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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  April 13, 2012 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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>> mr. zimmerman. >> yes, sir. >> you are appearing here for your first appearance at this time for a charge of murder in the second degree. is that true? >> yes, sir. >> bill: accused killer george zimmerman appears in court with his new attorney but important questions remain about what will happen to him. we'll answer them and speak with trayvon martin's parents. >> free ride. oh, okay. the mcdonald's happy meal guy. >> bill: far left outfit threatening mcdonald's and other american corporations if they cooperate with conservative causes. we'll have a factor investigation with laura ingraham. >> we're going to have to elect a president who understands how the economy works and i do. >> bill: also tonight can mitt romney put president obama on the defensive? can he beat mr. obama verbally? we have a special report on that question. caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. captions by closed captioning services
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>> bill: i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. is mitt romney man enough, man enough to defeat president obama? that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. last night dick morris said he believes governor romney will win easily in november. talking points dissents. i believe the vote will be very close. the wild card is mitt romney himself. he must convince skeptical voters that he is looking out for them. and that he has to do it in a very personal way. that is not governor romney's style. is he a reserve man who is a traditional campaigner saying the same things over and over and over. president obama also repeats himself frequently. but the president does have the common touch, his speaking ability is convincing to many. last time around, john mccain could not match barack obama in the debates. the senator simply refused to highlight mr. obama's telling n.i.v. world experience. reverend wright, that kind of stuff. in the end, mccain did not
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have enough persuasive power to overcome the charismatic obama. that was then. now, the president has a record and many believe it is weak. we have a new fox news poll that will demonstrate that in a moment. can mitt romney exploit the shaky economy? rising gas prices? and out-of-control debt? that is a question. romney can expect no help from the media. new study by george mason university says that the three networks and fox news are pretty much the same when it comes to scrutinizing the republic field. isn't that interesting? while the president and the democratic party believe fnc shils for the g.o.p., an academic study says that is not the case. also both rick santorum and newt gingrich have complained publicly that fox news was not fair to them in the campaign, favoring romney. the george mason study says that is not true. talk radio may help governor romney but that's about it obviously he can expect no support from the liberal media fox news will cover the
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campaign fairly. if romney doesn't do well, we will report it. same thing with the president. so the governor himself must defeat barack obama one on one. he certainly has enough ammunition as the cold truth is the u.s.a. is not in good shape. nevertheless, president obama has a devoted constituencies, labor, african-americans, entitlement people and is he working hard to convince women and hispanics he is their guy. obama must -- romney must outperform the president man to man. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. let's bring in our pal bret baier. are you surprised first of all that "special report" is as negative on the republic candidates as the network news is? >> bill, i'm not. i think we cover the race i think we cover it fairly. i have a lot of respect for bob media and public affairs. i would like to hear more about what they consider
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positive and negative. but the bottom line is when you stacked it all up, we were, as a network, covering during our show, which is closest to the network evening broadcast, the same amount of, according to this study, of these candidates. key thing is candidates have good weeks and bad weeks. when have a bad week we will cover it. >> bill: 42% negative. awful three networks, cbs, abc, nbc and fox news. all 42% negative stuff. we don't know what negative is i have a new poll that's not good news for the president is that negative coverage? i'm just covering the thing. we will get to it in a moment. both newt gingrich and santorum think you are the devil, baier. you, they are mad at you you favored romney and you say? i would like them to see my email throughout the campaign. because many romney supporters believe we were too hard on romney throughout the primary
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process and that interview that we talked about back when mitt romney sat down for the first time with "special report," got a lot of blow back from romney people. listen, i think both sides can say if they are not getting the best coverage possible that they complain about the coverage. >> bill: there are whiners. we understand that i think they get disenchanted because and this is my opinion. we did a bill o' poll which is not scientific but it is indicative -- it does indicate what my viewers believe. they said 75% of them said the factor was fair in its coverage. the ones that dissented always pointed it me when i said ron paul doesn't have a chance. well, rick santorum, you know, back in the summer, and i was wrong. he is polling at 3%. forget about them. they got mad when we said that they said you are calling the race. you have to go on best available data and -- we called mitt romney, i don't know december here on the factor. this is what it is going to be. he has got too much organization and too much
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power. it's going to come down to this and we were right. be that as it may, let's get to the new fox news poll which is a scientific poll. here is the key question. are you satisfied with how things are going in the country today? right now, 32% say yes. 67% say no. that's the key to the whole election right there. because approval ratings, romney up and down, obama up and down. but this only 32% of americans are satisfied with how the things are going in the country. that's devastating for incumbent, is it not? >> bret: it really is, right track, wrong track. if those numbers hold into the fall, then president obama is in for a long election night. this poll, mitt romney is up by 2 points. it's the first time he has been up since november of 2011 sips the -- in the head to head. only second time he has been ahead in this poll at all. it shows that even as it primary process comes to an end, mitt romney does have some strengths. basically you are right. the right track, wrong track.
