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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  December 4, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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>> one of our weapons of war, reportedly crashes in iran. and tonight, questions about how a u.s. drone flying over afghanistan might have ended up in another country. i'm harris falkner, this is the fox report. first, a victory, and then the rush. thousands of college football fans flooding the field, in celebration, and it did not end well. the excitement, the destruction, and the unintended victims. and millions of americans are going to feel this, the post office and its major financial problems prompting a certain change for the first time in decades. tonight, why u.s. mail delivery will never be the same. also, the grandmother who says
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she was violated. claiming airport security agents stepped way over the line. >> they took me into a private room, and strip searched me, i weigh 103 pounds and i'm going to be 85 february 1st so i'm your typical terrorist, right. the tsa telling a different story. >> where is the truth? >> fox reports, you decide. >> one of the most sophisticated tools of war time, a u.s. drone has reportedly crashed in iran and we're learning an official has told reuters news agency there was no indication it was shot down by iran. state run media inside iran reporting the iranian military shot it down after it violated the eastern border. that drone using stealth technology and the assistance ph force issuing this statement. it may be a u.s. unarmed
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reconnaissance aircraft that had been flying a mission over western afghanistan late last week and the operators lost control of the aircraft and working to determine its status. and while they investigate what happened to that drone, the place where many of our cia drones are launched is being cleared of all u.s. personnel, we're moving out of the air base in pakistan. that follows numerous protests held in pakistan after last week's n.a.t.o. air strike blamed for the death of pakistani soldiers and president obama again today on the phone telling the air strikes were not deliberate and the u.s. is committed to a full investigation, and following that attack, the u.s. ordered to leave the air base within 15 days as senior pakistan army confirming at that fox news, american personnel have begun leaving and the u.s. has until next sunday to get out. your mail, in danger of not getting where you need it to go in time.
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and that's because the u.s. postal service is pushing ahead one precedented cuts to first class mail starting in the spring. it's expected to slow delivery for the first time in four decades, eliminating the chance for stamped letter to ever arrived the next day. peter doocy with the news from washington. >> the postal service has an unofficial motto, neither snow more heat nor gloom, from the swift positions of their appointed rounds and that motto outside the post office in new york doesn't say they'll get your mail swiftly in a bad economy, so you can say goodbye to guaranteed next day delivery of first class mail for the first time in 40 years. the postal service is going to announce the plan for saving 3 billion dollars monday and a spokeswoman says, quote, we are proposing eliminating overnight standard for first class mail. what does that mean for your average viewer, they won't receive mail the day after it
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was sent, d.c. mail to virginia could take an additional day and people outside the d.c. area, a map it's going to take an extra day to go across the river and congressman chapin says if this is a sign of things to come, maybe it's time to privatize the postal service, one of the things i like about the postal service we don't appropriate main it them they've got to sell stamps to generate the revenue and we want to continue that. you don't cut service, limit days of service and slow down that service if you want to sell more stamps and they want to raise rates and i think they're moving the opposite direction. >> in the springtime. they save money and the postal service being liaoing to close hundreds-- fire tens of thousands of workers. harris. >> harris: peter, thank you. and more on this now, just to give you an idea where the postal service stands currently, it's already closed nearly 190 locations in the past five years, and the locations in every state, except delaware are up for
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closure in fact and in texas, there are the most. 222 locations at risk, for shutting down. fox news is america's election headquarters and tonight, we're looking at a big shift in the race for the white house, including herman cain's decision to put the brakes on his campaign and could be a game changer for newt gingrich. who just came out on top in a new iowa poll. our steve centanni is live in washington with the numbers, steve? >> harris, resulting in iowa's first in the nation caucus just weeks away now, newt gingrich has taken the lead and gingrich has 25% of that des moines register poll, ron paul is second with 18% and mitt romney comes in third with 16% this is in iowa and meanwhile, two other candidates hope to pick up some of herman cain's tea party support.
