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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  February 12, 2012 4:00am-5:00am EST

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>> harris: fox news alert. young talented and taken from us, whitney houston 48 years old, the beverly hilton hotel now a crime scene as crime investigators do what is typical. it is not in any way indicative of anything that has happened in terms of a cause of death but you do have criminal investigators now with a search warrant as they try to determine the actual cause of death of whitney houston. and now that we are straight up midnight, on the east coast, 9:00 p.m. straight up on the west coast, that time has a americaning meaning. the great music be mow bull
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drive davis set to hold his annual pregram party at the same hotel where whitney houston pass the away a few hours ago. she was set to attend the party. now, celebrities showing up on the red carpet for that party. fox news correspondent casey stegall is live at the beverly hilton to catch us up. casey? >> reporter: the party is supposed to start right now as you just said and then a show is supposed to start in about 30 minutes time at 9:30 pacific which, of course, is 12:30 eastern. and we understand the party goes well into the night until about 2:00 a.m. local time and again we need to point out that we are using the term party loosely because that is what it is intended to be. that is what it was intended to be. but, of course, it has take and somber turn this evening when the news broke that we had lost whitney houston. some arrivals still on the red carpet here at the beverly
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hilton hotel. in fact, we understand from our fox news producer on the red carpet that diana ross just showed up moments ago. joan collins spoke to our produder and wanted to point out that again whitney houston was not only an icon in the music industry but she was also very successful on the silver screen and joan collins saying that she admired whitney houston for her acting work. remember, she won two emmies. larry king also spoke to one of our producers and said that whitney houston was always one of his favorite guests to have on his show. so, as we heard from one of the people inside the party that a lot of the celebrities tonight on the red carpet were being whisked into the event and they were not stopping to talk to reporters. but some of them visibly shaken and as i said earlier, no doubt a lot of people virtually everyone in that party tonight will be talking about the news that we have been reporting on for the last several hours.
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i want to walk you through what is going on inside the hotel because this party is happening in the lower level but up on the fourth floor where whitney houston was staying and where she was discovered and where first responders tried to resuscitate her but you were unable to do so the investigation is still very much underway. i have gotten a lot of messages on twitter from people saying that she died four hours ago, close to 5:00 local time and that it is not possible that her body is still at the hotel. that is not the case because as you can imagine, they have a lot of work to do. they have to bring in people and they have to photograph all of the scene. they have to collect evidence. and that takes a fair amount of time and they cannot remove the body until the crime scene is processed. i'm glad you you pointed that out.
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we talk about it being a crime scene not because foul play is suspected her but yo here but s because it is being treated as the potential of a crime scene in case this goes into litigation or anything like that and they have to be very meticulous as they go through the room. lieutenant mark rosen of the beverly hills police department said that the cause of death is still being investigated. it is way too early to speculate what happened. there were no obvious signs of any criminal intent inside that hotel room and we have heard reports that she may have been found in the bath tub but the officials with the beverly hills police department have not confirmed that information to us. i can tell you that the crime scene van, the beverly hills police department crime scene lab, mobile crime scene lab is still here. earlier, when we first got here, it was parked right out in front of the hotel right at
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the valet area where all these guests and all of the le limosd everything was pulling up. this left. we presumed it left the scene but it resurfaced at the rear of the hotel near some loading docks and the los angeles county coroner's office is still maintaining as of just a few moments guy that that office has not received a call to respond to this location. now, a couple of things here. they may not be very forth right with the information about that because of obviously the high profile nature of this. but as you can imagine, there are literally hundreds of members of the press and paparazzi all over the hotel at all of the entrances, all of the backdoors, at the loading docks and we have not seen the medical examiner or the coroner's office van arrive here. we need to bear that in mind as we go forward with this.
