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tv   The Five  FOX News  December 2, 2011 2:00am-3:00am EST

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>> all righty. ♪ >> eric: this is a fox news alert. newt gingrich moments ago making a bold prediction telling abc news, "i'm going to be the nominee." ♪ ♪ >> eric: hello, i'm eric bolling with andrea tantaros, bob beckel, dana perino and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." all right, guys just a minute ago, newt gingrich tells abc news, "i'm going to be the nominee." this is a quote from him. quit's hard not to look at the recent polls and think that the outside are very high i'm going to be nominee. he goes on to say the guys who attack each other up until now, every one of them lost ground by attacking. i will focus on being substantive. i will focus on barack obama." what do you think of that? >> andrea: no one can accuse him of having low self-esteem.
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one thing newt gingrich cannot be accused of this. is two-fold. i think he really believes it but i think he is trying to send a message to not just the g.o.p. electorate but donors and doing it for fund raising as well. superconfident, if you keep saying it, maybe it comes true. he needs money. we're almost 30 days out. >> bob: dana and i were on a train with newt gingrich last july when he was in the dumps. he came up to me and said i said how are you doing, newt. he saith i'm going to be the nominee. nominee. i said a lot of people won't believe that. he said i'm going to be the nominee. he went in the strategy. he is a strategist. when this happens you tend to say the words i have ever expectation i'll be the nominee. this is a little bold. but i think andrea is right, there is a lot of g.o.p. money on the fence, he wants to knock it off. doesn't want to be the romney. no place else to go. it may make sense for him in the short run. i want to walk back his
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prediction. but if he does things like this, he may not be. >> eric: this is a negative? >> bob: yeah, to say this line. yeah. >> andrea: what was the strategy? did that strategy he told you both on the amtrak play out? >> bob: he said he was not going to attack in the debates. he said he believed in ronald reagan's 11-point. and said i want to talk about the substance. >> eric: he is consistent. dabs there is a major contrast in style. last week, mitt romney had a contrast call with folks. we had that audio last week, he said now this might sound presumptuous, i don't want to seem arrogant but i am the best candidate that could beat barack obama. there is, it's different than saying i am going to win. i will be the nominee. and i am the best. he is not short in the humility department. it can grate on some people's nerves including with some of his friends. but i would rather have somebody confident than not.
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>> sure. >> greg: the field of dreams except this is the field of newt. he peels people will come. if his head got any bigger, other heads would rotate around it. >> eric: find him egotistical? >> greg: i do. but it's an important value for this guy to win. it helps to have a lot of self-esteem. what do you expect him to say? i expect to finish a strong third? this guy wants to win. it's nice to have somebody who wants to win. >> eric: yes. can i bring it to you guys. last night ob"hannity" he said i'm 60 days ahead of where i thought i'd be. he's confident. should he declare he is the nominee? >> andrea: he said he was the front runner which is odd. it asked you in the green room before we came on, any campaign i worked on, you never want to be the front runner. you want to be the underdog. president obama said i'm the underdog. people like an underdog. this is a bit unique. i agree. any of the guys running for office have to have tremendous self-confidence to believe that you can be president of the united states from michele bachmann to obama to hillary,
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anyone who run. they have huge ego. newt just owns it. it's good. go for it. >> eric: i think part of the strategy about his immigration thing was exactly this. i think he put it out there because he wanted to "a," play for the general election. >> bob: he is so convinced he can beat anybody in the debate on that issue, any issue. newt does look very smart and substantive compared to the rest of this crowd. but, in fact, newt's ideas interesting but he is not the biggest thinker in america. he believes -- >> andrea: one of them. >> eric: how can you say that? one of the biggest thinkers in politics. just not running on the right side for you, right? going forward, as andrea said, not very kind to be the front runner. >> dana: in his campaign since july, people who are running for office have had really good weeks followed by really bad weeks. this has been a bad week for mitt romney. been a great week for newt gingrich. next week could be something totally different. i am going to make a little
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bit of a prediction that perry will start making a little bit of a comeback. he has an ad out today he is showing some humility, making fun of his own gaffe he had in the debate a few weeks ago. some people might be willing to take another look at him. >> greg: i feel bad for mitt romney. do you remember the highlights magazine? >> eric: i do remember that. >> greg: mitt romney is gallan and gingrich is dufus. he is going i've done everything right. gallant has done everything right. i'm a good person. i don't cheat on my wife. i'm a decent person. look at this guy is beating me. >> eric: you know what, guys, take it one time around again. he played a defensive campaign so far. he hasn't taken any shot. talking about romney. can you win playing defense? >> andrea: you've got to fight. i think that is one thing that the g.o.p. wants to hear. they want to know that the guy they put in, or the gal, has the confidence to beat barack obama. they know it's a nasty race. no one is saying i don't know if i can do that.