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people recognize that i'm the real deal, i'm authentic, i'm genuine and i think we're going to pick up a lot of support from across the country. people who formerly supported herman cain. >> we've got a strong conservative message that matches up better with iowans than anybody else and we think we're going to surprise a lot of people. >> and ron paul saying he's encouraged by the iowa poll that shows him second place and we've had flavors of the month in this case, but quote, i am flavor of the decade. newt gingrich is the one with the momentum and joined by five other candidates last night for a fox news forum hosted by former arkansas governor mike huckabee and extended his plan for the community panel and what immigrants might stay in the u.s. local groups similar to jurors would be more trustworthy. >> would you ask me would i trust a jury pour a washington bureaucrats, i would rather
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have my fate decided by a jury of peers than a washington bureaucrat. >> mitt romney defended the massachusetts health care bill that passed while he was governor. >> do i like the bill overall. yes. am i proud of what we did for our state. yes. what the president has done is i way beyond what we envisioned. first voting comes january 3rd in the iowa caucus, less than a month away, harris. >> i know it's passing so quickly, steve centanni reporting for us, from politics to a huge headline in sports. tiger woods has finally won a title and he's been losing since that sex scandal in november of 2009, but a short time ago, tiger clinched the chevron world champion, his 95th tournament win. a reporter asked right after is this the start of your comeback in golf and woods replied, he didn't know what this is, but it feels good. we'll have more on tiger's big win later in sports.
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right now, the desperate search for an escaped convict who police say broke out of prison only to commit another crime. what investigators think he wants to do now and how they are getting prepared, plus, a moment of victory for one college football team, turns into bedlam, after thousands stormed the field trampling fellow fans and tearing down the goal posts. some people hauled out on stretchers. fox reports live from oklahoma, stay with us. stay close. [ male announcer ] if you're giving an amazing gift, shouldn't it be given in an amazing way? ♪ the lexus december to remember sales event is here, but only for a limited time. see your lexus dealer.
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>> a chaotic victory celebration that injured at least ten people at oklahoma state's football stadium. thousands of fans rushing the field in stalewater last night after they beat ach rival oklahoma university to win the big 12 championship and some people ripping down the goal post. medical authorities saying at least ten fans were injured in the crowd, being crushed, some of them.
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as they got trampled, two of them critically hurt and say one person fell 15 feet on the concrete. myron joins us now, the sports director of fox affiliate in oklahoma city, let's begin with the latest on the people who got hurt in all of this. what else are we hearing about those injured? >> well, the latest is like you said, 10 were injured and two airlifted to oklahoma city, about an hour away and guarded, but stable condition. one was a student and the other was an adult who they had what they're calling a medical episode, i don't know if that's a heart attack or whatever, again, guarded, but stable condition and some of the other injuries including bumps and bruises and a couple of broken ankles by a couple of individuals that had to be reset by the hospital there, but the situation for all who were there involved in the melee. >> and you just say the names of the schools, oklahoma state, oklahoma university, and you know, within the states there's got to be a huge rivalry. this one is like bedlam
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though, do they not have security prepared for something like this? >> and some call it mayhem, i guess, bedlam. a scary situation, they had local police and the highway patrol and security precautions and this happened 20 seconds before the game was about to finish at the end. they had announced fans would not be allowed on the field, do not rush the field and they did have some security there, but certainly not enough to handle the crowd that took the field. and big win for oklahoma state and we've seen it a million times at different venues, football, as well as babble. >> harris: sure. >> this got out of hand and you heard about the goal posts, they're not the kind that come down easily, they have some-- pretty much break apart and these are not this time, but oklahoma state say they're easy to bring down, but a scary situation and bringing those down. >> two quick questions before i let you go. one, are they going to change
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anything about security? >> they haven't said that, you know, they basically issued a statement, oklahoma state. sorry it happened, but nothing about changing security. this is the last home game. the next will be a poll game. what about the penalty for this? is anybody going to get in trouble, foot the bill? you have people with medical bills now. >> yeah, the southeastern conference would make the home pay pay for damages, but i don't think they'll do that here. you see this in a number of venues, football as well as basketball games where the home team wins a big game n this case, their first big 12 championship ever, only second outright conference title since 1948 so i don't think there's going to be a penalty, but i think they'll look at ways to prevent things like this happening maybe next season. >> from our fox affiliate coah. and their director to break it
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down. thank you for brecking it down. a manhunt underway for a new hampshire inmate. police describe he's armed and extremely dangerous and the u.s. marshal service and law enforcement agencies in two states teaming up to track down david halfman and see the man pictured here, on the run for four days after busting out of prison near the main border. officials say he broke out, and two people are now in safe locations, hopson's father glenn was arrested after he says he was trying to help his son and leaving state police, glenn hoffman was charged with hindering apprehension and a new arrest in occupy wall street, in washington d.c., u.s. park police taking people into custody and told at least two dozen protesters were arrested, accused of refusing, excuse me, to dismantle a wooden structure.