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and harris, one other thing that i do want to mention. word is coming in now that the grammies are going to go ahead as planned. i have received a lot of messages on twitter about that whether the show would in fact be canceled. that is not the case. in fact, the show's executive producer is saying that jennifer hudson and chaka khan among just a few will be doing tributes to whitney houston. i definitely think it is safe to say we are going see the format of the show changing tomorrow. no doubt about that. but it is scheduled to go on. again, the news is still late-breaking at this hour. i know we are three hours behind you on the east coast. getting late for east coast viewers but still relatively early out near beverly hills as this investigation is still in the very, very early stages, harris. >> harris: jennifer hudson has said how instrumental and
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influencial the singing of whitney houston was in her own life and her own goals and dreams and now she he is slated and i have been reading but you are able to bring us more confirmed information that she would be part of a tribute. i can only imagine how powerful that will be at the grammies tomorrow. casey stegall with a complete report. we appreciate you answering also and you weren't even aware that you did it but you answered a lot of questions viewers were having about investigators and why the crime scene and so on and so forth. people very, very, very sensitive about the fact that there is this criminal investigation going on into whether or not drug use played a part or any of that. they have to determine how she died. and so people are sensitive and they want the good things to be remembered about whitney houston tonight. you were going to say? >> reporter: and, yeah, harris that is important. obviously this woman was so beloved all around the world and we certainly do not want to forget that. we are trying to be responsible in terms of our reporting and
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how we are disseminating all of the information that is coming in on the blogosphere and things like that but we he cannot ignore the facts in terms of the history with whitney houston and trying to paint a better picture for you you in terms of what is going on at this hotel. this is not a quick over and done with type of situation. this takes time. multiple law enforcement agencies are involved here and, you know, it is going to take some time to sort this out. and we are not going to get all of the answers tonight. we are not going to get all of the answers tomorrow. this no doubt is going to be making news as more and more comes out in the coming days and even weeks from now, harris. >> casey stegall on the job for us outside the beverly hilton where clive davis is holding his annual gathering. we will not call it a party or celebration. obviously the tone with the death of whitney houston has changed considerably and casey bringing us up to speed with some of the people who have made their way in to the red
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carpet now, are on the red carpet. we are moments away from getting celebrity reaction that has come in to fox news. as soon as we can get that fresh brand new video ready for you we will bring that to you. be meantime, i want to welcome melanie bromley with us weekly bureau chief. she is on the phone with us right now. melanie, are you with us? >> i'm with you here, yes. >> harris: i'm wondering if you could fill in a blank for us. we have been wanting to talk about the daughter of whitney houston bobbi kristina and maybe the relationship that they had. and this young woman now 19 years old. >> bobbi kristina and whitney have been very close and in recent weeks have been seen together. we know that bobbi kristina is in los angeles at the moment and she will be very affected by this. a very sad situation. as far as where she is right now, this evening we do not know.
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>> tell me if you could kind of the makeup of what happens at the pregrammies. i mean you have a lot of celebrities staying at this hotel? i mean i know that there are gatherings and parties planned but is it unusual that you would have someone like a whitney houston staying at the beverly hilton there on the evening of the grammies? >> the reason she was at the hotel is clive davis was her mentor and discovered her and was her biggest champion in her career. she was staying at the hotel because that is where the party was going be. she checked in earlier this week and was going to be like the guest of honor at tonight's party. you know, and so that kind of coincidence isn't a coincidence. in fact, it was all on purpose and, of course, clive is absolutely heart broken because of tonight's events. >> harris: i have been sharing some of the tweets from my twitter page from viewers. kevin conor writing watching fox news coverage.
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sad day. she was an icon. her voice could move mountains. jennifer hudson and chaka khan to perform a whitney houston tribute at tomorrow night's grammies. reba, she was doing so well. allow her to rest in peace. god gifted us. please sign a light on another possible scenario. >> steve writing god has called her home and she will never suffer again. >> no doubt at us weekly you were starting to gather information from people who loved her around the world. what are you hearing? >> the main kind of focus at the moment is just kind of gathering her final weeks, her final days, what she was doing, what her mood was like, who she was with, those kind of things. so that we just have an accurate picture of her life in those final days. but tonight inside the clive davis event the mood is somber. obviously i have a reporter inside there who says that the
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only thing that any celebrity and any attendee tonight is talking about is whitney. just kind of this somber feeling of shock. people really don't know what to do. it was obviously unexpected. and just, you know, people are finding it very difficult to come to terms with this new reality. >> harris: you mentioned you have a writer inside the clive davis party right now? >> yes. >> harris: and are you able to text back and forth? >> yes. >> harris: who is there? what is happening? >> my reporter inside is talking about the somber mood. britney spears is is there. lots and lots of people there. it is just a very odd atmosphere inside there as far as, you know, the celebrities that are there and what they are doing. it is really not like -- we have always covered the clive davis party. staple in the pregrammy party coverage. the night before it always happens. one of the most star studded events on the gramly calendar
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but tonight just a feeling of shock. >> harris: and i'm sure you will be covering this. you a writer as you say gathering facts as you speak. you mentioned britney spears at the clive davis gathering tonight. another person who has said tonight what just a tremendous influence whitney's voice had on her trajectory as well. melanie with us weekly magazine, we appreciate you being here. thank you very much. >> my pleasure. >> harris: we will take a quick commercial break. when we come back more with our guests on set and a look at the life of whitney houston. stay with us. p@?ñm ñoy÷hó
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>> harris: fox news alert now. our continuing coverage of the death of whitney houston. 48 years old. and we are waiting to hear the very latest on the situation.
