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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  April 1, 2012 12:00pm-2:00pm EDT

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rick santorum hinted that april and mays are his months in the upcoming primary. and my interview with his wife, carp, his christian faith and what do you not know about rick santorum. strength in numbers, as the endorsements are piling up for mitt romney. this morning, he gets backing from wisconsin senator ron johnson. 48 hours before the voters in that state go to the polls. a move they'll bring you to tears, the controversy surrounding bully and why one democratic congresswoman is hopeful that tell fuel her anti-bullying bill and live to vatican city for palm sunday. america's news headquarters live from the state's capitol starts right now. >> shannon: the two g.o.p.
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frontrunners have a lot to say. big in-- endorsments from mitt romney, but rick santorum says he is in it for the long haul. peter has more. >> senator santorrum and speaker gingrich both said that governor romney will have to earn the 1144 delegates needed. if he does and they are satisfied there are no disputed delegates, they will help him win burks until then, it is going to be a fight. >> a poll came out this week that 60-plus percent of the people don't want me to get out of the race because they want a conservative. right now, this is the chance, rick santorum. hopefully, we will show that here in wisconsin. >> we are all committed to defeating barack obama. >> whoever wins the republican contest has to reset for a challenging general election with president obama and vice-president biden. this mornings vice-president
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biden said he is not so sure that his team will win, but if the voters listen to what both sides are saying, they will let him keep his job. >> they are just saying straightup, straightup hathey believe. so in that sense, i think this is going to be an incredibly stark choice that the american people are going to have. not just on the economy, but social policy, as well as educational policy. i think across the board, they have been very straight forward about where they are. so in that sense, god love them, they are want hiding the ball. >> the republicans have been dedicating campaign resources to wisconsin this week. one of their senators, ron johnson, endorsed governor romney this morning, on top of endorsements from senator marco rubio and paul ryan, a few days ago, which some think are important. but senator santorum is dismissing the support, saying that erch makes mistakes and they will recover.
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>> shannon: thank you very much. here to help us break down the developments in the fight for the nomination is the director of the university of virginia center for politics. great to see you. it is unsettled at this moment. what do you make of the fact that we're hearing from two of the four candidate this is morning, not winning, say khalid al-sayahing are not going away. >> they are not going away. i think they believe that. as of today, we will see how developments the developments may change that particular evaluation. but look, this thing really boils down in april two days. one is tuesday and whether rick santorum can score an upset against mitt romney. it will be an upset. it will be tough to do, but it's possible. the second date is april 24 whrk rick santorum's state of pennsylvania votes. he has to do very well there. if he can get past those two tests, he goes into may and he
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is very competitive in five or six states in may, including the big one of texas. so rick santorum, i don't think is going to win the nomination. mitt romney is almost certain to win t. but it matters how romney wins it. and it matters how rick santorum finishes up. we will get an indication of that on tuesday and also april 24. >> shannon: well, on tuesday, we have maryland, d.c. and wisconsin. wisconsin is the biggs prize. several key endorsements have come for mitt romney, paul ryan and ron johnson, very big outer of wisconsin. how much do the endorsements matter to the voters? or is it more about sending the message to the other contenders, hey, it's time to wrap this thing up and bow out gracefully? it's about uniting behind one guy? >> yeah. that's a good point, shannon. it's a mixture of the two. i think the messages are received at the elite level more than they are at the average voter level.
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look, i tell what you is most important, if you are going to evaluate wisconsin, it's the fact that evangelicals are going to be somewhere between 34 and 44% of the turnout. why is that important? rick santorum has only won states where the evangelical population is 50% or higher. if he's going to win wisconsin and score an upset over romney, he has to get the evangelical turnout over 50% of the turnout. >> shannon: all right. let's break down wisconsin. an average of polls there shows a 7-point-plus lead for mitt romney. both of these top candidates have been spending time talk about this embattled governor, scott walker, who is face egg possible recall because of the way he has handled collective barg abeing right there is. is a plus or minus to rally with scott walker?
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should they be more concentrated on their own campaign? or would they get a boost from that? >> they would want to be identified with scott walker for a primary. this is a republican primary. republicans are at least 90% behind scott walker. so i would think they would want as close association as possible for the primary. the general election is something else again. we will see how the recall election comes out in june. although walker is probably narrowly favored in that. >> shannon: i have to ask with you newt gingrich indicating he is staying in. we heard about a private meeting a week or so back between he and mitt romney. the discussions about what they may have been agreeing to or may -- what gingrich may have been asking for to drop out of the race. he's not confirming or denying it. what do you make of that? gingrich is staying put, does that mean the meeting didn't go well for mitt romney? >> no. i don't think it means that.
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it's a good sign for eventual republican unity, which is what happens anyway, after a tough primary campaign. you want to keep the channels of communication open between and among the candidates. the fact that romney and gingrich could sit down together and have a chat, despite the things they have said about one another over the last few months is a good sign that the republicans will coalesce behind their nominee, which as i say, is the normal practice. it's rare that either party has a permanent split until november. i don't think tell happen this year. >> shannon: politics is a strange business so we appreciate your expertise. thank you so much. >> thank you, shannon. >> shannon: the race for the white house is never a solo adventure. the wives play a very important role. despite being relukt apt about a white house run at the start, rick santorum's wife, karen, is now just as determined to stick
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it out. >> pennsylvania's very much a blue state. he's very conservative. he never wavered. he is who he is. people appreciate that. but there were four races before the last one, where rick handily won and overwhelmingly democratic areas. i think that says a lot. so many people would say, i don't think agree with you, but i am going to support you because i know where you are. i know you are not going to change. >> shannon: would there be a point when you decide, it's the end of the race for us, we are taking it one day at a time? >> we are in this -- for the long haul. i am looking to tampa. but i don't know. god has us on a path. i don't know when he has planned or how it will unfold. i believe rick is the guy. i do.
