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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  December 20, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EST

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one. that's it for "special report." fair, balanced, and unafraid. >> "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight do you consider yourself a conservative thinker? are you a conservative man. >> mitt romney enters the no spin zone. what is the biggest mistake he has ever made? >> probably about the issue of abortion and life. i was simply wrong. >> bill: what does he think of newt gingrich? >> he has not been conservative on the major issues what does he really think about president obama. >> is a nice guy but he is over his head. >> the governor tonight. >> you might not mitt romney say keep america american anymore it was a central theme of the kkk. >> msnbc apologizes to mitt romney over a clan remark and pbs apologizes to the factor for misusing a clip. bernie goldberg has some
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thoughts. [cheers] >> big fat phony alert. a bunch of women weeping for the dead north korean dictator. [howling] >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. captions by closed captioning services hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. a member of congress not allowed to wish you merry christmas on the taxpayer dime. that's the subject of this evening's talking points memo. as everybody knows except the aclu christmas is is a federal holiday signed into law by president grant in 1970. members of congress received a memo from the franking commission the folks who tell congress people who gets free mail and who doesn't. saying that a merry christmas sentiment, not allowed at that
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taxpayers should not be footing the bill for that in fact, the congressional handbook says that personal greetings cannot be mailed free only business stuff falls under that banner. that makes senses specially because the federal government is broke. now, there is a loophole. if a congress person sends you a letter stating how great they are, which is what the free mail is usually used for, they can tag the greatness sentiment with a happy holiday season or something. but not merry christmas or happy new year. oh, no. the entire holiday season must be mentioned. so a federal holiday cannot be part of the mailing to you. how dumb is this? incredibly dumb. now, i don't want to be picking up the tab for nancy pelosi's holiday card list. i support the ban on that. but at the end of nancy's assertion that her wisdom is saving the u.s.a. from peril.
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she should be allowed to say merry christmas, not that she would ever say that but she should be allowed. if u.s. grant were alive today he might well put on a uniform and invade the mail room of the u.s. capital. freeing the people there from stupidity. christmas is not a word anyone should be ashamed of. it is the law of the land. federal workers and almost everyone else do not have to labor on that day. that alone we should all be merry. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. extensive interview with mitt romney. the governor stopped by earlier today. >> all right, governor, i want to get people to know you a little bit here in a personal sense rather than a policy interview tonight first thing i want to do is run a sound clip from the debate last week on fox news. go. >> i have learned over time like ronald reagan and george herbert walker bush and others my experience over life over
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19 years told me i was wrong. where i was wrong i tried to correct myself. >> bill: what was the biggest thing you were wrong about? >> well, it was probably about the issue of abortion and life. i have always opposed abortion. but when i ran for office, i thought well, i can say and can understand the idea of leaving the law the way it is. the supreme court has made its decision, i'm just going to say i will support the law and preserve the law as it exists. that was somewhat naive it turns out because when i became governor i found out you can't just support it the way it is. that the law changes overtime. i have had a piece of legislation that came to my desk that would redefine when life gain in my state. creation of embryos for the purpose of experimentation and ultimately destroying them. i said look i am pro-life, i will defend the sanctity at this of human life. i was wrong. >> you vetoed that bill. >> i vetoed that. >> bill: bill in the beginning
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when you were campaigning in massachusetts very liberal state personal belief i'm against it but i'm not going to legislate it because row v. wade. you think that was a mistake. >> yeah. i think that was a mistake. >> people might say this is the same old romney if you do in your heart believe abortion is killing a human being then you can't really support it no matter what the law says. >> i was simply wrong. >> did you understand the seriousness of aboarding a aborting a baby in your heart? whats with a your mind set then. >> it it's hard to go back in that time frame. the supreme court estimated a decision that roe v. wade had been settled for 35 years. not relitigate that and support the law as it existed and preserve the rights under the decision of the court. what i found was that i could not do that. >> bill: couldn't live with it myself. >> when i was faced with signing a piece of legislation that would authorize the creation and killing of human life, i could not possibly go
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along with that. >> do you consider yourself a conservative thinker? >> i am conservative. i have become more conservative over time. >> you weren't conservative when you were running massachusetts. you were a moderate in my opinion. what changed you into a more curve guy? >> actually, i think my record as governor was a conservative record. >> bill: romney care is not a conservative thing with all due respect. the thought behind it is the government should get involved with people's health care. that's not a conservative position. >> actually, the idea as you know came from conservatives at the heritage foundation newt gingrich and the idea was. this we have today in this country insistence that government does treat people. that people that don't have insurance are given free care by government. that was what was going on in my state. i said gosh, this is a problem. we are giving to people based upon the premise that government owes these people health care for free. that doesn't make sense. personal responsibility makes more sense where people should take responsibility for
