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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 29, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm EST

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closed captioning services, inc.". >> presidential candidate herman cain says he's reassessing whether or not he will continue his bid for the gop nomination. the architect karl rove is here with the very latest with the 2012 shocker. we've restored america's standing in the world. >> the president may want tofá revisit that claim now since riots have erupted in the middle east. and new jersey governor, chris christie, has some harsh words for the super one over the super committee. ann coulter is here to answer the question, can you afford four more? plus he supports the oklahoma
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few -- the arc -- the occupy movement. hannity starts right here, right now. >> there are major involvements in the race for the republican nomination. as we learn, herman cain is in the process of reassessing his campaign. that news was relayed to members of his team after a morning conference call after rumors of an extramarital affair surface the. he is determining whether or not he will continue his bid for the white house. and the gloves have officially come off in the battle between the frontrunners newt gingrich and mit romney. the speaker had some comments yesterday. >> i don't claim to be the perfect candidate, i just am a lot more conservative than mitt romney. there has to be a solid alternative to him, and i think i can bring together the
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national conservatives and social conservatives in order to make sure we have a conservative nominee. i wouldn't lie to the american people. i wouldn't stretch my positions for political reasons. >> regardless of who the republican nominee turns out to be, they will have a lot of momentum going into the head-to-head contest with president obama. according to a historical comparison provided by gallop, no incumbent has had a lower approval rating then president barack obama at this point in their first term. he stands at 44%. the only one close to that number was lyndon johnson of 44%. richard nixon was at 50 and presses carter and clinton at 51%. joining me is the author of the new york best-seller, fox news contributor, the one only brother rove. sir, how are you? >> fantastic. how about you? >> okay. i don't see a white board.
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i can't figure out the city. oh, he's got -- all right, go ahead. >> you were talking about that approval number. i think it's also important to put into context where he's dropping. so if you look inside that number, among all voters he's dropped since the time of us inaugural about 23 points but among young voters 27, women 26, college grads 24, hispanics and independents 23. remember, these are all five groups that propelled him to victory the last time around and the decline is precipitous, at or above the national average. then if you take a look at seniors who were not in his camp last time around and middle class and working class, household income between 5,000 and 7,999 a month and 2,000 to 4,999 a month, he's dropped 28 and 24 respectively.
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this is not a good place to be in you are barack obama and hope to get re-elected. >> let's go to the first part of your white board. is there a way president obama can reenergize his base? >> he can, but only if the republicans give him the chance to do so. these people have lost faith in him. they like him. i have been watching a bunch of focus groups, reading transcripts and looking at the analyses of the focus groups. these people like him but they are terribly disappointed in what he has done. he has been terrible in office and his economic policies have hurt more than they have helped. they don't like the affordable care act. they think he's governed from the left when he promised to govern from the center. they are not inclined to vote for him. the question is can the republicans reassure them they are up to the job and give them comfort? it smells and feels like 1979,
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with people saying jimmy carter is just not up to the job, he's just not qualified to have it. my question is is the republican nominee up to it and can they give me confidence that they will get the job done? >> i'm going to ask you that question in just a second but you have gone out of order. let me ask you first about herman cain. a different, but an allegation surfaced. he's denied it. but it seems to me, and this is just my political observation, i didn't like the way politico characterized it today and it seems like his like ability and this demon of doubt has been sewed in people's minds, people love him instinctively and its getting to the point of being insurmountable. when somebody reassesses their campaign like this, can they come back? >> well, they can but you don't use that word without feeling a lot of things have gone wrong. whether it's right or wrong or fair or not, he's been on the
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receiving end of a lot of body blows on this issue. he mishandled it, in my opinion, that sort of fed the fires and now we have this latest allegation. when you have 61 texts and e-mails, some of them at early hours and late hours, it just on the surface of it look good. you want to be able to -- any one of these people. you know him personally. he's a patriot. he wants to make certain that the country gets put in the right place. and i suspect what he's asking himself is, am i the guy who can win the nomination and help put the country in the right place by defeating barack obama or am i not? >> we just played the comments from newt gingrich in an interview that he gave. he is now surging and romney is staying about the same where he has been throughout this entire race. we've had different people at different times challenge him. are you convinced that this is now what it's coming down to,