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>> shannon: karen santorum says the media has painted her husband as someone he's not. in the next hour, more of one miff one-on-one interview with karen santorum. secretary of sta hillary clinton says time is running out for finding a peaceful solution to iran's disputed nuclear program. fresh talks are set for april 13. we have the details here in washington. >> as the u.s. vows to forge ahead with tough new sanctions on iran's oil industry, secretary of state hillary clinton stepping up the rhetorical pressure. let's listen. >> it is up to iran's leaders to make the right choice. we will see whether they will intend to do so. what is certain, however, is that iran's window to seek and obtain a peaceful resolution will not remain open forever. >> secretary clinton speaking in saudi arabia before moving to
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istanbul, where she confirms there will be talks with the iranians later this month. she was briefed by the turkish president on his recent trip to tehran. the u.s. is planning to put new sanctions on iranian banks, all as the u.s. and its allies suspect that iran is moving forward with development was a nuclear weapons program. iran says it wants nuclear power only for peaceful purposes. israel threatens possible military action. critics say that sanctions will only go so far. >> the administration, i think, understands basically is the last time that iran has to make some concessions, diplomatally. want because the obama administration is going to do anything but because almost certainly, this will help precipitate an israeli decision,
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whether to use military force against iran's program. >> the new u.s. sanctions, along with i european boycott of iranian oil, both going to affect the energy. shannon. >> very delicate situation. >> just back from six days in cube apope benedict is kicking off a busy holy week at the vatican. joining us from rome with the details is greg burke. hello? >> hi, shannon. that's right. a very big day. it marks the official start of holy week t. will be a very busy week for the 84-year-old pope benedict, celebrating mass in st. peter's square for the occasion. the square was really decked out to commemorate christ's triumphal entry into jerusalem, the pope telling the pilgrims to ask: who is jesus of nazareth? laying out a particular challenge to young people, asking them to put christ at the center of their lives and saying
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that will bring them true joy. there was a huge crowd here this morning. massive numbers of people come to rome and to italy throughout the year for a variety of reasons. those who come to rome this week is primarily for religious motives in st. peter's basilic ait will be the center of attention on easter sunday and the easter vigil saturday night and easter sunday. and you did mention that the pope gets back from the trip in cuba, a 13-hour flight from havana. he seems to be over the jet lag a lot better than the reporters. but he was in front, we were in back. shannon? >> shannon: it's a long ride. thank you so much. after 24 hour, stranded at sea, a cruiseship has made it to port. a raging fire destroyed one of the engine rooms, leaving the ship and a thousand people stuck
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in the waters off the coast of the philippines. engineers restored power yesterday morning and got the untiles going last night. no passengers were injured. but five crew members did suffer smoke inhalation. they hide under your couch cushions and pile up in the piggy bank. are pennies useful? not too canadian officials. they will end penny production in the fall. it is described as, quote, a nuisance. another strike against it? it costs 1.5 cents to produce it. it continues to be produced here in the u.s. give us your 2 cents. should the u.s. also get rid of it? tweet us your answers. i will read your response threart hour. college basketball final 4 is down to just 2. the kentucky wildcats and the kansas jayhawks. kansas won a thriller last night, rallying from 13 points
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down. kentucky beat their in-state rival, louisville, touching off a rowdy celebration in lexington. police in riot gear had to use pepper spray to get things under control, after cars were flipped and couches set on fire. the trayvon martin case has spurred waves of demonstrations from coast to coast. another one is scheduled for this afternoon. thousands are expected for a justice for trayvon rally in his hometown. we'll take you there live. remember the marine who stole our hearts? we have told you the story of a bomb-sniffing dog and the request to adopt him. we have the update, up next. what's the matter?
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>> please know that you all inspire me every single day with your strength, with your courage, with the sacrifices you make on behalf of our nation. no matter what this country asks of you, you always step up to answer the call, always.
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>> shannon: that's first lady michelle obama in a ceremony aboard the coast guard cutter straton in california. she declares it is newly-built ship ready forever service. it is named after dorothy straton who led 11,000 women in the refer in world war ii. tell watch for potential threats on the pacific coastline. it cost their 7 head00 million to build. we told you about a former marine corporal and her strug toll adopt her bomb-sniffing military service dog, sergeant rex. they had served together and been injured together in iraq. even with the help of chuck schumer, the red tape seemed too thick to get through. but we have learned that rex has been cleared for adoption and could be home in new york state, as early as next week it.
12:20 pm
>> every question i get is -- when are you getting out isn't narrative has been, in rom no's favor from the beginning of this race. and he isn't close to closing the deal. over 60% of the people even hearing of all of this, think this that rick santorum should be in the race. we need a conservative, not the tired, establishment that will be shoved down our throat. >> shannon: that was rick santorum this morning, telling chris wallace, he has no intention of bailing out of the race, even if he loses his home state of pennsylvania. i sat down with chris for a preview of his entry -- of his interview with rick santorum. chris, hurick santorum on the show today. there are growing concerns about him staying in the race. he sounded convinced about his direction this morning. >> if have you questions about that, you need to watch this interview because he absolutely convinced me hie he is not
12:21 pm
dropping out after wisconsin or pennsylvania. some people may say, why not? but he sounds bound and determined to stay in the race. he is talking about may and the contests in may do look near for favorable for him, they do. states like north carolina and texas. but the point is, i think he is going to be in this for a while. when i raised the issue, all of these people are saying it's hurting the party and weakening whoever the nominee is against barack obama. he isn't buying that a bit. >> shannon: he's continuing the conversation that he is the only true conservative available and there needs to be a contrast and took a dig at the field from 2008. >> absolutely. it's an argument he has been make for example some period of time. when they decide to nominate a moderate who can gather the center, the republicans lose. it's more important, certainly since ronald reagan, that they have a real rock-ribbed conservative republican and that's the best contrast and the
12:22 pm
best way to advance the republican values. >> shannon: you also had head-to-head debate with two former governor, two former party leader, i don't think they agreed on anything. >> no. this was a gamble on our part. we wanted to preview what the general election debate will be like, whether it's romney or not, against obama. we had howard dean, the former democratic party chair and halley barber, the republican party chair. you heard a lot of attack liness and arguments and defenses that i think you will hadr hear from obama and the republican nominee. it was interesting to hear the strong points what have seems to be persuasive and what doesn't seem persuasive. >> shannon: a very good discussion about the trayvon martin case. you wrapped up with a very inspiring power player, i think there is something for everyone in this show. >> thank you! >> shannon: thank you.
12:23 pm
senator santorum is not alone in his commitment to the presidential race. his wife karen is with him on the campaign trail now. but she wasn't always on board. >> initially when rick came to me a year and-a-half ago and said, honey, i feel called to do this. i closed the door. i said, if you think it's god's will, ask god to get someone else to do t. i can't do it. >> shannon: later in the show, more on my brew and as always, you can coach catch more from our show. >> a legal expert gives us the inside scoop about what jays happening right now behind closed doors at the supreme court as we await the decision on the health care law. this is delicious okay... is this where we're at now? we just eat whatever tastes good? like these sweet honey clusters... actually there's a half a day's worth of fiber in every ... why stop at cereal? bring on the pork chops and the hot fudge. fantastic. are you done sweetie? yea [ male announcer ] fiber one.
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>> mitt romney makes a bold prediction about one of tuesday's primaries. it is the bottom of the hour with peter doocy. >> mitt romney says he thinks a win in wisconsin's primary on
12:28 pm
tuesday, but tough words from rick santorum, who says he's not giving up because the republican party establishment believes voters, quote, need mitt romney shoved down their throat. maryland and d.c. also hold primaries on tuesday. secretary of state hillary clinton says the syrian government needs to stop targeting civilians or face serious consequences and says that the u.s. is providing communications equipment to opposition forces and made the comments in an over seas trip in turkey. people around the world are marking the start of holy week. pope benedict had a mass in st. peter's square and there was a march to jerusalem. march is over, but the madness continues. kansas and kentucky pulled off close wins in the final 4 and they will play tomorrow night for college basketball's national championship. and those are the top stories rights now.
