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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  November 19, 2011 4:00pm-6:00pm EST

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anything about the little gir crying. i had to watch it four times. i couldn't help myself. dabs she will grow up to be a very emotional woman. thanks for watching, everybody. we have to call it a night. have a great weeke >> heather: i'm heather childers. >> gregg: i'm gregg jarrett. welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters. >> justice for the libyan people weeks after the death of moammar khadafy points to another khadafy has been captured, this time his son. >> gregg: and serious concerns about iran and it's nuclear ambitions, but will new sanctions do any good? >> heather: recess will never be
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the same. why one school is banning boys on the playground. >> a stalemate over the u.s. deficit. a wednesday deadline looms large to cut spending. workweek stretching into the weekend as the clock ticks down and it's burning on this group of faces. no rest for the super committee. they are facing growing pressure to break the deadlock. molly henneberg live in washington with more. >> molly: republicans on the super committee held a conference call this morning trying to figure out what their next step is as wednesday's deadline gets closer and closer. the white house says president obama who called the two super committee co-chairs as we was heading out of town last week has not talked to them since. >> he has not made any calls to leaders of congress but he is in regular contract with his staff in washington, including those
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who are monitoring super committee the committee protecting. >> molly: they are trying to come up with $1.2 trillion in savings over ten years through a combination of spending cuts and tax increases. republicans contend they cannot get democrats to agree to enough cuts. >> we've identified several trillion dollars in sensible spending reductions that would resolve our fiscal crisis, but in the face of intense democratic opposition we scaled back our proposal to just $750 billion. less than 2% of what our government is projected to spend over the next ten years. >> molly: but democrats such as john kerry says the divide over tax hikes, specifically for the rich. >> to have something on the table that does not ask the wealthiest people in the country to share it in would be
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unconscionable. >> molly: one more note. in order to make the wednesday deadline they are required by law to make its plan public and submit the plan to the congressional budget office 48 hours prior to a vote. so really that pushes the deadline for a deal to this coming monday. >> gregg: it does, indeed. molly, thanks very much. super committee has essentially until wednesday, maybe monday to cut that $1.2 trillion in spending, if they fail a series of automatic cuts take effect totaling $984 billion. they include, $454 billion in defense spending and domestic spending, $294 billion in non-mandatory spending and spending for medicare would be slashed to the tune of $123 billion, all these cuts would not go into effect, though, until 2013 and would last until 2021.
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>> heather: fox news alert. breaking developments out of libya. they announced the capture of moammar khadafy's son and they are reeryd authorities are holding him inside libya. the son rooryd caught on an escape route to another area. reena ninan is live with more on this developing story. >> reporter: he was the only one of khadafy's eight children still on the run. he was captured in libya. in fact he was seeking to avoid the grew some death that his father faced. he was captured by libyan insiders in a mountainous region but faced many close moments leading up to his capture.
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it brought celebrations throughout the street. they believe he knows where billions of dollars of public money still remains. when he was captured they only found a few thousand dollars and a rifle. international criminal courts will decide next week where he will be tried. they urged libyan authorities to make sure he will brought to justice. western countries and libyans will not hand him over and they are not mature enough to try him yet. certainly according to the justice minister be charged with the death penalty. that is what they are looking at. international criminal court is hoping to eventually be handed over. >> heather: thank you very much. reena ninan live from jerusalem. >> gregg: violent protests erupting in egypt. protestors fighting for control over tahir square. reports of 500 people injured.
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security forces tried to clear a protest camp. hundreds of protestors fought back throwing rocks and sending things on fire. this is just nine days before they hold the first elections since the overthrow of hosni mubarak. >> turning to pakistan, new details about an alleged coup. pakistani security forces says he was carrying u.s. and pakistani passports. he triggered and explosion during a raid on his apartment. pakistani authorities say that the man had divorced his wife a month ago and was living with four children. none of the children were injured. >> gregg: hundreds of firefighters are gaining now the upper hand on the massive fire near reno, nevada. forcing 10,000 people to evacuate the area and damaging
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about 55 homes. authorities allowing some evacuee ees to return. they say the blaze is mostly contained thanks to calm winds and some snow. >> heather: one of busiest travel days of the year, mother nature could make travel over trafficking a lot more tricky. a large storm it could impact the entire east coast from boston to florida. areas in the northeast see heavy rains and even some snow, storms as far as south as the florida panhandle. but it should be expected to be out on to sea by thursday just in time for thanksgiving. >> it will cost you more to get to grandma's house. the national average for a gallon is now 3.37. that is nearly 50 cents per gallon higher than last year. >> gregg: and we're going to feel that one.
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inside america's election headquarters, a brand-new poll showing newt gingrich riding high in new hampshire. that is right. sharing the spot with mitt romney. just a few weeks ago, many pundits were giving the former speaker's campaign up for dead. now, will he be a prime target for the critics? here is staff writer for roll call. he is way behind when it comes to fund-raising, organization, but he does excel during debates. does doing well in debates win nominations? >> i don't think it helps you. i think it actually does more for the general election if they perform well in the debates. right now because there are so many debates and spread out over a long period of time. it's good for newt gingrich, but it's not going to deliver him
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the nomination. he has to be in iowa, and south carolina and meeting voters. >> already michele bachmann is attacking gingrich over what she calls his schilling for freddie mac collecting $1.6 million in the process. would you expect the attacks to begin to escalate now that the former speaker has vaulted from the top of the pack? >> i would be surprised if it didn't escalate. you should see a pile on both mitt romney because that is consistent over the last debates. he is still the front-runner, then you would see a lot of candidates to pile on newt gingrich. the other candidates have a lot to work with. you mentioned the freddie mac thing, there are a lot of other things in gingrich's past on flip-flopping. the other candidates have a lot
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to work with. >> gregg: let's jump into one of them. gingrich's think tank has paid $37 million by the health care industry. according to gingrich, here is what they got in return. we'll put it up on the screen. they got to visit with a really important guy who really knows a lot and who really has lots of information. you had a chance to be in meetings with somebody that was speaker of the house. he also got as we mentioned $1.8 million from freddie mac and said he worked only an hour a month for them. we did the math, it turns out to be $30,000 an hour which prompted the "washington post" to write the following. the role of an influenced broker could become a political problem for gingrich reminding voters he is a longtime washington insider despite his outsider rhetoric.
