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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  April 10, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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fox confirmed what is being called a credible bomb threat on board a korean airlines flight. the flight took off from vancouver, canada, and requested u.s. assistance to respond to the bomb threat. the f-15 jets were scrambleded and escourseed it to military base. it was headed to seoul, south korea, in the air for less than three hours when bomb squad was called in. the flight landed safely. officials are now looking for explosives. stay tuned to fox news for the latest on this breaking news. tonight, there is new political intrigue. what is it? who is senator santorum putting on his dan card? two choices. governor romney and speaker gingrich. both, though, inflicted deep wounds and both want his endorsement. they want it big-time. a few hours ago, santorum suspended his 2012 esidential campaign. but so far he's not endorsing
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his political rivals. brit hume will talk about what is next in the g.o.p. race. you never know what will come out of governor chris christie's mouth. listen to this. >> turning in to a paternalistic entitlement society. we have a bunch of people sitting on a couch waiting for the next government check. >> greta: all right. what did governor christie mean by that? we'll hear much more from him coming up. it's worse than we all thought. there is disturbing new information tonight in the gsa scandal. how did an employee program designed to encourage good performance end up encouraging bad behavior? all that is minutes away. but right now, senator rick santorum says he is not finished fighting. >> we are going to continue to go out there and fight to make sure that we defeat president barack obama. that we win the house back. and that we take the united states senate. we stand for the values that make us americans. >> so will senator san fight
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for the number two spot on the g.o.p. ticket? analyst brit hume joins us. nice to see you. >> nice beto be here. >> greta: before i get to speculation whether he is gearing up for the number two spot, it was quite deafening, the lack of mention of governor romney today in the speech. >> or speaker gingrich. for that matter. it was. although i think that this stage, i would have been surprised if he came out with an endorsement of romney. romney has beaten him to a pull within an expensive advertising campaign in state after state, romney was able to narrowly win which undermined rick santorum amazing shoe string, come from behind, come from nowhere campaign. it may take him a while to reconcile him to endorsement of romney. >> greta: what is a point of reference? it wasn't even sort of like i called governor romney today. in fact, he didn't call speaker gingrich but called
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romney. >> i think it would have been becoming of senator santorum to do that. but he didn't. that is not to his credit but i think it's -- he will get to that point sooner or later. it doesn't really matter. unless you worry about sportsmanship or something. it doesn't matter. >> greta: there is jockeying between, governor romney has been the front runner for some time. jockeying between speaker gingrich and also senator santorum, who was number two or had a chance of pushing governor romney out of the way. they had both gone back and forth saying you should get out, you should get out. you should get out. it seems from the outside that the harder feelings might go against gingrich as the spoiler to him. >> that is possible. but, you know, i just, my sense about this is -- i can't get inside rick santorum's head. but my sense is as recently as eight or ten days ago he had
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no intention of doing this. of getting out. but the debts were mounting. i don't know how far in his own pocket he is to finance the campaign. but i know he has a lot of children. he has a daughter with a serious condition. the one who was hospitalized over the weekend, bella. he has to consider that. i think, you know, the few days off, going face to face with reality that he doesn't have wherewithal to mount the campaign and n theup coming states, including most importantly his home state of pennsylvania to continue this race with any hope of success. and what lay ahead for him was deeper debt and perhaps a humiliating loss in his home state of pennsylvania where he lost so badly six years ago that it would have undone a lot of what he has accomplished in this campaign. i think he faced up to that and decided it was time to get out. he hasn't yet reached the point he is ready to say yes, i am. >> greta: he is a young man. >> he is. >> greta: 2016, may be something he has his eyes on. first of all, he has to deal
