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tv   The Five  FOX News  April 13, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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beckel, eric boling and greg gutfeld. it's 5:in new york city and this is the five. >> democratic strategist hillary rosen started a firestorm and her comments were amplified when learned she was a frequent visitor to the white house, at least 35 times and met with president obama personally five times. the obama campaign distanced themself. jim messina and david axlerod played defense within an hour and vice president joe biden tried to change the suspect. >> subject. >> the war on women is real. it's been intensified. the next president of the united states is going to get one and possibly two or more members of the supreme court. >> in an interview last night president obama delivered the final blow. >> i think it was an ill-advised
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statement by somebody on television, it's not something that i subscribe to. >> did you catch that? he pretended he didn't know her, which is the ultimate washington, d.c. insult. that's happened to you a bunch. >> meantimes. >> people pretend they don't know you. >> thanks for bringing that up. >> what's your name? >> terrible. she's the only person that's been to the white house more than george clooney so it's clear he knew who she was. ettes it's like going to the same bar ten years and one day the bartender doesn't know you and you're like what did i do last night? was that a bathroom? anyway. interesting things about this. jay carney is a genius. because he invented the carney rule, when you're asked about anything, say, well, i know three of them. so if somebody says did you sleep with my wife, susan, well
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i know three susans. it works! last thing i want to say the reason rosen doesn't see ann romney's occupation at work is because you can't get taxes out of it. if you can't get a piece of what she does she doesn't exit. >> we should save that topic for mother day as we talk about the war on women. andrea, is it fair to say the white house didn't end the week the way they hoped? >> no this is bad for the white house. carney's defense was bungled. it was a days of our lives story. it was bizarre. i can see why michelle obama is weighing in, the president's weighing in on this. they need moms to come out and vote. the president has gained about 10 points in the gender cap with college educated women. can you imagine how many women she offended and how worried the president got?
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i think the fact that a feminist, their base, someone they take advice from that goes to the white house, comes out and insults women that a lobbyist thinks she's more in touch with working mothers. but this is how feminists stink. this is what they really feel. last week they exposed themself and the week before when they say pay for our birth control. now they're contradicting themselves. >> eric is a good mystery solver. >> the mystery is this. if as president obama said she was some person on tv, talking about random things, why did messina and axlerod respond within an hour? >> because the campaign, the reelection campaign, had to do that immediately and then it was jay carney was next when he said, well, there were 35 visits. it could have been any one of three. there's a blayton lie.
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my hand would have been up in the gaggle. name them, jay. >> hillary rosen, hillary rosen and hillary rosen. >> who are they and what are their relationships? hillary rosen did one thing, awoke sleeping giant and bob will dis disagree but a conservative base, mitt romney, i'm not in love. once she took a shot at ann romney, she raised five boys, m.s., breast cancer, every conservative female not sure about the romneys are sure they'll vote for them. >> i'm surprised the president did go that far and not ask her to turn it down from a 9 to a 7. >> first of all, sleeping giant's been awoken by hillary rosen? i doubt it. leaving that aside, what's important is the reason they responded quickly is part of the campaign strategy is to keep
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romney over as sort of the antiwoman candidate. and romney knows he's way behind on the gender gap. he came out after it was clear he was the nominee and that was his position. this came at an inopportune time. one thing, the advantage they've had is the gender gap. a lot of conservative women will come out and they're not going to vote for obama but i think what obama did was yeah, got rid of her as soon as he could and he should and she calls herself a strategist. she ought to go into finger painting. >> there's a saying in washington that one day you're the toast of the town and the next day you're toast. you know you're toast when jay leno weighs in as he did last night. >> the obama administration trying to distance itself from remarks of hillary rosen saying on cnn mitt romney's wife, ann,
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a mother of five, survivor of m.s. and cancer has never worked day in her life. now vice president joe biden is furious, he said making stupid comment that hurt the president, that's may job. she has no right. >> sometimes the humor can be the cruelest way to describe somebody. >> but it's like conservatives are so desperate for that because that never happens. it's the first time i've seen anybody do anything about the left on leno. my favorite part of this story is how the left, in unison, is saying it's all a distraction. it's a distraction away from the real problems facing women. so it's only a distraction if you're wrong. meanwhile, rush limbaugh and sandra fluck milked it to the bone. people say it's a distraction,
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ignore it. >> in some ways, where we were on monday, some of the polling, the gender gap polling for women, for men it's almost the opposite. it's like a totally different campaign from monday to friday. >> it was working in their favor. that war on women. the numbers bore that out. but now it's backfiring. to that point, greg, i think the white house is doing this good cop, bad cop thing the clintons like to do where biden is still saying the war on women is real. i'll tell you why this continues to be fueled. now, the national organization for women have to weigh in and they start going after ann romney. the white house has a problem because the base will not let it go. >> i remember sitting around this table about a month ago when it was the abortion -- or the contraception was going to be a big deal and catholics would take to the streets and it backfired on the republicans and turned out to push women in the
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democrat's direction. i will bet you there's not a single vote that will matter about hillary rosen. >> i doubt it. >> that's what you're hoping for. >> no, i have been around long enough to know a comment by a woman not well-known -- >> bob, she was one of the leading democrat strategist. >> put her on a poll and 2% won't know who she is. >> but biden says the war on women is intact because they thought they were winning. >> we are. >> for women on women because they're blaming the war on women on the republicans. guess what happened, you got shot by friendly fire, your own side shot you and all of a sudden the war is turning and it's not a war anymore. >> one comment she did do some damage but what's done, the real permanent damage, the reason you never get women to vote for a majority, you can say it over and over but it's true. >> we hate women.
