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tv   Hannity  FOX News  February 8, 2012 12:00am-1:00am EST

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it with food. switch to citracal maximum plus d. it's the only calcium supplement that can be taken with or without food. that's why my doctor recommends citracal maximum. it's all about absorption. >> bret: welcome back to another hour of america's election headquarters special coverage of tonight's three presidential thom nated contest. it's been a huge night for rick santorum. he's captured the non-binding beauty contest primary in missouri sh a dominant performance there. you can see 55% to 25%. and that is 30% difference between the two. look at the votes separating the two. newt gingrich is not on this ballot as mentioned before. this is a beauty contest, a state wide straw poll. no delegates tied to this race. but still a big win this a big swing state for general
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election. santorum won caucuses in minnesota. and that is three wins for campaign season so far. iowa, missouri, and minnesota. and there you can see in 45% of the vote ron paul finishing strong second. and the rest of the contest mitt romney looks like will finish in third. newt gingrich finishing in nourj fourth. now, let's take a look at colorado. this is what we're waiting on. we expect to see more reporting quickly. and right now, only 10% of the votes insofar. rick santorum holding a lead there. and rit romney predicted one or two. and ron paul, 13. let's check back in now with mike tobin in golden valley, minnesota. good evening, mike. >> good evening, bret. ron paul and his wife just left for a day off.
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they looked in good spirits, ron paul telling me he considers number two to be a win z what he didn't make in the straw poll here he's hoping to make it up with delegates when they get dedicated to a candidate. ron paul put a lot of ground work in here in minnesota. this is the benefit reaped that number-two position. he got support from independents and young people. big winner here in minnesota was rick santorum. you mentioned with about 45% of the vote. the reason he did well according to caucus goers was the reason that a lot of the analysts predicted. type of people braving the cold get out in the middle of the week are conservative, evangelical. the kind of people want to push a
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he this is run by volunteers and not staffers. they were anticipating everything would be wrapped up and we're waiting for final results here in colorado. getting to this speech we heard from mitt romney. we heard him say he's expecting either a first or second place. now, that goes against a little bit of their expectations leading up to tonight. because romney had been leading in the polls and considered a favorite. he had quite a few high profile endorsements here from high profile g.o.p.ers here in
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colorado. rick santorum did spend quite a bit of time here in colorado in days leading up to today z also, traveling around the state, trying to define and kind of clear up that decision between him and mitt romney. mitt romney trying over and over again recently here trying to prove his street credit when it comes to social issues. we'll see if that works because we're waiting final results here, back to you. >> bret: stu du see a lot of commercials for romney? he did spend a lot of money in colorado to get a sense of the campaigns and how much money they spend and as opposed to time and i didn't see a lot of commercials but one that stood out here that a super pack put together in favor of rick santorum and you have to think about the fact he has an
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established organization here from 2008 and won colorado back in this time around hoping to repeat history. we'll see if that happen autos and there is our panel again. and charles, it's possibles you look at this turnout here in colorado, that rick santorum pulls off a clean sweep tonight. wins all three. i mean we have yet to see the denver counties coming in. but we're starting to get up to 50% of the vote and there is an 11-point lead as you start looking for what the g.o.p. is putting out for colorado. and what about that? >> well, i think that would be probably the most-interesting and important result of the night. this is clearly a state where romney put a lot of effort in. and this is a state that he
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won in 2008 by 60-18 over mccain that. is an unbelievable spread. and to be losing by let's say he's losing by 11 now, let's say something that have gap to santorum gives santorum a hat trick. i think it also speaks for the importance of what santorum has been doing and we saw it in the speech if compare the speech he zbaif romney gave tonight. romney has given excellent speeches on other nights but tonight wasn't such a night. he spoke about leadership which is sort of an empty catch. he said i love america. all of these. santorum was specific on issues and run on issues. he's done a arguments in the debate. but now when you concentrate on issues he seems to be adding some here z i think if the electorate gets serious
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about that, romney can ride in i'm a guy who will lead and i can create jobs. i've done it but that is not going to hold up if the economy is improving and other issues are getting more traction. santorum exploits the issue of obama care. i think it has, and is going to be his path. issues aren't going to, romney has to find accounting with. >> talking about the calendar going forward i think we have two calendars of this month and next month. you look at the spread. here we are we have results in maine on 11th then primaries at the end of the month. you don't have a debate until 22. then, you look at march this, is the real delegate done with these contests. super tuesday, penn state on the 6th. what about santorum's path and
