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tv   FOX News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX News  April 1, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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>> chris: >> i'm chris wallace w republican leaders behind rick romney, rick santorum fights for his political life. we will talk about tuesday's important primaries and growing pressure on him to drop out. presidential candidate rick santorum live only on fox news sunday. then a preview of what an obama-romney campaign might sound like. two party leaders debate the key issues in the general election from health care to rising gas prices. former republican chair and governor haley barbour and former democratic party chair and governor, howard dean. plus the tray von martin case and racism in america. we will ask if there's been a rush to judgment. and our power player of the week, saving lives in and out of the operating room. all right now on fox news
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sunday. >> hello again from fox news in washington. well, after a week off, republican voters return to the policy tuesday for three more primaries. joining us now from brookfield, wisconsin is the candidate a who needs to persuade voters and gop leaders that the race is not over yet. senator rick santorum. welcome back to fox news sunday. >> thank, you, chris, good to be but. >> two of the young conservative guns of the party suggested that you and the others should get out of the race. take a look at what they had to say. >> i think it's important that we just coalesce as conservatives and focus on defeating the president in the fall. >> they are saying the only one who can win the race is by having a floor fight in tampa and i think that's a recipe to deliver for four years to obama.
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>> do you feel added pressure to get out of race and give mitt romney a clear shot at obama? >> no. you should have told kansas last night when they were down 20 points in the first half, it's almost over and you should pack it in. we haven't even selected half the delegates yet. romney isn't halfway to the magic number. we look at the calendar ahead and we feel very, very good about where we are going. four years ago everyone said, oh, we have to wrap this thing up and we did. john mccain was the romney and barack obama and hillary clinton went into the summer and pounded it out and they came up with the best candidate. we came up with someone who wasn't able to win. we don't need to repeat that again. we don't need to bail out and not have the best candidate to take barack obama on in the fall. when you look at the huge
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advantages, this man has been running for president six years. he has all the establishment behind him. he has a 10-1 money advantage. he has the media, every question i get is when are you getting out. whole narrative has been in romney's favor from the beginning of this race, and he still isn't even close to closing the deal. that should send a signal to the people inside the bubble. the senators and congressmen and congress leaders inside the bubble that maybe something is going on across the country when over 60% of the people even hearing this say rick santorum should stay in the race. we need someone that's a contrast to barack obama, not the same old establishment person who will be shoved down our throat. >> let me look at this another way. you talked about it four years ago. i want to talk about it on the republican side. huckabee decided to stay in the race until john mccain had it wrapped up and had the delegates
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to clinch the nomination but huckabee campaigned for himself not against mccain. you, on the other hand, are out there pounding romney. do you worry at all and i understand the points you make, he hasn't wrapped up the contamination, but do you worry about him of hurting him in case he ends up being the candidate who faces barack obama? >> let me assure you are barack obama is going to pound governor romney or whoever the nominee is a lot more than i am. i focused on the issues. i haven't focused on him personally but who is the best person to make the case in the general election and win and then have the mandate to govern. >> wait. you are talking about him as a candidate not being a real conservative. i mean, you are certainly criticizing his credentials. >> well, i would just say this, that i am criticizing his policies, and the policies that
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would best jacques apose against barack obama. let's be honest who is running the negative campaign. governor romney has spent tens of millions of dollars running millions of ads about taking things i have said completely out of context and trying to convince people i'm not pro life. these are the ridiculous campaign tactics the romney campaign has taken on. we are focused on the big issues, energy, healthcare, we are talking about national security. i just gave a speech out at jelly jelly bean factory talking about national security and the legacy and who is best prepared to do so. we've run is substantive campaign because we believe that's what is going to win in the general election. romney has run negative, negative, negative. he hasn't been able to paint a positive picture or close the deal, much less than anybody else in the party and that won't be an effective tool to win the general election. >> let's talk about an issue.
