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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  November 28, 2011 6:00am-9:00am EST

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>> "fox & friends" starts right now. >> cheers! >> cusey or cozy, who cares? what's the difference? >> what it is is 12 bucks. >> if you have your beverage and you want to make sure it maintains the same temperature, you need a cozy, not a cusie. >> i drink it so fast, it doesn't matter. down the hatch. >> i don't drink beer. >> we'll tell you about the beer cozies with biden on it in a minute because today is, of course, cyber monday. they're estimating that $1 billion worth of financial transactions today as people do some shopping. >> all right. in the meantime, let's get right to your headlines for a monday morning. syracuse university firing assistant basketball coach bernie fine now. three men have come forward to accuse him of molesting him as they were boys. it comes on the same day as espn releases tapes discussing what happened with his wife laura.
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>> also on those tapes, talking with laura about their own alleged affair with each other when davis was 18 years old. new video overnight shows thousands of occupy protesters in los angeles defying the mayor's midnight deadline to get out. they decided, hey, let's party! >> demonstrators flooded the streets, playing drums and even burning money. police not arresting anyone just yet saying they would eventually, if things get out of hand. similar evacuation orders being ignored in philadelphia. the number of protesters dwindled after cops gave the order to have a date by midnight on monday morning. dozens are still camped out in front of city hall. it's been wall street's biggest
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secret since the bailout of america's big banks but not anymore. the 2008 bailout cost taxpayers $1.2 trillion. bloomberg reports the banks also profited during that time making an extra $13 billion by taking advantage of the feds' below market rates. these new figures come from 29,000 pages of documents just released due to the freedom of information act. get your credit cards out and your computers, ipads and smartphones ready. it's cyber monday. the on-line shopping frenzy that follows black friday. and this year, the national retail federation estimates nearly 123 million people will log on looking for deals. that's up from 1077 million last year and at the end of the day, industry analysts predict web retailers will bring in $1.2 billion compared with $1 billion last year. >> that's a lot of pocket chairs. >> and what we saw a moment ago. >> i guess you got your christmas gifts for each other out of the way. >> we're thinking about it. i mean, if you act surprised --
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>> you need the double edged shaver, though, because of a shadow by 9:00 a.m. >> it's true. >> it's tough. >> i understand, a descendent you are of sasquatch, though. unrelated. you would have thought that mitt romney who was the governor right next door in massachusetts for a very long time would wind up with the endorsement of their very powerful new hampshire union leader. but when cain, push came to shove and despite the fact that mitt romney had lobbied for the endorsement, they gave it to newt gingrich instead. >> they did and at the time, they actually -- at the same time, they actually took a shot at mitt romney. see if you think this is saying we would rather back someone with whom we may sometimes disagree than one who tells us what he thinks we want to hear. ouch! >> yeah, they didn't like him in 2008. they didn't choose him in 2008 over in new hampshire. they didn't choose him now. they say newt gingrich is by no means the perfect candidate. they looked at his record as speaker and thinker and said
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this is going to be our guy and therefore, he gets the endorsement which at the very least will bring some money and lot more credibility. >> that's right. he needs some money because mitt romney has just got a boatload of it and newt doesn't have too much. >> he's got $4 million, he's raised $4 million since the last week in september. >> what it will probably do is give people in new hampshire the impetus to take a second look at newt. however, how big of an endorsement is it? it's big for new hampshire. what impact will it have? when you look at the union leaders' records through the years, they endorsed peter dupont. he came in third or fourth. they endorsed pat buchanan. he didn't finish at the top of the pack and they enforced steve forbes. they've endorsed two people who wound up being the nominee officially on the republican party. >> will this change the poll numbers in new hampshire? right now, mitt romney is running away with this thing. latest poll shows him 42% of 15% only for newt gingrich and here is the all important numbers we always talk about, whether it's the independents or the
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undecided, in this case the undecided at 16%. so if all those people went to newt, he'd still be behind mitt romney so it's really -- it's really still undecided and mitt romney still has a huge lead. in the meantime, newt is putting out a challenge for the president this morning. he is saying that he would love to debate the president and he's calling on him to debate him except there's one caveat. he said in order to debate president obama, the president -- it's ok if he uses the teleprompter. is that the right thing to say? does that get a chuckle from you? or is that a little over the top? >> he says he went on to say, can you imagine him looking in the mirror, graduating from columbia, harvard law, editor of "the law review" against the great articulator in the democratic book, he has to take on from west georgia college student. that's what he is. >> absolutely. it did get a big laugh line in sarasota, florida, but when you think of the president of the united states, when is the last time you saw him speak in public
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without the teleprompter? he winds up going to third and fourth grade classes with a teleprompter. >> i think over the last six months especially he has been doing a lot more without it and i think he's hearing the criticism and trying to get ahead of it. but for the longest time, a very tight message. >> the teleprompter of the united states. it would be the first if it was at a presidential debate. >> so he continues, the president, to make visits to the all important swing states because, as we know, those are the ones that will be decisive in the election in about a year from now. in fact, it turns out that when president obama goes to pennsylvania to pitch his jobs package, it will be the 56th event that the president has had in a battleground state this year. when you go back and you look at what other presidents did, take, for example, bill clinton. he held 40 events over 24 days in battleground states. that was back during his time in office. when george w. bush had 49 events in 34 days, so it looks like president obama is going to
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surpass that by a wide margin. >> so one of the states the president has visited a lot, he's gone to virginia 11 times. that a battleground state. florida 10. pennsylvania eight times. north carolina, seven. it's interesting, he's also had 50 interviews with local tv news and newspapers in swing states and those two infamous bus tours, one in north carolina and one in virginia is where he did a lot of baby kissing and waving. >> the thing is that i think is note worthy and might be for a republican candidate to bring up is are you governing or campaigning? how could you possibly run a country from pennsylvania, virginia, north carolina? are you doing both? and forget about the money. the money aside, is that the best thing for the country? he's going to say oh, yeah, i was pushing my jobs plan. oh, yeah, the one that was dead in the water that you never pushed personally through congress and had an individual meeting with any leadership, that makes no sense and that's not going to carry the day. >> here's what's frustrating to a lot of people right now is the way in which our government
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works is the option of a two term president is that most presidents start, you know, the recampaign swing two years before the election even starts. so is it inherent in the system that this happens or is this particular to this president? let us know what you think about that. >> one of the things, when he goes out on, you know, he says it's official business when he goes to scranton on wednesday for that record-setting visit to a swing state. when he goes there, the u.s. government is going to pay for it because he's doing official business. he's pushing his jobs plan. but at the same time, when he's out there and he's poking the republicans left and right, it looks like a campaign event in which case the democrats should pay for the travel which they don't do because the white house says, this is part of the job! >> who am i quoting? nothing's gonna get me down? >> herman cain. >> herman cain will not be discouraged by the polls. he knows the momentum is no longer in his camp. he knows the wind is no longer on his back. but he also knows something else, he is always in the top three in every poll virtually in
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every state. >> he still is. and as far as that union endorsement went to newt gingrich up in new hampshire, cain says he'll still meet with that editorial board. there were a couple of times after he had that flop over libya with the editorial board in wisconsin he said he wasn't going to meet with some newspapers. now he says he'll still meet in new hampshire and he'll give it his best shot. >> here he is. >> well, not -- i faded from first to third. that's not fading all the way to the bottom. look at the latest polls, we're in consistently one of the top three. what that is says is that people who get on the cain train, they don't get off. >> the cain train. by the way, the cain train is still in first place according to real clear politics, he is up ahead of the rest of the pack in south carolina by one percentage point. he will be a guest on our program a little later on. >> all right. so a lot of you went out shopping either thanksgiving night because some of the stores opened, if you can believe that, into friday and throughout the
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weekend. well, in case you didn't get all the gifts that you may have wanted so far, you can check out president obama's holiday gifts for 2012. so look at what you can get here. keep in mind they're not christmas -- >> it's marked down for cyber monday. is this correct? >> i don't know if it's free shipping or not. >> you get tired of wearing the gym shorts to yoga class. this is your opportunity to get obama down your leg! >> what? >> thank you very much. >> down the side. >> ok, so you go to right now and you could buy the obama and biden holiday ornament. it's not a kchristmas ornament, it's a holiday ornament for $40. they're selling yoga pants for $35. there's the aforementioned joe biden beer cozy at 10 smackers. >> i guess the beer cozy came about because of all the beer summits that have happened, right? >> that appeals to the blue collar crowd and much of the
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swing states that president obama spent a lot of time with, they got to belong well with biden. he's go to bring his beer cozy on the road and all bets are off! >> mom and pop six pack. >> maybe actually they got a beer cozy because they've taken a look at some of the president's polling numbers. >> going to be a lot harder this time. sure. >> they need to make one of those wine things for me to get interested. >> what do you mean? >> it's want a wine cozy. what do you call the little bags? >> the cylinder that you stick it into. >> even the cooler. >> you know what, gretch? i was looking, they got one. >> they do? >> let's feature that next hour. >> they have about 200 things. anyway, it's now 11 minutes after the top of the hour on this awfully busy monday morning. meanwhile, after an air strike accidentally killed dozens of pakistani soldiers, relations with pakistan are right now at an all time low. should the united states apologize and pay up? general jack keane reporting for duty up next. >> a woman trapped under a 5,000
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>> afghan officials now say nato forces came under fire from
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two pakistani military bases before launching the strike that killed 24 pakistani soldiers. pakistan's military denies these allegations and continues to demand the u.s. military leave an air base within 15 days. joining us right now, fox news military analyst, four star general, general jack keane. general, for this incident to take place, we understand, special forces was under fire and called in the nato air strike, the headquarters ok'd it. doesn't this make you think that there was a reason for us to take out this pakistani base? >> well, the investigation will get the facts out. we're pretty good at doing comprehensive follow-up investigations but it's hard for me to fathom the thought that we would launch air strikes into pakistan unless we were provoked and i would imagine that will be one of the major findings of the investigation that somebody did shoot at us. whether it was taliban or mistaken pakistani military organization or not, that will
6:16 am
yet to be determined. >> it will also, i understand, what bothers you is the fact that these are considered sanctuary areas. they're in the border of afghanistan, pakistan, that's where they stage the attacks and script their attacks but yet, we can't go there. that changed over the weekend. >> yeah, i mean, the elephant in the room here, so your viewing audience can understand it is the taliban have bases on the pakistani side of the border that are protected by the pakistan military. some of them are in close proximity to pakistan military bases. and from those bases, the taliban fire routinely at our forces inside of afghanistan and of course, they conduct ground assaults against our forces from those bases so you can imagine how complicated this is for our forces in having to deal with this situation. >> right. now, general, there's another general who is calling for payment. let's just pay off these families, apologize to the pakistanis and be done with this incident. is that how you feel?
6:17 am
>> well, we'll conduct a thorough investigation. we're good at it. we'll get the facts out there. we'll put the facts right in front of the pakistani military and their civilian leaders as well and we'll take the necessary action to prevent something like this from happening again and if there's some kind of financial retribution, we'll let the commanders on the ground and general allen and ambassador crocker determine that. >> general, they've shut down, we understand, our supply lines from pakistan to afghanistan, we've already taken 50% of those supply lines and gone other places before this incident happened but the shutting down of the drone air base has got to bother you. >> well, certainly because of the proximity it provided us but that will not stop us from conducting continued drone attacks. there are other bases that we can use, it will be a little bit more challenges because we'll have to go longer and further to execute those attacks. but we'll still continue to be aggressive about the use of those attacks on the al-qaida. >> just as surprised overall,
6:18 am
general, that the afghans are the ones saying we were fired on first when two weeks ago they were saying they would side with pakistan in a war. difficult region to fight in. our guys are finding a way to do it. we'll come back to you as this investigation unfolds. straight ahead, next on the rundown i should say, she didn't have a legit boarding pass. the tsa didn't stop her. meet the woman who made it past three checkpoints and on to a plane no questions asked. with newt gingrich grabbing a prize endorse want in new hampshire, does mitt romney still stand a chance? can he be tackled and taken down? our washington insideers weigh in.
