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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  April 4, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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it's noon tomorrow. now that is when the justice department better have it's three-page single space answer to the federal court's big question, does the obama administration believe the courts have the power to overturn federal laws? now donald trump and karl rove are both here to tell you what they think the dust up against the obama administration and the federal judge. and outrageous administration about the gsa's colossal waste of your money. if you thought spending $800,000 on tax dollars on lavish dinners, clowns and mind readers at a vegas convention was out of control, you are right. but hold on to your hats. it gets worse, much worse, how? well, gsa was purposely racking up the bills. need to hear this information. but right now the turf war and it's simply bizarre. it's sparked by the battle over the national healthcare law. it started monday when president obama insulted the supreme court, followed by the
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president's twisted and incorrect statement about the court's power. this obviously enraged federal appeals court. they followed back and issued an order to the justice department to give a written explanation of president's comments by noon tomorrow. and today attorney general holder jumped into the fuss. >> i plan on submitting a response to the fifth district court and judge smith on the review tomorrow? >> we are in the process of formulating that response now and we will be sending something to judge smith and i guess the other members of the panel. >> along what lines do you know how you will respond? >> appropriately. >> what would be appropriate? >> well, i think that what the president said a couple days ago was appropriate. he indicated that we obviously respect decisions that courts make under our system of government, and since marbury versus madison, 1803, courts
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have the final say on the constitutionality of stat statutes. but courts are also fairly differential when it comes to overturning statutes that congress has passed. it's been examined by a number of courts and held constitutional by a number of courts, including by a couple of very prominent conservative jurists. >> there is less than 14 hours to meet the court's deadline. what should the obama administration be doing? karl rove is here. nice to see you. >> nice to see you. >> the attorney general said the president's response was appropriate, but it was wrong. he didn't say it was wrong. the attorney general was trying to be polite about his boss. so how does the president sort of pull out of this sort of mess that he's made? >> first of all, let's be clear. what attorney general holder described as the president's
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remarks bear little relationship to what the president actually said. the president never said marbury versus madison, he never said the supreme court has the right to declare it unconstitutional. it was a thinly veiled threat and it was unbecoming to the president. >> day two i thought was worse because on day two he sort of backed off this of that and what he said if the supreme court does strike this down, it will be horrible for people. in other words, the ends justify the means when it should be whether or not it's constitutional and let the congress and the supreme -- and the president pick up the mess. >> the supreme court has to act as the defender of the constitution and not to be looking at, as you say, the outcomes. they have to be looking at is it in con formty with the constitution of the united states. ironically enough, though, it is now within attorney general's holder's hands to sort of let this controversy die away. if he provides a document tomorrow that is not confrontational that's correct is deferrening, that goes out of
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its way to be responsive to justice smith -- judge smith's request, then this issue will starting to away. but if he's defiant, if he attempts to sort of find a way to needle either judge smith or the united states supreme court in it, it will simply make of the controversy last longer. >> i have a different view of this. i think what happened was down at 5th circuit is the court obviously was angry about the president's remarks because the president called them unelect when had they are presidential appointments for life. the president doesn't even have a lifetime job. so they asked the justice department lawyer about whether or not the federal courts have authority to review stat statutes. and she promptly responded, yes, marbury versus madison. and then they fired off the letter to the justice. you have the president bullying the federal courts, supreme courts, and you have the federal courts bullying back. >> i don't see it bullying back, but it is defiant. this is not the first time the
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president has made the united states supreme court a political whipping boy. remember it was not too far south of here in the united states capitol during the state of the union address with the supreme court stuck in front of him, mute, that he attacked them over the citizens united decision to say things patently not true. we will now have a flood of foreign money. well, the tillman act prohibits foreign contributions. it has nothing to do with it. and he excoriated the court sitting in front of him in a undignifying way. >> well, he was at a budget speech. and he insulted the audience. >> a different line. >> but i got that. he's rude. i got that. and he picked this fight. i got that. but the problem is that we've got to do something to stop this sort of pettiness where the court is now reaching beyond the appellate court, trying to reach
