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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  November 27, 2011 4:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> gregg: this is a fox news alert. huge developments in the race to white house. new hampshire's most prominent newspaper endorsing newt gingrich. i'm gregg jarrett. welcome to a brand-new hour. >> heather: i'm heather childers. in a few minutes we will speak with the publisher of the new hampshire union leader and author of the editorial backing gingrich but first with just six weeks to go before the granite state holds the primary, is gingrich headed to the top of the field or fighting to defend his later remarks on immigration? steve is in washington with the latest. >> reporter: the union leader,
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always an influential force in national politics has thrown their support behind newt gingrich in a new boost and a snub of mitt romney. here is what parts of it said. we don't have to agree with them meaning the gop candidates on every issue. we would rather back someone with whom we may sometimes disagree than one who tells us he thinks we want to hear. another candidate jon huntsman had this to say on fox news sunday. >> a month ago, for newt begin grivm to have been in the running to capture the manchester union endorsement would have been unthinkable. it reflects anything else the unpredictability of the race. >> reporter: he is still behind mitt romney in new hampshire where the first primary takes place january 10th. he has 18% of the votes to
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romney 36.8%. gingrich campaign says the timing is good since most voters don't start paying attention until around christmas. at the same time they are dealing with criticism within the gop of the former speaker's immigration stance. he is proposing community panels determine which immigrants are allowed to stay. he has built up a campaign staff in new hampshire that is contacting about 1,000 voters every day. >> heather: steve live in washington, thank you very much. >> gregg: here now is the author of that editorial endorsing newt gingrich. publisher of the new hampshire union. thank you for being with us. for the benefit who have not read the editorial. why did newt gingrich get your endorsement?
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>> we said it's not going to be enough to replace the current occupants of the white house. we don't need more government. we need a wholesale sale change of government. gingrich has a track record that he has done that and can do it. >> gregg: are their specific positions that speaker is advocating or is it his record as a conservative or both? >> i think it's both. there has been a lot of talk lately about his position on immigration. you folks have correctly reported that it's no change for him. i've seen in the media that gingrich is walking back his position which is somebody has been in the community for a long time, you don't throw them out. that makes sense. that is the ronald reagan position.
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it's a lot better than what we have now. >> gregg: here is what you wrote. newt gingrich is by no means the perfect candidate but republican primary voters too often make the mistake of preferring an unobtainable ideal to the best candidate who is actually running. in this incredibly important election that candidate is newt gingrich. mr. mcconveyed what is about his record -- mcquaid, why is no means the perfect candidate? >> everybody has flaws. it's funny, in the set up huntsman said a month ago gingrich couldn't have gotten this endorsement. a month ago we wouldn't have made an endorsement. we usually wait until this time, we get to see all the candidates in person and how they handled themselves. gingrich by far has handled himself the best.
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he certainly not without flaws and we disagreed with him on issues but he is the old package. he is forward thinker. he is the one that brought the republicans to congress after 40 years in the wilderness. he came up with a contract in america. he helped balance the budget with a democratic president. >> gregg: and yet i want to ask you about to use your term the flaws. he once endorsed cap and trade and now opposes it. he advocated an individual health care mandate. now, he doesn't. he was famously fined $300,000 for ethics violations, the only speaker to have that happen. he called ryan's medicare plan right wing social engineering. he advocated the intervention of libya and argued against it. he filmed a global warming ad with nancy pelosi.
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of these the kinds of things you are worried about that will be used against him in the general election? >> gingrich has done something very clever. he has put all that stuff on his own website and responded to it for people to see his reasoning or lack of reasoning in the case of with pelosi, that is the stupidest thing he has done, he said. ryan social welfare is second most stupid but he contended in an interview last week that he wasn't really speaking of specifics but more generalities. listen, he is a bright guy. he is going to make mistakes, but he is going to do things. that is what america needs right now. we don't need someone to manage the malaise further into america's sinking. >> gregg: only recently the speaker has risen to the top of
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the national polls. there is one new hampshire journal poll of likely primary voters conducted by magellan strats. there s it is. it shows gingrich and romney in a statistical dead heat. now i realize in your editorial, mr. mcquaid you don't base it on popularity polls, i wonder you would have endorsed speaker gingrich if he were still down in the low single digits? >> if he had no chance of winning then i suppose not. as i said, we usually endorse about six to eight weeks before the primary. we did the same thing with mccain almost to the day. i wouldn't put a lot of stock in the poll. but romney has had and continues to have a strong showing in new
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hampshire but they are strongly committed, 16% of the vote up here. >> gregg: which invites the question, what is it about mitt romney that you did not like that may have prevented you from giving him your endorsement? >> i think the manager with mr. romney. he touts himself as a manager. i think that he is going to have a tough time against obama if he gets the nomination because he is from the silk stocking set. i think gingrich is more the real deal. romney is like gingrich changed positions before, but his passion with gingrich, i don't think that is the case with governor romney. >> gregg: there was a gallup poll, voters believe that romney has a better chance that than gingrich of beating president
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obama. perhaps romney might have been the stronger candidate in the general election? >> i would shi think so because the sqn election isn't until 12 months from now. i think we're going to see in new hampshire what happens. i think there will be quo two contenders and i imagine they will be romney and gingrich. the expectation gain does not weigh to romney's benefit. he has a place in new hampshire, he's been running so far ahead in the polls that he is going to be a tough hill to climb. when you that take a poll next august, we'll see who can beat president obama. >> gregg: this could be a game changer. your newspaper is the largest and it is very influential. we'll see what happens next time the polls come out.
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thank you very much joseph mcquaid, publisher of the new hampshire union leader. >> heather: nato reacting to reports to an air strike that killed 24 pakistani soldiers, calling it tragic and unintended. it has sparked intense anger in pakistan. the fallout could have a damaging effect on the war on terror. peter doocy has the story. >> communications with pakistan are closed. which means we can't get supplies in to two important border crossings. trucks might line at the border making them easy targets for insurgents. a general told me this part of the warning this is a terrorist haven which they shoot at the pakistanis and coalition forces, this communication breakdown.
