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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  December 11, 2011 12:00am-1:00am EST

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news watch. thanks to joule judy miller, rich lowery and jehmu greene. i'm jon scott. we'll see >> judge jeanine: tonight on "justice." rick santorum is here. plus, it is heating up in iowa. with the caucuses closing in the gloves are off. who will republicans choose to face-off against president obama? and the fast and furious investigation. this week, eric holder on the hot seat. >> you don't let guns walk period. >> who is to blame for this deadly botched operation? >> is impeachment on the horizon? >> and he has robbed 16 banks and they can't catch him. the geezer bandit. how does this old man keep getting abay just because he appears to be elderly and
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apparent people should not take him lightly. >> what if the bandit is no geezer? who will win in iowa? governor huckabee is here with his pick, coming up tonight on "justice." >> hello and welcome to "justice." i'm judge jeanine pirro. time is running out for the candidates to make their case to the people of iowa. the frontrunners kept their sights on the man they want to beat, president obama. >> i only know one president in history who cut it. and that is president obama. president obama cut medicare by $500 billion. if there is any one issue that is going to drive senior voters away from president obama it is not going to be that we are talking about how to save it for 20 and 30-year-olds we will talk about how he tried to take $500 billion out of it for people who are retired. >> the president keeps talking about a peace process and hamas keeps firing missiles into israel. if we had a country next to us firing missiles, how eager do
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you think we would be to sit down and negotiate and how likely would we be to do what it took to stop them from firing missiles. i think we have to have a whole new conversation about where we are at. a much longer and more difficult process. >> judge jeanine: things looking up for presidential candidate rick santorum. he just picked up a big endorsement. we are joined by former united states senator and candidate for the republican presidential nomination, senator rick santorum. welcome, senator. >> thank you, judge. great to be with you. thanks for having me on. >> judge jeanine: you got an important endorsement from the secretary of state in iowa. how do you feel now about your chances in the iowa caucus? >> an indication that things are picking up for us. this country is a great country because we believe in free market and free people. a good track record and people
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of iowa are beginning to pick up and matt schulz the secretary of state who endorsed me is a great leader here in iowa. a young guy who defeated an incumbent democrat for the secretary of the senate's job. going to all 99 counties, working hard, building a grass roots team and surprised a lot of people on election day just like we will on caucus day. >> judge jeanine: and congratulations to you. why can't you get above 4% in the polls? >> well, here in iowa, actually, we are above 4% in the polls. we have been ticking up steadily, steadily. it is interesting, judge, people ask me that question all the time. why. i guess i would answer it is because maybe i'm boring compared to the rest of the folks in the race. i mean i'm the guy that is sort of this steady conservative. someone who has a track record that matches what he says is going to do. i don't have any scandals in my past. married 21 years, have 7 kids. at debate i don't make any gaffes.
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i give direct answers to the questions. >> judge jeanine: talk about the meat and potatoes issues. you want to abolish federal aid to education. do you think the states can afford to pay for the education of our children? >> back in 1995 when i came to the united states senate the federal government contributed 3% of the cost of education and it now contracts 11% of the overall cost. so still 89% is picked up by state and local governments and with that 11% as teachers will tell you and administrators will tell you come enormous strings and all sorts of mandates, all sorts of requirements that eat up enormous amounts of time. if you relieve the mandates and the money and let the parents and teachers and the people in the local community make the decisions as to what is in the best interest of each child in america you are going to dramatically improve the efficiency and cost of education. the federal government makes education more expensive. the money that is contributed doesn't near make up for the costs that they impose and so actually relieving the mandates
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of the money will actually save money for the education system. >> even though, senator, you would agree that a lot of these states are broke and can't afford it the way it is? >> well, again, i mean the federal government really like i said before when they -- there is no free money from washington, d.c. you know that, judge. i mean when the government gives you money from washington they tell you how to spend it and usually tell you to spend it on things that cost more than the money they give you. cutth the federal funds, i believe it will save states money in the long run and more are importantly we need to have education centered on the customer of the education system and that is the parents. the parents are the ones who are responsible for the education of their children and they should be in control of this process, not washington bureaucrats, dictating how their children are going to be educated. >> judge jeanine: as part of your effort you say, senator tortion reduce the deficit. you say that nothing is off the chopping block including
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medicaid. how far would you go regarding that? >> well, i think nothing is off the chopping block. the only thing i say is defense which we only spend about 20% of the federal dollars on the number one and most important thing that the federal government does and i would freeze defense spending as opposed to cut it with the exception of wages and benefits to the men and women in uniform. i would not freeze that. other than the rest of the defense budget i would. as far as medicaid is concerned this is really another example of what we see in the education area which is this is a state program. the states run the medicaid program but have enormous oversight by washington, d.c. they try to micromanage the administration of care by the states. and this is something that, frankly, we don't do well and we haven't done well. we need to cap the medicare program exactly where it is right now. block grant it to the states. give the states the flexibility to run their own healthcare program that best fits the needs of the people in their community.
