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tv   The Five  FOX News  December 20, 2011 2:00am-3:00am EST

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tonight. make sure you go to greta and keep it here on fox news channel. good night from washington, d.c.. business network. demand it. we'll talk about it later. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> kimberly: hello, i'm kimberly guilfoyle with bob beckel, eric bolling, dana perino, greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. you got it. this is "the five." it's sex days from christmas and this is a busy monday. first, president obama says he is one of the top presidents of all time. can you believe it? we will show you the tape. tim tebow and jesus gets spoofed by "saturday night live." did the show go too far? house of representatives told they can't use the phrase "merry christmas." we have those details and more. "the five" starts now.
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♪ ♪ >> kimberly: our top story, president obama, ego. he thinks a lot about his accomplishments going as far to say he is the fourth president, best president of all time. listen to this. >> i would put our legislative foreign policy accomplishments in the first two years against any president with the possible exception of johnson, fdr and lincoln. in terms of what we've gotten done in modern history. >> kimberly: i'll get to you later in the program. i'm joking! >> greg: you are mean-spirited. this guy is amazingly humble. why is he comparing himself to presidents when he is so much bigger than that. he should be focusing on greek gods like neptune or apollo or mars!
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zeus! to compare himself to mere mortals, especially with the handy calf. fdr didn't have that many birdies. >> kimberly: that was a joke. go ahead. >> dana: i think when you are a sitting president asked to compare yourselves to otherred and give yourself a grade there is only one answer. history will have to decide and i'll focus on one what i'm doing. he is talking about the legislative accomplishments but he is not running on his record with the signature achievement being his healthcare reform plan. which would be overturned in march. in which case he wouldn't be the most accomplished legislative president of all time. >> kimberly: good point. eric? >> eric: he said he is fourth best of all time, so he would be better than george washington, thomas jefferson, harry truman, ronald reagan -- >> kimberly: and george bush. >> eric: why adult he already have a carve-out on
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mount rushmore for himself now. >> greg: he should share that! >> bob: or be on "jersey shore" in front of your house. can i make a point as you attack what he said. he didn't say he was the fourth best president. he said legislative foreign policy accomplishments stack up against other presidents. he's right. in fact, better. if they overturn the healthcare reform, they are -- >> eric: no. sound on tape, they took his words and only his words. >> dana: bob, it can't be that the supreme court vote to strike down obamacare, that they are illegitimate but if they uphold it they're the best institution. you can't have it both ways. >> bob: i only want it one way, difference from gore versus bush a hack decision.
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this is a conservative sport, in favor of obama. if they don't, it's pure policy. >> kimberly: if they don't, do you say it diminishes his legislative accomplishments? >> bob: no. say you have a hack supreme court. get rid of the republicans and get back and get it done. >> dana: that is my point. if it goes your way, it's great and if it doesn't it's illegitimate. like bush v. gore. >> bob: that was illegitimate. >> kimberly: after they strike it down we'll play this backment >> dana: "60 minutes" didn't play it in the original piece. this is the entire interview online. but it so happens that someone spent the time to watch the whole interview and pulled it out. it's not only the words, it's the tone. i think that gets to what you were saying. >> greg: yeah. here is the thing. if you look at the list of accomplishments, saving the country from great depression unproven. auto industry unproven. healthcare cost, unproven. making student loans more
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affordable? is that a good thing? bad. bad. bad. good to decimate al-qaeda but you can't compare it to other presidents because they didn't have al-qaeda. >> bob: well, you flunked out of college but a lot of people need to go to college. >> eric: can we point something out? he ran through the things you just pointed out, bob. i mean, greg. but bob is saying he is only on the legislative achievements. well, no, he is talk about saving the country from the great depression and the auto industry. he did neither. he bailed out the auto industry -- >> bob: he saved the auto industry. >> eric: ruined, decimateed -- >> kimberly: high per bow low. >> bob: he did not. if you thought "60 minutes" missed that, such a big statement, don't you think they would have put it up there if they thought he was saying the fourth best president? >> dana: i think they agree. it wasn't news to them.
