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tv   The Five  FOX News  February 2, 2012 2:00am-3:00am EST

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playing in this sunday's super bowl because it's distressing for all of you americans out there as it is for some of us here on the record. keep it here on fox news channel. good night from washington. s! good night. >> hello, everyone. i'm andrea tantaros. this this is "the five." our top story tonight, obama's enemies list. you heard the saying, keep your friends close and your enemies closer. what about keeping your friends close and your enemies on a list? what if that list was being held by the white house? that's the accusation being leveled today in the "wall street journal" by legal giant ted olson, a former bush
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administration solicitor general and a representative of the koch brothers two prominent republican fund-raisers. here is what he said today, some serious accusations, folks. he said, it is exceedingly important for all americans to respond with outrage to what the president and his allies are doing to demonize and stigmatize david ask charles cosh. it's been choreographed from the very top to damage or demean one's political enemies is abhorrent. and he charges they've been launching this campaign and engaging in innuendo and going after the koch brothers even in a political ad. we saw this january 18, which is a little suspect. so i got to go to you, bob. this enemy's list, is it true and why are they going after the koch brothers? what have they done wrong? >> first of all, enemies list has the connotation, which was 150 something long. you're talking about two people here. i hope they are. largest financiers of the tea party. more importantly --
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>> that's not a crime. >> let me read you from bloomberg. charles and david koch, prominent billionaires are now stand accused of selling bill am ons -- millions of dollars of goods and products to iran, our standing enemy. >> stop! stop it! >> they have successful private companies in the world. it's an accusation. by the way, the right wing koch brothers, give you the left wing counterpart, george soros. there is an upstanding gentleman. he bet against the degree currency. made a billion dollars. bet against the u.s. economy. made a billion dollars. he's turning billions -- >> he didn't trade with iran. >> but he did get accused of of insider trader. they do it legally. >> i'm not so sure that's right. >> president obama is not talk being the accusations regarding
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selling anything to iran. that's not why president obama is saying they're attacking him. millionaires and billionaires, these are the people that president obama decided to target. but these particular billionaires seem to stand apart from others, like he loves warren buffet. he's introduced a whole new tax on the american people called the buffet rule. so there are some billionaires he likes and some he thinks are going after them and is not a partisan ideal d ross gue. he worked on a lot of different causes. -- >> some causes on the other side of the aisle. proposition 8 and he was praised by joel klein a chancellor of schools, in time magazine as being one of the most influential men and he worked with david biz. they exercise free speech the they create 50,000 jobs. they give millions of dollars in charity. what's the -- i'm trying to figure out what the crime here
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is. >> it's funny, the koch brothers are on o's enemy list. but in college, obama really liked coke. the soda, the soft drink. there is a quote in the article where they say, americans should respond with outrage to what the president and his allies are doing to demonize david and charles koch. i hate to tell you, maybe 100,000 people know who the koch brothers is. it's going to be very hard to generate or manufacture outrage. >> somebody tell me what's wrong with demonizing them. you're political enemies. >> it goes back to the point, it's the same thing with soros, when you bring him up -- >> you bring him up all the time. >> that's what i'm saying. it's relative. >> there is a point because there is goodrich people, according to this administration, like soros and solyndra donors, and and jon corzine. >> and then there is bad rich people, which we heard him demonize. if you're a goodrich person, you get a shout out like warren buffet. >> but he's -- he's spending