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and police telling they snead needed a permit. when no one moved they started breaking it down themselves. police and protesters coming face-to-face at a park in portland, there were at least 19 arrest there is and the city shut done the park after demonstrators set up tents and vowed to stay through the winter we're' told a handful of activists remain and reassessing their strategy. in north texas, a protesters, his body was found on the campus where protesters are gathering. no protesters were there, he was reportedly one of the demonstrators, though word how he died. >> a powerful wind storm causing destruction across california and when you see the pictures, it's tough to believe this was caused by wind. we've watched this play out this week, tens of thousands of people without power, electrical power for days and now, bracing for more severe weather.
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>> i'm going to take you back to washington d.c. moments ago i was telling you about one of the occupy demonstrations going on there. in the last few minutes, police moved in and we understand that protesters are sitting on the roof of a wooden structural that they erected overnight and police already started to kind of take this apart as we went to commercial break and this from just moments ago, as one of them was being hauled away. if you look carefully on the roof they're climbing after them to get the people, they want them down on the structure to have two reasons,
7:21 pm
one is safety and the other they needed a permit if they were going to put it up. u.s. park police arresting occupy d.c. protesters and taking one of those occupiers, away. this is live and we're monitoring the situation. we've seen these scenes play out across the country and some can turn violent. we want to keep an eye on this, breaking news on fox report if anything news worthy happens, we'll bring it to you. >> police in michigan hoping a bigger reward will lead to the safe return of a two-year-old detroit girl. little bianka jones has been missing, her dad claims they were carjacked and two men drove off still strapped? in the seat. fox detroit learned he has failed a lie detector, and her mom and sister are handing out flyers, hoping they've seen the little girl. my daughter out there is
7:22 pm
looking for me, and she wants her mom and her mom wants her, too, and whoever knows where she is or may have her, just bring her. >> police officers saying the bench for banika is priority one and the information that brings her home is more than $17,000 thanks to an anonymous donor n georgia, the search continues for a seven-year-old girl missing since friday and officers now believe that rivera may have been kidnapped from a park north of atlanta and told the child went home to get something to drink and they ever came back. one moment she has here and the next she wasn't. and family information we have to go on she was abducted at this point. >> police say they're getting a lot of tips, but so far no solid leads in her disappearance. powerful winds sweeping across california, again, as crews work to restore electrical
7:23 pm
power to tens of thousands of people there. in sacramento, the warm complicated firefighters efforts to put out flames at one family's home yesterday. and the storm started on wengs, downing trees ab power lines and the hardest hit areas were just east of los angeles. >> i feel like i'm living in a caveman days, sometimes, another day in hell, i guess. >> we heard a loud roar and i looked out the upstairs window and the ka see bow was actually like airlifted. >> wow, living in hell indeed. a major utility company in southern california saying some of its customers could remain without electricity for an extended period of time. and meteorologist maria molina is live with us in the weather center. >> hi, harris, unfortunately we expect the winds to continue across southern california, and we have a similar setup and see the santa ana winds and another
7:24 pm
