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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  November 30, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> bret: world banks put up a safety net sending wall street on a tear. this is "special report." good evening, i'm bret baier. wall street investors face their own version of black friday today. scrambling to gobble up the stocks and gigantic numbers after a move by the federal reserve to help european banks maintain liquidity in dollars. the dow catapulted to a 490 point gain. the biggest since march of 2009. the s&p 500 was up 52. the nasdaq finished 105 ahead. chief washington correspondent jim angle explains what prompted today's surge. >> bob: the u.s. >> reporter: the u.s. stock
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market roared. the banks were clinging to their money. >> we're trying to sell goods to europe. they need access to dollars. to pay us. if they can't get access to dollars they can't consummate the transaction, we don't get the expert. >> the fed lowered the price for the other central banks to swap euros for dollars. from over 1% to half a percent. former fed governor said it had to be done. >> with europe, the way it is. euro at risk there is no question that they have to provide liquidity. >> they hemorrhage. you have don't have trading. institutions need liquidity. >> one explanation is some 53% of the national profit of american companies flow from europe. avoiding a crisis helps
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american companies or jobs. >> we shouldn't be portrayed as bailing out europeans. we have lessened a chance of chaotic resolution in europe. probably bring the colleagues to their knees. >> ron paul takes a skeptical view suggesting that this enables the bad habits, telling tox that we are just delaying the inevitable. like giving drugs to a drug addict. he feels a little better but the conditions get worse. republican dan burden called it "nothing more or less than u.s. taxpayer bail-out of europe." the fed is acting to restore liquidity now the same way it did in the depth of the u.s. financial crisis in 2008 and 2009. the breadth of the action was uncovered when a foi request revealed the fed made $7 trillion in short-term loans to banks in the u.s. representative baucus troubled by the secrecy, but not by the actions. >> i'm not concerned with the
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large amount of money. it was a big crisis. it required decisive action. >> some were puzzled by the stock market reaction, saying the fed's announcement was a crisis could be coming. one fed analyst likened it to hurricane market. that they looked at it as a sandbag rather than focusing on the storm, itself. >> bret: thank you. workers in the u.s. increased productivity by 2.3% from july to october. that is the most in a year-and-a-half. the number of people signing contracts to buy homes was up 10.4% in october. that is highest in a year. president obama is speaking to fundraisers scheduled for this evening. many of the well-healed audiences have to fork over more in taxes if the president gets his way. chief washington correspondent ed henry joins us live on the latest for push to pay for the
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payroll tax cut. >> the republicans released a proposal to use part of the bowles-simpson plan to pay for the payroll tax cut extension. they want a three-year pay for the federal workers. they want to cut the federal workforce by 10%. far different than what the president wants. >> reviving a familiar line, president obama warned of dire consequences if the payroll tax cut is not extended. >> it would be a massive blow for the economy. we're not out of the recession yet wholly. >> visiting the battleground of pennsylvania, he dusted off rhetoric of paying for plan with a surtax on the rich. >> are you going to cut taxes for middle class? and those who are trying to get in middle class? or are you going to protect the massive tax break for millionaire and billionaires? >> republicans counter it doesn't make sense to fund a tax cut with tax increase. >> we are not arguing against the payroll tax cut.
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we think it shouldn't punish job creators to pay for it. >> everything in this bill will be paid for. >> aides are leaving the door open to extend the tax cut without paying for it. >> the president lost here badly to hillary clinton in 2008. recovered to win in the general election. quinnipiac poll found only 46% of pepsens think the president should be re-elected. scranton democratic mayor doherty said people are afraid the economy is not getting better. he met president obama at the airport. casey could not, stressing he was tied up in washington because of the important defense votes in the senate. since missing casey is the
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lead sponsor of the payroll tax cut, it got awkward. >> you have a great saturday in saturday casey. i love saturday casey. i want you to know he is already on the program. the president got good news. adp said that the private sector payrolls are up in november. creating 200,000 jobs. a real vote comes friday when the hay boar department reports the unemployment rate for november, one year from the election. >> bret: ed henry live in the north lawn. thank you. house speaker john boehner says the specific cuts mandated may be adjusted next year. boehner said on capitol hill, i think all of our members would prefer that we do this in a more responsible way. the senate could vote thursday on a defense bill that president obama threatened to veto. senators voted to limit debate on the bill today. it authorized the funds for troops and pays for the war in iraq and afghanistan. the president objects to a provision requiring military
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custody for captured terror suspects. herman cain began a bus tour of ohio today and tried to put the breaks of speculation of infillty will affect his run for the presidency. chief political correspondent carl cameron has more. >> tried to do. >> in ohio, he made no direct mention of the ginger white allegation of 13-year affair with him, which he denies. he's accused the g.o.p. establishment and liberals trying to drive him out of the race and indicate it will not work. >> they want you to believe with another character assassination on me, that i will drop out. they -- let me tell you, the american people have a different idea. obama might raise $1 billion but american people will raise
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cain. >> this morning he said the affair was on and off again thing with gift and money over two-and-a-half years consistently. she produced phone records that said they texted until days ago. >> last week, that was my last contact with mr. cain. you know, the thing is i can't imagine waking up one morning and deciding to come out with this if this was not true. >> cain said the allegations are taking a toll on his family and that will term if he stays in the race. >> this is about trying to bring down herman cain. if they are going to bring down cain and a heavy price on my family, i'm in the process of reassessing that. >> in south carolina, gingrich drew an overthrow crowd to breakfast in greenville.
