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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  April 8, 2012 2:00am-3:00am EDT

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welcome to "red eye." i'm greg gutfeld. or as i am known, lorain. we are meeting up after the show, but he still makes me wear the dress. to andy levy for a pre game report. what's coming up on tonight a show? >> cool out, america. cool out! our top story, should a marine be discharged after making politically charged comments about president obama? some say yes, but others say no. by the way, i am submitting that tease for a teasey award. wish me luck. did the supreme court look say it was okay for them to strip search anyone they want anytime they feel? the shocking story i just over sold, straight ahead. and finally, what happens when we send bill schulz out on to the street to ask about baseball's opening day 1234* hopeful leahy gets a wedgy. greg? >> interesting experience last night. baron slot van totenberg
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crashed at my house. >> i don't know why you make up these stories. >> he was spooked by the talking box. >> the fact you are bringing my private life on to this show, i am absolutely outraged by what you are doing. >> he is so new to our culture, he ate a box of flour and then used my sink at the toilet. >> first of all, the second one has nothing to do with being new to our culture. i would like to point that out. >> do you know how long it takes for him to get undressed at night? hours, hours. >> would you just go away? >> we will talk about baron later after the show. let's welcome our guest. she is so hot she can roast marshmellows by winking at them. i am here with remi spencer. and f insightful commentary were chores, i would do him around the house for 5 bucks a pop. it is nick gillespie. he is's editor-in-chief. and author of the delightful book, i have read it twice,
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minus one. the declaration of independence, you should buy it. and he thinks he is on the set of the hollywood squares. my sidekick, bill schulz, currently auditioning for "21 jump street 2". and she is so brilliant diamonds wear anyone knee versions of her on their finger. and sitting next to me, ann coulter, columnist and author. her latest book is called "demonic" or my lost weekend with the hells angels. interesting story. and he sheds a tear because his end is near. it is our new york times correspondent. good to see you, pinch. >> according to the sign section, fossils of a dinasaur found in china show it was the largest known feathered animal living or extinct. the species was named -- which means feathered tyrant. and here i thought that's what rush limbaugh called big bird. >> nicely done. should obama bashing be
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allowed if you are the few and the proud? well, lawyers are seeking to block a hearing set for this thursday. we will decide whether to discharge the 26-year-old vet after he posted a negative brief about his boss on facebook. according to the filing, he claims his views are protected under the first amendment. however, the military has had a policy since the civil war limiting free speech among the troops, especially when it comes to being critical of the president. as for the offending message, while it said bill schulz sucks, but then he wrote he would not follow an illegal order from the president such as killing americans or taking away their weapons. according to the court petition, quote, some of the language he used at discussing certain unlawful orders might be viewed as intemperate, he clarified repeatedly and publicly that he was only discussing this settled principal of military law that service members should not follow, unlawful orders. i wish i knew what that
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meant. i blame it on getting my brain melted by a dog. >> where are you? what is this show? is this morning joe? i don't know what is going on. app, great to see you -- anne, great to see you as always. do you agree that this guy -- was this guy critical or was he just making hypothetical situations, and is that enough to get him fired? >> well, you don't have first amendment rights in the military, but i think the whole thing can be resolved easily, but he said it on facebook. number one, obama is going to unfriend him. and the other thing is they just want him to apologize and
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then to start killing americans and taking away their weapons. >> there you go. so it is okay to kill americans. it is bad to insult the president on facebook. this is where we are in the 21st century. nick, you are a libertarian, although you claim to be, but i am not true. >> freedom is not free. it is fabulous. so i have been told. >> but here is the thing. how can this guy cry first amendment when he signed up for a job where he is simply not protected by it? how can that be? >> i don't know, but i think he will not get the lead in the review on full metal jacket. he looked like the picture though. i think the only thing that is more disturbing than the idea of obama leading troops into battle is this tabi being part of the troops. >> really, just because of this? >> if the soviet union was around they would be invading us right now. p i think he is a nut job, and you really don't want that kind of a person in the army. >> just from what he wrote?