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i think you would agree the big issue is not the presidential race in wisconsin but the recall campaign against scott walker, the governor, because of his effort to remove some collective bargaining right from state workers. the romney campaign, and you say it's negativebut they point out as a senator you voted against a national right to work law to allow people to get jobs without being in a union and you repeated supporting the bacon act that required contractors to pay the prevailing way. in both issues you sided with big labor. >> right. in my 16-year career representing two of the heavy labor districts in the country, and a state of wisconsin is a heavy labor issue, my voting record with labor was 13%. i did not, with almost 70 other senators, vote to have a federal change in the right to work
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statute because i represented pennsylvania, which wasn't a right to work state. but governor romney well knows when i announced i was running for president i said i would sign a national right to work. i talked about it in the debate. he seems to ignore that fact that now i'm running are to president, i'm not representing the state anymore who had an interest in keeping the law the way it was, that i was representing what i thought was best for the country and that's why i have taken that position. head of the afl-cio in pennsylvania said calling rick santorum a friend of labor is calling mitt romney a conservative. neither is true. they spent literally millions of dollars to beat me in 2000 and 2006 and even before that so i assure you, you have someone who supports governor walker, supported from the very beginning what he was doing with public employee unions that i think is a completely unfair bargaining position they have in negotiating wages and benefits and you will find someone strong in make sure people have freedom in this country to contract with their employers instead of having to go through a union.
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>> let me, because i'm not sure i understand this, you are saying because you were the senator from pennsylvania and pennsylvania had a right to work law, you weren't going to vote -- i mean did not have a right to work law, you weren't going to create a national right to work law. >> right. >> now abortionings were illegal under certain circumstance in pennsylvania but you voted for a constitutional amendment to end that, right? >>. there are certain issues that ones they think can be left for the states to decide and we do that all the time. i believe in the tenth amendment. i believe the states have the right to make decisions on a variety of issues, but not every issue. obviously there are some issues that we need to have national laws in place. that's the constitution clearly laid that o we saw that debated just this past week. there are some things that can be left to the states, other things the federal government has a limitation of powers on and other things the government can do. >> you said all the questions you get are are you going to drop out and i hate to fall into
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that but i guess i am. when you say win, lose or whatever in wisconsin, and the kind of mid-western battleground state, you are in it to stay regardless of what happens in wisconsin? >> yeah, absolutely. we are moving forward. we are setting up our teams for the 26th. you know, if you go past this month of april, and we've got these primaries and then five more at the end of the month, the map in may looks very, very good for us. texas and arkansas and west virginia, north carolina, indiana. i mean, kentucky. we've got some great states where we are ahead in almost every poll in all those states. again, if you listen to the folks across this country, we are hearing over and over again, stay in there, we need a conservative. we cannot do what we have done in the past as republicans with which is settle for something we know is not going to be successful for us, that the establishment wants to give us. remember, chris, in the last 120 years we've only defeated one
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democratic party. and the one time we didn't, with ronald reagan, that's when we won, beat jimmy carter. there's a clear contrast in vision, someone who has a solid record that can make barack obama the issue in this election and not have it turn it back because he too supported wall street bail outs outs, he too supported cap and trade. >> and you are convincing me you are not about to drop out. i will ask you this, because pennsylvania, your home state, does come up on april 24th. the policy have closed. we show here that back in february you were leading by 29 points. your lead in the franklin and marshall poll is now down to 2. if you were to lose in your home state, would that be it? >> well, first off, the democratic hack that does that, terry mcdonna has probably
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singly got more policy wrong than anybody in the history of the state. there are two a policy out that have us up 20 and the other 17. this pollster, i think he just draws numbers out of a hat sometimes. we feel very good about pennsylvania. we are going to do exceptionally well there. governor romney is already out there spending money, dumping his millions in. but we have a great grass roots strong network. we have a strong conservative base in the state of pennsylvania that will come out and come out strong for us. look, i go back in pennsylvania, i was the first conservative to be out on the scene in republican politics. the republican party in pennsylvania was very much a moderate to liberal party for many, many, many years, and i was the guy that sort of broke through the ceiling. there are folks in the republican party who want that party to go back to being the moderate republican party that is once was and they have lined up behind governor romney. but the conservatives have and will line up behind me and i
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think we will see a good victory in pennsylvania as a result. >> we have about a minute left. i want to ask you two questions. and you have convinced me you are not dropping out, number one. and number two, you are in this for a while. but let's assume for the minute that this doesn't go the way you want, and, look, you would admit you have a tough road to win the nomination given the hole you are in. win or lose, you have done a lot better than the so-called experts that predicted that you were going to do this year. you talk about a lot about ronald reagan. he lost in 1976, came back and won in 1980. do you ever think at all about, you know, that if you were, you know, at some point this doesn't work out, you can come back in 2016 as the frontrunner? >> well, let me just say this, in 1976 i think the republican party made a mistake in not choosing ronald reagan and went on with a moderate to lose the election and we suffered four years of jimmy carter.
