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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  November 28, 2011 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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good night from washington, d.c.. go to >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight... please welcome to the show minnesota congress woman michelle bachmann. finally getting an apology from nbc but says it falls short because of the gross disrespect the show heaped upon her. >> there are lots of things you can do if you decide to break out of the current mindless bureaucracy. >> newt gingrich continues to roll along. the speaker will be here. >> i do not choose to run for congress in 2012. >> and our old pal barney frank quitting the house of representatives. we'll tell you why. >> there are some changes here. >> bill: caution, you're about to enter the no spin zone.
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the factor begins right now. hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. newt gingrich in just a moment. first, disrespecting michelle bachmann. a week ago on the jimmy fallon program played a disrespectful song in introducing congress woman michelle bachmann. that kind of thing is not unusual anymore that. is why they lied about this program on the air, we asked headline to apology. it would not. nbc apologized privately. >> of course i accept apology but my dad says it would have been the president of nbc
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apologizing not the senior vice president of programming. when someone smg is done to a conservative, it's passed off and forgoten. >> bill: important point is that media standards have collapsed. that is dangerous, americans need to be honest watch dogs not ideological lap dogs. when you have media doing thing that's are dishonest you have a major problem. to be fair things have been better over tlchl the far left msnbc network which routinely slandered people in the past has been toned down in a bit. the company has its hands full as this fallon episode demonstrates. same with cnn i am surprised they did not do the right thing and repudiate what happened on the behar show. but the american people cannot trust its press, then the
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republic is in trouble. sadly it looks like the main stream media is following that way. that is the memo. bernie goldberg will weigh in later on. now, the lead tonight. let's go to charleston, south carolina. newt gingrich campaigning today after receiving an endorsement yesterday. and there is some rapid fire stuff here, something i'm interested in. and first of all, nancy pelosi, you, sitting there talking about global warming on tv. what was that all about? >> well that is kind of one of the dumbest things i've done in recent years. there is an effort to say, i actively oppose cap and trade. testified against it the same day al gore testified for it. >> bill: do you believe in man made global warming?
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that because the planet is polluted we spew stuff into the air? that has influenced the way climate comes about? do you believe that? >> i don't think we know. i think the sefdz not complete and i think that we're a long way from being able to translate a computer program into actual science. >> bill: so you're agnostic on the subject? >> it would be fair to say i'm open minded and not prepared to spend trillions on the theory. >> bill: now, nancy pelosi is obviously the poster woman for the far left. and what was the benefit, could the issue aside of global warming and environment. i think that is an important issue. i know you're interested in it. put that aside. do you think that being associated with her in any form would be damaging to you? >> no. i thought at that time i was a private citizen. and i had just written a book
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called "contract with the earth" on a conserve taif approach to the environment and how do you to use incentives and that is why i wanted to be in the middle of arguing about the environment and they can have better ideas about the environment than liberals do. >> okay. that was an eerie occurrence, though. just looking back. frightening mood. let's go to immigration. border fence. would you put a border fence from brownsville to san diego if you're president? >> yes. absolutely. >> bill: would you move national guard down to the border in certain areas that are dangerous and would you put the u.s. national guard back up there? >> i would use whatever resources we needed to. i said 23,000 september of -- department of homeland security employees in washington, d.c. i'd move half of them to texas, new mexico and arizona. we need man power.
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>> bill: that would just frighten people not to come here. >> i would be wrong to reinforce a profound reason to not get the military too close to drug dealing because of the potential for corruption. as reinforcement for local sheriffs and reinforcement for local law enforcement and border patrol you use whatever level of military to make sure. >> bill: did he not want to use national guard to help arizona in particular which is just a wash with this stuff. and arnold schwartzeneggar flat out refused to do it. he could have called out national guard. they refused to do it. do you understand president bush and governor schwartzeneggar's reluctance? >> i think that they have to explain their reluctance. we have a crisis in national security. we've had it since 1986 when
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president reagan wrote he was signing in his diary in order to get the border control for a quarter century sh he failed. i set up we'd have complete control from january 1, 2014. boy think whatever resources are needed to get the job done. >> bill: okay. now, 11 million this, is an estimate, 11 million illegal immigrants already here have to be dealt within some way. my proom which i've had up on bill o'reilly for years says you start with registering. you give illegal aliens a time period, maybe a month, maybe two months they have to register at the post office, their name, their address and status. all right? if they have a social security number, something like that. if they don't register within the time period that the government advised is it's a felony. a felony. all right?
