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tv   The Five  FOX News  December 7, 2011 2:00am-3:00am EST

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captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> dana: hello, i'm andrea tantaros with eric bolling, bob beckel, greg gutfeld in silly glasses. it's $5:00 in new york city. here what is on top tonight. first, was nancy pelosi going to violate house rules to smear newt gingrich? we will tell you what she said. plus, president obama compared himself to lincoln, fdr, jfk and teddy roosevelt today. could he be really more like jimmy carter? and now, i have heard it all. professor claims rudolph the red-nosed reindeer promotes bullying and is bad for kids. those details and much more. "the five" starts right now. ♪ >> dana: things are heating
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up in iowa. ron paul is in second place in a poll out there. newt gingrich is in first. ron paul is going on the offense. >> if you want to put people in jail, look at the politicians that created the environment. the politicians brought unemployment. >> gingrich on the defense, taking $1.5 million. after he led congress. freddie mac. $1.6 million. >> some just before the housing market collapsed. >> he renewed his support for the healthcare mandate. >> the individual mandate? folks, don't ask me to explain this. >> dana: those are fighting words. ron paul has been strong in iowa for a long time. steady base of support. it doesn't grow much but steady. we know his followers are passionate. aggressive. this ad is not something just put on the internet. they raised enough money and put this on the air. do you think it will have an impact? >> i think it will because he
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is to organized. he could place in iowa maybe second or third. he could place in new hampshire. look, newt gingrich has an ad up. $250,000 ad. that doesn't get him a lot of ads. he is hoping that he can get more earned media. meaning we talk about it on "the five." but i still think ron paul is a long shot for the nomination. he still can help alter race for other candidates. >> dana: bob, you have done a lot of campaign in iowa at the presidential level you buy ad time. walk us through how it works? >> it's expensive. if you are going to buy the whole state, you buy the states and ajis sant states to buy into it. a real good buy in iowa for a week could cost you $750,000. ron paul and newt gingrich always had problems. gingrich dismissed ron paul out of hand. but this is only the opening
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salvo. if our friend mitt romney doesn't wake up and realize he could be in trouble in iowa, he may end up third. if you remember, you probably don't remember but 1988, a longshot like ron paul by the name of pat robertson came in second in iowa, thinking george bush back to third. went on then to become president. nonetheless, iowa is a place where there could be upsets. >> andrea: if i could add quickly, a third place win for mitt romney weakens him in new hampshire. that is absolutely what he does not need. >> eric: let me ask eric about polls. in iowa, we had one from the "iowa des moines register" that showed that people by a large margin felt that gingrich was the best debater. might not be the most electable. a marist poll showed gingrich in the lead with iowa caucus voters, "washington post"/abc poll as him at 33 president. the ppp poll, democratic view still has gingrich at 27%.
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ron paul coming in second in that poll. what is going through the mind of the ron paul campaign now? do you think they will make a play? >> eric: i think they are energized. the number, he is moving up. he came out of the box a couple of months ago strong in iowa. weakened, coming back. in the ppp poll, another name. you want to stay on ron paul. but there is another name. >> dana: that's okay. >> eric: pull it up. look at michele bachmann. we have haven't uttered her name a long time. all of a sudden 13% in striking distance of second place behind newt gingrich. >> dana: she did win the iowa straw poll. >> bob: but remember this is in the wake of cain getting out of the race and the tea party people behind cain and iowa. the place they'd probably move to temporarily is to michele bachmann. >> dana: today, mitt romney went on the neil cavuto show that runs before us. bob was riveted that he couldn't -- >> bob: i couldn't keep my eyes open.