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hundreds of millions of dollars to support barak obama. >> the media doesn't care about conservative rich people. >> i want to get dana in here. >> may i? are you trying to say george soros hasn't spent hundreds of millions of dollars on left wing lib rap causes to defeat right standing -- >> absolutely. you beat up on him every day. >> all right! >> if this were george bush -- you asked me not to do that to you. it's just a different style. president bush would have never mentioned george soros in a speech. ever. he wouldn't have complained -- like he would let other people do it from him. but as commander in chief, he never would have done it. there were plenty of people who went after him and based on their arguments and we can have that debate, but he never would
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have done that because he just wouldn't dignify it with a response. >> by the way, what's wrong with having an enemies list? i have an an means list. it's mean people, rude waiters, guys named seth. >> and bartenders who don't get awe drink on time. >> and the guy who took my banana seat off my shah win in 7th grade. >> it may not have been a guy that took that. >> am i missing something here or y'all know politics, right? these guys are the chief fund-raisers, chief supporters of the tea party. they do 20 or 30 some right wing groups against obama. they spend money against obama. >> do you think putting them in an ad is a smart thing to do? >> sure. >> really? that's going to -- >> i'm going to beat -- >> dana makes a fantastic point. bush wouldn't have done it. obama has -- he's so thin skinned. not only does he call out enemy, koch brother, et cetera, he calls out fox. he calls out other right wing
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groups that don't agree with his agenda. >> why don't you call soros? >> i'm not president! >> let's talk about the rich people that he does like. so his donors list was also revealed today and on it, former mf globele ceo jon corzine. advisors to solyndra, convince dense, bob. energy department advisor and steve wesley, venture capitalist. i thought they were bad people. my favorite, eva longoria is advising the president on immigration. gosh, i feel relieved she's driving that bus. go ahead, bob. >> what's wrong with that? i don't understand what's wrong with any of that. i can go through any of the republican list, i don't care which president it was or candidate, i can find you dirty people. these are a small percentage of people. >> if i give him money, i won't end up on his enemies list? >> he doesn't have an enemies list. you mentioned two so far. who else?
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>> the big banks have given him plenty of money and they're on his -- he basically -- actions that the administration takes don't necessarily help those guys. >> that's what i'm saying, they've given him money and don't get on a list. >> the enemies list is one story. the other story is releasing the list, a couple of them have been tied to scandalous things. and steve spinner evolved in solyndra, the guy was part of the solyndra loan. his wife was the attorney who signed the solyndra loan documents. >> can i make a point to you that the dnc -- >> i don't understand what the problem is. >> the dnc has $12 million in cash on hand. they have $81 million in the bank. if only politicians could run the government the way they run their campaigns, we wouldn't have this problem. they really -- when they want to win, they suddenly understand economics. >> you shouldn't take money from people who do business with iran. >> that's not what president
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obama is saying. what he's saying is that they are attacking did -- it's not because they have -- >> you're right about that. you can make that point, but that's not what obama is saying n but the connotation of enemy list -- >> this is not an enemies list. >> but that was the implication. there is an enemies list. >> he should take it as a compliment. >> yeah. >> you're on an enemies list, that means you're doing your job. >> anyone who spends hundreds of millions of dollars against you is an enemy. >> you need to bring that to the podium? how thin skinned do you have to be? how worried about the other side -- >> even more than that, it's like if you're not with me, then you're against me and i need to go after you and destroy your character and tear you apart. is that really what the courthouse should be doing? what -- white house should be doing? >> it's using government to try to intimidate private citizens and that's what -- that's the point ted olson was making. >> again, ted olson is a very decent fellow. i still want to know, is there
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some widespread conspiracy or are we talking about the two biggest right wing funders, iran traders in america? >> the only thing i see is the iran thing. >> i hope they get off that illegal trading charges. >> you should be careful there. >> why? it's right here. >> okay. the cbo is protecting a $1 trillion budget deficit for 2012 and that's on top of obama's new housing bailout plan. so is this putting our economy in danger? we'll debate it next. also, don't forget to e-mail us at "the five".