problem the cold temperatures dipping below freezing as we head into tonight. add the wind into that and it will feel colder. we have wind warnings and also wind advisories across southern portions of california so please keep this in mind and we could see gusts at times in excess of 60 miles per hour and all of that is associated actually with a large notion and that's taking place at the rockies dripping southward and bringing in a lot of snow for states like new mexico, colorado and northern parts of texas starting late tonight through tuesday. so, that's going to be a prolonged snow event and also with gusty winds out there and a large cold front further off to the east, heavy rain from ohio into portions of texas. and we'll take whatever rain we can get, but areas along the ohio valley, down into kentucky, tennessee, and portions of arkansas, have already seen a the lot of rain over the month of november, so the grand is saturated and dump a lot of heavy rain across those areas and talking about a flooding risk and a
7:25 pm
lot of rain we're expecting, generally speaking two to eight inches and that is enough of a problem as far as the flooding goes and this lasts through tuesday as well so it's going to be a slow moving system and further off to the west, that snowstorm we're talking over a foot of snow easily, harris. >> maria, thank you very much. it's called a golden state and that's exactly what it is for 2012 contenders hoping to raise big bucks, but a lot of campaign cash raised in california, is headed out of the states. we'll follow the money to find out why. also, running out of time, but not out of road. thank goodness. the emergency that prompted this plane to touch down on a busy highway. and are you still looking for your christmas tree? well, now there's a way to find one that you'll love while also helping out our servicemen and women overseas. stay with us.
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>> i'm harris falkner, bottom of the hour and time for the top of the news. claiming the military there has shot down an unmanned drone u.s. drone that violated air space. led coalition saying the aircraft maybe an american drone that operators lost
7:30 pm
contract with after a mission in afghanistan, but a u.s. official saying there is he no indication that drone was shot down by iran. at least ten people injured while celebrating a victory at a college football game in oklahoma, thousands of fans storm in the field in still water and tearing down goal posts after the oklahoma state cowboys, and one said it was worse than an earthquake that hit the same stadium last month. and cuts of first class mail to start in the spring, trying to avoid bankruptcy. the changes expected the slow delivery and for the first time in 40 years eliminates the chance for a stamped letter to arrive the next day. >> we're taking a closer look tonight at a crucial stop on the road to the white house. california apparently a huge cash cow for presidential contenders, our casey stegall on the job in los angeles and the candidates hitting up the
7:31 pm
west coast money machine to raise cash. >> yes, they are, they're following the sense of money all the way out west, and why? well, there is a lot to be had here, especially when you break down all of the numbers. take a look at the numbers for yourself. overall, the g.o.p. candidates have raked in more than 7.6 million dollars, in the golden state alone. and that's about 12% of their total funds raised across the entire country. for context, president obama has made a little more than 10 million here. mitt romney, the top g.o.p. fundraiser so far with about 3.9 million followed by rick prry 1.2 and donors giving ron paul more than 790,000. and now, analysts say they're taking the cold, hard cash, they're selecting from business moguls and hollywood types and spending it in other states like iowa and new hampshire and the contenders realize the chance of california voters passing
7:32 pm
ballots for them is low and the last time the state went democrat in a presidential race was more george bush center in 1988. money talks, as we know, not to mention the candidates can swing through here and make some late night talk show appearances, as well. when candidates come here they realize it's a great opportunity to take advantage of this media market and they know na these shows allow them to display a much softer side of them, which they very much need. >> now, a new pew poll that came out this past week shows support for president obama is slipping in the state of california. in fact, fewer than half of registered voters here say they are inclined to reelect him. however, his numbers rise significantly when he is up against people like mitt romney and rick perry. harris. >> harris: casey stegall, thank you very much. tonight right after the fox report, a special two our
