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tv   The Five  FOX News  February 10, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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in the meantime i'm getting ready for entertaining weekend and i just heard sleeping on the couch tonight. hi, honey. you look great! it's going to be a long day. good night. ♪ >> dana: hello, everyone. i'm dana perino, along with kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel, eric bolling, greg gutfeld, who have already tried to make me mess up. then we also have andrea tantaros in washington at the cpac conference. she will be with us in a minute. he is talked to rick santorum, allen west and more. you will hear from all of them. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ so the big news today the so-called compromise over the contraception mandate. the administration announcing instead of making religious institutions provide birth control, insurance companies will be responsible. president obama spoke on the issue earlier today. >> if a woman employer is a
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charity or hospital that has a religious objection to providing contraceptive services as part of the health plan, the insurance company, not the hospital, not the charity, will be required to reach out and offer the woman contraceptive carefree of charge. >> dana: okay. the more i look into this, the more it didn't sound like much of a compromise to me at all. the administration was facing extraordinary and growing backlash. we have been talking about this for a little over a week. today, it was like two steps forward. then we went half a step back. a lot of people think it's a distinction without a difference. even calling it money laundering. what do you think? >> greg: i don't know. the employer now has to decide between offering a policy what has the provisions, or no policy at all. and you get fined basically. obama has thrown the baby out with the birth control pill. it makes no sense to me. at all. basically, it speaks to the tone deafness of this president, who has been living in a left wing bubble.
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with sebelius and valerie variety and michelle. it's like d.c. version of playboy mansion and he is heff. the only thing missing is bill maher and grotto. >> kimberly: and the pajamas. >> dana: as a prosecutor, you went in front of the judge. the american people is the judge today. when president obama is speaking. it's important to be very clear. and unfortunately people are still so confused, they're just like wait a second. the catholic church said we'll take time to study it and find out. do you think it holds up in the court of public opinion? >> kimberly: no. people wants to know what is going on. it seemed to me he just muddied the water and nobody is clear how it will play out. he tries to shift it to the insurance company because they are always the popular demon in any game you are playing. but even the church hasn't figured this out. and they have god on their side. listen, let's take a moment and figure out exactly what it means and what the impact is. we revenge judgment. >> dana: bob, one of the first things this morning is
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there will be a compromise. it's not a compromise, it's accommodation. how can you accommodate the first amendment when you are supposed to protect and defend it? do you think with your experience being inside a white house that the interim discussion has just gotten swamped and that's why it took so long to finally do something? >> bob: yeah. i mean apparently the internal discussion involved joe biden and bill daley when he was there on one side and other people on the other. in the democratic administration, this issue is always emotional and loud. i think it took them three or four days longer than was necessary to come up with it. i think it's a good compromise. it takes the politics off the table. more importantly because the republicans jumped on this so hard, it brings back for the republicans the culture wars of the '90s which is what drove a lot of women in the democratic column. i'm not sure politically it's all that bad. >> dana: eric -- >> can i respond to that? >> dana: of course. >> eric: the left is trying to spin it that way. obama is trying to spin it that way. kathleen sebelius is trying to spin it that way. nothing has changed. not a single thing has
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changed. the catholic church will still to v to provide the insurance coverage that provide for birth control contraceptives, morning after pills. it's simply a money transaction. they're not asking the insurance company to pay directly instead of going through the catholic church. offering the same insurance. >> kimberly: shell game. >> bob: every insurance company needs to offer this. >> eric: that is the essence to the argument. >> dana: the insurance company has to provide it for free. >> eric: the catholic church has plenty of machine. it's not money thing. it's ideology thing. they don't want to be the group that auvres tha -- offers that to women. >> bob: i thought you worrickerried they'll be fined -- i thought you were worried they'd be fined. >> greg: it goes back to the idea that it is a huge blind spot for president obama. he doesn't get that government intrusion might be a problem. this is how the second term
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will look. living under president joy behar. >> dana: they have a trust problem if president -- if you are on the fence and thinking you are going to vote for a republican or re-elect president obama in november, if you have any doubt, it might play into it or not. maybe just the economy plays in it. for anyone who cares about the issue if you don't think it would change back to the old policy two weeks ago and the new policy which is the same policy you're wrong. this is going to change. >> bob: you asked me a question of what happened when i was in the white house. did you have a similar situation? >> dana: i thought we could talk about, when you are a crisis like that inside the white house. how do you know? when do you spot it? i'll pat myself on the back a little bit here. two weeks ago we send around pitch e-mails. i said this will be a huge deal. sometimes you just have a nose for it. for bad news, i had a nose for it. when we -- when president bush
