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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  December 31, 2011 6:00am-10:00am EST

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and give yourself a big hand. thank you for being with us. that's all the time we have. we hope have you a great night and a happy, happy new year. see you in 2012. big year >> well, the picture is on with just three days before the iowa caucus, the g.o.p. candidates are making their final push in the hawkeye state except for one who is skipping out. >> you look fantastic by the way. >> exactly what america is thinking right now. and this is an offer iowa can't refuse. >> don't do what you are supposed to do on tuesday for romney, i'll be back, jersey style, people, i'll be back.
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>> so will the voters in iowa pay attention to new jersey governor's warning, chris christie? >> we say goodbye to 2011 last-minute preparations are underway. "fox & friends" starts for the last time right now. >> good morning! you are watching my favorite show, "fox & friends", baby! >> she works here. we love her. adorable. >> final day of 2011 today. so this is the final friend of the year. thank you for waking up with us. mike jerrick is here. >> and ainsley. >> great to be here. >> today is clayton's birthday! so glad you were born.
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>> each year it keeps happening. >> and it is not as fun as it used to be. >> 35, a slippery slope. and now the slippery slope because only three days left until iowa. three days left >>neil: -- until iowa and many undecided voters, this week, over 70's percent of voters were undecided going into the iowa caucus. >> we all work with the time allotted. >>clayton: is that how you were in college? >> exactly. for political junkies we watch it year round but some people in iowa, it is crunch time, so, get this: 41 percent of all caucus participants could still change their minds today, sunday, or monday. >> some of those are saying the
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results on tuesday could look dramatically different than what the polls show this morning. >>clayton: who is at top, romney is running away from the pac, and we had a writer from the "washington post" and he said iowans like to pick winners so if we see someone pull away we will see people solidify around that frontrunner. >> in a one-on-one matchup, romney at 45 percent and president obama at 39 percent. so, that could be why it is swinging his way. they want a winner. >> and ron paul comfortably in a nice spot, so comfortable he decided to take the weekend off. you think about it, the caucuses are on tuesday, and he decided, i will fly home to texas. >> he watched our show yesterday morning and we had the doctor on that said new year's resolutions, spend more time with family and friends. he is taking advice from our
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doctor. >>clayton: he has always run an unconventional campaign and this is part of the unconventional approach, rather than doing a bus tour and going to coffee stops i will take the weekend off. >> it has been so fluid. three week and even two weeks ago, gingrich was at the top. >>clayton: and romney has not spent a lot of time in iowa almost avoiding the state and now pulling out all the stops bringing in new jersey governor chris christie who is very popular and he did new jersey-style sopranos talking to get folks to the polls. >> i love being with mitt but let me tell you people disappoint me on tuesday ... you don't do what you are supposed to do on tuesday for mitt romney i will be back, jersey-style, people. i will be back! >> he is known for his sound
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bites. >> he will bring snooki back. or "the situation," back. >> he is talking soprano-style. >> the issue is getting out to the polls. it is all talk. when i was a political reporter in montana the eastern part of the state got hit with massive snowstorm and the gentleman running for governor at that point probably lost that election because folks could not get to the polls and people on snowmobiles getting out to deliver ballots. >> that leads into this sound bite from christie. and elections are decided by the people who show up, by the people who vote, by the people who care about the country enough to be out here on a rainy
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and cold morning in iowa and because you believe this man and lead the didn't back to greatness. >> and romney ran with that in the polls in iowa and can you tell you thing she not lead because he did not talk about the other candidates, he is concentrating on talking about president obama so he brought that up saying we are not freezing cold in iowa and the rain and the president is out golfing in beautiful weather in hawaii. he is in hawaii right now. we are not in -- out in the cold and wind and rain in america because we care about america. and he just finished the 90th round of golf. >> president obama doesn't is to, can pain -- campaign right now and four years ago he was the one out there campaigning early on but he earned his right to my a little golf. >> to be fair, it is the president's home state. and he goes on vacation. >> but the contrast. and this is the mood, a lot of political reporters say this is,
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the themes of the campaign of getting america back to what it was, so, even with all candidates traveling around, the mood is not cheery and sunny, and that is what christie was saying it is important to vote because he wants to have america's greatness come back but when it all shakes out i think this is accurate, i was reading a poll that said when it is all said and done only 4 percent of whatans will go and cast a ballot. isn't that amazing? it comes down to 4 percent of the people. >> and that is debatable, people said yesterday that really it is not, it is a good indication of, kind of ramps up the race a little bit but it is not necessarily a good indication of who will win the we saw that with huckabee four years ago. >> and, a lot of people including aides from gingrich coming out, because he has been trying to play nice and rise
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above it saying sort of reagan approach fighting back against the negative aides and a few of the aides are saying when are you going to pull the gloves off. in fact, one aide said how long can you take a beating before hitting back? maybe you will look back and say he should have pulled the gloves off. >> the people that are working hard for the campaign, if he is out, they are out, and their lives are on the line, and 45 percent of the political ads on tv in december, in iowa, attacking gingrich. >> we have a little bit of a sound of one of ads and this is an attack ad that has been running against gingrich recently. this is an example. >> i made a mistake and i have made mistakes at times. >> gingrich has admitted his
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mistakes or teaming up with nancy pelosi and immigration and medicare and health care. >> that is a sample and a wall to wall of negative ads. >> do they work? it seems to be working if this situation like you said, two weeks ago, he was top of the list. now she in second tier. >> why do people run negative ads? because they work. i feel for people watching in iowa, the tv stations in iowa said they are saturated and sold out, they don't have any more ad time. >> i was watching the political reporters who are there arriving in hotels to cover the caucuses, and they are saying for the first time watching the local newscast, the 5:00 and 6:00 p.m. all commercial breaks, you do not see car commercials, they are all ads through the newscast. >> that is interesting we can report from a different state and we do not get the perspective until you go there. >> and gingrich said he will not
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go negative and maybe it has been working against him but he is trying to rise above it. >> if i didn't think we were in trouble i wouldn't run. plus, i have had a great life and a great time with our two daughters and our two grandchild. these are kids. there is something better than the current political system and if i have to get beaten up every day with negative ads designed by consultant would know nothing, and paid for by people who don't care what they do to this country i will endure that for these kids. >> super pac for romney has been spent $2.85 million in iowa and plans to spend $1 million in south carolina and in florida. >> and he watches his hands of it because it is a super pac so we will have much more including commercial moments of gingrich trying on the campaign trail. remember what that did for hillary clinton in new hampshire
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in 2008? and now the headlines, the search for a missing maine toddler, is taking a town for the worse. police now saying they have found evidence that suggests foul play was involved. right now, police are not elaborating on the evidence. but they do say they will treat the disappearance as a criminal investigation from now on. she was just 20 months old when disappearing from her father's house. he is not called a "suspect," at this time. four occupy protesters facing criminal charges after setting fire to two men flags. this happened near the encampment in charlotte, north carolina, and a suspect, a spokesman for the movement said he was trying to inspire people to action, and the actual flag-burning itself is not against the law, but burning it near flammable objects such as a tent is not illegal s that written correctly? it is illegal, right to burn a
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flag, but not illegal during ... let me get that straight and we will come back with that. from hollywood, florida, another car fire reported overnight and officials believe it was set by the same person or group of people who torched nearly two dozen cars thursday night into friday morning. those flames spread to several nearby homes and one of them once occupied by jim morrison and oddly enough a series of fires break out early in the week but the two suspects were already behind bars when this began and now $35,000 is offered for information leading to a conviction in this case. >> and another celebrity couple is calling it quits. >> no! ♪ the one that got away >> perry's husband filed for
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divorce. they married in india back in october of 2010 and they were seen apart on chris neither wearing wedding rings. the two would "would friends." >> she is vacationing in hawaii. i looked at the pictures. >> i understand there will be a big ball at times square? is that correct? >> rick is witnessing this action. >> there it is. >> good morning, guys, i have the best place in the world to be, they have been doing this since 1907, 105 years, not exactly the same ball but we will flip the switch and find out everything about the ball and it will be on top of times squares. much more coming up all morning long. >> thank you, rick, trying to get to the bottom of this. >> i think you should flip the
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switch, rick. >> a day early. >> he is right by the ball. >> mayor would have him arrested. >> that would be something if this year rick brings the ball down. >> we will show you the arrest line. >> and we told you of the candidates chris controlling iowa with only throw days until the cause but is winning there more important than taking new hampshire? an iowan presidential historian weighs in next. [ mujahid ] there was a little bit of trepidation,
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that would be historic. and now, nick, nice to see you. >> happy birthday, clayton, very sweet. >> this is actually pretty amaze ing. and in kansas george w. won and then huckabee, so no republican nominee have won new hampshire, democrats have won but not republicans, so romney has a chance to do something unprecedented. >> he has a chance to win both and what does this mean going forward? >> if he wins both it is over. no republican has done that, if he does that he has so up momentum he will do well in south carolina and win florida
6:18 am
and it will be over. right now he is being helped by the fact that there is no real conservative alternative to him, santorum is doing well and ron paul, and gingrich was hanging around and rick perry but those four are taking up the antimitt vote but he has a real chance at winning both. >> you went through the history of this, and i have not had my coffee yet. so in 1980, bob dole won iowa. and you pointed out, george h.w. bush won the nomination there, so, why is iowa not usually a predicter of what happens in new hampshire and south carolina and further in the nomination? >> colleague naturally it is different. it is more socially conservative but the way people go about voting in a caucus where the participation is much, much lower about 4 percent of the population and have you to wait two hours, raise your hand in public and caucus with someone so the town out is lower, so that is part of the reason why
6:19 am
you see different candidates come out of iowa versus new hampshire and south carolina. >> now, what if ron paul wins, what happens? >> if ron paul wins, if he wins by a small margin it does not impact romney because i don't think paul has much of a chance in numb null and beyond and he is viewed as a protest vote and a fringe candidate although he is doing well with good organization. it republics -- helps romney because why think anyone sees a clear path for ron paul. it is different if rick perry or santorum wins but if paul wins i don't think that hurts romney at all. >> we could be witnessing history in the making if romney manages to win both iowa and new hampshire. happy new year, thank you, knick. >> still ahead, blame washington, dc's recent spike in crime on the occupiers? that is what the police in the capitol are saying.
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>> quick headlines, a wild weather video from india. people are holding on to the polls for dear life.
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literally. as the winds whipped through the streets of new bell -- new delhi. after a backlash, verizon dropping the fee announced on thursday to charge you, the customer, $2 for every over the phone payment made with a credit card or debit. >> clayton was upset about that. >> i am with at&t. >> crime is up in washington, dc, and many are pointing to occupy washington, dc, protesters as the reason. the mayor says he does not see the connection, but our next guest says, valuable police resources have been pulled for neighborhoods, in the washington, dc, area, to keep an eye on the catches. an officer is here, the chairperson of the washington, dc order of police. are you, officer, saying crime
6:24 am
is up, or down in washington, dc? since the occupy protesters started? >> up significantly, violent up 14 percent since october 1, and it is getting worse in the last 30 days violent crime is up 22 percent and overall crime is up 18 percent. we are down 400 police officers from our authorized strength and our officers are out in the neighborhoods supposed to be protecting the discerns sucked downtown to handle the washington, dc issue. >> that makes sense if there are officers on a certain block there is not as much crime. why doesn't the mayor believe, he thinks there is no connection to the occupy movement? >> it is important to want. the mayor originally said he was not aware crime was up. and we demonstrated that, in fact, on his stats crime was up he became silent and yesterday he claimed that he didn't see any connection. the problem with that is there was a study done several years ago that showed more police
6:25 am
officers equals less crime, and we were able to demonstrate, in fact, we are drawing soviet unions down there not just for the active but to monitor and when you are down as many police officers as we are, and we lose the resources in the neighbor, i don't think anyone is surprised we see a spike in crime. >> are you saying the occupy movement is making washington, dc unsafe? >>guest: yes, they have increased the crime. and what i have asked the movement is this: if you really believe that we are all responsible for taking care of each other and we are in this together maybe you should look at what your behavior and actions are doing to the residents of the district and the harm you cause them and rethink what going on down this, last week we had an attack on a police officer and they shut down traffic and increased the drain on resources, as they have gone on, and we don't see any end in sight and we are not going to get more police officers on the streets for a year. >> i understand, though, the permits from the occupy folks were extended?
6:26 am
>>guest: they have been extended. the federal government controls the land they are on but when they cross into the streets or go into stores and cause any other problems, we, the washington, dc police, become responsible for them, so, our resources have to be there because if something happens and we are not there, we are hell accountable and we should. but, to put this burden on us as the washington, dc residents or the washington, dc police with no end in sight, that is not fair and we have known it is unsafe. >> if i lived in washington, dc, and my brother does, i would want as a citizen for the administration to be honest with me, give me the real numbers. >>guest: well, and that is the key, if we are honest with the public, it is not always going to be good news we are the police. that is what we do but if we tell them what is wrong, where it is wrong we can get the right resources and manpower into the area and fix the problems. we have done good things dropping homicide numbers but crime is way too high and overall crime is high the opposite of national trends
6:27 am
another important factor, crime continues to rise, spike, and the trend, nationally, it is going down so we see the opposite. >> officer, you have a great weekend and happy new year. >> happy new year. >> next up we are pinching pennys to get by but if you are a member of congress your biggest money problem is what to do with all the extra cash. i'm not getting. you will be stunned by this new information. should congress be getting richer while americans struggle? plus, check this out. a marine dad was the ultimate christmas gift for his kid. i'd race down that hill without a helmet.
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♪ should old acquaintances be forgot ♪ >> that is times square. >> and this is made of crystal. how much does that cost? >> gorgeous, though, isn't it? >> brings in the new year.
6:31 am
>> dropping tonight. >> if the movie owe -- "new year's eve," it didn't work. >> back in the 1980's, that ball has changed it used to be in a janitor's closet and there were eight or nine guys that pulled it down with a rope and guessed at the time. >> and now it is crystal. >> and rick was down there, like, growing up you would see it and it would move, and stop, and slid down, and now, it is on time. rick: well, it used to be done by pulleys and there was someone below with a stop watch running the whole thing, and it has advanced quite a bit and western testing it before, this is the lighted switch that towns this bad boy on.