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>> bob: oh, forget it. >> dana: they were like yeah. >> kimberly: why are you saying you're fourth if you should be number one? but they built him up to the point they believe it. >> bob: you think "60 minutes" made editorial decision based on they love the guy that much? you have to be kidding. erroneous. >> dana: i think they archdiocese that and are like -- >> bob: c'mon! >> kimberly: but the main stream media built it up to the point that he believes this. >> bob: whatever you say. legislative achievement and foreign policy. >> eric: i saved the country from great depression. >> bob: of course, he did. >> dana: the foreign policy accomplishment, what else do you do as president? what else is he talking about in the presidency effort? if he is true that he believed that, does he think that the stimulus bill will turn out to be one of his best achievements when he can't run on lowering the -- >> greg: the beer summit. none of the presidents had beer summit.
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>> kimberly: he had two, in fact. >> bob: you guys are going to rue the day you said this stuff. okay. you want to continue to cut and paste the way you do, fine. >> kimberly: okay. cut and paste. >> dana: let's do it again. >> kimberly: let's see. other things to talk about to stir the pot. eric holder, the head of the injustice department tells the "new york times" he is taking his vote for african-american. is he using the race card? >> greg: he introduced racism, with his personal relationship in the beginning when he said we were too cowardly to deal with race. he started the conversation that he has never been able to break free from. race is the look over there argument. rather than having to face somebody's weakness or intellectual weakness or argument saying look, there is racism. excuses you. your opponent, me or otherwise, has to spend time defending charges of racism rather than arguing with you
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about the salient points. >> bob: really? >> dana: the most embattled attorney general of all time was gonzalez. he was attacked from everywhere, he never said it was because he was hispanic. >> kimberly: that is true. find that on tape. >> bob: eric holder said there were certain elements on the far right who were racist, which is true. whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. [ overtalk ] >> greg: if you accuse someone of racism, say their names. >> kimberly: back it up. >> bob: i don't know the guy name but when i see the tea party rallies down in arizona ,a -- stop nothing. >> eric: no. >> bob: a monkey with a gun on it. what is that supposed to be? >> eric: that could have been liberal -- >> bob: you guys, i mean, if you don't believe there is racism -- >> greg: i'll take a racist
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over rapist. if you want to cherry pick stories, go to occupy wall street. >> kimberly: wow! >> bob: you didn't cut and paste. >> kimberly: we did not. why does it have to be about racism? what about the fact he has not done a good job whatsoever as head of the justice department? last week, 75 member of congress cosponsored house resolution expressing no confidence in that man >> bob: the same people that stopped the payroll tax cut after their leader agreed to it and now we're back doing it because the tea people don't know any better and are not smart enough to figure it out. leaving it aside, holder said that at the end of a statement, minor part of the statement and we of course make it lead of the story. >> greg: that illustrates who he is. he began the conversation on race. he started it. >> eric: this is about race. here is a guy suing arizona for a law that arizona passed
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to close the borders. and then anded over 2,000 guns to mexican drug cartels, laundered money. we're racist. >> bob: they're profiling people, that is racist. >> eric: that is not racist. >> bob: it is. >> kimberly: let's see what the supreme court says about that since they agree to hear that and obamacare. i can't wait. >> bob: i can't either. it will be wonderful. >> kimberly: coming up, we have tape of mitt talking about the crooks. good things i things things in . what is jeb bush up to? could he get in the 2012 race? that and much more when we come back. also, don't forget to e-mail us at ♪ ♪ type 2 diabetes.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> dana: welcome back to "the five."