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>> yes. >> i have had a lot of long conversations with him. he is great at squash. >> i don't know, greg. in full disclosure, i didn't see the facebook post he put up. >> way to be prepared, remi. >> you are not his friend? >> i am not friends with him on facebook. but based on his retraction or explanation, it seems as though he was sort of poking the issue. he was suggesting that he would not do this if the president or ordered it. why he would say that is unclear unless he was trying to imply that the president was making illegal orders. if that's the case, then i think this is not somebody we want fighting for us. but on the other hand, it seems a little drastic. i think he served nine years with the armed forces. >> i think -- i don't think they should discharge him. i understand he is violating the rules. >> should they make him peel potatoes for a couple hours?
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>> read beatle bailey comics? >> that's not punishment. that is delightful. >> when i wa growing up, those were the hottest girls in beatle bailey, the secretary. you posted last week on facebook i was a giant pooh. i didn't fire you. >> i meant it in a lovely, win knee the pooh-type of manner. although winny the pooh is bigger than you are. this guy is not going to lose his job. obama will step in and he will get a slap on the wrist. he wants to reenlist. it is last i checked marines are few and far between an original ad campaign. >> no, they are doing well. >> they are in elite members of the military. >> i thought they were dwindling. >> no, but if they train that much, why waste it? but this goes back to an earlier theory of mine. i guess it is a wish. can we just have facebook be the one politics free zone?
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can we just have that one -- tell you what. we will take all of the fervently political pages on facebook and get rid of that and replace it with german porn. nobody ever gets hurt with german porn. >> are you kidding me? everybody in german porn gets hurt. >> it is not scientifically proven, so i am sticking with that. >> they call it german porn strictly because someone is injured in it. >> but those people take pleasure in their injury. so win-win. >> it is amazing both of us actually know what german porn is. and here is the thing. he wrote on a tea party page, do you think if it was occupy wall street we would be talking about this? >> or occupy syria. >> that's true. good point. don't know how to respond to that because that was way over my head. social networks cause more problems than i think they
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solve. i don't know where i stand on this because the military does so many great things and the reason they do so many great things is they operate under a different set of laws. they don't have to deal with our problems and our facebooks. well not anymore. what i am saying is maybe he should be disciplined because that's why the military is great. >> i think this is a great example of why people need to be so careful about what they put on-line. no one candy. that social media can be a very positive and useful tool. >> german porn. >> but there are so many cases. it is minor criminal cases and serious criminal cases that come through my office that in someway are connected to the on-line networking and sites like facebook and twitter. and it is astonishing to me in this day and age educated people are posting things that will hurt their livlihoods and their spouses and their children out there on facebook. >> what he said is insulting to the president only by implication is my understanding. but like remi i didn't read
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the article. i am just gathering it from the discussion here. he stated what is in fact the law. soldiers don't have to follow illegal orders. so it sounds kind of stupid, and by implication you are suggesting that the president might be about to issue such an order. with that being the case, i think he has been embarrassed, he has been shot down. he has been punished. come on. >> let him get back and serve the country. the thing is, if i said something on this show that was wrong about fox -- not wrong about fox, but if i said horrible things about the country, they can't fire me because i can be -- they can fire me. and obama is his boss and he can fire him. >> if the head of fox said you should kill americans would you follow that order? >> well, depends on who they are. no. from a facebook faux-pas to a political buzz saw.
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tuesday mitt romney may have put the nail in the box that has nails in them. what is it, a coffin? with a clean sweep in three more republican rye maries he won wisconsin, muscular dystrophy muscular dystrophy and something called the -- maryland and something called the district district of columbia. what is next for the former massachusetts governor? he is taking aim at santorum's home turf where the primary is april 24th. where does captain sweater vest think he is going to be during this brutal primary season? where is he at for that matter? let's ask him. >> we have now reached the point where it is half time. half of the delegates in this process have been selected, and who is ready to charge out of the locker room in pennsylvania for a strong second half? >> i hate tennis metaphors. you will never see them doing this.