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it's newt versus romney? >> no. because we are looking at national polls and we are looking at some state policy. my gut tells me because iowa is an organization allay fair. there is still a spot for a third person to sort of jump into this in iowa. we will see here in about 35 days. >> who? >> well, i don't know. but it could be ron paul, who has a really-organized group that will be -- wherever he is in the polls, he will do better in the turnout simply pause his people are so committed. michele bachmann, this is her home state. she was born in waterloo, iowa. she lives next door and she's campaigning hard. she's make an effort to use this immigration issue to underminute beginning in iowa. so, you know, i don't know. but, look, we do know this. we have two candidates, newt gingrich and mitt romney, who are atop the pack. the question is will there be somebody else who will jump in and grab a place at the table as
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well? >> let's talk about strategy and tactics for a minute. newt's strategy seems to be saying, look, i'm more conservative than mit mitt romn. and he's going around the country and he wants these lincoln-douglas debates. and if president obama didn't show up, he would follow him. and four hours after he's there he will be there 2348 he kau pit pit -- capitulates. >> well, if he were the nominee, president obama would go about his duties and go about his campaign and after a while newt would, as any republican would, tire of sort of trying to dog the president by doing this. it's a nice sort of debating point. it's a nice sort of contrast. but it's hard to execute when you are trying to raise money, one your run your own campaign and figure out where you ought to be. >>s. wait. isn't there a chance that
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something else could happen, that newt shows up of a obama and in all these states after all the appearances and the country is saying debate him. why are you chickening out? why are you afraid to -- >> i've been through this once before, and you may remember in 2000 we tried to get more debates with al gore. it didn't happen. the debate commission set the dates, gre brushed us off and the media could care less that we go on meet the press and blah, blah, blah. they could careless. it will be all right for a couple days but i doubt it's a durable strategy. country is going to be in march, april, may, june, july and august and part of september not demanding that the two presidential candidates go out and debate. after he makes that plea and the fall before he might get some emphasis behind it. >> thanks for being with us.
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>> you bet. thanks for having me. >> and president obama declared in his very first year in august that he had already restored america's standing in the world but upnext we will show you some video that will no doubt have the anointed one eating his own words. tune in tomorrow night for my one hour sit down interview with the former speaker of the house, newt gingrich. we had mitt romney on last night and we will give tomorrow night to newt gingrich. it's all tomorrow right here on hannity. and so is having a trusted assistant. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle...and go. you can even take a full-s or above and still pay the mid-size price. here we are... [ male announcer ] and there you go, business pro. there you go. go national. go like a pro.
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>> anger against america erupts in pakistan after a deadly n.a.t.o. airstrike killed two dozen of their nation's soldiers. now hundreds of protestors took to the streets setting fire to us flags and burning an he aphay of obama. didn't the anointed one tellnous define that he had restored the international image of the u.s. abroad? >> what have you accomplished? >> well, a couple of key things. number one, i think that we've restored america's standing in the world. >> perhaps the president would like to now revise that statement, especially in light of recent comments made to british reporters by his chairman of the joint chiefs of staffs indicating that the average pakistani's respect for america is now lower than of. >> if you are someone who doesn't know the united states, has just heard of the united states, at that level, yeah,
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it's probably the worst its of been. >> joining me is stewart varney, the co-host of the five patients of the saint, she deals with beckel five days a week. dana perino. >> it's actually more than that. i have to see him in the greenroom. >> but it's quiet in the greenroom. he holds court. it's beckel's court. first of all, our troops of were taunted, they were fired upon, and it's pretty much been confirmed. your reaction? >> america's enemies are not afraid of us. we aren't respected. i don't think the president likes the idea of projecting our military power. he seems unwilling to project it and use it a portray a muscular america. he seems to want to retreat. he goes around the world apologizing to our enemies and keeping his distance from our friends. america is not respected. it is certainly not feared. those who take a hit on us are