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how he makes, what about his past? in how he can make a mark? >> well, he can make a mark if he stops newt gingrich. if what he does here tonight, if especially a clean sweep that he unhorses newt gingrich. gingrich lost steam after a win in florida. and if now he says he's not conservative alternative to romney but if you can succeed in being that person and continue to divide the right he'll have changed the shape of the race had his choice heard and deliver a win for mitt romney in the end, but one he helped shape. >> gingrich won one contest, rick santorum, three, possibly four. gingrich is sinking in polls nationally. he was up two points about 10 daysing ayochl now, he's way
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down. he stays in the race if he continues to lose, he is not even going to speak tonight. he's going to have a couple weeks with only one debate a lot of times that is where he positioned well, if he makes it as an appealing conservative in the south on super tuesday to win five southern states then texas and get in his best hopes up to parody with mitt romney he now has a serious contender in rick santorum. does rick santorum, the question is newt gingrich out of the race for rick santorum? and invite people... >> bret: listening to rick santorum on the stump -- . >> he's not a winner anymore. he won south carolina and hasn't since
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>> he flashed a smile more. the wran rap is that he's an angry candidate. there are times when you'll hear him say there are things we should be angry about. and what he has done is he smiled a little bit. i thought it was obvious when you asked him a question about the comments made earlier this week. he said if newt gingrich or mitt romney were a republican nominee we will lose. said did you mean that? he laughed and said i probably
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overstate that had a little bit. you can imagine newt gingrich probably would have blasted you for asking the question. mitt romney probably have handled it as defendantly z he's been showing that side of himself more. so if likibility matters and history suggests that it does and matters quite a bit he's done better that way. i think that is one thing. the other thing i made an al yugs to this, too going back quite a ways but i remember 1992 senate race. and in wisconsin. where they spent a ton of money, beating the heck out of each other and this young upstart smiled a lot and made fun of himself named russ feingold sort of charged up the middle to take 69% of the vote because top two guys were slicing and dicing each other. this is too early to say that is what is going happen here but this is kind of the same path rick santorum has been using.
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>> wisconsin 1992 reverence. that might be a way to mention. >> i didn't mention the packers. >> that may be a winner tonight ask it's early. >> this came after midnight. >> and daylight hours it never be that. our special courage continues after a quick break, we'll hear from candidates, speeches and an interview with ron paul in just a bit. we continue. [ male announcer ] to the 5:00 a.m. scholar.
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tonight was not just the a victory for us. tonight was a victory for the voices of our party. conservatives and tea party people who are out there every single day in the vineyards building the conservative movement in this country and building the base of the republican party and the voice for freedom in this land. thank you. i don't stand here to claim to be the conservative alternative to mitt romney. i stand here to be the conservative alternative to barack obama. this week you heard president obama on tv said he zeefshs a second term because, and i quote we've made progress. no, mr. president. on under the definition prof gres you made here four years ago in denver have you not made progress. three years ago president obama just after his inauguration said if he couldn't turn this economy
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around in three years, he would be looking at a one term proposition. we're here to collect. we're going to take back the white house. this is a moment in time when our country is crying out for fundamental change and reform. washington cannot reform itself and washington will never be reformed by those who have been compromised by the culture of washington. this is a clear choice i'm the only person in this race republican or democrat never serve aid day of time in washington. >> when the dust settles i think there is a very good chance that we're going to have the maximum number of delegates coming out of minnesota. >> there is other good news, too. it's an ongoing caucus on the east coast. i think it's the state of oh,
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maine! we're doing well there and we're going hear results from that on saturday and i think those results are going to be very good as well. i want to really thank you for effort and one thing i'm convinced of those who joined the campaign for liberty to promote this cause believe in something. keep thinking it must be a lot more fun believing in something than just campaigning for nothing. >> you'll remind your friends in next few weeks have them vote early. make sure to get votes in. call everybody you can over the next month. i don't -- i'm not going to be able to raise the money governor romney can because i don't have his major donors but i can arouse people. if we can pit people power against money power i'm convinced we can win. i want to say people there is a big voice. -- choice. here are paychecks and jobs. here is food stamps and dependency.
