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tv   The Five  FOX News  December 14, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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huntsman, the candidate who is struggling in this state, struggling in new hampshire. what he is going to do now and what he thinks of his son tonight on fox business. tomorrow, rick perry, jon huntsman himself, herman cain, all here. be there or be square. the big debate tomorrow night. good night. >> eric: hello, everyone. i'm eric bolling with andrea tantaros, bob beckel, dana perino, and greg gutfeld. it's 11 days until christmas and 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." developing news tonight. president obama may cave on the millionaire tax. we'll have more on that in a minute. but first, columnist says if tim tebow wins a bowles, christians will go after muslims, gays and immigrants. we'll show you who would say such a thing. "new york times" columnist bill keller says he isn't going to call illegal anymore. maybe undocumented or maybe alien. stick around and we'll tell you about it. check out this house.
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it's oozing christmas cheer. it belongs to one of us at "the five." we'll tell you which one later. it may or may not be greg gutfeld. "the five" starts right now. three years into his presidency, obama used a whole lot of excusesser his failing to turn the economy around. take a listen. >> there are always going to be bumps on the road to recovery. we're going to pass through some rough terrain. >> we have been a little bit lazy in the past couple of decades. we have taken it for granted people will want to come here. we aren't out there hungry, selling america. >> shovel ready was not as shovel ready as we expected. >> eric: so funny. the evader and chief was at it again last night. take a listen to this. >> i wish i knew, i wish everybody knew just how deep the crisis was when i was first sworn in to office. i think we understood it was bad. we didn't know how bad it was.
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>> eric: right out of the liberal handbook. darth evader blaming everything but the real culprit, liberal tax and spend, redistribution of other people's money and agendas don't work. the man has blamed everyone except the policy. >> andrea: how can he say this? a simple google search of what president obama said when he was trying to get the stimulus passed is if we don't do this, it says it will turn a crisis to a catastrophe. on his own website, it says pass the stimulus in response to a crisis. and then, he also says on march 17, the campaign were teetering on the verge of a potential crisis. he said crisis so many times. he knew it was a big deal. he knew the economy was faltering. i don't know. i don't think it will work. >> bob: first, how long did you take to edit that tape together so you got every bad obama cut to put together? leaving that aside, i don't
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think anybody can honestly say they understood the depth of this thing until two things happened. one, stress test on the banks, until we knew how badly they were exposed. secondly, until they understand how the ripoff artist, your buddy at wall street, know how bad the mortgage back security was. nobody knew how bad it was. nobody understands how bad your pal down there screwed it up. >> greg: but bob, how did he get elected? his whole platform was how awful america was. he hated america and east germany in the 1970s. and now america is east germany in the 1970s. he ran on the platform and now we got it. >> eric: dana, obama blamed your administration hundreds of time times in the last three years. what was unemployment under the bush administration? >> dana: at one point it was 4.9%.
