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tv   The Five  FOX News  November 24, 2011 2:00am-3:00am EST

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he has nothing in common with those people. >> that is last call for tonight. good night and happy thanksgiving. >> i have no idea. i have no idea. >> dana: this is a fox news alert. millions of americans headed to the airport today hoping to get home and see tamly for thanksgiving. it's looking good in some places, not so good in others. janice dean the weather machine will be here with the latest. i'm dana perino along with andrea tantaros, bob beckel, eric bolling, greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." let's go straight to janice dean at the weather center with the latest. you're already laughing. two seconds in "the five." >> you know what i just noticed, right now it's not "the five." it's "the six." >> that's right. welcome. >> we can add. it's my first time be. gentle with me, bob beckel. >> bob:ly be. what is the weather like in
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marion, nil >> illinois? >> bob: that's where i'm going to visit my family. i didn't realize this was a personal weather spot. >> bob: sorry. >> one system to watch over the weekend is across the northwest. in the northeast it's clearing out nicely. we have weather delays, laguardia, jfk. if you are headed to the airport call ahead. the airport bar might be the place to be. there is the radar -- [ laughter ] bob, i know so well. the thanksgiving day forecast, nice across the country. l.a. to boston. if you look ahead, i know greg gutfeld wants to know what the weather is like shopping on black friday. >> greg: you know it. >> it's mostly sunny across the east coast. we have a cold front moving across the upper midwest, bringing cold air and windy conditions. unsettled across the northwes northwest. travel troubles getting home
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over the weekend. that is a concern heading to saturday across the gulf coast and great lakes where we will see heavy rain. moving to the ohio river valley and northeast by sunday. folks trying to get home from thanksgiving. we will keep an eye on the weather for you. >> bob: janice, how is the 7:15 xl out of new york? >> i don't do like traffic. or -- >> dana: all your fans will show up. >> bob: the other thing to find out, mall of america for greg in minnesota. >> right. just e-mail me all of your requests and i'll personalize them for you. >> bob: good. keep away from solnydra. >> i do fair and balanced weather. east coast and west coast. >> bob: you do. >> dana: we love it. >> bob: we know we do it here. uh-huh. >> dana: thank you. we'll be back with you later in the show to check in. now the top story. the g.o.p. debate showdown was last night in iowa. newt gingrich -- it was in d d.c. -- getting the most attention for comments on immigration. >> the party that said is the party of the family is going
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to adopt an immigration family that destroys families that have been here a quarter century. i'm prepared to take the heat for saying let's be humane in enforcing the law without giving them citizenship but finding a way to create legality so they are not separated from their family. >> dana: it was in d.c. but iowa is on everybody's minds. see the transition? speaker, former speaker gingrich has been in the lead of late. andrea, immigration is a hot button issue that rick perry had trouble with beforehand. are people being oversensitive or do you think he has a real problem here? >> andrea: people are being oversensitive. in primary, especially the republican primaries candidates feel like they need to say a certain thing to appease the base. some of the things they're saying might not be workable. what newt gingrich said was courageous. something that might look good on a blackboard might not look good in a state with a lot of
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illegals. families have been in the united states to decades. it doesn't make sense to ship everybody out. a lot of people would agree with that, a lot of people don't. but at least newt had courage to put together something that is real. >> dana: he said he would be willing to take the heat. will he get some of it? >> eric: he will get a lot of heat. defer to you guys that spend time watching polls. he just alienated the western half of iowa. steve king represents western iowa. steve king can't get behind this. he is against this exact immigration stance. when rick perry did it, everybody said uh-oh, what will we do with it? perry took a beating for it. newt's numbers will go down. he needs to come out of the box in iowa strong. he won't do that. >> dana: one thing we said earlier in the summer rick perry needed to come out and give an expansive speech on his position on immigration.