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every american of every background would rather their children have a paycheck and a job welcome to our campaign. we want all of you to be with us. newt gingrich's speech earlier today. the rest of the peach speeches tonight we've heard from these three contests, minnesota, missouri and colorado. we're waiting on colorado. there may be a hick up in the computer system tracking amounts reported. we're getting that 40% may be the precincts out may be reported now. and not reflected on our screen. so we'll fix that in the break. more with the panel when we come back. weight loss programs can be expensive. so to save some money, i just got the popular girls from the local middle school to follow me around.
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>> bret: okay, we're waiting
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on colorado caucuses, numbers and they're ticking up. we have 43.4% reporting now and rick santorum with 42% of the vote. and that is 3268 votes. romney with 28%. gingrich at 16.4% and paul, 13%. so the spread now we're approaching 50% and it's an 11, 14-point spread between santorum and romney. now, it's a huge night for rick santorum already. missouri is next. big win there. and 55-25% and there, you can see 100% reporting on that primary. then, looking at minnesota another big night and for rick santorum. a huge win, 445-27, then going to the next page, you can see mitt romney came in fourth. 17%, gingrich, last there. and interesting thing about that is that back with the panel of charles, you know,
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romney's campaign chair, his former minnesota governor when i spoke to senator santorum tonight he said five people came up to him with flyers and he said that they were bombarded in the last week with romney campaign flyers. whether that is super pack supporting romney or the campaign they were making an effort it appears in minnesota. he had come in third there. but that is what is stunning here, relative resources that santorum has. in iowa he did that and sort of looked for it around the state. and here, it's not santorum is winning by 30 human beings. he's winning by 30 points. in missouri by 28 in minnesota and now, as you said by almost 14 or so in colorado. these are enormous spreads this, isn't a squeak. this is a floor romney won.
12:24 am
and i think what is really important about santorum is that he is always the one that never got respect from the beginning of the race and on all of us are confessing to sins here, he's a guy who lost his senate race by 18 points in 2006. he wasn't on the scene. coming out of nowhere and is standing on the wings on the side alt the ends of the line in the debates because he was low in national polls. and at times complaining he wasn't getting enough air time and attention. but once he shed the loser label, his senate races and shows he can win i think it changes a lot for him. because the perception is that he is sort of he may win here or there. and this is a hat trick but a huge margin. >> well, up to a point. and that is these tapes these
12:25 am
are straw polls occurring on the first day. it's a three, four part process. sanltor yum energy nized -- energized the face of the republican party. he's doing it more main stream basis what ron paul has done before and what mitt romney has done in 2008. the 11 states he won were mostly caucus states and he energized people to run against john mccain. big question is show the march calendar before the race moves south and into voting so... can he transition this into that? that remains the question. there is a better chance now. >> he hasn't seen this, that is what he did, i think in minnesota. >> is normally into 20s? santorum hasn't seen this five. there is a big difference. >> right. >> and i think the argument
12:26 am
for rick santorum into the big names need to come out and endorse him. i don't know which is worse, that tim pawlenty left the race too early or that he couldn't make the case for colorado. missouri with 138 thoi people turned out for a primary they knew won't count for rick santorum. 138,000 people in the entire nevada caucus of primary last week where, you know, turn out was down woe fully 33,000 people participated. 138,000 for a vote that wasn't real? a beauty contest? he makes the case to people i get them in their cars and we're going to do this. get behind me, give me some books let's get going. >> bret: south carolina, endorsement for rom nee. big loss in south carolina. minnesota endorsing early from
12:27 am
the former governor of minnesota tim pawlenty. looks like a big loss in minnesota. >> you can say he was lowering expectations all week. and nicky hailey had no reason to. >> our special coverage rolls on after a quick break. my name is robin. i'm a wife, i'm a mom... and chantix worked for me. it's a medication i could take and still smoke, while it built up in my system. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantiis proven to help people quit smoking. it reduthe urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking orood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these, stop taking chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of depression or other mental health problems, which could get worse while taking chantix. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reactioto it. if you develop these, stop taking chantix and see your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. if you have a history of heart orlood vessel problems, tell your doctor if you have new or worse symptoms.