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>> how about some quick headlines for you on this monday morning? 19 people killed at a prison north of baghdad. a car packed with explosives slammed into a prison gate killing six police officers and injuring 22 others. this comes after a series of baghdad bombings killed 15 people over the weekend. last week, a triple bombing at a market in basra killed 19 people. and he tried to assassinate ronald reagan. the president of the united states. and now he wants to be a free man. for the past 30 years, john hinckley jr. has been in a psych ward at a hospital in washington, d.c. and on wednesday, his lawyers will ask a judge to release him so he can take care of his mother.
6:23 am
hinckley's request is expected to be rejected. gretch, over to you. >> g.o.p. presidential candidate newt gingrich getting a key endorsement from the new hampshire union leader. if newt wins the new hampshire primary, would that destroy mitt romney's chances of winning the g.o.p. nomination? well, for a fair and balanced debate, we're joined by our washington insiders, david mercer is a political campaign strategist and supporter of president obama's re-election effort and a political campaign strategist and rick perry supporter. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> when we look back on history, this particular endorsement from this particular newspaper hasn't really added up to much overall as to whom becomes the nominee. correct? >> that's correct. and what they did here is take a swipe at the electability of the frontrunner, that being mitt romney and you can call him a favorite son of new hampshire being that he's a resident there, has a home there and went for somebody who i believe is unelectable and that -- and one
6:24 am
reason for that, gretchen, is he can't even get on some of the ballots in the primary failing to get on the ballot of missouri. he lacks the organization and the financing to do it. and, unfortunately, the endorsement doesn't come with a check, staff or organization. >> yeah, but he has raised a ton of dough, has he not, in the last couple of weeks and i'm interested in knowing whether or not that will be fast forwarding to new hampshire. what do you make of that, matt? >> i think newt's on fire right now. he's kind of the tim tebow of the presidential field. mitt romney has always had this problem where 75% of the g.o.p. electorate is looking at somebody else and newt is catching fire right at the right time. >> uh-huh. >> and i think that he will -- he'll roll into new hampshire and give romney a run for his money. >> that's interesting because if you look at the latest poll there, this is from suffolk university, mitt romney has a whopping 41%. newt gingrich only 14%.
6:25 am
ron paul has 14%. do you expect those numbers continue to rise? >> they may rise a bit. i expect that mitt romney for history's sake since he's running for the section time and that's traditionally what they do is have their nominees that eventually ran twice if not more and i think romney's lead will stay in new hampshire and that he looks to be the favored but i don't think that he'll do so with a strong base coming out of the nominations. >> you know, it's interesting because the quinnipiac poll, the national poll among republican voters shows newt gingrich on top. he has 26%. romney 22% and herman cain has slipped down to 14% but another poll that caught our attention this morning that i think is very interesting going back to the suffolk poll now. this is the question. if romney drops on of the race or if your first choice drops out of the race i think is how it was stated, what would you vote for next? who would be your second choice? look at this, people would
6:26 am
choose mitt romney by 20% or people would choose newt gingrich by 19%. what do you make of that? >> i think newt has peaked at the right time. one thing that's different from 2012 than other years is we're going to be voting january 3rd in iowa and sprint through the next six weeks with a ton of primaries. if he comes out of iowa with some momentum, he could overtake that 41% in a couple of days. >> a moment ago, you said that you believe newt gingrich is not electable, what do you make, though, of a debate between newt gingrich and president obama based on the fact that newt is calling him out for using the teleprompter? >> the whole issue, as we've been talking about, he's got to earn that right to debate president obama and that's to become the nominee. and first win a state to show that he might be able to come back with some electability after resigning his speakership under the weight of his own actions. so i think he's going to get, rather than more money or an organization he's going to get
6:27 am
more scrutiny and i think that's going to hurt him down the line. >> all right. david and matt, hope you had a great thanksgiving. thanks for getting up bright and early to kick off the week. >> take care. >> coming up on "fox & friends", an 8-year-old boy taken away from his parents and put into foster care because the state says he's too fat. is this government overreach or the right thing to do? we report. you decide and no more sitting on santa's lap. why? because that jolly old man in a red suit could be a criminal? huh? and happy birthday to brat packer judd nelson. he's 52 and all grown up today. ♪
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>> all right. it's your shot of the morning and it's finally here. >> is it true? is it here? >> yeah. >> it's adorable. >> a baby, a dog and some bubbles. let's look. >> that video has gotten over 4 million hits on you tube. it's real. isn't that loik a german shepherd mix jumping around biting bubbles around a small baby. >> i think it's ok. the mom is running the camera. she wouldn't let anything bad happen. the dog seems very attentive to the humanoids in the picture. but the kid's laugh is infectious. >> look at that.
6:32 am
i love those real laughs! straight from the gut. >> almost had it. >> that poor dog after eating a couple of pounds of bubbles, though, that's not good. that's not good. >> kept going back for more. >> 28 minutes now before the top of the hour. let me tell you what else is happening. >> here's headlines on this monday morning, the family of missing florida mom releasing the new cell phone videos hoping to find her. she vanished more than a week ago after appearing on an episode of "the people's court" where she was fighting with her ex-fiance dale smith. over the weekend, police sent swat teams and dogs into her father's home, no, into his father's home in orlando. police won't say what they took from the house but confirm they did not find any sign of michelle there. coming up next hour, we'll talk with michelle's mom about the late e developments in the case. >> meanwhile, it wasn't the in flight movie. a university of utah professor accused of watching kiddie porn
6:33 am
during a flight headed to court today. 47-year-old grant smith was caught in the act by a passenger sitting next to him in first class. passenger took a cell phone picture of smith who is watching the pornography on his computer. smith, a father of two was arrested immediately, once the plane landed. >> making a security breach at fort lauderdale international airport. a woman with the wrong boarding pass made it through three layers of security and boarded the plane. >> people sitting around me were like we can't believe that happened. that makes us so uncomfortable. we're very unsettled by that. i can't believe that they just let someone walk through security with someone else's name. >> but lindsay dimattina says she was given a boarding pass for another woman named lindsay. tsa agents checked her boarding pass and license twice but didn't notice the error. both lindsays noticed when they showed up at the same seat. >> your seat, my seat. >> incredible video of a highway rescue in california. a pickup truck flipped over on
6:34 am
interstate 10. a group of people not only stopped to help but actually lifted the 5,000 pound truck off the ground. they were able to rescue a woman who was pinned underneath that truck. she and two other passengers are now in the hospital. >> meanwhile, let's take a look at the day ahead on this cyber monday, good day to be inside and do your shopping from the computer as you can see all the way from the great lakes through the ohio valley and there's some really heavy storms in portions of the ohio and tennessee valley at this hour right through the panhandle of florida as well. some thunderstorms on the backside of it. warmer air as well. most of the balance of the country is nice and dry. there's a pacific storm through portions of northern california. current readings as you head out the door, it's about 60 here in new york city. a little north of that in raleigh and atlanta. but behind that front that's moving through with the rain as you can see, much colder air. it's only 26 in kansas city. about the same for minneapolis. it's freezing right now in dallas. should be that way for a week, i
6:35 am
understand, from somebody i know who lives there. meanwhile, 70 right now in tampa. today's daytime highs, going for 66 in new york city. that will approach a record. what's that about? perfect weather, by the way, to put up the christmas lights over the weekend. 72, room temperature today in raleigh/durham. 40's, as you can see, in the northern plains down through central plains and portions of the lower mississippi. should be 57 later on today in dallas and if you're lucky enough to be out west in phoenix today, your high will be 77. for monday morning to sunday night. >> of course, the person you know in dallas is tony romo who called you. sunday night football was defensive struggle as the steelers took on the kansas city chiefs. you nodded off in the second quarter. let me tell you what happened. tied at three, ben roethlisberger, tough to tackle finds wesley saunders. he was open. wesley saunders wide open, steals it. 10-3 lead. chiefs driving. picks off tyler palco.
6:36 am
pass intended for dwayne bow. steelers escape 13-9. let's take a look at some of the biggest and best plays of the day in yesterday's jam-packed football afternoon. first, the cardinals, would i show you if he gets tackled? no. 80 yards down the field. touchdown. fourth return of the year for a touchdown. cardinals win in a nail biter. broncos and chargers in overtime. the biggest run of the day charging up the middle inside the 20. that would set up the game-winning field goal. john elway, now president of the team. his broncos are now, excuse me, 5-1 with tim tebow as the starting quarterback. he threw for 145 yards. broncos win 16-13. dumbest celebration of the day. let's go to the jets game and tell you how it happened. ryan fitzpatrick to stevie johnson for the bills touchdown. watch what he does after. he mocks the shooting by plaxico
6:37 am
burres from three years ago. he shot himself in the leg. a little bit later, he's rolling around, he apologized leader. mark sanchez and santonio holmes would give them the victory. that same guy with the mocking deal with stevie johnson would drop a pass that would have been for the game-winning score. >> who knows what that was? >> if you call that dropping a pass, that's pretty far in front of him. >> he's a pro. >> how do you know if that was the plaxico burres thing, too? >> it absolutely was. he apologized for it later. how many other wide receivers on the opposing team shoot themselves in the leg at a nightclub. coming up on kilmeade and friends, ed henry, bret baier, reince priebus and mark morano will be joining us, he'll tell us the scam behind climategate.
6:38 am
>> very good. >> we'll be listening. >> let's talk about an 8-year-old cleveland heights boy out in ohio. >> why? >> he has been taken away from his mother and put into foster care because the county says that she was not doing her duty, they say that the child is apparently what they refer to as severely obese at 200 pounds. >> in third grade. >> exactly. she is not controlling his weight. they feel it's medical neglect. >> this is a really interesting case and i am not exactly sure why i fall on this yet because i see both points of view. did you know that 12% of all third graders are severely obese? 12%. that is 1,380 of them in the county that encompasses cleveland and surrounding -- >> why not take all those kids? >> here's the thing. foster care system in our country is already at an alarming over rate. in other words, it's extended. think of all the drug situations
6:39 am
and other reasons why you would have to send a child to foster care. so is this the right thing to do, then, to take the child? they apparently gave this mom a year to try to change the eating habits of herself and the child and then that did not work so they did give her some warning time but is this the right thing to do, to put him in foster care? >> absolutely not. you don't take a mom away from her kid. the same way if you were on probation and you have to check in with somebody, a social worker, to me, that's the same thing you do. you talk to them about the diet. you make them write things down like a dietician and maybe you intervene on the kid's behalf. but you can't take the kid and put him in another home. >> let me flip it. i know how you'll answer this. if the child was malnourished, would you take the child away? >> but the child isn't malnourished. >> yeah, but that's -- >> that's definitely abuse. absolutely abuse. >> but then i'm quoting how obese our kids are getting and according to doctors, you know, diabetes, hypertension, death eventually and who is going to pay for this down the road?
6:40 am
who is going to pay for the huge obesity problem that we have in this country? this is what i'm saying. i'll torn between it. >> that's the argument the obama administration is making about the whole weight loss initiative but the mother and her attorneys are saying, look, the county is overreaching. they're talking about all the things that you just mentioned that he doesn't have. he might have it in the future. but, you know, they're taking the kid out of the house. the kid has been on the honor roll. right now, the kid is in a foster care situation with the mother who has another kid and because she's so taxed for time because they've got the kids going to all these appointments, the state is talking about giving that mother the foster mother some assistance. why didn't they give his regular mother some assistance so that they could help? >> they did. they worked with her for a year. >> yeah. >> but i'm just saying -- >> they're giving him a second person. >> i don't know. here's another problem with the whole system. there are kids who are severely beaten and who are in drug families and they don't take those kids away. so, you know, this is why i'm conflicted. i guess it's my heart that feels
6:41 am
sorry for these children who are so fat, i mean, and trust me, most of these kids are in families that the parents are also that way. so they're learning that type of behavior and my heart goes out to them. >> is size the function of the family or of the state? is the state going to be the one to say that kid is too fat. you're coming with me. >> use my treadmill. >> that's not going to happen. the other thing is there's people that genetically are going to have more weight than other people. >> not with these facts and figures. not with these facts and figures. >> we have to take 12% of all the kids away from their families. >> i know. that's what i'm saying. i don't know what the answer is other than our kids are getting fatter. let us know what you think about this very complicated issue. >> very interesting. the same school system that says he's got to get out of there, state system, also says that pizza and french fries should be considered vegetables. >> delicious. >> because there's tomato sauce on top of them. >> there you go. >> meanwhile, 18 minutes before the top of the hour. sorry, kids, no more sitting on
6:42 am
santa's lap this year in some spots. wait until you hear why a holiday tradition is being banned. >> plus that retail boom on black friday not only good for business but also good for your 401k but will it last? stuart varney up next and he's got to pay off a huge bet. >> yeah, he is never going to use a 401k. he's never retiring. >> hi, stuart. you get a haircut? ♪ [ male announcer ] from our nation's networks... ♪ our city streets... ♪ skies around the world... ♪ ...northrop grumman's security solutions are invisibly at work, protecting people's lives... [ soldier ] move out! [ male announcer ] ...without their even knowing it. that's the value of performance.