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>> dana: i thought he did fine. you had a thought on it. >> greg: the point of moot, which is a combination of mitt and newt. i always wanted to do that. i love the part where romney said they asked if he would do the trump debate. he said no, he had plans. it's cool. like asked to play golf. no, the wife and i have bridge. >> dana:vy to wash my hair. i thought that was the best. i want to talk about the ron paul ad which was brutal to newt. >> greg: a lot of it was accurate. the republicans were a high school, it's as though the class clown defaced the class president locker. it doesn't help the presidents and it doesn't help him either. at some point the republicans have to declare a truce and decide who they come up against. i thought that was a devastating commercial. >> andrea: they are not going to coalesce until they
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have a candidate. >> greg: but there are so many left. >> andrea: it's a two-man race, and though you see bachmann gaining -- the typical winner osiowa don't win the presidency. but it does influence the rest of the race. >> eric: in the end if it's gingrich, iowa, and mitt romney, new hampshire and then all of a sudden someone else starts to do well in either two, south carolina, florida, can't you bring -- >> andrea: because it's proportional and not winner take all it could last to april. i don't see the other candidates -- >> dana: does rick perry surprise anybody? >> bob: i don't think so. he put major money out. >> greg: if he took off a massing and he was mitch daniels. >> bob: a problem with the third candidate in this race, rarely do you have three candidates. unless you have somebody like, you had huckabee the last time. who had a religious base in south carolina.
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jesse jack sovereign, because he had a black face. i don't see someone moving up if they come in third or fourth because they won't have the money to compete. now the polls are solidifying. usually polls the jump all around when you are four months, three months out. you can count on the poll. they are similar. they're fairly accurate. question for mitt romney, two of them. one, does he attack newt gingrich? how hard and when? does he run a stealth campaign to save himself in iowa and come in second? >> greg: we haven't talk about the quayle bump. the effect of quayle. talk about it for ten minutes. >> bob: okay, good. >> greg: i got nothing. >> dana: yesterday bob didn't remember who dan quayle was. >> andrea: neil cavuto asked romney about punching back at newt gingrich. you are not fired up enough. you are running at the front runner, which is what he is
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doing. he said we'll see. >> dana: i like in the romney interview -- >> andrea: that is the problem! >> dana: he didn't cuss. he had an opportunity. he said if i am elected president i will work day and night. >> andrea: something you would do. >> dana: i liked it. >> greg: imagine you're on a road trip and you are hungry and you go by the exit and all you see is arby's and you want off the exit. that is the republican party and arby's is romney. they don't want to pull up. >> dana: what is wrong with arby's? >> greg: roast beef? >> dana: potato is fantastic. >> bob: mormon plays in here. mormons traditionally -- he was an elder. he was very high in the mormon church. they are taught not to be emotive. they are taught to not attack. it's part of their religious base. i tell you something, the guy, he reminds me of r2-d2. the guy is so robotic. it would seem to be out of
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place to be on the attack. >> eric: what he did do, which he hasn't done he took a shot at obama. he said look, if it were me i wouldn't go to hawaii for 17 days, trying to get a grip on the economy. i wouldn't do it through a golf club in hawaii. >> andrea: more of that. >> dana: that line was not practiced. came off the top of his head. just like this tease is. [ laughter ] >> greg: i like that head motion there. >> dana: coming up next on "the five," nancy pelosi threatens to unleash a smear campaign against newt gingrich. could it actually help him? we'll explain. e-mail us at ♪ ♪
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>> andrea: welcome back to "the five." it's speaker versus speaker. nancy pelosi has her own open mouth insert foot moment when she threatens former speaker newt gingrich by saying she investigated him and was trapped in a room with an investigation for a year and 1,000 pages of documents,
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saying he might use that information and release it at a time later to be deemed. here is what newt said in classic newt fashion in response. listen. >> so she is suggesting she is using material developed on the ethics committee. fundamental violation of the rules of the house and i hope the leaders file charges against her the second he does it. >> he called at it christmas gift, which it is. having worke worked in the housf representatives for years i know even the janitor knows you can't take advantage that you have from an investigation and use it publicly. >> bob: i want to mention that ladainian tomlinson swore off ham camera in the break. that is a first. >> andrea: can't tell you anything. >> bob: this is the thing i find amazing. if newt gingrich were to pray for one person to take him on, it would be nancy pelosi. i mean they have spent the republicans a fortune maligning her. she is the number one devil in
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the republican base. gingrich is right, it's privileged. newt has detractors among the republicans in the house. there is a lot of information. maybe not coming out from the house but it will get out. >> andrea: these were 83 charges that were found to be false. >> dana: right. >> andrea: what is she going to use if her own investigation -- it sounds like a joke. >> dana: go back when he was speaker. go to the tim lincecu sal alinso demonize your opponent. she has done this before, she said something and then she goes silent. when she said the c.i.a. lied to her. in regard to the intel pieces. so then, the c.i.a. said excuse us? when? produce it. she never talked about it again. the media just let it go.