7:33 pm
presentation of huckabee. the governor hosts a forum with six of the top seven republican candidates for president right after fox report, don't miss it and danger on the roads after a big rig overturns spilling its hazardous load across the highway. it's our top story on top stories. oklahoma shutting down parts of the kilpatrick highway for ours. >> it happened at oklahoma city and the substance that leaked is highly flammable and urged drivers to avoid the area during cloneup. we're told no one was hurt. florida, in jacksonville, a pilot forced to make an emergency lander in the middle of a highway at night. and officials say the small private plane with two people accord touched down after experiencing engine troubles, sate troopers, now investigating. indiana, pa survivor of that
7:34 pm
state fair stage collapse coming face-to-face with the people who saved her life. and she thanked them for taking care of her in the weeks following the deadly day in august when powerful winds pushed it over on the clouds. seven people died and 40 others hurt and she manage today make it out alive with serious injuries and gave her a new perspective. >> we do, we're given a second chan chance. >> new york, nearly a thousand people running full force into the freezing water of lake erie all to raise cold hard cash, but the poll lahr plunge going to the special olympics. expected to bring in 150,000 dollars. and that's a fox watch across america. >> a trio of powerball winners in connecticut announcing the first round of what they say will be many charitable donations. the putnam family trusts are
7:35 pm
giving to veterans that returned from overseas and split a 254 million dollars jackpot and hope their donations will set an example for future lottery winners. >> wow. >> well, a bit more christmas spirit to share with you now for the nation's troops and families. the christmas tree farm in new jersey donating trees to military bases around the nation and overseas and they're participating in the trees for troops program. julie banderas has more. >> reporter: harris, trees for troops is kicking off the 7th year delivering fresh farm grown troops to military families here in the united states and overseas, all made possible be by fed ex, the christmas spirit foundation and tree farmers like care and christmas tree farm in new jersey. they'll donate trees for a second year and this year pledge today donate 200 years which is equal to two full fed
7:36 pm
ex trailers. >> we want to give back to the community and military families and carry on the christmas spirit and have everybody enjoy the holidays. >> as in previous years, the public can join in the giving spirit by purchasing trees at ooh reduced cost at $35 at one of more than 30 participating locations nationally during the official trees for troops weekend and they can write personal messages to the military families and trees for troops is expected to reach an impressive milestone topping 100,000 trees delivered since the program began in 2005. fed ex also donates the services, travelling hundreds of thousands of miles to deliver the trees to more than 6 po military bases around the country. and more than 800 tree farms in 29 states have participated and fed ex has traveled over 300,000 road miles to deliver the trees to u.s. military bases. harris. >> julie, thank you, great program. a tractor-trailer on a collision course with a bus. and it was deadly. and plus, the latest on a
7:37 pm
potential disaster, a nearly two ton bomb found in germany. we told, but this. the discovery forcing thousands, 45,000 people out of their homes for safety. we'll update you. and we told you last night about it, an 85-year-old woman accusing of tsa of forcing her to undergo the kind of strip search she says she will never forget. tonight, we hear both from the tsa, and the woman herself. when you have tough pain, do you want fast relief? try bayer advanced aspirin. it's not the bayer aspirin you know. it's different. first, it's been re-engineered with micro-particles. second, it enters the bloodstream fast, and rushes relief to the site of your tough pain. the best part? it's proven to relieve pain twice as fast as before. bayer advanced aspirin.