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they don't want to hear that. romney said today in the news story, "l.a. times" politico. he is going to punch back. they are going to punch at newt. he has no choice. he can't play not to lose in this game. >> bob: one reason that newt can say these things, the field shrunk considerably. he says he is 60 days ahead. the field is 60 days behind. he has one or maybe two people to run against. he wants to be taken on as the front runner, because i think he thinks he can beat anybody back. the other front runners got out and they weren't ready to be front runners. newt probably is. we said this yesterday and say it again. romney has had to escape the last 12 months and now tanging hard hits. i'm not sure he knows how to handle it. >> greg: if you are talking about debate. the gingrich-obama debate is more entertaining than romney-obama debate. newt would come at him, the way he is now. focusing in on obama. no one will come close in the debate.
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>> eric: speaking of debate, quickly, very important. december 15 is a fox news debate. that is a couple of days before the january 3 iowa caucuses. this one, guys, january 16, fox news, debate in south carolina. before the south carolina primary. do me a favor. take a listen. rush said it. sean hannity said it. mark levin said it, i have been saying it here. focus of the republican party shouldn't be on each other. it should be on barack obama. listen to rush. >> i don't know about you, are you tired of hearing things like if the republican nominate -- fill in the blank, then obama wins? are you tired of hearing fill in the blank is not electable? they are all electable. we're told that our candidates are unelectable. it's all b.s. it's anybody, by all right, by what is decent should be unelectable it's barack obama. the architect of all of this. >> eric: there you go.
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dana, what do you think of that? >> dana: when president obama has worse approval numbers than jimmy carter, you bet he is beatable. that is right. don't fall for it that there is republican division, not enough cohesiveness. they wouldn't beat obama. that is not the case. this will be a totally different election. if you look at the numbers and the state and way things are lining up, absolutely a republican can win. >> bob: rush has a serious, serious strategy to figure out how to lose 45 states. the reality is he -- he doesn't like romney. he wants somebody else. he may even think gingrich, he doesn't like that much. here is one of the problems they're faced with. i got a little piece of information for you, if i could pass it on to you. mike norman a chief economist -- >> eric: stop it. >> bob: wait a second. >> eric: are you really? >> bob: this is coming from the bureau of analysis, economic analysis, there has been more business investment under barack obama in three
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years in this country than under ronald reagan -- >> eric: b.s. >> bob: george bush -- >> eric: b.s. i call b.s. it's wrong. by the way, i was in the hallway with when you talked to that. [over talk ] >> bob: two bushes -- [ overtalk ] >> bob: i have to listen to your crap all the months about your statistics. i'm telling you, you get something and you can't handle it. >> it's wrong. more business under obama -- >> bob: than under bush or reagan. negative under george bush. business investment. look at it. read it. >> eric: whatever. >> bob: it's in english. read it. >> andrea: go back to the rush sound bite. the democrats had a brutal primary with obama and hillary. in the end obama won by a margin. i don't think it hurts the republicans. should they take the debate? but this is what happens in the primary. it's a good process. we have to get the strongest candidate. >> greg: the thing is, the
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doubts on this. conservatives have higher standards. we don't just kick the tires. we devour them. the problem with obama he escaped the nitpicking because he had a so-what shield. media said so what? >> bob: devour every other demographic in the country while you're at it. >> eric: newt is 100% right about this. we fight a lot. we argue a lot on the show. once you walk out the door, if someone is going to pick on bob beckel, irstand up for you. >> bob: i agree. >> eric: greg stands up -- >> greg: i hate all of you except for dana. >> bob: i jump three comemies coming after you, bolling. >> greg: we'll leave it there. >> bob: you're still wrong. >> eric: what do you think? e-mail us, your thoughts at "thmalia. we'll be righ --e-mail us your t we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> dana: welcome back to