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nominated harriet meyers to be on the supreme court, the backlash was so overwhelming from the conservative side that the liberals didn't have to say anything at all because we were swamped three. weeks later harriet decided to withdraw and we calmed the storm. but not without damage. >> greg: that is a good point. a scandal doesn't matter if it's the other side. it's when people on the other side, on the side of the scandal, the democrats, when they start raising issues then you know it's over. >> dana: i think that there were some senate democrats or people other democrats that are running for office that started to let the white house know, i'm not going to be able to defend this. >> bob: bob casey of pennsylvania is an example. pro-life republican -- democratic catholic. i think, greg, you were the one who said last week or early this week as an example if this were a muslim organization, right and you were forced to eat pork, let
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me ask in reverse. what if you are a muslim patient in catholic hospital? >> dana: cared for. >> greg: pork on the menu, don't eat it. >> kimberly: they would be sensitive to that and they wouldn't give you that. be honest. >> greg: cair would get involved. >> dana: as a patient, you chose to go there. as provider of the care you can't be compelled then to provide support. >> bob: that is a good answer. don't repeat that, okay? >> eric: i won't repeat it. but i'll repeat, saying here is how we are going to -- this is how we came up with. the strategy. sebelius tried to sell it. it's my job to tell you nothing has changed. i'm catholic. i go to catholic church. nothing has changed. they're still requiring catholic churchs, hospitals, universities, to provide the service. now the catholic church isn't going to have to pay the $20 a month. they'll make the insurance company pay. guess what happens when you
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are the insurance company? what do you mean i have to pay for this? >> dana: raise premiumums. >> eric: bingo. >> kimberly: it goes right back. pip pong across the table. clever, pretty crafty because he is moving. it you have to keep your eyes on the hands as they're shifting around. but still the core issue here why did this administration do this? why did they choose to put politics over religion? he was advised not to do it. >> eric: if that is your job to sell it, you didn't do a good job. >> bob: what has changed is come november this is going to be a nonvoting issue. >> eric: you hope it is. last year, sorry, last election cycle barack obama had 54% of the vote from catholics. you better hope that doesn't change. >> bob: we'll see what happens. if you listen to the cpac people down there. i'm not jumping in to our next segment i don't think, they all railed about this. every republican railed about
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this on and on and on. i watched the catholic cpac that got up and screaming about it. it wonder how many of them have used condoms for example. >> kimberly: that is not the point. >> bob: it's not the point? >> greg: by the way, i have a joke. >> dana: we could haven't a friday without a joke. >> bob: is it better than yesterday? >> greg: much better. did you hear about the feminist fetus? it wasn'ts to be born to march for choice. >> dana: remember what former speaker pelosi told us. if you want to know what is in obamacare you have to pass it first. this week is a good lesson in all of that. right? >> bob: take what you want from it. dane right. coming up, we are heading to cpac, bob mentioned. andrea tantaros is standing by. he is spoke to rick santorum allen west. you'll hear from them. that is coming when "the five" returns. don't forget you can e-mail us at
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♪ ♪ >> kimberly: welcome back to "the five." we're heading down to d.c. now for cpac where our good friend andrea tantaros is standing by. how is it going down there? i heard you spoke to rick santorum today? >> i did. it's been going great. we're having a lot of fun. energy, kimberly, is so intense. i'm standing on the main ballroom where all the candidates have spoken. and brightbart is on the stage. santorum spoke. mitt romney did, too. but the candidate everyone is talking about is rick santorum. it had a chance to catch up with him and ask about the controversy of the day, contraceptive debate. it asked what do you think of the white house backing off? he wasn't satisfied with it. he went on to say this. >> this is a war of government
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trying to use its power to force you to do things that you don't want to do and that you have a right to do. it's not -- it's religion in this case. as we saw in the archbishop's case, it was a war on freedom of speech. this is an assault on basic liberty. it's the whole concept of government coercion. of giving government power and then expecting them to be benev leapt as they -- benevolent as they wield the power. >> andrea: as you can see, the republicans and rick santorum not backing down. they are taking this from free birth control to free speech and first amendment issues. a smart strategy. what do you think? >> kimberly: this worked out pretty well, it seemed. andrea is right, this favors santorum. cpac at the same time. all eyes on him. and conservative voters.
