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tv   The Five  FOX News  November 25, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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[lock clicks] ♪ ♪ >> eric: hello, everybody. hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving. i'm bol eric bolling with kimbey guilfoyle, dana perino, andrea tantaros, bob beckel. 5:00 on the east coast. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ so, guys, thanksgiving yesterday. we'll go around the table and talk about our thanksgiving. kimberly, kick it off. >> kimberly: i had a great thanksgiving. i didn't cook. everybody was happy. >> bob: i bet that was a break. >> kimberly: no doubt. i did the grocery run. i was at my in-law's house. fabulous thanksgiving. everybody loved it and bella got turkey. she was happy.
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>> dana: that is the dog. >> kimberly: that is the dog. >> eric: bob, your thanksgiving? >> bob: i went to my ex-wife's house because my kids were there. my mother-in-law -- she and i have had a rough time. she comes in the house and says i love dana perino. and dana perino made you the turkey of the year, turkey. and she went wheeling right by. >> dana: it was said in love. >> bob: i levitt the house i realized why i -- i left the house and realized why i love it the first time. >> dana: i had to come up with five turkeys on "fox and friends." i came up with my turkeys and i did a shameless promotion of the show. so i made bob the number one turkey. you have to see it. it was done in love. >> bob: that may be the weakest argument i've heard. >> andrea: i was at my sister's. she made a delicious turkey.
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i had my nieces and nephews there. i was in bed by 9:00. >> eric: 9:00? >> andrea: my kind of night. >> eric: catch the end of the fantastic football game. very quickly, i went to my brother-in-law's place. fantastic. he lives in a high-rise. on the way home, we took grandma downstairs to the basement because they were going to drive her home through the basement garage. on the way, my dog freedom, he peeed on the wall. my brother-in-law freaked out. >> dana: you didn't ask me about my thanksgiving. >> eric: i was thinking about bob. >> dana: i get up and do "fox and friends" but i had a true new york thanksgiving. i went to a diner. >> eric: did not. >> dana: yeah. $20. excellent meal. i have to say. i watch the young people who are probably occupy wall street type folks not tip the waitress. we tried to make up for that. also, my dog henry, henry is not well.
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all the people know. this is from my grandchildren. they're my stepgrandchildren in scotland. they sent a get well soon henry. >> bob: nice. >> kimberly: i'm -- >> i'm happy that dana spent thanksgiving in a diner. it spent every thanksgiving working, waitresses as a child. >> bob: can we get off the dogs? >> dana: the dog thing is serious. >> bob: i feel bad for henr henry. >> eric: good boy. >> kimberly: it's a girl. >> eric: and a girl. gabrielle giffords serves thanksgiving turkey. who wants this one? >> dana: i love it. i thought it was one of the most wonderful scenes. made me think i should not be at a diner but serving people where she was. one person that she served said she was an incredible inspiration. nice story. >> andrea: so nice to see her out up on her feet.