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>> it's a viral area and dangerous area. anything that leads to lack of communication in this part of the world only servers one side and that is the insurgency. >> reporter: pakistan told to us get out of a base that was used to launch drones. their overall reaction has some wondering if we should right islamabad such big checks. >> they need that our support for them is dependent on cooperation with us. >> it's testing for many people we need to throw the pakistanis over the side and stop giving them aid. as long as that country has nuclear weapons that could fall into the hands of radicals. they have incredible leverage. >> in a joint statement, secretary of state hillary clinton and leon panetta offered their condolences to the troops
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that were killed but things are still tense between the two countries right now. >> gregg: egypt's military ruler warning of extremely grave consequences if the country's political turmoil doesn't end quickly. these are live pictures of tahrir square in cairo where a massive demonstration is under way. they are calling for the immediate handover of power from military leaders to a civilian council ahead of parliamentary elections. greg palkot is streaming live from cairo. >> reporter: rain and cold it kept the numbers down at tonight's rally but the stakes remain high. military rulers of this country saying that egypt is at a crossroads right at this very moment. here is what it looked like a short while ago from that vantage point. >> it's been about ten months since i last been here and some
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things haven't changed, banners and slogans and anger. and hosni mubarak is gone. landmark elections are set for tomorrow and the population divided between the old guard and islamic. and liberals who say military officials have hijacked reforms. the violence and clashes they say the revolution is unfinished. many people look at the situation and they say there is more trouble to come. >> reporter: we have been seeing and hearing ambulances through the night but wee nothing like the violence that this country has seen in the past week or so. more than 40 people killed, something like 3,000 people injured and no one is sure about tomorrow either. there are reports that polling stations or voters will be targeted. army and police we are told will be old out in force providing what is called maximum security. hitch is that these are the very
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players that are involved in the clashes over the past week. also noted by the military rulers field marshal that he is not stepping down. tomorrow's vote is just the beginning of a month long democratic process which will lead to a parliament here. that is a long, long and dangerous and difficult road. it's been going on since early this year. we were here and we witness it and it will go on after tomorrow. >> gregg: greg palkot live in cairo. >> heather: three american students arrested during protests in egypt they are talking about their week long ordeal. they were accused of throwing fire bombs at security forces fighting with protestors in the square.
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sweeney said he and his friends were threatened and tortured. >> we were hit in the face in the back of the neck. we had our jackets and shirts pulled over our head. we also spent about seven hours in fetal position with our hands handcuffed behind our back with people with guns behind us said if we moved we would be shot. >> heather: he says that he doesn't think what happened is a negative experience and he still believes egypt is a great country. >> back at home new developments in indicates of a missing mother of three from florida, last night a swatted team raiding a home searching for michelle parker. she hasn't been seen since november 17th. hours after her case appeared on the tv show people's court. julie banderas live in the newsroom with the latest. >> according to property records
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the house actually belongs to gail smith, sr. the father of michelle parker's ex-fiance. what we do know between 10 and 16 detectives showed up with a search warrant. they knocked on the doors and then raided the house. neighbors say they saw police led gail, sr. out of the home. two other adults and two children were asked to wait on the front lawn. they are questioning or whether police are not saying whether they found clues. the parents are offering $50,000 reward for information leading to their daughter. in an unusual twist, the reward is good only until today. her mother wanted a time limit on the reward money to encourage people with tips to come forward immediately so she set the $50,000 reward just for the weekend. she is worth millions of dollars to me and my family but $50,000
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is an awesome amount. parker was last seen three-year-old twins at smith, jr.'s home and then there as a disputed over an engagement ring. on the show they described the relationship with smith. at times became violent. orlando police chief has told bringing the woman home the agency's is top priority and they plan on trying to get her back safely. they are asking the public to remain vigilant in reporting tips. >> heather: thank you very much, julie banderas live. we'll have much more on missing mommy shell parker. what the latest police raid means and what they found and what it could mean for her search. >> gregg: members of congress may be having self-esteem issues
4:18 pm
the public is fed up. but is congress getting so down on itself it can't function at all. >> plus, the pope on climate change and people he says are at greatest risk. >> prince william called to duty. video of the mission and the lives on the line, next. ] tom's discovering that living healthy can be fun. see? he's taking his vitamins. new one a day vitacraves plus omega-3 dha is a complete multivitamin for adults. plus an excellent source of omega-3 dha in a great tasting gummy. one a day, gummies for grown-ups.
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>> heather: new reports of a serious self-esteem deficit on capitol hill. some congressmen sounding low on their own profession after the super committee failure to reach a debt cutting deal. the polls are not cheering them up. according to the latest poll, 80% of americans now disapprove of the job that congress is doing. joining us is former texas congressman, martin frost. also bob mckuen. >> perhaps no really big surprise here. congressman, frost, i want to start with you. you say this could be the year that all incumbents could be out. >> not all, but a lot of
4:23 pm
incumbents in both parties, that is the problem. the public looks at these people and say why can't they get along. why can't they compromise. if i were still in congress and i at one point i ran the democratic campaign committee, i would say run like you've never run before. not everybody is going to lose but a lot of people in both parties are the risk because inability to compromise. in the house there are more republicans than democrats so they have more to lose by this. i think everybody ought to very seriously reevaluate campaign plans and try to compromise with the other party in the next 12 months, otherwise, a lot of people will be leaving. >> heather: is it a matter of compromise or leadership? you tend to think it's leadership from the top down? >> i think martin is right. congress is the purpose to bring together a consensus of
4:24 pm
agreement. margaret thatcher says consensus is the opposite of leadership. i thought legislative skills and executive skills are virtually mutually exclusive. the fact you could work all night and your sleeves rolled up to announce the package won't last for six weeks, you can't get a regulate an or steve wynn to do that. when the country is leaderless is as it is now, congress does not have the capacity to lead. >> heather: but we elect them to be leaders to do what we cannot in washington, d.c. >> here is the problem. bob is right in that you've got to have some people in congress in both the house and the senate who can lead. who can push their colleagues do something that may not be their first choice. so far, neither party has really
4:25 pm
had much leadership in the last year or so. if you had, i think you might have accomplished something. super committee should have accomplished something. it really would have required a lot of cracking of heads on both sides. apparently we don't have the people that want to do that right now. it's too bad. i would rather see strong leaders in congress forcing their colleagues to meet in the middle somewhere. that is not what we have in either party right now. >> this will be a great time to come in with the president. here we have a president that articulated a view congress would get together and support it. when he sits back and ask pelosi to try to come up with something see if i'll sign it, that lacks leadership and that is the chaos. second we get a strong leader, a strong president, then you'll see support in the congress and respect for government again. >> bob, i'm not so sure that is
4:26 pm
the case. what happened this time republican members of the super committee, we don't want you involved. we don't want you doing this on day-to-day basis. we want to work this out ourselves. i would hope that whoever is president, and president obama is president for another year, whoever is president after this election will exercise strong leadership. we have had times when you had weak republican presidents, weak democratic presidents. this time for a strong leader. we hope president obama will be strong in the next 12 months. >> just think what would happen if somebody told ronald reagan to go take a hike? >> what he did was very interesting. he had a special committee on social security. we put real people, strong advocates on both sides in the room. he didn't tell them what to do but he put people that took strong positions and said he
4:27 pm
wanted them to work it out. now, we don't have that type of situation these days where we actually put the strongest people in the room and say don't come out until you've got an agreement. what i believe should have happened the leaders 6 both parties, both democrats and republicans should have designated themselves as the ones to try to work this out, rather than picking other people who had positions in congress. i think this would have been a time for leaders to go behind closed doors. >> heather: let me ask you this. based on what congressman frost just said putting the strongest leaders in place in terms of the super committee to come up with a plan, do you think the inaction on the president and the inability of the super committee to come up with a consensus and plan is exactly what the white house wanted to happen? >> i absolutely do. >>er don't believe so. >> he could have come up with a proposal and stood by it.