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would you support that? >> well, i -- look. i want to support the people who don't register. >> bill: we have to find out who they are. you support a registration of illegal aliens? >> yes. i would support a universal registration of those here illegally. i think there would be immediate deportation if you did not sign up. i won't support putting the jails up. i don't want our taxpayers subsidizing them in jail. >> bill: i understand that. the deterrent then becomes higher if it's a felony. you're seeing two, three years in the penitentiary. that is a deterrent. not only deal was them thumbing their nose at your order but prevents people from coming here. and all right. so they register. under president gingrich. you know where they are.
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one that's don't are deported or whatever. you order states to comply. sanctuary cities? what happens to san francisco? if they said we're not going do it? >> we're going to propose a bill to cutoff all federal funding to all sanctuary city or state. they get no money from the federal government at all as of that moment. >> bill: so not anymore federal money to anyone that doesn't aggressively support this. okay. >> i would reward and encourage south carolina, arizona, and those states that are correctly using local law enforcement and i would withdrawal federal lawsuits because they're doing the right thing trying to help us find people who are here illegally. >> bill: final question. herman cain has more trouble today there. is a report that another woman says she was involved with mr. cain for a number of years,
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his support, which is going down, some of it is likely to come to you. do you think mr. cain is done? >> no. people said i was dead in june, jewel. i'm not going to say anything is done. every candidate has a chance to make their case, these are all good friends of mine. i wish all of them well personally. i'd like to be the nominee and the person winning the campaign. but i don't want to instill on anyone that doesn't have a chance tochl plain themselves to see whether or not they can recover that. is true across all various candidates who had a good run at some point. >> bill: it's a big break for you. no doubt bit. >> it's a nice to get endorse bid union leader and to have the surge of support. >> all right. thank you very much. and now, we appreciate it. nice to see you and good luck. >> bill: next, respond together interview. then, will the hollywood crowd
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>> bill: impact segment tonight. the question wo is would independents and conservative democrats consider voting for him? joining us now from orlando, florida is leslie marshal and from texas radio talk show
11:14 pm
host janine turner, do you disagree, janine with anything newt gingrich said in the interview with me? >> no. i don't. i think he's very refreshing and he's a thinker and analyzes situations. when it comes to illegal immigration, party lines here of amnesty and or deportation just doesn't work. we need to find common sense solutions to go through the middle. i endorse what he says on that. just like gorge washington used to say he was concerned party line woz destroy the country. >> what did you think when he did the nancy pelosi ad? >> well... i think that is going to come back for-to-haunt him for sure. you know, look. i agree. he wants conservatives to be a part of the debate. if he just put up a wall and said we're not going to go
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there, then i think they're going to dictate the dialogue. >> do you disagree? you must disagree with something newt gingrich said. you can't walk around. what are you doing today? >> there are two things a agree with. he starts to expand on it, first of all let's talk about climate chaimpblgt i am not the only american that is going to remember that 2008 ad with nancy pelosi and no matter what he says a mistake or not that puts confusion in a voters mind. a lot of voters are confused. they need to be clear on their candidates. and very clear as to what their candidates will mean. >> bill: he's an agnostic. he's pretty clear on that you're a global warming... >> this guy knows more than global warming. he's done environmental studies. i think he's saying what a lot of voters on the right want to
11:16 pm
hear. >> bill: where else do you disagree? >> immigration. i don'tness ily agree with building the wall. i've talked to people placing all blame on the people that have come here. a agree that it's against the law and you should not come to the united states or any other country illegally. however, we only punish people that come. why aren't we punish corporations dangling carrots for jobs? >> and if you don't want the wall then you're not going to solve the problem. you've got to have the wall and guard. and that is it. you have the wall, the guard, stop illegal immigration and drug trafficking. period. 10 years i've been saying this, 10. >> i'll go farther than that, bill. i actually like the idea of military. >> bill: the national guard is the military. >> no. i'm talking about the troops that were -- bill, i'm talking
11:17 pm
about troops in iraq and afghanistan. >> bill: dwont have to put navy s.e.a.l.s outside tijuana. >> bill: all right. more bad news for herman cain today, we don't know the credibility of it. it's a legitimate qe. i did pose to it mr. gingrich that i don't know if herman cain can survive anymore of what he's been. >> i don't know anymore, especially in a conservative race it's going to be tough. i think newt will probably benefit. we've had wonderful leaders throughout the course of history that were great thinkers and led this country down a wonderful solutions for the country that had affairs. i think in renewed context of the election... it's going to be tough. >> bill: what about you, leslie? >> i agree with you almost,
11:18 pm
janine. between now and november, 2012 is a lifetime in politics as you know. a agree with former speaker gimpkish it isn't over until the fat lady sung. however, i think the latest piece of information is not going bode well for mr. cain. >> bill: take them away from what his points are and raises doubt. a lot of americans will convict you on a headline. you know? you see it every day. some internet crazy thing comes out, and you're guilty. i feel bad for mr. cain. i think his campaign is just upended now. janine, would you rot for newt gingrich? you would, right? >> i would. i would. i appreciate that... >> over romney? over mitt romney. >> don't ask me that. >> bill: you're dancing here, janine.
