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tv   Forbes on FOX  FOX News  November 26, 2011 11:00am-11:30am EST

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will be up. >> how many come and try to run it around. i continuing is done. >> you pulled out a wish bone. forbes on fox is next. here's dave. >> forget the vote we didn't get from these guys. a vote coming in support of these guys might be a bigger worry. the nation's labor board expected to pass a new rule speeding up union elections in the workplace and business owners say that will kill jobs. welcome to forbes on fox and we'll go in focus with steve forbes and 10 mis, rich and victoria and bill baldwin. >> what will it do? >> less jobs and more work rules and uncompetitive wages. compare detroit with nonunion
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auto workers in the south. they can't have free elections and they are trying it earlier with car check and that would mean you wouldn't have a free ballot and now they are rushing it. it is like the soviet union. >> rick, does steve have it right or wrong? >> i have to disagree with the boss yet again. i can't tell you it is going to create jobs. but it is not killing the jobs it will solve the problem and solve something that is a long-time coming. as it stands right now, only two-thirds of all desired elections ever get to that point. why? because employers spend tons of money litigating the issues and going in front of the nlrb and trying to stop the elections before they happen. this has to change. there is a true value with the
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unions and tying them up by lit gating is ridiculous. >> it is true corp erations spend a lot of money. but they have all of the political power. >> yes, they have nice coffers that are full and going back to the glory days of when the unions made up 25 percent of the labor in detroit, in michigan. why? the fact is that it destroyed that state. i get so frustrated to hear rick say it will not necessarily create jobs. yes, that's what we are trying to do in this country. creating jobs right now . if you make it easier to unionize employers are not going to hire. it scares them and we need jobs and not unions. >> i know rick wants to chime in. will this help or hurt the creation of jobs. >> i think that union busting
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went too far. we ought to make it easier and harder for boeing to hire staff from another state. this is a big however. this system only worked and they are in a competitive industry. boeing decided to move the operation down. (talking all at once.) >> they are just hiring people out of work. >> they did. (talking all at once.) >> go ahead, bill. >> with that competition, the boeing workers couldn't get out of line because they would lose business to the mcdonalds and we don't have that right now. we have a monopistic yunce. >> rich, what do you think of this. >> i am glad you mentioned the south carolina boeing case because that sent a chill over the business owners.
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nlrb decision against boeing to prevent bog from opening up a second plant in south carolina because the washington plait plant is -- boeing is the largest exporter and you can't trust the -- >> i understand, rick. what about the new rule. will that help or hurt the child molestation of jobs. >> it hurts the creation of jobs. anything like that hurts the creation of jobs. >> dennis? >> of course, it hurts the creation of jobs . look at the issue. why is it that we need a speedier election? taking a piece of the sporting good's store and they never leave. what are we rushing for. oh, it is because unions are selling a service that workers don't want. less than seven percent of the
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private sector is represented by unions. what industry describing thanks to unions or with unions, autos, no. steel nosnow. >> it is the fact that union membership in the private sector fell from 7.2 fo6.9 in 2010 and also unions lost 612,000 members there is a drop in the private sector. >> one, if workers don't . unions they don't have to vote for them. we have seen the greatest income disparity in the history of the country. three, what point do we stop blaming everything to unions. >> it creating jobs it the number one job we all have.
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>> that is true. you can see in the south and other parts. autocompanies coming in with nonunion labor . wages are good. and everyone comes out ahead. they killed the auto industry and steel industry and so where do they go? jobs are less plentiful. remember david. 30 or 40 years ago gm only now has 41,000 workers. >> job creation is what we need. union membership or anything else? >> we get job creation from originality and entrepreneurship and innovation . we'll get that with competitive industries and unions. if we had competition we wouldn't have destroidment uaw. >> and of course, then we could unionize silicon valley. twitter and facebook. should they join unions? please, you get
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entrepreneurship and that leads to jobs in areas where there are not restrictions and you can get someone to work. a 10 hour day. >> by the way, there are only two democrats in the national relations board that are ramming this thing through. the lone republican should resign and that way they will not have a forum. that is undemocratic methods and they need to block it. >> i mentioned the decline in union membership which is unprecedent back to levels before the union membership in the 1930s in spite of the fact that the unions have the best friend in the white house since fdr, president obama. >> yeah, workers don't want to join unions. they would rather have jobs
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where there are no silly work rules when they negotiated, they came with work rules that are that thick. you need intelligent management. >> rick, the last word to you, my friend. >> if workers don't want union, you should be thrilled. they simply won't vote for them and they will not vote for them in elections where you don't have to waste that money litigating. >> trying to appeal to our hatred of lawyers. maybe that will win the case. rick, thank you very much. >> from wall street to main street. occupy protestors targeting stores and ports smack in the middle of the holiday season. are they hurting the very people they are out to help. cashin in gang is on that and first form's fix for america's
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>> good morningeveryone. i am jamie colby. officials in pakistan shuth down a critical supply route for nato trooping following a report of a across the bordernato air strike kill would dozens of pakistani troops. the united nations is investigating and according to a top official. supplis and 40 tankers were stopped and returned from a post. >> it looks like the nba lock out may be over. there is a agreement between the league and players after a 149 day lock out. no report on the details of the deal. the 66 game season will begin christmas day with a triple header. we'll see it inside of
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america's new's headquarters and back to forbes on fox at fox you want to get america working again let kids work at a younger age. newt gingrich said child labor laws should be changed for that reason. you say it will make a more successful adult. i am not talking about putting them to work in nuclear west and we are not talking about that. we are talking about -- it goes on in asia and japan. they can work, let them work x. by the way, these yobs are not pushing others out. dennis, we are not talking
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about coal mines and that sort of work. newspaper routes. >> and like making rugs or like eight year olds do in india. this makes us look bad . it happen in a bad times. when you don't want -- retirees needs a yob as a bag boy. i don't want them competing against a 10 year old. eliminate the minimum wage. that would give more young people jobs. >> and look at the ceo's who started out working at er a. the head of diagonal was washing dishes and head of windy loading box. and and the fact is, a lot of successful people worked as kids. >> and laws were designed when child labor meant work nothing the coal mine.
