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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  November 24, 2011 1:00am-2:00am EST

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honor to have you. >> thank you. >> secretary rice. that's all the time we have. thanks for being with us. see you back here tomorrow night. >> it this is a fox news alert. authorities say a plane has crashed in arizona's mountains east of phoenix. the sheriff's office is responding to a crash in that mountain rank. the faa right now said there's no immediate reports of any missing commercial aircraft. we are joined by phone. sheriff, thank you for your time. can you tell us what the latest is. >> you got it, shannon. we have search and rescue deputies that are deployed in the area. we have a command post set up. there was reports that a crash occurred in the superstition mountains that are east of phoenix, north of the u.s. 60 and a large explosion. there were flames that were seen
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from quite a distance away. we have deputies that are on ground. a very difficult area to get to because of the cliffs and the rocks. a very rugged terrain. so we have deputies there. we have the ranger helicopter that's up that's assisting us. so we have found debris so clearly there was a crash. we have not found any people at this time. it's heartbreaking the fact that the evening before thanksgiving. >> yeah. sheriff, we can see the pictures live now. it appears that there is a good deal of fire going through that area. you mentioned there has been an explosion there. can you tell us anything more about what witnesses have told you about maybe calls you got about the size of this airplane or what it may have been? >> well, in terms of the size of the explosion, clearly it can be a clue or indication of the size because it was quite large. and some of the debris that we found, i can't give a lot of information at this point because it's not conclusive, leads us to believe that it's a
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larger than a cessna or small aircraft, that it could be a twin-engine plane of some sorts. and just given the time of year and the travel schedule for everybody, we are hoping that there are fewer people that were on the air craft, but that's not likely. so we don't know anything conclusive at this point, but we have a number of resources that are deployed and trying to not only reach that area, but to find out how we can be helpful, if we can, at this point. >> cher i have, you mentioned it's a very rugged area. you have teams there trying to respond, working to get to that area. how tough is it to navigate, you know, for the teams trying to get in and help and find out what happened? >> it's extremely difficult not only because it's night fall here in arizona, but these trails, there's no light out there. so we have our search and rescue deputies are some of the best in america, and we have deployed
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all of our resources out there. they do this full time. they are excellent at tracking. they know these mountains and the trails like the backs of their hands. we have the best people on it, but it's just because of the distance and the difficulty to get to the location, it's going to complicate the search and rescue effort. >> sheriff paul from arizona. crews are there on the scene of what's reported to be a plane crash. thank you very much for your time. our prayers go out to your crews and those involved in the crash. thank you. >> thank you, shannon. >> this is the fox weather alert. severe weather all across the country creating problems for travelers on this night before thanksgiving. it is one of the busiest travel times of the year. more than $42 million people expect today hit the roads, rails and skies. but for the holiday get away, travelers are battling rain and wind along the east coast. snow in new england and strong storms in the pacific northwest. we are tracking the storms close. the fox extreme weather center
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is here with the latest. can you tell us about the weatherrenings in phoenix? >> a tragic story unfolding east of phoenix, as we heard the sheriff mention. we have a storm system across the west. shannon, i want to zoom into that region. just east of phoenix we are looking at the apache junction area. really, weather conditions are perfect right now. 60 degrees, 64 degrees, light winds, clear. of course, it is dark outside and you can see the pictures that are coming into us as crews try to go and do a search and rescue effort right now. the terrain is very rugged, as the sheriff mentioned. but the weather conditions right now, we do have a storm across the west but that has not made its way into the arizona area. so i don't for see weather being a problem or an issue here. of course, as we get more details, we will let you know.
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but, of course, travel has been delayed throughout the day today because of the storm system across the west and the east coast. we are still seeing delays at laguardia and also san francisco, the airport out there. because of these two systems a lot of folks are trying to get to their thanksgiving destination and it's just not happening. now for the parade forecast, good news. a lot of folks will be watching the macy's thanksgiving day parade not only here in new york city but on television. the conditions are going to be beautiful at the start of the parade and as the parade makes its way down 34th street. really nice conditions. winds will not be an issue because there is a criteria with the big balloons, shannon, as we know. across the northeast really looking good. my family is going to be traveling tomorrow morning. i heeded my own warning. try not to travel to the across the east coast. it will be a little difficult. but across the south and the
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gulf coast region, really lovely and cooler temperatures, as well. up toward the upper midwest, no issues here. a lot of sunshine. but the one place we are keeping an eye on is the northwest and parts of northern california, as that system continues to press inland. for the weekend, as we get into friday and saturday and people are trying to get home from their thanksgiving, we are going to be dealing with a couple of issues. for saturday another storm system makes its way across the gulf coast region up toward the great lakes. the reffiest rain along the mississippi valley. then as we get into sunday a lot of folks are trying to get home. we are dealing with again a system across the eastern seaboard that's going to give us possible problems from the southeast, the ohio valley. the heaviest precipitation from the tennessee valley to the southeast. so these are the areas of concern and, of course, we will keep you up-to-date as the weekend continues and happy thanksgiving to you, your husband and your mom, mary.