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beyond to the justice department. someone needs to put an end to it. >> and the attorney general can and he can do so by providing three pages that say,, we respect marbury versus madison, and in our free society we depend upon the courts. it's number 59 or number 65, i may have the number wrong, hamilton's piece in the federalist paper which he industries the important role of the judiciary but it's perhaps the weakest but perhaps the most vital branch of the government. to pay homage to the process and be done with it. >> but the whole idea said the whole reasons president have executive privilege, there are areas of power within the three executive branches that need to be protected. the president start it had. i'm totally behind. it the president was wrong legally. i'm totally in agreement with that. but the problem is that the judiciary is reaching beyond the courtroom when they got the answer from the justice department lawyer in order to get into a little bit of a
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schoolyard brawl with the justice department. and frankly, i think that it should be ended here and i don't think the attorney general should respond and i think that should be the end of it. >> if he didn't respond it would cause it to go on. it's one thing to have a low level lawyer sitting in front of the 5th circuit to say that thing, and another thing the attorney general to submit it as a document like that. the best way to be done is for him to affirm what he said in court are his thinking and the justice department's taking as well. >> but it's interesting, it's a common theme the president is i think a lot of people think is arrogant or he is sort of rude. the whole thing he did with paul ryan a year ago. and i'm sort of curious if this is something, by the time november rolls around, will this be stale and old or -- >> no. because this is the way he is. talk about a year ago. how about attacking paul ryan this week by totally distorting the paul ryan budget. here's the paul ryan summary right here. here's the summary of the president's budget. obama said i want to spend $48 trillion and paul ryan wants
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to spend $40 trillion and in his speech declares he's going to cut programs, program after program after program and he knows that's not true. this budget spends more money than we are spending today. for example, medicare right this year will spend $478 billion. you know what this budget calls for spending next year? 503. what ryan is attempt to go do is to slow the future growth of government spending. are there going to be cuts in some areas, yes. but the president made it sound like it was a heartless, cruel experience that will slash money. social security, $773 billion being spent this year. next year $813 billion under the ryan budget and yet the president was depicting this as across the board cuts, particularly those that would fall on american's seniors. >> and i thought when he did that, i thought -- i actually thought that the president looked weak because he's fighting with congressman ryan. that's not his opponent. that's not his opponent. >> and you put your finger on a very important thing. one of the most important assets
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a president has is the image of him as a strong leader. think about this. president obama picks a fight with the chairman of the house budget committee not once but twice within a year. he starts his general election campaign. we now have a presumptive republican nominee i think in mitt romney. what does the president do? he runs a television ad attacking his ties to oil companies and launches a speech where he attacks mitt romney. i thought romney hit the right tone today that said isn't it sad that president obama has nothing in the way of a positive accomplishment or a forward-looking vision he can run on and he has to begin his general election campaign by attacking the president nominee. >> but he's fighting with the house budget committee chairman about a budget that's within passed in the house and meanwhile his own party, senator harry reid in the united states senate doesn't have a budget. a leader. and he should be call harry reid and say get a budget so we can begin this. >> that's the budget resolution and this is the president's
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budget. how many votes did it get in the house of representatives this week? zero. how soon will reed bring up the budgets pros? >> senator harry reid to write bring it to the floor. nothing to stop it. >> statutorily he they are required under the 1974 budget act to bring up a budget. they have not done so in the last four years. they aren't obligated to pass it but they arable gate today bring it up and they haven't brought it up. we are running a $3.6 trillion enterprise called the united states government and he with have not pass add budget under the regular order for an entire year since 2007. we pass add budget for half the fiscal year in 2008, for fiscal year 2009. but this president is operating by not having a budget passed in the normal order of things so the government knows how much money it's going to spend over the next twelve months, but instead by a series of continuing resolutions and stop gap measures.
