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tv   The Five  FOX News  April 2, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> demand it. >> kimberly: hello, everyone. i'm kimberly guilfoyle with juan williams, eric bolling, dana perino and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. and this is "the five." ♪ ♪ president obama fires a shot at conservatives and the supreme court over his signature legislation, obamacare. take a look at what he said today in a press conference, that the leaders of mexico and canada. >> just remind conservative commentators for four years all we heard was the problem on the bench is judicial activism or lack of judicial restraint. an unelected group of people would somehow overturn a dually constituted and passed law. well, a good example. >> kimberly: effective
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communication? >> dana: no. the president missed yet another opportunity to be presidential. i was dismayed by this. let me get it straight. obamacare is constitutional because majority of congress voted for it? then senator obama had said the same about the legal challenges to the patriot act or any other law that passed? this law passed not only on a bipartisan basis. when he calls it unprecedented and he decides because nerve his inner circle told him the law was constitutional -- don't forget he was a constitutional lawyer. he might have missed the constitutional law class where it said if the supreme court doesn't have a right to say whether it's constitutional or not, if a majority passes a bill, even if it wasn't bipartisan, fearing defeat, they have gone in to full attack mode. it was divisive, disrespectful.
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conservatives that argued the case on the merits. everybody was surprised including many liberal commentators that the arguments went so badly. don't take it out on us you can't make your arguments well. conservatives could have gotten political. remember the talk at the beginning about justice kagan and whether or not she should recuse herself? they dropped that. one of the reasons they did is chief justice roberts is the one who said she is fine. so they backed off. so i also don't understand this from a political standpoint. two-third of the american people think the bill is unconstitutional. what he could have said today is the supreme court is going to decide. and we want healthcare reform. i'm going to make sure it happens. one way or another. instead, he decided to go very, very political. it's not a swing voter issue. making people worried about the supreme court. what is he going to say vote for me and you get fewer decisions you like? doesn't make sense. >> eric: i'm trying to figure out, this is the way,
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he said this is a north american summit. three amigo summitca, naidian prime minister, mexican president and the american president will get together to talk about the economic issues. all of a sudden we get judicial activism in the middle of the speech. it's insulting to the american people. we have a situation where look at the three guys up there. of the three, america now has the highest tax rate. we have the highest unemployment rate and the lowest growth rate. talk about the issues that are important to the american people. price of gasoline, the economy, not obamacare. out of our hands. >> juan: if you want to live in mexico or canada, go ahead. i didn't know you felt that way. i'd rather live in america. america is the place to be if you want opportunity. i'd live in america. start my business is america. i do business and hire people in america. >> kimberly: everybody at this table is pro-america. >> greg: not me. i'm disgusted by this place. >> kimberly: and in other words, in other thoughts?
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freddie i was going to say the fun part of the whole event for me was that what is his name phillip calderon? he wanted to respond to the questions about healthcare. and i believe we had something called tape. >> of the 112 million mexicans, 106 million will have efficient, effective universal healthcare coverage. the united states could follow our example in achieving this, becausing the a great thing. >> greg: so what he is saying is his universal healthcare is so awesome everyone is fleeing to america to get away from it. it's like saying my restaurant is so good that everybody is eating at soro's. >> juan: healthcare to people come to america? freddie our emergency rooms are probably better than their healthcare. >> juan: i think the economic opportunity -- i mean it's not -- >> greg: aren't they linked
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together? >> juan: c'mon. harper said the same thing. >> greg: economic opportunity is here you have a government who can't offer that, because they're too busy with universal healthcare. dangerous to live there. universal healthcare. they also are -- thank you, juan. they have a higher crime rate than most war zones. >> eric: they're coming from mexico to america for the healthcare. >> juan: rich people. if you have money in america you get the best healthcare in the world. >> eric: canadian and mexicans are coming to america if they can afford it or not. either way. >> eric: if -- >> juan: if you are ill and go to a hospital we take care of you. >> dana: that is not a law. it's hippocratic oath. >> juan: no, no, no. hospitals are penalized unless they do that. so people get the benefit for the fact all of us have high
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rates because we pay for people who are uninsured which is what the president is trying to do. let me respond to miss perino. miss perino -- >> kimberly: quick. >> juan: let me say, you realize that the path's picking up on a conservative argument and absolutely condemning judicial activism. i never heard you say before, oh, my gosh, i can't believe conservatives are trying to -- >> dana: okay. so say that's true. he is losing. he can't help himself. he can't get out of his own way. >> kimberly: frustrated with several things. >> dana: i want him to be what he said he was going to be in 2008. problem solveer. >> juan: punch, punch, punch. anytime he punchs back, ho! >> dana: the supreme court is doing -- what if he wins, what if president obama wins? >> kimberly: more on the "c" block. >> greg: he is reversing the concepts about judicial restraint and judicial activism, confusing golfing for gobbing.