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again santorum was right. whether you for gay marriage, you are going to be having dogs with caping go riew -- kangaroos. >> and you were against that? i withdraw my german porn thing. i want that on facebook. >> and it changed my mind. nick, you have been following this primary season very closely . some say it is too close for reasons we can't explain. >> for legal reasons. who should san forum do now? >> the first thing rick santorum should stop doing is making pen state-style references. santorum if he is running for like the president of a loon -- loonetic asylum, he is out of touch with -- >> remi, is he just saying
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this to run out the clock? he knows he is done, but he has to spend the money. >> what can he do? what would you do in that situation? >> you know what i would do? i would go to fud rubbingers -- fudruckkers and get a delicious sandwich. >> that's impressive, but if you wanted to continue a career in politics, you can't throw in the towel. >> i think it is the reverse. i think he is ending his career in politics by refusing to give up here. he is being gracious. both regan and romney withdrew long before this point in the primary season. people thought, yes, that's gracious president they got behind the front runner and they both had future careers. i think he is making himself look silly. >> i agree with you. >> i don't know what half time means because i am a girl. >> i agree that this is not the smartest decision for them. it is one or the other. you either drop out or you continue to go forward and see how much support you can get
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and hope for something different. >> we know newt gingrich is going to win. i don't even know why we are having this con -- conversation. >> you were in constant contact with rick santorum. he calls you for advice and hygiene. >> and how to get things off the internet. what have you told him, or what has he told you? >> he did say something to me that was very interesting. eep, op, ork, ah. the reason he mentioned this is he is insane. the reason he is insane is if he had gotten out now, he would have not had the embarassment that is going to happen when he loses his home state. the fact he will have that on his resume instead of bowing out is crazy. >> real quick. anne, who would you like to see as a vp candidate? >> well, if santorum can fitch an etch uh sketch up his
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derriere, i don't know, you want to see somebody with potential, so i say barack obama. >> nick? >> i think he will go to lure joe biden over with cheese dude dude -- doodles. >> chris chris stey. >> i do too. i think he has to drop some weight. i worry about the stress level. >> i think it looks good on him. >> i agree of. >> we need large men to invest. bill, i want your choice, but it can't be one of your hobo friends like mad carl. >> she very happy carl. he got back on the heroin. can't stand carl when he is straight in may ways. i think nick was half right. not luring biden with cheese doodles, but a giant box of cheese doodles. who would vote against cheese
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duet dels? no -- doodles? no one. i was thinking about sc ri licks. >> who is that? >> a grammy nominated producer. >> i want people to know i am up on my stuff. what a guy. >> that's a great name. >> you have to get nutter on there. and then me of course. but i'm on every ticket. >> aren't you canadian? >> no, no, no. >> he is kenyan. >> yes, i am kenyan. one more p oi nt. this is a serious point, but not really, but the fact rick santorum got this far, what does it say that there is a good conservative candidate that was run ?g. >> a good conservative candidate is running. >> you know what i mean. >> i mean a really good one. >> i love romney -- >> why do you like romney? romney is an echo of obama. >> oh, blah, blah, blah.
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you say that about everybody except ron paul. look, we have always had a liberal moderate or republican in every primary, ford-reagan, reagan-bush well romney was the conservative alternative. how did he transform? people are fighting the last war. they have to find somebody in this campaign. >> so they have to find somebody who is in favor of an individual mandate for health insurance. >> not at the federal level. and there is nothing unconstitutional about that. >> we are not talking about that. >> 1.6 million from fried de mac. they have to take somebody who did not authorize the nea. >> i will say one thing. apart from me who was a maverick in say cheese doodles, all of you have done the normal white boring dude.
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well, i think he needs a game changer. >> bristol palin. >> don't trust him on anything. i sayal lynn west -- i say allen west. coming up, i wanted him to run for president. should people be taxed at a different rate? give us your money you ugly troll. but first a strip search -- have strip searches just got strippier?
