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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  April 13, 2012 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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not only is it friday, it's friday the 13th. i'm alisyn camerota in for gretchen. the white house doing damage control after a d.n.c. advisor attacks stay-at-home moms. >> there's no tougher job as being a mom. that's work. anybody that would argue otherwise, i think probably needs to rethink their statement. >> so what do you think of this war on women? is it real? we report, you decide next. >> then mayor by day, superhero by night. mayor cory booker of newark rushed to the hospital after saving his neighbor lady from a house fire. the details are straight ahead. >> and a big win for the american flag. one state about to make saying the pledge in school law. "fox & friends" starts right now. thank god it's friday.
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>> i was fine until we saw that, bring a ladder in here! >> very spooky, spooky morning. >> things are going to be good today. >> i like the 13th. that's been a lucky number so i'm not going to be scared of this! >> how many really bad things actually happen on friday the 13th? >> not many. >> possibly -- >> i don't think so. >> are you sure? >> positive. >> let's hope he's right. ali is in for gretchen today, brian is off and peter johnson is in his clothes. >> great to see you inside. >> nice. good to know. great to be with you guys. let's get right to your news and it's time for your headlines because we do have a fox news alert out of new hampshire. you are looking at live pictures out of greenland, new hampshire, where we have just learned the man who fatally shot a police chief during a drug bust at this home is now dead as well.
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greenland police chief michael malony was one of seven officers on the town's police force. he leaves behind a wife, two children and a grandchild. the gunman barricaded himself inside the home with a woman. swat teams surrounded the home but were unable to negotiate with him. the man and the woman died of gunshot wounds. four other officers from the area police department also shot. at this hour, two are in intensive care, two others released and treated at the hospital. we'll keep you up to date on that story. major embarrassment for north korea, choosing to defy world leaders and launch a long-range missile into space. moments after takeoff, it split into pieces and fell into the ocean. the white house condemning the move calling it a violation of international law. north korea calling it a peaceful mission to study weather patterns. many not buying that apparently steve doocy and they say it was
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a test for nuclear weapons. >> my concern is not that they're going to shoot them they united states but they could sell this technology. they've sold every missile they've ever developed to the iranians, the pakistanis and others. >> the united nations security council meets today to come up with a response. and listen to this. newark, new jersey mayor cory booker hailed as a hero, he rushed into a burning home last night to rescue his neighbors. the mayor arriving home and seeing the house next door on fire. he and two of his bodyguards rushed into the home and pulled booker's neighbor to safety. the mayor was rushed to the hospital and later tweeted "thanks to all who are concerned. just suffering smoke inhalation. we got the woman out of the house. we are both off to the hospital. i will be ok." in 2010, you'll remember, the mayor made headlines helping his constituents dig out from a massive blizzard. he was called a superhero with a shovel then. and a ritual about to become the law of the land in nebraska.
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>> i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america. >> a majority of nebraska's state board of education backing a proposal that would require public schools to make time each day for students to recite the pledge of allegiance. kids would not be forced to recite the pledge but respect others while they are doing so. those are your headlines. >> all right. let's do a little analyzization of things in the news and the democrats right now are in full blown damage control after that cnn contributor and long time democrat analyst and strategist as well, a woman by the name of hillary rosen said a couple of nights ago on cnn -- that woman right there. ann romney, i think that's ann romney. that's hillary rosen. that ann romney as a woman who stayed at home and raised her five boys, she never had worked a day in her life. well, since then, the president
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of the united states has denounced it. he said it was ill advised. what's going to be curious, though, is whether or not the president actually apologizes to ann romney as he did to sandra fluke. you think that's going to happen? >> no, it's not going to happen under any conditions although we see the entire democratic party apparatus in full crisis mode responding to this saying we're for motherhood and apple pie now. listen, we have nothing to do with this woman. somehow, she used to be a democratic strategist who has been to the white house 30 times but now we really don't know her and i don't know what she's talking about. >> she's under a bus somewhere. >> i don't know her at all. >> hillary rosen has apparently been to the white house many, many more times. three times as often as leon panetta, the defense secretary but here is how this all worked out. this struck such a chord
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nationally, internationally. >> because it was stupid. it was stupid on so many levels. >> and it comes on the heels of all of the rhetoric about the war on women so this was sort of the crowning moment of it, it seemed. here's what happened. at 8:52 p.m., hillary rosen's comments started to light up twitter. the twittersphere started to go nuts. at 10:07, connections to the white house started to come out from romney. >> and then at 10:11, rosen herself tried to spin her way out of it. she did not do a good job. seven minutes later, ann romney did her first tweet ever and explained -- i don't know what she's talking about. as a stay-at-home mom, she had worked a lot. then 10:42, that's almost two hours after the hideous comments were made by the democrat, the obama campaign distanced
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themselves from her comments. >> and the truth is and you look at -- and people on twitter are bright and people heard this and they said god, what is she talking about? but the truth is as far as the democratic party pursuing interest groups, stay-at-home moms has not been one of those interest groups in the past. not that there's been this open break with them as we hear here. but that's not been of particular interest to the democratic party. >> first of all, i challenge the premise that people on twitter are bright. read my blog if you wanted to read that statement. more importantly, everybody weighed in on this. you realize this has been simmering under the surface that this feeling of who is more entitle the to say that they work, you know, women at home or women in the workplace. and now there's this battle of both sort of having to claim that they really work.
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even michelle obama came out, who, you know, as you know, used to be a working woman and then said that her primary job was going to be mom-in-chief, i think something like that. she came out and denounced what was said. i mean, it was everybody weighing in on it. >> here's the thing, ann romney, and the democrats have been very effective at saying look, mitt romney, born rich, he was always rich. he was not always rich. when he left his father's house and went to college, and he married ann romney has students at b.y.u., they lived in a $62 a month apartment. they ate spaghetti because they didn't have any money. their son taggert slept at the end of the bed and for hillary rosen to talk about, she'd never strug -- struggled. that woman has struggled not only from the beginning and raised five boys. keep in mind, she's had cancer. she has m.s. and i think it was just a month or two ago, she said out on the
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trail, you know, everybody has their box of rocks. everybody struggles with something. you might not know what it is with some people but with her, it has been her health. and so for hillary rosen to say ann romney has never struggled, that's simply b.s. >> and i think it's such a disconnect with so many people who love their mothers and their grandmothers. we all have our own individual stories and my grandmother raised nine children during the depression. i know how hard my own mother worked with our family. and my own wife raising our children. and so to get involved with that kind of commentary, what does it say, though, about what parties or particular party may be trying to do to divide women? >> it's not a war on women. it's a war for women. >> are we having class war? are we having home war? are we having work war? do we set people against each other in this kind of resentment. >> you sound like sarah palin!
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>> sarah palin was on hannity's show last night to talk about her take on all of this. >> we don't look to our president to speak for us and we will, you know, we will -- we will be silent no more on an issue like this. really, it is -- as i say, it's a sad commentary, though, on this attempt to invalidate a woman for the choices that she's making when really we should be unified, all women should be standing up for each other when you consider what's going on in this country. all women! and all races and all ages. we are all suffering under obama's economy and we need to make changes. >> i thought -- >> ok, so the war on women, i think, thanks to rosengate, the democrats are not going to be pushing that anymore. or are they? i know hillary rosen herself said, you know, let's go ahead and quit this phony war which she certainly took a big shot at. but take a look at the democrats' web site. they are still using it for fundraising. stop the republican war on women. oh, is it a republican war on women? when you look at the fact that
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came out yesterday that apparently this white house pays women 18% less than men who work in the white house. and then you look at the bureau of labor statistics number that since the president took office of the people who have lost jobs, 92% of them have been women. you wonder, ok, there's a war on women, who is fighting it? >> right. and so after -- part of hillary rosen's apology which she did issue said let's stop that phony war. and then it seems as though other people didn't get that memo. they recognize that this fires up women so the democratic senatorial campaign committee. >> and you are fired up. >> as well, i think it's an interesting topic. i think it's interesting topic and we can debate it all day long. >> we absolutely could. because we all have experiences with important mothers and grandmothers in our lives. to know what they've done. >> i think in unison, though, we would all agree what rosen said was stupid. >> yes, i think that as we -- as i think you know, my dirty
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little secret is working is much easier than being at home would be. i mean, that's what everyone realizing. >> anything you have to pay somebody to do for you is work. real quickly, there's a brand new fox news poll out, this is not good news for the white house. if election was held today, don't worry it's not going to be, mitt romney would win. right now, he leads the president by two points. however, the margin of error is three points. interestingly enough, i believe this is the first poll -- national poll taken since he has become for the most part the presumptive nominee. >> and taken before this controversy on women. >> right. >> these were released yesterday, thursday, so that isn't factoring in all this controversy. meanwhile, the case against george zimmerman is under way now in florida. trayvon martin's mom telling bill o'reilly she thinks the justice system will work. >> i believe in the judicial system and i believe that he can get a fair trial.
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>> but can he really expect a fair trial? >> and stuart varney standing by -- good morning, to weigh in on this. the vice president trying to tout the buffet rule by slamming the romney rule? but whose tax plan would actually bring in more money? stuart varney is the answers. >> come on, stu, you're next. wake up! that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. fohalf the calories plus vgie nutrition. could've had a v8. only hertz gives you a carfirmation. hey, this is challenger. i'll be waiting for you in stall 5. it confirms your reservation and the location your car is in, the moment you land. it's just another way you'll be traveling at the speed of hertz.
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common side effects include nausea, trouble sleeping and unusual dreams. it helps to have people around you... they say, you're much bigger than this. and you are. [ male announcer ] ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. >> vice president joe biden pushing the buffet rule. president's plan to heap more taxes on wealthy and the successful and the job creators but he warns the crowd recently to beware of now the romney rule. >> this isn't a cute little deal. there's a romney rule. the romney rule says let's
6:17 am
double down on the tax cuts for wealthy. anyone making a million dollars can't pay 30% in taxes? this is not about -- this is not about class warfare. hey, how many of you all have a swiss bank account? it's just not fair! >> what's not fair? what does stuart varney have to say about fairness this morning? good morning. >> when vice president biden redubs the buffet rule and calls it the romney rule, he's being inaccurate and being misleading. it's a direct political attack on governor romney and his money. let's deal with this. ok, inaccurate and misleading. he's implying that the romney rule, the buffet rule would, in fact, i've got this the wrong way around. take two, ok. he's inaccurate and misleading because romney's plan for the economy would actually bring in more money to the treasury from
6:18 am
the wealthy than does the buffet rule. romney would lower tax rates, cut out a ton of loopholes and bring in more money to the treasury. so to dub it the romney rule is totally misleading. you know, i got to go on with this because look, it's also very irresponsible. right now, we've got the economy heading south. the economy is weakening as we speak. it's not received much publicity because of the attack on ann romney, etc., etc. this economy is weakening. what we want is a plan to strengthen the economy and grow the economy, not a political attack game played by vice president biden. >> well, i know you're disturbed by what joe biden said yesterday on the campaign trail but the good news for you is this thing has absolutely no chance of passing the senate. the buffet rule is not going to pass because number one, it doesn't make any sense and number two, we had doug mcelway live from the white house the
6:19 am
other day and he pointed out accurately you're triple taxed. you make some money and you're taxed at 35%. ok, you invest the money and make money on the interest and what not, then you're taxed again and then when you die, you're taxed a third time. >> the buffet rule that the obama administration proposes would bring in a maximum of $4.7 billion a year. that's all the extra money it would bring in. that pays three days worth of interest only on our national it's class warfare, that's what it is -- >> it's a scam, too. >> don't put words in my mouth. i'll go back to my original script. it's inaccurate, misleading and irresponsible. >> find out what words come out of his mouth three hours from now on the fox business network. the great stuart varney, thank you very much. see you next week. >> thank you. >> thank you, sir. next up on the rundown, stunning new information in the case against george zimmerman. prosecutors say he hunted trayvon martin down but they
6:20 am
didn't let a grand jury decide his fate. is that legal? the judge is coming arm and arm with his bailiff shortly to rule on that. >> that's not rusty the bailiff! hello! >> basketball star dwayne wade ptsz to get paid for the olympics. shouldn't the reward be the honor of representing our country? >> isn't he already paid? [ kyle ] my bad.
