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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  November 27, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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>> occupy protesters saying no again to the the mayor of philadelphia. the video coming in now to fox from the plaza where they're staging a sit-in just past city hall and deadlines to leave that location, we're monitoring the situation, i'm harris falkner, we're live as fox reports. up for grabs, no more. newt gingrich snags a coveted endorsement and delivering a blow to another republican front runner and gingrich not the only presidential candidate finding fresh support. fox reports developments from the campaign trail. a deadline about to expire and still no sign of michelle parker.
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now, police take a bold step. >> and and it's like coming up to them and, fire extinguishers. >> tonight, why investigators now think there's a possible link between this home and what happened to the missing mom. and also. >> and it was me and him. >> ultimate choice, when a life or death showdown unfolds inside this man's home. >> fox news is america's election headquarters and tonight, a huge boost for republican presidential candidate newt gingrich. in what could be a major blow for top contender mitt romney, who still leads in most polls in the state of new hampshire, romney, former governor of massachusetts has very strong ties to that state and has a home there and where he announced his candidacy in june. gingrich now receiving the endorsement of the manchester
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union leader though, it is a highly influential conservative newspaper in new hampshire and of course, that's where the nation's first primary election will be just six weeks from now. the support from newt gingrich coming as reports indicate another g.o.p. candidate will win a high profile endorsements of his own. our steve centanni live in the d.c. bureau, steve? >> and a spokesman told me this afternoon, it came for a good time for them just as a lot of people are beginning to pay serious attention for the g.o.p. primary and the gingrich campaign has been working hard in new hampshire and opening up with staff, contacting about a thousand voters every day and the publisher of the union leader told fox news earlier today, gingrich is the best candidate out there right now. >> and he was by far handled himself the best and he is he certainly not without flaws we've disagreed with him on
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issues, but, it's the whole package, he's a forward thinker. >> and another g.o.p. candidate, john huntsman appeared today on fox news sunday and explains what he thinks is happening with the g.o.p. race. >> a month ago, for newt gingrich, to have been in the running to capture the manchester union leader endorsement would have been unthinkable so i think it reflects more than anything else the fluidity, the unpredictability of the race right now. >> immigration is shaping up to be in this race and newt gingrich is proposing to let some undocumented stay in the u.s. and the candidate rick perry was criticized for allowing the the tuition illegally. this coming tuesday in new hampshire, perry will appear alongside joe arpaio, a staunch opponent of illegal immigration, and all amid arpaio will endorse the texas
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governor at a time when his support generally slipping, harris. >> steve centanni, thank you very much. >> harris: let's turn now to pakistan where outrage is growing after that deadly air strike blamed on n.a.t.o. forces. demonstrators now gathering outside the u.s. consulate in karachi today shouting anti-american slogans and burning an effigy of president obama and holding a banner to protest what they say was an unprovoked air strike in pakistan. 24 soldiers killed in that and n.a.t.o. says it's investigating, likely coalition forces did cause those casualties. a lot of reaction coming now from washington. our peter doocy has more from our d.c. pure owe. >> the communication with pakistan are closed, which means we cannot get supplies into afghanistan at two important border crossings right now and if we cannot reestablish contact with pakistan soon, trucks might line up at the border making them easy targets for
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insurgents and a general told this is the terrorist safe haven and terrorists shoot at pakistanis and coalition forces and this kind of communications breakdown hurts us and helps them. >> the vital areas and dangerous area and anything that leads to complications or lack of communication in this part of the world, certainly one side and-- >> in the wake of this incident, pakistan told us to get out of a base near the border that we've been using to watch drones against al-qaeda in the the region, and their overall reaction has some in congress wondering once again, if we should write islam abad such big checks. >> it's not the kind ever situation where you can just cut off all assistance. while for many people to say we throw the pakistanis over the side and stop giving thm aid and the rest of it, as long as that country has
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nuclear weapons that could fall in the hands of radicals and be a threat worldwide they've got incredible leverage. in a joint statement last night, secretary of state hillary clinton and secretary of defense leon panetta offered condolences to the pakistanis killed, but things are tense between the two countries right now. >> harris: peter thank you. they are home, three american college students arrested during violent protesting in egypt. 19-year-old derrick sweeney returning to a very grateful family in missouri after a tearful reunion and he opened up about his detainment. >> that first evening was probably the most scary thing, it was the most frightening thing in my life and they said they're going to shoot us. so we moved and, and we spent about six hours that first night and nearly the fetal position sort of with our hands behind our back, it was dark and they were behind us and it was very scary.
