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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  November 26, 2011 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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>> glep is natural gas and good difdend and put it on your streen. >> that's it for the cost of freedom. have a great weekend. >> at this hour. pakistan is accusing nato forces of firing on two military checkpoints and killing two dozen soldiers. the pakistani government retaliate closing the border crossings. i am patti brown in washington. we'll bring you a live report in moments as we track the developing story. presidential candidate michele bachmann is turning up the on heat on newt gingrich. she said he was in favor of the amnesty policy.
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back lash came against newt gingrich as he vaulted to front runner. >> hi, patti, congresswoman michele bachmann could have talked about anything this morning and she chose to focus on former speaker newt gingrich and his comments about illegal aliens who have been here a century. she said it amounts to ammesty. >> even barack obama couldn't get amnesty through the congress . newt gingrich is on a letter saying he was for it. even a year ago before the meeting of the latinos in the united states. he came out with the same policy that said he stands for amnesty for illegal aliens. newt gingrich denies i am for deporting
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recent allegals and they could get a red card and be legal and no pass to citizenship and no right to vote. newt gingrich will be voting in south carolina. his recent rise to the polls might be permanent unlike the other front runners who flames out. >> romney has a number ofs liabilities. it is not clear to me that that's going to be the case for the long haul. >> and gingrich had the biggest crowd of the campaign so far yesterday. 750 people came out to see him in napeles, florida. >> thank you. and newt gingrich is making gains in the polls including iowa and new hampshire. can he keep up the momentum
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and will his commentos immigration hurt him? joining us is the deputy finance director and advisor to george bush. welcome to both of you. latest poll in new hampshire where gingrich was not in the lead he is in a tie with mitt romney and leading mitt romney. can he hold on. >> i don't think he can. one of the reasons, i think where's the beef. it is operative in this case and going back to where he was popular but he didn't have the organization in this case of newt gingrich he doesn't have a organization that can get him on the ballot in missouri it is a long hall and he doesn't have the organization to pull it off. >> controversy over the comments of immigration. you saw what he said. not a pass to citizenship but
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legalizing those tax pay law abiding and lived here 25 years or more. >> he is stating the obvious. we have sto to secure the borders and create a path way of citizen ship . newt was also saying america was complicit in allowing people to come here and now to figure out a fair way. we cannot grant amnesty but getting back to what david said. newt has plenty of time to get organized. he's polling in well in the national polls and now in the battle ground states. david is right. now we have to see what kind of organization and finances coming to newt to allow him to be a contender as we move in the primary season. >> david back to the immigration issue. michele bachmann said he is most liberal of all of the gop candidates and that hurt rick
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perry. but does it help in the general. >> whoo you heard from brad is the president's policy in immigration and we have to deal with those len or 12 million residents that are here that are seeking permanent residency and not only newt gingrich has a new idea. mitt romney in 2007 was supportive of that idea . changed to be flip flopping and so, too is bachmann be supportive of len or 12 million people and we cannot just throw out of the country but find our way to citizenship for them. >> blad blakeman. analysis by the associated press said the obama campaign is sending out joe biden to states where they feel the president may be weak. ohio, pennsylvania and florida. the argument that biden is
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stronger in those areas, what do you make of that? >> good luck. sending joe biden to save the president is a crazy idea. if the president can't stand alone on the record, 75 percent of the people regardless of party affiliation believe that the count is heading down the wrong track. they will blame the president for that. he promised in his inaugural address he would address it as top priority. he has yet to address it and yet to secure the bord ares and he's been a totalure. he has none at all. and biden is stronger for working class and the jewish community. you think that biden is weak in those areas? >> i don't believe he's weak. he has a pay roll tax
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engstension and jobs bill that the republicans obstructed and even this they tried to do so on immigration. and this is a team effort. there is a president and vice-president . both of them are going to be out there, and i might add we'll not see george bush hustling but we'll see bill clinton and grov gov randle supporting the democratic ticket. >> david got the last word. david and brad, it is it a pleasure, back to pakistan. the government is accusing nato forces of fighting on a military checkpoint in pakistan. molly is tracking the story as it continue to unfold. >> hi, patti, the pakistan prime proim said it is attack on pakistan's sovereignty. nato said the helicopters were called in by afghan and coalition troops fighting insurgents in the area. it happened in 2:00 local time on the afghan-pakistan border.
