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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  April 3, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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>> bret: and mitt romney scores the hat trick this, is a special edition of special report. good evening, i'm bret baier, mitt romney solidified his claim as the undisputed favorite. romney came through with victories in three primaries, maryland, district of columbia and wisconsin. we have fox news coverage tonight. molly at the site of a rick santorum rally. we begin with carl cameron in a gathering for mitt romney in wisconsin. good evening, carl. >> the counts left. they gave mitt romney a round of applause and sent him off, he'll be campaigning in pennsylvania tomorrow, one of the states that comes next happens to be where he served
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in the house and congress, romney is assuming the role of front runner, focusing on president obama with particularly taut, harsh rhetoric tonight. >> how do do they say they don't like business very much. the economy is the product of businesses in the nation added together. so it's like saying you like an omelette but you don't like eggs. >> bret: romney is pivoting away from republican nomination politics to general election rhetoric he hopes to bring against president obama in the fall. look for increasing pressure in the fall and the romney campaign looking forward to the possibility of har ash tack ads in pennsylvania. >> bret: thank you. >> and let's go live to pennsylvania. rick santorum is here this evening. good evening, molly.
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>> and hi, good evening, bret. based on the speech by the former senator from pennsylvania you won't know there were contests held today. he focused on the race ahead and here in his home state of pennsylvania. he talked a lot about liberty. the foundation of american society here in pennsylvania and steel that built this country. and he argued this race is only half over, that there are still plenty of delegates to be won, and votes to be counted. >> pennsylvania and half of the other people in this country have yet to be heard. we're going to go out and campaign here and across this nation to make sure that their voices are heard in the next election. >> another sign he plans to continue to right on, he continues to hammer away at the front runner, now, governor romney and says that he's a real conservative talking about reagan, continuing to say that he offers the best chance to beat
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president obama over mitt romney. >> ladies and gentlemen if we're going to win this race we can't have little differences between our nominee and president obama. we have to have clear, contrasting colors. >> the crowd was mellow but rick santorum will be hitting the ground here in pennsylvania tomorrow, well known to the people of pennsylvania having served them 16 years. he's not introducing himself but he says he's going to work hard tomorrow, there is a rally and an appearance in a bowling alley then talked about may, when a string of races are coming up in states where he believes he has a better chance of winning. so no sign that's he'll be pulling out of the race any time soon. bret? >> bret: okay, molly, thank you. let's get analysis from our team of experts. karl rove, joe trippi
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gentlemen, thank you for being here, joe, rick santorum tonight says he's continuing on and fighting for pennsylvania. what about tonight? and his speech? >> well, look. it's a very strong night for mitt romney. i think santorum is asking for it to hold up in his own state in pennsylvania. i -- when you see this race get like this, it could be his down fall there. romney could maybe beat him in pennsylvania. that is not the way he'd want to end this thing. it will come to an end if he gets beaten the way he's setting this race up now. >> santorum's speech he reverenced 1976 and a candidate who won one primary before may and that is ronald reagan. one thing about 76, reagan lost. santorum is continuing to fight.
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is this over tonight? >> no offense to rick who i think has been an extraordinary job of coming from nowhere to be an alternative but is he not ronald reagan. i think today is a big night for romney for a competitive race. you're starting to see people reluctant to vote for romney earlier on are now starting to come to his camp. i expect next three weeks before another big day in pennsylvania being that big day, you'll see big party people putting pressure on santorum to leave the race and let romney get on with taking on obama. >> you look at wisconsin it was a neck and neck race what. did you see tonight that struck you?. >> well, same thing among very conservative voters who have been strongly for santorum. tonight romney won them and
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maryland and wisconsin. and i agree with both joe and ed. romney needs a win with 40% of the delegates in order to get to the magic number. rick santorum has it tonight with 74% of the delegates went up for grabs in order to win. abm coalition, anyone but mitt let's assume ron paul, rick santorum and newt gingrich throw together they need to win 58% of the delegates left up for grabs between now and then that. is not going to happen. by the end of the month with new york, connecticut, rhode island and delaware voting i won't be surprised to see romney's lead extended to close to 600. >> joe you worked with a lot of candidates. what is going through your mind for someone like rick santorum continuing to fight? what is the mind set of him as a candidate? you don't want to give up.