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do the exact same thing we did with welfare which was to cap the program, send it back to the states, put a work requirement in place, put a time limit in place for people who are not disabled. and allow that to be the incentive for states to more efficiently use those dollars and to make sure that people aren't long-term dependent on the programs. >> yesterday, senator, i think an interesting issue is that a fox news poll showd that most americans believe that illegal immigrants should be given a path to citizenship and more than half of the voters support the newt gingrich plan that allows local boards to actually decide the fate of illegal immigrants. where do you stand on this? >> well, you know, it sounds very quaint. the problem is, of course, that the local board if you are in des moines, iowa, they would be a very different board than if you are in los angeles or new york and i suspect if i live in des moines, iowa, and i want to
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make sure that i stay in this country, i'm going to go to los angeles or i'm going to go to new york where i guarantee you the number of the percentage of those who are going to be able to stay in the country is higher than it is in newton, iowa, for example. this is -- this makes sense except it doesn't. the bottom line, you can't have a national system run and administered with hundreds and thousands of different varieties of what people can do to stay in this country. and if you do in fact have as i suggested this variations, the people going to flock to the places where they know they will get axe september. accept. >> a great deal of controversy over the donald trump moderating the presidential debate and so far you and newt gingrich have agreed to participate. why did you make the decision to participate? >> i look forward to every opportunity i can get here in iowa to let people know whey believe and why i believe it and that we will be the right leader for this country to
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defeat barack obama. the only person in this race that ever won a swing state, the only person in the race that ever defeated a democratic incumbent in a swing state. the idea that donald trump will be different than brian william or anderson cooper or other folks that certainly don't support republican philosophy and weren't out there to try to make anybody look good, i think donald trump will do a better job than most folks moderating on the panel and i look forward to taking the tough questions. if you can't handle donald trump you are not ready to be president of the united states of america. >> do you think it is actually going to happen, senator? >> i hope so. i look forward to it. i have no doubt it will be the most watched debate of any of the debates because donald will bring all the controversy and a lot of people. >> judge jeanine: thank you so much for being with us, senator, and good luck to you. >> thank you very much. >> judge jeanine: he moderated the hugely successful
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republican forum on the fox news channel. find out what governor mike huckabee thinks about the republican field and who will win in iowa.