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>> bret: okay. looks very close in colorado now. back and fornl with mitt romney and rick santorum
12:30 am
getting more of the raw totals n we have fox team courage tonight. we have alicia in denver. what is the latest there on the ground? >> we're hearing more from romney's campaign now. what we got was a sense of what to expect in weeks still to come. a real scene setter, what wuk expect to hear is less of what we're heard tonight. he came out, congrad lated mr. santorum then moved on to attack obama. look him for to go after this disstix, he's the only candidate who has not served in washington. he'll continue to hit on that and hit on that. with regard to to the way things to be settling up tonight we're told the campaign has the same number of delegates today as tomorrow. and it's a lot of states to cover and hard to make choices on where they're going spend the money that. is what they had to say. they said they'd love to win them all, however, there was
12:31 am
that memo receiving earlier today from the rom me campaign setting the stage for this day saying you know, mccain in 2008 lost 19 states. there is that expectation z now, he's going to be with delegates. >> i want to explain what is going on with the count in colorado offices. that is... not the board i'm talking about. but let's see right there. it's 37%. there you go. 36% for mitt romney. it says 23% reporting what that is is that 23% of the expected vote. predicted vote in colorado. there basically 47%, 4% of the precincts in z.right now, it's neck and neck. continuing to change by the second. and there is a flip flop right there. we're monitoring this. 20% of the expected vote in
12:32 am
and werk get a raw vote total any moment. that is what we're watching. i guess what i -- are you hearing from romney campaign. we heard the former governor saying we can being up in one or two. there is concern within the ranks that they could finish second. >> yes. absolutely. we were surprised to hear that as well can w.this expectation from many, including some we saw on the polling that romney would come out front. and best santorum could hope for was a strong second. there is a indication it's a small thing but i think it says a lot. romney didn't draw a big crowd tonight there. was 150 people campaign not exactly thrilled about that turn out either. and there are people out in denver tonight on a personal note, we can see them out there. this isn't one of the nights people are hunkered in at home because it's so cold out side. bret? >> bret: thank you.
12:33 am
let's go back to golden valley, minnesota. and some thoughts from mike tobin. >> and bret one of the things you heard ron paul say is where they didn't make up in straw poll numbers they made up with delegates thachl gets confusing because they're not committed at this stage of the game what. ron paul supporters were able to do is put themselves into caucuses and get ron paul supporters elected to those positions as they moved further down the road so. moving to the county and state convention they're not committed to a particular candidate on paper but to ron paul. here is what dr. paul had to say about that. >> first of all he spent time and it wasn't like the last five years. and you heard numbers. >> i think so. and i have to watch two things. the straw vote is very, very important. i think do well, we're excited
12:34 am
is about picking delegates, seems like they're picking up the right spot. and early numbers are solid. does that count as a win in your votes? >> it is. and better at one, two is pretty gchl we may come in with delegates. that is what we concentrate on. how to get people through the process. part of what happened. >> you don't do well tonight does that mean the theory you perform well in caucus states isn't a good theory? >> well, we have to say i'm not sure that proves anything. if we didn't get delegates that would be a problem but if we come in second with a straw vote that is pretty good. if we do real well in delegates or second i would say that is doing very well. >> some of your followers are
12:35 am
in nevada. >> i think that it raises a lot of questions. you know? and i don't have the answers for that. but i know four years ago there was a lot of questions took him a year to admit what they had done out there because they closed down the convention so people were suspicious. and this is one state that we had where our votes seem to to go up. and he we have an increase in the vote four years ago. out there, i think there is 100 votes less, something doesn't add up. i have no idea whether we will, but we'll keep working on getting the delegates. we may end up doing well in spite of the confusion out there. >> did you. >> thank you. >> and that is a clear winner out here tonight, rick santorum. what we're hearing from caucus goers coming back here, the reason he did so well is because maik the people who
12:36 am
showed up at the caucuses largely evangelical and rick santorum did very well with evangelicals. >> great job. thank you, we're back with our panel now. let's go some, first let's set the table with colorado. because let's put up the full screen where we are in colorado. there is a vote count continuing income in and a lead continues to shift. and there is up two percentage points and spread about 300 votes, we're starting to get more of this in. 28% is the expected vote in. and there is about 50%. let's do a little instruction about delegates. you heard congressman paul there talking about the delegate race. how is he planning to factor into that. we talked about nonbinding contests tonight.