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do you think newt should do the same thing or maybe we need a debate just on immigration? >> bob: the response from gingrich, you're right. it was courageous. willald, forgot the first name. willard's mitt romney. as usual, he went in the tach for the right wing. the others, michele bachmann, the rest of them mouth off stuff. gingrich i think may have given republicans an out. republicans needed some way to attract hispanics. the secret is iowa has the largest percentage of hispanic of any midwe shall state. >> eric: eastern half. the western half is white. >> bob: but they go to caucuses, too. >> eric: i understand that. he alienated half the state. >> andrea: i think he knew exactly what he was doing. newt knew what he was doing. the candidates do not speak, particularly somebody as seasoned as newt gingrich without looking at polls. >> dana: do you think he thought before he spoke? >> greg: i think he was prepared.
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what he is trying to say, i can kind of follow. imagine two people breaking in your house, one person steals something but the other person fixing your leaky pipes. he is saying separate the people and make sure bad people go away. that's what we want to do, but we can't do it without a process. the problem with immigration you can't see them both until you flood the hole. >> eric: he said perry was wrong and alienated the base saying -- you didn't say heartless. but what newt said -- >> dana: i agree. can we get to -- i want to, because a debate on a lot of different issues. uncandidate, held steady if not small per seven tage is ron paul. he has a particular position on foreign aid. let's listen to what he said. >> we are in big trouble.
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nobody wants to cut anything. if you keep spending money in foreign aid and go to libya without consulting with the congress, the biggest threat to the national security is our financial condition. >> dana: what do you think? >> greg: when he talks he reminds me of a kid that came back from a creek where he saw a giant monster. hands constantly moving. it's godzilla. i don't even listen anymore. >> dana: his supporters are active and all over him today, defending and supporting him. one thing is mitt romney has steady base of support. others went up and down but ron paul has been steady. >> bob: the one thing i'll say he may come in third in
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iowa. be careful and watch this. he has 13-14%. slowly creeping up. by the way, smith, the fella you talked about from the eastern -- steve king. he was in the used equipment business. i'm not sure he knows too much. >> eric: steve kingdomnates the western half of iowa. >> bob: he dominates. congressional district -- >> eric: it's been a red half of the state for -- >> bob: i shouldn't go off. i think the point about ron paul is he is going to hurt somebody. >> greg: the best part of the debate is when gingrich, asked ron paul about. >> profiling. >> dana: on profiling. we have the sound bite. listen to what the speaker said. >> speaker, just to clarify, you wouldn't change the patriot act? >> no, i would not change it. i'm not aware of any specific change it needs. i'll strengthen it. >> the patriot act is unpatriotic, it undermines our
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liberty. i'm concerned as everybody is about the terrorist attack. timothy mcveigh was a vicious terrorist and was arrested. >> timothy mcveigh succeeded. that's the whole point. >> dana: one thing that was interesting, ron paul having the point he made. this past sumer the patriot act was reauthorized 99-0 in the senate. i don't know if it's still a point that salient with people. >> andrea: i don't think it is. i don't think it is for either party to make. the clip you played before with ron paul talking about how dangerous the deficit is. these are statements that make people look at ron paul go yes, yes! that is factual. but then he says other things like this, you sort of question him. particularly, after a guy tried to blow up new york city. >> greg: like not having a gripe with us. we weren't in afghanistan when they sent planes -- >> bob: a fast closing point. mitt romney played the front runner last night and played it safe. everybody else picked their game up, as they do getting this close to iowa. i think romney made a terrible
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mistake playing it safe. now is not the time if you are a weak front runner to be safe. >> dana: i would say that the think pink influence on the debate was a good one. bob says president obama has g.o.p. cornered on payroll taxes. we'll debate that next. also, don't forget to e-mail us at >> greg: c'mon! no football, you people. >> eric: football! >> greg: jeez! ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] you never know when,
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cannot be offered to residents of new york.