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you end with the unemployment rate you have. it was higher and there was a crisis coming. everybody knew that. obama and mccain said we're facing the worst crisis since the great depression. nowtheer they're not taking responsibility for the policies they put in place that made the economy worse. or they weren't prepared when they said they were. i'm not exactly sure which is worse, except one thing i think is interesting, obamacare one of the biggest drags on the economy. no one talks about it. >> bob: you talk about it all the time. >> dana: i don't think so. >> greg: you're hitting me again. >> andrea: they are actually -- that is a tacit acknowledgment. we have didn't know how bad it was going to be. everything we've done so far has been -- >> bob: you know what you say about courtroom? you open up a line and now i can take it, as a defense lawyer here. the company, the great consulting firm hired by the insurance industry to figure out how to rip people off,
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used to be insurance companies were regulated. now they are unregulated, profit-gouging. you know what they do? they have a computer model that says if you are not willing to pay a higher price, then your insurance form completed. if you pay the lower price, then we let you -- >> andrea: what does this have to do with -- >> bob: obamacare is not even in effect. >> eric: by the numbers, obamacare isn't even implemen implemented correct. what was supposed to bring the cost curve down on healthcare is doing the opposite. >> dana: my point is it is causing a huge amount of uncertainty. it's one thing that american businesses want to be able to provide healthcare to the employees. good business. and for competitive sake to hire the best people. they don't know what the healthcare cost will be going forward. a huge chunk. not the only piece. but obamacare is signature
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piece -- >> bob: if you are in crap hands with all state, which is what you are. ripoff artist. worst insurance company in america. they raise rates indiscriminately. >> andrea: you know why? >> bob: let me finish before you hit me again. they are taking advantage of something that is not in effect. you defend insurance company. >> andrea: we had the debate on "the five" many times. a lot of provisions have gone in effect. >> bob: which ones? >> andrea: covering kids. >> bob: bad thing. >> andrea: no precondition. >> bob: that's a bad thing. >> greg: you say nothing has gone into effect. >> that is false and you know it. the provisions i named and i don't want to bore the audience with them. they said if you raise the rates we'll audit you. >> dana: the signature political achievement that he doesn't talk about ever.
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>> eric: we don't talk about it either. we are going to talk about the payroll tax bill, holiday extented by the house. bill was passed. ball sent to senate hands today. what is going on and what is the latest on that? >> dana: what we found out from trish turner of fox news is that the white house through the senior police officials confirm they realize they aren't going to -- they don't have the votes and they will let go of the demand for millionaire tax. >> eric: break that down a little bit. why are they doing it? >> dana: if anybody floats this out there, they do it. you don't float it out there because you don't think they will follow through on it. i got a note in my ear. >> eric: we thought they did have the vote. >> andrea: they never had the votes. they tried to pass the millionaire tax when they wanted a jobs bill and it failed. his party voted against it. i think they will have a deal
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on this and i think they may get the pipeline through. it's better for obama the say did something, republicans didn't want me to do it. >> bob: the house bill does the following. we're not paying for it for billionaires but by cuts. they take $30 billion from seniors, $15 billion from people out of work. the millionaires pay nothing. >> how in the world -- >> bob: be ashamed. >> eric: i'm not an apologist. how could senate democrats handle obama, vote down or veto a bill to "a," lower taxes for the middle class. "b," create 20,000 jobs. number today, $5 billion in revenues for state that the pipeline will go through? >> greg: the left likes to rename stuff. global warming didn't work so they called it climb change.
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the republicans should call it an earth straw. it's full of licorice juice. then everybody would be happy. i want to talk that the billionaire tax is gone. they never articulated a reason for taxing millionaires other than they're rich. everybody knows taxes the rich does not generate enough revenue to make a difference. >> bob: do you agree they got more tax break than anybody else? >> greg: no. they pay more taxes than anybody. they pay more taxes. >> dana: what difference a year makes. one year ago this week, president obama was being celebrated for being brilliant for presiding over an amazing lame duck session of congress. during this he signed the extension of the bush tax cut. they throw out the messaging.