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>> bill: that's the key. we predicted with morse that romney was going to get a bump because once santorum went out people are going to rally behind if they don't like president obama whoever is running against him. the tan that he has right now. did you notice the tan getting deeper. cosmetic voters go for that. >> a lot of people say they need mitt romney to come out and be forceful. they need the mitt romney, supporters of his to be the mitt romney who came out in that debate in florida after he was really killed by newt gingrich in south korea. that mitt romney on that stage is the one that republics, i'm talking to, are hoping shows up come the fall. >> bill: all right. i don't care about any of that. i mean, i'm not rooting for anybody here. i'm not. i have got to take a really skeptical view of both men. i mean, obviously i give my opinion and i think the country, i think this poll is absolutely -- i'm not comfortable with the direction the country is going.
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that's on the president. he is in charge. my final question to you is this: you must take a lot of heat walking around d.c. where people go oh you are a g.o.p. shill and fox news in the pocket of republicans. study like this comes out but they don't care, do they? the fox haters don't care. no matter how many studies you have. no matter how much we show we pretty much cover the thing fairly, they don't care. they just hate fox. right? >> that's true. you know this better than anybody. the people who are the loudest haters of fox really don't watch fox. so these studies actually help to show that we cover these races fairly. >> bill: they do. >> we're going to continue to cover it fairly through the general election. >> bill: all right, bret, you better, because if you don't have to come down there and slap all you guys around. >> sounds good. >> bill: thank you, bret. next on the run down. far left group intimidates mcdonald's and other companies shocking display of possible blackmail. later megyn kelly on the george zimmerman in court and the edwards trial which begins today.
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>> bill: far left group threatening economic pain in order to intimidate american companies. clr of change co-founded by a former obama green czar van jones waging economic war against conservative groups and people it doesn't like. the latest is the mcdonald wants corporation, backing
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away from supporting a conservative group called the american legislative exchange council, which backs voter i.d. laws and stand your ground statutes. mcdonald's was a member of alec that's the acronym last year but says it made a business decision to sever ties last month under pressure from color of change. joining us from washington laura abraham who has been following this situation. this group has been around for a while. they attack glenn beck. they are very very vicious in what they do. but i'm wondering if it crosses into the blackmail range correct me if i am wrong in crosses into that range but to paint the picture for people. color of change gets huge influxes of money from george soros ties to sciu. ties to move all these ten tennessee ten tackles that connect these organizations. what they're designed to do is
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much what media matters is designed to do. this other group. basically shut down conservative speech and, look, they have a right to lobby these companies, it is a free country. they could lobby coca cola and kraft and mcdonald's and tell them, well, american legislative exchange council which is basically a free market group, business interest and state legislators free market group draft legislation. if do you anything with them. if you give them any money they are going to do something. intimidation campaign. and the bottom line is color the change does not want free speech. they don't want any real debate on these issues, period. >> bill: i don't think there? i doubt about it the far left and we have been reporting this for a dozen years now. >> years. >> bill: not only do they not want free speech but if you go against their ideology they
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will hurt you. hurt your family. they will do anything they can. and i don't see that on the right. there are some right wing cranks. no doubt about it. but it isn't as organized and it isn't as it's extremely well funded. talk radio, fence, my business, rush limbaugh, other people, when they are successful, you have these groups pop up that aim to not take on talk radio on issues. debates, forums and so forth. we will cut you off at the knees. you are not going to be able to make money in this economy. >> bill: we invited van jones on tonight. even though he has a dopey new book. i don't know if it's dopey or not. >> gee, i wonder. >> bill: he wouldn't come on. >> of course he wouldn't come on. he doesn't want to debate you. >> doesn't want to have to explain the fascist tactics of color of change. i say fascist because this is what the totalitarian regimes do. they basically say you don't talk unless you agree with us.