12:37 am
two talkuses called a primary. and it's a straw poll. we don't have a list but let's talk to folks about what is going on about delegates for these races tonight. >> okay. so these are all straw polls that happened tonight. and you have in both minnesota and colorado. straw polls taken at precinct level caucus locations. you get a meeting and registered republicans are invited to come. they talk. they hold a straw poll. those are the numbers you're seeing tonight that. is the raw vote you're seeing but real action that they're doing are selecting people to go on to the next level. they're going to select votes from among their number who go on to county level f voets both states that will be a month or so from now. and then, at county level those people would then select from among their number to go to correctional levels and a
12:38 am
state convection. these are still not binding delegates. they go to republican national convention unbound. >> they don't have to sign off bif the vote tonight them. don't have to sign on to that candidate through the process? >> exactly n a state like nevada you have a binding and missouri they start collecting -- selecting delegates they have a binding process. it binds the delegate to a candidate. >> but that is not tonight. it wasn't tonight in missouri. >> right. >> have you a tle or four step that will select delegates. these p people are just selecting individuals. so this is a way we can start to gauge what sentiment is. what they're saying is that don't outperform tonight because their people are not going to waiver. they're going to get into the
12:39 am
process and go delegates and make it to tampa. >> we're not at the point where this is neck and neck. we can get there if mitt romney doesn't need 1144 then glur a race like then senator obama where you're counting every delegate. right now many look ate as momentum getting from contest to contest. >> right. >> what happened tonight is psychological. there no way for him to come out of sort of background to show himself. i think that what you just heard is an explanation of why numbers are important to the excellent you'll likely get a selection of what we see today in the raw numbers.
12:40 am
and it westbound actually automatic. but it is not as if it means nothing. it gives an idea of sentiment in that state. and how turn out and they'll have delegates in tampa. what is important is that in the vote in colorado there is with b.a quarter of expected vote totals in and about half of the precincts which implies we have places that are parsley popular meaning denver is coming in and they're strongly romney. soit bodes well to perhaps increase the lead he has and pull it off. a sweep by santorum would be important psychologically. and i think at least the damage that could be done to
12:41 am
him if only halfway through colorado. >> a agree with that. to a certain extent he could be lucky in that he seemed to jump out. >> and this is a team that wants to but i think -- . >> that is better than 1992 senator from wisconsin. >> oh, come on. >> and our coverage continues on the other side of the break. we're watching colorado expect some of the counties to be stepping in any moment. keep it here on fox.
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♪ it was the best day [ whooping ] ♪ it was the best day ♪ it was the best day ♪ ♪ it was the best day ♪ 'cause of you we make a great pair. huh? progressive and the great outdoors! we make a great pair. right, totally. that's what i wathinking. all kinds of vehicles, all kinds of savings. multi-policy discounts from progressive. call or click today. >> bret: we're back taking a look at colorado caucuses. there, you can see 30% of the expected vote n we're starting to get expected precincts around denver.
12:44 am
and this could be a nail biter here in colorado. we continue to monitor county by county as they come in. ap is starting to get a little bit more coming in faster when the big counties start jumping in the row vote total that affects the amount. look at this race. not expected to be like this in z.they were predicting he could have trouble and his campaign was down playing minnesota. and didn't play in missouri so they weren't really talking about missouri. colorado there was a lot of competition intes intesh -- internally. we're back with the panel. you sfai romney polls us all. >> santorum is very popular in colorado that wasn't supposed to happen. minnesota and missouri are
12:45 am
significant wins i think for rick santorum. he has romney new hampshire, florida and nevada and i guess colorado maybe and santorum won a beauty contest. but significant space in a general election. you know and republicans want to win minnesota and iowa. and it's going to be an interesting case. and i think chris is right. there is a short window of time to turn this into a campaign and not take down the front runner. and gingrich contends with but tonight is the beginning. if there is a chance with him, it must happen tonight. >> a lot of the talk today is about super backs and -- super packs and obama campaign after saying there is a threat to democracy.
12:46 am
and that is back and a billionaire in arizona who is staying there and believes rick santorum. >> and i think i saw him. >> he trachls with him. yes. >> and yeah. i think that is significant. >> it will be interesting if that is the only real way back or, if now he's able to bring in other people to support rick santorum. and looking ahead, we have two things i think are worth paying attention to. one is fund raising. he's going to try to raise a lot of money. then go to the arizona and michigan on the 28th.