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>> judge jeanine: who will quinn the iowa caucuses just a little more than three weeks away? last time around it was this man. >> we endorse governor mike huckabee. he was an asterisk last january p in the polls. he is no longer an asterisk. he is the iowa caucus winner. >> thank you you very much. >> you know, i wasn't sure that i would ever be able to love a state as much as i love my home state of arkansas but tonight i love iowa a whole lot. >> judge jeanine: and we love
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him, too. governor mike huckabee. what was it like watching that? >> mike: that was pretty amazing because i remember that night and never forget it. you saw chuck norris behind me. >> judge jeanine: i did. >> mike: chuck and his wife gena, lovely people traveled all over america with us to campaign. >> judge jeanine: did he bring his gun with him and his badge? >> mike: he didn't have to. he is chuck norris. the gun and the badge, they run from him. >> judge jeanine: what do you think is going to happen in iowa in three weeks. >> it is really hard to predict because it is so fluid. i have been talking to friends up there just this week and there is just no one candidate around whom the iowa voters have coalesced. mitt romney who still has a strong following from four years ago. underestimated i think by the national media who don't really understand the organization that he has in place. you have newt gingrich who is soaring in the polls but who doesn't have an organization. and caucus is not about polls. that is hello, i'm taking a
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phone survey. that is easy. are you willing to drive out on a cold january night and sit in a drafty school room for three hours and caucus? that is intensity and i don't know it is there. somebody that i think could surprise people. i think ron paul is going to do way better than people think. he has an exceptional organization. the surprise candidate in iowa could be rick santorum. >> judge jeanine: why? >> because nobody thinks he is doing anything but he is the one virtually camped out completely in iowa. been to all 99 counties and taken the campaign one county at a time. >> judge jeanine: you think it is about the door to door and local politics, it is meeting at the roads. >> mike: absolutely. it is retail politics and it is the kind of politics where you to personally see someone and tell them, i need you there for me at caucus night and they have to be willing to show up. i mean it is not just voting. >> judge jeanine: and they have to believe you and look at you
12:16 am
in the eyes and say i like this guy and they obviously liked you. let's talk about gingrich. someone tell me what has happened in the last two weeks that caused this guy to catapult in the polls? he is at the head of the pack. what happened? >> mike: he has had exceptional debate performances. newt knows how to answer a question in a way that says gosh, he understands that, he gets that and he has an answer for it. people are looking for that. and he has been rather bold in many of h his comments. i think they love the debates when chas advertises th -- chastises the media. can i translate that into a ground game and move that into feet on the ground and people in the trenches. >> mitt romney in a runup is just two points behind. gingrich is 6 points behind. what does this say for the republican's chances to beat
12:17 am
obama who is really not in the most popular position right now. >> mike: i still think republicans have an excellent chance of winning but i also believe that republicans need to remember that obama really can't win because he doesn't have a decent record to run on. but whether it is gingrich, romney, bachmann, santorum, if they don't rally around that person obama could win because he will have a billion dollars. the best financed candidate in the history of the company. he will have the media virtually in his pocket and they will be out there shredding the republicans. it will be a tough environment. >> judge jeanine: what do you think is the crucial issue that the american people are going to look toward and vote on in the next election? >> mike: i think they will ask themselves who can steer this ship and get it off the shoals and back into deep water and that is what it going to come down to. and whoever the republican s going to have to be able to articulate that message here is
12:18 am
not only what i'm going to do, here is how i'm going to do it. the how will be as important as the what. >> judge jeanine: and now we are seeing that gloves are coming off in some of these new ads. how bad do you think it is going to get? >> going to get really bad. it always does. >> judge jeanine: does it work? >> people wouldn't use it if it didn't. everybody says i hate negative campaigning and then they go ahead and act upon it. for all the talk about how people hate it i tell you why candidates use it because it works and when a candidate is in trouble and somebody is out in front of him and he sees the only thing he can do is trip him so he can run past him that is what he is going to do. you know, judge, there are no second prizes in politics. you either win or lose. no red ribbons here. >> judge jeanine: and for the most part a 50/50 chance and we will see what happens. a pleasure having you on, governor. >> always great to be here. >> judge jeanine: thanks for being with us. and one american border agent is dead because of the gun running program fast and
12:19 am
furious but he may not be the last. i spoke with the men investigating fast and furious. their devastating warning, coming up.