12:29 pm
shannon, back to you. >> shannon: thank you very much. attorneys for the family of trayvon martin are asking investigators to determine whether prosecutors interfered with the investigation. family lawyers will ask for an investigation into a specific report that state prosecutors interfered with the homicide detective who wanted to charge zimmerman with manslaughter. demonstrators across the country have called for george zimmerman's arrest. and an event is planned for today. hello, steve? >> shannon, a major demonstration planned this afternoon in miami, tens of thousands of people expected. there are demonstrations across the state, including including . lauderdale and in wisconsin and tennessee. we are in front of the gated community where trayvon martin was shot. we have seen people stopad the makeshift memorial here and pay their respects. we asked one young woman had her
12:30 pm
family, why she was here? >> i'm a teacher of students that age, trayvon's age and i am a parent of a young boy who will be a teenager one day. my heart goes out to the parents and the family. >> one point of dispute in this case occurrence a 911 call, in which cries for help can be heard on the recording. zimmerman, the shooter said he was crying out for help. trayvontrayvon martin's family s they recognize their son's voice as the man screaming out for help. two audio forensic experts found by the orlando sentinel say it was not zimmerman. it could not be zimmerman. they were claiming it was a young boy's voice, crying out for feb. help on february 26. >> shannon: thank you, steve.
12:31 pm
>> i think we should bring the temperature down. we have watched the supreme court for a lot of years. no one's made money betting on the outcome of cases, based on the oral arguments and the questions asked. we think the mandate is constitutional. we think the court will rule that way. >> shannon: that's vice-president joe biden, sounding confident that the u.s. supreme court will uphold the health care law. the arguments have been made and now the decision is in the hands of the nine supreme court justices. in fact, they have cast their vote in private we probably won't know for months. joining me is the former deputy acestant attorney general under george bush, tom dupree. it's fascinating because the arguments are done and it's out of the view of the believe public -- of the public. >> on friday, the justices convened in a private session and cast a tentative vote. they went around the table.
12:32 pm
it's a meeting that is exclusively for the justices. each justice gave his or her preliminary view toze which way the case should come out. presumably, a majority opinion was assigned to one of the justices and he or she is writing away as we speak. >> shannon: who ooh signs the opinions? who kind of lure can it be, to try to persuade someone to your way of happening? >> the opinions, assign by the most senior justice in the majority. so if chief justice roberts were there, he could do t. if you have a case that might be resolved by a 5-4 margin, you should assign the preponderance to the justice most likely to defect, under the theory that you can keep them in the camp and preserve that majority. >> shannon: okay. they have had the initial vote. but they are not set in stone. we know during this process, they trade these back and forth and are trying to persuade each
12:33 pm
other. how does it work? >> absolutely. we have a few months to go. during this time, the justices will be circulating drafts among themselves, they might be trying to gain a vote here or there and they will be taking into account comments about the pro cise legal reasoning to get to the result. though the justices have cast votes, there is a long way between now and the end of june. >> shannon: we know in the past, when the opinions are circulated, they have swayed people, someone is writing an opinion and they have an epifany and they change sides. >> that's right. i think a lot of us have had the experience in anything, when you might have a tentative view, but when comes time too mutt it down on paper, you see flaws in the logic and the supreme court justices are human and they go true that. so the tentative vote may not reflect the final vote.
12:34 pm
>> shannon: in june, that's when we get the most momentous decision of the term and maybe for years to come. so when it does come, what are the odds that we have a fractured opinion? i mean, people understand there is a majority. if you get a 5-4, 6-3, but a lot of justices will sign on their own opinions because they come to the same conclusion for different reasons. do you expect the case to be unified? >> i think that the one issue that unites everyone on either side is that it is very unlikely to get a unanimous opinion. people are passionate, pro or con about the issue. eng in this case in particular, it is exceedingly unlikely, exceedingly unlikely to see unanimity. you are likely to see a number of opinions that may be overlapping with certain justices, forming the majority coalitions. but at the end of the day, very unleekly to see a single,
12:35 pm
unified opinion. this is the tightest locke down in washington with the clerks and the people who handle these papers back and forth. but tighter than a drum. we won't hear anything? >> absolutely. i have to tell you, the supreme court is one of the few institutions in washington which is leak-proof. no one knows anything. we won't know until the end of june. >> shannon: always great to have your insight. >> thank you, shannon. >> shannon: it's a tale two of seasons today. middle of the coincidentry expecting record heat and in the northeast, it could snow. let's check in with the expert at the fox weather center. hi, rick. >> it's april, it's like february in some spots and july in others. starting with july in the south that, number in the white, that's the high today, the forecast and the number on the right is in the yellow, that's the record. so we are pushing or breaking records all across the south. that extends all the way to the northeast. we will be pushing 90 in south
12:36 pm
dakota for april and the southern plain, lots of 90-degree readings in the western part of the state and areas of new mexico. so the heat is o. but you go to either side and we're talking about much colder air. and the second system, we had snow yesterday in the northeast and the next storm moving in. we will see the snow in the higher elevations and the northeast. this afternoon and overnight. so tomorrow, people waking up, maybe an inch or 2 of snow. in the west, there is snow, we have been dealing with the winter storms across the west. the next one pulling in, will have more ramifications into the central part of the country. there's the storm. by tonight and tomorrow tpulls into the plains and meets that hot temperatures we have in the plains, as well as this. this is a dew point that mines it's really hot and that happens if by the afternoon, threat for severe weather outbreaking in oklahoma and texas. i think we will see tornados and
12:37 pm
they could be large and damaging. >> shannon: thank you very much for the update. a new movie is shining a spot on bullying. but will an "r" rating prevent kids from seeing it? we will talk to a congresswoman who hopes that it has kids talking all over the country and capitol hill. >> you were making someone feel so uncomfortable, they didn't want to be in school. >> i feel kind of nervous on the school but i like learning. but i have trouble with making friends. today, we stand against the tyranny of meager travelards.
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>> when do we want it? >> now. >> what did we want? >> justice! >> when do we want it? >> now. >> that's not the video we wanted to show you. we wanted to bring a clip of
12:42 pm
"bully," which follows the lives of several young people. it has been tagged with an "r" rating because of explicit lpg and they decided to release this this weekend with no rating at all. have you or your children ever been bullied? 62% of you said, yes. 38% said no. congresswoman linda sanchez, a democrat from california says this is a film that young people have a right to see. she joins us to talk about the controversy and the bigger issue of bullying as well. that is correct you for your time. >> my pleasure. >> shannon: how worried are you that the rating back and forth will limit the amount of young people who can see this important film? >> yeah, unfortunately because the mpaa would not -- reverse their decision, the film had to be released without a rating. and that that typically means is that many theaters won't carry
12:43 pm
unrated films. so there is less of a chance that the kids who need to see it will see it. on the positive side, it opened with limited release over the weekend in a couple of venues and the response was really good. so i am hoping that enough parents and children will know about the movie that they will go and see it when the broader release is planned later this week. >> shannon: we have a clip to share with the audience. here's a bit of "bully." >> he's not safe on that bus. >> i have been on that bus. they are just as good as gold. >> my voice is not going to be silent. >> shannon: it's heartbreaking when you watch the stories. but the fact is that the reason that it got the rating is because of one scene whera there is a lot of strong expletives, language in a school bus.
