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tv   FOX News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX News  April 15, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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obama versus romney. game on. we'll have exclusive interviews with top officials from both camps. chief strategist from the obama campaign, david axlerod and senior romney advisor, ed gillespie. axlerod and gillespie. only on "fox news sunday." >> iran and north korea continue to pursue their nuclear programs. we'll ask our sunday panel is another round can rein in the rogue nation. >> i remember my dad. >> what do you make of mike wallace from brookline, massachusetts, having had this extraordinary journey. >> it is extraordinary. >> all right now on "fox news sunday." >> hello again from fox news in washington. first i want to thank all of you who sent me notes on the loss of
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my father. some of you met my dad for a moment, some watched him on television for years. but he meant something to you and your notes have meant so much to me. i'll have more on my father later in the program. now on to the 2012 battle for the white house which shifted to the general election this week when mitt romney became the presumptive republican nominee. we'll talk with one of his senior advisories but first, david axlerod is in chicago. welcome back to "fox news sunday." >> thanks and let me add my condolences to the others you have received. >> thank you so much. >> i want to start with what barack obama promised in 2008. >> if you don't have any fresh ideas and use stale tactics to scare voters, if you don't have
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a record to run on, you paint your opponent as someone people should run from. >> here is what president obama has been saying about the republican budget. >> budget so far to the right, it makes the contract with america look like the knew deal. it's an attempt to impose a radical vision on our country. it is thinly veiled social darwinism. >> this from the candidate of hope and change? >> well, chris, come on, that -- to say you don't want to engage in empty scare tactics it difference than saying we'll look at the proposals on the other side and critique them that's what democracy is about. the republican budget is the wrong direction for this country. more massive tax cuts for people at the top, more cuts in things we need to grow our economy like education, research and development, energy. more cuts in our basic social
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safety anytime. so child care tax credits, education credits for our kids. this is not the direction our country should go. that's part of the process and it is a legitimate one. >> that is true. when you talk about social darwinism. making the contract of america look like the new deal. you don't know it's massive tax cuts for the wealthy, this is a fair criticism but the ryan budget, they said they'll come up with closing loopholes. when you talk about massive spec'd cuts all it does is reduce the rate of growth in spending. >> a decade from now we'd have a third less spending on medicaid and that will hit people with disabilities, hit people in nursing homes very hard. millions and millions of people will not be able to get services they need.
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in terms of -- yes, they say that they will offeree sets. we have not heard one offset. the president proposed closing of loopholes. we've not heard that from congressman ryan and the republicans. so you talk about hope, i guess your hope is they will be forthcoming sometime in the future. the fact is we haven't heard them. >> in the last week the president has made a couple of morning speeches and devoted his entire weekend media address to the buffett rule. when the president introduced the buffet rule last september he said a matter of fairness and, quote, we also stabilize our debt and deficits for the next decade. here's the math, the buffett rule that billionaires should pay a minimum of 30% would bring in $47 billion. 47 billion dollars over the next decade. the president's budget adds $6.4 trillion to the deficit.