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>> judge jeanine: the commitments that were made at a time, remember, there were -- there was no palestine as a state. it was part of the empire. and i think that we have had -- we hadn't invented palestinian people and arabs and who were historically part of the arab community. >> judge jeanine: the frontrunner is naturally going to be the target in any race but newt gingrich might have handed his opponents a gime with his statement that palestinians are an invented
12:23 am
people. tom bevins the author of real clear politics and chris. thank you for being with us tonight. in iowa, newt gingrich is 12 points ahead of mitt romney. but interestingly enough, mitt romney and ron paul are tied. how is it, guys, that ron paul ended up tying with mitt romney? i'll start with you, chris. >> well, ron paul has been on the ground in iowa for a long time. he has a strong, a very rabid and well organized group of people there. a strong organization is what it takes in iowa to be successful. he has done a good job doing that. ron paul may win, iowa, but ron paul isn't going to be the republican nominee. if he does win, iowa, all it does is makes what is most important is who comes in second in iowa. >> judge jeanine: and tom, your take on that? >> i agree with chris. ron paul could win here on the strength of his organization and because the rest of the
12:24 am
vote is sort of track today but the question is where does he go -- is sort of fractured. what it will do is sort of scramble the race in a very significant way and perhaps elongate it and draw it out past march into april or may. >> judge jeanine: so you guys think at the end of the day that iowa doesn't really matter? >> correct? >> iowa definitely matters. the interesting historical aspect, no republican candidate has ever been the nominee without winning either iowa or new hampshire. right now you mitt romney is so far ahead in new hampshire it is almost a give than he win there's. what i think it does is makes south carolina, makes florida, makes nevada, all the next states coming up increasingly more important, much more than they have been in the past because it downplays the importance of iowa from where it has been and takes winfrey, iowa, it would be ron paul and makes that less relevant to the end of the race than it has ever been in the past. >> judge jeanine: in the national runup, guys what we
12:25 am
have got in the race against obama. you have newt gingrich who loses by 6 points. and romney in the runup against obama would lose by about two points. does this matter in terms of who ultimately gets the nomination? chris, i will start with you. >> i think what it does is makes debates like tonight that is going on so much more important. this is the 12th republican debate. i think i foregot a couple along the way. and it makes their performance more important. what you have, the reason that obama still leads against a named republican but trails against a generic republican is that independents and swing voters haven't started paying attention to the race yet. it is really just a republican race. because of that a name doesn't do as well as the idea of a generic republican candidate does. the debates, people start to pay attention and i thought senator santorum's comments earlier about a donald trump led debate were fairly
12:26 am
interesting and dead on in that it will probably get a lot more attention than some of the ones we had up until now. having said all that, that is what happens. the race starts to crystallize and whoever the republican nominee is there is not a candidate in the race that in my opinion as a republican would not be able to give obama a run for the money if not ultimately defeat him. >> judge jeanine: do you think that the fact that gingrich doesn't run as well against obama as mitt romney does will make a difference in terms of who the republicans want to be their candidate in november? >> it could. look, i think the overriding desire of the base of the republican party is to find someone who can beat obama. that being said, i don't think they are necessarily convinced that person is mitt romney. he has been working the electability argument for some time now. mitt romney has significant baggage in a general election. and you have seen the democrats and team obama already hitting him with ads framing him as a flip flopper.
12:27 am
i think republican ares are taking a good hard look at gingrich even though he is running behind obama they like the fact that gingrich is tough, a good debater. they are focus the on his good qualities right now and that is why he is consolidating his support and rising so fast in the polls. >> judge jeanine: all right, guys. tom and chris, thanks so much for being with us this evening. and calls for eric holder's resignation are getting louder in light of the coverup of fast and furious. holder says he is staying. i met with the men investigating the department of justice. ( phone ringing )
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♪ nationwide is on your side ( laughing ) it's actually a pretty good day whenou consider. that's great. live from america's news headquarters newt gingrich on the defensive saturday night. and from everything from
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marital infidelity. mitt romney emphasize gs his own experience. the crucial iowa caucus is less than a month away z n exclusive interview with texas governor rick perry. and this year's heisman trophy going to baylor university robert griffin. griffin says winning is unbelievable. for all of your latest headlines log on to fox griffin iii of baylor university. >> nobody in the justice department has lied. >> why was the letter withdrawn? >> the letter was withdrawn because there is information in there that is inaccurate. the justice department letter of february -- >> tell me what is the difference between lying and
12:32 am
misleading congress in this context? >> well, if you want to have this legal conversation it all have to do with your state of mind and whether or not you had the recruiting whic requisite p with something that could be considered perjury or a lie. >> judge jeanine: eric holder on the hot seat this week. grilled over the pfiasco of fast and furious. >> he and his fellow agents spot a group of illegal immigrants carrying ak 47s. they order them to drop their weapons but the illegals refuse and instead opened fire, killing agent terry. the subsequent investigation revealed something startling. two of the guns use the in the murder are actually from the united states. part of a government sting
12:33 am
called operation fast and furious. approved by the department of justice, fast and furious allows gun dealers to purchase and smuggle illegal weapons into mexico. the guns were supposed to be tracked to nab big fish in mexican crime organizations. but the weapons were never traced. of the 2,000 guns led go across the border, 1400 are never recovered. fast and furious is a da versus territories and now everyone involved is running for cover. >> will you answer that question? >> you answere answered it lesn truthfully thursday the congressional committee investigating who knew what and when grilled attorney general eric holder about the botched operation. >> it is an unfortunate reality that we will continue to feel the effects of this flawed operation for years to come. guns lost during this operation will continue to show up at crime scenes on both sides of the border.