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it's unbelievable. we have not had a highway funding bill which traditionally has been a six year bill, we've not had one since 2009. we have people across the country trying to figure out what are the five or six years going to look like for building roads and repairing bridges and the federal government cannot bring its self because of this administration to pass a long-term highway bill. >> every time i hear someone in politics criticize someone the first thing i think of, well, have you done your job. and when you criticize paul ryan, i don't know if his budge set a good one or bad one or somewhere in between, but the first thing i think is, observe, where is your budget? and the senate doesn't have a budget so i'm very suspicious. but i'm curious, all the discussion now, whether it's about the supreme court or the fact the president is criticizing a congressman who has a budget and not pushing his own party to get a budget, is it a snapshot of the moment or does it resonate in the moment or are we all just worried about gas price necessary november? >> i think he will continue down
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the line, picking fights he shouldn't be pick fights with, blaming others for the difficulties on his watch and throwing up his hands about solving the problems the country faces and not being serious about the challenges and the work ahead you have cannot tell me if you have a budget that gets not a single democrat vote in the house, this is a budget that is considered serious by members of your party. if you can't get it brought up and voted on by the united states senate in a resolution that required only 51 votes when you have 53 democrats in the senate -- >> plus the vice president, you have 54. >> right. so what is going on? i mean, the president is weak, and he is making himself look weaker by adopting these highly political tactics. >> but there was a gallop poll with the swing states, and i assume governor romney is going to be the nominee, he's ahead of romney in the independents in the swing states by 9 points. >> let's first of all look at that. swing states. the president has 51% in the
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swing state poll. that's his vote. governor romney is lower than that and right now it's not a pretty sight for governor romney coming through this primary. but you know what in the battleground state remember what it is, nevada, colorado, ohio, pennsylvania, new hampshire, north carolina, indiana, florida and virginia, what did the president get in those battleground states in 2008? he got over 54% of the vote. so the president is not looking stronger in the battleground states, he's performing weaker than he did four years ago. >> but he's still ahead. >> right, but here's the point. if you are dropping -- remember, he won by about 53-47. what happens if he today, at a bad time for mitt romney, the president is unperforming what he did three years ago by four points that's correct means he has the capacity to have a 50-50 race and romney will strengthen now the primary will be behind him. the president is not in good shape. and point to the battleground
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poll. he carried all those battleground states. if he has dropped three points to 51 in the battleground states that's correct means some of those states like indiana and virginia and north carolina and florida and ohio could fall out of those -- those were all close states, they could all fall out of his column and at that point the republicans need one more point out of the battleground states to win. new hampshire or massachusetts pennsylvania or wisconsin or nevada or new mexico and the runs take the white house. >> you said a bad time for governor romney. he won two states and district of columbia. why do you say it's a bad time. >> it's good time in the intrabattle fight. i've written this in my column tomorrow morning in the wall street journal. it's a point that moves the contest his way. he has a lot of cleanup to do. we've come through a contest that's hurt the republican party brand and look at the republicans, they are saying why aren't you talking about the issues facing america. they tune in and the moderator
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would not be asking jobs about the jobs and economy and or ask weird questions to make them look as exotic as they could. no he has to program up the big issues that he has again to do with this week about what is the big choice macing america an the big issues the country cares did. >> the polls show he has recently taken a nose dive with women voters. >> essentially one poll. >> but that was a big deal. i disavow that as having much weight? >> i think if you looked at it, he is weaker today than he was two months ago or even six weeks ago among women, independent voters, latinos and young people, but these are also people newspaper the air about president obama and reachable for governor romney if he runs the right kind of campaign. >> what do you read about that poll? is that due to the contra acceptive discussion? >> no. i republicans were not again, let's go back to the debates,
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the moderators were not asking questions about the big issues, the discussion was not about the big issues, it was about other things. and then we've had this, when you have two or three guys going at each other as romney, gingrich and santorum has, very rarely was it elevated. remember, you can come out of it. four years ago now who was ahead in the democratic presidential sweepstakes? hillary clinton. she was leading barack obama by 5 points in the national policy and yet he went on to win the nomination, as we know won the general election. >> does he seem concerned about the election or does he seem confident. >> i think he's nervous and he has every reason to be nervous. from his fundraising which is underperforming dramatically to the policy. he's the incumbent president of the united states and look at the policy. he's at 47, 48, 49, 46. these generic battle is 45 obama, 44 generic republican. that is not a good place for the president to be and he knows it. that's why he's spending so much time on the campaign trail, despite the fact that's the wrong answer for the problem he
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change. if you want to be strong as president be a strong president, don't be an active strong campaigner. >> karl, thank you. >> you bet. thank you. >> coming up, the gsa scandal is getting worse, much worse, news tonight the government agency was purposely racking up the bills at a vegas convention. bills they charged to you, the taxpayer. wait until you hear the latest. you will. that's next. and also donald trump acues president obama of resort to go first grade stuff. what is he talking about? donald trump will tell you himself just minutes from now.