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northrop grumman.
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vietnam, 1967. i got mine in iraq, 2003. u.s.a.a. autonsurance is often handed down from generation to generation, because it offers a superior level of protection and because u.s.a.a.'s commitment to serve the military, veterans, and their families is without equal. ben your lega. get an auto insurance quote. u.s.a.a. we know what it means to serve. >> some quick headlines now. the only suspect in the disappearance of robin garder in who went missing last august will be a free man tomorrow. he's spent the last four months behind bars while investigators tried gathering evidence and 10 days after signing off, regis philbin is making plans to return to tv. >> all right. >> regis tells "the new york post" he wants to be a primetime
6:46 am
-- he wants to do a primetime talent show. possibly a family competition. he's also been asked to host a variety show and by the way, he was in our studios. i saw him over the weekend. >> with a brand new book out. good look, reeg. >> we should do a book for the morning show. >> not a bad idea. good news, black friday is giving your 401k a boost on this monday. >> and shoppers came out in record numbers this year boosting sales over the holiday weekend, 7% from the year before. stewart varney is here. with an optimistic look for monday morning with a smile on his face. >> i have a pessimistic forecast but that was a wonderful gain for black friday retailers. but will it last? do we really think we're going to get a 7% gain for the entire holiday selling period? probably not. it may be that a lot of people came out for these very well publicized doorbuster bargains. they flooded the store.
6:47 am
spent the money but won't be repeated in coming days. i don't know about that. but i know that the stock market is going to go straight up this morning. your 401k is going to bounce back a little from an awful last week. >> we should take all the money out of the 401k tomorrow and put it somewhere else. >> no. what you're getting is these crazy swings, way up and way down. you're right. today you're going to get a crazy up. >> you know, you make a good point. there was a lot of sales on black friday and that was the only time during the christmas season that anybody really bought it. >> there are reports that over the course of the four day selling period, that in fact, the level of selling tailed off a little come saturday and sunday. it was just -- >> what about cyber monday? what do you expect? >> it's going to be on line. >> bubble wrap. >> that's huge. >> the other big news of the day, you lost a big bet with me
6:48 am
last week. >> is that right? >> you said on tuesday that the stock market would not go down as a result of the super committee and other extenuating factors. >> sorry, i don't recall. >> and last week was the worst holiday week on record for the stock market! now, we bet $1. >> we did. >> and you bet a susan b. anthony coin to my paper doll oor. >> i did and i left it at home. >> guess what i have. >> it worked -- >> oh, i guess i'll pay myself from my son. >> who would you rather have? the real $1 or the $5 that i have for you. >> give me that. >> on the ground. i'm late with the bet. i'll give you 5 bucks. >> i'm team varney all of a sudden. >> at least you pay up. >> let's make a deal. >> thanks, stuart. we'll be watching for your show 9:20 eastern time on fox business. >> we'll see what's behind his curtain. >> never mind that man behind the curtain. the white house pushed through the botched solyndra loan that
6:49 am
lost taxpayers half a billion dollars and we've seen the e-mails to prove it. why does "the new york times" say that solyndra gives republicans a black eye. >> and kids will have to deliver their christmas list standing up this year. why sitting on santa's lap is now banned. the other office devices? they don't get me. they're all like, "hey, brother, doesn't it bother you that no one notices you?" and i'm like, "doesn't it bother you you're not reliable?" and they say, "shut up!" and i'm like, "you shut up." in business, it's all about reliability. 'cause these guys aren't just hitting "print." they're hitting "dream." so that's what i do. i print dreams, baby. [whispering] big dreams.
6:50 am
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6:52 am
>> welcome back. it's a christmas tradition. kids sitting on santa's lap but now, it is apparently being banned in certain parts of the united kingdom because they're worried that jolly old st. nick
6:53 am
might be a criminal. standup comedian brad stein joins us right now from nashville. good morning to you, brad. >> how are you? i hope you had a great thanksgiving, my brother. >> thank you very much. listen, so this is what's going on over in the united kingdom in certain parts. in the past, if somebody wanted to be a santa, they had to go through a criminal background check and now, parents are being told don't even bother with that because we're not going to let the kids sit on anybody's lap because there could be trouble. where -- how did we get to this point, brad? how, how, how? >> well, as you know, political correctness is responsible for every bad thing in america. you know, americans used to be driven by an idea called common sense. this was sense that was common to everybody. this is years ago before we needed signs warning us that coffee was hot. ok? and i understand, all right? so santa is something interesting to me. now, trust me, there are bad guys out there that hate and do evil to children.
6:54 am
i understand that and i'm sure there's a special place in hell for them. hopefully with water boarding and lava, ok? but common sense also dictates the difference between paranoia and being proven. ok? this is a guy walking into a classroom filled with kids and parents and teachers taking pictures. it's ok. he's not saying let's go to the naked broom closet and you can tell me your secrets. it's in front of everybody! common sense is what we used to live by. this is what i'm talking about. and we've lost all that. here's the same guy -- here's what you're telling kids. he's going to sneak into your house at night when you're sleeping and leave stuff. but you can't trust him. no, if he's here amongst everybody else, it's ok. let him sit on the lap. let us have our traditions. common sense should dictate the way that things are done. >> that's such a good point that, you know, santa is coming tonight, uh-oh. wait a minute. isn't is that guy, we're not supposed to sit on his lap? >> exactly. can't sit on his lap but he's sneaking into your house tonight
6:55 am
so sleep well, hope you need gingerbreads in your head. >> hold, hold everything. if you're going out to home depot or something to stock up because coming up on january 1st, the government is -- they're essentially getting rid of incandescent light bulbs. you have to have those pigtail things made in china, what's happening to this country? once upon a time, we used to make light bulbs and now we got to buy them from over there. >> well, this again, if there's any group of people that exemplify the political correct state, the marxist idea that says we will demand you buy what we want is the ecofreaks. here's how messed up these people are. they now have urinals. they actually have urinals you can't flush. they say to save the environment, you urinate into something you can't flush. hundreds of years ago, we relieved ourselves in buckets. you know why?
6:56 am
because it was hundreds of years ago. we didn't have technology. now, i can take an iphone, look at you sun-bathing in your backyard, but they want to go back to buckets to save the environment. they don't care about the environment. they don't want to help it. they worship it. this is what's absurd and the light bulb is goofy. it was one of the greatest inventions ever. how eye -- ironic whenever they wanted to show a great idea, they put a light bulb over your head. now they have this freaky frankenstein corrupted new light bulb that looks like the lower intestine filled with poisonous gas and they're telling you, you have to buy this! i think if it gives us anything, steve, it gives us a my iconic image. if there's anybody that comes up with some idiotic liberal, let's throw common sense out the window because we control you idea, they can show the new light bulb over your heads saying look how stupid this is! it's our new iconic image for
6:57 am
the politically correct. >> brad stein joining us from nashville. thank you very much. have a great day. the president wants to extend the payroll tax break. sound good? wait, dana perino says there's something he's not telling you. [ male announcer ] every day, thousandof people are choosing advil®. here's one story. [ regis ] we love to play tennis. as a matter of fact it was joy who taught me how to play tennis. and with it comes some aches and pains and one way to relieve them all is to go right to the advil®. i have become increasingly amazed at regis's endurance. it's scary sometimes what he accomplishes in a day. well i'd rather not have time for pain but unfortunately it does comes your way every now and then.
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>> good morning, everyone. it's monday, hope you had a great thanksgiving. it's already november 28th if you can believe it. onward to christmas! i'm gretchen carlson. huge endorsement for newt gingrich and a huge blow to the frontrunner in that state, mitt romney. where does the race for the white house stand in new hampshire? dana perino gives us her take live on the curvy couch. >> and so much for this visit to solyndra by president obama because according to "the new york times," republicans are to blame for the green energy debacle. >> what? >> wait until you hear the latest left wing spin. >> plus, 'tis the season for giving and taking. >> some say you hold it and as i gave it to him -- >> i took his watch.
7:01 am
>> that's right. pickpockets are on the prowl and we have the tips you need to protect your stuff. "fox & friends" hour two for a monday, cyber monday starts right now. >> you're watching "fox & friends"! that's a great way to begin your day. >> in just about two minutes, we'll be the four briefly because we have dana pa reason f -- perino from "the five" with us. >> pickpocket guy is coming up in 45 minutes. >> if dana was in the last hour, he'd take everything we had. >> i never bring my purse to the set but i was told today to bring your purse to the set. not to pay out other bets or to apply make-up or anything, because the pickpocket guy is going to come and we'll see if he can get to my wallet. >> you know what i was staggered by, in seventh grade, i was told get your wallet out of your back pocket because you'll be pickpocketed. put it in front. he said it's easier to take it
7:02 am
from the front. >> did you bring your man bag? >> it's upstairs. fine. >> you go get it, i'll read some headlines, ok? >> if you want. >> syracuse university firing assistant basketball coach bernie fine now, three men have come forward accusing fine of molesting them when they were boys. the firing comes on the same day espn released tapes of one of the accusers discussing what happened with fine's wife, lori. >> also on the tape, bobby davis, that voice you just heard talking with lori about their own alleged affair when davis was just 18 years old. >> why would he even stay in that house? >> they burned the midnight oil by burning money. new video shows thousands of occupy protesters in los angeles defying a midnight deadline to get out.