12:34 am
>> judge jeanine: i went down to washington and was in the room during the hearing. >> you don't let guns walk period. let alone 2,000 of them. that is what we did. >> afterwards i spoke to judiciary member and republican congressman from utah, jason chafis. >> hassary rick holder been truthful and forthcoming? >> he has not demonstrated an ability to be truthful and forthcoming. the congress has a constitutional duty and right to send over a subpoena and they have to comply with that. he was bragging about the fact that he wasn't going to produce all of the materials to the congress. >> judge jeanine: of all of the things handed over by justice there is not one e-mail sent to or from eric holder. what does that tell you? >> lard to believe. all the documents that we received in the united states congress fit in less than one size of a legal box. there is more throughout. he even testified today there is more throughout and he has no intention of giving it.
12:35 am
with this attorney general and a president who is going to back him up and support him i think it will take a long time to get there. i hope, i believe that the truth will surface but it will take a lot of continued work and a lot of subpoenas and legal wrangling to try to pry out of the administration. >> judge jeanine: is impeachment on the horizon? >> i think it is one of the direct possibilities. it was brought up by a former chairman of the judiciary committee and i think it is something that increasingly is going to percollate up to the top. >> i don't know yet what the attorney general's involvement has been. i know should have been more. >> judge jeanine: republican senator charles brassily from iowa is credited with exposing fast and furious after he was contacted by whistle blowers. >> he is head of the department and the buck stops at his desk. >> judge jeanine: you called for the resignation of lanny brewer and he is apparently the
12:36 am
chief of the criminal division. why did you want his resignation. >> i think it is the first time i have gone to the senate floor in the 30 years i have been in the senate and asked for a resignation. i have gotten people to resign but never that way. he knew about gun running back in the middle of 2010. he didn't tell th attorney genl or the chief of staff or the inspector general and should have. because he isn't serving his higher ups right he is not serving the american people right and he should not be in that job. >> judge jeanine: should eric holder resign. >> if he is the highest person in government that approved this yes and i will call for his resignation at that time. >> judge jeanine: do you think there is a possibility of a perjury charge coming out of these hearings? >> i don't know but we have got to follow up on that. you can't have anybody lying to congress because the whole checks and balances system of our government is going to fall apart if you let somebody get
12:37 am
away with it. >> judge jeanine: democratic strategic julian epistein joins us. good evening, julian. >> good evening, judge. >> do you think that attorney general eric holder should resign? >> no, and there are important points that weren't covered in the package or in the interviews. the most important point is that this program was started under the bush administration. elements occurred under the regan administration. attorney general holder was the first person to stop the program and call for an independent investigation and to remove the people that were involved in the operation of the program from their positions. >> judge jeanine: julian, you say that you were correcting the package. let me correct you, number one, fast and furious was under eric holder's administration. number two, operation wide receiver under the bush administration had trackers or devices on the guns. this administration unlike the prior administrations is literally letting the guns
12:38 am
cross the border, stopping surveillance, no trackers on it and the only reason they put a stop to it is because there were whistle blowers in atf who said we just gave away 2,000 semi automatic assault weapons. is the different. >> those are some of the issues under investigation by the inspector general and in fact the chief prosecutor in mexico has said that the degree of cooperation between u.s. officials and between mexican officials has been very good. but there is a larger point here which is. >> judge jeanine: but wait, julian. >> let me finish the point if i may, judge. >> judge jeanine: we have to get the facts straight. the mexican government didn't know about fast and furious. we are sending assault rifles to mexico and not telling them and they have killed government officials in mexico. >> as i say, this is a program that did go on under the bush administration. the distinctions between wide receiver and operation fast and furious if there were
12:39 am
distinctions are not really clear. the important point here is whether or in the there has been misrepresentations of the facts. holder was the first person to stop this program and call for an investigation. the issue congress is concerned about and asking about holder's resignation over is that in the first couple of weeks after this program was discovered at least at the headquarter level the officials didn't have all of the facts nor would you expect them to. this program was run entirely out of the phoenix office. it was not done with the knowledge at least of very much officials in washington. you don't expect to these kind of sting operations to be done with much communication back in washington. in fact, thousands of investigations are going on simultaneously. you can hardly expect the attorney general for the head of the division to know all of the details about it. grassley demands a response at the end of january of 2011.