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we have just caught up with our correspondent casey stegall outside the beverly hilton where her body was found today. she was found unresponsive. a call of distress went out from the hotel. it is the scene of a lot of celebrities right now with us because the grammies are tomorrow night and a traditional staple of the pre-grammy leadup is a party given by clive davis the music mogul. the gathering still going on with a decidedly obviously different tone. we were talking to someone from u.s. weekly who have a reporter and inside the party. britney spears is there. tom hanks was on the red carpet earlier. we are starting to get some celebrity reaction in. as we get the video turned around we will bring it to you. dr. mark siegel and dr. michael baden play different roles and work two different ends of the spectrum.
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you are forensic pathologist and you are still in the business of saving lives so you look at things differently but you want to talk now specifically about how celebrities are dealt with in crime scenes because the crime scene investigators out there for several hours now. >> really a death scene because the spokesman for the police said they have no evidence of a crime. it is a death scene being investigated. as casey stegall found, the l.a. police department takes special care with high profile deaths. and one of those cares is to thoroughly search the scene, remove whatever has to be removed for further investigation depending on what the autopsy shows which won't be done until tomorrow. they have had a lot of experience. they are first rate in the lapd and the l.a. coroner's office is first rate, fortunately.
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sadly, they have too many of the high profile cases. >> harris: dr. siegel you said you have don't mention any names and i know that you can't but you have a number of high profile clients. they get special treatment and you pointed out some of the reasons why at a death scene they do but even in a doctor's office. >> they go way overboard to hide all information when it as vip and a celebrity. no matter what they find on the scene you will not find out. >> harris: let me share the e-mail that came in from a bill moran. he actually sent this to me. please do not filter the news covering whitney houston's tragic death. fox news is not a p.r. organization for hollywood. in other words, he is wanting just to give me all the facts and you are saying even at that crime scene, though, and we call it a crime scene because crime investigators are there, there is no indication that that had anything to do with her passing, criminal but that is how they look into it. even at that scene you say that
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the information is filtered. >> there is no question. no matter what they found they are not going to tell us. if she fell, if she was in the bath tub, we are not going to confirm any of that right now. they will not release that information even if they have some evidence already. >> harris: it is not so atypical of scenes in general but you say where celebrities are concerned it is really almost the staple. >> well, and many of the celebrities i take care of we don't even use their real names. there are fake names on the chart. comcompletely disguised. unfortunately, too many doctors treating them. that might have been the case here too. >> harris: we don't know. we'll be right back. stay with us.
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>> harris: fox news alert. we are covering the death of whitney houston. it has only been a few hours since the world learned of her passing. earlier, former ceo of sony music tommy mattola spoke on "justice" with judge jeanine about the passing of whitney houston. let's listen. >> i was actually at home earlier this evening and i just -- i had gotten a phone call and a friend of mine said -- told me what had just happened and, of course, i ran to the internet and to the television to see and find out about this horrible tragedy. i'm still in shock and i haven't called any one in l.a. yet and i'm sure that she was probably in tahoe tel that hoto attend clive davis' party don't because their relationship was like father and daughter. it is just an awful tragedy
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with one of the greatest talents that has ever come along and certainly one of the best voices that has ever been in the music business. >> judge jeanine: and, of course, tomorrow may, you know full well about voices in the music business. what are you thinking about her tonight as is you look back? >> well, you know, i remember getting a call from clive one night and asking me to come to a nightclub to hear a young girl he had discovered and he hadn't even recorded her yet. it was in a small little club and i went there and saw this girl sing and we all were stunned and had our mouths hoped. of course, it was whitney. and shortly after that within a year she had her first record out, i think it was "how will i know" and of course it went to number one. i remember the day that "i will always love you" before it had
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even come out i was sitting in my office and hearing that song saying to myself this will probably be the biggest record of all time and just that crystal clear beautiful stellar voice that she had and her -- just breaking all barriers. >> harris: can you imagine what it was like to hear whitney houston sing for the first time and then hear her sing a song that you knew was going to be a hit for all time to come? what a special position tommy mottola was in. what a blessing for him. so much love tonight in the virtual world all over the internet professed for whitney houston. a little bit of grappling among viewers and among those posting from all over the world about where our focus should be tonight. whether on the incredible voice and love and accomplishment she brought to the world should be balanced with a history of drug
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use and history of so much that we know about her. it is difficult to talk about whitney houston without talking about the down fall that she suffered for many years. and the reported comeback. and what we got to see in the last few days, her comeback. she was looking beautiful, attending parties in hollywood and beverly hills alongside her daughter 19-year-old bobbi kristina in hopes of a comeback with such a tremendous star, so loved. whitney houston, 48 years old. our continuing coverage. stay close.