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>> redistribution. transfer of wealth, class warfare, socialism when the government takes from one class or group of citizens and gives to another forged in marxist germany, advanced in china and now creeping into obama's america. [ laughter ]
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>> pay special attention to the redistribution, giving one group and taking from another. >> i am sending congress a plan that will give every responsible homeowner in america the chance to save about $3,000 a year on their mortgage by refinancing at historically low rates. a small fee on the largest financial institutions will make sure it doesn't add to our deficit. >> problem is, it's not working. today we learned 2012 will be the fourth year in a row obama will add over a trillion dollars to the national debt and unemployment is going to stay above 8% for a really, really long time. comrade bob? >> what is marxist germany? >> that's where socialism was invented. >> it was? and continued into china. here is the.-- >> get point. >> in one sentence today, obama said, i'm going to give homeowners $3,000, but don't worry. i'm going to take it from the
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banks. >> let me tell but this trillion dollars that you worry so much about. four years in a row, do you know how much of that goes for defense and entitlements for the next year? automatic, automatic. 75%. >> 500 billion less going forward. >> is entitlements. >> no. >> so why not cut the entitlements and leave defense alone? >> can we talk about housing? >> go ahead. >> no. never mind! >> i was going to say i always wanted to go to greece, but now greece is coming to me. maybe it wasn't worth it. >> hopefully they bring the feta cheese. >> yes, i love that. >> go to the diner. >> all right. hang out with me. i won't make you spend as much money. today when the white house was doing the press media relations around the president's announcement, they put out a fact sheet. it's nine to ten pages long. i lost count after a while.
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as a pr person, if it takes ten pages to explain your policy, you might not have gotten it quite right. i think today was a little bit of a cya for the administration of we actually have done stuff on housing and we're willing to do a little bit more, but a couple of things we haven't mentioned. this policy that they're going to put forward would be a little bit of a modification of one they've had in the past. it would help homeowners that are -- that want to refinance. they would put it to the federal housing administration, which means if there is another bailout, guess who is on the hook? all the taxpayer, whether you own or rent. it's small amount of people. it doesn't help enough of them. you have to be six months current on your mortgage in the last six months in order to get this deal. and under water. the problem that we have in housing is that it's actually people who have been -- they haven't been current in the last six months. >> it's well and fine to want to help people in trouble who need help. but andrea, don't forget the other side of that coin is the
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part where we said don't worry a little fee on the banks. a little fee on the banks, how are you going to generate tens of billions of dollars in help? it will be more than a little fee. why does obama think he can break contracts? >> don't forget what they do with those fees. they pass them to the consumers. the small banks are already struggling. that has been a policy that the obama administration has actually accelerated. if you look at what he promised, he promised four years ago he'd save 9 million families from foreclosure. don't laugh, bob. >> i'm not. >> and since 2008, 7 million homes have been foreclosed upon. and the housing values have gone down 3% or 30%. so -- >> 30%. >> it's a really big deal and the president as dana points out, keeps doing these small ball things that are going to eventually end up on the federal balance sheet. there is mo room for anymore. >> home prices have gone down, mortgage rates are at record lows, and homeownership almost near record lows, bob. what is working?
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>> not much obviously. >> right. >> i'm not so sure i quite understand -- if you paid your mortgage for six months and underwater and you can get your thing refinanced, right? is that it? >> that's the start of the qualifications. so if you have paid your mortgage in the last six months and you want to go to this thing where you're going to get a write down on the value of property and the banks is going to take it, then you apply. >> the alternative then, the conservative position as i should ask you, you just don't involve yourself in it at all? >> they tried it, too. >> any time you add government to a free market, it becomes less free and doesn't work. >> the average u.s. home prices are back to the 2003 levels, which is right before the bubble, which makes sense because every bubble bursts. this is what happens. it's life. it's risk. i lost a lot of money. i bought an apartment in 2007. that was the risk. i should have rented that garage
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in john gibson's house, but i was worried about the cameras always well. >> another point is how is it going to help finance it by a tax on the big banks? so now we've set up the political argument. you're president obama, you're willing to try to help people. you know it's not a panacea and you're going to tax the big banks. he looks over at the republican and says, dare you to say that you're not for a tax on the big banks. >> do you think the government should stay out of it all together? serious low? >> yes, i do. >> yes. >> look how we got into this mess. from government getting involved in the first place. >> that was the incident. >> if you think government should be out of the home -- >> we're in an election year. we need a clear position. the position of the conserves is you stay out of it all together. >> you have to. >> our position is that we go in and use government financing or backing to help people get out from underneath -- >> it doesn't work!