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should radical judges be arrested? that's what newt gingrich seems to think. >> one of the things you say is that if you don't like what a court has done, the congress should subpoena the judge and bring him before congress and hold a congressional hearing. some people say it's unconstitutional, but i'll let it go for a minute. i want to ask for a practical standpoint how would you enforce that? send the capitol police to arrest him? >> if you had to. or instruct the justice department to send the u.s. u.s. marshal. >> dana: some on the right says it sounds like a great idea because you have judges that you don't agree with, but you think it's dangerous precedent for the commander in chief. >> kimberly: tenuous establishment. it's never happened before. legal implications of it. ma say it's violation -- many say it's violation of separation of powers, that one branch would have more authority than the judiciary and calling him in and having
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somebody potentially arrested to do time, judges if they violate a court order if they come in to testify? >> bob: wouldn't it be -- >> kimberly: i would not recommend it. i think it's a bold statement, which he is used to making. but from a legal perspective, i think it's something that is risky and could backfire. >> dana: bob, do you think it plays well on the right? within a calculated -- >> bob: on the far right. farther right than eric. they don't want to get him in front of the congress, they want to shoot him on the way to congress for the hearings. here is the bigger point here. newt gingrich who i thought as you know, i said i thought he was going to come back when he was way down. but i had a caveat, which is he could blow himself up easily. this is an example of newt making a statement, that just doesn't cut it at the presidential level. this is two or three in a row he has done it in the last week. i don't understand it. just when he seems to get close he says stuff like this. i think it will cost him iowa.
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>> dana: in fact, eric, today, gallop pol gallup poll se had a lead over romney before but today it's tied. >> bob: iowa or nationwide? >> dana: can't remember. gallup. predictions will tell us. >> eric: a poll had romney at the top take over in iowa. from newt gingrich. bob, you have been talking about this for a long time. gingrich, his time has come and going in iowa. for me when i read that, i'm not sure he meant that the capitol police will subpoena the judges and knock on the door. more like newt being a purist. he has to, saying for a long time. he has to appeal to the conservative base or he is in trouble. >> dana: a lifetime appointment, you can run a risk of the lunatic fringe -- >> greg: how is what newt
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said different from a certain president that might send security or police to talk to a hot girl. >> dana: has that happened? >> greg: yes, it has. the problem with newt every sentence begins with "you could do this." you could build a hotel on the sun or live under water in giant bubble or grow extra arms in the lab and become a giant spider. the problem is they never become actionable. the ideas guy is never the results guy. a lot of ideas are out there. >> bob: last week he said there is pulsation for the country. i'm not sure i understand what it means, i understand for certain circumstances but terms of a country as a whole i assume that he is talking about the major electrical -- >> dana: could we have -- so, everybody knows, gallup poll i mentioned was national. not just in iowa.
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>> bob: that is worse. >> kimberly: this is what you said. predicted he'd slip in the poll. >> bob: last week they run points on him and you are talking about a lot of television. he doesn't have the resource to fight back. >> dana: i want your take on this. mitt romney got the "des moines register" endorsement, some say doesn't matter because it's not their choice. there was a pickup today in the washington examiner from april 2010 interview from mitt romney that questioning whether he'd repeal obamacare. listen. >> there are similarities and differences. i like some of the similarities but i dislike differences. similarities we have incentive
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for people to become secure. we have 98% of the citizens ensured in massachusetts. that is working. similarities, differences. make sure we eliminate the differences. repeal the bad and keep the good. >> dana: in some ways it's like, it's the item that repeal and replace it with something else. is that what he is saying? >> eric: first, spiders grow egg, not arm -- grow legs, not arm. >> greg: not if you're a human spider hybrid. >> eric: let's talk about mitt romney. friday, nikki haley endorses mitt romney. now the "des moines register" affidavit has tea party endorsement. it's important that the des moines register, right? >> bob: it's not conservative endorement. but nonetheless, it did halt newt's momentum.