4:28 pm
the fact is you and i are sitting here with the united states of america has been bombing a north african country on the days and not anybody can tell us who is doing that. the lack of leadership is reflected in respect to the congress. >> we're not conducting a presidential race today. presidential race will happen 12 months from now. we'll see who your party no, ma'am niatsd. we'll see how they stack up against president obama. he has done very good on foreign policy. things would have been a lot worse in domestic party. look who your party comes up with and public will make their decision. >> heather: thank you for joining us. >> gregg: great britain's prince william called into action. defense ministry he copiloted
4:29 pm
in. 80 people were on board a ship. prince rescued two men. five sailors are still missing. >> heather: justice department launching a new investigation on big banks. on debit cards breaking the law. >> gregg: plus critics of president obama's tax plan say look no further than the golden state. a special tax on millionaires has left all californians holding the bag. a detailed report next. but with advair, i'm breathing better so now i can take the lead on a science adventure. advair is clinically proven to help significantly improve lung function. unlike most copd medications, advair contains both an anti-inflammatory and a long-acting bronchodilator,
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>> gregg: bottom of the hour, time for top of the news, newt gingrich picking up a major endorsement in new hampshire. state's largest newspaper backing newt gingrich. >> herman cain says claims of
4:34 pm
sex you'll harassment is hurting his campaign. he admits some people are heavily influenced by perception rather than reality. pope benedict xvi urging the united nations to look out for the world's poor as they attempt to deal with climate change. members of several countries are trying to hammer out a new agreement on global warming. >> heather: some critics of president obama's tax plan say look no further to california. they tax millionaires at a higher rate. a system that works much like president's proposed buffet tax. critics say that tax plan has left california in serious debt. live in los angeles with more on that, william? >> right now 51% of u.s. households pay zero income tax. top 1% pay 40%.
4:35 pm
senate democrats say they can pay more and investment income they makes on stocks to raise billions for washington. california has a so-called buffet rule and it's proven to be a nightmare with state revenues dramatically rising and falling with the market. >> it is true that capital gains income is much more volatile. it goes up and down a lot faster than ordinary income. it's not hard to forecast that. you know where the markets are. you have a sense of realization. >> reporter: california more than any other state depends on the rich to pay for services. those earnings, about $5 million pay 10% their income in state taxes, earn $1 million, about 8.4% compared to those making 80% .14%. in 2007 just 1% of state taxes
4:36 pm
paid almost 50% of all income taxes. top 10%, 72% and top 20%, 90%. compared to 6 million californians who paid nothing and 40 million more who paid less than 1%. what do you have? 140,000 super rich californians less than one-half of 1 percent of the state population who critics say don't pay their fair share actually paying 42% of all state income taxes. guess what happened? when the market tanked state income tax rvs fell by 25%. volatility that left california broke. >> i think with california illustrates what can go wrong with this. in california the tax rate on capital gains is the same as the ordinary income tax rate but the very high rate, but that means that the tax revenue of the state government is highly
4:37 pm
sensitive to the amount of capital gains people have. >> so the lesson here you can soak the rich, it sounds great but when the market drys up so does the money leaving states with very painful cuts. >> heather: thank you very much. >> gregg: department of justice is investigating banks for possible antitrust violations during their recent efforts to charge debit card fees. outrage forced bank of america to abandon plans to charge consumers for debit card use. other banks were considering similar fees as well, commerce customers are high alert. joining us is brenda butner. good to see you. here is the problem. when businesses begin to act in concert and they engage what is known as price fixing even if it's an implicit agreement,
4:38 pm
arguably its an antitrust violation under the sherman act? >> it's called price signaling. a wink or a nod. what is interesting about this story for me, the justice department is going in saying, do you really have a watch doling. the truth is itas the consumers that make the big changes. it was their outrage and free market, bank of america, we are not going to take this debit card extra charge. we're moving. that is exactly what happened. that is what made bank of america change their policy. it was actually consumers made the change. >> gregg: tomorrow ten retail banks projected to lose $185 billion in deposits over the next year if they don't better address customer complaints like this according to a recent study. i was amazed to find 650,000
4:39 pm
customers suddenly joined credit unions. >> some of it had to do with government regulation. you can't charge merchants the same amount you ever been for debit transactions. >> gregg: 50% hair cut? >> they said yes, and they got this money and we're going to consumers we're going to charge for paper statements. we're going to charge for bounced checks. those are the things you to have really look for now because you are going to start seeing more charges. you may not hear much about it as you look at your statement. >> gregg: people need beware of their checking account charges, inactivity fee charges. >> inactivity fees on debit cards. if you don't use them, that is the irony in all that. >> gregg: also, additional charges for paper statements, higher punitive fees for bounced checks.
4:40 pm
all of these things could be ways that your bank is looking to hike your fees. >> there is nothing illegal about this. your bank can do this. it's trying to make money, but if you to have look at it and see if you are willing to pay this. if not, go with to another bank. >> gregg: when everybody starts getting involved and puts limits banks are not going to absorb the loss they are going pass it on to consumers. brenda, good to see you. >> heather: they are one of the most powerful weapons in the war on terror, unmanned aerial drones. soon you may see them over american soil. we'll explain next with our power panel. sharing the road but not sharing the same rules? why some say that bike riders that break the law need to saim
4:41 pm
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>> heather: they helped find the world's most wanted man, drone aircraft, known for finding osama bin laden. now, they may soon be coming to the skies near you. the faa working on new rules so groups from police departments and farmers could use them beginning next year. let's bring in our panel, k.t. mcfarland.