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>> how could they not know this is wrong. government workers throwing a lavish party to the tune of $820,000 and charging guess who, you, the taxpayer. they really party it had up. fancy rooms and dinners, clowns, but it isn't just the immoral spending, there's more news tonight. according to the inspector general, the event planner for one dinner was told to max out the food budget because minimizing expenses was not a goal. plus in the last night of the conference the gsa staged award ceremony so they could squeeze one last fancy dinner out of the taxpayers.
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but that's not owl. we are joined by lisa. nice to see you. >> hi, greta. >> let's start with the conference. first of all, who put on the conference? >> this is a group of employees in the western region of the general services administration, which is essentially the government's landlord. they have all the buildings, they manage public building, lease buildings and these folks were in charge of public build necessary the west. they had a conference every two years called the western regions conference where they got together for team building and training and it was just internal, just gsa employees. >> about how many attended? >> 300 at this one, which was in 2010 off the vegas strip. >> now clear up some things for me. they had a mind reader. >> it's actually called a mentalist, which i think is sort after modern day mind reader. that cost $3,200 n the large scheme of this thing wasn't
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much, but i think the symbolism of it is galling to a lot of people. >> and what was the function of the clown? >> there was a lot of entertainment to the conference. the organizer, who was the guy who ran the san francisco office, who has since been placed on administrative leave with three other managers who organized the conference, his goal was to make this over the top. he wanted to kind of warm up his colleagues and they took turns in this western region hosting these conferences, and it was chock-full of entertainment. that was really the goal, to have fun. >> and they had other conferences in two years before that, and two years before that? this is not a first-time deal? >> not the first time. another conference was in lake tahoe, another one in new orleans, another one in oklahoma city. but my understanding is that this one really, really went over the top. and it was by design. the folks in the washington headquarters at the gsa really weren't aware of how much money
10:24 pm
this guy was spend to go organize this conference because they broke a lot of rules on government spending. >> here's the thing i've always typically one beat off. i'll tell you what particularly annoys me about this story, and that's that over on capitol hill, right over your shoulder, we have congressional committees and their job is to do oversight to make sure the agencies are run well. there's now going to be a hearing on this in congress. but i think to myself, where were they before, before this was spent? where were they in terms of providing oversight for this or for any other thing, whether it was the fcc lawyers looking at born. is there anything oversight before these things happen? >> the committee in the house that has been most aggressive on this thing that oversees the general services administration, they really have focused a lot, representative john mica has, on all the empty federal buildings
10:25 pm
the government has and it's costing taxpayers millions of dollars a year. that's been his focus. sometimes the travel budgets get hidden. >> but i can't imagine anybody looking at this is doesn't think this is so outrageous. whether you are in the gsa, whether you are bringing it to be xeroxed and sent someplace to be paid. i mean, any decent person would know that this was wrong. >> the obama administration did move pretty swiftly to deal with this. >> after the fact. i mean obviously the president didn't do this, but everything is always done, quote, after the fact. >> and i do think also the extensive travel and waste that the gsa, i think it's been going on a while and i don't know how widespread it is at the agency but there have been various scandals over the years in this agency, under the bush administration, the gsa chief, she was forced out because she'd a cozy relationship with a contractor. it's kind of an agency that is a
10:26 pm
little bit unusual in government. it kind of acts like a business. >> back to where is the oversight beforehand. anyway, great story, great work. thank you. >> thank you. >> up next, donald trump. you know he has strong views about whether the obama administration should meet the noon deadline tomorrow. should it? and he will tell you what he thinks about the morning show duel starring katie couric and former governor sarah palin. which hollywood star came to the rescue of a damsel in distress? [ rosa ] i'm rosa and i quit smoking with chantix.