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>> kimberly: okay. that was fascinating. now we're going to get into capitalism, which is equally fascinating since i don't have a good golfing game, long or short game. but let's listen to the president. eric, i want you to respond to this. he is appearing in this, allegedly, sounding like he is saying that capitalism does not work. what? play it. >> we won't win the race for new jobs and new businesses. and middle class security. if we cling to this same old, warn out, tired, you're on your own economics that the other side is peddling. i mean they ask like we haven't tried it. we tried it. the idea that you would keep doing the same thing over and over again, even though it's been proven not to work. that is a sign of madness. >> kimberly: eric? >> eric: as angered or disappointed that dana was with president obama with
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regard to obamacare and the judicial activism, i'm equally ticked off at him for this. he cannot help himself but to lay out his cards and everything that you read socialism, socialism. spread the wealth. to joe the plumber. redistribution with the food stamps. on and on. the guy said at one point i make too much money. you should tax me more. here it is, saying we tried capitalism? what? we tried it and didn't work? this is the strongest country in history of countries right now. freddie i love this. this is the greatest system of the world but obama can do better. he's like saying that circumstance is not round enough. it should be square. that ocean is really wet. we need to dry that ocean. sun, the sun is too sunny. this is a teacher's lounge lizard. gets these ideas and n a teacher's lounge that doesn't work in the real world. >> juan: i see. let me think. child labor laws don't work in the real world.
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socialism, that economy -- >> dana: is he talking about child labor laws? i don't think so. >> juan: but detecting workers in coal mine. that is government interference. that's terrible. coal minds could make more money if they didn't have to worry about the coal miners and their families. >> dana: that might be an effective argument if that is what he was talking about. >> greg: i think child laborers are adorable. >> kimberly: another thing that is disturbing and we have a full screen of this, the president claiming that government, forever the government, everything from the government is good, solyndra and everything product of capitalism is not i guess. take a look at this. one message and that is we're doing to make sure we cut people's taxes even more so by every objective measure the deficit is worse and we will slash government investment that has made this country great. >> eric: this is the problem with the obama administration. they think that this is the way economics works. it's not. it's not the government. it's the private sector -- dims free market.
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the job creators, the innovators. the one that really works for the long haul. not the ones where you can turn over half a approximately to fisker, solyndra, tesla and countless other r other green energy programs that work for a year and run out of money. just i see, oh, what happened with g.m., eric? oh! government invests, saved jobs, saved the american auto industry. hmm. pretty good. >> kimberly: i want dana after this. >> juan: oh, no. >> eric: still owe american people -- >> juan: let them go down. >> dana: the government -- okay, m.g.m., when they stepped in, it wasn't because they were creating a newfangled green energy thing. one thing they did invest in failed. as evidenced by our own eric bolling who drove one more a week and it didn't work. g.m. is selling more suved than they were before. so that is not an effective argument. >> eric: not a successful company. >> kimberly: we want our
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money back. tomorrow wouldn't be too soon. if you can do it, we'll take the check. freddie you could need new shoes. >> kimberly: i'm telling you. coming up, a was we mentioned our pal rush limbaugh has a beef with this guy. he is taking him on. we tell you what rush said and juan will give it back to him. don't forget to e-mail us at "the five" at we'll be waiting. ♪ ♪ four walls and a roof is a structure. what's inside is a home. home protector plus from liberty mutual insurance, where the cost to both repair your house and replace what's inside are covered. so your life can settle right back into place.