11:19 pm
the mambo for me, huh? >> i like newt. i think we'd be in good hands with newt gingrich. >> is the usa in a shooting war for pakistan? and later bernie goldberg whether television networks will cover the upcoming flexion a fair way. is that possible? those reports after these messages. ♪ [ male announcer ] every day, thousands of people are choosing advil. here's one story. my name is lacey calvert and i train professional athletes with yoga. if i have any soreness, i'm not going to be able to do my job. but once i take advil, i'm able to finish my day and finish out strong. then when i do try other things, i always find myself going back to advil. it really works! [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] make the switch. take action. take advil. and if pain keeps you up, sleep better with advil pm.
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>> bill: tonight big trouble with pakistan. gun ship as tacked inside of the country. reports are 24 pakistani soldiers were killed. afghan officials say they opened fire, provoking the response, now, pakistan is threatening to kick the usa out of the country. joining us now from washington
11:23 pm
is chris hume. with crazy huh stuv going on this, pakistan is the thing doesn't get a lot after tension. i don't think attention it deserves because united states and pakistan, i mean, we're almost close to a shooting war. are we not? >> this is a regular mess, bill. it's a relationship that has not gone well but can't afford to give up on. as sugtd we have transshipment lines and routes through pakistan to get material into the theater in afghanistan. we have native intelligence from time to time to provided that has been useful. these people somehow overlook the presence in the middle of osama bin laden for a number of years and gave us a lot of trouble as well. it's a very difficult important relationship for anti-americanism as you can see on the screen is in many quarters rampant. >> the politicians don't know what to do. and in iran, our politicians
11:24 pm
don't know what to do. >> they just don't know. you're right. and there is a rogue country hating you with a nuclear weapon. and anything can happen at any time. and enough is enough, brit. they know bin laden was there. they just thumbed their nose in our face all the time. and we've been hunting tall hi ban who live in pakistan. and taliban forces live in the country. and pakistanies won't control them. we attack them, then, pakistani army starts shooting at us. so what are you supposed to do? have open season? and it's a matter of how much dust you're going to take. it is not? >> sure. it's satisfying to think of it that way. and there is trying to
11:25 pm
accomplish the goals another way. and there is not a good analogy. iran is a more committed enemy than is pakistan. which in quarters is probably in the united states. and some not. >> and right now, u.s. forces are dying because of pakistan. they allow poll tallahasseely ban to live there. and to base there z they come across and kill americans. so... on a daily basis urgency is more with pakistan than iran. >> you can argue that is so. it's not clear if we cutoff relations and ties and aid to them, things will be better. i don't think they'll be better. the situation you're describing would likely intensify. >> bill: then, you're paying the devil to do his dirty work. pakistan, we've warned and
11:26 pm
warned. it's still will not clean up the taliban sanctuaries in their countries. they will not do it. >> but bill, they do some of it. they don't know do enough to suit you or me. >> bill: i'm worried about the guys getting his arms and legs blown off. >> no one doubts that is a big problem. i ask you back, then we cutoff relations, then what happens? >> bill: less let's see. you're gone as far as you can go. it's an understandable viewpoint. >> my sense is that this is one of the difficulty and murky and can't simply be handled by one, you know fell swoop stroke where you end a relationship. i think on everything it could do the foster a friendship with this nation. by still get spit in the eye day after day.
