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tv   The Five  FOX News  December 22, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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and offensive. ladies, i'm here for you. i hope it helps you out as you prepare for big day. still got a little bit of time. meat and cheeses. have at it. merry christmas. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> dana: hello, i'm dana perino with andrea tantaros, bob beckel, eric bolling, greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." it's this third night of hanukkah and only three days now until christmas. mitt romney gets a big endorsement we'll tell you about in a moment. first, after high drama in washington over the payroll tax cut, finally, a deal. we will tell you about it. plus, rush limbaugh just can't understand why mitt romney won't call obama a socialist. we'll tell you more about that. and it was christmas party time for "the five" last night. we'll show you great picks and tell you what went down. "the five" starts right now.
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♪ ♪ >> dana: first to breaking news in the fight for 2012. it's not called an official endorsement but it sounds like one. former president george h.w. bush telling "houston chronicle" he thinks mitt romney is the best candidate for the republican nomination. here is romney's reactio reactit a short while ago. >> i had a chance to chat with the president this afternoon and wished him merry christmas. he did the same for me. i thanked him for his support. his leadership. his heroic life and his friendship. it means a great deal to me. i must admit this is much more important to me personally than especially politically. he is a real hero to me. and in my family. i appreciate his support. >> dana: so this stirred up the 2012 debate a little bit today. andrea, were you surprised at the timing of it or you think right about now when people send out endorsements? >> andrea: the g.o.p. establishment is lining up
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behind mitt romney. we saw nikki haley. we saw -- >> dana: is she establishment? >> eric: no. >> andrea: look, she is a sitting governor. i would say yes, she is very, very credible. i think it's a huge sign; particularly, in south carolina. i do think it was interesting that people haven't started voting yet to see a president come out. although, him not endorsing perry 41 is not a surprise. they haven't had a real cozy relationship. you look and you've got yale and andover and harvard on one side with romney and bushes. texas a&m on the other side. >> dana: i think there is more to it than that. one of the things that bush said to "houston chronicle" i like perry but he doesn't seem to be going anywhere. he is not surging forward. bob, if you are george h.w. bush, affectionately called 41 as the 41st president. >> greg: is that why? >> dana: that's why. why would you give your endorsement to somebody who is not going to go forward? >> bob: i think andrea has a point here. greg doesn't have a point because he is hungover from
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last night. for the rest of us to participate in this conversation. part of the problem here for 41 was newt gingrich. he and newt gingrich had a terrible history together. if you remember, it was the tax deal that gingrich worked out. that got george bush to break his commitment of read my lips, no new taxes. then, of course, newt landed on george bush. so i think there is some bad blood but i think it's part and parcel of food fed for the republican party. >> eric: first, i'd like to take exception to nikki haley considered establishment. she is as tea party as they come. in fact, she caught a lot of grief for that early endorsement of mitt romney. there is plenty of time to do that after mitt, if mitt romney was the nominee. h.w. and 41 and 43 could have endorsed the other texas governor, not missed a beat and it could have been rick perry. why would it be a wasted endorsement if it's rick perry? we haven't even had one caucus
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or primary yet. >> dana: there are some people who think rick perry could actually do better, and i don't think any of us could with a straight face say his campaign has taken off. it stumbled out of the gate and never picked up momentum. what about you on the endorsement? >> greg: for mitt, this bush endorsement has to be a real come-down following the huge christine o'donnell endorsement. once you get that, evidence everything after that d. this is not surprising. you have two characters, bush and romney who are very calm, soothing leaders. it's like a pillow endorsing a cushion. i think it makes sense. how could you not be surprise surprised? >> dana: george h.w. bush was friend's with romney's father. >> bob: they were in congress together. >> andrea: 41 campaigned with perry. he also cult an ad -- >> dana: he helped perry get elected to where he is now. what happened last year when n the governor's race, as i understand it, perry had
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initially indicated he was not going to run. senator kay bailey hutchison decided to run for that. a big primary and 41 came out in support of her. >> eric: you know more than anyone at the table, is it rumored bad blood between bushes and romney? >> dana: i think it's more at a staff level than the principal level. >> bob: it got ugly for a while. the staff level. >> dana: but do you really think, if you were george h.w. bush do you think giving perry his endorsement would help perry? >> eric: of course. >> andrea: i think they don't want to waste their endorsement; particularly, somebody as well regarded as 41 and the republican party. they want to go with winners and see united g.o.p. >> dana: i think there is a lot to that. the gingrich piece, but i also think that it gives some people comfort to think that 41 likes -- >> andrea: agreed.