2:21 am
this is strong enough and override it. but if you get four or five in a row, gingrich is for haley's opponent. >> eric: a lot of tea party people scratching their head going romney, looking for something -- >> bob: you are force fed romney. simple as that. >> dana: i disagree. when it comes to her i think she made that decision based on the merits. >> greg: haley? >> dana: yeah. >> greg: it was a hot people deal. she's good looking and she went to romney because he is good looking. makes me tick to my stomach. not being a hottie. >> dana: and you would know. >> eric: sarah palin left the door open to run. >> kimberly: i knew it. inlove sarah palin. >> eric: she has to get out there -- >> bob: i've been on the edge of my seat all night long
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waiting to hear! >> bob: tonight make sure you home to watch o'reilly because home rom ha -- romney hs interview with him. kim jong il, north korean dictator is now dead. greg has analysis next. ♪ ♪ p@?ñm ñoy÷h>óñc>ó
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> greg: welcome back to "the five." brave anticommunist hvel died last weekend. a great man, true hero, but he is not funny. you know who is? kim jong il. he croaked, too. so we're going to talk about him, because he had creepy hair, funny glasses and bizarreo lifestyle. he died at 69, a funny age. here is the issue with the jokes. this is all funny on the outside but not on the in. it's like the crazy lady who lived on your block. as a kid, you and your friends made fun of her all the time and her cats, too. you doorbell dished her. there was always a moment when you glimpse inside the house and there was nothing funny about it. that would occur with north korea, too. a picture would get out and you would cry inside. the north koreans were the cat in the cat lady house. it reminds me of the balloon
2:27 am
boy. watching the silver orb sail against the sky was fun. then you realize someone might be in there and the stomach turned to hot gravel. that is north korea. sadly, unlike the balloon, there are people inside. suffering within is no hoax. just tribute to hell of amoral utopia. for people with ipad must be hard to believe that a mad man who starved his people to death still exist. but as long as there are those who have human evil with forced equality, there will always be kims. laughing at them won't make them go away. >> eric: he has been ill. >> greg: he has been ill. kim, you're a kim -- >> kimberly: sorry. i want to dissociate myself from the other kims. immediately. >> greg: talk about the great successor is a younger kid, looks just like him. some say he might have had plastic surgery. what do you make of this puppy looking weirdo?
2:28 am
>> kimberly: get your money back. get a lawyer. immediately. right? what can i say. you don't know a lot about him. we know he is obsesse obsessed h basketball with the n.b.a., michael jordan. excellent job qualifications. he is in his 20s. like 22, they're not entirely sure. wasn't a good student. hope because he had a wester westernized education. >> greg: he's a moron. >> bob: this is the third generation of fruit cakes in a row in that country. they are all having receding hairlines at that age. she a potential serial killer. study serial killers. on a serious note. >> --s a -- >> kimberly: are you a forensic psychologist? >> bob: no. i happen to like serial killers so be careful. one thing about this, i talk to graham, a friend of mine who has a mission in north korea that only christians would be allowed to be there. staffing is exactly right. it's terrible what is going
2:29 am
on. the latest military from the south and the north, some say it was the kid pulling the strings behind that thing. if that is the case, we have a problem on our hand. >> eric: is it important to note. they fired a short range missile. here is the point. obama has been the apologist to the world. apologize for the american exceptionalism. this would be a great opportunity for someone in the state department, hillary to get over there, sit down with this guy and say you know what? we're not bad. you are not bad. open up and figure out south carolinsouth koreaand north kore peninsula a safer place. >> bob: you just assaulted me twice. >> greg: here is something weird. we talk about the kid and we talk about the father who loved movies, american movies, they love stuff about america. >> dana: but they hate the american lifestyle. he had palaces around north korea. do you know you are not
2:30 am
allowed to listen to any other radio station than the state run radio and television station? i have a privilege of serving on the broadcasting board of governors. if you can get a radio in there to tune in to radio free asia or voice of america, they listen under their pillows so they won't get caught. this is the basics of human freedom denied the north koreans. i think that there is a potential for a hundredtarian crisis on the border with south korea and china and important we work with them to make sure that one, they have the basic food. which they haven't had in a long time. >> bob: you know what will not happen is the six party talks will not continue anytime soon. the chinese particularly didn't like this being handed off to the kid. they had hoped they would be some more reasonable person. the north koreas get them in trouble. they are getting tired of it now. they have their own concerns. they are trying to expand themselveses in the pacific as
2:31 am
pacific naval presence, doing a good job with it. they are coming back to say please calm down. >> kimberly: he has four-var general wither very little training or experience. >> bob: tell him that michael jor jordan doesn't playn the n.b.a. anymore. >> eric: japan should worry about this. >> bob: absolutely. >> eric: short time, short missile ride away. who knows what he is up to. >> bob: keep in mind 45,000 american troops on the border. why we still do, i don't know. >> bob: the fourth large -- >> kimberly: fourth largest. 'canes the reason we have troops there it's helped secure strong democracy in south korea. the chinese have no human rights record to write home about.