7:03 am
demonstrators flooded the street celebrating, chanting and, of course, playing drums. police not arresting anyone yet saying they will if things get out of hand. similar evacuation orders being ignored in philadelphia. the number of protesters dwindled after cops gave the order to vacate by midnight but dozens are still camped out in front of city hall. the man accused of trying to assassinate president obama will face a judge today. oscar ramiro ortega allegedly shot several shots at the white house with one bullet hitting the window there much the judge has ordered a mental competency exam. an off-ty new york city police officer busts a drunken passenger on a jet blue flight from the dominican republic. the officer was returning from vacation when a 22-year-old passenger went berserk. flight attendants tried to stop the guy from drinking a bottle of duty free rum in his carry-on bag and he punched a male flight
7:04 am
attendant in the face before the 300 pound officer wrestled him to the ground and cuffed him. those are your headlines. good thing he was on that flight, right? >> yeah. i didn't know they traveled with handcuffs. >> they got them from jet blue because jet blue has them. >> oh. >> meanwhile, somebody who does a lot of traveling is this guy right here. we're talking about dana perino. >> never been arrested, though. by a cop. >> so far. >> we'll have to take your word for it. we haven't done a background check. >> speaking of track record, right now it looks like mitt romney is at the top of the heap although nationally according to real clear politics, newt gingrich is actually ahead by two right now. but over the weekend, the union leader in new hampshire, the big paper up there, endorsed newt gingrich. not nearby favorite son mitt romney. how big is this for newt? >> i think there was probably no one more surprised than newt gingrich because he had had such a terrible stumble out of the gate back in june but he's persevered. remember when he lost all of his staff and now he's rising back up on top. the question is can he keep it
7:05 am
going? the union leader which is an important endorsement to have. it's a nice to have but not a must have. in the last seven presidential elections they've only endorsed two of the winners. >> spotty. >> that will become the nominee. so it's not a home run but certainly a good base hit. >> you know what, dana, as you know, mitt romney did not get that nomination in 2008. he wanted to get that endorsement from the newspaper and didn't happen. i heard they put an anti-romney stuff on the front page 10 straight days so it's not that big of a surprise but here's what they said. it's a dig on mitt romney and here's the quote. we would rather back someone with whom we may sometimes disagree than one who tells us what he thinks we want to hear. >> that second part of that, that romney is getting this reputation for telling you what you want to hear is something he really needs to start to try to overcome. i'm not exactly sure how he would do it. i'm going to mention one thing about this. i think this is a bigger blow to somebody else that has not been mentioned yet. >> who? >> rick perry because remember in august when he first
7:06 am
announced, he went to new hampshire and he was kind of a big deal there in new hampshire and they thought, ok, we haven't liked romney. they weren't really that interested in gingrich at the time and they thought maybe rick perry will be the one. he's not in the running in there and i think that's kind of a bigger blow to his campaign. i think the romney people expected this endorsement was not going to go smoothly. >> i understand how they might say that dig that they said, i'm thinking of maybe a couple of weeks ago when mitt romney didn't come right out and support the ohio ballot initiative where they were trying to repeal what governor kasich has done to the unions. he was kind of wishy washy in his response. he's still way ahead of the polls there. he has 41% of the support there and newt gingrich at 14%. do you expect those numbers to change? >> it depends on whether newt can harness this endorsement to his benefit and not grate on people's nerves. the reason i say that is one of the things about -- that is lovable about newt gingrich is his confidence. but one of the -- so this past
7:07 am
weekend, he said, yeah, we can have a debate and president obama, yeah, you can bring your teleprompter to my debate. you know, and it's sort of one of those things, it's like we all get the dig but at some point, that presidential polish needs to come out and you have to rise above it. >> the other thing is, dana, as you know, there's no infrastructure. he still does not have the infrastructure in all of these states. he's just getting money now. and he's got to quickly hire a whole bunch of people and set up shop and get individual strategies. so far, he only has an overall popularity. >> he's not even on the ballot in one of the key states which is missouri. he does have that problem in particular. we'll see if he's able to do it. remember, if you just go back in july, who was the hot republican ticket at the time? michelle bachmann. then we went to perry. then it was cain for a while. everybody has had a little bit of a surge and the rap on romney has been he's only been able to keep this at 23% but never gone too far from that either. can gingrich keep this lead going? >> it starts in four weeks. >> with all the debates, i would guess yes. with all the debates still
7:08 am
upcoming. >> let's move on to, this could be the next big battle on capitol hill. payroll tax deductions. right now, historically it stood about 6.2% but they blocked off 2% giving people a tax holiday. that's where we -- that's how we fund social security. well now, for instance, senator kyle has said, you know what? i don't know if we can really afford that right now. but it would sock the average family close to $1,000 if it's not passed. here's the senator explaining why he's against it. >> the problem here is that the payroll tax doesn't go into general revenue. it supports social security. and you can't keep extending the payroll tax holiday and have a secure social security. that's the first problem. the second problem is that by taxing the people who provide the jobs, you put off the day that we have economic recovery and job creation in this country. and that's precisely what the democratic plan will do. >> but now, this is a great issue for president obama
7:09 am
because he'll say look, republicans want the tax holiday to go away. they want to up your taxes. they are hypocrites. >> except for one key point. which is what president obama is offering is a one-year deduction so that your taxes would convene -- a major tax hike would conveniently go into effect in january of 2013. >> where's aarp on this snoo auto that's after the election. and i think -- so that's what i'm saying, republicans have a challenge that they would -- they'll have to effectively -- >> one holiday, one year. >> in september, speaker boehner said the payroll tax cut is something we can work together on. let's do that. i think that president obama would really like to have a fight on this but he's not necessarily going to get one. >> uh-huh. >> you'll still be able to say that republicans want something and do something else which i think is -- >> but the republicans could say the same thing about him because he said it was going to be paid for but the administration is not saying how it's going to be paid for so both people -- both sides can be right. who can win, it will just depend. you have the bully pulpit, it's
7:10 am
easier. >> let's talk about a "new york times" op ed talking about solyndra and somehow, the message that you get walking away from it is republicans look bad from this whole thing. how did that happen? >> the thing is, i feel like this ran over the weekend so in some ways, this editorial might have been written about three weeks ago when solyndra was actually still in the news and "the new york times" ties themselves up in knots and the editorial never runs and then on the holiday weekend, they think let's pop that in there. we need something to fill in that space. just when the white house was glad no one was talking about solyndra anymore, here comes "the new york times" with this explanation that somehow the republicans are to blame for it. if the republicans were to blame for a democratic donor getting a special deal for his green energy company that was restructured in the last days of the company when the company knew it was going to go bankrupt, the f.b.i. would not be involved. that's not the republicans' fault. >> we have a little snippet. we'll tell them what it meant in part. the republicans hope to prove
7:11 am
that the solyndra loan was a political favor to wealthy investors with democratic ties. chiefly george kaiser. they have not made this case. there were plenty of other private investors, some of them republicans. >> why don't they name them? you know "the new york times" would have been better off if they wanted to knock republicans for this type of thing is that for years, republicans and democrats on both sides of the aisle have looked to get these types of investments in their state for their big projects and some of them have failed. the question with solyndra, we go back to is their criminal investigations from the treasury department, energy department, f.b.i. and others looking into whether there were special favors done for this particular company on this particular loan. >> right. >> that is the point. if "the new york times" wants to make a broader point that republicans and democrats have asked for these kinds of projects, fine, but there's only one company who apparently got one of the special loans and it happened to be the one that had all the democratic donors. >> did you see in "the wall street journal" over the weekend, it talked about how there are so many jobs in the oil and gas industry up in the
7:12 am
northern plains right now, in fact, if you want a job, go to north dakota. >> there could be so many more jobs in the oil and gas industry if only they would take the shackles off and one of the big examples most recently is the pipeline and canada looking at whether or not just build that pipeline to the coast and sell that oil to asia. >> you have the biggest challenge i have so far. you are peaking right now. you could do another three hours. you have to sit in the cooler for eight hours now waiting for "the five" at 5:00. >> now beckel knows all my points for today. >> he is not up. you can say them all over. >> even when he's up, he's not up at this hour. >> brand new released video of a florida mom before her mysterious disappearance. this is not it. does it hold any clues? her mom will be here next. >> hey, donald, you awake and listening? the network news anchor who says you're one of the sexiest men she has ever interviewed. donald trump with that rakish look coming up live.
7:13 am
7:14 am
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7:15 am
>> 15 minutes after the top of the hour. you're about to look at new video of a florida mom, michelle parker playing with her kids just days before going missing. and on saturday night, police raided the home of dale smith
7:16 am
sr. he's the father of parker's ex-fiance. now, police escorted smith sr. out of the house in restraints. they haven't said whether they're questioning anyone or if they found any clues inside that home. michelle's mother joins me now with an update. good morning to you. >> good morning! thank you for helping us. >> of course. i know that for the time being, you have put out a $50,000 reward for any information leading to your daughter. what kind of insights or tips have you been able to receive thus far? >> we have a notebook and i'm not sure how many there are but it's manned 24/7 and they've been taking tips and they've already gone and checked out some. there's been some bogus ones and i think those people have been taken care of. but, you know, it's our only link and it's our only hope that maybe we can get somebody to -- somebody to have a conscience or turn somebody in that knows something. >> uh-huh. >> we're looking at the beautiful photos of your daughter with her children here.
7:17 am
and right before she disappeared, she did leave this voice mail for her father. i want our viewers to get a chance to listen to this. >> hey, dad, it's about 8:40. i was on the show on wednesday morning. i know you're at work but call me, when you have lunch or at the end of your day. i love you. talk to you soon, bye. >> obviously, she sounds like it's just a normal day for her. she wants to get together with her dad, right? >> it is. uh-huh. exactly. now, we were just reporting earlier in the show that they did -- the police did go into the home of her ex-fiance's father. it's my understanding that her ex-fiance was staying with him, is that correct? what did they find inside this home? >> he wasn't there. i don't know -- they were obviously they had a warrant. they had reason to believe that michelle may have been there. and they just wanted to rule that out. and she wasn't there. so as excited as i got when i heard it happened, he wasn't there so that's just one more
7:18 am
hurdle. we know that she's not there. >> so what do you make of the fact that they took out her ex-fiance's father in restraints? >> i haven't -- i haven't been told that that happened. so i'm not sure if it has or not. there's so much they don't tell me. if they took him out in restraints, they have reasons. >> now, all of this hinges on the fact that your daughter was on "people's court", the show with her ex-fiance. there's a photo of her right here. >> right. >> and they discussed their very fiery relationship during this show. they were arguing over the return of her engagement ring to him. >> yeah. >> and then after that show aired was the same day that she went missing. do you believe that her ex-fiance has anything to do with her disappearance? >> i honestly at this point thought it may have been a carjacking but, you know, i'm an emotional mom and i don't know how these things work. if it was a carjacking the car
7:19 am
would have been gone, right? so we still have the car. the police have it. i'm not ruling out anything. i'm not ruling out anybody or anything at this point. >> and are her two beautiful children with you or where are they? >> i wish they were! i've been raising them now for over three years and he -- it was his visitation so it all played out now that his mom and dad, i guess, they're staying at her house. but i don't know why because you would think he'd want to be with them the most. and he's not even there. i don't even understand that. and they won't let me see them. and they haven't called me one time to say, you know, our heart aches for your family. is there anything we can do? we're so sorry. i have not heard from one member of that family. >> hopefully you will hear from somebody who has a tip about the whereabouts of your daughter. >> i do! anybody! if you do, call opd, please!
7:20 am
help us find her. >> all right. our best to you, miss stewart and we certainly hope there's a happy ending to this story. thank so much for joining us. >> me, too. thank you. ok. appreciate it. >> a new language, will it mean a new life for casey anthony? why she's learning spanish now. then he went from hollywood to the white house. here next to tell us what it was like working behind closed doors at the obama white house. there he is right there. he's got a new movie out, too. how can you get back pain relief that lasts up to 16 hours?
7:21 am
with thermacare heatwraps. thermacare works differently. it's the only wrap with patented heat cells that penetrate deep to relax, soothe, and unlock tight muscles. for up to 16 hours of relief, try thermacare.
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7:24 am
>> you may remember him from the hit movie franchise "harold and kumar" or suicidal doctor putner from the fox tv series "house." >> he surprised many when he took a hollywood sabbatical to work for the obama administration. now he's back in tinseltown keeping himself busy both in film and public service. >> and the hollywood actor and former associate director of the office of public engagement joins us right now. what's the office of public engagement? >> the office of public engagement is the outreach arm of the white house so they're tasked with, you know, sort of the two-way conversation that the president had this idea that he wants to at least allow a two way conversation between the american public and the white house. it's not policy. it's more how to inform policy. >> we say come over to me and talk to those people and tell them what i want to say. >> basically. i think that historically it used to be called the office of public liaison and i think it goes back to the nixon administration and depending on the administration, it was either, you know, business
7:25 am
focused or social focused but this, i think, was across the board and it was nice. >> so many people were like wow, this hollywood actor is really successful. wants to go work in the white house and one of the most amazing things you find out about working there is on your first night, what happened? >> first night, working until about 11:00 and i'm hungry and i'm thinking i've watched enough "west wing" and i have enough friends that work in the bush administration, i know what i can do. you can't order delivery to the white house. it's against security regulations so i immediately texted my buddies from the former administration. i said you didn't tell me we can't order food here. >> is that why you're laughing? >> msg. >> i'm also interested in how you got in. you had to do a background check and you had to list all the jobs you got fired from. >> so, you know, all the -- anyone who works there has the same background check. i wasn't working on nuclear issues or anything serious like that but you list everything that you've done. you have to list jobs you've been fired from and i got fired from two sitcoms back in the day because the executive producers
7:26 am
didn't think i was funny enough. so i was filling out the form. i have to be truthful. these f.b.i. guys are doing the background check. fired, yes. reason, not being funny enough? you thought you were being funny. they were like what's the deal with this? i'm telling you the truth. >> you have a movie out right now, it's a very harold and kumar 3d christmas. here's a little snippet of this funny guy in it. >> you guys all right? >> are you alive? >> harold? >> kumar. >> that was you at the tree farm. you took my tree? >> you killed two of my trees in one night. >> harold, that's a perfectly salvageable tree. >> that was a perfectly salvageable tree. >> somebody wound up with charred christmas tree. >> yes. yes. harold did. >> of course. of course. >> why 3d? >> i think -- >> why is 2d not enough? >> this is also playing in 2d.