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i guarantee you if a republican did that, they wouldn't give a pass. >> andrea: she has ethics issues after being accused to use campaign money and pay family members and then she hit on insider trading. she probably should don't this. >> eric: it's legal insider trading in congress. >> andrea: it doesn't look good. >> eric: it doesn't smell good or pass the smell test. optics are horrible. remember the other thing the loan her brother-in-law was involved in. energy department loans. questions. why is she getting involved? if barney frank says they feel very -- i don't know -- blessed that the person that they might go up against, being in the left, might go up against newt gingrich. wife doesn't she shut up if it's a great deal for them? what are they trying to do? >> greg: nancy pelosi is a terrible poker player. which says something given the fact that her face has no expression. but the thing is, if she real
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ihad something on newt, she wouldn't stay so because she would want him to get the nomination and then spring it loose. what she portrayed was her fear of gingrich nomination. this was just like with the agent, it came out of her as a reaction he could be the nominee. >> andrea: the republicans can say this is part of the pelosi hatchet job. people are sick of it. enough already. >> bob: greg is being mean to nancy pelosi. her face is frozen for reasons that are not -- let me move right on. >> andrea: yes. >> bob: if you could, the fact is that newt gingrich did get epic violations. he did pass the ethics committee? he was going to make a lot of money and he backed off on that and the book deal. it wasn't as if newt came out of that thing. 83-nothing. he did violate ethics.
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he got penalized for it. unless, yononetheless, nancy pes not the right person. no democrat -- >> eric: she is bringing this up about newt. meanwhile, the gentleman, house ways and means committee. give me a -- charles rangel gets nailed. >> andrea: she was going to as well. >> eric: she says you know what? charlie has been rehabed. bring charlie back. newt is horrible. >> dana: not to her point but when speaker gingrich left congress, it wasn't necessarily because the democrats forced him out. though they made the heedline h-e-double hockey sticks for a while. i did that for bob's benefit. >> bob: what is -- >> dana: h-e-double hockey sticks.
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>> andrea: speaking of that, brit hume had to of who obama should prefer to run against, newt gingrich or mitt romney. >> they would rather run against newt gingrich? >> would they ever. for good reason. >> which is? >> newt gingrich. think of the number of people voting this time who have forgotten or don't remember this man as speaker of the house of representatives, only speaker sanctioned for ethics violation. >> andrea: do you agree with that? >> bob: i do. as the democrats i'd prefer to play with my party here and keep quiet about newt, but he would be easier i think. although, i think romney is a terribly flawed candidate. nonetheless, it's what you got in the year when you should be competitive with a president in this trouble. republicans frankly are not right now. but one thing i say about charles rangel, running for presidential is -- >> eric: wait a second. >> andrea: but the democrats tried to run against newt gingrich. hillary clinton chose to run against newt rather than rick
2:20 am
lazio running for senate. this is a different time. i think either one, democrats don't want the run against either one. >> bob: c'mon! >> andrea: it's true. >> bob: the fact is newt is running for president of the united states. hillary clinton took him on he was not. easy shot then. >> greg: request i point out, newt is leading the g.o.p., madonna is playing at the bowles. you've got billy crystal hosting the oscars. faith no more is back on tour. are we sure this isn't 1995? i'm freaking out over here. >> bob: who is faith no more? go to a tease. >> thank you, stage producer bob beckel. doing everybody's job today. so nice of you. coming up, would tim tebow be criticized like he is if he were a muslim or drug addict? a columnist says so. we debate it next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> eric: welcome back to "the five." tim tebow in the middle of a media fire storm. we have follow the story closely here. rush limbaugh had some thoughts on why the broncos' quarterback gets so much grief. listen. >> we don't want anybody to be better than we are. so we don't have to deal with how bad we are. if everybody is a scum bag, everybody can be a scum bag. but if somebody is not a scum bag who does well, maybe it's okay, maybe it's not okay to be a scum bag. it's the whole liberal thing about not wanting judgment out there. it's also about the fact he is highly visible on his love of jesus christ. that just makes them nervous. >> eric: so, bob, what do you think scares the media most? the clean-cut, the