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"the five." yesterday we told you about president obama making his pitch to working class voters in pennsylvania, but last night the president was living large in new york city. and went back in 2008 when i took a look and read president obama's book when he was senator and running, one of the things he said is he is a blank slate and people see in him what they want to see in him. which was great if you are running for president. it's kind of a problem though when you become president, because then nobody sees in you what they thought they saw. so yesterday, eric, during the day he was talking about the payroll tax cut. being with the working class people. then that is like the 99%, right? at night, he was with the .001% at one of the events that was $28,500 just to be able to go see the president. is he living a double life? >> eric: not only that. he started the night last night with a group of jewish supporters and raised $300,000 and told them "i try not to pat myself on the back too much, because this administration," talking about
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himself "has done more with the state of israel than any of the priest administration including yours." that's one of the most hypocritical statements i have ever heard. ask people in jerusalem who are now trying to figure out if they will split jerusalem down the midto 1967. raised $2.2 million last night. >> dana: he said when he was running he wanted to be not partisan, he was going to bring people together. in some ways people think he has been the most partisan. >> andrea: the most divisive. he can't run on hope and change anymore. he said he wasn't going to have lobbyists in the administration. he did that, too. he has to run the nastiest campaign. i've got to say, you know, hobnobbing with the elite, the 1%, they come in handy, don't they? when you want their check. i tell you what, people can pick up on the fact you smack bankers on one hand and lighting the cigar with the other. dane he took more money from wall street than any president -- >> bob: wait. i don't know a single
2:17 am
president that went to raise money where there are not rich people, number one. number two, where was he supposed to do his fund raising? with unemployed steam workers. that is the point. is he going -- >> dana: i am making my point. that's not my point. >> bob: sorry. i'm like eric -- unlike eric, i'll listen. >> dana: we talked about on monday because the "new york times" piece that edell wrote and others have written, does president obama have a different strategy with he still needs the white working class but then in some people saying that they have written him off. that they are not going to. >> bob: we talked about this. i keep saying he doesn't need the white working class majority. he won't get it. he will get 42-43% of it. that is what he is trying to do to min news the losses. the idea that somehow if he goes with these people and comes and does a fundraiser, some big deal. say it about a psident. the largest amount of invest in the the history of -- >> andrea: he did not fill
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his administration until paulson came along with wall street fat cats. obama did. he speaks out of both sides of his mouth. >> dana: it's do as i say, not as i do. is that a problem? >> greg: it doesn't bother the media because they agree with his assumptions that it's okay to be rich if you hate the rich. >> dana: if you hate yourself. >> greg: if you hate yourself and do the pennant, every hollywood celebrity is a millionaire professes to hate the rich. they all go to occupy wall street. this is what makes obama such an awesome candidate. this empty vessel approach works. he is like a water pitcher. you can pour anything in you want. he is a swath piece of crockery. >> bob: he has advantage that very few other people have. he wrote his own narrative. nobody knew who barack obama was. he wrote his own narrative and history. >> andrea: we still don't know. >> bob: by the way, to answer your point, the last time i checked he did not have a secretary of treasury from goldman sachs like bush did. he wrote his own narrative.