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♪ ♪ >> dana: welcome back to "the five." so, president bill clinton made a daring prediction this morning on "good morning america" with jake tapper. take a listen. >> you turned it around. can he? >> i doubt it. mr. romney has a different challenge than i did. mine was just one long character attack. but we never had to change what we were saying from the primary to the general. the problem is governor
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romney, his character attack was he doesn't know what he believes, he did this, he says that. >> dana: i'm going to make a bold prediction. between now and election day, every democrat is going to say the exact same thing. on the day that the votes are being cast and counted, they might even afterwards still say that romney can't win. there is a little bit of good reason for that now. "usa today" gallup poll has obama at 49-45, which i think is kind of remarkable that obama is not more ahead. because romney has been fighting in the primary and president obama made a series of oh, to me questionable presidential statements. but he has been out there. and greg, do you think that any democrat would come out and say that romney could win? >> greg: i think, you know, like you said, the four-point difference is surprisingly small. romney has taken more hits than a bong in a dorm room.
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>> dana: i have know idea what you're talking about. >> greg: neither do i. this was democratic polls and they were women. once they get married they become conservative because they enter the real world. and go what was i thinking from 20 to 26? >> dana: interesting point on that. >> greg: i had 17 other points. >> dana: can i come back to you then? you said something very interesting i want kimberly's take on. >> kimberly: why, thank you. >> dana: for the first time in our history we have more voting age, more single women than married women. married women have traditionally been more difficult for democrats to pick up. this time around, women, in this "usa today" poll seeming two things that obama would be better choice for them. what do you think? >> kimberly: maybe some of the message is they say there is a war on women by the con seventive party. starting to re resonate and thik maybe we're safer off with barack obama.
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a lot of fear tactic employed. if romney is able to get the message across, if you care, tope the married women an families about jobs and economy and putting food on the table and gas in car, value of your home. choose me. i'm a problem solveer. right now they are failing to get the message and need to do better. >> dana: great point. eric and then juan. eric, put you on the spot. if you are the republican candidate, what is your message from economic standpoint to get more women to vote for you? >> eric: il it has to be gasoline. we are taking $500 billion out of the economy based on gasoline. that hits every, everyone, every person who goes down the grocery aisle or drive askar. it hits everyone. if they say on it, conservatives stay on it and newt is kind of on it but it
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needs to be romney. not driving it home. out there every day. economy and the gas prices. that really is president obama's achilles. if you stay on that, have a shot at beating him. >> dana: juan, in this poll it was interesting that older women give romney edge by large margin but under 50 would likely vote for obama if the election were held tomorrow. if you're obama or romney how do you hold on to them or bring them over to your side? >> juan: this is very interesting because last week on this very show, on this romper room of republicanism, i heard oh, you know, this is such nonsense, it's the democrats who are whipping up people in a frenzy over the so-called were on women. it's all manufacturered. nothing like this. i'm so glad that "usa today" brought the poll front and center to see the republican action on contraception, on the kind of intervening in
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people's lives in virginia, you know, unnecessary medical intervention that has driven women away. >> greg: but the poll was overwhelmingly democrat women. wasn't it? actually you know who romney is winning big among? white men over 55. >> dana: and women. >> greg: older women are smarter and more experienced. than the naive ramblings of a teacher lounge starbucks socialist. >> kimberly: that's why i would keep them on my jury. 63% of the women polled in this say they do not know enough to state what romney's position is about contraception. they don't know the candidate well enough to make informed decision. therefore this poll is skewed. >> juan: is kimberly guilfoyle saying these women know nothing? >> kimberly: i did not. gawps you are saying a lot of unbelievable things about your sisters. >> kimberlysisters.