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. >> the support for have aed lynn-- vladimir putin and efforts to be the russian president again. and winning 50% of the seats from that parliamentary election. russia's presidential election is in march and he served as
7:41 pm
president between 2000 and 2008 and became the prime minister and almost certain to win the presidency again, and even with today's latest results. well, egypt's selections raising concerns now that islamic political parties will dominate the new government policy making. the front runner to win egift's president independence, says the country must accept the election results as democracy in action. and our leland vittert with the late s from the region and jerusalem. >> harris, for decades they had a tyrannical dictator. and the hardest sharia law and won 20%. this week's election underscored how well-organized the muslim brotherhood is and masters at getting out the vote. this is the first round of elections and appears that hundreds of thousands risked
7:42 pm
their lives for in tahrir square is los angeles and they're lying low as the revolution began and only mobilizing their political base as the world lost interest in egypt over the summer. the military in charge of egypt made clear they're unhappy with the results that include voting from parts of cairo, and it's possible rule parts of egypt vote later in the year and islamic will be a larger majority. the brotherhood is now faced with a big challenge. with our becomes responsibility and rather than being a vocal opposition they will have to run a country of more than 85 billion. a place notoriously poor and they're held a rally to give the insights into the political agenda and it's anti-american and anti-israel and one such rally ended with the torching of the embassy.
7:43 pm
>> this from a solid western ally suddenly in flame, one of the region's best militaries. and right now the united states and egypt, 2 billion dollars a year in aid, but with an islamic regime in cairo it's the very least a focus of a bidding war for egyptian loyalty. back to you. >> harris: leyland, thank you very much. an update on massive evacuations in germany where a world war ii bomb has been found and an explosion near the british embassy in bahrain. as we go around the world in 80 seconds. brazil, a tractor-trailer collides with a bus. police say the driver of the truck lost control while going down a hill, slamming into the bus. police also saying the bus was not authorized to make the trip. more than 30 people died in the wreck. bahrain, a mini bus near the
7:44 pm
british embassy explodes and it was parked in a public lot about 50 yards from the building. no one was hurt when it blew up. it's not sure if exploding a vehicle so close to the embassy was intentional. germany, bomb diffused. we told you last night on fox report. 45 thrs people were ordered to leave their homes here, while experts went to work on a massive british world war ii era bomb. the nearly two ton become ended up in the ryan river and more people to escape and now we're told there's no danger from the bomb. >> and iraq, america's past time, a lit here. and national baseball team emerging. it all began at the beginning of the war when two iraqi-americans laid in high school encouraged students at baghdad university to form a team anthes a wrap on this fox
7:45 pm
trip around the world in 80 seconds. well, you see it happening more and more, amateur video capturing dust ups between police and citizens and do the police have the right to do what they want with that video? or is that taking liberties? it's a first amendment issue now and it's coming up next. and an 85-year-old woman in a wheelchair says that airport security made her stand up and strip down during a screening and now she has a question for the tsa. >> 103 pounds. . i'm going to be 85 february 1st. and now, i'm your typical terrorist, right?
7:46 pm
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7:49 pm
>> now an update to a story we brought you first on the fox report. an 85-year-old woman says she may sue the tsa after agents forced her to take off her clothes during a security screening at jfk airport. tonight we're hearing from the accuser. i weigh 103 pounds. i'm going to be 85 on february 1st. and now, i'm your typical terrorist, right? in my wildest dream, i couldn't picture such a thing. who could imagine such a thing could happen. then they took me into a private room and strip searched me. and i mean, outrage. and angry. >> she says she opted for the pat down because she was worried that the body scanner would affect her defibrillator. and tsa sates, while we regret
7:50 pm
that the passenger feels she had an unpleasant screening, the tsa does not conduct strip searches and based on our initial review of this incident, one was not conducted in this instance. new questions whether it's legal for everyday citizens to record video of police in the line of duty. with smart phones, more and more officers are ending up on the incident and one incident in particular now the subject of a growing court battle. douglas kennedy has the story in tonight's taking liberty. >> how many times? >> a woman lying bleeding on the ground. >> taking a picture. >> and there's an altercation with police, an officer at the scene tells passers guy to stop recording. >> turn that off. >> and in 2010, and pressed record on the cell phone.