6:32 am
and now, the weather, quickly, and we will talk about the ball but a lot of people wonder what tonight will look like. temperature-wise, if 39 degrees in new york city, it will be around 44 when the ball drops, so a spectacular day for new year's eve for anyone here will enjoy it. and a storm across the northeast looks worse than it is and it will be done tonight, and across the west there is one storm pulling into the far northern plains right now and that will be across areas of, say, minnesota and wisconsin bit time we get to tonight and tonight's midnight forecast, temperatures in the mid-40's in new york, and 48 in atlanta, and if you are there for the ball drop to key west you will be specific tar that and areas of chicago, we could see a little bit of snow moving in late but by the celebration, you will be looking good and new orleans and 63 and maybe a shower or two and across the west, denver is chilly, and temperatures only not mid-20's
6:33 am
but overall, a very, very nice evening for this beg celebration. so, this bill which is what everyone not world is so excited about watching the bomb control, is paid up of waterford crystal, and the director, the designer of the waterford crystals, tell us what makes this crystal special this year. >> well this year's team, of all the years we have had, 2011 has been tough so hopefully people will raise their hands and have a great feeling of friendship in 2012. >> and each year you take the crystals and make a brand new one, a brand new design for the ball so they are never the same. >> well, the ball has 2,688 triangles and we take off 288 triangles to have a wonderful sentiment like friendship, love, joy, hope, and wonderful things we feel not just in the united states but around the world and
6:34 am
we celebrate at water ford and celebrating at times square on a nice like this is incredible. >> something classic but something incredibly advanced like the special lights on here. >> exactly, the best of both world the craftsmanship of waterford, two centuries of making credit tall -- crystal, and wonderful engineering to hike the 12,000 pound ball and bring it down. i hate people say when we are dropping the ball we bring it down slowly. >> dropping the ball would be damaging. >> it would be damaging. >> a beautiful design and best of luck the happy new year. so, there you go, clayton, it will descends and not drop and break which is the good part about the new technology with the ball. >> i know some towns will drop a giant pickle, and they don't care, they launch things and hope it crashes. >> it would be fun. >> i did that yesterday, i do a
6:35 am
show in philadelphia. and we have a four story building and we threw a big pretzel in the shay of 2012, and we have had it on a rope and they lower we ared it into my mouth, i'll not kidding, and wash it down with champagne. >> and he was full the rest of the day. >> once again the national debt is growing closer to the limit but the president new waiting to ask for the increase on the debt ceiling until after congress runs from their break. peter? >>peter: i have details and the white house says that rules of the budget-control act said the president can ask congress when we get from $100 before the debt limit and any point after that and a spokesman for the white house said, yesterday, friday, that as indicated on tuesday, the treasury department expects the debt will be $100 billion from the limit by close of business so we anticipated
6:36 am
submitting a certification to congress later today pursuant to the budget control act. however, we have been asked by the leadership of congress to delay certification to give both houses times for when they will have a vote given the current congressional schedule. the white house wants democrats and republicans it weigh if on the debt limit increase without having to come back to washington, and that is what the members are going to have a chance to do. all spokesman for the speaker of the house says our members want to vote on the resolution of disapproval provided in the budget control act and it was our preference not to call members back early to do so but we would have if the timing of this submission required and the white house saying they have been working with leaders in both houses to figure out the best time to ask for a debt ceiling increase. formally. and although they did not do that yesterday, now it is on the public's radar we expect to hear from a lost members of congress
6:37 am
about whether they thing it is a good idea to let the federal government borrow more money. >>clayton: we will have the latest approval ratings from congress reaching an all time low, and it was 11 percent and you will not believe the new member coming up. >> as low as it has ever been. ever. >> and gruesome discovery a fisherman finding human remains on the mexican side of falcon lake near where an american was killed by pirates, and he and his wife were jet skiing back in september of 2010 and they wereally through attacked. she said her husband was shot not back of the head and she claims she had to leave him in the water and his body was never seep again. >> the united states securing another deal to build up the missile defense in the middle east amid concerns of iran's nuclear ambitions and the white house announce is selling 96 missiles, and supporting and
6:38 am
training technology to the united arab emirates worth $3.5 billion, and early this year, the u.s. made a deal with saudi arabia to sell 84 fighter jets worth $30 billion. and, in the meantime iran's navy commander denied a report saying the country test fired long-range missiles during a weekend drill and claims they will be launched not coming days, the naval drill began last week as the country shows resolve to counter any attack by enemies. this week, tehran threatened to stop the flow of oil through the strait of hormuz if it became the target of an oil embargo. talk about thing outside of the box, look at this story, a marine about to give his children a big surprise. >> looking at first sergeant david mckinley who was
6:39 am
deported to afghanistan, and he told the kids he would be sending them with a christmas president they have to pick up at the airport but their dad was the present. >> an opportunity could come back and surprise them like this was just my family here but with everyone else in the crowd clapping and watching, and it is a good moment. >> what were you hoping was in the box? >> well, david is part of the troop draw down in afghanistan and he was deployed there, the script say, deported, but he was deployed and came home earlier than expected. can you not ever get tired of seeing this. >> and a last tears when you see the soldier reunion stories and a lost tears in iowa. we have not seen the clients crying but a month ago three were crying during the debate. >> and gingrich was at a mom's
6:40 am
event early in the morning asked about hi mom with a reflection period about it and that is when this happened. >> well, i get teary eyed. my mother, excuse me, sang in the choir and loved to sing in the choir. when i was very young, she made me sing in the choir, i don't know if i should admit it. >> and he lost it talking about his mom's battle with the things that were going on with her brain at time keeping her at home and trying to deal with that and the company he suffered through that. >> i don't find that bad or unusual at all. people would cry about their mother. >> and to show emotion. >> if you ask me about my children, i'll start crying.
6:41 am
>> we cry about stuff like that. >> my father had a stroke and it was what people do. >> and combined with the campaign trail, he is exhausted, i am sure, and you do not have enough sleep and you bring up your mother who passed away and he said she was so proud and he talked about her life as an army wife and i would 10 to her i will do everything i can as a candidate to be worthy. >> it shows incalifornia politicians are like robots without any sort of emotion and programs it seemed like, and, yesterday, something interesting happened on the campaign trail in new hampshire and i watched twitter with the political reporters say, did this just happen? and we will report and you can decide. romney was asked about his family, and someone threw a question out to him about, and he said my mom and dad were
6:42 am
extraordinary but left this life and moved on and an audience member yelled out "don't cry," meaning they had seen the anyone earlier and he said i won't do that but, i do, i do, nothing to be ashamed of, but there were political reporters tweeting, did that just mean was he poking fun at gingrich? >> we don't want our president to come out if there is a problem and start weeping at podium. we don't want that. but a little deficit emotion, remember in 2008 hillary clinton when she was in new hampshire she cried, and you remember that? and people said it helped. >> this was hillary clinton and people thought it showed a softer side. >> someone see us fall backwards? >> no. this is very personal for me. it is not just political, it is not just public, i see what is
6:43 am
happening and we have to reverse it. >> that ended up, a lot of people thought that was why she won new hampshire after the big victory of obama in iowa. >> what do you thing of that, fox& you can weigh in and find us on twitter, and now, have you been watching the college bowl game? there are 650. coming up, forget about being tackled players found themselves dodging another danger, and this came from the sky. >> plus, 20112011 was -- 2011 was a wild ride for some big name celebrities but who was the worst behaved? that is next.
6:44 am
♪ [ woman ] ♪ what i want this season ♪ if you'd like to try and guess ♪ ♪ it is something very special ♪ i would readily confess [ dogs barking ] ♪ 'cause all i want this season ♪ ♪ is something from your heart ♪ la da da, la da da
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[ male announcer ] thinking of others this holiday season, travelers.
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>>clayton: welcome back to "fox & friends" and a alabama woman tried to run over a police officer. police tried to pull her over phone her driving when she went on the attack and rammed the police cruiser. and we have included our own sound effects. and speaking of close calls look at a television camera, from the sky. from outer space came crashing down during a bowl between oklahoma and iowa, and stuff from out are space. getting the overhead shots, when the wire snapped you can see it bounces off the field. they have a bowl for everything. ouch! >> they were lucky.
6:47 am
>> look at that. >> we are ready to countdown to 2012 it is time now to look back at the biggest celebrity meltdowns of the past year. >> and with the top five is human behavior pert. patrick, good to see you again. >> and now, number five. everyone at home start getting, who is the number one celebrity meltdown, we are talking about hollywood. do you say it is ashton and demi? >> ashton and jesse james who names two refuse to accept responsibility for their behavior, ashton married a much older woman, and cheats on her with a younger woman and then he tweets to the world that marriage is one of the post difficult things in the world and sometimes unfortunately they fail. no, your marriage failed because you cheated. jesse james cheated on sandra last year and then this year he get enengaged and cheats on her
6:48 am
19 times. he doesn't get it. no amount of drugs, alcohol, or women will make up for this. >> and number four, arnold schwarzenegger and anthony weiner. >> actually, yes, putting them at number four, arnold schwarzenegger and anthony weiner are two examples of men who marry up and cheat down. arnold schwarzenegger married up into the family but cheats down with the housekeeper. congressman weiner does the same thing, marries a highly intelligent, successful woman, a personal aide to hillary clinton, and what does he do? he tweets pictures of himself and tries to deny it saying someone hacked into the account. power corrupts but these two men did what engaged, they had an entitlement but they sabotaged this by giving into emotion.
6:49 am
>> when i do kardashian i have to do this. >> kim cash danian -- kardashian? >> she is famous for a next tape just like paris hilton and then she has a huge fairy tale princess wedding and vows to love her husband 'til death do her part, and it is over in 72 days. >> and lindsay lohan and her father. >> yes, lindsay lohan has been sent to jail five times in four years, they reward her bad behavior, and they pay $1 million for a nude photo shoot for playboy and her father is a horrible role model and he is accused of attacking his ex-girlfriend and violates a restraining order and he jumps off a hotel balcony into a tree.
6:50 am
the entire family need help. all number one has to be charlie sheen. i like your choice. >> last year he was number two because he pleaded guilty to assaulting his wife but this year no one did more crazy things or got more attention than charlie sheen. tiger woods, drugs, alcohol, prostitutes, and winning, winning, winning, and the point is most people do not realize that charlie sheen doesn't think he is ain't we are because his father never let him have a win as a child. hi father said when charlie was 15, they were playing one-on-one basketball, charlie beats his father but his fathers says, no, no, no, your foot is over the line so charlie is trying to convince the world that his father and himself --. >> great to see you, you have a great new year. >> thanks, patrick. could we see a gingrich same in 2012?
6:51 am
why he could pick the former alaska governor. >> are you struggling to pay your bills and put food on the table? obviously you are not a member of congress and the law makes -- lawmakers are getting richer while you struggle.
6:52 am
6:53 am
>> mike was talking about despite the economic downturn, capitol hill went pretty up unscathed. according to inflation adjusted data from moody's the net worth of congress, members of congress, increased 15 percent since 2004. while it dropped 8 percent for american families. is this growing gap between congress and american voters bad for the country? and now, economics reporter for the "wall street journal", kelly over vans a smart cookie.
6:54 am
>> so, how does this happen in a down economy, given the fact that american families have lost so much of their net worth, are members of congress able to reap the benefits? >> politics still pays. if you look at the sources, most american families it comes from their house so it is no surprise people's women has been falling but in congress less of the wealth is from their home it could be from businesses or from other income, maybe inherited and, remember, in this country being in politics and beingen at media is a business you can use to generate personal wealth, so, the problem is, for a lot of people in congress, you ask if this is a problem for mechanic, it is a problem for congress because they look out of touch of the average american. >> so, to have a conversation with your constituents and explain i understand it is very difficult right now, some of you may be struggling with food stamps and social security issues, and i am fine because i have a palace to live in and
6:55 am
that shows that out of touch relationship. >> and nancy pelosi, and john kerry, the members who are really wealthy personally, and "new york times" did a great piece this week reporting how pelosi and there have been tensions between her and some members of congress who are less wealthy and it comes down for their pay. they make nearly $200,000 a year but they have not gotten a pay increase for a couple of years because of the low inflation and the tough economy, but you are talking about a huge despair defy even in congress. >> we had the full screen of the richest members, and the republican from california, and warner from virginia, and john kerry from massachusetts, and family wealth, and then nancy pelosi from california, and there has been a movement about limiting congress' pay or take a sizable pay cut. will that gain traction. >> maybe congress has been having a pay freeze and this
6:56 am
raises an interesting question, do you want members of congress to be among the best paid americans or not? the theory is the better you pay the better talent you attract and what happens is congress does not pay that were but to get there you have to have a significant amount of money, so it is already drawing people who are indepedently more wealthy than in the past, and they can make more money doing it not necessarily through salary but through their job, and of course they leave office we have seen so many members saying, why bother sticking it out here for what actually is not that great actual pay in office and i can leave and do speaking tours and get a lost money. >> a way to bolster their future career. >> this struck me as amazing, the 1306 members of congress elected in 2010, their median net worth is $864,000. all increase over just a couple of years ago, so, that points to a trend which is you have to have more and more one to make
6:57 am
it in congress. does that draw the right client of people we want running the country, you could see yes, maybe that towns into a successful skill politically and we want those people in charge or you could say no, you have to be independently wealthy. >> gone are the days where you could be a farmer and go to congress. >> if those days ever existed. >> thank you. >> chris christie giving iowa a taste of new jersey coming up. >> so, will the voters in iowa pay attention to the new jersey's governor warning of getting out to the polls on tuesday? my name is ron orsini,
6:58 am
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>> good saturday morning to you on december 31. the print is on with just three days before the iowa caucus, the g.o.p. candidates are making their final push in the hawkeye state but for one. we will tell you who is skipping out this weekend. >> and sarah palin could be jumping into the 2012 race after all. what do i mean? gingrich wants the former alaska governor, possibly, as his running mate. >> and last minute preparations underway in times square for the big ball drop. the waterford guys don't want you to say they are dropping the
7:01 am
ball. softly letting it down. "fox & friends" hour two starts right now. live from the crossroads of the world, this is "fox & friends" on saturday. >> if you are dropping clothes off at the salvation, today is the last day to write it off. >> today is the last day to enjoy "fox & friends" for 2011. >> and you have to wait until tuesday for the iowa caucus the wig story. they are counting days to the iowa caucus and i understand it is three days. steve brown has his map outthis morning, north of des moines, and he is tracking what the candidates are doing ahead of tuesday's big vote. are you mapping and driving, steve? >>reporter: no. i don't have to drive in this set up just talk with you folks.
7:02 am
goodgood morning, all. the candidates a little early for them to be up and about but the staffs are at work this morning. and interestingly it does appear that ron paul has exited the state of iowa and he has, by acclimation the largest campaign organization maybe among the most dedicated supporters in the state according to his opposing campaign out here in iowa but he himself is not campaigning here today. we are rolling down the road toward ft. dodge, iowa for an event with rick perry, and interestingly, rick perry early in this week flew in according to one person involved, at least 200 folks in a "describe force," to try and get up support for the texas governor in advance of the caucus and get the ground game executed and people out to the 1,800 locations. interestingly enough, for the texas governor, despite the fact that maybe jobs are the most
7:03 am
important issue, his campaign will tell you that the campaign ads mentioning religion and specifically congress, and how congress should spent left time in washington, those are resonating with voters which is semi interesting. gingrich is on the trail, and by most accounts did not seem to be feeling well. the campaign said it was something they two with allergies but making him feel a little bit better, i would thing, he picked up an endorsement of a radio talk show host who helped huckabee in a great deal in 2008 and pummeling romney day after day after day after day and assisting huckabee if his successful caucus campaign in 2008. so, now, gingrich has that flame thrower, on the airwaves, advocating on his behalf, leading up to the caucuses on tuesday.