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with getting out of this campaign. and he may have his eyes on if governor romney doesn't win, he is a young man now made quite an impression on a number of voters. in 19 states. >> i was on "fox news sunday" and members of the panel thought this was his last shot. i don't agree with that. he has a real claim on the loyalties and the votes of evangelical christians who are an important part of the republican base. their loyalty to him is not going to be dissipated. unless something happens in the next four years. if romney doesn't make it, and the republicans lose the election, i think rick santorum would be right there for 2016. have four years to raise money and do all the things he was unable to do to get a start in this race. i think he is in a stronger position in four years than starting this race. look what he did this year. >> greta: much like governor romney did the same thing. >> right. >> greta: last four year he is has been going around picking up, doing favors for
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people. >> i think mitt romney was in a unique position in terms of fundraising. a lot of rich friends, a rich man himself. he was able to raise a lot of money. santorum could raise sizable amount of money and go in the 2016 campaign if it comes to that with a war chest that would allow him to run a different campaign than he was forced to run this time. i suspect that's crossed his mind. >> greta: now, i realize that the nomination has not been sealed. it looks close but speaker gingrich is still in the race and he has not concedeed. but i'm curious if in consideration would not be senator santorum for vice president. he does fill some of the holes in the romney campaign. he is farther to the right than governor romney. >> well, one of the things you want to do with the vice presidential selection is often unite the party. john mccain didn't have a united party behind him until he nameded sarah palin. now a lot of opinions she was a disaster and all of that but i won't get into that here. but at the sime he did it, it -- time he did it, it had
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galvanizing effect on the party and the convention. people forget this. on september 15, that year, when the market meltdown happened after the republicans in my view were finished, mccain-palin ticket was ahead in the polls. so it's an important consideration to get party rallied behind you. other candidates might do that, but santorum could do that. the question i think for governor romney is whether he thinks that santorum brings some of the other things. certainly he meets the test of somebody who would be able to step in the presidency. he certainly has a lot of experience. young man, he would be someone you could say you turn over the president to him, you have a seasoned hand at the helm. >> greta: what do you think speaker gingrich is thinking today as he is watching the speech? or heard about it. i don't know if he is watching it. what does it mean to him? >> i don't, i think speaker gingrich decided not to get out of the race for two reasons. one is if you are still in, it's easier to raise money.
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he needs to raise money because he is at least $4.8 million in debt. that's what he acknowledged and said that again the day before yesterday. the other thing i said he still thinks there is some extreme possibility that lightning could strike, romney could faulter in some way and that the party would turn to him. my sense about that is if lightning struck and romney were not able to go forward that the party probably would not turn to him. but hey, a guy can hope. >> greta: does it even disturb or distress or any concern at all for governor romney that speaker gingrich stays in the race? he doesn't have the delegates to be a threat. he doesn't have money to put big race on california, which is expensive so is it now to serve. >> a technical fact but politically almost meanin meaningless. gingrich, even if santorum position goes to him, he can't campaign or advertise or do what you need to do. today, word reached that in
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the state of utah he sent an application to be on the ballot out there, that is the last primary in june. they haven't been able to put him on the ballot, the check, the fee that came with it, the check bounced. that gives you an idea the shape, the infrastructure of gingrich's campaign is in. he can't campaign. he is a man without a horse. nowhere he can go. campaign and we have states coming up later this month. big ones now. new york and connecticut and pennsylvania. apparently gingrich is campaigning in delaware, the least of them. that's where he can afford to go and get around the state on a shoe string. he doesn't have campaign -- >> greta: maybe make a deal to get out now in exchange for retiring his debt. >> those things happen. >> greta: it looks rather bleak. >> it does. >> greta: brit, thank you. >> you bet. >> greta: governor chris christie, he is at it again. speaking his mind with absolutely no sugar coating.
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absolutely none. new jersey governor speaking to today at conservative conference headed by former president george w. bush. what did governor chrisie say to light a fire this time? >> turning into a paternalistic entitlement society. that will bankrupt us. financially. it will bankrupt us morally. the american people no longer believe this is a place where only their willingness to work hard, and act with honor and integrity and ingenuity determines their success in life. we have a bunch of people sitting on the couch waiting for the next government check. >> greta: oklahoma governor mary fallen at the event in new york city. what does she think of what governor christie said? she joins us. good evening. >> good evening.