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>> greg: none of us talked about clinton's leather jacket. is he guest hosting "america's most wanted" or touring with jon bon jovi. >> kimberly: part of the global initiative wardrobe. >> eric: is it leather? >> juan: he is looking for love. >> dana: okay. we'll let juan have that, get invited to the white house. directly ahead, this a s a moment you've been waiting for. rush limbaugh has had issue with juan williams' analysis of the obamacare hearing. juan's response when we come back. ♪ ♪ [ rosa ] i'm rosa and i quit smoking with chantix.
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>> juan: last week, rush limbaugh, the great el rushbo had issues with me, your humble political analyst on the obamacare hearings. we'll start with my comments actually that rush played on his show. and then rush's reaction. >> the consequence politically is debated in washington. does it help president obama's re-election campaign if the healthcare act is unconstitutional by the court or does it hurt republicans? >> i know juan williams. i have been interviewed by juan. i like juan. but juan, do you even care what the bill says? here we are once again analyzing the political ramifications for obama. and for the republic. what about to the people? what about for the citizens of this country that are going to lose a significant amount of freedom? what about the constitution?
5:27 pm
>> juan: it's hard for me to argue with a man who has half of his brain tied behind his back. he's right. i'm just telling you what is going on in washington right there. a conversation about the political consequences of what the supreme court ruling on what healthcare might be. i'll say this. in terms of the constitution, rush, remember a very conservative court, the d.c. appeals court, lawrence silverman. remember that? a conservative jurists saying it's constitutional. two of the four courts said it was constitutional. in terms of the people, rush, if you're a senior and dealing with prescription drugs, guess what? obamacare helps you. if you want your kid to stay on your insurance plan until he's 26, panel bam carrie helps you. these are realities that people have to deal with. that's what i was trying to say to the great rush limbaug limbaugh.
5:28 pm
freddie of course obamacare helps you but you leave off the second part of the equation. for how much? here is the purpose of obamacare. here is pre stuff. it is. it's free. but the next step is we're bankrupt. like your dad bought a boat. now he can't pay the rent. great boat. >> dana: rush's first part of the first equation is not the other goodies people agree with and i think could pass in a bipartisan fashion. the question is on the constitutionality of one provision, the individual mandate. >> kimberly: correct. >> juan: but i'm saying the conservative -- democrat is -- >> dana: the question in front of the supreme court. his point wasn't the announcement of the good stuff that comes with the bill. like kids on the insurance until they're 26, i think that is ridiculous. but that's not what rush is talking about. one thing from the supreme court. just he said what about the people? >> dana: two-third of the
5:29 pm
people think it's unconstitutional. >> juan: that is not true. two-third of people -- >> juan: that is a gallup poll. >> juan: those people want it repealed but a lot of people think it should have done more and have a public option. no, no. >> eric: we brought the poll up last week a couple of times. 68% of the people said the individual mandate portion of the bill should be repealed. >> kimberly: unconstitutional. >> dana: it doesn't mean they don't like the other stuff. >> eric: by the way, rush, half his brain tied behind his back. >> kimberly: that is not nice. >> juan: that is what rush says about himself? have you ever listened to rush? >> greg: that is what he says. he fights people with one part of his brain behind his back. >> juan: i can't believe you don't listen to limbaugh. >> kimberly: it's okay when he says it. but not you. just rush can have fun but i can't have fun? >> kimberly: absolutely. >> eric: what rush is saying, president obama is
5:30 pm
politicizing the obamacare debate when the american people, tan ab points out don't want it. why is there a discussion? move on. the supreme court has it. >> kimberly: the thing about this, juan, focus, stay with us. here is the deal. >> juan: you can teach me. >> kimberly: the balance of power, separation of powers. the supreme court put in this unenviable position of trying to put a check on the most massive expansion of the federal government trying to take over now healthcare. which we clearly cannot pay for. and individual mandate that is unconstitutional. that is why they're taking issue. no one is like i'm against people with preexisting condition or people want to take care of their children. that's not an issue that they're saying we don't want to take care of sick people or hurt old ladies. we're say being fiscally responsible and if there isn't a way to pay for it, and if it's not emnumerated power