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all right. well, they have settled the feud over seeing you nude. yet this week the supreme court ruled law enforcement may strip search people for any offense, no matter how
2:22 am
minor before admitting them to jail. it allows foreclose visual inspection by a guard while naked, even if they have no reason to suspect the presence of contra band. con pro band means back here if i am not mistaken. the courts are in no position to second guess correctional officers who must consider not only weapons and drugs, but also information about gang affiliations. i hide mine in my rectum. the opposition meanwhile called the strip search a front to human dignity and privacy. for more analysis we go to our correspondent live out sides the supreme court. >> aren't we all just dogs on a ring. that is all just having fun. you defend the violent
2:23 am
criminals, so don't others get picked up for the minor offenses first and won't this law help catch them sooner and then you will have more clients? >> the beginning part of that is a great point. yes, i think what the supreme court has done is it is not precluded under the fourth amendment restriction on unreasonable searches and seizures to do this kind of a strip search under certain circumstances. and what justice kennedy wrote in the opinion was it doesn't matter necessarily the offense for which the person has been charged before they are allowed to do this kind of a search which is very important. as you said at the beginning of your question, often times violent criminals are not caught in the act of violence. the most dangerous people are not caught in the midst of the crime. >> you know, this is sounding
2:24 am
like the movie "minority report. >> are you going to feel them up while you prevent the crime. >> the i'm minutes amount of back here i have and i was thinking if i close my eyes i will wake up. i am against giving police more discretion. you know, cops, they do better when they have tight restrictions on what they are allowed to do. >> i am all for tight restrictions. on the streets and in the bedroom. and should the police be required to have probable cause before they strip search a lovely person like yourself? >> this is the prison guards. you are talking about people going to the general population. the example given to the contrary, ie the new york times has been people walking a dog. i think the problem there is making that a crime that you
2:25 am
can be put in jail for. there is the problem. but once you are talking about admitting people to a jail or a prison, yes, correction officials need to have that discussion. you don't want courts overseeing every little thing. you belong to a boogie boarding gang. are you worried they will strip search you and know your affiliation? >> it doesn't matter. if cops think you need to be stripped or have some sort of search, they will come up with a reason. they are going to find a reason. i have a friend of mine and he was doing 55 in a 54. the cops pull him over. he says my glove compartment is locked, so you can go and look at them, but you will need a warrant for that. the cop thought he was smart and then he said, we'll see how smart you are when the k-9s come. and that's one of his 99 problems. that's how it is. you weren't so sheltered, you
2:26 am
would know that. >> absolutely. all right then. do you have a comment on the show? leave a voicemail at 212-462-5050. i know we haven't checked it in awhile, but that is bill's fault. the half time report from tv's andy levy. i hope he won't talk about boris. >> tonight it is sponsored by pandas, the back by eaters with bold black and white markings including black patches over the eye. thanks, pandas. the capital one cash rewards card gives you a 50% annual bonus. and who doesn't want 50% more cash? ugh, the baby. huh! and then the baby bear said, "i want 50% more cash in my bed!" phhht! 50% more cash is good ri... what's that. ♪ you can spell. [ male announcer ] the capital one cash rewards card. the card for people who want 50% more cash.
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what's in your wallet? ha ha. ♪
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let's find out if we have gotten anything wrong so far. for that we go to tv's andy levy. >> can't really you hear you over the giggling. >> i know, but nobody even cares that a show is going on. >> lorain, you made political statements about president obama contests his discharge. you say he is a nut job and you don't want that kind of person in the army. i don't think marines like to be referred to as being part of the army. >> that's true. >> they can take it out of my fabulous t-shirt. >> remi, you said you don't actually know why sergeant stein said what he said about president obama. here is why he says he posted what he did on his facebook page. he says the statement about president obama and that he
2:31 am
wouldn't follow any unlawful orders was part of an on-line debate about nato possibly allowing troops to be tried for the koran burnings in afghanistan. he said he wouldn't follow orders from the president if the orders included detaining u.s. citizens, disarming them or doing anything else and it would viet late their constitutional rights. >> isn't it a point he should have faith and not order him to do something that would be illegal? >> but he was about to apparently. if we had read the story we would know that. >> that's a lesson to all of you guests out there. >> anne, i should also point out naddition to saying what he said to obama which he correctly pointed out, he was talking about a hypothetical. sergeant stein said critical things about secretary of defense panetta. that's a no-no. you can't do that. >> i would have known that if i had read the story. >> what torment from officer and a gentleman should he be subjected to? the stripped down boxing match with lou goes set, junior.