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66% -- 69% in 2004, that's 3 percentage points. it's a difference between a d and d plus. >> they've done so much already. there has been so much, the government already tried to do, it hasn't worked! get out of the way. >> we have to go. >> can i go? >> sure i wouldn't do that. pay the check? no, i wouldn't use that single miles credit card. hey, aren't you... shhh. i'm researchg a role. today's special... the capital one venture card. you earn double miles on every purchase. impressive. chalk is a lost medium.
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>> speaking of stray cats, newt gingrich lost florida yesterday, as you know. big. but newt's defiant and newt says he's going to go all the way to the convention and he's going to take romney right to tampa and he's going to compete every place he possibly can. of course, he doesn't qualify in some places. let's hear what newt said last night. this is the message he was going about going forward. newt. >> you'll notice that there are a number of folks holding up a sign about 46 states to go. [ cheers and applause ] we did this in part for the elite media because you know, the same people who said i was dead in june and july and said i was gone after iowa, who seemed totally quiet the night of the south carolina victory are now going to be back saying, what's he going to do? what's he going to do? i want to reassure them tonight, we are going to contest every place and we are going to win and we'll be in tampa as the nominee in august. [ cheers and applause ]
2:27 am
>> there is only -- it's a few problems newt's got in front of him, not the least of which is he's not qualified to be on the ballot in virginia and a couple other states. also faces in february, nevada, which he's going to get crushed, i would assume, by romney, because there is a large mormon community. he has colorado, which i just don't see him doing much. minnesota? not there. maine? not there. arizona? maybe. but where does he go? >> not michigan either. that's one state romney won in state. >> you know with a would help him? 'cause after a while you can't keep losing, losing, losing. you have to have someplace. >> you need another ex-wife to come out against him. >> thank you, greg, for that analysis. >> that was the biggest boon to his campaign. one more of those. >> and a few more debates. >> i think that's the real
2:28 am
issue. >> i don't know -- >> i think he needs good debate performances. but unfortunately, there won't be another one for a while. but the math. bob, you know the math. he could pick up some delegates and still hobble along to the finish line at the convention. but i agree with you, it's not going to be easy. he doesn't have the money, money, money. >> he's got about $900,000 in the bank as of yesterday, i think. by the way, they're also going after the state of florida to make the proportional representation, which it should have been. i don't think he's going to win that fight. probably they will persevere, but i'm wondering, as i've said, ego doesn't drive these people out, money does. is there enough money at the grassroots. can he raise small dollar numbers? >> maybe the koch brothers can help him out. >> they're doing that. >> in today's world with social
2:29 am
media and less expensive way to communicate, not necessarily -- he's not going to be able to buy tv in all of those other markets. so perhaps they're going to have some sort of major grassroots -- >> but i was doing the math when i did one of these things and this -- but just to keep bare bones running operations, about a quarter of a million dollars a week. that's bare bones. that's keeping phones. basic staff around and moving around the country. that starts to add up after a while, unless you can figure out a way to raise it. >> and that's in a week. >> media you don't pay for. so he'll go on all the news networks and do what he did last night, which is that money bomb. >> mentalling has to change. he can continue to be on the media, but -- on free media, but i think that the messaging really needs to change, in particular with women. we talked about it yesterday, that he was likely to lose women based on the polls and it came out he lost them big time. but here is the thing i was
2:30 am