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is is that valid, do you think? >> i think so. i think some of his activities since he left washington, since he stepped down as speaker will come under renewed scrutiny. i don't think what he did is uncommon for a former lawmaker, a lot of members of congress go on to consulting gigs and reap the benefits. >> gregg: but trying to peddle for profit. your status as former speaker. i know it is common there but not everybody who does it there is running for president. >> absolutely. i think that is perfectly the point. it's fine for former member from texas or louisiana or connecticut to do it if they don't return to public life. members of congress they go to
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the street or do consulting activity and wanted to come back and run as a candidate and after they have done a consulting gig, they have a lot more questions they need to answer than before. >> gregg: first response, well, as to freddie mac i was a paid historian. he is changing his story in light of evidence that it was a lot more than that. we're going to be talking to susan estrich the next hour. we have a long laundry list. let's bring up ron paul. on our air, he said he has no intention of running as a third party candidate but when pressed he repeatedly refused to rule it out. what would that do to the electoral equation? >> first off, i'll say i don't think ron paul is going to try the third party gig.
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it's a huge hurdle to get on the ballot in 50 states. if he did do it it would be disastrous for the republican field. we think about some of the closer elections we have, if you are third candidate from the republican side pulling 3% it has a major impact on the field and the general election results. i think it would be bad for republicans if he went through with it, but i doubt he will in the end. >> gregg: great to see you. >> heather: horrific scene outside yale harvard football game in new haven, connecticut. someone crashed a u-haul truck into the tailgating area killing at least one woman. injuring two others. driver rooryd entered the parking lot but it's unclear why he crashed into the woman. the driver is now being questioned by police. >> gregg: ncaa has launched an
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investigation of penn state university looking into whether the school broke any rules in the handling of the child sex abuse scandal that has rocked the campus. david lee miller is live at university park, pennsylvania. >> reporter: it was actually on thursday that the ncaa sent the letter to penn state. among other things, they say they want to examine the exercise of what it calls institutional control over athletic programs at the university. and the consequences could be very broad here including among other things, we are told, the possible docking of scholarships banning the school to take part in ball games. they have until december 16th to respond. university president says penn state is going to cooperate. in another development many still reeling from news released late yesterday that fired head coach joe paterno has lung cancer. the news was announced by his
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son in a statement to the associated press. he was diagnosed after being hospitalized last week for what was first thought to be nothing more than an illness. they released a statement, it's unfortunate news and sad note for the penn state community. his son who is a coach on the team, by the way, described his reaction after getting the diagnosis. >> he waved he off. i'll be fine. you worry about coaching football team. you got a game next week. don't worry about me. every day i've gone to the house on to bug him. he has a tendency to minimize things. i think he's going to be fine. >> reporter: penn state is on the field this hour playing ohio state in columbus. for those keeping track, they are now leading 10-0 as the game continues. >> gregg: david lee miller, thanks very much. please join him and myself and
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john roberts tonight for more in-depth coverage for the scandal at penn state. the crisis at penn state," the,". >> the u.s. set to put more pressure on tehran. new measures designed to stop them from building a nuclear bomb. >> gregg: a massive buzz over los angeles, noise from helicopters hitting a new high. how the city plans to crack down on the choppers. turn right up ahead. you never upda me. so, now i just have to wing it. i meant turn left up ahead. recalculating. turn right now! [ horn honks, tires scech ]
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>> gregg: time for a quick check of the headlines, afghanistan is calling for a long term security pact with the united states. the new measure calls for the end of unpopular nighttime raids and may keep u.s. troops in afghanistan past the 2014 withdrawal dated. new violence erupting in syria one day after the government agreed to welcome
4:21 pm
observers to oversee a peace plan. they estimate nearly 3500 people have been killed since march. >> a 52-car pile-up, leaving three people dead. exact cause of the accident is still under investigation. >> heather: we already know the freeways of los angeles are packed with traffic, but apparently so are the skies. because of this helicopters buzzing around at all times of the day and night creating a ton of noise. now, the city is calling on the faa to step casey stegall is live in los angeles. casey, noise isn't the only concern, right? >> reporter: no, it's not. some call the helicopters airborne peeping toms because they are equipped with high-tech cameras that allow the operators to zoom in and snap detailed pictures and video on the
4:22 pm
ground. it's especially a problem over hollywood where they fly over neighborhoods trying to get the best pictures of celebrities. there are strict guidelines for airplanes but a lot of people don't realize this. with helicopters it is mostly self-regulated. one california congressman says it's time for that to change. >> the impacts of that activity, not so much on the celebrities but on all the neighbors of those people, are very disturbing. they fly at very low altitudes. they invade privacy. they make a great deal of noise. >> reporter: which is why he introduced legislation calling on the faa to impose airspace restrictions over the city of los angeles. the bill is currently in a house subcommittee. >> heather: so what do pilots
4:23 pm
have to say about all this? >> reporter: they have a lot to say about it. i spoke to a news helicopter pilot they say very rarely do they fly below 1,000 feet, that is to cut down on the noise and be less intrusive. the professional helicopter pilots association also talking saying that airspace and altitude restrictions would actually create air traffic congestion. you have a lot of aerial sightseeing companies that say this would take money out of their pockets. >> people wanted to bring in legislation to regulate the helicopters. i don't think it's good for us. i think that people don't understand some of the work that most of us do. >> reporter: law enforcement would be exempt from this bill if it passes. they have large fleets. lapd operating 18 helicopters. l.a. county sheriff's office has
4:24 pm
17 and the fire department here operates 6 but again they would be exempt if it passes. we'll keep you posted. >> heather: thank you very much. casey stegall live in l.a. for us. >> gregg: super committee is working overtime to tackle the debt crisis. deadline for a deal is days away. what happens if they can't reach a compromise? plus.... >> heather: dropping the ball. what one school is banning students doing on the playground. the best approach to food
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but think about your heart. 2% has over half the saturated fat of whole milk. want to cut back on fat and not compromisen taste? try smart balance fat free milk. it's what you'd expect from the folks at smart balance. >> heather: new possible action against iran. u.s. reportedly preparing to make new sanctions against the oil industry.