12:44 pm
congresswoman, do you think it's worth to have the movie edited? there has been a suggestion that it might be able to obtain a pg-13. >> there is a fundamental problem with that. because this movie is a documentary, it is not scripted. it is not somebody else's words put into students' mouths. this is reality. this is what happens to kids, every single day when they go to school. so i think the suggestion that they edit out the harsh language... really doesn't do the film justice. it shows a reality that is a gritty reality that millions of kids confront every day, which is violent and harassing behavior. i think, you know, trying to quote/unquote protect kids by eliminating the language actually does a huge disservice to kids. violent and destructive behavior. you know, adults and folks want a clotesser eye and believe they can edit out the language and it will be an accurate portrayal
12:45 pm
what have kids encounter, i think it's railing misguided and i think it's very counter-intuitive and productive. >> shannon: this is an issue that you have been trying to bring light to as well. >> sure. i have introduced several pieces of legislation, aimed at trying to create safer school environment for kids, the safe kids improvement act, to require schools with federal funding to report incidences of bully and and also ask them to adopt an anti-bullying code of conduct, so students know this kind of behavior will not be tolerated and there will be consequences. it doesn't cost any money. they can use existing federal funding for anti-bullying curriculum and i have introduced in prior congresses, the megan meier anti-cyber-bullying act,
12:46 pm
for kid who is experience bullying via electronic means. kids use, technology, unfortunately for that kind of introductive behavior. and the other piece of legislation is the put school counselors where they are needed to place more school counselors in schools with dropout rates of 40% or higher to work with the students and bring resources to the students so they are more successful in school. >> shannon: linda sanchez of california, thank you. we will keep an eye on the legislation. >> great. thank you for having me. >> shannon: filing your tax it's stressful enough. word that identity thieves are targeting you. we will tell you how to protect your money and your data. and the world of country music is gearing up for a star-studded night. a preview, coming up. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics...
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>> looking at top story, demands for the arrest of neighborhood
12:51 pm
watch volunteer george zimmerman are escalating. thousands gathered outside the sanford police department in florida, calling for justice. the death of trayvon martin. it appears long-time pro-democracy icon has won a seat in burma's parliament in a landmark election. the victory is not confirmed. it marks a huge milestone for the southeast asian nation, which seems to be open to political reform to get sanctions lifted. tonight is the 47th academy of country music awards with reba macintyre. taylor swift has 3 nominations. the most for a solo female artist. wall street's hoping to open with a high note, after the best first quarter since 1998, with the dow up 66 points friday. the s&p alsoened the day with a small gain. nasdaq was down 3 points.
12:52 pm
experts say rising consumer spending gave the markets much-needed boost. tax season means a lot of financial information could be floating around out there. don't let it catch you off guard. brenda buttner has the red flags you need to be looking for. >> identity thieves are ramping up efforts to solicit your personal financial information when you are most vulnerable -- tax season. using the ph. >> jamie: shing technique. they ask their victims to surrender personal information. the email scams are highly successful and can be hard to detect unless you know what to look for. the common theme really is, panic, we need your information, something is wrong with your fax taxes. >> suspicious emails with attachments are a red flag. >> no legitimate company will send you information in an attachment, unless have you asked for it, specifically.
12:53 pm
>> never click on the one-click option in an email. instead, log in and go to a home page. >> they really dot make it easy to do it that way, so you don't have to click on a blind link. >> most do it yourself tax sites should be safe to use itch the security is very good. you create a solid password like you would for any type of sensitive account. it works very well. >> not comfortable doing your taxes online, get the software on a disk and download it. all of your information will be stored locally instead of on the web. shannon, back to you. >> shannon: got to be safe. a couple of good steps to take. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> shannon: a rare interview with rick santorum's wife, karen. >> i wish everyone could have a window into our life. when rick walks through the door, he wasn't a senator when he was a senator, he is not a guy running for president.
12:54 pm
he's the tickle monster. he's the game king. he's the pancake maker. he's a husband and a father and he fully immerses himself in family life. >> shannon: find out what karen santorum says she wants to set the record straight about her husband. when you have diabetes... your doctor will say get smart about your weight. that's why there's new glucerna hunger smart shakes. they have carb steady, with carbs that digest slowly to help minimize blood sugar spikes. [ male announcer ] new glucerna hunger smart. a smart way to help manage hunger and diabetes. i'm here to unleash my inner cowboy. instead i g heartburn. [ horse neighs ] hold up partner. prilos isn't for fast relief. try alka-seltzer. it kills heartburn fast. yeehaw!
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12:58 pm
>> shannon: a group of governors is working to convince consumers that the controversial meat additive known as pink slime is safe to eat. >> it has been so disheartening for our family and our employees to see the negative and misleading stories lead to consumer concerns. >> what to to about finely textured beef a product some are calling pink slime. the food additive used as a filler has recently come under fire. >> we have lost 300 jobs in kansas off of this. off of a good wholesome safe product that has been consumed for 20 years without a problem. >> beef products incorporated is the main producer of finely textured beef. they treat the meat with the substance that kills food born illness containing bacteria. >> we know this is an extremely effective tool to eliminate if not reduce that completely.
12:59 pm
>> a group of governors are banning together to support the ailing industry and hope to persuade grossed out consumers and grocery store owners the product is safe to consume. >> for over 20 years i'm proud to say i and my family have been eating it. >> some are lashing out at the media blaming them for the fallout. >> you owe it to the consumers to report the facts. let pink slime become a term of the past. >> and one lawmaker puts it simply. >> dude, it's beef. >> the u.s. department of agriculture says the finely textured beef is safe to eat de. despite that, hundreds of school districts have demanded the beef filler be removed from school lunch programs. in new york, elizabeth prann, fox news. >> shannon: rick santorum says that the race for the gop nomination "isn't even at
1:00 pm
halftime yet" and brushes' side suggestions from growing numbers of party players that he needs to get out of romney's way and he is not alone. both rick santorum and his wife karen say they won't give up. that the campaign is their answer to god's calling. i'm shannon bream. i sit down with karen santorum in hour number two of america's news headquarters. we are less than 48 hours away from three key republican primaries. could their outcomes signal how much longer the gop contest for the nomination will go on. ahead of tuesday the big endorsements keep coming for mitt romney but rick santorum says he is still in it to wen it. peter is live with the latest from the campaign trail. >> maryland, washington, d.c. and wisconsin all have premares on tuesday and all eyes are on the badger state. the real clear politics average of polls shows romney up 7.5 there right now and he concluded a week full of critical endorsements with wisconsin senator ron johnson
1:01 pm
this morning. >> i never did intend to endorse anybody but i have had the opportunity to meet with governor romney over the last couple of weeks and have long phone conversations with him and i have come away from those conversations fully convinced governor romney is the person to lead our party, to lead our nation. >> senator santorum said the presidential primary isn't even the most important thing going on in wisconsin right now since their governor is up for recall and he is trying to pick up new votes by making clear he supports governor scott walker but he doesn't support the unions. >> the head of the afl-cio in pass said that calling rick santorum is friend of big labor is like calling mitt romney a conservative, neither are true. they spent millions of dollars to beat me in 2000 and 2006 and even before that. someone who supports governor walker and supported what he was doing with public employee
1:02 pm