7:04 am
and romney has not been out here that were and has remained a top tier candidate throughout all of this, and has managed to move himself at least according to the real clear politics average poll up into the top spot with just a few days to go. but he has a substantial base of support here and it appears that those folks are motivated, interestingly, he has been able to keep contact with those folks in his absence, with telephone tall halls that have been rather large. a lot it is about making sure people remain excited enough to show up on tuesday for the caucuses. that is the key. back to you. >> back to you next hour, steve. thanks. >>clayton: playing possom, hard to pin them down and gingrich has avoided the vice president game so far. >> a lot of candidates put that off but newt mentioned it yesterday, bringing this up, and
7:05 am
was asked whether or not he would pick sarah palin as his vice presidential nominee. he said this. >> i am a great admiraller of hers and she is a remarkable reform go of alaska, and, so, she is someone that i think brings a great deal to the possibility of helping in government, and that would be a possibility and there are important cabinet positions. i cannot imagine anyone who would do a better job of driving us to an energy solution than governor sarah palin so she would certainly be on the list, and one of the people we would consider. >> cabinet or v.p. how about that. >> someone else considered as a possible v.p. candidate is chris christie in iowa right now campaigning for romney, and i think we have something from christie talking about this. take a listen. >> i love being with mitt but let me tell you people
7:06 am
disappoint me on tuesday ... you don't do what you are supposed to do on tuesday for mitt romney ill-be back. jersey-style, people. i will be back. >> that's tony soprano style. >> or is he campaigning for arnold schwarzenegger? >> yes, the point is, of course, if the weather turns bad on tuesday it is great to come to the rallies, when it is fair weather, but when there is potentially bad weather on tuesday evening, go to someone's basement, and spend the time caucusing for an individual, it is, you know, it is hard task. >> and governor christie spoke to that and why it is so important to get out and vote on tuesday. listen. >> take nothing for granted. elections are decided by the people would show up, by the people who vote by the people who care about the country enough to be out here on a friday morning in iowa in the rain and the cold because you love your country, and because you believe this man can help lead the country back to
7:07 am
greatness. >> it was a stark contrast between the rain and the cold and the discussion and president obama laying golf on holiday vacation in hawaii. and romney did not miss a chance to paint the contrast. >> she in hawaii, we are in the cold and rain and wind because we care about america and he just finished his 90th round of golf. >> that is because he has already been elected but romney says, we have 25 million americans out there, out of work, or have stopped looking for work, or underemployed, and home values have come down and when you hear that, gosh, the president is playing golf but many people don't have that luxury or can barely put food on the table. >> and there is a perception issue that congress has because we have been talking here on "fox & friends" the last few weeks, about the approval rating between 9 percent and 11 percent
7:08 am
and a new poll out this morning, just dropping. 5 percent, 5 percent, 5 percent approval rating for congress. >> the lowest rating, everything, in the history of the rasmussen polls. >> and i have her because you get the plus or minus three, so it could swing three points so, actually they have a negative, 1 percent approval, so, it is zero percent. so, what other things, what has a better approval rating than congress? believe it or not, people polled said charles mansion, a mass killer, have higher. and the b.p. during the oil spill has a 16 percent approval rating. and lindsay lohan has 18 percent. and hangover two, the second
7:09 am
movie, the first was got but the second one,32 percent, and dying alone, most people are scared about 38 percent approve of that more than of congress. send us your e-mail and tweets, what do you think has a higher approval rating than congress? we are on twitter. we will share those but. that is the weekday twitter account. no, go to our weekend account. and now the headlines, a toddler investigation, police have found evidence suggesting foul play was involved but they will not elaborate on that. look at that precious child treating her disappearance as a full-blown criminal investigation. the 20-month-old diagnosis appeared from her father's house two weeks and he is not being called a "suspect," at this time. and protesters facing criminal charges after setting fire to
7:10 am
two american flags near the group encanment in north carolina, and a system is a spokesman for the movement saying he was trying to inspire people to action, and the actual burning of a flag is not against the law. but, burning it inappropriately near flammable objects is not legal. 2011 is a wild year for wall street. here is how trading ended yesterday, the last day of trading until the new year. the s&p 500 up and down, throughout 2011 but, ultimately it fished where it began, the first time in six years the index log the no change. the dow jones industrial average is up about 5.235 percent for the year, and the nasdaq on the other hand post add 1.8 percent loss. people in times convey are not the only ones participating in the new year, nasa is counting down the seconds until the
7:11 am
wednesday craft makes back-to-back arrivals, to the moon, and the first probe will slip into orbit later today and the twin will do the same tomorrow. the probe will be used to study gravity that was launched back in september and those the headlines. i saw you looking up, and you have to go to the planetarium if you are ever in new york at the natural museum history. >> it is fantastic with different movies, and you rotate them every three months and you it is back in the chair and you are transported to another planet. >> and we are not calling this a ball drop because the guy from waterford gets sick. we are gingerly lowering it. rick: and now, how this thing works, there is the ball that gingerly lowers down this 70' poll and i climbed to the top of
7:12 am
this thing here, this structure, where the numbers are, the 2012 is right behind me so they are already and they took down the 2011 and now they have the 2012 right up here and at times square, the ball will be raised tonight at 6:00 and it will go up to the top of this 70' poll to get rid for descent at midnight and it drops down and the telephone 12 lights go up and there is all kinds of fireworks sets up and that will go off. and, a spectacular view from the top of times square and i will take a few pictures and put them on twitter so you can see what the view looks like. we cannot get the camera guy up here. we will be down in the next minute, 16 million lights designed that it can show you, you are watching a movie on that ball with the display. we will not do that but the lighting is spectacular. guys? >> a cool shot.
7:13 am
>> throw him a rope. pull him up. more news ahead. [ nadine ] buzzzz, bzzzz, bzzzz, bzzzz,
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>> and now a little look at what a memo says we are about where we thought we would be at this point in the race, in a position with the necessary at this stage but gingrich is not even in the top tee so what gives. and now, editor and writer for the new york post, and a humorist and producer of sexy liberal comedy tour and editor for events, and this book "obama zombies." happy new year, so, leak memorial months, you are skeptical this was leaked, robert? >> usually if it is leaks it is a negative toward the campaign but considering the terms that the gingrich campaign is describing their campaign, it
7:17 am
seems to me that it was sent out, and, by the way, i worked for gingrich when he was speaker and this seems like ... >> is it typical fashion? >> not when he was speaker but this is something a campaign would do when a lot of these things are hitting him from all sides and they need to shore up support among their supporters. >>clayton: do you agree? >> i think he is right. if it was something horrible and negative and desperate it would not be leaked but the fact we are talking about it shows a master of damage control gingrich s. >> is this something that is true? the subject of the memo says we are doing better than we need to be doing, is that accurate? and we need to be doing better than that? >> newt has been banking on south carolina and letting on for weeks that iowa may not matter and he started out with no money and he still doesn't have money and the organization
7:18 am
is threadbare but the problem gingrich is facing he ran into a debate shortfall. he was soaring in the debates, with two weeks and no go baits and he is making only the stops the debating had him surging and he cannot do that the last two weeks. >> i tend to agree but the point sex he does not have the financial resources to take on both romney's ad attacks and ron paul's ad attacks and that is what contributing to the collapse in iowa and if he doesn't respond, it would contribute to the collapse down the road in south carolina and some of the other states, as well. >> you have to look at where michele bachmann voters go and where rick perry and santorum voters go, if they take off, gingrich looks good for south carolina. >> but there are only three ballots from iowa, so fourth place is not good enough and 5th place is not good enough or is it? can he use that to roll into new
7:19 am
hampshire and south carolina? >> it only matters if you believe he was ever running. if newt was running for higher speaking fees and now a big convention speech. >> well he would have a better chance of being elected. gingrich is serious about running, i don't think he could get anymore name recognition but other candidates like herman cain, this is good for a national spotlight. >> he never thought he would do this well. >> you worked for him, robert, what is this about? >> no, no, no, there has been talk about newt launching a campaign and going back to 1996, and 2000, so it has been something that always has been in the back of his behind and he was surprised at the surge he had about a month ago, but, unfortunately he did not have
7:20 am
the structure to take full advantage of it. >>clayton: stick around as we look back at 2011 and it will soon be over. who are the big losers and winners in the political world? it is hard to remember some of this stuff that happened. our political panel shares their picks. xñ?x0x
7:21 am
7:22 am
>> general motors is recalling 4,000 sonics, looking for
7:23 am
missing break pads and 75,000 is how many credit card numbers were stolen from a private intelligence company's system. a group "anonymous," claimed responsibility for publishing them. and $600 the the insane amount of money is how much kardashian collects for attending a new year's eve party in las vegas. so you can it is next to her. clayton? >>clayton: we will be there, tonight, at her party. these guys didn't get the innovate. as we end a year, we will find out the biggest political winners and losers of 2011 according to our political panel. jason, political losers this year, who do you think really hit the bottom of the barrel? >> 2011 joe biden, america deserves a semi competent vice president, and he is a man who compared the tea party to
7:24 am
terrorists and says the republicans were on the side of racists for not spending laugh a trillion in stimulus funding and democrat pollsters say if he has a fighting chance to get re-elected they need to drop joe biden. >> we will see if hillary clinton steps into that spot. that would be interesting. >> the biggest loser? >> i would have to say this man has consistently been willing to believe anything to get elected and that is consistent. the voters of the g.o.p. in iowa had six different frontrunners sin the summer, and the g.o.p. fields are the victims. >> and the poll shows 45 percent in iowa do not have an idea who they will vote for, throw days out. >> blockbuster video they are throwing this to minutes, and you have to decide which horrible film do i pick?
7:25 am
>> your biggest loser? >> that would be herman cain, actually, when he briefly rose to the top among the republican field he could actually track himself to have been on the ticket as a vice president pick, but, then, when all of the stories of women came out, and it was very clear he could not talk about anything beyond 9-9-9, not only he collapsed and left the race he left as a joke so that makes him the loser. >>clayton: there were many big winners in the field this year, and jason, your big winner? we are talking off camera, and the polls are suggesting. >> i think it is ron paul. here is a man who has hoodwinked mass number of people into believing she a mainstream candidate, and dismissing his
7:26 am
crazy talk about blacks over the years, and you have voters who buy into him talling about bringing in the fed and abiding by the constitution, ending welfare state but on many issues he is more left than president obama. >> ron paul had a good year, but i have to say winner of the year is the super rich. like every year. the super rich this year. you cannot stand up for main street but it is not liberal conserve conservative but the wealthy. >> and the occupiers agree. >> my big winner, i will not leave new york state, the governor of new york stay, andrew cuomo. he managed to wrestle a disfunctional legislature which we have had in new york for decades, and he balanced the budget, and cut spending, and
7:27 am
did not raise taxes as he promised he would not, and he also for those on the left, got through gay marriage and set himself up as possible presidential nominee next round. >> he has one of the high of the approval ratings right now. >> she above 60 percent and the democratrd going to look at him for sell years. >>clayton: and he has a countdown clock on his website which ends tonight with the income tax thing he is claiming to have the lowest income tax rates in the history. >> he weaseled on the millionaires tax thing but it was enough of a weasel ... >> we are the aspiring 1 percent, right? >> i am just glad to get you to say sexy comedy on the air.
7:28 am
>> and a maryland town angry at the highway practical -- patrol for honoring shoulders there, and the family who put it there joins us live. >> and the cocktail guru with simple drink recipes to spice up the new year's celebration.
7:29 am
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>> up close and personal look from times square the ball that is going to drop weighing 12,000 pounds, and 2,688 crystal triangles on the ball. >> we have been doing this for 105 years, right? >> since 1907. >> amazing and back in the day they used pulleys and four people showed up. they thought it was a construction site. >> and now a million people will be there and a billion want it on tv. >> and two million watching rick
7:32 am
this morning in times square with a preview of what to expect. >> you are back on the ground, risk, i see? rick: i know. everyone knows, i end up at all the high laces, i am drawn to them and i am afraid of them so it has been cool to be here, and the ball is just amazing and so beautiful. all morning, they are running the lights through the cycles of different lighting effects, so, it turns into the amazingly beautiful colors and you will see this happening behind me as we talk. so, a great spot, and bill will come up with us later in the show to talk about tonight because he and megyn are hosting the fox new year's eve special and i will talk about the weather because everyone is wondering what will go on. for the last day of 2011, i tell you what, we will go out in nice style this year and then it will change because big storm coming in and much colder air and it
7:33 am
will feel like winter, finally, by monday, but 50 degrees in new york city, unbelievable, and you can see the storm on the radar, and that will be gone, and cloud cover today but the rain and snow will be done mostly. further to the west, you will notice across the south there is nothing doing but across the west there is a storm in the pacific northwest and another area of snow across minnesota and here is the forecast for tonight. 44 degrees in new york city, at midnight, and it will be quite clear, and a few hours around the northeast will see light rain and snow and nothing that causes problems. to the southeast, we are talking about a very comfortable night as far as temperatures go and we will be into the 40's and 50's and maybe a light shower toward new orleans tonight, but you will be mostly just fine. and to the none plains that is the only spot that will see problems, maybe a little bit of snow around midnight toward minneapolis, and toward green bay and chicago will be fine at midnight, and maybe a little bit
7:34 am
of snow toward the morning hours and across the west, also, looking very fine from los angeles, san francisco, denver, cool 25, and seattle, maybe a few showers so weather tonight is good, and everyone is going to be out in the streets celebrating whatever the town is, whatever drops in your town if not the ball, places like land tax you have the peach to drop, whatever it is, a pickle, clayton, and most of the of the country is hooking good. >> we have so many visitors from all over the country. we deserve good weather. >> send us your town's thing you drop. there is a public display of dropping a pickle in pennsylvania. >> and one year, we posted the new year's drop and it must have been five degrees. of course tonight, megyn and
7:35 am
bill get 50 degrees. >> they have had their fair share. >> last year. the year before that it was freezing. >> moving the show along, the debt crisis hitting a snag with the president not proposing an increase until congress comes back. >> and now the details. >> yes, we are $100 billion of the debt limit yesterday and we thought the white house was going to ask congress to jack up the debt limit $1.2 billion from $15.2 trillion but they didn't do it because they didn't is to and a white house spokesman said "as indicated on tuesday, the treasury department expected the debt will be $100 billion of the limit by the close of business today," that was yesterday, and, we anticipated submitting a certification to congress later today pursuant to the budget control act, however, we have been asked by the leadership of congress to delay certification
7:36 am
in order to give both houses time to consider when votes may occur given the current congressional schedule. so, the white house is saying they want democrats and republicans in the house of representatives and the senate to weigh in, without coming back from the winter break and that is what the members are going to have a chance to do but a spokesman for the speaker boehner says our members want to vote on the resolution of disapproval provided in the budget control act. it was our preference not to call members back but we with have if the timing required it and the white house said they have been working with leaders in both houses and the house of representatives and the senate to figure out when the best time to ask for a debt crisis increase is, formally, and although they did not do that yesterday now it is on our radar and the public radar, we are expecting to hear from a lot of members of congress and people in the senate about whether this is a good idea. so, keep borrowing. here we go happy.