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a spokesman for general john alen in afghanistan said he's paying the highest attention to the matter and working to determine on the facts of what happened. >> he expresses sincere condollences for the family and loved ones of any member of the pakistan security forces that may have been killed or injured. they remain committed to improving relations with pakistan including the operation and in our united fight against terrorism. >> in return. pakistan closed two border crossings that nato depends on in a third. splice. and the attack was a blatent and unaccepted act . today, pakistan's information minister said the pakistani government cannot tolerate
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such actions. we'll not only protest but prove certain actions that the taliban government cannot tolerate such action. relations between the u.s. and taliban have been trained for a while. comprehend -- the u.s. embassy - ambassor pledged that the u.s. will work closely with pakistan to investigate the incident. >> molly is live in washington for us. thank you. >> three american students arrested in a protest in cairo are on the way home. they were accused of throwing fire bombs at security forces and the egyptian court ordered the release. sweeny spoke to her son and he seems upbeat. >> they are going to finish the paperwork it is 3:00 in the afternoon and there is a
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3:00 a.m. flight they will put him on. and he will be on that flight and he will be home tomorrow at 4:50 in the afternoon. i am estatic. sweeny isa expected to arrive back in the u.s.. >> and christmas comes early for the nba fans. the league commissioner said let's play ball. they reached a tentative agreement to end the lock out. there are details to work out. but commissioner david stern said he's confident a tip off will happen. >> curt bush learned bad behavior can be costly. they are fining him $50,000 for making an obscene gesture. he was fined for being verbally abusive at a reporter after the race. >> couple of hours ago. the one-armed rover blasted off from cape canaveral on a
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one manat las rocket. it is a mobile lab about the size of a car. it will take nine month to get to the red plan yet once there look for signs was life. commissioned price tag is two and half million. >> and fast and furious controversy. sparked over the gun laws. they will take a closer look. protestors are flocking to tahair square ahead of the election. those elections may not mean much . [ coughs ]
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one person killed in the latest round of protest in ejust a minute. this is the first death since the thursday truce between the demonstrators and egyptian. preparations are being made for the country's first election since the former leader mubarak left office this year. the u.s. is calling for civilian government to take over until the elections are finished. joining us on the line from
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cairo. we have a correspondant working there. thank you for being with us. >> thanks for having me. >> after the january uprise thag overthrew mubar ark. supporters embraced the military and now they are demonstrating against repression by the military council that they put in charge. what went wrong? >> you know, i think people are deeply frustrated at this point it is 10 month since president mubarrack was forced out and nothing has changed but the economy is worse. they are concerned about the military handing over power to the civilian government. >> so at least 33 protestors were kill in tahir square. and military rulers say it is the police who are violent against the protestors and the military defends itself when
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necessary. you are on the ground there, is that the case? >> certainly thatthis last round of clashes has been between security services and now called the national security service. but in the end of the day the military is in charge and pulling the string. there wouldn't be clashes if it was not for the military council. >> election are for monday. do you believe that the military will hold a free fair election? >> lit remains to be seen. and being, there are talks of moving the elections back because of the clashes. i think there are concerns that it would be difficult for peaceful polling stations at this point. but at least hope that with the judiciary observing the
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election it will be freer and fairer than we have seen in the past. >> if a civilian government be elected will it have the power or will the military be behind the scene. >> no in the end of the day, these elections are you know, almost meaningless. the parliment will have limited power and will not be able to form a government and have a limited role in drafting the constitution that will be written. only 20 of the 100 members of the constitutional drafting body will be appointed by the parliment. the rest is appointed by the military. >> a lot still to be worked out in egypt. ty mccormic. thank you for joining us live from cairo. >> fall out from operation fast and furious continues and critics are pointing fingers
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>> pakistan is blaming nato for the deaths of two dozen pakistani soldiers it is the bottom of the hour and peter is standing by with the story. >> pakistan said soldiers were killed when nato heps and fighter jets fired on two army checkpoints earlier today. a smokesman acknowledged that it is highly likely that support called in by afghan and coalition forces caused the casulties. and michele bachmann is taking aim at newt gingrich. newt gingrich's ideas amount to amnesty for illegal
12:24 pm
immigrants and gingerish said that is not true. >> the explorer on is on the way to mars. the six wheeled rover nicknamed curiosity and will spend two years looking for life on mars. and if the case of black friday is not for you. how about small business saturday. that is encouraging americans to shop locally instead of the big box stores. thank you. >> thank you so much, peter. and the fast and furious gun trafficking scandal reignited debate of arms control. who is responsible for letting guns get in the hands of killers. here's both sides of the story. >> fast and furious is more. and one story to three.
