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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  November 28, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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>> you do. >> but it's not enough of me. >> there are -- >> thanks for being with us. greta is next. see you tomorrow night. okay, tonight start guessing. no one knows who is going to be the republican nominee but tonight one candidate fights to hang on to his political future. an atlanta woman comes forward and says she had an affair with mr. cain for almost 14 years. >> i'm not proud. i didn't want to come out with this. i did not. it was pretty simple. it wasn't complicated and i was aware that he was married and i was also aware that i was involved in a very inappropriate situation. >> mr. herman cain responding tonight saying in part i have spoken directly to the american people and have been 100% honest with them. my plan is to continue to spread my vision on how i would renew america and keep her safe.
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i will not fight false claims as it is not what america needs or wants. will that do? will his response put the matter to rest or is this political dynamite? washington editor rick klein joins us. so political dynamite or will his statement put a lid on it? >> this is not the end of it nor nationally for herman cain. first of all, this is the latest in a series of woman who have come out from the woodwork about mr. cain. it's hard to clock it all you have to fabrications as he's prone to do. it keeps raising questions about him and the basis of his candidacy. can the republican voters know they will get a candidate they can bring up against president obama. given all of this out there he has real credibility issues and this is a latest of stories for a candidate that's been fading the last couple weeks. there's a legal difference between the first allegations, sexual harassment, some
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anonymous, and now this woman has come forward. it is not illegal but when you are trying to draw that distinction, to explain what the difference is, you are in deep water. >> that's right. and because he's denied everything so far it's a question of credibility. i think we heard him also tonight outline for the first time a possible exit strategy from the campaign when he said look, i don't want to give in because that would be this whole political establishment winning here. but if it gets to the point it's hurting my family then i would have to consider it. that's the first late he's offered here. to me it suggests that as this all plays out, he will have to see how his family re acts to it and inject another element in his decision making. >> everyone is looking at the picture of his wife, gloria, who we interviewed here and who is a very sweet woman and he's got some explaining to do at home if it's true. >> he certainly does. if he's denying it flat out that's one strategy but some woman has some documentation in terms of contact they have had
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with each other. i think this is the last thing herman cain wants to be talking about right now. i think the whole series or series of allegations of that come out there, what they have done is open him up to other charges and other scrutiny and the fact we start scrutinizing 9-9-9 and looking at his experience on foreign policy. i think the answer he gave on libya, all of that becomes fair game because of the scrutiny he gets as a frontrunner. this all gets mixed if and for a lot of can gates making up their mind, a lot of republican voters haven't made up their mind, they will know about this. >> and iowa has a large evangelical vote. this is not the best topic to be parading in front of them. >> no. and if people are buying his story it is all made up and it's fab indications, that's one thing. but it gets harder and harder when there are so many women. these are women putting their names and faces out there. you would have to believe that all of them are 100% lie fourth herman cain's denials to be
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true. >> is there any way out of this? is there light at the end of the tunnel besides an exit strategy? >> he needs to explain this entirely and find a way to discredit them. >> discredit or -- >> well, he has to explain why the contact happened and why there are motivations behind why the person is making it up and he has to get off the topic again. he has speeches he will be talking about for yen policy. you have to talk about specifics and can't be out there preemptively denying charges by people who are continuing to come out of the woodwork. >> let's say this woman has a rather taudry background. she made a statement, i'm not proud. and it isn't as though she didn't know what she was up to, if it is in fact true, but suppose she has a shady impact, does that have any political impact or is that not relevant?
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>> if it goes to establishing that she made it all up. but i don't think it's enough to just question her motivations and question her background. she's out there making a very specific allegation. you are right, it's not a criminal one, ice not on the same order as sexual harassment or a consensual sexual relationship over a period of time. all that being said, but herman cain is saying it didn't happen, it's 100% not true. you have to believe this person did all of it. >> they are not going to lay a glove on this because the media is going after him so aggressively looking at it. >> that's right. and the dynamics of this race has changed around herman cain. he did the 9-9-9 plan, road him to this new level of prominence and then scrutiny and then everything changed. now newt gingrich and mit romney are vying for the nomination. i think we will probably see it play out in poll with more and more voters will decide to put their votes elsewhere.