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>> quick headlines for you. a mysterious double murder
6:24 am
sending panic through the world's largest coast guard base this morning. two were found shot to death at a station in kodiak island, alaska. so far, authorities do not have a suspect and john edwards may actually take the stand in his own trial. the former democratic presidential candidate arrived at the courthouse in north carolina yesterday for his jury selection. he is accused of using campaign dough to hide his relationship with the mother of his child, filmmaker rielle hunter. ali? >> well, george zimmerman making his first appearance in a sanford, florida courtroom in the case of the shooting death of 17-year-old trayvon martin. trayvon's mother sabrina fulton speaking out about the case on o'reilly last night. >> i believe in the judicial system and i believe that he can get a fair trial. >> but with all of the emotions surrounding this case, will george zimmerman get a fair trial? and when will it head to trial? joining us to weigh in on all of this is fox news senior judicial analyst, judge andrew napolitano. great to see you.
6:25 am
>> good morning. >> so the prosecutors now say they believe that zimmerman profiled trayvon and hunted him down. with all of the angry in this case and passion in this case, how can he get a fair trial? >> for him to get a fair trial, they have to either bring in a jury from another part of florida or take the players in the case, the judge, the lawyers, mr. zimmerman himself and the witnesses and move them to another part of florida. moving them to another part of florida doesn't mean there's any part of florida where people haven't heard of it. it would just be a part of florida, if there is one, where the saturation hasn't been as extensive. remember, you're not going to find 12 jurors that never heard of the case but you can find 12 jurors that do not have an opinion of zimmerman's guilt. >> the district attorney decided not to take this case to a grand jury but decided to move forward. how would that have changed it, a grand jury? >> well, the grand jury is authorized to do things that the district attorney is not authorized to do and that is to charge a -- a first degree
6:26 am
murder case. first-degree murder case, it's interesting you said the prosecutors claim that he stalked him. and then there may or may not be evidence for that. but first-degree murder is a planned and plotted murder and stalking would connote the process of planning and plotting. but i gather that they decided that they couldn't prove that. and so there was no need to go to a grand jury and so they just made this decision to charge on their own which under florida law, they can do. >> obviously, the stand your ground law in florida complicates, i would assume, how this case will be tried. what's the difference between stand your ground and self-defense? >> well, stand your ground presumes that you have deadly force with you. stand your ground means that the defendant has been charged with a crime and he -- he is lawfully present where he was. he wasn't committing a crime. and he reasonably believed that deadly force was being used or about to be used on him. when those conditions are met, then the defendant can use
6:27 am
deadly force and that's a defense. but the interesting part is he would have to get on the witness stand to a surface defense meaning it would be very, very difficult for the jury to accept his defense without hearing from him. a lot of defendants in murder cases don't like to get on the witness stand. self-defense is a little more difficult to prove. self-defense means you had no choice but to use offensive weaponry. you didn't even have an opportunity to run away. for example, in new jersey, there is no stand your ground. if someone is pursuing you, you have to run away. in florida if someone is pursuing you, you can turn around and shoot them. >> george zimmerman, his lawyers are fearing for his safety if he's out of protective custody in jail. is that all valid? >> i would think so. >> the taxpayers have to keep him in jail. i'm sure he doesn't want to stay in jail but if he's out, he could become a victim. >> look, he's facing life in prison. that normally indicates an extremely high bail or no bail
6:28 am
because the flight risk is extraordinary. however, he apparently communicated with the police during the 45 days and he told them where he was. they knew where he was when they asked him to surrender, he did so all those things would waive in favor of bail. if he gets bail, the government would have to keep him safe. the most cost effective way for them to keep him safe would be in an institution that the government owns, not in his own house. so don't expect him to get bail. >> interesting. all right. judge andrew napolitano, always great to see you. >> when do i get to kiss you again? >> probably in about a minute. that's usually when you do. that's when the lip lock is laid on, any minute now. meanwhile, thanks, judge. well, attack ads can get nasty, as you know, one court just ruling them educational. and they can run during "sesame street." e-mail us, what do you think about political ads during "sesame street"? and 20 firefighters stage a dramatic issue of a dog in serious trouble. you don't want to miss this.
6:29 am
happy birthday to the reverend al green, the singer is 66 today.
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>> it's been reported that president obama's re-election campaign are having a little trouble. trouble is they can't come up with a slogan this time around as effective as 2008's change you can believe in and you can tell from recent speeches that the president has been trying out some new slogans in front of audiences and he's been getting mixed results. >> have better stuff to do. i've got better stuff to do. you got to settle for second rate roads and second rate bridges and second rate airports. take whatever you can from whomever you can. you know what? really didn't work and maybe we should try something different. >> i'm going to go on
6:34 am and see if they've picked out their new slogan. >> run on that. >> funny stuff. how many of you have had your children or grandchildren watch "sesame street"? because in the beginning, the whole idea behind educational television, public broadcasting was, you know, we'll put stuff there that's going to be real educational and maybe, you know, it wouldn't be able to -- >> what? >> support in the commercial world. so we're going to underwrite it and, of course, at that price, they won't be able to run commercials. >> of course, it's supposed to be nonpartisan. that's been challenged from time to time. but now it's about to become nonpartisan because the u.s. appeals court ninth circuit has just struck down a federal ban on political advertising on npr and pbs so in other words, all the political ads that you have been inundated with during this primary is about to cross up on
6:35 am
"sesame street". >> they're saying you can't have not for profit ads but it's an abrogation, violation of the first amendment that there can't be political speech on npr, you know, pbs, why should they be immune from political speech? some commentators have said they're pretty good at kind of left leaning political speech. >> kind of good? >> already. so perhaps this is an opportunity for moderate and conservative candidates to buy time and get their viewpoint across. the problem is they say, pbs, npr says you're going to cut into our educational programming if we have to sell time to political candidates or viewpoints on the air but it's an interesting issue. should pbs and npr be immune from those first amendment rights that have to be carried on other stations. >> should "sesame street" be a safe zone, you know, on some level apart from all of the vitriol of political race. >> so your kid is sitting there
6:36 am
watching "sesame street". they take a brief time-out and, you know, you see the cookie monster eat something. goes to black. comes back up. and it's a ron paul attack ad? is that what we're going to see going forward? >> possible. >> maybe hillary rosen gets on and says, listen, your mother is taking care of you and she's not really working. >> anything is possible with this new rule. >> e-mail us and let us know or tweet us. >> good rule or bad rule? >> at "fox & friends." >> more to tell you about because apparently, there is no shame for the g.s.a. when it comes to wasting your money. the latest shocking revelation they came up with awards, apparently, to justify having taxpayers foot the bill for dinners at their conferences, you know, this is the $800,000 conference in las vegas. if that isn't insulting enough, one of the awards was called the "jackass" award. i just said that on morning television. >> watch your language. >> and members of the agency did
6:37 am
not just blow your money on themselves, they wasted your money on their interns as well. a g.s.a. employee revealing there was a lavish week-long conference for interns at a palm springs resort in 2010. i've never seen interns get that kind of royal treatment. >> or travel. >> meanwhile, rick santorum speaking out for the first time since dropping out of the race for president. he explained his decision last night on the record. >> one was money. you know, after wisconsin, it was very, very difficult to raise money. but one of the reasons for that was the media narrative that the race was over. every network was this narrative that it was impossible and it was a matter of time and it's hard to cut through that. >> santorum saying he's not ready to give up his endorsement to any of the other candidates at this time meaning mitt romney. he also left the door open for a possible presidential run four years from now.
6:38 am
>> and 11 student groups banning together in an act of unity in the fight for religious freedom at vanderbilt university. the group's forming the vanderbilt solidarity to protest the school's anti-discrimination rule. it prevents organizations from considering religion for leadership positions which means the group was a christian organization which could be forced to let someone in who is an atheist and actually be in charge. >> or the young democrats would have to have a member of the republican party lead -- >> or even be in charge, yes. >> there you go. meanwhile, take a look at this, a rainstorm in kansas forces a man and his dog to seek shelter under a bridge but that's when things go from bad to worse. the scared dog ran straight into a creek getting trapped under a ledge. rescue workers were unable to find the dog taz and were about to give up when the bystander spotted a puff of smoke come out of a hole in the concrete. it was the dog's nose pressed up against the ground.
6:39 am
pulled him out and returned him to his happy owner. >> that's a lucky dog. i thought it was cats that have nine lives. meanwhile, take a look at this awesome video of mother nature's fury. streaks of lightning splitting the sky in half in california. look at that. the storms rolled through the bay area knocking out power to thousands of people and grounding a number of flights out there. let's take a look at the maps and find out where it's raining and we have a big storm moving through the northern plains down through the central missouri and mississippi valley, the balance of the country is dry. we're looking for heavy stuff later today in the southern plains. current temperature, look at this, malibu is in the 50's and caribou is in the 20's. right now as well. we're looking at daytime highs today in the 70's from the mid atlantic down through, as you can see, much of dixie land. 80's along the gulf coast. now with news on the new orleans football team, here's that girl.
6:40 am
>> for some reason, the producers think it's a good idea for me to read sports. i may need an assist. the saints naming the assistant coach at their interim head coach even though he's suspended for six games because of the team's pay for pain bounty pool. he'll oversee off-season training and training camp before serving his suspension. head coach sean peyton is suspended for all of next season because of that bounty pool. and many tarheels fans would probably be nervous if they got the chance to play with the hoops team but check out the 8-year-old, he's taking part in this pickup game with u.n.c. on their campus. first, he is cool, calm and collected as he makes the shot from the free-throw line but it doesn't end there. watch as he takes over the court and drives to the hoop for the basket! he can pass pretty well, too. he's probably already on the recruiting radar for some schools now. >> fantastic.