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>> donald trump accusing president obama of engaging engn first grade stuff. he's blasting president obama for insulting the supreme court and questioning the court's power to overturn his healthcare law. we spoke with donald trump earlier tonight. donald, nice to talk to you. >> hello, greta. >> do you have any thoughts about president obama's remarks in the last couple days about the supreme court and its consideration of the healthcare law, whether it's constitutional or not, specifically the mandate? >> i think he paid great disrespect to the supreme court. the supreme court is the supreme court for a reason. and it almost is as though he didn't care what they said and they shouldn't be making the decision, and this decision is above them and they don't exist. and i would think it would be very insult to go the supreme court what he said. >> it may be insulting but there is sort of the curious aspect. the supreme court, which frankly i don't think is the least bit intimidated by the president, he
10:31 pm
has a lifetime appointment. the president doesn't, his job is up for reconsideration in november. i don't think they are intimidated, but i did think even the washington post and the others thought it was distressing that he was perhaps suggest to go the supreme court trying to scare them to vote other different way, intimidate them or maybe he didn't know they do have the authority to determine whether a statute is constitutional or not. >> i don't know if he knew or not but everybody told me he studies constitutional law and you think he would know about this at the highest level. frankly you really start to wonder, don't you? it's really very sad. no matter how you look at it, it's very, very disrespectful to the supreme court. these are brilliant people. i know some of them. and i just can't imagine they are going to like at all what happened. it's very interesting, the judge' decision yesterday where he wants a three page memo what is going on. it actually sounded like the
10:32 pm
president didn't understand the way ourresident of country is supposed to be working. and but the way he discussed the supreme court, it was almost as though he didn't understand what was happening. >> i actually think the court of appeals, i think that they got under our skin he made the warning before and the justice said right in court before them marbury versus madison is the authority and of course they have the power to exercise whether or not a statute is constitutional or not. they make that decision. i thought the court was going beyond, trying to poke a stick in the president's eye because of the things he said the day before. i don't think it advance it had but created more trouble. >> that may be right but i think the justice was very insulted by what took place and i think he was shocked by it actually and i could understand what he was saying and what he was doing but i think he was very insulted. >> but the interesting thing, too, today the attorney general of the united states, he came out and he said, of course, the
10:33 pm
court does have the power to consider whether or not a statute is constitutional or not, so he was essentially saying that, maybe the president doesn't know it, but i'm telling you what the law is, that's what the law s but then he said what the president said the day before was appropriate. i mean, i'm sort of curious. he's trying to have it both ways. trying not to run up against his boss but trying to say that his boss was wrong. >> i watched yesterday as the president tried to clarify what he said but he didn't clarify it because it made no sense whatsoever. you listened to what he said and the clarification, the clarification made no sense. it had nothing to do with what he said. there's a mix-up somehow, somebody doesn't know what is going on but it's very sad and disrespectful even to the country but certainly to the court. >> the president said he believes the statute is constitutional, the mandate is constitutional, but in spite that he seems to be trying to give the supreme court a hard time and i don't have any doubt the supreme court is immune from
10:34 pm
the pressure from outsidebut if he is so concerned it's constitutional, why is he pushing up against it so much and making those statements? >> i can say this, if it passes, if for some reason the justice,s who are in many cases the ones i know, that i have great respect for, if for some reason they allow it to pass, this country is in serious trouble. they will be doing a tremendous service to the country if they strike it down because we can't afford it and it's not good healthcare. i want to see good healthcare. number one it's not good healthcare and it's unaffordable by this country. it will put this country as such a disadvantage. if it is springen by the supreme court, they will have done a great service to this country. >> but the problem is, donald, their job isn't to sort of make the far reaching decision whether it's good for the country or not. >> that's true. >> they are just supposed to look to see if it's constitutional. >> that's true. >> whether it's good for the
10:35 pm
country, that's for the president and the congress and voters come november. >> that will be a side effect. but greta, that will be a side effect. i agree. they aren't suppose today do it on that basis. they will see whether or not it is right and proper. but one of the big side effects, i mean one of the truly great side effects will be the fact is it will also be great for the country if they strike it down. >> you know, i'm sort of curious why the president sort of started this war of words. of course, we've all seized upon it. i think he knew that the supreme court has the power. i think he made a deliberate calculation that this was something good to say and now he can't perhaps get himself out of it by what he said. what is your theory about why he has sort of picked this fight? >> well, i really have no theorist i was amaze when had i heard the statement. it's almost like first grade stuff, and i was just absolutely shocked when i heard him make a statement that was against everything the country stands for. but more importantly, even intellectually how could he make a statement so ridiculous?