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one of the greatest singers i ever heard. i called clive davis when i first heard her and said you have the best singer i ever heard in my life. for her to die like this is an unbelievable tragedy. >> enormous sadness. has died far too young. >> she was an enormous talent. you know, her voice was extraordinary. and the joy that she sang with, it was, you know, she is one of the greats. >> harris: celebrities go going into the clive davis gathering an annual event before the grammies. talking about the news tonight, the passing of whitney houston. i'm on twitter as well.
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a beautiful autographed photo got tweeted out by fergie from the black-eyed peas. just takes you back. i think we have foregotten whitney was a teenager at one point singing and bringing us so much incredible talent. fergie tweets out whitney was a vocal idol for me as a young girl, i am so sad. the world mourning the loss of whitney houston. hollywood voicing its love and a tribute we know is coming up tomorrow night at the grammies. the biggest night for music. and now we know a tribute by jennifer hudson and chaka khan. can you imagine what that will be like. outside the gathering at the beverly hilton is our correspondent casey stegall who has been keeping us apprised of the breaking news out there at the scene. bring us up to speed there, casey. >> first of all, i just want to say that as a journalist when we cover these events we get so entrenched in gathering all of
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the facts and passing everything along but there are moments where you sort of have to step back when you are off the air and have to kind of self-reflect and sort of pinch yourself when you are covering the moments in history. as i was saying earlier it doesn't matter how hold you are, it doesn't matter the color of your skin, everyone loved whitney houston. and her music can just give you chills at times. you know, music is so powerful it can take you back to very specific moments in your life. i can remember sitting in my room and listening to whitney houston and to now be standing outside of the beverly hilton hotel here in beverly hills where whitney houston died earlier today is just mind numbing. as far as the very latest with this investigation, not a whole lot has changed since we talked to you about a half an hour ago. but there is still the mobile crime lab from the beverly hills police department that is parked at the loading docks because they are obviously
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going through that room where houston's body was discovered. they have to photograph that. they were waiting on a search warrant. they can't just go in there and start sifting through things and rum imagining through doors and -- rummaging through drawers and suit cases. they he have to have a search warrant before they can begin collecting evidence and this takes a bit of time. the mobile crime lab is still here and we should point out again we are using the word crime lab although a lieutenant with the beverly hills police department, lieutenant mark rosen telling reporters tonight there are no obvious signs of criminal intent here. no signs of foul play. but this is a very meticulous scene and it takes a lot of time to go through it, to photograph it and to process everything. we should also tell you that bobby brown, you know, there was a slo lot of speculation tonight, ironically bobby
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brown, they split in 2006. it was a public court battle that went on between the pair of them. ironically he was supposed to be performing with his band new edition tonight in mississippi. there was a lot of talk on twitter, on the blogosphere that he was not going to be able to take the stage because he was shaken when received this news. we understand that new edition band members were consoling him. he was having crying fits. he did take the stage. some of the eyewitnesses and some of the people that were there at that concert said that he was visibly shaken. he did take the stage and he performed a little bit tonight. he said i love you you whitney, the hardest thing for me to do was to take the stage tonight. he blew a kiss to the sky and this information just crossing on my blackberry from people at that concert saying that then he had to actually walk off the
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stage when they were performing the song home again because he he became so upset and was crying, fell apart and he left the stage. but he was there in mississippi tonight performing. the staple center, not far from where i am is where the grammy grammies will be taking place tomorrow. we know from some people inside the staples center they were in the middle of practicing. that is a big show to produce and they were in the middle of practicing when the news came down. everything came to a grinding halt and then a short time later the rehearsals started up again and as we have been saying the executive producer of that show, you know, did some media interviews earlier tonight saying that they were sort of scrambling, they are going to be changing the format of the show tomorrow and, you know, again, the world just really in shock at this point. and just while i'm live we obviously can't do a full pan
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around, we can't, mark, but there is a crowd of people folks walking through here. a lot of spectators. a lot of people from the public that have been filing through here since we have been here for the better part of several hours now. they have their cameras. they have their iphones and they are trying to get as close as they can. taking pictures of media and of us doing live shots. taking pictures of some of the emergency vehicles parked outside of the beverly hilton here. really a true moment in history unfolding before our very eyes and unfolding for us on live television tonight. and actually these folks are walking over, mark, we can pan over and show them. this is something that we have seen over and over and over. people that saying they are very sorry to hear this news. folks have just been trickling through here. everyone coming to sort of pay their respects if you will, harris, here at the beverly hilton hotel. >> a couple of things in your reporting.