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according to one estimate, the money you would get from the buffett rule would cover just 17 days of the increased deficit under the obama budget. >> first of all the president's proposal in total would cut the deficits by $4 trillion over the next decade and put us on a path to where the debt is stabilized and we're able to manage with, just 3% of the total in economy, which is where everyone agrees we need to be. in terms of the buffett rule, i remember when $47 billion seemed like a lot of money. it is a lot of money. when you eliminate the bush tax cuts for the wealthy, that adds another $800 billion. to this is a piece of a larger pile along with $1.5 trillion. >> you were did -- would you agree. >> let me tell you something, mitt romney is out there arguing
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we should cut planned parenthood because we can't afford funding for women's health because we can't afford it. that's $300 million. he says we have to cut foreign aid by $100 million a year. that's because of the -- because of the deficit. so you can't argue both ways. this is a significant larger. >> i'm going to step in, if i may. i'm going to get into a lot of that with ed gillespie. but you would agree when the president supposed last september and said the buffett rule would stabilize our debt and deficit over the next decade, that wasn't true. >> no, he said part of a overall plan. >> that's no what he said. >> nobody can argue, chris, nobody can argue it makes sense for people making a million dollars a year or more to pay less than the average middle class worker. it helps us stabilize the
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deficit and ensures fairness in our tax system. >> i'm glad you -- >> if mr. gillespie and you want to argue otherwise, so be it. >> i'm going to have plenty of questions for ed gillespie. i want to ask you some questions. you talked about the president and it's not fair for rich people to pay a lower tax rate than middle class people. the president introduced or released his tax returns this week. it turns out he paid a tax rate of 20.5% which is a lot less than the 30% he talks about. yes, it's lower than what his secretary pays. and the question is -- if i may, david. the question is if the president feels so strongly about tax fairness, is he going to contribute money to the treasury, and they have a special department just for this, to help with the deficit? >> listen, first of all, the reason that his tax rate was so low was in part because 22% of
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his income was donated to charity, mostly to the fisher houses and veterans hospitals. >> shannon: mitt romney mitt romney contracts to charity as well. >> the larger issue is the president's proposal would have him pay a higher rate of taxes in the future. governor romney's proposal has him paying a lower tax rate in the future. that's fundamentally different. we're arguing for a system that's fair. he's arguing for a system that would exacerbate the gaffes in our system today. >> i take it he's not going to contribute money to the treasury. >> that's not the way we operate our tax system, okay? we don't run bake sales. it's not about volunteerism. we kick in according to the system. and the system allows that -- look, the fact that mitt romney pays 14% on $20 million income
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is not the issue. the issue is the system permits it and he would perpetuate that and enhance it. >> let me turn to the economy. three presidents sought a second term since 1976. jerry ford had unemployment of 7.8% and gdp growth 5.4%. for jimmy carter, unemployment 7.5% and growth minus .3%. for bush, 7.4% unemployment. 3.4% growth. for obama, 8.2% unemployment and 1.7% growth. in other words, this president has the worst unemployment rate and second worst growth rate of those four presidents. given that record, why does he deserve reelection? >> first of all you asked me that question seven or eight months ago and the numbers were higher. obviously the numbers are coming
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down. we have created -- there's no doubt we walked into the greatest economic crisis since the great depression. everybody agrees. six months before we took office the country lost 4 million jobs. the last 25 months we've seen 4.1 million private sector jobs created. if you look at the bush recession, which was gentler in 2001, that began in 2001, the recovery from that recession, we created seven times at many jobs in 33 months in the last 33 months, than he did after his recession. so i think people look at where we were and where we are. the bigger issue isn't where we've been, it's where we're going. are we going to create an economy in which the middle class grows and not shrinks and hard work is rewarded and everybody from main street to wall street plays by the same rules. are we going to make the kind of
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investments to get that, education, research and development or are we going to shred that and have an economy where people at the top -- >> i'm going to give you an opportunity to closing statements in a moment. a couple more questions. >> i was just trying to answer your question. >> i think you went off on your talking points. fox news came out with a new poll showing romney with a slight edge over the president. they're basically tied. the president's approval rating is down to 42% with 51% disapproving. even with all the battering that romney is taking during this long primary season, he's running neck-and-neck with the president. your guy at this point is well below the 50% approval rating, considered crucial for a president seeking reelection. my question is, isn't barack obama very vulnerable? >> i don't think we should spent a lot of time on your poll
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because in february, you had the poll -- the partisan spread was 8 points different than it is now. unless you believe there are 7 million less democrats in america today and 6 million more republicans in february i wouldn't put much credence in this. by the way, in your poll, we're -- you have us plummeting but doing better among independents than in february. there isn't a person in america who would say that could be true. that said, we've always said this was going to be a close race. it's a closely divided country. we won 53% of the vote in 2008 with the wind at our back. of course it's close. at the end of the day the american people want to choose a vision that holds out the greatest possible opportunity for them and for the middle class. they want to see our economy rebuilt. >> i need to -- >> give them their best chance.