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>> and the run up to the primary back in 19892, former president clinton, who was then governor clinton, he had some illiquations against him and tapes. he survived. what's the difference? >> i this i the handling of it, for one. bill clinton handled it masterfully. he had a family that went out there and pushed back. and offers made a judgment that they knew what was out there and didn't care. herman cain has to hope for a similar dynamic and other miss steps along the way to chart a path back. >> and he also 4 the advantage of having ross perot join and be a third party candidate and president bush. >> splitting the race. >> a tough night for the cain family. >> never good when you have to go out there before the fact is say i know someone is about to say something terrible about me and it's not true. >> and the lawyers made a lawyer-like statement but not a political statement. >> a different one than his. he re butts and the lawyer says
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these are not things a presidential candidate should have to answer period. >> rick, thank u this ad is a sizzler. rips mit romney to tiny pieces and stomp all over him on top of it. it's not from a competitor, the ad is from the democratic national committee. >> from the creator of running for office, for pete's sake, comes the story of two men trapped in one body, mit mit. >> he will put together an exchange and the president has got that idea. >> obamacare is bad news. >> see it all at mitt v >> why wouldn't they go after
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that nominee? johnathan joins us. johnathan, that ad was about as aggressive as i've seen. why did the dnc do that? >> well, i think that they are really trying to define mit romney from the get go. even during his primary campaign. the conventional wisdom is he's going to be the most difficult candidate for obama to face in the general election. and additionally democrats are telegraphing a strategy of praising newt gingrich, trying to pump him up. even if you don't succeed in defining mit romney, you get to have him blood deed up in a primary fight with gingrich or you have gingrich come out ahead because of this. >> everything said that governor romney is the one that the obama administration doesn't want to run against. i am suspicious isn't it really enter gingrich? all speaker gingrich, everything about him is out in the public domain. there are no surprises and he goes yeah, right, when anyone confronts him with it. but governor romney has so many
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different problems. real problems. and i think it's funny, i think he's more vulnerable. >> the ad goes to his core weakness as a candidate which is his inconsistency. in the ad, the extended ad is four minutes long, a web ad and one example of a flip-flop is misleading. in other instances mitt romney has a plausible story about why he changed his mind on that issue. but when you add up the totality of all these things where he switched on you, it goes to the core of his character, whether he really got into politics because he cares about changing the country or if he was a board businessman. >> and it's funny, because i think that they should be more worried about gingrich in the general than romney. i actually was suspicious whether the anti-romney web ad was payback for something that governor romney did to president obama a week ago where there was a misstatement in the ad, they played it and said president
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obama said something but if you dig deep it was president obama quoting john mccain so it was a little bit dirty, and i thought it was just payback. >> it's a little rich for the dnc who got up on their high horse on that ad, which as you pointed out is misleading, and now this is misleading and maybe it is retribution. but it's an odd strategy to pump up gingrich if you are more scared of running against him. if you look back in the 1990s, newt gingrich was a polarizing figure and allowed himself to be demonized by democrats. and for that reason i believe he could suffer the same fate if he were the general election candidate. >> but there's an awful lot out there about him, good or bad, whatever, as everybody knows. that's the difference. >> we will have to see how he is it because now that he's in the spot light again, the surprise would be something he says now going forward. >> and these web ads don't cost a dime. they are cheap. they put them on and all of us
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in the media pick them up and run them so we essentially give them airtime. >> sure. but in this case dnc is running them in other states as well. >> is this being done in iowa? >> i'm not sure about iowa but there are seven or ten states it is running >> does the dnc worry about any a states behinds romney? >> as far as we've seen their press releases and research dumps and that sort of thing, they have a single-mined obsession with mitt romney so far. >> they have gone out and polled to see whether romney is the more potent candidate in the general election? >> yeah. the polls, you pit the difference candidates against obama in the states where it matters and so far the main thrust of the polls has been that romney polls the best against obama. >> it's interesting, the new hampshire editorial, governor romney didn't get the nod and speaker gingrich did and on top
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when he has a home in new hampshire, and he got insulted in the editorial, romney did, because they said basically they didn't know where he stood. >> huge victory for gingrich. this cuts at the very heart of the strategy which is to win hands down in new hampshire. if gingrich would defeat him in new hampshire, that would be a big blow to romney. >> and romney is not spending a lot of time in iowa. he is now picking it up a little bit. >> they just said their strategy is to win iowa. this is the first admission they are making a play in iowa and the expectations are not going to rise. >> a gingrich campaign confident, overconfident, and the romney campaign overconfident or feeling shaky tonight? >> i would say that gingrich has got to be feeling great right now. everything breaking his way the last couple weeks. romney's campaign, they are a little bit looking at the changes in the field and thinking, you know, we've got to adapt to this new scenario.