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>> greta: what are your thoughts today about what governor chris christie was saying? >> one thing i admire about governor christie, he speaks his mind. you know where he stands on issues. that's why a lot of people find him very intriguing governor. i appreciate what he was talking about. today we were at a bush institute senate talking about the economic policy. what states are doing to grow their economies. i think governor christie was expressing a general sense that we have got to get economy back on track. reduce the federal spending, the government we had in washington, d.c. and what the states are trying to do to grow economy and get americans back to work. no doubt there are americans that are struggling, looking for jobs. no doubt that entitlement spending is out of control in the nation. we're bankrupting the nation with the debt and deficit we have. those are the policies that we are talking about. he expresses it in a different way. >> greta: one thing he said in part he has seen a less optimistic period the country
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in his lifetime. i am curious, i hear republicans say we have to fete rid of regulation and cut taxes, cut spending. i hear all of that. but beyond that sort of usual comments how do you -- how do you get the optimism back? how do you provoke it? >> well, i think americans are concerned about our debt, deficit. those who are the long-term unemployed in the nation. they did get frustrated about the uncertainty in federal rules, regulations, the unwillingness to work together in washington, d.c. and so what we were talking about at this particular summit was how individual states and governors are doing things to create more vibrant economy, creating jobs. house states and governors are actually cutting spending. actually talking about lowering the income tax rate in the state of oklahoma. we have a proposal to significantly reduce the income tax. there are 19 other states to
10:13 pm
look to reduce their income taxes. and their taxes in their state. we're creating jobs, creating more vibrant economies. >> greta: well, i notice that the unemployment rate nationwide is 8.1%. i did research, february 2012, oklahoma, you are at 6.0. >> we are. >> greta: that is very low. your numbers have been, you know, for the last two years good numbers. we're envious of oklahoma. is there something peculiar about your economic structure, what you produce in oklahoma or why are you, why is your state below the national average in unemployment? >> i don't think it's peculiar. we're just implementing the right policies in our state. we closed a budget deficit last year of $500 million budget gap. with reduce spending in the state of oklahoma. we cut our income tax last year. we enacted lawsuit reform. major education reform and reduced the worker compensation cost and unfunded liability in the pension system.
10:14 pm
we're just doing the right things. when you do the right things in your state government, you grow your economy, you attract new businesses. in fact, we have the third best job creating market in the united states. our personal per capita income grew at 6.2%, beating the national average. we have a migration of people actually moving to the state of oklahoma. one thing we're trying to do unlike washington is we're trying to set policies in our state that gives some resemblance of certainty in the marketplace. it's hard to have certainly in a marketplace, when you have so much uncertainty in washington, d.c. i can do what i can do in the state of oklahoma to create better business environment to create a stronger educated workforce and do what i need to do to right the state government. >> greta: all right. now to play little view do litto game. we are guessing if romney is no nation, who would be a good choice for him.
10:15 pm
i'm curious, could you see a vice presidential candidate in governor chris christie? >> i think governor chris christie is very attractive governor. he has taken on tough battles in his state. he is plain-spoken. people admire that. they don't want people to sugarcoat things. they want people to tell the truth, tell it like it is. that's what he does. i appreciate that. of course, he has helped to right size government in his state. he talked about reducing taxes. he has taken on some tough battles in education reform. those are battles that the american people appreciate. somebody willing to get in there and talk about solutions to problems. willing to not only talk the talk, but walk the walk and do what needs to be done. >> greta: all right. how about speaker gingrich? should he continue to stay in the campaign and make it engaging discussion for republican party or get out? >> speaker gingrich certainly does engage the public in many different issues. he is one of the best idea guys we have in our nation.
10:16 pm
he is certainly helping to lead the debate on many, many issues. i have a great appreciation for what he does. but to me, it looks like romney certainly has a strong lead right now. especially with governor -- with senator santorum getting out of the race, too. and certainly got a large amount of delegates and so, i think speaker gingrich will probably stay in for a while. he will help shape debate on issues that are important to our nation. and we'll see where it goes from here. >> greta: governor, thank you. >> good to be with you, again. >> greta: straight ahead a brand new battle over president obama's healthcare law. but this time it's not a legal battle. who is the white house fighting now? you are going to meet him. that is next. also, the gsa does it again. employee program meant to encourage good work ends up sparking bad behavior. yes, it all comes at your expense. wait until you hear this. you are not going the like it. plus, usually an honor to have things named after you. one thing that former president george w. bush
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i will not sign a plan that adds one dime to the deficit, now or in the future.