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♪ ♪ >> andrea: welcome back to "the five." a lot of people think barack obama should move to the middle. they have been talking about it for a long time, much like president clinton did. but it seems time and again, he goes left. here is what he said to the controversial occupy wall street movement this week. take a listen. >> a lot of the folks in new york and across the country, occupy movement, there is a profound sense of frustration. there is a profound sense of frustration about the fact
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that the essence of the american dream, if you work hard, if you stick to it, you can make it. feels like that is slipping away. >> andrea: i understand you said that is unbelievable. during the time we were playing the segment. it's not just this. we know he tacked less on different things. the defense budget. we discussed this on the show. obama care, the stimulus, no signs of him moving to the middle. not so mart an election strategy. >> dana: but maybe an honest one. this is who he is, fine. i'd rather know it now than think he will be a moderate president. >> andrea: eric is nodding his head. he knows he's a moderate. >> eric: he is far left, staying far left. play the game of being centrist. which he will probably do up until election.
2:16 am
if he is re-elected he will head for the hills. he is a social and fiscal, socialist progressive liberal. >> andrea: i saw you nodding, too. it seems like he needs the doom and gloom scenario like he did in 2008. but things are so bad, everybody is lazy, only i can save everybody again. >> greg: he gave a shout out to the occupy movement. there is a reason i ran. what is next? cast of "jersey shore"? oakland raider fans? anyone following the career can connect the dots -- >> bob: can i say something here? >> eric: no. we have an important guest to get to right now. robert? are you there? >> for all of my friends on "the five," how are you doing? >> bob: the original obama. >> what is going on, my man. >> listen, i love everybody on "the five."
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i love my buddy bob beckel. to use his phrase, he knows, he admits he was dropped on his head as a kid. bob, what is this stealing my football idea? >> bob: the reason we are stealing your football idea. we have a real football. wham do you use? you stole my line. i said you were dropped on your head as a youth. you must feel good with eric here. he got a of your lines. we have everything. we got to get that. >> eric: tony rescoe get to that. >> he got ten-and-a-half years. but in typical liberal fashion, you take my football idea and steal it, just like liberals want to take from everybody else and redivision attribute the wealth. i beat you stole it from my office. >> bob: we did not. hannity has all the footballs that he can't read the signatures. >> eric: before the show, we
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practiced in the studio. almost took out the 103. that is like $100,000. he hit a couple of lights. >> the reason we switched football. i don't know if i admit it publicly but a couple of lights got hit on occasion. >> bob: hannity, i've tried to keep the show from being hammerrized. get off air. >> greg: let's talk about it more. >> listen, i want to call in and wish you happy thanksgiving. >> bob: thank you. >> this is the break-out show of the year in cable. i couldn't happier and proud of all of you guys, and be able to call you all friends. >> eric: thank you. happy thanksgiving. >> c'ya, guys. >> bob: can i make one point here about what you were saying? obama said people would like a level playing field to succeed at the american dream. if you consider that left wing. that is as centrist as you can
2:19 am
get because it happens to be true. it's not a level playing field. >> eric: what he said or what he does? >> bob: no. if you jumped on what he said. he instinktively said something, "people want to be able to achieve the american dream." >> eric: by working. dabs that's not why i jumped on it. he said people feel things are slipping away. as a leader you, you have two choices. take pass of division. and make things seem worse than they are or inspire people. he has chosen the wrong path. >> andrea: this is different from the path in 2008. >> bob: do you think things are slipping away? there is no job opportunities. >> bob: give me my football. >> the thing that disturbing people is he is down with the ows crowd. the message is irrelevant. he called them out and every republican should run that in
2:20 am
a campaign ad. if he loves him, camp out on the white house. see how long michelle obama puts up with them defecating in the rose garden. >> bob: he was being booed. >> greg: he said you are the reason i ran. >> bob: that was out of context. >> greg: natural compost. >> bob: he never said that. >> dana: miss an opportunity to do tough love. and to say i hear you. i agree. i want to live -- >> greg: get a job. >> dana: you know what? no one is going to hire you if you do this, this, this. get your act together and make the councilmember better together. >> bob: instead he coddled them. they don't share the same beliefs we do. >> eric: i'm with bob. thankfully they finally figured out where the real socialism going on.