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>> dana: you had sarah palin on earlier in the week and she did not say whether she was going to close off running. but i wonder if does something like this encourage others to be influential in their endorsement to come out earlier than they were planning? >> eric: honest to god, he will be a big endorsement. it asked her are you going to endorse? she said not yet, not ready. i said are you leaving the door open to run? the said i close no doors. she may or may not run but her endorsement will carry so much weight with the non-romney conservatives. >> bob: it may carry weight, the question is -- the endorsements of the presidential candidates historically means nothing. nothing. the reality may be different in south carolina. -- nikki haley may be different in south carolina. but with bush 41, i don't think it moves votes. collectively when the republicans start moving in this direction, that is the message. >> eric: you know why sarah palin matters? there are conservatives out there watching now who wanted
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rick perry to show life and maybe make a run for itca vote for him. don't want to waste a vote, using one of your terms and they don't know where to go. they have romney who is not a conservative and newt who is arguably not a conservative either. >> dana: they are asking me to move on. sorry. we want to talk about newt because he and romney are battling it out. for the front runner status. gingrich responded to romney. >> the governor suggested when i indicated that i thought his false and misleading ads ought to be taken down, that his excuses and his staff and his donors were beyond his control is silly, he said if i can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen. i'm happy taking the heat. join me in the kitchen and let's do one-on-one with 90 minutes, timekeeper and no moderator. he can bring his ad. >> dana: i think one thing they should do is have a
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cookoff. that would get a lot of people to watch to see who is good in the kitchen. >> greg: i like that idea. i was thinking more of something like both of them cutting a music video and singing their differences, kind of like "ebony and ivory" format. they could romantically look at each other's eyes with tinkling of the piano in the background. get as mean as possible but still fun. going back to this endorsement. newt's response has to be this could help newt. saying an establishment figure endorse establishment figure in a sense, a monocle endorsing the top hat. >> dana: but somebody wants to criticize 41. everybody, even barack obama likes 41. >> bob: i am willing to make a prediction here. >> dana: uh-oh. >> bob: okay, i won't. >> dana: no, we want to hear it. >> bob: no, no, no. >> andrea: c'mon, bob. >> dana: don't hold back. >> bob: i have rarely seen a
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front runner running for president run wire to wire in front. that is with the strong front runner candidates. newt gingrich is in real trouble. probably isn't going to go very far. i predict that romney will be knocked off somewhere and seen as a weak candidate. he will get the nomination but moot by the time he gets there. he is not going to coast through the thing. we keep forgetting about the grassroots people. >> eric: we're not forgetting about them. >> bob: we have the narrative about the establishment trying to get this solidified you have to tell people in south carolina that. i am not convinced -- >> andrea: you are saying it won't work arguably. so as many endorsement you can't get tea party to coalesce. >> eric: well-put. >> andrea: at the end of the day they will. >> eric: if it is romney they will vote for him. bob i don't think romney is strong enough candidate to run
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wire to wire. >> dana: one more topic. the long national nightmare of the payroll tax cut extension is coming to an end. house republicans are going to pass the senate bill with a technical correction. time to get it behind them? >> andrea: i do. it was becoming a problem for them. they wanted to get it off the front pages of the newspapers. the right thing to do. they looked like they were against the pipeline. they had to cut their losses because they were saying essentially get the senate back in town. >> dana: sometimes you can be right on the policy and get politics wrong. >> bob: this thing, with all due respect about this, the republican were on this in the beginning and mickey cantor kept the tea party crowd stopping the two-year extension. boehner smart enough to realize they have to do it. eventually you have to come back and cave. they flat caved to obama. >> dana: will anyone remember? >> greg: no. the best part about this is we can finally retire the phrase
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kicking the can down the road. if i hear it again i'm blow my brains out. >> andrea: you will hear it again. >> greg: or change it to booting the bottle down the boulevard. make it alliterative. >> eric: quickly, bob. you did predict this, but i don't see how they caved. >> look at it again on a couple of months. they couldn't go through the thought of january 1 with all the people -- >> dana: in two months we could have it again. >> we will have it again. >> dana: i have to go. coming back because coming up a 9-year-old boy asked republican candidate what superheroes they'd like to be. our superstar greg gutfeld has a monologue on that next. you can e-mail us at ♪ ♪ the droid razr by motorola.