2:32 am
what would be your -- you are a serviceman, right? what is your choice? >> i would discharge him. >> would you discharge him? >> i would, and i think he is gone. pentagon directors, as you guys talked about, they are pretty clear on this. and the thing is he didn't just post this on his facebook, this armed forces tea party page, he started the page. he started a political group which you can't do that. >> have i to disagree with you. i have to disagree with you. i don't think people are clear enough as they are on social networks and i can't believe they drummed that in his head every day. >> they told him it was a violation. he took it down and then he said no, i have decided you are wrong and put it back up. >> i see. >> it was an army of one. >> again, he is a marine. >> when i was in the army in korea, we were on the field with a surprise inspection.
2:33 am
i had a saying on my wall locker that was bush 41 at the time. and it said, get that warmonger out of the white house. i had it up as a joke. my roommate told me when i got back the picture was gone and the colonel who did the inspection looked at it and said, that's true, the president is a warmonger, but he can't have that up on his locker. romney wins three three primaries and santorum says it is half tie. is it possible santorum was making reference to me? >> might be. >> that's how i took it. >> what did you have on your wall locker? did you have a cute mirror? >> in my wall locker? i had my uniforms i wore when i proudly served my country. >> i thought maybe you had other stuff. >> betty grabel pin ups? >> yes. >> interestingly enough he had a stripped down picture of luis gosset, junior.
2:34 am
>> he has legs that start up here and go all the way to the floor. >> sorry, andy. >> that's okay. the beauty was they assumed it was from "officer and a gentleman" so i got away with it. anne, you said santorum is hurting his political career by staying in and not bowing out and regan and romney bowed out. do you mean regan in 1976? i remember him taking it to the convention. >> in 1976? well first of all, before that the cpac organizers he was the first organizer at the cpak, but he wanted to start a third party, the conservative third party. he was the one who talked them out of that. he said we have to be a part of the republican party. he saw it all as part of the process. he graciously campaigned for ford. >> he didn't drop out. -- he took the fight to the convention and lost the delegate count and gracefully bowed out. he gave a concession speech.
2:35 am
>> but he didn't drop out in 1984. >> romney withdrew in february. and he was doing a lot better. he was a lot closer to mccain than santorum is. >> i agree with you on that. i think a couple weeks ago, he compared himself to regan in 1976. that indicates that he ain't going anywhere. >> he has picked up on newt gingrich's trope of comparing him and he know what's a huge fan he is as a national endowment of the art is. santorum voted to fund six times. he is such a big conservative. >> to be fair though, he was comparing himself to ron regan, junior. he was quite the ballet dancer. i think that was a bit unfair. >> remi, you said you think romney will pick chris chris stey as his running mate, but two governors, can you do that? >> i think it would be
2:36 am
fantastic. the question is who should he pick and not who will he pick? >> that's fair. >> remi persuaded me. >> greg, you thought he should pick sc ri lix? >> yes. >> he didn't win a grammy, did he? >> he was nominated. >> i think if he won maybe you start talking about him as a potential running mate. but if he is not even wining a grammy, he is out. >> who has more experience, a nominated dj or community organizer? >> that's a fair point. >> that is a fair point. i guess it is. >> i guess it is. supreme court and strip searches. remi you pointed out correctly, they said the fourth amendment doesn't preclude searches. if i am reading this right, justice kennedy wrote, quote, every detainee who will be admitted to the general population may be required to undergo a close visual inspection while undressed.