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>> he picked up the most donation from goldman sachs. the highest donor. >> eric: came from the new york fed -- >> greg: clean up the thing about the book. bob is making a great point about how obama got elected he confessed all of his problems in a book, so it took the rug out from underneath the reporters. they can't ask him about a drug habit when he said he has experimented with drugs, which is a great verb. nobody really experiments. >> bob: nowhere to go look for history of barack obama. normally -- >> eric: in a statement -- >> bob: he says the funny lines if you want. to but my point is a serious one. my serious point is this guy was virtually on loan. there was not a lot written about him to compare him. >> eric: there wasn't much background. >> bob: right. that is why he kicked your butts. >> dana: that is why he did well. >> eric: sorry, dana. he promised hope and change when we needed hope and change. we got none. >> bob: we got hope and change.
2:20 am
get rid of the republicans in the congress. >> dana: it worked well when he was a candidate. it doesn't work so well when he is not. because people are disappointed. i want to bring up one thing. we have one minute left. there was another friend of the white house who had been the most frequent visit over the to the white house, andy stern, the former head of the seiu. he wrote abop-ed today in -- wrote an op-ed today in the "wall street journal" where he said we should be more like china when it comes to economic growth. is this something that other humans agree with? >> bob: no. i don't think they would frame it that way. andy is one of the most provocative leaders. he split with the afl-cio. he has had i would say reasonably lousy relationships with the rest of labor. i would haven't put that it way. put hit the way. china has grown quite well over the last -- >> greg: the regulation.
2:21 am
>> andrea: this is like greg having a second baby. >> eric: there is no minimum wage in china. in america we create, we make iphones. life-saving drugs. >> bob: shouldn't matter. are you saying we shouldn't have minimum wage? should we or not? >> dana: while we figure out what that is. >> bob: answer my question. should we or not have minimum wage in the country? >> eric: we have a minimum wage. >> bob: should we? >> eric: we should not. >> bob: i want to know -- >> dana: i have to tease. >> bob: we'll debate more. >> dana: can you let me tease? >> bob: sorry. >> eric: why is washington skimping on the christmas party for the cia warriors who work around the clock to keep us safe? we have details up next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> andrea: welcome back to "the five." all right, this is going to make your blood boil. so you heard about freddie and fannie, the root of the housing crisis. their executives recently took big bonuses. well, get a load of this. in the month of october, they threw ra conference and spent $640,000, $640,000 on this conference. freddie and fannie sent 100 employees to chicago. $324,000 for travel and food and hotel. $68,000 registration fees. they are not watching their budget at all. when asked about it they said we'll do better next time. c'mon! is anyone watching the money?
2:27 am
>> dana: fra fannie mae and freddie mac never watched their "p"s and "q"s. i don't know how times they have to get beat up about it. the conference, the dinner was expensive. a lot of companies have events where you have big dinners and you talk to customers and suppliers. people invited to the dinner are doing business with fannie and freddie anyway. no other game in town. >> greg: there is good news to this. with barney frank retiring the in-room entertainment cost will go down. >> andrea: good point. we're saving some money. b. it's amazing to me that departments and agencies in washington get this trouble and step in to one of these things. if you are freddie and fannie, you'd say why don't we stay in washington and go to the holiday inn. volunteer services. >> bob: i want to say one thing if i could. producer said to me you're not happy, bob, today. we want a happy warrior.
2:28 am
as happy as the day my divorce was final. i'm in a great -- >> andrea: we miss your smile. >> bob: i am smiling. don't think i'm not happy. i'm happy to be with these people. nicest people in the world. >> andrea: does this make you happy? the c.i.a. actually is the government organization that says it is going to scale back and crackdown. last year, they had the lavish party. it cost $50,000 for the holidays. they had california wine, fried osters, grilled shrimp. quesadillas. the c.i.a. caught bin laden this year, they deserve a lavish party, but it doesn't look good so they are doing the right thing. >> eric: in d.c., they put their neck and that you are it be on the lin -- neck on the lid their butt on the line. we give billions of dollars to fannie and freddie. a couple weeks ago they took bonuses.