7:37 am
happy new year. once again, another debate over debt. thanks, peter. nice to see you. >> and now you gruesome discovery near the texas and mexico bother, human remains were found on the mexican side of falcon lake, 15 miles from where an american was reported we killed by pirates. a couple were jet skiing in december of 2011 and they were attacked, and she said her husband was shot not back of the head and claim she could not pull him to safety and she had to leave him in the water and he was never seen again. >> the united states securing another deal for the middle defense not middle east about iran's nuclear ambitions and the white house is selling 96 missiles and supporting and training technology to the united arab emirates. the united states made a deal with saudi arabia to sell 84 fighter jets. and call it lawn and order, cities across the country now
7:38 am
cracking down on yard sales. one ordinance is allowing resident only to four garage sales and people have to have a license to sell out of their homes and lawmakers are trying to prevent people from selling goods without claiming sales tax. >> who has more than four garage sales a year? a military mom wants to help families dealing with tragedy of losing a family member, opening her home so folks can spend a week vacationing, she says she hopes this will visitors draw from each other's strength and to move forward. >> we have liberal candidates, and you think of kansas being conservative but that is the name of the town, liberal, kansas. >> and it is a conservative town. >> and there have been tears shed on campaign trails before going back to muskie. remember that? he was crying and it helps him
7:39 am
loose his presidential bid. and others have had tears hurt and others have had tears help. and yesterday gingrich broke down a couple of times when asked about his mom. >> folks will say i get teary eyes when we sing christmas carols. my mother sang in the choir, and loved and when i was very young she made me sing in the choir. >> you hear the baby in the back grand crying, but there were a number of times he broke down talking about his mom and the care he had to provide. it was a real moment. you know? >> i didn't mine it. a month ago, three candidates, one debate, and four minute stretch, three of them cried.
7:40 am
talking about their families and when people talk about their family, i talk about my family especially my daughters ... >> he is exhausted. he has been campaigning, and the campaign trail is exhausting and you talk about your mother who passed away and people will have that same reaction and it must be difficult. what people are saying about you and all of the articles, and see the negative campaign ads and they have thick skin and this is part of the electioning. but it is everything. coming together. they are exhausted. >> would he be upset about what happened with romney in new hampshire, you decide what you think happened here. romney was asked a similar set of questions in a way when he was in new hampshire, yesterday, and we have a quote here he said my mom and dad were extraordinary people, they left this life and moved on, and appear audience member who was aware of gingrich crying yelled out "don't cry," and he said,
7:41 am
no, no, no, i won't, but i do, nothing to be ashamed of. >> and they wondered if he was making fun of gingrich for crying. we remember in >>governor huckabee: in -- we remember in hillary clinton crying in 2008 and it helped her in new hampshire. take a look. >> so many opportunities in this country. i don't want to see us fall backwards. this is very personal for me. it is not just political. it is not just public. i see what is happening. we have to reverse it. >> there were a lot of questions about that, right? people were saying, is it sexism. >> i was offended because i
7:42 am
thought everyone cried. and gingrich has so much experience and he is crying, and it goes on, on both sides. >> we don't want it to be a trend. we don't want you to cry every day. even the producers are crying in the control room. >> they are crying right now, actually. there are a lost occupiers that have tried to occupy the caucuses in iowa people coming from all over the country trying to disrupt or vote, how do they vote there, because you have to be registered republican so they will go this there and vote try to get on the ballot and vote but not be registered republican and disrupt the caucus and they have been showing up in different places in coffee shops and campaign stops. >> but not everyone wants them there. look at what happened in iowa at the coffee shop.
7:43 am
(inaudible). >> she kicked out the occupiers, she --. >> you need to, just, please leave my coffee shop. >> can you blame her? her store. her property. everyone has rights and it is my right to kick you out. >> get your latte out of here. >> coming up, forget the fun, this guy just wants the cash. watch this robber on taste. >> and new recipes you have never heard of, cocktail recipes.
7:44 am
nature made takes a scientific approach to making their vitamins. in fact, they've invested millions of dollars in studies to learn how supplements improve your health. that's why i trust nature made. the number one pharmacist recommended fish oil brand. learn more at
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7:46 am
>> and in nevada, firefighters contained a 400 acre brush fire. crews say strong winds pushed away the flames. police hope this surveillance video will catch the man who robbed a subway restaurant in florida. the suspect jumped over-the-counter, and forced the employee in the bathroom before making off with all the money. the guys are getting an early start over there. >> hurry up we are trying to get started. we show you how to make a few re drinks with the cocktail guru. i would love to have your title, cocktail guru. >> you have some great tips. maybe i can become a guru. keep the cocktail simple with an
7:47 am
exciting name. >> yes i have this drink called the times square shuffle with a lost people merging there, with simple ingredients and fresh pair and grated ginger and fresh squeezed lime juice and agave which you can get at any grocery store. they have it now. and this is triple wheat going into the process of making it. and i will give it a little shake or shuffle, and i am going to put it into the cocktail glass with candy ginger. >> i understand the ginger helps you keep off a hangover. >> i cannot attest to the
7:48 am
medical benefits. i'm not a medical doctor but it tastes quite good in a cocktail. >> they were twins, once, at college ... >> what is next? >> i may have met them, as well. this is the noise maker. because there will be a lot of people making a lot of noise. >> use some ingredients you may already have had. >> in your basement or bar. i have this delicious lemon drink, and a special gin, and original juice, and you stir it up and the rim on the glass. >> there is something on it, is that ainsley's lipstick? >> spiced cinnamon sugar. >> pour that right in. and nice color, too, and i am into lored themes and you can
7:49 am
pick a color for your theme. >> we have a minute left with a big bowl of goodness. >> the countdown punch. >> to save time, you don't have to make all the different drinks by making one big bowl. >> exactly. the perfect drink for the guest during the holiday, this cocktail has dark chocolate and the flavors are just amazing. >> the vodka is infused with chocolate. >> and there is seven-year-old rum, and apple cider. >> you may need some help with that. >> don't have to serve dinner, just serve dips and cookie
7:50 am
things, a greek yogurt with crushed walnuts and honey. >> and we want to go to commercial break so we can enjoy all of this. >> and we will have links to all the recipes on our website. >> no holiday for the republican candidates and we will go like there at the top of the hour. >> and a flag was put up to honor the fallen heroes but it was taken down.
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
>> a maryland family fighting for the american flag with their tributes to the heroes taken down. and now, our guest put up a flag to honor her nephew. >> thank you for having us and supporting the american flag. >> we chatted about this yesterday. tell the folks at home what happened if they missed the story yesterday. >> he years ago, our nephew was being deployed to afghanistan so our family put an american flag up in the center of round about circle so when he left for afghanistan he knew our community and our family was behind him because he was fighting for america and fighting for the freedoms of others. he came home from afghanistan
7:54 am
that flag was there to greet him as it has been for three years every soldier and veteran a tribute and a thank you. a month ago, the flag, the round about a car went over it and knocked the flag and lit a tree in the center and our family put up a new pole with the help of a world war ii veteran, mr. jack baker and we put up a new pole in the center and two weeks later they, the state roads took the flag down, and threw it in the back of a dump truck. >> what was their response? you reached out to them saying what are you doing with this flag i want it put back up. what was their response? >> we called and asked what was going on, my husband and they said it was trespassing and we could be arrested and he had a lost complaints which was proven untrue, the only complain was from the landscape crew who takes care of the circle and when a politician was involved
7:55 am
they said it was because of a dry was trucked but when we installed the new pole the tree was already cut prior to the installation of the through pole and, then, since i guess we have gotten publicity from a letter i wrote to the editor of the local pain and they have since said that it is because it is a safety issue because we don't have road control, and we don't wear orange vests when we go to clean it up. >> so what are they saying? >> i think that an easy resolution could have been made to let the american flag fly free. that is what it is for. >> this does not make sense to anyone watching the stories we are all pro america, we live here. what is their reasoning? why don't they put up a new flag? >> now they would not give the flag back to us, or the pole, and i got an male great a friend that, worked with someone in state road whose said we can come get it but now they say we
7:56 am
have to get a permit which we are willing to do but no one from the permit office has contacted us and we have tried, and talked to them but now they have to research and investigate it. >> remember after 9/11 you could not drive down the street without seeing the american flag. >> and in our town, we are full of a lot of proud americans, we have a lot of soldiers, a lot of veterans, we lost a soldier a few years back, and this is in memory of all the soldiers and on of all the veterans and soldiers. it is the american flag and created as a symbol for all of us and in honor of america. and our prides and our history. >> absolutely, well we contacted the state highway administration to get their side the story and we did not hear back from them but hopefully we will. >> neither did we, so it is okay. >> i am a believer you can say anything, so when i first read
7:57 am
the story i thought this was a miscommunication and maybe they threw away the flag or took the nag down not knowing the story behind the flag, but, with them not answering our calls or even chatting with you about it it makes me wonder. >> we have called them and talked to many different people and it is always a different story and we did not know we had to have an american flag, a permit to fly the american flag. we will do that, our community, our town, wants the american flag put back in the circumstance we. we miss it. we had a soldier come back from ike, we had a rally with significant people show up, and he just came home. and he saw that. he saw our rally, he saw how our community stands behind him. >> we stand behind your nephew and the folks who are fighting for our country. >> coming up, endorsing ron paul paid off for kelly clack son. she got a huge bump for supporting ron paul. and 2011 is about history.
7:58 am
australia is minutes away from ridging in the new year.
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> well, good morning, it's saturday. december 31st, i'm ainsley earhart filling in for alisyn. and celebrating right now. there you go. a live look at sydney, australia, bringing in the new year and plus, we're live from time square this hour and coughing all over clayton. >> thank you so much, i'll get it dry cleaned. >> and the g.o.p. presidential candidates are counting down to the iowa caucuses and one candidate is ringing in the new year at home instead of on the campaign trail. >> mike: in jersey, governor chris christie has a message for voters in the hawk eye state. >> you don't do what you're
8:01 am
supposed to do for mitt romney, i'll be back, jersey style, people, i'll be back. >> mike: he'll be back jersey style, but will those threats really help romney in the iowa caucuses on tuesday. "fox & friends" our last day of the year right now. ♪ >> hey it's vanessa williams, enjoy your holiday on "fox & friends." >> clayton: clayton, send me the bill. and this is sydney, australia. >> mike: a live shot. they normally do it by the sydney opera house. ooh, they have a good show. >> they always get everything first. did you hear about the island of samoa? they actually moved the international time line and skipped a day, and went from december 29th up to december 31st. >> clayton: one day. >> they'll never have december 30th, gone.
8:02 am
>> mike: they do a good job here, huh? and they put it up there on the bridge. >> clayton: and we'll see the fireworks over big ben that you've seen your entire life and rick out there at time square, pretty amazing, look out there this morning and we're fortunate of being part of this city and we're talking sending rick over to see time square that we saw the ball drop as kids. >> we're 48th street over ainsley's head there, just a block away is broadway, 7th avenue. >> and continue to send your tweets, what drops in your town. baloney in pennsylvania. pickles in certain towns. >> clayton: apparently we drop coffee. >> all over my leg. >> we're three days away from the iowa caucuses and what are the candidates doing ahead of the big day? >> we go to a man driving the
8:03 am
roads of iowa right now. hi, pete. >> hey, mike, ainsley, clayton, we're headed north on 169, headed up to fort dodge. we're safely out of the way of ainsley's coffee and the sun is just about coming up out here. we've got a picture to show you rolling down the road so it's not even sun up out here and we're sure that the campaigns are at work. interestingly enough today, with ron paul and top tier, a threat to win the iowa caucuses, he is absent from iowa. he did some campaign events yesterday in western iowa and has taken some time off, headed back down to his home in texas and we're trying to find out when it is the copingman may be back in iowa in advance of the caucuses. and interesting development. top tier, three days left and he's gone. we're headed to a rick perry event in port dodge, going to
8:04 am
a coffee house do a meet and greet. he's aggressively attacked iowa in the month of december. earlier this week brought in a strike force of 200 folks, supporters, people on the payroll, from around the country, to come and work up the ground gam here in iowa in advance of the caucus and getting the people out to the 18 caucuses and on the air with the des moines register, 3 million dollars, something like that, of ads. that's a lot of ads. and chances are you'll see a lot of rick perry ads and any mention about religion or perry's face seemed to resonate with folks out here in iowa and then rick santorum, who's got five more events here today and he's rapidly moving up in the polls, and it is suggested that he could bust into the top three, there are some supporters that believe that if this went another two weeks, he'd be a threat to win
8:05 am
this thing and he's on the rise here in iowa and those are the men we're keeping an eye on this morning, out here as we're rolling down the road. >> nice to see you this morning, and rick perry taking an interesting tactic being going after the likes of rick santorum. because to them right now they seem to be out of touch and maybe too far out for them to actually reach it. >> that's interesting, it's about timing and santorum, you can two more weeks and you could of been the front runner and more weeks, gingrich in the top and now the second tier of the iowa caucuses. >> there's time, thee days to go. >> 41% say they could change their mind in time by the iowa caucuses and may have gone with one candidate and this they saw ron paul maybe they'd go with i am had. >> and results could change
8:06 am
this morning. >>. >> mike: that's why they're scrambling to get endorsements. and i guess knew begin griff got backed by someone who backed hike huckabee years ago. and the popular governor chris christie to go to iowa for him and this is what he had to say. he wants iowa support on tuesday for mitt romney and he means it. >> i love being with mitt now, but let me tell you, you people disappoint me on tuesday (laughter) >> you don't do what you're supposed to do for mitt romney, i'll be back jersey style, i'll be back. >> he's known for his sound bites and he got on the news, if you're on the beach get the blank off the beach now and this is part of the press conference. >> if you're too stupid to be
8:07 am
on the beach during the storm, he can talk, no question about it. >>. >> mike: when he was saying he wasn't going to run for president, remember that press conference, it went on for an hour. all he had to say. >> i'm not running. >> mike: could he be-- he says i'm not going to be anybody's vice-president either and those two guys looked good together, chris christie and mitt romney, never know. >> and people getting out to vote on tuesday, it's nice to come out in one of the big rallies and people are providing food for you, but to come out to the caucus on tuesday evening and you may have to drive farther and may have to drive through bad weather and that's when it counts, take a listen. >> take nothing for granted. elections are decided by the people who show up. by the people who vote and care about their country enough to be out here on a friday morning in iowa in the rain and cold because you love your country and you believe
8:08 am
this man can help lead this country back to greatness. >> mike: mentioning the rain and cold in iowa and mitt romney, this could be a good comparison, i'm here freezing and the president who i want to defeat is in hawaii. he's in hawaii right now, we're out in the cold and rain and wind because we care about america. he just finished his 90th round of golf. >> two sides to this story, right? there is he unmroment, housing market is bad and should our present be on the golf course, however, like you said, he's in hi with his family and it's the holiday season and. i don't begrudge any president taking time off, the hardest job in the world and every president they're in office they have the same stories, george w. bush taking long summers and president obama spending time in hawaii, yes, it's the holidays, however,
8:09 am
politics is all about abouter ception as frank luntz reminds everyone, and you have them out in oo aye talking about the country and you have president obama in hawaii playing golf. >> if romney wins he'll have that, too, the and the missing toddler, taking time for the worst. police say they have evidence that something was happened. and the 20 month old disappeared from her father's home two weeks ago and he is not called a suspect at this time. and four occupy protesters facing criminal charges after setting fire to two american flags. this happened near the group's encampment in charlotte, north carolina, one of the suspects is a person for occupy, for the movement and he says he was trying to inspire people's new actions and the actual flag burning, is not against the law, but burning it inappropriately near a flammable object such as tents
8:10 am
is not legal. a developing story out of los angeles, california, another car fire, they think it was set by the same person or group of people who torched nearly two dozen friday morning and those spread to nearby homes and one once occupied by rock star jim morrison. and the roof was damagedment oddly enough a group of fires broke out in that area earlier in the week and two suspects were behind bars when this began. right now, $35,000 being offered now for any information leading to a conviction in this case. and hold the phone, verizon wireless backing off on the plan to charge customers $2 online or over the phone. so-called convenience fee was announced on thursday and verizon dproropped it, after a major backlash, and including an online petition, 100,000.