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>> how about a governor palin endorsement? does anybody want that? is that going to help a lot. >> the buzz is that gingrich is the frontrunner for the palin endorsement. >> does that matter? >> there is a cadre of republican voters who are very loyal to governor palin. i think for them it would certainly matter. >> i suspect it's good for fundraising. >> sure. >> and certainly can use that. >> she's somewhat of a polarizing figure. she has fierce opposition but she has fierce loyalty with some people. >> never dull. never dull at all. thank you, johnathan. >> thanks very much. >> massachusetts congressman barney frank with a stunner. he's retiring after 16 terms. he sounds happy about his decision. he said one of the best parts of retiring is i don't have to pretend to be nice to people i don't like. ouch. >> he came under fire for his
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oversight of fannie mae and freddie mac. one of his most memorable media moments was a fiery exchange with, who else, bill o'reilly in october of '08. >> the earliest chance i got to put tough regulation to tan may and freddie mac, we did it. >> but you went out in july and said everything is great and off that a lot of people bought stock and lost everything they had. >> oh, no. >> oh, yes. >> it wasn't a good investment. >> don't give me that, we just heard the words. you didn't say that? do you want me to play it again for you? >> you didn't listen to it. >> no, i listen to every word you said. >> no. >> and i have the tran cite here. >> i said it wasn't a good investment. >> and you said going forward we will be swell. look, from august -- >> i didn't say swell. >> stop the bs here. stop the crap. from august of '07 to august of '08 under your tutelage, this industry declined the 0%. >> yes, but -- >> 90%. none of this was your fault.
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oh, no. people lost millions of dollars and it wasn't your fault. come on, you coward. say the truth. >> what do you mean coward? >> you are a coward. you blame everybody else. >> here's the problem with going on your show. you start ranting and the only way to respond is almost as borish as you. here are the facts. i said it wasn't a good investment. i didn't say to buy stock. i said it wasn't a good investment. and secondly, i was trying to get the regulationings adopted. we got them adopted in may. >> the bottom line is you are there two years, bottom line is stock drops 90%. and any private industry. >> we couldn't get. >> in any private industry you are out. any private concern you are out on your butt but not here in the federal forecast. you come in and make every excuse in the world. >> i'm not making excuses. bill, i'm not going to be bullied by your ranting. you can rantal you want and you won't shut me up. the problem was we passed in '94 -- >> now which are back to '94.
10:16 pm
this is bull. this is why america don't trust the government. >> no, this is why your stupidity gets in the way of a rationale discussion. it was then he toll the fed to stop the sub prime lending. the first time we were in power again we passed it to regulate freddie mac and fannie mae. >> you tried to put a happy face on it. >> i did not. >> you are not man enough. talk man enough to say you screwed up. >> bill, this is manly stuff is very unbecoming from you. >> talk man enough to say you screwed up. >> you think toughness is yelling and ranting and trying to bully. it's not going to work with me. the fact is in the very quote you played i said it's not a good investment. i tried to get the regulations adopt the. >> you said going forward it's going to be swell. >> no, i didn't say swell. >> and people bought stock in that. >> no, i said in fact in that quote that you played and didn't listen to because you are busy ranting that its not a good investment.