11:27 pm
>> bill: let's move on to domestic poll sismt herman cain got in more trouble on cnn saying this is part of the big picture. they want to destroy me. i'm worried about my family. and look. nobody knows what happened. and nobody is going to know what happened here. is it's going to be the same stuff. but the affect on herman cain, i don't know how much longer he can go. >> i think he might have been able to weather this if he hadn't run into so much trouble on the question of his knowledge of world issues. i think it's a combination of allegations from the women and the difficulty he had in grappling and coming to grips with foreign policy questions he's been asked in interviews and debates and so on combined to put him on a slant downward. >> bill: it's not just attacks on him, but the way he's
11:28 pm
handled questions. i'm going to go back to one more thing. he never set up an operation in iowa or new hampshire to compete. never did that. so you know, maybe it was a run just from the start. >> well, perhaps. or maybe just unorthodox run or based on the modern lines of communication now open through technology. from candidate to voter that you didn't need the same type of organization. and i think there is truth to this. the number of debates cost virtually nothing to participate changed the landscape, you can go on by virtue of teen yates, the trouble with that is that you've golt to pefsh yompl well and he didn't perform well. >> bill: will big hol hi wood money and star power continue to support president obama next year? and barney frank saying he's quitting the house of representatives, we'll tell you y we hope you stay tuned
11:29 pm
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>> bill: in 2008 hollywood with barack obama and stars all gave mr. obama money and public support. will it be the same this time around? with us now, film producer harvey winestein who in august held a big fund-raiser for mr. obama. and so, do you understand the president's falling poll numbers? 40s and 30s, do you understand why that is happening? >> everybody has got ups and downs. you and i both have ups and dmounz show business. two years ago my number woz have been five. today they're 105. >> bill: but its closing in on him. he's got less than a year before the election. with a 40 approval rating that is pretty tough. do you think that is a fair
11:33 pm
appraisal of his performance? >> i'm not the greatest on politics, bill, i can only tell you i don't think he'll vai problem winning reelection. >> bill: why do you support him? holding a fund-raiser, what is it about president obama that appeals to you? >> i think he's a man of great interelect and great moral chark and a knowledgeable man. and i think anyone who models like lincoln did has got to be a smart guy. >> bill: why do you think he hasn't been as success envelope economic realm. >> i've said it before, i'd rather talk about movies but when i hear warren buffet willing to give up some of his income and i'm women willing to give up some of mine. >> bill: what do you think would be fair for you? what percentage of your income
11:34 pm
would you hand washington? >> i haven't thought about percentage. i haven't. but what i will say if warren above skbrai people like myself who get tax breaks and helping the person down the street you've got to give back. >> i don't mind giving back. doesn't it give you pause. >> people say we want to volunteer and help. give it back. >> bill: you can do that now. >> you do give way a lot of money. i'm not down on you on that. but this is a hire taxation on 1% is the government saying i'm going take your success and give it to solyndra, which goes bankrupt. and people like me go wait a minute. i don't trust you to do the right thing with my money. you've been so incompetent. it's chaos. you can't control borders and can't do much other than collect taxes and yet we have a great military other than
11:35 pm
it's just not working. why doi want to give more of my money over? >> i think we disagree on what is working. i think the president has done an mazing job with general motors and car companies. he's tough, and smart got all of the money back. i think he did the right thing for the banks. let's face it, bill, president obama didn't start this. he inherited this. >> bill: he's had three years to put americans back to work. he didn't cause the crisis. >> i understand your discomfort but at the end of the day... >> bill: i don't have discomfort. >> but at the end of the day, he didn't cause it. >> bill: do you believe that movie stars... >> better subject more me. >> bill: have power to persuade people to vote a certain way? or think a certain way? >> i think oprah winfrey. you know, you won't call her a movie star. >> bill: she did "the color
11:36 pm
purple". >> i think she's helping his campaign. >> bill: she's quiet. >> she's to the a network to deal with. and working on that. >> bill: oprah would be one. how about george clooney and tom hanks? >> i think george clooney has tremendous integrity and so does tom hanks. >> bill: can they we are swayed? they're branded as left wingers. >> i think they're more middle of the road liberals. >> bill: all right. i'm a liberal on the left side of the street you've got two movies out. marilyn monroe movie with michelle williams. fellow b.u.grad. she does a great job. then, "the iron lady". is this going to make lady thatcher look good? >> biggest compliment i've received is kyle smith a
11:37 pm
conservative reporter for new york post and writes eloquent prose and reviews movies says our adaptation is superb and he was shocked two liberals could play it that bad. >> we'll learn a lot about it. >> both sides of the fence are going to be on this one. >> bill: harvey good, to see you thank you. >> and coming up, barney frank saying no mas. he's leaving the house. moments away. i've got nothing against these do-it-yourself steam cleaners. lugging around a hot water extraction unit can be a rush! that's why i'm carpet for life. but if things get out hand, there's no shame in calling us. ♪call 1-800-steemer.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. last week we discussed declining standards for tv operations. many believe there are none anymore. now we have the michelle situation to back that up. joining us now in miami is
11:41 pm
mr. goldberg. so i know you just heard harvey winestein. what did you think? >> i loved it when he said that clooney and tom hanks are middle of the road this, is exactly, and i mean exactly how liberal reporters think about things. if it's left of center, it's mitdel of the road f it's right of center, it's conservative that. is why they don't understand their biases and harvey winestein, a bright guy. but he thinks hib brals are middle of the road and conservatives are way out there. i find ate mazing in a sad kind of way. >> bill: now, it was ironic after you and i were discussing headline news debacle, michelle bachmann comes on the fallon program this, was a premeditated dis.