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>> harris: wow, could you see the mom's face as he was telling the story, it was amazing. the other student he was with, they arrived home. here is porter to philadelphia yesterday afternoon. remember on the fox report we showed you as he was arriving, all three arrested for allegedly throwing molotov cocktails at security forces during violent demonstrations two weeks ago, meanwhile, the nationwide elections at the heart of those protests going ahead as planned and military rulers urging people to the polls despite the chaos in the streets. our greg palkot with the latest. >> you've been in cairo since the beginning of the uprising some eight months ago and this is what he they went through a revolution for, the elections coming tomorrow. what are things looking like on this eve? >> well, exactly all comes down to this, harris, and behind me, in tahrir square, it's cold, it's wet, it's late
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and people are still out there. they think that their revolution was started with the toppling of former egyptian president hosni mubarak and slowed by military officials and had the jobs of running the company tell rarely and despite the elections that are coming tomorrow. they're still demanding that these military officials go. here is a little bit of what they told me earlier today. >> and it's ten months didn't check, now. >> like we haven't done anything except only ahead of the regime. >> why, what do you want to happen? >> want (inaudible) >> despite all of this, a military officials are showing no signs of leaving and in contrast to what i saw, ten months ago, broad-based public support for these people is diminished and people are upset about the lengthy protests and upset about the
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deadly violence that occurred here in the past week, harris. >> harris: so we're hearing from them on what they want. what can we expect from the vote tomorrow. >> well, what we can expect is a tense scene, fear of violence and acts at the polling station is a concern and security very high. army and police will be at the very polling stations and we can also, harris, expect a confusing scene, a lot of parties, a lot of candidates and incredibly complicated system that could take literally months for the voters to come up with a new parliament, a new government, a big to make a good gain in all of this, and the parties because they're well-organized, they can get out the vote. but in fact, support and turnout for the whole election could be high, despite the complications, despite the difficulties and despite the dangers which we have personally seen here on the ground, folks here think look
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like they might want to try the democracy thing. back to you. >> harris: all right. greg palkot, thank you very much. reports after bombshell admission, and it comes with an elite college sports program still reeling from allegations of child sex abuse. another accuser coming forward in the scandal and police take drastic action in a desperate effort to find this missing mom. where they sent the s.w.a.t. teams and dogs in search for clues. will it bring her home? e wrapg a gift needs. wait a minute...i... [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] the lexus december to remember sales event is here, but only for a limited time. see your lexus dealer.
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>> a new development now in the case of a missing mom who vanished hours after a legal battle with her ex-fiance that played out before the nation on the people's court. an s.w.a.t. team in orlando moving in, raiding a home overnight that belongs to the father of her ex-fiance. our julie banderas is live in
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the news room. >> reporter: that's right, police aren't saying what led them to to search the home or if they're questioning anyone, but we just got video of the raid and apparently, it was taken on a cell phone, this is amateur video and shaky and unedited. according to neighbors who shot the video and saw it go down. dale, sr. was led out in handcuffs and 10 to 16 detectives showed up. knocked on the door and led dale, sr. out although was not arrested. police aren't commenting whether any clues were found inside that home. michelle parker's parents are offering a $50,000 reward for any information leading to their daughter. but in an unusual twist, the reward is good only until today so it will soon expire. her mother had want add tile limit on the reward money to encourage people with tips to come forward immediately since
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it's been ten days since she disappeared. parker was last seen dropping off her three-year-old twins at the home and hasn't been seen or heard from since. surveillance cameras at his home actually did capture a black hum-vee arriving and leaving the home the same day that parker and smith appeared on a taped edition of the people's court over a dispute over an engagement ring. michelle described the tumultuous relationship with smith at times she said became violent and michelle's black hummer was found abandoned the day after that show aired and michelle's brother refureceived a suspicious text, in the waterford area and said she doesn't send one word text messages. her iphone remains missing as well as any hard evidence leading to her whereabouts. >> harris. >> harris: thank you very much. a shocking new twist in the alleged sexual abuse scandal involving a syracuse university basketball coach.