2:21 am
it's the white house. it's the redistribution of wealth. class warfare going on. go to fannie and free and 1600 pennsylvania avenue. >> andrea: it's disingenuous they didn't go to washington, d.c. or mention the president that got the most donation from goldman sachs. >> bob: you want class war faiwarfare here? >> dana: how did it go from 1 to 2%? >> bob: sorry. 2%. >> andrea: as we approach thig, everybody is thankful 1% occupy wall street message sticks out like a sore thumb. no one agrees. all right. coming up -- >> bob: tea people by the way. >> andrea: we'll talk about it during the break. >> bob: they were successful. >> andrea: coming up, michele bachmann responds to vile attacks against her. more news on it, though. remember this is on the jimmy fallen show. we'll tell you what she said in response. stay close. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> eric: thank you for staying with us. i'm eric bolling. it looks like jon corzine, the wall street big shot and former democratic governor of new jersey could be in hot water. the house investigation committee is demanding he come to capitol hill and testify about what happened to his former company mf global. it look like as much as $1.7 billion of the customer's money is still unaccounted for. andrea, the guy went from running goldman sachs, made a boatload of money, did senate thing, trashed the state of new jersey and ends up at mf global. what is going on? >> andrea: there are two issues here. the first one is he ran mf global in the ground. we talk about it here before. he is a bail-out lover. he made terrible bets on european debt and he was
2:27 am
anticipating that the european government would get their act together. put bail-out in place and they couldn't do it in time. he made that bet. the company folded. that's how things should happen on wall street. you know this, right? be the issue is did he use consumer money when he is supposed to keep it separate from capital, that's the companies. that is the question. if he broke the law -- >> eric: he is an obama bundleer. in 2008 he bundled $500,000 personally. can i get bob's poll? look at this. look at this poll. it turns out under corzine, mf global, 2010, the last election cycle. $121,000 came from the -- again, the pact mf global. $4,000 to republicans. in 2012 cycle, $135,000 to democrats, $8,000 to republicans. clearly they are donating most of the money to -- >> dana: bob says that is
2:28 am
not his poll. in a way that stands to reason. partly because if you look at 2008 number, it was split down the middle but it looked like it was going the democrats' way. then in 2010, you have the president in power. you don't care about congress as much as the executive branch. >> eric: the number he was governor of new jersey. '10 and '12 cycle -- >> dana: right. you could find another company and reverse true for republican. >> bob: exactly right. this is not my poll. if i could make a point here about new jersey. you say we are in new jersey. new jersey. >> c'mon! >> bob: let me make a point and say she a democratic governor, democratic advisory. bernie madoff is a republican and so is john gotti. >> greg: wait. he is actually making a good
2:29 am
point. it's a point he didn't mean to make. the o.w.s. only protests the greedy rich, which is republicans, and it happened in occupy wall street. more important why doesn't the guy take the money he took and spend it on personal grooming? he sleeps in a public library. >> dana: he looks like king in deck of cards. king of hearts. >> eric: turn this to the cbo report. yesterday afternoon we found the cbo rescored the stimulus package. they came out and said that the number of jobs they created or saved, $700,000. not the original 2 million. look at -- take a look at who the obama administration tapped to help them figure out the stimulus. watch. >> jobs, corzine was in the
2:30 am
forefront. he worked with me to develop the recovery act and one of the best partnersvy in the white house. we work together. >> barack obama and i were literally at a desk at a high-rise in chicago to plan how to get the economy out of a ditch. literally, the first guy i called was jon corzine. i literally picked up the phone and called jon corzine. what do you think we should do? >> bob: first of all, a lot of producers left for thanksgiving because we're using the same tape we have been using the entire week. we will get replacements in here and get new tape. this is an easy shot. a cheap shot. the fact of the matter is it's said. i know you don't count much higher than, except for your personal worth. it's 700,000 to 3 million jobs. 700,000 to 3 million.