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>> dana: timing sometimes works out in your favor in politics. i'm curious, because i didn't get to see it. what was his message on economy? outside the contraception issue did he have something that got people excited today that they thought that is a guy i could follow? >> andrea: question to me, guys? >> dana: that was to you. i wonder about his economic message. how did he do? i don't know if you can still hear us. >> andrea: i got you. from rick santorum's message? yeah, look, rick santorum talked about small government. he was pfeiffered up. he talked about government overreach. in all areas. not just first amendment issues. i got to tell you his message is rez tating. as you know, the fox poll out today shows him surging. i did ask him about the fact when you ask the voters who has the best message that resonates against obama he was in third place. he said i just need more time. so he is hoping to get that. >> bob: it's interesting that rick santorum spread this
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beyond the religious message. he needed to do that. he was getting boxed in as values guy. takes it to government generally and the economy and others. smart move. andrea is it true that you asked somebody if you were better looking than i was? >> andrea: that is a rumor, bob. don't believe everything you hear. don't we already know the answer, too? >> dana: really. >> bob: you didn't have to say that. >> eric: curious how mitt romney was received. a lot of people said in 2008 he was the conservative alternative to john mccain. now it looks like he is trying to prove his own conservative credits. i heard or read somewhere he is being trained on conservative code words to use in the speech. how did it go? >> andrea: his speech went pretty well. i got to tell you. no one is really that fired up here. everyone is talking about rick santorum. you know, i tried to ask him a question about that, eric, you know, "washington post" reports you are getting coached on conservative code words. my take on that personally is
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if you have to be coached on con seventive code words, you -- conservative code words you are probably not a real conservative. he tried to convey the message even if i don't talk like one i was raised as one. talked about reading berk and the like as a child. late in the game to make this play. >> bob: who do you guess wins the straw poll after this is over? they have a straw poll every year -- >> andrea: i think rick santorum has a very, very good shot. >> dana: okay. >> andrea: romney has a lot of organization down here. i will say that. >> greg: andrea, where are the good parties? [ laughter ] >> kimberly: all he cares about. >> greg: i'll be there tomorrow. >> andrea: i have been work something hard i haven't thought about it. >> dana: good answer. >> bob: party at cpac convention? >> greg: i found good places. usually in the hotel room. >> kimberly: what are you doing at cpac, by the way? >> greg: i what i normally do. you know. >> kimberly: nothing. i hope you clean it up,
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though. i hope romney hit like nine out of ten conservative buzz words to win the cpac thing goes. that will be perfect. got the cards out. yep. >> greg: he has to go in the reverse santorum. santorum is branching out from the moral stand point. romney is now going to make a moral argument for being a conservative and stop being pragmatic. >> dana: i was going to ask andrea, what about newt gingrich? three weeks ago he was going to have a great showing at cpac. how was he received this afternoon? >> andrea: i was talking with our colleague james rosen and he seems a little bit muted. you know, he was up on the stage. the music was bumping. i think he needed to deliver big-time and i'm not sure he did it. we have didn't get a chance to ask him a question. i tried. he went in an event. i was going to ask him, mr. speaker, do you think conservatives are giving up on you? now i'd rephrase the question, are you giving up on this effort? after hearing the speech.
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>> bob: by question about this, romney talking points or not, romney is not perceived to be a con seventive in that crowd, is he? >> andrea: no. he is not. he's not. >> kimberly: no hesitation there. that was great. thank you so much. hang tight down there. don't make a move. we're coming back to you later in the show. we'll hear from congressman allen west. that's all coming up. but next, did you hear about this new $25 billion bank deal that the obama administration put together? oh, yeah. eric, he's got it. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] we know you don't wait until the end of the quarter to think about your money... ♪ that right now, you want to know where you are, and where you'd like to be. we know you'd like to see the same information your advisor does so you can get a deeper understanding
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of what's going on with your portfolio. we know all this because we asked you, and what we heard helped us create pnc wealth insight, a smarter way to work with your pnc advisor, so you can make better decisions and live achievement.