2:26 am
conservative, or the christian aspect of tim tebow? >> bob: first, can i just speak -- >> andrea: when did you stop beating your wife? >> bob: i understand that peka said she doesn't know what "the five" was. it's about 18 times bigger than the dumpy show you got. okay, now, let me go to -- >> eric: dana swore in the break. >> bob: and dana swore in break. >> andrea: want to tell them what i had for lunch? >> bob: i don't. you have really don't want people to know who you had it with. going back to this. i think there is a -- i happen to be, i know this is a surprise to a lot of people. i happen to be very much of a christian. i do a lot of -- i read the bible, go to bible study once a week and go to her, every week. i got that way about seven years ago so i'm sensitive to this stuff. i think they do dump on christians, the media, unfairly. they make fun of it. but in tebow's case, my own personal problem is somebody of faith is that all of these
2:27 am
expressions, the public expressions of faith, bumper sticker about love jesus or the thing i said about wearing your jerseys with jesus on the back. i just don't think that christ would have necessarily -- admonished to us use symbols like that. >> eric: glad you brought it up. here is a full screen. some of the other heros that the kids are looking up to. frankly, i'd rather have my son lookal up to tim tebow on his knees making a public display of affection for christianity. and look at lindsay lohan or chris brown or charlie sheen. is it that bad to look up to a christian athlete? >> greg: here is the deal. i don't know if it's the christianity part of it. we always tend to poke fun of people squeaky clean. the character in "toy story" buzz lightyear, that is the point of him being there.
2:28 am
he is perfect. people like to make fun of perfect people because it makes them feel better about themselves. modern culture demands moral ambiguity. we feel uncomfortable about people believing in absolute truths. it makes us feel better because wefully a world seeped with moral relativism. about christianity, we're not babies. big deal. i would hate to see christianity become an angry religion that is sensitive to everything. and run through the streets screaming. this is nothing. >> eric: that was really good. >> dana: eloquent. we have should maybe like put it on the mug. >> greg: i was completely high when i said that. >> eric: correct one piece of that. >> dana: no, you are not. bob would have announced it. >> eric: buzz? >> greg: woody is the cowboy. >> eric: everybody loves you, woody. >> greg: buzz is the astronaut. >> eric: right. rush says it's become of the christianity and because of the cleanness of it makes
2:29 am
people feel uncomfortable because they may not be as good. >> dana: i think he is right. i would say when it comes to christianity, we're quite secure in our christianity. and our position as a christian nation, founded as a christian nation. i know there is a separation of church and state. i don't think the media would be as comfortable if it was a muslim. it really think that it would be, they would just, you know, back off a little bit. they would be all the questions of tolerance. for mike tyson. >> andrea: whe remember when he joined the nation of islam after going to prison. they didn't mock tyson with him. he was a really bad you know what. it's ridiculous to go after tim tebow. he can expression whatever he wants and it takes a lot of courage to put bible verses on . they discussed whether the
2:30 am
player did a plaxico burress shooting himself in nightclub. stories from the sports world are terrible. >> bob: no question that tebow is a good person for kids to look up to. that is not my point. i think we have as christians, we have a difference of how much we display our religion. we are secure in religion. we believe in one risen christ. we have maybe for some of us it's difficult when you see it put in the arena of the secular, particularly the football stadiums. find it difficult. others don't. >> greg: when your adversary you look for a flaw in the adversary. when you play against yusuf we take out the car keys an jingle them at the fans. you find the thing that represented them. if you don't like tim tebow, you find the thing that describes him and mock him. that's what you do to an athlete you don't like or that you are up against. >> eric: we got to go. what is the key? >> greg: key thing is daddy's car. this is your car. daddy gave you a car. >> bob: we don't know that.