2:31 am
>> dana: that is a way to bury the lead. the lead said the stimulus bill was a net drag on the economy. so they can gussy this up in any way they want. we are still -- i thought we were still in great recession? >> bob: we're not. >> eric: 700,000 like the cbo. >> 700,000. >> eric: $850 billion package. ly count for you. $1.5 million per job. >> andrea: economical, don't you think? >> look, nobody is talking about it in the democratic party. if this were so great and the report were glowing you would scream it from the rooftop. you are not. >> bob: if it wasn't for the stimulus we'd be in the great depression. >> greg: who is the woman behind joe biden with the hard hat?
2:32 am
>> bob: we could find out. we could do a profile because we see it so many times. >> greg: i'm going to start stalking her. >> eric: yesterday the report on the stimulus and biden pointed his fingers saying we're attacking jon corzine. >> bob: the tapes were 15 years old. >> eric: 2009. >> bob: oh, excuse me. wow! keeping it classy, "30 rock." michele bachmann gets viciously attack by nbc late night and says she deserves an apology. what do you think? we will give you our five cents when we come back. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> the bird yo♪ >> greg: the free birds.
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>> all right. yesterday we brought up michele bachmann's appearance on jimmy fallon show. they accompanied her with a song whose title cannot be repeated. fallon apologized to bachmann on twitter and claims it was fun. despite tweeting about the song beforehand to let them know how clever he was. if you attack someone do it to their face. not with a song. that's wussy. but some say he was brave, ripping bachmann behind her back. that shows what passes for bravery. they passed on the rape joke about elizabeth hasselback. >> thousand he must put her on the united states immediately. in exchange, we will send elizabeth hasselbeck. >> greg: it kills me that entertainers are baffleed by
2:39 am
the repulsion that follows their joke. to them it's fine. why is that? they are surrounded by like like-minded people and don't understand why it's not acceptable. on "the view" when h she confronted him about the rape joke, he played it like a joke. not one of the co-host stepped in on her behalf, but maybe they knew she could take the little freak. all right. before we discuss it, i want to show bachmann. she was on bill hemmer show and responded to the jimmy fallon fall-out. >> this is a form of bias on part of the hollywood entertainment elite, but also a sexism as well. this wouldn't be tolerated if this was michelle obama. it shouldn't be tolerated if it's conservative woman either. of course i accept jimmy's apology but this needs to come
2:40 am
from nbc. it's an outrage that it happened. >> greg: is it an outrage? >> bob: it is. she handled that with a good deal of class. she could have been tougher than she was. the one thing that i have asked researchers and they're probably so many of them, they couldn't put it together. >> greg: don't insult our researchers. >> bob: i'm not. yesterday a democratic congresswoman came out and defended bachmann. i assume all the republican member of the house and senate are doing the same thing. but we can't find a single letter. why is that? >> dana: maybe they figure michele bachmann was classy and dignified enough to do it on her own. i don't why nbc doesn't come out and apologize if the first hour, saying i'm sorry. the band leader his quote was yeah, sorry, it wasn't my intention. that is so -- that is wussy. >> andrea: it was his attention. if you read the tweet he sent out before she was on, he is
2:41 am
alerting viewers he would pull a stunt. >> dana: show how clever he was. >> bob: is that his name? >> eric: yeah. look at what song they were going to play for pelosi when she came out or the first lady. who knows? a lot of people on the left are trying to equate this to michelle obama and dr. biden at nascar last weekend and said hey, look, the same thing. it's not the same thing. they showed up at nascar in a place they knew maybe didn't see eye-to-eye with the progressive left. some people in the audience booed the first lady and the second lady. here, this is nbc property. an nbc show. jimmy fallon show. they pre-emptively, premeditated tried to figure out a song -- >> andrea: in his defense, we talk about this during the break. i don't think jimmy fallon knew it was happening. his apology seemed sincere. he wants the presidential candidates to come on his
2:42 am
show. not just anybody. >> greg: he seemed ticked off at quest love. but what bothers me is the tweeting apologies. i'm not that interested in apologies. i'm just interested in the phenomenon of how somebody can be shocked when they do something. it's like they have been around people who agree with that. >> dana: pick up a phone and call. putting apology on twitter is wussy. she has shown she can take a joke. >> bob: can i make one point. when you said this, going on fallon's show on nbc as a conservative, you are asking -- >> andrea: which is what i said yesterday. >> bob: wait a second. >> eric: he treated her fairly. >> andrea: i don't know what it gets her politically. i don't know if i'd advise it. >> bob: you can ask about when you raised michelle obama going to nascar, now, she got booed from the bleacher seats at nascar. it used to spend time in