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not afraid of a counter punch coming from us and that's the atmosphere which our president has created around the world, i think. >> i look at it slightly differently, which is that he did go after osama bin laden in pakistan and relationships with pakistan already very tense, even more afraid now, and now when you see a burning of ephagy of president obama, part of them is they are making a decision whether or not to stay with the united states or go a different way. >> they seem to give a wink and a nod to the killing of bin laden. in fairness, that wouldn't have of happened but for president bush. >> i agree. all the intel led to that operation. >> he has projected power by stationening american marines in australia as a containment of china. but can you really say that this
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president projects an image of the shining city on the hill? they aren't afraid of them. i think it projects nothing but weakness. i think he is weak. look, he's even said t he doesn't believe in america's exceptionalism, america has been arrogant at times. he's been on his apology tour. >> well, they called his style leading from behind. that's the approach taken in egypt and libya. but i think economic strength is the biggest factor in whether or not you are respected and or feared and we have a problem going forward, projected forward because of our weakness with the economy. >> and the euro is going to collapse. it's done. the world has to accept it. if they sustain it artificially for a long period, that's a bigger mistake because we are only kicking the can down the road. >> and america is looking at the outside at what's going on in europe. the real decisions are in
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frankfurt, not d.c.. >> absolutely. i mentioned earlier in the program newt gingrich said he's more conservative than mitt romney. and romney fired off anded said gingrich is a life-long polltation. there's a new poll out out that said gingrich's lead is higher than romney's. cain is now in deep trouble. there was one poll that showed the majority of support may go to gingrich. what does that tell us about this race? >> i think that romney's folks have had him basically holding steady in a lot of these early voting states and they have sat back and they have let the foray all wash out. but now it's time to step it up. i think the polls for gingrich are real and the voting starts in less than 30 days. >> and do you think by newt saying he's more conservative -- >> there's an adage that you need to define your opponent before they define you so this is going -- this is going to be where it comes down. newt will say i'm more conservative and more electable and romney will say do you
9:19 pm
really want a career politician back in the oval office? >> what do you think of these arguments? >> look, it's going to stretch on a lot longer than we might appreciate. because when the voting starts in january, you've got iowa, new hampshire, and florida. it's not winner take all. it's not first -- >> this is first time for us. >> i believe so. >> that makes an enormous difference. that means the whole voting process is going to take a lot longer, and candidates will not be inclined to drop out quickly because they have got a certain number of delegates to wheel and deal with as you go forward. so this team, this group, is probably going to stay in place at least until february and maybe into march. it's a very extended process. >> and that is true in particular for somebody like ron paul who has maintained a steady base of support, intense support, in particular in iowa so he could come in a strong third in iowa. >> and he won't definitively say he won't run third party. i kept pressing him on the
9:20 pm
radio. >> and jon huntsman said the same thing, he wouldn't rule out a third party run. >> that's splitting the anti-obama vote dumb. >> and then you have candidates that will wheel and deal. i will add just my position and you adjust your position and you connell it a consensus around the middle which i don't think it what we need at this moment. we need a more conservative candidate, vigorously in favor of private enterprise. >> who do you like in the primary? say it. >> i don't know -- i'll say it again, i want the most. >> i didn't ask you. who do you think it is? >> at this moment it looks like romney. >> why do you always cave? >> what do you mean cave? >> excuse me, and who do you think? >> i -- i -- >> this is your voting booth and you had to vote right now, who would you vote for? >> you keep those things private. >> no, you don't. people want to hear your view. >> i sit back and look at all of
9:21 pm
them, and i have a report in a fair and balanced way. >> you are not fair, you are conservative. >> you can be conservative and fair is balanced. >> who are you going to vote for? >> i am a conservative. >> would you answer that question? >> we've got to go. [laughter] >> and russell simmons is here to explain why, despite it's violence and destruction he's still footing the occupy wallstreet movement and does he believe i'm more gangster than snoop dogg? he said it. but chris christie is blasting the president for being a by standner chief. we will play that for you. ann coulter is here to react to our favorite outspoken governor. that and much more straight ahead. daddy, come in the water! somebody didn't book with travelocity,
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>> in the aftermath of the super committee's file lure, chris christie is blasting president obama and blasting him for his failure to do more help. >> i was angry this weekend listening to the spin coming out of the administration, about the failure of the super committee. and that the president knew it was doomed for failure so he didn't get involved. then what the hell are we paying you for? it's doomed for failure so aim not getting involved? well what have you been to go exactly?