wondering, if you lose florida republican primary by that much, and florida is one of the, what, five key, major key battle ground states? so if you're a republican and you're thinking, how are we going to beat obama in the fall, what's he going to say that's different, that persuades those vote force vote with him? >> let me ask you this question -- >> they were close the whole way through, hillary clinton and obama. gingrich last night was a double -- i mean, newt. he was anti-the media, tough newt and then he was the calm newt. where do you think he's going with his message here? >> his message will probably be the same thing, beat up on obama and the main stream media. but can i point something out? this morning, mitt romney was on "fox & friends" and he mentioned that he may not win every race, he might lose a couple to ron paul. he might lose a couple to rick santorum. he didn't mention newt gingrich
2:31 am
at all. i think that's the thing that's going to keep newt into the in the race because he's so mad about the way he's being treated and conservatives are mad that they're swept under the rug. the conservative angst, don't underestimate it. >> history tells us front runners are going to lose a state or two somewhere down the line. >> but he didn't mention newt. >> romney isn't going to run the table on all these. he's going to lose someplace. he needs to do it fairly quickly to make that a slow down operation on romney and i can't figure out where it is. >> i don't think he shouldn't have mentioned newt. he's saying, i'm not gog mention him. i beat him in double digits. >> that was the thing that newt didn't call mitt romney, which would have been a gracious thing to do to say, you won, fine. >> i thought romney gave a pretty good speech last night. >> they both did. >> a little bit of a pivot to a general election. >> i think that's right. mitt romney is taking some much deserved heat for comments he
2:32 am
made about poor people this morning. mitt, you stepped on it again. greg is going to give us his take next, 'cause greg is a political analyst and wants to talk about this. >> i think you meant that sarcastically. >> i did not. colleagues with "t"
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>> welcome back to "the five." covering primary social security hard. you wake up, turn on the tv, when you realize you've been sleeping in a department store, you run away. but sometimes the candidates make it easy for you. after beating newt, mitt romney had this to say. >> i'm in this race 'cause i care about americans. i'm not concerned about the very poor. we have a safety net there.
2:38 am
if it needs repair, i'll fix it. i'm not concerned about the very rich. they'll be just fine. i'm concerned about the heart of america, the 90, 95% of americans who are struggling. >> i think there are lots of very poor americans who are struggling who would say that sounds odd. can you explain that? >> well, finish the sentence. i said i'm not concerned about the very poor that have a safety net, but if has holes in it, i will repair them. >> got it. >> well, in context, i get it. he wants to concentrate on those who pay all the taxes. those who make the safety net possible. but when it comes to filling the daily news bucket, context is a pain. thankfully, stuff like, i like to fire people or i'm not concerned about the very poor makes bucket fill ago breeze. here is a tweet from the editor of the nation, a lefty paper. compassionate conservatives sucked into romney's guilded sewer. he says he's not concerned about the very poor. then from obama's 2012 campaign manager, so much for we're all
2:39 am
in this together. see how easy that was. come on, mitt, can't you make it harder for them? i don't think mitt has a bad bone in his body. robbie the row about the from "lost in space," he sees no emotional import in his phrasing, so even when he's right, he sounds wrong. i don't mind, at least make letterman's writers work for their pay. don't do interviews before you've truly woken up. i blame it all on not being able to have caffeine. bag mormon -- i could not do anything in the morning! >> the point that you last made in not doing tv before you've had a chance to wake up, i also understand why they are having the candidate december as much tv as they're doing every single day. you're in a republican primary, would you have done that interview? why? why is it necessary to be on cnn in the morning? >> exactly. that's the thing.