10:36 pm
and i have no explanation for it. some people would say it's not smart. some people would say evil. i mean, there are lots of different reasons it could be. but i certainly would have no explanation. what he said was basic. it was as basic as one and one is two. and how he could have said it. he said it so strongly. then the next day he tried to back up and clarify what he said. but he wasn't clarifying, he wasn't even addressing what he said. it was obvious what he said and then he clarified something that he didn't say. so nobody really knows and perhaps he doesn't know either. >> let me just switch gears a little bit. everyone knows your success in television so let me turn to you on this particular question. there was sort after duel yesterday on the morning show, katie couric on good morning america and former governor palin on the today so. i'm curious what you thought. what do you think of that duel? >> i know them both and i think
10:37 pm
they are both terrific women. i think sarah, who doesn't do this for a living in all fairness, i thought she was fantastic. i watched her. and katie has done a great job. this is good in terms of katie. she's great at what she does. i know them both so i'm a little prejudice for both frankly, but i thought they really both did a great job. i think sarah was fantastic. i watched katie, and i watched them both and i thought they both did a fantastic job. >> let me go to a tighten and television. >> i think they were both winners, in other words. >> good, both winners. always good to have everybody win. one last question about oprah win free, -- winfry. do you have any thoughts about about why her network is struggling? >> she has to keep plugging. i was on one of her last few shows. she did her final wrap-up week. it was a great honor because she honored me and my kids and my
10:38 pm
family and everything else. i just think oprah is a tremendous woman. she didn't really need this. i don't really know why she did it. maybe she wished she didn't because it's tough with success. if you are successful like oprah and you have just a little bit of a misstep, the press goes after you like it is unreal. i think oprah will do -- she's a winner winner and she will do absolutely fine. some people will say she won't stay with it, she will, i think she'll probably stay with it and make it successful. this is just a blip and they are making it such a big deal. she will do just fine. she's a wonderful person. >> donald, thank you you. nice to talk to you. >> thank you very much, greta. >> coming up, a very dirty little secret. how have so many members of congress been getting so rich on their congressional salaries? are they ashamed? author peter is here and a woman
10:39 pm
claiming to have a winning ticket finally goes in front of the camera. why is the mystery only getting weirder? that's just two minutes away. aneconomic growth. north america actually has one of the largest oil reserves in the world. a large part of that is oil sands. this resource has the ability to create hundreds of thousands of jobs. at our kearl project icanada, we'll be able to produce these oil sands with the same emissions as many other oils and that's a huge breakthrough. that's good for oucountry's energy security and our economy. [ male announc ] you plant. you mow. you grow. you dream. meet the new definition of durability: the john deere select series. with endless possibilities, what will you create? ♪
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during our white sale, receive $400 in free bedding. only at the sleep number store, where queen mattresses start at just $699. >> the mega-millions mystery. this is getting so weird. first her co-workers thought they were millionaires and then she claims she bought the ticket all on her own. now his own lawyer says he's not sure if his client has the winning ticket. it's only getting more bizarre. >> i cannot say with any certainty that the ticket exists, and i would caution anybody, until it's presented to the lottery commission for processing that it does exist. what we are hoping that will happen in this instance is that people will understand that there is a certain amount of privacy that this lead is entitled to, as well as her children, her family, and her relatives and we are hoping that everybody understands that and that you all go home.
10:42 pm
>> okay. do you really think this woman has the winning ticket? tell us at greta does she have the ticket? tell us what you think. back in two.
10:43 pm
10:44 pm
>> how come congress didn't know this was wrong? the rest of us do. that's coming up. author peter schweitzer is near 60 seconds. first the headlines. >> mitt romney has an insurmountable lead in the race for the republican nomination. he picked up 16 in the primary stakes yesterday. romney coculine. number of delegates need by the end of june. rick santorum is vowing he will stay in the race and john mccain said it's time for santorum to make a grace full exit. the student accused of opening
10:45 pm
fire on a california christian college is charged today. 7 counts of murder and 3 counts ever attempted murder in the shooting. they think the nursing director was the intended target. she says he was upset because the school couldn't refund all of his money after he dropped out. he could face the death penalty if convicted. i'm ainsley erhard. back to great two. >> it's official. there is a law barring members of congress to do something illegal for the rest of us, insider trading. the stock law was signed into law but will it do any good? peter wrote a book called "throw them all out." it describes how they get rich off insider stock tips that would send the rest us to prison. nice to see you. >> thank you. nice to see you. >> your work exposed so much, i mean, it's almost breath less how bad what was going on at capitol hill.