2:31 am
>> eric: all right. now we go. leave it there. today, president obama is comparing himself to teddy roosevelt just like he compared himself to reagan, jfk and lincoln. what is with all the comparisons, obama? wait, how about the true comparison, jimmy carter? we'll debate that coming up. let me tell you about a very important phone call i made. when i got my medicare card, i realized i needed an aarp... medicare supplement insurance card, too. medicare is one of the great things about turning 65, but it doesn't cover everything.
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five." ♪ ♪ >> bob: welcome back to "the five." president obama has been accused, i should say, of channeling teddy roosevelt in kansas today. he was there continuing to push for the just payroll tax cut, the republicans are keeping away from the middle class. $1,000 less they'll have in the pocket because of
2:37 am
republicans. >> dana: not the case. >> bob: i want to know. give me the quote -- >> eric: are we going to hear him? >> bob: sorry. go ahead. >> roosevelt was called a radical. he was called a socialist. even a come mist. today we are a richer nation and stronger democracy because of what he fought for in the last campaign. >> bob: are you kidding me? where did he compare himself to roosevelt in that? he said other president, cites other presidents and problems he said. do you even make a close -- where did this come from? >> eric: they released pieces of the speech in advance saying he was going to compare himself to teddy roosevelt and then he compared himself 101 years ago, teddy roosevelt -- >> bob: that is not comparing yourself to rose volt. >> andrea: in the same spot that roosevelt stood?
2:38 am
>> bob: how many times have they said so many years ago lincoln said something here in gettysburg. are you kidding me? are you kidding me >> eric: are you mad? >> bob: i think it's so silly and ridiculous, it's below you people. below you. >> greg: all right, all right. >> dana: how is that not a comparison? >> bob: when he says what? did george bush cite another president in a speech? did he cite another president? >> dana: of course. >> bob: good. >> dana: but he didn't say he was called a liar and warmonger just like me, which is the sub text. >> bob: he didn't say just like me. >> they're analyzing whether or not the comparison is accurate because the white house wants us -- >> bob: but i mean -- >> dana: they pitched it. the white house pitched the story. they shaped this story. they're the ones who want to us make the teddy rose vent comparison and they work hard to make sure nerve the papers did that. >> greg: i have a joke. what do you get when you cross teddy roosevelt with abe lincoln and fdr and jfk? jimmy carter.
2:39 am
i want to make a point about the speech. not comparisons that obama is making the other presidents. that's a joke. you know how eskimos has 1,000 words for snow? president obama has thousand words for warfare. fair share, balanced approach, opportunity, 56-minute sugarcoated speech on class warfare. >> andrea: economic fairness. that is what roosevelt advocated for. a bad comparison because rowvelt lost in 1912 called demagogue much like obama. >> bob: we need a right wing guy named -- >> dana: the "new york times" after the morning of teddy rosenvelt nationalism was called the new socialism. >> bob: can i use the research here to quote you? ronald reagan, accused ronald reagan offing a socialist, engaging in class warfare
2:40 am
because he thought everybody should do their fair share. compare himself to reagan? is that comparing himself to reagan? >> eric: there is something different between teddy roosevelt and the obama comparison. right now, half the country doesn't pay taxes. the other half pays insane rates. back then, there was no federal -- >> dana: i agree if the white house press corps had not been reporting on it. >> bob: this is a silly discussion. can we put up the thing that obama did announce today that had substance to it? the new clock, the countdown to the -- there we go. the countdown to when the republicans will deny all americans who get a payroll tax cut, which would put $1,000 in your pocket folks, but no -- don't interrupt me. please! i want to speak here. >> greg: this is exciting. >> bob: you are excited when you see the debt clock, aren't you? let me say this. i think it's the truth that the republicans have gone out of their way to protect the millionaire bush tax cut but they won't let you have a
2:41 am