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back in action. it was heart-warming. so remarkable. my sister-in-law looked at the camera and it was like look at her. >> kimberly: it's emotional. you think about everything she has been through, the nature and extent of the injuries. people complain about the problems in their life. >> eric: a miracle. >> bob: so you think all i don't i just pick on my plore-in-law, every thanksgiving i do serve at a big homeless group in washington. a psychotic five years ago called me crazy. >> dana: only thing he got right all day. >> bob: i want to get off the dogs. i hate to bring a sobering note. it was inspirational and the rest of it re markable woman. but getting close to making a decision whether she will run for re-election or not. that seat is tough for the
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democrats to hold on to. one thing to do these things. i wish her well and i hope she makes the right decision. >> eric: there is a lot of talk on what will happen here. what about her husband? take over that? >> bob: i don't think so. too many other people in line to get it. it's important because the republicans just got in real big trouble in texas. the judge overthrew the texas realignment for the house members. instead of picking up five or six house seats, the republicans will lose five or six. hispanics and blacks picked up most of the seats. every seat is important seat. >> dana: republicans have to work harder. >> bob: well -- >> dana: they can win them. >> bob: republicans work harder? oxymoron. >> andrea: if we can make it there, we can make it anywhere! weiner speak. >> bob: i hope he is enjoying his brief time as a
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congressman. >> kimberly: i feel like that is her seat. she earned it and deserved it. almost gave her life. she should be able to run as the democrat in the seat. whoever the republican is, make at it fair fight. i don't think it's time to replace it. >> eric: she is a miracle, hero. topic three, president obama leaves god out of the thanksgiving day address. what do you think? >> dana: if you look back at the thanksgiving messages in the past three presidencies, usually it's in there. sometimes it's not. it's depending on the speech writer at the time and what the president feels like saying. i don't read big in to this. >> eric: i feel terrible. we are thankful for blessings we've been given. he used message -- but he
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didn't mention thank to feel whom. 86% of the country believes in some form of a god. christianity or islam or whatnot. >> dana: i don't think it's in question who you are thankful to. it's personal thing. not partisan thing. the last two messages that he has done the word, "god" was in there. but not this time. nothing to read in to it. >> kimberly: he is a product of the secular left. he has used religion when he has felt it would be beneficial. so the passage of obamacare. >> andrea: last week he was on al sharpton's radio show saying my faith makes me believe that republicans will do the right thing. clinton split the bird right in half.
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>> kimberly: the pilgrims came here to have the ability to worship god. that is the purpose of thanksgiving. to give thanks to god for the many blessings in our lives. for me, i thought it would have been nice to mention it. >> bob: i want to make news here today. not only did obama leave out god, he also used the wrong fork to eat his salad. he didn't pray for the 1% of people the rich people. he didn't agree with eric that the earth is flat. he refused to repeal healthcare reform. so lazy uninsured stayed that way. he didn't endorse 999 or stick up for perry name of his ranch sign or single out oklahoma as the greatest state. what a jerk! >> eric: the other part of the week when he wasn't pardoning drug dealers he pardoned the turkey. did you see what he did? >> bob: i hope he never pardons you. >> eric: he goes like this and blessing the turkey. >> kimberly: sign of the cross. >> eric: with his left hand.
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i'm just saying. >> bob: saying what? >> eric: you are supposed to use your right hand. >> kimberly: he is not catholic. he's not catholic. >> eric: i go to church every sunday. catholic church every sunday. >> bob: do you go to confession? i bet that's a long -- >> andrea: the first thanksgiving dale proclamation, george washington is truly beautiful. the duty of all nations to acknowledge the providence of all mighty god, obey the will and be humbly imploring his protection and favor. >> eric: amen. >> andrea: amen. >> bob: george washington endorse flat earth society? no, he didn't. >> eric: abe lin come did. >> bob: did endorse flat earth society? >> dana: if president obama had been the first president ever to not say "god" in the thanksgiving message this to topic would -- >> bob: anything obama does will come up if eric is here. >> eric: speaking of obama's fault. listen to this. >> ♪ say can you see
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♪ by the dawn's early light ♪ what so proudly we hailed ♪ through the twilight -- [ pause ] ♪ last gleaming >> kimberly: pathetic. >> dana: she was at the white house earlier in the week. she was -- >> eric: that's what i -- >> dana: she should have take an teleprompter. >> bob: is anybody tired of this. football, we are put through this every time. we had to have someone sing in the beginning. can we just get a recording and send it around. instead of having silly practice of celebrity singing. beauty queens, special olympic winners -- >> kimberly: gosh, that is mean-spirit. >> bob: it's not. it's embarrassing. >> dana: like we don't need the introduction of the names. let's just go straight to the game. >> eric: kind of like -- kind of like what we did to
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"the five." we didn't tease. we went right in. right in. >> kimberly: honestly, you are talking about a child. 16 years old. the poor thing. a good girl. that is not a easy song to remember. >> andrea: it's not an easy song to remember? rying to help her out kimberl kimberly? >> bob: came in second on what? >> eric: "american idol." the winner of "american idol" also had a musical flubb. >> kimberly: everybody does. christina aguilera. >> bob: are you done with the segment? >> eric: i'm done. next on "the five," michele bachmann says newt gingrich is most liberal g.o.p. candidate. could it help him? we'll debate. don't forget to e-mail us at we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> kimberly: welcome back to "the five." newt gingrich is getting a lot of heat from conservatives saying that the usa should have a "humane" immigration policy. michele bachmann is beating him up about it.