unions. >> santorum said says he will step aside if romney gets the 1,144 delegates needed to clinch the nomination. but some disputed delegates will have to be settled first and the reason gingrich says they are willing to back romney if he wins because he says all the remaining candidates are committed to beating president obama. shannon. >> shannon: peter, thank you very much. life on the campaign trail is tough and often times there is only one person a candidate turns to for advice, inspiration and strength. for rick santorum that is his wife karen. a nurse, a lawyer, a mother of 7 living children, having lost a young son short le after birth and she says she is her husband's partner in this campaign. i sat down for a one on one interview with mrs. santorum and asked how they came to the decision to run for the white house. >> the decision took a long time to make. when rick came to me and said
1:03 pm
you know, honey, i feel called to do this i completely closed the door to even that idea. i said you think it is god's will ask someone else to do it, i can't do it. it took a very long time. initially there was a lot of resistance on my part and we had a lot of talks around the dinner table and the kids were so happy. he was coaching little league baseball and going so softballgames and really involved with the children's lives so we knew it would mean daddy going away and eventually he came to me and he said honey can you just start praying about it and so i did. i started praying about it and i knew. i have always known that in the back of my heart that i felt like ever since i met rick that god had this in mind for rick that he wanted some big things from him. >> shannon: what are some of the biggest misconceptions you think about them during this campaign season and how tough is it to watch that? >> very hard. it is always hardest on the
1:04 pm
spouse and the children because you love this person beyond measure and it is so hard when they are under attack. what is hard for me is they always make rick seem like someone he is not. he is the most loving person. he is very compassionate. he has a heart of gold and he is brilliant. >> so often they make it seem like he can't talk about anything except the social issues. and whyle social issues are very important he is brilliant with the economy and jobs and national security, strong defense, america's freedom, less government, more individual power. he is brilliant. and so i wish they knew more about that. his christian faith is everything. our christian faith is everything to us and i think that it is so important, you know, to pick a leader who comes to the table with strong christian principles. he is guide by them. he he is a very deeply spiritual man and it is the most beautiful thing for our children every day to see a man on his knees praying for god's
1:05 pm
directions. every day his prayer is lord, here i am, i am your servant, what do you want from me today. it is not about him. it is about serving. >> shannon: what do you say to those who express concerns about that that they feel like religion sometimes in some people's opinion is too heavily intertwined with politics? >> i think that it is important to know where someone is coming from. it is important to know that someone has a strong foundation. a man of deep convictions because of those convictions he has the strength to have the courage to go out and fight for things. whether it be traditional marriage, the sanctity of life and dignity of life at all spectrums. we have a special needs child so the santorum family has a path in our hearts for people with disabilities. we all come to the public sphere with a perspective. jewish or muslim or atheist.
1:06 pm
we have it. i think it is important that you know where someone is coming from. he is not going to make people do things they don't want to do. his strength and integrity is an important thing to share. >> shannon: would there be a point where you decide it is the end of the race for us? would you go to august or anything that would convince you before that it is time? >> we are teaing it one day at a time, one step at a time. one primary at a time. we are in this for the long haul. i'm looking to tampa. who knows. i don't know. god has us on the path. i don't know what he has planned and how it will unfold. i really believe rick is the guy. i do. >> shannon: what kind of first lady would you be? >> i have a passion in my heart for people with disabilities. i have a passion in my heart for being a nurse and for healthcare. i have a passion in my heart for military families.
1:07 pm
and so i guess a lot of it would be one day at a time we'll see what happens and but those are the things i do care deeply about. >> shannon: and you mentioned bella. we know a few weeks back she was very sick. how is she? >> bella is doing great. thank you for asking. i'm truly in the care of an angel. god sent me an angel and i feel so blessed to be her mother. she is an amazing little girl and she is loved beyond measure as you can imagine and she is the happiest smileyest little girl and i just would love to be able to share her more because she is right now she is h healthy and strong and she is -- she has got this spunky little personality. she is just cute as a button but shannon, she has taught us so much about the most important things in life. she really has. >> shannon: mrs. santorum by the way is on the road with her husband this weekend campaigning in wisconsin. they head to pennsylvania on tuesday. a very important primary for
1:08 pm
that family. vice president joe biden is calling out gop presidential candidate mitt romney on the sunday shows today. biden says romney's comments about president obama's hot mike moment with russia's president were just wrong yes. >> just seems to be uninformed or stuck in a cold war mentality. so i think what the exchange did, it exposes how little the governor knows about foreign policy. >> shannon: biden addd that president obama was just "stating the obvious" when told russia's president he would have more flexibility on missile defense after the election. secretary of state hillary clinton is warning iran the time is running out to find a diplomatic solution to its disputed nuclear program. fresh talks are set for april 13 in issue istanbul.
1:09 pm
>> secretary of state hillary clinton is stepping up the a toriccal pressure. >> it is up to iran's leaders to make the right choice. we will see whether they will intend to do so. what is certain, however, is that iran's window to seek and obtain a peaceful resolution will not remain open forever. >> secretary clinton spoke with white house correspondent wendel goller. she was also briefed on the turkish president. the u.s. is planning to put tough new sanctions on iranian banks and financial institutions that process payments for oil exports. the president certified there would be he enough oil replacement for u.s. allies who stop buying from iran. all this as the u.s. and its allies suspect iran is moving forward with development of a nuclear weapons program although iran says it only wants nuclear power for
1:10 pm
peaceful purposes. at the same time, the threats of possible military action remain on the table and republicans on capitol hill wore rid that iran is still not convinced that the u.s. would get tough if sanctions fail. >> i applaud the president for moving up a july date to going after petroleum. huge. that is very important. continue that pressure but as long as iran does not believe that they are serious when they say all options are on the table, the window is closing, they are going to continue to do what they do. >> the new u.s. sanctions and european oil embargo of iranian oil both go into effect around the end of june. shannon. >> shannon: see if they work this time. thank you. attorneys for trayvon martin are asking the justice department to investigate whether prosecutors undermined the police investigation. the civil rights division has already agreed to look into george zimmerman's shooting of martin but reuters is reporting that the family's lawyers will also ask for an investigation into a specific report that
1:11 pm
state prosecutors interfered with the homicide detective who wanted to charge zimmerman with manslaughter. demonstrators across the country have called for zimmerman's arrest. another event is planned for today. steve harrigan is live in florida with the latest. hi, steve. >> a major demonstration for today in miami three hours team from now and we could see tens of thousands of protesters coming out over this weekend across the state. there were candle light vigils and protests. states across the nation holding vigils to remember trayvon martin who was killed february 26 in the gated community behind me. there is a make shift memorial here and throughout the day we have seen families come here and pay their respects. we spoke to one woman who made the drive from baltimore, a school teacher. we asked her why she was here. >> i'm a teacher of students that age trayvon's age and i'm also a parent and a parent of a young boy who will be a teenager one day and my heart goes out to his parents and to
1:12 pm
his family. >> the orlando sentinel reports that two forensic audio experts have analyzed the 911 call and both said it could not be zimmerman on the 911 call pleading out for help. that has been a contentious point. trayvon martin's parents say they recognize their son calling out for help. demerman is claiming he fired in -- zimmerman is claiming he fired in self-defense. another point of controversy here as we wait for any possible arrest but no time table on the arrest yet. shannon, back to you. >> stevsteve harrigan with the latest in florida. thank you, steve. just back from section days in cuba and mexico, pope benedict kicking off a busy week with palm sunday mass at the vatican. joining us from rome is greg burke. hello, greg. >> shannon, that's right. a beautiful ceremony today in st. peter's. palm sunday marks the official bebeginning of holy week all leading up to next sunday the
1:13 pm