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we already know -- we didn't know what we are getting with carter. we already know what we are getting with obama. he can't make that mistake again. we have to nominate someone who is a strong conservative. i'm not thinking about the future. we need to win this election and re-elect a republican in 2016. that's my focus to win 2012. re-elect a republican in 2016 and put the country back on track. >> finally, you have shown some mad bowling skills on the campaign trail. you may not be able to see it, but we are now putting them up. and i can see you rolling, and it's a strike, senator. how good a bowler are you? >> well, i'm not all that good. you know, i was a kid, i grew up actually doing a lot of bowling. i actually when i was younger i had my own bowling ball. i loved the sport. i mean, that's what i grew up in. i used to visit my grandparents and the bowling alley was a
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quarter mile down the road. we used to hang out at the lanes all the time. i love the sport. you could sit around and drink beer and talk to folks and talk to people all over the place. it's a fun -- it's a fun afternoon or with the family. >> all right, all right. >> we are running out of time. >> i liked doing it. >> what is your high score, sir? >> 241. >> wow. remind me not to go bowling with you. >> i remember that. >> remind me not to go bowling with you, senator. >> hold on. this is 30 years ago. but i started out with seven straight strikes. i thought i was heading toward a perfect game and ended up with an 8-10 split in the eighth frame. didn't quite finish it out. >> not like you remember things like that from 30 years ago. >> i remember it like it was yesterday. >> i would too if i did it. thank for being with us tonight. we will be watching what happens tuesday night and it's clear it's beyond tuesday. >> yes, sir. thank you very much. >> you have next, a key bait against haley barbour and howard
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>> with president obama and mitt romney setting their sights squarely on each other, we thought this would be a good time to look at how the general election campaign might play out. joining us now or two party leaders. from jackson mississippi, haley barbour, and from burlington vermont, former democratic party chair and governor, howard dean. we don't have the lights and bells but i will ask you to keep it short, 30, 40 second answers. let's start with the big issue, obamacare. if the supreme court strikes down the individual man date, governor dean, as you have predicted they will, won't republicans be able to say this
9:19 pm
is a president so far out of the mainstream that his signature legislative accomplishment of his term in office turned out to be unconstitutional? >> that depends. the mandate is not something that is really necessary. if if the justices strike it down it might help the president because people don't like the mandate. but if the rest stays intact it will be seen as a victory for the president and i think he will do fine. >> governor barbour, do you think that's a victory for the president? let me ask about a problem republicans have. there's a lot in obamacare that people like. they like the idea that people can't be excluded from coverage because of pre-existing conditions or that kids can stay on their parents' policies until they are 26. if, let's say, the whole bill is struck down, republicans talk about repeal and replace. what are you going to replace that with? >> well, let me say first of all, i think it will be pretty interesting if former constitutional law professor, president obama's obama's
9:20 pm
signature law gets kicked out because it's unconstitutional, but i think there's a good chance that will happen. the fact of the matter is that the law is very unpopular, unlike most entitlements it has continued to stay unpopular after it was enacted. i think there's -- that's very revealing. the american people know there's a lot in here that's bad. but that doesn't mean everything is bad. but look, let me give you a perfect example. you mentioned pre-existing illnesses and the fact that that's popular. well, 35 states already had risk pools to allow people who couldn't buy health insurance immediately because of pre-existing conditions to buy it through a state risk pool. we have more than 3500 people in mississippi. we've had that law since the mid-90s. do you know how many people are in the federal risk pool set up by this law? 120. that just goes to show you a lot of what was badly hooed into a
9:21 pm
reason to need the federal law was already done at the state left but the left doesn't care. they say if the federal government doesn't make you do it, it doesn't count. >> i will ask you a different question, governor dean. you can do what candidates do, you can either answer the question i asked you or respond to haley barber. i want to turn to gas prices of that more than doubled since this president took office and are now headed north of four dollars a gallon in a lot of parts of the country. the president has cutback on drilling since the bp oil spill. he has rejected or at least delayed the keystone oil pipeline fairly or unfairly. isn't he going to have to take the political hit at the price at the pump? >> it is true people don't like this law. what is not true that they actually do like what is in it and that's poll after poll shows you mentioned particular parts of this law people like it, but if you talk about the whole law,
9:22 pm
they don't like it. i think the president is in great shape in healthcare. unless they strike down the whole bill. this is the most political supreme court we've ever had, 73% of the american people believes the politics motivates the supreme court and i'm one of those 73%. i think a lot will be seen at politics. >> wait. before we get to the gas prices, i promise i just want to give governor barbour a chance to respond. there's a lot of thought if this is struck down president obama will campaign against the political supreme court. >> well, look. the american people are going to favor the supreme court's opinion if the supreme court does, in fact, strike down the law. so it won't surprise me to see president obama complaining about the supreme court. but also, president obama's policies on healthcare, on energy, are his problem. they are the wrong policies. bad for the country. >> let me go back to gas prices.