10:17 pm
i said that at that time. i thought we would improve things going forward. >> let me read you your quote here, okay? okay? i do think the prospects going forward are very solid. >> that's not the part about being an investment. bill, you are lie -- what about the part. >> not lying, i played it and read it. >> what about the part i said it wasn't a good investment? >> you said it's not a good investment now but going poured this is going to be solid. >> right. that means you don't buy it right now. i didn't say solid, i didn't say swell. you distort consistently and ranting and raving, you don't want to talk about 1994 like history isn't relevant. the fact is we had a problem with the administration, conservatives. >> it's not could conservativesd republicans and not you. that's a joke. >> the joke is i can't have a rationale discussion with you when you are ranting. >> both parties are at fault as i stated and one guy said i screwed up and one said it's
10:18 pm
everybody else's fault. >> i didn't say it was everybody else's fall. you you don't listen at all. maybe you are too dumb to understand. >> i am too dumb, congressman. >> in 2007 -- >> i'm dumb, you are the brilliant guy who presided over the biggest financial collapse in federal history. >> oh, no, no. >> i'm the dumb guy, you are the brilliant guy. i think they like each other. what do you think? congressman frank said he won't seek redistricting because redistricting has made it too difficult to campaign. and are you sick of them not doing their jobs, congress? better brace yourself. they are doing it again. wait until you hear what is to happen in january because they would rather play golf and fight among themselves than doing their job. governor huck pee is here. you will hear from him next. and governor korzine has some
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>> what's with congress? why can't they even meet one deadline on time? they failed with the super committee, despite lots of time to figure it out and agree. now they are in danger of missing another critical deadline. this time it's medicare. maybe you aren't on medicare but someone on your family probably is. and for your congress must find a way to avoid a 27% cut in medicare payments to doctors. that cut begins january 1st. if congress doesn't fix this problem, you should expect the worst. it's serious. some doctors will be forced to drop medicare patients because they can't afford to care for them and new medicare patients may not be able to find doctors to take them as patients. mike huckabee joins us. good evening, governor. before we get to the question of my outrage over congress not doing its job, tell me, what's your thought on the mr. herman cain issue tonight? >> greta, it's a serious charge.
10:24 pm
the allegation is one that could up-end his presidential campaign and i think the reaction that he's had to it when he said that unlike the harassment charges, which he denied, he said this was a private matter. in essence, he may have given an answer that will be very difficult for him to work himself out of. i think this is the most damaging allegation that has been made to date. no question about it. >> can he recover from this or is it over? >> the voters will decide, but i think right now the voters will probably be shopping for someone with less trouble, with less controversy, and that's why you have seen newt gingrich rise to really compete with mitt romney. but it leaves an opening for ron san tore rum and michele bachmann, who have not been in the personal controversy. i don't think people wanting to through next year's election with a person that is not fully
10:25 pm
vetted and they will have surprise of a surprise in a personal way. >> now to the other issues. why can't congress do its job? this whole cut to medicare cuts to doctors beginning in january. they have known about it not just for a year, but a long time and there's sort of a long path of everyone not doing his job in congress. and even the president not getting involved. why won't they? >> greta, the sad reality and most people when they are in politics are more interested in being re-elected than they are in solving problems. they know if they solve problems like they have to solve them, which means sometimes making compromises and not getting everything they want, they will make certain con stage wents and con stage went groups mad. this medicare problem is a very serious one. you called attention to it and the reason it's serious is there is virtually known untouched by medicare even if you are not on it. if you go to a doctor, chances are your doctor sees medicare patients. the fact that your doctor is not
10:26 pm
going to be able to afford to see medicare patients, or will cause to have longer waits, will have an impact on every patient, medicare or not. this country i think has an obligation, a morale obligation, to fulfill promises it made to people starting back in the 1960s. it's really past the point of arguing whether there should be a medicare program. we've made that decision. now we need to make sure it's solvent and that it gives an adequate level of reasonable care to people who are in their elderly years who have worked, who have saved and scrimped and now deserve a little bit of respect. and frankly, it has nothing to do with nothing more than respect to not put them in a situation where they are scared everyday they won't be able to go to the doctor. >> and that's the word, scared. it's so indecent of anybody who works in government to want to scare anyone about his health like what's going on about medicare right now.