9:26 pm
>> i'll tell you exactly what he's been doing while washington is falling apart. our campaignner chief is busy focusing on one thing, and that's getting re-elected. according to a study, the anointed one has attended 54 events in 11 battleground states in the past 42 days and he's using your taxpayer money to do it. the white house rejects these claims. this he arguing the president has the responsibility to, quote, go out and meet with americans, the people, the folks. joining me now with reaction, columnist author, new york times best-seller, demonic is her latest book, ann coulter. >> hello. >> to do you have a -- are you going to curse on this program? >> i didn't curse. and newt gingrich, they are accusing him of flip-flopping, and i said i don't think consistency is the most important thing and cain was consistently, and i i didn't use the word you thought i said. i guess i'll get bleeped but --
9:27 pm
>> stop. we don't need to edit. >> well, if you can't say it on tv then you how you will run our 2012 campaign slogan against president obama which is what mark said about him. >> you love chris christie. you finally gave him his breathalyzer, inhaler back. >> yes. >> so you made up with him. >> but he's doing a terrific point. this is a fantastic point's making. from the beginning of this administration, even with his obama signature legislation, obamacare, remember he turns it over to congress so he can't get blamed for everything. well, i didn't like from congress did and now he's blaming the super committee. >> he didn't want them to succeed. >> no, he did not and neither did the democrats. and unfortunately most americans don't know because they don't follow what is happening. the republicans kept making compromise of a compromise. >> bad once. >> i agree, but they were bending. they were bending, they were trying to get something through
9:28 pm
and it was the democrats who did not want this to succeed so they can blame republican obstructism. >> what do you think about your -- you are anybody but obama, right? >> i love all of our candidates. >> this is what what i want to r from you. >> i was struck, every time i see those debates. i like everyone on that stage. >> me too. >> better than the man we ran last time. they are all good candidates. and one interesting thing about the republican party, there really are no rock fellow republicans anymore. you look back at who rock fellow was and what he stood for. to some extent mccan was, but you may complain about flip flopping but as long as they were flip into the conservative camp, we don't have much to complain about it. you have to say that to win as a -- >> in massachusetts. >> no, in america. conservative is popular and i think all the republicans these days are smart enough to understand that. i think the idea that any of them would get in and double
9:29 pm
cross us, frankly any of them, is insane and i really wish you would ask me about the allegations of herman cain. >> why don't you just and your own questions and answer them because i was going to ask you about herman cain. >> thank you for asking. >> let me say this. the politico said the conservatives are turning on him. i played a political observations and said all of this, all of these allegations have hurt herman cain in as much as they have sown the seeds of doubt. that doesn't mean i believe them. i don't believe them. >> i absolutely don't believe them but i think both you and i were going on tv last night as the story was breaking and we heard the statement from his lawyer. >> and he's still looking at this case as a lawyer examining it. is there any cause of action here? and he made what sounded like an admission to all of us. we are talking about a private consensual affair. then i get home from taping "red eye" and herman cain is saying absolutely there was no affair, no sex. she was a friend of mine. i can't imagine what she's
9:30 pm
claiming her proof it. i find out what the proof is, she has a signed book from herman cain, something like friendship is the most important thing in life. everything else is a bonus. if that is evidence of a 13 year affair. i have had about a million 13-year affairs. and she has the full combo platter, bankruptcy, a sexual harassment suit in the past, hasn't paid rent all year, this year she lost a judgment against her for defamation and stalking. she's en unemployed single mother. you have the whole combo mother of an unbelievable witness. i don't think herman cain is going to be our nominee but he's a magnificent man, he's a great man. he deserves to be defended and the media deserves to be attacked for this and he should have a prominent speaking position at our convention. >> but this is a shame. he's brought energy, ideas and charisma and a cheer. every time i've been in the room with him, i've watched him, i've been on stage for him, i've known him for over a decade.