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>> that's the point. >> not go back to the policies that got us into this mess. >> that's -- if i may, the question i wanted to ask, in one paragraph, two or three sentences, what's the choice in this election? >> the choice in this election is between an economy that produces a growing middle class and gives people a chance to get ahead and kids a chance to get ahead. and an economy that continues down the road we're on. we're a fewer and fewer number of people do very well and everybody else is running faster to keep pace. we need to take that first route that honors or economic values, the values that made this country great and do things to promote that kind of economy. we can't sit back and go back to the same failed policies that were so disastrous. >> we have to leave it there. david, thank you so much for joining us. always a pleasure to talk with you. you're in mid season general
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campaign form and i just want to also say, stick around and listen to our interview with ed gillespie. you'll say it's fair and balanced. >> send ed my regards. >> i will. >> next, we'll hear from the romney campaign when we sit down with senior advisor, ed gillespie. with the capital one cash rewards card you get a 50% annual bonus. and everyone likes 50% more cash -- well, except her. no! but, i'm about to change that. ♪ every little baby wants 50% more cash... ♪
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now that mitt romney all but locked up the republican nomination we want to discuss his strategy. ed gillespie, just named senior advisory to the campaign. thank you. >> mitt romney comes out of primaries bad by damaged among some key voting blocks. polls have him trailing double digits among women, hispanics,
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working class voters. how does he turn it around. >> by talking about his vision for the country and the future and the past three years we've seen the damage done by president obama's policies. we've seen the failed stimulus in and the obama care bill result in rising premiums in health insurance. we have 23 million americans either unemployed or under employed or discouraged and left the job market. gasoline nearly doubled the parkways when he took office because the decisions like keystone pipeline. we'll contrast that with president romney's progrowth future. >> there are specific concerns among specific voting groups i want to drill down on. first of all, women and what governor romney's said about them recently. take a look. >> my wife has the occasion, as you know, to campaign on her own and with me and she reports to
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me regularly that the issue women care about most is the economy. >> he makes it sound as if women are some kind of obscure group he's delegated his wife to report on to him. let me pick up and look at romney's policies which are more important than that. he supports the paul ryan budget which cuts funding for social programs to help low income women and children. he says that he would get rid of planned parenthood, federal funding for planned parenthood. in addition to abortions, obviously very controversial, planned parenthood provides 770,000 pap tests a year, 750,000 breast exams and 4 million tests for std's. how can romney says he's looking out for women on those issues? >> anyone who saw the controversy with the koman foundation and the funding for
2:20 pm
planned parenthood knows they get the most money from private share contribution. we're talking about federal funding. >> they do a lot of things beyond abortion. >> they do and if people want to give to it, that's noble. federal funding of abortion is not a noble thing to do. defunding from a federal budget perspective it's not the same thing. >> you have the hide amendment and the federal government has given money to planned parenthood for years. it's worked for years. >> money is fungible. people can disagree but it's not fair to say that not having federal funding for planned parenthood is defunding planned parenthood. to the other points. the most important thing we can do to help women and men and families is foster economic growth, which is what governor
2:21 pm
romney's program will do. 858,000 women lost their jobs since president obama took office. 92.3% of the job loss in this recession or slow recovery had a fallen on women. we have the highest. >> wait, you know it is true that more women lost jobs and more women are without jobs now. but it is not true that 90%, if they did under obama, but many more men because they're in the job sectors that people lose jobs first, lost jobs under president bush so it's an accounting trick and fact finders -- >> they aren't independent. if you look at -- they come from left leaning organizations. >> "washington post." >> they were liberal economists and the "washington post" acknowledged. >> more men than women lost jobs in the recession. >> more men than women before president obama took office. more women lost jobs since
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president obama took office. the fact more men lost before he took office doesn't make it good that more lost it since he took office. we have the highest poverty rate for women in 17 years. economic growth will lift people out of poverty and help families provide for themself and their children. his policies, when you fill up your minivan, a lot of women see the cost. you have to come back more and more than you used to because of the high prices. >> you don't fill up for $20. >> a lot of people don't fill up. they put $20 down and come back for frequently. >> turning to the romney policies towards hispanics, another group he's trailing. romney calls the arizona crackdown on illegals a model for the nation. he would veto the dream act and illegals should self deport. should does he persuade hispanics he's looking out for there.