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>> they probably have more liberal immigration than any candidate in the race. we know that speaker gingrich's position is. he said clearly he would make legal 11 million illegal workers. no other candidate goes that extreme. >> kimberly: what do you think of obama's commen -- bachs comments? >> andrea: the most rib lal is perry because he favors in-state tuition to illegal that newt does not. newt's statement is workable. realistic. intellectually honest and a lot of conservatives is afraid the speak the truth. you have 11 million people and you can't ship every one out. >> kimberly: perry took a hit for the policy. >> andrea: he did but it's more liberal than newt. >> eric: tuition is more liberal than allowing 11, 15 million illegals to stay? >> andrea: that is not exactly what he said. but look at the town hall debate where bachmann said
5:17 pm
when asked what do we do about the 11 million? she said it depends where they live, how long they live here. she gave the same answer as newt gingrich. >> kimberly: but you like the approach? it's fine she did it? >> andrea: she didn't clarify what she would do with the 11 million. >> eric: what would he do? give them red card to allow them to stay and not vote. >> bob: that is not what he said. >> eric: what did he say? >> bob: let me explain. >> eric: is it what he said. >> bob: the only republican that understand hispanic bush was george bush. he got 44% of the vote. gingrich is in a position not only where the country is but the republican party is. not necessarily the primary or caucus voters. he said if you are here 25 years. you put down roots that are automatically american citizens. and he doesn't want to break up families. the rent should be sent back. >> eric: did he not say they can stay with the -- >> bob: over 25 years.
5:18 pm
>> eric: he did say it. >> bob: give you the math. that takes it from 11 million to 1 million. >> eric: i don't think so, bob. i don't think so. >> bob: you think that -- >> eric: i don't know what the number is. i don't think he knows what the number is. my point is -- by the way, mitt romney allowed in-state tuition for illegals. >> andrea: mitt romney's position is as liberal as perry or gingrich but he didn't have the guts to say it at the debate. >> bob: you can stay as far right as you can because you will drive the hispanics away. we'll take every one we can get. >> dana: i find the immigration debate on this bewildering. i think we have had several debates now. some wide ranging. some specific on the economy. some specific on foreign policy. i would like a debate purery on immigration. so you ask the candidate, how
5:19 pm
would you do that? they can't go a millimeter deeper than the talking points. that is a huge problem. not a single -- let me finish, please. not a single one can keep the promise when they get elected. you know who else found it out? not just president bush when he tried to get immigration reform, but president obama, too. >> eric: that is where i'm going. what is better? what you call the shallow g.o.p.ers or president obama -- >> dana: don't put words in my mouth about shallow -- >> eric: wait a minute. >> dana: that is unfair. >> eric: you said -- >> dana: you couldn't even tell me what gingrich's policy was. we're supposed to be talking about it >> bob: look, eric -- >> eric: gingrich said if you are here 25 years you can stay, illegal or not. my point is no, you can't. you have to go back. >> bob: good thing you are in business. to alienate the largest fastest growing demographic in the country is the dumbest political move any party understaken. the yahoos in the republican party like the fool out of
5:20 pm
colorado, want to go along and ship them back. let them go on your american express credit card or frequent flier miles. >> eric: close the border. >> dana: how? >> bob: what are you going to do? >> dana: how? >> kimberly: who has the right answer or solution? >> eric: put a fence up. >> bob: then we'll build 85-foot ladders. >> eric: e-verify. anybody has a problem on this? >> bob: eric is beat up on this. let's move on. >> kimberly: he thinks it's fascinating with the president obama and payroll taxes and listen to what he has to say. and does it help him in new hampshire. >> republicans in the senate voted no on my jobs bill and the tax cuts. in the spirit of thanksgiving, we are going to give them another chance. if your members of congress aren't delivering you have to send a message. make sure they are listening. tell them don't be a grinch.