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look. there is no one gave him a chance. he wasn't supposed to be in this thing. he won iowa and won states, taken this thing way beyond why wr anyone could have dreamed. even in his own camp, now, he's sitting there and he's got to start to wind this thing down. that is a very difficult thing to do when you have the front runner on the run the way rick santorum campaign tork his credit was able to do. it's a difficult thing to bring back on the reigns and get out, go the right way. but that, look. that fat lady singing no matter how you put it. it's over. this thing there. is no way he's going to be able to stop romney at this point. he faces up to that fact and it could potentially hurt his career moving forward. >> what is in the mind of the other two candidates do you think? >> paul runs to a different
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drum skbrer will stay in this until the bitter end. gingrich needs to get out. he's not a factor anymore, he's out of money and going to go into debt. and santorum has no real operation. any time romney wants to push on the gas, put television up. santorum was leading in wisconsin once the campaign gets there, they take him out. they'll take him out in pennsylvania. i think at the end of the day, he won't be able to hold his head quite as high. now is the time to step aside. >> bret: carl what about the message for mitt romney? you heard his speech, what messages he's hit goinging against the obama campaign? >> about the economy and jobs and how to get stronger growth and emphasize his credentials and sharply contrast tone with the president by saying if you're attacking business you're attacking what makes our economy. i thought it was good remarks
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tonight followed a good speech he made last week. question is now, can he continue to make the pivot for the general election and sharpen those contrasts without adding sharp tongue that the president had over the past couple days. if i can add one more thing about the current situation, i think it's odd that rick santorum, and i agree with joe and ed, both, how well he's done, it's amazing his campaign is saying the home state of pennsylvania is make or break not only for santorum but also for mitt rom nee. it's showing weakness at the same time. and the poll shows in pennsylvania santorum now leads mitt romney by six points, contrast with romney's home state which he won by 60 points over rick santorum, 72-12. >> bret: joe, quickly do you hear in romney's messaging a
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specific towards women? he may be dragging behind president obama with him? >> absolutely. i'm not sure we can get there yet. he hasn't, i think started. but this primary has done a lot of damage with independents and a lot of damage to whoever the nominee is with him and he has to do a lot of repair work and the president and obama campaign is going punch at that the whole way here. and... the more that this primary fight goes on, the tougher for romney to repair that damage. he needs to try to do that. he's not going to be able to and newt continue. >> there is plenty of time. >> sorry. >> the key thing is that we
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need to be building. we've had sort of fire bombed each other. and carl is a master at boing this. and he was a master of building state by state organizations. we need to be doing that. karl, ed, joe, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> bret: this evening as we told you mitt romney addressed supporters in milwaukee. a portion of the speech was interrupted and we weren't tibl see it. here is the speech. >> thank you. >> congress and ryan is a r needs a great leader but he's not going to take ann's place. thank you for providing thank yous this he can, thank you to senator johnston and
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congressman brenner i appreciate them being here. and thank you to wisconsin. maryland and washington, d.c.. we won them all. this really has been quite a night. we won a great victory tonight in our campaign to restore the promise of america. and here in the heartland you know you're not going find american was bigger hearts than the people of wisconsin. and as i've been traveling across the state i visited with hearts of many whose hearts are filled with anxiety about their future, some good and decent people seem to be running harder just to stay in place. and for many no matter how hard they're running every day seems to put them further
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behind. it's that way across so much of america. too much of under, under this president's watch more americans have lost their jobs than during any other period since the depression. millions lost their homes. a record number of americans are now living in poverty. and the most vulnerable are ones hurt the most. 30% of single moms now living in poverty. new business start ups, that is normally when we get job growth after recession. new business start ups are down to lowest level in 30 years and our national debt is at a record high. and when you drive home tonight, and you stop by the gas station... just take a look at the prices and then ask yourself four more years of that? i agree. and that is why it's important to understand one extraordinary fact about this selection. president obama thinks he's
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going to do a good job. i'm not kidding he thinks he's going doing a great job and he thinks he's doing an historically great job like abraham lincoln and no. did he not say that on saturday night live. it's enough to make you think years of laying around on air force one surrounded by an adoring staff of true believers telling you you're great, doing a great job is enough to make you think you might become a little out of touch with that. that is what happened n this campaign is to deal with many complicated issues but there is a basic choice we're going face. the president has pledged to trance form america and spent the last four years laying foundation for a new government centered society. i will spend the next four years rebuilding the foundation of an tune society led by free people and free enterprises.