11:42 pm
they knew bit and tweeted they're going to ambush michelle buckman in this way. sheert question. how could they think they can get away with it? don't i they understand once you do something like that, that people, fair-minded people are going to go what are you doing. >> it would have gotten away with it except for one thing. michelle bachmann demanded an apology. not just from jimmy fallon and the band but from nbc. good news is that she got the apology. i read the apology. it's not one of the apologies where if we offended you, we're sorry. it was a gene yuin, looked like a genuine apology. that is the good news for nbc. but michelle bachmann made a good point. very good point. about the double standard fchl the band played it, and bill,
11:43 pm
sorry. just bleep it f the band played a song called wild ass bitch when michelle obama came out, or hillary clinton, someone would have been fired. but you do it against a conservative woman running for president and you apologize and that is the end of it. i don't think anyone should be fired over this, i don't don't think don imus should have been fired about the joke about the rutgers basketball team. >> bill: i disagree with you. boy have replaced the executive producer of the fallon program. here is yimus thing, obviously, you know, that wasn't premeditated like he said look, here is what we're going to do. we're going to disparage black women. this was thought out, they selected the song to embarrass
11:44 pm
a woman. the vp is out of there on the show if it's me. >> i get it. i don't like people getting fired for making a mistake. >> bill: difference between a mistake and a preed meditated attack. >> right. and there was a political kpotent to it. the -- component to it. but there was another component that is important. the way entertainers who are appealing to a young audience show how edgey and cool and hip they are is by doing stuff like this. and that is how they show hey, we're cool. >> there is nobody who depends more on a younger audience than jon stewart. stewart won't do this. he's smart enough to understand. >> bill, bill, bill. stewart had a black church choir telling me to go you know what myself z he, this went on 12 minutes on his
11:45 pm
show. so jon stewart hides behind a cute smile of his and is capable of the same vul garrity. >> bill: that is different. he knows you can come back at him. he knows you can call him out. he didn't take it a stealth way. he looked into the camera ask went after you. he does that to me, too. but goldberg and o'reilly can come back on and pound him between the eyes. it's a different style. it's not... >> let me just say, i get it. i laughed for 12 minutes when he did it. i didn't have a problem witness. all i'm saying you brought up jon stewart, not me. it's different but the way people entertainers appeal to young audiences is like doing... >> bill: right. right. this is a very important question we're going to -- bernie and are i are
11:46 pm
going to do for 12 months. is it possible the media can cover the upcoming election in a fair way? is it possible? >> do you mean possible like is anything possible? i guess it's possible but not likely. >> bill: stand jarred collapsing with anything goes. lies, slander. manipulation. i don't think it's possible. i think it's not. >> but it won't be so that kind of you know, intentional reason. if they have a lot invested in barack obama. four years ago, 2007, 2008, they sold their journalistic souls to get on the obama band wagon because he was a historic candidate. they wanted to help make history. the problem is that there are too many reporters who have the same values who have the same opinion, the same liberal opinions as barack obama.