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getting their own insurance rather than showing up at the emergency room and expecting government to pay for them correct me if i am wrong doesn't have much though do it. if they didn't buy it they everywhere sanctioned by the state. >> they got responsibility to pick up a portion of the cost of their health insurance which in the past they were getting for free. >> i'm trying to figure out why a guy like you a lot of business experience and policy experience is going to the right. why are you going there? conservatives don't trust you, they think you are a phoney, you are not a conservative, you are doing this because you want to win the primary and you will go back to being a massachusetts guy again. >> the good news, i had the same posture in my campaign four years ago. and go back and look at my record as governor. i cut taxes 19 times in my state. balanced the budget every year. put in place rainy day fund. insisted on english immersion
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in our schools. the positions i took are entirely consistent with a conservative view that america is best when we invest in individuals, the responsibility for their own lives. >> bill: okay. now the race is coming down between you and gingrich. and gingrich is positioning himself to the right of you. and then you say about gingrich that is he zany. >> his comments about the justices and the congress sending the capital police to bring in judges that's not exactly a practical idea or a constitutional idea. >> and frankly the challenge i have with regards to newt gingrich's conservatism is on the two big conservative movements in the last decade. one the effort to stop cap and trade he sat on the sofa with nancy pelosi. medicare to make it financially solvent he called it a right wing engineering plan. >> these judges are out of
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control ninth circuit control up can't have one god under -- a lot of conservatives are going to respond to that. >> there are a lot of decisions by judges i vehemently don't agree with. i agree with the constitution. the assertion that judge is out of control is not to tear up the constitution and say the congress of the united states becomes the now ultimate power in this country that the. >> bill: what do we do about out of control judges. >> the thing we can do is follow the constitution. in the constitution there is a method for removing a justice. there is also a method for reversing their decisions. >> bill: on the gay marriage thing. >> that's the nature of a democracy. >> bill: now, next on the rundown, mr. romney on what he really thinks of president obama. and later juan williams and mary katharine ham and mike huckabee will weigh in on the interview and we will be right
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>> bill: continue iting now with mitt romney. we begin with his take on the president of the united states. what's the matter with president obama's leadership? you say that he is not doing the job. i mean obviously the unemployment rate and the economy is shaky. there is no doubt about that. what about obama the man? what is he missing in the leadership component in your opinion? >> well, one he has never been a leader before. and so a few of us looked at him and said what do you think about selecting the man as president who has never led anything he? didn't lead in the illinois
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senate. >> harvard u. >> it's wonderful to be able to be author and editor i'm talking about leading an organization. leading a group of people. growing something. hiring people, firing people. all the process of leadership he has never had that experience. he didn't recognize that part of leadership is finding allies and friends across the aisle and building relationships of trust and respect with them. working to find common ground and whether do you that in the private sector or in the voluntary sector as did i at the olympics or in the state of massachusetts where my legislature was 8 a% democrat. i have had the experience of leadership. this president hasn't. >> bill: is he a socialist? >> i prefer to use the term that he is just over his head. >> bill: have you got to look at his economic plan and the economic plan was top down federal leadership getting us out of the recession. we spent trillions of dollars. people say listen the guy is a socialist. it's class warfare that's what he is going to wage against you if you get the nomination. you are a rich guy. he is out of touch. is he a socialist? >> i consider him a big
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government liberal democrat. as you look at his policies. you conclude that he thinks europe got it right and we got it wrong. i think europe got it wrong. i think europe is not working in europe. i will battle him on that day in and day out. i'm probably not going to be calling him names so much as calling him a failure. >> what happens if he wins again? >> i think we hit a greece like wall. end of his second term if he were reelected there is a risk we would hit a financial crisis the greece or italy have faced. i think it's also very possible we would continue to see very high levels of unemployment. i think you would see industry in this country, entrepreneurs big and small decide to go elsewhere to take their investment dollars to other nations. this president has put together the most anti-investment, antigrowth, and anti-job series of policies i have seen since jimmy carter. >> bill: what about north korea the nut dictator died today and now they are setting up missiles and all of that business. living in a dangerous world.