5:21 pm
don't vote to raise tax on working americans in the holidays. put the country before party. >> kimberly: so does this box them in, republicans? what do you think? >> bob: absolutely. the republicans in the house particularly will run on their sword to protect the 1ers and the taxes but they won't do anything for vast majority of the american people, which is what this does, one. two, unemployment runs out at the end of the year as does 20 tax breaks. republicans want to keep playing the game, fine. they just handed obama a huge campaign issue. rightfully so. if you are not willing to cut payroll taxes on the middle income working people but you want to protect the rich friends, pay the price. >> dana: you are pushing on an open door. speaker boehner said this is something that we can work together on. so pass it. there is no fight. >> andrea: i disagree on the first point.
5:22 pm
the democrats bundled them together. right? doctor fix. unemployment benefits. the amt. the one issue i think that you are right about is unemployment insurance. republicans have a big p.r. bat 8 on their hands there. at the holiday season again. very nice and sneaky of your bob, you and your friends. to try and box republicans in there. but the doctor fix, dr. marc seigel will tell you this. if you cut reimbursement for medicare, imagine doctors saying uh-oh. forget it. >> bob: last i checked you had majority of the house. pass the thing by itself. dabs the house -- you worked on capitol hill. the house matter as much? they pass 20 bipartisan and the senate doesn't pass any. [ overtalk ] >> bob: see them show their courage. >> kimberly: blue collar democrat support for obama. disapproval rate is 454% approve -- 54% approve and 44%. does it cause you concern? >> bob: he didn't do better
5:23 pm
than that last time around. democrats have low, since reagan, they lost the blue color vote. the reagan democrats. i don't suspect any democrat will do better than 44-45% of the overall white vote. they win by having overwhelming majority among minority. it doesn't scare me but it doesn't surprise me. >> eric: does it not surprise you in the wake of obama signature legislation, obamacare he can't do better than 44% with blue collar democrats? >> bob: no. i don't think people do better than 44%. >> eric: we'll have access to healthcare -- >> kimberly: >> a huge opening for a republican. if they can contract his dour everyone is lazy in america, the republican has a huge opening. >> kimberly: now the framework. fabulous chance. take it. a showdown looming trine tea party activist. and the occupy protesters. we'll tell you what is going on there. it's all when we come back on
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don't kid yourself about the risk of heart attack and stroke. if lipitor's been working for you, stay with it. lipitor may be available for as little as $4 a month with the lipitor co-pay card. terms and conditions apply. learn more at ♪ ♪ >> andrea: welcome back to "the five." we'll just break in our subject. millions of shoppers are out trying to take advantage of the black friday sales and occupy wall street tried to go out today. reports are showing yep, aggressive shoppers, more of them than protesters. but the protesters aren't giving up today. they're saying they will occupy christmas. so, kimberly, is that a smart idea to take on christmas if they can't make a dept on black friday? >> kimberly: it's so unacceptablei. don't understand why they are getting away with this.
5:29 pm
people are out there trying to work and make money and stimulate what we need to have happen here. instead, they are saying don't go. who is it helping? they are hurting themselves. >> andrea: charles krauthammer, we want to take a listen to what he had to say. president obama is running occupy wall street campaign. >> everything he does is about campaigning. he gave up the government phase of this, the payroll tax cut and demanding it be paid for by taxing 1%. occupy wall street campaign. that is what he is running. you and me against the 1%. everything he does has to do with. >> andrea: i agree. is it workable? >> dana: it's hard to follow charles krauthammer.