11:47 pm
they're going to see things like harvey winestein. they're going to see things not as liberal or far left positions they're going see them as middle of the road positions. >> bill: got it. >> every conservative position is going to be right wing. >> bill: barney frank calling it quits and shaking up tv programmers on the aisle this evening. that is next. [ engine revs ]
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>> bill: reality check, we begin with check one, say goodbye to barney frank. >> i will miss this job and will have regret when congress is signed up. but i will tell you this. one of the advantages to me of not running for office is that
11:51 pm
i don't have to pretend to try to be nice to people i don't like. >> bill: like he ever pretended. is district of massachusetts being redrawn so it would be harder for him to win next year he gets pounded by the right all day lochblg his vision of the feds helping lower income americans by homes failed and badly damaged the nation. if you want the micro on that pick up pinheads and patriots where is he center stage. in the end he allowed liberal ideology to consume him. he's a smart guy did you bu does not easily admit mistakes. i pretend harv yard and nbc news will hire frank so he will not be bored. and check two. shoppers spend billions of dollars over thanksgiving weekend. madness in many places. little rock, arkansas people
11:52 pm
fought each other to get at waffle makers selling for $2 each. los angeles a woman pepper sprayed people to get at an x box. why would anyone put themselves through that? awful. check three. factor announces our christmas auction project. i'm opening bidding on this piece of american history. a warrior poster signed by all five living presidents. only three of these in the world. we know of no other tumt signed by these men. the value is obvious and will go up, going forward. $10,000 is the opening bid. remember we raised 4 thun,000 for warriors earlier this year because for a $25 donation you get a fax of the poster signed by the presidents making an excellent gift and sends a message you care. so you can bid at wounded
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warrior there is a link on bill owe if you buy a copy of killing lincoln, so far about 10,000 books have gone oucht but the deal ends wednesday. and if you want a signed copy get orders in now so we can get them out to you. thousands of them. got to get them in now z check four, tonight on the tv program, i face down, face down angie harmon and lorraine braco. it begin was a murder case. i play my charming self this, is a must see for fans. and we want to you watch greta tonight. break out dvrs. 10:00 eastern time. and that is reality check. >> tonight starring a brawling nfl quarterback. moments away.
11:54 pm
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congratulations. congralations. today, the city of charlotte can use verizon technology to inspire binesses to conserve energy and monitor costs. making communities greener... congratulations. ... and buildings as valuable to the bottom line... whoa ! ... as the people inside them. congratulations. because when you add verizon to your company, you don't just add, you multiply. ♪ discover something new... verizon. pinheads and patriots in just a moment showing two football players brawling. and first, i am severely under employed. bill, you cite unemployment numbers showing college graduates are doing well in the marketplace but skilled, educated people are suffering. i know that, but live is a struggle for everyoneful all
11:57 pm
you can do is work hard at what is available and position yourself to succeed big when a about opportunity does come along which it will. so be patient. david harris, sellersville, pennsylvania. i start add agreeing with you about 40% of the time. now, i think you're correct 80% of the time. should i be concerned? absolutely. 20% is inexpoliticable. but you'll get there. and miller comes here a few times a year but you fly over us on the way to the west coast, how come? we're working on vegas. i don't travel much because i have many things to do here. very to be here. it's like they take over when i leave. early 2012 i'll be in durham, north carolina, tampa and naples florida. i'll let you know if other dates happen. and john from arizona my kids
11:58 pm
gave me a premium membership for my birthday. i love the behind the scenes. i'm glad you like it. if you become a pm you get a copy of "killing lincoln" free of charge. what a deal. mark gates. i watch at 3:00 a.m. here, i can't find "killing lincoln". and my web site both ship overseas. enji the summer down there. and larry finley, enjoyed audio of "killing lincoln" listened to it four times and always learn something new. joan from nevada has a verse for it. there is a fine man named bill. he keeps a sharp eye on the hill. the guy has a penchant for writing which gives his readers a thrill. excellent, joan. and signed copy of "killing lincoln" on the way to joan in henderson. as a kid i used to watch joe
11:59 pm
cat play quarterback for vikings. apparently he is 73 years old, still very macho. and in vancouver ran into a former defensive player and things did not turn out well. >> wow. they were brawling those guys. he is 74. and there is no statute of limitations on being pinheads. that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news pactor web site. different from we'd like to you spout off about the factor from anywhere in the world. and name and town if you wish to opine. and thanks for watching