12:40 am
not all the information is, correct. give ten as covert program they don't have all of the details and all of a sudden grassley and the republicans are calling for eric holder's h head. to me that sounds like politics and does not sound like a serious charge of attempting to misrepresent issues, matters to congress. this sounds like mostly politics to me. remember, eric holder was the guy that stopped this when the bush administration had this going aggressively. >> judge jeanine: i want to thank you but let me correct you again. the letter sent by the holder ag's office was february 4. it took them until december to retract the letter saying we made a mistake and here is the problem. if our justice department can't figure out what is going on in its own justice department how are they going to resolve serious investigations. >> let me correct you if i may, judge, because the attorney general. >> judge jeanine: we got to wrap. >> he set the record straight in april of 2010. i correct you on that point
12:41 am
with due respect. >> judge jeanine: with a letter in december. i know, i was there. >> i think that is quibbling. >> it is not. i t. may be lying to congress. >> i don't think we are close that, judge. >> judge jeanine: money laundering. you won't beeve with our government is up to.
12:42 am
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>> judge jeanine: california congressman darryl issa compares the dea money laundering program to fast and furious. is he right? andrew brightbart is the executive editor of brightbart .com and david katz a former d.e.a. agent. congressman issa says the money laundering has been going on for some sometime. what do you know about this? >> it broke in the "new york times" which understanding the media as i do it seems to me that the obama administration probably leaked this information knowing that this was going to come out in the right wing or that darryl issa
12:46 am
was going to put this out there. the new york times has never done anything to hurt the obama administration. we have showing yet again the justice department is acting in a way that seems criminal. if you put gunrunner next to fast and furious and now the idea that we are helping to launder hundreds of millions of dollars for mexican drug cartels. we have actions. add the drugs, add the drugs, add the obfuscation and the lies this is a reco action. this is moving towards a man who should be along with many people in the department of justice who should be going to jail. >> judge jeanine: and, of course, reco being the racketeer influence corruption organizations. i think andrew you are right whatever the motivation is the fact that the "new york times" came out with this which is terribly damaging to the obama
12:47 am
administration is very significant. david, you are a former d.e.a. agent. how is laundering money for the drug cartels helping us to catch the bad guys? >> that is an excellent question. i'm a huge supporter and i love you, andrew, i'm a big fan, too. you are both mistaken on the issue. the d.e.a. mix is to identify and disrupt trafficking organizations. sometimes you portray as a buyer and seller and smuggler and launderer. when you are doing the money laundering case you have to launder money. whoa you say d.e.a. laundered money for the cartel. there is an and. laundered $100 million but seized tons of narcotics. >> you are right, david. i had a drug trafficking center in my office. i work with d.e.a. and the federal state and local agents. you are right but what we have got here is the obama
12:48 am
administration again saying we can't talk about this. well, wait a minute, you are giving guns to the drug cartels and now laundering billions of dollars. what signs do you have that following the money has disrupted the car tell? >> i'm glad you asked. a couple of things. any one can go on the d.e.a. website or on to the internet and search this. d.e.a. investigation leads to treasury designation against cartel su suppliers. >> judge jeanine: the drug cartels are bigger than ever. we are laundering hundreds of billions of dollars. where has it gotten us? >> the drug trade again rats $400 billion a year worldwide. there are a little over 4,000 d.e.a. agents in the whole world but these investigations when you can track the money successfully and find the banks the records are electronic and don't disappear. if you launder money and gain their trust you ultimately get most of their money, disrupt them and take them down and
12:49 am
that is the success. these are the most successful operations in d.e.a. >> judge jeanine: you know what, david and andrew, i want to thank you and the only thing i can say to that and i have to add something to that is if it is so successful, if it is such a success then the obama administration should be more open and coming forward with the fact that it is a success because now it looks like we are facilitating the cartels with guns and money. anyway, thank you, gentlemen. the bank robber known as the geezer bandity. you can see why. he has somehow managed to be caught for years. his luck, though, is turning, and time is running out.