10:27 pm
it's indecent for anyone to take any time off, it's indecent for members of congress not to decide this, it's indecent for the president not to be involved in it and they are being paid to do a job. they aren't taking the 27% cut but they are expecting doctors to do it in bran they are leaving everybody hanging. >> congress is one of the few jobs i'm aware of where a person can do less work and get more money. it's a rare situation people will take vacations even if their work isn't done. college students have to do all-nighters and cram for finals. people often have to work over the weekend and late at might and eat cold pizza at their desk. but in congress they will take weeks off for thanksgiving, they will take several weeks off for christmas, and i'm with you. i think congress should say there are no vacation, we around going home on thursday, we will stay here seven days a week, sit in a room together, do whatever it takes, but we aren't leaving until we've come up with some
10:28 pm
type of definitive way to make sure doctors aren't on january 1st going to find themselves unable to see a patient who is on medicare. >> it goes both ways, republicans and democrats, and the president is in the mix, too. he's involved in this, too. they all wanted the job, they are all up to their eyeballs in it. they couldn't decide last august what to do with the debt ceiling so they pushed it off with the soup committee. the super committee couldn't decide so the cuts will go into effect. and it will go into effect january of next year so it doesn't affect them politically. they don't do their jobs and we have the keystone problem with the pipeline and no one wanted to make a decision on that so let's have another study. meanwhile the american people suffer, the economy is a wreck and people are scared to death. i don't know how these people can possibly face the voters on either side of the ale like this. >> one way they should face the voters is by not being re-elected. if you have a congress person who is not taking a clear stand
10:29 pm
on getting it fixed and not willing to cross party lines to to it because you can't do this with just republicans or democrats. there are some issues that have to transcend the partisan lines and people have to govern. governing is not always pretty but it's necessary. and i would hope that even like the simpson-billion olls commission, it wasn't perfect but it actually was a thoughtful plan to get us out of the incredible debt crisis. congress should have accepted it. if not, we ought to have term limits on congress and they shouldn't be there for a career, they should be there six, eight, maybe twelve years tops and then go home. >> and one of the things, doctors work really hard and to put this on the back of the doctors who are trying to help, it's unfair, as well. i am going to take the last word on that, governor. thank you. >> thank you, greata. >> and a reminder. tune in saturday night when gov. huckabee joins a special presidential forum live saturday night at 8:00 p.m. on fox news channel. and coming up former governor
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>> new developments in the mf global scandal. congress wants to know if john
10:34 pm
corzine plans to show up about the massive collapse. and a russ senator finds himself on the other side of an investigation. charlie gas gasparino joins us. things are not good for jon corzine tonight. >> no. we learned they are negotiating with the house subcommittee and there's now a senate committee that's investigating this and they are negotiating his possible testimony. i'll be honest but, you are a lawyer, i'm not, but i can't see him if he does show up other than i plead the fifth because there's a lot of stuff going on. there's a criminal investigation going on. it involves that missing money. it could be as much as $1.2 billion. so this is a serious situation. >> in terms of this, quote, missing money, is it a sufficient pigs it was a really bad investment, trying to buy up the european sovereign debt and that sort of went belly up or is
10:35 pm
there suspicion somebody has stuffed it in their pockets and run. >> the bottom line, the last couple days of the firm's existence, they had to basically sell stuff to keep solvent. they had to pay people off, other counter parties on trades. the problem is that to do those operational things, what it looks like is that they dipped into money that should be segregated. that was customer money. did they do that intentionally or was it bad bookkeeping? either way it's bad. i predict if he shows up john -- jon corzine will take the fifth it he shows up. >> he wanted an aggressive stimulus program and vice president biden has been quoted
10:36 pm
to say the smartest guy i know in terms of the economy. he will not only be making an appearance on capitol hill but we will see a lot of him. >> and here's the thing, president obama's achilles heal is the economy. and some of the guys he surrounds himself with, i think ge has created more jobs overseas than they have here. and jon corzine, if you look at his record on wall street, he got thrown out of goldman sachs because he wasn't a great risk manager. and if he's guilty here, forget the criminal stuff, just look at his record at mf global. not a great risk manager. that's not the type of guy you want touting as your economic. >> but, they say he did a lousy job at goldman sack, and he's thought to have a couple million dollars. where did he get so rich some. >> i don't think he has a couple million dollars.