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do you know enough about people from around me and around the nation. and look at all the options we have. evaluate those. analyze. >> bill: that's what herman cain said when he didn't know anything. >> i know a great deal about north korea. before i would take a step with north korea. i would bring in a lot of people. get a lot of opinions. analyze them thoroughly. >> bill: dangerous nation? >> very dangerous nation. right now with north korea now there is the potential that kim jong un will do something provocative. when change occurs, a setting is more fragile. but there is also an opportunity though north korea. >> bill: maybe. >> if we are wise there we might be able to encourage a greater degree of openness and see the kind of change there we would hope to realize. >> bill: all right. when you hear ron paul say that the united states screwed up everything and we are -- it's our fault that the muslim jihadists are attacks us and that we should be friendly to iran and they don't really have a nuclear weapon.
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when you hear a guy like that who may win iowa. what goes through your mind. >> is he badly mistaken. the evidence points quite clearly to the fact that jihadism is not something that we caused. we are in conflict with jihadism and ultimately the idea of iran having the nuclear weapon would suggest that fissile material may find its way, probably will find its way at some point into the hands of hamas or some other agent of theirs and the world will have nuclear terror this sun accept tble to us. >> china and russia won't cooperate enough to strangle iran to force them to stop it. >> probably one of the greatest failures of this president's administration a failure of leadership is when he decided to give russia their number one foreign policy objective which is removal of our missile defense sites from poland he gave them that and did not get in return an agreement on their part for crippling sanctions against iran. unthinkable failure. if he was going to do that. >> bill: get something back.
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>> that would have left china out there as the last man standing. my guess is we could have pushed china hard enough. >> bill: that was then and this is now. they are chugging along to get these nukes and new president does what. >> make sure we have military options that combine with crippling sanctions. we have developed in a way iran understands we would use military options. >> are you a tough guy going to stare them down and say i'm going to use them? if you bomb iran that starts world war three. they will try block hormuz, oil will double. unintended consequences against the united states all over the muslim world would be horrible. that's what iran is banking on. then there is the other side of the sorry which is not taking actions with tripling sanctions and treating them as they are and military sanctions if you don't do those things that iran has a nuclear weapon that nuclear material will ultimately be used. >> shepard: no doubt about it. you are telling me today you are tough enough to take -- to
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tell the mullahs over there because they're calling the shots not the dopey ahmadinejad. look, you keep doing, this we are going to bomb you. we have a number of things we can do short of military action but we have to prepare. we have to prepare as well for military action. in order to concentrate their mind for pete's sake. >> last question here, the most serious problem facing the country is the 15 trillion-dollar debt. okay? and you see the pinheads in congress. they can't even get together to cut 1.2 trillion. how are you going to cut this debt down? >> three basic steps. one eliminate a lot of programs that we don't have toe have. >> bill: give me one. >> obama care is easiest but then there are others. take programs growing uncontrolled rate like medicaid turn it back to the states and say that's going to go grow now at the cpi plus 1%. $100 billion a year. number three cut workforce 10% by attrition, link federal pay with the pay that exists in the private sector, that's
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worth $47 billion a year. and then reform social security and medicare. not for current retire years but for the next retirees. >> bill: they will be mad at you though. we appreciate you coming in. good luck in the campaign. >> thanks, bill. >> we are trying to get newt gingrich on the program tomorrow. hope it happens. directly ahead. reaction to the romney chat. first up juan williams and mary katharine ham. then later pbs apologizing to the factor for some wrongdoing. this is kind of a big deal.