5:31 pm
within the constitutional for the government to do it, it must be struck down. gawps here is the problem. if you have five republicans voting against it and four democrats vote for it, how does it strike the american people in the aftermath of busch v. gore that the court is not dealing with the constitutionality. it's politics. >> kimberly: you are disparaging the court saying they only engage in political pandering and only going with the will l of the person appointing them based on the partisan affiliation. >> dana: that is exactly -- i saw this early on. you could see from bob's comments, all summer long that if the court rules against it, right wing hack. if it they rule for it, case is settled. the political expediency of the that argument is not lost on the american people. they will put their trust in the supreme court, trusted institution and abide by
5:32 pm
whatever is decided. just you know what? let it be. i'm telling you the credibility of this court after push versus gore, citizenning united, a lot of americans -- >> dana: what about the ones voting with them. >> juan: the polarization in congress -- >> dana: so if kennedy votes in favor of something that the dems aren't for it's a good court? the reverse has to be true. >> kimberly: good court, bad court again. jus >> juan: people know about swing vote and the court being independent institution but we have seen they become more political. >> kimberly: that is wrong. disagree. >> eric: that is the major -- actuall just >> juan: coming up, some network in the work big-time. katie couric is back at gma. believe it or not, sarah palin is guest hosting "the today show." morning television has been turned upside down. we've got the best moment when
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i'm bret baier in washington. the big story here, president obama's insistence that the healthcare law will be upheld by the u.s. supreme court. we'll hear what the president had to say about this in the joint news conference with the leaders of canada and mexico. ed henry is following the story from the white house. three primary elections on the docket for tomorrow. the most hotly contested is in wisconsin. steve brown is in milwaukee tonight. he will tell us what is going on with the candidates today.
5:38 pm
rick santorum continues to fight off calls to drop out of the race. he's adamant about it. brit hume tells us why. jim angle looks at how much of a factor supply is in the skyrocketing cost of gasoline. president obama suggested it's not a major issue. we get both sides, fair and balanced. in the grape grape, new media coverage analysis. "special report" from washington starts at 6:00 eastern. now back to new york and "the five." ♪ ♪ >> greg: reaggie. reaggie for greggie. a new study by the california association of colors report the u.c. system is right with scholars of biased. it's got to be biased. the college head will think it's biased in the same way a
5:39 pm
suspect might accuse a witness of bias because the witness caught him in the act. how do you know the f the bias is real? talk to the average professor. if he doesn't utter word patriarch for six minutes, he's been dead for five minutes. look how groups like d.c. are conservative speakers handled on campus. ahmadinejad gets better treatment. look at the jobless grads. they majored in grud that guarantees teaching the same grud to another clueless kid. as thomas sole points out, students can exit top colleges learning nothing about science, math or economics, all the stuff that protects you from demagoguery. until you have grads with the dummy education to make them vuller in to believe the bad idea. occupy wall street. this isn't news. we know college is comemy central. conservatives have to stop whining and start crashing the party. time to step on toes. see what happens when a professor meets someone who thinks america is a positive force in the world. they will choke on the tongue
5:40 pm
stud. >> kimberly: eliminate tenure. >> greg: interesting point. if you introduce competition ideas matter more. >> kimberly: correct. >> eric: why would it matter? u.c. berkeley it doesn't matter if you have tenure. you won't get fired. >> kimberly: it depends if something becomes available no movement. >> eric: conservatism going to break in the liberal college fa ternty that the professors are because there is no tenure and they can? >> dana: if you choose to go to u.c. berkeley you know what you are getting. like a law school that goes to georgetown and you don't get the coverage in your insurance plan. same thing. >> greg: nicely put.