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the wife of accused coach bernie fine reportedly caught on tape admitting concerns about her husband's possible abuse. in a recorded phone conversation in 2002 obtained by espn, his wife laurie tells i knew everything that went on. she goes on to say, quote, you trusted somebody you shouldn't have trusted. each of the boys were ball boys for his basketball team and the third accuser, coming forward last week claiming he was molested by bernie fine in 2002 when he was just 13 years old and we should note that thomas eli is facing abuse in maine and-- to the claims, police spent hours scouring through fine's home in upstate new york and fine has been placed on leave the at syracuse university and he denies all allegations. well, it's called the buffet
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rule and it's meant to tax super rich americans like warren buffett, a billionaire. but one state already has its own version of that rule. and fox report how it's working out there. and also, challenging an order in the city of brotherly love. this is philadelphia tonight for occupy protesters have been told to get out. the deadline two hours ago, they're not budging, as you can see. how will this one end? we're monitoring it and you usually find animals like these, that's a ram, by the way, roaming perhaps in the rugged mountains. maybe he's lost. you know where he is right now. in the center of a metropolis. the race is on. can you catch the rams, somebody, can you catch the-- does at that say miami-dade, can you catch the ram in miami? ♪
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. >> two deadly plane crashes this holiday weekend. a small plane going into the ground while trying to make an emergency landing in georgia near the alabama border a husband and wife in their 350's killed. 24-year-old son suffered serious burns on most ever his body. in another plane crash, four people were killed in northern illinois. the coroner's office does not expect to identify the bodies until tomorrow. and occupy wall street protesters told to go. and we're now a couple hours and 23 minutes beyond their deadline and as you can see they're not moving. this is the site in philadelphia, the city's mayor set a deadline of 5 p.m. eastern for them to take their tents down and all their camping gear home and some have done so and others promise to remain saying the importance of their message
7:22 pm
outways plans to renovate the plaza where this is. about 50 protesters staging a sit in and police taking no action against them and just waving the situation though, saying for now, it's painful. and on the other side of the country, a question of will they stay or go? a deadline there only hours away for occupy wall street protesters to pick up tear camping stuff and leave city hall park in los angeles and we were watching this last night and remember, they had a deadline a couple of days ago. and it was set in california where the mayor is said to have all weekend to get out. deadline, midnight, monday. and for the park to be completely cleared out. today, most of the roughly 500 tents set up on the grass are still there and most people saying they will stay, sending a good part of the day learning how to stay safe in the face of rubber bullets, tear gas and pep spray and police say not said how they expect to meet with
7:23 pm
resistance, but the chief saying they'll probably have to make arrests. and in washington state, occupy revenge. and the windows of the bank smashed in and revenge for occupy oakland spray painted on the building. the protests in the california port city got violent back in october and a lot of people arrested there and major damage was done to the building and police are not sure how this incident was actually revenge for what happened in oakland and the damage was about $10,000. the driving force behind the occupy wall street movement as you know, what they call corporate greed and economic inequality. and what will happen if the wealthiest americans were taxed more. remember the buffet rule, calling for a new minimum tax rate on millionaires, it's name a reference to billionaire warren buffett. in california a plan like the buffet rule is now in place. oh, from what we know, how
7:24 pm
very well. william la jeunesse on the story for us in los angeles. tell us about it. >> reporter: harris, right now, 51% of u.s. households pay zero income tax compared to the top 1% which pays 40% of all federal income tax. and yet senate democrats want more and proposing taxing investment income, money made on stocks, the same as ordinary income, but california already has the so-called buffet rule and it's a bugetary nightmare. state revenues dramatically rising and falling with the markets. >> it is true that capital gains income is much more volatile, it goes up and down a lot faster than ordinary income. but it's not hard to forecast that, now where the markets are, you pretty much have a sense of realization. >> well, california more than any other state depends on the rich, those earnings 5 million dollars pay almost 10% of their income state taxes. 1 million, 8.4, versus those