9:31 pm
what he is describing is not the person i have seen in person with women. >> right. >> and it is just not the guy i have seen. >> not only that, not only was it totally unbelievable, but this woman is claiming a 13-year affair. there's evidence of a one-night stand. this woman doesn't even have a semen-stained dress. >> that is something that is often -- >> well, with the democrats it is. and again, i've said this before, but it needs to be said again, this is because the democrats only defense of obama, who has recked the economy and people going to vote against, is to say you are only voting against him because he's black. they have got to destroy herman cain. it is more of the same, 0 plus 0 plus 0 is still 0: he deserves our defense. >> thank you for not cursing. >> i did notxd curse this morni. i used a perfectly normal word. if you can't say that, i don't know how to describe him.
9:32 pm
>> good to see you. >> good to see you. >> and by the way, he around going to talk at all about your boyfriend. i had to get it in. and events all across the claiming they support the so-called 99%. media mogul, russell simmons, has been spotted at rallies across the country. we will ask him about this and does he still stand by his comments earlier this year when he said i was more gangster than snoop dogg. really? me? ñi
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>> since it started, the occupy wallstreet movement has drawn praise from a lot of celebrities. why are you laughing? joining me to explain why he has thrown himself behind the movement, russell simmons's book is now out in paper back. we well coming back the chairman of rush communications, the author of global
9:37 pm
russell simmons. >> super rich. you have been to the park about 50 times? >> maybe 30 or 40. >> and you meditate in the morning you said with the people town there. >> with some of the people they meditate to the morning. i do sometimes. >> that's cool. i don't have any problem with that. do you of feel bad, you are a wealthy, wealthy, wealthy man and you never have to work another day in your life. >> no. >> do you of feel bad about being rich, guilty about being rich? >> no, i worked hard to get where i am at. absolutely not. i feel good about giving. i run five charities but i don't feel bad about earning or that the system allows me to earn either. >> are you uncomfortable with what has gone on down there, sex in public, many, many anti-similarretic statements by people town there, many instance of nudity and drug use and then it got violent in a lot of locations. do you have any problem associating yourself with a
9:38 pm
movement that also has a strong element that is quite negative? >> i have two thoughts about this. one, we are very compassion national, the movement is, in taking care of the homeless and the vagrants. the fact is there is free food right down the block and there is free food and clothes and tent and many people have joined the movement. some people who joined the movement were inspired and found purpose, some of the homeless and vagrants. but it's very nice that they are so compassion national. but now that the mayor has cleared the park out and the same thing across the country, now the people who are the nucleus of the movement are not responsible. but the city itself is not responsible hereto because there are so many homeless. >> supatti had a set up a special tent to protect women because sexual assault was rampant. that's how bad it got there. you are a powerful guy, and the
9:39 pm
president length hit name to the movement and nancy pelosi. why are you smiling? >> i don't know that he loaned his name to the movement. what occupy has in common with you, myself, any democrat, any republican, any tea party member, awful us believe, and i'm not telling americans what they believe, the cop operations and special interests have too much control over our government. what they are there for, they are concerned wall street has control of their future. when you are an elected official, republican, democrat, whatever, you want that official to work for you. but the truth is those officials work for internal interests and corporations and that's the poor problem when we talk about the inequality. you talk about healthcare or jobs overseas, that's because corporations -- i'm smiling at one point -- that's because corporations are having politicians for for them instead of the people who elected them. that's the good that can come from. >> what about the cronyism in
9:40 pm
government? here's the president, has big bundlers -- >> wrong. >> so this is president obama. >> yes. >> you are saying president obama, the big bundlers get access and then they get kickbacks, it's called kickbacks for the money. >> it amounts to legal bribery. >> all the politicians are. and what i would like to see happen, and i promoted a constitutional amendment, the longest running congressmen wrote this, and when i have strong bipartisan support i will introduce t i introduced it at occupy boston. this idea that legal bribery, all the money, all of it leaves washington. it sounds like a revolutionary idea but all of america would go for it. we want the money out of washington and the bribery to stop. it's an easy to do. a constitutional amendment which i promote is only four lines and would change this country for
9:41 pm
the better. >> i'm actually very glad you said it because it is so transparent and lot of people who like the president support it. you and i have some unfinished business. we have some clearing of the air. >> personal stuff? >> we have some clearing of the air. >> but i like you. >> i like you. >> you and i agree on a lot of things. are you going to bring that up? >> i'm bringing it up. this is what you said about me. >> he's a pretty peaceful loving poet. poet a he is job is to say things even if you don't like. that's their job. less home foamic, less racist than sean hannity but that's what i'm saying, like snoop dogg is less sexist than him, a snoop dogg is less racist and a snoop dogg is a lot less gangster than him. so sean hannity has his own issues. >> gangster?