2:40 am
there are so many outlet, you got to pick and choose. why would a conservative go on msnbc or cnn? there is some words in presidential politics that you tell your candidate, don't say. don't say i'm not concerned about anything. those words don't exist. i'm not concerned. don't say that. >> or say about the poor. >> about the poor, yes. >> that's where they're going to stop the video in the ad. >> he said the safety net that needs fixing, does need fixing. but he leaves himself so open on this. they keep saying newt puts his foot in his mouth. this is a series with romney. >> this reads a lot worse than it sounds. >> yeah. >> you could take out that sound bite, like when it was first sent to me, i didn't see it because i was wasn't watching that show, obviously. but when i read it, i thought, oh, my god. then when you hear it, it's like okay. it's not out of context. i would think that the obama administration and campaign should be a little more careful because president obama has a
2:41 am
tendency to say things that can be grossly taken out of con ex. >> and so do the conservatives who say we're getting a little lazy. >> so he chose his words poorly -- >> when you said the president said americans are lazy. he was talking about american business overseas. >> we've become lazy. >> you both have a point. >> we both have a point. >> but to defend mitt romney, did he choose his words poorly. but he does make a point. there are programs in place, tons of them, chips, medicaid, which obama expanded, food stamp, section 8 housing, there are counselors. there are so many programs for poor people, for single mothers that are on the books -- >> no one wants to touch them. >> then the safety net that actually needs solving is the entitlement program.
2:42 am
>> you can't touch that without having the -- >> to suggest these programs are so robust programs. section 8 housing has been done away with. >> what? >> yeah. section 8 housing, because of the scandal about selling those things. >> no. no. come on. there is public housing in place. >> if i'm wrong. >> expansive welfare programs to help poor people. that was romney's point. >> i understand, but i'm just saying, i'm just arguing that they are not as strong a safety net as he purports it to be. although he did say, if it's busted, i'll fix it. >> somebody tweeted me earlier saying a safety net should be a trampoline and not a hammock. i thought that was very clever. but i think this is a gaffe only to the media because they're the ones who are obsessed with proof that you care. you care. if you don't care -- >> dana, correct me if i am wrong, when his handlers on the side were like, oh, jeez.
2:43 am
>> they're like oh! >> spin control. >> i would say crimeny. >> what is crimeny? >> it was a mistake. >> it's a crime to make a point that he's more concerned about the middle class. >> he needs a bigger message. this electability message, i don't think it will work in the general election. he's got to reach higher. last night he had great lines from that speech about we're not just replacing a president. we're working on keeping the country. >> you get on his economic plan. remember that? >> he's got to boil that down. >> best line of the whole race so far? mr. obama, you were elected to lead. you chose to follow. now get out of the way. i mean, that really -- >> get out of the way with what? let me come in and do what? >> we've got to do what? >> lead. >> sold out o'brien sounds like
2:44 am
a breakfast. >> where did that come from? >> i don't know. it makes me hungry when i hear it. >> still don't want to eat them. >> okay. so first it was president obama, then it was mitt romney. i speak of singing in public. after the break, we will discuss this topic as if our very lives depended on it. you leave now, i will tp your tepee. [ male announcer ] let's level the playing field. take the privileged investing tools of wall street and make them simple, intuitive, and available to all. distill all that data. make information instinctual, visual. introducing trade architect, td ameritrade's empowering web-based trading platform.
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take control of your portfolio today. trade commission-free for 60 days, and we'll throw in up $600 when you open an account.
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>> a new album coming out. we're going to talk about another person singing. you might be a little surprised. let's take a listen to two of these folks that you might have seen in the news. ♪ i'm so in love with you
2:49 am
♪ oh, beautiful for spacious skies ♪ ♪ for amber waves of grain ♪ for purple mountain majesty ♪ above the fruited plains ♪ . >> my goodness. >> i gave him props for trying it. the first lady, who was on jay leno last night, kind of liked it, too. >> he does have a beautiful voice and he sings to me all the time. >> really? >> yes. he sings that song. that's why when people said he sang, i said, i bet he sang al green. he does that all the time. >> did you hear mitt romney sing? what did you think? >> i heard it in the green room. beautiful. >> beautiful. >> i thought that was great. i think -- my rule about if you're in politic, you shouldn't put on a hat? i also think that unless you
2:50 am
have a voice like president obama, you shouldn't sing. >> that's for sure. >> what if you're the secretary of hats? >> then you might -- >> it's why eric will never be in politic. >> there is somebody that beat all of them. the greatest singing politician ever was john ashcroft. >> he can sing. >> i thought maybe we would show it. >> we're going to show it right here. ♪ no other king ♪ let the mighty -- eag the soar ♪ ♪ . >> that's serious bravata. but somebody decided to make a political thing out of this. let's take listen to that one. >> i'm not going to compete with obama in singing because i'm not running for entertainer in chief. i'm running for president.