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they realize they don't have the vote. >> eric: stop throwing fire. obama said if the xl pipeline in the bill in any form he'd veto it. does obama have the guts to stand up -- >> bob: he should. you know why? you buy in the canadian job about 100,000 jobs. it's 6,000 jobs that are temporary. >> bob: he should veto it. it's a lie. >> andrea: he won't veto it but republicans get ready, because he will take credit for it. >> eric: burning mosques, bashing gays and indiscriminately banning immigrants, all because of tim tebow. really? see who predicted that. and e-mail us at
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♪ >> andrea: welcome back to "the five." 'tis the season, well, for attacks on christianity and attacks on tim tebow just keep coming. listen to this. if you thought it couldn't get worse, it does. this is a quote from december 12 column in jewish week from a rabbi that said if tebow wins the bowles against all odds it will buoy the faithful and emboldened faithful can do things like burn mosques, bashing gays and indiscriminately banishing immigrants. our own greg gutfeld did reporting and you called the rabbi this afternoon. >> greg: it was very little reporting. i just gave him a call. got his voice mail. i wanted to ask him a question, if he meant what he said. if tebow were a muslim, would he have said the same thing? because, apparently, on his website he claims he is involved, a champion of
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interfaith dialogue. that is what he does. but he never called me back. the weird thing is that offending paragraph you mentioned disappeared. >> bob: i don't think you said that. >> he omitted that paragraph. there is a chance he admitted it because you called and put the pressure on. >> greg: i don't know it for a fact but i want to take credit for it. it's important i take credit for it. >> andrea: is it too little, too late? >> eric: genie is out of the bottle. god forbid you say something wrong on a show like this, three years later it comes up, oh you are wearing a tinfoil hat. >> i warned! >> eric: tim tebow, what bothers people now, it bothers other religious people as well that he just, he doesn't look for the attention. he believes in god, jesus christ and goes about his business and he wins. because they can't understand why he is winning they point fingers and take shots at him.
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>> bob: this rabbi may have withdrawn the paragraph. i give greg credit for it. but you are still a bigot, rabbi. bigots pull this, they say things and pull it back. somebody who is a christian, what about christian. we get attack and you come up with that we'll raid the mosque and burn down building. where do you get away with saying that, you punk? >> andrea: they won the bowles i see the fans getting excited. this is taking it to far. >> greg: he knows they won't fight back. >> dana: he is seeking attention and he uses tebow to express the bigot -- who knows if he thinks it's backfiring. maybe he is watching wit watchie
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we are talking about him. >> bob: don't you think -- forget him. but there is a lumping of christian together is intolerant. when ecame to faith myself i got beat up on every direction. but the fact is that christianity has come under attack. >> dana: no place more than -- not here in america but there are places in america it's true. the christian population in egypt now has for many decades been targeted, right now more so. >> andrea: isn't this the highest form of intolerance?
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>> eric: you expect it from the left wing intolerance and right wing groups but you don't expect it from someone preaching his or her belief in their own faith. this is most insulting of all time. when it comes from a rabbi or priest or muslim or imam. >> dana: how pathetic. the last line of the piece is for me only one thing is certain. he worries of people of certainty than those of doubt. on sunday, i'll be praying for the patriots. >> bob: they call it coptic christians but the only church burned was burned in egypt by muslims. the muslim community rallied to rebuild. it give them credit for that. the last churches i have seen burnt were the christian churches. >> andrea: the last
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acceptable form of discrimination. let's say that tebow is kneeling and he was thanking his mom. what is difference between thanking jesus christ and your family? why is that different? >> greg: i don't know. a good question. what bothers me most about the column is he wrote it and then he says he won't be surprised if this upsets people. what did you expect? that was the point. he was going out of his way to create a kind of stir. then he acts like it's their fault, not his. >> eric: we did a story here last week. they wanted the texas group to take down a nativity scene. it's like he used outrageousness of the request to get on the show. as far as that is concerned, get rid of it.