9:42 pm
hannity? come on. >> gangster that you respond to -- like snoop dogg somewhere at a peace rally smoking a joint and you would likely -- >> i wouldn't smoke a joint. >> i know. i called and you told you, i took back the word racist. >> you said i'm not racist or homephobic. >> i don't know that you are home oh -- home owephobic. i don't know that you are. >> well, i follow my faith but i don't impose my values on others. you did apologize. >> i did. i called you. >> you did. >> i called you to apologize. >> and i appreciated that. >> and i thought about a lot of the conservatives and how i felt that some of them were very closed-minded and i thought of you, and i think of you as a conservative. >> i am, a registered conservative. >> i thought of a lot of them and i shouldn't bundle them up. we're good. what if i take that back? >> which part. >> the racist part. >> i did. >> and the homophobic part. >> all right. done. i just want you to explain to
9:43 pm
america how i'm more gangster than snoop dogg. >> because i think you would be quick to go to war. >> i am. >> and quick to react. >> evil is a difficult thing. just because you don't agree with somebody, there's a chance for dialogue. that's what i do, promote dialogue. a lot of times we think, for instance, the waste of war in iraq and the waste of war in aftergan afghanistan, i was protesting both of them even before the boots were on the ground, i was saying it's not a good move for america. >> we disagree. >> and i think that's gangster. >> it was a pretty classy thing for you to call me and say i really didn't mean that i and appreciate it. >> nice to so you again. let not your heart be troubled. our freight, great, great american panel is coming up next. xd
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>> tonight on our great, great american panel, fox news contributor doug schoen is here. she, an editorial page, online
9:48 pm
producer opinion writer at the washington times, kerry picket is with us. he's from the show fox news "red eye" and sits in a leg chair. what does that mean? >> we have no idea but i don't sit in it. >> they don't even let you sit in it or in the room. >> nope. >> and you got the interview with russell simmons that he called me homophobic and racist. but he did call me to apologize. >> yes, that was very good of him. well, he was still his old self and not saying a whole lot of different things than he said to me. >> first of all, let's show the gop ad comparing obama and carter. you will love this. watch this one. >> we lost our ambition, our
9:49 pm
imagination. >> only things and consuming things. >> you go to a bank and you use an atm. you don't go to a bank teller. >> all the legislation in the world can't fix what is wrong with america. >> the country is bad and has gotten a little soft. >> these changes did not happen overnight. >> change cannot happen overnight. >> what can we do? >> what can we do? >> we've been a little bit lazy. lazy. lazy. lazy. >> love that. what do you think? >> it's a little confusing, sean. >> oh, it's not confusing. >> i get the point. it's a little confusing. the deal hasn't been closed yet. but suffice it to say, there is an argument there and with obama's negative close to 55 and his performance on the economy close to 35, that argument is going to be made all summer.
9:50 pm
>> any president in modern times at their point in the presidency, and you even suggested they bail out. >> i did. i said we would be far better off as a democratic party with hillary clinton as a nominee, something i'm happy to reiterate, as does pat cadell. >> when you ask the democrats what would happen if hillary clinton would jump in, the numbers go up and they go way up the republican candidate. >> we can win with hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton is not jumping it in so it's a nonstarter. >> lyndon johnson pulled out in 1967. >> are we comparing obama to cart he or johnson because now i'm confused. >> i don't think barack obama for a minute is giving up the helicopter, the white house and the airplane. i don't think it's going to happen. i think they believe this do-nothing congress argument, class warfare, dividing the country is going to work. >> he may be right.