10:37 pm
he spent a lot on campaigns, on costly divorces. i think he lost money in this. it was a decent bond trader e made a lot of money in the early '80s and '90s trading bonds. but in terms of his managerial skills, managing goldman sachs, one of the main reasons he's out is because he was a lousy risk manager for the firm. if you are a lousy risk manager, it comes back to haunt you. and mf global, if you take out whether the money was comingled or purposely taken, we will find out about that. it wasn't managed well. they went whole hog into the debt of italy and spain when they didn't have the balance sheet to sustain that for a long period of time and investors looked at it and ran for the hills. >> when do you think the 1.$2 billion began to disappear? was it the last couple weeks when they began to hit the skids as they scrambled to try to find
10:38 pm
ways to stay solvent or has it going on for a long period of time and regulate ors didn't catch it? >> number one, there were money issues at mf global for predating the implosion of the firm during that last tumultuous week and meaning people were getting checks, more money than they were owed, traders. and it was essentially a firm that didn't have very good compliance systems throughout, i think. but i think when you really -- when the rubber met the road, it was that last week. when customers, and we at the fox business network were the first to report this, customers were pulling out. they weren't dealing with the lenders. if you are a wall street firm you have to borrow money from the markets to keep your operations going. you have to put up collateral. lenders were pulling those lines of credit. all that happened in the last week and particularly during the end of the last week of their existence when the rating agencies started to downgrade them. that's when they got collateral calls and that's when people said give us the money you owe us and that's when a lot of people think they started dipping into the customer funds.
10:39 pm
>> i can't help but notice the green bay packer helmet behind you. >> hey, i'm a giant fans, just so you know. >> what are you doing with that behind you? >> i'm in new orleans. i'm here on business. >> okay. >> but i'm a giants fan. just remember that. >> all right. you are forgiven. charlie, thank you. >> okay. >> coming up, a major setback to the already rocky relationship between the u.s. and pakistan. are we in for a beg trouble from pakistan? general bob scales is here. that's next. and high-tech doesn't have to mean high cost. see one man's creative way to share tablet computers coming up. a new belt. some nylons. and what girl wouldn't need new shoes? we talked about getting a diamond. but with all the thank you points i've been earning... ♪ ...i flew us to the rock i really had in mind.
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10:44 pm
>> hi, greta. >> first of all, what happened? >> saturday morning about midnight, a pakistani outpost saw movement, fired a flare, and opened up with machine gun and mow -- motar fire. it happened it was a u.s.-afghan patrol. the u.s. side came under fire, called the pakistani clearance channel to make sure there were no pakistanis on that position. the pakistanis said it was clear. one of the things i asked my source is how come so many pakistanis died? the answer is that the firepower force that responded was an ac 130 gun ship, and as you know from your time there, that's the most lethal form of firepower we have. beginning at about 2:00 in the morning to half-hour the gun ship raked those two positions
10:45 pm
>> do they need to do it that long for two hours? >> the two hours was one side maneuvering against the other trying to find out who they were. the firepower was pastor. very sad. >> we at any time need this. the pakistani military already doesn't like us. we have the bin laden in, when we went in, and the pakistani people aren't wild about us and they have the nuclear weapon and we need their help in afghanistan and it's a supply route. what do we do now? >> well, this couldn't be whose. what makes it frustrating, the u.s. command, all the generals in charge of making amends with the pakistani military has been at it since the osama bin laden killing and has done great work to get things back on track and then this happens. >> what can we do?