6:41 am
>> fine job. >> what was i worried about? >> i don't know. >> i think i should do that every day now. i hope brian doesn't mind. let's make the decision while he's gone. >> you know what a car -- tar heel is? >> i don't. >> a mascot for the team. let's talk about basketball. dwayne wade is really tall. he's a professional basketball player. he's going to be on the olympic team and now he's revealed that he wants to be paid for it. that is really something because you got to figure he's got, what, a $7 million deal from nike. nike probably priced into his sweet deal, hey, he's also going to be at the olympics, we can give him a little extra. >> he said the other day, the biggest thing is now you're getting to an arrest. you go to the end of the season, training camp is two weeks later, it's something you want to do but it's taxing on your body. you're not playing for the dollar but it would be nice if you got compensated. >> oh! >> interesting. his point is, i think, this -- that there's a lot of things that the athletes do that are
6:42 am
not just the game, that they do a lot of marketing and merchandising. so he was saying, you know, to get paid for all of that stuff. but then you point out, he also gets $10 million a year by sponsors for all the other stuff he does including the $7 million from nike. so that sounds like he is being paid for some of those extracurricular things. >> he took it back now on twitter. he said what i was referencing is there's a lot of olympic business that -- your point, that happens that athletes are not a part and it's complicated issue but my love for the game and pride for u.s.a. motivates me more than any dollar amount. but did he say that he didn't want the money? >> not exactly. >> said the motivation is there for u.s.a. -- >> remember when the olympics used to be a competition among amateur at -- athletes? >> absolutely. that doesn't happen anymore. >> is there a war on women? who is really waging it? will it divide women? we're debating all of that this
6:43 am
morning. >> and guys, get ready. this woman will soon be in homes across america. we'll tell you why she's coming to your house. >> gift wrapped. [ barking ] appears buster's beebusy. yeah, scott. i was just about to use... that's a bunch ofround-up paper, lad! scotts ez seed absorbs and holds water better. it's guaranteed to grow grass anywhere, even if you miss a day of watering. [ scott ] seed your lawn. seed it!
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6:46 am
>> at 46 minutes after the hour, we have some quick headlines. another angel gets her wings. meet the newest victoria's secret spokes angel, tony garn. the 19-year-old german model confirmed the news via twitter. you may have spotted her walking the runway at the 2011 victoria's secret fashion show. check this out, 7-year-old michael espa seen her in his
6:47 am
father's restaurant in new jersey is giving pizza tossing pros a run for their money. look at that boy. his dad says he only started learning how to spin two months ago. he can make mine any time. steve? >> thank you very much. that's cheesy, peter. >> democratic strategist hillary rosen getting a lot of heat for claiming ann romney, a mother of five and grandmother of 16, never worked a day in her life. even president obama has reacted to that. >> there's no tougher job than being a mom. that's work! so anybody who would argue otherwise, i think probably needs to rethink their statement. >> so is this a nonexistent war on women? republican national committee chairman reince priebus joins us to offer the republican reaction. what do you think? >> well, it looks like a hurricane knocked down their house of cards. i mean, look, this was a phony
6:48 am
and nasty, you know, joke of a, you know, war on women. whatever it might be. but, you know, the democrats have decided and the president has decided he can say all he wants but they've started and they've planned this war on women and it's all about fear and division, steve. it's, you know, pitting everyone against each other and, you know, now we've got the buffet rule and , you know, this is what you get. and, you know, the d.n.c. is paying this gal over $120,000 over the course of the last several months. >> hillary rosen. >> she's visited the white house 35 times and you've got jay carney who works for the president saying oh, you know, there could be three different hillary rosens for all we know. cnn is paying her. listen, she's speaking for the president and the democratic party. and so it's, you know, after planning this war on women, i think the truth finally have come out on the democratic side. >> is it a war on women or war for women? the president really needs the
6:49 am
woman vote to win if he's going to win again. interesting, speaking of the president and he said her comments were ill advised yesterday. do you think that the president, reince, will call ann romney as he did with sandra fluke. remember, he called sandra fluke after she was attacked by a broadcast commentator. just like ann romney was attacked by a broadcast commentator. >> i doubt that, steve, because, you know, you can see what the -- >> why not? >> because they don't want to own it because the president wants to make believe that they don't know who this person is, you know, they deny the fact that she's been at the white house 35 times by claiming that there are three different hillary rosens. the d.n.c. is basically mum on the entire episode although they paid her $120,000. this is their talking point. they believe that women who are at homeworking and raising the children don't know a thing
6:50 am
about the economy and they don't work a day in their life. i mean, this is their moment of truth. kind of like the hot mike moment when you're cutting deals with the government of russia when you don't think everyone was watching. i was always taught character is how you act when you don't think anybody is looking and i think we caught them in a moment of truth and i think it's going to hurt them in the long run. >> all right, reince priebus, the r.n.c. chair, thanks for joining us on this friday from d.c. >> thank you. >> it's now 9 minutes before the top of the hour. coming up, the book has sold more than seven million copies. 20 years later, are men living on mars while women make their homes on venus? the author of the best selling look is here next. look at that picture. looks like a hallmark card. in my line of work, it's not uncommon for the term "hero" to be bandied about. but does bringing a floor back to life really make us heroes?
6:51 am
[ chuckles ] yes. yes, it does. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
>> in 1992, a book came out that was earth shattering and shed light on why men and women were so different. it turns out it's almost as if we came from different planets or at least that's what "men are mars, women are from venus" claims. >> since then, both the book and its author have helped couples all around the world and this year, the book is 20 years old. so how have things changed in the last decade? here to share it is the author of "men are mars, women are from venus" john grey. good to see you. >> good to see you. it's a pleasure. >> what a friendly warm face to see again. how have things changed? are things the same, somewhat different? >> men are women are still the same. we don't change that much but our roles have changed. when our roles have changed with more women in the workplace as
6:55 am
o opposed to work at home all the time, men have to pick up and help out at home. they need to pick up more. and we did a scrubbing bubbles worked with me on a dirty work index. to ask women what their feelings and thoughts were and men. and 60% of women said they want more help. and almost all the men say we want to help more. we're willing to help more. just tell us what you want. that's sort of the key. because men haven't seen their fathers do it. we're not like trained to do it. we need a little help in that direction. >> right, so this generation is having to learn. let's talk about some tips for modern couples to make you feel like less you're on two different planets and more like you're together. >> one of the first tips we found in the study is 1 out of 3 couples have sat down and discussed household duties and shared responsibilities like what are you going to do? what are you going to do? >> communication. >> like washing the dishes, if he's washing the dishes, emptying the dishwasher is part
6:56 am
of the job. men don't think that. you have to be specific on that. >> men need to listen more. >> women need to talk more, it's the way their brains are wired up. they have eight times more connected -- >> romance, always important. tell us. >> don't on friday night say honey, what do you want to do tonight? do it a week in advance so they can look forward to something special. >> i hope my husband is watching. that's great. john grey, great to have you with this update after 20 years. >> it's a story everyone is talking about. does being a stay-at-home mom count as work? a panel of moms here to react to that. >> move over, clowns. there's a new costume character that makes kids cry. [ engine revs ] [ male announcer ] strip away the styling.
6:57 am
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>> good morning, everyone. today is friday, april 13th. yes, friday the 13th. i'm alisyn camerota in for gretchen. the white house is doing some major damage control trying to distance itself from the democratic advisor that attacked stay-at-home moms. >> there's no tougher job than being a mom. that's work. anyone who would argue otherwise, i think, probably needs to rethink their statement. >> so how are moms feeling this morning? we have a panel of them. we report, you decide. >> but bad news for president obama means good news for mitt romney. new polls show the likely g.o.p. nominee pulling ahead in brand new national polls. we're going to break down the numbers for you. >> and politician by day, superhero by night. newark, new jersey, mayor cory booker ran into a raging house fire last night to save his neighbor lady's life.
7:01 am
his story and so much more. you're watching "fox & friends" live from new york. hour two starts right now. >> ok. >> you're right. don't get out of bed! stay in bed. it's friday the 13th. >> it's going to work out. >> it's friday. >> you like 13? >> i like 13, i've always liked that number and it's friday. it's a double good day. >> double number today. >> look, the cat is backing up again. >> weird. >> i hate when that cat backs up. >> that looks normal right there. when it goes the other way, it looks like it's going right for the litter box, doesn't it? >> it's moonwalking. >> what is it? the fear of 13 is, what, triskaidekaphobia or something like that? or is that --
7:02 am
>> looked into this. >> i like the low salt ones. >> we need to point out today is in addition to friday the 13th, it's mike scores appreciation day. down in the control room, our long time prompter operator. >> he needs cheers. >> there he is screen right. and to celebrate his day, you know why we appreciate him? >> because he's bringing in food. >> he brought in a great big buffet behind the camera. >> is there a buffet out there? what is that? >> we wanted more for ourselves. >> ok, there you go. he started -- mike started the appreciation day. but we're happy to celebrate it. >> the capicole. meanwhile, let's talk about what is happening with the presidential poll numbers because something interesting has happened. president obama has now registered the lowest number of the year, of 2012, he's now at 44%. that's down from just a couple of months ago. >> and this number, we should point out, was taken before this
7:03 am
storm over the war on women and the inappropriate comments that democratic strategists made about mrs. romney. it also is, i believe, the first national poll taken since mitt romney for all intense and purposes became the guy on the republican side. >> and the job performance numbers are down as well, interestingly now. now, 51% of americans disapprove of the president's job performance. >> look at the approval number. he slid five points in, what, about a month? you know, you got to -- it's all going to come down to the economy. in november, people are going to wind up saying, do i want a repeat of the last four years or do i want to try something different? if the economy is going south and things right now are kind of a little squishy, that might not be good for the president. it might be something that clearly, it would be something that mitt romney would be able to -- >> yeah, just curious if this has happened in the past month because in the past month, you
7:04 am
can say that the economy has, you know, obviously there's always conflicting reports of the jobs reports numbers and the economy has done better each month so the fact that his numbers are down so much in the past month and it's not about this current war on women kerfluffle, hard to know what's registering that. >> stuart varney talked about it this morning saying some people aren't focusing on it but there's apprehension of what's going on in europe, what we're doing here, the stock market is up and down. and so it's all about confidence in the future. >> and i think a lot of people have heard people on tv and elsewhere saying hey, things are turning around but they're not feeling it at home and with gasoline, the national average really close, just a couple of pennies short of $4 and gas going for $7 a gallon in some spots of california, people are -- >> unfortunately, the job creation numbers really disappointing. >> not so good. >> let's talk about what happened yesterday when this -- i don't know what to describe it. war on words kerfluffle.