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and you know, different visions we have, i think are a promise of the different lives we've led, life experience wez have. when he was a community organizer and communities were hurt by plant closings his reaction was to turn to the government. for help. he saw free enterprise as a villain. and government as a solution. and never seemed to grasp the point plant use closes when a business loses money. so today when the president attacked business and with his policies making it more difficult for business to grow and prosper, there sls a attacking the very community he wanted to help. or at least that is how it works when america is working but under barack obama under hasn't been working. the ironic tragedy is that community organizer who wanted to help those hurt by a
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closure became the president on his watch more jobs have been lost than any time since the great depression. in barack obama's government-centered society, the government has to do more because the economy is doomed to do less. and because when you attack business, and you villify success you're going to have less business and less success. then, the debate becomes how much can stand on unemployment insurance, in barack obama's government-jernted society, cash increase is not only become a necessity, but also a desire tool for social justice in that world of shrinking mean there's is a finite amount of money f someone once famously said to you you need to add taxes to spread the wealth around. in barack obama's government-centered society, government spending always
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increases. because, well, why not? there is someone entitled to something more and willing to vote for anyone who will give him something more. now, by the way we know why that transformation of a free society into a government-centered society leads because other nations follow that had path. it leads to chronic high unemployment, crushing debt and stagnant labor. beginning to sound familiar, isn't it? i don't want to trance form america. i want to restore to america economic values of freedom and opportunity and limited government that gave us the power house of the world. if if opportunity, it's
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opportunity not a check from government, but opportunity that is always driven america and defined us as americans. i'm i don't think free enterprise is the solution to all of our problems nor am i naive enough to doubt it's a greatest forces of good that this world has known, it's done more to lift people out of poverty, help educate our kids and make our lives better than all programs of government combined. if we become one of the societies that attacks this, there will be less expense and that is not who we are. promise of america has been if you worked hard, took risks,
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if there was an opportunity to build a better line for your family and next generation, this piece of government has to be smaller and have strict limits. obama care violates both those principles and i will get rid of it. taxes have to be as low as possible. and then, in line with those competing nations around the world designed to foster growth. that is why i will cut marginal taxes across the board. i want to create good jobs in this country. let's get those taxes down down for employers. now we understand in a free market regulations are necessary and critical but they have to be updated, stream lined, modernized. and regulators have to see their job not just as krauking down bad guys but also, protecting economic freedoms
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and promoting enterprise and fostering job creation. washington has to become an ally of business not the opposition of business. now, workers should have the right to join unions but unions should not be forced upon workers and should not have power take money out of meshes paychecks to buy support of politicians that are favored by union bosses. you know, liberals like barack obama say they want a strong economy but in everything they do they show they don't like business very much but the economy is the product of all. businesses in the nation added together. so it's like say you like an omelette but you don't like eggs. you know?
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to build a strong economy that provides good jobs and rising wages and reducing poverty we have to build successful businesses of every kind imaginable. and president obama has been attacking successful businesses of every kind imaginable. we've always been a country of dreamers and we're dreamers can have dreams and where one dream helps launch another. if those dreamers are rewarded with prosperity we view that as a reason others may be encouraged to dream as well. these last few years have been difficult. made a lot worse by mistakes and failures of the president's leadership. but at the hill before us we've been a nation of big steppers. in this last year i've been all over the country from unions to kitchen tables from factory break rooms to board rooms. and heard frustration and anger and rarely hopelessness.
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a lot of americans have given up on the president but haven't thought about giving up. not on themselves. not on each other. and not on america. we have a duty placed upon our shoulders by founders of the nation. a sacred duty to restore the promise of america and we'll do it and do it because we believe in america. tonight i'm asking the good people of pennsylvania, and new york, rhode island, delaware, and connecticut to join me. join me in the next step towards that destination of november 6th when across america we can give a sigh of relief and know the promise of america has been kept.
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dreamers can dream a little bigger. and put help wanted signs in the front yard and start again this, time we're going get it right. stop apologizing for success at home and never again apologize for america abroad. together wield build the greatest america we've ever known. where prosperity is grown ask shared not limited and divided and innovation and greatness comes first. a time not so long ago when each of us could walk a little taller and stand straighter because we had a gift no one else in the world had.