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and if you do we will punish you, varying degrees of punishment. used to operating in manhattan and l.a., fran and washington. college campuses where they pretty much talk to other people who agree with them all the time. they don't really interact with people who disagree with them. so they don't want to have the discussion at all. what i would say to mcdonald's and craft and all these companies. you have a shareholder return of investment to be concerned about here. but, you could be next. if van jones and his people have his way, i hope these corporations understand that capitalism is on the line. capitalism may be no more. >> bill: i think the folks should know the reason i'm doing this segment with you tonight is i want the folks to know that mcdonald's, kraft, coca cola, intuit, wendy's. pepsico, johnson and
4:16 am
johnson -- no, no, those are the ones that pulled out. here's the ones that stayed. >> johnson & johnson stayed. wendy's. >> bill: wal-mart, at&t, and state farm. so, i think the good people who -- even if they are liberal, the good people who don't want this kind of totalitarian brutality in the marketplace say, you know what? those who stay and those who going to buy their stuff. >> that's the right way. the power of the purse. the companies that made decisions to pull out of this group that does a lot of great work by the way. a lot of great legislature work and so forth. they should remember there might not be anyone left to defend the free market and capitalism once you knock off group after group after group. >> bill: i want to mention again, wal-mart, johnson & johnson, at&t, state farm insurance. they have not caved to color of change. laura ingraham, everybody. directly ahead, trayvon
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martin's mother and lawyer will be here to talk about the case going forward. then, megyn kelly on why george zimmerman has not been given bail opportunity. also john edwards charged with federal campaign fraud could go to jail for a long long time. that trial begins today and we'll be back in a
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>> bill: personal story segment tonight. the latest on the trayvon martin story. george zimmerman accused of second degree murder appeared in florida court today with new lawyer. no plea, no bail request. apparently those will come in another hearing next week before another judge. with us now sabrina fulton, trayvon martin's mother and her lawyer benjamin crump. first time i talked with you ms. fulton. everybody on my staff feels the same way. we are sorry you have to be here. you have to go through this. i have a son. i can't imagine the pain you
4:21 am
have gone through. your son is there one day and the next day is he gone. i think all americans are feeling your pain. we all want justice in the case. last night i said that from the very beginning, i don't know whether you know it, certainly counselor crump knows we just called for calm. we said let the system work. let's not convict zimmerman on television. let's not make wild charges. a lot of people didn't follow my advice. they didn't. and i said last night that some of them should apologize like reverend sharpton. was i wrong to say that? >> um, i don't know the circumstances behind it. but he, also, promotes peace. we have never asked for anybody to do anything out of the ordinary. we wanted to have peaceful rallies and peaceful protests. we are not supporting any violence or anything. >> bill: no, you yourself and trayvon's father absolutely have been magnificent and so has your lawyer. you call for restraint. but others have basically whipped up emotion. you can see it around the
4:22 am