payroll tax cut. >> andrea: democrats went out of their way to box the republicans in around the holidays like with the auto bail-out. the republicans will be with him on this. they put the payroll tax cut and unemployment benefit and all together so they could demonize republicans. >> bob:tit ain't hard to demonize the republicans. >> greg: it's a political move. he calls at it make or break moment. but it's make and we take moment. >> bob: you don't need the $1,000. a lot of people do. >> greg: coming from you. >> dana: the republicans aren't in a great position right now. why is it so outrageous to ask that a tax cut be paid for? >> bob: they didn't pay for bush tax cuts. >> dana: okay. i don't care. president obama in the december jobs speech -- i disagree with you on that -- but he said every bit of my jobs bill will be paid for with spending reductions
2:42 am
elsewhere. >> bob: pass the jobs bill. >> andrea: look how he is trying to pay for it. millionaires tax something he tried to use to pay for the jobs bill and voted down by a democratically controlled senate. >> bob: if you keep standing up -- that is a great thing. >> eric: don't go yet. can i get in this segment for once? it's interesting that he took the speech to say i'm going to get involved in passing the payroll tax. the whole issue when he sat on the sideline in the whole super committee debate and said i don't want to muddy waters there. get it done. when it is his deal that he wants to get together, completely different story. >> bob: he didn't stand on the sidelines. republicans have their back against the wall and they deserve it. guess what? rue delve the red-nose reindeer movie promotes bullying. are you kidding me? greg gutfeld did think so and he will tell us all about it. don't want to miss that. greg is always funny.
2:43 am
♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> greg: welcome back to "the five." monday morning fox and friends had a professor to condemn rudolph the red nose reindeer. if you are unfamiliar with fox and friend it's a group of friends that help a fox sort out history. they pointed out throw the holiday staple rudolph is bullied. like here. >> look at the beak. >> hey, the nose. >> snout. >> stop calling me names. >> rudolph the red-nosed reindeer. >> greg: the professor is right, that was bad. no one should bully a reindeer, especially one so uniquely red-nosed.
2:48 am
it eag by tri or reindeerist if you will. but the pursuing the opinion ignoring the facts, rudolph prefails. at this point that makes eric happy i must tie this to president obama. we know what smacks you around makes you stronger, which explains the rise of newt. this year's rudolph with more red-noses than a pub on st. patrick's day? showing you that protecting people from criticism only hurts them. how as the liberal loving media helped president obama? not well. he has made more missteps than a tap dancer in an earthquake. but the fan-based media shielded him. compare no to rudolph. due to his triumph over bullying, to one in america eats reindeer. if they do, they call it car r --caribou. the nose is the best part. bob -- [ laughter ] are you okay? >> bob: why did i think i'd get the first one. >> greg: do you think
2:49 am
rudolph promotes bullying? [ laughter ] >> bob: that was a great monologue on your part. i don't know who the professor is and how he got bullying from that. the guy wants to see bullying, i have seen it before. rudolph comes back and beats the crap out of the rest of them and leads the pack. bullying is beaten. >> greg: there wasn't actually any violence in it from what i remember. >> bob: there wasn't? i thought there was. >> greg: if you condemn bullying the point is you have to show what bullying is like to -- >> andreato -- >> dana: the point of the show is teach kids that bullying is wrong and stick up for people and be nicer to people. rudolph ends up being the hero. that is usually the moral of the -- >> bob: how come nobody sticks up for me here? >> greg: we all do. every day behind your back. >> andrea: you were the red-nosed political strategist. >> bob: i was red nosed a long time.
2:50 am
>> andrea: "bob the red red-nosed strategist ♪ sunset in '70s, '80s, '90s ♪ >> greg: even though you saw it every year it made you cry. >> dana: loved it. >> andrea: it didn't make me cry. >> greg: you're a communist. >> andrea: it's a great story. santa made him the leader of the pack. he didn't susan the. >> dana: there is the land of the misfit toys. >> eric: i have alternate stories. this is the wussification america when rudolph is a problem. maybe frosty the snowman, maybe he gets the summer in the freezer. he doesn't melt. scrooge like bob isn't cranky. he just needs to take his medication and comes back more loveable. the little drummer boy isn't really an orphan. his parents are away at a global warming conference in l.a.