2:23 pm
>> there's a supposition they vote only on immigration and a candidate for liberalizing. >> no, how does he convince them he's sensitive to these issues of immigration. >> americans of hispanic descent care deeply about employment and job creation and opportunity. they care about entrepreneurship. >> he thinks it's okay to stop somebody by the side of the road in arizona and ask for papers when there's no evidence they are illegal? >> the federal law as it is now, as i understand it, says that you have to be able to demonstrate your citizenship if stopped for a violation. regardless, the arizona law is one governor romney supports. he enjoys support of the majority of arizona anna nicole. >> s. >> people are concerned about the economy and job creation and the lack of it and concerned
2:24 pm
about the debt and deficit and president obama promised to cut the deficit in half. his time in office will increase the debt by more than all 43 predecessors combined. >> the president released his taxes on friday. romney filed for a six month extension. first of all, knowing this was going to be an issue, knowing -- he released the estimate months ago, why couldn't he have his tax returns ready to announce now when people are interested and since he -- turned over 23 years of tax returns to john mccain when vetted for vice president, why doesn't he release all those 23 years of tax returns to the american people. >> let me start with the extension. like millions of americans, governor romney filed for an extension to complete his tax returns because he's waiting for other information to come in from other entities. he doesn't have that control. you have to comply and make sure the forms match up. he's paid his estimated taxes and released his estimated
2:25 pm
income. when the forms are completed and filed after that he'll make them public before the election. this is not out of the ordinary for people to get an extension. it's also not out of ordinary. >> 24 years of returns? >> 23 years of personal returns is a classic attempt by the obama campaign to distract from many things i've been talking about. >> i'm asking about in. >> in 2008, john mccain as presidential nominee released two years of tax returns n2004, john kerry released two years of tax returns. and in 2012, governor romney will release two years of tax returns. he's complied with the disclosure laws and is going over and above the laws in releasing two years of tax returns. >> is it true you're taking the lead for a vice president running mate and is there any thought to naming that running
2:26 pm
mate early to give romney help on the trail on campaigning and fundraising. >> yes. i saw this report about the -- my heading up the vice president search committee. it's "news to me." as far as i know it's not accurate. as for an early nominee or early vice presidential pick, the fact is the romney campaign and governor romney himself have only emerged as what i think is now safe to say the presumptive nominee for the republican party about a week ago. so the focus has been rightly on trying to secure delegates to win the primary. there's a shift going on in terms of his speech on economic. >> we're running out of time. do you know of any idea -- >> i don't know if that's the case. >> to name somebody early. >> i don't know. >> finally, the same question i asked david axlerod. in two or three sentences, what's the choice for voters. >> if we're going to have a
2:27 pm
dynamic progrowth economy based on free enterprise that lives people out of economy and provides someone like my father, a small business owner, versus a government centered society that requires you to meet mandates and fill out forms and seek waivers and get your subsidies where people in washington, d.c. are making decisions about how people spend money as opposed to free enterprise, religious and personal freedom that made this country great and helped create more jobs than any government program. >> we've to leave it there. thank you for coming in. >> the u.s. confronts two rogue nations flexing military might. what to do about iran and north korea after this quick break. let's start with car insurance x.
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>> they've been trying to launch missiles like this for over a decade now. and they don't seem to be real good at it. >> the diplomatic window for negotiations is open, but will not remain over forever. >> president obama and secretary of state clinton with strong words for north korea and iran and their nuclear ambitions. brit hume, fox news political analyst, susan mill again. mike huckabee and host of a new three-hour syndicated radio program and jeff zellony, new york systems. we're. >> starting with iran where diplomats report progress between iran and six world
2:32 pm
powers this weekend and scheduling another round of talks next month. what do you think of the chances they can make a deal and avoid military confrontation. >> the chances of a deal are pretty good. the question is whether it will accomplish anything. countries like iran are not immune to the effects of economic sanctions and iran is feeling the effects now. the question is, how does iran want to deal with that? is iran a country like south africa that wants to join the community of nations, has long ties and would like to be part of the world economy or is iran a country that wants the dealings with the world that stem from nuclear weapons. ink it's the latter. they want nuclear weapons and a position of strength and not by negotiating it away. >> susan. >> i think the advantages that
2:33 pm