2:32 am
>> bob: but do you think that is the reason -- you're probably on the money but the key endorsement, evading the south because they have to go to war with the united states to the it? >> dana: i think our presence has been stabilizing over time. they will continue to be a big trading partner. >> greg: we have to take a break here. tebow, tebow, tebow, tebow. outrage, outrage, outrage, outrage. coming up, more tebow and more outrage. you don't want to miss this. if you don't want to miss this, you are probably a sad person and are no longer on my christmas card list. outrage! ♪ ♪ york and "the
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five." ♪ ♪ >> eric: welcome back to "the five." tebow again coming under ail tack by critics. this time he was mocked on our favorite, "saturday night live." listen. >> they are going to thank the most important person in my life. lord and savior jesus christ. i could not do it without him. thank you, jesus! ♪ >> hey, everybody. >> jesus! he has risen. >> no, no, no really. just a quick visit.
2:38 am
i, jesus christ, am the reason you won the last six football games. >> i knew it! >> easy! buddy, leave room for the holy ghost. >> greg: i like the skit, the one i thought was much better was before it on the muslim brotherhood. did you see that? >> kimberly: no. >> greg: oh! it didn't happen. they didn't do that. actually, i would say this, if you are in the public eye, cute thing to do. debate over whether there is too much relyion and football. "saturday night live" tries to do things funny. >> bob: this is one of my problems with tebow in all of this. it's not tebow's fault, but first, dispicksable to jesus christ or lord and savior. the fact it's drawing attention to tebow, christianity and faith and jesus and they make it in to a commercial operation. >> greg: that is a comedy. >> bob: there is nothing funny about that. >> greg: some people might not like it, some think it's funny, but it's comedy.
2:39 am
say tir -- satire and parody. >> bob: when they're heathens, then. >> kimberly: interesting bob taking that. >> eric: it's interesting. >> bob: left winger has to do with jesus christ? i said he was my lord and savior. >> kimberly: the commercialization -- >> bob: he doesn't have any -- [over talk ] >> kimberly: bob, it's satire. >> dana: i don't think it's bad for christianity and i don't think it's bad for tebow. it's not like he hides that he is a christian. that's why we talk about it all the time. i'm fine with it. i'm fine with it. >> greg: compliment to christians you can make fun of them. that is why you don't see satire on muhammad on "saturday night live." >> kimberly: that is the point. it's all coming together now. >> eric: talk to us, roll the video of the kid, halftime of a basketball game. university of florida. basketball game. a kid with a chance to make
2:40 am
$25,000. shoots it from half court. puts the ball through the rim. now what happens after that is the most interesting part. the part we're all talking about. yes, he celebrates. here it comes. three, two, one. tebows. 'canes good for him. >> eric: good for him. absolutely! >> kimberly: what is wrong with that? >> greg: the shot is the thing. >> eric: there have been five or six kids who made the shot. this is the only one -- >> greg: so he could be talked about? >> eric: no. no. no no. don't turn it around that way, gutfeld. >> kimberly: last name! >> eric: he gets down on bended knee and says thank you to -- >> bob: do you think he was following the tebow tradition? do you think he is a christian? >> eric: i certainly do. i do. >> kimberly: we assume he is unless we have evidence to the contrary. >> bob: don't you think of everybody getting down is a school or doing this has
2:41 am
anything to do with the fact that tebow and christ have been brought together in a commercialized situation? and this picture i -- don't take anything away from the guy's faith. >> kimberly: it's so weird. like you are against tebow. >> eric: i'm not. >> bob: he is a good christian. but i'm against the commercialization -- >> greg: tebow was an interexcise you do, the infomercial, tebow exercise. >> kimberly: the boflex? >> greg: this is like growing up with fonzi and "happy days" and everybody walked around going "hey!" >> kimberly: you still do that. all the time. >> bob: fonzi and jesus christ. what is that one thing with the commercial? >> kimberly: thigh master. that works by the way. >> eric: if i wear a gold cross around my neck?