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>> bob: i get on my knees at the end of every show and thank god for you and you hitting me. >> andrea: i witnesses. three right here. >> bob: i have a bruised arm. >> andrea: it's a love tap. move things along. >> bob: why don't you read more e-mails? i should move it along? >> andrea: i need to move things along. >> dana: later. >> andrea: we have a big debate on fox news tomorrow night. we'll give you an inside look and talk about what is at stake for candidates up next. ♪ ♪ ♪
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"the five." we're three weeks away from voting in iowa. tomorrow, fox news debate will be crucial for the g.o.p. contenders. this, i think, is one of the biggest deals. we have polling that is consistent. gingrich is on top. of romney. except for when romney is put up against obama versus gingrich. then romney seems to do better. so what i was thinking about today on my walk here, i was thinking about this, you are an expert at relationship advice. >> greg: i am. >> bob: you are? >> greg: i am. it wrote a book on it, bob. >> dana: none of the republicans have fallen in love. no love at first sight. democrats are lost if a loveless marriage and they have to stay together until the kids go to college or president obama is no longer in office. >> bob: that is a tortureed metaphor. >> dana: will they vote with their heart or hair heads? >> greg: i am so confused right now. i am in a loveless marriage? is that what you are saying? >> dana: no, you are a
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relationship expert. >> eric: this is what you think about on the way over? >> bob: be honest, we ask you the first political question. >> greg: here is the thing. this goes back to the whole idea of why having a past sucks. and why the republicans should have taken a page out of the democrats strategy of the election in 2007 and 2008. they grew obama in a lab under the pacific ocean. we didn't know much about him. but we know so much about newt and mitt, it's inevitable. >> bob: can i say something about the polls in iowa that i think are interesting. this onslaught coming up against newt is taking effect. he lost ground in iowa. the base of support is not as strong. neither is romney. he still carries the most electable in iowa, not in the country. the interest thing, ron paul inches up, i wouldn't be
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surprised if he takes first place in this. >> dana: that is possible. let me play an ad of romney going after gingrich, web ad and get your take on this. >> we do agree our country must take action to address climate change. ♪ >> there is enough of us demand action for our leaders. >> together, we can do this. >> dana: i love in the ad they look at each other. how many times do you think they practiced that? one thing that romney is blasting gingrich for he is saying that gingrich is an extremely unreliable conservative leader. >> eric: let me give you my analysis. this is like a football game. he has long spike so he is able to move, you know, cut right, pivot.
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he'll move back to the center. if he gets the nomination, gingrich will. romney -- i met him today in the hallway. shake his hand. a great guy. impressive man. but it's like he is wearing penny loafers and watching straight. it's going to be me. like he is the one that it is going to be. tomorrow night, romney should lace up some spikes and go at it. hard right, go right after newt. he might win this thing. >> greg: you want mitt to take off the gloves. >> bob: that is good! >> dana: i want andrea's take on this. one thing that gingrich people are coming up with, hannity, on hannity's show, romney said, called himself a reagan conservative. that is not -- this is what he is saying. >> i think people recognize i'm moderate and my views are progregive. >> andrea: this is why the ad that we just watched with
5:30 pm
pelosi and gingrich won't work. it's like bob calling charlie sheen wild. they're both wild. it doesn't make sense. sorry, you are wild. >> bob: don't compare me to charlie sheen. >> dana: how will it affect people in iowa or will it? >> bob: i'm not looking for a fight but to take mileage saying there is no climate change. according to the republican party they don't believe in it. so they don't believe in it. romney can't escape the 2002 election. that was mild. he said things about gays and other things. for all the thingous say about gingrich, gingrich had one incredible victory. he brought the republicans back after 40 years in the wilderness to win the congress back, house back.
5:31 pm
>> andrea: gingrich handled the videos and the complicated issues in the past. he comes out and says that was the dumbest thing i ever did. mitt romney refuses to concede that he has made mistakes. that is a big -- >> dana: that is why romney says gingrich is unreliable because he says one thing and then ten years later says that was dumb. so is that the kind of president he'll be? >> greg: it is still really early. america looks that race the way you look at a taco bell commercial at 10:00 in the morning. you're like no, not yet. >> eric: can i point something out? i got a phone call today. i got a phone call from mr. donald trump. he said -- picked it up. mr. trump. he says by the way, milana told me i need to call you. she should have called you. she watched the show. i love the show. i said no offense, we're friends. you didn't call me. he said i love greg. greg is fantastic. it didn't think i needed to call him. he said you know you're my favorite? i said can i say that?