4:29 pm
this following reports from the u.n. that tehran is developing a nuclear weapon. peter doocy has the story. >> iran's official news agency says they started a military exercise this morning, not far from the afghan border. this is coming out as reports are surfacing that the obama administration wants more sanctions against iran basically to stop foreign countries from investing in their oil and gas industries. days ago, the iaa reported that nuclear program is not as peaceful as they claim. >> the iaea information that they have carried out relevant to the development of a nuclear device. >> reporter: they say iran is not to believe any of this. >> it's all fabricated in order to have the pretext of putting pressure on iran but more than that, to change the iea to
4:30 pm
international watchdog. >> on top of that the assembly voted to deplore the assassination plot from saudi arabia ambassador weeks ago here in d.c. they say it shows that iran is becoming more and more isolated. >> it indicates i think the isolation that iran is undergoing right now with respect to the choices they have made on the nuclear program. >> reporter: and he said late last night china and russia are on board with the u.s. because we share the common goal of not letting iran developing a nuclear weapon. >> heather: peter, thank you. >> gregg: this isn't the first time the united states has tried to put pressure on iran. now round of sanctions really the answer here? rick grenell joins us. always good to see you. the new sanctions would aim to
4:31 pm
bar foreign companies from aiding their petrochemical industry with the threat of depriving those industries access to the u.s. market. but some of those sanctions stopped, banks and other financial companies that have business in u.s. from working with iran, that hasn't worked. so why would this sanction work? >> i think you hit it right on the head. it's a good point. let's be clear what we're talking about. this is an important point. sanctions on iran need to be universal sanctions. the last time the obama administration was able to put sanctions on iran was june of 2009 when security council, the only body that can actually put international sanctions on a country, security council put those sanctions on in june of 2009. the obama administration has not tried for international
4:32 pm
sanctions since. this new announcement yesterday that they are going to somehow come up with unilateral sanctions is smoke and mirrors. let's be clear about that. >> gregg: why do you say that? >> they are only talking about u.s. sanctions on the petrochemical industry. we already bar every american company from doing business with iran. >> gregg: would it seem to punish foreign companies from doing business in the united states if they don't go along with the petrochemical ban in iran? >> right. that is big small if. what you are asking foreign companies, only foreign companies, to choose business with the united states or doing business with iran. a lot of those companies have already made that decision and not doing that much business with iran. if we did this alone it's not good enough. what tom donolon was saying is
4:33 pm
that iran is isolated. iran is not isolated. russians and chinese have not put forward their approval of international sanctions. they scared away the obama administration. unilateral sanctions are not enough. >> gregg: top congressional leaders, including boehner including nancy pelosi sent a letter to the president yesterday. we're talking about both sides of aisle here, top leaders. they asked the president you have to put stiff sanctions on iran's central bank which finances not only the nuclear program but the revolutionary guard and so forth. is that a good idea, or would it as the obama administration worries, drive up global energy prices and hurt american consumers? >> you are asking me to make a decision on whether or not our
4:34 pm
economy is going to suffer more if we put on sanctions on an iranian bank. >> gregg: exactly. >> iran is going to get a nuclear weapon. sanctions have not pressured iranian government to stop their pursuit of a nuclear weapon. we don't have much time. i say we have to do everything we can. let's do unilateral sanctions, international sanctions, let's sanction the bank. if you don't want war, you better be for every sanction imaginable right now. >> gregg: your former boss, john bolton, he told me on the air, this is a quote, there are two outcomes, one is they get nuclear weapons, the other is israel uses military force to stop it. that is where we are. would you agree? >> unfortunately i do agree. i think sanctions have a chance, but for the last 18 months this
4:35 pm
administration has relieved the pressure off iran and the obama team has tried to do personal diplomacy. >> gregg: which would be worse? the blowback and they're certainly would be severe blowback or the inevitable nuclear arms race in the middle east if iran gets a nuclear weapon. other countries would race to get nuclear weapons, as well. which is worse? >> i think it's worse to have a nuclear arms race because it won't just be in middle east. it will be latin american. there be african countries saying we're next. >> gregg: rick, great to see you. thanks so much. >> we'll be airing an updated version of special iran's nuclear secrets, this sunday, 9:00 p.m. hosted by bill hemmer right here on the fox news
4:36 pm
channel. >> heather: we're learning more about the mysterious drowning of actress natalie wood. the l.a. county sheriff's office reopening the 30-year-old case this week. she was sailing with her husband robert wagner. her death was deemed an accidental drowning. that was in 1981. this is a picture of the yacht. and now the man who first discovered wood's body is speaking out about robert wagner's behavior. >> when i broke the news, as i say, i don't think it was news, he looked down. >> heather: he is not considered a suspect in the case. >> gregg: a busy weekend on capitol hill, super committee in a race against the clock to get a debt deal done. what is in store for the u.s.
4:37 pm
economy if they don't do it? plus, are members of congress profiting on information they get while doing business? should that be legal? our power panel is coming up. ♪ mama said there'd be days like this ♪ ♪ "there'll be days like this," mama said ♪ [ male announcer ] the toughest job on the planet just got a little easier. with one touch technoly and even an air scrubber. the nissan quest. innovation for family. innovation for all. get up to $050 total savings on the 2011 nissan quest. ♪ gives you a 50% annual bonus! so you earn 50% more cash. according to research, everybody likes more cash. well, almost everybody... ♪ would you like 50% more cash? no! but it's more money.
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>> heather: it is race against time and billions of dollars are at stake. super committee is trying to reach a deal to cut $1.2 trillion from the deficit, failing to reach a deal it would trigger automatic cuts. where does the axe fall if there is no deal. let's bring in our panel. thanks all for joining us. we're working and allegedly the
4:42 pm
super committee is working as well and hopefully they will come up with a deal. the deadline is wednesday, andrea, they have to come up with a deal by monday in order for it to be able to fake effect. >> that's right. it takes two days to review it. this is not changing by the day. this is changing by the hour. it's very fluid. by understand they are getting closer but the white house, they want the super committee to fail. they are painting this do nothing dysfunctional congress. it looks like they are getting closer. they were a lot closer. >> couple days for the deadline. it's already down to the wire. if they do not come up with a deal, as you say, automatically trigger $1.2 trillion, a million is nothing, excuse me. defense and non-defense would be
4:43 pm
equally split. >> this super committee is a cop out. they are shifting the blame. they are not performing their basic duties. you work someplace else. if you can't perform your basic duties, you are going to get fired. i was on a debt commission this past week. we were able to past $9.7 trillion cut for the budget budget. we were able to do so. we talked to people from across the country. we came up with a plan. it's not rocket science. >> they are elected committee. they should be able to do some super duper whatever kind of committee and they are not doing their job. >> maybe they wouldn't come up with a plan. they would come up with an outline for a plan sand sunshine get around it. >> that is the reason for that basically it would stall
4:44 pm
everything until after the election. >> if they can't come up with $1.2 trillion, they would take 600 of agreed cuts and 600 of automatic cuts. i don't know if it looks good either. i think that will be a pr problem if it happening. >> no one wants to make these tough decisions because they know the election is coming up. >> they are worried about that. >>. >> heather: other topic, new report shining light on a perk of congress. lawmakers able to trade stocks based on information that they get while doing the people's work. according to one economist their portfolios do a lot better than the rest of it should we ban congressional insider trading. they get around this because
4:45 pm
it's not specifically insider trading, right? >> why can't they abide by the same rules. they are doing much better, in some cases cases than the hedge funding. the in some reports they are doing 10% better. >> absolutely, they know who is getting the contracts. before it's announced to the public so they can invest in the company. they will know if the stock is going down or up. there should be passing laws, but there should be a new law, a statute saying something. >> this is bigger than just the ceo, they are writing legislation knowing what legislation is going to pass. it's an unfair advantage. they work for us. there should be something. it's very tough to prove.