country. i don't know whether you follow the news, but there have been varying incidents around the country where people have gotten hurt. emotions are high. the polling is crazy. 33% of white americans feel that zimmerman didn't do it. and 90% of black americans feel he did do it. which says that the television media here is whipping up this thing and i'm calling for restraint. and i think shah sharpton should apologize for some of the things he said. >> and you want me to comment on that and i don't know everything that's behind it i haven't been watching a lot of the news and i haven't been watching everything that everybody has been saying so i'm not sure, you know, what response you want. >> bill: that's fair enough. what would you say, counselor. >> i was going to say probably reverend sharpton and you should probably discuss that. i think one of the things mr. o'reilly is you had, rallies and demonstrations just to get him arrested because we have always felt that had that not happened,
4:23 am
they were never going to arrest zimmerman. >> bill: did you really believe that though? >> oh, absolutely. >> bill: i never believed that i thought the state of florida would do the right thing. locals. i don't know sanford, florida. you guys are floridians. i don't know sanford. you might be right there. but the state stepped in fairly quickly and took it over. once that happened and the feds went down, too. >> the state took over about 27 days into it. you are a father. if someone killed your child who was unarmed and they didn't arrest them and told you they weren't going to arrest them 27 days later. >> bill: i would be through the roof and i would do exactly what ms. fulton did. exactly. i would go public. i would say this is wrong. we need -- i don't have any beef there at all. what i have a beef with is convicting zimmerman on tv. that's what i have a beef with. >> and ms. fulton has always said she wanted zimmerman to
4:24 am
have his day in court. >> bill: you are going to be there i assume every day of that trial. >> yes, i will. >> bill: if at the end of that trial zimmerman is found not guilty because of this quirky law, this stand your ground, and you see that it was a fair trial, do you think with all the emotion running through you that you could come out and say, hey, he got a fair trial? is that possible? >> it's quite possible. i believe in the judicial system and i believe that he can get a fair trial. >> okay. so, it's almost a burden on you though, i don't know how you are going to get through that. i don't know how you are going to sit there and do that? >> how did i get through my son being murdered and a person walk for 44 days? >> bill: i don't know. but you have to relive this through this trial. >> well, i believe in the judicial system. and i believe that he will get his day in court. he can plead his case. >> bill: you are going to be there with her, right? >> i will be there with her. she has tremendous faith. >> bill: i heard that yesterday you have a lot of faith in god which is really
4:25 am
important in stuff like this. look, let me just tell you. this if during the trial, counselor, you see something that you don't think is right, all right, because what i don't want is that whatever the verdict may be i want the american people just like you said ms. fulton to accept the system. to accept the verdict. but if you see something that's not right, as it is unfolding, please let us know, okay? so we can deal with it before the verdict comes down,. >> that's fair, bill. i want to thank you and your show and a lot of people for telling everybody to stay calm. i think that's so important. and it's one of those things, is i -- sabrina said this shouldn't be a race issue. it should be about justice. >> bill: absolutely. we are all americans here. nobody wants a 17-year-old son shot down in the street and i'm sure on the zimmerman side nobody wants to see mr. zimmerman -- mr. zimmerman doesn't want to see his son's life ruined because of this.
4:26 am
so, this is a tragedy all the way around and we have got to handle it with the utmost restraint. >> thank you, bill. >> bill: our condolences again, ms. fulton. thank you for coming. in you are always welcome on othe program. counselor, you are a stand-up guy, anything you have got come to me. >> certainly and we will let you know if anything comes. >> thank you. >> bill: megyn kelly on george zimmerman in court today. and john edwards facing 30 years in prison for campaign fraud. kelly is next.