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>> leading national and south carolina polls, gingrich belittled michele bachmann for accusing him of supporting amnesty for illegal immigrants which he said is false. >> some people are factually challenged. >> unfortunate she couldn't figure out what things were or the right date. >> and gingrich said he is the front runner and replaces romney as the candidate that is measured against. >> we need someone with substantial big ideas. where/thought originally it was mitt. it may turn out to be newt and not newt. >> today, perry passed gingrich and romney as insider. and promised strong criticism before the primary but perry called at it caucus. awkward flubb in new hampshire where voters are proud of holding the first primary for
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the last century. >> bret: any other indicators that herman cain is staying in the race? >> a few moments ago we got word from the iowa campaign officials he will put out a new ad. putting up an ad. bioadd that talks about the job and economic message he is touting. no mention of 9-9-9 but it does suggest he is staying in the race. >> evangelist billy graham is in a north carolina hospital tonight. reverend graham was admitted to mission hospital inaville for evaluation and treatment of his lungs. pulmonologist says he may have pneumonia. don't forget, tonight's "special report" online show begins at the top of the hour. log on now and join the chat. coming up, britain fights back after tuesday's attack on the embassy in iran.
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>> bret: checking world headlines, hillary clinton arrived in burma, the first u.s. secretary of state to visit the nation in more than 50 years. she says she wants to see for herself whether new civilian leaders are ready to throw off five decades of military dictatorship. she will leave with opposition leader friday. today, su-chi confirmed she will run for parliament seat in upcoming elections. vice president biden says the trip to baghdad marks a new beginning between iraq and u.s. not everyone sees that it way. several protested biden's visit today. >> protests continue following killing of pakistani troops in air strikes. but they cooperated to keep
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cross-border exchange of fire escalating. chief washington correspondent has more on the chill following the action tuesday in the iran capital. james rosen? >> reporter: reeling from the ransacking of the embassy by the iranian students and militia men, britain responded withdrawalling all diplomatic staff and expelling the 18 diplomats that iran had stationed in london. >> the idea iranian could not have protected our embassy or without degree of concept is fanciful. if any country makes it impossible for us to operate on their soil, they can't expect to have a functioning embassy here. >> while they stopped short of severing diplomatic relations with iran it's a low point for 25 years in addition, germany and france recalled their ambassador from tehran. norway citing concerns closed the embassy there.