2:29 am
they're bleeding the taxpayers. >> the only way to attract anybody to become executive is promise bonuses. the only thing you left out, c.i.a., a great party. you had, you know, you throw balloons and things? dunk somebody, your boss. they did waterboarding. it was great. >> party favor. c.i.a. didn't have to worry about getting sued from their own attorney general. isn't that nice. >> bob: did you get smaller? >> andrea: no. maybe you got bigger. i don't want to make you grumpy. >> bob: i am not grumpy. it's this studio. this studio sucks. >> andrea: see, you are grumpy. >> dana: one thing they could do at the c.i.a. party. remember when you had a pot luck. at the c.i.a. you could have a requirement, everybody brings a secret dish from the country you served and play a game of -- >> eric: wouldn't it give it
2:30 am
away? >> greg: missiletoe should be made from real missile. >> andrea: the cost of the party, $50,000 is one of those. the c.i.a. could have the party and we'd never know! >> greg: the party could be on the table and we can't see it. >> andrea: do you think people should have holiday parties in the government? >> greg: i don't know. if they do it cheaply and order a pizza. >> bob: are we having a holiday party here? >> andrea: are you buying? you are the 1%. >> andrea: we are having one. okay. are you excited about this? we tell you about it tomorrow. are we supposed to get out of here or what? >> andrea: we have more time, if you'd like to -- >> bob: sorry. the c.i.a. for years was at odds with every white house i
2:31 am
know. >> dana: not the bush administration. bush 41 had a good relationship. >> bob: you made me read bush's book. he said -- >> eric: no. >> bob: it was a good book. >> andrea: we'll talk about the holiday menu. up next, greg gets down and dirty about the garbage galore at occupy l.a. next. ♪ ♪ let me tell you about a very important phone call i made.
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>> greg: welcome back to "the five." sanitation officials plan to haul away 30-tons of debris from the ok pay l.a. encampment, not including the protesters 306789-tons is a lot of trash. imagine two tons and multiply it by 15 or 60-tons cut in half. 30-tons squared by and divided by 30. at any rate it's 30-tons more than the tea party left behind. that is one encampment of many. if all you see is garbage you miss the big picture. nobody cares about things that it don't own. to quote milton friedman, when everybody owns something, nobody owns it and nobody has direct interest to maintain or improve the condition." that is why you never poop in your driveway but a protesters would and has. just because they're evicted doesn't mean they're gone. far from it. i know, that word is always funny. activists say camps will return in spring with the large demonstration at convention. at this point i say this will
2:38 am
be a make or break moment for president obama. does he reject calls for the revolution or stoke the fire. i remember bank ceos saying be careful, the administration is the only thing between you and the pitchfork. it look like he has already gotten out of the way. what is wrong with you people? >> andrea: i think bob, will go out on a limb and say i think you may or may not have disrespected your own property at some point. not the way that greg described. >> bob: these are eric's glasses and they may be the ugliest glasses. for a guy as rich as he is, he bought them for $17 at a drugstore. >> eric: 19.99. >> bob: you are making fun of the p.c. -- >> bob: 30-tons. i keep saying the tea party people didn't have that because they're all
2:39 am
constipated. should about the police bus protesters back in to clean up. shouldn't they volunteer to do that? is that the right thing? >> eric: the numbers are around $30 million and gro growing. just cleaning up the protest. you ask about andy stern. i didn't see 30-tons of poop from tiananmen square. they don't allow it there. do we allow them to encamp -- >> bob: take it and put it on jersey shore. >> dana: the right thing is clean it off and work together. the people that had to clean it up had to wear hazmat suits. >> bob: a month ago on this show or "red eye" we talk
2:40 am
about what to do once the weather gets cold? you said they would regroup over the next couple of -- >> dana: yeah. the first frost hit, we have had unseasonally warm weather in new york. i don't know why bob is laughing. >> greg: a 12-year-old boy. >> bob: i can't believe you sound so serious about this. it's not like a big story. have you ever been to a county fair? i'm sorry. >> dana: i make a prediction they will come back. they have been started in canada and they got together and then from their perspective, a wild success story. i think they will go back and get much more organize and have more money from like george soros type. this will be a huge headache for president obama. >> andrea: they are not
2:41 am