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>> bill: impact segment tonight, did mitt romney help or hurt himself this evening on the factor. joining us now from washington fox news analyst mary katharine ham and juan williams, juan, what say you? >> well, i think you had him back stepping, bill. i think that was a tough interview for him because on the abortion issue, he just wasn't comfortable in saying
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why he was allowing abortion to go forward in massachusetts when he was governor if it was a heart felt position that he was taking. i think that's very hard for him. i think you were right again when you said you know what? conservatives just don't think you are that conservative. they see a lot of flip flops. individual mandate and the like. they think you are going to go back to that once you win the primary. for him, even though he got all these endorsements this weekend, i look at the poll numbers, the poll numbers look to me like it's about the same for romney. it's not despite all the conservatives saying you can't trust newt gingrich, is he reckless, is he unreliable, is he not truly conservative, i don't see anybody really, as far as voters concerned rushing to romney's embrace. is. >> bill: what do you say mary katharine? >> i think it was good for him that he is doing some of these sit downs with you guys. some worried not doing sunday shows and doing shows before this point. he started in slow and steady. it had some good moments.
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he attacked gingrich on the things he needs to which are the most recent betrayals of the conservative movement. the right wing social engineering and that kind of thing. the on the couch a classic. i thought he had one good line i'm probably not going to be calling him names so much i'm going to be calling him a failure. it was fun and uncharacteristically mean for romney. juan is right. he has got his talking points on the abortion issue. something that people still have questions about. you heard him name check obama care but the mandate is what people don't like in polls this week 15%. only 15% are okay with the mandates. so hitting that would be a strong thing for a republic candidate. he can't do it because of romney care in massachusetts. >> yeah. but he says he is going to do away with obama care. >> >> right. i think that was a good step for him to sigh that. >> bill: he has to. all right. now the poll in the gallup poll is tied between gingrich and romney now. a couple of polls romney has
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increased his position and gingrich is losing steam in all of the polls. why is gingrich losing some steam, juan? >> not only the des moines register. can you go on and on in terms of really the establishment conservative assault on gingrich the last few days. it's been a tsunami. it's been unbelievable. and i think some of that is breaking through. especially on the point of who beat obama. that's the bottom line for most republicans in the country and been very clear to people and especially here in washington. that they think newt gingrich would not only lose to president obama but he would damage republics all the way down the ticket. now, let me just say that when you look, again, as these polls that you just referenced, bill, a lot of the hispanics, a lot of independent women, a lot of people in the electorate are losing confidence in the moderate idea of romney, even as romney is being forced to run to the right in order to stave off the challenge from
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newt gingrich. i mean, when he says things like to you like oh the united states would be become greece in a second. obama administration? i think most people in the country, not the conservative right. but most people from the country think what? where is he getting that stuff from. >> that isn't something i would quibble with. >> i would. >> bill: i wouldn't. projected debt in this country in 10 years is over $20 trillion. you can't do that you can't run up that kind of a bill. >> we don't have a history like greece. greece sought of control. >> it doesn't make a difference what our history is we can't pay the debt, juan. we can't pay it back. and if foreign investors start to pull the plug, it's not going to be exactly like greece. powerful economic engine. there could be economic catastrophe in this country and people are crazy if they think there isn't going to be. mary katharine, i'm not so sure that the folks buying into the republic elite that obama is going to lose to -- gingrich can't beat obama.
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>> right. >> bill: because the folks and the mail i get look, gingrich take them to the wood shop to the debate. we all have questions about gingrich and how he could conduct himself on a one-on-one with obama everybody's money is on gingrich. >> that's what people like about him. is he a strong arguer. sometimes he talks too long and gets himself in trouble as he has done. some of the exposure to that is why his numbers have gone down. romney has a bunch of money to spend in iowa that's why his numbers are going down there. >> going up there. >> it doesn't mean it's helping romney that gingrich is going down in bagh. if they follow the national trend they will fall. >> bill: it will be a long shootout until about april. we will see what happens. we appreciate you guys coming in as always. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. newt gingrich standing by. his belief that federal judges should be held accountable for their rulings. he he would even send u.s. marshals after them. mike huckabee on that. then, bernie goldberg on msnbc