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other newspaperrian nations summoned the iranian ambassador in their cap if arrest sound thrashing. since the hostage crisis of 1979, the u.s. has had no diplomatic relations with iran. in south carolina, secretary of state hillary clinton demanded all government provide proper protection for foreign diplomats. >> the diplomatic friction reflects the tension over iran's pursuit of the nuclear weapons capability. the obama administration famously tried to engage tehran after they violently crushed protest against the rigged elections. >> talking at the moment hasn't produced goods. >> they will meet on thursday to consider france's call on new sanctions on iran aimed at the first time to restrict the petroleum export of the fifth largest exporter of oil. in washington, james rosen, fox news. >> bret: north korea is making process to work on enriching uranium and build a
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light water nuclear water plant. uranium enriched in the highest levels can be used in nuclear bombs. n offered to resume the nuclear disarmament talks with the west. u.s. and south korean officials insist on a halt to uranium enrichment first. a new simulation shows radioactive debris from melted fuel rods may have come closer than first thought to reaching the land beknee japan crippled nuclear power plant. simulation showed fuel came within a foot of breeching one reactor steel floor, set in a concrete foundation. the administration is commending the turkish government for tough sanctions on syria today in response to the government's crackdown on dissent. this is amateur video purporting to show the security forces firing on civilians in a town near the turkish border. >> labor unions say 2 million people join a one-day strike in great britain today. prime minister david cameron disagreed calling it a damp
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squibb. senior foreign affairs correspondent amy kellogg is in london to show us what happened. >> there were massive strikes across the u.c. state. changes the pension plan. public sector employee from the hospital workers immigration officers to the union of head teachers by the way struck today for the first time. state the biggest public walk-out in a generation. >> it's not very good. we're going to have to work much, much longer to get the same amount. >> in places it became unruly. they broke in the place that they claim has britain's highest paid ceo. in parliament today, tempers flared. the government said strikes are not helpful and accused the opposition labor party of fomenting the trouble. >> today we had strikes because he is irresponsible, left wing and weak. >> unlike him, i'm not going
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to demonize the dinner lady, the cleaner, the nurse. >> the strike came a day after britain's chancellor delivered the gloomiest economic outlook for the nation since the second world war. vowing to keep public sector pay increase below level of inflation for the next few years to say britain faces several more years of austerity. therefore, needs to learn to live within its means. in london, amy kellogg, fox news. >> still ahead, cooking something up for ron paul fans in the grapevine. up next, republican governors work on their 2012 plan. ♪
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>> bret: a soldier awarded the medal of honor is suing a former employer who says he
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claimed he was mentally unstable and a problem drinker. dakota meyer was awarded the medal of honor in september, two years after saving 36 fellow soldiers in afghanistan. the defense contractor bae systems tells fox it will defend itself in court but wishes meyer well. a hearing began today that could pave the way for the eventual release of the man who tried to kill president ronald reagan. john hinckley wants extended visits with his mother outside the mental hospital where he lived since the 1981 assassination attempt. hospital officials say he is no danger to anyone now. government lawyers dispute that. republican governors are plotting strategy in florida. correspondent steve harrigan reports the idea is have a plan of attack for next year's election. >> 27 republican governors are in orlando this week focused on one goal, to win. >> more governorships, the u.s. senate and the presidenc presidency. the heavy hitters are drawing
6:24 pm
a clear line. >> leadership is not what you see this the white house right now. as i said before, this is a sad day to have a bystander in the oval office. >> for governors north, east, south, west, there is one issue. >> jobs. someone who lost hac has lost hs own job or friend down the block who is unemployed. it's jobs. >> how to shape that message is up for discussion. this session is about language. to counter the phrase raise taxes on the rich, consultants suggest take money from hardworking americans. instead of middle class, say hard-working taxpayers. >> the governors take care to separate themselves and the way they do their jobs from the politicians in washington. >> governor is one person account to believe the people on various specific outcomes. on job creation. on whether the budget is balanced or not.
6:25 pm
on outcomes in the school system. people look directly to the governor and hold the governor accountable. >> average voters may not make a clear distinction. for some governors, including the association chairman, the attention generated by the battle for republican nomination has not helped the party. >> our party is under a lot of scrutiny right now. eight candidates vying for nomination. the president gets a pass. >> we spoke to several governors this morning who said they believe the next president should be a republican governor. either present or former. without saying yet exactly whom they plan to endorse. bret, back to you. >> bret: steve harrigan live in miami. thank you. the democratic governor of massachusetts wants a second do-over. tell you what that is about in the grapevine. ron paul has something special cooking for holidays. [ male announcer ] you are a business pro.
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>> bret: now, fresh picks from the political grapevine. massachusetts democrats may have to choose between the democratic troops and the party. the troops rather of the party. the state house news service reports the date for the massachusetts primary was moved from september 18 to september 6. because of a conflict with the jewish holiday. now, democratic governor duval patrick is asking for the date to be moved again because the 6th is the closing night of the democratic convention in north carolina. the state house republican leader says pushing the date back could jeopardize
6:30 pm
distribution of the absentee military ballots. my question would be why did he sign it in the first place? was he doing a book deal or too busy traveling? we're not changing it for religious or enfranchisement reasons but so they can go to the party. presidential candidate ron paul with the perfect holiday gift for the hard to shop for libertarian. for $8, supporters can order the ron paul family cookbook from the candidate 2012 website that promises 28 pages of recipes to warm your kitchen and your heart. "new yorker" magazine has fake flavors with libertarian flavor. saying -- now grapevine follow-up. a gay softball organization says it will pay undisclosed settlement to three bisexual players who claim they were disqualified from the 2008 world series because they were not gay enough.