9:23 pm
i interrupted you, governor dean. isn't the president going to take a hit on gas prices? >> i think the president will take a small hit. i think most people understand that the president is not responsible for gas prices. i actually think the oil companies and the republicans will take a hit because of the vote we just had where the vote -- where the republicans all vote today keep giving the big fat $4 billion a year subsidies to the oil companies. this isn't going to end up on the president's plate. the governor is not responsible for gas prices any more than governor reagan was responsible for gas prices or governor bush was. there are things the president is doing, he's doing. the fact oil production is higher today than it was when george bush left office so it was true it was cut back after the bp spill and with good screen i think people in governor barbour's home state will tell you it was with good reason. but the fact of the matter the president is not responsible for the gas prices, the american people know it.
9:24 pm
there is more production today than there was four years ago. >> i want to second or at least to elaborate on what he said, which is that the president is going to try to say, look, the republicans are in bed with big oil, and they, of course, have this bill that republicans and some democrats voted against the oil subsidies. here is what the president said in the rose garden. >> members of congress have a simple choice to make. they can stand with the big oil companies or they can stand with the american people. >> so governor barbour, the president's responsibility or lack of same for high gas prices and his effort to turn this into he's looking out for the middle class, republicans want to protect big oil. >> well, look. there's one thing you can always rely on with barack obama. when something is wrong, it's always somebody else's fault. so oil prices are hay so barack obama said it's the oil
9:25 pm
company's fault, it's the republicans' fault. fact of the matter is we have more production of oil and gas in the united states today despite obama's policies. we in the gulf did not want a moratorium, knew there didn't need to be a moratorium, and the president's own expert panel said don't have a moratorium. but the politicians in the white house slipped into their report have a moratorium. almost every single policy of this administration has sent a signal to the world market, the americans are not going to produce the abun can't, affordable american energy that we are blessed with, and that has helped drive up the price of oil and therefore the price of gasoline. >> governor barbour, i want to switch because everybody thought going into the last six month that is the economy was going to be the big issue in this campaign and a bad issue for the president. but the economy keeps getting better. it has created more than a million jobs in the last six
9:26 pm
months, unemployment is down to 8.3%, even though a half million people entered the workforce last month. can't the president make the argument unemployment is still too high but i inherited a mess and things are getting better? >> he is certainly going to make the argument it isn't his fault. but despite the liberal media elite saying how great the economy is, the fact that the united states today or last month, 58.6% of adults had a job. except for the obama administration, you have to go back 30 years to 1983, 29 years, to find a time when that small a percentage of americans were working, and 10% of those have a part-time job. so if they want to tell us how great it is, the 42% of americans who are not working probably have a different view. >> governor dean, a couple of facts. there are still more people
9:27 pm
unemployed than when this president took office, and remember that barack obama said if you pass his stimulus that unemployment won't go up above 8%. a trillion dollars later it has never gone down below 8%. >> chris, here's of the fundamental problem the republicans have. this is due to the wall street people who changed the dialogue. most people believe there's a one percent that has a lot and 99 percent that gets treated not so well. a poll i saw, 70% of the people in the country believes gov. romney, who i think is going to be the nominee is in favor of the 1%. three people believe that about barack obama. the most important question in any poll is who do you trust to understand candidates like me? this president is trying to do everything he can to turn around the economy he inherited when he took office and he's done a lot of good things. there are a lot of jobs being created, a million in the last six months. when people look at the economy,