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apologizing for kkk remarks directed at mitt romney. we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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>> newt gingrich caused some controversy when he said elected powers that be in washington should hold federal judges legally responsible if their rulings are inexplicable. the speaker was asked about that on cbs yesterday. >> one of the things you say is that if you don't like what a court has done that congress should subpoena the judge and bring him before congress and hold a congressional hearing. some people say that's unconstitutional but i will let that go for a minute. i just want to ask you from a practical standpoint how would you enforce that? would you send the capital police down to arrest him if had you to. you would instruct the justice department to send the u.s. marshall. let's take the case of judge beery, he should be asked to
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explain a position that radical. how key say he is going to jail the superintendent over the word benediction and invocation? >> bill: now, mr. gingrich referring to judge fred beery appointed by president clinton who ruled last june that a public school district cannot use the words amen or prayer at a graduation ceremony. the ruling was quickly overturned. joining us from little rock, arkansas the governor of that state mike huckabee is newt gingrich on solid ground here? does he have a point? >> politically he has a point. it's a great applause line. i like newt and i think is he a great candidate. i'm very uncomfortable with. so things he is saying. when you start talking about defying a court i was a governor for 10 and a half years. there wasn't a month of my tenure that i didn't have some court decision either state supreme or federal court that came and issued a warning that i didn't political particularly like that didn't give me the opportunity to say i'm not going to obey it or call a judge in and one of the supreme court justices and calm him up before the state
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legislature and clean his clock you can't do that in 1947 in little rock, arkansas there was a governor who stood at the schoolhouse door and said nine black students couldn't go through that door because he didn't like the court order. that's not the way you govern. you change laws, you amend the constitution but you just don't just say i don't like it therefore i'm not going to do it if obama were to say i'm going to defy some court rulings and ignore the justice department conservatives like me go berserk because we say a president can't just pick and choose the laws whether it's -- >> bill: executive order that's how the president gets around a lot of this stuff. let's be fair to gingrich tonight and then again we will try to get him on tomorrow. he didn't say he would defy the court ruling. what he said is the judge who makes a crazy decision has to come and explain the decision and if he doesn't, you are going to get a subpoena to explain it. and, therefore, if it's
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inexplicable after he gives congress and explains to whatever committee wants him to. then, you can impeach him. because you can say look, this isn't our record. he can't, he has no constitutional authority to point to to make this ruling it was an activist ruling off the top of his head because he doesn't like something and you can't do that so there is a threat of legality in what the speaker is saying, is there not? >> well, but bill there is idiocy in the court's decision down there in texas. the guy is a nut, he is a bigger fruit cake than the one you get for christmas and if he can't explain it in a way that's cogent and constitutional. then you can file charges of impeachment against him. >> you can impeach pim but i will tell you that's why we have appellate courts. when you get idiot decision or just a wrong one may not be as stupid as that one but a wrong one then you can appeal but there is a process and i think what makes many of us uncomfortable is the idea that
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instead of going through what is a tedious time-consuming painful process we would just sort of go ahead and rush to the final conclusion and say all right, we are going to yank this guy's chain. just remember in the words of jesus. they that take the sword shall parish with the sword. whatever sword they take is going to be used against us. >> i made this the centerpiece of talking points memo last week. and said you have got to be careful about this stuff. the ninth circuit of appeals in san francisco is off the chart crazy. 66% overturned rating. we have a fundamental problem in this country, a fundamental problem now with the court, not just a crazy guy in texas. not just a couple of the supreme court judges who are going to vote ideology. we have a whole cord can't in the western parts of the united states doesn't see the rest of the country the way the founders did. a problem. >> absolutely. that's why we have to elect a decent president who will appoint good junels. i have no problem with amended
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the constitution i think we should so we have term limits not only for the president which we already have for the executive branch. have term limits for the legislative branch and the judicial branch. i understand the history you didn't want to have a judiciary worried about getting reelected. if they had a 12 year term and that's it,. >> i would support that because justices for life, that breeds arrogance. >> bad idea. >> if i hit my head over here and i want to make everybody look like dr. spock or whatever i'm going to do it. all right, governor. we appreciate it as always merry christmas to you. the governor has a great series of historical dvds for kids which make great christmas or hanukkah gifts. check them out on learn our when we come right back bernie goldberg on msnbc apologizing for clan reference involving mitt romney. bernie is next.