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♪ ♪ >> greg: make it stop. >> welcome back to "the five." a luth call story that doesn't rime with payroll. the latest magazine tells us
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about his 9-year-old son and how he asked the candidate, if you were a superhero, who would you be and why? the candidates responses, roll tape, roll-tapers. >> i grew up with superman so probably has to be superman. >> superman. there was one in my day named superman. superman came to save the united states. >> greg: now all the candidate answered except for ron paul who said i don't know. i don't blame him. kids can't vote so who cares? by my count most said superman. this is not a normal gotcha question. this is one of those things that writers do with their cute kids. but this is something you can't do with president obama. how do you ask a superhero what kind of superhero he would be? that is asking me, do you dream of being awesome? you can't dream of being awesome when you are awesome
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already. superheros are known for saving people and pet. preventing disasters they can see coming like the entitlement crisis or the housing bust. so that make me think that politics are the opposite of superheroes. maybe that is the point. it's awful way to pick president. when all else fails go to obama. did that question help you decide who the better candidate was? >> andrea: no. it made me not like any of them. are we that unoriginal in the g.o.p.? can't they pick the flash. >> greg: they could have had a different connotation. >> andrea: that would have been herman cain i guess. sorry. sorry. had to go there. >> greg: because he was quit-wited. dane like a campaign --
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>> dana: like a campaign question where they say when they ask you who your favorite supreme courteous tis is, you say this. when they ask what kind of superhero you want to be, say superman. >> eric: it took me -- first, i can't believe they all picked superman. my superhero, if you could be one, ronald reagan. the giper, the man who brought unemployment down and inflation down for five years. >> dana: wrap it up and give it to bob for christmas. >> greg: has ron paul lost the 9-year-old vote not responding to that vote? >> bob: ron paul lost his mind at some point. now i want to get all the cards and letters. say this about ron paul. he continues to keep going. they picked superman but they
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never get out of the phone booth. >> dana: why didn't they ask michele bachmann? >> greg: new hampshire is where it was. i like that ron paul didn't answer. refreshing. >> eric: walk away in disgust? >> greg: ron paul never walked anywhere without being in disgust. >> dana: he walks fast. guest that is what doctors do. andrea, if you could be a superhero who would it be? >> andrea: wonder woman. she has invisible plane, golden laso and great boots. >> greg: i thought you were going to say something else. >> andrea: boots. >> bob: my superhero is one barack obama. >> andrea: c'mon, bob! >> greg: like superman he is not born in the united states. >> bob: but he has kryptonite. use it to kick your ass. good natureed humor.
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>> dana: if all else fails, go to birth ercomment. i struggled with this because there weren't many women superheroes to look up to when i was a little one. i'm so big now. bionic woman, that was a great one. i had doll, the barbie doll thing and you could take apart her arm and see the electronics inside. >> greg: that is disturbing. >> dana: cat woman. if i had to pick a modern day one, laura croft. >> greg: what is name of the bionic woman? >> dana: jamie summers. i'm bad at popular culture. that wasn't fair. >> greg: i know. >> greg: my pick is mighty isis. that was a saturday morning tv show. there she is. the actress is joanna cameron.