5:32 pm
>> dana: now i am demanding a phone call from donald trump to say i am his favorite. >> eric: what about dana? he said i'm disappointed in dana. i'm surprised she is not more pro-trump. okay. i'll give you that. >> greg: you have to go to lunch with him. >> eric: so then he went to beckel and said my buddy beckel, he was tough. but he is softening. he is becoming a softy. he called you a softy, bob. >> bob: ooh. >> dana: we'll leave it on that note. >> bob: it was me on the show yesterday that asked trump to call you and you'd be upset hecht called you. >> eric: he said i love andrea and kimberly as well. >> andrea: for the record, he already called me. >> dana: we should do a conference call. >> greg: who has time to call people? >> dana: he is no longer doing the debate. >> greg: i call my mom twice a week. >> dana: tomorrow night, 9:00 p.m., don't miss the debate on fox news. "new york times" columnist bill keller is playing word games with illegal immigrants.
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our own wordsmith and relationship expert greg gutfeld has some thoughts. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] in his eyes...a race needs no finish line. ♪ in her eyes... the world is never too big. in his...the weather should never keep you inside. ♪ because they see no limits, there's eukanuba nutrition designed to help their body go as far as their mind wants to. eukanuba. extraordinary nutrition for extraordinary beings. see the difference in 28 days or your money back.
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i'm bret baier in sioux city, iowa, site of thursday's republican candidate debate here on fox. "special report" tonight is coming to you from sioux city convention center. a few feet away from the debate stage. we look at how some candidates are not waiting for the debate to throw bombs at each other. steve brown is here at sioux city to tell us how iowanss in the western part of the state have been taken for granted so far. the clock is ticking down for a government shutdown and rhetoric is flying. mike emanuel is on top of that.
5:38 pm
ed henry shows us what president obama said at fort bragg, north carolina, there to celebrate the coming end to the war in iraq. plus, in grapevine, the politician sends out an unusual holiday greeting card. "special report" from sioux city, iowa, starts at 6:00 eastern. now back to new york and "the five." ♪ ♪ ♪ >> greg: welcome back to "the five." becausevy no life, i read the "new york times" columnist bill keller's blog where he confessed that something horrible. he was mad because he called them illegals. the short-handed phrase is now considered a slur. why is that? keller's cohort says the anti-immigration size uses that phrase. see what they did there? they said anti-immigration. isn't that a slur? they call you anti-immigration
5:39 pm
even if you are a prolegal immigration. i love immigrants. some say too much? i frown on law-making but time erases that stance with sinister slur. then he obsesss over new phrases from illegal immigrant from undocumented to mid-status household and grabs a gimmick of offering too much information. he is not illegal, he just overstayed his visa. he is not illegal, he just entered illegal. or what about he is not a drunk driving, he just drives drunk. so now on i don't call him a wimpy editor but a dude who naturalizes the truth. bob, because you are the liberal representative here, why does the lefty to manipulate the language to hide facts? is that a loaded question? >> bob: it's aggressive
5:40 pm
question. i think undocumented workers is a much better term. i think you like are they here illegally? but lot of people came here illegally. some of the relatives came here illegally. you never know. i like undocumented workers. they are undocumented workers. >> andrea: bill keller checked a style manual who said don't use undocumented workers. i think it's so ridiculous. blago is a corrupt politician. would the times call him ethically challenged politician? >> dana: good thing for them, now everything is on blogs they have more room to use longer words. >> greg: bill keller and i were editors at the same high school newspaper. ten years apart. i like to think i was better. >> bob: you went to a girls school?