tough enough to stay out in wintertime. not going to bathroom in the wintertime. two points, ironically a lot of protesters are environmentalists. which is the ironic point they leave the garbage and debris and they're probably the same advocating for green energy. the people they claim to want to help, 99% are the ones that had to clean up their mess. >> greg: that is the thing. >> andrea: that is disrespectful. >> greg: a true failure in the fact that the people working overnight to clean this up are people they are supposed to fight for. the thing, eric, is the success of the protest is for some reason they have been able to convince a fair amount of people that capitalism is the problem. that is scary. >> eric: if you read the "communist manifesto" by karl marx that is what they are doing. saying that it's class ware fair. >> bob: glad you changed the subject. we spent four minutes on
2:42 am
garbage. >> eric: they created their own class. >> greg: when the movement comes back who is going to be the best poster boy for this. >> dana: i thought is that it didn't get enough attention that people like jay-z, russell simpson and alec baldwin, people i don't associate with, but they went to the profest arrest day. not a day. but five minutes. i'm with you guys. then they took off and -- wait a minute. >> andrea: you don't hang out with jay-z on the weekend? >> dana: no. he created a t-shirt called occupy all streets. donate the money to charity. >> bob: who is jay-z? >> greg: the leader of the occupy movement? >> dana: bob. >> andrea: i said michael moore. why doesn't russell similar mons that a celebrity went down that thinks it's a nebul cause, why don't they pay the bill for the clean-up and donate money so the middle class workers don't have to clean it up.
2:43 am
>> greg: who is your spokesman? >> eric: geraldo. it spent a lot of time on air arguing the sides of occupy wall street with geraldo. >> bob: quickly, bob. running out of time. my answer is fireman in wisconsin lost his job because they cut federal money to fire houses. the schmuck of the governor took away the bargaining power. out of work. >> eric: no one got fired in wisconsin. >> bob: did, too. >> greg: mine is pat from "saturday night live." they whine constantly and we never knew what she was about. >> andrea: androgynous. >> greg: we have to take a break. >> bob: how come you got a picture? >> greg: i asked for one. up next, a school forced to apologize for a religious gesture. if you leave now i'll steal all of your lawn ornaments.
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♪ ♪ >> bob: i get the "d" block and 1945 christmas song. okay. well now that i'm back home at the bottom of the show. welcome back to "the five." north carolina school, brentwood elementary school, apologized for putting religious messages. they were creating shoe boxes for operation christmas child. but a part-time tutor complained and said it may have violated the first amendment rights of students. >> andrea: the producers your buddy want med to tell you that was jon bon jovi. not a 1945 band. they're from new jersey. >> bob: go ahead.
2:49 am
>> andrea: okay. this is the tyranny of the majority. it's well-intentioned what they were doing. one person is outrage and now people across the world won't get the gifts. outrageous that the students, parents, teachers are up in arms over the word jesus. seems like a waste of time. part-time tutor outraged -- >> bob: i agree. but eric, let me ask you this. going to pour kids in undercontroled country. probably a lot are muslim. >> point something out quic quickly. this doesn't matter. this is not the point. the point is your friend's charity set the system up to put out $8 million of the boxes. the school was helping out by feeling the boxes. one teacher said no, we can't let us put this in a box. >> bob: a note goes out in the box what you love about
2:50 am
jesus? >> eric: yes. even ones that weren't part of the school. it's still going out but this is one school that says no, we are not going to put -- >> dana: they follow up -- >> eric: take christ out of christmas. >> dana: they follow themselves to apologize. we're so sorry, when the majority says it's fine. samaritan first, it makes sense that franklin graham would have a christian message in a christmas box that he is sending out. >> bob: but take indonesia. have you been there? you went to africa. not christian countries. say it's muslim or nigeria, what happens then? >> dana: first, there are a lot of christian countries in africa because there is missionaries in africa. i don't think it matters. it the point of christmas is you help people in need. it doesn't matter if you are christian or not. if the message is about christmas and you are giving a christmas box i don't think it's unreasonable a message about jesus in box. >> bob: i don't understand the whole -- >> greg: they say the invisible hand, free market. it's actually lawyers.