7:05 am
>> war on stay-at-home moms. >> it certainly exploded on twitter. it happened when this democratic consultant hillary rosen went on cable news and said that mrs. romney has never worked a day in her life. so then obviously, people just took to twitter. they took to social media and they started debating whether or not being at home and raising five sons is work or not work. >> right. >> pretty much because it was a dumb thing for her to say, ann romney did respond immediately and then the democrats started throwing this woman, hillary rosen under the bus. it started with axelrod and jim mussina who runs the campaign. the president of the united states, we heard him in the cold open a moment ago said it was an inappropriate thing for her to say. >> and whatever your political beliefs are, i mean, ann romney is a person of undisputed courage in terms of fighting cancer, fighting m.s. so what's
7:06 am
the -- >> sure, she's struggled. >> yeah. >> i mean, everybody has their own cross to bear, obviously and then hillary rosen after all this happened on twitter and she had so much pushback, blowback, she apologized and she apologized -- she issued what she said was an apology to ann romney and she said that she apologized to anybody who was offended but karl rove said that he found the apology curious and questionable. here he is talking to greta. >> went in guns blazing and threw a few grenades and insulted 5 million women who chose to be at home and be stay-at-home moms and i thought her apology such as it was was interesting. third sentence she says -- her words were poor choice. eighth sentence, she says she apologizes to ann romney and anyone who was offended and this her ninth sentence which you left out of what you read, she goes back and reinsults ann
7:07 am
romney saying let's put this phony war on stay-at-home moms behind us and get on. wait a minute, you were the one that started the war on stay-at-home moms. >> i will say that in defense of hillary rosen. i know her and her criticism or her remark was about -- about not -- she was not critical of ann romney. she would not -- >> sure she was, greta. absolutely she was. >> no, no. >> sure she was. >> no. >> she's never worked a day in her life, she doesn't know these things! she said. it was very dismisssive. >> i think, karl, the way that i read it and i read the remarks is that she -- i don't think she's been critical of the fact that ann romney has been an absolutely spectacular mother. she was, she raised five children. >> she never said that! >> that encapsulates both sides where they were trying to come at it from and, you know, i've been listening to the talk radio on both sides and i've been looking at the blogosphere and this is a gigantic political
7:08 am
liability for this white house. >> and it is, you know, there's such a close relationship between hillary rosen and the white house, she's been there almost a few dozen times. >> 35 times. >> visiting the white house and i guess purportedly a partner of anita dunne, business partner of anita dunne, the former communications director of the white house. >> they're trying desperately to walk this thing back. and she -- you know, hillary rosen did try to apologize but as we just heard from karl rove, she didn't do a very good job. >> saying not a compensated spokesman but a spokesman that they have sent out, yeah, i would say so. >> the d.n.c. can't technically pay her because she appears on another network. yeah. >> all right. this is not going away. we will be debating it all morning including the panel of moms. >> from all over the country. >> let's get to your headlines. we have a developing story to tell you about. this one out of new hampshire. the gunman who shot and killed a police chief was found dead this morning. he barricaded himself inside a home with a woman.
7:09 am
they both died of gunshot wounds. this after swat teams were unable to negotiate with him. police chief michael malony was eight days away from retirement. he leaves behind a wife, two children and a grandchild. he was one of seven officers on the greenland police force. four other officers from area police departments were also shot during this drug bust. at this hour, two are in intensive care. two others were treated and released. we will keep you posted on this story. fox news first to report this development, john edwards may actually take the stand in his own trial. jury selection will ramp up again on monday. the former presidential candidate accused of knowingly breaking campaign finance rules. it's alleged he used nearly $1 million of campaign money to hide his relationship with the filmmaker rielle hunter. vice president biden and president obama will release their income tax returns today. they're calling on mitt romney
7:10 am
to do the same. they will release from last year including those dating back to 2000 on the campaign's web site. >> move over, clowns. >> you talking to us? >> move over, clowns. there's a new living nightmare for children. >> this is want not the reception they were hoping for when they entered the classroom. screaming and crying when a giant purple panda walked into this classroom. even the deliveryman from mr. rogers neighborhood could not calm them down. pandas are a little scary. they're supposed to be black and white. a purple panda will freak kids out. >> that's a forboding figure. if that panda shows up at your house -- >> as a panda handler. >> yeah. >> the purple panda! >> all right. it is 7:11 right now timewise in new york city and in newark, new
7:11 am
jersey as well, politician by day, superhero by night, newark mayor cory booker ran into a raging house fire to save his neighbor lady's life last night. reporter robert moses is outside of that house in newark, new jersey. robert, good morning. tell us the story. >> steve, this is a great story. good morning to you. and good morning, everyone. yes, newark mayor cory booker had just gotten home when he saw this building just behind me on fire. the building happens to be right next to his own home. the fire department had not even gotten here. we saw mayor booker leaving his home early this morning and got into a waiting s.u.v. unfortunately, he did not speak to us reporters waiting at the bottom of his driveway but with good reason. a long night for the mayor. here's what happened. last night, according to the newark fire department, the building at 433 hawthorne avenue caught fire right around 9:30. now, a detective here at the scene was able to get three people out of that home. however, when booker arrived
7:12 am
home, he learned that another person was trapped inside. a woman. so he, along with members of his security detail, ran in. he carried her out. and we'll let newark's fire director pick up the story from there. >> they found the woman in the bed. she was -- and the mayor immediately initially being held back by detectives responded look, we got to save her. she may die. she may die. went in, grabbed the woman out of the bed and carried her through the fire. >> unbelievable. and if you know anything about newark mayor cory booker, you know that he is an avid tweeter and indeed, he took to twitter last night. his first tweet late last night, he said "thanks to all who were concerned, just suffering smoke inhalation. we got the woman out of the house. we are both off to the hospital. i will be ok." and then, another tweet from the mayor early this morning. "thanks everyone, my injuries were relatively minor. thanks to detective alex rodriguez who helped get all the
7:13 am
people out of the house." again, the mayor here in newark is known for getting his hands dirty but he went far above and beyond the call last night. we're expecting to hear from the mayor at a news conference 10:00 this morning here at his home. that is the latest live from newark, new jersey, this morning. robert moses, fox news. >> thanks, robert. >> the people of newark are getting their money's worth with cory booker because remember during the snow storm, snowpocylpse where he was digging his constituents out of the driveway. >> real american hero and you read the story and hear what we heard from robert moses, he was actually fighting with his security detail to go in there and he says i whipped her out of the bed and saved her. >> oh, my gosh. >> hero. >> straight ahead on this busy friday, our top story, a democratic strategist saying ann romney hasn't worked a day in her life. up next, a panel of moms here to weigh in. good morning, ladies. >> it's called a smart car but a driver trying to park this one, not so bright. we'll show you.
7:14 am
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7:17 am
>> democratic consultant hillary rosen trying to take back her comments about ann romney. many conservatives say she launched a war on stay-at-home moms. listen to this. >> what happens is mitt romney running around the country saying, you know, my wife tells me what women really care about are economic issues and when i listen to my wife, that's what i'm hearing. guess what? his wife has actually never worked a day in her life. >> my career choice was to be a mother and i think all of us need to know that we need to respect choices that women make. >> apologize working moms, stay-at-home moms, they're both extremely hard jobs. i know. i've shared them both. and i'm sorry if that offended you. >> is that a little too late? are stay-at-home moms turned off? joining is a panel of stay-at-home moms, elizabeth esther, joanne bamburger of
7:18 am
pundit mom and betsy white, the author of "from the heart." good morning, ladies. thanks for joining us. >> good morning! >> elizabeth, let's start with you because you, stay-at-home mom have never worked a day in your life. >> never worked a day in my life. never. i have five kids and it is so easy. i get up. i get to be lazy. no! i work so hard. >> you do, huh? >> yeah. just a little. you know, it's just really discouraging because by saying this, she really denigrates the hard work that all stay-at-home moms do and basically mocks of what we bring to the table saying we don't have anything inciteful or valuable to offer. that our work isn't real work, that we don't have anything inciteful to say. >> all right, what do you think about this? >> steve, the bigger issue here is that the apology that wasn't an apology at all, only in washington terms, if anyone was
7:19 am
offended, i love that. >> everybody was offended including the president. >> right. right. but she's reflecting a very broad philosophical belief that motherhood is not significantly important and this is what democrats believe. it's what feminists have preached and betty fernand wrote "the feminine mystique" which she tears apart motherhood. what i thought was interesting is the rapidity from the men of barack obama threw this woman under the bus. apparently chivalry is dead in certain quarters. >> she has bus tracks on her back today. >> first, i'm a work at home mom. i actually work home full time from home. but my take on this is obviously, she shouldn't have said it. every mom is a working mom. here's the thing, the thing we should be focusing on is not some new mommy wars 4.0, that's not the issue. the issue is how does the romney campaign address issues that impact working families? and i think it's fair to ask the
7:20 am
question, is ann romney the right person to be advising him on that when she had a much more privileged version of a stay-at-home mom life than most moms stay at home or working moms have. >> you know what, though, if you read about -- there in washington, d.c., "the washington post" ran an article about a month or so ago, how the romneys were first married, they lived in an apartment that cost $68 a month. his dad didn't give him any money. but that is for another day. >> i think we would agree that -- >> she has struggled, she had cancer and m.s. >> the hardship. >> and no one -- no one on the left is attacking ann romney and her stay-at-home mom. >> ladies. stand by. >> moms, hold on a second! we have to take a brief commercial time-out. this is going so well. we want to talk to you about how the price at the gas pump is affecting your families because they are getting hit the hardest. they got to drive in many cases those big minivans. we'll be right back. your mascara may be voluminous but will it last.
7:21 am
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7:24 am
>> time for your news by the numbers. first 64. that's how many calories kids would have to eliminate every day in order to meet the government's new health standards for obesity that take effect in 2020, the equivalent to a 4 ounce box of apple juice. next, $830,000. that's the new and much higher estimate of taxpayer dollars wasted by the g.s.a. on an awards ceremony in las vegas. one of the honors -- the "jackass" award. who can i give that to around here? finally, that's how much the average family will spend on the prom this year, that's up from $807 last year and last, 10. that's how many bites it will take me to finish this sandwich down here in the control room. all right, steve? >> yep.