5:41 pm
>> greg: how dare you! >> eric: i get it if it's illegal alien, they don't like alien connotation. illegal immigrant is as accurate as you can get. i don't know the problem. >> eric: immigrant, immigrating here. >> andrea: illegally. break the law. >> bob: you say somebody came here legally, they would be immigrant. >> dana: watering down the language does not help -- >> greg: a great monologue and move on. >> dana: fabulous. >> greg: "time" picked person of the year. the protester. i thinkvy a -- no, i don't have a sot. i have to read it. where is it? to highlight and capture the growing sense of restless promise. for protester. andrea, what do you think of this? >> andrea: greek immigrant is different from guy in
5:42 pm
tahrir square who lowered food prices about different from the guy pooping on the cop car in manhattan. >> greg: i only did it once. why do you have to keep bringing it up? >> andrea: you don't wear a hat like that. >> greg: this is like middle age dad hitting on his daughter's girlfriends. >> dana: i know they define this differently and person of the year is whoever has the most impact. person of the year is someone who did something amazing. i like to put a name. it wish they named the protesters the one who burned himself and killed himself. started the whole thing. give somebody a voice. >> greg: "i" don't like they conflate the arab protest with like you said -- >> eric: think about this. this is "time" magazine. in 1939 they had adolf hitler. >> andrea: stallen before.
5:43 pm
>> dana: maybe they don't want to name a person. >> eric: for me, hands down, steve jobs the guy who innovate and changed the way we do everything. he would be my pick. >> bob: they used courage and exactly right. they changed the dialogue. i'm supposed to name a person? the tea people. they split the grand old party from party to wing nuts. >> greg: andrea? >> andrea: in "time's" defense, they should pick someone more noble this is somebody who affected the news from good or ill. i pick tim tebow. picking someone noble is better and it takes guts to be a christian outright in the country and bat the main stream media. god bless him. >> dana: i chose a friend and colleague someone i greatly admire and look forward to -- >> eric: you shouldn't have. i can't be person of the year.
5:44 pm
>> dana: charles krauthammer. i think charles krauthammer this year provided clarity of thought to millions of americans who look forward to every tuesday night on o'reilly and bret baier's show every week and column on friday. a lot of women are sweet on charles and say that's how i think about it but i couldn't say it. >> bob: one of the most brilliant human beings i have run across. his politics are off, but one of the most articulate guy i run across. from canada. his father was a rabbi and he is -- >> dana: a psychiatrist. >> bob: he speaks several languages. >> greg: enough about charles krauthammer! >> eric: let's talk about you. >> greg: the guy that got bin laden. i know. we don't know their names. that is why -- >> dana: i was going to make fun of you. >> greg: you would have gotten letters from me. coming up, late night comedian plays a cruel trick on america's children. we will show you how the kids reacted. trust me, you don't want to
5:45 pm
miss this. it will press your outrage buttons. he's not really. if you leave now you won't get any of my world famous ambrosia salad. welcome idaho,
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♪ ♪ >> bob: welcome back to "the five." on the late night show, kimmel played a cruel prank on little kids. he had their parents rip up the gift under guise of a special early christmas present. the kids were not amused. go to sot. [ laughter ] >> i don't like this. >> that is a sticker. >> take this back. >> take it back where? this is yours. >> i want a refund. >> it's a happy. >> you got me a stupid elf. [ crying ] >> i wish i had thought of
5:50 pm
that. >> now there are serial killers born right there. [ laughter ] there is some anger there. that one kid particularly, let him have it twice, what do you think, eric? would you try to pull this on your kid? would she shoot you? >> eric: it is hilarious. a playoff from last year when he did the same thing with the kids only it was halloween. he pretended that the parents ate all the candy. great segment. it goes on and on. >> greg: kids are great targets for pranks. i remember one holiday, my mom and dad let me in the car in the garbage with the motor running. when i finally got out they moved to texas. >> bob: my father left me in a car when he went in a bar. >> dana: this happened to me, actually. >> bob: dirty story? dane you won't believe it, but in high school, i was given detention because i was
5:51 pm
trying -- with a friend, we faked a note to try to leave high school. >> eric: oh, no! >> dana: but i didn't tell my parents. >> eric: terrible. >> dana: i got detention. that was in october. so at christmas time, i open up presents and i'm like what is this? a framed thing. it turn it over. detention notice sent to my mom and dad. and they knew about it whole time and knew i had been lying. >> bob: the whole time. deans i have been good as gold ever since. >> bob: no kidding. andrea, you have a similar thing? >> andrea: they handed me a cash register and get to work at a young age. i don't like this. you think this is so funnyism could never do this to my niece and nephew. it couldn't do it. the kids don't know better. sorry, i can't laugh at this. >> bob: that is what i got for christmas on christmas day. >> dana: you got a hello kitty jacket for christmas? >> bob: kittens once. my uncle -- okay.