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we're americans. and that meant something doimpb each of us but something special to-to-all of us. we knew witness out question, so did the people in the rest of the world. those days are coming back. that is our destiny. so join me and walk together, take a step every day until november 6th. we believe in america. we believe in ourselves. our greatest days are still ahead. we are, after all, americans. god bless this great country. god bless you. god bless the united states of america. thank you thanks you guys, thanks for the victory, wisconsin and maryland and district of columbia. thank you guys. thank you. >> bret: mitt romney in milwaukee, wisconsin tonight we'll talk about results and what they mean for rick santorum's campaign with the all star panel when we come back.
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>> bret: big night for mitt romney. let's bring in our extended panel. and i called the other panel expert panel, you're the all star panel. there is no offense. and that is an efficient title. well, panel, charles, thoughts on tonight and mitt romney's speech? >> i start by the same ones and it's not half time. it's 4th quarter two, minutes are left. you've got to have a time out. it's really over. i think he's running an amazing race. came out of nowhere and disrespected in the beginning now on the wings of the debates, last man standing incredibly well, no resources,
11:30 pm
he's so young now that in eight years forget about four years he'll be younger than romney is today, he's got a few tour. why would he want to run when there is no upside? it's now he's now only up by 16. if he loses in his home state he undoes all of the good he done now because if he lost as senator by a huge amount in 2006 and then, came back z i think if he was smart now, and thinks of his future che has, he will maybe not now but in a week or two and before the next to step away. >> which is april 24th. >> it doesn't, i thought his speech was great comparing -- basically making an argument i'm like reagan in
11:31 pm
1976 and look what happened, they lost. >> bret: but reagan lost in 76. >> i think the point is that don't go with the moderate. don't do what they do 1976. go with conservatives. i don't think he's reagan. that is not what i'm saying waits an effective speech. sqet whether or not he believes he can somehow persuade them to support him because it's not going to happen. you can see in exit polls the opposite is happening, actually. and so i agree with charles he does not want to go down losing his home state. >> if you have a candidate calling a lot of people establishments, establishment supporting romney, and senator ron johnson called establishment in wisconsin and supported by the tea party who. is going to be able to push rick santorum to the point where he gives up the race? >> that is the question. you've got, think what is
11:32 pm
going push him would be the fact you look at the polls and see the people who should see him as reagan conservative. they're following the ron johnsons who are just tea party candidates running against establishment in 2010. so people are taking that signal i think tonight in wisconsin you can see them in different demographics romney had trouble with that he's earning more of those votes in topping santorum and that is the part that i think when he looks at his home state he's got to wonder if he can pull that off. >> some people are saying that he was running for a new nominee pick and that that is why he's staying in the race. looking at ads that ran in wisconsin some of the things that is going up in pennsylvania against romney, swing states. >> right. >> they've come fast. >> very. and there are no signs of letting up, really. i never thought that he was a very good vice presidential
11:33 pm
contender anyway. and that events made it less likely. part of the problem if he continues to make speeches is that it's increasingly disconnected from reality. you can't call ron johnson the establishment. he's not the establishment. he's spent the better part two of years here in washington fighting the establishment including people in his party. that is not who he s marco rubio is not the establishment. and you have this sort of roling group of people who have been supporting mitt romney with formal endorse manies if rick santorum saying it's just the establishment against me, it's not anymore. that may have been the case three months ago. it's not anymore. >> bret: charles newt gingrich said he's not going to run for the delegates and running for
11:34 pm
the platform to hold mitt romney's feet to the fire to make sure he's conservative. if he gets to 1144 that he wants to make sure the pack form is conservative enough. is that reason enough to stay in? >> he's not going to hold his feet. he's not realistic. he's not a factor. look at where he came in tonight. and actually down his campaign he's out of resources. he ran, for a while a strong race. and i think it's not realistic at all. i think right now, it's clear who the nominee is going to be. the question is people have to think of their, the future or their legacy. think resisting now at a time when the race has been rough on the brand, republican brand and diminished it and hurt our chances, i speak as a republican in september, i thought odds were two to one in winning now, it's about 50-50. it shouldn't be given the
11:35 pm
economy. i think after all that it's over and should be over. >> bret: so for the 24th? does someone get out? >> i would think newt gingrich has to drop out at a minute pum. newt, certainlyry maybe santorum. i just think looking at the possibility gofg down there is a very dangerous thing z he does have so much planned ahead of him. he's a young guy, earning so much credit and backing from this. he shouldn't parlay that, i think. >> i think he wants to stay and he thinks people of pennsylvania know him best and that he thinks he can prevail there. >> if he drops out he'll be introducing romney and dropped out late in 2008 graciously. i think he'd be in that position. i can't imagine if he's logical and thinking of his
11:36 pm
future and if he does leave before. >> bret: and ron paul? >> ron paul will be in until the end of time bret we'll talk with paul ryan when we come back. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually se arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief for many with arthritis pain and inflammatio plus, in clinical studies, celebrex is proven to improve daily physical function so moving is easier. a celebrex is not a narcotic. when it comes to relieving your arthritis pain, you and your doctor need to balance the benefits with the risks. all prescription nsaids, like celebrex, ibuprofen, naen, and melocam have the same cardiovascar warning.