5:30 pm
is there anything left to say? usually in the retail season there is hiring. consumer confidence plays in to it. hard to keep an american going shopping for a good deal on black friday. but can you imagine any of the people we have seen who are not all of them but the ones who are sticking out on tv, there is a lot of them. imagine hiring any of those people in your store to sell something in the holiday season? would you hire any of them? absolutely not. >> bob: i would. >> dana: you would? what would you buy from them? >> bob: 12 years ago i'd buy drugs. >> andrea: eric, the tea party, we know you love the tea party, it could be a buy-cott instead of boycott friday and get out there and shop. >> eric: occupy wall street said they wanted to boycott major businesses in america. the difference between occupy
5:31 pm
wall street. with the rex spect to differences. buy-cott. >> bob: put it in dana's face. >> eric: on capitalism, tea party pro. occupy wall street, destroy. the important one, the methodology, peaceful meetings. occupy, break windows. scare kids and poop in public. the bottom line, tea party -- >> eric: that is not simplistic assessment. >> dana: we have to up our games in the graphic department. >> bob: get a smaller board. >> eric: buy from the middle size and single occupy stores wal-mart cost more jobs than created. >> bob: they put so many small businesses out of work. you love them. >> eric: lower prices bring
5:32 pm
jobs to rural areas. >> bob: that put lead in kid's toys. that's good. >> andrea: what about the small businesses in ducati park. >> bob: they make a mistake when they interrupt business and wal-mart. and where you shop, the nordstrom and those places. what is the place with the blue box. >> kimberly: tiffany's! >> dana: one of the big banks you don't like. commercial last night, they had, it's small business saturday tomorrow. they're sponsoring it. they are doing promotion and encouraging people if you have a small business in the local neighborhood or community, try to support them. that is being promoted not by
5:33 pm
the government but by -- >> bob: the tea party people shop on black friday. they are closer to th -- >> andrea: look at this. this woman hit the streets and she is trying to beat everyone else out. and she unleashes pepper spray. >> kimberly: we don't do that. >> andrea: upward of 20 people industryed i sprayed in . that's someone who wanted a pair of shoes badly. >> eric: i went downtown, because there is supposed to be a protest. i show up no, protest. the place is packed. >> andrea: there you are. >> eric: people were out buying. it will be fantastic retail.
5:34 pm
regardless of occupy wall street. >> bob: by the way, the pepper spray. i got hit with tear gas, not pepper spray. i don't want to be hit with pepper spray. all the people rushing to get in stores. you say macy's is full. packed. the next is we have the worst economy in the history of the world because of obama's economy. >> eric: getting better. >> bob: getting better. i won't let you forget it. i wanted to dress up for you. thought it would be nice. going to your house later. >> eric: you have a cigar later. >> andrea: i don't know what your ex-mother-in-law said but you are grumpy today. >> bob: i'm not grumpy. i got on a train to come up and do the show and turn around and go back. >> eric: i have a special surprise at the end of the show. >> bob: oh, my gosh. >> kimberly: got to go. my tease. coming up, believe it or not -- >> andrea: bob thinks everyone should be thankful for 1%ers. we'll see what he has to say about it next.
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i'm shannon bream in washington. the big story around the country is black friday shopping. can million of holiday shoppers make a difference to the economy? peter barnes will take a look. it could be a while before they make changes due to the budget cut bus the governments are making plans because they will get hit first. james rosen will tell us why from the white house. this is how tens of egyptians reacted to the new prime minister by the military. we have fate of three american students arrested in cairo. plus, the best of the center seat interviews with the republican presidential candidates. you won't want to miss that.