7:25 am
we were talking earlier about the mike appreciation day. he brought his food in. >> alisyn, you're never supposed to eat something bigger than your head. >> yeah, you watch. she'll finish that off in no time. >> all right. meanwhile, time now for the panel again with gas prices closing in on $4 a gallon across the country, families are feeling the financial strain. will the rising prices at the pump ultimately sway their vote? we're back with our panel of stay-at-home moms, elizabeth esther, joanne bamburger and betsy hart. joanne, you were last first time. you are first this time. how are the high gas prices affecting your family? >> i think high gas prices are impacting everybody's wallet and everybody's pocketbook. the bigger issue is that going to influence people's votes down the road? and my guess is probably not. >> really? >> sadly, people need -- really, the president can't do
7:26 am
anything about gas prices because -- >> he can increase production. >> well, we already have increased production. we're exporting more oil now than -- well, come on. >> it's true. >> we're exporting more oil. let me finish, steve, if he could lower the prices now, he would do it. we're exporting more oil. we have plenty of oil. don't you think that the president would lower gas prices today if he thought he could actually do it with a stroke of a pen? >> joanne, i think it's interesting. there were people on your side four years ago who said the high price of gas is george bush's fault. blamed him. and yet, i don't hear anybody on your side blaming barack obama. >> well, i -- >> don't put democrats with me. we all have differences of opinion. >> ok. betsy? >> it's true, the president is not solely responsible for the high price of gasoline. obviously, we have geopolitical forces very much at stake right now. but it is true that he could increase production much more. we could do more off-shore drilling, more leases for pipelines and building more pipelines, etc., if he were to make decisions today, they would
7:27 am
affect the futures market and drop the price of gasoline tomorrow. but overall -- >> that would impact the environment. and we have to consider that for our kids, too. >> but joanne, you're actually making my next point is that as long as we denigrate oil in this economy, we're never going to see long-term low prices. what we have to say is guess what? and republicans aren't that good at this and they have to get their rhetoric a little bit different is to recognize that oil is abundant, it is cheap, it is relatively clean, and it is very efficient and it fuels the lifestyle and the freedom that we enjoy in the west and as long as we make it this terrible evil, guess what? we're never going to get as much of it as we need to lower gas prices. >> let's go back to -- let's go back to our original intent and that was to figure out how it's impacting your families. elizabeth, what about your family? will the price of gas impact your vote? joanne said she didn't think it would impact hers. >> i think it will impact us. right now, the average cost for a gallon of gas here in los
7:28 am
angeles is $4.25. that's the -- that's on the lower end actually. >> are you going without stuff? >> oh, yeah. a couple of weekends ago, we were going to take a little trip up with the kids on a weekend excursion up the california coast for fun and we calculated it out and it was like no way, there's no way we can afford it basically because of the price of gas. so for me, it's -- we, you know, we have car pools going. we have a three person car pool. we have a dance car pool. we consolidate our errands and try to keep everything within three miles of our home and it's still extremely expensive. the person who can come up with the economic plan that can turn it around, that will impact my vote. >> it's definitely -- >> all three of you have busy mornings. there are young people who are hungry and they need breakfast. so we thank you. >> that's right. >> we thank you for joining us from across the country. great debate, ladies. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> e-mail us, what do you think about that? got all sides there. all right, next up on the rundown, stunning new information in the case against george zimmerman in the trayvon
7:29 am
martin case. prosecutors say he hunted trayvon down. we're going to report and you're going to decide. basketball star dwayne wade wants to get paid for the olympics. shouldn't the reward of honoring and representing the united states of america be enough? that's straight ahead live from the streets of new york city. a e that ford dealers sell a new tire like...every five seconds, how's that possible? well, we purchase 3 million a year. you just sold one right now didn't you? that's correct. major brands. 11 major brands. oop,there goes another one. well we'll beat anybody's advertised price. and you just did it right there, what's that called? the low price tire guarantee. wait for it, there goes another one. get a $100 rebate, plus the low price tire guarantee during the big tire event.
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7:33 am
>> time for your shot of the morning. >> look at that. >> fear not, dog lovers. the world's cutest dog is alive and kicking. the adorable pomeranian had died spread across twitter yesterday but the pooch posted a message on his facebook reassuring his nearly four million fans that he's just fine. his owner confirmed it's just a hoax saying boo was only taking a nap. look at boo. >> i can't handle how cute he is. >> what is that? >> what is this? >> is that some richard simmons thing? what is he doing? >> that looks like a stuffed animal that's been zapped to life by a good witch. >> did you say -- did you say that dog has four million followers on twitter?
7:34 am
>> i bought a dog like that in the cracker barrel. it rolls around and has batteries in it. >> look at that. >> who gave boo that title of world's cutest dog? >> i had a pomeranian once but i had her removed. >> from where? >> too cute for your house? >> i don't know. podiatrist. >> make a hard turn here, obviously, to tell you the news of the day about george zimmerman. so he is now in police custody. and he is being charged with second degree murder and peter, we're having -- you're with us as the legal expert because he didn't go through the grand jury process. no, he didn't. that's an interesting issue. in the state of florida in order to be charged with first degree murder, you must go to a grand jury and have a jury say yes, this person should be indicted. he wasn't indicted or charged with first-degree murder but
7:35 am
second-degree murder, depraved indifference to human life so the question that should legitimately be asked is when this is subject to such political pressure, when everyone is speaking out in the country, should something that can put a man away for life, should that decision be made by one prosecutor? and that decision was made by the special prosecutor in this case and not without -- not with the grand jury at all. so there was no one in that community or the community of florida to say we looked at the evidence and thinks there should be an indictment. there's an affidavit of probable cause in this case and basically they accuse the defendant, mr. zimmerman of profiling trayvon martin. profiling is something, i think, that would result -- >> that makes it a bias crime, doesn't it? >> perhaps a premeditation charge. if someone picks somebody out and says i have a problem with this person and there's a murder
7:36 am
that occurs, that appears to be premeditation. why didn't it go to the grand jury? did the special prosecutor believe, perhaps, there wasn't sufficient evidence to meet the first-degree murder charge or any charge? we don't know. >> we don't know. we know that trayvon martin's mother was on the bill o'reilly show last night and talked about mr. zimmerman getting a fair trial. >> if at the end of the trial, zimmerman is found not guilty because of this quirky law, this stand your ground and you see it was a fair trial, do you think with all the emotion running through you that you can come out and say hey, you got a fair trial? is that possible? >> it's quite possible. i believe in the judicial system and i believe that he can get a fair trial. i believe in the judicial system and i believe that he will get his day in court. he can plead his case. >> miss fulton said in an
7:37 am
interview yesterday morning she believed it was an accident took place and she later changed that statement later in the day. >> if it's an accident, it doesn't constitute first or second degree murder. >> not an intentional act, correct. >> thank you very much for the analysis. very good. >> meanwhile, we have another developing story. how embarrassing for north korea. its long-range missile launch totally failed. >> oops. greg palkot is live in north korea. tell us the latest, greg. >> hey, folks, yeah, just back from yet another major event here in pyongyang. they keep us busy here. first to the launch that wasn't. the controversial north korean rocket lifted off early morning on friday time from here just about north -- 100 miles north of here and broke up promptly about 100 miles to the west of seoul in the yellow sea. it was such a failure that north korea did something that usually
7:38 am
doesn't do. it admitted it on state television and in a statement. it said the civilian satellite did not make the orbit and the scientists are looking into it. they did not, however, admit it in person to the international media corps here. i pressed very hard a spokesman on that point. he wouldn't budge. washington was talking, though, even though it did fail, they still called it a provocative, they also tried to tamp down proliferation fear that is spreading missiles and maybe nuclear weapons from here talking about the unreliability of north korean product and they also, despite the starvation in this country, said they would go ahead with the suspension of planned food aid because of this liftoff. now, the regime here did not let this tamp down their party, however. it continues marking the 100th anniversary of the birth date of north korean founder kim il-sung. we, again, just came back from a major event, hundreds of thousands in the center of pyongyang, the regime here no doubt organized these kinds of
7:39 am
things. unveiled beside a statue already existing of kim il-sung, a statue of his son, the former leader kim jong-il. again, also, this is all about politics. this is all about protecting a regime and also the current leader, the son and grandson of those depicted in those statues. again, despite the problems in this country, the oppression, the starvation, the malnutrition, the isolation, the folks here can get this organized, this kind of thing, because it is important for these folks to stay in power. and they showed it right now that they can at least pull off this kind of event. again, the launch that wasn't. the event that was. back to you. >> thanks so much for the update greg palkot for us from north korea. thank you. we've been following this story closely. the fight for religious freedom at vanderbilt university. we've learned 11 student groups are banding together to form the vanderbilt solidarity. it's in response to the school's
7:40 am
anti-discrimination rule. the policy forbids student groups from taking religion into consideration for leadership roles meaning that a christian group could be forced to let an atheist be in charge of their organization or a whole bunch of other things could happen. >> and a smart car driver apparently not so smart. while trying to park her car. this woman caught on camera having the hardest time parallel parking her teeny smart car in this very huge space. she apparently tried -- i watched the tape last night for several minutes, more than three minutes. at one point, her friend gets out of the car to help direct her. but after many failed attempts, she drives up and parks in the parking lot instead. and no, it was not another parallel spot. a lot of people are challenged in terms of parallel parking. >> she'd have a hard time in manhattan, i can tell you that much. what's going on outside? thanks, ali and peter. i'm here on the streets of new
7:41 am
york city with my new friend russ from florida. he must be from florida. he's wearing shorts. ted, he's wearing shorts on the streets of new york city. we'll find out why in a minute. we'll talk to him about dwayne wade in a moment but first, let's take a look at the map and find out where it's going to rain. today's daytime high, russ, it's only going to be 67 here in new york city. you should be down in florida where it's going to be 85 in tampa. >> we'll be back there in two days. >> in the meantime, we're going to ask you about this story. dwayne wade, you know him, the very tall, very -- >> from florida. >> exactly right. that's why we stopped you. had nothing to do with the shorts. he wants to get paid to be in the olympics. >> it's like anybody else, he should be entitled to pay. >> shouldn't be doing enough? shouldn't the honor of doing it for his country be enough? >> let the guy get paid. >> i think he's overtaxed but that's all right. >> you look like you're going
7:42 am
out for a run or something like that. >> no, just out here with my boys. up here for a wedding. my sister with me. >> where are your boys? >> they're still sleeping. they're teenage boys. >> they are. >> they'll be up about noon. >> all right. thank you very much. >> appreciate it. nice seeing you. >> good. ok, ali and peter, there's one person who thinks he should get the money. >> and the taxs are too high. the taxes are too damn high! >> they are. here, let's talk to this lady real quickly. dwayne wade, you know, the very tall nba guy. >> yes? >> all right. he can play in the olympics and he'd like to get paid. >> i don't think he should. >> why not? >> because the olympics are an honor, you're representing your country. don't you all agree? >> she's pulling passer-bys into it. >> are you related to them? >> i'm related to some and others not. yes. very good. >> ladies, thank you very much. >> thank you! >> there you have it. >> focus group out on the sidewalk, steve. thank you. >> you bet. >> pay or no pay?
7:43 am
>> he gets $10 million a year for other things so there you go. meanwhile, houston, we have a problem. nasa accused by its own astronauts of putting politics before science especially when it comes to global warming. coming up, we'll talk to one of the astronauts leading that charge. >> and yesterday, we told you about how drinking more beer makes men smarter. >> impossible. >> yes. now there's a brand new report on red wine and this one for the ladies. believe it or not. >> that one, i do believe. >> yes. >> first the trivia question of the day. born on this day in 1970, this childhood star won a golden globe at the age of 9 and later went on to star in nypd blue. who is he? all multivitamins give me the basics. they claim to be complete. only centrum goes beyond. providing more than just the essential nutrients,
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7:47 am
with nasa for taking sides in the climate debate. the agency says global warming might be "manmade". but its own scientists disagree. has nasa lowered its scientific standards to score political points? joining us from houston, former apollo 7 astronaut walter cunningham. he signed a letter to nasa's chief condemning the agency's position on climate change. good morning, mr. cunningham. how are you? >> good morning. how are you this early? >> i'm fine. i'm doing real well. you seem to be pretty fired up. let's see what the complaint letter said. as former nasa employees, we feel that nasa's advocacy of an extreme position prior to a thorough study of the possible overwhelming impact of natural climate drivers is inappropriate. is this about politics? you talk about it's going to cause damage to the reputation of nasa.