12:47 am
i think michigan is setting up to be an interesting state. santorum has a message that will resonate there presume blismt he's indicated he's going to be spending time there. and that is also mitt romney he's done well in the past and there is high name recognition for people and in this time that sets up to be an interesting contest. >> and democrats have been hiring mitt romney for his position on the auto bailout in michigan z half time in america, basicly. newt gingrich could take that ad and probably done it as well in michigan. >> he probably could. don't forget there are two great tests. you have two sides of the coin of the republican party in the united states nouchl you have arizona, wild, woolly and western. jan brewer scorpions for
12:48 am
breakfast country with a lot of serious tea party conservatives. that is where they are. that is what it's all about. and then... you go up to michigan and you have a lot of catholics and a lot of folks who are torn about the bailout and subject of the auto bailout because yes, they don't like the concept but at the same time they're happy someone did something to save them. and santorum has this manufacturing pinch i can take and go up to do that. that could cause trouble for romney because, wow, santorum is doing that. and the dnc is going to be jack hammering mitt romney over and over again. and probably putting money behind it and keeping it on the air. >> okay. unofficially getting from this washington examiner santorum won mesa county, grand junction by 300 votes that. is not a good thing for the romney campaign.
12:49 am
let's put up boards again from colorado. again. there is 30% of the projected vote n we're still in a tie here. this is ochl treemly tight at this hour and continues to update by the minute here. and charles this could be a nail biter. >> this looks iowa-esq.. and. >> this is not a guy in a truck. >> yes. and this is..., there never was a guy in a truck. >> really. >> and this is okay, i got to run, take a break, we'll be right back. we're following every moment in colorado. a big night for rick santorum. keep it here. [ male announcer ] how can power consumption in china,
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>> bret: we're back, now covering the latest in colorado caucuses as numbers continue to come in. let's put up numbers as we have them at this moment. now we're still ap not updated this number of the 30% of the expected vote in. hey, wait. there you go. as we speak, maybe if you keep talking more will happen. and what do you say, g.o.p.? colorado? 48% of the expected vote totals n there, you can see rick santorum taking 38% to-to-mitt romney's 36%. they're telling us the colorado g.o.p. that they expect to have all of the votes totals in. within 10 and 20 minutes so
12:54 am
we're going stay on until we call the race in colorado. and one way or another. so panel... get ready. want to go past 1:00 a.m. on the east coast we'll be here until 2:00 a.m. and charles? what do you think about that? >> well... >> at my age, i f.i make it to 2:00 it will be embarrassing. i think what the real story here is how every time we expect the race or romney to see the initiative time and again, you see he goes down twice. i think it tells us again and again there is a deep resistance to romney that. is the only thing that runs through ups and downs and all of the mccains and perries. all of the run ups and run
12:55 am
downs. it looks like santorum will have his moment in iowa now getting a second. i think it does say that rick santorum and gingrich argue it's the field were clear of the other sh they would have a real shot. now it could be that you can't defeat romney because of the money, calendar. and the fact that he's ready in almost every state. we can be sort of mechanical. i think there is so much fluidy here, people have settled in the end if they have to. but with no enthusiasm. it does keep the race a lot. the real question is if santorum does this lead, does he emerge as a logical guy who can win the gingrich vote? looks as if he gets almost all that have as we saw in missouri. a guy who lost against romney, i think that will be his argument. but now there are numbers to support that argument. >> steve i want to read
12:56 am
something from the gingrich person. there ta tape inside of the campaign saying more people get to know mitt romney the weaker he becomes. the fact they say newt gingrich has taken over $20 million in negative attack candidates from the romney people. and apparently gingrich met informally with senator santorum today. he had a meeting at some point on the trail. and an informal meeting. as the race collar fizz the gingrich camp republicans are going to settle on the map to help the reagan economic boom, then 90s boom as speaker of the house. they don't think any candidate will have more than 200 delegates that are needed leading up to super tuesday. and then, it comes with a string of several states. that is the fight. the internal gingrich fight. >> there is some truth to what
12:57 am
they're saying. i don't think super tuesday is not quite as southern as i think reading gingrich internal mem rand yum would suggest it is. there are a number of states that are not that friendly to newt gingrich. the fact georgia is there, tennessee is there. but look, i mean, rick santorum can, i think amy may have said this earlier, tends to flip the argument on newt gingrich. gingrich has been saying conservatives consolidate their support someone can take out mitt romney and newt gingrich has acknowledged he's been that man. i think he's had a bad couple weeks to me, looking unsteady in his press conference saturday and i think if rick santorum can capitalize on that he can make the case. >> as we approach 1:00 a.m. on the east coast colorado numbers close. our special coverage here on fox news channel continues right after this.
12:58 am
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