10:21 pm
>> greta: that was president obama in 2009. a new study that the white house calls faulty and partisan, shows the president's healthcare law that is supposed to cut cost is exploding the deficit to the tune of $527 billion. the study's author joins us. nice to see you. >> nice to be here. >> so why do you say that this ads to the president and -- adds to the budget and president says the opposite? >> why it has the deficit the new cost in the legislation is more than cost savings. subsidized healthcare coverage and medicare solvency for eight years, it costs money and not enough cost saving ins the law to pay for that. the reason most don't understand it they go with the common score keeping of the government that obscure the effect. they ignore the commitment under the law and create
10:22 pm
misimpression it reduces the deficit. >> who is doing the scoring? it's not the white house. is it the congressional budget office? who came up with the original number? >> the congressional budget office produces the number. they undertake analysis going back to score keeping convention like 1985. >> greta: what do you mean? double counting the way we do sort of unusual things here in the government in terms of the county? >> yes. i try to stay away from the double counting term in the paper because it sounds accusatory. but it does allow for some double counting. basically, what the congressional budget office is directed to do, is to assume in all events that medicare will pay full benefits, even the trust fund runs out. under the law that is not the case. once the medicare trust fund runs out, can't pay full benefit. what they have to assume in all of the baseline comparison
10:23 pm
is the medicare program will pay full benefits forever and ever. >> greta: that is a giant cost. >> giant cost in the baseline of comparison. so if you do anything less than that, it look like you are saving money. >> greta: that is how you consider savings if you don't spend as much as you could spend? in a pure situation, like petrie dish? >> where there is no authority to do. and they always disclose this. they say the assumptions assume that the medicare program will pay full benefit forever and forever. though it has no legal authority to do so. they are transparent to disclose this is not comparison with the actual law. be if you compare it to baseline it look like it lowered the deficit. >> jay carney on air force one that you are partisan and the study is faulty. you republican cetennials. >> i do. >> a self-identified
10:24 pm
republican trustee. there is a democratic and a republican and i'm the republican. it serve served in the bush administration for eight years. >> greta: what is the problem here? nobody wants to get deeper in debt. are you suggesting that the white house is using ways to figure out the number numbers tt are intellectually dishonest? or they are trying to hide it or they don't get it? >> i try hard not to ascribe a motive to anyone. there are a lot of people mo who misunderstand scoring position. my paper is focused to explain the literal change in the law. it truck me when i composed the paper there is discussion on what the cbo found and no
10:25 pm
one did study of changing the law. that seemed to me to be a glaring gap in the public understanding of what the healthcare law does. >> do you think that congress understands the cost of this? when you hear the story numbers and bat them around, do you think it's an idea of how they are arrived at? >> there is a conceptual idea but i think there is a need to fill in numbers. when i went in and met with people and said here is what is happening under the law and why it ads to the federal deficit, many people were already there. they understood that. and they understood you couldn't put one set of savings to apply it to extending medicare and the same set of savorings to create a new health entitlement. they got that. but i don't think there is a full understanding of the magnitude of this. that this law would ad $340 billion in a best case scenario to federal deficit in ten years. >> greta: this is going to happen -- if your paper is correct, it will happen to us unless the law is held unconstitutional. this is inevitable unless we
10:26 pm
find a pot of gold some place, right? >> right. if the entirety of the law is upheld, it will be enormous cost to the federal government. >> greta: and there is just no place we can get the money except to go farther if debt? >> right. it will add to the deficit. >> greta: are you the only one saying this? or is this like -- do most people in the economic field agree with you? or just not want to confront this an would rath gore with the old convention on how things are scored? >> i don't think i'm the only person pointing out the problem. a lot of people at the time the law was debated, there was a big debate, double counting, not double counting or accusations, defenses, so i'm not the first person to point out the technical problem with the score keeping convention. first person to put a number to it. i am first in that respect. if you look at the writing of the cbo in the past and the medicare actuary in the past, they acknowledge the issue. >> greta: have we ever been right on the numbers, any of
10:27 pm
the scoring? >> every year, every bill, we hear number on cbo score. has the number ever been remotely in the ballpark? >> we can never know. >> greta: are we close? good at guessing? >> for some things we are, and some things we're bad. if you look at the social security trustee report going back to 20 or 30 years they are remarkably accurate. that's what happens there, most of the factors are known. demographic factors. fairly easy to predict. thingthings that are hard to predict is the economic swing and cycles that the cbo has to deal with. >> greta: we will watch to see what happens. of course we'll know in june whether or not the law is standing anymore. thank you. >> thank you. >> greta: nice to see you. coming up, how many ways can the gsa find to flush your money down the toilet? it looks like the possibilities are endless. news about another big waste of taxpayer money by gsa workers. wait until you hear this. caught on camera something you want to see. 13-year-old springs in action after the school bus driver
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10:32 pm
program, costing you hundreds of thousands of dollars. so how did an incentive program end up encouraging bad behavior? ed o'keeffe of the "washington post" joins us. nice to see you. what is the gsa hats off and what in the world happened? >> it's a rewards program that if the employees had certain threshold they would get points that could be redeemed if you will for digital cameras, ipod,s gift cards to different re tailers. a program used in the west coast in ninth region as it's called in the gsa. of it turns out in the end, folks were administrating the program ended up reaping most of the benefit of it. a lot of this is going on while most weren't watching. >> greta: like the honor system in school. the one that get the "a"s and you hear the stories. they rewarded themselveses the prize. >> it appeared that was part of it, yes. perhaps the most egregious thing you had $211,000 spent on the program in 2009.