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>> eric: welcome back to "the five." if you are a regular fiver you know how i feel about president obama's socialist agenda. he shredded the constitution with obamacare. he shredded the constitution with the auto bail-out. and now, the man with the silver tongue plans to trample the very essence of the free market. take a listen. >> under the terms of this settlement, america's biggest banks, banks that were rescued by taxpayer dollars will be required to right these wrongs. these banks will put billions of dollars toward relief for families across the nation. they will provide refinancing, for borrowers that are stuck in high interest rate mortgages. they will reduce loans for families who owe more on their homes than they are worth. >> eric: i got your back, america. let me show you how the simple $25 billion heist sets the stage for a full blown takeover of the economic system. i'll put it in bob and i for obvious reasons in time. here is what we have.
5:26 pm
the mortgage crisis. crisis of america. $5 trillion problem. right now, $750 billion is the amount of homeowners are under water in america. what does obama do? he decides to politically extort $25 billion, small amount. relatively speaking. from five institutions. five banks. >> kimberly: my gosh. >> eric: then he turns arp and gives it, obviously hands it over to deadbeat homeowners, people who aren't paying the loan. some people are paying the loans and people on lower end of the income still. but for political reasons. >> greg: that looks like a pretty little wagon. >> eric: votes in the election cycle. $25 billion. but bob, what he has done, he broke contracts that people had with the banks. >> bob: what he did was provide 92% of the people who these banks give mortgages to or have given mortgages to, opportunity for relief. one. two, december was the largest increase in years in number of
5:27 pm
people who put contract down for used houses. now the used market is coming back. i saw the "wall street journal" whining about this, i knew it was the right way to go. this is a way for obama to get a lot of people help. millions of people. it will take another issue off your table and off the board. >> greg: the banks just donated to the obama campaign. that's all it was. >> bob: they ripped off the country. >> greg: you can't make the banks villains in this. people were financially underwater. they made decisions. a lot of them in. i won't tell you much money i lost on this bubble. but i'm dealing with it. it's a risk. that's what happens. people didn't take the risk, bob. they put nothing down and they walked away from their homes. they should pay. >> bob: if the banks weren't -- why did they negosh wait the attorneys general general for the deal? >> greg: why did they negotiate in the first place? >> eric: here is why. the attorneys jep -- you know
5:28 pm
who brought this lawsuit originally? codray. he brought it against the bank and the bank says we'll make a deal. lay off, back off and we'll come up with $25 million. we are not admitting anything wrong. then they turn around and it becomes the head of the consumer financial protection bureau. cu shy job. nice job. >> greg: if you paid your mortgage, which i have done and other people have done and tried to get it refinanced, good luck. the people doing the right thing -- >> kimberly: that is the problem. >> greg: i suffered from this. you haven't. >> bob: how do you know this? >> dana: i think that the banks probably felt that this is the price to pay to get this monkey off their back. >> eric: codray the monkey. >> dana: i'm not calling anybody a monkey. don't get me up on social media. it's a metaphor. not tortured.
5:29 pm
don't take the bait. i think we'll find out that nothing is working, that the answer is let the free market take care of it. >> greg: let them go. >> eric: i signed a loan when the bank loans came out and i said i'll pay my loan. my mortgage. make my payments. the bank is expecting me to do that. >> kimberly: he said we don't care about that. i'll do it our way. >> bob: the problem is the contract at the heart of the issue. they were robo signed letters not signed by official. that's the reason they had a case. >> kimberly: that is a whole other issue. >> eric: glad you brought that up. because of the $25 billion that the settlement is, you know how much will go to the ropo signing issue? the victims? >> bob: how much? >> eric: $1.5 million.
5:30 pm
>> bob: that's a lot. >> eric: are you kidding me? >> bob: you say extorted. you're like greg making the banks free and clear on this. wounded people. >> dana: the other thing is, let's not kid ourselves. where do you think the $25 billion is coming from? all the consumers -- the people that are paying their bill. >> dana: i'm paying my mortgage. >> eric: guess what will happen, if the banks doesn't know if the government will break the deal. what will they do? >> bob: officials say the forces will go up. you know what banks run in the hast year when this was going on? foreclosures cost them more money. le negotiating a good deal. they will renegotiate. a lot of people will be help by this. >> greg: prices are returning to 2004. the bubble burst. you got to let it go down and start over. >> bob: your sympathy for the banks is not shared with the majority of the american people. >> kimberly: this will take longer for it to play out if we inflate the problem.