4:46 pm
judith miller and mercedes cohen a fox news legal analyst. thank you for joining us. >> immediately americans, drones patrolling the skies, they think privacy issues. the list goes from there. mercedes, i'll start with you. >> when 9/11 took place, thousands of people lost their lives. these are the types of protections we all need. we need them. frankly the right to privacy and when there is security issues, national security, individuals that are combatants against america, the weaponry that brought back the world trade center, that is what needs to happen. >> our legal analysts on the panel, you don't have a concern with privacy? >> not an issue at all. when it comes to issues of national security. that is the trite privacy which
4:47 pm
is not constitutional, they are case law. they have been created through the court system. it has to be subordinated for national security. >> i don't have a problem at all mercedes. i am with you. but i do have a safety issue, the faa as a safety problem. there is only issued 266 permits to dry these drones out. it's going to get crowded up there. when you realize how difficult it is already to coordinate and to keep track of all the planes in the air. now, we're going to have drones everywhere. >> fed ex deliver packages and drones moving through the air. state and law enforcement people want them. it could be a problem. >> i hate to disagree with both of you. but we're talking about
4:48 pm
something different. drones we're talking about faa is not the drones we that would take off in afghanistan. they could be very small, kind of radio airplanes. these are drones that are going to do, they go where helicopters can't. so they can go into areas. >> like new york city. [ laughter ] >> it's not to spy on people. it's to fight wildfires or go to areas, tornadoes, where you don't want to risk a human being. i think drones are great. they are here to stay. they are cheap and easy. we're going to see an awful lot more of them. >> we have to regulate them so they don't bump into each other. >> sharing the same road, they are not always obligated to follow the same rules. did you hear this incident.
4:49 pm
it happened in san francisco. a bicyclist ran a red light and killed a pedestrian. then he was charged with a misdemeanor, misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter. it has some people in san francisco questioning whether cyclists are getting off easier for breaking the same law. i'm going in reverse and start with you. >> in san francisco, this is a city that is on top bankruptcy cities in america. to ban circumcision is cruel. i think san francisco ought to get its act together and figure out how to govern. >> i think this is a real issue. if you live in new york and you start to have bike lanes that people enjoy. >> how many times have you stepped off a curb looking the right way on a one street and then you have a bicyclist ignore the one-way rule, almost run
4:50 pm
over you. according to the cdc there is 500,000 accidents involving bicycles and only a third of them are said to be reported. >> and in this case, a person lost their life. when you are talking about human life, somebody didn't follow the rules, sorry, it can't be a misdemeanor which would only be a year or less of a prison term. >> if they are going to share the road, share the same laws. >> more and more people go green this is an incident that could happen more and more frequently. >> heather: leaving god out of thanksgiving. that is what president obama did and he is catching criticism over leaving that out of his holiday address. is it justified? our panel will talk about that coming up next. i took some steep risks in my teens. i'd never ride without one now. and since my doctor prescribed lipitor, i won't go without it for my high cholesterol
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>> and welcome back. president obama omitting any thanks for god from his thanksgiving address this year. this has some critics pretty fired up. but president obama is know the only commander in chief in recent history to leave god out of thanksgiving. so to be fair, let's take a look at this. president george w. bush mentioned god in 7 out of 8
4:55 pm
addresses. former president clinton only mentioned god in 4 out of 8 addresses. our panel is back. so what are our thoughts on this? do we need to always include god? mercedes? >> i co-pilot my life with god. that's my personal belief. i was a public official. but it's very much a choice as a public official. obviously, the president felt he couldn't because he want to embrace those who don't embrace god the way i do. i think that balance is a strain. it has to be all exclusive. if you want to be all exclusive, you have to -- inclusive, have you to include those who don't believe in god. >> he did include god in his address. i don't think anybody doubts that the president, who spent lots of time in a very controversial church in chicago, has a deep religious belief. he's referred to it. i think we ought to remember what thanksgiving is all about.
4:56 pm
i thank my husband, the chef, because i can't boil water. but secondly, i think we ought to remember that it was abraham lincoln that established thanksgiving as a national official holiday to commemorate those who are lost at gettysburg. it was a commemoration holiday. that's something that i think a lot of americans forget. >> i disagree. i think that every president -- forget his personal beliefs. he represents the united states. the mayflower compact, going back 400 years talked about thanks to god. george washington talked about thanksgiving under god. i think it's a mistake for any american president to give thanks without some reference to a higher cause and a higher being, period. >> heather: thank you very much. we appreciate you joining us today. we hope that you had a great thanksgiving. >> yes. >> thank you. >> i thank god on my thanksgiving, by the way. >> heather: my too. gregg. >> gregg: two missing women and
4:57 pm
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>> gregg: this is a fox news alert. you are looking live at philadelphia city hall, members of up on philadelphia have just now passed mayor nutter's 5:00 p.m. deadline to voluntarily dismantle their camp outside of city hall. now, on friday, the mayor gave
5:01 pm
the demonstrators 48 hours to pack up and get out because of a $50 million construction project that is about to begin on the plaza. we will say that one faction of protesters does have the city's permission to continue demonstrating across the street at another plaza. but that doesn't begin until tomorrow morning. and their permit does not allow overnight camping. now, up on philadelphia has been largely peaceful, so far. without any violent confrontations with police. so we will keep an eye on this situation as it develops. >> hello, everyone. i'm gregg jarrett. welcome to another hour inside america's news headquarters. i'm heather childers. topping the news, angener pakistan, protesters blaming nato and the u.s. for deadly airstrikes. we have the latest on washington's efforts to contain
5:02 pm
the crisis. >> gregg: on the eve of critical elections in egypt, thousands of protesters remain in the square. we'll get a live report. >> heather: tis the season for endless office parties and shopping and get-togethers with family and friends. and if that is not enough, there is a mountain of food that can trigger migraines. our medical team will help you take on the holidays headache-free. >> gregg: republican presidential candidate newt gingrich is likely the envy of all of his rivals today. why? well, new hampshire's union leader newspaper, the biggest in the state, endorsing the former speaker of the house for the republican nomination. and just last hour, i interviewed the publisher of that newspaper and the author of the editorial endorsing newt gingrich. here's what he had to say. >> he's the one who brought the republicans to congress after 30 years in the wilderness. he came up with a contract with