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i must mention her. >> you know these your biggest fan. she will be watching tonight. it looks like florida will be great for her. let me ask you, though, in those areas that do get a little complicated, you mentioned some areas, and we talked about some snow. if a metro area is impacted how much of a travel nightmare can it be in spreading across the country? >> there's always a ripple effect. all day today we had delays across the northeast, boston, laguardia still reporting delays, jfk and newark. because these are big hubs, you are going to have a ripple effect across the country. unfortunately, because we are still dealing with delays and people are trying to get out, that could eventually have an effect across the midwest, across the southeast and we have the system across the west. you know, a lot of folks are still stranded out in san francisco with over two-hour delays and that's just on average from the faa. unfortunately, you know, we want
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to make sure everybody gets to their final destination. it's just going to -- people are going to have to fact a little patience, unfortunately. >> always good advice. it's great to see you. happy thanksgiving. >> shannon, we will keep you up-to-date, of course, on the plane crash out in arizona, as well. >> will do. thank you very much. >> okay. more fallout from the collapse of the supercommittee. should congress come to the rescue of the pentagon? what is more critical, cutting spending or bolt centering the pentagon's budget. it is triggers billions in defense cuts. now the president's own defense secretary say our national security could be in jeopardy so should congress step in? congressman allen west served more than 20 years in the u.s. army. he joins its tonight. great to see you. >> thanks. and happy thanksgiving to you. >> to you, as well. we mentioned there's a lot of concern on capitol hill and the defense secretary saying this
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could be a doomsday scenario. how worried are you about automatic across the board cuts? >> well, i'm very worried about it. speaking from experience, having lived through a period when the military was made a bill payer for the federal government and we saw what happened as far as the reduction of ammunition and fuel and spare parts, and when i deployed in 2003 we saw we didn't have enough body armor. my humvee was one of many that didn't have the up-armor which would have been a bad day for me if the ieds had started early. to we have made the cuts to the military, $466 billion over the next six years and another 500 about billion when we are asking our military to do more at this time would send a horrible message not just across the country but to our adversaries and enemies across the world. >> and i talked to your colleague, the chairman of the
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armed services committee, he said he and his staff are working feverishly to come up with legislation that would put an end to the cut or a portion of them. we heard the president say if somebody is going to try to get around sequestration, he's going to veto it. do you think if you could get to the $1.2 trillion in cuts but possibly recon figure within that amount the president may be willing to support it? >> well, i think the president has to. the most important title that the president of the united states has is commander in chief. if he is willing to put politics over the men and women that we have in uniform serving all over this country that were asked to stand on freedom's ram parts and protect us so we can have a thanksgiving then i think the president is really miss guided in our statement. i think we can find the right types of cuts in spending and i think the president understands he has a responsibility in this. trillion of dollars of debts has come on america since he's been in office. i think he should be looking at
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places within the executive branch where he can look at failed agencies and due programs we want cut as well. >> it will be the subject of must dispute, moving forward as you try to iron out the budget battles. i want to go to a statement made last night by gop candidate rick perry last night. he said if the defense secretary is on honorable man he should resign in protest over the cuts. a spokesman for the secretary said he has no intention of doing that. would you agree that is a decision he needs to make? >> no, i would not agree with that. i was very fortunate, i sit on the house armed services committee and we had secretary of defense pennetta and all the service chiefs and the marine corps of it about the ramifications these cuts would have.