12:50 am
12:51 am
12:52 am
>> judge jeanine: he may be
12:53 am
enjoying folk hero status but the days are numbered for the geezer bandit. >> they call him the geezer bandit. he has robbed 16 banks up and down the california coast, often dressed in some what dapper duds. he slips a note to the teller, shows a gun, grabs the cash and vanishs. >> just because he appears to be elderly in appearance, people should not take him lightly. >> judge jeanine: now, there is a $20,000 reward for any information leading to his arrest, which could be close because last friday in san luis obispo the geezer struck again but this time things didn't go go to smoothly. he put the money from the teller inside a portfolio he was carrying. out in the parking lot a security dye pack hidden inside the money exploded.
12:54 am
caught off guard the geezer dropped a load of dough and his portfolio. >> it seems like out of the robberies he has committed this is the most evidence he has committed at the scene. >> and something else. >> some type of mask or are makeup to disguise his appearance? >> judge jeanine: is the geezer even a geezer or is the wrinkly face a [ indiscernible ]. investigators were tipped off to this website svsx. a company specializing in incredibly realistic masks. the one that caught their are eye, the elder which looks a whole lot like the geezer. it wouldn't be the first time a mask like this has been used. last year in cincinnati police caught a white man who used a convincing mask of a black be man for a string of heists and a young man was busted for disguising himself as, well, a geezer. so the bank robbing geezer
12:55 am
bandit actually be young or maybe he is not even a hell of a competitor. is it possible he is a she? >> keith is a special agent in charge of the fbi san diego office. welcome, keith. what is the latest on the case? >> thanks, judge. you know, as you outlined in detail there in your piece, in san luis obispo, he robbed a bank of america. for the first time in 16 robberies there was a dye pack finally put in a bag. when that happened he left the bag and a sensor triggered it and the dye pack exploded and once that happened it was probably a pretty traumatic experience for h him. he took off like an olympic sprinter more than like an elderly gentleman. >> judge jeanine: do you think he is wearing a mask? >> i do. if you would have asked me that six months or a year ago i would have said i'm not sure. based on recent witness reports
12:56 am
and what we heard i truly believe now this is a mask or combination of mask and makeup that he has been using all these years and if so, i will say it is quite extraordinary. >> well, so let's assume that he is wearing a mack. how are we going be able to identify this guy? i mean we have got 16 bank robberies, cameras everywhere. how do we know who he is at end of the day? >> i think it will take good old detective work that solves this case. we had a great break in that the dye pack went off so there was physical evidence left behind. there was talk of a car. he dropped everything. he took off. he had his portfolio that he had had the weapon in. all the money was left behind. he was covered in dye, had to be after this this thing exploded. so we have got that evidence back at the fbi laboratory. it is all being analyzed with some luck that will help get us in the right direction. >> judge jeanine: we he all
12:57 am
wish you luck, thanks for being with us tonight. and that is it for us. thanks for joining us. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. ♪ it's easy to see what subaru owners care about. that's why we created the share the love event. get a great deal on a new subaru and $250 gs to your choice of 5 charities. with your help, we can reach $20 million dollars by the end of this, our fourth year. did you hear sam... promoted to director? so 12 seconds ago. we should get him a present. thanks for the gift basket. you're welcome. you're welcome. did you see hr just sent out new... rules? cause you're currently in violation of 6 of them. oh yeah, baby? ...and 7. did you guys hear that fred is leaving? so 30 seconds ago. [ noisemakers blow ] [ both ] we'll miss you! oh, facecake!
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