7:48 am
and to science itself. is this about politics or about science as to what nasa is doing now? >> well, there's really two issues here. the first is whether this -- the new hypothesis that the alarmists are pushing on us, whether that's valid or not. that humans are causing global warming. that's the first issue. the second issue is whether nasa should be out front taking a -- what has now become a very politicized position when you start talking about human cause, global warming. >> let's take -- let's take apart the two issues. is -- what's the cause of climate change? >> the cause of climate change, we've been studying climate change now for centuries. and there's a lot of factors that account for climate change, probably the most significant one is the sun itself and various other cycles that the earth finds itself in. but about 20 or 22 years ago, something like that, the
7:49 am
so-called alarmists now came up with a hypothesis that says no, no, we're responsible for this global warming. and when that started getting questioned fairly significantly, they decided to change it to climate change. nobody can disagree with climate change. >> and as a final question, do you believe that nasa is going to back down on this or will this fight continue? >> well, i think that they've got a lot of pressure on them to not back down. they came out with a statement a couple of days ago that said basically they're presenting science. that's not really the case. this week, for example, you had jim hansen there who said climate change is the moral equivalency of slavery. he wants a worldwide tax on carbon emissions. that's definitely a political position and in the old days, i was there for eight years with nasa, you weren't allowed to take political positions. you're a government agency getting funded and you weren't allowed to take sides on those things. >> walter cunningham --
7:50 am
>> being decided on it. >> thank you so much. we understand your position on this. get the science out of politics and politics out of science. >> right. >> we'll talk to you about it again. good to see you. would you want radicals making decisions about your child's education? well, they are. the country's biggest teachers union hiring an admitted socialist and -- elvis presley had the number one song with "all shook up." wake up! that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. fohalf the calories plus vgie nutrition. could've had a v8.
7:51 am
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7:53 am
>> the answer to the question of the day is rick schroeder. he used to be ricky schroeder, you know. >> he did. when he had a silver spoon. >> that's right. but the winner is mike pat in
7:54 am
south carolina. congratulations, mike. >> yep. >> all right. now to the trouble with schools, parents, would you want radicals having a hand in your children's education? >> the american federation of teachers, the a.f.t. doesn't have a problem with that. apparently their deputy director for organization used to work for the socialist party. >> what? fox news contributor tucker carlson is the founder of "the daily caller." tucker, what's the matter with having this socialist there? >> let's just be really clear about what we mean by socialist. this is not someone who supported howard dean, you know, who thinks, you know, we should have universal health care. this is the socialist party u.s.a. this was a top official in that group pro soviet, totalarian who is now one of the chief organizers at one of the biggest teachers unions in the united states. by the way, making $212,000 a year, hardly a socialist salary,
7:55 am
to destroy charter schools. the hope of the poor stuck in these crummy government-controlled schools so this is appalling on many levels. >> and the guy that you're talking about is named shawn richmond and he also has a dubious past in terms of what he has said about 9/11. it sounds as though he thinks it's sort of an inside job. we have a statement from him. this is as reported by the conservative news service back in 2008, shawn richmond said "i refuse to believe that bin laden is behind all of these things he's accused of. most of the people who planned it, september 11th, died in the execution of it." what do you make of that? >> you don't often hear people defend usama bin laden. at least in english. and i just -- i think the date is significant here. this was not november 2001 where the smoke is hanging in the air, we're confused and not sure what happened. this is 2008. this is after usama bin laden himself said in very specific terms, yes, i planned this. when there is literally no doubt in the mind of any rational
7:56 am
person that bin laden was the head of the conspiracy that resulted in 9/11. to deny that in 2008 suggests, a, this guy is deeply unreasonable. b, he's got an agenda that's so over the top and evil that he should be nowhere around children ever. can you imagine looking at a resume of a guy in the teachers union, socialist party u.s.a. candidate that supports usama. perfect. >> tucker carlson, always a pleasure. thank you very much for joining us from d.c. by the way, we reached out to the american federation of teachers for a statement regarding this guy, they haven't gotten back to us yet. >> we're live going to afghanistan where geraldo will join us from there. >> and then talk about get out of jail free card. this guy uses welfare card for bail. how does that happen? the woman leading the charge to end this kind of welfare abuse joins us in the next hour here in new york city's "fox & friends." this is delicious okay...
7:57 am
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8:00 am
>> good morning, everybody. today is friday, april 13th. i'm alisyn camerota in for gretchen. the democratic advisor trying to distance herself from president obama saying that ann romney never worked a day in her life. >> there's no tougher job than being a mom. that's work. anyone that would argue otherwise, i think, probably needs to rethink their statement. >> but that's not good enough for sarah palin. we'll explain. >> meanwhile, does he wear a giant s on under that suit of his? newark, new jersey, mayor cory booker playing politician by day. last night, he was a superhero running into a burning house to save his neighbor lady's life. we got complete details on this amazing rescue straight ahead. >> and he didn't get out of jail free! he got out on food stamps. >> what? >> the guy who tried to use a welfare card to get sprung from the slammer. and there's no rule against that.
8:01 am
"fox & friends" will tell you right now. >> where did they get that music, from the munsters collection? >> it is spooky. friday the 13th, it's going to be a good day and lucky day. in italy, it's a happy, lucky day. yes, the 13th is ok. >> i didn't know that. it's a friday, that's great and the 13th, good number, i think. >> a lot of people are freaked out by black cats walking forward. freakier. >> are you pointing at me? >> no. >> walk back? walk that back. >> you know what? we were talking earlier, doesn't seem like anything bad happens on friday the 13th. >> we think it's a good idea. write to us and tell us why friday the 13th, this friday the 13th is -- >> why it's going to be the best day. >> let's tell you what's
8:02 am
happening at this hour because we have some new developments on this story we've been following all morning for you. a gunman who shot and killed a police chief during a drug bust in new hampshire is now dead, he barricaded himself inside a home with a woman, swat teams were unable to negotiate with him and sent a robot in with the camera. they were both dead of gunshot wounds. michael malony was eight days away from retirement. he was the chief and one of seven officers on the greenland police force. he leaves behind a wife, two children and a grandchild. four officers also shot during the drug bust. right now, two of those officers are still in intensive care at the hospital. two others treated and released. and a major embarrassment for north korea. the country once again choosing to defy world leaders and launch a long range missile into space. but moments after takeoff, it split into pieces and fell into the ocean! the white house condemning the move calling this a violation of international law.
8:03 am
north korea calling it a peaceful mission to study weather patterns. many are not buying that and say it was a test for nuclear weapons. >> and the concern is not that they're going to shoot them at the united states but they could sell this. they could sell this technology. they sold every missile that they've ever developed to the iranians, the pakistanis and others. >> the united nations security council meets today to come up with a response. the united states now suspending its plans to give food aid. newark, new jersey, mayor cory booker is thought as a hero today. he rushed into a burning home last night to rescue one of his neighbors. the mayor arriving home and seeing the house next door on fire. booker and two of his bodyguards rushed into the home and pulled his neighbor to safety. the mayor was rushed to the hospital and he tweeted this -- thanks to all who are concerned. just suffering smoke inhalation. we got the woman out of the house. we are both off to the hospital. i will be ok. now, you'll remember in 2010, the mayor made headlines helping his constituents dig out from a
8:04 am
massive blizzard. snowmageddon. he was called a superhero with a shovel. somebody give that guy a cape! here's something that we can raise a glass to. a new study showing that red wine can help stop obesity. >> really? >> researchers say it's thanks to a compound in the drink that prevents fat cells from growing, the same compound that helps stave off heart disease and cancer. so drink up! steve, finally a reason for you to start drinking in the morning. >> i'm going to wait until noon. >> all right. >> all right. meanwhile, we know you have heard all about the inappropriate ill advised stupid things that hillary rosen whose firms have advised the d.n.c. who has visited the white house 35 times during this administration, you know she took inappropriate shot at ann romney saying look, she's never worked a day in her life. we've got the anatomy of how fast things turned thanks to social media and just look, ok, she made the comments at 8:52 in the evening. that's what -- and immediately,
8:05 am
the twitter verse lit up. the romney campaign responded. look at that, just barely 20 minutes later. and tweeted about the connections that rosen has to this white house. >> ok, then at 10:11, rosen tweeted an explanation and at 10:18, something historic happened. >> ann romney gave out her first tweet and it was a very meaningful tweet. then at 10:42, the obama campaign decided to distance themselves from the entire statement. >> and a lot of people, listen, this hillary rosen has completely been thrown under the bus so she was thrown under the bus immediately by axelrod and also jim mussina who runs the campaign. the president has weighed in on it. the first lady has weighed in on it. pretty much everybody thinks what she said was inappropriate. it's also wrong. she said she didn't work a day in her life. ann romney out on the trail in february said that she worked at her dad's company. heavy equipment firm in troy,
8:06 am
michigan, when she was younger and apparently, they were involved in the maritime industry. she also volunteered at various charities and for hillary rosen to suggest that ann romney has not struggled, that's just crazy. ann romney not only raised five kids and being a mom is the hardest job in the whole wide world. she raised five kids with cancer and with m.s. she knows struggle. >> everybody has their own cross to bear. everybody in life has had some struggle, even if it's not how somebody else would define it. ann romney became the belle of the ball on twitter. her mentions on twitter went from something like 10 an hour to when this is all happening yesterday, it shot up to -- per minute, 260 mentions per minute which even exceeded justin bieber which is apparently the standard bearer of all twitter things because he as a million followers. everybody was talking about this. this struck such a cord with women and families and working women, moms, everybody.