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>> no, you consistently vote against things helpful for stay-at-home moms. >> that's the presumption women are stupid. >> sorry. >> that's the white house. >> good job, bob. >> can i say there's a myth that now represents all women. there are more women in the elk's lodge. >> do we have that sound bite from the national organization of women? basically, the national organization of women, which was supposed to be for all women, it liens left and i can't believe -- must not have got the memo from the white house to back off ann romney. >> they represent boring women. >> we have that now. this helps republicans a lot. >> what would we say if hilly clinton said ann romney has not worked for pay outside the home a day in her life? i understand that's an accurate
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statement and raises the issue hillary rosen was getting to. do mr. and mrs. romney have the life experience and imagination to really understand what most american families are going through right now. >> you can make all the fun you want of now. they're responsible for every -- >> title 9 great for -- >> except for rapes in -- >> women don't care about economic issues and border security and preserving social security and the national debt. >> stay-at-home moms only care about abortion. >> they think we're dumb. >> this is an interesting question. do you think hillary clinton would have thrown hillary rosen under the bus? when. >> four years ago when she took a shot at stay-at-home moms? >> hillary who?
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>> clinton. >> rosen. >> i bet you any amount of money nobody's going to know who she is three weeks from now. >> it's a war on tradition. >> there's so many wars. we're fighting so many wars, i can't stand it. >> can we call a more tropical storm on -- moratorium on the war on x? >> no, we have more. coming up, one of gregg's famous hollywood celebrities announces who she's going to support. email us at the [ tom ] we invented the turbine business right here in schenectady.
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>> this is the breaking news alert from gregg's forth the pillows. julia luis dreyfus will vote for president obama. roll tape, roll tapers. >> i'm very satisfied with the president and i'm looking forward to voting for him again
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soon. >> calls to the white house have not been returned though there's word a dog has been vacuumed. >> shocking stuff. the actresses decision follows obama's delaying of the keystone pipeline. wonder where he got that idea. >> remember when president obama said let us be the generation that ends the tyranny of oil? man, that was great. except i just checked and right now, big oil is still pretty much running the show. >> i loved her in jaws. what she going to say? she's is not voting for him? she's got a new show. fox news finds though julia's pleased with the country's direction, america is not.
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when ask if they're satisfied, 67% said no. to put that in perspective, 67 out of 100 or 6700 out of 10,000 or .67 out of 1. math is fun. am i right, tired baby sloth? >> me too. how can a rich actress be happy while the rest of us are not? she can afford to be. she high school the has the luxury of endorsing policies that have no effect on her. her awesome lifestyle will always be safe like the patriotic millionaires flanking observe as he pushed envy tax. they like it because they can't feel it. a breaking news alert from gregg's secret forth made of pillows. now back to bob beckel shaking his head and calling his bookie. >> gee, that was interesting.