5:03 pm
america. he helped balance a budget with a democratic president. he is going to make mistakes. but he's going to do things. and that's what america needs right now. >> gregg: we go live to washington for more. >> reporter: hi, gregg, this from the man chester union leader is a big boost for gingrich whose spokesman told me, the timing is just right as voters start paying serious attention to the g.o.p. race. here's a part of the front-page editorial endorsement. it says a lot of candidates say they are coming to improve washington and newt gingrich has done that and he has the best shot of doing it again. in new hampshire, newt gingrich is far behind, 18%, compared to mitt romney's 38%. the former house speaker has been surging from near the bottom of the lineup to at or near the top in many national polls. a campaign spokesman said in a statement today with today's
5:04 pm
endorsement, newt gingrich has solidified his hold as the conservative frontrunner in the 2012 presidential race. another g.o.p. candidate explained gingrich's sudden popularity this way. >> once again proves, chris, how fluid and unpredictable new hampshire is. people are just beginning to pay attention and coalesce around the candidates. >> gregg: of course, gingrich is under fire for his immigration policy that would allow some illegals to stay in the country. candidate herman cain has a very different approach. >> the illegal immigration issue is four problems, secure the border for real. enforce the laws that are there. i don't believe we need another path. we don't need exceptions, we need to clean up the bureaucracy that's already there. >> gregg: and he says he wants to empower the states to deal with their own illegal immigrants. >> heather: egypt a military ruler warning of extremely grave
5:05 pm
consequences if the country's political turmoil does not end quickly. you are looking at live pictures of the square in kiroy where demonstrations are underway. protesters calling for the immediate handover of power from military leaders to a civilian council ahead of parliamentary connections. we go live to cairo. greg? >> reporter: heather, rain and cold tonight have kept the numbers down at the protest behind me. it's just past midnight. there may be about a thousand there. but on the eve of that very important vote, stakes here remain very high. authorities saying the night egypt is at a crossrooteds between chaos and order and it has been very orderly the past week or so in cairo and elsewhere. over 40 killed. 3,000 injured. the folks we spoke with today at the protest are still demanding
5:06 pm
that the military authority step down before any vote. here's what they had to say. >> it's 10 months. >> like we haven't done anything except -- except only dropping the head of the regime. >> it is not good. >> reporter: what do you want to happen? >> we want to make egypt go back again. >> reporter: there is no sign, however, that the military authorities are going to step down. the elections will go forward, under maximum security. it is reported tonight that both army and police will be at polling stations. there are fears that those stations could be targeted tomorrow. also fears that the voters might be a bit turned off by the whole process. authorities have devised a very complicated month-long system to come up with a new parliament, a new government here. all of that said, however, it is figured out that the islamist
5:07 pm
parties will probably do the best. they are the best organized. they have the greatest ability to get out the vote. after 10 months of turmoil here, however imperfect this system is, a lot of people here are thinking they want to get on and at least try democracy. back to you. >> heather: streaming live from cairo. thank you. >> gregg: a possible showdown between the united states and pakistan. congressional lawmakers calling for a harder line with sloughed bad after pakistan's reaction to reports of a deadly nato airstrike. peter doocy has more. >> reporter: lines of communication with pakistan are closed, which means we cannot get supplies to afghanistan at two important border crossings right now. if we cannot re-establish contact with pakistan, trucks might line up at border, making them easy targets for insurgents. this part of the world is a
5:08 pm
terrorist safe haven, where terrorists shoot at pakistanis and coalition forces and this kind of communication breakdown hurts us and helps them. >> a very violent and dangerous area. anything that leads to complications or lack of communication in this part of the world only serves one side and that is the insurgency. >> reporter: in the wake of this incident, pakistan told us to get out of a base near the border that we have been using to launch drones against al qaeda in the region. and their overall reaction has some in congress wondering once again if we should write islamabad such big checks. >> they should understand that our support to them financially is dependent on their cooperation with us. but you can't just cut off all assistance. >> while it's tempting to say we ought to throw the pakistanis over the side and stop giving them aid and all the rest of it, as long as that country has nuclear weapons that could fall into the hans of radicals and be a threat worldwide, they have
5:09 pm
incredible leverage. >> reporter: in a joint statement, secretary of state and secretary of defense, offered condolences to the pakistani troop who is were killed. but things are still tense between the two countries right now. >> gregg: thanks. so what could pakistan's decision to cut off a nato supply route mean to the afghan war? nato ships nearly half of its nonlethal supplies for its troops in afghanistan through pakistan. the united states is the largest member of the nato force there and 30% of our nonlethal supplies pass through pakistan. nonlethal supplies include things like fuel, clothing, spare parts and food for our troops. >> heather: an unprecedented move by the arab league against syria, voting overwhelmingly to cut off all commercial ties with damascus, hoping the sanctions will force the syrian government to end its eight-month-long deadly crackdown of protesters.
5:10 pm
we have more from jerusalem. >> reporter: heather, on the ground in syria, these sanctions are unlikely to do much n. reality, they are more like a few stern words and a slap on the wrist for a regime that has killed more than 3500 of its own citizens, simply because they demanded democracy. it is important to note, though, it is the arab league, rather than the international community or western governments that are now cracking down. in response to the merciless violence, other arab nations will no longer deal with syria's central bank and turns off the mon frearab government, who are currently funding a variety of projects inside syria. the president went on the offensive almost immediately, criticizing the arab league and saying nothing about possibly changing their briewltion tactics, including shelling cities, mass roundups, torture and indiscriminate killing of civilians. the syrian protest began in march, and with its brutal
5:11 pm
tactics, the regime has been able to stay in power. but it's becoming increasingly isolated. what started as massive protests, demanding the president's resignation have morphed into battles between the army and soldier who is have changed sides. while the president has kept enough control to prevent a civil war, even this weekend, there has been horrific violence, but the international community continues to treat seria with kid gloves, refusing to discuss the type of military response they used in libya. the u.s. and european union have issued tougher sanctions, but they are not enough to tighten the noose on assad. and syria counts russia and iran as key allies, so those who are demanning freedom and risking their lives to do so are unlikely to get any meaningful help from the outside. back to you. caller: thank you.