5:40 pm
"special report" from washington starts at 6:00 eastern. but for now, we take you back to new york and "the five." ♪ ♪ >> dana: welcome back to "the five." bill lumen is a georgia businessman and he owns u.s. cranes. he is not happy with the president. in fact, he is putting signs in his country truck that says new company policy, we are not hiring until obama is gone. eric, being the report they're you are, you called and talked to him today. what did he say? >> eric: i did. he said he was losing customers because people were moving to foreign countries. the business climate here is so bad they were leaving. so he said i put the sign up. i said what is the reaction? he said i have a little impromptu way to figure out the reaction. he counted how many people gave him thumbs up or another
5:41 pm
type of sign that different finger. he said out of 20 people, out of every 20 people, 19 of whom he got thumbs up and one out of the 20 used a different finger. >> dana: he is in georgia. >> bob: he looks like larry the cable guy. another thing to point out is the reason all the people were leaving is big business is shipping all the jobs overse overseas. they are doing it because of tax rates. >> bob: he says it's not a political statement. who is he kidding? give me a break. we get it. >> eric: shouldn't he be able to say whatever he wants? >> bob: i could care less about his vote. >> dana: we have talked about the 1%. who defines the 1%? i think of this as made up number. >> bob: census bureau. one question has been whether
5:42 pm
or not people should be thankful. >> kimberly: yes. >> dana: for 1ers. be thankful for 1%. you have a point to make. >> andrea: my column yesterday talked about how we should be thankful and grateful for the 1%. they are taking the risk and investing in capital and hiring. look the bosses would be consider 1% of the millionaires and billionaires. someone like my father took risks, never took a nick from the government, came here as an immigrant. built up restaurants by hard work. you consider him a 1%. he did good and gave people jobs. >> bob: i am delighted to hear. that particularly his own family. >> andrea: look how i turned out. >> bob: i thank the 1% for getting the inside information to trade on wall street. >> eric: you are one of them. >> bob: i am not. i am not.
5:43 pm
>> kimberly: yes, you are. >> bob: it's the frequent flier miles. >> dana: earlier this summer we talked about and we were angry with people who decided to put in the help wanted adds. they said at the bottom of the add, if you are unemployed you deem not apply. we dumped all over those fol folks. one thing asked at the time is should there be law to protect as a special class the unemployed from such behavior? we dismiss as rit clous. but now there is legislation introduced. >> eric: i took a lot of heat to say the businesses should be allowed to hire who they want. they don't want to hire someone -- >> dana: you didn't say that the unemployed should be in a protected class. and be able to do it. like trial lawyers. >> eric: i said it was ridiculous to tell employers they can't just hire -- >> dana: no, no no.
5:44 pm
i am going to something else. there is legislation to make unemployed the protected class. is this something -- >> bob: absolutely. i don't think people should be horsed to hire people not qualified for job that is open. whether i they're unemployed for a long time or short time. people who are not hired simply because the long-term unemployment is discrimination and a hate crime. it ought to be prosecuted. >> dana: oh, bob! that is extreme. >> kimberly: in a court of law, how do you fee thane in a business. you don't define it like that. after prosecuting hate crimes that is not close. >> bob: you don't find it hateful to not hire someone because they're unemployed? >> kimberly: that is not hate crime. racism and things in the past. that is what i'm talking about. >> bob: remember when signs said irish need not apply? >> eric: can't it say four
5:45 pm
years experience need not apply. >> andrea: if i'm a business owner who are unemployed have ph.d.s. there is great talent. >> dana: one thing is they have already gotten resumes of people unemployed they go out and they said if you are unemployed, don't apply. they are trying to broaden out the pool to get people. that is not really. >> bob: what about the 3 million want ads a day. why are people not taking jo jobs? >> dana: great question. i have to tease. >> kimberly: everybody can't be a protected class. >> bob: sure they can. >> dana: more coming up. i'm going to give bob etiquette on communication. it should be fun. moments away. >> bob: i don't know what "etiquette" means. ♪ ♪
5:46 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] apparently, the jeep grand cherokee has won more than just respect. ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> bob: welcome back to "the five." dana, c'mon! [ laughter ] teach me a few things about etiquette. go for it. go ahead. teach me about etiquette. you set yourself up on that
5:50 pm