5:21 pm
don't know where she is. she was a teacher at a really groovy high school. like room 222. meets superman. and then she would stop drunk drivers and things. >> bob: she looks like a porn star. >> greg: bob -- >> andrea: you would stop drunk drivers? even after our holiday party last night? >> greg: i walked! >> bob: greg is the munchkins because he would be, can you imagine greg on the yellow brick road? >> andrea: you would be a hot superhero. >> greg: definitely. >> andrea: i picked superheroes for everybody. want to see what i picked? we have a graphic. there is dana on the end. cat woman. >> dana: i like dogs but i could -- dog woman would not look as good as that. >> andrea: no. bob is the best you've ever looked there, robin. look at the abs of steel.
5:22 pm
eric is batman. >> bob: i wouldn't robin to his batman. >> andrea: greg you are a sort of centar hybrid unicorn thing. the unicorn i'm happy with. we have to take a break. coming up, should mitt romney call president obama a socialist? rush limbaugh thinks so. we'll tell you why. next. if you leave now i'll write nasty things about you on the internet.
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♪ ♪ >> eric: conservative radio star rush limbaugh thinks president obama is a socialist and not afraid to say it. take a listen. >> he will not call obama a socialist. this is the conventional wisdom of the elite. you have don't criticize obama. i don't think you separate obama from the policies. you have can't separate obama from who and what he is. we have a belief that if you say you are a socialist, we
5:27 pm
don't want the hear that. they'll run back and we'll lose them. romney won't even call him sanezy! >> eric: shattering all rule of capitalist with the mar marxism. the massive redistribution of the wealth and obama. i'll tell you what mitt won't say. you can run, but you can't hide from your overplanned socialist america. >> greg: i was going to bob. >> bob: did you just read? >> eric: i wrote it and i read it. >> bob: rules of capitalis capitalists? >> bob: move out of here and get to a capitalist country as soon as we can! it's amazing to me how rush
5:28 pm
can continue to say you need to say all the things about obama. rush may have all of his support on the 20 million people on the far right. if you call the president of the united states a socialist in the middle of a campaign. >> eric: i didn't say he was. i said the policy is for socialist america. >> greg: he wants mitt to not act like mitt. like if you have a ken doll but you want to stretch armstrong so you pull on the ken doll and the arms come off. it's terrible, the police come and there is therapy. you have a pet. >> eric: wasn't that the "b" block? "a" block? bob says the far right, are we trying to fid a square peg in a round hole? >> dana: hard to put words that don't come naturally in candidate's mouth. you need to find their voice
5:29 pm
and allow them to describe and be who he will be. if gingrich wins he will be who he is supposed to be. the social democrats, a party that rules government in europe. they call themselves socialists and the policies are similar to things proposed by president obama. denny blair calls himself a socialist. i would say that -- tony blair calls himself a socialist. obama is left of obama. >> bob: i call myself socialist proudly. >> andrea: i think he would refer to himself as socialist. >> dana: i doubt it. >> andrea: a lot of his policies are socialist, even though they are heart-hearted. it's not a single payer system but designed to get us there. >> bob: there is not a single socialist bone in his body. let me ask you quickly.
5:30 pm
our league wrote a good article about the spoon feeding of romney. what about the romney point? >> andrea: this feels like an arranged marriage. walk down the aisle. we have to learn to love romney. i write a couple of pieces of advice. >> dana: at least in this one, sometimes when romney looks at the bride he likes what he sees. >> bob: he likes everything he sees. some people think we can't tell a difference between someone who is a socialist and someone like stallin is mass murderer. you can't call a spade a spade in america. >> eric: that is a good
5:31 pm
point. the norwegian government, monarchy, socialist. >> bob: the highest standard of living in the world. >> andrea: he is not throwing the red meat out. they like arugala. >> eric: coming up, $77 million lottery ticket on the loose in georgia. what would you do if you won $77 million? and what we'd do with that dough up next. ♪ ♪ this is an rc robotic claw.
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in his...the weather should never keep you inside. ♪ because they see no limits, there's eukanuba nutrition designed to help their body go as far as their mind wants to. eukanuba. extraordinary nutrition for extraordinary beings. see the difference in 28 days or your money back. i'm bret baier in washington. a deal has been reached for a payroll tax cut extension. speaker john boehner is speaking about the deal. let's listen. >> i don't know that, but that is our goal to do this.