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i would want to see someone like leon panetta, now after being the head of the cia knows the security environment that's out there, for him to stay as the secretary of defense and continue to fight to make sure we do the right things for the men and women in uniform for this great nation. >> congressman west, we thank you for your service in uniform and now on capitol hill. we wish you and your colleagues the very best in trying to find solutions to this tricky problems. best thanksgiving to you ask your family. >> thanks, shannon. we will find a good resolution to this. >> all right. thank you, sir. the holiday season kicking off with a mixed bag of economic news. the markets seeing their worst thanksgiving being performance in 38 years. and the number of people applying for unemployment benefits rising slightly but there is a little bit of good news. incomes are up and economy efforts say that could boost spending during the all important holiday season. how will jitters factor about into the 2012 race? democratic pollster and former
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advisor to president clinton joins us tonight. the economics not positive. what does the president do that going into 2012. >> he's been running a less positive campaign. he's been attacking wall street, the republicans and business community. i think he needs to recalibrate and go big, as tom friedmanman of the new york times said and try to do a budget deal to reconcile the kind of differences and issues congressman west was talking about. but to try to get 3 to four trillion dollars in tax reform to create jobs. >> do you think the president helped or hurt himself by staying out of the minutiae of what the supercommittee was doing? >> he got involved in their work previously or that which was done over the debt ceiling and it hurt him. the left and the democratic party said he compromised ice
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position back in the summer. so this time he stayed out. ultimately he was m. i. a.. there was no deal, obviously. i don't think he's helped his position and given the market's reaction, there's clear evidence, i think, that there is increasing lack of confidence in our fiscal policies. >> well, in look ahead, even as early as next week, possibly some more fights here on capitol hill like extending the payroll tax holiday, about extending unemployment benefits, things that will evaporate by the end of the year. the president said you do wrong by the american families if you allow those things to go away because it will hit people in their pocket books when people can least afford it but republicans come back and say who will pay for it because it's not free? who do you think will win the spin battle on the fights. >> i think the president will probably win the short term battle on both, both on the payroll tax cut and unemployment benefits. but i think he ultimately loses the big battle because, shannon,
1:15 am
he has no answer to how he is going to create jobs, stimulate the economy and deal with the larger fiscal issues. the tax cut is a popular issue, as is extension of unemployment insurance. but it misses the larger point, which is the president's rating on the economy, his under 40 percent rating and people don't believe he has a plan to revitalize a sputtering economy. >> yeah, and just yesterday the third quarter gdp was revised downward. >> right. >> that's another tough number for the administration to deal with. how is the president doing in key states on these economic issues? >> he's doing i don't think so well. if you look through the industrial miss west, his poll numbers are -- midwest, his poll numbers of under 50%. he's even or behind mit romney. he will try to make up his numbers with independents and picking up some states in the southwest and hold on to some states like virginia, carolina and florida in the south. that he won last time.
1:16 am
it's a tough nut to crack. he can be re-elected because the republicans are arguably less well-regarded than he is. but right now the electoral map presents a daunting challenge. >> okay. so we are going into the holiday season and a lot of people will want to look and see how confident consumers are feeling when they go out and spend or don't spend on black friday and all the way through and christmas and hanukkah shopping. how important is it that there be good signals from people? >> i think it will help the administration if we have a robust shopping season. i don't think it will ultimately reassure people about the larger challenges facing our country, but if we have a drop in spending, as is possible, it could further jeopardize consumer confidence, which would be a calamity for the president. i think people see only storm
1:17 am
clouds on the more risens and want to have one good holiday season and let's hope americans have a good thanksgiving, and you too, shannon, and a good holiday season. >> you, as well, doug. thanks for sharing your spirit tease with with with with us tonight. >> my pleasure. >> straight ahead, the plot thickens. new revelation was the disappears of money from mf global. how could more than a billion dollars just vanish? the latest on that case next. also, threats of nuclear weapons and terror plots on u.s. soil. congressional loaders say iran must be stopped and they are telling the president how they think he should do it. and plus we are following breaking news. a plane crash outside of fakes, arizona. the faa said there are no immediate reports of any missing commercial aircraft. we are following the breaking story and we will bring you developments as soon as we get them. welcome idaho, where they grow america's favorite potoes. everyone knows idaho potatoes taste great.