one. >> dana: well, emily post, who, has a book of etiquette. i love the blank stare i got from bob earlier today in the green room. emily post? did i date her? she had a book of etiquette so you would know how to use the right fork. her great grandson is putting out revised copy, you can get for the holidays. they add a section on social media. and since you and i learned a lot about social media i thought i'd go over a few of them. one of them is this is more about cell phones. never interrupt a conversation like on live tv to take a phone call. or e-mail or text. we're pretty good about that here. or during a date, never ever do it. or in a theater or restaurant. she said never make a phone call from the stall. if you know what i mean. >> bob: everybody knows what
5:51 pm
you mean. keep going. >> dana: one of the questions you had before people ask to follow you on twitter or facebook, your friend, you don't have to friend them you don't want to. >> bob: i'm lucky that way. nobody wants to be my friend anyway. >> kimberly: that is not true. >> bob: you missed one. it says you're not supposed to use your phone and tweet and twit and e-mail and stuff when you're with somebody nellis the conversation? >> dana: yeah. >> bob: i took andrea out to dinner. this is the entire dinner. i paid for it. this is what she did the whole time. go around like this. how are you doing? >> andrea: that is so not true. >> bob: it's so true. >> andrea: you know what? i can't kick you under the table. >> bob: you have long legs, baby, but not that long. >> dana: i asked today what people's pet peeves are on
5:52 pm
they had a lot. one is they asked parents not comment on their facebook page. >> kimberly: can you imagine? >> dana: does your kid have a facebook page? >> eric: you're supposed to be 16. he is not supposed to but he does. it's the same name. people sign on to his facebook thinking they are looking for me. i shouldn't say this yesterday. there is one computer and everybody is playing on it. i opened it up and my son's facebook page is on there. wow! what an eye opener. if you haven't done it, go check out what your kids are doing. the 13-year-old girls, what they are wearing and posting. >> kimberly: so inappropriate. >> bob: if you have a kid and he drives, plant a bug. we have to change the topics here. has anybody else besides me
5:53 pm
hit up at a workplace, by somebody who wants to sell their kids? that came out the wrong way. girl scout cookies. terrible anyway. >> kimberly: all the time. >> bob: people, bosses say buy cookies from my kids. why isn't the kid doing it themselves, number one? number two, don't you feel intimidated? >> eric: you are a scrooge. you are a grinch. buy the cookies from a poor kid. >> kimberly: i know. >> dana: i had to sell the cookies myself. back in the day when you could go door-to-door. if i met a certain level, my parents would kick in extra bit for me to buy more. the great thing now, when you get asked about buying cooki cookies, there are a few programs, one is hugs for soldiers. soldiers love girl scout cookies. a little americana. they will send them to the troops. >> bob: a good idea. not just the girl scout cooki cookies.
5:54 pm
pta, they hit you up for everything. >> kimberly: jelly beans and chocolate covered eggs and bunnies. >> andrea: sometimes just leave the sheet out and we'll fill it out. i don't like to pressure people what is going on. maybe someone lost a job. i just leave the form out and let them do it. >> dana: i buy it all. i buy the whole thing. >> bob: someone says to my daughter's private school, just charge me five grand more. stop hitting me up. >> bob: eric has a surprise for everyone. if it's bad, he's dead. don't mess my shirt up. ♪ ♪ nationwide insurance, what's up ?
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♪ ♪ >> bob: got me worried. >> kimberly: don't worry about it. we'll get you a new shirt. >> dana: it's not bad. >> eric: they don't know about it. guess what it is today? our 100th show! >> bob: all right! >> kimberly: wow! >> bob: is that right? i take everything bad everything i said back about you but i don't have enough time. >> eric: you worried all day. >> bob: that is nice. >> dana: the only one who can ruin your shirt is you. >> bob: is that true? >> eric: 100th show. thank our loyal audience. great people.
5:59 pm
>> kimberly: girl scouts are wonderful though i was a blue bird. >> andrea: i was a blue bird. >> kimberly: how cool is that? >> eric: we have great 100 moments from the hundred show. >> dana: what is yours? >> dana: melon balls. that was my favorite. >> bob: my favorite was eric for my birthday said the five on the thing and you said what is the -- >> eric: that wasn't good. >> bob: why don't you have your maid stuff doing that? >> kimberly: how many people do you want to insult? >> bob: are we on the air? >> andrea: yes! glad you said something nice to viewers. you were mean. >> bob: i was not. >> andrea: three at once. >> bob: i love the viewers. >> eric: that's "the five." th


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