5:52 pm
the district of columbia. you know what? they voted, $51% of the people want to say "merry christmas" as opposed to account happy holidays." make you happy? >> eric: no. it should be 100%. what is wrong with christmas. hoif it's hanukkah or kwanzaa or the supplying spaghetti thing but it's christmas. keep christ in christmas. if you make a mistake and say happy hanukkah to me fine. it's christmas. >> bob: i would have preferred -- if someone says happy honca i don't get mad at them for saying it. >> greg: i'd prefer happy homesqueeze. >> bob: this is important. who has a problem saying merry
5:53 pm
christmas? >> andrea: i don't think there is anything wrong to being sensitive to someone's religious. i said marry christmas to a girl last christmas and she said i'm muslim. so now i'm careful what i say. i say merry christmas -- >> dana: the point is people don't want to be cautious. >> eric: in the spirit of the jimmy kimmel. >> bob: happy to. rip it open. >> dana: that doesn't look like a guy to wrap a present. a sock. one sock. >> andrea: is it clean? >> dana: ohh! [ laughter ] >> bob: eric? i love you, it is -- very funny. i needed a sock, because i only have one pair. but that is nice of you.
5:54 pm
okay, good. so, i'm going to say it's the owner of this house, so whose is it? we will tell you right after this break. don't go away. because it ain't greg's. ♪ ♪ i'm phil mickelson, pro golfer.
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if you have painful, swollen joints, i've been in your shoes. one day i'm on top of the world... the next i'm saying... i have this thing called psoriatic arthritis. i had some intense pain. it progressively got worse. my rheumatologist told me about enbrel. i'm surprised how quickly my symptoms have been managed. [ male announcer ] because enbrel suppresses your immune system, it may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal events including infections, tuberculis, lymphoma, other cancers, and nervous system and blood disorders have occurred. before starting enbrel, your doctor should test you for tuberculosis and discuss whether you've been to a region where certain fungal infections are common. don't start enbrel if you have an infection like the flu. tell your doctor if you're prone to infections, have cuts or sores, have had hepatitis b, have been tated for heart faure, or if, while on enbr, you experience persistent fever, bruising, bleeding, or paleness. get back to the things that matter most. ask your rheumatologist if enbrel is right for you. [ male announcer ] enbrel. the #1 biologic medicine prescribed by rheumatologists.
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♪ ♪ >> eric: well, guys, the moment you've all been waiting for. drum roll, please. the owner of this house is none other than our own bob beckel! can you believe it? believe it or not, it is. he put most of the lights up himself. >> andrea: yeah, right. >> dana: aren't you concerned about climate change? there is a lot of electricity going on here. >> bob: i do put it up myself. my sister said if i lied, she would beat me up. >> dana: cute dog! >> bob: there is a sign -- every year i say i won't do it again, too much work. so i put up a sign that said this is for the kids in the
5:59 pm
neighborhood, from the big kid that lives here. >> greg: end this shir rad. nobody else can see it by bob. i can't see anything. it's all for -- get off the medication. >> andrea: do you put all the lights up yourself? >> bob: i do. i don't put the ones on the roof. i use documented workers. >> andrea: something tells me that you leave them up year-round. >> bob: even i wouldn't do that. >> eric: what is the slide? >> bob: the dog slides down the slide. >> greg: i can't believe you do this. >> bob: i got to tell you, we do this on christmas eve. i got the park service to let me trigger a wire and the santa and his reindeer will take off from the roof of the house and fly out. >> dana: there is a contest. >> bob: i will win hit the year. everybody vote for me. >> greg: your neighbors must love you.


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