6:31 pm
their team will also receive the second place trophy it was denied at the time. one official involved in to disqualify the players said at the time, this is not a bisexual world series. this is a gay world series. the league has since added language to the rules clarifying that bisexual and transgender players are welcome to compete. now to a story about just how far the government and students can push a religious school away from the core beliefs. correspondent shannon bream reports the heart of the matter is birth control. >> student says the school is providing conflicting information about whether or not the student health insurance plan covers contraceptives and turned away women trying to obtain prescriptions for them. >> she has arranged guerilla
6:32 pm
birth control clinic to operate seven hours one block away from the law school campus. >> it may need to be ongoing thing. we may need to hold it every semester. >> a fordham spokesman said -- >> the fordham conflict is playing out at other catholic universities who publicly expressed concern. the regulation stemming from the new federal healthcare law will force them to cover contraception in employee and student healthcare plan. some said if forced to, they will drop the insurance coverage altogether. the obama administration works to finalize the regulation, some are urging the president not to allow religious organizations too broad an exception from h.h.s. policy to provide birth control as part of preventative care. earlier in month, congressman
6:33 pm
jesse jackson junior wrote to the president, "to exclude millions of american women and families from cost-free preventive services is discriminatory and unsound health policy." >> you can be sure we want to strike the right balance between expanding coverage of preventive services and respecting religious beliefs. >> white house says there is no timeline for decision but it's set to take effect modified or not by august of 2012. in washington, shannon bream, fox news. >> bret: moving day this morning for occupy movement protesters in philadelphia and los angeles. more than 1,4000 officers drove occupier occupiers from tk in city hall in los angeles and they arrested 200 who refused to go. there were only 40 arrests in the eviction in philadelphia. they say a few officers sustained minor injuries. the markets surge as the fed tries to make the dollar more
6:34 pm
accessible. what does it mean for the american economy? we'll ask the fox all-stars when we come back.
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what the fed is ding is strictly a classic monetary operation ensuring liquidity with other banks. they're not buying sovereign debt or companies or providing capital. it's a central bank to central bank operation. this >> this is in our self-interest and the economy self-interest. it shouldn't be portrayed as bailing out the europeans or give-away. >> what the fed did today is lower the price of central banks around the world. swap euro for dollars. liquidity as you heard right there. this sent the market roaring. the stock market went on a tear today. look at the numbers, the dow up close to 500 points.
6:38 pm
the s&p 500 and the nasdaq there. this was paled by the folks you heard from and the lawmakers. it was criticized by some lawmakers. including not to be surprised by this. ron paul. who had a problem with this. he said today we are just delaying the inevitable. it's like giving drugs to a drug addict. he feels a little better but the conditions get worse. it's desperation move. they are panicking and working together. this is harmful to the dollar and the american people. steve hayes, kirsten powers and charles krauthammer, our panel. >> this is the bail-out and the reason why it will only have a temporary effect. the central bank here, the
6:39 pm
fed. sending dollars over to other central banks. banks were not lending each other overnight. they were running out of dollars. if they acquire a slightly lower rate of american dollars it will unseize up the system in europe. that is in our interest. not purchase of the bad debt of italy or spain on other country. that is why it's similar to be a similar event. the main prop remains, it's insolvent. waiting to see if germany bails out the rest of europe. if it does, they might have a hope in the future or it will deflate currency. germans are afraid of whaps in the '20s. germany is reluctant. europe is hanging by a thread. not solve a problem.