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you and i are connected on twitter so a lot of times people will tweet our handles together. people are appreciative of you you breaking it down and telling them that this is a real moment for all of us. we share this american history together and she is an icon and the rest of the world looks and sees us all in mourning here and shares in that as well. as reporters, i know really didn't hit me. we had gone to commercial break but when i read what bobby brown said on the air and i thought about it, just moments later, it brought me to tears because i realized this is the woman's ex-husband now having a moment that is so public on stage saying how much he loved his ex-wife and that, you know, are it is the mother of h his child and she is gone and he couldn't even go on to perform. it is a heartbreaker. really is. and that is very real. it is visceral. >> i mean we are people, too. and, you know, like i said, we get to enranched in following
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the latest and trying to bring all of the viewers watching us tonight up-to-date on what we know as it is coming in and it is these moments where you are in a commercial break or have a moment to sort of sit back and digest what we have been reporting and, you know, it really is difficult to wrap your mind around and i knee when we lay our heads on our pillows tonight that it is going to be difficult to shake this as we sort of self-reflect. as i said, a story that is developing tonight but is going to continue to develop in the coming days and weeks. we are already beginning our planning for coverage tomorrow. we don't know at this point if the autopsy would happen tomorrow. at the l.a. county coroner's office. again, keep referring to michael jackson but -- >> similarities there. >> his autopsy was performed the very next day. and the investigators want to get to the bottom of this. they want to get answers not only for the family but for the
4:40 am
public as well. and all of the toxicology reports. all of the speculation about, you know, substance abuse and drugs and things like that would be laid to rest when we get those results in. so, you know, we are, of course, going to stay on top of it and keep our viewers apprised as we always do. >> harris: casey stegall, great reporting tonight. we appreciate you keeping us up to date. >> thanks, harris. >> harris: thank you very much. on our way out here just to include our viewers once again, thank you for keeping the trition of journalism alive and reporting the news as it comes in. rest in peace, whitney houston. miguel monegro. and judge jeanine is tweeting and says tommy mottola met whitney at age 16 about to embark on one of the most famous music careers of our time. her talent, god given. we'll be right back.
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>> harris: and in our continuing coverage of the death of whitney houston at this hour, i'm harris faulkner. breaking news here on fox news channel. i want to invite robin sachs by phone now. we had her on earlier and a number of questions from the viewers tonight about just how the crime scene and we call it that because there is a crime lab van outside the beverly hilton where whitney houston's body was found on the fourth floor of that hotel a few hours ago. rob gin, you arrobin, you are e with us now. is it unusual for the los angeles coroner's office not to be there yet. >> they are like every other government agency. the first thing they need to do is get the jurisdiction of the police force. i can tell you as of right now there is an issue between whether or not this is a
4:45 am
los angeles county sheriff's case or whether or not it is a beverly hills police department case. right now as organized as media thinks that law enforcement would be at a time like this when there is a celebrity. this is a saturday late breaking news story where law enforcement the right hands and left hands aren't necessarily talking to each other and everyone is reacting in total shock and everyone is responding and no one knows who to necessarily take command from. beverly hills pd taking command at the scene but the coroner's office acts at the orders of the sheriff's department and that is why you see them involved now. >> harris: i'm glad you mentioned that point. i had gotten an e-mail from someone who said it is just the beverly hills police department. i could just look at the vans outside the hotel and hard to know if they were all there for this one incidence. it is interesting how many people and different parts of law enforcement, the fire
4:46 am
department are all there. >> and beverly h hills police department is its own little city. beverly hills is its own incorporated city and have their own police department and fire department and their own courts and their own das that are all part of los angeles county. right now even amongst the people and i have been talking to people within the county they don't necessarily know who is taking charge at this point. but the one thing that they all agree with is that this is a 48-year-old woman who is dead who is not, you know -- has not died of obviously natural causes. there is the question of whether it was, you know, is there foul play is, there drugs. all these questions. all the things law enforcement are asking themselves right now. >> harris: robin, i'm joined on set by dr. mark siegel who is a physician and dr. michael badden who is a forensic pathologist. i believe dr. siegel has a question for you. >> robin, we were talking, dr. baden and i were talking about whether there would be