10:33 pm
and $134,000 in fiscal 2010. and by 2011 of the watchdog report came out they only spent $800 on the program. they realize they had been caught and started to cut back spending. >> it's in addition to the lavish cost of the parties we talk about. >> this is a separate program. >> one of my favorite gsa becoming a nighttime thing is congressman john mickah released report that said the gsa party the lavrish conference in las vegas one official was there for three nights at $93 a night, the government rate. but decided to stay an extra night in the suite. i don't know why they had a suite. it cost $1,000 per night for the fourth night. we got to pay for that. >> the verse committees, at this point there is four, were
10:34 pm
briefed by the watchdog. inspector general that looked into this. and they are getting more investigations, and there are hearings to invite the actors. former head of the public building service. and jeff neely who ran the region and authorized it and pushed for the conference. i suspect over the course of the four hearings we will learn more an dots will be connected. i think the bsa officials first learned that the investigation in the big las vegas affair. and going on last may. why between may and mid-march when the white house was alerted to this did they not do something sooner? did they not bring it to people at the white house? why did they not -- >> greta: why didn't the white house didn't know? i'm not sure the way i understand it from the former gsa administrator that when the investigation they are supposed to report up the chain of command. >> you would think. >> greta: i don't know if it
10:35 pm
happened but that is curious. >> yeah. we don't know for certain. white house sticks to the timeline when they were first informed about in march. >> letting the investigation going forward. >> there is nothing that the white house can do. you can't blame the fact. curious why is the inspector general is there any way he could have caught it before the expenditures? somebody okayed the money spent. someone signed the dotted line. who did that? could the inspector general stop that? >> it's unclear if he could have stopped it. but he caught a lot of waste in the bush administration -- >> after it happened or was it happening before it happened? >> that is not clear. he could have learned about it as it was happening. we learned of another incident, or another event that was held last april. much more modest. but we were actually, you know, worker flagged it for me. in march.
10:36 pm
few weeks before it happened. worked it up to the agency and said it's a meeting held and paid for properly. it's copacetic. we're going to go through with it. the attorney general alerted about it around the same time. we did my due diligence and it appeared to be fine. in hindsight with the other spending going on, perhaps it wasn't proper. we know the inspector general continues to investigate the allegations of what went on at all sort of different things. >> greta: we have all the agencieagencies in washington he parties? >> no. that is important to remember. the pentagon isn't throwing parties like this. treasury department isn't throwing parties like this. gsa is a government purchaser. he has a lot of interaction with the corporate america, businesses that do work for and with the government. a huge agency with offices all over the country. a lot of this is rooted in the
10:37 pm
idea the offices are so far from washington they thought they wouldn't get caught. they have been caught. the result of it is you are probably going to see less of this type of spending/cross the government for good or worse. >> greta: thank you. >> good to see you. >> greta: come up, north korea announcing it's all systems go. north korea intends to launch long-range rocket? how nervous could the world be? former ambassador john bolton guess on the record. in ten minutes what in the world is going on in florida? terrible tragedy. death of trayvon martin. an now neighborhood watch killing takes a bizarre turn. lawyers for shooter are speaking out. what they're saying may surprise you. that is two minutes away. [ male announcer ] you are a business pro. omnipotent of opportunity. you know how to mix business... with business. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle. and go. you can even take a full-size or above.