4:46 pm
>> now, it's actually scheduled for some type of vote, who is going to vote against it? >> you wonder why their approval rating is so low, they can't pass a budget and they got insider trading going on. >> foul ball, one school taking child safety to the extreme. banning anything that can be thrown. the kids certainly think they are going too far. >> i'm going to a different school right now my sinus symptoms come with a cough that stays even after i treat... [ male announcer ] truth is, most sinus formulas don't treat a cough.
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really? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus sinus liquid gels fights sinus symptoms plus cough. you're good. [ male announcer ] thanks. that's the cold truth!
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>> heather: they are furious that their school dropped the ball, so to speak. a toronto elementary school eliminating basketball, baseball soccer ball. one parent was hit in the head. so they can only use sponge
4:51 pm
balls. our power panel is back. i'm wondering if what was wrong with that parent. [ laughter ] >> honestly, this is ridiculous. are these kids going through their lives without playing ball on in school? >> let's hope what happens to ronto stays in toronto. but i totally agree. >> it's not even a kid complaining, its parent. >> this the worst thing in america. >> what are these kids going to do? this is what kids do. they play baseball. >> this is what happens in life. we're protecting our kids and the playground. >> they are not going to be able to play soccer or football or anything like that on the field. come on. >> what are they going to do,
4:52 pm
stand there and look at each other? >> how did we survive growing up? >> we all remember playing dodge ball. and boys would hit the girls the hardest they liked the most. >> and boys and girls, first comes love and then comes the police. this is true, 12-year-olds they were investigated for sex crimes when they were found kissing at their florida elementary school playground. maybe they don't have any balls to play with. they are upset and think the school is overreacting. >> it's ridiculous. are they trying to play csi or what? think about the resources that are going into these investigations, where the real
4:53 pm
problems that are taking place, the real sex crimes are not being investigating. >> why is not bullying being investigated. kids are always bullied to a horrible extent and we're worried about two 12-year-olds were kissing. >> little boy did not complain. >> i would still be in prison for my behavior on the playground. [ laughter ] >> it's a question of priorities. what is the priority with kids. soccer ball, kissing on the recess or the fact that american kids are trailing the world's kids in math and science. that is where they should be focused and focused on the teachers that are tha aren't doing their jobs because distracted. >> heather: one more topic, this does sound like something, but congress has passed a new school lunch standard saying pizza is a
4:54 pm
vegetable. i love this. the reasoning it has tomato sauce on this. i love pizza. >> it harkens back to ronald reagan. it's over governmental here. parents be responsible. with kids, if they can't have pizza everything in moderation. >> i agree. again, priorities. are is such a food fetish? they are not there to be eating, they are there to learn. >> also, irl it trickles down to policies involving potatoes. >> what is this? why do they have to determine what it is or not. they should be focused on educating the kids. diet is the parents'
4:55 pm
responsibility. government is way too big. it's another example. >> heather: we covered a topic covering soft drinks. it did show if you tell kids they can't drink soft drinks they are drinking more of them. >> any time you say they can't have something, but you can't have that cookie or piece of pizza, you can't have that soda they are going to want it more. you've got to be smart about that. that is parents' purview. >> think about what they have done with young kids. they say you are giving young children food issues. don't eat this. they are so worried about obesity. if a child is couple pounds over it's a question of priorities. >> and don't forget. with teenage girls, they already have food issues to make it worse is not a good thing. >> tatertots and pizza.
4:56 pm
>> i hear lis on the phone, saying to her kids, look there is a luncheon meat, bread, have yourself a dinner. you never cook, do you? >> i'm making turkey for thanksgiving. >> gregg: turkey at thanksgiving. all right. on a serious note,egypt exploding in violence, new clashes now in cairo's tahir square. look at the violence there. 500 people injured. why is it coming at a very critical time for that country? i'm phil mickelson, pro golfer.
4:57 pm
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5:00 pm
>> heather: hello, everyone. i'm heather childers. >> gregg: i'm gregg jarrett. welcome to another hour. topping the news, series of spending cuts set to hit our military unless the super committee can reach an 11th hour deal to tackle the nation's ballooning debt. we're live in washington. >> heather: months after the arab spring, protesters and government forces clashing in tahrir square. can democracy come without further violence? >> gregg: new information leading police to reopen a 30-year-old hollywood case. why one of the movie stars who was with natalie wood the night
5:01 pm
she died is lawyering up. >> heather: the country's economic future in the hands of six republicans and six democrats. and it has come down to this, less than five days before the big deadline to fix the country's dangerous budget problem, hours, days, weeks of intense negotiation behind them and so far, nothing to show for it. now the congressional super committee is working through the weekend to try and reach a deal. all this as the current national debt now tops $15 trillion. this group has until wednesday to come up with a plan for slashing $1.2 trillion in spending over the next decade. if they fail or if congress rejects their proposal, a series of sweeping cuts to domestic and defense spending will take effect. molly henneberg is live in washington for us with the latest. molly, the deadline for this super committee, it may be earlier than wednesday.
5:02 pm
what can you tell us? >> hi. yes, wednesday is the deadline for the final vote by the super committee. but the group is required by law to make the plan public and submit it to the congressional budget office 48 hours before any vote. so that pushes the deadline for this coming monday. and members of the super committee suggest that may not be feasible. >> it's pretty doubtful at this point, but obviously nobody wants to quit until the stroke of midnight, as you can see here from my presence. >> we're still working. i hope we can get there, but i don't know at this point in time. >> if the super committee fails, it would trigger automatic spending cuts, just under a trillion dollars worth, that would go into effect in 2013. with defense spending taking the hardest hit and billions to medicare on the chopping block, too. already some in congress are indicating that they may try to change this law and prevent those cuts. >> heather: has the president weighed in on the debate during his trip to asia?
5:03 pm
>> he call the republican and democratic co-chairs of the committee on his way out of town last week, but has not talked to members of the super committee since then, according to the white house. the president is on his way back now and his spokesman says he has been in regular contact with staff members in washington who are monitoring the super committee's progress. the white house says the president continues to hope the group will do its job and come up with a proposal that is, quote, balanced and fair in terms of spending cuts and tax hikes. heather? >> heather: thank you very much. molly henneberg reporting live from d.c thank you. >> gregg: you're not going to believe this. folks in alaska facing extreme weather this week. according to the national weather service, the temperature at 3:00 a.m. on friday morning setting a new daily record, dipping to 36 degrees below zero. on thursday, the low dropping to an even chillier 41 below. all this as people on the remote
5:04 pm
peninsula southwest of anchorage dealing with wait spread power outages triggered by a powerful wind storm. >> heather: from extreme cold to wild fires out west, crews gaining ground against a massive wild fire in reno, nevada thanks to calmer winds and spreading snow there. wind whipped flames nearly 50 feet high, forcing nearly 10,000 people from their homes yesterday. the fire killing at least one person, injuring 16 more. in terms of property damage, we're talking about at least 15 homes that were destroyed. dozens more damaged. officials say the flames are about 65% contained. >> gregg: it's been a long, long week for penn state as it reels from its child sex abuse scandal. now we're hearing more concerns about the health of the recently fired football coach, joe paterno. david lee miller is live in university park, pennsylvania, as he has all week long. what's the latest on jopa?