6:40 pm
the overwhelming concerns. >> bret: ron paul said the drug addict giving them drugs and eating cotton candy for a kid. at some point you have a crash if you deal with europe on the precipice. >> the stock market was surging because this shows they were on the verge of something bad happening had they not intervened. it was meant to buy time. it's understood it was meant to buy time. to give time for the european countries to come together and develop a plan, they should have done, but haven't done. develop a plan to deal with the underlying problems. and how, have a plan to deal with the issues. in that sense, good move. >> bret: 53% of the international profits of american companies flow from
6:41 pm
europe. the market is looking to shoring up temporarily the situation over there. in the short term helps them create jobs. >> this is relief. markets looked to europe and said okay, this isn't going to happen right now. it's not going to happen. what it doesn't do is as charles suggest solve the long-term problem. this is a liquidity issue. this is adding more money, but more money doesn't solve the problem. it doesn't make you more productive. it doesn't relieve the public sector from the large public sector across europe. it doesn't solve the problem with greece. looking back what has become clearer and clearer in retrospect is that the greece should have just been left to default. that is the problem. that would have sent a strong message to the rest of the struggling countries there was not going to be a bail-out. now, what this does is put additional pressure on germany. either you probably through the european central bank.
6:42 pm
to just buy up more debt. germany doesn't want to do that given its own history with inflation. >> bret: folks like the representative dan burgman said this is a boondoggle to further devalue the currency, are they making too much of this? >> i think so. they are worried about what might happen in the future as a follow-up. for example, if the imf is the instrument of the bail-out of the southern european countries who are no insolvent, a lot of imf money is american money. so in a sense we would be involved in the bail-out. i think that is what american politics are worried about. bad mouth we had to expend trillions to bail out the own banks in the 2008 crash. there is no appetite in america at all particularly given difficulties today. and our huge amount of debt today to actually even be involved in a minor way, the bail-out of the european sovereign debt. but that is not what happened today. today was like, what happened
6:43 pm
in 2008, when lehman collapsed, liquidity seizure. nobody, no banks were letting anybody, anywhere overnight. the economy was headed over the brink. the fed injected a liquidity issue. we don't have inflation as a result of that. >> that did not happen, charles is right. it does make it more likely that it happened in the future. that's why ron paul and dan burton have a point. you are talking about saving people from their own bad behavior in many respects. this is exactly the kind of precedent that was set i think in the financial crisis in 2008. where you have the government and takes such a large role. now this is the expectation. i think you have that, whether it's in the united states, you've got states like california or illinois that are at some point likely to be come and ask for federal bail-out or in europe where you have the countries seeing what happened in greece. italy and spain. saying we need to be next.
6:44 pm
>> bret: is this for the politics of this, is this a powerful political campaign, neap the g.o.p. campaign, the audit of the fed? and all of the action that the fed is doing, this comes out to the foi request where $7 trillion of loans was the number that went to u.s. banks in the collapse of 2008. >> yeah, well, that has become a potent issue this time around. the fed. ron paul started this a while back. now speaking with the issue to really paint the fed and question the fed. however, i think this is an important role for the fed to play. people may not like it. it is, sometimes people say we want to see people get what they deserve. if they get what they deserve, then we're also going to get the, you know, the backlash of that. because we trade with europe. if europe falls apart it affects the united states economy. >> hard to remember a day in 2008 only a few years ago when the tarp amount, the
6:45 pm
$800 billion was considered the largest amount of money ever proposed in human history. now it's lunch money when you realize that the federal actually spent $7 trillion and i think it did what it had to do. it saved our economy. tarp also was the rightful thing to do. the government recovered almost all of it. but these are still staggering, the sums -- the main criticism of the fed is that it was done in secret. i think that is an issue that the congress is going to have to address in the future. >> bret: next up, the 2012 campaign. ♪ the weather outside is frightful ♪ ♪ but the fire is so delightful ♪ nothing melts away the cold like a hot, delicious bowl of chicken noodle soup from campbell's. ♪ let it snow, let it snow
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i have run consistent campaign. i am going to continue to run campaign and continue to focus on barack obama. candidly, it seems to be working. >> i happen to think the attacks on me are coming from the other side. because once i move to that top tier, i think they became a little bit threatened. my star was shining and rising too fast. this is a direct character assassination pure and simple. >> bret: herman cain and speaker gingrich talking about the campaign. this and this is the status of the campaign. the newest polls out. quinnipiac on a national level has a poll out in which newt gingrich is up 4. plus or minus three is the difference there. you can see the rest of the field behind him. now take a new hampshire, latest poll is rasmussen. romney up 10. that is narrowing, with gingrich at 24%. then in iowa, american research group, has newt gingrich at 27%. romney at 20. ron paul at 16%.