9:28 pm
it's not good enough yet but it's getting better, and when they trust who they trust to do something for them as opposed to the wall street people, i predict he's going to win florida," ohio and virginia. there's not any republican candidate that can win there. >> i want to give you each a little less than a minute and let's wrap it up with a big picture. governor dean, assuming that romney is the nominee, what's the basic case against mitt romney? >> the basic case against mitt romney is no understanding of what it's like for ordinary people. he's building a zilloon dollar house in california that has an elevator for his car, and bank accounts in cayman islands. but he brags on the stunt his wife has two catted larks and it was funny when he shut down a factory. this is a decent guy and i think he's a decent guy. he is a moderate at heart but he has no connection to the
9:29 pm
ordinary americans in this country. >> governor barbour, i will let you wrap it up. the same amount of time. basic case against barack obama? >> the case against barack obama is his record. here's a man that cannot run for re-election on his record, and normally presidential elections are referenda on the president n this case the president's policies are not only unpopular, they make it harder to create jobs. when the government sucks all the money out of the economy. when potential employers are told that the president is going to stick them with the largest tax increase in american history, $1.5 trillion of new taxes. how do potential employers say, gee, i think i'll hire more people even though i'm going to lose all of that money. when they don't know what their obligations are going to be for healthcare for their employees, but they know that the cost of healthcare has gone up under the obama administration. how are employers expected to
9:30 pm
have more jobs in we've talked about bad energy policy. if this election is about obama's policies, he's going to lose and the democrats will try to do anything they can do to keep it from being about his policies. >> all right. we will leave it there. governor barbour, governor dean, i want to thank you both for coming in today. >> thank you. >> we will have you back to continue the debate as the campaign rolls on: up next the sunday panel tonight travon martin case. just -- justice denied or a rush to judgment? we will be right back. er. [ gans ] [ marge ] psst. constipated? phillipscaplets use magnesiu an ingredient that rks more naturally with your colon than stulant laxatives, phillipscaplets use magnesiu
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ask if nexium is right for you. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. >> trayvon martin said something to the effect of you are going to die now or you are going to die tonight, something to that effect. >> george zimmerman doesn't exhibit a broken nose, he doesn't exhibit blood on the back of his hand, he doesn't exhibit his clothes messed up. america can judge for themselves. >> the lawyer for trayvon martin's family and the father of the shooter both speaking out this week as the martin case keeps getting bigger and more complicated. it's time for our sunday group. bill
9:34 pm
>> bill, what do you make of the trayvon martin case and the legs that it continues to have? are you surprised that more than a month after the shooting that zimmerman still has been charged with nothing or is this another duke lacrosse case where the public rushing to judgment? >> it is a national political matter when i think it should be a local or state law enforcement matter. we don't know what happened, and i trust justice will be served. it's a terrible thing that this young man was killed obviously. but the idea that national politicians and commentators are rushing in to make judgments where they don't know what happened is distressing. and the degree to which people are willing to play the race card, you know, without -- not in a constructive way. not in a way that helps race relation necessary this country, not a way that helps justice in this case. it's distressing, i think.