7:51 pm
his friend was on the ground. >> on the video we had, you can't tell how she blame so bloody. >> the police took her down to the ground and beating her with her hands behind the back. >> and sharp says in fact he recorded that part, but says he when the baltimore police found out, they confiscated his cell phone and then he says they erased everything and all of your personal photos and videos. >> that's right, after they took my phone, they give it back to me, everything was gone, all of my personal videos of my son and family and friends. >> sharp and his attorney from the american civil liberties union are suing the baltimore p.d., claiming it violated the first amendment. >> to you, it's a free speech issue? >> it is, police have tremendous power over us as citizens and it's important at that we as citizens have the right to hold police accountable by recording their actions. >> this is clearly not a free speech issue here, and ron
7:52 pm
wheeler is a former police officer and a current police advocate. he says that videotaping cops often gets in the way. >> the police officers do the not need citizens out there with cameras videotaping each and every move that they make, they interfere with the arrests. >> and some police say that people who videotape, including you that day, d disrupt law enforcement from doing their duty. >> i can't disagree more, i was no more close to it. >> he says he should be able to record anyone in public, especially a public servant. and baltimore maryland, douglas kennedy, fox news. . >> former heisman drove winner tim thibeault manages to pull out another win for the denver broncos. and you might know the story on this guy, he doesn't throw a lot of touchdowns, how does he keep winning? and it could be, could be the start of a comeback for tiger woods. his title drought is over. sports next. dry mouth may start off as an irritant.
7:53 pm
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♪ discover something new... verizon. >> you know, i don't play golf, but tiger woods has done something that he hasn't done in two years, win. he made a six foot birdie on the last hole, down to the wire. and peter is joining us to break it down. it was exciting. >> it was. tiger 749 days since he last won a pga tourlt and he finally gets that win. and that fist pump we haven't seen since before, you know, 2009. thanksgiving of 2009. >> harris: say it. he had a sex scandal. >> he had a sex scandal, the first time he has won since a sex scandal. >> harris: don't gloss it over, come on, pete. >>, but tiger is back in the mix and the masters champion
7:57 pm
and like he said, it's been two years and might be good to he see tiger back in the field again and went the first time in 2009. >> harris: a reporter asked, is this your come back. and tebow. >> tim tebow managed to win another game today. >> harris: did he throw any touchdowns? >> he did throw a touchdown here. and tebow, they were down eight points into the third and not an easy place to win at half time and the broncos found a way, not the orthodox quarterback you see competing, but tim tebow always finds a way to win and they're now tied for first place in the afc west and when took over starting job in denver, and tebow-- >> who cares how he wins, he does it, impressive and houston texans beating the atlanta falcons and this is a big deal. there were people on the field they didn't know who they were. >> and they've never made the
7:58 pm
playoffs in franchise history and since 2002, the only team he to never make the playoffs and they're now down to their third string quarterback, a rookie, tj hanes, never heard of him and very, he very good atlanta falcons team and they're now in first place and they could be going to the playoffs as well. and atlanta looks really shocked. okay. the bcs selection coming out what in about 32 minutes. >> at 8:30 we'll know who will be playing lsu in the national championship game. it appears that we're going to see an alabama lsu rematch and outstanding chance that oklahoma. i predict alabama and lsu a rematch. >> harris: 31 minutes now. great to see you. fox fast forward, stories that will be headlines tomorrow morning and the week ahead. senate majority lead are harry reid expect today offer a compromise to extend the payroll tax cut tomorrow. and on fox news earlier.
7:59 pm
they said extending cut is set to expire the end of this month and president obama headed to kansas on tuesday to make an economic speech and expect today say he considers this a laborike make or break moment for the american middle class. and eric shoulder will testify before a house committee. and expected he will be questioned about fast and furious, the condition operation made by the government and some accuse holder of giving misleading testimony about that hearing and when he first learned about the controversial condition running program-- gun running program. on this day in 1956, four rock and roll legends meeting in memphis and made a one time only recording on the list called the million dollar quartet, johnny cash, carl perkins were known for singing, piano playing jerry lee lewis and elvis presley and gathered around and s


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