5:05 pm
>> current and former teammates say that they're expressing sadness, as well as shock to learn that joe paterno has been diagnosed with cancer. that announcement was made yesterday in a statement issued by his son, scott. family members say the cancer is treatable. one of his other sons, jay, who remain has coach with the team, says his father has reacted to the diagnosis by telling him, and i quote, i'll be fine. and in another development, the school says it will cooperate with an ncaa investigation of athletic programs in the wake of the scandal. they have until december 16 to answer a series of questions about what took place here. lastly, fox is reporting that penn state received almost a quarter million dollars from the second mile charity. that is the charity founded by jerry sandusky. the university received that money for a series of sleepover camps in 2008 and 2009. as for the charity itself, its
5:06 pm
future remains uncertain in the aftermath of the scandal. gregg? >> gregg: david lee miller live in pennsylvania. thanks very much. tonight on fox, tune in to fox news reporting, the crisis at penn state. it's hosted by john roberts, along with reporting by david lee miller on the ground there. brian kilmeade and myself, check it out. >> mcqueary says he saw a ten-year-old boy in the shower being raped by sandusky. the grand jury was unable to identify that alleged victim. now sandusky's defense attorney is saying we think we have found him and he says it didn't happen. >> i'm not surprised that sandusky's attorney is saying they have the victim from the shower who is saying no. i think there are so many victims from those showers in that locker room, good luck, mr. sandusky. >> gregg: fox news reporting, a crisis at penn state. it airs tonight at 10:00 p.m.
5:07 pm
eastern time only on the fox news channel. >> heather: meantime, former pep state football coach joe paterno's son speaking out, you heard david lee miller reference that about the sex abuse scandal rocking the university. take a listen to jay paterno talking about the victims in the case. >> it's tough. i think the realization, like larry said, i think the realization that there are children out there, not just the victims of this particular situation, but realization goes on in our country, that children -- i've been fortunate. i grew up in a home where so many good things happened in my life and my kids have lived at home where i've been able to do a lot of great things to them. but you have to think about kids that are going to bed at night with really fighting demons and innocence lost and that's heart wrenching when you think about that goes on in this country. it shouldn't happen to anybody.
5:08 pm
>> heather: also as you heard, jay paterno revealing that his 84-year-old father, joe, has a treatable form of lung cancer and his doctors are reportedly optimistic that he will make a full recovery. >> gregg: assistant basketball coach at syracuse university now denying that he molested two young boys in a statement released by his lawyer. bernie fein called the allegations false, adding that he is confident his reputation will be restored. his accusers, bobby david, stepbrother mike language are adults, both claim fein molested them when they were ball boys for the university basketball team. >> heather: major developments in libya. revolutionary fighters capturing moammar gadhafi's son overnight in southern libya. saif, the former heir apparent and spy chief now apparently behind bars, facing charges for
5:09 pm
crimes against humanity. reena ninan has this report from jerusalem. >> hi, heather. some are surprised that he was apprehended but not killed. saif gadhafi was the only one of gadhafi's eight children still on the run. officials said he was captured in the rugged desert and the justice minister of libya says he will now face the death penalty. his final days on the run, he was seeking to avoid the gruesome death his father faced. the 39-year-old was captured by libyan fighters. he's faced many close moments. he managed to escape a nato air strike on his convoy the day before his father died. his future is now uncertain. officials at the international criminal court said they will decide next week where saif will be tried. meanwhile, breaking news continues from egypt. tear gas seems to be covering tahrir square, more than 500 people were injured. thousands of police splashed
5:10 pm
them for control of the square. this comes after security forces tried to stop activists from stage ago long-term sit in. on friday, tens of thousands of people gathered at the square to denounce egypt's ruling military council. the latest round of violence coming a little more than a week before egypt is expected to hold its first democratic elections since the ouster of former president hosni mubarak. heather? >> heather: reena ninan from jerusalem, thank you. >> gregg: top republican presidential candidates campaigning in the critical state of iowa where newt gingrich is soaring in the polls. is it newt's time to shine or will another candidate steal his thunder? >> heather: she was young and beautiful, but met an untimely death. actress natalie wood drowned 30 years ago. why are police reopening the case? the shocking new clues.
5:11 pm
>> like i said, h death was ruled an accidental drowning, that's what it is, until we find something that says it isn't, until that time, it's still an accidental drowning. [ male annouer ] juice drink too watery?
5:12 pm
♪ feel the power my young friend. mmm! [ male announcer ] for unsurpassed fru and veggie nutrition... v8 v-fusion. could've had a v8.
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5:14 pm
>> gregg: it is time for a quick check of the headlines.
5:15 pm
security forces in egypt retaking most of tahrir square from the protesters there after a day of clashes where tear gas and rubber bullets were fired into the crowd, according to witnesses. james arthur ray getting nine years in prison for the deaths of three people. the victims all participating in an arizona sweat lodge ceremony led by ray. let's take a look. these are live pictures in oakland, california. anti-wall street protesters plan to set up tents there at this area of downtown near a park. it's a move that could set the stage for yet another confrontation with authorities who had removed an earlier encampment and are vowing they won't tolerate any new camps. we're keeping an eye on this. peaceful so far, but that could change. >> heather: many of the top republican candidates making appearances in iowa today, but
5:16 pm
not mitt romney, who will soon hold a town hall in new hampshire instead. romney had trouble appealing to evangelicals, other christian conservatives in iowa. so can he get over that far right hurdle in the primaries and caucuses and make it to the general election? joining us. president of new heights communication and former spokesperson for then governor howard dean of new york, and former communications director to then house speaker dennis hastert. thank you for joining us. >> thanks. >> heather: how significant of a problem are evangelicals and christian conservatives in specifically iowa for mitt romney? kristy, i'll begin with you. >> sure. it's a huge problem for him. as we know, evangelicals make up approximately half of the electorate in iowa. you have to feel bad for him. he's behind in the polls, newt gingrich and herman cain, who in any other year have enough
5:17 pm
baggage and problems that it would be utterly disqualifying. that speaks to the fact that this electorate, is so wary of mitt romney as a candidate and it speaks to how much they're willing to overlook in order to beat barak obama. >> heather: ron, is it the religious factor? the fact that he's a mormon or his policies that seems to be the problem? >> well, i'll tell you, i think mitt romney is the one candidate who has the strongest national organization and most of the primary states. he has a strategy? place that obviously does not rely upon iowa to get to the primary -- general election. he's counting on new hampshire, where he's leading the polls and he's doing quite well in a few other states as well. i think that it's going to boil down to voters after they've figured out whether or not they support herman cain or michelle bachman or newt gingrich. they keep jumping from one to the other, to rick perry, you know.