5:31 pm
>> eric: i'll leave it there. that was a brilliant comment. i finally figured out why bob is so cranky all the time. he got spanked when he was a kid. a new study says spanky-spanky makeke kids cranky-cranky. i'll have thoughts on corporal punishment when we come back. ♪ ♪ i'm in a tricky situation here.
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i'm bret baier in washington. the big story here is the policy change to force religious employers pay for contraceptive coverage for employees. tonight op "special report" we'll show you what the president is doing to address the issue. ed henry at the white house will go over the president's
5:36 pm
plan. get range of reaction. part of it comes from the presidential candidates speaking to a conservative conference in washington. james rosen is covering the cpac for us. there were twin bombings today in syria's populist city. dominic di-natale is on the border with syria and will have that story for us. jennifer griffin tells us what the pentagon is doing to get ready for possible attack of iran underground nuclear facility. we'll have friday lightning round as well. "special report" from washington starts at 6:00 eastern. now i send it back to new york and my colleagues with "the five." ♪ ♪ >> greg: according to a new review of old research, spanking or slapping your child can have a long-term harmful effect on your hands.
5:37 pm
sorry, i meant child. the research points to punishment to increased child aggression. meaning when you hit a kid, you create a kid who hits. if you are a rotten parent what else does the poor kid have to go on? there could be a genetic proponenpro -- genetic componen. but this data is misleading. it's as if the researchers lumped all physical discipline together under the umbrella of violence. there is a difference wean lightly paddling behind with a newspaper and smacking a face. thoughtful parents knows the difference. horrible jerk of a dad does not. what does the experts behind the study suggest you do instead? provide them with reward or praise. that is garbage, too. we know this. research found that always praising kids is also harpful. making them shy away from real challenges. rewarding a child for idiocy means they could be idiots forever.
5:38 pm
i don't have kids. it's a deal emade with authorities. turn to expert for child bearing and successful raising valuable members of society. hey, mom, how are you? >> good. how are you? >> greg: i'm fine. mom, we are talk about spanking. how do you feel about spanking? >> i just don't believe in it, because it doesn't do any good. it makes kids angryer than they were. >> greg: you have no memory at all of chasing me around the living room with a flyswatter. >> my gosh, honey, i'm 87 years old. god has given me the grace to forget a lot of things. >> greg: that's my point. you have don't remember the flyswatter do you? >> no, i don't. i have several that are broken. do you think it's the problem? >> greg: i think the broken flyswatter should be a hint something might have occurred in the early '70s. >> you be a good boy and i won't come to new york and hit you. >> greg: okay.
5:39 pm
i like how he is wraps up the segment. see you later, mom. love you. >> bye. >> greg: well, i guess he is knows best. i think. >> dana: i bet you were a big troublemaker. >> greg: i wasn't. i had good grades. >> eric: your mom is adorable. >> kimberly: so cute. >> greg: that's not really my mom. that was a pretape of me in a wig. it had a serious, serious problem. dana, we were talking in the green room. you were beaten regularly. >> dana: can't you tell. i did get spanked. i kind of -- i could be sarcastic and talk back sometimes. really. this is true. sometimes i especially got spanked with a wooden spoon. my mom is watching and i'm sorry i just told the world that. it's true. i really hurt. i would be nervous, if he is reached for the wooden spoon, i shut up. >> greg: imagine how the spoon felt. >> dana: i know. must have hurt that. >> greg: eric? >> eric: i have a 13-year-old.
5:40 pm
it just won't do it. i'm not for it. i'm against it. but i will tell you a kick story. it went to jesuit high school. one. i pulled the mat a kid fell on his butt. at the time you were allowed to hit. they said grab the ankles. i got paddle. it works. i was pretty good for the rest of four years for high school. >> greg: that works when the thing you have done involves physical activity. if you threw a rock at somebody. or you vandalized. the physical punishment is always good in memorable. it's when people do it in wall street because you won't stop crying. you once worked at place you administered spanking. >> kimberly: because i'm recession proof? i have a little boy. five. >> greg: beautiful boy. >> kimberly: yes. >> greg: how do you feel about the issue?