4:47 am
value if the coroner had been able to get involved in this earlier and do you think there will be an autopsy tomorrow morning in this case? >> there should be an autopsy tomorrow morning. you and i both know what should and what actually happens are two different things. even in the michael jackson case you didn't have an autopsy immediately. you did have an immediate aah it topsy but didn't have the toxicology which makes the autopsy not finalized. the question is is there going to be an immediate cause of death tomorrow. perhaps we may have some sort of unconfirmed cause of death but without toxicology you are noting if to have confirmation and that is at least four to six weeks away. >> harris: viewers have been very sensitive and i will share a tweet from rachel fryberg who says i won't remember whitney for her drug abuse problems. i will remember her for her music and the way in which she loved her daughter. and there are so many people tonight, though, that point to
4:48 am
whitney houston's past drug abuse as perhaps informing police on how to react to the crime scene. dr. baden. >> i think ehe specially after michael jackson and other similar events they are careful about removing any medications that are present for future use if necessary. and i think regardless of the number of police departments around there is only one coroner's office and the coroner's office has jurisdiction there. and even with the beverly hills police department it is the los angeles sheriff or county laboratory that has all of the equipment to do the crime scene. and to do the toxicology. but if the death is natural or due you to trauma like a subdural hemorrhage or something. >> harris: or maybe she fell, we really don't know. >> from a fall you can get a subadar you ral or drowning they will know that tomorrow
4:49 am
morning. whether they will tell the public. >> harris: i keep saying crime scene, it has nothing to do whether it is indicative that a crime was committed. >> a death is crime enough. >> harris: max tucci says it is not a shock that whitney houston is dead. this should be a wakeup dahl to other celebrities. he names one. i will not name anybody's name at this point. it is hard to get away from at least her history with drug abuse but we don't want to in any way shape or form indicate that that had anything to do with her death today. we don't know. we simply won't know and you are talking about toxicology reports and it may take some time for those to come back. >> they will know tomorrow if you don't need toxicology. if you need toxicology as robin said it could take four to six weeks. >> harris: robin, we have to scoot to a commercial. we will keep you on the other g
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the same year gracing covers. her premier album spun three number one singles saving all my love for you, how will i know and the greatest love of all. the album sold over 13 million copies. shattering debut album records worldwide. more record setting was to come with houston's next album whitney. not only was it the first album by a female to enter the charts at number one but you became the first artist in history to score seven consecutive number one hits surpassing milestones set by the beatles and bee gees. years of constant touring took their toll and whitney took off
4:55 am
time to get her personal life in order. she took up with bad boy of rhythm and blues bobby brown and in 1992 the couple married before 1800 well wishers. their marriage was far are from fairy tale. tabloid reports dubbed houston a boozing cocaine addict. the couple battled the turmoil and constant rumors of breakup while raidersing thei raising . her first feature the body guard banked over $400 million worldwide and boasted the most successful soundtrack ever released. she coproduced and costarred in the movie cinderella. the next big screen performance took her back to church "the preacher's wife." whatever whitney houston touched seemed to turn gold. in los angeles, william la
4:56 am
jeunesse. >> harris: i have been following viewers tonight and they are following me at harris faulkner and i'm sharing their mints and it is exploding now. surreal that clive davis party is down stairs and whitney has passed away upstairs. so sad. kimberly lynn tonight. so much love on twitter tonight. covering the death of singing icon whitney houston. a distress call at the beverly hills hilton earlier today. police there saying detectives are investigating to determine how she ended up dead in a hotel room on the fourth floor. her body remains in that room. the cause of death is unknown. we are hours away from music's biggest night the grammy awards. showcase where whitney houston once reigned. 6 grammies and 32 billboard music awards. released seven ai albums.
4:57 am
the most recent in 2009. at some point in her career crossed over to movies. the body guard and t
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