8:07 am
>> is it an effort, the natural question is -- is it an effort to divide women? is there white house polling, is there d.n.c. polling that says, listen, stay-at-home moms are not the group that we're really interested in anyway. does it matter that we cut them off in this way? and so i think always in politics and in life, it's a third rail of natural conversation. it's the third rail of politics. when you start getting into fighting words about people's mothers, that's bad. and the reaction is so strong and so visceral and you saw mothers speaking out on twitter. >> yeah. >> one mom we know of is former governor of alaska, sarah palin. she was on hannity last night. >> we don't look for our president to speak for us and we will -- you know, we will be silent no more on an issue like this. really? it is, as i say, a sad commentary, though, on this attempt to invalidate a woman for the choices that she's
8:08 am
making when really we should be unified. all women should be standing up for each other when you consider what's going on in this country. all women! and all races and all ages. we are all suffering under obama's economy and we need to make -- >> i thought liberals -- >> what do you think about this? is it over? is the war on women over thanks to rosen gate? >> calling this the war on women, the war on obesity and war on salt. all these things diminish the real wars where people are actually losing their lives and that's where we find geraldo rivera this morning in kandahar, afghanistan, with an update on what's happening there. geraldo, great to see you. >> hi, ali. nice to see you, too, and steve, and peter. you know, we've had a rough patch here in afghanistan. once the president announced that we were going to pull out by 2014, it seemed that there was a rush to the exits and we've also had, you know, some awful incidents, the quran
8:09 am
burning, and also sergeant bales, alleged mass murderer of civilians, it's been bad news here but it's not all bad news. one of the reasons that i'm here aside for my desire to show support of the 90,000 troops that we still have in afghanistan is to show that they are not rushing to the exits, that there is a plan, that they are working very hard with the afghan army, with the national police force and there's something else happening. there's something new happening. our special operators, the special ops warriors, our elite have now started a new program where they're working with tribal elders, those tribal elders are manning a local police force right from the village to fight the taliban and to fight the enemies of the state and i have a couple of guests here. this is colonel rich navarro, he's the commander of this special operators here in the southern region. this is his command, sergeant
8:10 am
major brian rarry, what, colonel, is different now that we're working with the village elders to put up this new police force? >> well, we're supporting an afghan-run program where we augment the afghan national security forces with security from within the villages. >> and are they trustworthy? do you think they'll do the job? will they be on the right side? >> you know, this is -- first of all, this is based, we set up based on trust but again, nothing is -- you take nothing for granted. we keep our vigilance. we have our own measures to put in place to double check the people that volunteer to be afghan local police. more importantly, the afghans themselves do their own system. the national director of security and i think most importantly, the -- as you mentioned, the local elders, the decision makers for the villages stepping up and putting their name, their honor under afghan local police. >> so we are not looking over your shoulder at -- at your own
8:11 am
guys, you're not worried that they'll turn on you? >> well, absolutely. absolutely not worried about our own guys. but again, we have to stay vigilant. the working relationships that we've got with them absolutely help not only with ourselves but provide that security there in the village and tie in that security up through the government. >> all right. we've got a big aircraft coming in, ali, steve and peter. but these are our best. these are our elite warriors and they are manning up this -- this village police force to maintain order as to try to bring a quality of life to the people of afghanistan so we can leave this country with our honor intact. back to you guys in new york. >> all right. geraldo rivera live in kandahar, thank you very much. >> such a great reminder, yeah, thanks geraldo. earlier, we asked, we said today is friday the 13th. lot of people associate that with bad things. we asked you why it's a good
8:12 am
day. alex tells us today is orthodox christians good friday and easter is on sunday plus a whole bunch of people are celebrating their anniversaries today and birthdays as well. good day for a lot of people even though it's friday the 13th. >> lucky day. >> as new accusations come out against george zimmerman, why are the black panthers allowed to run free making death threats? judge jeanine pirro has thoughts on all that next. >> and attack ads can get nasty but one court just ruling they're really educational and can run during shows like "sesame street." >> attack ads? >> your e-mails and tweets are pouring in and we'll read them and see what you have to say. [ female announcer ] ready for a taste of what's hot?
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8:16 am
>> welcome back. stunning new information in the case against george zimmerman. prosecutors now say he hunted and profiled trayvon martin before actually killing him. >> that's new. that's a headline this morning. what does it mean for the case? joining us for analysis is the host of "justice" judge jeanine pirro. >> good morning. >> according to these new court documents, he profiled, confronted and then he killed. >> when you read that, you think maybe he's been following them for a while. they're basically saying that evening, he profiled him. he identified him as a person who looked suspicious. who was high. who may have been high. and then called him -- said these a-holes, they always get away. and, you know, he used some racial epitaphs so at that point, when they told him to stand down and he didn't, they come out and say ok, he's tracking and profiling him. that kind of thing. >> why didn't they go for first degree murder in that case? >> because it wasn't premeditated.
8:17 am
>> doesn't that sound like premeditation? i'm going to follow this person and see what i can do to him. >> good question. when you make the decision to prosecute and you want premeditated murder, you better have this down pat. this is something they better hope they'll get the murder 2. this is going to be either/or. it's not going to be anything in the middle. >> on the decision to prosecute and i've raised this earlier and i've gotten e-mails on that. a lot of people are asking why is it in the hand of this one prosecutor who can be subjected to national political pressure to say, i don't need a grand jury. i'm going to decide whether this man can go to jail for his entire life. tell us the fair and balanced answer on that. >> fair and balanced answer? >> as a former elected d.a., my job was to make decisions regarding crimes. it is her job to make that decision. >> did you face political pressure? >> of course you do! but you know what? if you're focused on your job, the facts, the evidence, proving the case beyond a reasonable doubt, you do what the law and the facts dictate. now, if it were me --
8:18 am
>> this is a different kind of case. you got al sharpton out there -- >> i had al sharpton out there, too. it doesn't make a damn bit of difference. here's the bottom line, you have the evidence. you can prove the case, you go for it. i don't need a grand jury to give me the excuse to go forward or to cover my own -- >> confidence in the criminal justice system where people say, listen, why shouldn't there be a right to go before a grand jury if he wanted to go before a grand jury and say to that grand jury, this is what happened. >> you assume this guy has been hiding out for 44 days. you think he wants to go before a grand jury? the grand jury is supposed to be impanelled for the other prosecutor. but here's the difference, peter. in new york, there's a lot more grand jury than in florida and i'll tell you why, florida has a couple of bites at the apple. remember casey anthony? they had all these depositions before the trial itself. that will happen here. they're going to have a stand your ground hearing. they're going to have all those depositions and then they're going to have the trial. >> the knowledge, that's where you're -- >> hold on a second before you
8:19 am
g go, why haven't we heard from the administration about the black panther party? >> isn't it any surprise that eric holder can't get himself together to make a decision of what to do with this black panther case. in 2008, he ignored the voter intimidation. >> what should he do today? >> today, if eric holder isn't looking to file a hate crimes charge against all the people calling for zimmerman's head and a bounty at the very least, he should be able to file something called a soliciting a crime of violence. >> doesn't need a grand jury. >> he doesn't need a grand jury and state prosecutors by the way should prosecute them, too. if you or i went out and said we want somebody's head for $10,000 dead or alive, we would be taken out of here in cuffs. >> locked up. >> you should take this on the road. >> no kidding. >> i am, too. >> wonderful. >> we love you. >> thank you. >> the judge, the attorney, we thank you very much and watch her program tomorrow night at 9:00 on the number one channel in the whole wide world news
8:20 am
wise, fox news. >> he didn't get out of jail free. he got out on food stamps, the guy who tried to use a welfare card for bail. there's no rule against that judge even though you are slack jawed at hearing this news. but the woman trying to change that next. >> and there's a battle brewing over a memorial honoring our great marines. guess who is complaining about it. the atheists. you will hear from a fallen marine's widow. in just a little bit. incredible story. how did we do it last time? don't know... i for
8:21 am
8:22 am
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8:23 am
>> 24 minutes past the hour. time for quick headlines. brand new pictures from tahrir square where they are protesting
8:24 am
the presidential candidate. his mother is a u.s. citizen and they say he's too close to israel. john edwards may have to take the stand in his own trial. he was in court yesterday for jury selection and accused of using campaign money to hide his extramarital affair. go to peter. >> thanks, ali. this is worse than getting out of jail free. a drug suspect in massachusetts may have posted bail on the taxpayers dime. he used his one phone call to send a friend to the a.t.m. with his welfare card. asking him to cash it out and set him free. joining us now is massachusetts state representative shawna o'connell who is trying to put a stop to practices like this. good morning, representative o'connell, how are you? >> good morning. great. thanks. >> my understanding is this fella, the defendant, the convicted drug dealer got on the phone and said to his friend, go
8:25 am
get my electronic benefits transfer card, my e.b.t. card, my welfare card, and go get me money so i can post bail. is that true? >> that is true. and the police officer heard that and felt so strongly about it, he actual wrote it in his report so that we would know that happened. and the reason that can happen is because the state of massachusetts hands out $415 million a year in cash assistance to people that they can go to an a.t.m. and take out all of their cash assistance. so if you get $500 a month in cash assistance, you can go to the a.t.m. and take out $500 a month and we do not know how you're spending it. so virtually these have become a.t.m. cards and not e.b.t. cards. >> what can be done to stop that? where is the governor of massachusetts on this issue and what other forms of abuse can take place? i read something, can i go on a cruise with this card? >> you can pretty much do anything with this card right now. there are no restrictions on it.
8:26 am
so you can use it at any store, you can use it at a nail salon, a tattoo parlor and the point is because you can get cash, you can take the cash and go buy anything you want. so what i've done is filed a bill that says no more cash access. and that's the only way that we are going to stop the problem of abuse. >> is the governor behind this bill? i mean, it seems so much like common sense. the fact that taxpayers will have to finance someone's crime spree or their -- if in fact this person is guilty of such a crime or their ability to be free on bail pending the disposition of the charges. where is the governor on this? >> unfortunately, the governor is not supportive of the reforms that i've put forward in my bill and it's really unfortunate because we need to reform this program to restore integrity to the program to protect taxpayer dollars and all we're hearing from the governor's office are really these kind of anecdotal one liner talking points. and nothing substantive. so they're standing in the way of reform rather than backing it
8:27 am
up and this is a bipartisan bill that i've filed and i have a lot of support among my colleagues. >> representative, we're so happy you're here. in terms of reform and substance, come back to us. tell us the real story because our listeners and viewers want to know about this. we'll be talking to you again. good to see you, representative. thanks. keep it up. >> thank you. >> remember the ad featuring paul ryan throwing granny off a cliff? well, guess what, one court just ruling they can run during "sesame street". your e-mails on that coming up next. and it's the day high school seniors look forward to. graduation. but some students are not being allowed to make the walk unless they pay up first. and you know what we're talking about? hundreds of dollars to graduate. you'll hear about it here. [ male announcer ] every day thousands of people
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♪ >> the obama administration tried to distance itself today from remarks made by long time democratic advisor hillary rosen. she said on cnn last night that mitt romney's wife ann, a
8:32 am
stay-at-home mother of five survivor of m.s. and cancer has never worked a day in her life. and now even vice president joe biden is furious. he said making stupid comments that hurt the president, that's my job! she has no right! >> all right. meanwhile, president obama doing major damage control after that democratic advisor slammed mitt romney's wife for being a stay-at-home mom never working a day in her life. >> peter doocy is live at the white house with the latest. what's happening this morning, peter? >> alisyn, the white house has been very clear throughout this whole thing that hillary rosen does not have an official role as an advisor here but the president still came out yesterday and told that democratic strategist to lay off mrs. romney. >> my general view is those of us who are in the public life were fair game. our families are civilians. you know, i haven't met mrs. romney but she seems like a very nice woman who is supportive of
8:33 am
her family and supportive of her husband. and, you know, i don't know that she necessarily volunteered for this job so, we don't need to be directing comments at them. >> the first lady defended mrs. romney as well tweeting that every mother works hard and every woman deserves to be respected. now, the white house visitor logs show a, hillary rosen checking in at least 30 times since president obama took office but press secretary jay carney says they might not all be from that cnn contributor and here's why. >> i haven't seen the records. i don't know that hillary rosen -- i know three personally. women named hillary rosen so i'm not sure those represent the person we're talking about necessarily. i don't know how many times she's been here. she's not a -- you know, she's a democratic strategist. she's a cnn contributor. as far as i know. >> so there are three hillary rosens but the election is still
8:34 am
six months away and the romney campaign is trying to capitalize on the controversy today. their web site is selling bumper stickers that say "moms drive the economy." back to you. >> all right. there's one hillary rodham, maybe she signed in many times and it's just they're confused with how many times hillary rosen signed in. >> i believe that hillary rosen was asked on cnn, hey, jay carney says there's a bunch of you. she goes i've never heard of any other. >> was that about the weakest statement you've heard from a press secretary? might have been a different hillary rosen. i know seven of them. >> the whole war on women got started with, you know, the contraceptive thing and next thing you know, we are introduced to the sandra fluke, the georgetown student and then the president of the united states called her directly to talk to her after she was slammed by a commentator. >> is that call on the white house calendar today, to ann romney? do you think there's a call?