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10:40 pm
zimmerman as their client. >> we are not going to put ourselves out to the public as continuing representative farce client unless he makes it clear to us that he wants to us be his representatives. >> i will not tell you where george zimmerman is because i don't know. for those engaged in the late easter egg hunt looking for him, stop looking in florida. look much further away from that, which is also a reason why we didn't meet with him because it was not reasonable. he is largely alone, whether that means he is absolutely alone or not, he is at least emotionally alone. might say emotionally crippled by virtue of the pressure of this case. >> greta: emotionally crippled, lost contact with their client. what is going on? tell us what you think. go to back on the record in two minutes. ress: bp has set aside 20 billion dollars to fund economic and environmental recovery. ress: we're paying for all spill- related clean-up costs. and we've established a 500 million dollar fund
10:41 pm
so independent scientists can study the gulf's wildlife and environment for ten years. thousands of environmental samples from across the gulf have been analyzed by independent labs under the direction of the us coast guard. i'm glad to report all beaches and waters are open for everyone to enjoy. and the economy is showing progress with many areas on the gulf coast having their best tourism seasons in years. i was born here, i'm still here and so is bp. we're committed to the gulf for everyone who loves it, and everyone who calls it home.
10:42 pm
>> greta: north korea is ready to launch a rocket. ambassador john bolton here in 60 seconds but first to the new york newsroom where heather childers has the headlines. >> thank you. jittery investors hopeing for a rebound on wall street tomorrow following the market's worst loss of the year. so far.
10:43 pm
the dow fell more than 213 points today. its third triple digit loss in four days to close at 12,715. the nasdaq composite took a hit ending tuesday nearly 56 points down. analyst blame uncertainty about coming corporate earning report and growing economic problems in spain. syria is demanding preconditions before it agrees to u.n.-brokered cease-fire. they voylated tuesday deadline to lay down arm with fresh attack on rebel areas. now back to gretzky. >> greta: brace yourself. north korea says the rocket is now ready for liftoff. that launch could happen anytime. short time ago, secretary of state hillary clinton warning north korea not to do it, not to go along with the long
10:44 pm
range rocket launch. what is at stake if they do? former u.n. ambassador john bolton joins us. good evening. >> good evening. >> greta: big picture, how would the world change if the launch was a successful? launch? >> it would show that they are able to put a satellite in to earth orbit. that is the stated objective. that is a long way toward a capability to put icbm with a warhead on top anywhere on earth. not that they can do it but there are rumors in the south korean press this is going to be followed by the third nuclear weapons test that strikes as a test of a new deseen possibly. getting close to that, where they can make a warhead with a missile. that is bad news indeed. >> greta: who are they getting technology from? or are hay the expert? are they the wal-mart of technology or the shoppers? >> both. they have worked thon for a long time. they have russian and chine experts they hired.
10:45 pm
i think they are cooperating with iran. that the istory people don't appreciate. worked with iran since 1998 and probably on nuclear side, too. that is something that the u.s. government doesn't seem to understand. >> greta: i always wondered why china isn't more effective or at least -- i think it's more of a willingness on china's part because it seems to me that they look to china. >> i think it's a failure of will at the top of the chinese government. the chinese says we don't want north korea to have nuclear weapons because nuclear weapons stayed on the boarder to create instability in northeast asia. they're right. i agree with the notion they don't want a nuclear north korea. but they don't do anything to stop it. they comply 90% of the energy and food and humanitarian. they could sol tv problem but they haven't. >> greta: i read in the white house, the journal, news organizations in north korea, including our own i think.
10:46 pm
not being corrupted by the north koreans. are you kidding? >> as opposed to the americans. >> the journalists every time they speak they know someone off-camera taking notes. the journalists over there try to get information. not easy to get information. journalists know how they, they are being aa lot is coring graphed. >> it ill-behooves them to criticize this looking at the launch pad when a month ago the state department out thed the latest deal between the united states and north korea. it could be embarrassing to the administration the deal was violated in two weeks. >> greta: i wonder if there is a disconnect because people who negotiate the food and diplomatic side of the north korean government, if they knew what the military was doing. those people, those people want the food. they are starving.