joy of the resurrection and the feast of easter. a massive crowd here this morning. if people don't like big crowds st. peter's square during holy week is probably not the place to be. rome is not the place to be. there is so many pilgrims who come here from all around the world. there are tourists in rome and throughout italy all during the year. those that come during this week are here to live the religious services and see the pope. the pope saying they have to zoe themselves what idea do i have i jesus of nazareth. benedict saying this is a question they should not try to avoid. the pope making a special plea to all the young people present challenging them to bring christ to the center of their lives saying this will bring them true joy. and finally, shannon, you mentioned the pope is just back from the trip, mexico and to cuba. we saw him on the way to that trip use a cane for the first time. he is 84. he is going to be 85 the week
1:14 pm
after easter. this week will be a good test to see how his health is holding up. shannon? >> shannon: greg burke with the latest on palm sunday. thank you so much. we are just hours away from the academy of country music awards. while many of the stars are hoping to take home the big ones, one of them is actually without a date. taylor swift was supposed to take 18-year-old kevin mcguire but his bock tores say recent cancer treatments left him too sick to go. she asked him to go to the show after his sister launched a facebook petition to get swift to take her brother to the prom. after getting the news this week swift tweetd that she will make it up to kevin. >> a key republican weighs in on the gop race. later the story of a family friendly movie objectioned by big hollywood studios now doing big business at the box office. [ male announcer ] what's the beat that moves your heart? how about the beat of a healthy heart? campbell's healthy request soup is delicious,
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1:18 pm
>> shannon: the top two gop candidates stumping in wisconsin this weekend and frontrunner mitt romney is sounding confident. polls show him ahead of rick santorum by 7 points there. for his part, santorum says he staying in past pennsylvania's premare regardless of the outcome. this week romney picked up a
1:19 pm
number of key endorsements including one this morning from wisconsin senator ron johnson who is ex-cooing calls for the gop to unite behind a single candidate. maryland is one of the three primaries we will have on tuesday. what do voters there care most about. romney supporter and former maryland governor bob erlich. why was he the choice for you? >> it was tough. i started with newt and rick and came in the infamous class of '94. i think the skillset that the governor has is what we need today and that is what you you see emerging along the campaign trail. he is going to win the maryland primary. that will be the big news, not, wisconsin, on tuesday. >> shannon: he is leading by a significant margin. >> his numbers are good. if you look at the skillset and leadership and ability to turn the economy around. someone who understands the importance of creating private
1:20 pm
sector jobs for example. a great job in massachusetts and a great job with the olympics. the country is in dire need of executive leadership. newt is great and speaker, very successful. rick santorum was elected many times in pennsylvania. not an easy state. a blue leaning state. i really like rick but for me the choice was easy besides the personal stuff. the personal stuff is always zift in politics. substantive and leadership skills and what the country and economic needs now i think it is clearly governor romney and you see this now emerging. this has been a great week this past week. going to be a great tuesday. however, i'm not one to preach get out, get out, get out. rick will make the decision and the speaker will make the decision. it is their call. i know within the party you hear this he has to get out. he has to get out. i think it looks weak when leaders say that. governor romney is not saying that and he never has. it is a personal decision that the senator and speaker will
1:21 pm
make. >> shannon: you are clearly sold on mitt romney but this primary has gone on and on. it was designed to be long. >> it was. we thought it would be governor perry quite frankly. sure, absolutely. >> shannon: at that point why are gop voters not coming together and coalescing just yet. why is the fight taking so long and' 'cusations that romney is not truly conservative and others who say that is why rick santorum needs to -- >> hillary clinton and senator clinton and senator obama they were asking the same thing. people fight over power. it is ugly. it is never pleasant. i remind people of hamilton and jefferson hiring surrogates to attack one another. primaries are ugly, it is the nature of primaries. national parties do this. it is what they do. and then the primary season is over and everybody goes to the equipment locker and get the same uniform and they come out and they are together they will wen. both rick santorum and speaker gingrich said they will support the nominee which will be quite clearly i think by now governor
1:22 pm
romney. so it is just the nature of politics. i know it is ugly and a expensive and unpleasant. i spent a lot of time talking people off of roofs these days but again it has made also governor romney a better candidate. even earlier in the campaign, the primaries of a pain and the debates are pain and the fund raising is a pain. the fact of it is he is a better candidate today than he was six years ago. >> shannon: do you worry about the primary attacks if he becomes the nominee and the white house has been taking notes? >> the only thing i worry about is the burn rate. these are expensive primaries and expensive tv markets and we spend a lot of money. the president is going to have a lot of money. maybe not as much as he said he would. i don't think he will have a billion dollars but the fact is the burn rate has been high. but quite frankly the burn rate winsesulted in a lot of twins, and press coverage and made the
1:23 pm
governor a sharp candidate. >> shannon: we will see if he is the nominee how that works out for him in the general election in the fall. governor, thanks for coming in. the endorsements keep coming in for mitt romney. he picked up a couple of allies that could help him in the primary in wisconsin on tuesday. >> i have two criteria in mak the decision. who will make the best president and who has the best chance of defeating barack obama and in my opinion mitt romney is clearly that person. >> shannon: up next, we will ask our political panel in endorsements matter or if and torsantorum is right that americans want a more conservative candidate. people pushing past the hollywood gate keepers and saying no, we want this, this is important to us. >> shannon: we will talk to the creators of a new christian film that was turned down but the big studios but now is
1:24 pm
getting a lot of buzz at the box office.
1:25 pm
♪ when your chain of supply goes from here to shanghai, that's logistics. ♪ ♪ chips from here, boards from there track it all through the air, that's logistics. ♪ ♪ clearing customs like that hurry up no time flat that's logistics. ♪ ♪ all new technology ups brings to me, that's logistics. ♪
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>> shannon: mitt romney makes a bold prediction about one of tuesday's primaries. it is the bottom of the hour and peter has your top stories hi, pete. mitt romney says he thinks he will win, wisconsin's primary on tuesday but tough words from the other frontrunner. rick santorum says he isn't giving up just because the republican party establishment believes voters "need mitt romney shoved down their throats." maryland and d.c. also hold primaries on tuesday. secretary of state hillary clinton seas the syrian government needs to stop targetth civilians or face serious consequences. the u.s. is providing communications equipment to opposition forces. people around the world are marking the start of holy week. pope benedict celebrated palm sunday with a mass in st. peter's square. hundreds of christians
1:29 pm
commemorating the day with a march to jerusalem. the royal canadian mint says it will stop making the penny this fall and that had us thinking should the u.s. get rid of the penny, too. bills just round every price to the nearest quarter. you can read us on twitter. those are the top stories right now, shannon. back to you. >> shannon: let us know what you hear, thanks, peter. after 4 hours -- 24 hours stranded at sea, a cruise ship has made its way to a port in northeast malaysia. the ship and a thousand people onboard were stuck in the waters off the coast of the philippines. engineers were able to get the engines going last neat. no passengers were injured by five crew members suffered smoke in ailation. the final four is now down to two. the kentucky wildcats and
1:30 pm
kansas jayhawks will meet for the title. earlier, kentucky beat its instate ryial louisville 69-61 and that touched off a rowdy celebration in the streets of lexington. police in riot gear had to use small amounts of pepper spray to get things under control after some cars were flipped and couches set on fire. for new york knicks fans lin sanity is officially over for now. jeremy lin could be out for the rest of the season. an mri revealed a small meniscus tear. he could return in six weeks if the knicks are still alive in the playoffs. there is always hope. it is one of the world's biggest undersea mysteries but pieces of the titanic are on the auction block. anna is live to tell us just who is bidding on them. hi, anna. >> this month marks the 00 year anniversary of the titanic's sinking.