2:42 am
>> eric: no, but if you wear jersey with jesus on the back it's commercialization. >> dana: news of the day isn't commercial. he is in the news. it's news of the day. people cover it. that is what saturday night live makes fun of you. that is why they had huntsman on. not to make fun of him, but his virtue. >> greg: what is funny about "saturday night live." sorry to interrupt you. compare the right and left impersonators on "saturday night live." do impeccable job of bush with will ferrell, sarah palin, amazing. the obama is dreadful. they purposefully do not go out of their way to impersonate obama because they think it's insulting. >> bob: they get together and get the conspiracy done? >> eric: who will play bob in the snl skit? >> bob: we know it's a fat guy. >> kimberly: oh, bob! >> bob: i don't care. >> dana: it could be a skinny guy. >> bob: i doubt it.
2:43 am
>> eric: before we go, if you type in tebow on iphone if you send someone a text, it finishes the word for you. >> bob: supposed to get out of here. >> eric: got to go. way down there in washington say house members can't use the phrase "merry christmas." we will tell you what is all about. everyone, merry christmas. ( phone ringing )
2:44 am
okay... uhh. the bad news, it's probably totaled. the good news is, you don't have to pay your deducble. with vanishing deductible from nationwide insurance, you got $100 off for every year of safe driving, so now your deductible is zero. the other good news ? i held on to your coffee. wow. ♪ nationwide is on your side
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( laughing ) it's actually a pretty good day whenou consider. that's great.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> bob: i bet you greg is singing along with that right now. >> eric: this is bob at the e -- >> bob: this is bob, at the "e" block. near the end of the show, because i'm on "e." let me ad lib this for a second. first, let me ad lib the fact i'm always at the back of the show. >> dana: you asked for this segment. >> bob: i did. i wanted it. >> kimberly: crazy, right? >> bob: in washington we have a frank privilege for members of conference. one of the greater ripoffs you
2:48 am
have in washington you can spend out $180,000 for a small district up to $1 million. now they have the frank privilege committee that says certain thingous can say and certain things you can't say. now they say you can't say "merry christmas." if you bums are going to waste the money anyway what is wrong with saying, "merry christmas" instead of the other crap you say? >> dana: they could say thank you very much for your taxpayer dollars. we're going to continue to rip you off. merry, merry christmas. it's not a new thing. it has been the rules all along. nobody brought it up. >> kimberly: why do they take an issue with it now? this whole thing, sorry, war on christmas. you have can't say merry christmas. you have to sanitize everything to make it -- it's in there for a while. >> kimberly: they are enforcing it now. why? freddie it's been santatized!
2:49 am
-- >> greg: it's been santa santatized. go ahead. >> bob: who is on first? >> greg: this is the first time i heard the name "franking" so i'm assume it's named after something barney frank does on the weekends. >> kimberly: isn't he gone? >> eric: downstairs business going on. >> greg: i thought it was get something -- >> bob: he is retiring. give him a break. >> greg: i thought it was getting something free. isn't that what franking is? >> bob: frank this. go ahead. came bob! >> eric: franking is part of a bigger problem that is called members representational allowances, the congress and senate get anything between somewhere around $1 million up to $2 million of spending money. part of it is postage. and other things. they can rent cars or buy lunches. they can write off a bottle of water.