5:12 pm
>> gregg: new developments in the case of that missing mother of three from florida. last night, a s.w.a.t. team raiding a home, centurying for michelle parker -- searching for michelle parker. she hasn't been seen since november 17, just hours after her case appeared on the television show "the people's court." julie banderas has the latest. >> reporter: according to property records, the house belongs to dale smith sr., the father of michelle parker's ex-fiancee. police are not saying what led them to search the home or if they are questioning anyone. they are not commenting on any clues that were found inside the home. according to neighbors, dale sr. was led out with handcuffs, but he wasn't arrested. michelle parker's parents are offering a $50,000 riward for information leading to their daughter. but in an unusual twist, the reward is good only up until today. her mother wanted a time limit on the reward money to encourage people with tips to come forward
5:13 pm
immediately. parker was last seen dropping off her three-year-old twins at smith jr.'s home 10 days ago and hasn't been seen since. surveillance cameras at his home captured a black humvee arriving and leaving the home on the same day the couple appeared on "the people's court" over a dispute about a $5,000 engagement ring. on the show, michelle describes a tumultuous relationship that she said at times became violent. her hummer was found abandoned a day after the show aired. her brother also happened to receive a suspicious text from parker's phone at 4:26 p.m. the day she disappeared, indicating she was in the waterford area of orlando and said she doesn't send one-word text messages. we don't know what that text message was, but her iphone is missing, as well as any hard evidence leading investigators to her whereabouts. >> gregg: thanks very much. we will have much more on the
5:14 pm
missing mom, michelle parker, coming up with our legal panel, available later on in this hour. and a missioning woman in aruba, the suspect maybe let go. >> heather: we are keeping an eye on philadelphia's city hall as well, where up on philadelphia has passed its 5:00 p.m. eastern deadline to voluntarily pack up and move its camp to make room for a construction project. we will keep an eye on the breaking developments. >> gregg: helping ex-convicts begin a new life. what students at one university are doing to make sure some former inmates stay out of jail. >> heather: the midnight start to black friday was such a success, retailers say that it will likely be the norm from now on. how much did they rake in? we have the numbers straight ahead. [ male announcer ] the inspiring story
5:15 pm
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5:18 pm
>> gregg: welcome back. time for a quick check of the headline, the united states planning to launch its own investigation into an alleged nato airstrike that killed 24 pakistani soldiers, this after a
5:19 pm
response by the attack from pakistan by cutting off vital routes for u.s.-led troops in pakistan. a quake rocking oklahoma for the sixth time in four days, just 27 miles from the capitol. roman catholic mass is getting a makeover, parishes all over the country, updating familiar prayers with new english words, apparently closer to the original latin text. >> heather: this year, black friday had many retailers seeing green. that's because experts say earlier than ever store openings were such a hit with shoppers that they are now considering making midnight the new kickoff to the holiday shopping season. so how much exactly did they rake in? brenda butner joins us with more to that. so, we are talking about $52
5:20 pm
million, an estimate. >> reporter: yeah, it was a really, really big weekend. it was historic highs. there were 226 million shoppers who -- who hit that midnight deadline. and they were there. they were out. they loved it. >> heather: so why? what is contributing to this? we have 9% unemployment rate. people are out there, though, spending money. >> reporter: yeah, i think really it's -- the question is: is black friday really the beginning of a busy holiday season? and i think the jury's out on that. it may be that everybody's just spending now and won't spend later. and that's why i don't know that we are going to have a very merry christmas for retailers. also, retailers were very, very deeply discounting so they need to make up in volume for the fact that they were giving such
5:21 pm
deep discounts to bring the people in. so, it is not at all clear that they were making that much money. but i think it is clear that they're going to be doing this again and again. >> yeah. that's what i was going on ask you, whether or not you think that it will taper off, maybe people bought into the hype right now, but they won't buy into itularity. >> yeah. i think we are going to know a lot more tomorrow on cyber monday, which is when everyone goes online and buys into the deals then. i think the numbers are going to testimony us a lot. a lot of people were going online over the weekend to get deals as well as going into the shops. so we will know a lot more then. >> some of the stores, they love the trend and they decided not to participate as early as the others. we were talking about this last weekend. target and toys "r" us opening up at 9:00 p.m. on thursday night of thanksgiving. but according to the initial
5:22 pm
reports, those stores that bucked the trend and chose not to do that and open up super early, they didn't really suffer any consequence as a result? >> reporter: well, i think there was some stores where it was not at all clear and there was some looting going on because people thought they were supposed to be open and people got upset because they were waiting so long outside. they just opened the doors themselves. so, you know, there was a lot -- people were not quite sure which stores are going to open, which are not going to open. i think next year, it will be a lot clearer. >> heather: across the board, there were violent incidents involving this black friday, wal-mart, i think there were nine wal-marts across the country that were dealing with that. we talked about that yesterday. but in terms of the overall economy, i know you touched on this briefly, but where do you see this holiday shopping season going? because we really do need it to be successful. >> reporter: well, people spent more this year on average, the
5:23 pm
average consumer spent more this year than they did last year. despite the high unemployment. despite -- >> heather: for black friday. >> reporter: for black friday weekend. and despite the fact that confidence is at the area where it usually is during a recession. so, you know, it could lead to a very good holiday season. it might not. we don't know at this point. but it was a very, very, very good beginning. caller: we can see that. >> reporter: if we see cyber monday tomorrow, you think that's more of an indication? >> reporter: absolutely. because, you know, a lot of times, we see a lot of procrastination until christmas day -- >> heather: me! >> reporter: yes. but people were out there and buying, not just for other people, they were buying for themselves, which is a good sign. caller: thank you very much. as always, we appreciate it. gregg? former inmates are getting a brand-new, fresh start.
5:24 pm
that's the goal of students at one university helping ex-cons get into the workforce. we have more from atlanta. >> reporter: hi, gregg. students and employers in nashville, tennessee, are working to put inmates back to work because the unemployment rate for ex-cons is 40 to 50%. as we know, that's five times the national average. we have one story of success, keith wilson. he's a very popular chef at a posh burger joint in nashville, tennessee, called burger up. he has been working there since he got out of prison a year ago. he has gone from being a dish washer to having his own item on the menu. he says the reason he's not back in prison is because he was given a second chance. >> i feel good to have a job. i feel good to be able to pay my bills and call myself responsible. i feel good to have a bank account. >> reporter: we met a professor from belmont university in nashville, who is
5:25 pm
teaching college kids to lead by example, just like the owner of burger up with. -- her classroom is filled with inmates that meet inside prison walls for her class. she says as business owners employ inmate, tell build up the community and save money in the long run. >> when we look at the expenses of recidivism, the financial expenses of recidivism and we look at the money and the resources from our society that are going into upholding the prison system, you know, we have to make choices as a society. where do we put our resources? >> reporter: there are also financial incentives for employers, such as federal tax breaks and a lot of employees qualify to be bonded. so it's a good investment for employers. >> gregg: thanks very much for that story. heather. >> heather: are the saying is famous and maybe now more than ever, it's the economy, stupid.
5:26 pm
moving closer to the 2012 presidential election. the economy should be the top priority on the campaign trail. but is it? and republican presidential candidate jon huntsman, a one-on-one exclusive with chris wallace on sunday sunday next. discussing who is happening in the race for the white house. nice ring. knock it off. ignore him. with the capital one venture card you earn... double miles on every purchase. [ sharon ] 3d is so real larry. i'm right here larry. if you're not earning double miles... you're settling for half. really? a plaid tie? what, are we in prep school? [ male announcer ] get the venture card at and earn double miles on every purchase every day. what's in your wallet? was gonna say that. uh huh...