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>> a growing scandal surrounding mf global, the now bankrupt brokerage firm once led by corzine. they believe workers vial the security laws. investigators are looking into the disappearance are more than
1:22 am
a billion dollars of clients' money. we are joined live. there are so many more questions than answers at this point. first of all, can you set the stage for us? what was corzine's strategy when he joined them. what k did he want to see happen. >> in addition it a former governor of new jersey, he is a former goldman sachs executive. when he went will he set out to make it boulder, riskier. it wasn't a simple brokerage that matched up buyers and sellers of commodities of trades and he decided to put on a proprietary bet and using mf global's money to use a bet and one of the big bets he made was betting on european debt. of course we all know a lot of that debt is in trouble and that drove the panic around mf global and ultimately caused their collapse. it was a bet he put on about a
1:23 am
year ago. >> it amounts to the eighth largest bankruptcy in the u.s. those are not small numbers. is it a matter of maybe bad judgment versus doing something illegal? it may have was a strategy a bit too risky? >> the strategy was risky. it's certainly not illegal. he disclosed that they were betting on european debt. it's not illegal, it just turns out it was a bad bet. on wall street once panic is created about whether a company can survive it becomes self-fulfilling. this is what we saw with bear stearns, theme man brothers and merrill. when people in the market became aware the bet was going against mf global they stopped trading it and it was self-fulfilling. what we are focusing on now is not why they failed, we know it's because of the bad bet that john corzine put on. what everyone is wondering, what it did fail it turned out there was a lot of customer money missing. somewhere over $1.2 billion. some people say it might be up
1:24 am
to 1.$2 billion. it is simply missing. it turns out there may have been some fishy or at least sloppy behaver going on behind the scenes with customer money. >> and our colleagues at the fox business network say they have information indicating that some employees at mf global violated securities laws. there are issues about possibly commingling money. what could have happened? what did we know at this point? >> the fbi is looking at it. investigators are looking at it and a number of regulators are looking at it. we don't know for sure. it's too early to say. but there are some investigators who think it's possible that this was intentional, that in the last four or five days when mf global was collapsing, some officials there might have looked at this summer money, which is supposed to be sacred, you are not supposed to touch that, that's like if someone went into your bank account, that the bank used your bank account money for trading and you are not supposed to do of it. but the suspicion is maybe they took that customer money and used it to pay off counter
1:25 am
parties or to keep the business going. it's not proven if they did that. it might have just been sloppiness but if they did to that, that could be a very serious securities fraud allegation. >> we know that there are a number of hearings planned on the hill to deal with looking into exactly what happened. we know that jon corzine has been called in december to testify before one of the subcommittees. having covered this and what you know of him, do you expect him to come, do you expect him to be open and willing to testify? some of these people are his former colleagues or do you think he will be taking the fifth, not giving answer? >> what is amazing is during the whole aftermath of the financial crisis, pretty much every wall street executive who has been called to congress has gone and has answered questions. and even the neiman brothers collapse. they seem to go and answer
1:26 am
questions and cross their fingers and hope those answers are enough for government officials. we just have to see with mf global and jon degrees corzine. >> we will be watching closely. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> will it take military action for iran? the u.s. faces glowing nuclear and terror threats. and congressman patrick man is here next. also a terrifying scene caught on camera. a helicopter crashing to the ground, but you won't believe it. this story has a miraculous ending. you've got to seitit i'm trading everywhere... on one of the most powerful mobile apps out there. i'm trading here every day. and i'm customizing everything. everything.
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>> thanksgiving a fox news alert. >> a plane has crashed in arizona's super stigz mountains east of phoenix. the sheriffs office is responding to the crash and say it's rugged terrain there. no word on what kind of plane is involved. witnesses say they saw the crash, they heard the explosion. rescue crews trying to get to the scene there. no word on how many people would have been on board that plane. the faa says, there are no immediate reports of missing commercial aircraft. officials say passenger flights at major local airports in the area are accounted for. we will continue to update you and bring you as many details as we can on the breaking story as soon as we get them. get them. the u.s. facing a growing nuclear threat of iran and
1:31 am
tonight an urgent call for president obama to keep all options on the table, including military action. in the wake of the alleged plot to assassinate. saudi arabia ambassador right here on u.s. soil, they say they must be stopped. and congressman patrick joins us tonight. thanks for your time. >> thanks for having me. >> i want to read a little bit of the letter you and your colleagues sent to the president. you said iran's leaders feel emboldened by our weaknesses. what can we do to turn the tied. >> i think we ought to be serious about the sanctions being leveraged against iron. language you just identified was not just testimony, it was not just statements from my colleagues on the homeland security committee, but testimony from the experts before us who observed not only as you identified the growing activity of iran in their effort to get the nuclear weapon, but