8:35 am
>> there's some symmetry because ann romney was attacked by a commentator. you think the president of the united states -- made it very clear that families are off-limits, inappropriate. president ought to call her and say, you're right. that was -- that was over the line! >> wouldn't hurt. >> wouldn't hurt. >> if you like this political debate, you'll love watching "sesame street." >> why? >> in the future because the ninth circuit court of appeals has ruled that suddenly for the first time, political ads even attack ads can be aired on pbs and npr, you know, they're supposed to be a free zone away from partisanship but now that it apparently constitutes free speech? >> right. >> as the courts are ruled with political ads so your kids may be seeing some political attack ads. >> yeah and why not? because just imagine you plopped your kids down in front of the television. and they're there to watch, i don't know, shining time station or "sesame street." >> we can imagine that. >> the kids aren't going to
8:36 am
have any problem watching something like this. >> this pops up. >> we're not just talking about my pain. we're talking about my life! >> no. no. i need a pacemaker! ahhh! ahhh! >> president obama -- >> you think that was disturbing to 5-year-olds? >> no. she never visited the white house either. so i mean, it's fantastic. >> that's right. >> so many of you weighed in on this. mario from mobil, alabama says if they're selling ads, they don't need our taxpayer money. keep "sesame street" clean from the trash. who does the money go to? who pays for the political ads? does it go to pbs? >> it can go to the station, the corporation for public broadcasting, i would imagine. >> or the individual station, i don't know. but go to them in some way. >> that's such a good point because if you watch pbs and we
8:37 am
watch it from time to time, they have those ads on, you know it's brought to you by -- they show the viking cruises. >> they say they're not really ads. >> yeah, they're not ads even though they show the product and talk about how to do it. meanwhile, linda says this. with all the tough talk about bullying in our schools, who thinks it's a good idea to allow our leaders to bully each other on "sesame street"? >> interesting, linda. >> and i guess on twitter, t.j.medina 2001, i think we need to realize that it may be constitutional but it is definitely not ethical. good point. speaking of the first amendment but saying no, shouldn't be doing it. >> what kind of -- who is going to buy ads on pbs, though? right now, pbs and npr completely leftie operations. >> maybe that's why they would buy it, to get the balance back in it. >> in other words, that would be the only way there would be balance there. >> that's the only way to get viewpoint on. >> are you trying to change his words? he mentioned that earlier. >> no, i mentioned that earlier.
8:38 am
>> let's get to the rest of the headlines. we have a lot of developments to tell you about. more outrageous details emerging about what the g.s.a. did so they could live it up on the taxpayers' dime. the latest shocking revelation, officials created awards as an excuse to have fancy dinners that taxpayers paid for. one of the ridiculous awards was called "the jackass" award. >> is that the guy who won it? oh, my. >> he seems happy. there's all the taxpayer dollars that they're floating around. members of the agency wasted your money on interns, too, a g.s.a. employee revealing there was a lavish week-long conference for interns at a palm springs resort in 2010. among the items on the menu, prime rib and oysters. i got like stale pretzels when i was an intern. >> be happy you did. i got experience. >> exactly. classroom rituals about to become the law of the land in nebraska. >> i pledge allegiance to the
8:39 am
flag of the united states of america. >> music to my ears. a majority of nebraska's state board of education backing a proposal to require public schools to make time each day for students to recite the pledge of allegiance. kids would not be forced to cite the pledge but respect others while they are. >> meanwhile, it looks like there's no such thing as a free lunch. after all, the california supreme court ruling that employers do not have to ensure that employees take required lunch breaks during the work day. employees argued they were being taken advantage of. the court says that's not their boss' problems. meanwhile, let's take a look at this awesome video of mother nature's fury. streaks of lightning lighting up the sky in california. splitting it in half. storms rolled through the bay area knocking out power to thousands of people and grounding a number of flights. meanwhile, let's talk a little bit about this. we're getting really close to
8:40 am
cap and gown season. if you've got a graduate at your house, congratulations. >> but in detroit, one school, the public school is actually forcing kids to pay $350 for their cap, gown, you get a free t-shirt, it's not free. you get a t-shirt thrown into that. >> and it's mandatory. so $350 or they cannot walk during their graduation ceremony. >> it's called the mandatory senior dues which is extraordinary. we know that schools are really getting squeezed. and, for instance, in wisconsin and other places, they have asked teachers to kick in more for their retirement and benefits and stuff like that. we don't know if that is the case that they have done that in -- out there in detroit. but they are asking families, keep in mind, this is detroit. these are families that don't have in many cases a lot of money and listen to this student and their aunt and they're strapped and they think this is a bad idea. >> my mom and dad are people
8:41 am
that both have jobs but other students have not. she's had to plan about five months in advance to come up with the money. >> most of these children, this is the most important achievement that they've had. and it may be the only one in the lifetime. give it to them! >> yeah. >> and the school responded, they said there are no options to exclude any items from the package. all students are required to pay the full dues amount or they will not be allowed to participate in the graduation ceremony. i don't know what you're thinking but i agree with the lady. give it to them. >> is this the going rate? or is this in detroit? >> yes, this mandatory senior dues, that's crazy. and to the point of so few, you know, you look at the number of people who graduate from high school these days, and the number of dropouts is shocking. for them to make it even harder to walk down the aisle and take
8:42 am
your victory lap after 13 years of reading and writing and arithmetic. >> let them borrow it for an hour and give them back. >> a memorial for fallen marines at risk of being torn down. why? atheists involving that cross but this marine widow fighting back. >> not a religious spot at all. it's a place for the marines to grieve and to grow. >> she joins us live next. >> but first, let's check in with clayton and dave to see what we're all doing this weekend. >> all right. >> it's news for you this weekend. >> it is. >> because listen to this and we have to keep her away from him. kevin costner is going to be here in the studio. he's played a lot of different roles on the screen. now one of his most important roles to date. he'll tell us what that is and he'll join us. he's honoring our nation's military this weekend. >> you just assured that ali will show up. he's tried every single diet
8:43 am
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8:46 am
>> two 13-foot crosses stand high atop this hill at camp pendleton in california. they were placed there by seven marines back in 2003 to honor their fallen friends. now, nearly a decade later, three of the men who raised those crosses have made the ultimate sacrifice themselves. that's why their families are shocked to hear that a group of atheists want the crosses torn down. >> joining us now, karen mendoza and her husband was one of the original seven marines who built the memorial. he was killed in combat in 2005. good morning.
8:47 am
how are you? >> i'm fine, thank you. good morning, how are you? >> honored to have you here. tell us about your husband and what he did with regard to this memorial and why it's so important that it go forward. >> my late husband, ray, along with six other marines and sailors in second battalion first marines took the hill up back in 2003 as a memorial to remember the fallen marines from first union regiment. three of the original cross carriers were killed in the line of duty. just yesterday, one of the original cross carriers, a lance corporal was killed in action. that was in 2004. then my late husband was killed in 2005, and then major doug zimback was killed in 2007. the cross is very important not only to my personal family but to my entire marine corps family at the first regiment and all over the world.
8:48 am
>> and so when you heard that this group, this group wants to take it down, what were your thoughts? >> i was very sad. i was sad to hear that this group that claims to be american did not -- could not give this little sign of respect to our service members not only to the fallen service members but the service members that continue to serve our country so they're allowed to voice their opinion. i feel like they are not really showing the suspect that is needed and that we are -- our service members and families need today. >> your husband spoke volumes with the sacrifice of his life. if he could speak today, what would he be saying to us and to the rest of the america about the effort to take this memorial down? what would he say? >> ray was a very -- was a large man but had very few
8:49 am
words. and he would want people to look at this cross and to say it's not about religion, it's about sacrifice. it's about remembering the fallen and going through the grieving process today all together as a country. i personally feel that america has become very complacent on the war on terror. and they have forgotten about our service members that are continuing to fight for our freedom and continue for all americans to be able to voice their personal opinion. he would want the cross to stay, not for himself, not for the original seven, but for the marines that are still grieving the loss of their brothers that were killed in the war on terror. >> we have a statement from the president of the military association of atheists and free thinkers who says this christian cross needs to go to a private christian installation and we need to stick to things that honor everyone equally and
8:50 am
remain neutrality towards government. we shall see what happens with their complaint against these crosses at camp pendleton but we appreciate you coming in and sharing your personal story of loss and sacrifice with us. thank you. >> and you're semper fi in life. thank you. >> thank you. she's one of the best selling mystery writers in the world and now she's writing about a biblical conspiracy. mary higgins clark and her daughter are here after the break. it looks like she's sharing a secret with steve.
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>> it is friday the 13th. what better way to get into the
8:54 am
spirit than diving into a great murder mystery? our next two guests have killed off more characters than jason himself and this mother-daughter duo is at it again. only this time, they're tapping into the bible to craft one story. joining us right now is best selling mystery and suspense novelist and author of her newest book called "the lost years" mary higgins clark about to debut on "the new york times" list at number one and her daughter who also is a best selling author debuting at number 11 on the chart. her new book is called "gypped" carol higgins clark. good morning. >> good morning. >> great to have you. i want to talk to you about your new book "the lost years" based on -- and this is such a tantalizing idea. jesus wrote a letter and somebody found it. >> yes. 2,000 years later. it has been sneaked out of the vatican because the pope was so upset about the controversy, was it real or not? he was planning to destroy it. >> something bad happened to the guy who found it. >> yes, he was shot.
8:55 am
>> there's a lot of shooting in your books. >> well, i'm a mystery writer. you know. >> and i love your story, carol, because you actually learned how to become a great writer because your mom back in the day before computers and stuff like that would have you do what? >> i retyped her books at the kitchen table one piece of paper at a time in the typewriter and i learned more about that. we talked about her plot and characters. >> i would imagine and i'm just guessing, mary, that if you were looking at her notes and you're thinking, i wonder what that word is supposed to be, you know what? i've got a good word for mom, it's going to be this and you put it in. >> well, i always got permission but no, we just talked about what worked and what didn't work and that's why it's fun for us to write together now as well. >> tell me about your book "gypped. ">> my character goes to l.a. with her husband. reagan used to live there at a store, she runs into a woman she was on a game show with and neither one of them won big money but this woman has inherited $8 million from a
8:56 am
neighbor she barely knew and now there are people who want to get their hands on it. so -- >> that's great. >> reagan gets involved. >> absolutely. all your kids i've read are good storytellers, where did they learn that? >> they're irish. irish defend, you know, the irish can't go to the store and get a loaf of bread without saying and you'd be surprised at what happened when i got home. >> and there's your family right there. everybody doing well. all right. ladies, can you stick around? we want to talk to you a little more. >> sure. >> carol higgins clark' new book is called "gypped" and mary higgins clark's new number one is called "the lost years." we'll be back. stick around. [ kyle ] my bad.
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