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>> bill: kelly segment tonight. megyn kelly and here she is. why wasn't zimmerman given bail? does that sound fair to you? the guy is arrested. >> he may still get bail. >> why wasn't he given a bail opportunity. >> because you don't get bail automatically when you are charged with second degree murder. and his lawyer has to ask for a bond hearing. at a bond hearing evidence would be presented pertaining to the case against him and the lawyer said given the
4:30 am
fervour around this case right now i didn't think the best time for that was right now. he is going to ask for bond. >> could he have asked for it today. >> yes, he could have and he is going to. >> bill: next week another hearing set for w. another judge. i wanted to be clear about. this zimmerman fired first counsel. do you know why he fired them? >> that hasn't been made public. they came out and look the relationship is clearly over we haven't been able to reach him for two days. >> bill: get rid of these two guys they governmental he they come out and make all sort of statements about b. his mental state which are very controversial for a lawyer to be doing that. >> bill: that's not good. obviously they didn't get along. >> too bad. >> bill: today his lawyer, pro bono lawyer who comes in and this guy is pretty well known in central florida. >> pretty well respected, yep. >> bill: it's his choice, you are saying, not to ask for bond today? >> right away. he is postponing it by a couple of weeks. it's not a big deal. >> bill: zicial sitting in a can. >> decided for his own safety,
4:31 am
it's not a good idea right now. but they are going to ask for bond from the sound of it. is he going to plead not guilty. >> bill: do you think he will get bond? >> i think so. i don't think he has presented himself as a flight risk because he showed up. he turned himself. in there is no long criminal history behind this guy. >> bill: okay. going forward, this looks to me like a long long slog. i feel sorry for ms. fulton who was just here. that's what i said to her. you are going to have to relive this thing every day of your life the next two or three years. >> it may or may not be a long slog. down in florida this thing may never see a jury. it may never get to a jury. down in florida they have stand your ground law arguable whether that applies in this case. they will assert it. if and when they do the defense that he did it in self-defense and that the stand your ground law applies, that gets decided by a judge, not a jury at a pre-trial hearing so they would go before the judge. the judge would listen to the facts presented by both sides. then if he is convinced by a preponderance of the evidence, not beyond a reasonable doubt
4:32 am
but a much lower evidence, preponderance i believe basically 51% you are right. 41% believe you are wrong. >> bill: can he throw it out. >> he throws the whole case out if he believes stand your ground applies. they can still raise the self-defense before the jury. >> bill: the state of florida charges second degree murder which means state of mind. they have got to have an eyewitness to do that. >> they must have something. >> bill: they have it. even his lawyer, zimmerman's lawyer today implied that they have something that tilts the case in favor of the prosecution. we're not going to speculate. >> not zimmerman's lawyer the prosecution's lawyer. zimmerman -- >> bill: no, zimmerman's lawyer said the question was to zimmerman's lawyer was do you know what they have? >> he says i haven't seen the evidence yet. >> bill: i haven't seen it yet. we assume they have something. >> that doesn't mean he knows anything. >> bill: all right, kelly. >> he hasn't seen the evidence yet. he will get to see it all but he hasn't seen it yet.
4:33 am
>> bill: kelly loves to correct me by the way. >> you make it so easy. so many mistakes. >> bill: faces 30 years in federal penitentiary. john edwards. >> yeah. >> bill: jury selection begins today. right you? are on the jury. kelly son the jury. which would never happen you would be disqualified. >> i was on a jury recently and we found a guy guilty. drug case. >> bill: what a shock. all right. so, the state is putting its case on this one sleazy guy, young. >> andrew young. >> he is the guy. he is the main guy. >> bill: i think if i'm a defense attorney i mighten able to beat this guy. >> i don't think this case is open and shut against john edwards by any stretch. i have been saying this on your show. we have talked about it five times. from what i have seen it looks like a weak case, the prosecution has been very tight-lipped. so i don't know what they have. maybe they have something more than this guy andrew young. the question is whether these campaign donations, these campaign funds were used improperly. >> bill: going to the mistress to cover up the pregnancy. >> the biggest problem john
4:34 am
edwards has against him and apparently he is considering testifying you can imagine john edwards getting up on the stand big former razzle dazzle plaintiff's attorney taking the stand looking over to the jurors telling them no money was ever changed hands that he knew about to cover up his affair with his pregnant mistress. he probably thinks he can razzle dazzle that jury. >> bill: there is no camera in the courtroom. >> we won't see it the jurors will see it are these jurors going to be persuaded by the good looks and razzle dazzle or a guy thinking here is a guy cheated on his wife with this woman who had cancer hiding pregnant mistress and telling the country he deserves to be president of the united states? >> bill: we were on to edwards very very early here on the factor. we know this guy was a sleazy um bray, dishonest. >> umbre. >> bill: sleazy man in spanish. i don't know how to say sleazy in espanyol. is he dishonest guy.