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first of all, what went through your mind when you wrote that thing? i mean with the sloth and with that dog and -- i mean what was that. >> a, it's friday, b, a monologue about a celebrity endorsing a president is not exactly the most interesting idea. >> but a sleeping sloth is, i get it. >> that was a symbolic protest. >> if you're obama it's better to have those endorsements than not and mitt romney doesn't. they'll raise a lot of money. >> i disagree. >> who cares about what hillary rosen says. >> i think the left's pushing obama so hard on keystone and it's hurt them. >> the fact is, when you think about it, julia luis dreyfus and matt damon are controlling our drilling policy. >> just so you don't take this from me, check with the gallop people and ask them when they put out the question about the pipeline, they didn't have enough people to respond to make
5:19 pm
a percentage on it. >> wit, wait, wait. people don't care. >> nebraska, they voted in favor of the pipeline this week. >> what are you saying? >> people don't understand the keystone pipeline? >> it's like hillary rosen. do you think people get up in the morning -- how many people in america know about the pipeline. >> 80%. >> 80%. they don't know who the president is. >> i doubt that. >> anyway. >> the mean the president of your organization. >> the eric bolling institute. there is a point where some celebrities get so outrageous their support doesn't help a campaign. and i'm not saying julia julia s dreyfus but the keystone pipeline is another of obama's achilles. he can't be happy -- >> you're saying 80% of american people know about the keystone pipeline. >> i say yes. >> let's get the gallop people
5:20 pm
to weigh? >> i talked to a guy who said they have not polled because they don't have enough to make a percentage. >> now they will. they will. >> in time it will happen, maybe. >> what do you think about the fact rich folks, celebrities who support the president vehiclely can because they don't feel the consequences. millionaires say take this because they have a 100 million. >> when she taped the ad about keystone. guarantee she took a private jet or drove in a limo trotting -- to get there to make that statement. they hurt themself. they look more hypocritical. she's in the new show, deep. what would hollywood do without sarah palin. can i respond to gregg's original question? >> go ahead. >> no, just teasing you. the point you made about julia
5:21 pm
louis dreyfus driving our policy, i think the president -- they tell them things and they listen but it's damaging. it may be more in 2008. the mantra is soak the rich. it's, as you said, the hypocrisy, when they see him jet-setting around the country. he's paying all this money, taking a deduction and spending time with rich people. it doesn't look good. you know, julia louis dreyfus cannot identify with us. >> can i tell you the bottom line is that many, many, many more rich people vote republicans than democrat. >> but at least they get paid for doing it. >> yes. but they're -- >> gregg said rich people. >> rich people vote for policies that help people make money. the less rich vote for policies that don't help other people. >> we should have kept the dog vacuuming video. i fought for that.
5:22 pm
i'm trying that when i get home and i don't have a dog. eric boling and sarah palin have a special on fox tonight to talk about solutions to our energy problems. eric will give us a special preview. if you leave now, i'm sure he's not going to show you what's in the special, special envelope.
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we'll take it. go, big money! i mean, go. it's your break, honey. same coverage, more savings. now, that's progressive. call or click today. [ male announc ] you plant. you mow. you grow. you dream. meet the new definition of durability: the john deere select series. with endless possibilities, what will you create? ♪ learn more about the new select series x310 with power steering at ♪ [ music ] >> as you know the obama energy department has been as successful as the north korea
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missile launch. when asked one of america's best known oil men have choice words for the policy. >> the presidents. >> you're president. >> get an energy policy for america. we're the only country without a policy and use 20% of the oil. we have resources in america that we could have a energy policy. >> two poem with a combined five decades of oil experience have a plan. >> part that have fundamental transformation of america promised during the campaign, increase the price of energy in america. now the bogus claims about america not having resources available. >> are they listening? are they in the white house right now watching this program and listening, taking notes? >> that's the question. why are they not listening? we have experts here in this room. we have every day moms and dads and students and business owners with common sense ideas on how to provide solutions to the
5:28 pm
energy challenges in america. >> governor palin and i have a special tonight at 10:00 p.m. on fox news and i hope you all check it out. dana, that's one of the issues, the blaring holes in the energy policy is we don't have one. >> the administration has not laid out one that even congress could try to advance. there is a plan that was put together by representative devin noonus. if you want to take a about blank canvas and put all of the above energy policy, that's a good place to start. it's not that there aren't ideas, there's just not the already from the executive branch. >> gregg, president obama says you should inflate your tires, not drive over the speed limit, we should maybe invest in algae. that might be the all of the above policy. >> they have a plan but they're not going to release it -- they're going to release it through matt damon's new movie.