5:36 pm
>> did you cave and considering the fall-out is this the worst week of your leadership? >> sometimes it's hard to do the right thing and politically difficult. everybody called for one-year extension of the payroll tax deduction. when everybody wanted a full year of the benefit. >> we are streaming this live at we'll have a full wrap-up on "special report" at 6:00 eastern. now have back to new york and my colleagues at "the five." ♪ ♪ >> bob: where do you find this crap? sorry. before i get in to my segment here, i want to say to everybody, the e-mail and let us know whether you like eric with a tie or without a tie.
5:37 pm
he has worn a tie two days in a row and it's driving me crazy. our story, in this block is about a $76 million superlottery ticket that is held by somebody, somewhere. in georgia. the problem is that the $77 million paying date ends tuesday. so they don't show up, what happens is they send it back to individual states. i for one only play keno and horses. i don't play the super lottery, because it's impossible to win. somebody somewhere is sitting on a ticket or someone got real drunk and left it in the liequer store. somewhere. >> dana: misplaced it. >> greg: every person in america has that one drawer. you know you open the drawer and there are 600 different things, scotch tape. there is scissors. there is old shoe laces, aspirin. posted notes. that is where the lottery ticket is.
5:38 pm
>> dana: cough drops. >> bob: wrappers in there. >> greg: everybody has this drawer. and nobody knows what to do with that stuff. it's terrible. here is the deal. $77 million is a lot of money. put it in perspective, that is $154 -- 154 million half dollars. >> dana: you heard the stories where they find out oh, my gosh, i won. they don't want their relatives to come out of the closet and find them so they are getting everything worked out with their lawyer before they tell anyone. >> eric: i think so. how many times have you not checked the numbers? >> dana: hand this over to andrea. i have a scratch and win. >> bob: what would you spend $77 million if you had it? >> eric: i thought about this all day. i would buy the biggest farm i could buy and put all the homeless dogs about to go up for, you know, lethal injection.
5:39 pm
>> dana: would you churn your own butter? i answered. they're all good boys. >> bob: quickly. move to another subject. >> greg: you didn't ask me. i'd spend it on 77 million lottery tickets. >> andrea: i would take my family and friends on a fantastic vacation but i wouldn't quit my job. i wouldn't leave "the five." i would still work. >> bob: i would start camp tea people and invite every one of them to go to camp. the chevy volt, they came up with $250,000 per vehicle. 60,000 solt. we are going to have the electric cars in this country. a great investment. what do you think? >> eric: i have numbers.
5:40 pm
$2.3 billion from federal loan and grant. they told 6,142-volts. so for every volt it costs us, taxpayers, $40,000. way to go, obama. >> bob: you will have a volt in your household. volt in every garage -- >> greg: but a stat. 6,000 volts have been sold so far as mode of transportation. making it slightly less popular than crawling. >> dana: i like the hybrid technology. the thing about the electric car. if you look at the blizzard that blanketed the midwest. no one who lives out there will take a risk on having the volt. if that is their only mode of transportation to work and back and there is a storm, you are not getting in the car.
5:41 pm
>> andrea: not to mention the engines are blowing up. >> bob: every time you start a new context car -- excuse me. you're interrupting me. >> eric: sorry. >> bob: go ahead. >> eric: irrespective of the $50 billion we gave g.m. they have given us 24 back. they still owe us -- >> bob: and obama saved the audible industry. that's fine. look at the christmas lights on this house! can you believe it? this guy or gal is giving me a run for my money on my decorations. loser! >> dana: greg won on a lotto! ♪ ♪ ♪ [ woman ] ♪ what i want this season ♪ if you'd like to try and guess ♪
5:42 pm
♪ it is something very special ♪ i would readily confess [ dogs barking ] ♪ 'cause all i want this season ♪ ♪ is something from your heart ♪ la da da, la da da [ male announcer ] thinking of others this holiday season, travelers.