9:51 pm
that's the thing. i don't know that he's lost the country. well, actually i would say for sure he has not lost the country the way carter lost the country pack in the '70s. it may be close but it's not there. >> according to the polls his numbers are lower than carter's at this point in his presidency. >> but a repuican is not going to come in the way reagan did in 1980 and win an election so easily. >> but hold on a second. what is happening in tehran right now? it's not the american embassy but it's the bringsish embassy and it's require look at the numbers compared to carter and now the british embassy is being taken over by a bunch of occupiers over in tehran. >> i think it's wishful thinking. >> jimmy carter had the hostage crisis and he lost america because it was clear he couldn't deliver. what everyone might think of obama, and i want him to go because he's divided the country, he can't govern.
9:52 pm
bottom line, you have al-awlaki gone, gaddafi gone, osama gone. >> but pushing policies that he didn't start. >> we've succeeded. doesn't matter who gets credit. >> he deserves some credit. >> he does. thank you. >> but everything else he's failed. >> but how has foreign policy helped george aw bush? it didn't. he went in with a higher approval rating it re-election. >> we have to take a break. we will come back and talk about mitt romney. and there's an ad for sarah palin. straight ahead.
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9:56 pm
. >> we continue with our great, great american panel. presidential politics. herman cain, is he finished? >> yes. >> finished? >> not necessarily. >> oh, he's done. >> whoa. >> no, not necessarily. look, he's already come out and said that he's going to plow forward. >> i thought he said earlier that he was reassessing. >> yeah, he said he was reassessing but he also just came out recently in a press release and said he's plows forward and he very well may want to go forward. >> i am not convinced that any of these allegations against him are true. >> but i don't think it matters at this point. >> that's the problem. >> there are so many of them that it doesn't matter. >> he can't get his message out.
9:57 pm
>> every single one. these women could be lying and cain is done. >> so the big winner today, newt gingrich. 's up 15 in iowa, 28 in south carolina, and with cain's vote breaking 3-1 to him. newt gingrich is celebrating. >> but iowa, is it 32 or do you think it's real? >> i think it's real. everything i am hearing is the romney people are panicking. he's been frozen around 20. he's not going up. newt is up. he is serious. the race is changing and people have to wake up to that. >> romney is saying gingrich is a life-long politician and newt is saying i can win, i'm a conservative. >> and conservative is better than attacking. >> why? >> well, romney, as a businessman he cost jobs by closing businesses. newt is shrewd man who is
9:58 pm
getting where the votes are. >> and newt has bridges that he burned in the '90s. you remember on capitol hill he angered a lot of republicans. >> he told me he's more mature, he's a grandfather and he found his faith. would that resonate? >> i hope so for newt gingrich. but a lot of things happened back then that maybe they would want him -- >> we also had welfare reform and a balanced budget. >> and he also proved that he understand votes are in the middle. he's to the left. >> and the immigration comment? >> and also healthcare. he's for the individual man date. >> the end of the day i think more conservatives will hold their nose and vote for romney than independents will hold their nose and vote for newt in a general election >> let's go to the ad on former governor palin that came out today. >> we need sudden and row relentless reform and that will return power to we the people.
9:59 pm
we need people with a proven record of reform. i served in public office in state that had core bankruptcy problem. i fought that. i took on a lot of corrupt and compromised middle class. the challenge is not to replace obama in 20 is it 11, the real challenge is who is what will we replace him with? >> i think she's made her decision. we all know that. will her endorsement matter? because there's rumors she might endorse for somebody. >> i think her endorsement will matter but i don't understand her personality. we've got to get over this, it's bad. >> they like palin. >> it's not that they dislike palin. >> no, i think palin will have a lot of power and a lot of palin supporters are disappointed when she does things they disagree with. >> if she endorses newt gingrich, which is what i