2:51 am
>> bob: did you spend a long time -- >> dana: i loveed the shows. i used to organize my -- i would tell my mom we have to be done with dinner by 6:30 becausevy to get downstairs to turn on the tv back in the day when you had to do it. it looked at kirby up there, to keep going on your -- kirby is the elf who wants to be a dentist. he reminds me of gingrich. very policy oriented. >> andrea: you had your mom last christmas? >> dana: i always watch it. >> bob: you hit me again. is this a disney thingp? disney kills everybody. he does. kills bambi, old yeller. >> greg: wait a second. people are watching that haven't seen it. >> bob: the fish. he got killed, too. >> greg: what about the california school is that teachers aren't allowed to display poinsettias or santa claus in the classroom. they don't want to offend anybody but you are allowed snowmen and snowflakes. isn't that sexist, snowmen?
2:52 am
why not snow women? >> andrea: they don't want either one in the room. i don't understand why this is a big deal. santa claus is as secular as you can get. when people talk about santa claus, god forbid you talk about the birth of christ. now they are trying to run santa claus out. the reason, greg, if you look, the reason they do it is because they say there is a sikh population. why not celebrate the sikh's biggest holiday on may 1? it's a great holiday. they have a parade in new york. you get free food and drink. >> bob: there are parades in new york for every nationality. >> andrea: what is wrong with that? >> bob: do you notice about poinsettias they only last a day and fall apart. >> andrea: you don't water them. >> bob: they fall apart. >> eric: there are a few snow women in my neighborhood. every winter. >> dana: why is the poinsettia religious? >> andrea: it is. >> dana: in stockton, california, so the reason they want snowmen and snowflakes they don't get snow. so it's -- >> greg: that raises another point. why do we econsistently
2:53 am
elevate snow over other type of weather? we're discriminating against rain and sleet and hail. wind. what has wind got? >> bob: i don't want to discriminate against you but you are supposed to tease. >> bob: okay. coming up, if chris christie getting thin skinned over his thick waist? we'll play it next. or maybe we won't. we have haven't decided. it'd rather have bob read poetry aloud as i bathe in lilac water. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> dana: welcome back. governor chris christie is none too happy with the media's prejudice against pudgy people. >> there are people talking about that t idea of me running for president. you have had columnists in this newspaper writing that somebody who is overweight can't possibly be president. >> what did you think of that? >> it's idiotic. one of the guys like eugene robinson and michael kinsly and others wrote about because he is overweight means he is undisciplined. it is just one of those last remaining vestiges of prig disand stupidity.
2:58 am
in our -- prejudices and stupidity in our society. >> dana: what do you think? >> greg: absolutely right. the worst thing that happened to the presidency when they started joggin jogging in the dn shorts. that is an affront to society. i want my president rotund in a three-piece suit with a watch, possibly a cane and perhaps gout. >> eric: newt! >> dana: monocle. >> greg: yes! >> bob: i don't know who wrote that word "pudgy." we don't like pudgy. >> dana: what is wrong with "pudgy"? >> greg: stocky. >> dana: big boned. >> bob: he did take a beating because he was overweight. i don't think it's fair. the media, because i have extra pounds, i get it from a lot of people. unless they're bigger than i am, they're dead. >> dana: do you think they make fun of fat democrat? >> andrea: probably not. the democrats have a war on food. that is why someone like chris christie feels so bad about himself. french fries are bad. democrat have a food fetish.
2:59 am
obama is skinny. i'll take a fat president -- i'll take a fat president. i like fat people. fat people came and ate at my family restaurant. >> dana: i don't think chris christie feels bad about him. he is comfortable in his own skin. >> greg: you don't want to lose weight when you are successful. look what happened to joe piscapo when he started to work out. >> bob: we're all going to die of something. eric has something to say here. >> eric: so apparently i said some things that offended kermit and miss puggy and listen, i apologize. i didn't mean to offend you guys. it called them anti-capitalist because of the movie and rich oil guys. bad. listen, froggy -- what is his name? kermit, miss piggy, if you want to debate i'm all for it. have donald trump moderate a debate. what do you say? >> dana: that is it for "the five." eric will take u


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