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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  April 15, 2012 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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>> eric: we start with a "fox news alert," this morning, devastation in the heartland. america waking up to deadly damage from extreme weather. good morning, everyone, i'm eric sean. >> jamie: i'm jamie colby, great to have you here. welcome to america's news headquarters on this sunday morning and we are sad to report deadly, violent storms whipping through kansas, oklahoma, nebraska and iowa. they were very powerful twist errs a er errs -- twisters and can you imagine over 100 tornadoes, sweeping across the plains and five people, including two small children killed in oklahoma. a hospital, air force base, countless homes damaged and people waking up this morning to find their homes and their neighborhoods, some of them, completely wiped out. >> i contacted my mom as soon as i could, took 12 tries and soon as i contacted my mom, she
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called me, crying, saying everything is gone. >> and, we don't know if our house is standing or not. we can't get to it. i don't know if our animals or safe, so... it has been a tough night. >> jamie: without a doubt and thurman, iowa was especially hard hit, where we find chief meteorologist rick reichmuth, surveying the damage, it looks pretty bad. >> rick: it does, a small community, 238 people, and 75% of the buildings destroyed. the big chunk of the town, look at some of the damage here, you can see, this is the back of one gentleman's home and garage, where he's an antique car collector, and, completely destroyed and kept his favorite antique car inside the garage, because that is the one he wanted to protect and, then, this is what happened with this tornado, they've never seen a tornado like this come through the town and no stranger to severe weather and have the
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tornado warning systems and the mayor did go and activate the tornado warning and that certainly allowed people to have just enough time to get into a safe spot and surprisingly, there were few injuries and no fatalities, when you see this kind of damage, all kinds of trees down, power lines down, obviously, and, now, they are beginning that efforts. of getting power back on and in fact they worked all night long and the power is not on yet but they are doing the work and neil beginning to be out and milling about, you see taking pictures, starting to go through, everything, to see if they can find all of those important items they want, maybe financial records or personal, you know, important belongings like pictures and such, is what is happening here and jamie, you said it, a widespread tornado outbreak, over 120 reports of tornadoes and the worst of them, it looks like across areas of oklahoma and kansas where those were the larger tornadoes happening there, in the town of woodward, oklahoma.
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seeing the five fatalities in that area. here, in thurman, fortunately no fatalities, a big mess, 75% of the structures in the town destroyed and they have a lot of work ahead of them. >> jamie: i seem to remember last year we set records with the number of tornadoes and people hear 100 in the last 24 hours, are we set to break another record this year? >> rick: it would be hard to imagine that we would break a record like we broke last year. last year broke every record that you could imagine including record for fatalities, over 300 in the one tornado outbreak. not the case here, but, one thing that really happened over the last year, is the warning systems, people are paying a lot more attention because of the activity last year. and i think with twitter and social media, spotters are out there seeing the storms and getting information out, so much more immediately, to people, and i think that is saving lives as well. >> jamie: important, we bought our radios when you told us,
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thanks, rick. >> jamie: and you talked about the early warning systems and this damage stretched from iowa to the midwest and the sirens went off and they were sounding as tornadoes, in this spot, central kansas, it was all caught on tape. in selena. -- salina, look at the massive twister ripping through the city and fortunately the damage was confined to rural areas and no one was injured. there are dozens of reports of twisters in that area in kansas. nearby rush county saw damage to one home and the storm toppled trees and power lines, in russell county. jamie? >> jamie: also, eric, storm chasers in oklahoma catching a violent tornado on camera near the small town of cherokee. oklahoma did get hit hard, at least five people killed as we said early this morning after a tornado touched down in the northwestern part of the state. look at the size of this tornado. the funnel cloud, unbelievable.