2:37 am
that means if you are detained and waiting to see a judge like for a traffic violation this doesn't apply. >> that's right. not only does there have to be probable cause, you have to be arrested. you have to be charged. you have to be unable to post bail. you have to go to the local county jail, and then you have to be admitted to the general population before this decision can have any impact on you. >> the thing is the case that made it to the court, the guy whose last name was florence i think. he was pulled over by cops -- he had a false warrant for not paying something he already paid, but they didn't -- i guess the argument is they didn't know that when they booked him. >> this case is a great example. there is an old saying and you learn in-law school that bad facts make good law. this is that case. the cops were wrong. there was no arrest warrant from the defendant. and yet he ended up in the general population, the jail. and that's why this case went to the supreme court. most states have restrictions on this sort of thing.
2:38 am
and they would still throw out the search. they would find that it is an improper search. it was a state action that provided the false information. in other words if the state gets it wrong, and there shouldn't be an arrest warrant for you, you will be okay at the end of the day. >> and also i think there were a lot of states that go further than what the supreme court said -- >> can we get back to german porn. >> my god. you guys have beaten this story. >> never mind. >> i don't know. >> it is like the kangaroo beating the dog. >> anyway, it seems like -- i actually thought it was an odd decision. nick, i tend to agree with you when it comes to giving police more power. but here is the thing. if someone doesn't get strip searched and smuggles in a weapon there will screaming about it and lawsuitsett set raw. lawsuitsett set raw. >> i had an idea for a store called strip and search. the customer comes in and strips and i do a search of their family tree.
2:39 am
the striping is optional, but i thought it was cute. >> you can see their lineage in their nudity. >> did you see the striping is not option or optional? >> it isn't optional, but is not necessary. >> so you are not required to do. it but you need to do is it? >> exactly. it has no affect on the actual genealogy search, but if you don't do it, i will kill you. >> although it could help you narrow down whether someone is jewish or not. >> that eliminates a lot of the leg work. >> saves a lot of search time. i am done. >> that you are, my friend. coming up, if you guys want to get on the ground floor, i will be looking for some money. >> he means he will bury you in the ground. >> there is a lot of people on the ground floor. >> stories so mind blowing that if they were a picture of a box turtle you would say,
2:40 am
wow, that picture of a box turtle certainly is mind blowing, remi, it certainly is. i am going to stair at you until you are uncomfortable. okay, that was fast. if we buy cracker jacks will we care if bill never comes back? it doesn't matter either way. we poisoned him. >> where was baseball invented? >> where? yankees. >> yes, yes, it was invented in the yankees. ( bell rings ) they remind me so much of my grandkids. wish i saw mine more often, but they live so far away. i've been thinking about moving in with my daughter and her family.
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opening day? yes, that is time of the year again where hope springsy ter national for even the most hopeless franchises. the cinncinati bengals come to mind, the poor slugs. but as america's pastime past its prime? we send the oldest little leaguer into the streets. he is in the big apple. go knicks. >> it is opening day, or as i like to call. it opening day. let's see what a bunch of tours have to say about all things our national pastime. join me. >> who invented baseball? >> you got me on that one. >> i know it was invented in the 1800's. >> abraham lincoln. after he freed the slaves he created baseball, but he said you freed the slaves, you can't play, but you are free. that's one of his most famous lines. >> doing an opening day thing for fox and friends. >> fox and friends? >> i am hoping it is freelance
2:45 am
or else it will go to "red eye." first, who invented baseball? >> baseball? i don't know. >> i don't know about that either. what it all comes down to -- i talked to a lot of people, who cares? when it comes to baseball, who invented it? >> no idea. >> roy scheider, the star of "jaws" jie. where was baseball invented? >> where? hmm. yankees. >> yes, yes, it was invented in the yankees. who invented the butt slap? >> paul mccartney. >> john travolta. >> how many strikes in an out. >> three. >> the correct answer is -- a lot of people think it is three, but it is -- >> what is the phrase to can a corn. >> to catch a ball? >> a lot of people think
2:46 am
that. it is a can of corn. you go and buy a can of corn. what is, sexy ladies, can i ask you a couple questions about baseball and opening day and whether you are single? >> are you promoting maybeline. don't you want to do it in a national audience. >> maybe it is not maybeline. are you excited? >> come to fly with the airlines. >> baseball players are on steroids, but we are clearly on ecstasy. >> isn't opening day on thursday? >> i don't think i know what -- >> opening day of a new macy's. >> oh, a new macy's? >> i know, it is exciting. i am told half off converse and all handbags. what do you think about that? >> that is excellent. >> i think it is more than excellent. it is exuberant. >> i like you. >> i like you more. >> who is the all-time homerun leader? >> hank aaron.