7:25 pm
making less and majority earnings under 50,000 pay nothing. as a result in 2007, 1% of the people paid almost 50% of allstate income taxes. and the top 10%, about 79%, the top 20% 90%, compared to 6 million californians who made nothing and another 4 million who paid less than 1%. so 143,000 super rich, less than 1/2 of 1% of the state population actually pays 42% of allstate income taxes, but when the market tanked, state income tax revenue fell by 25%. and tolt, that le-- volatility that left california broke. >> california illustrates what can go wrong. in california the tax rate on capital gains is the same as ordinary income tax rate and that's a very high rate and that means that the tax revenue of the state
7:26 pm
government is highly sensitive to the amount of capital gains people have. >> and so the lesson here, founding, or, sounds good, but when the market dries up, so does the money leaving programs and officials, harris with painful cuts. >> perhaps, a constitutionry tail there, william la jeunesse thank you very much. and we start for decades as a police officer and when thieves broke into his home, he had no choice, but to take the law into his own hands and plus, the record breaking holiday shopping season bringing a new round of great deals. just hours from now, we'll tell you about it. and the right to bear arms, with santa. the perfect christmas cards face some second amendment supporters. that's coming up. so i was the guy who was never going to have the heart attack.
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into a single score that's weighted based on how accurate they've been in the past. i'm howard spielberg of fidelity investments. the equity summary score is one more innovative reason serious investors are choosing fidelity. get 200 free trades today and explore your next investing idea. >> ichl he harris falkner, time for the news at the bottom of the hour. the largest newspaper in new hampshire behind gingrich instead of mitt romney. new hampshire holds the first of the nation's primaries in january. and in pakistan, outrage over the air strike that killed 24 pakistani soldiers, thousands protesting against the attacks and they're blaming n.a.t.o.
7:31 pm
n.a.t.o. calling it a tragic, unintended incident and the troops killed in the air strike were buried today. we first told you on the fox report last night and now it's official, the arab league approving tough new sanctions against syria, to pressure president al-assad to end a bloody eight month crackdown on his own citizens. syria firing back quickly, calling the move a betrayal of arab solidarity. >> it's unlikely the sanctions are going to do much. in reality they're much more like a few stern words in the arab league rather than a slap on the wrist for a regime that killed more than 3500 of its own citizens sum mri for asking for democracy, but it's important to note that rather than the west imposing the sanctions, its members of the arab community. in response, to the merciless violence other arab nations
7:32 pm
will no longer deal with syria's central banks and it turns off the flow of money from arab government to projects inside syria and the assad's government went on the offensive immediately criticizing the arab league and changing the track particulars, cities, mass roundup and torture and indiscriminate killing of civil yujs. the syrian protests began in march and the regime has been able to stay in power and it's increasingly isolated around the world. what started as massive street protests demanding the president's resignation morphed and while assad department enough control to prevent is civil war this weekend there's been horrific violence however the international community continues to treat syria with kid gloves, refusing to even
7:33 pm
discuss the type of military response they used in libya. the u.s. and european union had issued tougher sanctions, but those are unlikely to tighten the noose on assad and plus, iran and russia are powerful syrian allies and makes it very difficult for any kind of meaningful sanctions or military action that could actually help those on the ground, demanding a better life. and leland vittert, fox news. >> and hours from now, cyber monday gets underway, it's the monday that follows thanksgiving and of course, black friday when a lot of discounts can be found online and anyone who missed out on a good deal on friday can try to snag one tomorrow on the web. so far if you may know the holiday shopping season is getting off to a record breaking start. people are spending their money. what are the numbers exactly and what can we expect to see. and host of bulls and bears has more.