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search teams or scouring the rubble in woodward, for hours, trying to find any survivors. >> jamie: we have another "fox news alert" for you, out of afghanistan. where a wave of attacks have been carried out against our forces in that country. in kabul, explosion and heavy gunfire rocking the capital. at least 7 targets are said to be under attack including the u.s. embassy, nato headquarters and the afghan parliament building and there are, this morning, reports of two of those attackers who have been killed and five others wounded. the taliban is claiming responsibility for this new wave of attack. ation it is part of their so-called spring offensive, now that the snows have cleared, and the afghan government is looking to -- linking the attacks to another militant group. and, the network is based in pakistan and aligned with the taliban. >> jamie: and north korea, marking the 100th birthday of former leader and founder of the
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government there, kim il-sung, a parade today featuring what appears to be a new mobile ballistic missile. this after the country's failed rocket launch this week. greg palkot live with rare access inside isolated north korea. greg? >> reporter: jamie, a possible new missile and a leader who speaks, just some of the developments at the military parade today. we were there, take a look: on display here, the fourth largest army in the world, 1.2 million north korean soldiers. the country of just 23 million people and a minuscule economy, the people are paying the price. >> reporter: the parade marking the centenary and, a whole bunch of troops and threatening military hardware as the country tries to put behind it the rocket launch that went bad. among the missiles rolled out on
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this day, one that some locals here said they had not seen before. to us, it looks substantial, one expert told me it could be an intercontinental ballistic missile. others said it just might be a propaganda dummy. and the most noteworthy, the young new leader of the country, kim jong-un gave the first public speech and his father, barely said anything in public and he had a mixed message, though and claimed the north wanted peace and wanted reunification with the south. and defended pyongyang's arsenal of as many as ten nuclear weapons, here's the quote. the era of enemies using atomic bombings to threaten us is over, he said. also, a quote from him, the march is onto a final victory. it is not clear exactly what he means about that final victory. for the heart hid north korean
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people. >> jamie: greg palkot, rare to see that. thank you. >> jamie: now to iran, they are talking. a new round of nuclear talks wrapped up in istanbul, the first of more than a year. iranian negotiators sat down with envoys from 6 world powers including the u.s. one american diplomat calling the talks positive. but, saying there is an urgent need for concrete progress. and another round of negotiations are set for next month in baghdad and will the new negotiations with tehran be enough to prevent a potential iranian nuclear bomb and stave off a possible military strike on tehran's nuclear facilities. joining us, is the former u.n. ambassador, and fox news contributor, john bolton. >> good morning. >> eric: all the diplomats coming out of the meetings are enthusiastic with their smiley face on, they are happy iran is sitting down and talking. do you have your smiley face on? >> no. despite laughing. you know, look.
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this is really delusional. i mean, that is the only way to describe it. what iran has won here is five weeks delay until the next meeting. and, only in desperation can people believe that agreeing to another meeting is a real sign of success. what iran is doing here, exactly, as was predictable, is they are playing for time. they are stringing the negotiation out and the big concession they made, the reason for the positive atmosphere, described by the western diplomats, is, they actually talked about their nuclear program for the first time in a year. iran has done this so successful, so often, this is not the first negotiation, this marks now nearly ten years, ten years, of negotiation with iran over the nuclear weapons program iran so successfully used to buy time before, they are on track to do it again. >> eric: here's what the diplomats are saying, they call it, a, quote, sustained process
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of dialogue and there is serious engagement but didn't the obama administration six days ago demand the iranians close fordo, the formerly secret nuclear facility? how is that going? >> right, like that sustained negotiation with north korea that resulted dhieat the end of february to have a moratorium on the nuclear and ballistic missile program. the iranians will not be talked out of their nuclear program and they said what they see in the negotiations is a possibility of the west lifting some or all of their sanctions. that is what they are after. hopefully we won't give them that. but lets be clear, objectively speaking these negotiations make it more likely that iran will achieve its objective of nuclear weapons, that is what they are playing for and, after round one, they are ahead. >> eric: the diplomats and intelligence folks, are saying that is not what they are saying. ayatollah ckhomeini says iran i not seeking an atomic bomb and
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calls it a great sin, that is what the supreme leader is saying, saying nukes are dangerous and pointless. and here's what mahmoud ahmadinejad told me, about what they may want to do. >> eric: would you swear to allah you are not planning to build a nuclear bomb? >>. >> translator: is there a law that tells me i must swear to convince others? i have said on numerous occasion that's we do not want an atomic bomb. >> eric: they are saying that to the negotiators in istanbul and the same thing on may 23rd in baghdad? >> right, sure. in all of human history there has never been a politician or religious leader, has lied. so, you know, based on that... look, iran's credibility on the nuclear front is close to zero as you can get, they've lied to the iaea for over ten years and concealed aspect of their program and misled iaea inspectors.