1:31 pm
the collection is said to be one of the most significant bodies of material to ever be put on the auction block. every single one of the 5500 artifacts recovered. the ship went down on april 15, 1912, 400 miles off the coast of nova scotia with over 1500 passengers onboard. clothing, jewelry, personal items, fine china, silver wear decorations and hundreds of hours of video footage from the recovery records being auctioned off as a lot. the appraisal price is $189 million which may sound like a lot but the new york auction house offers this perspective. >> not long ago, a few months ago, a painting, a single painting was sold for $250 million. and the argument certainly could be made is that is there a painting anywhere on eartha is more valuable than all of the entire titanic collection.
1:32 pm
>> a court ruling says the collection must be auctioned off together not in pieces maintained by the new owner and at least part of it has to be on display. a portion of the proceeds generated by the sale will go to the titanic preservation trust to ensure future conservation. >> it is a collection like no other and certainly one of the great collections of anything in the world. >> a few artifacts have been auctioned off in the past that have been passed down from families of survivors. a menu for example went for 100 grand. this is the first auction of artifacts recovered from the actual wreckage. the 1997 blockbuster will be back in theaters in 3d this month, shannon. >> shannon: i don't knowfy could take it in 3d. it wore me out in a good old fashioned regular theater. >> when it was in theaters people went eight and nine time. >> shannon: that is plenty. anna, thank you very much.
1:33 pm
it has take and really long time but republicans are now lining up many of them behind mitt romney but rick santorum says i'm here stay in the race. is it time for him to go? we willle talk to our panel about the big decisions, next. ok, guys-- what's next ? chocolate lemonade ? susie's lemonade... the movie. or... we make it pink ! with these 4g lte tablets, you can do business at lightning-fast spes. we'll take all the strawberries, dave. you got it, kid. we have a winner. we're definitely gonna need another one. small sinesses that want to grow use 4g lte technology from verizon. i wonder how she does it. that's why she's the boss. because the small business with the best tecology rules. contact the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 1-800-974-6006. beth! hi! looking good. you've lost some weight. thanks. you noticed. these clothes are too big, so i'm donating them. how'd you do it? eating right -- whole grain. [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't.
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1:37 pm
>> shannon: a flurry of key endorsements for mitt romney over the past few days. former president george hw bush and marco rubio and representative paul ryan and just this morning wisconsin senator johnson. how will thence doesments impact the race? joining us to talk about that and a whole lot for, fox news poe let cal analyst juan williams and steve hayes from the weekly standard. good to see you. let's talk about endorsements. how much do they matter? >> they don't matter usually
1:38 pm
but because it has been a flurry this matters for mitt romney. to have any time a former president endorses you that is meaningful but the fact that mitt romney has gotten a string of endorsements from the leading oh elected officials who are members of the tea party. marco rubio. ron johnson. paul ryan. mike lee from utah. jim demint who said nice things, sort of a quasiendorsement. the same way the fact that you have had real le tea party leaders in the past two weeks coalesce around mitt romney and say good things on his behalf is the kind of thing that voters, particularly voters who are sort of in line with the tea party thinking might sit up and say if these guys think he is okay, i can, too. >> shannon: i don't know if you heard this but i heard backlash from a lot of people who consider themselves tea party and they feel that these folks are selling them out and going with the establishment candidate with mitt romney and
1:39 pm
gives rick santorum more to stand up and say look at all the establishment people endorsing him, that is another reason i will stay in. is there some possibility of backlash from the endorsements? >> i don't know about backlash. i have a different view than steve. i think these are establishment endorsements overwhelmingly. when you see the first president bush and jeb bush, down the line even when you come to someone like paul ryan and the tea party is very supportive of paul ryan the congressman from wisconsin, the chair of the budget committee, for the most part these are people who are established forces within the republican ranks and who are spend sending the message that we have decided that romney is to be the nominee and saying not only to rick santorum but to newt gingrich it is time to get out. there has been i think nomination
1:40 pm
acclimation around mitt romney. as you go towards the end of the month you come into the northeastern states where more liberal republicans dominate and not the cyst evangelical tea party forces and he looks to have the momentum and money to do well, there. for folks resisting mitt romney i don't think the endorsements mean very much. >> shannon: and you mention looking' head to a few key states down the road. that is what santorum was doing on "fox news sunday." he talked about texas and other places where he polls better. >> that would be in may. >> shannon: and looking to the further out premares as a reason for him to stay in. let's talk about pennsylvania. he lost his last senate race there badly, that is no secret. he had won a number of races before that prior to that in a very blue state these days. how important, steve, is that state for? does he risk embarrassment there if he gets blown out in his home state? >> yeah, i think if he gets blown out in his home state the race would surely be effectively over. before then, wisconsin had
1:41 pm
people look to wisconsin next tuesday or this tuesday as an important state. i think wisconsin will be an having state. one of these places where you have seen the polls swing dramatically. had rick santorum up significantly and now mitt romney with 7 to 8-point lead. santorum hoping it is some where back in the middle. both of those two states if you are looking to the next month look at wisconsin in the near term and pennsylvania in the far term in terms of significant primaries. >> shannon: off the campaign trail and back here in washington. let's talk about the budget battle going on. of course, juan, we know this week that representative ryan's budget was passed in the house. is it dead on arrival in the senate? a pointless exercise at this point or are is there hope? >> not much hope. there is a sense that paul ryan has done something pretty daring if you will. let's look at it in the positive right. he has pushed the limits. he wants to say more money than was agreed on last time. that didn't go through and they couldn't agree on the cuts.