5:29 pm
that's how democratic policy is released. through hollywood proxies. and if you see a press conference, it's a trailer when you watch jay carney talk. >> that's a good way to get around campaign finance laws, movie theaters. >> good time for the special, i think. >> it's a great time for the special. >> 10 time on friday night. that's a terrible time for me. >> tivo it. >> that's true. what we did is put together -- we outlined what's going wrong, why we're here with gas prices and in a four-part plan we offered the administration. >> you and sarah palin know more than the president and most of the people in the administration, including mr. steven choo, the pencil pusher. but i want to expand on something boon pickens said. he pointed out something interesting. president obama came out when running for office and during the debates and said in ten years, i will get us off middle
5:30 pm
east oil completely. why hasn't one member of the media followed up with this president and asked the president where the plan is and whether or not environmentalists which they are or special interests which he said he wouldn't do, let him get held up? we don't have a budget, why would we have a energy plan. >> he had a good plan outline. i would like to know mitt romney's plan besides drilling, warfare. >> let's drill in yellowstone, in your backyard, let's drill in kid's backyards, everywhere. where is your policy beyond that? who was the environmentalist. >> the american petroleum institute, someone from heritage foundation, a economist and retail expert. the question was what's obama's energy policy, pretty good but better than mitt. mitt romney is not the
5:31 pm
president. people aren't paying 4 bucks a gallon because of mitt. >> we're importing less oil than the last ten years. that's one answer, under 50%. we're drilling more than -- >> because demand is down. it's because demand is down. >> here's the problem with your wingnuts. you think as soon as you come up with something specific it's a plan and it doesn't work because it's obama's plan. they have a proved nuclear power plant not approved before. that's good. >> he said we imported less oil? >> yes. >> that's because demand is down because the economy is suffering. if that's the theory, if the economy gets worse we'll import less. >> great plan. >> a energy policy is not rocket science. it's common sense. we know how to do it. we could do if there was the political will. >> perfect. tax time, america, we went outnd secured the president's
5:32 pm
tax returns. guess who's not paying as much tax as the first secretary? you can't make this stuff up. we'll be right back. [ kyle ] my bad. [ roger ] tell me you have good insurance. yup, i've got... [ kyle with voice of dennis ] really? i was afraid you'd have some cut-rate policy.
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>> aim dug mckel way in washington. the story is the president's tax return and how he's using it as a political weapon. tonight, while millions of americans are trying to finish their tax reports the president and vice president made their public today, trying to use the tax issue against mitt romney. we'll look at the continued fallout from the comment by democratic strategist that seemed to demean stay-at-home moms and to north korea for reaction to the government's failure to launch a satellite
5:37 pm
into orbit. bret baier will be in colombia where president obama will participate in the summit and in the grapevine, 200,000 tax dollars to move a bush. special report from washington starts at 6:00 eastern. back to new york and the five. that bush sitting in the middle of an interstate highway. ♪ [ music ] >> welcome back to the five. it's that ten ooh with with us e of the year. tax day. don't forget to foil. the president and vice president released their taxes as many politicians do showing in 2011,
5:38 pm
the.errand $789,000. i did research and you know the president has been talking about the buffett rule and fairness in taxes millionaires. i don't debridge -- begrudge the president but isn't the problem he begrudges everybody else? what's the big deal? where do his taxes go? back to his salary. it's the circle of life. >> a ponzi scheme. >> it is. no wonder he doesn't feel bad when he pays taxes. >> what a good pr strategy for the president to lead by example. >> one thing i was impressed by, i'm being sincere, his charitable giving is high. the buffett rule on the other side, what he would do on the charitable giving sign is a big concern. people aren't necessarily as
5:39 pm
generous as he and mrs. obama have been. >> as opposed to so the joe biden. >> he never made big money or had bestselling books. i remember when president bush and vice president's chaney's taxes came out. president bush's were simple. charitable giving were high. it's the tax rate that's getting people up in arms and the -- the thing that kills me is the days on end spent proposing and going through receipts and that anxiety, if you get it wrong the i.r.s. could come after you. >> the deductions, isn't that another issue? $278,000 in deductions, more than most people make in a couple of years. or even a lifetime. >> those are rich people's deductions. >> if the president thing doesn't work out, he could work at h & r block bus he took every deduction possible.