10:47 pm
i am curious if they were ambushed by the military designs to launch this. >> entirely so. if i were running an awe thorne government i wouldn't tell my diplomats the truth. it'd let them go out and lie the foreigners with conviction. that's what the north koreas are doing. >> if the launch is not successful, i think -- >> it could be a career terminating experience for north korea rocket scientists. but they must have confidence this time, they wouldn't give it this much advance publicit publicity. >> greta: on sunday is the 100th anniversary of the birth of the great, what they consider the greatest leader. >> founder of the country. another reason not to have it blow up. if they put something in orbit i don't think it's communication satellite but whatever they put in orbit is a signal. the program is increasingly sophisticated and confident. increasingly a threat. >> greta: the food program
10:48 pm
ended so now they are without food. >> i think the chinese will make up the difference. a symbol that the nort north koreans felt they didn't need the deal with the united states. bad for us -- >> greta: i think they need the deal. they're really starving, i think they do need the food. this is not smart of them. painful and it's going to hurt a lot of people. i think they need the food. i don't think they executed this at all very well. >> i think they need it. i think the chinese want to make sure that the north koreans stay on their side of the river rather than coming across the border. >> they don't want refugees in china. that is -- i agree. nice to see you. straight ahead, former president george w. bush missed the white house. president bush will tell you himself. that's next. also, chance of a lifetime. lady gaga gets invitation that may be too good to refuse. what is it? you will find out. that's coming up. ♪ ♪
10:49 pm
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>> greta: you have seen the top stories but this is the best of the rest. former president george w. bush joking about the controversial tax breaks that bears his name. >> most small businesses pay cash. individual income tax level. therefore, if you raise taxes,
10:53 pm
on the so-called rich, you are really raising taxes on the job creators. i wish they weren't called the bush tax cuts. call them somebody tax cuts, they're less likely to be raised. but if you raise taxes, you are taking money out of pocket of consumers. >> greta: the bush tax cut sparking debate on the campaign trail getting some laughs in president bush's speech today in new york. president bush joked about life and traffic after leaving the white house. >> you know, do i miss the presidency? i really don't. i enjoyed it. it was unbelievable interesting experience. it's invite to stop at stoplights coming over here. i miss that.
10:54 pm
>> greta: he was a hit. 13-year-old hero. saved school bus full of children and heroic actions on camera. it happened in washington state. he was riding the bus and noticed something was wrong with the driver. the driver passed out from an apartment heart attack. the quick-thinking 13-year-old ran to the front of the bus, grabbed the wheel and turned it to the right. he was able to get the bus to the side of the road and stop it. but then he did more. he helped perform cpr on the bus driver until help arrived. tonight the students are all safe and the driver, though, he is hospitalized. superstar lady gaga gets the chance of a lifetime. she has just been invited to perform in front of an entire country. the invite is from a tiny pacific island near new zealand. island leaders promise if lady gaga agrees to do a concert there, the entire population will attend. but no need for the pop star to be nervous. only 1600 people live on the island. that is actually a very small audience for lady gaga. so far, she has not responded
10:55 pm
to the invitation. but there you have it. the best of the restment coming up, new law been as congress from doing something the rest of us already know is illegal. does congress really need a special reminder? jay leno has the answer. he is next. with hertz gold plus rewards, you skip the counters, the lines, and the paperwork. zap. it's our fastest and easiest way to get you into your car. it's just another way you'll be traveling at the speed of hertz. yeah, scott. i was just about to use... that's a bunch ofround-up paper, lad! scotts ez seed absorbs and holds water better. it's guaranteed to grow grass anywhere, even if you miss a day of watering. [ scott ] seed your lawn. seed it! with dana all night. wow. lost my mio energy, hired this guy to keep me awake. here, have some of mine. ♪ mmmmm. you're fired! [ male announcer ] personal, portable mio energy. shake things up.
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here's a chance to create jobs in america. oil sands projects, like kearl, and the keystone pipeline will provide secure and reliable energy to the united states. over the coming years, projects like these could create more than half a million jobs in the us alone. from the canadian border, through the mid west, to the gulf coast. benefiting hundreds of thousands of families throughout the country. this is just what our economy needs right now.
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