5:18 pm
i think that they're going to figure out whether or not they will support mitt romney and i think that mitt romney right now is leading. he could do a lot better in the polls a little bit later. but i think it's going to be up to his primary strategy. >> heather: ranging anywhere between 24 to 30%, but standard, topping the polls across the board, he has held steady. coming up a little later in the hour, i don't want to give it away, but scott rasmussen, we have polls showing that if the iowa caucus were held today, newt gingrich would win. but overall, the candidate -- this is steady as well -- republicans believe can beat barak obama, it is always romney that leads in that particular type of poll. so kristy, what does that say to you? >> it says that for one thing, mitt romney did a good thing today in skipping the forum in iowa because he was definitely going to be the candidate that was most beat up upon today.
5:19 pm
this is a hostile crowd. it was a crowd that was looking for either gingrich or perry to do well. but what i will say is that while he made a good decision in skipping the forum today, he can't become too scarce. people are wondering if he's in some sort of witness protection program right now. he can't hide from the media or from too many forums for too long. >> heather: ron, i will wrap it up with you. what about moving ahead from iowa? say south carolina, what do you think will happen there? >> it's clear what will happen -- unclear what will happen there and other states. but mitt romney knows this will be about the amount of delegates he'll win overall. he's prepared to fight this trench battle up until april in order to get the nomination. he's not made a mistake in any of the debates, which is amazing considering most of the candidates have made -- or the major candidates have made major errors. i think he's got a great shot going into the final primary
5:20 pm
season, into super tuesday. it's anyone's guess right now and voters can change their minds. so far, so good for mitt romney. he may not say everything -- say something every day, but he's letting others say things to try to get themselves out of their own crisis, like newt gingrich with scrutiny and rick perry and herman cain and this only benefits mitt romney. >> heather: ron, is that really a good policy? basically you're saying that he's playing it safe? is that good? is that what the american public wants in their leader? >> he's doing very well -- yeah, i think so. i think he's doing pretty well during these debates. he hasn't made a mistake. he's been doing a good job playing a little bit lower key while the crisis of herman cain or scrutiny of newt gingrich stays front and center. he keeps building his organization and building his chips. one state at a time. i'm not saying mitt romney is going to be the nominee.
5:21 pm
it's just that right now he's looking very good, one day at a time. he's doing a slow and steady rise to the top. >> heather: slow and steady. >> he looks unstoppable. >> heather: christy, will slow and steady win the race? will it beat barak obama? >> i don't think so. i think mitt romney 2012 is john kerry 2004. if they weakened massachusetts, liberal, it's ultimately not going to be the incumbent. >> barak obama is carter 2012. >> heather: we'll see what happens. thank you both so much. we appreciate it so much. >> thanks for having me. >> gregg: big battle is coming to the heartland, but one candidate in particular seeing a double digit uptick in the polls. there he is. can he or she ride the momentum to a primary win? it's a he. if insurance were sold in the grocery store --
5:22 pm
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>> heather: 25 past the top of the hour. time for the top of the news. power lines likely sparked a wind whipped wild fire yesterday outside reno, nevada. so far the fire has destroyed 15 homes and damaged at least 40 more. >> gregg: a battle looming over potential spending cuts that could trigger if the congressional super committee fails to reach a definite sit reduction deal this week. there is no consensus on what parts of the national security budget would be affected. >> heather: and activists say syrian troops stormed a central town in the northwest region in search of opponents of the government. they claim at least 15 people have been killed so far in the crackdown. >> gregg: some brand-new developments, the u.s. reportedly getting ready to slap tough new sanctions on iran. the latest response after a report from the u.n.'s nuclear
5:27 pm
watchdog group accusing tehran of developing nuclear weapons. peter doocy reports from washington. >> iran's official news agency says iran started a four-day long air defense military exercise this morning not far from the afghan border in and this news is coming out that reports are coming out that the obama administration wants more sanctions against iran to stop foreign countries to investing in their oil and gas industry and days ago, the international atomic agency reported their nuclear program is not as peaceful as they claim. >> the iaea's information shows iran has carried out activities relevant to the development of a nuclear device. >> iran says not to believe any of this. >> these allegations are all fabricated in order to have a pretext of putting pressure on iran. but more than that, to change the iea to a united nations watchdog. >> on top of that, the u.n.
5:28 pm
general assembly voted overwhelmingly to deplore that alleged iranian assassination plot against a saudi ambassador. not one arab country voted with iran and president obama's national security advisor, tom donnellan, says, that vote those iran is becoming more and more isolated. >> it indicates, i think, the isolation that iran is undergoing with respect to the choices they've made on the nuclear program. >> he also said late last night that china and russia are on board with the u.s. because we all share the common goal, he says, of not letting iran develop a nuclear weapon. gregg? >> gregg: peter doocy in washington. thanks. >> heather: on the campaign trail, a change of heart by a couple of staffers apparently working for republican presidential candidate newt gingrich. word now that two of his iowa campaign staffers who quit back in june, they have signed back
5:29 pm
on and analysts say it may be might have something to do with his recent surge in the polls. you think, gregg? that walkout in the summer initially cast serious doubts over the future of gingrich's campaign. the house gop winning the battle for campaign cash in the month of october, the national republican congressional committee hauling in over 4 1/2 million dollars for the month. that is compared to nearly $4.2 million for the democratic campaign in committee. for the year, democrats have outraised republicans by more than $3 million. >> gregg: former house speaker newt gingrich is soaring in several national polls and becoming the latest republican candidate to challenge former massachusetts governor mitt romney. but the big question now is this: are voters willing to overlook all the, well, baggage from his colorful past? joining me now, professor of law, political science at the university of southern california, susan estridge.