8:11 am
>> note to company thinking of doing ridiculous fees leak bank of america and verizon tried to do. >> think we can do it for the airline industry, no more bag fees. >> mike: and if we were in sydney, australia we'd be having champagne. >> and huge fireworks because of this. >> mike: on the bridge there, they do it every year and pours down like rainy the fireworks. >> they celebrated new year's eve into the new year, ringing in first in sydney, australia our on rick reichmuth is live next to the fall in time square, in a few hours we'll be doing the same in the united states. >> how many hours? 16 an i way. >> i'm terrible about the math. i tried to do it on the fly, but i couldn't. >> how about if you're the island of samoa that lost a day because they moved the international date line and
8:12 am
skipped december 30th, how about that? so they're going to be having new years later or earlier than i think last year. >> and i tell you what, right here at the ball. this is the thing that everybody, we grew up watching the ball drop on new year's eve and it's changed over the years and started out, just 100 light bulbs and a wood ball that they hoisted up a pole and now it's turned into this amazing 2688 waterford crystals and al of the led light display. in ord to power this, the same energy it takes to run two electric ovens so it's a really efficient thing and they keep it up year round, if you come to new york, you can see it on top of the ball or excuse me on top of the pole from time square, take a look back at sydney, australia first pictures of people celebrating 2012 and clayton, i wou i would imagine you're a
8:13 am
little interested. they say it's the end of the earth, the apocalypse. the 21st when the my ann calendar ends, maybe this is the final one. >> according to the mayans, 2012, that's it. haven't you seen the movie you have to get in your shopping before the end of the earth. >> when it the exact day. >> it's december 31st this year and peter johnson is coming up in a little bit and his wife is up here with him and eat all the cookies you can and quit your gym memberships this year. >> that's right. buy a couple of cases of wine for the final year on earth. thanks, rick. >> we have told you about the candidates crisscrossing the state of iowa and only three days left and the search for the romney alternative, really, over? let's ask the head of the rnc next. >> remember, rosie and bart's version of at national anthem?
8:14 am
oh! well, one lawmaker has their way, that could be a costly mistake. we'll explain. >> disgusting. oh. what's going on? we ordered a gift oine and we really need to do something with it... i'm just not sure what... what is it? oh just return it. returning gifts is easier than ever with priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service. if it fits, it ships anywhere in the country for a low flat rate. plus i can pick it up for free. perfect because we have to get that outta this house. c'mon, it's not that... gahh, oh yeah that's gotta go... priority mail flat rate shipping starts at just $4.95. only from the postal service. a simpler way to ship and return.
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8:16 am
>> welcome back, everybody. and how many times do we tell you this? just the poll of likely iowa caucus goers, mitt romney neck and neck with ron paul and santorum and perry in fourth and newt gingrich fifth with 15 prers and a few days ago he was leading the pack. >> clayton: is the search for it over. nice to see you. did anyone tell you three days left until the iowa caucus? >> yeah, loud and clear and
8:17 am
it's going to be a great day, i think, to start off the primary season in iowa and it's going to be great for the country. i think that people are excited about it and that's why you're seeing the movement, yeah, excited and ready to go e . >> clayton: i'm going to take umbrage with that. the polls show an enthusiasm gap in iowa and sort of settling, settling on mitt romney as the search for the not romney candidate in effect? or is that gone do you? >> i don't buy into that at all. what i think, you have people in iowa and around the country that are ready to replace this president. i think there's going to be a lot of resolutions tonight at midnight when people are going to be saying, look, i can't wait to get rid of barack obama. let's do our part and save america and fire this president and i think that's what people are ready to do around the country and i think that's what you're going to see at least starting the debate in iowa so i don't buy into any of that, i think that people are ready to pick a
8:18 am
candidate and get started on this campaign and i'm looking forward to it on tuesday. >> i heard someone on thursday say, i don't think that ron paul is a republican. is he? >> well, i mean, of course he's a republican. he's running as a republican and he's got a lot of views as far as limited government and obviously, you know, federal vm and some of the things that he talks about in regard to the 10th amendment, but, no, i mean, we're going to be prepared. my job and the party's job is to support the republican nominee. iowa starts that debate. and then of course, we go to new hampshire and we go to south carolina, and florida and nevada next. so, i'm ready to go. i think this is going to be a good process for the country and i think we've already seen a lot of excitement on our side of the aisle and we're ready to go. >> clayton: the rnc has new years resolution cards that you guys put out and starts out with vice-president biden. what do you stay about that? >> well, listen, i think these resolutions are a great fun
8:19 am
for people. obviously, this president's given us a lot of words and a lot of speeches and he's the speech and fire among chief among other things and when you talk all the time and give speeches all the time and tend to give us a lot of material to work with. and we have fun for people at obama resolutions all the time you can send your friends and all the promises he made and didn't keep and his friends like nancy pelosi and you mentioned joe biden as well? listen, i think like i said before, people are ready to fire this president, save this country. and i don't think there's going to be a whole lot of people clinking their wine glasses tonight saying, hey, let's have another four years of this misery that this president has given us. i think people are going to be ready to go and we're going to help them get started by going to obama >> mike: i went there and read some. biden, i resolve to give barack obama's teleprompter a
8:20 am
true. >> clayton: i resolve to stop all difficult decisions until after the election. >> mike: holder, our results read memos across my desk. >> clayton: nancy pelosi, learning what's in the bill before it pas joost and keep hillary off the 2012 ticket. >> our special post card with those involved with occupy wall street for this president and basically says that the president resolves to stop paying off his campaign budies with taxpayer money. that's our occupy wall street card for those as well. >> mike: you have a great year and new year. >> you, too, hey, and i'm three hours behind you all out here in california and a great way to start the morning here, guys. >> clayton: boy, he's up early there. rnc chairman, thank you for
8:21 am
joining us from happy new year. >> mike: limiting the number of garage sales you can hold. >> that's right. >> mike: is this another example of government regulation going too far, you decide. >> clayton: american exceptionalism alive and well and time square is the center of it all and peter johnson, jr. live in time square to explain. s what you had been d. you know, working, working, working, working, working, working. and now you're talking about, well you know, i won't be, and i get the chance to spend more time with my wife and my kids. it's my world. that's my world. ♪
8:22 am
8:23 am
>> we are just two hours away from-- well, not a few. 15, 16, something like that and all eyes will be on times square when that ball drops. >> mike: put your eyes on this man. pete are johnson, jr. joins us from atop. is the ball on the ground or up on the building, peter? >> it's up on the building. >> ainsley: it's changing color. >> it is changing color, what color is it now? red and white? you know, for a century times
8:24 am
square has had a special place in our american conscienousous and the sweet kiss in times square we know so well. but a happy marine proposing on new year's eve most recently. young and old, for a long time. has come in times square and new year's eve to celebrate their lives and their loves. and their past and their future. and whether it was jimmy cagney singing, "give my regards to broadway" or 42nd street's, lullaby on broadway or alicia keys, empire state of mind. and song and film, exciting inif i night possibilities of the crossroads lights the world and inspire us. whether we come from topeka or toledo or tahoe, we're gripped for one night by the empire state of mind that says that nothing is impossible.
8:25 am
that we can push off the past and welcome the sharp promise of the new year. yesterday, i felt a special promise of america and the new year, unified by faith and flag at an interfaith breakfast at the new york public library, held by mayor michael bloomberg, he brought the protestant ministers, rabbis, catholic priests, imams and holy men and women together and saying let there be peace on earth and a greek orthodox youth choir singh "you raids me up to the lord" amidst a wall of ribbons of hope, symbolizing our most precious resource, we sang together. people of all faiths, people of all creeds, people of all parties, people of all types. and tonight, when we look down at this, this square that's behind us, we're reminded that this is the country of strength, this is the country
8:26 am
of opportunity, and reinvention. and almost 30 years ago, i helped chair a hearing a few blocks away in town hall about the redevelopment of times square, how we could transform times square into the vibrant place it is today because here in america, dreams do come true and in 2012, we will prove it again, we are a nation greater than our differences, in aelection year, we will debate solutions and cast votes to keep our freedom intact and ensure that our decisions are good and smart ones, really for our country's future. when we watch the ball drop tonight, over a million people below us, we will see more than the cold asphalt bring to new york city, we will see the warm blooded road maps of our american success. at the stroke of midnight we bellow our excited unified
8:27 am
cheer for our future and we remember that the song says ", but should old acquaintance be forgot? keep your eye on the grand old flag", mike, ainsley, all of our friends, happy new year to all all, happy new year and let's make it a great 2012. >> ainsley: absolutely, very inspiring, thanks so much, peter. >> mike: well done, peter. happy new year. >> thanks, mike, thanks ainsley. doing great. >> mike: god bless you and boy, we're lucky to be in this country and another times square, too, it's going to be a great night. coming up, botching the national anthem could be a costly mistake if one lawmaker has her way. should you have to pay a fine for being so off key for the national anthem? you decide. >> ainsley: and the girl scouts of the usa, a liberal organization, one former scout has been doing her homework
8:28 am
and she blows the whistle next. plus, big time for ron paul, is it paying off for kelly clarkston? how the grammy winner got a huge jump for her support. >> mike: she's jumping up and down. ♪
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
♪ >> kelly clarkston you're looking at. she tweeted out that she loved ron paul. i love ron paul. liked him a lot during the last nomination and no one gives him a chance. if he gets the nomination, he's got my vote and too bad he doesn't. that looks longer than 140 character, how did she pull that off on twitter. >> ainsley: she's kelly clarkson. >> mike: former american idol winner and always liked her. and a lot of people came down on her, you sing and don't endorse candidates. look at the bounce. >> ainsley: 192% up, her record sales on and
8:32 am
a lot of people are will isening for the song throughout the week. >> clayton: i jumped on itunes, and take a look on camera three if you look. aen liao being at the top of the list. kelly clackson is on the top. >> from number 41 to number 14. >> clayton: that's remarkable and negativity, how can you support a guy because of the newsletters and homophobic remarks and racist remarks in the newsletters and she stepped back and she said i like his smaller government. >> mike: the classic line there's no publicity-- all public is good, negative is good, negative, bad, is good. >> clayton: that's exactly the phrase. >> ainsley: i'll save you, time for more headlines and groups discovered near the texas-mexican border and a fisherman found human remakes meals from where the americans were killed last yearment
8:33 am
remember david hartley and wife at this time any jet skiing in 2010 when they allegedly were attacked and tiffany says her husband was shot in the back of the head and she claims she couldn't pull him to safety and had to leave him in the water. iran's navy commander, denying reports that the country feared long range missiles and that official claims the missile will be launched in the coming days, increased intentions over the country's nuclear ambitions and on tuesday, they threatened to close the straits of hormuz and new sanctions. an indiana lawmaker to propose a bell that prevent the performers from botching the national anthem kind of like roseanne barr did in 1990. ♪ for the land of the free ♪ and the home of the brave >> indiana state senator,
8:34 am
vanetta becker, not targeting roseanne in particular, but anyone who messes up the national anthem sponsored by public schools or universities should have to pay a $25 fine and apply to private schools that receive any kind of public funding. well, crews in new york city are preparing for the new year's eve ball drop in times square. and folks in brax ston, north carolina, getting ready for the possum drop. you've got to right the possum drop. part of the new year's eve celebration. a live possum is lowered in plexiglas before being relea released into the wild. and particular a look at the pickle drop in dillsberg, pennsylvania. >> (cheers) >> with mike and i on the
8:35 am
set. someone had to yell behave guy. >> mike: in our ear he said behave. >> clayton: he knows mike and i too well. >> ainsley: there's also the pelican drop in california. the crap drop in eastern maryland, and the baloney drop in lebanon, pennsylvania. and there's a peach drop in atlanta. >> is there? >> on the way into work this morning, i stepped over some pigeon drops. too easy. >> ainsley: lucky it didn't land on your hand. . >> mike: now let's go out to rick and he'll be in times square, are you going to be stay there until the ball drops. no way. you couldn't pay me enough to be down hook eke eke ehooker-- here like megan and bill. and that's a lot of people to be in the middle of.