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>> gregg: a fox news alert. police have arrived at the scene of up on philadelphia. this is market streets you are looking at live pictures. now up on philadelphia whose members had been ordered to dismantdle their camp. didn't do it. in fact, the mayor, michael nutter gave them 48 hours' notice to pack up because of a $50 million construction project that's about to begin. so they haven't done it and there is a confrontation here, but so far, no violence. but we will continue to keep an eye on what's happening here in philadelphia.
5:31 pm
>> heather: are, it is the bottom of the hour. that means it's time for the top of the news. a big endorsement for republican presidential candidate newt gingrich. new hampshire's largest newspaper, the new hampshire union leader, giving gingrich the nod. >> good news for senior, medicare says drug plan participant who is go over their limit will pay less out of pocket. >> heather: three american students arrested in a protest in egypt are back in the united states. they were accused of throwing firebombs at security -- security forces during a protest. >> gregg: well, we have been hearing it since james carville famously posted a sign in the campaign offices of then arkansas governor, bill clinton, "it's the economy, stupid. and the economy should be an
5:32 pm
overwhelming topic on the campaign trail and perhaps bad news for president obama. will it be, though? joining me is byron york. good to see you. >> hi, gregg. >> gregg: you know this, historically sitting presidents get punished at the ballot box when the economy is bad. ours is awful. we have anemic growth and unemployment at 9% and doesn't seem to be going anywhere. even the president himself said the americans are not better off than they were 4 years ago. and yet, byron, the latest wall street journal poll shows that 45% of americans say, i'll probably vote to re-elect him. and he runs ahead of all g. o.p. contenders. shouldn't he be way behind? >> well fhistory is any guide twould be unusual for him to be re-elected. no president since roosevelt has been re-elected with an unemployment rate of 7.2% or
5:33 pm
higher so it would be very unusual for barack obama to be re-elected. on the other hand, he is counting on the fact that most americans do not blame him personally. they know he inherited a mess and the question is, did he do everything he could? or was he effective in dealing with it? >> gregg: i think you are right on point here. we looked at the stats, when asked who is to blame for the current economic problems, 36% blame wall street. 34% blame george w. bush and only 21% blame president obama. and in fact, 60% do say that president obama inherited a bad economy. but, look, as the election gets closer, might those numbers begin to really change as people say to themselves, okay, wait a minute, he's had four years to fix it and it's not getting better. >> that's right. i think what you are going to see, whoever the republican nominee is, they are going to adopt the argument that mitt romney has been using of late, which is that barack obama is a
5:34 pm
good man. he had his chance. he didn't create this mess. he inherited. but he had his chance and he didn't fix. it he failed to fix it and america knelt afford him to fail for four more years. on the other hand, his argument is going to be, and the argument any of incumbent is, you know me. maybe i'm not perfect. but you know me. if you elect that other guy, something bad could happen. >> gregg: you know, i looked it autopsy today, it was february 2009, the president had just taken office and he said, if i cannot fix the economy in the next 3 years, i'm going to be a one-term president. so there is a ready-made ad for thunext year. byron, maybe there is something else at work here. 71% of americans say they like president obama personally. which is extraordinarily high. does that change the electoral equation? >> well, it certainly changes the strategy for republicans. here again, we have seen that with romney, which is not to attack obama, don't suggest he's
5:35 pm
a bad man, don't suggest voters should dislike him. just say, he had his chance and he failed at trying to fix the economy. obama's going to try to do everything he can to capitalize on that and to capitalize on the possible danger of changing courses. he has made this argument very effectively and said that the republicans ran the economy into a ditch and we are going do give it back to hymn them? >> the very influential new hampshire union leader announced its ensdorsment today, newt gingrich. now, gingrich is already near the top in iowa and south carolina. could this vault him to the top in new hampshire? and my goodness, i mean, he could run the table on some of the early states. is this a potential game changer, byron? >> well, it's a big deal for gingrich because mitt romney has been assumed to be the hands-down winner of the new hampshire primary. if he faces a tough race in new hampshire, that totally changes
5:36 pm
the equation. on the other hand, remember that the union leader has endorsed pat buchanan twice, has endorsed steve forbes and pete dupont, doesn't always pick the winner. >> he picked john mccain and that vaulted him four years ago. dorothy rabinowits wrote this about newt gingrich 3 weeks ago. quote, his greatest asset lies in his capacity to speak to americans as he has done with such potency in the republican debate. >> do you agree with that? >> i don't think anybody could have predicted how prcht the debates would be. they are the single biggest factor in the race. gingrich is week to week, the best debater on the stage. that's the biggest reason for his rise. as a matter of fact, it's been the reason for some people's
5:37 pm
falls. obviously the reason for rick perry's decline in the polls, for herman cain's decline in the polls. newt gingrich's performances in the debate have brought him nearly to the lead of this race. >> byron york, thanks very much for being with us. >> thank you, gregg. >> heather: president obama's proposed buffett rule would raise taxes on people making more than $1 million a year. but critics say that could hurt everyone, just like in california. we go live to los angeles for more on that. william? >> reporter: well, heather, the president says the rich don't pay their fair share. so the buffett rule would tax their capital gain, profits from stocks, at the same rate as ordinary income. but california already does that, with largely disastrous budgetary results. here's why. those earning over $5 million here pay almost 10% in state
5:38 pm
tax, over $1 million, 8.4% and under $50 grand, it's 2/10%. so the tax system relies heavily on the rich. before the crash, just worn% of state taxpayers paid almost 50% income tax. the top 10%, 72%, the top 20%, those earning more than $100 grand, paid 90%. that reliance on the 1%, 150,000 taxpayers looks greats to the 6 million californians who paid nothing, but when the stock market crashed and investment income disappeared, so did state revenue, falling by 25%. that volatility left california billions of dollars in debt. >> what's wrong with volatility is that government tends to base their spending decisions on their current revenue when times
5:39 pm
are good. so revenues go up and the government spends it. they have very short time horizons itch the 1/10 of 1% get capital gains in this country. they get a huge amount of dividends and rolling back the capital gains and dividend cuts so ordinary people are not paying more as a percentage of their income than rich people is absolutely the right thing to do. >> reporter: so the crux of the debate, is it fair that 1% of the people pay half of all taxes and half the taxpayers pay nothing? most people would say no. but is it fair that warren buffett should pay a lower tax rate thans his secretary? the majority would say no. that's the dilemma for congress as it attempts to change the tax code. >> gregg: two beautiful women, both missing. not much for police to go on.
