
4:47 pm
spending and make the guys part time worker because full time they are getting deeper in the weeds in the problem. what do you maybe of that? how does that resonate as an issue? >>guest: that would resonate certainly well with republican voters and that is governor rick perry's problem getting the nomination. so it resonates well if the super committee cannot do anything. it will be pretty depressing when people recognize that the last best chance in 2011, the point of the miserable negotiations in august, have passed us by with nothing happening, so it is possible that republicans will be ripe for that kind of appeal and that gives governor rick perry some hope. >>neil: i mentioned to him, in kidding intended that it appears and you follow this more closely, that he has gotten his political sea legs back. i don't know if it is too late. who can say too late, but do you
4:48 pm
thing he has rebounded from the worst? or what? >>guest: yes, i do. in fact, he was very relaxed in that interview, and i thought he was far better than he was not early months of the candidacy, if he was that good then, he might still be the frontrunner now. and it is awfully tough to climb back up, and, remember, in polls he is not just in upper single digits but in low single digits so he has a long way to go. you have a chance to, could back when you get your sea legs, and, you have good issues and he has rolled out some god issues that may take hold if, if, if the super committee collapses in get. >>neil: i thought it was very good strategy, a post are child for everything they hate, nancy pelosi, for him to try to entice her into a debate knowing her
4:49 pm
response, and using that that tt villain. >>guest: you cannot lose if you are running among a conservative base, to entice nancy pelosi into an argument, that is a guaranteed winner. if he can have a few more things like that between new and january 3rd, the iowa caucus, then, he will have a shot. and he has to do well in iowa, i don't see any other scenario for rick perry to move forward. >>neil: i grow with that. i grow. has to be there. should make you go the other way, larry. larry, always good to see you. have a great thanksgiving if i don't talk to you. what started this at the capitol senator mike lee will tell us
4:50 pm
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>> we come back so the american people can hear our voice. and they shutting us down? i don't think so. >> welcome to washington, dc. >>neil: that was a scene in the halls of the senate office building year as tea party members tried having a meeting with lawmakers about the nation's debt nightmare but when police started removing microphones, my guest had enough and republican senator mike lee, who shut down that meeting,
4:54 pm
senator? >>guest: the staff of the senate rules committee purporting to act under the authority of the senate rules committee and of the chairman of that committee, senator schumer. but i spoke with senator schumer a little while ago and he knew nothing of this. so they were in my opinion acting arbitrarily --. >>neil: do you believe that? he knew nothing? >>guest: he told me and i take him at his word. >>neil: i want to ask you this. i have seen large sessions if nat hall ways with meek phones and cameras, and why or what make this different? >>guest: well, they claimed that this was converted interest a simulated hearing or that it had become too political for reasons they refused or were unable to explain to me. i palestinianed to them this was not a hearing, it was a meeting i convened, and i agreed to met with a number of hard working
4:55 pm
taxpayers from around the country would had ideas for deficit reduction. and about an hour before meeting started, my staff was informed by the staff the senate rules committee this meeting was going to be shut down. >>neil: where were you meeting? it looks like a hall way. what was it, the largest conference room in the senate russell office building, that is where we were. we had to move the meeting off site so we would not have further interruption or harassment by the senate rules committee staff. and i asked what we could do to make this consistent with what they wanted they could not answer the question. when i asked what senate rule we violated they said can you not have simulated hearing and i said this is a meeting i have agreed to convene. i asked where the point of demarcation between a simulated hearing and a meeting i convened and they said it was in the eye of the beholder. >>neil: but this is a
4:56 pm
democratic institution so the democrats decide? they have the edge? >>guest: i was the only senator in the room and i was the senator who convened the meeting and reserved the room it should be up to me and they disagreed so i took the meeting off site. the important point here is, this message is not going to go away. the messages leak those that these people have, to come and express their concerns about debt are not going away. this was wrong. and this was a problem. >>neil: there is a very big olive garden not too far from there, senator. you can fit them all this there. senator, be well. we have a lot more after this, with updates that can surprise you. you. stick around. i trade on fundamentals. analysis. information. i trade tradearchitect. this is web-based trading, re-visualized. streaming, real-time quotes. earnings analysis. probability analysis: that's what opportunity looks like. it's all visual.
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