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>> thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the weekdays with bernie segment tonight. last weekend news anchor on msnbc said this. >> so you might not hear mitt romney say keep america american anymore that's because it was a central theme of the kkk in the 1920s, it was a rallying cry for the group's campaign of violence and intimidation against blacks gays and jews. >> we reported on a blog item that compared a phrase used by the romney campaign to one used by the kkk way back in the 1920s, it was irresponsible and incendiary of us doing that showed appalling like judgment. we apologize we really do to the romney campaign. >> bill: joining us from miami the purveyor of bernard mr. goldberg. so msnbc did what they had to do. you know, i don't have a beef with it do you? >> yeah, i do as a matter of fact. i think chris matthews showed
5:41 am
courage in apologizing for something he personally didn't do. but msnbc management that apologizes they set the tone where this kind of stuff was allowed to happen. so, their apology means very little to me. >> bill: i think it's changing over there. people don't underg.e. use to the own msnbc news. they sold it to comcast. it's a cable outfit out of philadelphia. i just see a tone change. not the bomb throwers on msnbc right now. but they -- i can guarantee you they would not -- they would not have apologized for that a year ago. there is no way they would have apologized for that? >> that's right. listen, the reason we got an apology -- i say we, america got an apology for this is because mitt romney is a very important person. and the comcast people aren't as understanding of this kind of slander as the old management apparently was.
5:42 am
i mean, look. the management of a company owe-of a vt network sets the tone for what gets on the air. that's how it starts. it's not just true at msnbc. it's true every place. so, what happens here? you have a fat pitch coming right down the middle where some liberal blogger says that mitt romney used the term which he didn't that the ku klux klan used to do. and the chuckle head anchor and his brain dead producer don't even wonder why would mitt romney intentionally -- why in the world we intentionally want to associate with himself with the ku klux klan and they just go with it. now, think would never make that same reckless mistake if it involved a liberal democrat. not just because it would be jirl stick lick and morally wrong but because it doesn't
5:43 am
fit the business model. getting white hats and black hats in cable television is a business model. and as i said earlier, bill, as far as the apology is concerned, chris matthews, fine. management of msnbc, they created the atmosphere over many years that allowed this kind of thing to happen. >> bill: all right, now, msnbc news is entering into a collaborative journalistic enterprise. i don't even know what that means. maybe you could tell me. some of the people collaborating with are far left zealots, is that true? >> yes. the collaborative effort when they made a deal to take over there was a government provision that they would beef up local coverage of things by going into these collaborative efforts. what they did was this involves their local stations that they own, will go into relationships a series of relationships with different nonprofit news gathering organizations. one of them is what i would
5:44 am
call a semi news organization called pro-publica. the reason i call it semi is while they have done excellent investigative journalism, they have won two pulitzers, they do it within the framework bill of a social and political agenda. it is a left wing agenda which is no surprise since they are ben factors. the people who sign their paychecks are liberal activists. so,. >> bill: is there soros money in this pro-publica thing? >> indirectly. the main money comes from this couple that made a lot of money selling a bank. but those people are tied in with sorrows. here is the thing. they put on their web site the values, the stories that they cover reflect the values of the weak against the strong. i know you are not allowed to say that publicly and
5:45 am
especially on television but every now and then, bill, the weak are wrong and the strong are right. this is a takeoff our job is to afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted. >> it isn't. that's the job of a social worker or a priest or somebody like that but not a journalist. if this pro-publica. if they showed the same enthusiasm and same considerable jils i can ability that they show when they are going after fat cats and the strong as they put it, if they showed that same enthusiasm if when they were going after progressives on that side of the ledger i would say fine, msnbc news getting into bed with a left wing organization like this is just one more of many bad decisions that network has made in the past few years. hanukkah starts tomorrow night you were telling me, right? >> yeah tomorrow night.
5:46 am
merry christmas, bill. >> bill: i thought that might have been a good hanukkah gift pal dean martin. >> it was. >> bill: you have a nice hanukkah reality check on deck tonight. pbs apologizes to the factor and tim tebow mocked on "saturday night live." right back.
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight, regions check, lots of action this evening. check one. as you may know attorney general eric holder under fire for the fast and furious gun sting that went wrong a number of other snafus. in an interview with the "new york times," holder said some of the sentiment against him may be driven by race. quote: this is a way to get back at the president because of the way i can be identified with him. both due to the relationship
5:50 am
and, you know, the fact that we're both african-american, unquote. check reports, you decide. check two. ron paul showed up on the leno program friday night. >> michele bachmann,. >> she doesn't like muslims. she hates muslims. she wants to go get them. >> rick santorum. i never see him talk about them. gay people that's the end of the world. he doesn't talk about anything else. >> gay people and muslims. [ laughter ] >> not fair, congressman paul. not right. tim tebow plays for the new england papers. "saturday night live" sacked the quarterback. >> good morning, everybody. >> jesus, is he risen. >> not really.