9:35 pm
>> liz. >> i would add to that the media attention and pressure from activists did serve a purpose initially in that now we have a special prosecutor investigating and a justice department investigating. i think you can say arguably none of that would happen if there hadn't been a certain amount of attention paid initially. but i think we are at the stage now there is an investigation, we need to let that investigation do its job. you know, this week the special prosecutor impose add news blackout so the media was left dealing with various leaks and speculation as opposed to real facts. so i think, you know, at this point we need to let the justice, you know, justice be done and let the legal system run its course. >> there are still though, even if we don't know what happened, we don't know what happened that night, there are still interesting things to be said and one of the people saying them is this fellow here, juan williams, who had an interesting article in the wall street journal this week in which you said basically that it's just much more complicated that
9:36 pm
people are portraying it. i want to put up on the screen a quote from your article. you wrote the martin case is very different from the emity till case in which a white segregationnist, mississippi society approved the murder after black child. black america needs to get out of the rut of replaying racial injustices of the past. explain. >> well, you know, it's such an overwhelming situation today in terms of black and white america. but if you look at it, it's totally different than the civil rights history. because the narrative is so familiar to so many people, people try to fit things into the narrative is want to make this the kind of in just tis that took place 50 years ago. it is not. it is about a situation that you have today, to my mind, a horrific situation down in florida in which a young black man, a guy with ice tea and skit else is work along and this guy
9:37 pm
views him as suspicious. i don't know if it's racial. but refused to follow instructions from a 911 operator. so i think people fear for their children, white, black, hispanic, what if my kid is seen in this way and it ends up in his detect. but the larger issue is you look at the images of black people today, the pants down, it's jailhouse fashion. nobody says a word about it. nobody says about the fact that almost half of the murders in the united states are of black people anded 0% are committed by other black people. what is this carnage in the black community in chicago, philadelphia, detroit, every day of the week and nobody has a march for them. it's outrageous. people talk about the largest context. the bad schools. where are the marchs against the schools failing these kids that lead to the 40% unemployment rate for black teens in this country? to me this is the civil rights challenge of this generation. yet people want to replay what was happening 50 years ago,
9:38 pm
chris. >> and chet. >> i don't know how much i can add. i can tell you, we know when a child or teenager dies it's a tragedy for whatever reason. but now we are still waiting for an investigation. i have a 15-year-old brother from big rother and big sister and this drove me to tell him don't wear your hoody. why should i have to do that? what are we afraid of? the most important thing we can hear from the national leaders is turn the volume down, let the investigation happen and see if we can figure out what the facts are before we throw the race card out for everything like this that happens. >> but it's interesting, we do stare type and profile. if it turns out like it apparently did in this case that there was profiling by this fellow, zimmerman of martin, he looked suspicious, there was also profiling of george zimmerman. it turns out his mother is hispanic, his father said his son has black family and friends and that the media portrayal of
9:39 pm
him as a racist is as far from the truth as it could be. we tend, as we said, fit these people into preconceived notions when that may not be the case at all. >> we do, and most of the media would have been content to let it play out. i agree with liz, at first there was a lack of interest of pursuing this case by the local authorities so it was right to raise alarms as first but now it's demographically on those who want to insight society for the death and if may be very unjustified shooting of this young man and some counter reaction by some on the right that feel this is unjust and now we are going to go attack trayvon martin or something which is really ridiculous as well. i agree with what juan says. this is a legitimate debate to be had about whether the florida law contributed to this, whether that's a sensible law and i'm not so sure it is. it seems there's a traditional standard of self-defense and
9:40 pm
having a reasonable fear for your own life that this law goes further and makes it if you just feel threatened you can use deadly force. i'm not sure we want a society that that is the case. but that's a reasonable debate to have, but that's a reasonable debate you should have. >> a lot of people i think are fearful for their own kids. you know, kids act crazy and they dress in a way, you know, the kind of, you know, gangster rap, thug fashion and people think, oh, my god, it could be my child. the thing i think is the point of concern is why was the decision made not to arrest zimmerman? just let the legal system take the case, settle the facts. the idea that someone would kill this little boy, 17, no matter what his behavior, but kill him when he's unarmed seems outrageous and at least the arrest is necessary. >> all right. to say there's been media overload, we will stop talking about it. we will take a break but when we come back the republican party
9:41 pm
starts toa night around romney, and romney and obama starting to after each other.