2:50 am
>> dana: i don't like the word. it's like having -- >> eric: if you had $2 million to spend in addition? >> dana: i don't know how much it is. but if you work at a place one thing you have to do is operate a business, you need to have operating funds to do that. you can't expect the members of congress to pay it out of their own pocket. >> kimberly: why can't they mail christmas cards? >> bob: they do that and we pay for it too. thethe new scam now, they have town meetings to inform our constituents of what we're doing up here that is great, now the lowest rated congress in history as far as i know. then they have all the people -- it's a campaign event. that is why 90% of incumbents get re-elected because they are funded in $2 or $3 million of taxpayer money before they have a chance to raise the first nickel. >> greg: did you read you cannot say "happy new year" but you can say "have a happy new year." >> dana: the verb makes a difference? >> greg: verbiage.
2:51 am
>> kimberly: semantic gymnastics. >> eric: where did you get that? >> greg: from the article. unless i dreamt it. >> kimberly: made that up. please, stop reminding me -- >> bob: we shouldn't talk about that. anyway, you didn't do drugs. >> kimberly: ever. >> bob: dana didn't. neither did these guys. >> kimberly: does it make a difference? >> eric: ron paul goes on the "tonight show" and takes a cheap shot at michele bachmann. we have the tape next. >> greg: nicely done! ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> kimberly: i love it. i love that song. welcome back to "the five." you can tell we are only week aceway from iowa caucus, because the fight for 2012 is getting ugly. ron paul went on jay leno and took a shot at michele bachmann and rick santorum.
2:56 am
take a listen. >> michele bachmann? >> she doesn't like muslims. she hates muslims. she wants to go get them. >> that's no good. and rick santorum, i never see him talk much. it seems like to him, gay people, my god, the end of the world. you can talk about anything else. >> gay people and muslims. >> kimberly: whoa! somebody went off the reservation there. what do you make of this? >> eric: i can't believe he was on national television saying that michele bachmann and rick santorum hate muslims. ron paul, don't be a hypocrite. aren't you the one who says let's pull out of the middle east to leave israel on their own? if anyone hates anyone, it could be said that your ideology proves that you hate jews. >> eric: i think ron paul got in -- >> bob: he is a doctor. he got in his own medicine bag before that show. a reason for this politically that make sense. there will be a conservative tightening in iowa in the next
2:57 am
week or so. he wants to be sure that two people that don't catch votes are bachmann and santorum. paul may be right and he can sneak up and knock off romney. i don't think newt has got it anymore. paul could win that. >> kimberly: it helps obama. >> eric: to have paul win? >> bob: oh, yeah. paul was the front runner for a while for republicans. >> dana: why haven't we read all day long about paul breaking the reagan commandment of not talking bad about the republicans. there should be a rule if you want to make a point and go after your opponent, going on jay leno to make a joke is not the best place. >> kimberly: passive aggressive perhaps. go on "red eye." >> greg: he was on "red ey
2:58 am
eye." one of the few people i was taller than. or was that kucinich? they all blend in. you can't talk about islamophobia, a cheap shot. especially with the newsletters floating around. questionable stuff. be very careful. look at leno. he asked a main stream stupid question. you have to blame him, too. >> eric: but the thing about the paulites, it is true they are a committed, dedicated group. >> bob: they have been after my pal, eric, who is jumping on ron paul. they will get after you. i don'tthe they sleep. >> kimberly: they work in shifts. >> bob: they ares a close to a colt as anything i've seen. >> kimberly: they are crippling the e-mail box right now. >> bob: they don't scare me. but lever rick and dana alone. >> kimberly: so there.
2:59 am
we have a media in the audience. combat against any kind of problem with the e-mail. >> bob: are we going to be digital? >> kimberly: we are digital. talk about this. you want to talk about the polls? >> bob: i do. >> kimberly: put you in happy mood before we say goodbye. marist poll for the third straight year americans say "whatever" is the most annoying word in casual conversation, as opposed to formal. >> greg: this is why i don't date anyone under 20. >> kimberly: you're also married. >> greg: that, too. the song "valley girl" 25 years old was an indictment of this language. all the language from the galleria mall. >> bob: the word that should have won is "like." teenager goes like this and like this and like this and like this. >> dana: hate when they say that -- >> eric: my neck of the world the phrase most disliked millionaire, billionaires and corporate jet ownersz . >> bob: because they all


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