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you get bigger, more beautiful plants. guaranteed. who's got two green thumbs thanks to miracle-gro? uh, this g. boo everyone rows with micle-gro. welcome back earlier tonight paul ryan his budget proposal came under heavy attack today. ryan endorsed governor romney and has been campaigning with him. he i start bid asking congressman ryan which victory tonight is this race over? >> i would say tonight, one of the reasons why is i think he'll be the best president is because i think he has best chances of defeating barack obama. and that is what i think is a
11:40 pm
key point to take on it tonight. which is we need to focus on the fall not fighting each other into the summer. there is a big victory so you think it should be over as of tonight? >> yes. i'm not in the business of telling people what to do with their campaign but i think it's in our interest as republicans and conservatives to unify and focus on the fall instead of dragging out a long spring into summer going to divide us. >> the budget passed the house, seems like democrats and the president running point want to make this study about this general election saying can it about the choice it had in the general election? >> i'm happy to have that debate. we're looking for the debate. because we're offering a country solutions. we're showing the country how to get back to prosperity and hay pai down debt, create jobs
11:41 pm
and the senate hasn't passed a budget in three years z the president is given us four budgets, all of which have trillion dollar deficits and don't bother trying to fix the problem what. we're getting is more desperation. and more partisanship, i'm happy to give them a choice, what do you want? american idea of limited government, free society? or do you want a welfare state? >> today the president says it's about math. going to play sound bytes here about the specifics and have you react to each individually. >> the year after next nearly 10 million college students will see their financial aid cut by $1,000 each. >> no. not true. we keep pell grants where they are today.
11:42 pm
we don't have huge increases. category of spending doubled we keep it where it is today and put up increases so by not having increases is where he comes up with that statement. >> there would be 1600 fewer medical grants. research grants for things like alzheimer's and cancer and aids. there would be 4,000 fewer scientific research grants, eliminating support for 48,000 researchers students and teacher autos all claims are false. they're making aassumptions about a budget that aren't true and aren't in our budgets in order to try to scare people with these points. what is wild about this is the president is willing to be distorting of the truth and misleading to the american people. i think it's beneath the office of presidency to make such claims like that. >> their claim is that you don't have specifics. >> but the house ways and
11:43 pm
means that is not true. >> and when it comes to policy we're saying let's get rid of the factory polls and there is a bipartisan consensus on tax reform and the president is objecting to that consensus. >> if this budget becomes law and cuts applied evenly starting in 2014, over 200,000 children would lose a chance to get an early education in head start program. two million mothers and young children would be cut from a program giving them access to healthy food. >> spending is what is agreed to. we cut knit ways so what is interesting about that is the president hasn't offered solutions but waiting for republicans to offer same
11:44 pm
solutions in order to try to mislead the country. what i think he's going to do is divide us in order to distract us so is he making aassumptions about the cuts across the board? and saying it will affect these things? you're saying it's not going to happen? >> that is true. we don't cut across the board. that is point one, point two is that we don't sign up for his massive spending increases meaning if we don't sign up for massive spending increases we're somehow cutting spending. that is not how math work autos this budget became law by the middle of the country funding for the kinds of things i just mention wod have to be cut by 95%. let me repeat that. those categories i just mentioned we'd have to cut by 95%. as a practical matter the federal budget would basically amount to whatever is left of
11:45 pm
entitlements and defense spending and interest on the national debt. period. >> the current path we're on does that by 2025, along with interest consume 100% of federal revenue. we're on a path with just programs displaced all other spending. because we get the economy under control and reform government and because we get this under control, we free up fiscal space for those priorities. so the president's path he put us on is one in what he just said does become the case. you have no money left for things government does because our economists have exploded and gone bankrupt. >> is the president lying today? >> it's distorting the truth. i'll leave it at that. >> do you think this will be the defining battle of the next few months? >> yes. i think the president is getting disprit and more
11:46 pm
partisan. we're kind of used to this, so rather than offer solutions and divide the country and i don't think people goring to buy this. i think people want honest solutions. i just don't think they're going buy this kind of lying. the president has given us four budgets and four attempts at doing nothing to fix this problem. >>. >> why didn't you tackle social security? >> there is a trigger in the bill which it is going to become insolvent they must bring social security legislation to the floor. it's not the primary driver of the debt explosion, it's health care entitlements. have you to deal with obama care by reviewing health care entitlements. >> we know that you can give get into the weeds as far as numbers. do you think the american
11:47 pm
people can follow the wonky rhetoric of budge yettees to be able to digest all of this in a way that cannot be like it has in the past. >> if there is a debt crisis like europe, the people that need government will be the ones who need it the most. we want to create jobs and get our deficit under control and balance the budget and pay off debt. it's simple stuff. not rocket science, it's not math. it's just good government. what we think we ought to do is decide whether they want to trade that in that the state the president is trying to bring us too. >> you've been campaigning with him, is he 100% behind this budget on every line item that you've talked to him about? is it a full embrace?