9:42 pm
9:43 pm
9:44 pm
err you shall you seeds. >> governor romney called the president of the united states out of touch, that's a quote, out of touch for encouraging young people to try to get manufacturing jobs. out of touch? romney? >> mitt romney making his case against president obama while
9:45 pm
the vice president heats up his rhetoric against the republican frontrunner. and we are back now with the panel. we saw a series of endorsements of mitt romney this week from young guns like marco rubio and paul ryan and old lions of the party like george hb bush, bush 41. how effective do you think they will be in forcing the other candidates -- it didn't seem with my interview with rick santorum -- forcing the other candidates from the race and does it become effective? >> it becomes effective over a long period of time. each endorsement happens and less and less money they can raise. it makes it tougher and tougher to win race. it looks like everybody is on board so i might as well get there, too. i think this primary is not quite over. we have three states on tuesday and pennsylvania, rick santorum's home state coming up the end of the month. i think you could see an effective end at then of the month. but rick santorum made a case
9:46 pm
effective why he should be in the race. nobody has won 1144 yet and until then we don't have a nominee. >> liz, what is the end game here? how and when do you see the republican primary battle wrapping up? >> well, i would argue that actually we kind of have seen it wrapping up this week. i thought it was pretty significant that this week, of all weeks, when healthcare was really the major focus for much of the week, and that is theoretically supposed to be romney's achilles heel that it was this week he managed to consolidate a lot of party support behind him. i think it felt like there was a turning point this week. wisconsin could be the icing on the cake for romney if he puts santorum away there. yes, santorum may stay in until pennsylvania but a big win for romney on tuesday in wisconsin would kind of finalize things in terms of the public's overall sense of how it's going. only other point i would make, as sort after counter to this, i did think there was an
9:47 pm
interesting polling note. cnn had had had a poll this week they asked republican voters if they wanted to see it wrapped up at the primaries or the convention and 43% said at the convention. there is still some desire of it continuing. >> i voted several times for the convention. >> we are all voting. >> of course. even if romney wins this, i think it's clear and i will put up some polls myself, the battle for the nomination has really hurt romney, bill. let's take a look. in february president obama was leading romney by 5 points. that's now up to 11 points. and back in january independents had a favorable opinion of romney by 7 and now it's 16. how much of it is self induced problems from his gaffes and also the attacks from the right, from republicans? >> i would argue that everything that -- critical of mitt romney
9:48 pm
would have been said anyway and it's better to get it out now and overcome it in the primaries than sail through the primaries and have them close down early and then have the six, eight months of democrats and all kinds of independents on governor romney. i think he's down slightly. president obama has improved his approval rating also. the economy has picked up some. he's now about even at approval, disapproval. i think it's a 50-50 race but romney will end up being a better candidate if he wins wisconsin tuesday. but it would being wonderful, in my contrarian way, but i picked against kansas and kentucky making the finals -- >> some of us didn't. >> no. chris has won the fox news poll with having three of the final four. amazing. >> i didn't even pay you to say that. >> and i'm losing. >> you know, i have to say we've known each other -- we've known each other about 30 years and worked on the set and this is the first time you've even looked at me with even a
9:49 pm
scintilla of admiration. >> it's amazing what you did in that. >> and if the voters of wisconsin said let's vote for santorum and keep the race alive, i would personally like it as sort of a gesture to the republican establishment. >> he it still flaunting the marco rubio, guys, just in case you can't get the sub text there. >> the top pollster said this week in a breakfast meeting with reporters in washington, the fact that more than half the american people have an unfavorable view of romney at this point tells you something because the obama campaign has not really put out the big dogs in terms of attacking mitt romney. and the key point that he wants to make is that the obama campaign will pick up on just what you saw on the little bit you played from vice president biden, that romney is out of the touch, that romney is this rich guy looking out for the rich. and it plays into this notion that you can see in terms of the
9:50 pm
ryan budget plan that the budget so far, again, makes it very clear they want to have strong cuts in terms of entitlement spend bug where are the cuts in terms of the loopholes, deductions, the kind of things you were discussing last week. it's just not clear, and it plays negatively for mitt romney at this juncture. but i think right now in terms of the republican primary race, it's just about over. it's not just that he's going to win this week i think in wisconsin, but that the big money starts to come out with the big money endorsements, the bush people, the super pacs, they are going to unload money right now for mitt romney. >> in the time we have left let's do a final four analysis. assuming it ends up being obama and romney, how do they match up? >> it's an interesting match-up. we've seen where the battle lines are drown. some of the polling indicates obama can pick his fights with romney where mitt romney is still having to fight the right side of the party to get his nomination. i think they match up very