10:46 pm
it is not just a minor blip. >> no, it's huge. >> this is serious. what should the united states to? should the president be involved, the secretary of state? >> the first thing you have to let it blow over as much as you can. >> they hate us. i have been there. >> i have been there, too. >> they are hostile to us. as civilians they don't like us. >> you have to let it blow over and focus on the pakistani military. they are the most respected institution in pakistan. >> and they guard the nuclear weapons and they don't like us. >> there is complicated. some are favorable but don't want to advertise it. the isi and intelligence arm is against american presence in afghanistan. but we have no choice. they are nuclear country and toward. if we don't make it right with the pakistans, then the deal is american soldiers will day. that's what i worry about most. >> we're giving them billions of
10:47 pm
dollars in an effort to make it go right. and secretary state hillary clinton made an announcement of $700 billion in aid to the pakistani and they were livid. this is not a happy relationship. can we afford for them to be patient not to get mad at us? >> sadly we have no choice. they are a nuclear armed power. there are elements within pakistan we can work with but you have to ask the question, if this goes south and cut off all the relationships, what is the alternative? the alternative is much, much worse. >> take me through this. we just sort of sit it out for how long? >> a few weeks and re-establish mill to mill contacts, do the investigation. >> let's say the military people, and let's say we square things up with them. we have the pakistani people and they have an enormous amount of influence and the government is unstable. even if we make friends again
10:48 pm
with the military, we still have to contend with the fact the huge population is not happy. >> absolutely. i think we are hatedpy many members of the pakistani population, particularly in the northeast. we will never make that right. this has to be a military to military, government-to-government patchwork in order to get things back on track again. we have to open those logistics points, get supplies flowing again and we have to re-establish connection between the border area with the lsu and pakastanis and we have to get it back on level. >> and the resignations over the weekend, not good. and a suspect on camera, he ran on the lamb. you will see how this one plays out.
10:49 pm
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>> you have seen our top stories but here is the absolute best of
10:53 pm
the rest. a little league game turns into a rodeo. a ram gets loose on the streets of miami and ends up on the baseball field. they stay close on his tail but the lamb outran them for plenty of hours. he provided plenty of entertainment but it finally ran out of steam. the animal service workers tooking ram to the spca. now the search is on for its owner. and a creative way to impress his girlfriend. he built her an ipad from scratch. he bought an old laptop to start with and a touch screen and battery to complete the masterpiece. took him ten days to build the custom tablet. it allows the user to read, watch movies and play games. it runs windows instead of the apple apps. the cost $125, and his girlfriend loved it but apple may not be so happy. >> and the smart wheel car is debuting a futuristic concept
10:54 pm
car. drivers communicate by touch tapping the touch screen door. it's called the fun vehicle interactive internet. it's one. highlights of the tokyo motor show. and teen sensation miley cyrus causing a stir with some shocking statements about drugs. she was celebrating at her 19th birthday when she told friends she's a hot loving stoner. she also said you know you smoke too much weed and friends make you a back marchly cake. not sure if she was serious or not. she has seen with a bong but claims she was only inhaling a legal herb. and why about barney frank really retire? you will have to see this next to believe it. mance anytime.
10:55 pm
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>> greta: flash studio lights, it's time for last call. as congressman frank is ready to retire, we want to bring back a memorable report. >> and as obama has expressly supported his policies why are you supporting it?. >> let me... i will... >> when you ask me that question i am going to revert to my ethnic heritage and answer your question with a question. on what planet do you spend most of your time. trying to have a conversation with you would be like trying to argue with a dining room table. very no interest in doing it. >>. >> greta: that is your last call. we're closing down shop. thank you for being with us tonight. we'll see you again tomorrow night. make sure you go to greta and