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♪ ♪ >> andrea: merry blank and happy blank. that is what one congressman is entitled a video. if you remember correctly, member of congress are not allowed to use federal funding to send messages home to their constituents so congressman became creative and did a video. listen to this. >> we're not able to say to
5:46 pm
our jewish friends what we'd like to say and we're not able to say what i said all of my life since a child. when i meet people in the grocery store and see my friends and fellow family members. it's good and proper and right and substitutional for me to look in the camera and say to all of our friends and family. merry christmas, and happy hanukkah. >> andrea: well, don't you think more members should do this? >> eric: yeah. there are rules, if you don't like the rules, change the rules, have the rules changed. but he is a muslim congressman from michigan. right? >> andrea: yes. >> eric: he was out there, probably outrage if he was out there, you know, doing -- >> bob: is this the taxpayer money doing this? >> andrea: it's original. >> dana: it's brave to taunt the commission. they were so bored with the payroll tax cut themselves they sat around and waited for something to happen. great video. >> bob: money in the hands of people -- >> dana: but here is the
5:47 pm
thing. it shows they are watching "the five." >> greg: the real villain in all of this is "the five." by playing dorky videos we encourage more dorky videos. >> bob: greg, it's coming around to the music selection. >> andrea: a dirty little secret. in congress, we made, actually when i worked on the hill a lot of dorky little videos. we're airing the dorky little videos on "the five." i like it. >> bob: taxpayer pay for it? >> andrea: yeah. >> bob: good. another example of what is going on. what else are we talking about here? >> andrea: you found your competition in delaware. if all of you remember correctly, bob was the king of christmas lights. greg was very jealous. because of how he loves the holiday celebration. look at this gentleman. a home decked out in lights in wilmington, delaware. he saw bob's house and decided i'm not just going to one up bob. i'll out do him. but i like your house better, bob. >> bob: thank you. this reminds me of a house on the "jersey shore."
5:48 pm
>> andrea: why do you hate "jersey shore"? >> eric: >> bob: i'm using it as a shtick. >> dana: huge santa. >> bob: he did a lot of work with that. the taste of it is something to be desired. >> eric: how much do you think he spent on that? >> bob: probably, $10,000 $15,000. >> eric: really? >> bob: you want to know what my electric bill is? >> andrea: i was going to ask. >> bob: last year, $4,300 and some odd bucks for one month. the year before that i plugged it in the neighbor's house. [ laughter ] >> dana: the neighbor doesn't like the lights? >> bob: a friend of mine who is jewish at christmastime, they leave and go to bahamas so i plugged it in there. >> andrea: do you have any holiday decorations up in your house, greg? >> greg: people like to have their glow external. miff glow is internal. inside. i'm glowing. by taking a lot of nyquil. >> bob: on top of the wine. >> greg: yes. i'm like my own ornment.
5:49 pm
>> bob: last night i was trying to hire a caroling group to go carol you. i couldn't find one to do it. everybody out there ought to send greg -- if you have a christmas album or a christmas song, send it to greg. >> dana: especially if you made it in your garage. >> greg: yes. exactly. even better. >> andrea: while you are sending greg christmas songs, check out this charity. this is a really good story. it's called let's bring them home. this is non-profit to help soldiers get home for the holidays because a lot of them can't afford the travel expenses. listen to one mother who is so temotionally describing getting to see her son. >> he said i don't know if he is coming home. i said why? he said he can't afford it. i picked him up and i wanted to cry. i didn't know whether to cry or laugh or just jump. >> andrea: love it. >> dana: that is a lot of adrenaline. if she can pick up her grown son in the military.