7:27 am
these types of movies have been so frivolous and fun and they're the kind of movies you want to see with your friends. as far as a comedy goes, this is not "avatar" and this is not the high special effects. >> i thought it was. >> you should see if this you want to see christmas trees coming at you in 3d on fire. >> falling from buildings. >> absolutely. it looks great. all right. now, you have a video game as well that is family friendly for everyone. >> yes. i had to counterprogram the harold and kumar with family friendly. what's this? >> it's called rain man origins and i was kind of talking to these guys about their game, what struck me about it it wasn't a shoot er up violent video game. i'm personally not a fan of those. i like the stuff that's well designed so this is all hand drawn art that they essentially feed into a computer and then animate so i thought that was awesome and it's -- the graphics are amazing and so the game is out now and i think it's the perfect christmas present. >> how much would it cost everybody else? not us. but what about for other people, how much would it cost people?
7:28 am
>> it's under 350 and it's in the good range. >> kind of a grab bag gift. >> it's purchasable today on cyber monday. >> that's right. and it's also -- you're not just buying one. it's got, i think, four person option so if you're playing for an hour and your buddies come over, you know, three of them can still opt in and you don't have to reset the game. that's always fun. >> fantastic. he's got the new movie out and video game. thanks for watching us at the white house. >> i love your stuff. it's always a fun morning. >> all right. good enough. >> thank you, you too. >> all right. coming up on the show, herman cain needs your help fighting this. >> the federal tax code is an overgrown monster. but it's not even a cool monster. it's a dorky, mechanical monster driven around by squirrely bureaucrats. >> it's 9-9-9 the movie. it's coming to a tv set near you just two minutes away. >> plus which tv show host thinks donald trump is one of the sexiest men she knows.
7:29 am
we're going to tell you, i'm going to tell you donald the big secret that's been confirmed by a local newspaper when he joins us live. ♪ it's easy to see what subaru owners care about. that's why we created the share the love event. get a great deal on a new subaru and $250 gs to your choice of 5 charities. with your help, we can reach $20 million dollars by the end of this, our fourth year.
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7:32 am
we were becoming more than this little flour company in vermont. [ woman ] we're all going after one common goal, which is to spread the joy of baking throughout the whole world. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> all right. time for your shot of the morning. it's 9-9-9 the movie. >> what would happen if we scrapped all 82,000 pages of the current tax code and simplified things with herman cain's 9-9-9 plan. the economy would accelerate -->> the new six minute video posted at calls the current tax code a dorky mechanical monster, they're right and cain's 9-9-9 plan would create six million jobs, they say. republican presidential
7:33 am
candidate herman cain himself will join us live to talk about that dorky machine at 8:30 eastern. one hour from now right here on "fox & friends." >> now, your headlines for this half-hour, how do you say not guilty in spanish? just ask casey anthony. the acquitted murder suspect now studying spanish on line, apparently. tmz reports anthony's probation requires her to get a job or go to school. she's reportedly decided to brush up on her spanish thinking it will come in handy when she goes back to work in florida. i guess so. >> he tried to kill president ronald reagan and now he wants to go free. >> remember that? it was 30 years ago. and for the past 30 years, john hinckley jr. has been in a psych ward at a hospital in the washington, d.c. area. on wednesday, his attorneys will ask a judge to release him so he can take care of his mother. hinckley's request is expected to be rejected. >> tensions between the u.s.
7:34 am
and pakistan continue to rise. afghan officials say nato forces came under fire from pakistani military bases before launching the strike that killed 24 pakistani troops on saturday. the country's army denying those allegations. earlier on "fox & friends", retired four star general jack keane said an investigation will get the facts out. >> it's hard for me to fathom the thought that we would launch air strikes into pakistan unless we were provoked. from those bases, the taliban fire routinely at our sources inside of afghanistan so you can imagine how complicated this is for our forces in having to deal with this situation. >> the response to the attack -- to the attack, pakistan blocked off nato supply lines, demanded the u.s. military leave an air base used for drone strikes within two weeks. >> you're going to love this story. could katie couric be developing a thing for the donald? after interviewing trump, she
7:35 am
reportedly admitted why she hadn't thought of him in that way before, she found him to be one of the sexiest men she's ever interviewed. 54-year-old couric far from single, though, she's a cougar. she's been dating 37-year-old entrepreneur brooks berlin since 2006. and on that noted, let's bring in donald trump so discuss -- i'm so befuddled at this whole thing. what do you make of the fact that katie couric thinks you're hot? >> that's a different start to the morning. she did interview me last week and she really is a terrific person. i didn't know that was going to come out of it but i know she's very happy with the person she's with. a young, good looking guy. >> right. >> there you go. >> she thinks you're sexy. >> sexy's important, right? i never heard from gretchen. >> right. >> i never heard from -- maybe i don't want to hear. you know what? gretchen, don't say it. >> what? >> i enjoy your company, donald. >> thank you. thank you. >> ok.
7:36 am
>> donald, i think you're sexy, brian. come on. >> how about this, in a male way -- donald, if you're sexy, do you know it or do you wait for other people to say it because if you feel sexy, you shouldn't say that to people, right? like i feel sexy. >> right. i think you should never talk about it. you just let others do the talking and frankly, i guess you know it but, you know, like, for instance, all you people are sexy. that's why you're on. we hate to say it. that has a little bit to do. i write nicely about the three of you in my book. i don't know if you know that. >> time to get tough, right? >> time to get tough. >> donald, would you also agree that being very, very rich and a billionaire makes you very sexy as well? >> well, you know, i'd like to say no, ok? but unfortunately, that does have an impact on some people. there's no question about that. >> there you go. all right. >> let's get back to politics for a second if we can because michelle bachmann who you've met with several times has gone on the attack against newt gingrich and his latest stance on immigration during the last debate. do you believe that newt
7:37 am
gingrich's plan is really amnesty as bachmann is now claiming and how would president trump handle immigration? >> well, first of all, he's really talking about something where somebody has been in the country for 25 years. they've been educated here. they're really tremendously performing people and citizens and -- or not citizens but i guess he's talking about if they become or should they become citizens, and the fact is he's showing a lot of compassion. now, i know both of them and they're both very, very good people. and i like what newt is saying to a certain extent. it's a very limited thing but he's talking about people that have really been terrific people for this country for a long, long period of time. he's saying it's very, very tough to throw them out. and i tell you, i know michelle, and if you told michelle, go across the street, you see them, they've been here and they've been really producers for this country for 25 years, they're great people. their children are educated. their children are producers. you go tell that family to get out of here and get into their own country, i don't think she
7:38 am
could do it. because she's a good person. i really don't think -- >> why is she calling out newt on it? >> i don't know. i mean, i can tell you it's the conservative thing and a lot of people are going to be upset that, oh, donald trump just said this or that. the fact is she's showing great compassion. if you ask michelle to physically go across the street and tell a family of 25 years to get out of this country, she wouldn't do it because she's a good person. >> here's the problem with mitt romney in this situation, he said it's a magnet and he disagrees but in 2007 he was calling for the same thing. newt gingrich fired back and here's the clip from "meet the press" from two to three years ago. does that bother you? >> he didn't strongly disagree and a lot of people are really curious as to when he'll say something. i just saw something on television where they were saying he really hasn't taken a stance or a very strong stance yet and he hasn't said anything about what newt said. let's hear what he says. but look, this is a matter of compassion -- this isn't conservative. i'm the world's most conservative person. this isn't conservative.
7:39 am
this is compassion. >> is it amnesty? >> i guess to a certain extent for a very limited number of people, it would be considered amnesty but how do you tell a family that's been here for 25 years to get out? >> or if their kids are born here, they stay and the parents leave. and that's what newt gingrich's contention is. how can you be the party that's pro family and dividing the family? but the iowa governor, branstad, came out and tweeted this. newt did himself considerable harm in that caucus state. >> you know what? he did himself considerable harm maybe. and maybe he didn't. but i will tell you, with the overall electorate, he did himself considerable good. >> right. and overall, he probably did himself wonders with the hispanic community if he's looking to get them. >> i think so that's right. with a very strong conservative group of people, he did himself harm. with the overall electorate, he did himself a lot of good. of course, he has to get there first. >> let's talk a little bit about a third party, a third wave for
7:40 am
voters out there. this topic continues to come up and i know that you have been very profound in saying that look, if you do not like who the republicans nominee is, you will consider a third party run as well. let's take a look at this latest poll or history that shows what happened when ross perot ran when people were dissatisfied with the government, they said only 39% said that when ross perot ran and now 81% say they're dissatisfied. does that mean that a third party is imminent? >> remember this, ross perot got 18% of the vote and he imploded. he totally embodied. before he imploded, he was at 34% and 35%, he was actually leading so i absolutely believe in the third party, the right person and it would have to be probably a very rich person because, you know, third parties don't raise lots of money because there's not enough time to do it and a lot of other reasons but i think the right person could absolutely at least come close to winning and maybe win. it's not going to be easy. a third party is very, very tough.
7:41 am
now, depending on who the person is, they either kill or kill the republicans or the democrats. so we'll see what happens. i mean, you could look at some of the election, president clinton who is a friend of mine got very lucky with what happened with ross perot. let's not kid ourselves. >> because bush 41 was probably heading towards re-election. >> that's right. absolutely. you know, clinton won with, he ended up winning the election. that's pretty tough stuff. >> pardon me, donald, but you have talked in the past on this program about running for president perhaps as a third party guy. you've got plenty of money. and also, apparently, there's an outfit in iowa called conservatives for palin trying to convince her to go ahead and run. they say it's not too late for the caucus states. it is too late for the primary states because she had to get on ballot. >> right, there is so much dislike and let's even call it hatred because in many circles it's hatred for the republicans and for the democrats that i really believe that a very smart, very well equipped third
7:42 am
party candidate could -- at a minimum, do really well. now, the problem with doing really well is if it's the republican type guy, it's not going to be probably a democrat although i hear that certain liberals are thinking about running because they're very unhappy with obama so that could also hurt obama but i don't see that person yet. but if a conservative type person ran, it probably would ensure, unless the person was outstanding, it would assure obama's re-election and that would be a disaster for the country. >> for you, it would be waiting until may because that's when you contract. >> my contract expires with nbc in may. that's correct. >> all right, donald, hope you had a great thanksgiving and a good week ahead. thanks so much. >> and i still haven't gotten your answer and don't give it to me. >> ok. you're hot! there you have it. >> you know what you like more, people to go out and buy your book. "time to get tough" donald, congratulations on it. >> thank you very much. >> all right, bye. >> straight ahead, one person's complaint was enough to tear down a display of the 10 commandments. that's been inside a school for the a decade. is it legal? peter johnson jr. up next.
7:43 am
>> then it's the season for giving and taking? the king of pickpockets is here next to show you how easy it is to rip brian and me off. >> first, the trivia question of the day. born on this day, this new jersey native receives his only best actor nomination for his role as a famous painter. be first, friends at with the answer. le. show me the best way to design a vacation on a budget with expedia. make it work. booking a flight by itself is an uh-oh. see if we can "stitch" together a better deal. that's a hint, antoine. ooh! see what anandra did? booking your flight and hotel at the same time gets you prices hotels and airlines won't let expedia show separately. book it. major wow factor! where you book matters. expedia. congratulations. congralations.
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7:46 am
>> prescription for truth. for over a decade, a small town in virginia has displayed the 10 commandments in six of their county's schools but a federal court case taking place today could end that tradition. the aclu is leading the fight against the religious displays arguing on behalf of a student and parent who claim they violate their first amendment rights. we're joined right now by fox news legal analyst peter johnson jr.