11:48 pm
>> he's embraced a big policy we're talking about. tax reform, getting government to live within its means. and he understands the moment america is safing and knows what is in stake to fix this problem. and i think he has integrit integrity-to-and moxie to fix this problem for the choice they zee stofsh make. what kind of people we want to be in november. >> thank you. >> you bet,. >> some final thoughts and reack to the interview with congressman ryan when we come back. emily's just starting out... and on a budget.
11:49 pm
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>> bret: welcome back. back with our panel reaction to paul ryan interview and final thoughts on the night. >> it's interesting. i think that is from paul ryan's perspective the comment of the day and these two visions he's been talking about it before the 2008 election. and i think the fact that mitt romney is increasingly using the kind of language paul ryan has been using all of the while is one of the reasons is that he's done better with conservatives. we saw him tonight and this is just high water marks so that is a significant jump. the irony is in the end if mitt romney is the nominee it won't have been the establish. who swung in to sale the deal. if you look at the tea party senators who came and gave him
11:53 pm
that kind of support that pushed him to this kind of a win tonight that would be the difference. >> and that is what this election needs to be about so people complained romney zrnt a large enough vision. president banks on the market giving thing ways is popular and grappling with reaction of the budget is going to be unpopular. i think the interesting thing this week is the president looks like the one with the negative view and romney had a sunny outlook tonight and didn't take a lot of the bait. and for democrats and team that's want to paint mitt romney with the ryan budget it seems mitt romney is okay embrace the budget and ryan is happy. >> yes. i think goitsing to be trog see what happens after he has nomination.
11:54 pm
he has to kind of do this. talking about tea party people is kind of the problem they weren't there earlier. and a lot of the people weren't super excited about romney and waited to endorse and support him. he says he's supporting the plan but getting into ses receivics and i do give ryan credit is that there is a reason they won't talk about it. will romney actually give this the full bear hug? >> is this now the third rail? is it now not touching? >> this is the house twice supported this budget it is how romney and is the same way. i think he's embracing. you know? to some extent it helps
11:55 pm
democrats because obama was just running on the referendum, he'd lose. obviously democrats want to make it a choice. okay? republicans accepted their challenge and it means if republicans lose it's not just because obama was on target. republicans will have a mandate to have the ryan agenda and everything. and this is an election and two ways of looking at america and it's good for the country. >> and there is a bit of ryan budget 101. and there is an election there are many that can't talk. >> they said to me is that they've been doing it with congressional campaign committee and i think they'll
11:56 pm
have to continue if they're going to be able to make this case. >> and now, it seems like polls haven't settled on which country is going on this. >> there is no doubt it's a tough sell. i think taking the first step, first thing the definition of a cut is that it didn't go up. a cut in washington is different than normal people think bit. i think that is the first step. >> panel, experts panel, thank you very much. big night for mitt romney and the only one that matters in the republican presidential race. romney answered with half of the delegates needed to be nominated and added dozens this evening. and with each victory romney embraces that more tightly. we'll continue to cover it every step of the way. thanks for inviting us into your homes tonight that. sit for this special report. fair, balanced. believe the maya, on december 21st
11:57 pm
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