9:51 pm
interestingly. it's a tale of two parties and tale of two economies and a tale of two countries. one person will say this is my vision going this way and obama will say this is my vision, it goes this way. completely different paths, different styles, and completely different campaigns and it will be interesting in november. >> so you are saying it is basically going to be a philosophical choice which way you want the country to go. >> and it will be a philosophical choice how we get there. that's the only way we win. we can't do it on sheer personality. the president has a wonderful personality and gives a great speech. that's not gov. romney's strong suit. he is to fix it, the economy, this is how we are going to do it. it will be a lot less passionate campaign that than the president has but it's one this country has problems and i know how to fix them. >> liz, how do you handicap the -- we are jumping the gun we admit it, but how do they match up? >> i think this presidential races particularly the person
9:52 pm
does matter and the sense that voters have of who this guy is as a person, his character, his values, all of that is really important in presidential races. i do think that the narrative of romney is out of touch, which we see the democrats talking about is damaging and to some extent i find it curious because romney keeps doing it to himself. this week of all weeks when he seems to get all endorsements and wrap up the nomination he made two gaffes totally voluntarily. he made the comment about his father closing the plant in michigan, and moving it to wisconsin, which he seemed to think it was a joke and didn't play all that well. then there was the story about the renovation he's doing on his home in lajoya which he doesn't need to be doing this four car garage with an elevator and all of that. it doesn't play well for him and he's doing it to himself. i found it curious and i think it will be a problem going forward. >> bill, you get less than 30 seconds for the final word, how they match up. >> romney, i thought the clip
9:53 pm
you showed was good of romney. a second term of obama we can't afford. the fed has helped him put off the day of wreck on on the deficit and we can't afford a second term with president obama. >> thank you, panel. see you next week. i suspect we will continue this conversation. don't forget to check out panel plus where our group picks up with the discussion on our website, fox be sure to follow us on twitter. up next, our power player of the week. [ lisa ] my first car by lisa b.
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>> he's a trail-blazing doctor who has given away millions through his own charity and now he's written a prescription to solve the nation's ills. here's our power player of the week. >> human potential is something that we don't really talk about a lot. >> benches carson is a world renown brain surgeon at johns hopkins medical center in baltimore. but both in and out of the operating room he is all about maximizing the intellectual potential of every person. >> your brain remembers everything you have ever seen and heard and it can process more than 2 billion bits of information in one second. it's a maying. it's a matter of how you program it. >> dr. carson is legendary tore
9:57 pm
taking on the toughest cases. so-called hopeless cases. >> in some cases it becomes clear the only shot this person has is if you do something. >> carson believes in the potential of every person because he has lived it. >> as a youngster growing up in a single parent home in the ener city with dire poverty, all the things that would seem to preclude success i was able to become successful. >> his mother dropped out of third grade, got married at 13 and was ill lit at that time. but she made her kids turn off the tv, read books, and write reports on them. she couldn't read. >> she would fool us by putting checkmarks and highlights, and it would look like somebody had actually gone through the book report. >> so the class dummy ended up going to yale and becoming a brain surgeon. since 1994 carson and his wife, candy, have given back. setting up the carson scholars
9:58 pm
fund. >> for superior academic performance and demonstration of humanitarian qualities. >> over the years it's given more than $5 million in scholarships to help kids go to college. >> i have nothing against sports and entertainment, but what is going to maintain our pinnacle position in the world? our ability to shoot the 25-foot jump shot or the ability to solve occasions. >> he has written a book called america the beautiful, rediscovering what made this country great. he says like great empires before us, this nation is losing its way and needs to return to founding principles. this is country created by and for the people, not by and for the government. >> you sound like a conservative republican. >> if somebody can show me, depending on government handouts and, you know, welfare programs
9:59 pm
and entitlements lead to a great society, i'm all ears of. >> but you don't believe it? >> i haven't seen it. >> while ben carson helps other people get the most out of their lives, he will keep striving to get the most out of his. >> we will just have to wait and see what the lord has in store for me. >> but you figure there will be something? >> there's always something and it's always better than what you thought. >> dr. carson says for all his training, he still prays before every surgery. he says god made everything, so he knows how everything works. and that's it for today. have a great week. we will see you next fox news sunday.