7:47 am
this is part of the robust fight that's been waged by the aclu and others in this country. trying to destroy any remnants of religion and any public life, the issue becomes does this display of the 10 commandments along with other documents including the united states constitution, the star spangled banner, the bill of rights, the virginia statute for religious freedom and others constitute an infringement in the first amendment, is it that public schools trying to establish a religion whether it's christianity or judaism, people that abide by the 10 commandments or is it a display of the foundations of government and culture upon which our society is -->> it's the latter, isn't it? >> the county says it is the latter and the aclu says listen, you had the 10 commandments up there for many, many years, you took it down and then you put up this display. it's merely to comply with the
7:48 am
law. but it's part of a broad effort by a lot of groups in the united states to attack christianity. this federal court will decide whether or not this is an infringement on the first amendment. whether that school is telling the parents in that school that they must abide by christianity and/or judaism. the religions that respect the 10 commandments. >> you know, if this kind of thing does effectively take place all across the country, we'll have to change the money. we'll have to change the way that they open the house of representatives. and the u.s. senate as well. isn't there something about god on the walls of the supreme court? >> that's the argument that the county is playing. this is part and parcel of our foundations as americans. other people make the arguments that much of the 10 commandments is totally religious in nature. look at the first three or four. that it's not secular at all. but it's part of a broader dispute in this country.
7:49 am
can we secularize our nation as much as possible? do we ignore foundations, do we ignore roots no matter how much you ascribe those roots and those foundations to our governmental administration in this country? and so it's become the cultural divide in a lot of ways. supreme court has spoken out in a lot of different ways on it. they say it's fact based. let's look at the facts in this case. i'll keep an eye on it because i think it interests a lot of folks. >> absolutely. i don't know that it's so bad to have something on the wall that says don't kill people or steal stuff. >> that along with eight or nine other things. >> indeed. peter johnson with an eye on the law. all right. straight ahead, think you're too smart to get ripped off? think again! the king of pickpockets -- there he is right over there with gretch. the king of pickpockets is here to show how easy he can rip gretchen off! but first, on this date in 1965, turn, turn, turn, by the birds was the number one song in the
7:50 am
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7:53 am
>> answer to the trivia question. ed harris. the winner, jenny from minnesota. good luck to both of you. meanwhile the holiday season is filled with family, friends a thieves. the king of the pickpockets reveals how easy it is to rip someone off like you in the national geographic channel's special called "pickpocket king." watch. >> smiling and as i'm taking, you hold it and see, as i gave it to him to hold -- >> no. >> i took his watch.
7:54 am
>> oh! >> yes. >> now, that looks like fun but in real life, he'd be upset. >> those are real thieves. it took me three years to establish rapport with those people without realizing that we were working undercover. we immersed ourselves in that culture. those are guys that we managed to rip off and steal from. once i let them steal my wallet, i steal something from them. i gave it back. whatever language, italian, i say i do the same as you. at that point, when i took the watch, i have rapport with them. that's when he starts spilling his guts. >> i'd love to know what you're capable of. when we did the tease to this segment, you pickpocketed me while i was putting on lip gloss. >> the thing is in that scenario and ladies handbag, 30 times more likely to be a victim because, of course, it's not part of your nerve endings so they don't go in barehanded. they have something over their
7:55 am
shoulder or maybe carrying a canvas or something. and so they work behind. now, in your case here, if i may come on this side, now, i'm behind you. the first thing they do, they fan you. which means they brush in lightly like that. >> why? because by doing that, they know what you're carrying is up here. you have anything at the top here? you have nothing at all. you have to take a small step towards me. >> that's good. whatever you have there, keys maybe. >> no, i have a credit card. >> are they still there? >> is my credit card there? yes. >> you put it back in your pocket. you take that and you can put that in your pocket. >> no, it's not. >> and here's what i want you to do. put it on the inside this time. put it inside your pocket. in there. and then turn it around. you have it or you don't have it. >> i have it. >> if it's mine in 10 seconds. >> i'd be shocked. >> you will be shocked. >> take this instead. >> ok. that's your card. >> oh! >> i love it! >> all right. i love it. >> that was very good. >> i can't trust you at all! >> you got to understand one thing, i'm working alone because
7:56 am
i'm part of doing this on stage in the show business but in the real world, there's going to be two, three, guys, someone crowds you from the front. could be a lady. part of the team. they mirror you as you walk. when you're choked, that's when they slowly take you out. >> go ahead. rob her! >> what can people do? >> with the handbag. >> you should have your bag closed. >> a zipper, of course, they're going to look for you. they're going to look for the weakest link. they want a person who is not paying attention, someone who is leaning over to shop. right now at this time of the year, people are more concerned is that a bargain or not a bargain? while they're making maybe 50% cheaper here to buy it, they open themselves up behind or in a coffee shop, they put it down on the floor for 10 seconds. >> we'll watch "pickpocket king" on national geographic channel. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> and that will be at 8:00 and that will air on friday. with newt gingrich grabbing a
7:57 am
prime endorsement, does mitt romney stand a chance? what does ann coulter think now, huh? she joins us next hour and looks like that. >> he just got me when you were reading that. ay? ♪ the lexus december to remember sales event is here, but only for a limited time. see your lexus dealer. fiber one. h, forgot jack cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? um... try the number one! [ jack ] yeah, ts is pretty good. [ male announcer ]alf a day's worth of fiber. fiber one. how about making it brighter. more colorful. ♪ and putting all our helpers to work? so we can build on our favorite traditions by adding a few new ones. we've all got garlands and budgets to stretch. and this year, we can keep them both evergreen. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot.
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>> gretchen: good morning, everyone. hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving. now it's monday, november 28. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time. gop presidential candidate newt gingrich lands a key endorsement in a key state. but history shows it may not be a reason to celebrate after all. why? we'll let you know. >> steve: meanwhile, never say never. i'm not quoting justin bieber. a large group of conservatives now courting governor sarah palin for president. can the governor be drafted back into this race at this late date? we'll talk about that. >> brian: your e-mails have been pouring in on this case. an eight-year-old boy taken away from his parents and put into foster care all because he's too fat. can they really do that? "fox & friends" really can finish up this day with a final hour right now. >> good morning, this is fabio,
8:01 am
and you're watching "fox & friends". >> steve: i would imagine today will be one of those days where if you walk to somebody at your place of employment, there is a real good possibility that as you get close, they'll go like this, because it's cyber monday. a lot of people -- this is the biggest on-line shopping day of the entire year. >> gretchen: i already bought something in a commercial break. >> steve: you did? >> gretchen: uh-huh. >> steve: on-line? >> gretchen: i did. i'm quick with the fingers. >> brian: i knew you were staring at that body shave prosecutor last hour. >> gretchen: i bought the two of you those razors we were talking about. >> steve: this is going to be the best christmas ever! >> gretchen: exactly. let's do some headlines. syracuse university fired assistant basketball coach bernie fine. three men accusing him of molesting them when they were boys. espn released tapes of one of the accusers discussing what happened with fine's wife,
8:02 am
laurie. >> no. >> i'm >> gretchen: also on those tapes, bobby davis, the male voice, talking with lory about their own alleged affair with one another when davis was just 18 years old. a live look at downtown los angeles where the stand-off continues between police and occupy protesters refusing to honor a midnight eviction. earlier the protesters passed the time by burning some money? they flooded the streets, celebrating, chanting and playing drums. police say they're ready to arrest anyone still lingering there. a similar evacuation order being ignored in philly. the number of protesters did dwindle after cops gave the order to vacate by midnight.
8:03 am
wikileaks back in business? julian assange, the founder of the document dumping web site, says its on-line drop box is reopened. he says he had to regier the site from -- reenengineer it. assange still fighting extradition to sweden where he's accused of sexually assaulting two women. moments ago, sources confirming ohio state university has a new football coach. urban mire agreed to a 7-year, $40 million deal. he's been working as an analyst on espn after he quit the florida gators job. he won two national championships while at florida. ohio state fired jim trestle during the offseason after numerous ncaa violations were committed. those are your headlines. >> brian: in another sport, running to william the nominee for the gop. >> steve: full contact. >> brian: it is. in new hampshire, the union leader, a very respected newspaper, has decided that newt
8:04 am
gingrich is their man. not mitt romney, not governor perry. it's going to be newt. how significant this is definitely at the very least going to allow more money to pour in for newt gingrich and let other people feel as though he's a legitimate front runner. >> steve: and mitt romney himself courted the paper not only in 2008, but he also was doing his best to try to get some traction from the particular newspaper as well. on cyber monday, i think i'm going to buy myself a new microphone. >> brian: is it out? >> gretchen: the paper has backed the winning nominee only twice in the last 35 years. so that's an interesting point about the relevance of the endorse: but it is an important one for newt gingrich. now, this was the other thing that was important in the way in which they endorsed him. didn't they also slam mitt romney in their endorsement of gingrich? here is what they said, we would rather back someone with whom we may sometimes disagree than one
8:05 am
who tells us what he thinks we want to hear. ouch. >> brian: they attribute it to the speaker and his record as a speak and also say by no means are we sing he's the perfect candidate. >> gretchen: who is a perfect candidate? nobody is. >> steve: some of the people they have backed in the past, in '88, peter dupont they said would be a perfect president. they said pat buchanan. steve forbes. they have effectively chosen -- there are are some -- they did select right hand reagan who eventually would become president of the united states and last time around they did select john mccain who did back the party's nominee. >> gretchen: we know newt gingrich has been done well in the debates and there has been argument there are too many debate, but that's one of the reasons is because he does well. he has challenged president obama to a debate, except there is one little caveat.
8:06 am
he says that he will come there just himself, but he's wondering whether or not president obama will also come with his teleprompter. >> steve: yeah. he made the comments over the weekend at a speech in florida down in naples and he said it would be a series of lincoln-douglas style debates and there was this excerpt from the newt speech who said, can you imagine him, the president, looking in the mirror, graduate from colombia, the greatest arrest particularity in the democratic book, how is he going to see he's afraid to be on the same podium? >> brian: that would be the debate and i think one of the reasons why newt might get the nomination is because people say, i could see him going against a very astute debate. >> steve: he needs a lot of money and a big machine. so far he doesn't have much of either. >> brian: if you think about it, the president has 85 electoral votes to play with.