7:34 pm
>> the early bird this thanksgiving, and black friday, started on thursday was no turkey, that's for sure. and shopper lining up for deals, spent a total record of 52 billion bucks. the national retail federation survey out with the numbers today say that foot traffic and money spent online and in stores, hit historic highs and the record 226 million shoppers over the weekend. that's up from 212 million last year, and the average holiday shopper dug deep to spend more than last year, too. and 398 and change versus 365 and change. and deals online were up, too. and bargain buyers did all of this earlier than ever. and getting a head start on black friday, nearly a quarter of the stores by midnight, either waiting for stores to open or heading into those with doors already open and compare that to the 3% in 2009 who did so. and what's all this mean for tomorrow, cyber monday?
7:35 pm
the big day for online holiday shopping, one clue, this is the first time the nrs survey asked shoppers if they used smart phones and tablets over the weekend, they certainly did. more than half said they had or will turn to their december toss help them find prices or buy things black friday weekend and that's some sign, cyber monday will be a big one or a sign that it could be a big bust. there is fear that all early black friday did was move a lot of buying earlier in the season, rather than signal a season during high unemployment and low confidence that will put the happy back in the holiday for retailers. we'll know a lot more when we get numbers for tomorrow. harris, back to you. >> harris: all right. brenda. in other words, tuesday the news is coming. thank you. a fiery crash, when a suspected drunk driver smashes his car into a home, landing in their living room. it is our top story as we go across america.
7:36 pm
michigan, a neighbor saying he rushed to the scene outside detroit pulling a 20-year-old woman from the passenger seat. he says the driver refused to help. and then ran off. a mother and her son inside that home making it out okay. and the passenger seriously hurt and police eventually arresting the driver. also, in detroit. >> heard two loud booms at my back door. i grabbed my pistol. >> a retired police officer shooting and killing one of two robbers he says were breaking into his home. >> i feel terrible for his family i know they're going through a terrible thing, but it was me or him. he was a 20 year veteran of the detroit police department says the suspect he killed was aiming a gun at him and the second suspect ran from the scene. florida, the volusia county sheriff's office says a man shot two deputies after trying
7:37 pm
to joke his ex-girlfriend to death. the woman called 911 from her home, and when deputies arrived they say that cory reynolds shot one in the shoulder, arm and neck and the other in the shoulder and back. despite their injuries, the deputies managed to arrest reynolds without returning fire. and in miami, a ram charging full speed ahead through a local park and it's miami, people, not the frontier! >> police and animal control officers trying to round up the animal for hours as a crowd gathered to watch and they finally captured the male sheep. no word exactly where it came from and that's a fox watch across america. a new warning from russia prime minister, putin. a stern message for western nations as he pushes to retake the top seat of the nation's government. and racing to rescue crew members from a sinking cargo
7:38 pm
ship. wait until you see who is part of the team of rescue,. p@ñx
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discover the amazing sleep number bed - the ultimate gift to yourself - at the ultimate sleep number event. now through monday only, and only at the sleep number store. >> and this just coming in, the associated press is now reporting bernie fine, the the assistant basketball coach at syracuse university has been fired. remember, just moments ago we were telling you about a third accuser who has come out with accusations of child sex abuse from years ago and espn today releasing some tape recordings of bernie fine's wife laurie talking about and quoting her, i mean, she says it on the tape that she knew about some of the things going on with her husband and she says that to one of the accusers and now, at this hour, the associated press reporting that bernie fine has been
7:42 pm
fired from syracuse university. and fox is working to confirm that independently, but moving on now. right now in iran, parliament approving a bill to reduce diplomatic ties with london and withdraw iran's ambassador to britain and needs ratification to almost law. the decision is being seen as a reaction to london's support of new u.s. sanctions on iran. as tension mounts over its disputed weapons program. meanwhile, a general in iran's military reportedly saying they will target n.a.t.o.'s missile defense shield in turkey if the united states or israel attacks iran. a news agency in the regime saying, quoting that military person, saying that he is quoting the new threat as part of iran's new defense strategy. and rush is a's prime minister vladimir putin, to reclaim the nation's presidency, telling