12:25 pm
first why the u.s. knowingly armed the cartels and then the administration trying to cover up. it is a blame game on this trag doe. 38,000 dead in mexico and whose fault is it. >> so many of the guns come from gun stores on the border. >> democrats blame the americans and republicans blame the cartels and the obama administration for helping to arm them. the federal government aided and abetted gun trafficking and then made very well have been the cause of a border agent's death. >> there is new life to an old debate. 76 percent of the guns come from the u.s.. >> we know the guns go into the hands of the cartels and how they are used . untrue said the gun advocates
12:26 pm
who claim it relates to a small amount of trace firarps and not the total number recovered. 21 percent of the american traces are duplicates and many of the guns are old and suggesting that they may come from central america in the 1980s. >> they fear that the administration condoned fast and furious as a pretext. >> president obama stated that he is working for gun control with alternative methods. and i hope this is not one of them. democrats want a specific gun trafficking statu. and the republicans say first things first. and hold them actable and as they say. you talk about possible new gun laws. >> wayne. thank you. >> richardson took the lead in
12:27 pm
another poll. he leads in positive image. it has gingrich with 20 points . romney is trailing with len. and joining us to talk about newt gingrich and the budget super committee is michael burgess . he threw his support behind newt gingrich. thank you for being with us. congressman. >> he tops the poll in iowa and new hampshire and nationwide and he is taking heat for recent comments on immigration. here is fellow candidate michele bachmann on fox and friends. >> even barack obama couldn't get amnesty through the congress because the american people opposed. newt gingrich said he was for it. and even as recently as a year ago before the latinos in the united states. he came out with the policy that said he stands for
12:28 pm
amnesty for illegal aliens. >> bachmann pointed out no mention of the 25 years and law-abiding and the other qualifiers that newt gingrich is putting on it now. what about that? >> first thing, i think you have to acknowledge that speaker newt gingrich is the only presidential candidate in all of the years that i have followed politicings who will affirm that the united states has a sovereign right to define and protect its border. you never hear anybody else talk about that. and the other thing you hear speaker newt gingrich talk about. yen 20 13. he will have provided operational controls of the u.s.-mexico border. currently, you have the secretary and department of homeland security say we have 40 percent control. i am sorry, that is a failing grade .
12:29 pm
speaker newt gingrich is talking about operational control in one year's time. if you have operational control you have to worry the question of what comes next. >> there is no bigger person who said i don't want amnesty. that is my status cision and i stand by that. there is no bigger proponent of border security than the person sitting before you. and we all are not honest because we never say what happens when you get operational control of the border? and what will you do with the 20 odd people who are here without the benefit of citizenship. >> they are compelling stories. >> we are running out of time. and we have six republicans. and 1.2. and that would barely have made a dent.
12:30 pm
>> where do we go from here. >> you have democrats that a week before the deadline and senator clyburn. and we have not coalesced. and that was a mistake. the blame falls on both sides . now you go to automatic sequestration . and will come back to the relevant congressional committee by january 13th. and there will be 1.2 trillion in cuts and on the domestic side of the budget and security side of the budget. >> all right. congressman michael burgess thank you for joining us today. >> for more on the politics of the week. tune in for fox news sunday tomorrow morning. chris wallace has a interview with jon huntsman. check your local listing for the time and channel.
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>> greg abbott is willing to take his districting battle. they redrew the map. aott said the court is undermining the democratic process. one texas congressman will not seek another term. charlie gonzalez is expected to make that official in a new's conference . and black friday shoppers. and we'll show you the may hem and if you didn't wait in line and not checked on your list. we'll have practical holiday shopping tips coming up next . looking good! you lost some weight. you noticed!