8:07 am
he won with 160. he needs 270. but he knows that for him to be successful, he's got to win back the swing states. i think he got the memo. >> gretchen: he's been doing a lot of traveling and that irks some people because the taxpayers are paying for it. is it really for his jobs bill or is it for his reelection campaign? take a look at this map. the 11 swing states that he has visited in 42 days, he breaks the presidential record. they went back and looked at president clinton and george w. bush and he has surpassed them already. >> brian: 56. >> steve: and republicans complain look, he's campaigning and governing at the same time. if he's going to be out campaigning, make it a campaign event. have the democrats pay for it, but they don't do that. white house also says the travel has not been dictated by the election map and the electoral map as well, they say that the president has been to the purple and blue states and a number of red states. >> brian: there is somebody else not in the race whose name is prominent on the republican side
8:08 am
and one of the most famous faces now in the country and that is sarah palin. just because she decided she's not going to run doesn't mean it's not going to be a possibility, especially if conservatives for palin have their way. >> gretchen: some in iowa drafted, they got a ton of signatures and they want her to run. they're drafting her into the race. they say it's not too late. even though we went through thanksgiving, we have time for her to get in. is this just another group of people who are dissatisfied with the current roster? >> brian: yes. >> gretchen: yes from here. >> steve: absolutely. but there is not enough time. she would have enough time if she was going to get -- in the caucus states, like nevada and iowa, those things are run by the state parties. so she could immediately get on their ballot. however, if she's interested in any of the primary states, the filing deadlines have already gone and she's not on them. so she can't do it. >> brian: florida, michigan, new hampshire, south carolina. if she was to win the
8:09 am
nomination, it would be without those states. >> gretchen: let's bring you up to date on the story we've been talking about, this severely obese eight-year-old boy, third grader who weighs more than 200 pounds. he's a first child in the state of ohio to be taken away and put into foster care. we asked you that very difficult question, was this the right thing to do? should the government be ruling based on weight who should stay with their parents and who should not? >> steve: larry in new york e-mailed us and said no, the kid shouldn't be taken away. the whole family should be in counseling to deal with the weight issue. that's a good point. at least then the family would all be together. >> brian: let's see what chris says. mom should keep the child, but should know she's taking many years of the child's life away. obesity is like smoking, it will kill you. government, stay out. >> gretchen: and some of these tweets, why don't we just turn all of our kids over to the government to raise? what will be illegal next? >> brian: i would wait for college to turn them over. say listen, you go pay. >> gretchen: that's a good
8:10 am
point, because who ends up paying for the obesity problem in america? that's the unknown factor. >> steve: the mother's attorney has said the county took my kid away for a condition, medical condition. he hasn't developed yet. he's considered severely obese, but then so are over 1,000 other kids in the same county, which the county has not taken away from their families. >> brian: should you take ads off the air that make them obese, like kool-aid, ice pops that are full of sugar? >> steve: personal responsibility. >> brian: right. so if that person sees an ad and runs and has some snickers and they they have too much nugget, which is chalk full of calorie, you'll get fat, but you're going by what the commercials say. >> gretchen: this is why it's a very complicated and difficult issue. keep letting us know what you think about it. e-mail or tweet us as well. still got a lot of show ahead, including this, a baby just eight months old pulled from a
8:11 am
burning home. his heart had stopped and he wasn't breathing. but these hero firefighters brought that boy back to life. the thanksgiving miracle coming up. >> steve: that's great. and with newt gingrich grabbing a prime endorsement in the state of new hampshire, does mitt romney stand a chance, brian? >> brian: ann coulter wanted romney to win it all, what does she think now, huh? she will eventually talk when she's done walking. my name is jill strange,
8:12 am
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8:14 am
>> steve: newt gingrich gets a big endorsement from the top newspaper in the state of new hampshire, but was the endorsement more about mitt romney than newt gingrich? here with her take is author of "demonic," ann coulter ." they've had a spotty record in the past in pick ago winner. >> well, it's not so much whether you pick a winner or loser. the reason the union leader has been respected in its endorsements was that it was a solid conservative newspaper. back when it was gerald ford versus right hand reagan, they went with reagan. '96, they endorsed pat buchanan. that was under a different editor. there is a new one and he endorsed john mccain in the last election. so i think this is less about romney. it's more about trying to get obama reelected 'cause they did a fantastic job in 2008. i think anyone who supported
8:15 am
mccain before he was the actual nominee, ie before the california primary, should have no say in ever having anything to do with any republican nominees because obviously they're very bad. but i did like that the editorial was great matticcally incorrect. >> steve: mitt romney not only courted the paper last time in 2008, but this time as well. they kind of took a shot at him talking a little bit about how they'd rather go for somebody who stands for something conservative rather than somebody who will say anything we want him to say. >> yeah. you know who stands for something and is not saying what we want him to say is barak obama. so that, i think, is who the union leader is actually supporting here. >> steve: you think that mitt romney can go all the way. you do not -- >> i think he's going to be our nominee. i think he is a very presentable, acceptable nominee. we know all of his faults. he's certainly saying the things
8:16 am
conservatives want to say and he wants to be successful and you will follow things ronald reagan did and you won't flip flop all over the place. he's very different from, for example, john mccain or i'd say newt gingrich who not only disagreed with them, but sticking his finger in conservatives has eye. that isn't mitt romney. he had liberal position when is he was running in massachusetts. >> steve: but now fast forward to today and we find, you look at the real clear politics poll average, newt gingrich is ahead of mitt romney, extraordinarily, by 2 1/2 percent. >> sure, herman cain was before. we'll see. i could be wrong. i think it's going to be romney. i think romney is the strongest candidate and i think republicans want to beat obama and romney is the best one to do that. i think you'll go through all of these. i'm not the first one to point this out, the flavors of the month. it was tim pawlenty, cain,
8:17 am
bachman, then bigger problems developed. newt, i think, may stay at the top for a while, only because it's the holiday season and everything will be frozen for the next month, but talk about problems? we got more than a million dollars from freddie mac and we have a personal life that -- i mean, look, you can cheat on your wives and cheat on your wives during impeachment, you can cheat on some of your wives and indulge your third wife's chopa -- shopaholic issues but you can't do all those things and run for president as a republican. you can't take more than a million dollars from freddie mac and run for president of the republican. unless the tea party is just utterly hypocritical, they can't run someone who took more than a million dollars from freddie mac, which caused the housing crisis, which caused the current recession. it's madness! >> steve: i think i know who you like in the race. all right. ann coulter, we thank you very much. >> thank you. >> steve: what do you think about that? e-mail us. a baby boy pulled from a burning
8:18 am
building, hadn't taken a breath in five minutes. but these firefighters refused to give up. meet the guys who became heros this thanksgiving day. then, how can herman cain fix his recent fall into third place in the polls? is there a strategy to get back on top? herman cain himself joins us at the bottom of the hour right here on "fox & friends." we're america's natural gas
8:19 am
and here's what we did today: supported nearly 3 million steady jobs across our country... ... scientists, technicians, engineers, machinists... ... adding nearly 400 billion dollars to our economy... we're at work providing power to almost a quarter of our homes and businesses... ... and giving us cleaner rides to work and school... and tomorrow, we could do even more. cleaner, domestic, abundant and creating jobs now. we're america's natural gas. the smarter power, today. learn more at
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>> brian: time for news by the numbers. $1.2 trillion, that's the total cost of the wall street bailout given to dozens of american banks in 2008. black berg says they profited in
8:22 am
extra $13 billion off of the feds' below market rates at the same time. next, $100,000. that's how much it would cost to buy every item listed on the 12 days of christmas carol. partridge, pear trees, turtle doves, the most expensive. who would have thought? finally, $62.3 million, breaking dawn, yes. that's winning the thanksgiving weekend box office battle. the muppet movie finished second with $42 million. the muppets are puppets. >> gretchen: i saw that. i'd be interested in your review later. meantime, the picture will melt your heart. a new york city firefighter cradling a lifeless child in his arms. what you didn't see, four of his colleagues who pulled the child out and got his heart started again after 5 1/2 minutes. we're joined by four of the courageous firemen. from engine 239, neil malone.
8:23 am
good morning. >> good morning. >> gretchen: great to have you. so the picture we just showed ha is so heart breaking but at the same time, signifies life, was you, right? >> absolutely. >> gretchen: you are in this picture holding the child. describe for me what's happening right at that moment. >> at the moment, really honestly, nothing is going through my mind except for the training that has been given to me through the fire department. originally david brings out the newborn, hands it to me -- i'm sorry, the eight-month old, and it's instinctual. we take over, we do the training we've been taught and neal comes in and helps out and thank god everything worked out the way it did. and everyone was able to go home that day, including the civilians that hopefully will do all right in the future. it all worked out. >> gretchen: richard, it's my understanding the fire started from a cigarette? >> that, we don't know. >> gretchen: it was massively burning by the time you arrived there. you find a lady, right? >> yeah. she was at the top floor window
8:24 am
when we arrived. i put up a ground ladder with assistance of another fireman and i got her from the top floor window. she was cut up pretty bad. she was on the bed. she kept screaming, my baby is inside, my baby is inside. assisted her getting her off the ladder. once i got her below me on the ladder, i put my air mask on and went in and i found another adult on the floor by the window. >> gretchen: another adult? >> yes. >> gretchen: and you were able to get him out as well? >> yes, i was able to lift him up to the window, that's when ladder 105's bucket truck got to the window, was able to pass him up to the bucket. >> gretchen: david, you factor in thank then with the baby. when you saw the baby had not been breathing for quite some time, what did you do? >> well, actually i followed the squad one and they did a really nice job on knocking the fire down. i got in the room. i could hear richie over the
8:25 am
radio and he was finishing up taking the last adult out. so i continued searching, pretty much where he left off and i came across the baby. i could tell right away that the baby was unconscious and not breathing and i just picked up the baby right away and tried to get him out to the street as fast as possible, gave the baby a couple of breaths on the way out to the street, mouth to mouth, and i met up with andrew out there and he pretty much did a really nice job, he took over all the ems responsibilities right away and established an airway and began cpr and everything. >> gretchen: neal, you also factor into this whole equation with the baby and with another gentleman, right? >> that's correct. originally when i got on the scene, i helped them hook up to the hydrant, which was for water. the chief gave handy talkies to get ems forthwith. i grabbed a squad company 1's
8:26 am
medical bags, ran up the block and encountered the father up on the window being assisted by matt from ladder 122. matt got him down, handed him off to us, we put him in the street. i started to work on him with dressing the open wounds. he had badly burned hands. numerous cuts. then i saw andrew come out with the baby, being handed off by dave, and i said to the other firefighters, take care of the fireman and help him with the baby. before this, we never knew each other. before that, he -- with that, he put the baby down and he said, anybody have a pocket face piece for the baby and nobody did and i said to andrew, i said, i'm going to start mouth to mouth. and he's like, that's a hard call. i said, i got to do it. i just started from mouth to nose. my mouth to mouth to his nose,
8:27 am
baby's mouth and nose. and we just continued working and working and working and finally got to the ambulance. he handed off cpr duties to me and once we were inside the ambulance, the baby started to breathe, which is a gasping sound, every few seconds. and then we put pads on the baby, to see if his heart was beating and he had a rhythm going and i came out and the ambulance took off to the hospital. >> gretchen: for those of white house don't do these heroic efforts on a daily basis what, is it like to save a life like that? >> it's a great feeling, no doubt. definitely a great feeling. i don't think any one of us sit here and want for it to happen every day, but it's definitely a good feeling to know that years -- 20 plus years experience, dave, ten plus years, neal, 20 plus years, all these years of experience, we get to use these skills that we have through the fire department
8:28 am
to get to use them and put them to good use. it shows you it does work, all the training we do does work. >> gretchen: you mentioned you didn't know each other before this, but it shows the cohesion of working together and all of those years of experience and we certainly hope for the best for all the people who are affected and that little baby. thank you so much for sharing your wonderful thanksgiving day story with us. >> thank you. >> have a great day. >> gretchen: still ahead on our show, confessions from behind bars. terry nichols revealing something we haven't heard about the oklahoma city bombing. then he's bringing the cain train to the curvy couch. how does herman cain plan to come back from third place now? we'll ask him. he's coming up next congratulations. congratulations.
8:29 am
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>> brian: shot of the morning, it's a baby, it's a dog and there are bubbles. watch. ( [ laughter ] >> brian: that's fantastic. >> steve: that dog didn't used to belong to lawrence welk? >> brian: no, i don't think. those aren't tiny bubbles. >> steve: thank you, brian. over a million hits on youtube, that particular little bit of video. time for headlines. the mother of michelle parker releasing new cell phone video hoping to find her. she vanished more than a week ago after appearing on an episode of "the people's court" where she was fighting with her ex fiance, dale smith. over the weekend, police sent swat teams and dogs into dale's
8:33 am
home in orlando, florida. michelle's mother spoke to "fox & friends" earlier this morning. >> hasn't called me one time to say, our heartaches for your family. is there anything we can do? i have not heard from one member of that family. i'm not ruling out anything. i'm not ruling out anybody or anything at this point. >> steve: police have yet to reveal what they took from the house, but confirmed they did not find any sign of michelle there. >> brian: terry nichols apparently showing remorse over the attacks that left 168 people dead. in a letter to a woman who lost two grandsons in the attacks, he writes, quote, it was just so wrong as to what happened. it was really no justification for it and my heart breaks and grieves daily, knowing that i had a part in such a devastating tragedy. you and the others are in my prayers. nick class claims he thought timothy mcveigh was going to
8:34 am
attack a monument or bridge so no one would die. he's serving a life sentence. >> gretchen: major security breach at fort lauder dale international airport. a woman with the wrong boarding pass made it through three layers of security and then boarded the plane. >> people around me were all like, we can't believe that happened. that makes us so uncomfortable. we're very unsettled by that. i can't believe that they just let someone walk through security with someone else's name. >> gretchen: the woman says she was given a boarding pass for a woman named lindsey with another name. tsa agents checked other boarding pass and her license, kind of, but didn't notice the error. but lindsey's noticed when they showed up at the same seat. you guys know, when you go through security, they look at your boarding pass, they look at your license, they make some sort of a notation, i don't really know -- >> steve: maybe they looked to the first name. >> gretchen: i don't know. why are we doing all this stuff, you know? why are we doing all this stuff?