2:43 am
bleacher seats with my fellow rednecks up there. by the time they got through getting drunk and getting in fights with their old ladies and you know, the thing about it is -- >> greg: what is your point? >> bob: what my point is? you talk about walking in to something when you walk in to a bunch of people with cu cutoff jean jackets and stp -- do you know what that stands for? >> eric: when were you ever at nascar race? >> greg: that was hallucination. >> bob: i will tell you. i didn't hallucinate it. it was years ago and a talladega. >> eric: you weren't at talladega. >> andrea: passed out -- >> dana: i believe you. >> bob: thank you. i was. that's when in my redneck years. >> greg: make a subtle point about this. the accusations, the song. had the word "lying" in it. what gets me mad about people who don't like what you stand for they call you a liar. they do it a do it to us at foxa
2:44 am
lot. they just don't agree with your stand. it says you are not intelligent enough to counter the stand so you call them lying whatever. >> andrea: she has taken so much incoming as a woman. asked if she was a flake. that was controversial. she is accused of migraines that hurt her. she always handles this, as you pointed out, dana, she handles this gracefully. she doesn't get in the mud with them. i hope she moves on with this. >> dana: if women were going to put out statements every time a woman was, you know, treated like this. we'd be doing nothing else all day. >> greg: help our show a lot. we have to take a break. coming up, a new law may get rid of the fees you have to pay for bags at the airport. that makes bob happy probably. i don't know. who cares? is that any of government's business? >> bob: what do you mean nobody cares? >> greg: don't throw the ball around. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> bob: this is the real
2:49 am
thing? sorry. some promising news for all of your travelers. new legislation was proposed this week by senator mary landrieu that would limit how much airlines can charge you for checked baggage. good idea or bad idea? now, people thought automatically i would be in favor of this. and in fact, i am opposed to it. i don't think government ought to be charge for bags. i for one don't check bags because it's too much of a hassle because they lose them all the time. >> greg: you don't trust them with their bags, but you trust them with your healthcare. >> bob: you are the one that want med to be for this thing. >> andrea: no. okay. this doesn't have anything to do with the fact that my brother is an airline pilot. >> bob: you got to be with this. >> andrea: no, i asked with where you were on this and i'm surprised because it's hypocritical for you are for the government mandating and controlling certain thinkings and putting price controls in place except for your baggage. >> bob: a difference between airline and healthcare. >> andrea: there is a
2:50 am
difference. >> greg: there is not much difference. both cases your life is in the hands of others. you trust regulation of the airline. actually, death rates have gone down. >> bob: i put my hands in the life of insurance companies. yeah. >> andrea: safety is one thing. airlines do this because we have no other choice. we have to pay for bags and food and all the other things. they say it's because of gasoline. no, it's not. if you look at profits, $549 million. delta, $773 million. united. they say we got all this money even though fuel prices went up. i don't think the government should be involved in this. >> bob: pilots don't get paid enough. >> andrea: they don't. >> dana: you can shop around. some airlines don't charge any fees for your bags. i think you ask if it's a good idea or a bad idea. there is a third option. it's a ridiculous idea. it's clearly to get media. this is a serious senator from
2:51 am
louisiana, a great senator that has done a lot of great things. on the day before thanksgiving to put this out and say hey, this is not a popularity contest. >> bob: have you traveled on these airlines, particularly holiday time. right now, everybody goes home for four days. hate to say this, this is not just about women and men. but women carry a lot of bags going away four days. >> eric: degenerated to that. >> bob: it's not like you are flying to guatemala. >> greg: bob, you have more baggage than a 747. >> bob: they couldn't fill it all. >> eric: can i point something out? less than two weeks ago you were trashing, trashing bank of america for the fee they were putting on, on the debit card and said the government should come tell them they can't do that. here you are telling us that the free market should work. >> bob: i think things through. maybe i spoke too soon. it's unusual for me. >> dana: price control?