5:40 pm
>> did you? >> i sure did. i'm not an idiot. >> but the president. >> isn't the point, shouldn't he lead by example and simplify the tax code. >> i will say this, he paid 20% in taxes, did a charitable giving and so did mitt romney but paid 13%. less than 5% of the america. there's a rich guy cashing in. >> how big of a problem is it for the president? >> the hypocrisy? i don't think it's hypocritical. he said people like me, pointing to himself, saying i could pay more and i should. i wish there were more democrats that agreed with the flat tax. more importantly, a fair tax where everyone pays the tax, a consumption tax. pimps, hookers and drug dealers would pay tax. >> and so would mitt romney, more than 13%. >> in lieu --
5:41 pm
>> 13%. think about that. >> stop begrudging mitt romney for -- so much of his income came from investments. >> i see. >> we have not seen mitt romney's taxes. >> tell me why mitt romney won't release his taxes for more than one year. >> he will. >> he doesn't have to. >> everyone else has. >> he said as soon as 2011's prepared he's going to release it. >> no, before that. >> he doesn't need to do that. i don't think we should go down this path where people have to release all their tax returns. >> i believe bush did. >> the question is, did you pay your taxes? that's fine. you don't need to know the details. >> i'm fine with the president making extra money and making money from book sales. but why does he have to go after everybody else? this is the theme of his campaign. he was generous, biden only gave 1.5% of his north carolina -- income but in the last job bill they tried to limit charitable
5:42 pm
deductions. >> the real outraging was president obama writing off the white house as a home office. [ laughter ] >> get the square feetage right. it's oval, get it. >> i will say this about romney, though i think most presidents have released taxes over several years, he gave a lot to charity. yet to him for that. a lot to his church but i still say any time you can make that kind of money and only pay 13%, something's wrong. >> we haven't seen romney's taxes. >> did you hear him repeating the same thing over and over? >> how do you write off the oval office? in square footage. >> i thought that was funny too. >> the buffet rule would raise $47 billion and pay for an hour's worth of the national death. it's a gimmick. even the tax lawyers across the board, it's all --
5:43 pm
>> if we had flat taxes it wouldn't be a problem and -- >> why wouldn't the president say i'm not going to take these deductions. this is a good time for me to get behind simpson bowles and push for a fair, simple tax policy. >> a flat tax would be a good idea. choose between flat tax, this is the choice, flat tax or the current tax system and i bet moat people go to flat tax. >> is simpson bowls a place to go bowling in. >> no, another good idea. how about a commercial break? coming up, this story about an enterprising 9-year-old boy from east l.a. you do not want to miss this. it's great. [ nadine ] buzzzz, bzzzz, bzzzz, bzzzz,
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♪ [ music ] >> let me tell you this next
5:48 pm
story, dania sent a youtube video to all of us early in the week and i watched it twice and i cried twice. this is one of the most amazing stories you'll see. a 9-year-old boy, cane monday roadway from east l. to built himself a cardboard arcade and he did it -- watch this, you'll see. i was choking up thinking about it right now. >> name's cane, i'm 9 years old. it's called cain's arcade. >> cain doesn't pass an arcade without stopping in. he loves tickets, prizes so it was natural to build an arcade. little by little they started getting fancier and he took over the whole store. >> i got tokens, business cards, passes and prizes. >> most of our business is online so cain's chance of
5:49 pm
getting one customer is pretty hard. cain's always waiting in front sitting on his little chair, trying to convince people to play. but not too much luck. well, one day my secretary comes running into the office, george, you'll never believe it, somebody's playing cain's arcade. when he scored a point, he would crawl into the box and pulls out these little tickets out of the side of the cardboard and i was like this kid's a genius. >> he came back one day when cain wasn't here and at that point we hatched a plan to invite everybody in l.a. the idea was a surprise flash mob on cain's arcade. the plan is i'm taking cain to shaky's pizza and eat lunch why lavon sets up a surprise. cain has no idea. >> what's going on over here? >> we came to play. >> welcome to cain's arcade,
5:50 pm
man. [ cheers ] >> you got to have a stone heart if that doesn't move you. congratulations, cain, you're a remarkable kid and you have a remarkable day and a lot of friends and consider the people on the five your friends. dana, what do you think. >> it was sent to me by keith hennessy as hoover institute at stanford and said if you want something great, you have to watch this. come to find out over the past week it's gotten a ton of attention and they've raised over $100,000 for a scholarship fund. this is the kind of person we want to raise. he's a future 1%er but the hope the i.r.s. and osha and epa don't get ahold of him. >> most kids wouldn't have the patience to do something like this. i like the scene of his sitting by himself waiting for somebody