10:46 pm
members of congress were getting rich on insider trading. give me an example, republican and democrat. >> you could look at a president like spencer back cuss, senior ranking member on the finance committee. during the crisis in september before it hit he gets private briefings from the fed chairman and fed secretary, very secretive meeting, they have to leave their blackberries and cell phones at the day. next day after the briefings he would go out and buy stock options shorting the market and made a lot of money doing so. that would be a republican example. a democrat example would be nancy pelosi. she got access to selective and special i. p. o. shares of stock whereby she could buy stock for $40 a share and the next day when it went public it would immediately be selling for 50% more and if she chose to she could sell it and make fifty or
10:47 pm
$100,000 in one day. >> and whatten rages me is they said they, quote, didn't know it was wrong. who wouldn't know that was wrong? >> and a congressman broke her leg and missed a signing. she tried to get it passed in 2006 and has been bang her head against the wall because she's had so much resistance. it's taken since 2006 to get it done. and number three, you violate did you essentially get sent to the principal's office you, you don't get referred for a criminal investigation. i don't know how much teeth is actually has. does it have any teeth? >> no. i think you put it very, very well. here's the problem. you taught law and you know it better than i do. a law is only as good as people are willing to enforce it. in this particular case you are expecting the securities and exchange commission to go after powerful members of congress who may be writing their budget, who may be confirming the head of the -- them.
10:48 pm
i really doubt the fec is going tone force t there are good things that are helpful in this bill, greta. number one, it used to be they only had to disclose their financial transactions one time a year. now they have to do it every 45 days. second of all, they have put a ban in place on the sweetheart ipo deals. you are not allowed the sweetheart ipos again. it's a good step forward. >> it does not deal with land deals where members of congress buy real estate and put earmarks in to build a road or something that increases the real estate value like speaker dennis did. it's replete with examples. maybe it's a step forward but it certainly is peculiar. the rest of us knew it was wrong without any sort of extra statute put into place. so now it's a law. but it is too bad, do you agree that congresswoman marie
10:49 pm
slaughter missed the signing. >> yes, it is: a very small forward, gretabut a step forward. i think the problem, this is one of those issues that unites people on left and on the right. it doesn't matter if you have a d or r after your name, you are going to believe and think this is wrong and unacceptable, except the insiders who hope we aren't paying attention. >> peter, thank you. great work. >> thank you. >> straight ahead, move over spiderman. one. hollywood's top leading men comes to the rescue in real life. who is he and what did he do? that's next. also it's almost their first wedding anniversary. and the duke and justice of cambridge just got an unusual gift. you will see what that is. that's next. get from hertz to keep the car you reserved or simply choose another. and it's free. ya know, for whoever you are that day. it's just another way you'll be traveling at the speed of hertz.
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>> you've seen our top stories but here is the best of the rest a hollywood leading man has joined the ranks of superman and batman in real life. actor ryan goesling running to the rescue of a woman in new york city. she saved her from being struck by a taxi. lori said she wasn't looking the right way because she's from london and almost got run over. but he grabbed her and pulled her to safety just in time. and remember the weird booming noises they were hearing in wisconsin? it was thought to be from one
10:54 pm
earthquake. tonight more proof. this is ought on an audio recording. see if you can here it. [booming sound] >> experts believe the blast may be a storm of small earthquakes and may last for a few months. >> and if you think prince william and indicate middleton are looking a little stiff, you are right. that's not actually the duke and duchess of cambridge. it's their wax figures. they were just unveiled in honor of their first anniversary. they are replicas of will and indicate at their engagement announcement. it even has the same blue dress. there you have it, your last call. one more call before we turn down the lights. who comes up with this stuff? the governor finds a brand now way to waste time and money, wait until you hear this one. it's next.
10:55 pm
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>> greta: 11:00 is almost here flash studio lights it's time for last call. the government does it again. how are they throwing your money way this time? here is jay leno. >> people eat mostly junk food are 65% more likely to be depressed than other people. well, see, that is hard to understand. i was eating prime rib and lobster and all smiles. and a guy with a box of mcnuggets is depressed? how much did this study cost, okay? is that gsa again? >> greta: thanks for being with us tonight. make sure you go to greta what do you think about gsa? go to greta and tell us. tell us with a you think about congress, too. good night from washington, d.c.. ♪ will be all right ♪