7:43 pm
the west not to interfere with the upcoming election the. putin 59 years old stepped down as the president in 2008 after serving two terms, he knew intends to swap roles with the current president, dimitri medvedev after the election in march. a concrete bridge collapses, and we're about to go around the world in 80 seconds. indonesia, a bridge collapses send up bus, cars and motorcycles into the river below. four people killed and many more missing and a spokesperson saying the concrete bridge was being repaired when a steel support cable snapped, sending the structure crashing down. germany, police trying to move protesters off the railroad tracks. the anti-nuclear activists calming out on the track and some of them change themselves
7:44 pm
to the line ahead of the arrival of a controversial waste discovery. the shipment delayed after damaged rail tracks at an earlier point along the route and they say the shipment is not safe. and china, a heavy blanket of fog causing trouble in several cities and even deadly accidents. travel the main issue in fact, the visibility so poor, all the highways in one city shut down and meanwhile, thousands of passengers are stranded at the international airport where humps of flights are delayed or canceled. and brazil fireworks to welcome this year's floating christmas tree in rio de janeiro. at 280 feet tall, it holds the beginest world record as largest floating christmas tree, more than 3 million bulbs. that's a fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. revisiting the breaking news story that our news room is
7:45 pm
working on now. assistant basketball coach the syracuse university, a prestigious university in their sports program, bernie fine fired, by the associated press. we started by telling you new information has come out in the case that has three he abusers accused-- abused young men who have come out, a third accuser now coming and saying that he was abused when he was just 13 years old by bernie fine and in the midst of these allegations, the university, according to the the associated press, has fired bernie fine. an espn today coming out with its video that his-- or recording, rather, from his wife where she had talked with one of the accusers back in 2002. and we learned from those audio recordings that she at least knew some of what was going on. we'll have some more of that as we continue to report this breaking news story tonight, our news room is all over this, as we try to confirm it independently that bernie fine
7:46 pm
has been let go by the university of syracuse. plus, this santa armed with the holiday spirit literally. a gun club trying to spread some christmas cheer, but they promise to be safe for the whole family. let's go to vegas. alright, let's do it. let's do it, let's go to vegas. vegas baby! maybe we should head back to the dealership first? vegas! no, this is a test drive. vegas! [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a jetta. that's the power of german engineering. get zero first month's payment, zero down, zero security deposit and zero due at signing on any new volkswagen. visit
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>> jolly old st. nicholas putting the toys aside and getting armed with more than the holiday spirit. a gun club in scottsdale inviting families to take christmas card photographs with santa while holding assault rifles and high powered weapons. they are not loaded and we're told children, even babies can get their hands on grenade launchers, for example,
7:50 pm
ak-47's, pistols, on the menu for picture taking. >> i think it's going to be all in fun for those who support the second amendment and those who don't. whether you're a gun advocate or not, you should have fun with it. >> harris: and by the way, they did this last year it was popular. again, the club saying none of the guns is loaded. and well, going from behind bars to behind the the counter working, some excons who want to turn it around, getting a second chance at life and a purpose and employers getting some determined workers in return. elizabeth is live for us in atlanta with more. elizabeth? >> hi, harris, well, the unemployment rate for former convicts is about five times higher than the national average which is why we're seeing a push, the national business owners and students are trying to get former inmates from behind bars to behind the counters. >> how are you looking this week? >> restaurant cook keith
7:51 pm