5:40 pm
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call the number on your screen or visit our website to apply. >> gregg: a major development in the case of a missing marilyn woman who vanished in aruba. the only suspect in her disappearance, the guy on the left, was vacationing with her and is now set to be relatessed, after a judge in aruba says there is no longer enough evidence to hold him. but is there a chance he could face charges in the u.s.? mercedes cohen and kristin wilson, a former prosecutor. could he face charges here in the united states with a different legal system? >> it does have a different legal system and the fbi has been working with the authorities in aruba. and... certainly, they could extradite him. they could help with the case. they are helping, they have been helping with the investigation. i think the real question is: is he going to return to the
5:45 pm
u.s. or is the fear that he goes somewhere else when he leaves? >> gregg: you know, i was reading through the evidence here. i will read one portion. tv footage with the missing miss gardner with a viulent fight with the suspect hours before her disappearance. he's alleged to have threatened to kill her and graing her by the throat and shoving her into an elevator, the day she vanished. seems like there is evidence, isn't there? >> there is. but this is aruba. aruba justice -- big, fat veero. we saw that with the natalee holloway case. no body, no case. they have difficulty just lining up the circumstances. $1.5 million policy he took out a if you days before they went on the trip, the fact there was a violent outburst and witnesses that claim that he said, she disappeared snol,rkelling and ty wondered, why was he sweaty and
5:46 pm
uncomfortable. and by the way, she didn't look like she was going snorkelling with makeup and her hair done. >> obviously, it is not enough for them to say, this is peculiar. >> at first they said the motive was the insurance policy. now they said, no, they read a cell phone message saying i love you and those are inconsistent motives. >> those are. the $1.5 million policy taken out before the trip leads one to think there was premeditation. that's an odd circumstance for two people who don't really know each there, to take out those kind of accidental policies or for him to take it out on her. this whole crime of passion certainly gives another motive. but it does seem somewhat inconsistent with premeditation. >> now the missing mom in florida, the most recent case. we hope she's still alive. >> horrible. >> gregg: what do you make of this? >> it's really odd. first off, there is a lag
5:47 pm
between the controversial "people's court" and the time she disappeared. if she was so distraught, she would have done something fshe disappeared into the sunset, on the day she filmed, not the day it aired. it's very odd because with that time lag, she maintained contact with dale smith jr., her ex-fiance and dropped the kids off. why would a mother -- that's what we were talking about, when have you three-year-old twins-- on the tv show, she accused her ex-fiance of being violent and fighting over the value of a ring he claims she had thrown away. what do you make of that? >> i think part of it being on the show is what is at issue, it was obviously an emotional topic, an engagement ring that she threw away and the relationship did fall apart. but they certainly kept in contact enough, they were sharing the kids, they weren't dropping them off at a police station. she was dropping them off at the
5:48 pm
house and friends who saw her the night before say she was fine. >> gregg: could it be something else a carjacking? >> how awful. she has a very expensive humvee. they hadn't found the iphone and the odd text that someone sent a one-word text saying waterford. what does that mean? even the mother said i don't think dale smith is involved. >> gregg: what about dale smith sr., the father of the ex-fiance, they followed him out in cuffs last night as they did a search? >> that's a fascinating piece and finding out what is behind the warrant. police had to get enough to get a warrant to get into the home. that piece is fascinating, along with the information that he was taken out of the house in handcuffs, which if he were trying to interfere with the warrant being executed, that could explain it. >> gregg: two terrific lawyers, thanks for being with us. sad story, both of them. but we haven't heard the end of them. they are not solved?
5:49 pm
heather's outside. caller: we have good news for headache sufferers this holiday season. you can have a pain-free holiday by avoiding certain foods that apparently trigger migraines. what you need to know, coming up next. my sinus symptoms come with a cough that stays even after i treat... [ male announcer ] truth is, most sinus formulas don't treat a cough. really? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus sinus liquid gels fights sinus symptoms plus cough. you're good. [ male announcer ] thanks. that's the cold truth!
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>> gregg: welcome back. we are on the plaz aa beautiful evening here. the holidays can, for some people, be a difficult time, especially if you suffer from migraines. >> heather: yeah. we have tips to help you out to avoid the things that maybe trigger headaches and many of the triggers are certain foods. we have the chief of breast surgery at staten island university hospital and a fox news medical a-teamer. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. it's beautiful. the christmas lights. this is a beautiful if i'm of year. but at the same time, it's a huge stressor with the pressure of shopping and the finances that goes with it. so with the migraines, that's probably the most common factor and the most important factor for causing migraines, stress of the holidays and the fatigue that comes with the parties and preparing for the holidays. that's the biggest factor and
5:54 pm
there is the food that can trigger migraines as well. >> gregg: all right. we have a line yuof foods here that can sometimes be triggers. let's start with the wine. >> so red wine in particular has histamines so the chemicals can cause migraines. vodka is a low trigger. so if you choose to drink, vodka may be a better drink. >> gregg: what about beer? >> beer also can condane histamines that can cause migreens or chemicals that can cause them as well. >> heather: be aware of that. we see a lot of cheese plate plates out in the holidays. >> cheese is a big factor for chemicals found inside cheese. in addition to that, the processed meats, moked meats and beef and pork can contain compounds that can cause migraines and be aware of nuts. nuts can cause migraines and trigger migraines in some people and chocolate can trigger them. so most people will find their
5:55 pm
own foods that will trigger a migraine. so keep those away. some people may find out as they go through the holiday season. >> gregg: this is a bag of coffee beans? >> caffeine can trigger them and it can help them. but it can also trigger them in some people. >> heather: how do you know if you are suffering from a migraine? >> migraines have a very specific, severe headache, usually on one side that comes with nausea and photophobia and for a third of people, they will have an aura, a visual or sensory stimulus that can be associated with it. >> gregg: what about medications, beta blockers? >> right. beta blockers, anti-depressant, anti-convulsants, depending on the severity, your doctor may recommend that you be on the medications, but there are side effects. if you are a migraine sufferer, keep your medication with you at all time, especially during this season because the earlier you
5:56 pm
trait the -- treat the migraine, the easier it is to treat it. >> gregg: try to avoid the stress. last-minute shopping. caller: someone has finished their shopping so you won't be stressed out? thank you so much for being with us today. great. we have people from texas, hawaii, mississippi and brooklyn here. thank, everybody. >> heather: that's it for us. sunday -- fox news sunday is next. >> >> gregg: have a great week and destress. capital one's new cash rewards card gives you a 50% annual bonus! so you earn 50% more cash. according to research, everybody likes more cash.
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