1:42 pm
but paul rean as extendd that and wants to have even more serious cuts take place in terms of entitlement spending. he has failed, however, to identify the loopholes that the tax shelters, the deductions that he said would make this effort revenue neutral and it wouldn't end up costing us in terms of the debt more money because we would be spending money on the rich in terms of giving them a lower tax rate. he wants to reduce the tax rates i think to 10% and 25% so that the upper rate now by 35 would be coming down and corporate rates would be reduced. but you have to say where are we going to get the money to continue to pay for the necessary functions of government. >> shannon: the white house said it was a gift to millionaires and billionaires. >> it would be interesting to have the white house say something at all about the senate democrats. they have not passed a budget for more than a thousand days and yet the white house goes after the one guy who has taken his job seriously as chairman of the house budget committee
1:43 pm
who has presented proposals. they are controversial. people either like them or they hate them. he puts numbers on the table and said let's have the debate. the white house refuses to engage him in a serious way. last year after he presented his budget the president went after him in a personal way questioning his integrity in a private fundraiser for democrats in chicago and yet they say nothing about senate democrats. if there is an example, a better example of irresponsibility in congress over the past decade i'm not sure i have seen it. the senate democrats refusal even to pass a budget, to take up a budget in three years. >> i think it is a really difficult task. you ask shannon is anything going to happen. and i think that is what people watching are probably thinking in washington they don't get anything done. everybody has to have a personal and family budget. we so have much and we should spend so much. why do they rake up all of the tremendous debt and drive up inflation and affect our credit
1:44 pm
rating, the answer is in a political year a serious discussion about how we handle our tax system, everybody agrees we need tax reform but there is nothing that is going to get done in this political year because it is just too much of a stick your neck out and get your head chopped off season. >> shannon: hence the single digit approval rating for congress. >> i think that is right. >> shannon: great to see you both. thank you for coming in. a new film dealing with the life of an abortion survivor is getting a lot of support from christian groups. >> the script captivated me and i was blown away by the issue and the way it was presented and i just said i have to direct this movie. >> shannon: we are going to talk to the man behind this film and the controversy surrounding it, next. my name is robin. i'm a wife, i'm a mom... and chantix worked for me. it's a medication i could take and still smoke, while it built up in my system. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantiis proven to help people quit smoking.
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>> shannon: a look at tomorrow of the top stories. demands for the arrest of a neighborhood watch volunteer george demmerman are escalating this weekend. thousands gathered in protest with civil rights leaders outside the sanford police department in florida calling for justice in the death of 17-year-old trayvon martin,. it appears long time prodemocracy icon won a seat in burr ma's parliament today in a
1:49 pm
landmark election. the victory would mark a huge milestone for the oppressive southeast asia nation. the military ruled burma for almost half a century. tonight is the 47th academy of country music awards. rebrebaremcentire is hosting. i went on a trip ♪ >> this is my only chance to find out who i really am. >> i wanted you to know i think it is really brave what you are doing. >> if you find your mother what will you say? i'm just curious. >> i don't know. ♪ >> dude, her dad is going to kill you, man. >> mr. law son. >> i said stay out of it. >> october baby has been in theaters for a week now and it has been a big hit at the box
1:50 pm
office which is surprising to some people since it was rejected by every major studio. the movie follows the story of a teenager who finds out she was adopted after her biological mother underwent an unsuccessful abortion. the directors are join us live. thanks for being with us. >> thanks for having us. >> shannon: i don't know which of you wants to take the question. but the movie had a lot of road blocks along the way. once it was released scathing reviews including one from the "new york times." does that bother you at all or is it for you about the message? >> to me it doesn't bother me at all. the thing we want it to do most. i was unaware of the reality there were abortion survivors. this was inspired by a true story and it changed me and my own personal views. we wanted people to talk and know about it. everywhere we go with the movie people are deeply impacted by the movie. in the past two screenings i have come in two people have
1:51 pm
come up in tears deeply moved. one an adopteive mother. seeing the impact it is having on people doesn't make me worry too much about the reviews. >> shannon: and andy, we have seen in the marketplace in recent years a lot of success for smaller family friendly films, many with a christian message or basis. do you think the market changed and is more receptive to films like this? >> the faith film movement is continuing to grow and that is exciting because it is representing a dem graph of america that i don't think has been represented well in hollywood. as a faith film maker i'm not a politician, i'm not a preacher, i'm a story teller but the stories we are attracted to have a redemtive message and october baby lines up with that and the audiences will enjoy it. >> shannon: what is the bottom line message you want people to
1:52 pm
take away from october baby? >> the movie is about the power of forgiveness and healing and redemption. i wanted to create an awareness for something that i didn't know existed and make a movie about the value of every life. the tag line is we believe that every life is beautiful. that is the message that we wanted to spread that no matter who you are and no matter what your race, social class, disability, every life is beautiful. >> shannon: andy, do you think that the movie will continue to open doors for other faith-based films and do you guys have another project coming? >> every filmmaker wants their current project to do well enough to give you an opportunity to do another one. it is exciting. we are really a cinderella story. charming entertaining film that connected with an audience and for us to open in the top ten last weekend was really just amazing. we are excited to see the audience embrace the film and hopefully the trend continues in weeks to come and leads to many more stories that are family friendly.
1:53 pm
>> shannon: are you worried about tackling something that is as controversial as abortion? >> i didn't really think about that. for me, i heard gianna justin speak and that was the story this movie was inspired by. i was so deeply moved it almost became a splitter in my mind like i had to make this movie and tell her story. i didn't even know that it would be this controversial. i'm glad it opened up the discussion. but her story so moved me that i felt like i had to do something. >> shannon: john and andy, we know it was an uphill battle but you have shown them at the box office there is an audience for the movie. we will stay tuned for this movie and others that may come from the two of you. thank you so much. >> thanks for having us. >> shannon: should the penny stay or should it go? canada is getting rid of its pennys. should the pennys in the u.s. take a hike as well. you have a whole lot to say about it. alex writes what would i put in my huge penny jar? good point. we'll have more of your answers
1:54 pm
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whraps >> shannon: the kentucky wildcats are the heavy favorite to win college basketball's national title tomorrow night in new orleans. and one of the city's most famous residents totally agrees with the odds. emma the otter threw a mini basketball and it landed in the kentucky bucket. this is actually before kentucky's win over louisville last night so emma has some powers here apparently of
1:58 pm
prediction. maybe of per situation. kansas could have something to say about all this. the jayhawks ral le rallied lan the game to just squeak out a win over ohio state. the 40th annual cherry blossom ten miler just wrapped up a men ago. the men's winner set a course record 45:15. it is a big anniversary for the cherry blossom festival. it was 100 years ago when the people of japan gave the cherry trees to the u.s. as a gift of friendship. unfortunately, the blossoms showed up a little early this year. a lot are already gone but they are absolutely beautiful. we love hearing from you at home. today we have been asking you you canada is getting rid of its penny, should the u.s. follow in canada's steps and get rid of our penny as well. a whole he lot of you wrote in. no, if you watch your pen anies your dollars take care of themselves. monica says yes since it costs
1:59 pm
two and a half times more to make the penny when it is worth. >> when you pay a 7% sales tax on a $1 purchase. what then. thank you so much for sharing. that is it for us here in washington. tay tuned for "fox news sunday" with chris wallace next. he interviews presidential candidate rick santorum and talks about whenle or won't bow out of the primary race and former mississippi governor haley barbour and howard dean go head to head. a show you do not want to miss. i'm shannon bream. thanks for watching fox where news is always on the way. and a blessed palm suay to those of you observeing that captioned by closed captioning services, inc.


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