1:32 am
effectively crossing the red line. the activity that was taking place in which they actually planned from the highest levels of the iranian government the assassination attempt which would have killed americans in washington. so the sanctions are calling for serious efforts to in effect cripple iran's ability to continue to support this nuclear ambition, as well as the expourtation of the terrorism. the half measures of the president which have included efforts to attack the banking system but instead of going after iran's central bank which is critical to generate oil revenues which supply more than 50% of the revenue for iron -- iran. >> how do you respond to those saying we have been responding with sanctions for decades against ivan they continue to only grow more bold? >> because i think it was the washington post that called the sanctions half measures, and in light of the crossing of the
1:33 am
line with the activity that iran that has taken place, the ability to have a real impact by virtue of, again, attach the ability of the central bank of iran to be able to operate, that will go to the fundamental ability for them to operate their economy. that may actually be the kind of thing that will have a destabilizing impact. there's already some concerns -- not concerns but opportunities that may be generated by virtue of what looks like a disagreement upon khomeini and ahmadinejad. and i think the president's actions participated in helping to damp down the actions. so the belief is these sanctions may have the ability to interrupt this nuclear ambition which would change the dynamic in geopolitics if they got the nuclear capacity. >> how worried are you about israel in that region? i know leon panetta sent a
1:34 am
message urging them not to make a preemptive strike but israel will protect themselves at any cost. how concerned are you about things ramping up between those two nations? >> very concerned. i had an opportunity to sit with my colleagues last month in israel and it was the principle issue that he identified, the growing nuclear threat and the specific articulation by ahmadinejad to blow israel off the map. it's a very real concern, and frankly, nobody wants to see us move to the point of military utilization but these are the kind of things that the sanctions may well be able to ton he will this regime and allow us to interrupt their nuclear ambitions. once they get those weapons and there's a clear path ward that, the dimics are going to remarkably change. >> you mentioned sanctions and, of course, we would need groups
1:35 am
like russia and china and those countries to be with us and they have shown some resistance in rent weeks and months for another round of sanctions against iran. how important is it to get them on board and whether we can? >> i don't know if we can. that's part of the problem as russia and china, particularly china, who need the access to some of those oil revenues. but as i said before, one of the critical things with the the central bank is the ability to interrupt the commercial and the trade in that oil. it could have a remarkable impact on iran's ability to generate the revenues that they have. again, it tightens the grip, so to speak, and creates a more realistic environment that would perhaps lead to the kind of arab spring in iran that we've seen in other parts of the world. >> very quickly, congressman, how close do you think they are to having an actual nuclear
1:36 am
weapon? >> that's hard to predict. certainly it was eye-opening what the international atomic energy agency disclosed. they are making numerous steps toward it. i think there have been some setbacks and arguably with the ability to interrupt their movement by virtue of the sooner activities taking place, and other things, but they are on a path. and we've got a window. this again was the testimony before our committee from the experts. and we need to take advantage of this window because once they are there, the dimics are going to change dramatically. >> congressman, thank you very much for your time and happy thanksgiving to you and your family. >> happy thanksgiving to you. thank you for having me. >> coming up, her life story inspired a julia roberts, tom hanks movie. she reveals how she really went to throwing dinner parties to fighting communism. she talks with greta next. and a husband for sale in a woman takes drastic measures to
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>> from america's news headquarters, i'm ainsley earhardt. new details about the arizona plane crash that we were telling you about earlier. authorities now say it doesn't look like anyone survived this fiery crash into a mountain, east of phoenix. the body of a child was recovered. the county sheriffs office says there were three adults and three children on board that plane. and a web cam capturing the moment of impact. the video showing a fireball, which sparked a small wildfire there at the crash scene. sources saying that numerous weapons were found after occupy wall street protesters were forced from a new york city park. sanitation workers found those weapons during the cleanup of the park last week. the nypd would only confirm one
1:42 am
knife was found. 50 people have been arrest in the park since the protests began. i'm ainsley earhardt, now back to "on the record." shannon. >> at texas social light a battle against communism changes the course of history and ends up the focus of a hollywood movie. it sounds unreal but it's joann king's life story. the story that became the basis of joann king herrin g book. >> here's what i learned about you. it's exhausting. it makes me tired. houston socialite,6z political activist, businesswoman, honorary. and night bid the king in the
1:43 am
1907s. roaming ambassador, given highest honors by the nation of pakistan and an order of st. francis. that's exhausting. how did you do all of this? [laughter] >> well, by just walking through the door, greta. every time i fell through the door i get up and keep walking and everything i did in my life i used as a tool because i didn't have an mba or a ph.d. after my name. i just had an mrs. in front of it. >> the soviets invading afghanistan, you took that as your cause and made it into a movie. what was it about the soviets invading afghanistan? >> well i looked at a map and i thought why in the world do they want afghanistan, there was nothing here and nothing in pakistan. but in looking at the map i saw