iran engaging in the region a and has more than other rogue nations and the sanctions seem to be having impact. the question is they sounded very encouraged after the talks the other day. the question is whether iran is using it as a stall to drag things out. we hope not. >> governor huckabee, u.s. officials are saying we might make concessions in return for theirs. we might allow them to enrich but not to 20% and also a strict inspections regime. is it worth trying to make a deal? >> it's worth and attempt but we have to be realistic. iran is not a rationale government. >> the chairman of joint chiefs. >> it was laughed at in israel because this is a country that doesn't think the holocaust happened. and this is a country that
2:34 pm
shoots its own citizen when they protest election. that's not rationale. i don't think you have any confidence in the credibility of a government that has never acted with any rationality. >> do you think it's worth having these talks or not? >> the talks are fine. what we're doing is launching a delay, now may 23rd, the next time they talk. in the meantime do you think iran is calling a timeout in construction and a move toward nuclear arms? i don't think so. >> how important do you have iran and north korea and the obama administration's handling of both. how important do you think it will be as issues in the campaign? >> i think it's pretty significant. the foreign policy is something that's not at the forefront. we think the election will be about the economy. four years ago at this point we didn't thing it would be about the economy. foreign policy is looming large and one of the things governor romney will have to do as he
2:35 pm
moves into the spot of nominee is either attack the administration or sort of standing down on things like iran. i mean it's a central part of what voters will look at. it probably isn't at the forefront but the foreign policy accomplishments or holding off on these, if something bad doesn't happen in the next seven months, that would be good for the observe administration. >> north korea failed again to launch a long-range missile and there's speculation to make up for that, they may engage in a nuclear test or launch an even bigger rocket. what what if anything can we do about north korea? >> everything i said about iran applies fully to north korea. it's a rogue regime that has cut off ties with the rest of the world for decades now. it is backward, it is
2:36 pm
deknighted, if governor huckabee's right that the iranian regime is not sane, that aplace more to north korea. the drive for a nuclear weapon there is enormous listen strong and that's the position from which that country wants to deal with the rest of the world. if china, for example, were to begin to pressure north korea, that would make difference but we haven't seen them able to get china to do that. >> that brings up the point that that latest attempt and failure by the north koreans comes just weeks after the obama administration on february 29 announced a deal in which they were going to send food aid to north korea in return for a moratorium on missile test and nuclear tests. does the administration look foolish to have tried to make that deal?
2:37 pm
>> you don't want to say somebody's fool iraqish to try to avert a nuclear disaster but we're not dealing with rationale. sanctions aren't going to work. there was a little bit of hope the other day when they admitted that this thing failed and there was a sense they were being transparent but that dissipated, especially when they trotted out new missile, which may or may not be an icbm at the parade afterwards. the effort was a worthwhile one. you want to try to do things diplomatically but i'm not sure -- >> governor, from your point of view, worthwhile to make this deal to once again, some say it's like charlie brown trying to kick the football. worthwhile to say we'll give you food aid if? >> the only thing that failed worse than the missiles was the obama policy.
2:38 pm
charles pritchard admitted that barack obama's policies towards north korea have been a admissible failure. if you withhold food, you better do t then you look horrible withholding food from people eating grass. even the cows eat better than the people. it's a horrible situation and it's not going to be made worse and the u.s. get the blame. they'll keep looking for ways to build those missiles anyway. >> when we come back, the general election campaign between obama and romney is suddenly in full swing. @@úúxx
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>> this is the defining issue of our time. this make or break moment for
2:42 pm
our middle class and those fighting to get not middle class. >> after a reelection, he'd have a lot more, quote, flexibility, to do just what he wants. i'm not sure a what he meant but looking at his first three years, i got a pretty good idea. >> president obama and mitt romney taking early shots at each other now than the general election campaign is underway. starting with the new fox news polls, that i mentioned with david axlerod and he thought so much about. i'm going to put them back up. even with the bruising primaries, romney and -- you can argue about the points but it's basically a dead heat and well within the margin of error. president obama's approval rating has dropped. what do you think of the polls and the state of the race. i think you're right the race is basically tied. what is important is the poll goes to the question of gender
2:43 pm
gap. there is a gender gap, barack obama enjoys a 8 point advantage. romney is head by 14 among men. so when it comes to those two categories of voters, romney's doing better. my sense is the race is closer, romney is well -- is either slightly ahead or tied. that's a lot better than you would expect after his having been battered through the primary season. obama, if he's goingo win, he ought to be well ahead. this ought to be a very good moment for him. it's not. my sense is barack obama remains in serious reelection trouble. >> susan? >> i think what's disturbing about the polling is there's a big gender gap, 19 points with women and governor romney is well ahead among men. you see a gap among latinos.