2:52 am
>> bob: i'm for your brother getting an increase. >> dana: a secret i found at all the travel, you can take your bags, your carry-on through tsa, through security and then when you get to the gate, if the bag won't fit up above, because there are too many people with the bags they check it for free. >> bob: one of my travel tips is people in steering put bags up in first class. >> dana: that is on my thank you list tomorrow. >> greg: 1%ers, put their suitcases in first class. you are one of the 99%. >> bob: i have a lot of frequent flier miles. some guy did it to me. i left my lunch on his bag. really, it's disgraceful. >> dana: true occupy wall street. >> eric: can i point something else out. if i get really mad, they get the bags off the walkway to the back of the plane so you're waiting, waiting waiting. >> andrea: we agree that pilots should get paid more. ceos have taken 30% pay
2:53 am
increases and continental the pilots are paid like it's 1992. >> bob: where does your brother work? >> andrea: oops. i don't want to get him in trouble here. >> bob: i was trying to stick up for andrea's brother. a great guy. he is not a right winger. >> andrea: he is. >> bob: he is? well, he's greek. we'll be taxed here for a special thanksgiving day show. right here. 5:00 tomorrow. we're working. please join us. there is a video homeland security put out to warn people about turkey -- >> dana: fryers. >> eric: fryers. we'll be right back. >> bob: turkey friars. ♪ ♪ 
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a wlap
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♪ ♪ >> dana: thanks for staying with us. are you cooking a turkey tomorrow? if you are, the homeland security department wantous to take a look at this video. this is warning americans about the danger of turkey deep fryers. see if you drop a turkey in the friar, sometimes it can catch fire. by the way, i didn't even know that homeland security was responsible for keeping us safe when we're cooking. the height of ridiculousness of the homeland security department? >> eric: i wish the homeland security was worried about our borders as they were about the turkey there. we have 14 million illegal
2:58 am
immigration. >> dana: they just want you to do not try this at home. if you do, follow directions very carefully. >> bob: there was a turkey, it was methamphetamine they were cooking. that's why it blew up. sorry. go ahead. >> dana: another thing that happens, with a turkey, hardening turkeys. a tradition that has take -- pardoning turkeys. today, president obama pardo pardoned two turkeys. their name are liberty and peace. >> bob: biden. >> dana: biden was not there. these two will go to disney land at the parade i guess. then they will go and live out their life. >> greg: isn't that ridiculous? the turkey didn't know it's thanksgiving. how stupid is that? >> dana: when i was deputy press sneak 2006, president bush was in the meeting in aboval office. he had an important meeting. every meeting in oval office is important meeting. and they were getting ready
2:59 am
for ceremony in the rose garden, barney bush, scottish terrier, walking on his walk on the south lawn and saw one of turkeys and went for him. nearly got his turkey. got the claw bit of it. president bush came flying out of the oval office and grabbed barney and saved the turkey. can you imagine, is is there anything worse that could happen to us p.r. wise? >> andrea: the funniest is when the turkey head-butted the president in the crotch. that was really funny. he handled it very well. but it was funny. >> bob: he pardoned two turkeys? >> andrea: yeah. >> bob: boehner get the pardon? >> greg: took my job and reran it. >> bob: you were making fun of me. >> eric: make a point. he also pardoned five people this week. three of them were drug dealers. >> dana: that is not unusual, though. >> bob: aren't you happy your brother is out of jail? >> eric: my brother. >> dana: president bush


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