4:35 am
karma play. that's what it is. >> this is about karma. >> bill: even is he acquitted. >> clearly not ethical man. we will see if he has also done something illegal. >> bill: anything else you want to correct me on before i let you go. >> talk about that shirt and tie combo. just kidding. i like it. >> bill: perfect. t "american idol" contributing to the corruption of young children? explosive charge that centers on jennifer lopez. the culture warriors on the case after these messages.
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4:38 am
>> bill: thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly. culture warrior seeing want tonight. controversial individual why by jennifer loms in order to promote her video she has released a video shows her and some pals moving around in provocative ways. a lot of riffing going on in
4:39 am
the industry. a portion of that video was shown on "american idol" which is widely watched by children, more than a million teenagers tune in on average. ♪ ♪ ♪ i love to make love to you, baby. ♪ >> bill: wisely, "american idol" did not show the most graphic parts of ms. lopez. however many children who saw the clip may want to see the whole thing which has now been viewed by 16 million people on the net. joining us now, the culture warriors jeanine pirro and gretchen carlson. this is a decision made by ms. lopez who controls her operations, people should know that. and while some of her cohorts on "american idol" said, you know, this is a little steamy, and they didn't even though
4:40 am
the steamy parts, thee denied it, right? >> she said it was a good message. >> bill: good message. >> i'm wondering how sane and talking about making love at 8:00 p.m. eastern time when my 8-year-old watch something a good message. >> bill: is there anything else. >> not to mention this is provocative. i don't care if they didn't show the other parts. that's voyeur vokive. >> bill: you watched the video, right? did you see the message in the video? honestly i'm not being a wise guy. is there a message here. >> great message for married couples who need steaminess in their marriage. >> bill: give peace a chance? >> all about hooking up. >> i was looking for the message, too. because she says when they premier this, she says i want you all to see it. and it's got a great message. i watched it several times to see what the message is. there is no message. this is about airing on in front of a general audience, remember, it's prime time as gretchen says. you have got parents, a lot of whom leave their kids
4:41 am
unattended watching this kind of television. she is premiering it and then saying you know what? you have got to see the whole video. it is raw the whole video and it is wrong. it's -- >> bill: i didn't watch the whole thing, i was too busy. did i watch enough of it? >> it was too steamy. >> bill: i don't want to poison the well here. you guys are the culture warriors. i'm just trying to figure out what your point of view is so neither of you saw any message in this thing at all other than a commercial, this is a sexy video and for adults it's fine. you want to watch it 16 million times you go in your basement and do it. i don't care. it doesn't matter to me. it's about children. so then the logical question for ms. lopez is are you harming children, okay, by the bait and switch that we didn't show you anything terrible on "american idol" however, as we said, you can get this on youtube on hand held devices. patients can't possibly monitor that. are you harming children because you want to make money
4:42 am
and be famous? yes or no? and i'm sure she would say no. >> i think the question you would ask her if you were interviewing her whether or not she would let her young twins watch that. >> bill: she probably. would with all due respect. this is a woman who starred in anaconda. [ laughter ] >> let's give her her due. she is a beautiful, sexy woman. >> bill: right. >> my beef is not with that and not with even 16 and 17-year-olds watching this video. this is about young kids who are in to "american idol." this soaks in because my daughter will say to me, she idolizes jennifer. when she walks out on stage my daughter will comment on her outfit. she will saying she is showing too much boob tonight. they get it. >> he can she what he throws her up against the wall. what we are seeing is dangerous social unraveling of what was unacceptable sexuality and starting to permeate all layers of television prime time, parents watching it with heir kids,
4:43 am