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there is not any doubt in the minds i think of any serious observer around the world, that what iran is doing is moving towards nuclear weapons. and, the idea that they can string us along as they have for the last ten years, speaks more to our weakness than our success. >> dave: and, finally, your prediction? >> the positive tone of the talks will continue and i think there will be baroness ashton's words, sustained engagement, and, i think iran is doing exactly what they have done so well before and simply leads me to believe they are going to get closer to getting the nuclear weapons they've sought for 20 years. >> eric: thank you for joining us, as you do every sundays morning, and we'll talk to you again when the talks resume again. >> jamie: the scandal that rocked the secret service and reportedly involving members of the u.s. military.
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an entire unit of the secret service sent home from columbia. ahead of president obama's arrival for the summit of the americas. there are reports of at least one agent involved with a prostitute. and, now the military is saying some of their service members may also have been involved in what they are calling, quote, inappropriate behavior. senior white house foreign affair correspondent wendell goler is traveling with the president and is joining us from cartagena, columbia. >> reporter: 11 secret service agents, uniformed and plain clothes were sent home and five military officers come fined to their hotel rooms, after an embarrassing incident with prostitutes, and the agents were gone before president obama arrived on friday and neither the agency nor his spokesman is providing details about exactly what happened to send them home.
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>> a matter that is being looked into. in an appropriate manner. by the secret service itself. it would not be appropriate for the president to characterize something looked into by the secret service at this time. >> reporter: the incident occurred at this hotel, two days before the press got here, a woman one agent brought back to his room demanded payment and he refused and in the ruckus that followed other agents with other women emerged from their rooms and it became a hotel issue because the hole tell charges extra for guests and apparently some hadn't paid that. now, in a written statement, general douglas fraser, the head of southern command said he was, quote, disappointed by the entire incident. that this behavior is not in keeping with the professional standards expected of members of the united states military. and, secret service spokesman ed donovan said, quote, we regret any distraction from the summit of the americas, the situation has can you have.
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and says the president's security was never compromised and no members of his personal detail were involved in this incident. but, it certainly, as i said, has overshadowed the message mr. obama wanted to come out of the meeting here in cartagena. >> jamie: and is against the code of what they sign up to do. much more on that, wendell, thanks. >> eric: congressional leaders have been briefed on the secret service columbian developments and new york congressman peter king is one of them and is chairman of the house homeland security committee and, congressman king will join us with his insights, here, about this in a few minutes. >> in america, the race for the white house, it is getting intense, as president obama and mitt romney begin trading jabs. no surprise there, but, some experts say the days of waiting for the fall campaign are gone. today, he'll leave the candidates with a short window of time, they say, to define
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themselves and shine a negative light on their opponents, how crucial are the next few weeks and months? co-founder and executive editor of, great to have you here today, thanks for joining us. >> you bet. >> jamie: many say save the good stuff to right before november and nowadays, history, it turns out you can't. what do you expect to see in the next couple of weeks? >> well, you are right, jamie. used to be, it was a transition period, both campaigns would sort of, you know, tend to building their organization, raising money, but, in the new reality, the new media environment, the campaign never stops, there is no transition, it is 24/7 and, mitt romney and barack obama are now, as we have seen over the last week in a vicious fight, over one segment of the voting population, women. which is crucial to both of the coalitions they are trying to build for november. and, they want to frame each other early, spending a lot of
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money to do that in hopes it sort of sets the narrative and the frame for everything that is going to come after, here as we head toward november. >> jamie: what influences the dates the conventions will be held. they are later than they've in the past been, is that helpful? >> well, it is probably not helpful for mitt romney in the sense that it shortens the window between when he comes out of convention and the general election. and he has only 8 to 10 weeks to run against incumbent president and that is a pretty tall order. so, the campaign, conventions are later and that is a newer development. and, look, everything that happens after labor day is going to be really important, for this sort of nonideological centrist voters which will be a critical part of whoever wins the election. that is when those voters get back from summer vacation and really start to tune in and dial in, on the candidates and what the issues are and what they think, before they ultimately make their decisions. >> jamie: that is interesting.