8:36 am
and so many people are concerned about the weather and there's no need to be concerned for so much of the country right now. we're ending this year on a great note. temperature-wise, 49 right now here in new york city and it's going to stay nice all day long. and no big, a particular outbreak and no majorly cold air anywhere and a little storm you see across the northeast and that will be gone by this evening and scattered showers across the interior sections for now, but no big problems, as you go farther towards the west, we're dealing with a little bit of moisture in the northwest and across parts of minnesota. take a look at the midnight forecast across the eastern part of the country and looking very nice. 44 degrees for the ball drop here in new york city. and 48 for the peach drop in atlanta as ainsley was saying and moving toward the central part of the country. chicago into the lower 40's and escape any rain or snow, that's later on in the evening and 48 in st. louis, 63 as you head down towards the houston
8:37 am
area and new orleans you might see a little bit of rain, but it will be very, very light and farther out to the west. so many people are having a great new years, at least as far as the new years go and a lot is arranged by the co-producer of the times square ball drop and what people can look forward to tonight and you guys are doing your stuff every year. >> every one of those are having fun tonight and fox news channel is bringing us broadway cast from rock of ages, doing a couple of songs with us, and megan and bill and eight o'clock doing the confetti and in fact, if you want to see them before the big show, we have a free times square ball app and lots of interview and entertainment you don't get to see on tv and a chance to put your face up on the toe sheeba-- toshiba vision and you have an
8:38 am
app and have a chance. >> it's a contest, you have an app, and so many people like it, and it can go to the bill ball and go to the app and see it or with the million people, you know you're a star. >> and this ball and in the years past to where it is now, such an amazing change. if you've been to new york and times square, clearly a big place, but it's not that big and you guys have so many musical acts performing down here in times square, how do each of these get their space in. >> it's amazing, people don't realize, the times square entertainment that produced entertainment there, we're very fortunate how the networks bring the talent to us, and the networks send out to hundreds of million. in the end it's not about the entertainment, it's about this ball. you talked about hundreds of millions and billions of people potentially, there's 7 billion on the planet.
8:39 am
not everybody on the planet has access to a tv and whittle some of that down and about a billion people will watch this. >> this year, well over a billion and we'll be live with the opening ceremonies for the lion dance performance that's going to be live in beijing, all over the world and you can see it on the ball app and amazing start to the show. >> an amazing 1 in 7 people on the planet watching this ball. >> the whole world counts down together. when lady gaga and mayor bloomberg are pushing that button, it's not only americans, people on the planet coming together in a celebration. >> ladies gaga is not inside. >> i can't wait to see what she's going to wear, she's not going to outshine that ball. >> she was the in egg for a few days. >> waterford crystal. >> big night for you tonight and all the best and happy new
8:40 am
year to you. send is back to you. >> clayton: let's place your bets now, what type will she wear, meat dress and she wore that. >> ainsley: what color with her hair be. >> clayton: or the beg 2012 glasses. >> mike: i think a fish dress. >> clayton: trying to lose weight in 2012. >> mike: it's omega 3. >> clayton: coming up on the show, a girl scout bad for media bias. not kidding. one former scout says it's the tip of the iceberg, and she's going to join us next. >> ainsley: and plus, unlimited vacation days, sound like a dream come true. for employees at one company it is. aen will it work? we'll talk to people behind the idea coming up. ♪
8:41 am
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>> quick headlines. cities across the country cracking down on yard sales of all things. one city called liberal in kansas limiting them to four garage sales per year and requires folks get a license to sell out of their home and trying to prevent folks from selling goods without claiming them on their taxes. and another celebrity split. russell brand filing for divorce from katie perry, the two married in october of 2010 and photos recently showed them apart on christmas neither wearing their wedding ring. guys. >> clayton: thanks, ainsley. we told you about the girl scouts guide promoting media matters a source of fact checking for media everythings in. and since then the girl scouts
8:44 am
decided to drop the reference in the reprinting claiming it has nothing to do with our report. the decision to make changes to the juron ahandbook, prior to any media coverage on this matter. >> mike: our next guest says it's the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the girl scouts and liberal bias. sidney, welcome to the program. former girl scout and co-editor of speak now, girl scout. how old are you now, kidney? >> i'm 16. >> mike: and you joined when you were eight? >> i joined when i was seven and then i quit last year. >> mike: and why did you quit? >> i quit because i learned that even though girl scouts promises to be neutral, they're really not. as you can see through the women and materials that they promote. they have much more of a left ward leaning. >> mike: we mentioned the media matters issue that you
8:45 am
certainly recognize at your young age, but also, there seems to be a link between the girl scouts and planned parenthood. have you discovered that? >> yes, there w a patch up until 2005, called on your own, where the girl scouts referred girls directly to planned parenthood, to the planned parenthood sites and then when parents and girl scouts started complaining they removed it, just as they have done with media matters. >> clayton: the girl scouts-- >> you have it start to wonder why is it there in the first place, you know. >> clayton: here is what the girl scouts say and why it was there. the girl scouts of the usa does not have a relationship or partnership with planned parenthood, that's from the spokesperson from the girl scouts. >> mike: didn't the woman that used to run the girl scouts, sidney, say that there was, she admitted there was a link. >> yes, she did, she did and the statement-- >> and what do you say about that statement. >> i say that the original
8:46 am
statement has never been formally retracted, so, that makes you wonder, you know. so back to the original statement we read at the open of this story, they it had nothing to do with the current reporting about the media matters message in their handbook and planned to remove that back in october. what do you say to the girl scouts? >> i say that i had a friends, girl scout congresssional book stores, in houston, jacksonville, cincinnati and st. louis just last week and we were still able to find the book that had that reference still on the shelves and it still had the media matters reference in it. so, obviously the girl scouts weren't concerned enough to pull this from the shelves. >> mike: sidney, are you disappointed. apparently you like the girl scouts enough to join them. are you disappointed that you found out and what is the ult pat goal here, do you want them to be more conservative?
8:47 am
what is it. >> i am disappointed because they've come to be neutral and that's what i really want ideally. i would like them to be neutral, to be unbiased, but at this point i'm really just asking them to be honest because they're not honest, they came to be neutral and you can see that they're not. >> clayton: on the planned parenthood front, i looked on at a bunch of commentary. people say what's wrong with girl scouts providing information, planned parenthood is not just about providing abortion, it's about educating young women about their health. what's wrong with that, these critics ask. >> what's wrong a lot of times planned parenthood doesn't promote things like abstinence and chastity which the more conservative, that's what we believe in. so if they're promoting something that's not exactly
8:48 am
accepted by everyone, then that's really not neutral, is it? >> well, do you want the girl scouts to be linked to an organization that would kind of promote abstinence? >> i think at that would be great, i think that would be a good role model for girls and that it would be something more neutral than right now connecting them with planned parenthood, one of the largest abortion providers in the world. >> mike: you've discovered quite a bit here, you're pretty darn savvy. great to meet you, 16 years old. >> thank you. >> clayton: let us know what you think about the story, find us on twitter ff weekend and e-mail us your thoughts about the story as well. >> mike: keenind of surprisingment so many girls are part of the girl scouts right now. and with the new year, comes unlimited vacation days. if you work for wedding wire, sounds like a good idea. will it work? we'll talk to the people over there at wedding wire.
8:49 am
>> clayton: is donald trump still toying with the idea of running for president? donald stone is friends with the donald and has some insight into that. ♪
8:50 am
8:51 am
>> what a way to start the new year! wedding wires, and thank you,
8:52 am
ladies for being with us. i'm reading through what we're talking about on the show and i came to the story, what in the world, this sounds great. how is it working for, how is it working for the company? >> we haven't rolled it out yet. we're going to roll it out next week and it was announced to the employees just before the holidays? >> what was their reaction? >> really and truly, most of the employees said this doesn't change things. i never am denied vacation, when i'm going to my supervisor, thanks nor not having to keep track of the time we're taking. >> ainsley: danielle, what does it work? >> like she said you run your vacation time off by the supervisor and we're nor flexible not set to 15 daes or 20 days, you can really take the time that you need as long as you're getting your work done and supervisor says it's okay. >> ainsley: who came up with this idea and why?
8:53 am
>> whenever i started to coming into the office more often whenever we got a lot of employees, we started talking about the benefits we could roll out and attract more worldclass candidates to our place and knowing that the economy won't always be this way and we'll need to be competitive in the market, we're trying it always be innovative in our benefit plans so this was one of the things that was listed among my list wish and we've worked toward it and time to roll it out. i guess i could take credit for it, but other companies in the industry have already rolled this out. >> really, what do they say about this? what are the pros and cons? >> for one, they're really excited that it's kind of catching wind and by other companies. i've gotten a lot of support from human resources directors in their organizations, helping us, giving us guidance. mostly, i guess really positive feedback and it's a really great tool for recruiting and employees are really happy with it, and they don't have any problem with people abusing it, so, it's
8:54 am
just all around, just a really great policy. jennie, what if you have employees that take advantage of the situation? what are you going to do in that case? >> well, to be honest, we've taken attendance out of performance, so at the end of the day, the job performance is the responsibility of the employee, and working with their manager and so, i can't see any abuse because the time has to be approved by the manager. if the manager knows the employees isn't successful at their jobs, their time shouldn't be approved to be taken off. >> what do you think, do you think you'll have vacation guilt? >> i don't think so. you know, i think it's natural to feel a little guilt when you leave the office, you don't want something to happen and you're not there to help, but i think weddingwire has taken a step to say we trust you, we know you do a great job and i think there's guilt a lot of times when the employers looks down on the time off, but wedding wire says we value your personal time as much as your time here at the office so, here is a benefit for a job well done.
8:55 am
>> ainsley: so when a woman is ready to have a baby, she can take as much time off as she wants to spend time with the baby? >> there will be a maternity policy that goes along with this and kind of dove tails into it, so, it certainly will enhance the benefit for women who go out and any other leave that is qualified under the fmla. >> ainsley: maybe they won't have to work for the first three months and after that, get the work in and spend a lot of time with the children. we're super flexible with new moms and also, with newlyweds to take time 0 of where their weddings, obviously, because we're sensitive to that and planning weddings and so, definitely, you know, i would encourage any, any engaged couples who are visiting our site and checking out our vendors to check out the career page and might check out the job that take off time for their wedding. >> ainsley: how many employees. >> just broke 100 just the end
8:56 am
of december. we're hovering around 103, we're recruiting heavily and a lot of new hires starting on tuesday, the career page is up if none is interested in a job at weddingwire. >> ainsley: it sounds like congratulate for women. be home with the kids and work and a paycheck. i wish you the best with the new policy. >> thanks. >> ainsley: you're welcome. and coming up it looks like no accident. a recent string of fire in california might be the work of an arsonist. we'll have details at the top of the hour. ever wake up from a night of partying to a crazy scene like this in "the hangover", the medical team has tips how to do it right without skipping the sham paper toast. ♪
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8:59 am
>> good saturday morning to you, december 31st. i'm ainsley earhart in for alisyn this morning. the final push is on before the iowa caucuses. or the iowa caucus and candidates crisscrossing that state before tuesday. who will win the hearts of the hawk eye state. could it be anybody's game? a live report coming up. . >> mike: i'm mike in for dave and congress ending the year on a new low. it seems more people approve of lindsay lohan that be t than the job that congress is doing, i'll explain. >> clayton: i've got my new year's eve bling on for you,
9:00 am
mike. >> mike: pretty. >> clayton: i'm going to wear is until the end of the show. and andy sandburg made being creepy funny. looking at viral videos of 2011 that people couldn't keep their eyes off of. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> oh, boy. ♪ >> like flavor flave. flavor flave with a giant clock. hey, happy last day of 2011 and thanks for waking up with "fox & friends." >> mike: i was reading a tweet here. jeff holly 1969, mike, any chance i can swap seats with you, ainsley is amazing. >> ainsley: oh, oh, thank you so much. >> clayton: and write him back and say no chance. >> mike: i don't know where he's sitting right now. >> ainsley: depends, right.
9:01 am
>> clayton: and mike jerrick in and ainsley in for alisyn as well. and he's been driving a car, self-belt car and in the passenger side and he's not driving, he's all over des moines and counting down the new year there, treeing to track down the candidates last few years. hey, steve. >> hey there, mike, clayton, ainsley, good morning. we're in fort dodge. we've arrived and a few minutes out from the location of rick perry's event a little later today. he's been investing pretty heavily in the state of iowa over the course of this month and there's a bus tour, he zig-zaged all over and almost 3 million dollars worth of ads and flown in 200 folks as a strike force to try and boost turnout and he's roughly fourth or five of the six active, according to recent
9:02 am
polls, and could use a boost. and ron paul, oddly enough. is home for the weekend and you think that maybe close to the caucuses that he'd be continuing to campaign and work, but then heard from his campaign folks this morning and said, yeah, he's going to be there this weekend and do the sunday morning talk shows from his home and he's going to be there for the holiday weekend and new year's eve and new years day, and new year's eve evening with his son rand paul to barn storming the state as far as that's concerned. with regards to questions whether or not it's wise for paul to be off the road. the vice chair of his campaign told me this morning, he likens the activity from the other campaigns of the college student trying to cram for an examp exam just before the big test and sometimes that doesn't work out and ron paul has been the top tier for the last several weeks. and interesting with the
9:03 am
bachmann campaign. usually measured by the crowd and intensity of the folks at the crowd and that has to do with the organization. she had an event yesterday out in western iowa with congressman steve king, reportedly just a dozen people turned out. now, her campaign director took the bullet for that one, if you will, saying, you know, that some stuff in terms of communication fell through the cracks, but it's kind of a little bit of an eyebrow raising development when you've got a candidate who won the straw poll a few days out from the straw poll out with a mainly republican in the state of iowa and draws a dozen people to the event and does raise some question. >> clayton: 12 people at an event for michele bachmann after winning the ames straw poll. and steve brown being traing the candidates and nice to see you, going to the perry xan at 8 p.m. eventually. >> ainsley: all morning. >> clayton: he'll run out of gas. tonight at 8 p.m. there will be the final des moines iowa
9:04 am
register poll out and all political watchers will be watching that poll tonight at 8 p.m. to see where everything sits. >> you never know. look how fluid those have been over the last weeks and newt gingrich was on top two weeks ago, wasn't it, an ainsley. >> ainsley: yeah. >> clayton: it's worth pointing out so many polls, it's fairly neck and neck among the bottom tier of the candidates. all of those, why rick perry is going after, and michele bachmann and all of those are so fluid. >> most of the polls say they have mitt romney and they have ron paul at the top, and that's when he's competing with santorum. >> what's surprising in the last week that rick santorum has come up that high. >> and newt gingrich came down. >> maybe because he promised not to the negative ads. >> a number of them coming out. maybe newt gingrich would go
9:05 am
negative and fight-- i shouldn't say negative, take the gloves off so to speak. here is unwith of the ads running, this is one of the negative ads running against newt gingrich and we'll play a few seconds so you can get a sense of it. >> here. >> a lot of mistakes. >> there's hardly mistake, made mistakes. >> so far, newt gingrich has admitted his mistakes or flipped on teaming up with nancy pelosi, immigration, medicare, health care, iraq, attacking mitt romney and more. >> so i made a big mistake. >> haven't we had enough mistakes? >> restore our futures responsible to for the content of this message. >> 45 percent of the attack ads in the month of december alone in iowa are against him. against newt gingrich and you were saying, who was it you were talking to, a reporter there in the state and you turn on the tv and watch local news and-- >> as he was leaving.