2:44 pm
it raises the question whether we'll have a president of white men or women and latinos and it's hard for somebody to lead with that much polarization. >> the key question when a president seeks reelection is whether the obama campaign can make this a choice election, him versus romney, or the romney campaign will make it a referendum election. at this point, early on, who's winning? >> i think romney has the upper hand because it will be a referendum election. there are two things about the poll disturbing to the obama camp. 37% of people polled thought obama's policies are hurting the economy vs. 31 to thought it
2:45 pm
helped. that's troubling. 67 percent of people polled are unhappy with the correction -- direction of the question country. that has everything to do with obama. if he can't turn it around, because specifically his policies are hurting the economy, he will not be reelected. >> the fox poll and other polls, your sense of this race, where it stands right now, and how badly damaged has romney been by the primaries? we talked with ed gillespie that he's trailing by double digits among hispanics and women and working class. >> he has to do a significant amount of repair work. you hit on the exact things, hispanics and women. i'm not sure mr. gillespie has an answer. he's just been onboard but we know what the election will be about, it's going to be a tight election that is probably going to be fought over eight or nine
2:46 pm
states. at the end of the day it will fought and won in four states. the obama campaign has an advantage in terms of the on the ground effort, the tactics, they've been building this campaign apparatus, which matters. but what they've not been able to sort of persuade people he's the right steward of the economy. the numbers in washington show the economy's getting better but people still know their brother-in-law or sister-in-law out of work. >> it's amazing "the washington post" poll showed 60 or 70% of people still think we're in recession. >> that's a key challenge for the obama organization. it's why he's trying to define romney. >> should romney pick a running mate southeasterno soon -- soonerrer rather than later?
2:47 pm
who should he pick and what about a fella named mike huckabee. >> his better pick is marco rubio and he shouldn't do it early. it would be ridiculous. there's no advantage picking it early. you can put all the potential vp people on the trail but as soon as you name somebody, they're off the trail. the smart thing is send them all out making them think they'll be vp and make it as late as possible so the don't give the opponents and my two colleagues here the opportunity to pick them to pieces. >> what about mike huckabee? >> i haven't gotten a call and i doubt i will so i merrily do my business. >> what about your thoughts on the vice presidential pick. >> i think it's a small universe of people. it's always smaller than you think. senator rubio is one of them but
2:48 pm
not the only thing. the central thing is can this person be president. we're not going to have a sarah palin situation where someone is out of left field. my guess is we probably know if it's senator rubio or rob portman or former minnesota governor tim pawlentyy. my guess is it won't be soon. it takes a long time to vet someone. i don't think it will be that soon. >> brit, as we look over -- we've said we want to get this over with, now we've got almost 7 months until election day. what's the key to the campaign? is it the performance on the campaign trail, the debates? is it the condition of the country? >> condition of the country. at some point people will ask, based on how she see she the country and their lives and they're going to say, do we want four more years of this? president obama has not offered some whole new vision for the next four years. it's all -- his campaign is
2:49 pm
about picking at the republicans, leading us back in the wrong direction. if people decide mitt romney is -- they don't want for mile-an-hour years of this. is there an acceptable alternative? it doesn't have to be george washington or ronald reagan, it merely has to be a acceptable alternative they think the country would be safe with. my sense is mitt romney meets that test. >> we will see over the next seven months. thank you all, panel. see you next week. check out panel plus where our group picks up with the discussion on our website, and follow us on twitter@"fox news sunday." up next, some thoughts about my dad. fore! no matter what small business you are in,
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>> you've heard so many stories about my father this week. here's one you haven't heard. three summering a caroline wallace, then age 1, went to martha's vineyard to visit her great grandfather, here she is taking her first step. when she learned he passed away, caroline is 4 and drew this picture of her favorite stuffed bun y herself and great grandpa and dictated this message for him to her teacher. i love you, i miss you, because you wanted to say good-bye then she signed it. in 2005 when my father was 87, he just wrote a book.