wilson and salesman denver shimming have something in common. i was a prisoner in 2001 for a host of charges. >> i was convicted of bank robbery in 1991. and it was 46 month federal prison sentence. >> today, both say there's one reason they'll never go back to a life of crime. all because they were given a second chance. >> when you find a job be, it's like unbelievable. >> wilson works as burger up. a gourmet joint in nashville, tennessee. his boss, miranda, made it her mission to give ex-cons a new lease on life. more than half of her staff have a criminal background. >> they're not at home, they're not on the streets and they have a responsibility to have somewhere to show up. >> the professor teach inmates and college students inside prison walls, and covering topics from literature to interview skills, and she believes it's
7:52 pm
the community's responsibility to put convicts back to work. >> and what if people are in prison and they're going to get out of prison and so are we going to, as members of the community, help facilitate them becoming full and productive members of our community? >> harris, there are also financial incentives for employers, not only can they be insured by the federal government if they're eligible, you can also get tax rebates, back to you. >> harris: all right. elizabeth. good to sigh. thank you very much. tragedy at sea, a desperate search for survivors, among those doing the rescuing, famous face and his may be luck, but it's his talent that is making headlines. what stanford quarterback did to move past a football legend, john elway, moving past he elway in the record books. sports is next. mine was earned over the south pacific in 1943.
7:53 pm
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only from verizon. >> the news breaking inside fox report and confirm being, syracuse confirming bernie fines has been fired and this is the statement now coming into our news room and i'm going to read it word for word. syracuse university for public affairs sending this out tonight, saying at direction of chancellor nancy cantor, associate basketball coach bernie fines employment with syracuse university has been terminated effective immediately. this now the latest information and the child sex abuse scandal allegedly involving this coach. and earlier today, espn reporting the wife of the accused coach bernie fine reportedly caught on tape admitting concerns about her husband's possible sexual
7:57 pm
abuse of young boys. in a recorded phone conversation from 2002. which has been now obtained by espn, fine's wife laurie tells one of the accusers, quote, i know everything that went on, you know? she also is quoted as saying, you trusted somebody you should not have trusted end quote. and bernie fine accused of sexually abusing three boys and today, information about the third accuser who came forward last week, claiming he was molested by bernie fine back in 2002 when he was just 13 years old, but fox news now confirming that bernie fine has been fired by syracuse. and we're going to move on with sports now, and if there's a final thought that pete has on the story as we continue to break it we'll get it from him. meanwhile, the chicago bears trying to prove doubters wrong and make the playoffs without their starting quarterback, a tough thing to do. and a much hyped college quarterback andrew luck having some, shattering records
7:58 pm
against notre dame. and pete with and the story overarching everything. >> it's taking precedence and the story we're going to follow, when did espn have the files and recordings and see how it plays out and the story is the head coach of syracuse had stood behind bernie fine and out publicly saying he's my guy i've known him, this is allegations and we have a done a full thorough report and they're not true and any syracuse fires him and see what happens with bayheron. >> harris: you set it up. and nfl. >> cutler broke his thumb last week and go to a guy, second year quarterback, first career start against the raiders. >> harris: oops. >> caleb haney. >> harris: who is. >> haney comes out and just short. three interceptions and lost to oakland 25-20, a lot of bears fans were excited about chicago going back to the playoffs, and in a good spot, but under haney's watch i
7:59 pm
don't know if they'll be playing football. >> harris: and john elway has to see it as a good thing. >> he's one of andrew luck's biggest supporter, and broke the career record for touchdown passes in stanford ap he did it in three seasons and elway did it it in four. luck is a heisman hopeful and hear his name in the nfl. >> harris: and i know he's on your list. thank you, good to see you as always. >> thank you, harris. >> harris: prince william joining a rescue mission from save crew members from drowning after the cargo ship sank and the prince co-piloted a helicopter that pulled two people from the irish sea today of course you cannot see william because he's in the cockpit saving people and crews are searching for several other people on board that ship in the desperate search and the prince known as flight lieutenant william


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