9:06 am
the commercial break. >> and meanwhile, josh bird the state representative out there had this to say, how long can you take a beating, maybe some day look back and say, boy, he should have pulled the gloves off. the same criticism for democrats for john kerry and swift boat ads and i'm going to rise above it and that really, really hurt him. >> this is what newt said about that, why he's not going the attack route. >> now, if i didn't have we had a problem, i wouldn't run. i mean, i've had a great life and great time with two daughters and two grandchildren. these kids deserve somebody better than the current political system and if i have to get beaten up every day in the media and attacked with a bunch of negative ads designed by consultants who know nothing, and paid for by people, i'll do it for the
9:07 am
kids. >> mike: i wish we were in that world. >> clayton: a fantasy world. >> ainsley: the attack ads-- >> the negative ads work and i wish we could live in a world like newt gingrich is talking about. >> ainsley: the reason he's not going the attack route, he doesn't have the money for the attack ads. i think that mitt romney is spending is it almost 2.8 million dollars. >> mike: an and rick perry, 3 million. >> and they can run the ads ap not sociassociate themselves wi the candidates. and someone who does talking is chris christie, he came out and gave his endorsement. if you don't get out to the polls, i'm going to do something new jersey style, take a listen. >> and i love being here with mitt, but let me tell you, you people disappoint me on tuesday, you don't do what you're supposed to do for mitt
9:08 am
romney, i'll be back, jersey style, people. i will be back. >> ainsley: jar jersey style, gtl, gym, tanning and laundry. >> mike: snooki. >> clayton: and congress out with a jaw dropping approval rating. >> mike: according to the poll, 5% e i don't have an abacus. if i did, like a math abacus, that statisticians say because it's plus or minus 3% accuracy. congress could have a 0%, or negative 1. they were at 9%. >> ainsley: the worst rating ever. >> clayton: so what's better than congress, a number of polls have been done to find out what americans think is better than congress, more people approve of a mass killer, charles manson and
9:09 am
congress. he's almost at 10%. >> ainsley: and bp during the oil spill, more people approved of that. 16%. >> what? >> lindsay lohan with all of her problems, 18%. >> mike: she's been in jail four times in five years or five times in four-- >> hangover 2, not as funny. 32%. some people are worried about dying alone, alone in life and worrying about dying. that's only about 38% of americans disapprove of dying alone. i'm okay with it. i'm okay with it. 5% approve of congress. >> clayton: i saw a tweet from a viewer that says it's time to stop saying they have a 5% approval rating and start saying 95% disapproval. well said, viewer, thank you so much. >> mike: that's shocking. >> ainsley: they're trying to be positive this year. now to the headlines and an update. police in hollywood confirming ten new car fires overnight
9:10 am
all of them believed to be set by the same person or group of people who torched nearly two dozen cars. and those spread to several nearby homes and one of them once occupied by rock star jim morrison. you can see it's badly damaged and oddly enough a series of fires broke out earlier in the week and two suspects were already behind bars when the spree began. right now, $35,000 being offered for any information, leading to conviction in this case. >> the search for a missing maine toddler, taking a turn for the worse. police say they have found evidence suggesting that foul play was involved about you they will not elaborate. they're now treating her disappearance as a full-blown criminal investigation. look at that adorable baby. 20 months old. she disappeared from her father's house two weeks ago and he's not being called a suspect at this time. 2011 proving to be a wild year or wall street. here is a look how trading ended yesterday.
9:11 am
the last day of trading until the new year. the s&p 500 up and down throughout 2011, but ultimately finished right where it began, and evened out around 1257. the first time in two years, the index logged no change and better news from the dow jones, up 5.5% for the year. and nasdaq on the other hand. 1.8% loss. watch as our friends down under celebrate the new year. >> 3, 2, 1... happy new year! >>. >> clayton: clayton, a question, is that monkey sound? i don't know, beautiful fireworks and beautiful ladies and hundreds of thousands of peop people, and spent the time planning the fireworks
9:12 am
display. >> mike: we've asked our rick reichmuth to see if he can top that. >> clayton: he's checking out his cell phone and hanging out by scaffolding. >> mike: looks impressive. >> the reason people are telling us on twitter what their towns drop. in marietta, pennsylvania, an iron pig. nod bat and from duschene, wisconsin, on twitter, saying that a carp drops. >> ainsley: a carp? oh. >> a carp. the and talapia drop. >> take a look at the new year's eve forecast and a lot of people wondering what it's going to be like. so many people have a nice night. temps in the mid 40's down across the southeast, florida
9:13 am
looking amazing aen clear skies and temps are going to be very, very nice, but we are going to see a little bit of rain maybe from houston over towards new england and it will be light, nothing that's going to cause too many problems and toward the northern plains, a little bit of snow, towards indianapolis and across the west and looking great and l.a. you're looking good and denver, a cool 25, but at least you'll be, at least clear. there you go, here is your view right there this morning from the top of this building looking down 7th avenue there, here in times square and of course the big ball. hey, we're going to be having bill hemmer join us in the next half hour, giving us a pro view of tonight's big festivities for the fox news channel's big show tonight. guys, back to you e thank you so much, rick. we were talking about different bottom feeding fish. >> ainsley: i did not know tata -- talapia is one of those. >> clayton: and roger stone is friends with the donald and
9:14 am
our viewers wants some answers, will the donald do that or not. >> mike: look at her hopping up and down for ron paul and she's bashed for backing ron paul and looks like a negative turned into a positive for kelly clackson, how she got a boom for paul. ♪
9:15 am
since i've lost weight i have so much more energy than i used to, when i'm out with my kids, my daughter's like, "mom, wait up!" and i'm thinking, "shouldn't you have more energy than me? you're, like, eight!" [ male announcer ] for every 2 pounds you lose through diet and exercise alli can help you lose one more by blocking some of the fat you eat. simple. effective. advantage: mom. let's fight fat with alli ♪
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>> all right. welcome back. he said it was a possibility and the rumors are growing. donald trump may still jump into the 2012 race as a third party candidates. political consultant roger stone joins us, nice to see you this morning. >> great to be with you. >> you know the donald. will he or won't he run as an independent? we know that he left the republican party recently,
9:17 am
will he do it? >> well, he's the one candidate who has the national name i.d. and the personal resources to launch a late bid. americans elect a citizen's organization is going to finance the petitioning on to the ballot in all 50 states and they're going to hold an online convention in may, which is just about the time that donald trump has the termination of this contract at nbc. so, i think he could make a bid, i do know this, his book signings for is had book sometime for it to get tough had been mobbed with people urgingham to run and he's clearly preserving his options on friday, and some of his supporters in texas filed with the secretary of state to observe a ballot position for him there. he's going to wait and see who the republican nominee is and he's really interested in beating obama, and saving this country, but i don't know we know whether he's going to run. >> clayton: some viewers have
9:18 am
written us, one of our long time viewers want to know donald will never fill out the paper work, he's not going to run. will he bite down and fill out the financial paper work? >> and he's already-- he's already published that paper work. >> part of it. >> in his book, time to get trump. taken the federal elections form. now his companies are privately held and made it clear the forms are there for all to see. buy the book. worth 7 billion dollars and has about 350 million cash on hand. so he has the personal resources to launch a very late independent bid and affect this race e he can do it financially on his own. let's talk about a third party candidate and a little more here and your take on gary johnson and ron paul gaining so much attention this year. is libertarianism on the rise? and can a third party candidate really shake up this race? >> i think there's interest in
9:19 am
a candidate who is a fiscal and when it comes to abortion or gay marriage, people are in favor of making their own decision. in a certain sense, gary johnson is ron paul without the racist and anti-israel baggage. and i do think that such a candidacy would have enormous potential because both parties have really become big government parties. and more and more voters are interested in a small government candidate for president of the united states. >> is that why you say-- or actually, why do you say that gary johnson should not be counted out, and we shouldn't underestimate him. although we never saw him in any of the debates and i think that fox had him in a debate and other than that we didn't hear much from him. >> well, i think that's because there was censorship at the highest level of cnn and new york times and bloomberg news and others, and fox did admit gary johnson to the debatesen and said he pulled ahead of john huntsman and rick santorum for a couple
9:20 am
of days until of course he wasn't invited to the next debate. i think there's a great market for a candidate who is a foreign policy in defense and takes freedom position based on social issues. the american people have never been offered that and i think when they're offered that, there's huge potential, so, yes, i would not underestimate governor gary johnson. >> interesting, i'd love to hear from my viewers this morning and clayton morris, do you think that gary johnson is ron paul without the baggage that he mentioned? happy new year, and thank you for joining us. coming up on the show, a despicable act carried out by the occupiers, burned the flag. and how it could turn into the hangover. and how you can do it without the missing tooth and the tiger in your bathtub.
9:21 am
♪ you know, because you been, you know, this is what you had been doing. you know, working, working, working, working, working, working. and now you're talking about, well you know, i won't be, and i get the chance to spend more time with my wife and my kids. it's my world. that's my world. ♪
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>> this just in. >> ainsley: this seg. right? >> a lot of people will being can i going off the new year with a massive hangover, but there are ways to make sure that your 2012 doesn't get off to that rough start. >> ainsley: that's right. our doctor with the fox news medical a-team is here to tell us how to avoid that hangover. >> good morning. >> ainsley: what is a hangover, dehydration. >> 70% of our body weight consists of water.
9:24 am
when you go out and drink beer and other things, you basically started losing a lot of the water and you're taking some of the water from the vessels, from the mouth and brain and almost like everything starts to shrink, you know, your brain starts to sort of like shrink and start having the headache. >> clayton: that explains it. >> and start getting thirsty. >> mike: i've had shrinkage after drinking, of the brain. oh, stop. >> and the hydration, that's the hangover. >> clayton: there are things you can eat and do ahead of time to prevent the hangovers. pickles, who through? >> what? >> you want to basically drink a lot of water beforehand. and the pickles and bananas and everything else is for after you have the hangover. >> clayton: oh, after. >> beforehand when you lose water you're going to lose sodium and potassium and start to take pickles and banana afterward. before you go out to drink, the tips you need to know. drink a lot of water beforehand and you want to fill up the tank and make sure
9:25 am
you're not dehydrated to begin with. make sure to have food in your system and lines up your stomach and lowers the alcohol. get enough sleep before you go out and also, one of the great tricks of drinking is, make sure you drink a lot of water in between alcohol and that dilutes a lot of it and that's important. >> every other drink should be water. >> that's right. >> clayton: that way you're not getting drunk and we don't want them to binge drink. >> that's true, what type of alcohol is okay for you and which is not so okay. for example, white wine, vodka and gin, ones that have no color are easier and less chance of hangover, but the ones like whiskey, scotch, red wine, those are the ones that give you the worst headache and hangover, need be to careful. >> ainsley: you hear hair of the dog, to get rid of the hang i don't ever, start drinking again, i hear that, i don't say that, i hear that. >> it's a very good point. short-term that can help you, but once you start digesting
9:26 am
that alcohol that gives you worse alcohol. >> ainsley: don't do it. >> clayton: the next day bloody mary, i think more bloody marys are consumed on new years day than any other of the year. mimosas and bloody mary don't help you. >> drink a lot of water and make sure to take the banana that has potassium and pickles as you mentioned that has sodium in it. >> and not greasy food. i use today grab a quarter pounder with cheese. >> and that's-- >> and well, here is the thing, the only way to sober up is time. isn't it? >> it's time, but also, now, they have these new pills cold blow fish, i don't know if you heard of that. >> ainsley: what is that? >> that's a mix of caffeine and it has aspirin in it and actually with time, that can get rid of some of this alcohol hangover. >> ainsley: where do you get them over-the-counter. >> over-the-counter. >> mike: comes in packets and says blo he fish. >> you don't want to take tylenol. tylenol and alcohol don't go
9:27 am
hand in hand, causes liver damage. you want to be careful not to take tylenol. very important. >> mike: thank you so much for-- >> happy and healthy new year and 2012. >> ainsley: happy new year, doctor. >> clayton: you can see more of the doctor on sunday house call at 10:30 a.m. and help you over your new year's eve issues. >> ainsley: coming up, america's debt getting closer to the debt ceiling, but president obama doesn't think it's a pressing issue apparently. why he's delaying asking congress to raise that debt limit. plus, check this out. >> hey. >> daddy! daddy! >> oh, a marine dad was the ultimate christmas gift. >> ainsley: oh, that's so strong to pick up the kids. >> mike: marines can. ♪
9:28 am
9:29 am
9:30 am
♪ [rooster crowing] >> that rooster means it's time to wake up and get this, drama over the debt ceiling debate is back after a long agonizing debate last summer, congress agreed to raise it. the issue is not a done deal.