general audience and the problem here is that it's now going to be like when they go and make no mistake they will go to watch the full video because it's kind of a teeny bopper beat and they will see an original -- orgi. a faux orgi. >> you should have stuck around for that part. >> bill: i didn't want to have a heart attack. culture warriors everyone. coming right back. news quiz sitcom legend edition. you will like this one. moments away. if you have copd like i do, you know how hard it can be to breathe and what that feels like. copd iludes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiva helps corol my copd symptoms by keeping my airways open a full 24 hours. plus, it reduces copd flare-ups. spiriva is the only once-daily inhaled copd maintenance treatment that does both. and it's steroid-free spiriva does not replace fast-acting inhalers
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight, the great american news quiz a sitcom legend edition, here they are quiz kids cheryl casone in for
4:47 am
martha that callum this evening. she is -- steve doocy representing kim hall from aims worth, iowa. if you would like to win great prizes go to bill o' to sign up. >> doocy is going down. >> bill: that's like squishing an ant. >> hello. >> bill: you know how we do it. >> yes. >> bill: this is fast. >> i'm on it. >> bill: watch him cheating because he looks over. here is question number one, mary tyler moore, a huge success as you know, with audiences and critics. >> mary, you have to be there. one, you're my friend. two, you will be neutral. three, if you're not there, i will rip her face off. [ laughter ] >> i'll go with you. >> thank you, mary. >> hi, mary. >> hi, ted. >> hello, phyllis. >> bill: now, mary tyler moore showed won an impressive 29
4:48 am
awards during its run. record was eventually broken by what other sitcom? cards up, please. and the answer is, d, frazier. off to a roaring good start. aren't we? question number two, the episode of i love lucy where lucy goes to the hospital to have they're baby. one of the most watched programs of all time for a tv series. >> why, lucy, you are really serious about this. >> well, i am but ricky isn't. we argued all the way home about it on the train. you know how pig-headed he can be. >> well, hooray for pigheaded ricky. >> bill: okay, now, 72% of the tv's in america were tuned into the episode where lucy has her baby. that percentage has only been surpassed one other time by what broadcast?
4:49 am
the answer is a, elvis. >> that's not a sitcom. >> sorry, martha. >> that's amazing. 72% of all the tv's watch lucy but more watch he elvis. i thought it was amazing these two are staring at me like who are you again? what am i doing here? >> what is this place? >> bill: beverly hill billies starred buddy as jed clampette. >> we are going to find the just right place for you. >> i will go to ucla, usc, lit, msu, vmi. >> and i enough to like to win. just listen to him spell. [ laughter ] >> bill: buddy was supposed to be in the wizard of oz, the film, forced to develop out because of health problems caused by the makeup required to play which character? he was actually on the film set. had to be made up. he got sick because of it and
4:50 am
he had to drop out. what character? whoa, doocy. >> i was going to say. >> that's correct, tin man. how did you know that doocy? >> if you put tin on your face you are going to break out. >> bill: perhaps it wouldn't be tin. doocy you knew that did you know that or did you guess. >> i just guessed. >> bill: cheryl is honest. >> still won. >> bill: you are tied. two left to governmental i would like to apologize. >> bill: doocy was the scarecrow, everyone, in the revival in kansas where they have a little play. >> believe me, in kansas the wizard of oz very big. >> sitcom friends resolved around the group of attractive 20 somethings who hung out at a manhattan coffee shop. >> sometimes i wish i was a lesbian. >> did i say that outloud? >> according to the producers, what was the original title of the show friends supposed to
4:51 am
be? what was the original title? >> the answer is insomnia cafe. doocy leads by one with one to go. >> that was my generation of a show. not his. >> excuse me, i drank coffee back in the 40s. >> bill: sorry, did i interrupt? so fascinating i can't tell you. here is question number 5. when seinfeld ended in 1998 it was the most popular sitcom on tv. >> i didn't get any -- >> just forget it, let it go. [ laughter ] >> excuse me, i think you forgot my bread. >> bread, $2 extra. >> $2? everyone in front of me got free bread. >> no soup for you. >> bill: okay. wanted jerry seinfeld to do one more season but he turned
4:52 am
them down. how much money per ed sewed did offer seinfeld to stay on the show? the answer is b. 5 million. that means that's a tie. >> bill: here is the tie breaker. know the guy who played newman in seinfeld, right? >> yes. >> bill: he was in a big movie. a spielberg movie. what movie? >> oh my god, i have no idea. >> jurassic park. >> bill: that's correct. what's his name? >> wayne knight. >> bill: doocy wins by tie breaker. thanks for coming. in watch her on the fox business channel. pinheads and patriots on deck. bubba watson, i love that name, bubba. in the spotlight just two
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