5:30 pm
great to see you. >> great to see you. >> gregg: freddie mac, before it collapsed and had to be bailed out by taxpayers, was paying newt gingrich up to $1.8 million and when confronted about it at a recent debate, gingrich said, well, i was being paid as a housing historian. does that sound plausible to you? >> well, does it sound plausible to you? it's a little bit unusual. the funny part, gregg, is that before that news came out, i was out there saying look at what a good job newt gingrich has done over the last year in sort of taking on the baggage he was carrying. he had his daughter come out and say the stories about him divorcing his wife while she was in the hospital with cancer not true. he really was doing a good job of having apologized in advance. what i call packing his baggage and compared to herman cain, he looked like a genius. of course, the very next day,
5:31 pm
this story comes out. it's kind of surprising because i would have expected newt to be smart enough to talk about this before. >> gregg: you know, susan, it's not just the freddie mac stuff. now the "washington post" is reporting that gingrich, who founded this think tank, the think tank collected at least $37 million over the past eight years from the health care industry. insurers in health care firms were offered, quote, access to newt. that's according to the promotional materials. and gingrich then -- it gets better. gingrich then used the think tank to advocate an individual mandate, an individual mandate, mind you, to purchase health care insurance, which now, of course, he opposes. is that yet another serious problem for him? >> well, yes. you just said it. look, the reality is that there is nobody perfect in politics. and the result of that is you
5:32 pm
got to be ahead of these stories. not be defending yourself. really, herman cain all over again, only in a different context. and the challenge for republicans is we're in a gain of survivor and you need two people to end up standing at the end so you can have a contest. not clear who they're going to be. >> gregg: well, look, i said it in the last hour and i'll say it again. gingrich carries more baggage than a columbian mule and we made up just a partial list, i want to throw it up on the screen here. he once endorsed cap and trade. now opposes it. he advocated health care mandate, as i mentioned. now he doesn't. he was fined $300,000 penalty for ethics violations when he was speaker of the house. first speaker ever to have that happen. he was paid, as we mentioned, 300,000 by freddie mac before it failed. now that now has gone up to 1.8 million. marital infidelity leading to two divorces. you mentioned it.
5:33 pm
there was that six figure jewelry bill at activey's. and -- tiffany's. and then three recent flip flops. he advocated intervention in libya. then argued against it. he praised paul ryan's medicare plan, then called it right wing social engineering and formed that ad with nancy pelosi and then he called it really dumb. but then in a different interview, he said, oh, i'd do it all over again. look, when newt gingrich was in the single digits, nobody really cared about this stuff. now that he's near the top, isn't all of it going to be thoroughly reexamined and, you know, there might be additional things to put on the list? >> you know, gregg, you have just done with your list, what is the nightmare of any candidate. once you take off in the polls, you're going to be under a microscope and the surprising thing to me, is not that newt gingrich has some issues or to quote john kerry, i was for it before i was against it or i was against it before he was for it,
5:34 pm
but that he didn't address these things when he was in single digits so it would be old news. i think the press is going to be all over him and if gregg jarrett is making this list and asking questions, we all are. you're not out to get newt. we worked with him for many years at fox news. >> gregg: right. >> but when you're in big league baseball, you get hard balls. >> gregg: all of this is going to be thoroughly examined and gone over now that he's at the top and not at the bottom. then look, he's very glib and interesting and you watch these audiences whenever newt during the debate speaks, people stop wandering their eyes around the room and they listen and perk up. but he has this rather notoriously testy demeanor which conservative columnist rich louer wrote he has a first class intellect, but his temperment belongs in tearage. that may be a little extreme, but i've seen him in action when he gets testy.
5:35 pm
could that not be an asset, but maybe a liability? >> well, if he loses it -- we live in an era in which every single move of a politician is made in front of somebody with a cell phone taking pictures, a camera. and there is no time outs anymore. so newt is going to have to control that temper. i should add that i've been on with newt 100 times. i've done speeches on the road. i've always found him to be quite brilliant and quite engaging and oftentimes very funny. but none of that temper stuff will hold on the campaign trail. >> gregg: yeah. susan, always great to see you. thanks very much. >> thank you to you. >> gregg: don't forget, you can read susan's syndicated column in the newspapers all across the country every wednesday and friday. so check it out. >> heather: a well deserved makeover after 70 long years. the stuffed animal exhibit set the world's famous american
5:36 pm
museum of natural history in new york city is getting a face lift to sort multi million dollar one. julie banderas is live in our new york city news room with more on this. hi, julie. >> people have been paying to see them for nearly seven decades and now the museum's headliners are getting much needed pampering. life like wild life set in their natural habitat have aged, wear and tire and bright lights faded their fur and dulled the nature scenes they've stood in since the opening in 1942. soon they will don their sunday shoes again, the $2.5 million project to restore the museum's hall of north american mammals will take a year and a half from air brushing color fast dyes on their fur to gently cleaning and touching up the dye's grasses, rocks and snow. the pain-staking makeovers will restore the finest examples anywhere of this type of art form. >> my challenge is getting the tone to be correct on this very white material. so it's funny because we don't
5:37 pm
want yellow, obviously. but we also don't want bright white because of the dye rama, it should look like the foreground is melting into the background painting. >> and take this scene, for example. snowy peaks at the stage for brown bears with fresh salmon at their feet. this is one of the first exhibits visitors see when they enter the museum and it's especially important. >> when we stand before these, we encounter wildlife that we may never hope to see in our lifetime. yet they're such powerful influences and can shape our attitudes about preserving wildlife and caring about the natural world. >> already about half of them have been restored, including another museum favorite. it's a scene of wolves racing across the snow on a moon lit night. the remainder are behind temporary walls for now and mr. be fully reopened with less
5:38 pm
harmful lighting by the fall of 2012. it's any daughter's favorite place to go. she loves it. >> heather: it was one of the very first places i made sure to visit when i first moved to new york. >> definitely worth going. >> heather: thank you very much, julie banderas. >> sure. >> gregg: one of hollywood's greatest mysteries making brand-new headlines. the death of movie star natalie wood. what really happened the night when the actress drowned. and why are police reopening this case 30 years later? well, now actor christopher walken suddenly hiring a lawyer, next, judge jeanine pirro and the stunning new developments. >> well, we're doing an investigation. we're going to follow up on the leads we have. we're going to interview some people, interview some new people, talk to people and reevaluate some of the evidence that we admire ♪ ♪ whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
5:39 pm
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5:42 pm
>> gregg: one day after police reopened the 30-year-old
5:43 pm
investigation into the drowning death of natalie wood after christopher walken, one of the people who was on board the boat the night she vanished and died, suddenly hiring an attorney. listen to police detail the investigation. >> recently we have received information, which we felt was substantial enough to make us take another look at this case. the case has been assigned to two sheriffs, homicide investigators who will be following up on the information, as well as any other additional information that may develop. >> gregg: the police say neither walken nor woods' widower, robert wagner are suspects. so why is walken lawyering up now? let's bring in judge jeanine, host of "justice" with judge jeanine. i suppose everybody is entitled to a lawyer, but 30 years hence you lawyer up? >> you know what's interesting about this case, is that walken has not said all that much about this in 30 years. there is something i have to tell you that for me doesn't