5:41 pm
>> kimberly: i don't spank. he's -- we talk about it, like you know, he is strong. aggressive kid. but he listens, he obeys. so that is a good way to teach boys. you have don't need to hit them, if you have -- if they have respect for you. it's mutual, of course. i went to catholic school. all girls catholic school and high school, too. >> greg: even better. >> kimberly: yes. but i was never spanked. i've -- when i was older, but not then. not disciplined. >> greg: do you think spanking is detrimental? >> bob: sure. i'm glad you said something in the monologue about abuse beyond spanking. hit people. i came up in an environment where it went well beyond spanking. i got to tell you. it is abusive. it leads to aggression. case and point. it also shows it brings to
5:42 pm
more addiction. other case and point. for people who have been abused out there in their lives there is good news here. you learn resiliency skills and how to talk fast and cut deals and lie on occasion. perfect training for politician or commentator. for those people and there are a lot of them, it's a horrible retched thing but there is hope for you. do better than i did. but i did all right. i wouldn't consider it. i have seen somebody lift their hand against their kid in a park and lifted my hand against him. it probably should haven't done it. but those things are, it's personal. >> greg: i guess where is it going when the research is published. instructing people how to treat their kids or going toward laws where you can be arrested if you discipline
5:43 pm
your child? >> dana: some like that. i think parents are smart enough to figure out -- i mean, the abuse is real, but small percentage. >> bob: laws on the books if teachers see someone bruised in a school they have to call authorities. when i was a kid they never had the laws and they never called in. now they do. it's good thing. >> dana: you see some of the kids in the store and they need a spanking. >> greg: if you were at wal-mart or target and you discipline your kid and a child throws something. but another parent -- or a well-meaning person comes in in -- >> eric: i do that, though. if someone is being aggressive the kid in public, i say listen, don't do it. cut it out. >> dana: i don't see it. i guess i don't get out much. >> kimberly: i've seen it. >> dana: once in a while. one kid screamed at her mother "you hate children, obviously." the mother is like yeah, i do.
5:44 pm
it was a horrible, it was in tj maxx. i remember well. my friend watching today, jamie, you will remember that. >> greg: coming up, we're going back to cpac. we will be joined by the rnc chairman. it'd pronounce his name but i don't know how. leave now and i'll have my mom spank you. ♪ ♪ ♪ oh! [ baby crying ] ♪ what started as a whisper ♪ every day, millions of people choose to do the right thing. ♪ slowly turned to a scream ♪ there's an insurance company that does that, to liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy?
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greg, eric, kimberly, wish you were here. >> having the bouncing off of each other is a great atmosphere. energetic and gets us going. >> i watch it at din at 5:00 with my family. >> in honor of eric bolling, he's a good boy. >> you watch "the five"? >> i do. i love it. >> any messages for the five fivers? >> bob needs to lighten up. but other than that it's a great show. >> bob: okay, kid. andrea, give me a chance, get that kid's number and his address so i can pay him a visit and show him how light i can be? we're back at cpac -- >> andrea: so many people said those type of things
5:49 pm
there aren't enough hours in the day. >> bob: i'm surprised at that organization. representative of america. back with andrea tantaros. he is has got the chairman of the republican national committee knows name i can pronounce. mr. priebus. welcome to the sir. >> thank you, bob. thank you, sir. >> bob: nice to have you here. go ahead. >> andrea: you are outnumbered. you have two conservative greeks down here. >> coming after you. >> bob: they come after me every day. >> everyone here thinks you are more conservative than you let on, pal. >> bob: well, that will show you something about their state of mind. because that is not true. [ laughter ] >> we don't believe that you believe it. >> bob: how did you think -- i know you got to say everybody did a great job and all that. but were you surprised by the recent surge in polls by rick santorum who now looks like he is tied nationally with mitt romney? >> you know what? what i think that our base is
5:50 pm
excited about a lot of the candidates. it depends on what state you are going to. we are having a great debate in the republican party and the conservative movement. the independents are getting involved. i think it's exciting. we have the biggest showing at cpac than they have ever had. not because of a lack of enthusiasm. it's the opposite. people are excited. they are excited about the things that are big things. like liberty and freedom. and the constitution. those are the things that people here want to talk about. our candidates are talking about it. it's good for the party. >> andrea: we had a chance to catch up -- >> bob: [ inaudible ] to my house. >> you keep secretly sending us money, bob. you've got to stop doing that. >> bob: let's go. eric? >> andrea: we -- hold on, bobby. we have caught up with allen west today and we asked him about the social issues that are dominating, yes, your buddy. we asked him about the social issues. we don't have that sound?