1:44 am
the strait of harmus, which is the corridor through which 80% of the oil passes daily and i thought they aren't after afghanistan or pakistan, they are after us because the economy of the united states was going to be seriously affected by this oil. i had been watching the soviets over many years, and i saw the threat of communism, and i saw them taking country after country. and then saying they were only protecting their borders would seem very strange to me as their borders did not include angola, cuba, chile and now nicaragua which was all in our hemisphere. i thought my country is very much in danger and no one is looking at this. they are so busy looking at things in their own world, that they don't see that even though this is half a world away, this is important. and we can stop it now and we
1:45 am
must stop it now. >> in your book it's one of the first pages, you write how does it feel to have a movie made about you? of course, the movie made about you stars julia roberts and your answer was awful. you thought it was awful to have julia roberts play you in a movie? >> oh, know, i love julia and i was absolutely over the moon when i heard that she was going to play me. but i didn't know that i was going to be the villain. and in the first scripp it says joann and her conservative christians caused 9/11. can you imagine having that said about you? and i kept asking them don't you want to talk to me? and everybody said no. and i said, well, you are paying julia roberts an awful lot of money to play me. you don't want to even hear when i sound like? no. now i found out why, i was about as popular in hollywood and had
1:46 am
about as much credibility as an aflac duck and was as wanted as the underwear bomber. but after we got to know each other, tom changed the whole script. >> tom is tom who? >> tom hanks. he was great. what i said to him was, tom, why do you want to make a movie that makes america feel bad? you are the most loved actor in america. they rewrote the whole script, and suddenly this became a movie that i was very proud of, thrilled about, in fact, and i think america liked it, too. >> and we should tell the name of the movie and we've been talking about it, you and i know it but tell the viewers the name of your movie because it's not the name of your book. >> it is "charlie wilson's war" and of course charlie was the key there. what happened was when i went to washington with my story about the danger of america in that part of the world, people began
1:47 am
to really listen. but the republicans said to me, joann, we agree with you, it's important , but we can't even get $3 million for nicaragua and that's in our own hemisphere. we can't help you. you've got to get a democrat. so charlie, charlie wilson. now charlie was about the least interested person in afghanistan in the world. he was interested in booze, babes and booze. and having a good time and he was called good time charlie. but he was a very smart man. and we were dating, so if you were dating me you had to talk about communism. and charlie saw a movie that we made when we went into afghanistan, and suddenly he saw the danger. and in the movie that's why he came to houston, to see the movie that we had made. when he saw it, he saw the atrocities that the soviets were perpetrating on the afghan people, which were horrible.
1:48 am
the afghans said to me don't send us food, don't send us money. we don't need food or medicine or money, we need arms. send us arms we can live without food and we can live without medicine but we can't live without freedom. >> and it's a fascinating book and an extraordinary life, to me it's a little unusual to go from houston to afghanistan and have such an impact there so it's a real fun and interesting read and good luck. i hope you sell lots of copies. it sounds like you are on the roll. >> oh, greta, thank you so much. i'm your great odd mirier, and it was a wonderful treat for me to be on your program. >> straight ahead, a big shock for viewers watching a live holiday event. a helicopter spinning out of control but there is a surprise ending to that story. also a woman tries to sell her husband on the internet.
1:49 am
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>> you have seen our top stories but here's the best of the rest. a shocking scene in new zealand
1:53 am
all caught on camera. a helicopter crashes while helping to put up a christmas tree. the chopper plunged to the ground after a rotator blade clipped aware. the pilot was thrown out the front door but amazingly he walked away with just minor injuries. and a woman gives a new term to "desperate housewives." she got so frustrated with her husband's constant video game playing she put him up for sale on ebay. he enjoys playing video games and eating and just feed and water him every five hours. she was shocked she got a huge response. no worried, they are still happily married >> and a disappointment for a fisherman in massachusetts. he was thrilled when he caught
1:54 am
an 881-pound tuna but the excitement didn't last for long. federal fisheries seized the fish when he returned to port. turns out catching a tuna with a net is illegal, even if you have a fishing permits. >> i bought permits for every one of my vessels the past three years. we figured one of these days we would catch the big one. so we caught the big one, and i guess we had to give it to the government. >> rafael not only lost the fish, he lost a whole lot of money. a tuna weighing slightly less than his recently sold for $400,000. and a thanksgiving dinner at the white house today. he was joined by two pardoned turkeys. he granted the pardons to turkeys named liberty and peace. last night they got to stay at a hotel and tomorrow they are headed to mt. vernon estate.
1:55 am
there you have it, the best of the rest. coming up, your last call. hear why one candidate may not what it takes for the white house. next.
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