5:41 pm
juan, they found the curriculum promotes political activism. what should they do? >> juan: wait, i don't have a problem with political activism. >> greg: in the classroom? >> juan: oh, in the classroom. er from professors enforcing ideology on students. i don't think most students are aware until they get there. like they know they are going to berkeley they would know. i didn't know when i went to cal. >> kimberly: i specifically did not apply to u.c. berkeley, i was not going there because they only wear birkenstock. i'm not going. >> dana: parents figure it out when the kids come home for thanksgiving if the first weekend. >> eric: therein lies the problem. are parents who let their kids go to cool, middle school, high school. on to college. you have to be an activist parent to make sure you're not taught by this guy and from cal berkeley with
5:42 pm
birkenstocks. janis let me just say it's -- >> juan: let me say it's regrettable when professors politicize the curriculum. i do. but the thing is it's important to develop critical thinking among young people and that you challenge a lot they take from home. whereas you say you know what? once the kids get out in the real world, get a job. you know what they say, anybody who is a conservative at 19 opportunity have a heart. anyone who is liberal at 50 doesn't have a brain. it's good for the iz kids. >> kimberly: the stereotypes hurt everyone. >> dana: you have a good example of two kids -- >> juan: this is so unfair. >> dana: your kids grew up as independent thinkers. you probably gave them on the one hand, on the other hand and let them come to their conclusion. now they fight the good fight. couple of them. >> greg: you have two republican kids? you have two republican kids? >> juan: what is wrong with that? there is nothing wrong with that! >> kimberly: isn't that the
5:43 pm
best? he is got you. >> dana: it's good. >> juan: you know why i didn't apply to u.c. berkeley? i heard you weren't coming. [ laughter ] >> dana: i couldn't afford it. >> eric: where did they go to school? >> juan: one went mcallister and the other went to another liberal school. but you know? i am falling in your trap, so i say "liberal" but they were taught to think for themselve themselves. freddie i was a liberal when i got to berkeley. within one semester it was over. i did my thesis on moby dick and i did it on the homo erotic sub text of moby dick. >> kimberly: this explains a lot. >> greg: deconstructionism is what they taught there. >> eric: i read an article by you and you told us why you gave up on the liberals. when you talk liberal women, girls, the conversation is going nowhere. >> dana: this sounds like a one more thing to me.
5:44 pm
>> greg: coming up, sarah palin and katie couric go head-to-head on morning tv. who will win the epic bat? if you leave now you won't get to hear dana's new country music album called "rhinestone press secretary." ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announc ] you plant. you mow. you grow.
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>> eric: pope versus pepsi and today, "today" versus "good morning america." hottest rivalry. when abc announced that katie couric guest host "today sho ""d morning america" canshed"" rolled out that sarah palin will co"today show" tomorrow morning. will nbc be fair and balanced to the former governor? here is a preview. >> we did read a tweet you sent out that said would go rogue and infiltrate some television.
5:49 pm
what does that mean? >> what do you think it means? >> taking over matt's dressing room. >> what are you doing to prepare? are you reading newspapers? >> oh! >> and it begins. >> that is a fine how do you do. a great start. here we go. >> eric: it's much-see tv. lauer bet ber on your best behavior. my favorite gal. got my eyes on you! smart move or walking in the lion's den? >> kimberly: there has always been a big rivalry. gma has always been the number one show but the lead is shrinking now. that robin roberts is out of gma, they put in katie couric. a big bold move. "today show" won't take it sitting down so they had to come back with something controversial that is a watcher. everyone i know is talking
5:50 pm
about it, that i'll watch. the dvr duel channels going. smart move. >> eric: smart move. >> kimberly: yeah. >> eric: what about it, greg? >> greg: i try to figure out what the today show was. that is the show with the fuzzy headed creature that resembles a baby condor. matt romney. no. mom lauer. that is his name -- matt lauer. that is his name. the worst thing about the "today show" are commercials. they're all palling around and laughing having a good time. you know if you had commercials where everybody is doing that, they secretly hate each other. they can't stand each other. i find it nauseating. i hope they dept have colonoscopys. >> eric: was that interview a tip-off of what tomorrow will be? >> dana: i always start my day with "fox and friends." >> kimberly: that's right. >> dana: i'll have to watch the repeat. i think that the show is a lot of spunk on sarah palin, which
5:51 pm
is why people like her in the first place. if tomorrow, i think she will do well. if it takes the edge off a little bit of the palin derangement syndrome that swept the nation. this makes people see her more for who she is, who we have gotten know it's a very good thing. i think they will be great for her and bend over backwards to be nice to her. she will hold her own and have a good show. >> eric: juan? >> juan: i think sarah palin is bailing out nbc. i mean, gosh, everybody, around here, thinks they're lefty crazy people. sarah palin going over there and is going to bring a lot of her conservative moderates with her. she will get them in the papers in a moment when otherwise the papers would be filled with all the talk about katie couric, because katie couric is the one who actually built up the "today" show and now she bailed out and is on the other team at abc. >> eric: that is the big thing. >> kimberly: the rub. advantage, "today" show and palin. smart move. it will be great tv.