2:51 am
and i would say to him now, mr. president, you can not sing your way past a disaster of your presidency. >> clever or over the top? >> why go out of your way to do that? obama sang, he sang well. people gave him credit for him even if they don't like him. why did newt pick on that? but you're right about romney. you talk about cringing on the side of the stage, i can't believe they set that up. >> i think obama should be impeached over his singing. >> let's not get too critical. we did sing happy birthday to martha mccallum on tuesday. >> we're not running for president. and in my case, thank god. president obama you have a presidential candidate sing? >> if he can. >> it's not so much that he sang. it was like the week after president obama did a really nice job with al green at the apollo theater. >> the thing is that now romney has done this twice. >> it begs for the comparison.
2:52 am
>> that's exactly right. >> i remember at the gridiron dinner one year, president bush sang a song about the green, green -- the brown, brown grass of home and oh, boy. he was really, really bad. but he gave it his all and i like that. he is a great dancer. >> the other thing, too, newt is wrong. he is running for entertainment in chief because he loves going out there and saying things. if you take away all the entertainment stuff out of newt's speeches, all you have is yes, no, and fundamentals. >> and like prepositions. >> if you would have thought if you were mitt romney's handlers and he gave a good speech, within a week you're begging for the comparison. >> and also not only that, but if you are giving these speeches and they're really good speeches, you don't want the only sound bite coming out of the speech to be the song. >> exactly right. >> before we go, andrea,
2:53 am
"american idol" wants to have president obama on. they think he has what it takes. would you advise him to go on? >> no. >> i would. >> because he's going to come out with al green. >> i wouldn't tell him. i think it makes him look unserious. if he wins again, i think he can go on. >> i take that baby. >> one more thing coming up when "the five" returns.
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>> it's time for one more thing. this is one more important thing emphasis on the one. this month, ten years ago, fox news made its debut and since then -- 15 years ago, sorry. but ten years ago, this is the anniversary of it being number one in all of cable news. ten years ago since becoming number one. fox news, this is excessive -- sustained a 147% advantage over cnn, greg, and advantage over msnbc and total viewership. talk about your memory.
2:58 am
>> because of the medication, i don't really have any memories. but i will say this, i was amazed that they hired me because my previously i've been fired for releasing midget noose a publishing conference. and. >> this is true. >> people need to know this is true. >> i met with roger ales and he shook my hand and that was it. it was a job on a handshake. so that's real. that actually happened. >> dana, i should clarify, it was ten years ago we became number one in all of cable news. >> i was working in the bush administration at the time and then somebody who had worked at fox news and done such a great job came to work with us at the white house, that was tony snow. he was an amazing press secretary and amazing fox news analyst, reporter. he anchored. did he a show with bob and unfortunately he passed away in july of 2008. but i think we should salute him today and helping us get to number one. >> absolutely. >> i came here, a lot of people say why did you leave cnbc?
2:59 am
it was because of roger ales. he is to tv what steve jobs is or was to technology. but two stories quickly. a handshake. i came in, he said i need an agent. he said you don't need an agent, my handshake is my bond and it was. and the other one, my son was in intensive care a couple of months ago. the first phone call that i got on my cell phone was roger saying, how is your boy? the guy is -- up and down, true blue, thanks, boss, for putting me in the same. >> there is a lot of ale stories. he hired me several years ago as a liberal on this network. he said the first day, i'm never going to tell what you to say or influence what you say. for seven years, as many of you know, i said the most outrageous things and i get away with it. >> you kept it fair and balanced. you get my blood pressure up, but this is what we do and that's why we're number one and thanks to roger ale's leadership, it was his vision for this network and his vision for this


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