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is that why, perhaps, we might not see the name of a vice presidential candidate soon, is it better strategically to wait until the time when everyone is focusing, because if you make a constitution mistake too early, sometimes it is hard to recover. >> that's right. the opposite of that, though, jamie, again, mitt romney is fighting against an incumbent president, who is going to have more money than he does. and, the idea would be, picker vice president early, get them out campaigning across the country through the summer and head into convention with momentum and the other argument is to wait until just before the convention to gin up as much interest and excitement as possible. so, i don't have any in sight on what the rom ney campaign is thinking, i don't know which way they'll lean whether they'll go early or late with the vice presidential pick. >> jamie: any inside information you want to share, who is on the short list. >> sure, the names floating
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around, marco rubio, chris crist. >> clayton: -- chris christie and paul ryan and, governors from around the country, nikki haley, suzanna martinez and there could be a dark horse, but now that is the short list. >> jamie: thanks for sharing the news. good to see you. >> okay. >> eric: politics and taxes, herman cain will join us and, he'll talk to o'reilly tomorrow about taxes. peter king joins us in three minutes, about the secret service scandal and, x-rays, we know they are uncomfortable, but how safe are they? alarming details, coming up with the doctors, "sunday house call," and x-rays, you want to know, straight ahead. americans are always ready to work hard for a better future.
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>> jamie: welcome back, everybody. it has become a scandal involving 11 members of the secret service and now we're hearing some members of the u.s. military. all involved in columbia, ahead of president obama's arrival for the summit of the americas. now 11 members are on leave, after reports at least one agent was involved with a prostitute there. again, prostitution not illegal.
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the activity, though, called misconduct. new york republic congressman peter king is the chairman of the homeland security committee and, congressman, welcome to you, good morning. >> thank you, jamie. >> jamie: this is activity in the secret service, homeland security comes under your committee's watch. what are your plans. >> i have directed my staff to begin an immediate investigation to find out what happened, when it happened and when the supervisors in charge found out about it and what action was taken and what can be done to prevent it in the future and let me emphasize, the secret service does an outstanding job and the fact we are focusing so much attention on this to me proves it's an aberration. >> jamie: we know secret service agents that done an outstanding job and put their lives on the line and though they weren't directly involved in watching the president in columbia during the period of time it is alleged to have taken place they are charged with the safety of the
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president, and, of our nation. it is embarrassing for sure. but, it could potentially have been more than that. these prostitutes may have overheard something in preparation. how concerned are you that it happened at all? >> well, i'm not concerned that there was any security breach. having said that, certainly, a potential is there. when you -- they are there as part of the advanced team and if you bring people inside the security zone and, bring prostitutes in, 36 to 48 hours before the u.s. president arrives and they leave themselves open to threats and black mail and tarnishes the image of the secret service. >> jamie: not the first time they've had an investigation, the secret service. and, stlfs the potential and, can you say right now, that nothing was compromised? no information that was secure is now out there or insecure? >> the investigation is ongoing,
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director mark sullivan, yesterday the secret service was investigating and questioning all of the 11 agents, at secret service headquarters and everything thus far, no indication at all that any security was compromised. >> jamie: you don't know, for sure. >> that is why we're having the investigation. >> jamie: would the salahis and the breach of them entering the white house and happened under the watch of the same director of the secret service, should he consider leaving? should the president call for his resignation? >> no, i have a great regard for director sullivan and salahi, he took a bad wrap and that was the white house and the white house social secretary, not the secret service and, he moved quickly, as soon as you heard about it he had the agents removed, back to washington, d.c. for investigation and it could not have been done, from what i know so far, could not have been done more efficiently, once the facts are out there, director sullivan moved immediately. >> jamie: and feengs what could happen to the agents, could they be relieved of duty.
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>> that is up to the director and it depends on where it goes. my understanding, 11 men did bring women back to the hotel rooms and that is part of investigation and, the fact we are talking about it today, the most damage done to the secret service and that is the position they've put themselves and the secret service in. >> jamie: assume the risk. >> yes. >> jamie: more details to come, thank you, congressman. >> thank you, jamie. >> jamie: we'll follow your investigation. thanks for being here. >> eric: do you go to the dentist and get the x-rays once a year and do you think the annual check-up is safe in think again, they claim there is a link between those x-rays at the dentist and brain tumors. our medical a-team doctors, siegel and samadi will weigh in and fallout from the warnings americans are downing too many prescription drugs. straight ahead the doctors will fill us in on how physicians or fighting back, against what they say is a growing addiction.
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