5:44 pm
pass the smell test of this case. the husband, wagner, has said very little about what happened. walken has said virtually nothing except i think for playboy interview where he basically says, only show knows. she was alone and a dingy was bouncing against the side of the boat and i think she went out to move it. what we do know is this: they were rip roaring drunk. they went to a restaurant on the shore not far from where they docked their boat at catalina island. there was a fight. robert wagner picks up a wine bottle, smashes it. he admits to this. she storms out, goes to the state room and then he and walken are left together. he admits that they were fighting and then -- >> gregg: they were fighting over her allegedly, right? robert wagner allegedly thought that walken was carrying on with natalie wood. they were filming her last film together. >> right. and that's what the rumor was. and by the way, wagner and
5:45 pm
natalie wood had been married and divorced and then married again. so the rumor was that she was having an affair with walken. he now says i was talking about how much of your personal life. >> gregg: reopening the investigation invariably has to be precipitated by the book from the captain that came out about a year ago. he was on television the other day in a splashy interview and he said, oh, i lied and i covered up and so on and so forth. i just wonder about his motivations, trying to peddle a book, make money? >> what doesn't make sense here is the fact that this woman could absolutely disappear in the middle of the night and after a fight and then they find her body. in the autopsy, they say there is no signs of trauma. i read the autopsy report. she had 23 or 25 bruises on her body. not consistent, if you watch my show, with what they allege might have happened. >> gregg: the coroner to to the
5:46 pm
stars said it was -- i grew up out there in los angeles a. famous coroner out there, but he did have a track record of making some mistakes. >> and by the way, it was signed, no foul play that very next morning. i mean, i would think they'd do a little more investigating than automatically saying there is no problem. did she drown? there was water in her lungs. of course she drowned. the question is, what was she doing in the water? in her nightgown with her socks and a down jacket and a dingy. >> gregg: here is the case. you reopen it, every single statute of limitations has run, except murder. they can't prove a case of murder. it's really, really difficult. you'd have to show planning, premeditation. >> let me tell you something, gregg, i open cold cases and prosecuted and gotten convictions for murder.
5:47 pm
it's a different world today. if somebody makes a decision they're going to come clean and what he's saying is right and if there was a witness who heard a woman say help, help in the water, then what you've got is something that's certainly curious and worth reopening. >> gregg: might be negligent homicide, but the statutes run on that. >> statutes run on that. has to be murder. >> gregg: jeanine pirro, you'll have more on this tonight. you can catch "justice" with gentleman jeanine at 9:00 p.m. eastern time. >> heather: we will tune in. the polls are in and it appears a new gop presidential candidate is in the driver's seat in iowa. why newt gingrich's rise to the top is especially bad news for herman cain. we'll talk about it straight ahead. [ male announcer ] cranberry juice? wake up!
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>> heather: newt gingrich now top dog among likely iowa caucus goers. the latest rasmussen poll giving him 32% of the vote. a commanding lead over the rest of the gop field. >> gregg: but it appears gingrich's gain is herman cain's loss. cain led in iowa in october, but fell to third place this month. every other candidate's poll numbers were pretty much unchanged. joining us now is scott
5:52 pm
rasmussen of rasmussen scott, wow. you look at iowa. he has gone in the course of a month, from 9% to 32%. when i saw that, i had to rub my eyes. have you ever seen it jump that big? >> it's pretty spectacular. last time i saw a jump like this was a month ago when herman cain came from nowhere to lead and rick perry had fallen. the important thing through all of these, mitt romney, pretty stable. there is a different candidate up front and as we talked before, this whole campaign is now mitt romney versus i'm not mitt romney. gingrich leads the pack right now. >> heather: what about in terms of who could beat the president? this remained pretty steady. we talked about this earlier in our political panel. >> we did polling in the state of florida and you see mitt romney a few points ahead of the president in florida. obviously key swing state.
5:53 pm
we see similar trends nationally. newt gingrich trailed in florida by two points. herman cain trails by nine points. one of the interesting pieces of data in all of this is that when we asked supporters of newt gingrich or herman cain or rick perry, michelle bachman, nine out of ten of them say no matter who the republicans nominate, we're going to vote for them. mitt romney supporters aren't that committed to the party. only 73% say they will support the party's nominee. more broadly, the tea party is saying they will support whoever the party nominates. if the establishment republicans who aren't willing to make that commitment. >> gregg: there are a lot of different issues, the economy, jobs always at the top of the list. but incidental to that is the various tax proposals. how do people feel about major tax reform? >> well, in general, they love the idea of scrapping the tax code and replacing it with something that's simpler, has lower tax rates, fewer deductions, partly it's because they just don't like the nightmare of tax preparation.
5:54 pm
partly because 50% say it would help the economy. only 13% think it would hurt. really this idea of a simpler tax code is consistent with a broader attitude out there that we should get the government out of the business of picking winners and losers. >> heather: and what about the flat tax, what about that? >> that's what happens. the general idea of people like when we asked about herman cain's 9-9-9 plan, only 31% supported it. when we asked about a different flat tax plan, a little bit like what rick perry has proposed, only 31% support it. the only thing we found really solid support for in terms of a simple plan was get rid of the deductions that have three rates, 5% for the lowest income. 10% in the middle. 20% for those who earn more than $100,000 a year. >> gregg: there is a lot of wrestling going on between the president and congress over job creation. talk to us about that. >> 27% agree that president
5:55 pm
obama should just go ahead and implement his job creation proposals on his own. they think congress is not working with him and that's what he has to do. 63%, though, say no. the president has to go back and work with congress. part of the reason for this, a lot of people just don't like the president's approach. so obviously they think working with congress would be better. another factor, there are some people who say even though we think the president is right in all this bickering, he should work with congress. that's what happens, the way the system is supposed to work. but you got to keep all of this in context. most americans believe that the private sector is really responsible for job creation. that if you would turn more authority over to business or reduce regulations or ship more dollars into the private sector, that would do more to create jobs than anything either the president or the congress can come up with. >> gregg: interesting stuff. scott rasmussen of rasmussen reports, thanks very much. >> heather: we have time for one additional story. take a look at this.
5:56 pm
a small dog leading police on a chase in arizona. the dog, this is the back story -- broke free from its car after its owner was forced to stop due to an overturned vehicle. it's a little dog, too. he jumped onto the busy highway. he got close to the traffic. eventually, the police were able to capture the dog only after run not guilty circles, though, for a while. glad that has a happy ending. >> gregg: no kidding. rick folbaum, arthel neville take over at the top of the hour. >> heather: we will see you tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. eastern. have a great thanksgiving, everyone. exercising more, takin.
5:57 pm
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