5:50 pm
>> bob: this reminds me why -- christmas is more than presents. it's all about people who do awfully good things like this. >> andrea: right. >> bob: you can find cases after case after case around the country. i would bet you more people are helped at christmas through things like this than you could possibly imagine. my hat is off. that lady out of florida, non-profit group. good for you. >> andrea: bring them home. >> greg: you can use your frequent flier miles, bob. >> bob: i would, except eric wanted to use it to send undocumented workers to mexico. >> andrea: tax deductible as well. >> eric: great cause. >> andrea: it is. one year, i'm from a big family. we decided not to buy each other gifts. so we contacted senator specter's office and they put us in touch with military family, father was amputee and didn't have job. we bought the kids gifts and paid their bills. >> bob: back to work at the
5:51 pm
greek diner. >> andrea: i wasn't working there then. >> eric: that probably was when he was a republican. >> bob: this is the christmas season. not be overly partisan here. >> andrea: my family is from pennsylvania. that's why we called him. >> bob: wonderful thing to do. >> andrea: we got to go. >> andrea: all right. you won't believe what beckel and bolling did at the christmas party last night. not to show you everything but we'll tell you about it and show you some of thepicks. don't miss this. ♪ ♪
5:52 pm
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5:55 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> dana: so what happens at "the five" christmas party doesn't stay at "the five" christmas party. we did have a blast last night. thank our producer, our founder john finley who put it together. great party. we have pictures. greg, you loved it. >> greg: i had a great time! as you can see me in one of these, i don't know are you going to show the pictures? >> dana: yep. i don't remember anything, actually. i will say this, you look 45% less attractive in pictures than you really think you are. do i look that sweaty disgusting? i had fun.
5:56 pm
you know what i did? there were two other parties going on, office parties so i went in the one next door as seth goldstein, the executive vice president. i fired three people. >> bob: i will tell you something. the thing about that party last night that struck me is before it got a little rowdy is you know, nobody gave this show a shot of making it. very few people had, you know, the wisdom and the forethought to see it go. everybody talked about that last night. how it's a family and how it's worked. i must say some of the nicest toasts i heard last night and heart-felt and is it about family. a good show. we thank you, all, for watching as many of you do. a lot of you do. i think it was really great. also having not drank for several years i found out a lot of my colleagues are the shortest hitters i've ever seen. two glasses of wine. i used to -- i'd sweat that out. [ laughter ]
5:57 pm
>> eric: first, what time did you leave? you had somewhere to go. we stayed out. i strolled in at midnight. many cocktails after i left, too, bob. i'm a short hitter. >> bob: you are not a short hitter. neither is your wife. do we have a picture of eric's wife up here? we have to tell you. tell you a story -- see her wife's there on your left. a knockdown beautiful person. her heart is good. her outside, whoo! >> eric: inside and out. >> andrea: eric's wife came to the set of "the five" one. bobs usually sits outside the studio smoking. he didn't realize it was bolling's wife and you hit on boll's wife. >> bob: that was bad. >> andrea: you have no -- >> eric: i walk out of the studio and bob always sits at chair over there having a cigar before and after the show. i walk out, about time to go to the show. i go out to get bob. he is hitting on my -- bob, that is my wife. oh, that is your wife?
5:58 pm
>> bob: my estimation of you went up. amazingly. the one thing she certainly has mother teresa complex she married you. that was nice of her to do that. >> dana: show one other picture that is our favorite topic. this is the one we love. there is eric and bob doing the tebow. greg, where were you during this? >> bob: under the table. >> greg: i was -- i don't know. >> dana: were you firing somebody? >> greg: firing a young couple. >> bob: everybody gave great toasts. john finally, the vice president for programming around here, one of the initiators of the five. and porter the producer, wonderful guy. from oklahoma, more amazing. the most famous person from oklahoma because he did "the five."
5:59 pm
it was moving. greg stood on a chair for a toast. your toast -- everybody's toast was great. >> eric: can i point something out? >> bob: i was glad to get out of there. one of our associate producers got sauced. >> eric: i didn't see that. >> dana: having the producer there was great. they got dressed up. >> eric: peter was there. >> dana: yeah. >> eric: if you have done christmas parties before you walk in and go this is going to be great. when you walk out going why, you really come closer to the people you work with. also people who put the show together behind the scenes. >> andrea: viewers and thanks to you. we wouldn't have a party like that if it wasn't for you. >> bob: i got to tell you one fast story. the producer put this whole party together made me promise for three days, my father is coming. do not say this, bob. you know how you are. you'll say something. i said nice to meet you, by the way good to see you help d


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