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it is no harm as long as it is great physical to lower the age by year and half. you learn things that help you do better in life. it is voluntary. i am not sure about janitor. kids can't even keep their rooms clean. but why not. >> i think it is a nice idea. do i think it fit in reality i don't. the kids that are teenagers and already legal loo allowed to work. they have the highest unemployment rate as of october. and the next highest is 20 or 24 years old . that is so much higher than the 9 percent unemployment than the national average. you put them in the jobmarket. newt gingrich talks about janitor jobs to kids. you are taking jobs away from
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the adults. >> mike, good idea or bad? >> i think if you do it with giving small businesses a better opportunity you would see a lot more young adults work. small businesses are dead. and that's where most of the young people tend to work. they work for family businesses. >> and the government is going the other way. they are trying to prevent kids on farms from driving tractors right now. >> they are against small businesses . are i think we need more aprentedisship programs and acquiring skills. we have 16 years old learning on the job as plumbers and not in the classroom and putting plumbing torch in your hand. >> what about the argument
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that morgan made and crowding out the work force and minimum wage workers. you will crowd out the adults. >> i am not buying it. have them sitting on facebook and twitter eating yunk food and creating health problems for themselves. there is a way to get teens who do want to work. we are talking about union jobs and tenure where people are sleeping on the job and why not get the teens who want to work. get them works. -- working. >> this is assumed there is a fixed number of jobs . like allowing people who work and removing the crazy thing that is washington has done will create jobs. france put a 35 hour workweek to create jobs. it didn't create jobs. they have a high unemployment rate. >> the economy is expandable and hopefully it will expand
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and grow. if not we are all sunk. we have tens was millions of adults who need jobs. we are talking about janitors, why not. >> i am talking about a free market . by the way newt gingrich started a lot of thanksgiving dinner fights from the older generations, i walked to the grand canyon at age five to get to my job. >> we don't have to cause more. >> and coming up next, one classic christmas carol is proving that prices are out of control. we play it and you decide. or creates another laptop bag, or hires another employee,
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it's not just good for business. it's good for the entire community. at bank of america, we know the impact that local businesses have on communities. that's why we extended $13.2 billion to small businesses across the country so far this year. because the more we help them, the more whelp make opportunitpossible.
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@ ♪ sing polly wolly doodle all the day ♪ ♪ hah @ ? >> first thanksgiving and now christmas is costing more .
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stocks leaning on stimulus funding . seeing a jump
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>> it is the 12 days of christmas. out of all of those gifts and that song for your true love and you will spend 20 percent more than you had to spend last christmas. steve, this is a sign that inflation is real. government said it is not there but you say it is. >> all you have to do is go to the store and you will see it. government fools around with the consumer index. but cash index and paying for energy, food and toys, you are paying more than before. david, this is a good time to say it. obama's policy are turkeys. they are gobbling up the
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purchasing power and not nice and hurts us all. >> rich, you believe there is inflation or not or do you believe in santa claus. >> i will rue the day i decided argue with steve forbes on inflation. that is like boxing against mohamed ali. >> cuwin, rich. >> tuesday, we found out economic growth is two percent for the third quarter and inflation is 3.9 percent. but below economic growth you have stagflation. >> every time you pay a tollyou see it in new york . gas pump, you see it. certain things it is here. >> david, treasury secretary tim geithner and the counterfeiter in chief ben bernanke borrowed so much money they have increased it to 3.9 percent over the last.
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this kills earnings for seniors and people with fixed income. and the increase is basically zero . so why the president is waging war against the seniors and destroy their living standards, i have no idea. >> president and ben bernanke counterfeiter in chief, would you use that praise. >> it is an exgagation. it is in the fed's interest to have inflation to get out of the asset-debt problem and engineering it to some degree. it is uneven . david you mentioned toll prices and gas prices. >> and government's prices go up. >> and gas prices are because we are importing gas. over all. we are not seeing inflation or wages and in housing. you have a lot of slack in the
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system. >> you can't do without it like food and like gas. i mean, these are things that you can't afford. -- avoid. >> it is a problem of money supply and why the federal reserve knocks out food and energy. and i got to say you got to eat food. >> it is showing up and boomerang on the money supply and print hit it some day sooner than later. and it is not like you will hear the announcement that the doctor dollar will collapse two weeks from thursday. >> thank god for silicon valley and keeping prices down. it is the things that matter that we can't do without are going up. >> you are right about that. i want to make a small point. you can't eat an ipat. you can bring it down.
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>> good suggestions that. and the last word. new report revealing lots of stocks relying on stimulus. it doesn't last forever. they are making money awful their own coming up next. for their clients' futures. never taking a bailout. helping generations achieve dreams. buy homes. put their kids through college. retire how they want to. ameriprise. the strength of america's largest financial planning company. the heart of 10,000 advisors working with you, one-to-one. together, for your future. ♪
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>>stockings are making it big on their own. dennis beginning with hone well >> it is a great stock and tech company and len timings more earning and buying a back a ton of the stock. >> at 49 not. >> and you like moo. >> the average is just basically taking advantage of a world population explosion. >> you like food stock. >> i do. >> you are going for smokes. >> philip morris. it is a 4.2 percent. >> and europe is heading for melt down and that is half of


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