5:51 pm
come along. >> every weekend. >> nobody came along but he never lost his enthusiasm. then when he pushed the tickets through. you know how they come out. he goes in and pushes them out. >> stop, bob, i can't take it anymore. >> here's what i mean. talk about a stone heart. there you are. >> do you know why you like that so much? if you watch you know, bob, before and after every show sits in front on his chair like a little kid. you're cain. >> i wish i were. gregg, i've been hesitant to ask you. >> i followed up on this and he didn't have a permit so i made a phone call, they closed it down. i thought that was the right thing to do. especially since no one has done this for may makeshift massage parlor. i sit there and nobody comes in. >> i'm shocked. >> andrea? >> i like the fact he recycled the boxes. those at the restaurants, we couldn't find anywhere to put
5:52 pm
them and he's recycling, so it's a green arcade. bob, you're a gambling man. would you go? >> i certainly would. the other thing is he built games just like arcade games. a pinball machine, basketball stuff. >> i would want a pacman. >> you made my week. i had a rough week. >> a shoutout to the filmmaker, you can see him in the video at cain's he followed through. >> watch the whole thing. it will do you some good. >> coming up right back with us for one more arcade. i think. [ scott ] i grew up playing with little toy trains
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5:54 pm
and now i build them. i am a bigger is better kind of guy. i absolutely love building locomotives. i knew i wanted to design locomotives from when i was very young. [ jahmil ] from the outside it looks like such a simple device. when you actually get down into the bare bones of it, there's so much technology that's submerg. [ rob ] my welds are a signature, i could tell my welds apart from anybody's. you lay down that nice bead and you look at it, i love it. they don't go together by themselve there are a lot of little parts, and everyone has their job. [ scott ] i'd love to see it out there
5:55 pm
on the open tracks. and when i e it, i'm gonna know that i helped build that thing. [ train whistle blows ] here she comes! [ bell clanging ] [ train whistle blows ] wow! [ charlie ] well, it's one thing seeing them built, but then to see them out here, pulling freight across america, it makes us proud. ♪
5:56 pm
>> finally for bob, queen. but we're going to start with our queen of the five. >> so it's friday, a lot of people are heading to happy hour looking for nice pickup lines a study shows the nicest compliment you can give a woman is she's lost weight. you have a nice smile, you smell
5:57 pm
nice. >> that's creepy. >> nice hair, that's always creepy. >> you smell nice, can i smell you some more. >> some of the worst, you look tired, which i agree. you look under the weather. you look like your dad or your mom. you put some weight on. isn't that -- >> you're looking healthy. >> how about my favorite, you're not as stupid as you look. if any guy uses that. >> gregg, what do you think the best line is? >> the line that i always use is, i think i knew your mother. >> oh! bob, you have used that. >> i have used every one there is. >> how about for a man, bob. >> let's move on. >> all right, eric. >> what's yours? y set your dvr's for tonight. me and sarah palin. >> gregg? >> this is a book, where am i? over here. this book is called don't sell
5:58 pm
your coat by harold ambler, a self made expert on climate change. a simple explanation of what's going on. he's a card-carrying liberal so now he's a hair tick. the facts and fall as i. >> don't sell your coat, give it to goodwill. >> thanks, dana, for that. i've enjoyed busting on gregg all day. my sister, angie and her fiance, ben, are in town for the week and keeping me company for a while. bob, wrap us up. >> so many of you have contacted us, thousands and thousands of people, saying nice things about the five and we appreciate it but i want to say it takes a team. so to everybody who works upstairs, producers, directors, people who run the cameras and sound, the floor directors, it's
5:59 pm
a big family, makeup and hair because particularly for me. at least presentable to walk out here. it does take a team effort and i thought we should take a moment to thank all of them on behalf of all of us for making us look good. >> takes a village. >> bob, what did you do? what did you do? >> what did you do wrong? >> i already got in trouble once today. >> this is you did something horribly wrong. >> i didn't. >> you even used one as a emergency contact. >> maybe he did and he hasn't gotten caught. >> i do want you, even liberals, because it's a good show, but watch this special, eric's special. it very good, very well done. >> happy easter to all the orthodoxed christians. >> that's it for us. thank you for watching. we'll see you back here monday.


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