5:51 pm
allen west? do you think when this type of thing dominates the headlines, social issues, it helps or it hurts republicans? >> i think that there are three pillars to con seventive ideology of thought? fiscal conservatism, national security and social con seventism. for those people that believe that social con seventive issues are not important, hello. take a look. they still have important to people. it's very important. >> andrea: so what do you make of that? >> what you see is that those are important issues in this country. you saw this week, you had republicans, democrats and independents coming together and telling barack obama to quit attacking catholics in this country and said it was wrong. when social issues are an issue to the country, it's important. no matter who you are. >> andrea: what do you think, helps or hurt republicans? >> bob: dana, only a few seconds. >> dana: well, there is no conservative no, voter in america who is a single issue person. i think the economy might rise
5:52 pm
to the top of the list. a lot of issues are important to people. this one when it comes to contraception, i don't see it as conservative issue. it cuts across ideological lines which is why the white house walked it back. >> bob: eric is the most conservative person at the table. what do you think? miss being down there. >> eric: i wonder who fits the bill that lieutenant colonel west talks about, the three pillars of fiscal conservatism, national security and social. which of the candidates there would fit the bill best? >> i'm not going to go there. all of our candidates -- hey, they are all talk about the issue. they have all hit a home run on the issue, anti-catholic message from the president. issues in regard to the constitution, liberty, freedom, taxes, jobs. they are all there. >> bob: sorry to interrupt you, but we have another question. >> greg: one question here. have you ever been spanked? >> when i was a kid, i got spanked a lot. >> kimberly: leave it on the spanking thing.
5:53 pm
>> bob: one more thing when "the five" returns. thank you, mr. chairman. ♪ ♪ brad needs car insurance, but, uh, brad doesn't want to spend too much. who's brad? this is brad. ahh! well, progressive has lots of discounts for a guy like brad. brad's intrigued. paid in full, safe driver, multi-car, going paperless -- all can help brad save a bunch. sign brad up. cool! jamie will ring you up. show brad the way. who's brad? oh, here we go again. discounts that everyone can use. now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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>> dana: time for one more thing. greg just said that johnny cash wrote that song about indian food. interesting piece of trivia for you for the weekend. your thought? >> kimberly: i love it. i'm going to order some. just for rip of fire. so today i was with brian kilmeade, every friday on his radio show and waiting for the president to come on to talk about the contraception issue. and if he'll admit he was wrong. we were harkening back to other years when i wasn't born but he was. will to what he had to say. >> i was wrong. >> i was wrong. [ laughter ] >> how great is that. the fonze couldn't say it. is it harder for fonze to say iter president of the
5:58 pm
>> it >> i'm telling you, i think it may be harder for obama to say he is wrong. >> wrong, wrong, wrong. >> kimberly: love it. >> dana: speaking of obama, bob? >> bob: this may come as a surprise but i have a poll. but actually, fox news channel poll. it shows barack obama versus the republicans in the race. obama as you can see, beat romney 47-42, outside the margin of error. beats ron paul. santorum 50-38%. newt, 51-38%. welcome to the obama return. recovery and resurgence. and eric, i know you will have a rough weekend with this. you'll get through it. >> dana: did you mention the poll about the gallup down 2%? >> bob: no. we have don't cover those polls. >> dana: i'm going to go next because we're going to save you for last. i was going to talk about a great guy. daniel rodriguez. 24 years old. army intrafridayman suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. amazing guy. he went on acntt to talk about
5:59 pm
his recovery and he does push-ups, situps and hundreds of dips and what he wants to do is play college football, close to his home somewhere in virginia. a little internet sensation. he hired a crew to make the video for him. so i wish him the best. i hope we see him play next fall. >> kimberly: good story. >> greg: it shows. >> dana: i haven't seen it until now. >> kimberly: thank you for that, dana. >> greg: i want to mention, tragedy, the 24-hour catwalk, on lifetime, fashion show. friend of mine joe was eliminated the first round because he made a ball gown out of snake skin. >> kimberly: what a bad choice. >> greg: it was a bad choice. >> dana: maybe he can do what eric will talk about. >> eric: right. $330 million in the power ballotry this weekend. if we win, fivers, we'll all be rich. all the producers will be rich. we'll tie. >> greg: why share with the producers? >> dana: how much do we pay in taxes? >> eric: more than -- about half. >> kimberly: depending if obama is in for fou


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