6:50 pm
we're back with the panel. steve? status of the race? where do things stand? >> really? is it wise for me to tell you of what i think the status of the race is now? it could be different in a week or two. one thing is true and has become more evident every the past several weeks. washington, d.c., has underappreciated the momentum and the support that newt gingrich has in the rest of the country. people in washington who have worked with newt gingrich, and the enemies he made here, you know, all along going back months and months have suggested he can't catch on. he has got the baggage. he has been on all sides of the issue. we're seeing increasingly in the polls and anecdotally talking to voters, that that just doesn't matter to them. i think people are not concerned about newt gingrich's personal baggage. we have seen it again in those polls and others. the question is going to be can he get through this next five weeks? six weeks. until the voters actually
6:51 pm
start voting and people go to caucuses without making a big gaffe and doing something that people are expecting from newt gingrich to harm his candidacy. >> bret: meantime, herman cain is saying he is innocent. and that this is an effort to take him out of the race. "associated press" moved a story about ginger white. that is the atlanta businesswoman who charged she had a 14-year sexual affair with herman cain. they say she has had repeated financial troubles and lost a lawsuit once accusing her of spreading damaging lies of exbusiness partner. moving that story right now. what about this and cain's response? he did a long interview with neil cavuto today. >> he said he is reassessing and re-evaluating his campaig campaign. he knows he is not in a good position. he is spending so much time responding to the accusations.
6:52 pm
even without them, i don't think he would be in that great of a position. he was starting to make mistakes. he'd probably drop off. maybe not at the same rate, but his star would be fading and gingrich rising regardless of the affairs or alleged affairs. >> bret: a lot of reaction today, charles, to romney's interview on "special report." a clip we did not air talking about his record. there will be some to make the campaign about something other than the record. great news about newt gingrich and myself and barack obama we each have a record. you can look at the record and say who is the best qualified and equipped to get america on track to create jobs and remain the leader of the free world? that i believe's me. >> bret: thousands of e-mails and varied responses
6:53 pm
on all sides how governor romney did, how the questions were, what the interview atmospherics were. amazing response. >> as newt is rising we will see romney's biggest challenges. the others risen up against him were rookies or people not substantial like cain. now he is up against gingrich who knows how to ark argue and debate and has been on the issues for decades. he is a substantial counterweight. romney has to answer question questions. up until now he went through 11 debates unscathed. because when you have 11 people on stage you don't get the followup. what happened in your questioning of him yesterday you were able to follow up and present him with evidence of what he said in the past. that's where he stumbled. he stumbled on immigration where you showed a clip from
6:54 pm
2007. >> bret: quote. >> a quote. where he said something hard to establish about what newt has been saying people are here for a long time, illegally. on the issue of romneycare he had a standard answer. you asked there was a quote in the past where he seemed to imply that the massachusetts experiment was example to the whole nation. he had a fine distinction between the example to other states. versus example to the federal government. nonetheless, it shows that now as the race is narrowing, as the other pretenders fall away, if he is in a one-on-one or one-on-two where there will be close questioning followups as you aftered yesterday, he will be detect and we'll see if he gets a free ride as he has until now in the large debates or not. >> bret: did your perception involve in 24 hours? >> i said yesterday that on immigration he did badly.
6:55 pm
on the question of his romneycare, he was sort of equiequivocal and drew a distinction that was not credible. he handles himself rather well. he is not fostered. there was age he wasn't used to having the followup. that will be his test in the future. >> bret: steve? >> i thought the interview was great. the questions were fair but tough. he didn't do himself any favors in part because he is usually who doesn't get flustered. in this case, he was clearly flustered. what i think has to trouble romney supporters this has been a great campaign. so far that his team has run. this is the central question about the romney candidacy. the one you pressed him on at the beginning of this. is that somebody who says things for political expedience, does he have the core convictions and will he be the same guy in the white house? how did he answer for the fact he had different views back then than he has now? he wasn't able to answer it. that i think has to trouble
6:56 pm
him. they know the question is coming. it hasn't come for the reason charles suggested. but it's now going to come again and again and again. as they continue to do more interviews and as the race intensifies. >> bret: kirsten thoughts in the online show. that's it for the panel. stay tuned for a presidential trip to the bookstore. . . last throw, prce.
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>> bret: finally tonight, president obama visited a washington bookstore last week where he not only purchased a few books but also apparently introduced a new one of his own. >> here he is with the kid. >> hello, guys. >> he noticed the book. look,. [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report." i guess that one wasn't that great. there wasn't even any reaction. fair, balanced and