5:52 pm
why not? >> dana: when you see the clip from "good morning america" it's like -- there is nothing new. what is the next thing? it could be sarah palin. >> kimberly: she belongs to us so again fox will be number one. sorry. >> eric: one more thing is up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ let me get that door for you... [ man ] i loved my first car... sometimes the door gets stuck... oh sure. ooh! [ man ] ...and then, i didn't. um... [ sighs ] [ man ] so, i got a car i can love a really, really long time. [ malannouncer ] for the road ahead, the a-new subaru impreza. ♪ experience love that lasts.
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♪ ♪ >> kimberly: i love neil diamond. time for one more thing. juan? >> juan: it's unbelievable. it's been announced by will ferrell who said it's official. there is going to be a sequel to "anchorman." ron burgundy is coming back. take a look. >> i'm ron burgundy. you stay classy, san diego. >> thanks for stopping by. >> but mainly, stay classy. >> thanks for stopping by. >> stay classy, i'm ron burgundy. >> thanks for stopping by. >> ron burgundy. >> juan: take-off on '70s tv. imagine what they'll the today? katie, sara? how would ron burgundy react? >> dana: well, she's kind of a big deal if you remember.
5:57 pm
gawps we have a lot of big deals in cable tv. >> kimberly: we do. keep them coming. greg? >> greg: it's called "anchor man." not "the anchor man." >> juan: time to correct me. freddie earlier a press conference with steven harper from canada, a lovely country. i want to roll some tape from that, please. >> we are also collective collaborators in the g-20 in response to the global recession and instability of the past few years. [ speaking french ] >> greg: a friend of mine gavin points out the problem with bilingualism. it makes everything last twice as long including boring press conferences. that went too long because we had to listen to the french part. >> dana: president obama is like can we go? freddie i only hear it if i am
5:58 pm
ordering dupe. >> kimberly: give them the wrap cue. irk irk? >> eric: you know how president obama said i'd open this up. friday i opened the blackberry and check out what i found. see that? barack obama. i went oh, my gosh, barack obama. he e-mailed me. when you open out, do you have a full screen of what happened when you open that? it's a donation. asking for a denation to re-elect obama campaign. >> juan: i thought he sent you a bill. >> dana: the e-mail above that, from kirsten powers. she was not e-mailing you personally. it was her column. >> kimberly: clarify that if we can. >> dana: i am protecting everybody. >> juan: when you e-mail me, do you think it's suspicious?
5:59 pm
>> dana: no. i wasn't here friday. i think eric pointed this out, but today is the day that we're number one. but not necessarily something to brag about. these are foam fingers from -- we have a them at everybody. the race coalition, reforming taxes equitably. today at midnight america became the number one highest corporate tax rate in the world. they have r having a contest on facebook. we really want to get it on it. check out >> kimberly: amazing. being number one isn't always something to cheer about. >> greg: people with giant hands. >> kimberly: no time left. that's okay. in the national archive release 1940 census. 21 million people from 1940 are still alive today. greg, move your finger. that's it for us. "the five." thank you for watching. see you back here tomorrow


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