9:31 am
doug luzader is with the president in hawaii. >> good morning, guys. well, this is last minute drama that we just didn't expect. the white house doesn't think this is going to be a beg deal, but once again, the debate over the nation's dead ceiling is coming down to the wire. the government's money is running out and soon the treasury department will have to resort to accounting gimmicks, to keep the cash flowing. this clock isn't stopping. the white house was expected to formally ask congress for a 1.2 trillion dollar hike in the nation's debt ceiling, something already agreed upon. it was supposed to to be routi routine, but the administration decided to wait a few more daysment they want more time so they can vote on the limit and they're not scheduled to be back at the capitol until later next month. a senior white house officials
9:32 am
sa says: >> if those votes in congress turn down the president's request, he will have to veto their objections to keep borrowing money and the white house points out the last time congress weighed in on a similar request, it never got that far, but the administration is confident the increase will happen. the concern is that the markets may not be so sure. there is a saying that wall street climbs the wall of worry and worry is a word for uncertainty and you never know what the markets are going to do. >> the white house wanted this taken care of well ahead of the president's reelection campaign and it's these kinds of tussles with congress that make it more difficult for the administration in push what can be other agenda items. everything from comprehensive immigration reform to gun control, to measures designed to create jobs. >> even today, his domestic policy advisor, chief domestic
9:33 am
policy advisors has resigned and much of the team is no longer there. >> the white house take is different. in fact, one white house foreclosure says the delay itself shows the administration is willing to work with congress to give them team to weigh in and they think that the debt ceiling will go up in january, one way or the other. >> and mike, clayton and ainsley. >> all right. doug luzader. >> excuse me, in hawaii, i love the surf boards behind it this morning. >> and now for the rest of your headlines this morning, four occupy protesters facing criminal charges after setting fire to two american flags and happened in charlotte, north carolina, and one of the suspects is a spokesperson for the occupy movement. he says he was treeing to -- trying to inspoo i remember people to action. burning it inappropriately near flammable objects is not heel. a gruesome discovery near the texas-mexico border, found
9:34 am
human remains, miles from an american was reportedly killed by pirates last year and you probably remember this couple, david hartley and his wife tiffany, jet skiing back in september 2010 when they were alleged attacked and she says her husband was shot in the back of the head and couldn't pull him to safety and had to leave his body there in the water. the u.s. securing another deal to build up its missile defense in the middle east and the concerns about iran's nuclear ambitions. the white house announced that it's selling 96 missiles, plus, supporting and training technology to the united arab emirates and it's worth 3.5 billion dollars and the u.s. made a deal with saudi arabia to sell 84 fighter jets worth 34 billion dollars. yesterday, we told you that kelly clarkson was getting backlash of criticism after tweeting support nor ron paul and it seemed that boosted her quite a bit. look at
9:35 am
clarkson's album sales, up since the tweet went up. and went from number on the movers and shakers list. talking about thinking out of the box. the marine is about to give his kids a big surprise. take a look. >> daddy! >> hey, daddy! >> and you're looking a the first sergeant davis mckinley who was, he was serving time in afghanistan and he's back home now and telling his kids he would be sending them a christmas present they would have to pick up in tampa, florida. and little did they know their dad was the present. >> and an opportunity to surprise them like this not only with my family, but the crowd clapping and watching, it's a good moment. >> what were you hoping was in the box? [laughter] >> and david is part of the troop withdrawal down in
9:36 am
afghanistan. and he was able to come home much earlier than expected and those are your headlines. >> thank you so much. >> let's check with rick reichmuth who has a special guest. it's bill hammer live in times square, previewing the big show tonight at 11 p.m. hey, guys. >> hey, can you believe this? we actually got bell hemmer to get up in the morning even though you have to be up at midnight. >> and beyond. but you are the guy, you have brought us 53 degrees and sunny skies on december 31st. >> can you believe it? >> i have never seen it leak this before. >> and you've been doing new year's eve for a number of years for fox and cold and snowy ones. >> there have been some really cold ones, too, a one a few years ago, there was a 35 mile an hour wind barrelling down 7th avenue right into our faces with megan and me on the platform about 40 stories below here, i'm telling you, rick, as cold as i've ever been in my life and you can
9:37 am
barely move your mouth, when it gets that cold, but i mean, this is an absolute thing of beauty and we had some showers pass through a couple of hours ago, but this is a perfect, perfect way to start a great new year. >> so you're downstairs, in times square, in the middle of it. what does that feel like when you're down there and explain it to people. because people have forever been coming to it, but it's a special time. >> hanging out with a million of your close friends, you know? there are people right now on, what i say viewers don't understand is that we're 40 stories above, is that where we are. >> upper 20's. >> upper 20's, 23, 24, lost count and we're above times square where you can see up and down this grand avenue and there are people in, we call them kamgs. probably a little too much, but-- . it's about the right word for them. >>, but they're waiting right now and it's nine o'clock in the morning and they come from california, from nebraska because they wait for that one moment when the clock strikes midnight and it's a whole new
9:38 am
beginning for all of us. >> all right, so you're downstairs normally and we've got a-- you normally don't get to come up here and be right next to the ball. and this is what it's all about and we've turned it off so you could have the honor of turning the switch. >> what's the mayor going to say about that. >> in the six years i've never been this close and she's bigger than i thought. >> yeah. >> so, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1... bam! that's beautiful. >> pretty nice, huh? >> that's lovely, wow, holy cow. >> there you go. >> this is special here. >> ainsley: bill, bill, looks like you're going to be doing the new year's eve special in jail. they're coming to get you. >> it's the power of hemmer, he already made it 2012. >> all right, crack open the champagne. and this is no rehearsal, it's midnight somewhere. >> ainsley: that's right. ♪
9:39 am
>> it's five o'clock somewhere e you know, doocy was-- >> so, you have, doocy was telling us the other day he used to host that special and used to, too, and back then they didn't have the acue tramentes. >> no, we didn't have a trailer. >> a space heater. >> mike: electric underpants. >> you know what megan and i have, we have one pair of hand warmers between the two of us, for each hand. >> mike: that's it? >> and that's it. >> ainsley: we'll bring you hot chocolate. >> rick brought the nice weather. are you looking forward to it? is a lot of red bull and getting through the night, bill? >> a lot of that, a lot of coffee. >> what's your favorite part of it all. >> a starbucks on every corner. >> a couple of things, at 11:58 when you were at that moment and the whole crowd is fired up and they played john lennon's imagine.
9:40 am
it's a great feel good moment, but when that number goes from one to two, and it goes from 2011 to 2012, that's the moment where you stop and say wow. >> do you ever pinch yourself-- >> by 12:15, everybody is gone, i'm not kidding you. and for 12 hours and then the streets are deserted. >> ainsley: do you ever pinch yourself and look the ball being dropped and say i can't believe this is my job and i'm doing this. do you have those moments? growing up you probably watched that ball drop every, you know, every new year's eve. >> mike: a good point. >> i think megan pinches me. >> ainsley: you wish. [laughter] >> listen, trace adkins is performing for us tonight, and big and rich, the broadway cast from rock of ages, which are hugely popular here in new york city, have been for a couple of years, you can text a message to anyone you want in the world, keep it clean,
9:41 am
and they'll scroll on the bottom of your screen throughout the entire broadcast. >> it's eleven o'clock eastern time and the folks from red eye take over after that. and one thing that i think that you don't truly understand if you're not here, how loud it is. >> mike: it is. >> if megyn is here and i can't hear her talk and we're shouting over each other because there's music in the background and there's a noement when mayor bloomberg starts the new year with lady gaga. >> a combination. >> clayton: we were taking bets earlier, what type of lady gaga will wear tonight. my bet was on some sort of a meat dress. >> i think she may try and replicate this. >> clayton: ah. >> oh. >> ainsley: glitter, sparkling. >> some sort of waterford
9:42 am
crystal dress. hemmer is on to something, trumps my meat dress idea. >> ainsley: we'll be watching at eleven o'clock. >> mike: you've got it bill. >> thanks, bill. >> mike: what i'm wondering is what mayor bloomberg will be wearing, but that's me. >> ainsley: some champagne, maybe. >> mike: why not? >> he's already started. no, no-- e coming up on the show, is your house underwater or getting close? our next guest has which candidate has the plan to get the housing market back on track. >> ainsley: she had a rendition of lady gaga's born this way. what videos were the top youtube videos of the year? we'll count them down. ♪ baby was born this way ♪ i'm on the right track, baby, i was born this way ♪ [ m] how'd you learn to do that?
9:43 am
9:44 am
when did you start that project? every new year comes with a few stories waiting to be built. it's when our brand-new to-do lists become "you did that yourself?" so when we can save more on the projects that let us build, make, and even store more, well, that just makes the stories even better. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. make room for savings with these sterilite totes for a new lower price of just $5.88.
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>> 2011 will go down as the worst housing year whatever. and politicians are angry. >> housing values are down. >> in a way that housing works. >> and the deductions for home mortgages. >> people r we were supposed to help, they lost their houses. >> how will your vote in 2012 affect housing prices. she's a housing and finance expert. nice to see you. happy new year. >> happy new year to you, too. and here is a question that came up earlier in the year and didn't seem like they were talking more about housing. >> typically when you look at past recessions, the number within driver has been the housing market. where at least it's been a significant contributor. >> or an indicator as well. >> exactly. we were technically out of this recession about two years ago, and yet, the housing market has had zero
9:46 am
contribution to the economic recovery and the obama administration's policies and procedures for trying to get the housing going again has been an epic failure all around. >> if you listened to the candidate like we j us did. housing values going down, going down. which candidate do you feel is best to fix the housing problem. >> in all honesty, the only one that's been forthright what needs to be done is mitt romney. everybody has been dancing rnd. >> you kind of stay out of it and let the forecast process happen and that's a hard pill to swallow for most americans, they want to know what the candidates are going to do to keep borrowers in their home and that's going to delay recovery and that's the hard truth of the matter. >> okay, so, that's an interesting point. so, this idea of bottoming out. literally letting entire neighborhoods go under and foreclose and people go out of their homes and that's what mitt romney is supporting and i believe that's the best solution? >> and given where we are right now in the housing
9:47 am
cycle, absolutely. i mean, i've been a proponent from the beginning and working with the banks to incentivize them to restructure some of the mortgages, not that newt gingrich has been all over. the problem is too little, too late. that needed to occur in the beginning of the housing crash. as far as where we are right now, there's always been such a delay in housing recovery, that we need to let to continue to keep its course. >> it seems the housing cycle is going to increase its course, are we going to see that down the road? >> the good news for 2012, the year over year drop in prices over the last year, 2011, was only 3%, in 2010, it was 9%, so, really, we let the foreclosures occur. and need to get the inventory off the market. we need to make credit more available to investors so they can absorb all of the excess inventory, and then let housing run its course. >> clayton: and let qualified
9:48 am
buyers who have a job and have the money for down payment to get loans and banks haven't been doing that. >> the good news the market has stabilized and hasn't hit bottom. >> we can expect a 10% drop in prices about of we see actual recovery on a national scale. >> and a positive seen the past few weeks, the apartment building process as well out of new construction for apartment complexes, there's such demand there, too. >> we need that. it creates job growth and tax basis for the local governments. >> right. >> it is a big contributor to the gross domestic product for our country aen housing and housing related services counts for about 18% of gdp normally. right now, it's about half of that. >> ainsley: happy new year, have fun, be safe. >> clayton: he made being creepy funny, but andy sandburg not alon in getting attention of america. the other videos that were viral in 2011. ♪
9:49 am
9:50 am
9:51 am
>> welcome back. some quick headlines now. the group anonymous taking responsibility for hacking another computer system. apparently sole 175,000 credit card numbers belonging to security firm stratfor. and this comes crashing down during the insight bowl. getting some overhead shots and missing a player few inches away. those things are heavy. it's amazing. >> and you argue that-- >> that's weird. watching for cameras to fall on your head. >>.
9:52 am
>> ainsley: i've seen that in the blooper videos. >> mike: and hey, last week, youtube announced its ten most watched video of the year and we showed you five from them the other day. >> ainsley: that's right, youtube's trends manager kevin with his own picks for the top youtube videos of 2011. >> hi, kevin. >> you know what, lady gaga is going to be half a block away from us here to help the ball drop and she's kind of related to one of your videos here. >> that's right, that's right. so these are the most viewed videos of the year and within the top ten was a young girl, mary aragon, a girl from canada and she-- her sister posted this video of her performing "born this way" a had the for lady gaga earlier this year and the video, lady gaga sees the video and loves it, inspired by it and gets maria to perform with her on stage and now maria has become a phenomenon this year. >> mike: most impressive. let's listen ♪ in my way, you've got me
9:53 am
see, i'm on the right track, baby, i was born this way ♪ >> i can see why, she's excellent. number four on your left counting down the creeps, the lonely island boys. >> andy sandburg and his crew, lonely island. and they have a huge following, every time they post something, this was one of the hits for the year and actually had two in the top ten. >> look at me next, look at me. >> right, this is a band called carman, from boston and they had been posting a bunch of videos to youtube, trying to get off the ground and doing the hip-hop covers that are unique and very, very cool and this one just exploded. this is the most popular and ended up performing the theme song one of the songs used as a theme song for the nba
9:54 am
finals and award for. >> mike: hold on, kevin, let's listen a little bit. ♪ look at me now ♪ >> and getting paper. >> and let's take a look at the next one, neon patent more than 56 million viewers watched this one. ♪ and now shall kevin what's this all about, meow, meow, meow. >> yeah, this is a little confusing on the list, a lot of people wondering why is this flying cat thing, but i think you have understand with this one this is part of a bigger phenomenon one of the big inside jokes on the internet this year, there are thousands of different versions of this. different parities and remixes and remakes and so, this is a whole phenomenon and just happened that this is the original so it has the most views, but there are many versions all offer the world. >> ainsley: i don't get it.
9:55 am
>> mike: kevin put together by the most views on youtube, so what was your number one viewed youtube clip? >> well, the number one viewed was rebecca black's friday. >> friday, friday. >> a popular clip. >> mike: where did jack sparo come in. >> he was number three and they dominated our comedy videos this year, lone island and their channel is very, very popular as i mentioned and over the course of the year, over half a million. >> jack sparo, irreverend, but great guest stars. >> mike: that's good. did you see on youtube, an anchor guy in philly making fun of kim kardasian, did you ever see that. >> i haven't seen that. >> ainsley: they go on his show, he's the morning anchor in philly and wearing the outfit. >> mike: apparently. >> ainsley: i saw it. >> very funny. >> it was. >> ainsley: thank you, kevin, have a good day and happy new
9:56 am
year. >> happy new year, guys. >> ainsley: all right. more "fox & friends" in a few inters m, stay -- in a few minutes, just two minutes. >> okay.
9:57 am
why settle for a one-note cereal? ♪ more, more, more... get more with honey bunches of oats 4 nutritious grains come together for more taste, more healthy satisfaction. get more with honey bunches of oats.
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♪ . >> clayton: there's like monkey sounds. >> mike: they have a monkey drop. >> ainsley: a 30 minute fireworks display. not a monkey dropping. a monkey drop. we'll see this happen in folk tokyo and seoul. >> clayton: here is live look at tokyo. giant contact lenses. >> ainsley: they're like clear helium balloons. >> mike: no, they're giant contact lenses. >> clayton: i can see better
9:59 am
because they're holding them up. >> mike: we can't stay up until they have their party. >> clayton: you know what we could do. >> mike: we could have a birthday party. >> ainsley: a special day for everyone around the world and for us here at fox. >> mike: people around the world, celebrating the birthday ♪ happy birthday to you >> what does that say? happy birthday-- and the shot, happy birthday clayton, go eagles. they're not even in the playoffs. didn't make the playoffs. >> playoffs? >> and talk about playoffs, thank you very much. >> ainsley: blow out your candles and make a wish and tell us what it is. >> clayton: that bronchitis is acting up. ♪ >> i can't tell you what the wish is, but it came true, it had to do with the eagles. thank you, everyone, happy new year, everyone and yeah, just, i can legally drink now at 21 years old. >> ainsley: you have to be back for the morning show tomo


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