8:35 am
the shoes and everything else. >> brian: it's a personal challenge. take off your shoes, belt, i really enjoy it. >> gretchen: you like doing it? >> steve: the key, though, is how fast you can put it back on. 'cause people are coming up. speaking of things, this christmas season, we know that millions of you are going to buy billions of dollars worth of stuff. if you want to support the president of the united states and his reelection campaign, while at the same time having some unusual things with their logo on it, have we got the place for you. it's barak >> gretchen: so you can get a obama-biden ornament. it will only cost 40 bucks. you can get yoga pants if you want to work out for 35. they say 2012 on the right lower region. and you can also get what brian is going to get. >> brian: a beer cozy. 'cause i'm always outdoors with
8:36 am
a beer in my hand. >> steve: it says cheers, champ. a champion of mr. and mrs. joe beer can, joe biden. also there are a couple of other things. you can get a tailgate pack for 65 bucks. but -- you got an apron and spatula with their logo on it. this could be absolutely the most brilliant thing of all. a dog bandanna. twelve dollars. here is why it's brilliant. not only could it be for your dog, but if the dog runs away, you can give it to a loved one and just say, this is just a human bandanna. who will know? >> brian: and go to a saloon. >> steve: or hold up a bank. >> gretchen: you could. joining us is presidential candidate, herman cain. i have a sneaking suspicion you're not going to that web site this christmas season. >> no, i have a free gift for everybody. it's called 9-9-9, the movie. if you go to the cain, the cain
8:37 am -- i'm not making this up. >> gretchen: i know. >> 999, the movie is being released today and it is free. good morning, guys. how are you? >> steve: good morning, sir. i hope it has a happy ending. >> it does. the happy ending is jobs, jobs, jobs. and i'm not plugging it because that's the case, but that's one of the reasons that people are connecting with what i call the cain trifecta. i talked about my economic jobs and growth plan, which is 9-9-9. tomorrow at hillsdale college i'll be unveiling my national security and foreign policy strategy and then in another week, we'll be revealing our energy independence plan. that's why my rating in the polls has not gone below third in most of the polls. >> brian: let's take a look at one of the polls out today. typical. you have mitt romney on top at 20. newt gingrich one point behind. and you're four points off the top spot.
8:38 am
considering the month and a half you've had, that's pretty amazing. >> it is amazing. and we call it third just before the surge. a lot of things happen in the -- a lot of things happen in a campaign, as you know. but here is the good news, we didn't drop all the way down to six or seven. we dropped to third. and the reason that we stayed still in the top three is because quite honestly, a lot of our supporters, they didn't defect because of all of the noise that was going on. so we're excited about that. and here is one other important thing. we are well organized in our new hampshire, south carolina and florida and iowa. so we have nothing but optimism about what we'll be doing in the next couple of weeks, leading up to the caucuses and primaries. >> gretchen: how do you plan to do that? we've seen this interesting sort of trend with the republican candidates in the last couple of months where first it was michelle bachman who was the alternative to romney. then it was you who was the alternative. rick perry before you. now it's newt gingrich.
8:39 am
what are you going to do to get back on top? >> what we're going to do is quite simply, my specific economic growth and jobs plan, which a lot of people like and they connect with it, they will identify with the national security foreign policy plan and they're going to identify with the very aggressive energy independence plan. in other words, when people think about herman cain, they think about the specific solutions that i have put on the table that's resonating with people. i can't say that's the case with a the lo of the other candidates and i happen to believe that's why maybe they fell lower in the polls. but we have no concern whatsoever that we're going to be able to move back up over the next several weeks because of the specificity of the things that we are putting on the table. >> steve: the guy who is at the top in the national polls is newt gingrich, according to real estate policyics, up by 2 1/2. toward the middle of last week, rather tuesday night at the big debate that you were in attendance at, he talked a little bit about illegal
8:40 am
immigration and what to do with, for instance, people who have been here 25 years. he says, look, there should be some sort of a path for them so that they're not just thrown out or deported immediately. do you think that is a good idea? should people who have been here for decades be allowed to stay and somehow wind up with a path toward something? >> i wouldn't start there. i would start with promote the path to citizenship that we already have. i don't care if you've been here 20, 30 or 40 years, what's wrong with the path to citizenship that we already have? i looked it up. it's not that difficult. we just need to clean up the bureaucracy. so i wouldn't go that route. i want to promote the path that's already there and help empower the states to help us do that. that's my approach to dealing with it. and remember, the illegal immigration issue is four problems, securing the border, enforce the laws, let's make it
8:41 am
easier for employers to adhere to the law and empower the states to basically enforce the federal law. that's how i would approach it. >> gretchen: do you think that a lot of people have criticized the number of debates that the republican candidates have had to go through. do you think that's been a positive or a negative for you and looking forward, is it a positive or negative? >> it is definitely been a positive for me because as you know, i had a very low name i.d. and because of the debates, quite frankly, it has helped me. going forward, i still think it will help me because as you know, i'm very comfortable with the debates. i'm very comfortable with their format and for a lot of people who don't get chance to watch a lot of the other -- see a lot of the other publications, debates are sometimes the only way people get a chance to see all of the candidates. that being said, it is possible to do too many. but right now, i think debates are my friend for right now. >> steve: and you are our friend for being on the program today.
8:42 am
herman cain joining us today from our atlanta bureau. we thank you. good luck to you. >> thanks a lot. don't forget, 999, the movie, premieres today. >> steve: next thing you know, it will be a musical. >> gretchen: and it's free. all right. thanks, mr. cain. have a great day. >> thank you. >> brian: experts warn if you don't extend employment benefits, we're in for a slump. but our next guest says that's the worst idea she's ever heard. she was president bush's nominee for labor secretary. >> steve: then the world's sexiest super models are getting ready to hit the runway and one of the angels making a stop on the curvy couch. there she is and she prepares to take a right into studio e. she's coming up right here on "fox & friends." >> brian: all the way fromva holland. k. booking a flight by itself is an uh-oh.
8:43 am
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her morning begins with arthritis pain. that's a coffee and two pills. the afternoon tour begins with more pain and more pills. the evening guests arrive. back to sore knees. back to more pills. the day is done but hang on... her doctor recommended aleve. just 2 pills can keep arthritis pain away all day with fewer pills than tylenol. this is lara who chose 2 aleve and fewer pills for a day free of pain. [ female announcer ] get an aleve coupon in this sunday's paper. >> brian: you can call it the republican border battle. michelle bachman and newt
8:46 am
gingrich are going after it. >> he's only talked about people who have been here for 25 years. that would be completely different than the letter that he published in the "wall street journal." there was no clarification that it would be people that are here 25 years and that would be completely different than the statement that he publicly made less than a year ago that he believes that people should have this pathway to citizenship. >> brian: but he is going to publish his more details on the immigration policy. is it amnesty? joining us and fox news contributor linda chavez. where do you stand, in the bachman camp or the humanitarian and do what newt gingrich says and that's if you've been here a long time with your family, you can stay? >> well, first of all, the american people are with newt gingrich. virtually every poll shows that americans are not in favor of rounding up 11 million people and shipping them back home. we have a problem. we've got to figure out a way to
8:47 am
deal with it and i think newt gingrich has really come up with the beginnings of a way to do that, to look first at the people who have been here the longest, who are contributing members of the society who pay their taxes and haven't broken other laws and figure out a way to give them legal status and by the way, it's the right political thing to do, too, because this is the largest growing demographic group in the country and republicans cannot afford to alienate hispanics. >> brian: assuming he's referring to hispanics that got here illegally, maybe you're right. the other thing to keep in mind is that there has to be a way to verify all this. newt gingrich, this week, is going to be unveiling a bunch of mini committees from state to state to identify these families and find out how rare they actually are. >> that's exactly right. look, we are going to have to deal with it at some point. but frankly, when michelle bachman criticizes newt gingrich for his guest worker proposal
8:48 am
back in the mid 2000s, that actually would have done more probably to help secure the border than anything. finding a way to allow people who are needed here to do jobs that americans won't take is, in fact, the best way to close the border because we'll allow people in legally rather than having them come illegally. >> brian: this week congress is going to weigh in on whether the payroll tax holiday should be extended, along with extending unemployment benefits. what helps the economy more? >> well, the payroll tax, i think would help extending that. >> brian: social security? >> well, it will actually be a problem for social security because, in fact, those payroll taxes are supposed to fund our social security benefits and it's actually the payroll taxes being paid now that are funding the current social security recipients. it isn't that we're all living off of the money that we contributed in previous years. we're living, those who are on social security, are living off the money contributed now. but extending the unemployment
8:49 am
benefits, brian, is a terrible idea. in fact, i think the fact that we have 99 weeks now in some places available for unemployment has actually increased our unemployment rate and there has been studies going back to the 1970s that show for every week that you extend unemployment benefits, you actually extend joblessness anywhere from a half week to a full week. >> brian: linda chavez, great points. it will be an interesting debate within the republican party. linda, thanks so much. >> thank you. >> brian: she's one of the world's sexiest super models. but before she hits the runway in victoria secret's fashion show, she's stopping here to give us all tickets and i'm bringing martha who happens to have is a show at 9:00 o'clock. >> i thought you were referring to me at the beginning. >> brian: i was. but i decided to do the victoria model first. >> thank you,rian. good morning, everybody. we've got the man who wrote the
8:50 am
endorsement for newt gingrich. some say he wants obama to win. he'll answer to that. she disappeared after "the people's court" show down and her sister tells us why police raided the home of the father at the top of of the hour. lower c. [ man 2 ] yummy. i got that wrong didn't i? [ male announcer ] want great taste and whole gin oats that can help lower cholesterol? honey nut cheerios. or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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>> gretchen: joining us now, someone who knows something about being sexy. victoria secret angel is here. good to see you. and the big show is tomorrow night. >> tomorrow night, airing on cbs. very exciting. >> steve: as i understand, according to our notes, when you go on the runway, you have to give yourself a little pep talk in your head. if you would for the first time on international television, tell us what you say to yourself to get the courage to do that,
8:54 am
just between us. >> just between you and me, nobody else. well, it's hard, but i did everything i could. i worked out. i'm nervous, but i'm really excited and i just tell myself to enjoy because it's so nerve racking, it's hard to enjoy. >> steve: sue say stuff -- do you say, it will be over in 35 seconds? >> no, no. because i love to do it. it's so much fun. i really get sad when it's over. >> brian: 'cause you look like you're having fun. these two in lingerie before they got here. >> gretchen: right. >> brian: you call -- some things you model are over the top lingerie that's embellished. what's photographer the top lingerie? >> i think it's everything, the whole spectacle, the outfit that we wear, the wings and -- >> brian: but they're all available, right? >> they are. >> steve: you can buy the wings? >> no, you can't buy the wings.
8:55 am
but there is more embroidery. it is over the top, but it's a show. most amazing fashion show. >> gretchen: we saw that bra worth a couple million dollars. i almost wanted to steal that thing. >> brian: do you see some of these outfits? >> steve: i do. if they could work on solar energy. >> gretchen: pretty hot. let's talk about the fact that your figure looks darn near perfect and you just had a baby. >> ten months ago, yes. >> gretchen: how did you do that and how do you like motherhood? >> i love motherhood. for me, it's hard to explain because i worked out my whole life. i think it's a bunch of different things that combine that i got my body back, that i worked out my whole life, that i ate very healthy because i was very aware, like my baby was in my belly, i was like, oh, my god, i can't put any crap in my body. i ate very healthy, i still do. >> brian: can i say one thing, the guys, she got her body back,
8:56 am
right? a round of applause. >> gretchen: thank god for that. >> steve: as i understand, your husband is a little steamed because you're going to space. >> yes. >> steve: and he's not? >> he's not. he's jealous. i think he said it's irresponsible of you, but i think he's just jealous. >> brian: you're doing this. >> gretchen: why? >> brian: we're not using the space shuttle. how are you getting this? , any think it only takes -- i mean, you're going there and then you're up there. i mean, i just can't wait to see earth from up there. >> steve: you got to do a phone in with us. >> i will call you. >> brian: that would be great! >> steve: stick around, we'll have more questions for you. >> gretchen: we'll be right back [ coughing ]
8:57 am
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