2:47 am
the true homerun leader. >> somebody does not like the steroids era. >> it is patches owe hoolihan from the bourbon league. >> who has the most homeruns ? who is the homerun king? >> homerun king? i don't know. >> what team does derrick jeter play for? >> you are talking to the wrong people. >> it is a trick question. he is a wnba player. he plays center for the new york flannels. >> he plays for the mariners, ichiro. >> not the yankees. >> you know who else is a mariner, kevin kostner in "water world." what have we learn ?ed thursday's opening day, nobody seems to care. but either way i predict this season is going to be a grand slam. >> i love that the gentleman
2:48 am
with the glasses, he asked to come on "red eye." is he still around? >> parts are, and i blame the -- see the problem with you, greg, is you love them too much. you love them too much. >> can we find -- where was baseball invented some. >> it evolved. it was like grounders or something like that, and then it was -- there is a reference to baseball going as far back as 1790. but it not abner doubled who is a civil war buff. >> bill, how will your beloved blue socks look as far as what quadrant that team occupies. >> the chicago white sox were picked to finish dead last by "sports illustrated." but i refuse to believe that "sports illustrated" exists. >> and you follow baseball, but like most women, do you look at it oddly? >> i follow the yankees slightly.
2:49 am
>> not on tv show. you just follow them around. you are in a dune buggy. >> i wear my night vision glasses. >> should they be legalizing steroids ? >> absolutely. why not? and they shouldn't be strip searching for them either. >> we have to take a break. sorry, remi, couldn't get to you. stick around. we will be right back.
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all right, it is time to give you an update on our newest art auction. don't laugh at that. that's later. this is a special piece of art, an original created by the great graphic artist. it is an illustration of andrew breitbart. you can catch out more of the art and now to win this, simply make a bid on it. e-mail us at red eye at fox all of the money from the highest bid goes to the trust fund for andrew breitbart's four children. the highest bid comes from a
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""red eye" guest jonathon honig which was $5 higher than the previous bid. you couldn't do $1200.01? i don't want him to win. he is a monster, a cold blooded monster. out bid him. the deadline is monday. come back to me now. if anybody can top this bid, if you want to make a donation and help andrew's kids, checks or money orders can be sent to this address. breeitbart's children's trust. >> speaking of art, we have been excited over having baron slot-van toutenburg stay with us, stay with me rather. and i have a picture of him i took earlier. he was looking great. it is a stunning, stunning look. >> his eyes really do follow
2:55 am
you, greg. it is amazing. no matter where are you in the room -- actually, it is weird. this is the first time the eyes go in the opposite direction as me. >> all right. we will close things out with a post game wrap up. to see clips of recent
2:56 am
2:57 am
2:58 am
see you back here at 5:00 p.m. for "the five" and i will be on stocil on fbn. back to tv's baron vaughn slotenburg for the post game wrap up. hi, baron. >> hi, greg, thanks. what are you doing in new york? >> i am taping tomorrow night taping a stocil that will appear on april 12th. it is a very special episode
2:59 am
about how government can't really do anything right. >> i will pretend i heard that. >> i will pretend i said it. >> remi, will you be back on fox later this morning? >> yes. at 10:40. you have to get a shot of bill. >> excellent. >> anne, what do you have? >> you look fabulous. just go back to bill. >> look at his pensive stair. she really listening. it is as if he is from another time. >> how much time do we have? all right. thank you, baron. >> what is he looking at? >> remi, bill, nick, anne, thank you. captions by closed captioning services


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