2:51 am
the lawyers allow one person to wield power of 1,000 people. so they come pain about peanuts or smoking or christian message. everybody shuts down. >> eric: are you cold? >> greg: i am freezing. >> andrea: the letters to the parents like jesus is a dirty word. >> bob: can anybody out there if you have spare gloves send us a package for greg? greg yesterday sat with more clothes on that a human being ought to. >> greg: cold! >> bob: we have one minute. cover one other thing. cnn. i hate the thought of that. they had a reporter who jumped on us at fox -- if i were getting the crap beaten out of them i wouldn't dump on us. >> greg: they mocked us because we talked about anti-christmas stories.
2:52 am
a fact over thanksgiving i had a friend of mine watch my ferret, captain sprinkles, so officially captain sprinkles has more viewers than cnn. >> eric: you have a ferret? >> greg: captain sprinkles. >> dana: we did this here, too. governor of "road to socialism" decided the original christmas tree is not a christmas tree. it's a holiday tree. she thought it was silly for to us bring it up. but most people agree with us silly to change it in the first place. >> eric: there was a nativity scene odds this morning, outside of "fox and friends." but i didn't see you as baby jesus. >> bob: i was! >> bob: if i wasn't on probation not being able to swear or use dirty things i'd say something. all right, i'll tease. coming up. that're so tough on me.
2:53 am
this guy stole money and felt so bad he returned it with interest. i wish wall street would do that. i've never done anything like that. these guys have. they'll tell you about it. ♪ ♪ lu? i don't trade on luck. i trade on fundamentals. analysis. information. i trade tradearchitect. this is web-based trading, re-visualized. streaming, real-time quotes. earnings analysis. probability analysis: that's what opportunity looks like. it's all visual. intuitive. and it's available free, wherever the web is. this is how trade strategies are built. tradearchitect. only from td ameritrade. welcome to better trade commission free for 60 days when you open an account.
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♪ ♪ >> dana: welcome back to "the five." the other day i saw a story about a man in seattle, an older man who said he stole 20 to $30 from a cash register decades ago. and he felt bad about it ever since. so to atone for that he brought back to the sears store and got us thinking if we had done something like that in our past. eric will lead us off. >> eric: this is honest story. i've carried this around for 43 years. kindergarten i was $5 and there was a dollar on the table. it took the dollar and put it in my pocket. sandra, another 5-year-old comes in crying and the teacher said who took the dollar. for 43 years i felt bad about this. i have never stole an penny
2:58 am
since then and there were plenty of opportunities. it really affected my -- i called, i went on facebook and sound him on facebook and called him today. you know, he is the nicest guy in the world. he said look, don't worry about. i don't remember it. 43 years i worried about it. >> bob: you worked on wall street for years. >> eric: never stole a dime. >> bob: i stole a playboy magazine out of the local drugstore. >> andrea: this was yesterday. >> bob: no, three days ago. i stole it and showed it to my friend and felt bad and took it back. didn't tell them but i put it back on the shelf. there you go. no interest. well, two pages missing. >> andrea: i stole someone's boyfriend once. in college. i don't feel bad about it. i don't. >> bob: you still don't. >> dana: we're going to get to greg last. maybe yours is the best.
2:59 am
i couldn't remember something i stole. i told my sister the she siddy you see something from me? the bonnie bell lip gloss. i always felt bad about and i said this to them both. when i was white house press secretary i used to get irritated andth henry now at fox but then was with cnn and cheryl solberg at the "new york times." i got mad at them and showed it. >> bob: there is no straighter human being in the world. >> dana: when i called them, they said don't worry about it. >> bob: get to greg. >> greg: 1984, i shot a biker. [ laughter ] >> bob: well, did you give him back? >> greg: it was a camera. >> bob: funny. >> dana: that's it for "the five." thank you for watching. we'll see you tomorrow


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