2:53 pm
he came on "fox news sunday" to talk about that and all sorts of things. >> do you understand why some people feel such disaffection from the mainstream media? >> yeah. they think we're wild-eyed commies. liberals. yes? >> that's what they think. how do you plead? >> i think it's damn foolishness. first of all they're patriots. just as much as any conservative. even liberal reporter is a patriot. wants the best for this country. and people, you know, your fair and balanced friends at fox, don't fully understand that. >> all right, let's talk about the book because what's amazing is all the people you have interviewed offense the years. in the case of the middle east, from with pagan to sadat to the
2:54 pm
asia of iran. >> he calls you imam, forgive me, heads words, not mine, a lunatic. >> when you say forgive me to a middle east leader, does that mean you're about to drop the hammer? >> frequently, frequently that's exactly write right. >> someone said about you that mike wallace has an under developed sense of other people ace privacy. as your son, i'm here to testify it's absolutely true. >> really? what have i rereeled -- revealed about you that upset you. >> a few clips that you have done with interviews with celebrities. >> you believe in extratress -- extraterrestrials, they visit you on the porch? now you're being unpleasant. >> this is what i was afraid of.
2:55 pm
>> i stopped doing jokes immediately sentence people found out he was an alcoholic. >> of course it takes one to know one. >> cruel, you're cruel. >> why do you do that? >> why do i do what? >> why say takes one to know one? >> he's a drunk. >> why do you say to barbra streisand, your mother says you don't have time for anyone. >> these are interesting questions. why do you ask them? they're interesting. >> do you ever say i'm going to embarrass them? >> no, i don't have subpoena powers. they know who i am when they come on. they know the kind of questions i asked -- actually i didn't start asking questions until he was 38 years old, but -- and i have to do certain things. i remember before you -- before you -- we lost your brother. i used to do all kinds of --
2:56 pm
>> commercials, cigarette commercials, sent me to college. >> that's correct. i said i've got to raise the kids, therefore i'll do whatever i have to do. after we lost peter, i said i can't hide behind that anymore and what i'm going to do is in the memory of your brother, your older brother, peter, i'm going to do something that i am proud of doing and that he would be proud to have me do. >> as you look over the whole career, all the places you've gone, all the people you've met, what do you make of it? what do you make of myron lee roy wallace of brookline, massachusetts, having had this extraordinary journey? >> it is extraordinary. it is just -- sometimes i can't believe it. can you imagine talking to eleanor roosevelt back in 1957?
2:57 pm
this extraordinary woman. >> i want to ask you a question that -- the book, i didn't realize you ever add asked it. you asked thomas hart betten, you asked him, do you hate getting old? >> well, i tell you what, i had my hearing aids fixed today, so i can probably hear you. i can't see as well. i used to be able to play tennis. i now have -- this is stop me from smoking, a pacemaker. i've had it the last 15 years. yeah, i don't like getting old. >> and you don't retire because? >> because i love -- it is not work, what i do. i love what i do. when i get up in the morning and i think i'm going to have the opportunity to ... i wasn't that happy about waking up this morning. >> i felt the same way. all right. finally. >> yes, finally. >> i have another idea for a
2:58 pm
target for your next interview. the question is, what would you like to ask this fellow. >> october 30th, william's 3 week birthday. >> grandson. >> my great grandson. >> what would you like to ask him? >> he's a good look kid, isn't he? >> he takes after his mother. >> that's right, he does. i've never seen this tape. i have the still. he moves around. that's how that -- that's a nice surprise. bless you. >> well, it's a great book. it is a great life. i couldn't be prouder of both and i love you. >> i love you. and i'm proud of you. >> after we ran that interview, i said, there's no crying on sunday morning talk shows. well, there have been lots of tears this week along with lots
2:59 pm
of laughs and some wonderful stories. our family has really held on to each other tightly. over the last two decades, my father became my best friend. he was so interesting, so much fun to be around. and yes, sometimes so exasperating. i didn't get into reporting at least consciously because of him. but we used to get such joy from sharing experiences with each other. so many times this week i've want today ask him what he thinks about all the coverages of coverage of his life then i stop and remember he's not here. that is going to take some getting used to. i can't imagine life without him. we'll see you next "x news sunday."


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