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a series was deadly blasts rang through iraq and killed 15 people and wounding many others. it occurred in a day labor meeting spot military
12:36 pm
commanders expect more violence to plague the region. violent clashes between protestors and security force in egypt are casting a shadow on parlimentary elections. and demonstrators tried to stop the newly appointed prime minister from entering. they joinn us with the latest on >> hi, penny. the wave of protest continued in tahir square and the egyptian military is protesting and that continues. numbers are not as large as we have seen. even the white house came out and demand that the military rule in egypt be transferd to civilian leadership. they are not happy with the appointment and the prime minister at the time . he asked for a two-month grace
12:37 pm
period and. and they said no way. they want him out and don't want to give him a chance and they will not leave tahir square until it transferred. and one man was hurt. and according to protestors, 41 people were killed since the protest began last saturday. what is interesting elections are expected to begin on monday. the day was etended to allow people to get to the polls. it is enforced with the army and try to get the protestors under control. >> all right. reporting live for us. and paying attention to the area over pakistan that we told you about earlier.
12:38 pm
they launched a full investigation and joining us by phone is the brigadier. thank you for joining us. >> good evening. and so explain again the nature of the air strikes . well, the incident occurred this morning. it is 10:00 in the evening now . the very early hours. it is a remote area. and in the border area to pakistan where authority is not owls clear. they are operating close to the border that reached beyond the military sites. and so the commander of the
12:39 pm
international general alen took personal care . it is thorough and quickly done so that we come to a conclusion. how many u.s. forces were involved in the nato strikes. >> i can't go in details with the operation yet. it occurred very close to in the proximitiy of the border of the afghan national security. and what i can say that the afghan element is stronger and however, it calls for those supporting them in their operation andment -- >> pakistan shut down the nato supply routes in pakistan. well, obviously we have to carefully observe them. if is too early to speculate.
12:40 pm
and we have seen it before and in the past. everybody's interested quickly and all of the questions that are around the incident and quickly come to talk with the pakistanies. these insurgent have used the border country between pakistan and afghanistan in their favor and so only ones at the end profiting from conflict on either side of the border where the safe havens and are the insurgent and so it is in the interest of the pakistan side and in our to come to the solution and take the necessary conclusions. >> brigadier jacobson. thank you for joining us. >> thank you very much. black friday seems to consume many shoppers this year.
12:41 pm
and folks channeling the inner wrom bee as they make their way to urban outfitters. and a woman in a los angeles walmart douced fellow shoppers with pepper spray when they came between her and an xbox. and the woman surrendered to authorities according to the la police. how far would you go for a two dollar waffle maker. there was an all out riot. and america's stalled economy could use a boost from holiday shoppers. but will we get it and how do you find the best deals when millions are hitting the stores and scouring the internet for bargains. here's the insight. thank you for joining us. and so the term black friday refers to the fact that businesses hope they will go from red ink to black ink. does it look like that is
12:42 pm
going to happen this year? >> this is a good black friday and we are expecting the momentum to continue. up to 152, million people were expected to go shopping. black friday is 10 percent of the holiday sales and that means hopefully it got off to a good start. >> 152 million people is up from last year when it was 138 million . retaillight sales over all are expected to increase 2.8 percent. that is less than 5.24 last year. and they are shopping more and spending less. >> they are spending more on themselves. and discretionary purchases and they bought things for themselves because the sales are good . slightly less on gifts and on balance that is good news. if we were expecting a holiday season up eight or 10 percent. retailers know that is not sustainable. it is good to see moderate and slow growth and what we are
12:43 pm
hoping for. and when the population changes that means 2.8 percent. >> there is an argument of a good strong black friday. it doesn't go over the season. and so they are more desperate for the sale and willing to go out there. is that possible? >> we saw that in 2008 and 9 when sales were strong. what is important to realize from yesterday a lot of people buying for themselves and a lot more people spending on discretionary category like jewelry and not just buying the basics. black friday doesn't mean we are out of the woods for a holiday perspective. what percentage is done on line. not only on line but the smart moving tablet. it is 36 or 50 percent of the holiday sales this year and
12:44 pm
means that if you are shopping on line. go for the approximate divist ideas and they are making sure the websites have a lot of information and they can shop conveniently and when they want to shop in order to maximize the sales across the board. >> they are using not just circulars and they are getting e-mails and coupon discount websites and even the social network. >> absolutely. they are educated and looking for a good deal and willing to do the homework. and whether it is a retailer app or living social. we have a lot of good deals and expecting more on monday. and there is a lot of ways to find good dealings. >> cyber monday. when they go back to work. thank you so much.