5:51 am
just a quick visit. everybody take a seat. go ahead and take a seat. chill out. >> first of all, you are welcome. all right? yes, i jesus christ am indeed the reason you have won your past six football games. >> i knew it. >> oh, tim, easy. hey, buddy. leave a little room for the holy ghost, okay? >> okay. >> here is the thing. if we are going to keep doing this you have to meet me halfway out there. it's not a good week if every week i, the son of god have to come, in drop everything and bail out the denver bronchos in the fourth quarter okay? i'm a busy guy. >> you are only helping in the fourth quarter. >> yeah. have you watched the game film of the first half. three for 16. i can throw better. i'm 2010 years old. >> i pray to you before every game. >> i know. and i appreciate that here is something else you should do before the game, stretch, you know? get the arm warm. read the playbook. do you read that. >> the holy bible is my playbook. >> okay o, great.
5:52 am
that's great. but you need to read the regular playbook. okay? >> bill: hopefully for all of us god has a sense of humor. check four. new marist college poll asked americans to list the most annoying words floating around these days whatever. saying like in every sentence. number two saying you know in every sentence is number three. just saying number four. seriously number a. about to make the most annoying list, my prediction, really? really? check 5. last week pbs ran a report about training young americans to separate fact from propaganda. and in the propaganda voiceover. they used the picture of me anchoring the factor. well, we immediately took umbrage and jesse watters began warming up for a visit to pbs headquarters in washington. but then came this sentiment.
5:53 am
the shot plaintiff o'reilly lasted two seconds. since he is the only recognizable news person in the sequence, he has a point. the newshour apologizes for the unintended implication. unquote. all right. we're making progress here. we accept pbs's apology and have put watters back in the bullpen. finally check 6. we get lots of christmas cards this one from the blaze family in redding, pennsylvania caught our eye. merry christmas o'reilly. not everybody likes christmas. we all know that is true. but that won't keep our family from sending this to you. so when the war on christmas gets too much in your face, we call this massive card that might be seen from space. excellent. signed copy of killing lincoln on the way to the blaise household in redding, pennsylvania. pinheads and patriots up next. why are these women weeping? we will tell you the real
5:54 am
reason. p and p moments away.
5:55 am
>> bill: pinheads and patriots in a moment when you first, one of greatest gifts in the western hemisphere. our gear going griertd great on and shirts and hats and mugs. got the pen in my hand. all the profits go to charity.
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so everybody wins. and become a premium member and get lincoln free, two nice gifts for the price of one. now to the mail. >>. >> >> only. >> you sure your name isn't churchill, nobody wants another war. iran gets a nuke and the world is trouble. >> neptune beats florida, thanks nor your comments on federal judges. the changes she proposing would be a significant departure from the founders. peter, sugar land texas. >> bill: sure, but congress has to pass laws restricting the court's decision mega like the ability to wage war. that is for congress to decide,
5:57 am
not judges. congress wants additional power it has to propose what that is and then the process begins. >> bill: absolutely not. we should find a way to combat it like jessica's law. >> bill: i'm glad to hear that. >> the show in santa barbara is just about sold it on so we're adding a matinee. i'll in tampa on march 11 and 12. check it out on the
5:58 am
>> bill: that is the formula for my books and the factor. pinheads and patriots, kim jong-il is dead. wouldn't want to be him if there is an after life situation. the government in north korea had video of a few women, if you look closely, there are not any tears. they most likely paid the women on the show. there is like eight of them not too many normal people cry for mass murderers. no tears when they are crying, bad sign. check out our website and spout off the fact o'reilly at do not be mordent when writing to the factor. please always remember, the spin
5:59 am
stops right here. we are definitely looking out for you. >> good morning, everyone. it's tuesday, december 20th already. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time with us today. forget a white christmas. it could be a full whiteout. threatening thousands of people's holiday travel plans. our own rick reichmuth live in oklahoma tracking this amazing storm. >> meanwhile, president obama's campaign manager says the payroll tax showdown on the hill is not about your taxes. >> you have to wonder whether some folks over there think somehow screwing up the economy, that that will hurt the president. >> but is that really about 2012 or could republicans actually be pushing for a more permanent fix instead? we'll talk about that. >> all right. a firefighter engulfed in flames and trapped high above the ground takes a dra