12:45 pm
mitt romney has resorted to word play. he is using president obama's words in a new ad and tweaking them a bitcampaign manager said they did it intentionally. is this fair play. >> we talk about the economy. we are. no question that the president's campaign and dnc. we got under their skin. last thing they want to do is talk about the economy. [ male announcer ] the inspiring story of how a shippingiant can befriend a forest may seem lie the stuff of fairy tales. but if you take aw the faces on the trees... take away the pixie dust. take away the singing animals, and the storybook narrator... [ man ] you're ft with more electric trucks. more recycled shipping materials... and a growing number of lower emissions planes... which still makes for a pretty enchanted tale. ♪ la la la [ man ] whoops, forgot one... [ male announcer ] sustainable solutions.
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>> a new development in the sexual abuse investigation of a syracuse assistant basketball coach. new york state trooper and police searched bernie fine's home yesterday. they would not say what they were look for. two former ball boys accused fine of abusing them. fine denied the allegation and he's on paid leave from the university. two shallow graves could be victims of the craig's list killer. they were lured by a phony ad promising work. julie bandaras is following >>
12:50 pm
the discovery could bring the death tollto three from a craig's list adthat lured men. there was a body found near a mall it may be a missing man who answered the ad and a sheriff said later in the day a white unidentified male was found in a shallow grave 90 miles away. the f.b.i. is investigating. are you collecting the evidence? making sure we are not leaving anything behind. >> and the f.b.i. suspects that the body found may be 47 year old timothy kearn who was not seen in more than a week. kearn answered the adfor a farm hand that led to a shooting death of david pauly. south carolina man had
12:51 pm
reported to worrying the man and shot on november sixth and escaped and alerted authorities. two people are in custody. a 52 year old in jail and a high school student who was charged with attempted murder. and according to police. beesely was looking for an older single diverse person to watch over a 680 acres farm and not easily reported as missing. the men were asked to fill out an application . and the farm advertised on craig's list does not exist. >> law enforcement officials released few details because of a gag order it is unclear how long that ad was on line and whether here was recollect victimings. >> thank you.
12:52 pm
mitt romney's campaign is catching heat for the first tv ad. it focuses on the economy and using the president's own word and the campaign admits they are taken out of context. liz prada joins us now. hi, liz, romney's commercial is air nothing new hampshire and if we talk about the economy we'll lose. when obama said that he was quoting a strategist for john mccain. >> unethical. mitt romney may look like a gentleman and sound like a gentleman and dress like a gentleman. but this ad indicates the way he will fight the campaign. he will not be a gentleman. this is an out and out lie to answer your question. look at the ad was unleashed in the past week of thanksgiving holiday week. the new york times called it a stealth attack . usually they put it on hold at this time.
12:53 pm
and first, we'll see in the ad that obama appears to be saying if we talk about the economy we'll lose. and let's listen to that. [applause] i am confident that we can steer ourselves out of this chrisis. we need a rescue plan for the i middle class . if we keep talking about the economy we are going to lose, lose, lose. cnow, what obama, the president actually says. this was in the 2 you campaign. when he was talking about his rival senator john mccain. senator john mccain actually said and i quote. if we keep talking about the economy we are going to lose. lets's hear that for a
12:54 pm
contrast. >> senator mccain's campaign actually said and i quote. if we keep talking about the economy we are going to lose . i mean, it doesn't get any clearer than that. the president was not -- it is a plain out and out lie . the worst part of it is, even though the obama campaign said it was deceitful which it was. the people over in romney's office said oh, yes, we like it the way it is and we wouldn't change a thing. and the president did say those words but they didn't say there were other word that is changed the meaning . now we have mitt romney acting as if he is a candidate and gop candidate and going head-to-head with obama . this is the kind of thing we are going to see ride out. why is he doing this?
12:55 pm
it appears that romney is letting everybody know that he will do anything to get elect also as a message from the gop and conservatives that he will do anything to get elected. >> liz, thank you so much. oh, the things some people will do for their family pet. up next. one women's dedication to her dog. >> i am willing to freeze and starve outside in my bathing suit. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion.
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>> the latest installment of the twilight saga has reportedly caused seizures in some movie goers. at least two audience members experienced convulsions with breaking dawn's bloody birthing scene, flashes of red and white. one woman is helpiusing her bodo recover her missing pet. this is arlene in california, you'll he see her on the corner in her bye kinney, her white chihuahua disappeared and she's vowing to spend all weekend bye kinney clad to get the word out for her missing pup. i'm willing to go 8 a.m. to 6


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